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Lerroux September 23rd, 2012 4:25 AM

Impersonate Lerroux
Impersonate Lerroux!
Hosted by Razor Leaf
and ♪Twiggy♪.
A Friendly Reminder
Keep the submissions within the PokéCommunity rules and in good taste. We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate submissions upon discovery, and all such instances will be reported to staff.

The most important thing:
Don't offend your fellow members!
Welcome to the Impersonate Lerroux contest! In this event, all you have to do is what it says in the title - impersonate everyone's favourite online dictator. But how exactly should you go about this? Well, like Lerroux would, you're going to be coming up with some absolutely ridiculous ideas for the community such as giving all members mod powers or permanently banning upon breaking the rules for the first time, for instance. Anything which is absurd and outrageous. However that's not the end of it! Like any good dictator should, you need to attempt to justify your ridiculous idea with thorough logic and persuasive skill. The more outrageous the idea and the better the persuasion, the higher you score. If you don't understand, an example (along with many others) can be found here and in its enclosing forum.

For those of you who are newer or didn't catch the Lerroux antics, here's a little bit about who he was and why he was so important! It's a tradition on PokéCommunity to, every year, have an April Fool's joke. For the 2012 one, the staff worked together to set up a fake account posing as a new site admin - Lerroux - who was to take over the forum, doing things his way and only his way. We worked for weeks setting up the fake staff section, linked earlier in this post, which was full of his horrible 'ideas' as well as other fabricated staff discussions. Towards the end of the month, we revealed this forum, and chaos ensued with people believing that the Lerroux account was truly taking over the forum. While it was a rather extreme joke, in the end the reception was fairly warm so we decided to bring him back for this event!

To enter, you only need to do two things. One, you post your submissions in this thread. And two, you send a copy of your submission to either Razor Leaf or ♪Twiggy♪ via Private Message. While you are allowed to edit your submission after posting it, the original copy will be used to ensure that you haven't totally changed your idea - the one thing which is not allowed to be edited. You may enter up to two submissions, however, although you will only be judged for the better of the two. You need only post in this thread saying that you wish to enter to be signed up, and you can sign up then post your submission at a later date if it isn't ready yet.

Have fun destroying PokéCommunity!

Please note that ideas you submit will not be considered by staff for implementation; this is only for fun.

• All PokéCommunity rules apply.
• As noted above, be considerate. If you think your post might offend one person or a group of people then PM a host or simply don't say it.
• Two submissions at most only. If you try to enter more, all submissions after the second one will be omitted and you will not be judged for them even if they are better than the first two.
• Do not reply to others' submissions. All you do in this thread is sign up and post your own one.


The event will run for the entirety of the Get-Together, with a couple of days at the end for judging your entries. So take as long as you need to in order to make sure that your entry is as polished as possible!


Emblems will be given for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and for participation. You'll see them appear here soon!


Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Sector Revenge

The Shiny Umbreon In The Corner
Mr. X


danaxe September 24th, 2012 9:36 AM

i shall sign up.
this is my idea.

hmm, lets do an unlucky dip and whatever 5 members get pulled out shall be permanently banned. nice way to clear up the community!
no hard feelings but the roman army had to put up with it.

actually make it 10 members that get pulled out
no, make it 15
no hard feelings

Barrels September 24th, 2012 2:24 PM

As part of my wide-ranging initiative to bring stability and success to this forum, I have taken the decision to automatically enrol all PC members in my Secretly Evil Army of Sunshine and Light.

Membership is compulsory; any footsoldiers objecting to their new status will be summarily demoted to the rank of Sewage Technician. (It must be stressed, however, that this is hardly a punishment – you are still serving under I, Lerroux, Commander-in-Chief of the forces of goodness; still fighting on the side of truth, justice and properly trimmed facial hair; still a part, however minor, of the Glorious Revolution I will shortly be bringing to a conclusion.)

In any case, I hardly expect anyone to complain: each and every one of you will be awarded a shiny new emblem for your troubles. Keep it close to your hearts and uppermost in your thoughts wherever you may be in the coming weeks: scaling the headquarters of the United Nations using nothing but chewing gum and spoons, perhaps, or being mown down heroically as you battle to capture strategic positions all over the globe. Hold onto that emblem like a tiny flame, a flickering candle, a light of truth and justice in the darkness threatening all of us. Love it like you would a real, actual person, albeit one with four corners that’s been subjected to horrible JPEG compression. Trust me when I say that the comfort you will receive will be nothing short of ludicrous.

You will all shortly be receiving a PM from me detailing your particular assignments: key targets include but are not limited to the bus station outside my house, that man who gives me funny looks every time I go in Subway, a cat I have grown to intensely dislike and Andy’s front room. (Members are also encouraged to use their own initiative – should you see a bank left deserted, its employees having flocked to join our armies, you should naturally retrieve any necessary funds from its coffers.)

Promotions will be the order of the day should I witness members going above and beyond in their quest to restore me to the throne I was born to inherit: for example, stealing three sheep, a welly boot and a broken teapot from a small farm nestled deep in the Yorkshire Dales will likely result in a Moderator position for Other Voting Polls. (Not that I would want to appear too specific - it’s not as if I have a list of these things carefully worked out and tacked to my fridge door! Haha! Hahaha. Ha.)

A copy of the PM you should already have received is below:

pokeskate September 24th, 2012 6:43 PM

Sign me up!

"Dear PC citizens,

Due to the ludicrous amount of spam we have been having, I have decided to go ahead and delete every user with less than 50 posts. Now now, you make think this is harsh but just think about it. Im getting rid of the spammers AND the one day-ers(You know, those kids that have nothing better to do than join PC for a night and cause mayhem) If you were a spammer and got deleted - GOOD. If you were a one day-er and got deleted - GOOD. If you were neither of the two and got deleted, well um - GOOD. We needed some clutter cleaned up anyway. I have prepared for anyone that has any hard feelings, this should make it all better.

Have a good day.
- Lerroux"

Forever September 24th, 2012 7:18 PM

Lerroux replying to a post in the admin forums:


Originally posted by Lerroux

Ha, you're considering once again to bring back name changes, Ausaudriel? Preposterous! The mere idea of bringing back name changes is despicable in itself, I really think you should be reviewed. I remember when I last reviewed my subordinates, and I discovered you weren't up to my standards. As an administrator you should be doing far more for the community, not less, as clearly bringing back name changes greatly lowers the standard of users here. Once users know they can change their username they will sign up with the stupidest ideas.

Just think about some of the staff when I first arrived, Meganium90, for example. Numbers should never be in a moderator's username. They should be elite, not middle or working class. Soon all the members will ask us to make them moderators because soon they can remove their "numbers". Numbers were always meant to be a deterrent and helped us decide who was best fit for moderator and who wasn't. Those with numbers just weren't up to our standards. Of course, we made exceptions with Meganium90, as mentioned, but she was a special case. I mean, not everyone has that amount of money and honestly, since she's been on staff the database has been a lot better from what I've seen.

Those users I bring to the community through my advertising don't really fit in with my standards, either. Their usernames are terrible, and while username changes can fix that, again, the users don't deserve the right to change their names because they should be okay with what they started with. I have a perfectly fine username, so you should too. It's as simple as that. On that note too, I can't even remember half of the moderators these days. What are the Emulation mods? Some hybrid Dialga creature and a Doctor? For one, Pokemon shouldn't be staff, and for two, doctors should be in the medical field, not the ROM hacking field. It's disheartening to see that this is what has become of our staff these days.

I remember when I first started recruiting members for Steve - the quality was much better, in both staff and members. I'm just glad that Steve was smart enough to bring me in just at the right time otherwise staff would currently be anarchy, I can assure you. All of you should value me more, after all, I am the one that makes the decisions around here and can choose to demote any of you, at and moment of the day. Keep that in mind. However on the username changes idea, no, never in a million years will I allow that, except if I needed to change mine. I think after all I've done for this forum I deserve a few free username changes and if it destroys the database, good riddance! You fools would be nowhere without me anyway, and if this forum is destroyed then finally I can go back to intelligent discussion, rather than discussion with what seems to be three-year-olds who have only just learnt how to say "mummy". Idiots.

Instead I propose a revert your username policy. Then we'll see how the members really will survive without their precious unicode characters and instead numbers. Thousands of numbers. Hopefully some of the brainless idiots will leave too, the more the better! The genius part of this idea is I win either way, and we'll finally have a better community as well as reasons to fire a few staff members - that can never be a bad thing, can it? Now Ausaudriel, drop this stupid name changes shenanigan and work on this one instead or I'll have you reviewed immediately.

halcyonic September 25th, 2012 12:10 AM

This looks fun, I'll join:


"From now on, no more guests!!! All these random people from all over the world has been jamming our server & our dear members keep getting an offline message because of them. Starting today, only registered members may see the contents of PC.

And I want all new members that join & leave, do not prove any activity or just join to get hold of some resources here booted out unless they come back now & post a few times properly!!!

To all mods, you guys gotta start interacting with them normal members or else. Lots of members are trying to make friends with you & you do not reply them. I want to see social activity between you people or else there might be consequences......

Also, free Tier 5 supporter status for any member who've reached a 1.000 posts. That'll encourage activity around here, that's a Lerroux guarantee.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™ September 25th, 2012 4:49 PM

We must impose a way to make sure that those who join PC remain active on PC. Therefore, I am implementing a policy, effective immediately, that requires all PC members to maintain a minimum postcount per day of FOUR. Once a member joins, they will have one hour to make four or more posts. After that, they must maintain that daily pace of posting.

This is not unreasonable in my opinion; in fact, I find it unreasonable for any member not to maintain this frequency of posting. PC's servers have limited capacity, as I'm sure you're aware. Bogging down the data flow with "members" who choose to not post regularly (or, more infuriatingly, not at all) inconveniences and frustrates those of us who are dedicated to the site and post regularly to show this dedication. It is ludicrous that we, as active members should have to put up with server errors and good, creative usernames taken by people who have no intention of contributing to the many excellent threads and discussions present here. And to those who would not maintain this minimal acceptable of activity, I ask you - what is the point of joining if you do not intend to be a regular active member here? Are you here just to VM/PM your best friend who joined yesterday, or are you here to take advantage of our trading and ROM hacking resources without giving anything back to the site? Shame on you if those are your only reasons for signing up. We at Pokecommunity do not need your type to leech off our resources that we provide to active, regular members.

If they dip below that number, they will be notified immediately via an automated system that I am developing that will automatically send the user in question a VM, PM and email to their registered email address, so there is no excuse for them not to get it. Afterward, said member will have 24 hours to bring their postcount back up to the required number, and if they fail to do so, their account will be purged from PC's databases. This is more than fair warning, and dare I say may be too generous. It's 24 hours notice. You cannot use the excuses, "I was at work" or "I was at school" since you do not sit at work or in class for 24 consecutive hours. And if you're on vacation? If you're at a hotel it should have wi-fi and a computer room in the lobby. And if you're not? Pick up your phone book and find the nearest public library or internet cafe. Or McDonald's for that matter. There is a way for you to get online, log onto PC, and make a few posts to show that you're serious about wanting to be here.

Supporters and staff members are not immune to this policy. In fact since they have a invested interest in the site, I will hold them to a higher standard by requiring a minimum average postcount per day of FIVE.

Hopefully this keeps casual "drifters" out of PC, enabling us to devote our resources to those that are truly dedicated to the site.

Enjoy your day,


Unknown# September 25th, 2012 5:48 PM

For starters, we must add a new post filter that will change the horrible form of English we all speak here into Wadiyan English. Basically, for those who don't know, Wadiyan English changes over 600 words to the word "Aladeen". For example, if someone is trolling and is like "This sucks and is a bunch of poo!" then the post would come out as "This is very Aladeen and is a bunch of Aladeen." guy shall also be the new PC Mascot.

Secondly, in order to keep PC child friendly but be able to hold more adult discussions (like politics and what not) members must submit an age verification. The verification would work something like this:
Thats a VHS tape by the way. You see, not only is this a good way to verify age but it is also a good way to make some members feel old.

Finally, we should take a que from some other forums and make it so you must pay to join PC. However, seeing how PC has members from all over the world, instead of money the payment must be made in fedoras and itunes gift cards.

I hope to see my grand ideas implemented soon. Remember folks, you can not hide from me. You can not defy me. Remember that I am always there, especially when you least expect me. Hugs and kisses- Lerroux

Zach September 25th, 2012 6:13 PM

Hmm, I got an idea for this...


From now on, no search bots can visit PokéCommunity. It's a great way to reduce traffic to the website, that way we don't get as much attention as we used to for a website, because we don't need it.

If any member who finds PokéCommunity after search results get eliminated, the new member, and the member who referred him or her, will be BANNED. This rule goes for anyone here, including the staff members.

shenanigans September 26th, 2012 4:57 AM

Thanks for all the submissions so far guys! They've all been pretty entertaining to read. I'll go update the first post in a minute adding in people who are participating.

As a side-note, if you haven't done so already, please be sure to PM either Twiggy or myself with your entry. Thank you!

Crimson5M September 26th, 2012 5:06 PM

Here are my ideas:

The first one is that the no nudity rule is gone, and all staff members must post nude pics of themselves in NU&W.

The second is:
Lerroux becomes a permanent staff member, and one random member of staff has to give up their account to BECOME Lerroux. As in they take control of the account, their emblems and stuff get transferred, they ARE Lerroux,

I'm tired.

roosterman September 26th, 2012 6:57 PM

lately i've been getting a lot of complaints about spoilers for black 2 and white 2 so if i see any posts with any of the words black, white, or 2 i'm gonna ban that member permanently.
i know this might get a few people banned for talking about the first black and white but there are to many newbies coming here to talk about that anyway, if you've never played the other games you don't need to be here.

gunnerpow7 September 28th, 2012 12:37 AM

So here is my entry... Clearly, I have good spy equipment coz lately, I found Lerroux saying this in a staff forum, redacted and hidden by most users. I managed to unredact it and I will show it to you, today...ofc im kidding


Originally Posted by Lerroux
Since I found PC being too loud and obnoxious with full of mods who don't respect me and users who are disrespectful to me, to the mods, which I still find unreliable, and to fellow users, I'll pass PC Law 404, stating that after PCX, I (Lerroux) will personally DELETE the top 5 forums with the HIGHEST POST COUNT and remove the PM, VM, Friend Request, Blog features to everyone. Also, I find that most users HATE vB4. Because of this, I'm also passing PC Law vB4 stating that, as the same time as Law 404, I will upgrade the forum to vB4 to serve as punishment for those who stand in my way and to all PC users who are disrespectful to me. Law 404 and vB4 will be in effect on October 1, 2012, right after PCX, since I'm merciful enough to give you these last few days of freedom.

Sector September 28th, 2012 1:54 AM

BEHOLD!! Its about time to make things interesting around here. From here on out, the 25/4 character rule will be extended! It will be a spam. Introducing an update, the.....
What's the matter? Don't like it? Too bad! Failure to reach this criteria will result in a PERMANENT BAN!! No warning, no VMing/PMing back apologizing, NO NOTHING! The 25/4 character rule is too much like a spam, in fact, the more complaints about it, the more power I can grant to make it a 1,000/200 rule to keep the hate raging! Feed me more POWER!!! I should let every servants know, one whining VM to a mod or staff below me, will also result in a PERMANENT BAN FOR BOTH OF YOU! That's the way the KING should roll!

How do you like me now???

I think I got carried away, but....I was having fun x)

Empathy September 28th, 2012 1:56 AM

Hello members of the Pokecommunity Forums, and I warmly welcome you, to the brand new, fresh start to our Pokemon Community.

Yes, it is I, your humble dictator Lerroux, and I am here to announce the newest features and... No longer existing features to you all.

As you have seen, I have been browsing the forums and watching you all. As a result of my observations I would like to announce that the New/Users welcome forum will be perpetrated now modded by me and only me. I feel that the moderators of this section are not doing a proper job in thoroughly moderating the board and welcoming members with a proper manner. The offending moderators have had their moderator status stripped off them, and demoted to the lowest of the new ranks, which I will explain further now.

We now have new ranks here at the Pokecommunity. The ranks are as follows.
Servant ( changed from Member) - these are Pokecommunity's average members who do nothing to help the community. They donate nothing to help me the community thrive, except for posting, which most are meaningless unless they are more than 3 paragraphs long, and at least make proper sense and contribute to the discussion.
Merchant (changed from supporter) - These are our members who are chock-packed full of riches, and donate their time and money and bank details to receive this rank, and the slightest bit of respect from their master. Their kind and generous donations help me further improve the forums.

Other ranks will remain the same.

The Pokecommunity slogan, will change, finally, after 10 years of searching for a new slogan and failing. Countless suggestions have been made but I find my own slogan to be the best of the bunch. I proudly announce to you, the new Pokecommunity slogan!
We are ALL looking forward to further improvements by Lerroux!

Please, save the compliments, I don't want such an important thread ruined by spammy posts.

That is all for now.

Look out for future updates from your humble dictator,

The Shiny Umbreon in the Corner September 28th, 2012 9:11 PM

I thought this was a very fun PC event! :D
So anyway my entry:
Well hello my long awaited Pokecommunity......
I see the Mods aren't doing their job (as usual) anyway wonderful seeing me put this Fourm to a garbage heap! For those of you who posted nasty and mean VMs on my profile well guess what. You have a wonderful surprise. Permanent Ban Immediately have fun with that!
Dear, Pokecommunity I have something to say to all the m
embers : Today I’m in a bad mood so that means anyone who views my profile gets permanent ban! Also don’t you dare talk back to me or I’ll get the trusty old Ban Hammer! I’m also making new profile changes. You know have to Have a 40 px X 40px avatar, A 100 px X 100 px profile picture and NO SIGNATURES I’m also fireng all the Mods and staff because I don’t trust anyone. I’m making the PC supporters donate $100 per month. Then I will make normal members be PC supporters and donate $100 too!
till next time or if I ban you - Lerroux

Mr. X September 29th, 2012 11:54 AM

Hello slaves members of PC!

I've got some great news for you all...

You read for it? No?

How about now? No?

Now? No? To bad. I'm not waiting anymore. And if you complain, I'll ban you... permanently.

After spending a few minutes thinking of this, I've decided to sell the site to Bulbapedia. I've done this for a multitude of reasons. 1), Despite all my hard work the staff of this site still refuse to do their jobs properly. 2), Even after replacing the server with a better, and much cheaper, server bought used from Ebay, we are still experiencing server issues (Again, blame the admins and mods of this site.) and 3) This site is no longer profitable. When I first purchased the site, we were receiving more donations. Now, I am no longer making enough money from the donations to justify investing my time into the site (Again, blame the admins and mods. I've noticed a direct relation between the quality of their work and the amount of donations. As their work gets sloppier, we receive less donations.)

While I could get rid of the current staff and find new ones, a large portion of the current staff would no doubt try to start a forum wide riot.

When I purchased this site, I expected a worthwhile investment that would return a small profit. Really though, this site is essentially a boat. And you know what boat means? Bust out another thousand. This site has been nothing but a pit that I had to threw a few thousand nickels at. This just hasn't been a worthwhile investment.

So, long story short, because of the idiocy of this sites staff I have no choice but to sell the site.

The sale will be finalized sometime next week, and the site will officially change ownership sometime around mid October.

Have a nice day.

- Lerroux

jimsta September 29th, 2012 12:32 PM

Pokemon is no longer cool. Any posts containing the word 'Pokemon' will be deleted and the member banned. Any posts already made with that word it in it have 3 minutes to remove them or be banned.

Also this forum is now just called LerrouxCommunity.

Dave September 29th, 2012 12:32 PM

Last minute entry!

Alright, listen up maggots.

There are going to be some changes - big changes. I, Lerroux, am in power once again, and rightly so. With my upcoming reign, I will be implementing aforemention big changes and hastily.

The first change that I will be performing is the removal of the administrative positions below Administrator. My explanation is as follows: the Staff Administrative position is an irrevocably useless position due to the ludicrous amount of access it gives to the members within that role. People such as Hiroshi Sotomura, Lightning, parallelzero and Arcanine have too much access to the internal workings of the site. I cannot trust anyone but myself to make enormous changes to the technical side of the website - as I am the esteemed and honorable ruler of this website and nobody else - and thus this removal is mandatory and will the first of many performed. The Assistant Administrators group is the same way and will be removed post-haste. I will be the only one that can perform any administrative tasks on this website at any given point.

Secondly, all current staff after that point will be receiving a demerit. As the administrators go down to the Super Moderator role, the current Super Moderators will be pushed down to the Moderator role, and all Moderators will be stripped of their rank. All banned members will be unbanned and inquired as to if they would like to be promoted to Moderator and not a single soul otherwise. Everyone should be given a chance at Moderator, spam/ad bot or troll alike. You can't disagree, now can you? If you can you must be some sort of tyrant.

Speaking of disagreement, anyone to disagree with any change I make or suggest will be banned on the spot. I will not tolerate the likes of ignorant and self-absorbed people forcing their opinions onto me. While I am the ruler of this website, we will not enforce free speech - if you have an opinion, swallow it and move on, as I don't want to hear it. If a staff member hears out a member's appeal toward a subject, both that staff member and the regular member will be banned. I am very serious about this - opinions and arguments against me will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

All members that have donated will be stripped of their donator userbar and name color - with such a large community, we should look uniform and as such only staff members should have a customized name color. With that being said, I have already installed a plugin that routes your PayPal to my own account, rather than Steve's, and if you have made any payments in the history of PokeCommunity, your account will continue to be charged the payment you donated the first time and on a weekly basis. Henceforth, you will be donating without even knowing it and without any sort of incentive for doing so. After two weeks from now, anyone who has not linked their PayPal with the site will have their account deleted and their IP banned so they may no longer negatively influence our sight with their greediness.

My previously discussed act of removing all forums with less than 10,000 posts will be followed upon immediately, except the number will be bumped up to 50,000. This will result in the removal of the following forums and subforums:
  • Community Announcements - no announcements will be publicly posted anymore. All changes will go without warning to the general public of the community. Besides, since you are no longer allowed to express your opinions, being informed of things has been deemed unnecessary.
  • Black 2 and White 2
  • Challenges
  • Metal and Color Generation Games
  • Spinoff Games
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Technology & Internet
  • Tabletop Games

These forums will be hard deleted so post counts will also take a dramatic drop. The Welcomes forum will also be purged and new members will only be able to view the Questions & Feedback section until they reach 500 posts (which they must do in two weeks or their account will be deleted) because they will learn to be helpful to members who have questions.

While we're on the subject of posts, all members with less than 500 posts will be deleted (apart from me and banned members [who will, like said, become Moderators]) from the database permanently to reduce lag on the server. After doing this, we will allow name changes again! However, they will be only for Administrators, and since I will be the only Administrator, I and only I will be allowed to change my name.

If anyone has any disagreements with the changes I have stated, please take it up with my ban button and if he can't answer any of your concerns, tough nookies.

Have a wonderful day here at PokeCommunity,


droomph September 29th, 2012 6:35 PM

Hello, PokéCommunity.

I have decided to make a major change to this forum.

As seen from various threads, such as this one, the feedback has been that the users want to remove censors.

Considering that our main demographic is high-school- and college-age students, we can safely assume they wouldn't be too offended using the words that are currently banned. We are mature enough to accept those words, and mature enough to use them wisely.

So, in short, I have removed censors.

However, I have decided that if one ever misuses this privilege, I shall ban them immediately. However, only through I, Lerroux, are these users to be banned for the aforementioned reason.

The changes will take place around the next hour.

Have a nice day, and hope you enjoy yourself.


WinnieThePooh September 29th, 2012 6:36 PM

Lerroux? Ah, he was my student in the quest for world domination. Here is my story:

All members must first of all add the word "Bear" to their username. To make this easy for the server, we shall delete all existing members so far. This should make live simple for you close minded homo sapiens. The word bear must also be included in usertitles and signatures. Failure to do so will result in an instant perma-ban.

Secondly, everytime a member logs in, he or she must go to a new section of the forum entitled "Winnie The Pooh Shrine" where members will make a post praising me, the site's ruler. Any post that especially catches my eye will be rewarded.

Third, if one wishes to gain supporter-ship, he/she must buy me a jar of honey via paypal. Every quart is equal to a tier, so 5 quarts will make you a tier 5.

Fourth, everyone must within a month of entering buy a teddy bear and post a picture of him/herself with said bear. This is mandatory. My reasoning is mine alone, unless you're one of the lucky members who I told my story to via IRC. Gummy bears are optional, but a very nice second.

Fifth, every member must memorize the lyrics to the following song. I will personally test you on this exam via Skype. You shall fail if you get more then 10 lines wrong, which shall result in a perma ban.


Lastly, every December we shall shut down the community. Since I'm hibernating, no one can run the site. Period.

UnderMybrella September 30th, 2012 12:05 AM

The Royal Decree has arrived

Originally Posted by Lerroux (Post 735722232)
I decree that, from now on, all users must, I say, MUST, have a virus installed on their computer, their tablets, mobile phones, ds' and everything electronic they own. This virus *cough* helpful utility will simply monitor everything you do and report it to me. This means, anything you view will be sent to me. If you do anything that involves putting me down, BAN HAMMA, anything that you shouldn't BOOM. Oh yeah, and you must play Abimon once a day.

yiliang99 September 30th, 2012 2:11 AM

my idea

from now on all moderators will be all member's minion and every one can only post one post per day,if post 2post a day you will be pernament ban forever!

vaporeon7 September 30th, 2012 3:38 AM

Just a couple of short and quick ideas...
  • As they are irritating and give the impression that we are idiots, those who make spelling errors will be banned.
  • Similarly, anyone who mixes 'which' and 'witch' will be shot on the spot.
  • Furthermore rhyming will only be permitted to members with the admin rank.
  • I am the only one with the admin rank.
  • Coffee will be made available at all times as a caffeine hyped member is a productive member.
  • On that note, the word decaf is now banned.
  • Finally, nothing is impossible, anyone who disagrees will be banned.

Shining Raichu September 30th, 2012 7:53 AM

Hey guys, Razor Leaf's phone is being mean to him so he asked me to post this for him.

Thank you to everybody so far for your entries! This is just a gentle reminder that the time for submissions will close 12 hours from now :). Good luck everybody!

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