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Steller the Raichu September 30th, 2012 12:31 AM

Pokemon: Shrouds of Darkness [T for violence 14+]
Pokemon: Shrouds of Darkness

Plot: In the Pokemon world, there is a certain place known as: The Forbidden Cave. In this cave, lies the legendary pokemon Giratina, guardian of the Dimension Gate. This gate, separates the gap between the positive and the negative dimension. Opening the dimension gate, would lead one into the Unknown Realm and soon into the negative dimension. In the negative dimension, there’s chaos everlasting and darkness. No one dares to enter or open the gates to the negative dimension, for once the gate to the negative dimension is opened, negative energy will leak out. This will affect the time gears and may and will rupture the fabric of space. It would take the power of the Seven Stones of Stelven, sealed in the Ancient Shrine of Darkness to close the Dimension gate. Many say the Ancient Shrone of Darkness is in the negative dimension, but this is not true. Only few have made it to the Ancient Shrine of Darkness. Spiritomb guards the seven stones in this shrine. This shrine is located within the Mysterious Cave within the Unknown Forest

An evil wizard by the name of Sentor has had vengeance and jealousy in his heart, after his father failed at taking over the Pokemon world. He plans to open the dimension gate, shroud the pokemon world in darkness and rule in a world where he is king and he controls everything and there is chaos nonstop.

A group of seven trainers has been chosen by Arceus to attempt to stop Sentor. They each have the power of one type depending on their personality and traits. Once the time has come to face Sentor, the seven trainers will be transformed into what is known as their “inner pokemon”. This pokemon is determined by the type, personality and traits. The trainers must make it to the cave, get the seven stones before enough negative energy has spread to cause the world to shroud slowly in darkness and chaos, and ultimately, defeat Sentor.


1. No godmodding, no OP moves (i.e. Kyle rushed in and killed Sentor in one blow.)
2. No profanity
3. Stay on top of the roleplay. Try to enter every day, or every other day, but no longer
4. No slandering

To enter, you must enter your trainer profile as follows

Pokemon Type

I am the first trainer so there are six slots left

Name: Steller
Age: 18
Background: Steller grew up in a middle class family. He earned his first pokemon at age 3, a Pichu. He founded while exploring in the backyard of his house. Ever since, this pokemon has been his lead companion. It is now a Raichu.
Personality: Steller is a cheerful person. He is well known for his silly laugh. He is always found with his friends and always wants to help people.
Pokemon Type: Electric

Nineray October 7th, 2012 6:20 AM

Age: 14
Background: Nineray grew up in a wealthy family and hated it, he ran away at the age of 10 with his Ponyta which he's had since his fifth birthday, it is still a Ponyta but is working its hardest to evolve.
Personality: Nineray is quite but very courageous and will do his best to help those in need, he is very Modest and doesn't like to show off.
Pokemon Type: Fire

Greenbeans October 7th, 2012 8:52 AM

This looks like a interesting rp! Looking forward to seeing it progress!

Name: Jericho
Age: 18
Background: Jericho's family has never really treated him they way they treated his younger siblings, turning jericho into a very hard to read person. His family had a decent amount of wealth and the only person he could talk openly with was his sister Penelope. He has blocked everyone else out from his life, leaving him in isolation from the world. His friends love him but he try's to ignore it. And he try's to stay away from big crouds and avoid attention.
Personality: Quick and sharp
Pokemon Type: Dark

SkittyBot October 7th, 2012 5:58 PM

Name: Izzy SkittyBot
Age: 14
Background: Izzy was the youngest in a family of eight. She had two other identical sisters, Jane and Mary, not to mention the triplet brothers, all age sixteen, and the seventeen-year-old twins. Izzy's group were fourteen years old. The family lived in a 7 bedroom house with a pool in the lush, foresty backyard. At age twelve they had been given Pokemon, as was the tradition in the family. Izzy had selected a shiny Eevee, while Jane got a Totodile and Mary picked a Chikorita. Now, two years later, she had a powerful Eevee by her side, as they searched for the mythical Ghostly stone, to evolve her Eevee into a ghost-type evolution.
Personality: Kind, shy, but her Eevee has brought the wild side out of her.
Pokemon Type: Ghost

siiadams October 7th, 2012 7:14 PM

Name: Shawn Williams
Age: 18
Background: He grew up detatched from his parents. After all, how can you love people that are never around when you need them? Since he became a teenager, he took care of himself. However, he would die for those who care about him, desperate to keep them close. His companion is an Ivysaur.
Personality: closed off at times, but dedicated to his task and loyal to his friends
Pokemon Type: Grass

Letham October 7th, 2012 8:28 PM

Name: Arthur Sullivan
Age: 16
Background: Arthur was born in New Bark Town to an unassuming architect and nurse. He grew up mostly finding himself reading about Pokemon or watching battles on tv. He was given a young and hyperactive Totodile on his 15th birthday from his uncle who had trained water Pokemon all his life. Arthur traveled with Totodile throughout Johto attempting to collect gym badges and enter the Johto League however after earning several badges Arthur found himself longing for things other than battling. He sent his badges and all of his Pokemon save Totodile, who had at that point evolved into a fierce but loyal Feraligatr, to Professor Elm and began a new journey to become a Pokemon researcher.

Personality: He is very introverted often saying very little unless needed such as when directing his Feraligatr. He is deeply trusting of others however perhaps too trusting and he is an adamantly loyal person in every regard and a strategic battler when needed. He prefers Water Pokemon as every trained in his family has trained the Water type.

Pokemon Type: Water

Steller the Raichu October 8th, 2012 6:28 PM

Only one more slot left until the roleplay is full.

siiadams October 14th, 2012 4:27 PM

Still no one else interested?

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InkyBlue October 14th, 2012 5:09 PM

Eep, I hope you'll have me.

Name: Alexid Heart
Background: Growing up with his prudent mother, Alexid was never allowed to own any Pokemon. Only recently, because of his line of work, has he received a Pokemon partner but he is unable to connect to it the way other trainers do theirs.
Personality: He is very calculating and serious.
Pokemon Type: Steel

yiliang99 October 14th, 2012 11:31 PM

can you change the slot to 8 people I'm interested in joining this.
Name: Yi Liang
Age: 15
Background: Yi liang grew up in a small village of pokemon. He earn a pokemon in his birthday.The present is given by Proffesor of the village.The pokemon he first gain is charmander.But cause he didn't join pokemon battles,his charmander is still a Charmander.
Personality: He is helpful and he always likes to make people happy.
Pokemon Type: Fire

Steller the Raichu October 15th, 2012 4:02 PM

Okay, good, that evens it all out. THIS ROLEPLAY IS NOW FULL.

It will take place in the Sinnoh Region

Let us begin

Steller woke bright and early, had breakfast as usual and fed his Raichu and took it for a walk around the jovial Hearthome City. As he was walking by the Contest Arena, he heard several trainers talking about the upcoming contest. He then walked over to the group of trainers. "Hey guys, what's up?" Steller asked. "Oh, nothing, we were just talking about the upcoming contest." One of the trainers answered. "This one's a big one. It is the first PokeMaster contest ever! The best of the best will compete for one of the greatest awards yet, The PokeMaster Contest Champion." Another trainer explained. "Sound's awesome!" Steller declared. He then went into the contest building to get more info.

As he exited the building, he had a funny feeling. "Steller!" A voice called out. "W-who's that?!" He asked. "It is I, Arceus." The voice said. Suddenly, there was a blinding light. Steller shielded his eyes. "You must listen to me, for the Pokemon world is in grave danger. An evil foe named Sentor is planning to open the Dimension Gate, shroud the world in darkness and rule the pokemon world." Arceus answered. "How will I stop this...whoever?" Steller asked. "You and seven other trainers are special in my eyes." Arceus said. "You each have what is called, an inner pokemon. You can weild the power of that pokemon within. Once the time is right, your inner pokemon will be at its full potential and you will have power undescribable." Arceus explained. "Wow!" Steller said in awe. "I will go alert the other seven chosen. You must gather all of your things to go on this quest. Once I have directed the other seven to your house and I will discuss the plan f from there." Arceus added. "Okay." Steller said. So he packed up and waited for the other seven trainers to arrive.

siiadams October 15th, 2012 6:54 PM

Shawn had been awake since early morning, walking among the flowery meadows near his house in Floaroma Town. He was pretty much alone, as usual. His parents went around to the different towns and cities in Sinnoh, selling their honey that they make. Walking within the meadow usually helped relax him, especially with his Ivysaur walking beside him. As he walked, he thought about his life here and felt that he was being confined. "I wish," he thought,"that I could leave this small town and be part of something greater!" Ivysaur growled in agreement, but then quickly turned to their right. Curious, Shawn looked in the same direction...and could not believe his eyes.

The pollen from the flowers were swirling around in front of them and joining together to form looked like a pokemon. It seemed familiar, even though he had never seen it before. All of a sudden, it clicked! It was Arceus himself, but quickly shook his head. "It can't be. Arceus is just a myth!" he thought.

The form then spoke, "Do not be confused, Shawn, for I have come to warn you of a coming disaster. An evil wizard, Sentor, has found way to open the Dimensional Gate. When he opens it, darkness will engulf the planet, and he, being able to control the darness, will rule the world."

Shawn's eyes grew wide with excitement as his stomach felt like it had Butterfrees fluttering inside. "This is unreal. Why are you telling me all this?"

"You have something," Arceus explained,"that very few trainers have: an inner pokemon. Learning to use this properly will give you untold powers. This power will help stop this catastrophe before it starts."

Shawn didn't know what to think. All he could think of was his thought before this. "Be careful what you wish for..." he thought to himself, before looking up to the pollen-made form. "Ok, then," he proclaimed,"I'll need to know what to do first."

Arceus' form glowed brightly, causing Shawn to shield his eyes. "Grab everything you have and proceed to Hearthome City. Look for a trainer named Stellar. He will be at his house, waiting for you." Shawn, looking confused, asked,"But how will I know this guy? What does he look like?" Arceus replied,"You'll know when you see him." With that last statement, the pollen settled down back onto the flowers.

Shawn couldn't believe his luck. Finally, an adventure! Returning Ivysaur to his pokeball, he raced back to his house and packed everything he had into his backpack. Slinging the heavy bag onto his back, he went around to the backyard, where he kept his bike. Donning his sunglasses, he climbed up onto the bike and proceeded to ride to Hearthome City.

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yiliang99 October 16th, 2012 12:33 AM

Yi Liang woke up early and have scramble eggs for breakfast.
Yi Liang's mum:Yi liang,please go buy some fruits please.
Yi Liang:Okay mum!Charmander let's go!

In the road Yi Liang saw a wild pikachu and battle it.

Charmander wait,that pikachu is wierd...
That pikachu is hurt.
After yiliang heal the pikachu,he saw Arceus

Wait is that a pokemon???Yiliang ask...
It's...It's Arceus!

Arceus:I chosen you because you like to help people,now go meet up with the other chosen one in Hearthome City.
Yi Liang:There is others???
Arceus:Yes,there are another seven trainers.
Yi Liang:Alright I try to find them,thanks for telling me Arceus.
Arceus:Now I must find the others,we'll meet again in the future...

After Yi Liang buy the fruits ang go home,he tell his mother about his journey and his mother accept it.
Yi Liang:Charmander,lets go find the others and I must go to Hearthome City first I guess.

Letham October 17th, 2012 11:08 AM

The fierce crimson gaze of the fading sun settling in behind the western hills of New Bark Town bore down upon Arthur as he stood at the edge of the lake smiling down at Ronin, his Feraligatr who was standing knee-deep in the placid waves of the lake amongst a herd of Tauros who had congregated to the oasis in town at the end of the season to drink and to mate. Ronin stood calmly observing the herd and they inclined their heads to him as they drank, watching carefully.

The alpha of the herd came forth swinging his head mistily stamping his feet at the edge of the waves. Ronin squinted slightly in the dim bronze sunlight smirking as the alpha stepped up to Ronin pushing him slightly back with his massive gnarled horns the alpha raised himself up to his full height attempting to head-butt Ronin in the gut but the intelligent Feraligatr simply placed a hand between the alpha’s horns, smiling as the flustered Tauros staggered back into the herd still blowing steam and the others continued to drink.

“Nice job, Ronin!” Arthur called, coming down the bank grinning broadly. “You managed to keep your cool and calm the alpha without disrupting the herd. You’re getting better and better each time.”
As Ronin turned to greet him raising a hand, a flash of light tore through the sky above them and visage appeared of an ancient Pokemon Arthur had only seen in books.

“Arthur Sullivan, I am a Pokemon known as Arceus. There is a great danger which will soon be upon this world. You are one of the few called upon the defend this realm you must go to Hearthome City and find a young man named Steller and a group of other trainers. Only together will you all be able to stop Sentor before his plan is in full effect.”

Arthur looked to Ronin and they both nodded grimly.

“I would say we don’t have much choice. If what you say is true then Sentor must be stopped.” Arthur said.

“Yes he presents a very great threat to us all. Now go do not waste time and tell no one of this. I must leave you now and warn the others you will know them when you see them.”

And with that, Arceus visage was gone. Arthur stood contemplating the route to the City by air and calculating whether to warn anyone else he recalled Ronin to his Pokeball.

“Don’t worry bud. You’re coming with me. Just don’t think we can get there by sea gonna have to go see the Professor about my bike.”

And so he bowed to the Tauros and turned back up the path to town to get his bike to head to Hearthome City.

siiadams November 9th, 2012 6:29 AM

(I wonder how much interest is still in this rp. I still am, for one.)

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