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Vato October 9th, 2012 8:16 AM

P o k e m o n : A Journey Beyond TIME & SPACE // T // IC
POKéMON: A Journey Beyond Time & Space

Reboot of:
A RP by: Vato

IC Thread

The Rules.
1) All PC and Role-play Corner rules apply.
2) Plot twists are welcome, but discuss them with me first.
3) As GM, I am the one who decides how to portray the Legendary Pokemon and the stories written about them.
4) Write "Holy Burrito" in your sign up to prove you read the rules.
5) No god-modding!
6) Inform us if you'll be inactive.
7) Make your reply as long as you possibly can.
8) If you want to catch a Pokémon, then leave the ball rocking at the end of your post. I will decide if you catch it or not.
9) This role-play will take place in chapters. Try to keep up as much as possible as you might miss important events if you don’t.
10) This role-play is not based on levels, therefore you can let your Pokémon learn moves at any time, since the world has changed, Pokémon have done the same, as such, they are able to learn moves they normally wouldn’t, just be reasonable about this, because we don’t want any Magikarp with Volt Tackle. I will also inform you when your Pokémon is able to evolve, then it is your decision if your Pokémon will evolve or not. Once I've let you know your Pokémon can evolve, you can do so at any time.
11) You may carry around as many Pokémon as you wish to. If you decide you don't want to carry around certain Pokémon, you can store them in the 'box' which is accessible at every Pokémon Center.
12) Reservations last 24 hours.
13) Please, do not specify the moveset of your starter, as I'll give it to you after you're accepted, along with its ability (who said they would all have overgrow, blaze or torrent?).
14) the Role-Play is intended to start once 5 people are accepted, that unless there's more people willing to join.
15) Since your character will be using a Pokedex, I'll try my best to keep a list on how many Pokemon your character has seen and caught.
--- Because of this RP being a reboot, all those who were part of Time & Space can reapply for their characters, or for new ones if so they wish. If they choose the first, then they may edit whichever parts of it they want.

Starter Pokemon.

Bulbasaur - Taken by siiadams
Charmander - Taken by Ducklighter
Eevee - Taken by -Sam
Phanpy - Taken by pat20cool
Torchic - Taken by Godzil
Aron - Taken by Kay11190
Turtwig - Taken by Pokemonmaster_draco
Shinx - Taken by KingKaos
Buneary - Taken by Reader_Maniac
Zorua - Taken by machomuu

Accepted Characters.
Jack Hanan Roleplayed by Godzil: click here for the SU.
Seen: 001 Own: 001

- Pokeball x10

Christopher Everman Roleplayed by siiadams: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Regal Marx Roleplayed by machomuu: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Falcon Gormaiden Roleplayed by Pokemonmaster_draco: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Patrick McCallion Roleplayed by pat20cool: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Savanna Hollingsworth Roleplayed by Kay11190: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Abigail "Abby" Gates Roleplayed by -Sam: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Ruby Star Roleplayed by KingKaos: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Alexandria Cattiebrie Roleplayed by Reader_Maniac: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

Warren Ainsworth Roleplayed by Ducklighter: click here for the SU
Seen: 001 Own: 001

-Pokeball x10

List of Chapters.
click here for it

CSS belongs to whoever created it originally.
Didn't stole it. Just edited the style.

Vato October 11th, 2012 6:21 PM



Exactly one year ago from today, while everyone lived their peaceful everyday, the wrath of the Creation Trio hit Sinnoh, soon destroying most part of the region. How did this affect the rest of the world, you may ask? Simple, with their wrath not yet quelled, these three dragons went flying all the way to the first landmass they found... Hoenn. Their wrath eventually woke up both Groudon and Kyogre, and since Rayquaza was unable to stop 5 legendary Pokemon at once, th regions we used to know and love became one conglomerate of landmasses, where most of the cities and towns, along with their citizens, had dissapeared, and weren't planning to return any time soon...

The only way to keep on and reconstruct the citizens' lives seemed to be at the prize of oblivion, for if they just pretended that nothing happened, the sadness that surrounded them would fade in less time.

You have recieved your Pokedex, Pokemon and Pokeballs straight from the world renowned Pokemon Professors. You are now ready to begin your journey on the newly formed world of Pokemon. Question is... where to go?

Across this chapter you must perform a handful of actions, but that doesn't mean you won't have freedom to do whatever you want. Just don't break the rules or ignore what I tell you. Feel free to post as much as you need to.

You will begin in a town or city of your choice, it must belong to the region the Starter you chose is from. You have the freedom to describe the place as you wish, it could be a place in the process of being rebuilt, a ruined place, or just a town or city that didn't seemed to be affected.

You will have a conversation with the Professor that gave you your starter, thus meaning you have absolute freedom to bunny them. Said conversation must end with your character asking the Professor where to go. You will recieve a blue ticket with a picture of a ship similar to the S.S. Anne, the Libra Ticket, which will let you ride a small ship, named as the S.S. Libra II.

You will board said ship wherever you please. Be it by going to another city which has a harbor, or by going to a harbor in the city where you began if it somehow survived the disater. The Professor will also board, but at different times, so you don't have to include them when you post about bording the ship.

Your stay in the ship will be short, and if you wish to interact with a RPer here, you must ask said RPer to do so first.

The ship will eventually arrive in a handful of wrecked harbors, finally decking in the less destroyed one, where a sign lays on the floor, reading "Union Pier" in a barely legible font.

Upon advancing across the ruined pier, you will find yourself in front of the ruins of what was once known as Castelia City...


Once a big, innovative city that never sleeped, now, a place where people fell asleep just to never wake up again...

You will notice the unusual silence hovering around as your steps sound each time noisier. There is no person besides you here, and there are only few Pokemon around, listed below:

These Pokemon wander all around, stealing as much as they can. They will most likely be watching you while you walk around Castelia across the path the Professors are following. Do not miss sight over your belongings, or else you mght not see them again.

These curious doves like to wander around the most unusual places, so it wouldn't be unlikely for them to be here. They will mostly just follow you wherever you go, and since they're quite easy to catch... It's almost as if I was gifting them to you!
Once you're done here, you'll exit the city via what used to be the square in the center of the city. As you can imagine, it was also destroyed, so, besides the remains of a fountain, there's not much to see here.

Outside the city there's a road that looks like a weird mix of a desert and a forest, where, just like the city, there is no such thing as a person and only a couple of Pokemon around:

No one is sure of what the actual hell these things are doing here, and they can be quite annoying, as they have a suicidal love for battles. Thank god they don't know how to Selfdestruct...

Friendly and strong, a wonderful combination! These buddies are always wanting to make new friends, which makes them quite the frequent sight around, they shall not let themselves be defeated with shuch ease, so prepare for a battle to remember while facing them!

You will soon find yourself inside this massive forest. Do not stay away from the Proffesors, or else you'll regret it. Follow them until they reach what would seem to be the center, with a huge field spreading all around, with all the trees being around this circular landmass. The chapter ends here, as you wait for the Professors to explain to you why you're here...
What you may, may not and must do:

-You may catch the Pokemon you battle
-You may interact/fight any NPCs or RPers
-You must end an attempt to catch a Pokémon with your character throwing the Pokéball, I will decide whether you catch it or not.
- Your posts must be about your character arriving at the now small S.S. Libra II. You may proceed to post about your character aboard of the Libra and their arrial at Castelia City ONLY when I say you can. Same goes for posts outside of Castelia and in Lostlorn Forest.

KingKaos October 15th, 2012 10:59 PM

“It’s so cold here. Why did we have to travel so far, old man Rowan?” Ruby said as she held her body close as to not freeze. She and Professor Rowan had travelled to Snowpoint City after their encounter at Lake Verity. It was back at that lake that Ruby and Rowan encountered each other. Ruby had just been dropped down on the lakefront by a flock of wild Pidgeots. Once she recognized she had been dropped in a strange place, Ruby immediately dispelled her fear of the unknown and headed toward the lake. It was there at the lake that she saw Professor Rowan being attacked by a group of Starly. “Why are all flying Pokemon in such a big hurry to attack humans these days? I better save that old man with what I’ve learned from my grandfather. Hopefully my after effect won’t kick in!” Ruby said as she focused her aura into a transparent veil that suppressed the wills of the Starly flock and knocked them out. Ruby jumped up and down in celebration over the fact that her technique was super effective. However, before she could continue her celebration, she noticed that she had also knocked out the old man she was trying to save.

Ruby immediately ran over to him and hoped to revive him. “Hey there, old man! Hey, old man! Wake up!!!” Ruby screamed at the unconscious old man while she shook him violently. The professor soon regained consciousness and pushed Ruby away from him. “What did you just do to me and that flock of Starly?” Professor Rowan asked as he brushed the dirt off his lab coat. “Hey, how about some thanks for saving you from that flock of Starly that just attacked you!” Ruby screamed. Just as she was about to continue screaming, the flock of Starly awoke from being unconscious. Professor Rowan flinched as he feared that they would attack. “Young lady, I think it might be best for us to escape with what little time we have.” Professor Rowan grabbed his briefcase and was preparing to run away, but Ruby threw up her hand and stopped him. “A heroine never turns her back to the enemy, a heroine with scars on her back have no resolve and thus are unfit to be a heroine.” Ruby said as she tightened the scarf around her neck. “That is rule three of my grandfather’s training and I plan to abide by it!” Ruby screamed as she prepared for another oversight attack, but before she could Professor Rowan grabbed her shoulder. “If you have that kind of resolve then you should use one of my Pokemon.” Professor Rowan offered his briefcase to Ruby.

“Looks like you’ve got some nice resolve of your own, old man. Now who should I choose to be my ally of justice?” Ruby looked down at the Pokeballs and then grabbed the small blue dog’s Pokeball. “Come to the battlefield, my ally, Brave!” Ruby launched the Pokeball between the flock of Starly and from that ball arose the Pokemon, Shinx. The Starly looked at Shinx with some traces of fear from Ruby’s oversight, but still tried to attack her Shinx. “Young lady, here is a Pokedex, use its data to battle with that Shinx you have!” Professor Rowan handed off the Pokedex to Ruby. Ruby then uses the device to find the attacks of her Shinx. From the Pokedex’s information she found that Shinx knew Tackle, Leer, and the strange move Mud-Slap. “Brave use your Leer attack.” Shinx stands in the middle of the flock and uses Leer on all of the Starly in the flock. “There are five Starly in the flock and we have hit all of them, good job Brave! Now Tackle them all down to the ground!” Shinx responds immediately to the commands of its master and hits each Starly with a Tackle attack. Each of the Starlys fell very easily. “I know Starlys aren’t strong, but they shouldn’t have fallen that easily.” Professor Rowan said as he watched Ruby place a gold scarf around Shinx’s neck.

“My technique from earlier weakened them quite a lot. They got back up to flee, but their rowdy spirits got the best of them and tried to fight us. With Brave’s extra Leer it was a sealed deal.” Ruby said as she placed Shinx back in its Pokeball. “By the way, my name is Ruby Star and I plan to be the hero of this region. What’s your name, old man?” Ruby said as she extended her hand out for a handshake. “My name is Professor Rowan, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Ruby. The idea of you being a hero actually interests me. I’ve been looking for someone like you. Would you like me to tell you about a path that will lead you on to the path of becoming the hero of this region?” “Of course I want to hear about it! Tell me where to go!” “Then we will be heading off to Snowpoint city so that you can board a specific ship.” “Alright then please lead the way, old man Rowan!” With that Ruby and Rowan made their way to Snowpoint city, where Ruby would board named as the S.S. Libra II.

“I won’t be boarding the ship with you at this time, but I will meet you at its predetermined destination. Be safe and don’t cause any trouble for others.” Professor Rowan gave Ruby her ticket for the S.S. Libra II. Ruby quickly snatched away the ticket from Rowan and ten Pokeballs from his belt and launched her way to the harbor. At the harbor, she prepared to board the S.S. Libra II. She flashed the man her ticket and boards the boat, but not before letting Brave out of its Pokeball. “Here we go, Brave, it’s a brand new adventure from here on out!” Ruby grabbed her sunglasses and covered her eyes. “Please watch me closely and with loving eyes, grandfather.” A tear slipped from Ruby’s face to the floor.

siiadams October 16th, 2012 10:45 AM

"Stupid map."

Those were the only words in Chris' mind as he left Pallet Town, bound for a ship harbored in Vermilion City. He pulled out a ticket Prof. Oak handed him before he left and studied it again. "The Libra II..." he read to himself before putting the ticket away again and referencing the map function on his Pokedex. According to the map, which was updated after the chaos finally stopped, he had a long walk ahead of him before he got there. "If only my bike still worked..." he thought. It sure would've made the trip easier!

After what seemed like forever, he finally saw what was left of the sign that welcomed him to Vermilion City. He cautiously walked around the rubble that lined the roads, pieces of buildings that outlined this formerly-beautiful seaside tourist attraction. He had half a thought to sit somewhere and wait for Oak to join him, but he remembered Oak telling him not to. "I'll join you soon. There's something I need to take care of first. Don't worry," Oak smiled, pulling out his own ticket,"I will see you there. Be careful and have fun."

"Have fun?" Chris smirked,"How can I have fun when the world comes crashing down around me?" He looked ahead to the pier, the only one that seemed to be all in one piece. Nothing was there! He couldn't believe it. Was he told wrong? Did he miss his only opportunity to climb aboard?

Setting his bag down heavily, he sat down on top of a large hunk of wall to wait. "Maybe it'll come back for me," he told himself. Soon, he heard the familiar sound of a boat sailing in. He stood up and stretched, slinging his backpack back onto his right shoulder. As he watched the ship come in, he couldn't believe that the vessel he saw was real. It was beautiful, almost like it was just built and heading out for its maiden voyage. Waiting for the signal to come aboard, he wondered how a ship like this survived without a scratch.


The voice was faint, but he heard it loud and clear. He walked down the pier towards the Libra II, pulling the ticket out to hand to the guy onboard. He slowly walked up the gangplank and showed the ticket. "Welcome aboard the Libra II. Destination - Castelia City. Please watch your step and have a pleasant voyage," the guy said to Chris, handing the ticket back. Chris walked along the deck to the front of the ship, leaning on the rail, anticipating the trip to Castelia.

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Godzil October 16th, 2012 8:21 PM

Somewhere, in Rustboro City...

Jack Hanan stops in front of an old building. Formerly a deli, the building had been sold back to the bank when it's owner went bankrupt and moved away. Now, it was rented out to a gentleman who wished to remain unknown. He might have had more success in that endeavor if he hadn't introduced himself by his full name and title everywhere he went. Jack approaches the door, knocking as he enters. "Professor Birch? Are you here?"

He is, and he looks up from his desk at the sound of the knock. His hand subtly moves toward a Pokeball on the desk, looking cautiously at the boy entering his temporary lab. "Yes, I'm over here. What can I do for you?"

Jack approaches, casually hooking his thumbs on his pockets. "I'm interested in Pokemon, and understand that you're the man to see about getting one." He glances around the small store, nodding at various things. "Love what you've done with the place. It has a real 'thrown together last minute' feel to it. Cozy."

Birch shakes his head, turning away. "Sorry, kid. I don't give out Pokemon anymore. Ask your parents or something."

Jack winces, rubbing his neck. "Yeah... About that... I haven't seen them that much lately. They've been too busy with their Team Galactic... things. They've been gone all week. You're basically my only choice now. And it'd be nice to get something to keep the Rattatas off my heels when I'm in town."

The Professor slowly turns back, thinking. "Team Galactic, huh? You know, witha connection to them, and an inquisitive mind like yours, I think we can help each other out." He suddenly leaps up, grabbing a Pokedex off the table. In his haste, he tears open a pocket on his lab coat, spilling out several Pokeballs. "Ah! The balls at your feet contain Pokemon! Choose one and it's yours!"

Jack is surprised, but he won't look a gift Ponyta in the mouth. "Really? Let's see what we've got here!" He prods a few balls, inspecting the Pokemon within. "Blue mouse, no... pink cat, no... metal... thing, tempting..." He opens a ball containing a bright red chicken, which chirps in a serious, but curious way. "... Bright red chicken. I must have it!" He scoops her up, petting her head gently as he hugs her loosely to his chest.

Birch grabs the balls, stuffing them in a pocket. "You want the Fire-Type Torchic? Excellent choice! She's young, but very serious. I'm sure you'll get along famously!"

Jack ruffles Torchic's head feather playfully. "Fantastic! I shall name her Pollo! Back in the ball, Pollo!" He returns Pollo to her ball, putting it in his coat pocket.

Birch hands Jack the Pokedex and 10 empty balls. "Take these as well. In exchange for Torch- uh, Pollo- you'll take these Pokeballs and Pokedex, and use them as you see fit. The Pokedex records data on Pokemon, so it'll be a useful tool on your trip. The balls catch Pokemon, obviously. Now, I want you to go out, and do what kids do when they go on a journey. Have fun, catch Pokemon, battle others, take down a criminal orginization..."

"Wait, what was that last one?"

"Not important! There's a wide world out there! Go and see it!" Birch proudly points to the door, eyes full of adventure.

Jack seems to share his optimism. "A whole world... This sounds great! Where should I start?" He ponders for a moment, rubbing his chin in thought.

Birch just smiles, his plan now in motion. He clears his throat, fishing something out of his pocket. "If I might make a suggestion? There is a ship, reserved for Trainers like yourself. I happen to have a ticket for it. Consider it a gift, and an idea on where to start. It's called the S.S. Libra II, and it'll be leaving Dewford in a few days. I think you should go."

Jack grabs the ticket, bowing his head in respect and shaking Birch's hand in gratitude. "I can get th, ere quickly. I know someone who owes my parents, and by extension me, a favor. I'll be on that ship. I hope to see you again, Professor! As the saying goes, allons-y!" He tips his hat as he heads off. He pops back in. "That's French. For 'let's go.' In case you were wondering..." He leaves.

Later, after cashing in his favor, he finds himself in the Dewford Marina, where the S.S. Libra awaits. He casually slides ona pair of sunglasses, Pollo perched on his arm. He approaches the Libra, pulling out his ticket as he does. He hands it to the guard, never slowing or breaking his stride, walking up the ramp without incident.

"Chic!" Pollo chirps happily.

Jack laughs, patting her head lightly. "Indeed! Now, adventure awaits us! But first, I see a waiter serving cold drinks!"

Vato October 20th, 2012 4:59 PM

Everyone who has posted, please wait patiently for everyone else to arrive at the Libra :3
The Doomed Timeline

Standing motionless, staring at his most recent creations, was the creator. What would happen would be easy to deduce; in the moment these guardians interact with anyone, no matter how minor this interaction is, this doomed timeline will cease to exist. The creator itself would also cease to exist, in this timeline that is, for there is no reason for him to stop existing in a regular timeline.

"Farewell..." He said after staring at them for a while, sadness filling him, but not showing in the outside, "Make no mistakes, the fate of the world rests upon you..."

A white and very small surge of light appears in front of the guardians, only to turn into a huge flash. Upon fading, the guardians were all gone.

"It is time for me to go now..."

Anticipating what was going to happen, Arceus stood firmly in the ground, closing his eyes, as the last breeze of the doomed timeline blew across his body...
The Timeline of Hope

"Tik Tak, Tik Tak!"

What happened was anything but expected, wasn't he supposed to arrive before this whole thing happened? Why was he in this... city... ruiny... thing?

Turning his head all the way around, he swiftly determinated that he was on what was left of Castelia City, meaning he was certainly be on the remains of the Unova region. Things weren't going according to plan, it seemed, for he was alone, and it would must likely be the same for the other guardians, which is, them appearing in totally random spots of the world.

"Tik Tak, Tik Tak!" The Noctowl said before shaking his whole body, feathers blowing around and all.

Clockwork seems to be the smartest creation of Arceus, but everything he says is 'Tik Tak', not because being retard or anything, apparently this phrase holds the secret to something very important, what it is remains a mystery for everyone.

"Tik Tak, Tik Tak!" And the bird began flying around the city, examinating everything around.

doge October 20th, 2012 10:33 PM


“Why, Abee, you sound a little odd, are you okay?” The Professor studied her with suspicious eyes, as if the truth was formulating inside his mind.

Abby nodded, “Yea, I’m fine... Just a little bit sick I guess...” She managed out a measly cough, who was she kidding? It definitely wasn’t convincing at all, but Professor Oak fell for it. Perhaps the letter she had shown him earlier was enough to solidify her new temporary identity. Whatever the case was, the aged professor walked away, headed towards an odd contraption containing several pokeballs. Picking one up, as well as sweeping up a strange rectangular device and a few smaller pokeballs, he headed back towards Abby.

“Well this is the one you requested, and here is your Pokedex, and your pokeballs. I’m sure you know already, but incase, pokeballs are devices used to capture pokemon.” Oak handed her the items one by one. She slipped the dex into a pocket and deposited the empty pokeballs within the other. As the professor handed her the pokeball containing the pokemon “she” had personally requested, a sense of curiosity surged through her body. Somewhat thanking the professor, Abby quickly turned away, starting her leave.

“Wait!” Oak grabbed her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. He quickly apologized but afterwards handed her a ticket, explaining its purpose and all. She took the ticket without saying much, in fact, this time she left without a word.

Having left Pallet Town, Abby found herself walking along a jagged dirt road, as if the path itself had been smeared and disfigured. Along the way, she couldn’t help but think of her mystery pokemon. Taking a slight break from the route, she tossed the pokeball in a meek manner. As the spherical device floated through the air, it popped open, a flash of bright light exploded as the pokemon emerged from its containment. A breeze of wind blew through, the pokemon’s brown fur flowed with it. Its ears and tails perked up, turning it’s adorable head towards its trainer. The fluffy collar only accentuated the adorableness of the furry creature. The cuteness was overwhelming her insides, but of course her exterior was plain as the clothes she was wearing. Now, Eevee over here saw right through this little mask of Abby’s. The pokemon elegantly walked over to its trainer, playfully nudging her leg.

“Soo, are you a girl o-” Before even being able to finish her sentence, the Eevee nodded in what would have to be assumed a yes.

“Umm, alright, Diana, that’s going to be your name.” The Eevee really didn’t respond, the two continued on, but Abby kept wondering if her and the Eevee were on agreeable terms regarding the name. She decided to test it out. “Hey, Diana, mind hopping on my head.” Abby kneeled down, allowing for a less complicated ascent. Making quick work of the climb, the Eevee hopped from her knee onto the top of her hat. As fast as she had climbed on, she hopped off, probably due to the small area given to stand or sat.

“Well that settles that. Come on, let’s go.” She motioned for Diana to follow her, Abby had no intentions of returning her pokemon. The journey was going to be long and boring. Emphasis on long, and emphasis on boring. The extra company was necessary, at least for now.

Hours passed in a manner that seemed to feel like days. Lucky Abby had found a shortcut, or perhaps it could have been days. By now her legs were a little sore, never in her life had she ever walked such a distance without taking even the slightest of rests. Abby knew she didn’t have all the time in the world, she kind of needed to hurry. Along the way, she had already returned Diana to her pokeball, sensing a bit of weariness in the young creature. Coming upon a clearing, she looked around, wondering where she was. The sight of the desolate city was painfully obvious. It reminded her of when she had come across the letter and the girl... She quickly shoved that grim thought out of her mind, it was the last thing she needed to be thinking about.

As she approached the city, the shattered remnants of buildings came into a clearer view. Although she’d never been here, Abby had heard tales of Vermillion, and how it use to wrangle in tourists like no tomorrow. Then again, this city didn’t really have a tomorrow anymore, did it? If it wasn't such a glum joke perhaps she would’ve chuckled. But instead she kept on, her face plastered with indifference.

The harbor itself was still attached in it’s entirety it seemed. A rather modest ship to say the least was docked by it’s side, the original Libra’s successor she presumed. Her eyes suddenly felt heavy. Perhaps the long walk had taken more of a toll on her energy than she had thought. She hurried over to the dock, every few seconds resisting the urge to fall asleep right there on the spot. Arriving by the ship’s side, a man stood at guard, most likely ready to collect her ticket. Abby was in no position to further prolong this little process more than it would already take, so she grabbed her ticket out of her pocket and shoved the ticket into the man’s chest. Not bothering to witness his reaction, Abigail immediately boarded the Libra, still fighting the grips of unconsciousness. A bed would've been very much appreciated. Sadly, the best she could find was a lawn chair. It was probably that guard's chair or whatever, but screw it, as soon as she sat down she was out like a light.

Kay11190 October 22nd, 2012 10:09 PM

Little Root town, the city whose colors never change, once a small humble town, now still small, but town in slight disrepair. The houses down the road were either completely torn down, or were incredibly beaten up. Rare was it to find a house that was full intact. The world had changed quite a bit in this short amount of time since the horrible catastrophe. Pokemon were learning different types of moves, the environment changed, and most importantly people had changed as well. Some people for the better, helping out those who they can. Others not so much, turning to crime, or simply losing faith and trust in their fellow man. It was certainly a hard time, but one girl with her mind set on making something out of this whirlwind of change was headed toward the largest building in the town. It stood at the southernmost point of the town, and was in rather good shape. Its concrete gray walls and lite, rusty leaf green roof tiles held up well. It was of course no surprise as this was the home of one of the world’s most well renounced pokemon professors, Professor Birch.

The Girl knew of the professor from the reading she had done on her trek across Hoenn. She was particularly interested in his research as it pertained to something she was interested in, the behavior of things, in this case pokemon. After the recent environmental changes, as well as physiological changes of pokemon, he was sure to be the one to turn to with the hopes of starting a journey for themselves.

As she approached the building the girl peered through the front window surveying the lab before entering. It was a cozy looking place, there were however books everywhere. It was peculiar as they were arranged in a way that suggested that they had recently been used and discarded as they were done being used. The rest of the lab was hard to make out however, as the lights were out and she couldn’t see past the first room of the building.

“Enjoying the view of my mess I see.” Uttered a low and slightly raspy voice from behind the girl. Startled she turned around and observed the direction the words came from. Roughly 20 feet away was a semi muscular man, dressed in brown shorts, a dark blue t-shirt and a white lab coat. His hair was kept in two separate bangs on either side of his forehead, neither of which passed the center of his eyes. His facial hair was also kept fairly well with it being in a neat chin strap. It gave him a sort of boyish charm that would usually be lost on someone of his high status.

“Well are you going to introduce yourself, or should I call the police to investigate a little girl sneaking around my lab.” The man smiled slightly as his sarcasm ringed in the girl’s ears.

“Ya, I’m sorry about that” she said her face turning a bit red out of the embarrassment. This was possibly the first time she was ever caught sneaking around outside of her home. “My name is Savanna Hollingsworth from Mauville City. I was hoping that you would actually be willing to give me a pokemon so I can start a journey.” The girl said looking at the professor, her green eyes gleaming into to his. The man however seemed rather unfazed by her stare, and seemed to be instead having an internal debate with himself.

“Follow me inside if you will, I am however not making any promises to you.” Stated the professor as he opened the door to his lab and walked in. Savanna followed closely behind being sure to stay within earshot of the professor. “I find it very funny to say that you are not the first person to ask me for a pokemon recently.” Continued the brown haired man casually as he flipped on the lights and headed for a back room. This room much like the first had books scattered in certain areas but was generally cleaner. A work desk was found in the center, and along all of the walls were bookshelves that were filled, except for random patches, which made up the population of the floor. Also behind his desk by the window were a number of pokeballs that were lined up, as if waiting for someone to claim them. “You would think that because of recent events people would not be interested in travel but, I guess I was wrong.” The Professor after this statement traversed the room and sat behind the desk, before gesturing toward Savanna to sit at the chair on the other side. “So tell me, why is it that you want to start a journey with a pokemon?” Questioned the professor. Savanna could tell by the seriousness in his voice and intense gaze that this question was of utmost importance. Slowly she walked toward the chair and sat down, placing her bag upon the desk in front of her. The professor reacted simply by taking out a pad and pen and began to jot something down.

“To be completely honest with you, I don’t know why I want to start a pokemon journey. At least not fully. I suppose after everything changed, I was hoping that I could find something that was more suited to me. And this seemed to be the outlet and need. I was hoping the travel would help me find my true niche. I mean, I fit in at my father’s work as far as deducing why people commit robbery crimes, and their usual habits. I think that is another reason I was drawn to your lab.” Savanna paused to look at the professor, who was still vigorously writing something. “I read that you researched the behavior of pokemon, and how they interact in various different aspects, and to me that is something I find particularly interesting and…”

“Stop as you are.” Interrupted the professor rather sternly “I would like you to stand up and look out that window.” Quickly and nervously Savanna got up and stared out the window. The view was that of the neighborhood, again with its mix of destruction and new growth. “If you look out the houses out there I’m sure you would agree that you see three things. Of course you see the houses that were abandoned after the terrible disaster, and how they now stand a shell of their former selves. And the houses that took damage but have not been repaired, as if they are stuck in transition, waiting for something better. Lastly the houses that are new, and shine, embracing and thriving in the midst of something terrible. From this alone I’m sure you can infer that the world out there will be filled with tremendous challenges. Challenges I’m sure a young girl, such as yourself, may not be able to handle. From what it seems, from when you started speaking your resolve wasn’t where it needs to be, I think perhaps you should come back tomorrow or another time when you have fully made up your mind.” Said the professor, his words hanging gloomily in the air. From behind her Savanna could hear him slam a drawer, the sound signifying an abrupt end to her short trip. She turned around to see that the professor had put away his pen and paper, and was holding her bag waiting for her by the door of the room. He gave a small gesture and walked out toward the front. Savanna lingered a moment after the professor left and once more looked out at the window at the different houses before turning around and following birch out of the lab.

“I’m sorry that I had to disappoint you, but maybe you have not gotten the push you needed yet.” Said the professor as he handed the girl her bag. “Maybe next time.” With that professor Birch closed his door and was gone. Savanna stood there shocked that it had all happened so fast, as she walked off, she did let out a small smirk of triumph. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out one of the pokeballs that was sitting by the window. She did feel a little bit bad for the professor, but he had more or less told her that she was not cut out for the job. She stared into the ball at the pokemon she had chosen, confined in the ball was a small dinosaur looking pokemon that shined a metal. She recognized the pokemon as an Aron, a steel rock type. Out of the pokemon on the table to her this was the obvious choice; it was one that was hardy, one that she could depend on in these hard times. After reaching the edge of the city, where the noise level died down, Savannah heard a strange sound coming from her bag. It sounded as if something was clanging. She quickly put the bag down and opened it. Inside was not only a brand new Pokedex, but ten unused pokeballs. Pulling out the Pokedex she found a note written by the Professor.

So if I was right about you, I believe that you took my speech rather well. Or well enough to take a pokemon from me, but I feel I must explain myself. I’ve been expecting your arrival for quite some time. Week s ago your father had told me you were headed here to claim your first pokemon, and went on to divulge a good amount of information about you. From what I gathered you are the type who will at times fight for what they want, and for you that would be knowledge. I assumed that you would want it badly enough to resort to stealing, even though I can hardly count it as stealing if I knew beforehand what you were doing, but I digress. You will now be charged with a great responsibility and like the new houses you must rise to the challenge. You have a very unique skillset that others may come to rely on, and that includes me and the rest of the people of this earth. I’m sure you are aware of the evil forces that have reared their heads. I am by no means asking you to take them on, but to be aware that temptation is around every corner, and at times it will be very easy to succumb. Much like your father, I have faith from here on out you will do the right thing. At the bottom of this note is a ticket to the S.S. Libra II, I hope to see you on the ship when it departs from Slateport. I have also taken the liberty of arranging a ride for you to Slateport from the edge of town, you’ll know it when you see it. Other than that I ask that in your quest you please record whatever pokemon you see in the Pokedex to catalog any new changes to them that may have happened. Also in the front pouch of your bag I left a notebook for your own personal notes, along with a small book on basic behavior of pokemon. With your perception I’m sure you’ll be able to make something out of it. In closing I wish you the best of luck on your trip, and I am ever so grateful to be the one to give you your final push toward your goals. Yours truly, Professor Birch.

He knew, the professor knew. Savanna stood there in awe tears starting to flow down her cheeks. It wasn’t very often that someone had caused such drastic change of emotions in her in such a short time. Not only that, but he read her emotions, better than most could have who had known her for years. Perhaps it was his knowledge of behavior, or maybe it was because he could see potential. Whatever the case the situation presented to Savanna was more than she could have hoped for, but this was not the time to sit and linger in her thoughts. After all she had to find this ride the professor mentioned. Looking around she could see nothing that was too out of the ordinary. A few Poochyena running around, and a Swellow with a red scarf sitting in a tree. Curious, Savanna zipped up her backpack after securing her new item safely inside and approached the flying type. The bird, which had never broken eye contact with the girl, hopped out of the tree and landed in front of her its right side facing her body, as if telling her to climb on. Without much hesitation, seeing as no wild pokemon would do such a thing, the girl climbed on and grasped the bird around its neck. The bird then immediately took off flying northwest towards Slateport.

After a little over two hours of flying the bird pokemon touched down in Slateport. It had landed in a small clearing in town not too far from the docks. As Savanna got off it let out a small cry and took of back to the sky. She looked around after the bird pokemon disappeared from sight, and wasn’t too shocked at what she saw. This city much like the others had suffered a good amount of damage, this town however suffered mostly from damage caused by water. In an attempt to not get further distracted Savanna began to hurry toward the docks. From where she was she could already see the S.S. Libra quite clearly, and after a short jog she found herself at the boarding platform. She handed the guard her ticket and continued to make her way onto the ship after he handed her the passenger stub.

As she walked to the front of the ship, Savanna pulled out the pokeball yet again, this time clicking the button at the front. In a flash a bright white light, the dinosaur pokemon formed at her feet. The pokemon looked up to her with great curiosity, and let out a small cry that sounded like a mix between a bark and a howl.

“You’re a cute one aren’t you. I guess if you are going to be with me you will need a name. I have the perfect one, how about Daichi, it means of the earth, so it fits you quite well.” The pokemon gave her a smile in response and then proceeded to rub its head on her leg in approval. “Alright then Daichi, from here on out, it’s you and me, hopefully we will make something of this trip.” The brown hared girl let out one more smile before losing herself in though, while staring out into the clear blue waters.

machomuu October 25th, 2012 4:10 PM

Regal Marx
Mistralton City

As the plane touched down, Regal peered out the window and looked around. He seemed to be looking for something or someone, but he couldn't seem to find them. As people filtered out of the plane, Regal looked up, saying to himself, "This rain is certainly a step up from the coldness of Sinnoh, that was Hell...but frozen." The joke was half-hearted, an attempt to brighten up his mood brought down by the downfall. Regal had just travelled from Sinnoh back to Unova. He'd been living in Sinnoh for a year, and he returned to Unova because he received a letter from Professor Juniper containing an airplane ticket and instructions. As he exited the plain he again looked around for the professor, but saw no one there that fit her description. Though, he did notice a girl off in the distance carrying a photo and looking at the various passengers as they went about their business. Then, when she saw him, she looked back at the photo and then back at him several times. After a few moments, she ran toward him, careful not to slip on the wet asphalt.

The girl was small in size compared to him, she wore green pants, and an orange overcoat. When he saw her, he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd seen her before. "Hello!" She said in a surprisingly cheerful manner. "Are you mister Regal Marx?" Regal didn't respond, he couldn't stop staring at her because he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met her before. Maintaining her smile, the girl turned her head to the side with confusion.

"Oh, uh..." He said, finally realizing that she asked him a question. "Yeah, I'm Regal." Those were the words he said, but in his mind he was thinking I know her, and she knows me but...from where? Is she a childhood friend? No, that's not Sinnoh maybe? No, no...

The girl giggled and said, "Great! My name is Bianca, and I'm Professor Juniper's assistant." This caused Regal to feel a little satisfied. Then the smile from her face disappeared, and in its place was a look of confusion. "Regal...Regal..." She said to herself a few times. She walked closer to the artist and looked at his face through his hair. Then, she gasped and exclaimed "Regal! Regal Marx!" Regal, however, was still confused. He nodded in response to her realization, and she went on. "Regal, it's me, Bianca." Still nothing. "We met in the bunker last year." Still, Regal was in the dark. Bianca handed him her umbrella and took off her glasses and held up her hair, and that's when he remembered.

Regal's face lit up at the realization. Despite that she hadn't changed much, their encounter was rather brief, so it was no surprise that he didn't remember her right off the bat. Still, now her face was more radiant, her presence was uplifting, and her being rather learned. "Bianca, it's good to see you again."

"Ha ha! I knew you'd remember!" She put her glasses back on and took back her umbrella. "I would ask how life's been treating you, but I have some other things to attend to, so I'll get right down to business." She pulled out some pokeballs from her coat pocket, eleven to be specific. She handed them to him, and he received all of them but one, which he dropped. When it impacted the ground, a small black and red creature came out of it.

The creature that appeared was a Zorua. The Zorua, noting the rain, took cover under the umbrella. "Maybe we should take refuge inside." Bianca said, scratching her cheek. Regal nodded, and the three of them relocated inside of a nearby Pokemon Center. "Anyway, here's the deal, I'm-" Then a loud beeping sound came from her coat pocket. "Oh, one second." Bianca took to another part of the Pokemon Center and started talking on her Xtranciever. She then came back, her face flustered, and she said, "I'm really sorry!" She pulled out a Pokedex from her Pocket and said, "Just open this, it will give you all of the instructions. I'm sorry, but I've gotta go!" She took out her umbrella and ran out of the Pokemon Center. Regal and the Zorua looked at the doorway and then looked at each other.

"Alright Gavotte, I guess we better check out what's on this Pokedex."

Reader_Maniac October 27th, 2012 4:16 AM

Alexandria Cattiebrie

"Welllll, Ready?" A man asked from outside her room. Alexandria(or Alex as she goes by) was more than ready, at least mentally. In a world so changed by legends most people might have assumed not exist, it was near impossible to really be ready for anything. The guy asking was one of Rowan's assistants, who traveled across what was once Sinnoh to study the wild Pokemon. It seemed weird that it has been close to a year since she first meet the assistant, with a sprained ankle on her way back to her mother's house(or what was left of it, which was more or less a pile of wood). The assistant went back to work as soon as he was healed, occasionally stopping by to say hi. It wasn't until a week ago when the assistant said that Rowan was considering her to be one of the Pokedex bearers(in secret). Then yesterday, Rowan himself visited.


"So your Alex...." Rowan said hesitantly. "I am Professor Rowan, and I am collecting a few trainers to help with the...scouting of the changes of our world due to recent events." He took out 7 Pokeballs, each with a Pokemon inside, along with a Pokedex. "And for that, I decided that it would lessen the workload if you and a few more young people like yourself would do the footwork and gather some Pokemon, which seem to be evolving unusually...."

Alexandria looked at what was in each ball. She reached for the one with the Buneary, and when her hands went over it, Rowan asked, "Are you sure you want to go through with this journey? Are you content to just leave your home?"

Alex replied while picking up the ball and Pokedex, "Yes, I'm sure." Alex decided days ago she would leave. As for home, It was hard to say that she thought of either house her parents was home.

Rowan nodded, "Then it's decided," Rowan pulled out a ticket with a ship drawn on it and 10 Pokeballs and handed it to Alexandria. "This ticket will take you to Castella City. I will board the same ship. See you their." As Rowan walked toward the door, Alex asked, "Wait, your leaving now?" It was early afternoon,but Rowan chuckled as he said, " I don't move quite as fast as I did in my prime, so I will be going now. To someone your age though, if you wake early enough, you should be their long before it leaves." Rowan left, leaving Alex to prepare for the journey.

The memory flashed through her mind. She then closed her pack, checked to make sure she had her book, and left the same as Rowan. After saying bye to her mother(the only one there), She said to the assistant, "Ya, lets go."


The trail to Snowpoint was fairly boring for the most part, since the weak blizzard blocked out most of what they could see. It wasn't until you got to the city that anything could be seen. the first, and most out of place was the Boat. While it looked delicate enough to be crushed by icebergs, when she looked out to the sea, it was oddly clear of ice. She then decided to walk onto the boat, flashing her ticket to the guard. After going below deck for warmth and escape from the wind, she released the Buneary. The Buneary stretched as Alex took out the Pokedex to get info on her own Pokemon.

Huge Power
Tackle, Jump Kick & Thunder shock

Huge Power? Thunder shock? Only one name stuck in her mind. "Hey," The Buneary lazily turned his head, "Is the name Thor ok?" Thor made no sign of either acceptance or denial until he decided to nod. Well, that was a good start. Alex thought, but now what?

Pokemonmaster_draco October 28th, 2012 7:18 AM

Adventure Of Falcon
Chapter 1
“The Farewell”

“Here we are son, Snowpoint City” Falcon’s father said “are you ready?”

“Sure I am” Falcon replied.
Falcon and his father had travelled from Twinleaf to Snowpoint City to get aboard the supposed S.S Libra II that professor Rowan had told them. Though, Falcon’s father wasn’t going. He was there to see his son off to his adventure in this demolished world.

“So do you remember what the Professor told you?” Falcon’s father asked curiously.

“Now that you mention it, what did the Professor told me??” Falcon inquired.


“Why, hello there lads, where are you heading?” Professor Rowan asked Falcon and his father as he passed by them in a quite small van.

“If it isn’t the renowned Professor Rowan” Falcon’s father said “We’re heading to Twinleaf. Apparently that’s where everyone is going.”

“Then I shall say you’re lucky. I’m heading there as well. Hop in!” The Professor replied. Falcon hopped in after his father and they rode off to Twinleaf. The road wasn’t stable as it was before the unexpected phenomenon and the ride was quite bumpy.

“So Professor, do you know anything about this kind of terror rising here in Sinnoh. It has never happened before” Falcon’s father asked.

“Frankly say, I know nothing of what’s happening” Professor Rowan replied “It’s the most strangest thing I’ve ever seen, though reports have shown indicating that Groudon and Kayogre have been awaken. I have no idea what so ever to how this could be. Though, I’m trying to gather up some youngsters to help me in my research.”

“Take me” Falcon suddenly entered the conversation “I can be of great help, tell him dad”

“Well he is quite grown now and I guess he could…” Falcon’s father explained but was hastily interrupted

“Why yes, he could be of great use. What was your name again..?” Professor Rowan asked with anticipation

“Falcon” Falcon replied with a proud chest “Falcon Gormaiden”

“Arrh! Perfect” Professor Rowan said “A kid with attitude, I like it.”

As they arrived in Twinleaf, Professor Rowan rushed out his van and zoomed in his lab. Falcon and his father got out the van and inhaled the beautiful scent of calm and prosperity.

From the looks of it, it seemed as if Twinleaf had not been affected by the devastation and the tremendous storm that was prolonged in the north of Sinnoh. The town was perfectly calm and cool. The houses were in place and the flowers bloomed diligently in the (unexpected) soft wind that blew in.
“Um, do you have a minute Falcon?” A voice interrupted Falcon as he was viewing the town bit by bit. It was Professor Rowan and in his hand were exactly 12 Pokeballs and a blue Pokedex. ”Take these Pokeballs and this device. It will help you to travel this land to try and unravel the secrets of this strange happening.”

“Thanks” Falcon gently replied as he took the Pokeballs and the blue Pokedex. But Professor Rowan had kept two Pokeballs in his hand and he introduced it to Falcon. He handed one out and said

“This Pokeball holds a Turtwig inside and he’ll be your companion all through this journey”. He then introduces the other Pokeball to Falcon and said

“This one holds a Staraptor inside and it will help you reach Snowpoint City in a couple of minutes to go on this boat” and Professor Rowan handed out a ticket with a small printing of a boat on it. The ticket also says “S.S Libra II”. “You will board the boat which will take you Castella City. There, you shall wait for my arrival” Professor Rowan explained “I have some business to attend before I depart to Castella so you go first and wait for me there”.

“Sure Professor” Falcon nodded and took the ticket and the two Pokeball. He then turned to his father. “Dad…”

“Don’t worry son, I’ll accompany you till Snowpoint City and then I’ll see you off.” Falcon’s father replied with a small smile. “So shall we..?”

“Ya” Falcon grinned and threw the Pokeball in the air. The Pokeball opened and a small Turtwig beamed out.

“Oops! Wrong Pokeball” Falcon chuckled “Come back Turtwig” and with another flash the Turtwig was back in his Pokeball. Falcon threw the other one and out came a beam of tremendous power which was shoved off by a strong black winged bird.

“See you later lad” Professor Rowan waved

“Same here” Falcon retorted.

Falcon was lost in his flashback imagination but was soon pulled out by his father’s voice which called

“The boats here…well I think it is if my vision’s correct” Falcon’s father said as he tilted to see if it was really the boat or if his vision was tricking with him.

“Yes dad, it is” Falcon corrected him and approached the harbor “See ya dad!”

“Have fun son” and a tear from Falcon’s father’s face dripped down. “And be careful”

pat20cool October 28th, 2012 4:41 PM

Patrick McCallion - New Bark Town Pokemon Laboratory

'Please come in and take a seat! And take this towel to dry yourself off.' The man in the coat said nicely whilst handing him a towel. 'Would you like some hot chocolate?'
Patrick nodded while walking over to the sofa. Patrick takes off his Scarf and T-shirt and begins to dry his hair and body with the towel. The man laughed at his naive nature. Patrick wrapped the towel around his neck while he looked at the lab. He seen so many important looking people.

'Wow, there's alot of people...I wonder where they are from? I sure hope their familes are okay...I hope my mom and dad are too...I'm sure they've got those guys with them...' thought Patrick as he turned to Skarmory. Skarmory seemed to be a little sulky because of it still being wet from the rain. Patrick started drying off Skarmory's armoured skin with his towel. 'Jasmine has kept you in such good condition, huh Skarmory? You flew so fast through the sky too! I hope I can battle against you whenever I battle Jasmine!' Skarmory looked at Patrick and nodded giving out a cry.

The lab coat man returned with Patrick's hot chocolate and another man with a black top hat and a red triangular object hanging from his neck. Patrick seemed to be attracted to the object and kept starring at it.

'Here you go, young man. Fresh coco, made with fresh chocolate beans from Hoenn and Moomoo whipped cream start from Olivine Ranch.' cheerfully said the lab coat man.
'Olivine Ranch? That's near where I live! Their stuff is always super yummy! Especially their Miltank steaks!' announced Patrick with a smile as he takes his first sip. The two men both looked at Patrick in distraught, then at each other and laughed.

'Ahh, what a charming young lad you are! Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Professor Elm, I am the Regional Pokemon Professor of the Johto Region and I have a PHd in Pokemon breeding and Evolution. And this man is Mr. Pokemon, he is a colleague of mine who researches Rare Pokemon findings.' Explained Elm while fixing his glasses. 'For instance, the recent weather outbreaks that has occurred is due to Legendary Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre. We are aware of this because of Mr. Pokemon's previous research about them with Hoenn's Weather Institute.'

'Without boring you with all these details, why don't you tell us about yourself?' Mr. Pokemon intrupted.

Putting down his empty mug, wiping off his chocolate mustache, he shakes his head to fix his hair. 'I'm Patrick McCallion. I came from Olivine City. The storm had just hit there a few hours ago... I was lucky to get out of there while I did. I lost both my parents in a tidal wave, but I'm sure they are okay. My parents are good trainers. They have powerful Pokemon that could help them through that wave...' Skarmory lowered it's head offering Patrick some sympathy and started nudging him a little. With a strange expression on his face Patrick looks at the two professor's.

'Umm, if you don't mind me asking this but have we met before?' Patrick asked curiously. 'I don't think we have?' Elm replied 'I would definitely remember seeing someone like you.' 'Are you sure? 'Cause this all seems familiar to me.. Like it's happened before...weird...' 'You must have a case of Deja Vú. Don't worry it happens to us all.' Elm laughed.

Mr. Pokemon looked at the Skarmory's condition and could see it's strength. 'I can see that you must be quite the trainer if your Skarmory looks this impressive.'

'Huh? No no this Skarmory isn't mine. It's Miss Jasmine's Skarmory.'

'Jasmine? The Olivine City Gym Leader Jasmine? Is she friends of yours?' asked Elm.

'Yeah! Me and Jasmine are good friends! She is also my mentor, and my rival too! We made a promise to battle whenever I become a powerful trainer! This is why she told Skarmory to take me here.'

Professor Elm looks at the boy. He scratches his chin and takes note in how passionate and strong he was being just after the major disaster. 'Patrick.' Elm asked curiously. 'How much do you know about Pokemon?' 'I know quite alot about Steel-Types! They have really high defences and their moves are super-effective against Rock and Ice Types.' Elm smirked, 'so tell me about Grass-Types? What are they weak against? What are they strong against?' Patrick became a little hesitant. 'Umm...Grass-Types...They are weak to Fire..Flying.. and...' As Patrick kept trying to think of what were good counters to a Grass-Type, Elm fired more questions at him. 'What type is immune to Ground moves? What is the 2 Fighting-Type Moves which are powerful but have a bad effect on the user? What Pokemon can have the ability Motor Drive?' Patrick attempted answering the questions as best as he could, but he wasn't very knowledgeable in what he was learning.

Feeling discouraged, Elm smiled at Patrick. 'You lack alot of potential required to become a true Pokemon Trainer young man. But, with a little hard work and dedication you can rise to the tops and become a remarkable trainer. I don't know if that Deja Vú of yours is a sign, but I have decided to make your promise to Jasmine closer than you think.' Mr. Pokemon chuckled and looked at Patrick. 'Really, you letting him have a starter? He doesn't have the same heart that Gold had or the same soul that Silver had.' 'Mr. Pokemon, please Patrick seems to have spirit. However I must request your assistance Patrick. As you can imagine the disasters have highly damaged the towns and cities. I estimate for the next year or so, we will be rebuilding the town. But I have decided give you the chance to become all that you can be by giving you a Starter Pokemon.' Patrick was listening to Elm's request, he couldn't understand that they had just met, but he wanted Patrick's help rebuilding a city. But in a way he felt honoured.

'Where's my manners...Patrick will you give me your help? I promise this will be rewarding you in every way.' Elm asked looking at the boy. 'Professor, I know I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box. But I know how to not give up an opportunity like this!'. Elm reaches out to him to shake his hand. Patrick meets him half way and shakes his hand.

Elm gets up and walks over to his computer, he types in a selection of codes which astounds Patrick and makes him giddy. After Elm finishes his typing, he opens up a storage unit containing 10 small Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Elm puts the contents into a black back-pack with 5 potions. He then lifts 4 larger Pokeballs out from another section of the unit and throws them up in the air. He reaches in again and lifts another 3 and throws them up also.

'Introducing, the unique starter Pokemon of the Johto Region!' Once the light that flashed from the balls began taking their form. It revealed everyone of the Pokemon. Patrick's jaw dropped. Professor Elm pulls a random curtain to reveal a catwalk to present the Pokemon to Patrick in a...impressive way. Elm pulls out his cue cards and a microphone, as each of the Pokemon take their places.

'Beginning with the cheerful, evergreen delight, Chikorita! The Leaf Pokemon!' Chikorita pounced up the catwalk, spinning the leaf on it's head like a helicopter. 'This Pokemon is a Grass Type Pokemon, with access to alot of status moves in it's movepool. Great for improving it's battling standard.' Patrick clapped as he waited for the next Pokemon.

'Next is the sleepy, hot desire, Cyndaquil! The Fire Mouse Pokemon!' Cyndaquil shyly walked up the catwalk. As it got to the posing position it bursted the flames out from it's back. 'Cyndaquil are faster and powerful! They were popular amongst trainers in Johto, as New Bark Town's very own Gold used one!' Patrick's eyes were gleaming, a Fire-Type would be perfect for Jasmine!

'Next is the excited, slippery dancer, Totodile! The Big Jaw Pokemon!' Totodile danced it's way up the catwalk at full speed, jumping in the air fluttering it's feet keeping it in the air for quite a while. 'Totodile are loyal Water-Types, they get more powerful and dependable when they grow. Trained right and they can utilize Ice Moves!' Patrick nods as he sees how useful Totodile could be.

'Now we have the cute, cuddly glutton, Teddiursa! The Little Bear Pokemon!' Teddiursa appoarched the top of the catwalk and looked at Patrick's eyes. It tilted it's head and bit it's claw striking a extremely cute pose. Patrick's heart explodes with admiration for the Teddy bear. 'Teddiursa are sneaky little Pokemon that will do anything for their food.' Patrick's love for the Pokemon died as it didn't like the sounds of it stealing food. 'But once fully evolved this Pokemon will be one of your most reliable Pokemon.'

'We now have the fluffy, soft shocking, Mareep! The Wool Pokemon!' Mareep comes out and waddles toward the front as it shakes it's coat releasing sparks of electricity. 'This little cutey packs a wallop and can take that wallop straight back, as most of the attacks it takes doesn't penetrate the thick wooly coat around it's body.' Patrick didn't get any 'sparks' from Mareep.

'Next is the round, bouncy, swimmer, Marill! The Aqua Mouse!' Marill walked down the catwalk swinging it's tail around looking so happy. Patrick wasn't really impressed as it looked like a downgrade from Totodile. 'Marill's are unique as the little ball on their tail contains an oil that keeps Marill floating! And it's pre-evo is a Normal-Type! Why? No one knows...'

'Last but not least, is the energetic, jolly tough, Phanpy! The Long Nose Pokemon!' Phanpy ran up the catwalk tooting it's snout as it looked at Patrick. Patrick's eyes lit up as he stood up he looked right at Phanpy, and Phanpy back at him. It's like...they knew each other before, like a long awaited reunion. Phanpy jumped straight down to the ground and lifted Patrick up off his feet and onto it's back.

'Professor! I want Phanpy! Something about it, just makes me want to be his friend!' declared Patrick he got off of Phanpy. He crouched to Phanpy's level. 'Phanpy do you want to offer me the priviledge of being my Starter Pokemon?' Phanpy cheered and danced as it rushed over to Patrick and picked him up on it's back again. The two professors laughed as they approached Patrick.

'So Phanpy it is? Would you like to give it a Nickname?' asked Elm. 'Nope, Phanpy is Phanpy!' Patrick cheered. Elm nodded. 'Now Patrick, at this point. I would offer you, your beginner's Pokemon backpack. But I'll give that to you when your ready to leave us. We will have everything you need. I will mentor you also, just to prepare you for what is coming ahead. Most trainers don't have the luxury of spending a year to bond with their starter before setting off. My house is actually conveniently above this laboratory so make yourself at home!'

Patrick looks at the Professor, then at Phanpy. He couldn't express how happy he was. Skarmory walks over after the whole scene and looks straight at Phanpy, analysing it. Patrick, Elm and Mr. Pokemon sensed the energy between these two Pokemon. With one final look Skarmory smiled and flew towards the door of the lab. It flew up and off to Olivine. Patrick and Phanpy ran outside where it was still heavily raining. 'SKARMORY!! I WILL BEAT YOU!! NOW MAKE SURE JASMINE IS SAFE!!'. With that Skarmory couldn't be seen. Patrick and Phanpy went back inside. Phanpy shook and tooted it's snout at Patrick. Elm smiled and as horror strikes his face.

'PATRICK!!' What is it Professor?' 'Put back on your shirt!! Be decent!!'

siiadams October 29th, 2012 4:26 AM

Chris leans against the rail near the edge of the ship, lost in his thoughts about this opportunity that was thrust upon him. Having one pokemon was ok, but very inadequate for training. If he was going to be stronger, he needed a bigger team. But what kind of pokemon was he going to encounter? The trip could NOT be fast enough for him.

A thought suddenly struck him: he hasn't seen his partner at all since he got it. He pulled out the pokeball set aside in his backpack, knowing it was full. Clicking the button, a bright white light shot out onto the deck near him, taking a small shape. The bright light dimmed to reveal...Bulbasaur, the grass-type. Chris looked confused. "How can a grass-tpe," he thought, "know the move Incinerate? Did the professor tell me wrong?" As he considered the pokemon in front of him, he realized that this particular Bulbasaur seemed to be stronger than ones he had seen in the past. "Maybe when the world went to crap, you got stronger than usual," he said to his partner. Bulbasaur seemed to understand what he said, because it nodded its agreement after Chris spoke.

Chris nodded. "Well, since you and I are partners now, I think its fitting to give you a name...Are you a boy?" he asked Bulbasaur, who shook its head no. Chris nodded, pondering as he spoke, "Ok, you're female...powerful grass-type...". Suddenly, Chris looked down to the pokemon. "How about Ivy?" Bulbasaur seemed to dance around a little at the sound of Ivy, apparently loving it. "Ok, then," he declared,"you're name shall be Ivy." Ivy ran up to him happily, rubbing the side of her head against his left leg.

Soon, he saw a city (or what was left of it) come into view. "This must be Castelia City..." Chris said, surveying the ruins coming up to them. He shook his head, muttering,"Apparently, it used to be a lively its a graveyard. I can't believe I have to start here." Ivy agreed, waiting patiently next to him. The ship pulled up to a dock that seemed a little damaged, but was more put together than the others. There was a sign with faded letters nearby, but Chris finally understood what it said: Unity Pier.

When the boat finally stopped, Chris and Ivy walked off the boat, Chris slinging his backpack back onto his shoulder. They started walking towards the city, hearing the Libra II pull out and drift away. Turning back to the ruined city, he decided to sit and wait for Professor Oak to come in. They find a small crate that seemed to support him, so Chris sat down on the crate as Ivy sat down next to him.

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KingKaos October 29th, 2012 9:16 PM

Ruby and Brave were staring at the ocean as they leaned against the rails of the ship. Ruby looked down at Brave who wasn’t very impressed by the ocean or the waves. Instead he was clawing at his yellow scarf with curiosity. “Do you like that scarf?” Ruby asked with a smile at her Pokemon. Brave simply looked up and gave a small nod to show he did. He did not smile back instead he looked rather serious. “What’s with that attitude, partner?” Ruby crotched down next to Brave and grabbed his paw. At first Brave thought about pulling away, but then Ruby put her other hand on top of his head. “Don’t worry partner, I’m an aura user so this is just a basic aura reading technique.” Ruby smiled at Brave again, who turned away with his face slightly red. Ruby began concentrating on the aura of her new partner.

“I’ve never seen such a strong and wild aura from such a small Pokemon. I’ve lived in the mountains with Onixs, Geodudes, Gravellers, and other wild Pokemon, but none of their auras were like your aura, Brave. You must have quite the potential locked down inside of you. I hope that as partners we will be able to awaken that potential as my grandfather did to me.” Brave turned his head towards his trainer and snatched his paw away. “Well aren’t we a little too cool to hold hands with a girl.” Ruby laughed as Brave turned his head with a redder face again. “You know Brave, I haven’t told you about my life in the mountains yet. Want to hear about it?” Brave slowly turned his head and slightly nodded. So Ruby began her story about her life and training in the mountains. While at first Brave was uninterested in the words of his trainer, as the story progressed about her battles, learning aura skills, and trying to become a heroine he felt himself wanting to hear and learn more about his trainer. “I can see and feel from your aura that my story created quite the spark in you.” Ruby began to pat the head of Brave. Brave then noticed her bracelet and started to claw at it like he did to the scarf. “Oh this is just something I made for my birthday while I was in the mountains. While I was up there I realized I hadn’t celebrated my birthday in a while so I decided to get myself something nice. As a girl, it’s only obvious that I would want an accessory to flaunt and thus I decided to make a bracelet. To get the materials, I enlisted the help of some of the cave Geodudes and Zubats that liked me and also had my ally scarves. So with their help I searched the cave to find pretty stones to make a bracelet. We couldn’t find much at first, but then I found this cool looking everstone and went after it. However, it was guarded by this boss Onix that rules that cave. He was a big fella that really disliked a human like me disturbing his territory. So in order to get this stone, we had to dodge his rock throw and iron tail attack. Once we did that, Geodude used magnitude to deal damage as Zubat used supersonic to confuse him. I dashed pass the Onix and dived for the everstone, but was soon stopped by his tail. When I turned around I saw that both Zubat and Geodude had been knocked out. The Onix went for a skull bash attack and came straight at me. Had my grandfather not come and blocked it with an aura shield I wouldn’t be here today. This bracelet is a reminder of the aura user I want to be, Brave.”

Brave was so enticed by the story Ruby could see his fur standing up. She could see he was becoming excited by her tales. Ruby was about to tell Brave another story, but soon the ship was pulling into what was left of a port. Ruby guided Brave off the ship. They stepped off and saw the remains of what used to be a city. Ruby and Brave were awestruck and as they moved off the port they saw Professor Rowan again. “How goes it old man Rowan?”

Godzil October 30th, 2012 12:42 AM

Somewhere, on board the Libra II...

Jack walks through the empty halls, Pollo perched on his shoulder. These rooms of the ship seem deserted, dispite being in good repair. "You know, I figured that the ship still had passengers, not just a handful of people and Pokemon on their way to... wherever we're going."

"Chic..." Pollo moves closer to Jack's head, unnerved by the empty halls.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure everything's fine. And we can meet them later. I just wanted to look around before socializing with anyone, that's all. Now let's go topside and get some fresh air. These empty rooms are just depressing." With that, the pair head to the deck, surprised to see Castelia City ahead. "Huh. Fancy that. Guess we shouldn't have taken that nap. The trip's almost over now."

After making sure Pollo stays secure on his shoulder, Jack heads over to the edge of the boat, watching as it pulls up to the dock. Standing by the loading ramp, he sees a small group of people waiting for them on the pier. He doesn't recognize any of them, save for a large, bearded man near the back. "Hey, that's Professor Birch! I'm sure he'll be pleased to see us." Jack isn't the first one off the ship, since he has to rush back and retrieve his pack, but after the small delay, he's ready to begin. He waves casually to Birch, while Pollo hops once in an eager greeting, chirping happily.

siiadams October 30th, 2012 3:31 AM

Chris watched as a small group of people started to gather near the pier. Thinking that that's where to meet, he and Ivy start walking that way. As he gets closer, he notices five people wearing white lab coats, but one seems familiar...

"Professor Oak? How did he get here before me?" he thought as he and Ivy got to the group that started to form, his eyes looking around, almost expecting something else to happen.

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pat20cool October 30th, 2012 6:16 AM

Patrick McCallion - New Bark Town Lab/Town

One year has past. New Bark Town has been been coming along leaps and bonds, and Patrick and Phanpy have grown stronger as partners helping everyone rebuild. Also due to alot of his experience at the Olivine Cafe, Patrick was able to cook alot of food for everyone at Elm's kitchen and they would have a few banquet's every month, but no one's meals could compare to Gold's mother. Over the year, with the assistance of Professor Elm, he was able to learn alot more of Pokemon typing and versatility. But every so often Elm would've travelled around Johto, in search of remarkable trainers, which meant Patrick and Phanpy had to train independently. Everyday for that year, Patrick has thought about his parents. He had talked to Phanpy many times about the experience, and Phanpy was able to relate very well.

Mr. Pokemon arrived into town. He rushed into the laboratory, to find Patrick and Phanpy in Elm's kitchen upstairs. 'PATRICK!! PATRICK!!' panted the old man. Patrick walked over to the old man. 'Sir? Are you okay?' 'Boy, I'm fine! I've got remarkable news!!' Elm followed him upstairs. 'What's all the ruck-us up here? Patrick you didn't put chilly powder in Mr. Pokemon's coffee again did you?' Patrick jumped and shook his head. 'What! Professor that wasn't me! Phanpy was looking for the coffee beans and he handed me the yellow jar that I thought was coffee but it was chilly!' Phanpy jumped up and began tooted his snout at them, as they began ranting.

'QUIET!!!' yelled Mr. Pokemon as he caught his breath. Elm, Patrick and Phanpy looked at him. 'So what is this remarkable news?' Patrick asked. 'Mr. Pokemon pulled out an envelope containing two tickets for a cruise liner. Elm began jumping and skipping with joy. 'It's finally here!!! WOOHOO!!' cheered the Professor as he began dancing. Patrick looking surprised decides to join in with the happy dance with Mr. Pokemon, Elm and Phanpy.

After a while they all sat around a table as they were eating freshly baked muffins Patrick and Phanpy had made. 'So what are the tickets for?' Patrick asked just as he took a bite. Elm looked at his Poke-Gear, suddenly feeling a bit sad when he realised what was coming. 'I can't believe it's been a whole year already...feels like only yesterday, Jasmine's Skarmory flew you in here.' Mr. Pokemon handed Patrick the envelope. Confused he opened it and took out the tickets and read them. 'Unova? Where's that?' asked Patrick. 'It's a distant Region which was quite the gathering point for trainers a few years back. With the unique Championship Tournaments and the Pokestar Studios. The Region was quite the landmark. Personally I've always wanted to visit their and study the Legendary Pokemon, Victini.' Answered Mr. Pokemon. Elm takes an iPhone like device out of his Lab coat and slides it across the table to Patrick. He picks it up and looks at it. He clicks the only button he sees and a light shoots into his eye scanning his iris. After 3 seconds it stopped as information began loading on the device.

Looking more confused, Patrick turns to Elm. 'Excuse me, but what's this?' 'That Patrick is the latest model of the Pokedex. The i-Pokedex. It's enhanced alot more from the previous models that they had in the past. It also has all the apps the Poke-Gear, Poketch and X-Transicever contained.' Patrick held it looking intently at it wondering what he could do with it. 'So what's going on today?' 'Well, Patrick today your adventure starts. You and Phanpy don't belong in New Bark Town. Your talents would be squandered if you stayed here. That is why we got you the tickets to Unova. Although that region is still affected by the Weather Wrath, I want you to explore that region and go on an adventure. Your parents would've wanted it.' Patrick reached for another muffin and he bit into it. 'The knowledge you've gained over the last year is alot more beneficial due to the fact that you know more about Pokemon now! And you will enjoy your adventure alot more.'

Patrick stands up with the Tickets and the Pokedex. He doesn't know what to say about this generosity. Phanpy started doing a little happy dance for Patrick. 'Professors...I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. You took me in, you gave me Phanpy, you gave me under your wing, you educated me...For that I can't be any more grateful...' 'That's okay, my boy. Just remember, whenever your the new World Champion, don't forget that we were the ones who trained you!' replied Mr. Pokemon with glee. Patrick got up and went into his room. It was a tiny room with a bed and a dresser, with a small basket filled with hay, for Phanpy. At the minute Patrick was wearing clothes he wore when he done his chores for Elm. He pulled out newer clothes of his red T-shirt, denim jeans and black vans. Patrick put them on and he found his purple scarf that was all tattered and roughed up a little after the storms and training. He pulled out his rucksack from under the bed and walked out into the kitchen area again where he meets the Professors and his partner.

Leading him outside to the newly and reconstructed New Bark Town, which now has a watermill beside Gold's house. As the Professors where checking Patrick and Phanpy were prepared to make it to Cherrygrove to board the Libra, a happy lady wearing and apron with brown hair and an Aipom, came running over to the 4 with a bag in her hands. It was Gold's mother, Lola. 'Ahh, Lola how nice of you to join us as we see Patrick off.' Elm cheered. 'I'm glad I made it time, here Patrick, this is for you!' Lola handed the bag over to Patrick. Phanpy began sniffing out a familiar fragrance, as did Patrick. Aipom climbed up on Lola's shoulder as they watched Patrick open the bag to find two plastic containers, one having 12 cookies in it, and the other having Cinnabar Volcano Burger. Patrick's mouth exploded with drool as he was in love with her burgers! 'Oh my God! You really made me one for the road!! Lola you are awesome!!' Patrick exclaimed. Lola smiled. She walked closer to him and hugged him. 'Patrick, your a good kid. You remind me of Gold, so much...If by chance you see him on your travels, tell him his mother misses kid.' She let go as Aipom hopped down to Phanpy and began shaking the elephants snout as to say *So long!* Patrick and Phanpy began making their way through the meadow on the way to Cherrygrove, turning to wave at his mentors and look at New Bark Town, one last time.

Patrick McCallion - Cherrygrove City

Patrick and Phanpy were quite familiar with this route, as they did alot of their training here on this route and they went ran a few errands to Mr. Pokemon's house. Patrick had hopped on Phanpy's back as they raced through Route 29 in record time, ignoring all possible Rattata and Pidgey encounters. They looked through the city that seemed to be still quite damaged by the storm, but it wasn't as bad as New Bark Town. Patrick had got off Phanpy to give the poor thing a break. They were walking along as Patrick was looking through his Pokedex messing with various features. Phanpy stops and stares towards the harbour and begins to drag it's foot on the gravel. Patrick looks up to see a trainer with Red hair standing on the pier with a big black crow like Pokemon standing by his side. He ran and jumped off the pier as the crow carried him off. 'Wow...who was that? Any ideas Phanpy?' Patrick asked looking at his companion who was completely stumped. They proceeded towards the docks where they seen a private looking ship, Libra II. Patrick was very excited upon entering the ship.

As he was approaching the ship, there was a kid in front of the ship causing a disruption. He was complaining about not getting on the boat. The warden kept informing him that he wasn't selected by the professors, so couldn't board. Patrick made his was to the warden and this trainer that was standing by a Rattata. 'Are you getting on this boat too?' Realising that the warden was indeed talking to Patrick he nodded while he pulls out his ticket. He hands it over to the warden for a while as he examines it, and punches the ticket and returns it to Patrick. 'Here you go, young man. Welcome aboard the S.S. Libra Two! We hope you have a nice voyage!' 'Thank you mister!' grinned Patrick as he took the ticket back. The youngster snatched the ticket off Patrick and began running up away. 'HEY! That's my ticket!' 'Young man! Get back here with this boys ticket!' shouted the warden. 'Don't worry, mister, I'll handle this!' Patrick announced as he ran after the boy.

The youngster ran onto the beach and turned around. Patrick and Phanpy had chased him and stopped him on the beach. 'Give me back my ticket now!' 'NO!' replied the trainer. 'This is a joke! The professor should've given, the mighty Joey, a ticket for this boat! What's so special about a girl scarf!' 'Girl Scarf?!' 'Yeah! That's a scarf only a big sissy girl would wear!' 'Please, don't insult me, just give me back my...what the?' Patrick felt a rustling in his bag, to find a Rattata jumping out of the bag with the lunch, Lola made them. 'OH NO! Phanpy, stop Rattata!' Patrick commanded.

Phanpy jumped and started chasing the rat. Rattata moved so fast and quick, Phanpy had trouble keeping up. Eventually Rattata tossed the bag in the air, and launched itself at Phanpy at a incredible speed. Phanpy was knocked over, but got up again tooting angrily. The Rattata caught the bag and climbed on Joey's shoulder. The both of them s******ed.

'Joey is it?' asked a furious Patrick. 'Please, give me back my food and my ticket before you regret the decision.' Joey laughed louder. He then pointed at Patrick and Phanpy. 'So, you wanna mess with me? Joey, the best trainer in all of Johto!' proclaimed the trainer as he made his way closer to Patrick. 'Your the best trainer in all of Johto?' 'WHAT? You haven't heard of me? The name's Joey, I use the strongest Rattata in the whole world! I am feared among the many great trainers!' Patrick had a blank expression. 'It's true I tell you! TRUE!! The Dragon Master Lance is a child compared to my Rattata! Who needs a Dragonite when you have a Ratt...No the TOP-Percentage of Rattata!' With that Joey stood proud as Rattata mimiced his action. 'Your pathetic little Phanpy can't do a single thing to my 100% Ultimate Rattata!!' standing in another victorious pose, Phanpy got alot more angry as it stepped closer to Rattata.

'Let me tell you the origin of my Rattata! Rattata was brought up by the Legendary Pokemon Mew, it was raised and learned all sorts of powerful attacks from Mew. But Mew and Celebii had a fight which made Celebii, send Rattata off to space! While in space Rattata came across the lost planet of Metagross-7 where Rattata faced off against the almighty Deoxys overload and freed the Solrock and Lunatone from slavery and injustice over their race. But Deoxys thought it had the last laugh whenever it teleported Rattata to the realm of the mighty Groudon and Kyorge, which was the one that stopped their battle over a year ago. However, Rattata was too uber and awesome to think about saving the Johto Region which is why...' Before Joey could finish his epic tale, his Rattata was blasted across the beach with boiling hot water and twitching in pain. Joey's expression completely changed, he for once, didn't talk. Phanpy proudly skipped over to the cookies and ticket, retrieved them and brought them back to Patrick. Patrick and Phanpy walked away. He turned to Joey, 'I'm sorry about your Rattata, but you had it coming to you. You can't steal people's things.' The trainer and Pokemon walked away smiling as they felt proud.

doge November 3rd, 2012 9:27 PM


Total and utter darkness, except for a mere unclothed, mannequin like body floating in the distance, it's front side turned away. It shared the same skin color of Abby's, it's hair even resembled hers, except it wasn't braided. The sight greatly disturbed her.

Abby looked down, attempting to possibly focus her attention on something other than the odd figure floating in the void. She saw absolutely nothing but more darkness, not even herself. It was like she was there in a mental state, but not in the physical. Last she remembered, she had boarded a ship heading for who knew where. Abby tried to speak, and although she could hear the thoughts in her head, they were inaudible as they left her mouth. A sudden panic swept over her, causing her to squirm, well kind of. She felt herself, her body squirming, but as she looked around, Abby once again saw nothing; just the darkness.

Then a voice echoed through the void, it was definitely female, which freaked her out even more. The voice was soft but held a tone of emptiness.

"How pathetic are you, to simply steal from a girl, from a dead girl at that." She glanced up, her eyes involuntarily fixating on the featureless body in front of her. Abby tried to respond, but once again her words could not be heard. She even tried to look away, but for some reason her eyes wouldn't budge. The figure began to turn around.

"And then, to impersonate me? You truly are scum aren't you, nothing but, Abigail." The last word was spoken with a great deal of resentment, the voice hung on it until it faded out. A face began to formulate on the body's head. Absolute shock and a bit of fear rang through her body at the result of the face. It was the girl, the girl she had seen at the department store. The girl who was suppose to be here, instead of her.

"When they find out who you really are, when my Eevee finds out the truth, you will be nothing, you will be-"

Suddenly she felt a falling sensation. Abby shut her eyes in fear. She opened them moments later, and found herself sprawled out on the ship floor, along with her hat in a rather lopsided position. "That was freaking horrible..." The sound of her own voice somewhat comforted her. "Good... I can still talk.. " Facts weren't really helping too much though, because the memory of it all was still fresh in her mind. Abby tried her best to shrug it off, she knew couldn't let a dream ruin her chances to get away from her old life. She helped herself up, looking around once getting to her feet. They appeared to have docked, and at some pier of some sort. It appeared to be in good shape, it stretched a decent length too, in the distance she saw what seemed to be a faint set of ruins.

While adjusting her hat, she remembered something, "Where's Oak?" Abby was suppose to meet him somewhere after the ship had docked. She walked over to a railing, peering over to perhaps get a glimpse of where Oak may have possibly been. Abby finally spotted the old man, and a group of what seemed to be other Professors. Before she turned away, she also began to notice other, from first glance, teens approaching the Professors. She began to wonder if they had also been on the ship. Walking along the railing, Abby tried to find her way off the ship, eventually getting to the retractable staircase. Burying her hands into her pajama pockets, she headed towards the group, mainly walking towards Oak's direction.

pat20cool November 9th, 2012 9:02 AM

Patrick McCallion - Cherrygrove Docks - S.S. Libra II

Returning to the dock, the warden seen Patrick and Phanpy coming back. 'Oh thank goodness! I would've let you two on board without returning that ticket.' said the warden. Patrick smiled, 'It's okay, we showed him who's boss! And we got both our ticket and our lunch back!' Patrick and Phanpy cheered. 'Uhh, well welcome aboard' the warden nerviously said as he showed the two on board the ship. It was standard. Patrick and Phanpy went inside the ship and they stood at the side deck admiring the ocean.

Patrick hatched an idea. He pulled out his iPokedex, and started scanning the water to see if any rare Pokemon would appear. He seen quite a few standard, boring Pokemon swimming past. But the Pokedex could only pick up Goldeen and Remoraid. He gazed over at the small island that was in Cherrygrove. He seen a couple of Corsola and Wingull relaxing on the island. 'Nothing we haven't seen before huh Phanpy?' Patrick said as his partner sulked abit. 'Yeah, it's been a whole year. I really want to catch ourselves a new friend.' As they looked back out they seen two yellow sacks on blue stems pop out of the water. 'Wow! Who's that Pokemon?' Patrick asked Phanpy in excitement. He gets out his Pokedex and attempts to scan it, but they are too far away. 'AHH What is it!' Phanpy climbs on the railing of the boat and shoots a Scald Water Ball from it's snout towards the yellow sacs to make it jump out of the water. Unfortunately sacs went under water again. The scald made contact with the ocean, producing a vast amount of steam. Patrick sighed.

The boat began moving. The ship was finally in motion. 'Phanpy, I'm really excited. I hope we have an amazing adventure and that we stay safe!' Patrick down next to Phanpy on the deck as they watched the Johto Region leave their views. Occasionally, they would've seen Tentacruel and Seaking jump out of the water, but they didn't have their Pokedex ready in time. Patrick got up and began walking around the ship with Phanpy. They were walking past the captain's room, were he seen a man rushing out in a hurry. 'Excuse me, young man. You wouldn't have any Oran Berries would you?' Patrick looked at the man. He was quite tall, and he was wearing a very unique sailor's outfit. The man also looked really worried. 'Umm, no but I think their are Oran Berries in some of my cookies?' Patrick replied. 'Why do you ask?' 'Oh, I think those might work. Come inside with me.'

The Sailor leads Patrick and Phanpy inside where they find a man, who could only be the Captain, next to a giant rock. The captain gets up and turns to Patrick. 'Sorry, Captain, this was the first trainer I had seen...' nerviously spoke the Sailor. 'Matey, do ye have any Oran Berries, or anythin' of the sort?' asked the captain. Patrick nods, kneels down and opens his bag. He takes out his lunch and opens the cookie box. 'Okay, Phanpy sniff out them Oran Cookies!'. Phanpy nods and sniffs out 4 Oran Cookies and hands them to the Captain. 'I'm not sure if these wee biscuits'll work, laddy but there worth a try.' The captain walks over to the rock and pets it. 'Nosepass. Eat up, git yer strength back.' The rock gets up to reveal a Nosepass that looks in terrible shape. 'Captain, I don't think Nosepass can eat food, like we do. It doesn't have a mouth.' the Sailor called out. 'What does Nosepass eat? How does it eat?' asked Patrick, as he lifted the Pokedex and scanned Nosepass which opened all various information about Nosepass. 'Let's see... Iron Ores, Magnetic rocks...But we never watch how it does it.' replied the Sailor. 'Do you have any of those rocks?' the Sailor walked to a shelf and pulled out a jar filled with shiny ores and rocks. 'Is it okay if I use this? And do you have a fighting type by any chance?' 'Umm sure, hold on Machoke come out here!'

The Sailor sent out the Machoke, which stood tall and ready. 'My boy, what are ye doing?' asked the Captain. 'You'll see.' Patrick took the cookies and the rocks and tossed them in the air. 'Get Machoke to pound this into a powder.' 'You heard the kid, Close Combat!' Machoke unleashed a barrage of lightening fast punches, leaving behind a powder, which Phanpy caught using the jar the rocks was in. 'Now what's that, lad?' asked the Captain. 'Hold on, it's not done yet. Patrick pulls a straw from his bag and puts it in the powder. 'Now, Phanpy. Scald into the jar, only a little amount.' Phanpy nodded as it pumped hot water from it's snout into the jar as Patrick kept stirring the jar. Patrick looks at it and takes a sip. He shudders and coughs. 'Kid! Are you okay?' 'Yeah I'm fine, just really tastes like rocks!' 'Secondly, how can Phanpy use Scald?' 'It's a rare Phanpy. He was...just born with the skill.' Patrick walks over to the rock. 'Here, I think you'll like it.' Patrick placed the jar under it's nose. Nosepass put it's nose on the straw and began snorting the liquid. Before they knew it, the jar was empty and Nosepass was happy and healthy again. The captain smiled. 'Aye, it's a proud day to be a cap'in. I cany thank ye enough fer yer help. How did ye know that was how Nosepass eats?' 'I just read the Pokedex, this thing comes in handy.' Patrick and Phanpy just smiled as the Sailor and Captain began laughing and cheering with Nosepass. 'Yohoho! Enjoy the rest of yer cruise, son! I won't fergit yer kindness.' Nosepass waved at them as it slowly pointed north as the Captain took the wheel. Patrick and Phanpy left the Captain's quarter and proceeded to the front of the deck once more.

(Bink's Sake should be the theme song for the ship.)

Kay11190 November 12th, 2012 8:10 AM

Clear sky, blue waters, and the sounds of waves crashing against the ship were all that could be heard from the rear of the SS Libra II. Standing by the railing was a young girl with her nearly acquired pokemon. They both stood there gazing into the distance. For the girl it was the farthest from home that she had ever been, and quite frankly she was getting a bit nervous. The fact that the professor trusted her, even knowing that she would steal from him was a bit much for her to handle at the moment, but none the less she had to persist and at least begin what she had set out to do.

As time passed Savanna felt the ship gradually slow and figured she would head to the front for docking. She took her hand and brushed a few stray hairs from her face and signaled Daichi to follow her. The two walked past a number of people, a few of them with pokemon of their own. As she got closer to the front the city of Castelia came into view, or rather what was left of it. The city had been destroyed far more than any she had seen so far. Even with the aid of the beautiful weather the city just radiated a feeling of emptiness, and almost lack of hope. The most the Savanna could bring herself to do at this site was just sigh, and try to gain some sort of resolve.

Soon enough the ship had stopped moving completely and stayed floating by a fairly old dock, that was somehow still intact. A few sailors gathered by the side of the ship and tied the ship down to the dock, before setting up the ramp for use. Savanna watched them as the knotted the ropes and their machokes, and other fighting type pokemon hoisted up the long metal platform that was to be the walkway. Once everything was secured the sailors on the ground signaled the deckhands that everything was ready, and passengers could begin to disembark.

Savanna decided to wait a little while and just watch the people leave the ship. As she scanned the peir she noticed that there was a small group of men wearing what seemed like long white jackets. Upon further inspection, she made out on of the men to be Professor Birch. Questions immediately started to race through her mind, Were those the professors from other regions? How did they all make it here before them? Why were they all here? Were there other training charged with the same task as her? , were only a few of them. Savanna continued to watch the professors while many people who were aboard the ship walked right passed them, a few stopping to say a few words to them and quickly moving on. She noticed that a few of the trainers she saw on the trip began to form another group by them.

Once again she signaled her pokemon to follow her and made her way off the ship. Stepping onto the dock gave her some sort of security, probably from the fact that she was not used to the rocking of ships. Each step however gave her the same feeling, as if she was moving toward something that was fully intended for her. It took her only a minute to reach where the professors stood, and upon arriving she retreated to a spot close to the other trainers, eager to have the professors address why they were there.

KingKaos November 23rd, 2012 12:36 PM

Ruby waited at the docks after leaving the boat. She talked to Rowan at the pier but he didn't reply to her. "Someone is being quite secretive." The professor still did not reply to her. "I guess I will just chill out on this box and wait for your move, old man Rowan." Ruby said as she released Brave from his Pokèball. Brave glared at Rowan for a bit then jumped into Ruby's lap and began to nap. "That was a weird interaction, Brave." Ruby continued to swing her legs on the box at the dock till Rowan gave her orders.

pat20cool December 3rd, 2012 11:50 AM

Patrick McCallion - S.S Libra II

The sailor man is walking along the deck of the ship as he could see Unova coming into view. He looks at his Machoke and smiles. 'We're here Machoke, Unova! This is a brand new land...It's so exciting!' (Ohh...wait I'm supposed to be role-playing Patrick... Well.) The sailor turns his head to see Patrick and Phanpy curled up in a ball sleeping. The sailor and Machoke laugh. He puts a blanket over the trainer and his Pokemon. 'Don't worry kid, just another hour to go.'

'WOW! I've never seen a Pokemon as mysterious as that before!' Patrick and Phanpy jump up. They turn to see the Sailor and Machoke in complete awe. 'Excuse me sir, did you see something?' Patrick asked curiously whilst rubbing his eyes. 'Kid you'd never believe it! This giant Pokemon jumped outta the water! It was pink, and looked really flat! But the unique quality I got was that it had hands for fins! I've never seen an exotic creature in all my life!' Patrick getting chills down his back, runs over to the railings and takes out his Pokedex and begins scanning the water. [NO POKEMON DATA ACQUIRED] the Pokedex said as Patrick seemed disappointed. Phanpy began tooting at the water in disgust.

Patrick and the sailor ran over to the baby elephant where they see a school of really ugly looking fish. 'Wow, those things are really ugly, what are they?' asked Patrick. The sailor was stunned once more. 'OH MY GOD!' I can't believe it! These are Feebas! This Pokemon is Ultra, Super, Commando, Mega Rare! If you find one of these boys in Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto or Kanto, you are considered a Pokemon catching legend!' screamed the sailor. 'Huh? Really, what's so special about these things?' 'WHAT'S SO SPECIAL?!? If you make these things look as beautiful as you can they will evolve into the most beautiful Pokemon in the world! Milotic!' the sailor screamed once more, causing the Feebas to dive under the water and swim away. 'Milotic...Oh I've heard of those, really strong trainers have them, such as Cynthia Champion of Sinnoh and Wallace Champion of Hoenn!' Patrick said with a smile. 'Well, it looks like you missed your chance to have one.' The sailor looked back out and hung his head. 'Sigh...well, there that really Castelia City? It looks nothing like the pictures.'

The boat was pulling in closer to the docks. They seen the wreckage of the city, it was horrifying. 'Kid...make sure you keep'll be dangerous out here...' the sailor said to Patrick. Patrick looked at Phanpy and smiled then looked at the sailor. 'Sir, you've got nothing to worry about! I'm going to become a powerful trainer that will defeat every opponent in my way!' 'Well, me boy, I'd best be givin' ye this.' Both of them turned to see the Captain walking out towards Patrick. He pulls a pink CD out and hands it to Patrick. It had the number 92 on it. '92...' Patrick mumbled to himself. Phanpy looked up and was quite interested. 'It's a Techincal Machine. However, this ol' Sea Capp'n couldn't figure out what kinda move it is. Nor which type of Pokemon can use it.' Holding it in his hand he stares at it intently. He puts it in his backpack and tightens his scarf. 'Thank you for everything Captain. It's been a pleasure to be taken here. And also I love your Nosepass, it looked like in real good condition.' 'Yohoho! Me boy, ye be too kind. If we meet again, let's have us a battle. As a test of our manliness!' Patrick giggles and nods. 'Well, Nosepass will be pullin' us in to the docks now. Ye best be prepared!' With that Patrick and Phanpy stood ready at the side deck of the boat ready to set foot in Unova.

siiadams December 11th, 2012 1:26 PM

Chris ran up to Professor Oak,many questions floating in his mind. Before he could say anything, though, the Professor smiled and did the talking. "I'm glad to see you made it safely," he said, "and, don't worry, the rest of the professors and I traveled together. We had our own means of transport to the city." Suddenly, to Chris' surprise, his voice adopted a serious tone, "Thankfully, both of you are here. We'll be ready to leave soon."

"Who else is going with us?" Chris asked, but the professor didn't speak, but simply pointed towards a girl walking in their direction. Chris watched the girl, kinda dumb-founded. Ivy noticed this and nudged his leg from behind his knee, causing a quick jerk around to keep steady. He felt kinda embarrassed about it and looked from her to the professor. "So, Professor," Chris asked, "where are we heading first?"

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pat20cool December 17th, 2012 1:55 PM

Patrick McCallion - Castelia Ruins City

'Let's go Phanpy!' Patrick shouted as he jumped off the ship with his blue elephant companion by his side. They walked up the docks of the once populated Castelia City. The docks were barely standing. Patrick wasn't sure of how his footing was going to hold. But in a way he was very eager to see how his adventure will unfold. Phanpy trotted beside his trainer trying not to get lost. Phanpy began to get sad about the scenery of the city. Patrick turned around and began petting Phanpy. 'Don't worry little guy. Hopefully we can find where we have to go.' Patrick stands up and notices people wearing white coats entering what can only be assumed used to be a Pokemon Centre. Patrick and Phanpy nodded at each other and ran towards the building.

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