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Vato October 9th, 2012 8:15 AM

P o k e m o n : A Journey Beyond TIME & SPACE // T // OOC + SU
POKéMON: A Journey Beyond Time & Space

Reboot of:
A RP by: Vato

OOC Thread


In the peaceful region of Sinnoh, there was a man… his name… Cyrus. He was the head of an organization known as Team Galactic. He wanted to create a new world, a world he would rule.

After creating a Red Chain from the crystals in Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, he and his commanders headed into Mt Coronet. Once there, at the peak, named Spear Pillar, he managed to summon both Dialga and Palkia, rulers of time and space, respectively.

But something went wrong. A Pokémon known as Giratina appeared from a portal, joining both the human world with the hometown of Giratina… the Distortion World.

And our story begins here…

Chaos, destruction, doom... Words are not enough to describe what happened to our world. In the blink of an eye, it was all gone.

So, where was our all mighty creator, you may ask, sleeping, as always, foolishly believing a couple of legendary Pokemon could be able to cease the wrath that filled the Creation Trio when they managed to break the Red Chain...

Centuries have passed, the world is now ravaged, and there is no human or Pokemon within it... No one except for the creator.

After wandering all around the demised land that was once called Earth, he knew that he had to prevent this doomed reality to occur... He had to made that timeline better, and there was only one way to do so...

With a small bit of his powers, he created a handful of Pokemon... All of them far more intelligent than any other Pokemon that used to exist, and with a very specific mission, they had to prevent the creation of the Red Chain, so that Cyrus couldn't doom the human race.

Soon, they disappeared, as they creator sent them to the past, so that they could fulfill their mission... Yet something went wrong, and they arrived after the Creation Trio destroyed the land... But it wasn't at all like the future is, it's still lush and green... What exactly did happen that ended up destroying the world? It is unknown to these creatures, but they must prevent this from happening, whatever the cost...

Those who have seen them call them Guardians as they always appear in front of those who are in need in order to protect them. The are looking for a trainer who's brave enough to help them save the world, before it's too late.

They cannot be caught by those they don't consider worthy of them, and thus far, they haven't found anyone who they want to be catched by...

Right after this tremendous catastrophic event where all the regions collided with each other because of Groudon and Kyogre, the Creation Trio went to a unknown place to take a deep slumber... The whereabouts of Cyrus and his Commanders are unknown, but Saturn is taking care of the boss duties until Cyrus is back. The team has been threatening the Pokemon Professors from all around the world in order for them to stop giving Pokemon away, as they don't want any more kids trying to mess up their plans.

They all agreed to stop distributing Pokemon, as well as any kind of Pokedex, and Pokeballs too... or so they said...

Their last hopes fall over the ones that take their last waves of starter Pokemon... They all hope that the ones who take them will bring Team Galactic down... But such a huge task will be quite hard for a bunch of teenagers to complete...

Today, it is the day that they're called upon the nearest lab, where they will receive their first Pokemon,as well as their Pokedex and ten Pokeballs... And hopefully they will also stop the Team while they're trying to fill the gadget...

You just happen to be one of the many teenagers about to receive one of the Professors Pokemon! Your age is between 13 and 16 years, and you have your own reasons for having accepted the request, you'll face fun times and tough challenges, and, who knows, eventually, you might even save the world!

The world has changed, as a year ever since the catastrophic events involving the Weather Trio and the Creation Trio occurred. And so did the Pokemon..., a few places and Pokemon remain the same, but most of places are now different.

Some Pokemon changed their physiology, others changed of color due to their new environments, and some even 'evolved' in some way (some acquired the ability to use attacks of other types, or became of another type), so right now the amount of exotic Pokemon out there is higher than ever.

The Rules.
1) All PC and Role-play Corner rules apply.
2) Plot twists are welcome, but discuss them with me first.
3) As GM, I am the one who decides how to portray the Legendary Pokemon and the stories written about them.
4) Write "Holy Burrito" in your sign up to prove you read the rules.
5) No god-modding!
6) Inform us if you'll be inactive.
7) Make your reply as long as you possibly can.
8) If you want to catch a Pokémon, then leave the ball rocking at the end of your post. I will decide if you catch it or not.
9) This role-play will take place in chapters. Try to keep up as much as possible as you might miss important events if you don’t.
10) This role-play is not based on levels, therefore you can let your Pokémon learn moves at any time, since the world has changed, Pokémon have done the same, as such, they are able to learn moves they normally wouldn’t, just be reasonable about this, because we don’t want any Magikarp with Volt Tackle. I will also inform you when your Pokémon is able to evolve, then it is your decision if your Pokémon will evolve or not. Once I've let you know your Pokémon can evolve, you can do so at any time.
11) You may carry around as many Pokémon as you wish to. If you decide you don't want to carry around certain Pokémon, you can store them in the 'box' which is accessible at every Pokémon Center.
12) Reservations last 24 hours.
13) Please, do not specify the moveset of your starter, as I'll give it to you after you're accepted, along with its ability (who said they would all have overgrow, blaze or torrent?).
14) This Role-Play is intended to start once 5 people are accepted, that unless there's more people willing to join.
15) Since your character will be using a Pokedex, I'll try my best to keep a list on how many Pokemon your character has seen and caught.
--- Because of this RP being a reboot, all those who were part of Time & Space can reapply for their characters or for new ones if so they wish. If they choose the first, then they may edit whichever parts of it they want.

Starter Pokemon.

Bulbasaur - Taken by siiadams
Charmander - Taken by Ducklighter
Eevee - Taken by -Sam
Phanpy - Taken by pat20cool
Torchic - Taken by Godzil
Aron - Taken by Kay11190
Turtwig - Taken by Pokemonmaster_draco
Shinx - Taken by KingKaos
Buneary - Taken by Reader_Maniac
Zorua - Taken by machomuu

Sign Up.

Name: Self Explanatory
Age: From 13 to 16 years
Appearance: At least 1 paragraph.
Personality: Same as above, at least a paragraph.
Backstory: How did he/she or his/her family managed to survive? Be creative with this one. Just do not mention where your character is actually at. Just say that he/she went to a town/city or something like that. At least two paragraphs.
Starter Pokémon: Do note that your choice determinates where your character will be once the RP begins.

Accepted Characters.
Jack Hanan Roleplayed by Godzil: click here for the SU.
Seen: 001 Own: 001

- Pokeball x10

Christopher Everman Roleplayed by siiadams: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Regal Marx Roleplayed by machomuu: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Falcon Gormaiden Roleplayed by Pokemonmaster_draco: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Patrick McCallion Roleplayed by pat20cool: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Savanna Hollingsworth Roleplayed by Kay11190: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Abigail "Abby" Gates Roleplayed by -Sam: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Ruby Star Roleplayed by KingKaos: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Alexandria Cattiebrie Roleplayed by Reader_Maniac: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Warren Ainsworth Roleplayed by Ducklighter: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

CSS belongs to whoever created it originally.
Didn't stole it. Just edited the style.

machomuu October 9th, 2012 6:09 PM

♂ Regal Marx, Age 16

Appearance: Regal wears a Dark Gray beanie on his head. Coming down from under that beanie is unkempt, Dark Brown hair that covers his eyes (though he's still able to see). Though his eyes are barely visible behind his hair, when one can see them they are red, from the contacts that he wears. When his contacts aren't in he wears glasses, but the chances of that happening are very rare due to his disdain for glasses. On his chin is a little bit of stubble. Regal also has tan skin darkened from the sun.

Regal wears a black, sleeveless T-Shirt under a dark gray sweatshirt and carries a necklace that represents a musical 16th note in his sweatshirt. He wears Dark Blue Jeans and black and blue Shoes. His build is rather muscular and he is about 6'0 and about 145 pounds.

Personality: Regal's favorite color is black, and he has quite an appreciation of Gothic art styled and palettes; this leads people to believe that he is indeed a Goth, but he prefers traditional Gothic art to Pop Cultural Goth. He is actually quite the bright and ambitious young man with dreams of becoming a famous Piano Player and Song Writer. Similarly, he dabbles in art, as it serves as inspiration for his music. While he's never owned a pokemon, he has always been in awe and wonder towards them. He found their abilities and ways of life, as well as dramatic differences in their lives from the humans', to be so interesting. He'd often sketch pokemon in his free time. A somber and very nonchalant person, Regal isn't the type to let unfortunate events get him down, and he's quite selective with what actually makes him angry or sad (not by choice, of course). He's quiet, but he's still quick to socialize with others who gain his interest. He does often have the tendency to become excitable and clingy, especially around his little sisters. Still, this does not overwrite his calm and somber persona.

Regal is quite the responsible young man, he's always felt the need to be independent. At a young age, his parents and siblings tried to help him out but he would insist that he do it himself. This could range from doing homework or washing clothes. It remained that way for most of his life, that independence become more and more apparent as he grew older. At the age of 15 he moved out to live on his own, it's unclear as to whether his family is currently alive. Regal is a very philosophical person as well, generally he would think about the lengths of the universe and how it's possible that time could be bent. One could say that his interest in the unknown was due to his omnipotent desire to become a better musician, and that he was always willing to grab what he couldn't understand for inspiration. Regal would probably agree to that, it's been an innate and natural curiosity that's plagued him for most of his life.

Backstory: Regal was living in a condo when the catastrophe struck. The building started shaking, but Regal wasn't able to leave due to the staircase having collapsed and the power being out, thus the elevators were also out of service. Regal was faced with certain death, and thus he spent his "last few minutes" the only way he knew how: playing the piano. Granted, the erratic shaking made things quite difficult for him music playing, he still proceeded with his music slowly and elegantly. The piece, "Life's Elegy"; he felt it to be very appropriate. The building then started to crumble, its walls breaking from the motions of the building. However, that day wasn't Regal's Judgment Day. A Swellow, and a rather large one, flew through one window and out of the opposite facing window. Regal grabbed its legs and flew with it out of the window. Still, Swellow aren't exactly normally strong enough to carry a six foot human being on their legs alone, and thus it slowly descended while still flying at a constant speed. He reached the ground and let go.

Outside of his building he saw a other people from his building who also made it out. Not all of them, however, from what he could tell. The ground started to crack and part in the wake of the earthquakes, so Regal started running. The cracks certainly weren't small, and they grew almost as quickly as he could run. Before he knew it, the ground below him was gone and he had started falling. Someone caught his hand, a teen around his age, and pulled him up, promptly running and giving no time for thanks. Despite the fact that Regal had no idea who this person was or where he was going, he followed him. After several minuted of sprinting, the boy who saved him stopped. Regal didn't really ask any questions, he simply waited for the boy to act. His savior looked around for a few seconds before strategically knocking on the ground. Regal didn't know what was going on, but regardless, he stayed his anxiety. Then, suddenly, the ground started to move and reveal that there was a door under the dirt. The boy motioned for Regal to follow him and entered the hidden entrance. Regal complied, and entered just as the door closed. He descended a rather large flight of stairs to reveal what appeared to be a bunker, with a rather large amount of people.

Regal felt a tap on his shoulder and he said, "Oh, thanks for saving-" he turned around to see who it was, and it wasn't the man from earlier, but rather it was Professor Juniper, someone Regal was well aware of. "Oh, excuse me, ma'am," he said, correcting himself.

"Kid, don't be so formal to me," she said heartily and unusually sternly, handing Regal a small pocket sketchpad and patting him hard on the shoulder, "I'm not that much older than you, so you don't need to call me "ma'am", it makes me feel like my mother." Regal looked down to see what was given to him, which was a rather familiar looking sketchbook. "I found this on the floor not long after you ran inside." Regal checked his back pocket and all he found was a pencil, he had indeed dropped it. "I had a look through it, and I'm quite impressed; you sure do know a lot about pokemon."

"Thank you, ma'am," he said, taking the sketchpad. Juniper shot him a stern, disgruntled look and he said, "Er...I mean, Prof. Juniper. I study them...for pleasure, not for research, however."

"Even so, those pictures capture tendencies and dietary habits often only seen in books and the Pokedex, it's quite informative and detailed," Juniper said in response. She paused for a moment and asked for Regal's name. "Regal Gemini, eh? I'll remember you. You've certainly got the talent that I've been looking for." She said before walking off to another area of the bunker. Regal looked at his sketchpad and noticed a that stuck to it was a sticker for "Holy Burrito", a food chain that used different to make a variety of burritos. Granted, Regal never found the name to be attractive; personally he didn't like religious references in his food and he never found the use of the word "burrito" to be funny. He carefully pulled off the sticker, so as not to rip the page, and discarded it in a nearby trashcan.

Professor: Juniper

Starter: Zorua

Godzil October 9th, 2012 9:00 PM

Hey there, Vato! Glad to see this make a comeback. This SU may seem familiar, but I've tweaked it a little and chosen a new starter and home country.

Name: Jack Hanan
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack is taller than average, 5' 7" to be precise, with a thin but wiry frame, like he does a lot of running. His hair is dark brown and kept short, but is usually messy, and sticks out at all angles. His eyes are blue, and he wears a pair of small glasses.

He dresses conservatively, with an odd mix of bright and dark colors. He usually wears an orange T-shirt and a black jacket (worn open to show his colorful shirts), with brown slacks, even though jeans would be more in style. In colder or windy weather, he wears a heavier coat, a tan canvas duster. He prefers comfortable, practical shoes, and most often wears a pair of red running shoes. Literally topping off his ensemble is an old, slightly dirty gray flat cap, which mostly covers his messy hair, but usually gives him hat hair if he removes it.

Personality: Jack is a friendly and outgoing person, always excited to see new things or meet new people. He is exceedingly curious, interested in a great many things. Despite this, he is not overly energetic or prying, as such things go against his personal code of conduct. He is interested in learning things, but has generally poor social skills. If people try talking to him, he doesn't mind talking, and could carry on a conversation. He's friendly and open, but is always worried about saying the wrong thing. Despite this, he's very honest, even bluntly and brutally so at times.

Though he is fine with people, he just doesn't get them half the time, and is prone to embarrassing social blunders. He tries to be nice to others, and is always willing to talk to someone or lend a hand. He is often out of touch with trends and fashions, often out of place in both appearance and culturally. Due to this, he tends to be awkward and self-conscious. In contrast to his outgoing nature, he has quiet hobbies, being an avid reader and runner.

Holy Burritos.

Backstory: Growing up in Rustboro City, Jack had a quiet, peaceful childhood. His father was a janitor, his mother was studying to be a doctor. This lead to him living a comfortable, if uneventful life. He had little ambition, and would have been content to work in the local shop. He eventually found an interest in Pokemon when he befriended an old man who owned several Shroomish. The old man taught Jack about the Pokemon, and how they could be used to help others. When the old man sold a Shroomish to a bakery, Jack auditioned for a job at said bakery.
Being 12, he was of course denied. But this was the push he needed, and began to take an active interest in his own life and Pokemon. His parents were pleasantly surprised by the direction his life was taking. So much so that they decided to personally thank the old man, who accepted their thanks by offering them a job with Team Galactic, who he was a member of.

After years of learning and growing, Jack was ready to accept a Pokemon of his own. His parents had grown distant over the years, as they were very busy with the Team they had joined. So, he went to the one person who he knew would have Pokemon: the Professor who lived nearby. The Professor was impressed with Jack's enthusiasm to work with Pokemon, and intrigued by the actions of his mostly missing parents. As such, he gave Jack a Fire-type Pokemon in exchange for travelling on a journey, a prospect that Jack found simply fascinating.

Starter Pokémon: Torchic

siiadams October 10th, 2012 4:47 AM

Name: Christopher Everman
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chris stands at 5' 3" with a lean body type. Dark brown medium-length hair which is kept spiked, green eyes, usually hidden behind a dark pair of sunglasses. His skin is a little tanned from being outside and he always makes sure that he's clean-shaven. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, and black hiking boots. If encountering cold weather, he has a leather jacket/hoodie. He carries all his items in a gray backpack, which he normally has hung on one shoulder. Finally, he wears a pair of black fingerless gloves that help him keep better hold of whatever he has in his hands, especially if he has to lift something.

Personality: He is loyal to his friends and teammates, sometimes willing to take a bullet for them. When put into a group, he sometimes feels pressure to be a pseudo-leader. Though he doesn't feel comfortable telling others what to do, he will if nescessary. He tries to watch what he says so that others will not be offended, which is why sometimes he won't say a word. He does seem somewhat distatched from the chaos that surrounds him, but he feels it nescessary to help him make decisions. However, if he sees someone in trouble, he wouldn't hesitate to come to their aid, whether needed or not. He may seem a little naive about battling, but he doesn't want to ask questions too much. He hates admitting his faults. He also feels a tremendous amount of pressure to perform well in pokemon battles due to his hometown history.

Background: When people hear the name Pallet Town, they think mainly of Professor Oak, whose pokemon expertise is known the world over. Many think it was Oak's teachings to a little boy that helped cause the fall of Team Rocket so long ago. No wonder so many people think that Pallet is the home of future pokemon champions and gym leaders. Unfortunately, Chris felt the brunt of that pressure since he was young. Though his parents worked with him night and day, Chris himself felt no real improvement. Scared that he won't live up to the potential that was thrust upon him, Chris would often retreat by himself. That was, until that fateful day that he was chosen by Professor Oak himself. He was surprised when Oak allowed him to have a pokemon of his own, feeling he "earned the responsibility". As Chris took the pokeball from Oak's hand, a new feeling rushed over him. He was no longer scared of being good enough. He was ready to prove himself worthy of having a pokemon. He would fight and do the best he could, ready to uphold Pallet's glorious reputation.

Professor: Oak
Starter: Bulbasaur
(I hope this is long enough. I'm not sure what else to say.)

Vato October 10th, 2012 6:52 AM


Originally Posted by machomuu (Post 7367110)
Nice, it's back! This is Regal for now, I might make changes, though, seeing as this is a reboot. So far I've made a few minor adjustments, as well as changed the professor, pokemon, and his last name.

I will wait patiently for when you finish changing it then :)

Originally Posted by Godzil (Post 7367292)
Hey there, Vato! Glad to see this make a comeback. This SU may seem familiar, but I've tweaked it a little and chosen a new starter and home country.

Why shouldn't I remember this SU? Jack was one of my favorite characters! Furthermore, I like the changes you made to him, and now, my good sir, consider yourself accepted!
-Jack recieved a Pokedex!
-Jack recieved 10 Pokeballs!
Jack recieved a Torchic!
Speed Boost
Yes I will also keep track on the items y'all find, I will also throw items at you every now and then :)

Originally Posted by siiadams (Post 7367571)
Name: Christopher Everman

Hmm... You do seem to have a nice concept here, but your SU is just too short for me to accept it, I will give you another shot if you expand it, mainly the personality and appearance.

siiadams October 10th, 2012 7:48 AM

I edited my original post. Just waiting for approval...

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Vato October 10th, 2012 8:21 AM


Originally Posted by siiadams (Post 7367639)
I edited my original post. Just waiting for approval...

Now that's better :) you may now consider yourself accepted
-Christopher recieved a Pokedex!
-Christopher recieved 10 Pokeballs!
Christopher recieved a Bulbasaur!

doge October 10th, 2012 12:29 PM

scrapping marty, because the age requirements are different this time :d

Willie Grace
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roughly, Willie is about 5’5. A bushel of curly, smooth black hair envelops his head, running down the sides whilst the back of his hair stops at the top of his neck with an outward curve. His eyes are a calming, earthly, bright hazel. Willie’s body is pretty stocky, with a thick chest and arms, but relative amount of belly fat. Not enough to be noticeable in a shirt as his chest is slightly larger. His legs are also thickly built, making up for his short stature. It kind of doesn’t fit when you consider his goofy front teeth gapped smile.

A simple plain white t-shirt and fitted dark blue sweatpants that don’t hug his legs, but have a snug fit. For footwear, Willie wears a pair of light blue athletic shoes. Due to a case of poor eyesight, Willie often wears a pair of prescription glasses. To carry around his belongings he wears a small but adequate black bag.

Personality: Willie’s humble and modest to a fault. He’s never taking credit for anyone, you’d have to hold a gun to the boy’s head for he does. He just doesn’t see the necessity of being known for this or that. But it’s not like he hates to be complemented, he just accepts them by well, not accepting them, if that made any sense. It takes awhile for Willie to truly warm up to someone as much to become an actual friend. He instead views everyone as a mere acquaintance until they end up upgrading into the friend zone(hey it’s finally a good thing!) Around people he finds impressive or intimidating, Willie get’s nervous. So much so that he tends to find trouble speaking fluently to people he views in a higher stature.

Even if a person is impressive though, if said person is even near cocky, Willie will grow a disdain towards them. He won’t necessarily hate them, but he wouldn’t likely want to have to spend any sort of time with said person. Other than that, Willie is really neutral when it comes to people. He is also remarkably impartial, always taking in account of two sides of a story rather than just one. Which often leads him to form thoughts, beliefs, and opinions that would be revered as socially unacceptable or in a sense "immoral" according to society's standards.

During the great merge of regions, Willie had been a boat with his uncle. He had been travelling from Hoenn to the Johto region. They had been smooth sailing for days, not a care in the world. His parents had sent him off to spend time with his uncle as they were going through some depressing times and thought it simpler if he didn’t have to know. Little did they know, did anyone know the catastrophe about to strike.

As they were sailing, hours from arriving along the shores of Johto, the movement of the lands begun. The sea began to thrash, it was mere luck that their ship hadn’t been tipped over. For hours the ship had been thrown about like a ragdoll from wave to wave. The whole time they’d been hidden in the boat’s cabin room, praying to whatever deity was out there that they’d make it out alive. And so they did, but as the two went up to see where they had ended up, something, most likely a large pokemon, had hit the ship, tipping it over. After swimming out from underneath and climbing up onto the back of it, the two sat there for awhile waiting for any signs of a rescue team. The sea was calm, bothering them no more and after a day they’d been rescued and taken to the nearest region in sight, Johto.

About a day later, the two were traveling the lands, looking for any sort of transportation back to the Hoenn region. In the process, they had to travel across a rather shaky mountainous area, unstable to say the least. An aftershock severely struck the ground, splitting it in two, creating a rather large fissure that had separated them. Realizing the situation, his uncle decided to give up finding a way back to Hoenn, instead he would settle here in Johto. He gave Willie a chance to join him, telling him he would wait for him here if he chose to join. A sadness swept over Wille, but he declined the offer, he would find a way back home. But even the strongest of wills break, so you can imagine, a few months later, his will finally broke and he himself decided to give up on the hope. A new life would do him well, he tried to convince himself for the longest time and he finally did. And it didn't hurt to have met Professor Elm, the well regarded researcher of pokemon who encouraged and ensured him that the life ahead would be far from grim and filled with holy burritos. Although at the time they met, the good professor may not have been exactly sober..

Starter Pokémon: Totodile

machomuu October 10th, 2012 12:39 PM

Alright, my edits are done and my SU is (hopefully) completed. I might add a headshot later, but I'll actually have to get good at drawing before that happens q:

`Brianna October 10th, 2012 1:45 PM


Count me in! I'm not gonna reserve for anything, but I'll get my SU up asap! :D

TatlTael October 10th, 2012 4:41 PM

Hey can you reserve the growlithe for me? I'll have my SU up ASAP

Vato October 10th, 2012 6:14 PM


Originally Posted by `Brianna (Post 7367859)

Count me in! I'm not gonna reserve for anything, but I'll get my SU up asap! :D

Okay, I'll be waiting patiently for it :D


Originally Posted by TatlTael (Post 7367997)
Hey can you reserve the growlithe for me? I'll have my SU up ASAP

Sure, buddy. Your reservation will last 24 hours! :)


Originally Posted by machomuu (Post 7367806)
Alright, my edits are done and my SU is (hopefully) completed. I might add a headshot later, but I'll actually have to get good at drawing before that happens q:

And with that, you're accepted! :)
-Regal recieved a Pokedex!
-Regal recieved 10 Pokeballs!
Regal recieved a Zorua!
-Bug Bite


Originally Posted by -Sam (Post 7367796)
scrapping marty, because the age requirements are different this time :d

xD Lol, the end of the SU made me laugh to no end. Regardless of that, you may now consider yourself accepted! :)
-Willie recieved a Pokedex!
-Willie recieved 10 Pokeballs!
Willie recieved a Totodile!
Sap Sipper

Pokemonmaster_draco October 10th, 2012 7:33 PM

Vato, my man of honor, could you reserve the Turtwig for me please? I shall have my SU done by tonight.

Vato October 10th, 2012 7:45 PM


Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco (Post 7368118)
Vato, my man of honor, could you reserve the Turtwig for me please? I shall have my SU done by tonight.

Man of honor? Lol, I for once feel important. Anyways, sure thing, your reservation will last 24 hours :)

KingKaos October 11th, 2012 9:16 AM

“Holy Burrito”
Name: Ruby Star
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ruby is known for her height because he is 5'5. She used to have long flowing black hair, but had it cut to be just a few inches below her neck from her mountain training. Others ignore her hair and simply focus on how small she is, in the chest area, which cause Ruby to lose her cool and attack recklessly. Because she has been in the mountains and the sun Ruby has skin that is a tan brown. Ruby's usual attire consist of a red scarf around her neck, that is long enough to flow in the wind, that was given to her by her grandfather. She also wears a black skirt that comes to her knees, along with a black vest that covers her white t-shirt. Ruby's eyes are red and because of that she will often cover them with black glasses, but having become adjusted to being different, she usually holds those glasses in her vest pocket. Her black and red running shoes allow for her to run around and get many things accomplished. Ruby's other accessories include Pokeball earrings in both ears, an everstone bracelet from her mountain training, and a black and red headband. Other than that she is never seen wearing any other accessories other than his scarf. She also gives scarfs to Pokemon she deems as allies and fellow heroes.

Personality: She has a strong sense of justice and believes Pokemon should be treated with care. Ruby is very strict at obeying any rules laid out in front of her. She hates the people who talk about how rules need to bent and broken, as she has always found ways to overcome any obstacles that rules have placed in front of her. "Do whatever you want and grasp it with your own hands!" is Ruby's motto for life. She will fight till her arms are broken, then till her legs are broken, then if she can't fight with her arms or legs she will use her teeth. Her undying will to succeed has caused her many problems, but in the end, Ruby has proven to come out on top. While Ruby may seem strict and cruel, she does have a calmer side that enjoys relaxing and being around others. Her idea of justice just makes many fear her. Ruby has a kind heart and always puts her Pokemon first when ever it comes to battling. Even if she wants to fight tooth and nail till the end she will respect her Pokemon's limits and quickly aide them. However, when criticized about her work or her body, Ruby will go into a beast mode where she will continue to punish them until they say they are very very very sorry.


Ruby was trained in the mountains by her grandfather and her grandfather's Hitmonchan to become a heroine at the age of 12. Ruby's grandfather was once a well known aura user in the Sinnoh region. He used his abilities as an aura user to save people and Pokemon from the evils of the region he lived in. As the years went on, the evils got stronger and younger, as Ruby's grandafther was getting weaker and older. It is then that he decided he would take his granddaughter Ruby away and train her to be a heroine as an aura user. Noticing that the aura in Ruby was nothing in comparison to his own at the age of 12, Ruby's grandfather decided to strengthen his granddaughter's aura so that she could be a heroine of the region. Ruby's grandfather stated that the world is always in need of saving and that Ruby should be prepared to step up to the plate when the time comes. Ruby agreed with her grandfather's crazy methods and ideas and began her training. She climbed up and down the mountains, survived against her grandfather's Hitmonchan in causal sparring matches. She would then be dropped off in a cave with wild Pokemon, which she had to survive against. These Pokemon include Geodudes, Gravellers, Onixs, Zubats, and other cave dwelling Pokemon. She would also have to fight against territoral Skarmory, and angry ground Pokemon and any of the other wild mountain Pokemon around her. She still had to learn the basics of being a hero too, such as justice and what it means to her. Ruby's grandfather was training his granddaughter to make her will stronger and thus made the training rigorous enough to accomplish this goal, but not kill his granddaughter. He had originally designed the training for a male heir, but figured if Ruby could come out if this training alive, she would surpass any male heir that her grandfather could have imagined. After the end of each training session, her grandfather would summon his Chansey to heal his granddaughter and then continue her training the next day. The other part of her grandfather's training required Ruby to learn about how to use and control her aura in order to overcome the wills of the weak. Using this training, she was to find his own path of justice to follow. Through her aura training, her grandfather taught her about the power to overcome the wills of opponents weaker than her through the focusing of her aura into a burst of transparent energy. While she was training to grasp this power, Ruby started to understand that this training was changing her and making her stronger. So to show her resolve to master the technique and become a proud heir to grandfather, Ruby chopped off her long flowing hair and made it shorter. She learned to control her new power, called the oversight, and became able to at least knock out Pokemon who had their wills suppressed by her will. The Pokemon suppressed by her oversight will be knocked out without having to battle, but Ruby learned she had created an after effect specifically for her when he used oversight. Though she was only 15 at the time of getting a grasp, but not mastering the technique, she accidentally created an effect where Pokemon that had wills equal to or stronger than her will would get a power boost if they survived her oversight technique. She also learned from his grandfather that it was also possible to knock out humans with her oversight technique, but only if they had weak wills compared to her will as well.

Her training in the mountains was continued until Ruby turned 16 and was allowed to return to Sinnoh and somehow become the heroine her grandfather was training her to be. Being in the mountains, she was aware of the catastrophe that had struck the regions. As the mountains started to shift and change during her training and the wild Pokemon seemed to have become more hostile toward her. Her grandfather also recognized these changes and thus ended Ruby’s training and had her resume her training to be a heroine in the real world. While Ruby was on her way back to Sinnoh by climbing down the mountains, she encountered a wild flock of Pidgeot’s that carried her away to a place that seemed very bizarre to her. Unable to decipher where she had landed, Ruby decided that she should use her grandfather's training and try to become a heroine in the area she had been dropped in. “A heroine is always ready to face the unknown because they know their strength and will has the power to overcome any mystery.” Was the first rule of her grandfather’s training. Ruby eagerly accepted the idea of saving lots of people and Pokemon and followed her grandfather’s wishes and training. So she made her way to finding someone to save and came across a Professor being attacked by a flock of Starly. Using her oversight, Ruby was able to knock out the Pokemon, but also accidentally knocked out the Professor. Realizing she had done something really wrong, Ruby immediately ran over to help the Professor.

Starter Pokémon: Shinx

Pokemonmaster_draco October 11th, 2012 9:55 AM

Holy Burrito

Name: Falcon Gormaiden

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Personality: Falcon is a kid regarded as the leader in some cases. He acts proud in everything he does and tries his best to be on top. He likes to talk and mostly goes on with an article about the current subject the topic is based on. He is also quite mature and can handle anything that comes at him, well not a 100 ton metal ship but you know what I mean. Although all the misconception on his current personality, he is a nice person. He looks out for everyone, if in a group, and will not give up in anything he does. He likes when people make jokes and likes more when there is a fight. In some cases, Falcon’s point would be “Somebody or someone will always show you their true personality in an argument or a fight”. He stands up to that concept and empowers it whenever some is actually fighting.

Backstory: Rough seas, trembling land and crying skies created fear in most people’s heart. One of them was Falcon. He was on the farm of his father who at that current time went to the market to get some food for lunch. Falcon was a single child, and by living in a Single family in Eterna City, he gained his father’s attitude, being bossy and over protected. That Saturday though was none he had seen before. The skies looked creepy and dark whilst he crashing waves was heard from out far. Falcon became a tiny bit scared but he kept on planting the vegetables his father had told him to plant on the farm.

Suddenly, rain poured down heavily and the southern wind twisted in like a hurricane. Earth rumbled as the ground shook tremendously.

“What the…?” Falcon exclaimed. He threw the shovel aside and rushed in the house. With great fear, he called his dad using the house phone.

“Sorry…, the li…nes…h...aaaaa….ve been…CRASH! CRASH!” informed the crashing telephone.

“No no no no no no no no no!” Falcon rushed through the back door. The weather outside was dreadful. It was raining cats and dogs whilst thunder storms cried from above the dark heavy clouds. Falcons whizzed through the field and pinpoint his destination to Eterna City. What had happened to his father? Was he alright or was this just such a bad dream. It couldn’t be… It just couldn’t.

But sadly it wasn’t. A wild Aggron stumbled in Falcon’s way and scented Falcon’s presence.

“AGGRONNNNN!!” The wild Pokemon roared angrily.

“Yikes!” exclaimed Falcon. “Not now”.

The Aggron leaped at the poor boy but with great pride, FALCON DIED!!!! (JUST KIDDING)
The Aggron leaped at the poor boy but with great pride Falcon stood his ground.

“DAROS, HYDRO PUMP NOW!” A voice was heard from behind Falcon. In instant sight, the Aggron was seen flying due to a current of water pressure. It went crashing in a nearby tree as it immediately faint.

“Huh!” exclaimed Falcon highly surprised. He turned back. With widened open eyes, Falcon saw his father and his cherished Empoleon, Daros.

“Are you alright son?” asked Falcon’s father as he imposed his hand on Falcon’s shoulder.

“Ya, I’m alright” replied Falcon. “But what is happening dad. This kind of Phenomenon is rare, especially here in Sinnoh”

“I know son, but for now, the least we could do is wait for help. We have to reach Twinleaf Town for that is where everyone is heading. From what I’ve heard, there’s been some trouble around the region and there is nothing in our power to stop that kind of posture” explained falcon’s dad. “Come on; let’s go before this weather gets worst”.

Pokemon: Turtwig

(hope it's Ok with you if I post a picture instead of righting a long SU. If you would like me to change, please tell me, but know that i'll do it tomorrow for where i am its pretty dark)

Vato October 11th, 2012 9:57 AM


Originally Posted by KingKaos (Post 7368531)
“Holy Burrito”
Name: Leo

Dude... You do realize this is a slightly edited version of your SU for Leaf Storm's How To Train Your Pokemon, do you?

I'm sorry, but you'll have to start over with a different SU if you want to be accepted. I also suggest adding your character a last name for the sake of having a full name...


As a side note, I will soon post a sign-up of mine for the RP, it'll be for two NPCs based upon a pair of recent characters introduced in the most recent Pokemon games, which means it'll be a double SU! :3

Have some potatoes and let's see how quick you can guess who they are! *throws potatoes at everyone*


Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco (Post 7368577)
Holy Burrito
Name: Falcon Gormaiden

FALCON DIED xD This made my day, or night, whatevs...
-Falcon recieved a Pokedex!
-Falcon recieved 10 Pokeballs!
Falcon recieved a Turtwig!

<Challenger> October 11th, 2012 12:23 PM


Vato October 11th, 2012 6:08 PM


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7368702)

Sure, your reservation will last 24 hours! :)

And since the fifth RPer, Pokemonmaster_draco, was accepted, we may now proceed to begin the RP, I wanted to do a new way to begin, which would grant more freedom at the very beggining, eventually leading to the stuff that HAS to happen... Hope you like it, guys! :)

KingKaos October 11th, 2012 9:12 PM

I have made updates to my SU it has different components and a last name now.

KingKaos October 12th, 2012 6:27 PM

So Vato how was my SU did it need anything improved?

<Challenger> October 12th, 2012 8:05 PM

Tell me if anything sounds familiar ;)

Name: Alik Rizz
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Alik is roughly 5'7, weighs about 120 pounds, and has long, neon yellow hair that is strangely bright and spikes up naturally. His eyes are deep green and they look very strange with his neon yellow hair. His face is mature looking and he appears to be at least 17. He usually wears a bright yellow, long sleeved shirt with a large A imprinted on the front of it. Rizz keeps its sleeves rolled up. He also wears dark blue jeans and a necklace depicting a mountain. He has a scar across his face that will be explained in the backstory. Alik is generally muscular, but he isn't massive.

Personality: Alik is a pretty nice guy. He's very bold when talking to people. He doesn't flat out insult people, but he definitely doesn't let them say whatever they want without surpressing them. Alik is a bit of a flirt when he's talking to girls and he's actually GOOD at it. His not ugliness helps with that a lot as well. He is generally nice to guys as well. He is really quiet around people he doesn't know, but he's loud and witty around his known group of friends. The youth tends to freak out when the situation doesn't look very good, but he is fearless otherwise. He's always the first into a fight and the last to back out.

Backstory: Alik grew up in Olivine Town with his father. His mother died before he turned 12. He had a cousin who grew up in Azalea Town named Malik. Malik Grizz. Malik was an epic dude, but he disappeared into the Illex Forest. Alik's father was the master of the lighthouse, so he grew up with a lot of electric type pokemon. He helped his father take care of the lighthouse pokemon, so he was really good with pokemon. There was only one thing that bothered him: His fear of water types. Growing up in Olivine Town and fearing water types could be a problem. Once he was helping his father carry a lazy Electrivire to the lighthouse when a Gyarados came from nowhere and attacked them with a Hyper Beam. This hit him partially, scarring his face.

The lighthouse was always a second home for Alik. He spent a good majority of his days there. He was even there when IT happened. He was carelessly feeding an Ampharos its food when he felt a tremor. He soothed the Ampharos, but it began to panic. It thrashed around spraying electric bolts everywhere, forcing him down the stairs. When he walked outside, he saw the dragons destroying everything. He looked behind him after a second and watched the lighthouse collapse before his very eyes. In blind rage, he ran off into the nearby coastal cliffs. He finally emerged when he thought it was safe.

Starter Pokémon: Mareep

pat20cool October 13th, 2012 5:49 AM

HOLY BURRITO!! TIME AND SPACE IS BACK!! Everything about the design for the page looks beautiful!!! BOOM!! And if it's allowed, I'm using my old signup 'cause I want to be reunited with my good old friend!!

Name: Patrick McCallion

Age: 14

Gender: Guy

Appearance: Height 5'10, weighs 175lbs. Patrick's hair color is a light brown colour and is not too long but not too short. His hair always looks as if he just got out of bed, and is often flicky which is the way he likes it. His eyes are a brown wooden like colour which can also appear to look completely black in some cases. Patrick has a below average, scrawny build. Patrick also has a light, tanish skin tone.

Patrick always wears his red V-Neck T-shirt, blue jeans and black vans with white lining. In most cases Patrick likes to wear his purple scarf as it seems as if he is wearing a small cape, whenever he wears this, it makes him feel like an adventurer.

Personality: Patrick is a naive kid who believes that no matter what everything will be okay. He can be very sarcastic and loves to make awful puns. Patrick has a genuine and humble way of gaining people's trust, as he was always raised to be an honest and open person. He would make friends by first complimenting their efforts, then asking how they've worked so hard at it. By nature and from his parents working at the Olivine Cafe, Patrick is a glutton and will eat anything, except vegetables and fish. Patrick will feel very hurt and angry if he finds out someone has cheated him out of something, however Patrick is usually very cheerful even in the most dangerous and dark times, he can always find that silver lining because he is so Naive.

When it comes to Pokemon, Patrick will treat his partners like his soul mates. His battle style is all for one and one for all! Meaning if his Pokemon has had a troublesome past or experienced bad things, Patrick will ensure to find a way to understand what they are going through and reassure and encourage them that everything will be okay.

Backstory: I'll change this later... I wanna change it a little bit. But a Gym Leader will still be his mentor.

Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Professor Elm.

Which was your starter Pokémon?: Phanpy

`Brianna October 13th, 2012 6:44 AM

Name: Brittany “Izzy” Charlesson
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Izzy is really not too different from any other teenager in Kanto- she has curly, mid-length rusty blonde hair that she ties up in a ponytail or pigtails most of the time, and murky brown eyes. Izzy has a short, cute nose, although it’s a bit disfigured because she broke it when she was in an auto wreck. She’s a bit short at 5’2, but she’s thin and lanky. She has a round, heart shaped face, and long eyelashes. A bit of acne dots her face and neck, and she wears a pair of thin-wired, modern eyeglasses for her nearsightedness.
Her clothing greatly varies, since she’s quite a fickle person, but at this stage in her life she is most often seen in oversized band tee shirts, baggy pants, and army-like boots. She normally wears make up, but not too much-just a bit of mascara or blush if she’s in a good mood.

Personality: Izzy, as mentioned before, is a very fickle person; she changes her mind on whims and is pretty impulsive. She’s a bit crazy and silly, too, overall a fun person to be around. However, she tends to be a bit blunt or rude to people she doesn’t know very well; she values friends over everyone else. Izzy’s kind of stingy and greedy, too- but she’d always be happy to share something with her friends, as long as it isn’t too much.
She has… Well…. How do I say it? I guess, a bit of violent tendencies. Izzy has a short temper, and will get pretty violent if something doesn’t go her way. It’s a lot better now than it was when she was little, but she’s still a bit of a brat sometimes.
Despite all this, she can be an unbelievably kind and caring person, even when there’s nothing in it for her. Although she likes to act like she doesn’t care, she does have a conscience, and when something bad’s happening, she’ll jump in-even if her life would be at risk. So, she’s not really brave persay, but just utterly reckless. And she enjoys it, although she worries her friends sometimes.
Even though it may seem a bit out of character for such a girl, Izzy is actually a bit shy if you don’t know her. After that, however, she’s a total ball of caffeine and rainbows. (Yes, she has a habit of drinking coffee.)
Although she doesn’t draw too much anymore, she’s a great cartoon artist-she used to have a blog where she’d post her comics. However, she quit drawing after her parents died. She sometimes still sings, however.

Backstory: Izzy was always a bit of a tomboy, growing up with her two older brothers, Matty and Skylar. She spent a lot of time playing football and soccer with them, and when she wasn’t doing that, she was drawing or writing or listening to music. Her parents loved her and her brothers deeply, and although they were a bit of a lower-class family, they got along. They even were able to pay for some piano and guitar lessons for the music-loving Izzy, who was happy to sing and play for her family.
Sadly, when she was only ten and her brothers were fourteen and eighteen, their parents died in a car wreck. Izzy was there as well, watching her parents die-however, she was relatively unharmed, beside a few broken ribs and a broken nose. Since her brother, Matty, was a legal adult, he was able to keep her and Skylar together. But that didn’t stay for long. Skylar and Matty were constantly fighting, so Skylar ran away, stealing a Charmander from Pallet Town’s Pokemon lab. (They lived in Viridian, so it wasn’t too far.) Izzy, only 11 at the time, was heartbroken; she loved Skylar more than anything. Matty was mad at himself as well, and wanted to go look for him, but was unable to due to his job.
Stories began going around about a young, reckless blonde-haired trainer and his Charizard, and Izzy just knew it was Skylar. She wanted to find him more than anything, but unfortunately, she was too young to leave on a journey just yet. So, to save money, she quit her music lessons and with Matty’s help started saving up for a journey. By the time she was 13, old enough to leave, she had 3000 Pokedollars-not much, but enough to get started. She heard about a program in Pallet where they were giving away free Pokemon, in exchange for a Pokedex contract.
And so, Izzy went, unaware of the oncoming troubles about to face her and her partner.

Starter Pokémon: Growlithe

Holy burritos, I'm finally done! Sorry it took me so long. :/ Is it all good?

Vato October 13th, 2012 2:10 PM


Originally Posted by KingKaos (Post 7369981)
So Vato how was my SU did it need anything improved?

I apologize for not being able read the SU, now, onto bussiness!

I like the personaity and the appearance is good, too! Buuuut, the backstory is... what?

How was he unaware of the landmasses colliding if he was on the mountains, which are part of them?
How could he fight an Ursaring before being 10? He would have died even if it was just a spare fight...
How could he be in Sinnoh when all regions are now one and the same?
How could he 14 if he left the mountains when he was 10?

Yeah, it really doesn't make much sense if you think about it... So, may I ask you to change the backstory so that it could be a little more real? Also, could you change his name? Koga is intended to be reffered at some point in the RP, and it would be weird to do such references with a character named Koga...


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7370076)
Tell me if anything sounds familiar ;)

While I admit the personality is nice, the appearance is quite short, y'know... And the backstory...

What exactly could be a master of a lighthouse? The owner I assume, for the one in charge of taking care of the lighthouse Pokemon is Jasmine, or so seems to be based on G/S/C/HG/SS.
The only Pokemon in the lighthouse is Ampharos, a rather calm Electric-type Pokemon. It wouldn't trash around that much, if anything, it would just be scared, really scared.
Hyper Beam is not a move that would partially damage you... It's something that could really kill you...
The dragons did NOT attack Johto. They attacked Sinnoh and Hoenn. The weather Trio did the rest of the destruction...
Also, how could he just wait patiently in the shore? What if a huge wave came to the shore? What then?

So, yeah, fix that, if you may :)


Originally Posted by pat20cool (Post 7370562)
HOLY BURRITO!! TIME AND SPACE IS BACK!! Everything about the design for the page looks beautiful!!! BOOM!! And if it's allowed, I'm using my old signup 'cause I want to be reunited with my good old friend!!

I'll wait for the backstory to be edited, then :)


Originally Posted by `Brianna (Post 7370630)
Holy burritos, I'm finally done! Sorry it took me so long. :/ Is it all good?

It's really awesome! :D
You just need to write here she was by the time the distaters stroke and how she survived, then I will be glad to have you in! :)

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