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Ludger September 30th, 2012 3:49 PM

Challenge Bowl '12
Challenge Bowl '12

Ready to recruit and coach a team of your own? Then you've found the right challenge! It's the Challenge Bowl! 2012 edition! Cause Lord knows if this will ever happen again.

So, what's the gimmick? The REAL team is comprised of more than just the players. In this challenge, you will have to base your Pokemon off essential elements to teams and their fanbase. This challenge plays a bit like football as well, or any sport. Your gym leader and elite four battles are your "games" essentially. There will be certain game rules for these fights listed later. But for now, here's what your team should have:

1. Star Player
This is probably the only element of the team that's not strictly based on football (American btw!). The star player needs to be a Pokemon that represents your favorite sport. It needs to have at least 3 physical moves.

2. Cheerleader
This Pokemon needs to be peppy! It must have a base speed of at least 90 (if it evolves, the final evolution needs to have a base stat of at least 90). This Pokemon needs to know at least 2 support or non-damaging moves and 1 dance move or sound-based move.

3. Mascot
Pick your favorite team's mascot and pick a Pokemon that's based on whatever animal it is! If the mascot is something obscure like a pirate, try picking a Pokemon that represents it. For example, if your mascot is a pirate, pick a greedy Pokemon or perhaps Chatot.

4. The Band
Band band band! This Pokemon needs to have at least 2 sound-based moves or marching moves. Here's a list of moves:
Mirror Move
Haze ( college band)
After You
Baton Pass
Belly Drum
Echoed Voice
Fake Out
Follow Me
Heal Bell
Hyper Voice
Lucky Chant
Perish Song
Relic Song
Sleep Talk
Metal Sound
Bug Buzz

5. Fans!
Pick a Pokemon that you think represents you, the fan! If you'd rather not, pick a Pokemon that represents the fanbase of your choice of sport.

6. Sponsored by...
This is a wild card Pokemon. I want you guys to think hard on this one. This Pokemon needs to be special and make your team stand out and support it well. This Pokemon needs to have something about it that makes it totally unique to your team.

Now that that's are dem rulez!

1. As stated previously, your gym battles and E4 battles are your game season basically. There are few rules for them.
2. A max of 3 items can be used in a gym battle or E4 battle. Use all the items you want after them, though.
3. Do not save before these battles! If you lose the first fight, that counts as a loss for your season. You can go back and fight them and win, but because you lost the first time, it still counts as a loss. Say I beat Falkner and Bugsy my first time, but lost to Whitney, then came back and beat her to progress. The season standings would be 2-1.
4. X items are steroids and are not allowed. Vitamins like Protein however are nutritious and encouraged. Rare Candies are fine as well.
5. HM slaves are allowed.
6. Challenge ends when there are no more gym or E4 battles. So GSC/HGSS players, your season will be the longest.
RBYFRLG has 13 games
GSCHGSS has 27 (Red is included)
RS has 13, E has 14
DPPt has 13
BW has 13 (Alder is included), B2W2 has 13

7. Not necessary, but if you can, try to play on a game that's the color of your team.
8. Trading in Pokemon that aren't available in your game is fine. Or hacking them in, if you're playing on emulator. But if you're capable of getting the Pokemon in-game, don't trade/hack it in please.
9. Insert your favorite team in your sign up so that I know you've read the rules. :)

I think that covers it...anyway! Please have your final updates posted by October 31st 11:59 PM Central Time (GMT -6). If you win most of your season, you will get your emblem. :) Still have to make it though shhhh. ;3

Sign up form:

~Sia~ - FireRed
Ober - Red
Myrrhman - Red

Abra Kadabra Alakazam - Crystal - Buffalo Bills
Bob III - Crystal
pleryt16 - Crystal
DarkChibimon - Crystal

Team RSE
rpryor03 - Sapphire
Luigi-san - Sapphire - Buffalo Sabres
Rainbow Arcanine - Emerald - Cronulla Sharks
11wildy - Ruby
vaporeon7 - Ruby - Adelaide Crows
munchack - Ruby - Team Guadalajara (Chivas)
The Master Charizard - Ruby - Team Guadalajara (Chivas)

Team DPPt
jdthebud - Platinum - Seattle Sounders/Seahawks
Curious. - Pearl - Richmond Tigers

Team BW(2)
Sydian - White - Alabama Crimson Tide
phonastik - White - Dockers
-ty- - Detroit Pistons
Kenshin5 - Black - Oklahoma City Thunder
WeightyWillBill - White - Baltimore Ravens
squirrelfeet - Black 2 - Dehli Daredevils
TrollShammy80 - Black 2 - Seattle Seahawks
NecrumWarrior - Black

~Sia~ September 30th, 2012 6:01 PM

Dangit, I need to stop looking at all these challenges. I hope I can take on 3 at once.

I'll do this with my old Fire Red version.

Username: ~Sia~
Game: Fire Red


Star Player - Ponyta/Rapidash (Barrel Racing)
Cheerleader - Pikachu/Raichu
Mascot - Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard
The Band - Doduo/Dodrio
The Fans - Cubone/Marowak
Sponsored By - Snorlax

psyanic September 30th, 2012 6:07 PM

Quick question before I sign up. Can we trade in Pokemon, because some versions don't exactly have Pokemon available for my teams' mascots.

Ludger September 30th, 2012 6:13 PM

Yes, you can trade in Pokemon. I knew I forgot something, haha. And I think I've decided my team.

Star Player: Conkeldurr (American football)
Cheerleader: Lilligant
Mascot: Donphan
Band: Altaria
Fan: Smeargle
Sponsored by: Movie Event Victini

Aryan143 September 30th, 2012 6:59 PM

I gonna do this:

Username: Aryan143
Game: White


Star Player: Emboar (Cricket)
Cheerleader: Lilligant
Mascot: Krookodile
The Band: Archeops
The Fans: Zebstrika
Sponsored By: Simipour

EDIT: Sorry I want to choose Simipour instead of Throh because I forgot to have a surfer and the game to White because Petilil is exclusive to White.

jdthebud September 30th, 2012 11:25 PM

Can we play these on hacks? I was thinking of maybe doing this on Origin Platinum.

and I bet you don't like evolving Petilil, eh syd?

curiousnathan September 30th, 2012 11:39 PM

This looks quite fun, so I'm definitely in!

Ludger October 1st, 2012 5:46 AM

I'd prefer you just play it on the official main games. And evolving Petilil is always sad. :( But it's okay, but I do love Lilligant as well. so purdy

phonastik October 1st, 2012 6:39 AM

I'm in! I need a good project. I'll be playing on White. I'm going to try to use all Unova Pokemon, so some of my choices don't fit as well as they could have.
Game: Australian Football
Team: Fremantle Dockers
Star Player:
Sawsbuck is agile and light, like AFL players. Also it's a deer, which can jump pretty high like the players do when they take marks.

We don't really have cheerleaders in AFL, so I just picked Liepard because I've never used one and it learns a lot of non-damaging moves.
The team's mascot/symbol is an anchor, so I picked Escavalier as it's a slow Steel type.

The team is based in Fremantle, a port city, so a Water type makes sense, and Seismitoad fit the bill perfectly.

The team originated as the 'working-class' team in Western Australia, and 'dockers' had to move heavy objects around all day, so a Conkeldurr is a perfect fit. It's not because the fans are dumb!

It's an Australian game, and in Australia everything is covered in spines and wants to kill you, so I though Druddigon represented that quite well.

ANOTHER EDIT: I am an idiot.

-ty- October 1st, 2012 8:48 AM

#1 - Star Player, Beartic, is strong and suited for harsh winter weather.
Moves (Superpower, Icicle Crash, Stone Edge)

#2 - Cheerleader, Simipour, is arguably the most cheerful-looking Pokemon and has long flowing hair.
Moves (Work-up, Swagger, Acrobatics

#3 - Mascot, Chandelure, represents the essential Olympic torch.

#4 - Fan, Braviary, is an eagle, that represent the American people.

#5 - Band, Galvantula Has eight arms to aid in a one-man band, not to mention it powers the amps.
Moves (Bug Buzz, Swagger)

#6 - Sponsor, Serperior, along with the Hiltons and Donald Trump, is a smug millionaire who has made a contribution to the team.

Abra Kadabra Alakazam October 1st, 2012 9:21 AM

Username: Abra Kadabra Alakazam
Game: Crystal
Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills

Star Player: Machamp (Muscular like an American Football player)
Cheerleader: Jumpluff (Pom-pom like limbs.)
Mascot: Tauros (Somewhat related to Buffolaunt, who isn't available in G/S/C, and my team is the Buffalo Bills.)
The Band: Girafarig (It learns Growl and Baton Pass.)
The Fans: Arcanine (My favorite pokemon, so I think it represents me.)
Sponsored By: Suicune (Unique, only one of them.)

rpryor03 October 1st, 2012 10:49 AM

Username: rpryor03
Game: Sapphire
Team: I Believe I Can Fly

1. Blaziken
2. Gardevoir
3. Skarmory- I'm a Steelers fan.
4. Exploud
5. Lunatone- Likes late nights
6. Raichu

jdthebud October 1st, 2012 1:23 PM

Username: jdthebud
Game: Platinum
Team: Seattle Sounders/Seattle Seahawks

Star Player: Hitmonlee - Soccer is all about the feet.

Cheerleader: Roserade - looks like a cheerleader, no?

Mascot: Skarmory - used Seahawks mascot (hawk, obv) since Sounders don't have a mascot

Band: Politoed - a one man band to be sure!

Fan: Blaziken - my favorite Hoenn starter, and he uses his legs too!

Sponsored by: Weavile - negates my Psychic weakness, and is fast like a striker.

Luigi-San October 1st, 2012 2:00 PM

Username: Luigi-San
Game: Sapphire
Favorite Team: Buffalo Sabres

Star Player: (Ice-type, face resembles a hockey mask)
Cheerleader: (Can learn Roar (via TM05), Detect, Agility)
Mascot: (Resembles (well, sort of) the team's real mascot)
Band: (Can learn Astonish and Baton Pass)
Fans: (Buffalo is sometimes referred to as "Hockey Heaven", has clouds for wings)
Sponsored by: (The name of the arena the Sabres play at in First Niagara Center, Niagara as in "Niagara Falls", can learn Waterfall naturally)


Originally Posted by Abra Kadabra Alakazam (Post 7358987)
Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills

Cool, another Bills fan. :D

Kenshin5 October 1st, 2012 3:19 PM

Username: Kenshin5
Game: Black
Favorite Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

1. Star Player - (Motor Drive ability represented Formula 1 racing for me)

2. Cheerleader - (Has feminine peppy aspects imo.)

3. Mascot - (The name Thundurus, implies the team name it represents)

4. Band - (Has at least two sound based attacks which I plan on using at least Hyper Voice).

5. Fans - (Since Oklahoma is considered Native America and we have a strong Native American culture here I believe our fans are indicative of the American and Native America ideal that the Bald Eagle represents.)

6. Sponsored by - (I have had a fondness toward Blaziken and its line since I first saw it in the Silver Conference, it was the first pokemon I remember having on a game that I actually remember going to the store purchasing on my own and I believe with my own money.)

Ludger October 1st, 2012 3:51 PM

Great sign ups, guys! I suppose I should edit in my reasons for choosing my team as well. I intended on it originally, but what better time than now...!

1. Star Player: Conkeldurr
Big and buff like a football player, amirite? :D I don't know who I'll name it after. I should name it Ha-Ha after Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. That's an awesome name lol. Was also considering Trent.

2. Cheerleader: Lilligant
She's cute and pretty and looks more like she'd be on danceline, but she's definitely cheery! I mean, she makes me happy! Plus I couldn't honestly think I'd play White without Petilil/Lilligant, right?

3. Mascot: Donphan
Closest to an elephant I'll get for Big Al!

4. Band: Altaria
Learns some sound based moves I like (Perish Song in particular) and also, our marching show this year is "I'll Fly Away" so what better Pokemon could I choose to represent my band! :)

5. Fans: Smeargle
My original username here was SilverSmeargleSplatter. But this Pokemon not only represents me as a fan, it represents a lot of fans in many sports! You know! The fans that paint their faces and bodies! XD

6. Sponsored by: Victini
Victini represents victory (duh) and not only that, but my Victini is unique in that I'll be using the movie Victini, with Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, so it really stands out and makes the team shine.

I'll update the list~!

omg I just realized I'm using four of my favorite Pokemon for this challenge haha. Gracious.

Alpha King October 1st, 2012 7:07 PM

As far as I know this will be on White.

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis has his famous "Any dogs in the house" pep speech before every game. I feel like this sums it up nicely.

Starmie has high speed, and I feel like its spinny animation in B/W makes it cheery. It's also purple, woot!

Crows and Ravens are almost interchangeable. It's only natural Honchkrow gets this honor.

One of the biggest supporters of the Ravens is 98 rock, so I thought an electric pokemon would fit. I'm teaching Ampharos Echoed Voice and Swagger or Attract..

B-more is commonly stereotyped as being a "hoodlum" (to say the least). The fighting type also helps our hate for the Steelers (fighting>steel).

Besides being a support Pokemon, Musharna is pink, and the Ravens are huge supporters of breast cancer awareness, and especially this month!

curiousnathan October 1st, 2012 8:45 PM

Alright, here's my decided team!

Username: Curious.
Game: Pokemon Pearl
Sport: Surfing!

Star Player:
Being a water type and a pokemon inhabiting the tropical region of Heonn, not to mention it's sleek designs and ability to surf on water exceptionally well, Swampert was my prime choice here.

Groovy, charasmatic - just like any cheerleader should be I opted for Jynx. With a reasonable speed stat it was a wise choice for me here.

Ludicolo, cheery, bubbly and definitely a pokemon that'd prefer to live in the warm climate by rustling oceans and tropical forests, not only looks like a tribal dancer, but looks like a mascot suit.

The Band:
Loud, courages and full of energy the choice of Exploud is quite obvious here.

A pokemon that represents me, I'd consider myself somewhat intelligent and as many know I like to have things in perfect working order, somewhat like a machine. XD; And when watching surfing, I'd rather be at home nice and dry instead of being wet and tired.

Sponsored by:
Breloom Industry, putting the real cut in cutbacks.

Don't know if our favourite teams had to relate on the team we'll be using in-game - but mine isn't; anyhoo, my favourite team (The team I for in the AFL) is the Richmond Tigers.

Rainbow Arcanine October 1st, 2012 10:56 PM

After a lot of thought I've finally decided my team :3.
Username:Rainbow Arcanine
Team: Cronulla Sharks

Star Player:
He looks like a Pokemon who is brave and powerful. He has the potential of tackling hard and the ability to score goals easily.

Cheerleader: Ninjask
This little,lively creature looks like someone who is energetic and supportive. He can learn a huge range of sound and non attacking moves. He can learn Screech,Swords Dance,Baton Pass and so much more.It is one of the speediest Pokemon around.
Sharpedo resembles a shark,so he'd definitely be a fitting mascot for the team.

Like his name implies,this guy can make a racket. He can learn ear-blasting moves like Uproar and Hyper Voice.

I chose Gardevoir as a fan due to the fact,how Ralts is shy I am too when meeting new people.
I chose Seaking due to the fact most Australians love seafood and what better to do then the classic fish? Seaking was the one I thought resembled seafood the most,so he became my sponsor.

11wildy October 1st, 2012 11:13 PM

Doesn't Screech count as a sound-based move?

Sign up form:
Username: 11wildy
Game: Ruby

1. Star Player

This one at least looks like it can play volleyball, and it would be hella good at it!

2. Cheerleader

This guy is speedy, and always ready to cheer you up! It is also able to learn Belly Drum for some extra power to the team!

3. Mascot

I wasn't sure about this one, but I think our teams mascot is some kind of lazy bear. It looks like that to me at least.. :p

4. The Band

This guy just makes so much noise, it's a band on it's own! No wonder a lot of people use this one for the job. :3

5. Fans!

The reasons for this one? Well, I get agitated pretty easily when things don't go like they should, so an agile bird would represent me pretty well.

6. Sponsored by...

Well, I didn't know a good sponsor, but this one would be me when I'm actually playing, since i tend to change mood extremely, based on how things go during a game. They better go well, or else... But it seemed like it would fit the team anyway ;D

Ludger October 2nd, 2012 7:01 AM


Don't know if our favourite teams had to relate on the team we'll be using in-game - but mine isn't; anyhoo, my favourite team (The team I for in the AFL) is the Richmond Tigers.
It doesn't have to. My team is primarily Alabama themed, but my band Pokemon is related to my college band, and I don't attend Alabama Uni, so yeah. Haha. That's just in the sign up so I know who read the rules clearly... ;)

And yes, Screech is a sound based move. I might have missed a few when I was making the list, so yeah.

jdthebud October 2nd, 2012 9:28 AM


Originally Posted by Sydian (Post 7359906)

And yes, Screech is a sound based move. I might have missed a few when I was making the list, so yeah.

You could take a look at this list of sound moves.

Bug Buzz anyone?

squirrelfeet October 2nd, 2012 9:47 AM

I'm not even a true fan of Cricket, I just thought that it would be the most amusing theme, as I could not find enough Pokemon to suit a Kendou-based team without the Sacred Swordsmen, Samurott or Escavalier.

Dehli Daredevils Cricket Team

#1 - Star Player, Conkeldurr
Powerful with the closest representation available of cricket in B2W2. Slams the ball to score all of the 6-pointers as necessary.

#2 - Cheerleader, Lilligant
Looks suitable for the part, with appropriate stats and movesets.

#3 - Mascot, Emboar
Due to the logo of the team being a flame (and a hand), any flaming Pokemon
suffices. I chose Emboar due to its appearance and easy availability in the game, however.

#4 - Band, Seismitoed
Due to somewhat limited options, I chose to use this over Sigylyph. It has a more suited moveset of sound-based moves for my team.

#5 - Fanbase, D(h)elibird Yes, the name is the exclusive reason for this decision.

#6 - Sponsor, Absol I always kind of thought that this Pokemon somewhat resembled my impressions of Indian folklore. It is for that reason that I included him.

Username: Squirrelfeet
Game: Black 2 (EN)

vaporeon7 October 2nd, 2012 12:58 PM

Username: vaporeon7
Game: Ruby
1: Blaziken: Blaziken represents Aussie Rules Football because it uses a lot of kicking moves and it would allow it to play AFL really quite well.
2: Plusle: It has 95 base speed and learns Growl.
3: Murkrow: Represents the Adelaide Crows; mine and Nica's favourite team. I'll have to hack it though.
4: Minun: It learns lots of the moves.
5: Magcargo: Because I'm slow compared to the strong and fast players of AFL.
6: Corsola: The only Pokémon on the team that isn't Red/Yellow/Blue (colours of the Adelaide Crows)
Team: Adelaide Crows

Bob III October 2nd, 2012 3:18 PM

If my favorite sport is Starcraft, do I still need the physical moves?

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