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Khawill September 27th, 2012 5:34 PM

Peacekeeper Academy (ICC) (Rated M)
Peacekeeper Academy (ICC)
Please Read this post

"Welcome to the academy all of you students were accepted to the biggest and most important academy in the world" The headmaster waved his hand toward the academy, allowing the students to stare at its beauty. "Though the size of our school is great, it is the moral strengths of our students that is what makes us great. Each and every one of you will leave this school helping the world, and fighting for a better planet." He adjusted his tie and took a deep breath.

"Some of you come from great lives, and others from terrible ones. Here at the academy we reach for great lives for all, safe lives for anyone, and freedom to do what is right. Whether you are a musician, dancer, athlete, actor, or fighter there is a way you can help and you have an obligation to do so. I will now let the head guidance counselor speak." The headmaster stepped down, many students expected him to stay but he went back to the academy, presumably to do some work.

A tall man stepped up. He wore glasses over his eyes and his hair dropped slightly over them. He was dressed formally like the headmaster, though seemed a lot less serious. His voice was calm and loud, and he sounded pretty confident "Hello students! The staff here is so glad to see new and old students attending this year. I'm here to talk about the island, the school, and all of your role in it." He paused for a moment to think, "Housing will be given to all students for free, though food must be paid for. 200 dollars will be given at the end of each month, this will not be high enough to buy extra supplies. If you would like to make extra money you may start a student business along with the required missions."

He cleared his throat, "Student businesses will be given a building with rooms, room and building size will be discussed with me or another counselor. Students may choose to live in their business building." He took a drink of water, "Missions will be posted in your class hall, simply activate the board and select the mission, be warned each hall has a limited amount of missions, thus you may have to compete to finish them. Missions can be dangerous, so for the first few we will assign you a student guardian. We also require that a partner is found before you can do any missions."

"Now to discuss the rules. Three infractions will result in loss of monthly money, temporary suspension of student business building, and remedial lessons. Fighting on campus, not fulfilling required missions, and not attending classes will result in infractions. Please, we do not wish to issue infractions. There isn't much more to say, you may use the rest of the day to explore, find partners, or check out your living quarters. You guys can even visit the beach, a dinner will be held there!"

He was about to walk off stage but suddenly he turned around, "Oh and make sure to get a badge, jacket, and arm band along with identification cards." He smiled and waved then walked off. Everyone began to leave the area, some heading to the beach, others to the train into the city, others to the dorm. (OOC the jacket, badge, and arm band have the school's logo on them, one of them must be worn and the ID has to be carried.)

juniebug910 September 29th, 2012 9:17 AM

Chikyu and Kazan

Chikyu was over at the beach after the speech. She and Kazan had already gotten the items needed-she got an arm band and he got a badge-and they were just handing out. Kazan sighed. "Hopefully the final preperations on the studio are ready once we get back." Chikyu softly smiled. "I can't wait to see it. Of course, we still need many people to help with decor, music, and many things. But we'll handle it."

Kazan nodded and got up, staring at the waves in the distance. Chikyu stood in her kimono and sighed. "Humans and psychics might not understand that being a witch or wizard isn't all fun and games. We have to work hard too." Kazan nodded.

Chikyu stared out at the distance. "Waves are like never know how big they will get. But no matter how big they get, it never determines how much water it carries. In life, you never can determine how it will be by how much money or power you carry." Kazan slowly nodded. "You speak the truth, sister."

IceFyr1928 September 29th, 2012 9:57 AM

Ryan looked at Yaphaeral after the speech. There were many students, which he hated. He went back to his room, he would get his stuff later.

"Many things are to be done here." Yaphaeral said in his husky voice, looking out across campus through the window.

Ryan nodded in agreement as he got out his tools for summoning. He drew the circle, which wasn't a circle at all but instead a five pointed star with a pentagon inside, and placed candles at each of the five tips. He would have made it more powerful, but didn't have the room.

The next thing he did was summon the imp that he had named General. He was short, stocky, and had an attitude.

"Whata ya want now!" He said in his high pitched voice.

"We will be stationed here from now on. Tell the others that the other circle's location has been compromised, and to report here from now on." Ryan explained.

"Agreed sir!" The imp snapped into a salute as he melted back into the Deamon Realm.

Ryan, already a bit exhausted from the summoning, sat on his small bed. He might as well go get his supplies now. It had been long enough that it should be abandoned.

Ryan got up and staggered outside. He walked over to the main office, followed closely by Yaphaeral. He noticed a few students murmuring as he walked by, and responded by walking faster.

Khawill September 30th, 2012 11:37 AM

Kale and Clare
"Hey Clare lets go to the beach!" They had just finished listening and had walked away, "I hear the water is perfect!"

"Dude we have work to do, anyways we will be down there for the party later, I signed us up to play a few songs." Clare walked slowly, she wasn't in a hurry and wanted to get to the city. "Anyways Summers we need more gigs, there's no way 200$ is going to last for us."

"True, why don't we get a student business thing?" Clare shook her head, Kale understood that neither of them could run a business, "Maybe we could join someone else's?"

"Yeah I think we could, why don't we ask at the beach party later." Clare adjusted her
guitar case.

"What songs are we playing anyways? Also shouldn't we do a mission?"

"Doing a mission can wait till tomorrow. Anyways we are doing three: Race Track, Fate Thread, and Loud Speaker."

"All rock songs? Cool I'll set up our amps and tune our guitars." Kale took both of their guitars to their assigned dorm and Clare looked around.

juniebug910 September 30th, 2012 12:01 PM

Chikyu and Kazan

Chikyu stood up, as did Kazan. The young girl sighed. "We should see our rooms." Kazan simply nodded. "We can start our first mission tomorrow."

In the rooms, Chikyu flopped onto her bed. "You can have that one over there." Kazan sat on his bed. A small void appeared then. A imp-like humanoid creature jumped out. "Master sent me with this letter!" Kazan took the paper in the creature's hand and read it out loud.

Dearest children,

The studio is complete. I can guess it is too late for you to start a mission, so after you finish or take a break tomorrow, ask if you can come visit.

Also, we do need other workers. Please ask any students you befriend if they do not own a buisness theirself.

Sincerely, Yamino

Kazan and Chikyu both smiled. "Thanks, Dosen. Go tell father that we will do what we can, and will try to find assistants." Dosen saluted. "Yes!" The imp then hoped back into the void, which vanished.

Chikyu beamed. "I can't wait to see it!" Kazan softly smiled. "Let's head back to the beach and wait for the party." Chikyu nodded as they walked back to the beach and continued to watch the waves frolic in the ocean.

IceFyr1928 September 30th, 2012 1:20 PM

Ryan and Yaphaeral, now with their required gear, stopped at a bulletin board on their way back. Ryan tapped a few items, and was soon looking at the missions.

"Well, which one?" Ryan asked his companion, who pointed at the third one from the top.

"- Serial Killer loose in London, claims to be the next generation of Jack the Ripper. Difficulty: Hard. Be Advised, he is armed with a sword and seems to have some sort of demon. 2000$ Reward" Ryan read aloud. "Seems to be the one for us." He said, and clicked the 'accept' button on the bottom.

Yaphaeral leading the way, the duo soon got to their dorm, where Ryan summoned General again, and told him to assemble a search party. He agreed, then left back to gather a group of imps. Ryan and Yaphaeral sat on their respective bunks, waiting for their guardian to arrive.

Suddenly, a pager in the room told him that he had to go pick up someone at the main office, and that she would hide them to the teleporters. Ryan got up and ordered Yaphaeral to follow. They both traveled back to the main office and found this 'Maggie' girl, whom was waiting near the front entrance.

"H-hello... I'm Ryan..." He said in a quiet voice. Something about this person gave her a powerful aura, and Ryan didn't like it.

Khawill September 30th, 2012 6:00 PM

Clare looked around campus, looking for something to do. She decided to go to the city and practice her parkour, she called Kale, "Hey Summers call me when you get into central city, take the train okay."

"K Clare, I'll be there in a few hours or so, I'm going to go sign us up as partners so we can start missions tomorrow." He hung up. Clare looked out the window of the train.

Well it seems we will be here for a few years, great. When the train stopped Clare raced off, she heard over the speakers, "Thanks for riding the worlds fastest train, we hope you enjoyed the ride!" Clare went outside and walked around the streets.

She went to the top of one of the buildings and began roof hopping, she would jump and roll just as she hit the ground, if the building was too high she would jump onto a fire escape. This is the life, I love the city She jumped down onto the crowded sidewalk and rolled, surprising many of the people. When they saw her get up safely they went on with their buisnes.

As she was walking she noticed a couple being robbed, Criminals in broad daylight on this island, wow how lame. "Hey idiots, you know what island you're on right."

"What Re you going to do little girl?" The comment made Clare sigh,"What's the matter little girl you want to get robbed too?" He signaled one of the fiends to assault Clare.

He reached forward but Clare grabbed his arm and moved it behind his back, "Why would you even attempt that?" She threw the guy to the ground and placed her foot over his arm. Clare slipped on her metal knuckle gloves and got into a fighting stance. "No chance to run!"

Kale Summers
Kale finished replacing some strings and tuning their guitars, he was now cleaning up the dorm room. There were three rooms, one for both students and a living room/kitchen area. Bathrooms were downstairs and shared by the dorm. Really hope we get our own room, this place is dreadful. Kale unpacked both of their stuff, that is odd, Clare's gloves aren't in here. He shrugged it off though, he knew it wasn't in his place to question.

He walked downstairs and to the main building, when he arrived he looked for the partner sign up sheets, We should've filled these in like every other student, but noooo we just had to get weapons instead. He had his sword sheathed on his back, a common sight for any student with a sword on campus. He found the necessary papers for sign up. He knew everything about Clare so there wasn't a question on the application he couldn't answer. After he finished he called Clare, it rang three times and he hung up. She must be jumping or training, I am not expected for another hour or two I can visit the training room.

Clare felt her pocket vibrate, she dodged a punch from one of the assailants. I Can't answer that right now, damn it Summers why do you pick the worst times to call. She punched the man in the stomach. She tripped another and did a slide into the shin of the last. She went up to both of them and knocked them out. "Are you two alright?"

The couple gladly nodded and offered to call the police, "Yeah you do that, don't tell anyone I did it though." She climbed a fire escape to do some more roof jumping. I feel like a hero, much better than what I was before.

IceFyr1928 September 30th, 2012 6:52 PM

"Greetings Ryan. If you will follow me, the teleporters are this way." Maggy said as she walked out of the building. Ryan and Yaphaeral followed, and soon were on their way to the city.

As they got out, Ryan noticed that the few civilians that were on the street seemed panicked. He breathed a large breath of the cool night air, and as they watched him, he recited a summoning spell, which formed a void that a group of ten imps, the General one of them, then sprung out of. Ryan stopped the spell, and the void closed. When he looked around again, the streets were barren.

Apparently, they think I'm him, which means that he should come running. Ryan thought to himself as he observed the large group of imps that he commanded.

"We are here today to find and kill a maniac. Your job is to find him, and report that to me. If you can, try to immobilize him, and be warned, he has a Deamon friend, much like Yaphaeral here, but much more dangerous. Dismissed." Ryan briefed the small army. He waved his hand, and the motley crew ran off, splitting into two squads at the first intersection.

"Well Yaphaeral, now we wait." He said as he walked over to a secluded niche in the buildings, where he started layering protective spells on both him and his friend. He offered to put some on Maggy, but she declined. If there was going to be a fight with another shadow wizard, he would be ready.

A few moments later, one of the imps came sprinting back. He had quite a few cuts, and one of his ears was missing. A trail of black blood followed where he ran, streaming from various places.

The imp snapped a salute when he got to their position.

"We have them partially contained sir! They are attempting to escape, but to no avail yet sir!" He said, yelling every 'sir' louder than the rest of his speech.

"Got it. Dismissed." Ryan said, and ran after the imp when it took off. Yaphaeral and Maggy soon followed.

Khawill October 1st, 2012 12:59 PM

Clare and Kale
The pair met up at a coffee shop, "Let's play Fate Thread first Clare!" He had brought along their stuff, Clare already explaining previous events.

"I don't know, Loud Speaker is much better to open with." She took a sip of her hot chocolate, she didn't enjoy coffe, "We can start loud and rowdy to get everyone excited then we could gradually slow down."

"Why'd you pick three rock songs, we should've played a rock song, a ballad, and then asked the audience." He was drinking coffee, he loved dark coffee and didn't put cream in it. "I mean we are trying to get a place to stay."

"Yeah about that, how is our apartment, is it good." She took a bite of her muffin and then downed some more cocoa.

"I guess it is fine for living but it is pretty small and only good for sleeping for me."

"So there isn't room to practice I presume huh, that sucks. Back to our last topic, the school requested that we play rock, I just agreed. Anyways Loud Speaker is more grunge."

"Understandable, you think we could do a mission before the party? I mean we don't have to but I'm pumped."

"Why don't we just do some work helping with the party, that way there's no injuries before and we have no chance of being late. Or we can patrol the streets here, I hear that is a pastime for some students, I'll follow your decision on this one."

"Well let's challenge people at the arena, I hear they have magic or technology or something that prevents injuries from staying after leaving the arena, I bet we could assert how strong we are easily."

Maggy silently follow as directed, being elite means I can't fight, how lame I could kill that Jack with one punch let alone with magic. She was restless, her job was to record the mission by watching everything the boy did. She also had to answer questions, he didn't seem to have any so her job was pretty easy. O had told her specificly not to intervene in any way, that included talking when she didn't need to so she kept her mouth shut.

I hope we finish this in time to get to the party, they always have cool indie bands and I rigged the vote on one of the band's requested songs to play only rock songs. Maggy laughed mischievously at the memory, she knew O would be annoyed that she used his computer but she didn't care last year they didn't play enough good songs and she was bored at the party. I bet this kid couldn't last twenty seconds in a fight with me let alone if O was here. Maggy was just about to say as much when she caught herself, Oops almost slipped up on my first elite mission.

She watched as his minions ran around, I would've just started leveling buildings and beating people up, but I suppose this is effective and boring. She grabbed her head and groaned, this was going to be a long night.

IceFyr1928 October 1st, 2012 2:19 PM


The first thing that Ryan noticed was that the wizard's Deamon was stronger than expected, and had escaped the Containment Field that the Imps had set up. It proceeded to cut the Imps to ribbons with it's scythe, moving around the circle.

"Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" Ryan yelled, nodding to Yaphaeral, who sprinted over to it. Ryan was too occupied with the wizard, who had also escaped, to see any more. The Imps, their Field now useless, joined Yaphaeral against the more powerful Deamon.


Yaphaeral ran up to the Deamon, who turned around to come face to face with the enraged Deamonic Humanoid. Yaphaeral extended his claws, and proceeded to slash away at the surprised fiend. He was soon joined by the imps, who held the Deamon in place while others decided to demolish his scythe. Soon, when they were left with nothing but the metal blade, Yaphaeral grabbed it from him, and stabbed the Deamon's head with it.


Ryan started chanting a spell that formed a large orb of dark matter over his head. He threw it at the wizard, who was knocked back. Ryan then took his distraction to summon another Imp, this one in full armor and wielding a scimitar, who proceeded to attack the wizard, focused more on being a distraction than a way of seriously hurting him. Ryan started chanting once again, this time focused on a longer and more complex spell, and soon a shroud of dark energy enveloped the wizard, and held him in place. The Imp, its work finished, dissolved into the Deamon Realm. The wizard tried to resist, but Ryan simply tightened the bond until he stopped.

"Yaphaeral! I need you to come get this guy!" Ryan shouted to the Deamon, who had finished with the wizard's fiend. He walked up to the wizard, and beheaded him with one claw, which retracted.

"Alright. That's it. Imps, you are dismissed back to the Deamon Realm." Ryan said, and snapped a quick salute at them. He then proceeded to clean up the dead bodies, destroying them by setting them on fire.

"Well then, shall we get going?" He asked Maggy, who silently led them back to the Teleporter.

Khawill October 2nd, 2012 11:22 AM

When they arrived Maggy gave her the speech that the school told her to say. "Good job on completing your first mission, please hand me your school card." She took his school credit card and scanned it, "There you are, 2000$ have been added to your account." Maggy was so bored and the words sounded pretty robotic, "Please spend the rest of the day resting, the school and the world thanks you for your bravery and heroism." Maggy rolled her eyes Glad I don't have to do this every time, and we came just in time for the party. "May I remind you that there is a party on the beach, if you would like to help with setup or sign up for some sort of talent showcase please head there now. Or visit the city and all of the wonderful restaurants there." Maggy shook his hand, as was told by the school and went back to the repair shop to hang with O or Lucy.

juniebug910 October 2nd, 2012 12:47 PM

Chikyu and Kazan

Chikyu's head then flashed a bit before an idea formed. "Wanna perform in the party?" Kazan beamed. "Of course!" He then walked to find where to sign up.

Chikyu watched the waves go up against the shore. It was almost hypnotizing, but she was able to hold up. She looked up at the sky, it's body filled with stars. Looking closer, she noticed one pattern that resembled a dragon. "Amazing..." Looking back to the ocean, she noticed a small item. It was tied around a string. Chikyu picked it up, and noticed that it was a necklace of shells. She put it on, and the shells sparkled it the light. It was beautiful.

Kazan had come back by then. "We're signed up. What's around your neck?" Chikyu held up the necklace, and Kazan's eyes grew large. "Amazing...where did you find it?" She smiled. "It washed up on the beach." Kazan smiled. "It fits you perfectly."

IceFyr1928 October 2nd, 2012 1:47 PM

Ryan thanked the witch and returned to his dorm, Yaphaeral close behind.

"Party? Who do they think I am? The word 'party' means lots of people!" Ryan complained. Yaphaeral simply sat on his bunk, rolling his eyes.

"Go out, have fun. That's what party means. I'm going." Yaphaeral said, which caused Ryan's head to snap up and focus on him.

"Really? I don't think so." Ryan said. Yaphaeral stood.

"Who will stop me?" He said in a menacing way. In acompanyment to this statement, he unsheathed one of his claws.

"Fine. I guess we'll go." Ryan said. Although Yaphaeral followed his orders, he was his own person.

"Good. I heard there will be rock music." Yaphaeral said to his partner, who was more tired than he had let on. "Get sleep now. Party is later." He comforted Ryan, who layed down and fell asleep.

Khawill October 2nd, 2012 2:56 PM

Clare and Kale
They both looked for some students to fight. They looked mainly in the training rooms where other humans trained (they had never fought a witch before and didn't know the techniques to counter magic). Eventually they found some human twins practicing martial arts. Kale walked up, "Hey can I challenge you to a fight?"

The twins spoke by alternating, "I can see you guys are new." "But you do not want to fight us." "I can see you are confused." "So let us explain."

Clare spoke up, "Yeah please do explain."

"We are psychics, specifically Kira and Sara and we are elite students." "Yes part of the team of O and Maggy." "The human and witch!" "Elizabeth and her brother1" "The sibling humans!" "And us." "The twin psychics!"

Clare observed that one of them was very cheerful about her speech the other (female) spoke like it was something that they've had to explain hundreds of times. Kale spoke up, "You guys are part of the team with THE O? That is so awesome, when can I meet him?"

"You may not." "Yeah! He is very busy." At that they stopped paying attention to Clare and Kale and went back to training. Kale was slightly saddened by the information but Clare cheered him up.

"Hey don't worry about it Summers, if he is hard at work that means he is building all those doodads that you like to mess with." Kale nodded and was significantly happy with the revelation. They went to the cafeteria to scout more people.

IceFyr1928 October 3rd, 2012 3:03 PM


Yaphaeral stood as soon as Ryan was asleep. He walked to the door, which he opened quietly, left, then closed it just as carefully. He walked down the hall, and exited the dorms.

Good to be outside. He thought as he walked around campus, committing every turn that he made. As he was walking, his stomach growled at him. Yaphaeral retraced his steps, and navigated his way to the cafeteria, where he got an rare steak, and proceeded to devour it. He finished, and locked his hands clean. He looked around, and observed two humans standing near the back. He stood and walked over.

"Greetings. I am Yaphaeral." He said. He grinned, forgetting that his fangs were still red with the steak's juices.

Khawill October 3rd, 2012 3:19 PM

Clare and Kale
"Hey Clare look at that fellow dressed like a demon." Indeed there stood a man appearing to dress like a demon, "Hey friend! Are you doing some sort of metal song at the party? If you are you've got the whole demon thing down." Reached out to shake his hand, but pulled it back after seeing how well the makeup on his hands were, "Oh, wouldn't want to ruin the makeup, we were just fighting and stuff."

Clare sighed, "Summers, you idiot that is clearly a cosplay fan. Hey what show is that from? I'd say it is a pretty good costume." Clare adjusted her guitar, they were getting to the party as the opening act. "You look like an older student, you some kind of fan for another band here?"

IceFyr1928 October 3rd, 2012 3:32 PM


Yaphaeral was confused. The humans were saying something about makeup and metal bands.

"Not makeup. Watch." Yapaeral said, then quickly extended his long claws, which he showed them.

"You play music? What kind?" He asked when she gestured with the guitar. He liked rock, but could enjoy almost anything.

"No. I am new, although I have many thousands of years." He said in his reasonably husky voice. He was beginning to like talking with other humans. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as Ryan had said it was.

Khawill October 3rd, 2012 3:51 PM

Clare and Kale
Kale looked at his claws, poking them with his index finger, "Whoah, you really are an honest to goodness demon, who is your witch?"

Clare looked at Kale confusedly, "What do you mean Witch Summers? I thought witches controlled things like fire and water." Clare didn't completely understand the concept because she hadn't gone to school.

"Yeah they taught us in cultures class, shadow witches are able to reach into the unnatural and summon powerful allies, they aren't really demons I guess, but they fit the mythical demon to the dot." Kale had never seen a demon before, nor a witch and was quiet interested. "I must say, you guys are quiet rare, considering shadow witches are generally insane psychopaths, or anti-social."

Clare sighed, "I apologize, we forgot our manners. We play anything, but they're having us play rock music as the opening acts. It is unfortunate that you don't know any other bands here, I'd love to get to know other musicians." Clare thought for a moment, "Exactly how strong are you and you're, uh master or is it partner?" Clare wasn't looking for a fight but wanted to know for future reference.

juniebug910 October 3rd, 2012 4:26 PM

Chikyu and Kazan

The two stared at the stars, and Chikyu showed Kazan the dragon pattern in the sky. "Star pictures are so beautiful-they add life to the stars." Kazan nodded. "True. Some may not see what we can. Humans mostly." Chikyu beamed.

Chikyu looked over and, somehow, saw three people, one seeming like a demon. Kazan saw too, and the siblings walked over to them.

Chikyu coughed to get their attention. "H-hello. I am Chikyu, an earth witch. This is my brother, Kazan, a water wizard. Are you new?" Kazan simply smiled and nodded, then waved.

IceFyr1928 October 3rd, 2012 4:43 PM

"My summoner is Ryan. He hates large crowds." Yaphaeral responded.

"Ah! I like rock! If I was able to, I would play to... But, as you can see..." Yaphaeral said, gesturing with his claws.

Yaphaeral felt like walking again.

"Well, I will see you at the party then." He said, then walked out the door, walking back to the dorm.

He was about to have left, when he was stopped by another person.

"Greetings. I am Yaphaeral. Deamon." He said to the new witch, apparently of the earth type.

juniebug910 October 3rd, 2012 4:54 PM

Chikyu and Kazan

Chikyu bowed. "Are you the companion of a shadow wizard? I have never seen a real live deamon in my life."

Kazan nodded. "Chikyu is a dancer, which I accompany her with my piano skills. We are setting up a studio on the outskirts of the large city on the island."

Chikyu smiled, then stared at the stars again. "Hey look! A rat pattern!" Kazan looked up and beamed. "Amazing. Do you see this, Yaphaerel?"

IceFyr1928 October 3rd, 2012 5:22 PM

"Yes. I have many patterns around my body. Kazan, while I am not a true Deamon, I am close. My companion's name in Ryan Stark. He is currently sleeping." Yaphaeral explained. He limed how the two helped each other in their studio.

"It is always good to see brother helping sister. I may stop by your studio sometime. I'm in room 503 if you need me, however, Ryan may not like you coming to the room." He said. Yaphaeral bid farewell, and continued to the dorm, where he was sure that Ryan had woken, and was scared out of his mind. He entered the room silently, and had his fears quelled as he saw Ryan still asleep.

Khawill October 3rd, 2012 5:36 PM

Kale and Clare
Clare said goodbye to the demon. Kale said, "He seems nice."

Clare laughed, "Yeah, I'm surprised he wasn't going to rip our throats out."

"Naw, he looks like a bro."

"Stop listening to those stoners at school, nothing but nonsence." She pulled out her bass guitar, "Why don't we practice? We have a bit of time and it is pretty empty in here." She plugged her bass guitar into the amp, Kale did the same.

"Three, two, one." Clare yelled, they had no drummer so they had to keep the beat on their own, mostly off of Clare. They played loudly, the song was purely instrumental though. It was an upbeat, grunge sound with Kale distorting his guitar. Clare kept the beat, following his lead (a rare occurrence indeed). They slipped flawlessly into another song, softer with a clean amp effect but still energetic. This one was a song about natural disasters, and the how even tragedies were meant to happen. It was the one called Fate Thread. They didn't try to do Race Track because there were students coming in to watch and they didn't want to give everything away. As they walked out they bumped into twins.

"Oh sorry..." Kale looked at them and exclaimed, "Oh, wow twins! Are you guys psychics too?"

juniebug910 October 3rd, 2012 5:47 PM

((Is the party starting now?))

Chikyu and Kazan

Chikyu sighed as she watched Yaphaeral leave. "Stars are always beautiful. But Yaphaeral didn't seem to notice them." Kazan shrugged. "The party is soon, anyway. We might want to get ready for our performance."

Chikyu nodded, then quickly walked into their room. Opening her suitcase, a sparkling gold kimono with a silver wind design and sparkles on it. A white belt was next to it, with some red sandles, some white socks, and a folded light blue umbrella.

She then changed, and walked out in her new outfit. Kazan smiled. "Sister, your beauty never ceases to amaze me." Chikyu smiled. "I thank you, brother."

She then saw the two people and shook her head. "We are a witch and wizard. I am Chikyu, an earth witch. This is Kazan, my brother, and a water wizard."

Khawill October 3rd, 2012 6:14 PM

Kale and Clare
Kale looked at them, completely interested with more witches, "Dude you look awesome, I love the samurai look, I can't grow my hair that long but you do it awesomely." Kale observed the other twin, "And you're stunning, I love the kimono. You guys are probably the best dressed people on campus!" Kale was again very interested in meeting a witch (especially two). He had an interest in magic due to its roll in helping technology progress. "Earth and Water? That is cool, I mean solid, I mean that's awesome."

Clare had no idea what Kale was talking about, she had never learned what a kimono or samurai was, not wanting to insult any cultural custom they practiced she only agreed with Kale. Ignoring him for a second she spoke to the siblings, "Hello, I'm Clare, and that is Kale Summers, we are just humans, but we are also fighters and musicians."

Kale was still ranting, "Kimonos originated in Japan you know, and Japanese dancers often wore them." Ranting on about the history of the dress, then he jumped to samurais, "They were expert swords man, you know that I'm a swordsman too?"

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