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jasonwolf September 22nd, 2012 8:08 AM

EXO: (17+)
All systems were online and functioning. The shuttle was fresh from the repair bay. The crew prepped. It should have worked., but no one could account for treachery. The shuttle had only launched moments before the station ruptured, and fireballs flew into space as the oxygen was leeched. The shuttle pulled multiple G’s on entry and was getting pummeled by debris. The pilot had to take her down , but a major hit to the thrusters left them dropping faster then gliding. The shuttle skidded across the alien soul before it dug in leaving a long rut behind it. With debris impacts, a fire towards the back, and the crash impact about half the crew was dead. Those who remained now were stuck on the planet they had been sent to for a mission that now meant nothing.


Izic stood staring blankly at the inside of his helmet. He had gotten into it since he wanted to get right to work when they landed. Now he couldn’t even conceive movement. Everything seemed to be stopped. His breathing was so slow he didn’t know if he was. All he felt was his heart beat beating abnormally, going in short rapid bursts. His lips quivered as he tried to form a word.

“…Let’s get to work.” Izic said.

He loojed around, and found a tare in the hull big enough fo him to get out through. Staggering Izic made his way towards the gap. He looked out at the crash site. It was taking ever fiber of Izic’s being to keep moving. His mind was nothing but a void of confusion. He didn’t know what could be expected. Could this crew do anything now? Should they? The conflicting thoughts enraged him.

“I suggest anyone who is alive gets their suit or their gear and meet me outside. If you’d rather not I’m sure you can find a gun or a knife lying around if you know what I mean. Actually use the knife the rest of us need the ammo.” Izic said stepping out.

Izic stepped down into knee high, compared to his suit, blue green grass. Extending his long swords he began to hack and slash at the plants letting out bellows of rage as he did so. He couldn’t sort out his emotions. His fury was coming out the most, but he really wanted to just break down.

(So there you go the crash, and the first character reaction. Izic got a bit twisted with the stress, but he’ll probably get back to his usual personality later.))


The area around the crash is a very barren plain. The smoke spiriling up from the crash is visable for miles. Even if you stray from the crash it is very easy to find. Not only for you, but also for the local wildlife. Be wary creatures lurk nearby.

Claire* September 23rd, 2012 6:56 PM

Olivia Jane Niwri

Warmth, that was the one sensation above all others that Olivia could define. Heat from fire, friction, blood? She didn’t know. A faint high pitch whine sounded from somewhere within the confines of the shuttle. The EXO flickered to life, struggling to initiate its rebooting cycle. Blackness permeated her vision, the suit’s optical enhancements had shut down. She wouldn’t be able to see a thing until the helmet was removed.

“System error, system error,” The incessant reminder from her EXO that something was amiss. Olivia groped for the helmet release blindly, her armor clad hands struggling to press the switch. With a faint hiss of depressurization, her helmet lifted itself to reveal her surroundings. Chaos couldn’t even begin to describe it.

“Dammit,” Olivia muttered to nobody in particular, the only thing that could come to mind at the time. Struggling to recall to mind what happened, her mind tried to process the scene around her. It was as if somebody opened up hell and brought it to the surface. Sulfuric air forced itself into her lungs, the life sustaining breath acidic and rancid on the way down. The urge to vomit was strong and she did her best to contain it, until she couldn’t any longer.

Forcing herself to her knees, she attempted mightily to lift herself from the prone position in the shuttle. What she wouldn’t give for a toothbrush right about now. The last traces of the vile substance escaped her body. The atmosphere becoming even more repugnant. Her left side above the hip ached badly. Again that feeling returned above all others, warmth.

“System error, system error.”

With a mighty groan and monumental exertion, she lifted herself to stand on her feet. The EXO taking on the brunt of the effort, if it wasn’t for that, she would probably still be flat on her back or worse. She had to get out of this shuttle. In order to think clearly, she needed air, fresh air.

A rupture in the hull presented her that opportunity, escape at last. The alien world presented itself to her in unceremonious glory. This wasn’t exactly how she planned this to go, then again, she was sure nobody did.

A large EXO suit was nearby, much larger than hers in almost every conceivable way, was busy cutting down....grass? At least it looked like grass, the blue green turf representing greatly the kind she had seen on Earth, only much higher. Why was he cutting down grass? Surely that wouldn’t be the most productive thing to do right now. In her opinion at least.

Smoke inhalation left her throat rubbed raw, her voice weak and raspy as she called over to the individual, “H-hey! Why are you busy murdering plants?! There could still be survivors in there! You me!” She let aggravation seep into her tone at the end. Her normal meek temperament aggravated by the incident. Here he is mowing the yard, he could have very well been in good enough shape to go assist some of the others who could be trapped inside.

Giving herself a few seconds to recuperate and breathe before trying to go back inside herself. She decided to wait for his response, safely out of the reach of his massive swords.

jasonwolf September 24th, 2012 6:50 AM

"I've got my jobs. Anyone in there who is dying isn't worth saving. We're stranded if you hadn't noticed and now everything we have is limited. besides I'm here to do repairs, and lets face it, this ship is not worth the repairs either." Izic said.

He retracted his blades with a hissing 'Shring!'. He looked back over at the other EXO. She had been in the same crash right? Rignt now the odds were so against them right now it didn't matter. Anyone dying was doomed.

"Besides I know what I'm doing. Clearing the site to keep a perimeter." Izic said rextending his swords.

Claire* September 24th, 2012 7:07 PM

Olivia Jane Niwri

Olivia clenched her fists in frustration, the response from the man in the giant EXO suit infuriated her beyond words. How dare he say anyone dying in there wasn’t worth saving. Some people might just be unconscious or trapped, he had no idea what situation others might be in. He retracted his blades and looked at her, his proclamation about clearing a perimeter seemed low on her priorities right now.

She turned to look at the shuttle, her gaze averted as he extended his blades once again. Everything she had to say in response was not kind, so she decided to leave him to his task. Better to stifle a curse, than to respond and get into a needless argument. Idiot.

Her mind raced, smoke still billowing from the crash as she braced herself before entering the shuttle again. Every cell in her body screaming don’t do it, every fiber putting up a fight in her muscles. She approached the vessel again, her armor clad hand placed on the fringes of the rupture. The cooler metal of her suit giving off a slight hiss upon contact with the superheated external plating. Atmo re-entry was never kind to any space craft, the heat and pressure were astronomical, let alone one in an explosion.

“You can do this,” she tried unconvincingly to reassure herself. “You have to do this.” Taking a small unsure step, she poked her head back into the shuttlecraft. She had been in such a hurry earlier, she hadn’t even been able to accurately describe the interior to herself. It looked as if half the crew were dead, mangled bodies, bodies burned beyond identification, and lumps that actually took a second to even be recognized as being among the dead. Ruptured wall panels perforated the interior, the soft flickering illumination of the faulty overhead lighting casting an eerie incandescent glow.

“Uh...hello?” Her voice quivered slightly as she called out into the hellish cavity. “If anyone is alive, please sound out. I’m here to help.” She shifted her clear blue eyes appraisingly over the scene, desperate for any signs of life.

Godzil September 25th, 2012 12:01 AM

Dr. Jeffrey Burton

Everything had started out fine. Everyone was strapped in, control had given the green light, and the shuttle had launched. Then the explosion had to go and rock the boat, throwing the shuttle into chaos. After that, everything is hazy. A controlled crash, falling debris, then "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die". Jeffrey wasn't sure who was screaming that, but he had a clue that whoever he was, the man had just died in his arms.

Jeffrey forces himself to focus. Several people are dead, several more are dying, and someone outside is screaming bloody murder and swinging swords around. It's all a lot to take in.

"Uh... hello?" Another voice calls out. "If anyone is alive, please sound out. I'm here to help."

"Help?!" Jeffrey rises to his feet, moving toward the door. He can see one of the EXO suits, a reminder that he should probably get his on. "I'm not sure how much help we can give! Blunt force trauma, twisted limbs, burns! Half of these people are lucky to be alive! Or maybe not lucky, since it won't last long! This man here will be dead in 30 minutes, and I'm wondering if it would be a kindness to end him now!" The man in question whimpers in pain and fear, but Jeffrey moves away, toward his suit.

"Anyone who can still walk, I'd suggest you leave this death trap. Anyone who can't, I'll carry you out. Just give me a minute to get my suit on."

jasonwolf September 25th, 2012 8:52 AM

"You're all just fools." Izic grumbled.

But then he turned around, and began to cut along the gash he had climbed out of. He knew he was doing it to help, but he already formulated an excuse of it being easily accessed scrap metal. He also needed to get in and out much easier. All the cargo was still inside. The food, the tools, the ammo.

"THE AMMO!!" Izic screamed diving back into the ship, "Everyone clear the back fast as you can!"

Izic sprinted into the back of the shuttle where most of the cargo was stored. It was also where the fire had broken out. Toxic smoke and blue fire was everywhere as Izic tried to find his way. The suit was handling the stress well. Izic not so much. He was walking towards a bomb about to go off. He couldn't even check the cargo's contents in all the smoke. Again Izic extended his swords and began to puncture the hull. Smoke vented, but not nearly faster enough. Izic needed a way to extinguish the fire. There was a foam system meant for smaller ones but obviously the system was offline. It was unlikely but possible for him to repair it.

"Somebody find me my too... no wait it'll take to long. just everybody out. I'm doing this by hand." Izic shouted.

He retracted his swords. He jumped onto a crate and used that to access the ceiling of the ship. The foam pipes were mostly melted shut, and the sprinkler heads were bent out of shape. Izic began tearing the pipes out, and the foam began to pour out, but it wasn't spraying like they needed. Izic thought fast and grabbed his shotgun. He peppered the ceiling with bullets and riddled the pipes with holes. Foam poured out, and put out most of the fire in the cargo hold. It also coated Izic thuroughly. He looked a little like a snow man.

"No body get any ideas." Izic growled.

Claire* September 28th, 2012 7:53 PM

Olivia Jane Niwri

Olivia stood stupefied by what was going on around her. Another man had answered her call into the ships cavity, his response wholly unlike what she thought it would be. He seemed to seriously be questioning her offer of help, even pointing out that a man was all but doomed, with the man in question within earshot. The poor man that he pointed out was visible, the fear plainly evident in his eyes, faint whispers of despair escaping his lips. Olivia felt for the man, but her situation left her powerless to help.

Before she could even properly respond to the man departing toward his EXO, the one from outside made a bombastic entrance; screaming something about ammo before disappearing into the back hold of the ship. “Was he really thinking about ammo at a time like this?” Then it clicked that the fire had originated from that region. “What would happen if that ammo reached combustion point?” Olivia caught her breath and her eyes widened as she ran after the much larger EXO. Her body leapt over the dead littering the floor, the exertion putting a strain on her already taxed body. Whatever happened to her left side, she wasn’t looking forward to having Mr. Doom and Gloom take a look at it.

She heard the man bellow out something about doing it by hand, as she emerged into the hold herself. His swords retracted back into the EXO’s arms as he leapt onto some cargo crates, his hands going rapidly to work at ripping up pipes residing in the ceiling. A thick foamy substance began to flow from the ruptures, but it obviously wasn’t what the man was looking for. Without saying a word, he grabbed for his shotgun and began to riddle the ceiling and pipes with it, Olivia covered her head with her arms and instinctually lowered herself to the ground.

The foam began to flow much more freely, like a torrent of water through a broken levee. It quickly doused the fire and the man as it went to work. Only a light dusting covered her EXO’s feet, thankfully she was out of the range of the worst of it. Rising up from her position, she called out to the man, “Well, further disaster averted for now. What now? We should probably finish up with the wounded and then get this cargo out and sorted.”

Godzil September 29th, 2012 12:49 AM

Dr. Jeffrey Burton

Jeffrey finishes getting his suit on, while the scientists capable of walking head outside. Jeffrey begins moving the survivors that are safe to move, but incapable of walking due to unconsciousness or leg injuries. One of these is the man he had declared dead already, who refuses to look at him. "I'm sorry about that. I panicked back there. But don't worry, things will work out. Trust me, I'm a doctor. I've dealt with injuries like yours before."

With all the survivors outside, he jumps back into the ship, finding the other two EXO pilots inside. "I've got the survivors outside in that clearing, but I don't want to leave them for too long. Let's get our supplies quickly and try to set up some kind of shelter. I'm going to try and heal who I can."

He stops long enough to grab his portable medical kit, stopping to face the woman before he leaves. "Oh, and sorry for yelling at you earlier. Stress, you know?" With that, he heads outside, doing what he can for the injured scientists.

jasonwolf September 30th, 2012 1:26 PM

“The only shelter we have is the ship. We’re in the middle of no where. Empty plains everywhere don’t you remember the briefing? The whole point was for us to use the flat lands around us as easily accessed landing zone. Its best we stay put until we know what is around us. I’ll get to scrapping out the inside of this. You guys get the cargo situated, and then check what we got for food. Then we can find a way to fit all of us in here. I want you to get the doc to administer morphine to anyone terminal. We’ve got fifteen dead or dying might as well dull the pain. Then you’ll best find a way to deal with the bodies. Can’t just leave them here.” Izic said trying to remove the foam from his suit as he spoke so some of the words were muffled.

Izic went back into the main part of the shuttle where the passengers had sat, and forced open the door on the opposite side of where the gash was. He began chucking random bits of scrap outside onto a pile. He needed to clear the place out to let people get inside. He’d deal with scrounging through the junk later. For now he just wanted to get everyone situated so he could work. He was not a people person to this degree. He just wanted to get his job done so that he wouldn’t be sitting there waiting for help that would never come. For an eighteen year old he’d accepted that much very quickly. Help wasn’t coming that he was sure of and he didn’t care.

Claire* October 7th, 2012 8:41 AM

Olivia Jane Niwri

A feeling of uselessness overcame Olivia. It was a difficult feeling for her to define. She was neither a doctor nor an engineer, not a marine nor a scout. She was simply a lost, stranded Zoologist. Nothing in her training had prepared her for such an experience before. Everything for the most part had always gone smoothly on her expeditions. Granted, she had some survival training, but nothing that even came close in comparison to this.

Olivia simply nodded her head in response to the Doctor’s rather curt and terse apology. Yes, she understood “Stress”. It had a way of making people act in ways completely polar to their normal inclinations. It had a way of making good men do bad, but it also had a way of spurring greatness in those who didn’t even know they had it in them. The Doctor grabbed his medkit and made his way back outside, most likely to tend to the less fortunate. She made a note to ask his help later, whatever that pain on her side was, she wanted to make sure it wasn’t serious and she was woefully ill-equipped to diagnose herself.

The foam covered giant began to issue orders in her direction. Rather than argue with him at this time, she decided to comply. However he ended up issuing orders to others, she didn’t know, but at least some of them made sense. She turned her attention to the cargo, ensuring that most of it was undamaged or at the very least salvageable. It all seemed to be in relative order.

She paved her way beck through the innards of the ship, and forced herself back out to the wild world. The survivors having been ushered out by the doctor and laying about. “Hey Doctor!” Her voice called out. “Anything I can do to help ease the pain for some of these people? Morphine? Anything?” She waited anxiously for his response, her weight shifting from one leg to the other in waiting.

It was then that something else crept through her mind. She may not know much about medicine, or engineering, but what she did know, was animals. If they were still exposed here in the empty plains come nightfall, they might have a new issue. Predators.

Godzil October 8th, 2012 8:17 PM

Dr. Jeffrey Burton

It was a coincidence that the woman had mentioned morphine, as Jeffrey was preparing some of that even now. "Actually, yes. Can you help me over here?" He had stepped out of his EXO suit, finding it too bulky for delicate work. And since the air was breathable and no threats had presented themselves, dexterity was more important than armor.

He sets aside five syringes, each containing a dose of morphine. When the woman (I should learn her name at some point, he thinks) comes over, he points out five people, all lying on the ground in pain. "Would you give this morphine to them, please? I'll assume you know how to find a vein and give a shot. Those five just need some pain relief, I have others to tend to."

jasonwolf October 11th, 2012 8:50 AM

Having cleared the main part of the shuttle Izic began totalk to himself trying to figure out what should be done next. He debatedrationing and workload. Would people earn their fill, or everyone gets equalamounts. With the crew disorganized jobs would be difficult to break up. Thesepeople weren’t meant for survival in this environment. They were supposed to betaken care of by the station until the outpost was built. Without the resourcesto sustain the group they couldn’t last unless the work was done by everyone.While he dealt with these issues Izic hoped those other two EXO’s had figuredout a way to dispose of the bodies. Izic went to the cargo section again andsaw to people trying to unload the cargo, but it took two men to carry onecrate. Izic took one box under each arm and headed outside.

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