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Mana October 7th, 2012 9:04 AM

Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition [OOC+SU][Rated: T]
About this RP:
This Roleplay is based on the Manga/Anime 'Sword Art Online' (SAO). Knowledge of the franchise is not necessary but may make it easier to write in the correct style and unleash all your creativity - as you'll have a lot of ideas to use. SAO:Infinity will be a different style of play than other RPs, since the fantasy universe is also a gaming universe.

Fans of the Manga/Anime - This RP is an adaptation and therefore aspects of the story and gameplay have been changed to fit RP logistics.

This is a sandbox RP, since I don't have time to make committed daily/weekly updates, with the exception of monthly optional boss battles to progress the floors and level caps. This means that players are able and encouraged to control their own level, items and skills and trusted not to abuse the system and make themselves overpowered. Where is the challenge in being too strong!

If you have questions or ideas you wish to talk about feel free to PM/VM me or post here. At present this RP will have 12 spaces, however this will probably change. In an attempt to not clutter this thread to pieces the first post of the IC thread will have more detailed explanations and examples of skills and the environment.

The usual rules such as no godmodding/bunnying apply.


Main Plot:
In the year 2022 the innovative VRMMORPG Sword Art Online was released to the public after an astoundingly successful Beta stage. The worldwide launch pulled in thousands and thousands of international gamers who eagerly anticipated plugging in their virtual reality headsets, diving in to the fantasy world of Aincrad.

The world of Aincrad is diverse and plentiful, leaving players in awe as they logged in to the SAO Universe for the first time - Starting City slowly filling up with eager gamers. For some, the Beta testers, this was not their first time on the first floor of Aincrad. Having had a few months practice the Beta-players already had knowledge, tactics and experience under their belt. Many had already explored the first few floors in their previous endeavors, and were gearing up to lead the waves of newbies to the first challenge - the ground floor dungeon.

One week in to the global release and the game has taken off, players of all nationalities and cultures joining Aincrad to experience the rush of virtual roleplaying games. Floor 1 had been successfully cleared, with guilds and parties already forming to push forward through the individual floors.

But then the game changed.

17:00, Tokyo time, and one minor option in the game went missing - the log out button. Players all across Aincrad noticed the glitch, mail spreading across the towns and cities in worried murmurs and paranoid mail-notes.

The virtual sky above flickered an eerie red, warning numbers and letters trawling across the sky - making little sense. A shadowy figure appeared in the sky.

"Many of you have noticed the latest feature of my masterpiece," spoke the cloaked man, high above, "From now on there is no logging out - there are only two options; survive or die."

"The revival option has now been disabled, and unfortunately if you die here... well it's game over," he said menacingly, "Your families and friends are now all aware of this danger. Unfortunately, some of them are stupider than others and attempted to remove the NerveGear. Where would be the fun in that?"

A trail of words swept across the sky, leaving nothing but panic in their midst:

Death Count: 213

"In one month, my faithful Beta-testers managed to complete 10 floors. Now it's time to see how fair you can really get. On floor 100 is the final boss, defeating him will be the only way to free yourselves from Aincrad."

Then the true game began.


One months later and the players of Aincrad had worked their way up to floor 5. They have had no contact with the outside world since the day of the lock-in, and the death count has steadily risen. Players have started splitting in to roles, some have taken to the front lines to fight, others have supported them by crafting in towns or exploring the breadth of each individual floor in search of new items.

Your character is currently living in Aincrad, taking their own path through the madness, honing their skills and desperately clinging to the idea of returning home. Or perhaps they have accepted the harsh reality that is infinity in Sword Art Online.

Death Count: 2079


Rules of Aincrad:
  • Every floor has a central portal for quick and easy travel.
  • All Cities and Towns are safe areas, nobody can die and monsters cannot enter.
  • Players may duel, however only in safe areas. The defeated player drops to 1 health point.
  • PK-ing, Player Killing, is banned, attempting to damage another player outside of a 'Duel' results in an instant-teleport to Jail.
  • Players cannot be physically manipulated by other players.
  • Teleport Crystals always allow for safe passage to a Town/City previously visited.
  • To advance to the next floor the current dungeon must be cleared and the boss monster defeated, from then on the floor portal will be activated for everyone.
  • Those who take part in a boss fight and succeed are always rewarded.
  • Time in Aincrad passes just as it does in the real world, with day/night rotating to coincide with Japanese timezones.
  • All language is translated within the game, therefore people from different countries can easily interact with each other.

Key Terms
(Hover for description, feel free to suggest more)

Floors so far:
(Monster details and specific areas up to players, as long as they coincide with the general description)
1. Starter City. A huge city with expanses of fields around the border. Since this is the first place the players of SAO encounter, it is the most densely populated city in Aincrad - mainly due to low level players who avoid combat, due to the obvious risks. [Recommended level: 1-4]
2. Celedona. A comparatively smaller town resembling a huge stone keep castle from the outside, with houses lining the inner wall and a marketplace in the centre. The grounds around the town are laden with rivers and lakes. [Recommended level: 1-6]
3. Blues Village. A tiny village situated in the middle of a misty forest, filled with sneaky amphibian monsters and the occasional giant, aggressive tree. [Recommended level: 4-8]
4. Dysthaven. A barren world, where most of the monsters and resources are hidden in the depths of underground passages. Rich in ore, the town of Dysthaven has become a prime place for Blacksmiths. [Recommended level: 6-12]
5. Mount Lost. A spiraled town running around the peak of a huge mountain. Other peaks are accessible by broken, hazardous bridges but there is no apparent path down. Bird-like monsters swarm the bridges, making the route much harder. [Recommended level: 7-14]

Weapons and Skills
(Hover for description, further weapons or skills can be requested)
One-handed Swords

Sign Up:


Appearance: <Description compulsory, picture optional - your appearance on both worlds is the same, bar weaponary/armour>
Life before SAO:

Current Level: <1-15>
Weapon: <One from above, or Sword/Shield, Dagger/Shield combo>
Non-Combat Skills: <Two from above>
Summary of first month in Aincrad: <Bullet points/Single Paragraph>

Roleplay Sample: <First week in Aincrad, not including the lock-in>

1. Elise Vivian Molyneux (Claire*)
2. Daniel Williamson (Machomuu)
3. Christina Ikara (Red's Hawt Chibi Peppers)
4. Khalil Withrow (Khawill)
5. Kappei Yamaguchi (AlexOzzyCake)
6. Leilani Garcia (Leaf Storm)
7. John Archer (SkyisUmbreon)
8. Kyle Lancaster (SwiftSign)
9. Dante Farefye (CarefulWetPaint)
10. Jonathan Turner (Garet)
11. Kamui Ozora (ShinyDiamond)
12. Natsumi Aido (PinkSapphire)
13. Jose Aldo Blancop (drunk ¬_¬)
14. Alec Bransen (Sir Bastian)
15. Savannah Hawking (Kranic)
[Submitted: 07/10/12]

machomuu October 9th, 2012 5:09 PM

Daniel Williamson of USA, Age 23, Level 8 One-Handed Swordsman


Daniel has dark brown skin and jet black hair that comes down just above his thin eyebrows. His eyes are wide and dark brown, and his skin is rather smooth. He stands at about 5'11, but he's only about 130 pounds. In combat, he wears Gray Light Chainmail Armor concealed by a somewhat expensive tan coat that fortifies speed, as well as a pair of black leather pants. Outside of combat his attire varies, but he can often be seen wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt and the closest things to dark jeans he could find to cover his thin yet rather well built character. He carries his equipped sword at the left side of his waist and at his right he carries two satchels, one carrying bait and the other carrying stones (to preform ranged Arts with). Granted, the latter two could be accessed from the menu, but he gains faster access to them when they are equipped to his person.


Prior to SAO, Daniel was a well-rounded character that had something of a dull atmosphere around him, as if he were tired of life and wanted it known. Granted, he was quite lively around friends, but he was never truly sure whether the "him" that he was around his friend was his true self or simply someone created for the sake of making friends, a persona born from the fear of being alone. He was also quite the philosopher, which was truly the driving force between his interest in developing games. Philosophy shaped his morals, his social patterns, his decisions, and his interests; philosophy was Daniel's life. Coincidentally, it was gaming that brought on his interest in philosophy. While Daniel wasn't exactly a somber individual, he wasn't much of a socialite, and most of his friends were people he knew from school growing up. He's always been an ambitious individual, but he's always needed some sort of motivation or inspiration to truly be dedicated to a task, otherwise he became paradoxically unproductive.

Upon entering Sword Art Online, his personality didn't so much change as it did renew. He no longer needed to worry about taxes or work or finding a job, he was presented a new life with new problems. He became far more lively and exuberant, eager to take on the new world that he had been thrust into. He was enticed by the vast number of skills, and quickly set out to create a character that was well rounded in terms of them. He likes to fight, but the constant threat of death always made him a little reluctant to go to the higher floors (initially, at least). Still, he theorized that death in SAO wasn't the end and he actually firmly believes that death in the game would not result in death in real life. Unfortunately, due to his tendency to overthink things, he still can't shake the possibility that he will die, and usually proceeds with caution. In SAO, Daniel is far more sociable than he was in real life, reason being that the interesting nature of most people could be seen aesthetically, rather than being hidden until they were in the right social or recreational setting (though, that's not to say that Daniel is one to judge a book by it's cover; in fact, he's rather against the quick judgement of something based on insufficient details).

Even in life, Daniel had an interest in Cooking. He knew he would never be good enough to cook professionally, but it didn't matter to him as he simply liked to cook, so naturally he took quickly to learning the skill in SAO. He loved having the ability to actually go out, hunt his own food, and create food with a rather realistic system. He liked it so much that he actually used it as a second-hand way of making money, which was pretty effective. His real aim was to gain a house with a kitchen so that he could cook with quality appliances rather than having to use Flint and Tinder, but he knew that would be quite a ways away. Still, Daniel enjoyed going to restaurants and food shops, especially if they were player run (as they had the most unique food, as well as food you could find in real life).

Alchemy is a field that Daniel has always been interested in, so much so that he actually studied various ways of preforming the art in real life. Granted, he was of course aware that real alchemy was not preformed like it was in a certain popular anime he watched when he was younger (though that's not to say that there was no truth in the show), he was interested in it nonetheless. The idea of creating something out of various materials that make up that object, a structured fusion of sorts,
always excited him. Thus it was no surprise that he took quickly to it in SAO. Alchemy was a rather standard MMO feature, but again, it was done quite well in SAO. Though, the real reason he took to it in SAO was not so much out of his interest as it is a makeshift way to make various potions and other items in the field were he to run out. Still, leveling that does make it quite convenient for when he has extra materials and wants to experiment or doesn't want to spend money.

Taming is something that Daniel actually wasn't a fan of in life. He never really cared for or even supported the domestication of animals, and thus, he would do most of his capturing in Monster Taming games (which he was a fan of). Daniel, at first, was really interested in taming, but he was so caught up in training his other skills that he never actually caught anything. He knew how, and technically, he did have a monster for a few moments thanks to an introductory quest. It was a boar, but he wanted a stronger, more reliable partner for his first.

Life before SAO

A silent observer, Daniel has never exactly been thrilled with life. Sure, there was always philosophy and psychology there to keep interested in the way the world worked, but that never stopped him from wanting for more. This would sum up his early life, just like many other teens. Television wasn't interesting to him, anymore, so the only portal he had to a more interesting world was video games. Books were an option, but he always found something interesting about a definitive objective aestheticism that books often didn't have. The characters in the games were not Daniel, and he knew this. He would often do things to stretch the theoretical nature of "what if", and it was really the diversity of these games and the contrast to real life that essentially made them so interesting to him. Daniel's interest in gaming inevitably grew to the point where he pursued a career in them right out of college, he started working for a small time indie game company called Developers Inc. For a time, it was nice. The designers were creative and their ideas were fantastic, yet in not even half a year's time Daniel again became grounded in reality when they were given an ultimatum by a monopolizing publisher and were forced to declare bankruptcy. Thus, Daniel was jobless. His days thereafter were filled with searching for jobs, filling out job applications, and watching crappy shows that he didn't care for.

Then, one day, while searching the internet, a colorful ad appeared at the top of his browser. It read "Sword Art Online, a fantastic Virtual Reality Adventure awaits you!". Daniel was never quick to open MMO ads, but he was so depressed that he seem to give himself a choice in the matter. He clicked the ad and was thrust into a colorful webpage which had the URL "". The presentation was quite nice, and he looked over various tabs and videos detailing exactly what the game was. Lucky enough, he was able to find a copy of the game at his local retailer; it was a lone copy, it most likely wasn't sold since it lay on the floor, unnoticed. Upon returning home, Daniel quickly set the game up and placed himself into the world that is Sword Art Online.

Non-Combat Skills

Cooking, Taming

Summary of First Month in Aincrad

Though the thought of his decaying body rested in his mind, Daniel didn't panic at the thought of being stuck inside of SAO. In fact, he was quite ecstatic, it was a chance at a new life, and everything about it was a mystery. Once the Shadowy Figure left, he did the same. As he walked through the streets and alleys of Starter City, he decided to check out some shops. As he was browsing, he noticed something strange in one of the windows, something off...and then shock overcame him. The person he put so much effort into was gone...and in its place was him. It was almost as if he were gaining a second chance at life in an entirely new and surreal world.

Time passed and Daniel leveled...slowly. He was more interested in dabbling with two particular skills he hadn't specialized in, Speed and Alchemy. Granted, he was well aware of the stats he did specialize in (Cooking and Taming), he realized that there'd be no sense in pursuing either if his soloing skills were unsatisfactory. Thus, he hasn't actually done too much fighting; not yet, at least. He decided to play it safe for a while before truly taking on any challenges. He remained on the first floor, homeless, mostly renting rooms with money he made selling food and alchemical resources. After the first month was up, Daniel decided that he'd it was about time that he tamed his first creature.

Roleplay Sample

As his character materialized, Daniel's anxiety heightened. He's played many MMOs in the past, but VRMMOs were almost unheard of, and it was certainly his first time playing one (if any others even existed). His first instinct, as it was with many MMOs, was to go find quests. It was a simple task, he went to a local bakery and talked to the chef NPC who required 5 Boar Meats. Boars were weak, and thus, it didn't take long for him to get used to the game as he quickly killed the boar and acquired 5 Boar Meats in about 15 minutes. He returned to the store and received his reward: a single cooking skill point. This quest was clearly a part of a chain of quests designed to ease beginners into the game and feed them a few easy levels and skill points. He was quite impressed with the cooking system SAO had to offer, it was the most intuitive of the field that he'd seen in an MMO, or really any video game. With that, he decided to spend the next few days doing other introductory missions and exploring the other non-combat related skills and activities, which there were quite a few of.

On the fourth day, he made his first friend, Alistair. Alistair, at that point, was a level 8 who level-ground against dungeon bosses using a unique skill that allowed him to revive once per day. It was broken, but it was an essential skill in helping advance to higher floors. Alistair noticed the level 4 Daniel and decided to take Daniel to one of the higher floors to boost his level so he would be able to not only survive dire situations, but to also allow him to gain more materials from the wild safely. It was dangerous, but Alistair gave him plenty of healing items and swore that he'd protect him, so Daniel reluctantly agreed to go along. The two created a party and set forth towards a level ten dungeon which, oddly, was devoid of any monsters at all. The path they walked was narrow and long, with seemingly no end in sight. Then, a loud whistling sound could be heard in the distance. Noting this, Alistair motioned for Daniel to be quiet and to stop moving. Daniel complied, and the two simple stood in motionless silence for a few moments, until finally a gigantic anchor fell from the ceiling and destroyed one side of the path, and another anchor promptly dropped from the opposite side, leaving the two isolated on a synthetic path. Then, from above came a wyrm. The wyrm swooped down and clawed at Alistair, nearly killing him and almost causing him to fall off of the edge of the island. Daniel made quick to heal him, and then quickly made to teleport out of the dungeon. Much to his disappointment, however, teleportation items did not seem to work. The wyrm started towards Daniel as if to claw him, but Alistair parried and cut off one of the toes of the beast. The wyrm screeched in pain, and when it made its round it opened its great jaws to dismember and digest the chivalrous knight, but he wouldn't have that. After toying with his menu for a split-second, Alistair pulled out a rather ornamented Great Hammer, and just as the wyrm came close, he brought down the hammer with a mighty force unto the wyrm's head. However, being in its direct path, he was unable to stop it completely, and he clung the the wyrm's head as the two went hurdling into the deep chasm below.

Daniel called out to Alistair in desperation, but there was no response. He unsure what to make of the situation, but he felt a great grief at the thought that Alistair may have died. He peered over the edge, but could see nothing in the vast darkness that lay below. He quickly opened his menu and then went to the "Friends" subcategory, promptly clicking Alistair's name. However, in place of a mapped location was the phrase "Area Unknown", and Daniel didn't know what to make of that in terms of life or death, especially in terms of a character with a unique ability such as Alistair's. Hundreds of thoughts raced through his mind, each one ranging from hopeful to dark to realistic. The word "Congratulations!" appeared in front of him, giving off a rather cheery vibe that conflicted with the grim atmosphere. A door appeared in front of Daniel; it was a wooden door with a bright light oozing out from the open crevices. He sighed and turned the handle to reveal a white room containing a treasure chest. In the treasure chest he found a tan coat called "The Dusty Rabbit". He looked at the coat with a grim expression, and then after a few moments he put it on. Upon doing so, the chest disappeared, and the room he was in transformed into Central Starter City, but Daniel was unable to move, pondering and mourning for the friend that he may have lost.

Mana October 9th, 2012 10:17 PM

Good start! I'll read properly after work - you might want to reread the first post just so that your details match with the story (for instance, I've done away with the appearance changing mirror).

Pikachu October 10th, 2012 2:19 AM

This is the old, male version of Krissu.

Name: Krissu (Christopher Ikara)
Age: 16
Country: Japan
Current Level: 9
Weapon: Greatsword
Non-Combat Skills: Alchemy, Hiding

Krissu is a fairly short guy for being 16 years old, but at least he isn't unusually thin. His hair is bushy with just the slightest hint of curls, and a blonde color with a sort of red tint to it. His face is pretty thin and usually a friendly and carefree one, unless when he is alone and begins pondering his deep thoughts about this world; then he suddenly looks intimidatingly mature. His brightly green eyes are as wide and alert as they come, as good as always. He often makes different grimaces or expressions, so it's fairly easy to read what he's feeling at a given time.

At the moment, his preferred attire is a black leather vest over a blue shirt. The vest was a drop from a dungeon monster and has a higher defense level than it looks like. On his feet, dark leather boots are worn. The boots are crafted by an in-game friend of Krissu's. He wears slim black pants with no special qualities and always carries around a waist satchel for crystals and other things that won't need to be taken out via the inventory menu. His weapon of choice at the moment is a broad sword that is of a bright metal that seems to gleam in a coral shade. But it's just a two handed Broadsword with a flashy design, even though it cost Krissu a lot to buy.
Real life Christopher Ikara used to struggle to live up to his family's expectations but didn't really think much about what other people thought of him, even if they found out that he worked hard. In SAO, things have changed somewhat. Now, nobody expects him to do anything anymore, because they are all in the same situation. Krissu realized that he missed having people relying on him and wanting him to work, so in lieu of that, he now set in his mind to be better than others at something. To show his worth. But he quickly realized that a majority of players focused on fighting and become really strong during the first month. He would have to work twice as hard as in the real life to stand out in that crowd. So instead, he chose to be different.

The Alchemy skill wasn't as popular as Forging or Speed or some other weapon or battle oriented skill. So even if it sounded a bit complicated and even boring, Krissu took Alchemy up with the intent of becoming unsuspectingly good at it eventually. He wanted to surprise people. And it turned out that he did have a knack for it. When his mind floods with troubled thoughts about SAO and life, performing Alchemy calms him down. It has become a way for him to escape from himself and immense himself in dealing with details, letting him escape the worries of the virtual world around him for a while. Another great thing with Alchemy is that it gives him a reason to venture away from the city now and then to gather ingredients. Many alchemists buy their ingredients and sell their products expensively; Krissu gathers his own ingredients most of the time and annoys his rivals with lower prices and exotic wares. But there's a downside to this style as well: since he's doing fieldwork now and then, customers never really know when he's available for making purchases and when he's away.

The Hiding skill is something he picked up a bit later, this time to stray from the popular choice of becoming a "tamer" with the Taming skill that had risen recently. He was a bit afraid that people would label him as sneaky if he picked Hiding for a major skill, since it could be associated with bandits and thievery. But it was really nifty when he was racing fields to gather common ingredients and wanted to avoid annoying low level monsters. He'd just leap from shadow to shadow and go by unnoticed.

These skills wouldn't help him become a strong player who could do battle at the front lines to try and save everyone from SAO, Krissu realized this. But as a month passed by, he started to get used to life here and thoughts of the old, real world felt more and more surreal. It was fine. It was a good thing that he got used to this life, because who knows if they would ever really escape? But at the same time, his whole being hurts when he realizes that he's starting to let go of his past self. Whenever he thinks too much about this, he easily becomes frustrated and that's when he feels the need to escape the confines of the safe city and venture out into the nature - to feel alive. Krissu is torn between what guts and reason tell him.

Why would he, who is relatively small for a guy in his upper teens, choose to wield a large greatsword for weapon class, by the way? Well, he used to train kendo very diligently, and while a single handed, smaller sword might be closer to that, Krissu wanted something more now that he got the chance to change. Him training kendo had not been his own choice. This was. If he was to have a sword, he might as well have a REAL and BIG one. Plus, it might help clearing him of being labeled as sneaky. I mean, what thief goes around wielding a huge weapon?
Christopher Ikara was a hard studying boy with top grades as well as a diligent practitioner in the sport of kendo. It was not that he liked kendo for real; his father, and grandfather even more so, forced him to practice it since it was a family tradition that they did not intend to lose in this modern age. His family had a long history of being advisers and servants to the old leaders in feudal Japan and thus lived in a very traditional way, even though Christopher's parents and older sisters embraced modernities more willingly. The reason that he is fair haired is that his mother is British and her genes seem to have fallen upon him almost entirely, apart from the shape of his face and his body build. His older sisters looked more Japanese and were very ambitious and popular. Christopher always had to work hard to follow in their footsteps, while he kept up the charade of it not being a problem at all. But his sisters were practicing a special kind of dancing instead of kendo, and in his eyes that was not at all as much hard work as his occupation was.

Christopher's time was divided into three parts. One was for studying. The other was for training. And the last part was for gaming. He did not look like a nerd, but his favorite thing next to receiving top grades or getting a break in the middle of a tough training exercise was to roam a vast and beautiful fantasy world, playing as the adventurer he knew he could never be for real. He used to play as both female and male characters - it didn't matter much what his avatar looked like, actually. He liked to play in first person just to make it feel like he was really there. In online games, he often teamed up with others and tried to show off his skills and strengths... and whenever someone turned out to be better or stronger, Christopher got upset. He did not like to be odd and choose difficult classes, though; just like with school and kendo, he struggled within the lines of normality and what he was expected to be and do, and tried to come out on top no matter what. That totally changed when he found himself stuck in Aincrad, though...

The Nerve Gear was the ultimate invention, to Christopher. Once he got his hands on the hardware, he started to have trouble keeping his focus up in school and during training. Sure, the games available weren't exciting at all, other than that they actually let it feel like you were in a completely different place, but he kept hoping that something some day would come that would radically change everything. And then Sword Art Online came. Christopher didn't manage to become a Beta Tester, but he did manage to get his hands on an online copy of the game when the real thing finally released.
- Panicked when it was revealed that everyone could die for real and were unable to log out. Hid for a while, until he found likeminded people and bonded together out of necessity.

- 1st week after revelation: made some friends in Starter City and partied up to go out and train on the fields. Still shaken and not really in his usual mood of trying to be the very best. He was more afraid of getting himself or someone else killed and was protecting his party members with almost annoying diligence.

- 2nd week: realized that this wasn't something that would be over soon. They would likely be stuck in Aincrad for a long time. Couldn't stand being stuck in Starter City any longer and took with him the people who dared to follow to the second floor. They were not the ones to beat the boss and advance the front lines, though; they merely teleported and started leveling there instead.

- Start of 3rd week: Krissu was starting to get back into his old self, no longer protecting his party members at all costs but rather trying to be up front and in the spotlight even more than he had when this was just a game. Eventually continued to the third floor on his own since none of his friends thought there was a point to putting themselves in danger when there were people who actually wanted to do that. Krissu soloed in Floor 3 for a while and could only think about wanting to get back to the real world and end SAO.

- End of 3rd week: after frantically having roamed Floor 3 for a while and partying up with random people, Krissu watched another player die in front of him and finally collapsed, mentally and physically. He was found and brought to Blues Village. There, he was forced to rest for a while, under the care of an unusually old player who was an alchemist. Krissu did a lot of thinking and decided that it was pointless to try and be the best player in the usual sense here. It wasn't a game anymore. It was a life. He had to find his own way through it all. When he felt ready, he returned to Celedona on Floor 2.

- 4th week: adopted Alchemy for a major skill and quickly grew good at it. He and some of his acquaintances from Starter City and Celedona formed a base camp in Celedona, without yet forming a real guild. They all decided to focus on different profession skills rather than battling. Eventually picked Hiding as another major skill.
It was unreal.

The earth was solid underneath my feet and straws of high grass brushed against my legs as I ran. A wind rustled my blonde curls, which looked exactly the same here as they did in real life, and a sunlight from a source I couldn't define shone into my eyes, forcing me to squint. But it was alright. The field was vast and open and I could run and run for hours without stopping. This world was huge, and I was free to go wherever I wanted to. That alone was a thing unreal.

Rushing towards me in opposite direction was a dark blue boar with eyes gleaming red at him. We were only a few meters apart now and closing in fast. The boar looked angry, but I suspected that it held no emotion at all. It was just programmed to angrily attack any player that went within its range. Just as we were supposed to defeat it and grow in levels. Everything was governed by rules here. Even my motions.

I raised my large sword over my head as I ran, feeling the strange sensation rush through my arms and make the blade glow faintly red. I'll probably never get used to the feeling experienced as a Swort Art activates. It sure had taken me not a few swings to learn how to pose to activate them correctly. This was an easy one, [Swing Down]. Probably the simplest thing you could do with a Greatsword.

The boar leaped, letting out an angry squeal. I let out a battleshout; not because it actually could power up my attack at this low level, but because it made me feel stronger. Mentally, at least. In the exact right time, I twisted my body to the side and swung the greatsword down at my foe, letting the game system direct me. The boar soared past me but had a large cleavage in the middle of its body now. Instead of blood, a red, glowing and strangely striped substance poured out for a moment as the creature's image froze in midair. Then the boar's body sprung into a thousand glittering pieces of data, or whatever it really was. It was defeated and I was still standing.

A screen popped up in the air in front of me, showing how much experience I got from the fight. Not enough to get up to level 3, but still good. Soon, I would be too strong for these small creatures and would need to advance to the next Floor of Aincrad to keep getting stronger before I got bored. I couldn't stay here for too long if I wanted to be in the top! I knew other players had already went into the dungeon and tried to find the boss room. I wouldn't try yet. Several players had died doing that and had to face the awkwardness of respawning in the Starter Plaza. I wouldn't do that! When I went into the dungeon I wouldn't come out again until I had visited Floor 2.

"Oi!" the player who had been watching me fight called out. I turned around with a content gleam in my eyes and was greeted with a thumbs up. "At this rate, it won't be long until we have to go into the dungeon or find some hidden ruins or something here, in order to grow stronger!" he said, mirroring my recent thoughts.

"I know," I said. "I just want to hit Level 3 before we go."

"That's right!" the other player laughed heartily. I took at moment to watch him more closely. He was a tall, strong guy, aged 20 in the real world and with skin black as the night. We had partied up at random in the Starting Plaza today, because both of us just wanted to go out into the wilderness and grind for experience for a while. After this day, I doubted that I would see him again. With ten thousand players, and probably more to come as soon as more copies of SAO were distributed, I could change partners every day for a long time without having to face the same person twice. It was a relief and a bit sad at the same time.

He was the first person I added to my friends list. I'm not sure why I did it. In the real world, I wasn't too eager to get and keep close friends. My life was busy enough as it was, with my family and all. But as it would turn out, having friends in this world would be crucial for survival. At least for me.

Mana October 10th, 2012 7:31 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7367480)
I'd like to join! I only started watching SAO a few days ago, actually, but I really like it so far. Totally interested in the RP, if you would bear with me not posting every day.

Yay! Nice start so far :)

Don't worry about posting time limits, they will be very relaxed.

Claire* October 10th, 2012 12:17 PM

This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to go ahead and put what I had so far. If anything needs correction, please let me know. Please excuse any rough edges... :)

Edit: I think I may be finished now...I hope. :P

Name: Elise Vivian Molyneux

Age: 19

Country: France

Gender: Female

Hometown: Montbard

Appearance: Many see Elise as a thin and delicate person, one who is neither much in stature, roughly 5 foot 4 inches, nor heavy in weight. Her shape is lithe and petite, with subtle curvature and an almost “springy” gait. Her chestnut, curly hair, sits squarely on her shoulders and possesses bangs that stoop to just above her eyes. Her piercing, round, blue eyes are positioned just above a slightly sloped nose that turns up just at the end. Her round mouth is framed by a light dusting of freckles on both cheeks that pop against her pale skin.

In regards to the armor that is vital to her protection, it is bronze in color and substantial enough that it provides decent vitality, but flexible enough not to hinder her free range of movement. A vertical ivy pattern adorns the breastplate, intertwining in the middle to form the shape of a large heart. The gauntlets, boots, skirt, and greaves all have corresponding adornment to provide a unified look across the spectrum.

The sheath for her sword rests firmly locked on her left hip, all the better placed for her right hand to withdraw it at a moments notice incase of an emergency. The large shield that she uses for further protection, is strapped to her back when not in use, and covers about the whole length of her abdomen. Dead center of the shield, a logo matching that of her breastplate is framed by a gilding of silver. This logo, serves as her “crest” or mark in all works of craftsmanship that she completes. Although it might be more subtle on the work she does for others, such as being in the corner of a shoulder piece, it is much more prominent on the armor she proudly wears.

Personality: (I’m going to refer to this as her SAO personality, because if you read the “Life before SAO” section, it would kind of have her personality outside of SAO be slightly different. It is a reflection of her true personality however, and what it was before her “incident”. SAO has provided her an opportunity to let it come back through.)

In contrast with what many might think of her at first sight, Elise is often defined by one word, “Spitfire”. Her personality is accurately defined in such a way that her dark wit and sarcasm often lend her to getting her in trouble with people who take themselves too seriously. In SAO, she almost has a personality of having nothing to lose, so she often acts spontaneously and enjoys SAO to the fullest.

Ever since the accident, she finds herself more of a loner and the notion of having to rely on others pains her. She has no problem assisting others, but the feeling that she is charity is inescapable, almost to the point where she would rather avoid company all together. While technically she may be labeled as a “Solo” player, she will group and often times plays well with others. However, in a group she will be more than content to let others argue over the details of a plan, and only speak up if others truly suggest something idiotic.

Her personality lends her to be rambunctious and often a bit “zany”. Others often refer to her as eccentric and happy in everything she does. Any admission of weakness feels like a failure on her part. Hardness has crept into her personality only marginally. The type of person who is steely in the face of danger, but will be overcome with a flood of emotions when left alone and nobody can see her.

The epitome of a realist, she never succumbs to flights of fancy and is very careful to keep her expectations in check. She does believe that she is typically correct in most matters and enjoys playful bickering with those who disagree with her. Others might misconstrue this as fighting, but to her, it’s just her idea of fun.

As much as she desires to push herself and get stronger, she’s not afraid to slow down and smell the virtual roses. This world has granted her a second opportunity to do things she never thought possible for her again, and often times, she’ll put everything on hold just to stroll through Starter City enjoying the sights and sounds.

As much as she tries to be tough on the outside, she really is afflicted by the harsh words of others and secretly desires their acceptance and assurance. Although she would never be one to let them know that, negative and positive comments have a large bearing on her mental wellbeing.

Life Before SAO: Born in the small, rural village of Montbard, France. Elise’s early life was much like that of any child around the world. Being an only child, her life was not privileged, but it was comfortable. When she was old enough to be enrolled in school, she often found herself in the middle of the pack. Often labeled as smart enough, but not motivated. No matter how hard she tried, school just never piqued her interest. In fact, she preferred spending her time playing with friends and listening to music. Her passion was music; she loved every nuance and inflection. What she lacked in academic accolades, she made up for in musical memory.

Her parents having witnessed this passion, saw an idea to further inspire their daughter. They immediately enrolled her in violin lessons, and it wasn’t long before the shrill screeching of strings turned into melodious music. The ability to hear a song and then play it by memory, it was a skill even she didn’t know she had.

Her life continued in this way for some time. Academically mediocre, her social life average, and genuinely happy. She never wanted for anything, sure her teenage years had the usual flare ups and “I hate you” thrown at her parents, but nothing unusual. A dream lived inside her, motivated her to pursue the things she loved. Driven, but only for her passions.

Life has a funny way of changing things however. It was when she was just about to turn seventeen. Her best friend invited her to a party, a simple gathering, nothing special or taboo about it. She was riding her bike to her house, a short ride in a normally calm village. When she was about five minutes from her friend’s, a motorist ran a clearly visible stop sign and plowed into her at the crossing. Upon the arrival of the paramedics, her body was discovered mangled and strewn about the road with the guilty motorist weeping gently over her. When she was rushed to the hospital, she flatlined two times on the operating table, each time resuscitation bringing her back.

Waking in a strange room, her arms restrained and IVs running through her. It was truly the most surreal and despondent moment of her life. Listening in stunned silence, the doctors explained her situation. She remembered nothing of the incident, trauma spared her having to relive the moment. The doctors waited a few days before broaching a subject they hoped was just a hunch. Elise was paralyzed from the waist down. Her spinal cord had been severed upon impact, her nerves necessary for walking were rendered inoperable. Barring any new developments in surgical procedures, Elise would most likely be unable to walk for the rest of her life.

A depression set in. For the following two years, nothing mattered to her. No amount of cheering up, no time spent with her music, nothing helped. The doctors assured her this was normal, but that she had to overcome. To live some semblance of a normal life, she had to persevere, but she didn’t want to.

Never having a desire to play video games before, she found a new escape. A journey into fantastical worlds and new experiences. Video games became a way of living in a way she thought impossible for her now. Music and video games, the things she would later tell her mother that she lived for. A new product caught her attention, the Nerve Gear Virtual Reality Helmet by Argus and its accompanying new VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. The news stories surrounding it were amazing and the immersive potential tantalizing. She had to buy it, and she did...

Current Level: 11

Weapon: Sword & Shield

Non-Combat Skills: Forgery & Speed

Summary of first month in Aincrad: The thought of being “locked” into Aincrad didn’t bother Elise like it may have others. In her mind, if you died in real life, you died forever anyway, so what was different? Her early time in Aincrad was served sharpening her skills in forgery. It was a skill that she had no interest in with real life, but in SAO, it was like a drug she couldn’t have enough of. Each time it was like a piece of art that had to be perfected, or a song that needed to be sung. She spent a great majority of her time either foraging for new materials and ways of forging, or soloing the low level mobs in order to increase her level. Having joined groups from time to time, typically only to join in on the boss fights or the occasional foraging group, Elise still hasn’t made many, if any, friends. As much as she desperately wants to join a guild, she has no interest in the ones she’s come across. They have all been obsessed with either clearing the game, or their own selfish goals. Currently, her time is most often spent in Dysthaven, a wonderful source of raw materials and home to many other forgers. Although confident that she could be one of the “Lead group”, she’s not sure if aiding in the winning of the game is in “her” best interest. Against all odds, she’s happy here and for once in the past two years, she’s felt whole.

Roleplay Sample: “Link start!” Elise’s voice called out into her empty room, her body lay prone on her bed, the nerve-gear firmly fixed on her head. Her eyes detected grayness, followed by a swirl of color as the system booted initially to the setup menu.


The system began to run its system check to make sure her senses were properly attuned. The screens moved dizzyingly fast, each one registering and flying by a mile a minute.

Language....French...Login ID and password...ok...Welcome to Sword Art Online!

The words seemed to float in her vision, she had never experienced anything like it. It was no different than if her eyes had been reading a book or magazine. The words disappeared and in its stead, blue and white streaks of light indicated her mind’s entrance into the world of SAO. Her eyes blinked ferociously, struggling to adapt to the rapid change in scenery, gone was the bombastic light show and instead, stood a beautiful courtyard...stood.

Casting her eyes downward, Elise saw her body standing on her own two legs, no braces, crutches, helping hands, nothing. Her legs were supporting her themselves, like they would have almost two years ago. Carefully, she lifted her right leg, the motion returning to her by reflex and memory. It almost felt foreign after all this time. Placing it on the ground slightly ahead of her left, she inched forward slowly. Her pace was not as quick as she pushed herself to attain, it took some getting used to again, she stumbled carelessly into a newly materialized player, pushing off from his chest and waving her hand in forgiveness. This felt so...right.

Other players filled the courtyard, players from all over the world of varying nationalities and backgrounds. It was all like a dream, something she could have only wished for. The excitement in the air was palpable, the others letting out ferocious cheers of happiness and expectation for what lay ahead. Elise pushed herself to keep walking, she didn’t even care if this game had nothing but a farm simulator, this was enough. Everything was just icing on the cake. Tears formed in her..well..her digital eyes. They felt real however, everything did. It wasn’t tears of sadness, but of joy. Normally she would be embarrassed by such a display, but right now, she didn’t care in the slightest. This was her day, she didn’t care if thousands had to share it, but whether they knew it or not, today was her day.

A few more practice steps later, she continued to quicken her pace, her steps coming quickly one after the other. It wasn’t long before she had broken out into a full on sprint, her legs carrying her through the town, past the players already forming parties, past the NPC merchants and their stocked goods, and past the walls of the city. Out here, in the surrounding plains, very few other players had already ventured out this far. A few already going to work attacking the lesser mobs and practicing their skills. Elise wanted to join the fun and ran up to the nearest boar that crossed her path.

It was low level, possibly the weakest enemy in the game. She reached for the starter sword the was given to her upon character creation, her hands wrapped around it with anticipation as she pulled it from its sheath. This was so much better than any MMO or RPG she had ever played before. Never before had she truly felt like she was “in” the game.

The boar reared on its hind legs, a clear indication of its displeasure as it charged for her. The beady red eyes of her opponent glowed with vicious intent. Before she could even react, she was hit square in the chest, her body falling firmly on the ground upon impact, to her surprise, there was no pain. It took her a second to remember that there was no pain in SAO, it was just with all the realism, she forgot. Her formerly green health bar in the top left corner of her vision dipped into the yellow. Launching herself to her feet, she turned to face her opponent once again. It kicked at the dirt with its front hoof and charged again. This time, Elise was ready. Just as the boar was about to make contact again, Elise pirouetted away, bringing her sword down firmly on the boar’s back as it went by. The boar stumbled and collapsed as Elise kept up the attack, battering it as it lay prone on the ground. As her last attack connected, the boar seemed to shatter into a million pieces, its current reincarnation going back into the ether. A minute amount of EXP tallied itself in her vision, all the closer now to leveling up.

Days passed this way now, each new enemy, each new challenge was intoxicating. She had yet to join any party. Others seemed willing to do so and she had even received the stray invite every now and then from the occasional creepy stalker, but she found no need to do so as of yet. It was then that she stumbled upon her love of forging. In one of her shopping trips into the city, she noticed the exorbitant cost of the armor and weapons in-game. It seemed like extortion and what better way to get what you want, than to make it yourself. Plus it had the potential for extra spending money in her pocket.

With this new found desire to push herself in the art of forging, she quickly found herself joining the ranks of the craftsman. The rest of her first week went by in a blur, fighting mobs, gathering raw materials and creating the most pathetic low level armaments one has ever laid eyes on. In that time, she never grew tired of it. This was SAO for her and it was now a focal point of her life.

Khawill October 10th, 2012 2:35 PM

Lol sounds good, love sandbox rps
Character: Fester (Khalil Withrow, why not my name is as real as a fake one)
Country: United States

Appearance: Khalil in real life is mixed, standing at 5"11 and is quiet fit. He has a shaved head and sometimes twitches whenever he is excited. He wears mixed armor, reflecting his random personality. He has a wicked smile engraved upon his face, looking crazed and completely void of emotion. He carries a katana as a weapon.

Personality:Khalil is an empathetic psychopath, reframing himself from killing players but brutally killing monsters and never holding back in a dual. Ever since the lock in, Khalil has been lost to insanity and many know of it. He sincerely thinks that life is a game and the game is still just that, a game and resorts to killing every monster he sees. Deep down in his twisted mind he knows that things are real, but he'd rather die killing everything in sight then going down trying to survive. He is also a grinder, focusing on cooking what he kills for the thrill, he no longer cares what happens to him or anyone else, he sometimes lures noobs out of the city to see how long they last for his own laughs. (He will still help kill a boss as long as he isn't restricted.)

Life before SAO: Khalil was an accountant in a cramped office building owned by his deceased dad before he join SAO, he had a high status in his company and lived alone, though he was very bored with life. Him and his only friends managed to get copies of the game, all of them being best friends. They had played many MMOs before and SAO seemed like the best they had seen. They each went home, (his friends lived with their family) and began their journey. Khalil hoped to have a more exciting life.

Current Level: 12
Weapon: One handed Sword (He never wields a shield, not fearing death.)
Non-Combat Skills: Cooking and Speed

Summary of first month in Aincrad:
-Him and his friends read the guide compiled by the beta-testers.
-They spent all of the first day grinding, then entered the city for the spectacle.
-Both of Khalil's friends were forcibly disconnected and killed, Khalil thinks nothing of it
-After hearing about the death count, and seeing the news report it dawns on Khalil that his friends are gone.
-Khalil realizes that he has nothing to go back to and snaps, he denies that real life exists. He can't figure out what reality is real, so he treats the game as life but plays it like a game.
-Khalil only allows people to call him by his character name: Fester
-Khalil is invited to the guild Laughing Coffin after slaughtering ruthlessly, he declines and outmatches their leader.
-Khalil spends weeks grinding, leveling, and raising skills. He assisted in the defeat of all but the most current boss (where he had slept in and missed the whole thing, sending him on an Npc killing rampage.)
-Khalil has inadvertently killed five players due to his rampages, preventing them from having monsters to kill and level.
-Khalil has a lot of money from cooking for noobs and selling trash from mobs, he uses it to buy more cooking ingredients if he is in the city but normally he has enough to cook with so he just owns a lot of money.
-Khalil does not acknowledge the fact that the other people in the game are real and believes them to be advanced AI, and believes that he can not kill them (so he doesn't waste energy trying)

(After lock in, Khalil is called Fester and that is what I'll call him IC)
Fester awoke the day after the chaos, having camped in an alleyway. He stood up mind lost and began to laugh maniacally, "What should I kill today, boars, rats, maybe I can kill people. No no no, people can't be hurt by me, and I can't cook people in this game. No I can't." He looked around fidgeting, unable to keep still, "I can't take all this waiting, there are so many animals that are waiting for me to kill and eat, or maybe kill and sell." He pulled over a random player who happened to walk by and held the boy's shoulders. "Hey you, I need to kill, what should I kill? I can't decide." The player looked confused, "You're right I can just kill so many of everything it won't matter, thanks pal I bet you were programmed to help me." Then Fester skipped off happily, doing a chant about how to cook the animals.

Out in the wilderness Fester was having a ball, hardly using his sword skill. He had already killed enough to level again and was killing so fast he was almost able to keep up with spawn rates. Other players could only kill far away from where he was, afraid that he may be a player killer. One player came up to Fester and asked as much only to get a twitchy response, "You know, I can't kill players in a one player game, is that some sort of trick question? Are you a sphinx incognito? If so then I will slay you where you stand." The player was naturally terrified, but Fester just laughed, "I can't believe how well programmed they made you guys. You really looked scared." Fester walked away fidgeting and rambling, "Those NPCs are all so well programmed, I bet it took days to make them, maybe even months for one, and I can kill them in less than an second this is so great!" The players decided not to mess with him.

He spent the next day going around trying to force his wares on players, "The one that buy them are always hiding in these useless one gah!" Eventually one player did in fact want to buy some of his food, though the player had also not known who Fester was. "Oh great, you wanna buy my food? How much, all of it or most of it? I need to kill more don't I, how stupid can I be."

The player looked confusedly at Fester and obviously didn't know what this man was babbling on about. The player was of about twenty years and a female, though Fester wouldn't have cared if it was his own mother, why would he when the whole game is full of NPCs and he is the only player. "Uh, sir exactly how strong are you?"

"Why do you not want my food? I can't stay if you don't, all of this killing will go to waste and I'll have to kill more, adding more to the waste. You're going to make me waste kills." He grabbed his head and squeezed it tightly, annoyed by the paradox, "I thought AIs were the ones who couldn't handle paradoxes." His eyes widened and he perfectly froze, "I must be an AI," He shook his head violently, "No no it is a trick, to make you think you're an Npc so you can, uh."

The girl laughed, "Uh okay, I'm not a NPC, and--"

"Why would they waste time programming these people to say that, it is so wasteful. Maybe they want you to feel like your playing with other players, yes that's the most logical thing." He was rambling again, but the girl really didn't know if he was still listening, not wanting to get interrupted again, she spoke fast.

"Look I'm not very good at video games, Ive been stuck in this town since the lock in and I don't want to die, I'll buy your food but can you help me get to the last floor?" She hoped he would help.

"An escort quest? And someone that buys my food? That is so awesome, I can't wait, so what are the requirements of this quest exactly? Do I have to kill everything between here and the top floor?"

She didn't realize it would be this easy, the man was a complete fool, or maybe just insane. "Just keep me alive, and don't maybe we can help other players, er NPCs."

"I guess we can, but I don't know... Oh my name is Fester, but I just call myself Fester, you know. I think you should be called Rose or Violet or Flow because NPCs always have lame names and I'm sure you will respond to one of those."

"But my name is Kayla..."

"Well that isn't a very fantastical name is it? No Flow, or Violet, or Red because flowers are always names of females in games and such, or is it never..." He began to ramble again and eventually settled for Rose, "But I may change it later so don't get confused when I do. I'll accept this quest, how exactly do I do that?"

"You mean you got to your level just by killing?!"

"There is another way? I thought quests were optional, how silly of me." Regardless Kayla sent a friend request and a group invite, generally scaring Fester, though he got over it fairly quickly. "First we must feast! Because I wish to eat, and you have also wished to eat, and feasting is what they do in games like this. Or was it movies like this..." He walked off abruptly, Kayla following him, sure that she could easily manipulate him.

Mana October 10th, 2012 10:10 PM

Good work guys! :) I'll have a proper read later woo.

Pikachu October 10th, 2012 11:47 PM

Awh, only one female player. No fun :3 If no more girl signs up, I might change my character's gender to mix things up.

Mana October 11th, 2012 7:34 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7368242)
Awh, only one female player. No fun :3 If no more girl signs up, I might change my character's gender to mix things up.

Since there are several thousand players on the game I'm not against people having 'side' characters or perhaps even alternative characters to play :). Might be best to get the ball rolling first to see how everyone copes though!

Welcome Pixelrush!

Despondency October 11th, 2012 11:52 AM

I'd like a spot, please. I'll post a (female) character soon. Now I need to make a non cliche character for this, so it may take a while. (It's just so tempting to be that BA Black Widow type character in stuff like this... Must...resist... -.-)

CarefulWetPaint October 11th, 2012 1:36 PM

Itd be pretty stupid if I didnt end up joining this considering Ive been waiting for it >.>
Ill get around to doing my sign up post today.

Also how are we suppose to have Pking guilds if its an insta telly to jail!?!

Claire* October 11th, 2012 7:05 PM

I think I may have finally finished with my SU. Please let me know if I got something wrong or it needs tweaking... :D

Mana October 12th, 2012 8:15 AM


Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint (Post 7368771)
Itd be pretty stupid if I didnt end up joining this considering Ive been waiting for it >.>
Ill get around to doing my sign up post today.

Also how are we suppose to have Pking guilds if its an insta telly to jail!?!

There will be no (joinable) PKing guilds. Just because of logistics. Enemy PKers might be introduced in the future but only if I can work out a legitimate reason to introduce them.


Originally Posted by Claire* (Post 7368972)
I think I may have finally finished with my SU. Please let me know if I got something wrong or it needs tweaking... :D

Love your sign up Claire*, Elise is our first official player!

Claire* October 12th, 2012 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by SwiftSign (Post 7369447)
Love your sign up Claire*, Elise is our first official player!

Thanks SwiftSign! I'm really looking forward to this RP. Hopefully it will attract a lot of attention here. :D

Khawill October 12th, 2012 11:02 AM

Was mine not good? Or did you just not read it?

SkyisUmbreon October 12th, 2012 3:17 PM

Bullet Summary Complete
Appearance Complete
Personality Complete
Life before SAO Complete

Name: Ranzatsu (John Archer)
Country: United States

Appearance: John stands at 5'10 just about the peak for his age group, and just taller than the rest of his family save for his brother. Archer is a dark skinned african-american with short black hair that comes together at a point on his forehead indicating widow's peak yet even in the back. He generally keeps his hair at a neat 1/4th of an inch because it gets tougher to deal with as it grows, getting tangled and rolling up. His eyes are colored a soft light brown and eyelashes slightly longer than most people his age. He works as a staff member in stage crew at his school building sets and props for school musicals and plays and performing general maintenance; as a side effect of this work he is moderately muscular and stronger with his left arm than his right. His face is normally set in a slight frown with eyes that would suggest that he is annoyed by something or someone and normally gives off a general bad vibe to most people, some who actually get to know him would know that he has other feelings as well. He actually enjoys laughing and joking around with his friends, and people he is familiar with but is otherwise indifferent and unintentionally cold to strangers.

At the time that he was pulled fully into the game he had been wearing a pair of dark blue slightly loose jeans and black boots. His torso was covered by a dark red shirt under a black hoodie. As he was pulled in his clothing was transformed into actual items with average stats, nothing special about them and yet he still wore them. Eventually the need for better armor had grown very high and it became apparent that his old clothes just couldn't block the damage that he was taking, so he sold his old clothes, which were actually considered rares due to there only being one set in the game and bought a set of armor that resembled the clothing he had worn previously to the best of his ability. He now wears black boots and dark blue denim-like pants secured with a leather belt. On top he wears a plain dark red shirt and a black hooded cloak around his shoulders, the most valuable of his attire, which was obtained by forging together drops from the bosses of the 4th and 5th floor and grants him a slight boost in speed and defense.

Personality: John is an introvert not entirely by choice, its just his nature to not exactly feel comfortable and relaxed around people he doesn't know. His normal facial expression is one that wards off the attention of others, seeming to send some sort of signal that he is pissed at something or someone. When around other strangers he doesn't know he is often quiet and makes feeble attempts to provide his own input in open discussions or when asked. After a while John begins to get more comfortable around people and begins to act as he normally would around his own friends but still will clam up if he is asked too many things or feels too pressured.

Around his house he doesn't speak much to his own family even, not because he has a dislike for them but rather because he is just tired when he reaches home and just wanting to lie down. Even so he is quiet normally during family outings such as family reunions, birthday parties or even christmas as he doesn't even know his own extended family too well and doesn't bother to try and get to know them. When some assuming people around him see the way he acts, they decide that he doesn't respond to them and shuts them out because they feel he doesn't care about them. Of course this isn't true for him, but words are something that come hard to him in the sense that he can't arrange them in the correct way and when he tries it often ends up putting him in a worse position.

Archer enjoys going out with his friends, but would rather visit and sleep over their houses in a group or just one on one. Around them he laughs, jokes, taunts and messes around with them like they were his own siblings. His parents can't understand and don't know why he isn't really active or animated. In battle he adopts a more silent focused style, though he may show some kind of excitement when he tries something new and succeed with it or when he levels up. Since he is a Tamer he often tries to calm the monster down and try to befriend it before he or it attacks.

Life before SAO: In real life, John Archer is a junior in highschool working in his tech crew as a staff member that sets up for school plays, musicals and other business meetings that the school normally holds. Academically, he's had it pretty rough even though it was his own fault he decided to sleep in class rather than copy down notes or study. He only had a few long term friends in the school but every semester he would get separated from them and put into a class full of people he didn't know or understand. He doesn't exactly fit in with the majority of his class so instead he tries his best to ignore them and concentrate on his work, which has been beneficial so far.

His favorite parts of a normal day was after school when he worked in stage crew as a carpenter, given his assignments, and sent off to do them without much help or constant supervision which was why he liked it. He felt more free there than he did normally at home where, if he tried to light a grill his mom would flip out thinking he would burn himself. At crew he was given various tools, instructed on how to use them and he performed well; yet even though he explained this to his family they seemed to disregard it as irrelevant and treated him the same way. He knew and liked most of the people he worked with save for one of them named Jason Karn who was literally the same person as him, except he was an extrovert, and yet they had so similar personalities. He valued all of these people including his boss as his second family and the one he liked to spend most of his time with.

When he would arrive home, he was usually the first, and usually forgot his keys so he would have to leave the side door open which was okay, seeing as no one ever used it. Upon reaching his room he would drop on his bed and doze off, only to be woken by his mother and told to get started on his homework, which he reluctantly did. After he finished his homework he would go straight to checking the news on his favorite anime and games, mostly inquiring into game hardware and VR, the field he wished to enter when he graduated from college. After this he would stay up into the early hours of the morning playing a few online games with his friends that weren't afraid of staying up and being late to school. Despite the few good things of his life he desired for something more, something completely different from the usual torture cycle; a world where he could be free to do what he desired, or fight for peace like the people in his anime. That is what he desired the most, to have his word like that of an anime world where he could actually be someone and free from the laws and nets that bound him to society.

Current Level: 8
Weapon: Martial Close Combat
Non-Combat Skills: Speed, Taming

Summary of first month in Aincrad:
1st Week: (Current Level: 1)
While the idea of being stuck in this game and unable to return to the real world frightened him immensely, he remembered that his life in the real world wasn't the greatest to start out with. Still, he remained in the Town of Beginnings for a few days studying the beta tester manual and trying to also gather information from npc's and other players about the fields and battle tactics and monsters. His first day in the field was a little bumpy, and he came close to being killed by a Frenzy Boar, one of the weakest monsters in the game. Eventually through some wild swinging and tripping, he began to pick up how the system and sword skills worked. Finding some contentment with animals in the real world he chose Taming as his first main skill, hoping to befriend one or more of the creatures in this world. He refuses to party with other people, stuck in his old way of life.

2nd Week: (Current Level: 3) Ranzatsu instead of grinding in the fields decides to take off in order to explore the town, meet a few npc's and store owners. Unfortunately even in the starter town the people who had gotten over their fears of being trapped had gone back to their original purposes for coming in-game, stealing and ripping people off. Caught in this, Ranzatsu did his best to bargain and haggle but unfortunately his people skills and general lacking knowledge of items and weapons led him to being jipped quite a bit. Thankfully some other kinder players noticed this and warded off most of the cheapskates; Ranaztsu however left with little more than a few words to express his gratitude.

3rd Week: (Current level:5) Feeling he had wasted enough time in the first two floors Ranzatsu ascended to the third floor, home of the Blues Village and a new environment. He headed to town to set it as his home teleport and then headed out into the forest to explore and train a little, as he wanted to break level 7 before he went to go rest. He fought a variety of different amphibian-like creatures, some going on for an hour or so before he was able to best the swift creatures and reached level 6 somewhere along the road. He climbed a random tree and sat on a strong limb leaning against the trunk, nearly drifting to sleep before he was grabbed and hoisted into the air by the tree limb he sat on. Gradually his health bar began to drop as the tree squeezed the life out of his body and he began to lose consciousness. As his eyes were only as open as the width of a pencil, he heard a reeling screech from what he guessed to be the tree and spotted the announcement above his head reading, "Congratulations! You have reached level 7!" before he blacked out.

4th Week: (Current Level:8) Ranzatsu has partied up with two other players, Reiko and Lysar, who had rescued him only a week ago from the monster tree and unintentionally helped him reach level 7. They were both very free-minded and outgoing, having been over the fact of the lock-in. However during a training run on Mount Lost of the fifth floor, Reiko was driven off one of the raggedy bridges by a swarm of the birdlike monsters and fell to her death. As it turns out, Reiko and Lysar were siblings in the real world but the sudden loss of his sister caused Lysar to snap and in turn turned his axe on himself, taking his own life. Ranzatsu escaped to the town with his life, but his emotions and mind scarred by the death of his first two friends in the game world. A few days later after the incident Ranzatsu returned to the same bridge in fit of rage to combat the birds.

He was heavily outnumbered and eventually forced to retreat back to town, the birds in pursuit. Eventually as he left he monsters area, they began to leave the chase and return back to their original space one by one, just to his liking. As the last two birds turned to go he ran and intercepted them, jumping to their height and landing a boot to the left wing of one bird, while the one he missed continued back to its spawn. The birds were fairly weak individually so that one kick broke its wing and sent it to the ground unable to fly anymore. As he landed he rolled and recovered, walking over to the spot where the bird lay. With hatred of the bird and the need for vengeance coursing through his veins he lifted a boot and stomped the monster into the ground. As he walked away his mouth was drawn in a straight line, his eyes facing forward into the distance, and a single tear released itself from his eye and dropped to the ground.

Roleplay Sample:

John Archer[Ranzatsu]

-The inside of the helmet felt cool and soft brushing lightly against his forehead as he slid the device over his head and secured it with the small safety clip at his chin. The visor completely shielded anything in my room from my view, and in front of me was a blank white screen with a clock in the top left corner, only a minute before the game servers went online. As the clock pinged and changed to the appointed time he took a deep breath.-

"Link Start!"

-He held back his initial impulse to close his eyes as the ensuing colors raced past his field of vision at a dizzying speed, which were followed by the sense check up.The little icons popped up in his vision and moving to the side as he checked them off quickly and came to the verbal selections.-

Character Creation:... No saved character located...Create new character?

-John decided to make the character as close to his normal appearance as possible, a minor exception being a change in hairstyle, length, and color which was a trademark silver. He didn't fuss with too many of the other details and finalized the creation. The screen displayed a saving message box for a few seconds before it cleared out, and in its place came up a welcome screen.-

Welcome To
Sword Art Online !

-Three seconds after the greatest collection of words appeared in front of him, his vision was once again assaulted by a mixture of blues that seemed to be drawing him into a white light somewhere in the distance. Upon reaching it he immediately felt a newer, cleaner breeze brushed against his brown skin and he breathed it in greedily. His silver bangs brushed against the right side of his face as he looked up the the clear skies of Sword Art Online; finally he was in!

Around him players began to appear in bursts of blue light examining themselves and cheering, shouting and some already headed to the fields to train. Ranzatsu himself got caught up in the moment and headed off towards the fields barehanded as was his fighting style. Other players through their excitement stared at him with confusion as he carried no weapon on his back or fastened at his waist, but he payed no mind and rushed forward. When the temporary excitement wore off he found a spot in the fields where there were very few players, and barely any monster spawns.

He had chosen the areas for a few good reasons, such as not wanting any players to go stealing his kills and not wanting to be swamped by monsters either. The first one he encountered was a boar the size of bicycle but definitely outweighing one by at least 30 pounds. It pawed the ground and growled in aggravation at being disturbed from its grazing, and huffed from its snout a jet of steam. Ranzatsu placed his left leg a few inches back and bent it outwards while sliding his right leg forward so it slanted; his right arm came to hover inches above his right leg while his left arm was brought up and bent so the back of his hand was centimeters from his face, creating his own improvised style.

The boar squealed loudly and charged, closing the short distance between them easily; in reaction Ranzatsu drew his right foot back to him and attempted to spin around the boar and avoid it completely, only to be disappointedly gashed in his left side by the boar's horn. He jumped back with a painful cry, only to realize a few seconds later that he couldn't feel pain. He assumed his form as the boar reared and charged again, its rage clearly evident in its crimson colored eyes; only this time Ranzatsu drew his foot back and sprang into the air spinning almost vertically and bringing the heel bringing his heel down on the board back, just barely missing it and his heel instead greeting the ground as his body fell to the ground. Looking up at his status bars he could see that he had almost fractured his heel with that one move and his health bar had gone down even more, now in the yellow half full.

Getting up more shakily this time, he decided to actually look at his skill bar, only now realizing that the only moves he had unarmed were palm strike and high kick. He sighed realizing that he couldn't exactly pull off any moves that looked too fancy or showy. He decided to adopt a default stance as listed in the game manual which stated that the system would only aid the forms that were created by it. This time as the boar barreled toward him he sidestepped, and as it turned he planted his left foot back into the ground firmly and thrust his open palm glowing with the systems red aura towards the boar's midsection launching into a nearby tree and slamming it against the trunk. Not wasting too much time he advanced toward the tree and brought his glowing red up into the snout of the boar, slamming it against the tree once more and causing a sharp crack to emanate from the tree. The boar rose to its feet as Ranzatsu jumped back, and lowered its head readying itself for one final charge.

Ranzatsu braced himself and planted his back leg firmly into the ground once more. He grinned maliciously as his palm connected with the snout of the battered boar, its own momentum doubling the force of the attack and fracturing the bones in its face, inevitably pushing the fragments back into its brain. Ranzatsu received a small but deep gash near the joint of his shoulder, leaving it hanging limp. He still smirked however, as the boar in mid-flight returned back into scattered fragments of data and a small window showed up explaining the experience and drops gained from the fight. Ranzatsu walked over to the tree the boar had recently slammed into and leaned against it lifting his head up to the sky, feeling the warm rays of the sun wash over his skin. After enjoying the moment for a while he raised his right hand and brought up the menu screen and opening the items tab to select a healing item. As the crystal appeared in his hands, he smiled a light smile and spoke the activation words.-


<Challenger> October 12th, 2012 5:56 PM

Sounds great! SU here I come!

This is what I have so far.

Name: Neddard Connerly
Age: 18

Appearance: Neddard is about 6'5 and usually wears a bright yellow t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He has long, dark ashy charcoal grey hair that hangs down to his shoulders. His face is generally serious. He always has a grim expression, even when he is extatic, and his grey, sad eyes don't do anything to help. He has the scrubble of a beard that he shaves weekly. His character in the game, Reidaan, wears light leather armor that covers his muscular build. Reidaan is 6'10, a massive avatar with bulging muscles in his arms. His legs are also powerful.
Life before SAO:

Current Level: 10
Weapon: Greatsword
Non-Combat Skills: Alchemy and Speed
Summary of first month in Aincrad: <Bullet points/Single Paragraph>

Roleplay Sample: <First week in Aincrad, not including the lock-in>

Mana October 13th, 2012 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by Khawill (Post 7369586)
Was mine not good? Or did you just not read it?

Your roleplay sample could use a bit more work, as it is basically an introduction to your character. It would be great if you could bold each title like some of the others have done as well just so it's easier to spot each section.

Machomuu - Daniel has been accepted! :) Welcome to the game.

Keep the good applications coming! ;D

machomuu October 13th, 2012 6:46 AM


Originally Posted by SwiftSign (Post 7370269)
Machomuu - Daniel has been accepted! :) Welcome to the game.

Thanks! Also, I added quite a bit to my personality, as I noticed it was still pretty small.

Mana October 13th, 2012 8:26 AM

Thanks Machomuu :3 I'll check it out.

Fester and Krissu have now been accepted too!

Pikachu October 13th, 2012 8:38 AM

Thanks! I'm really eager to start.

SwiftSign, do you have some kind of story arc that can bring us players together? Since we're quite different kind of persons and have different professions. Or are we sandbox-y enough that we should make up our own plots?

If anyone wants to, they can have some kind of relatively rare potion they are interested in obtaining (say, a potion that momentarily heightens the skill of Hiding) and they can come to Krissu about it. And then they can go on an adventure on whatever floor to get the right ingredients?

Claire* October 13th, 2012 9:14 AM

I was wondering how player interaction would be orchestrated also. I figured it was going to be something like Red suggested, people needing stuff, or just "randomly" bumping into each other on the same floor.

I would be interested in lending my forging abilities to anybody. :)

Mana October 13th, 2012 9:29 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7370725)
SwiftSign, do you have some kind of story arc that can bring us players together? Since we're quite different kind of persons and have different professions. Or are we sandbox-y enough that we should make up our own plots??


Originally Posted by Claire* (Post 7370761)
I was wondering how player interaction would be orchestrated also. I figured it was going to be something like Red suggested, people needing stuff, or just "randomly" bumping into each other on the same floor.

There will be no story arc near the beginning, since you're limited to floors though bumping into each other should work well :).

As time goes by there will also be dungeon bosses, and the occasional 'random' event where something will happen for the players to fix - but the events are always optional.

So yeah, feel free to think up your players friends, acquaintances, etc. outside of just the RP players :)

Despondency October 13th, 2012 9:31 AM

So I don't think I'll be able to join... hardly have time for the one RP that I'm in. Sorry... (Can't believe I'm missing a SAO RP...)

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