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Satan.EXE October 9th, 2012 10:57 AM

Zelda: Dimensional Link [IC]

(I highly recommend listening while you read/write on this RP)


Evil Sorcerer and Newfound God

The four heroes find themselves trapped within the Void, a blank white world of nothingness between dimensions. They float uncontrollably through it until a long tear rips through the whiteness and all four are soon sucked through. The catastrophic force of "gravity" along with the stress of dimensional travel leaves the group unconscious for about five minutes.

When they wake, they find that they are trapped, pinned against a wall with a ten foot drop to the ground below. Indestructible bars line them along the wall, side by side, and the only thing that could free them is a lever on another wall. The evil sorcerer Vaati is busy disposing of each of the heroes' weapons, equipment, heart containers, rupees, and all items that once belonged to them. These items soon met a pit of darkness, never to be seen again.

Vaati laughs a wicked laugh as he presses a few buttons on a machine. The machine is connected to a cylindrical glass container, glowing brightly in a yellow shade. A multitude of beams matching the cylinder's color hit each of the heroes directly in the center of their bodies, and begin to drain the triforce from them. It is a slow and painful process, and causes a loss of energy and a feeling of weakness. All they can do is watch as this machine steals away the power granted to them by the Gods. If they examine the opposite wall, they find the prince/princess of their own dimensions, already drained of their power and looking exhausted, equally trapped.

As the four heroes await their demise, all they can do is view the room around them, each other, and wait fro the end to come.

jasonwolf October 10th, 2012 8:55 AM

Despite being a machine even Relak could feel a central partof him being torn out. It literally was. A golden triangle ripped through hisiron skin. The gash mended, but the damage was done. Relak was dismantled, andhis only his chest and head were chained up on the wall. Now this strangecreature had torn out that mysterious object Relak once held within himself. Hedidn’t know its significance only that it was. Something felt very different.Everything felt different. The tremendous strength stored in him vanished, andhis undying endurance faded. How had things come to this? Relek stressed his processorstrying to recall, but it felt hazy like the fog that rolled of the ocean nearhis home. His home… Relak was certain he wouldn’t be getting back any timesoon. If this was befalling him here, what could be happening to his brothers?In a moment of panic Relak began to try and flail about trying to do anythingat all, but he can see his limbs stacked up in a pile off to the side. Feelingsnew to him began to fill him. A feeling that he needed to stop, one that madehim fell strain where the chains held him and another that left his innersystems feel drained. What had happened to him?

Succumbing to the new restraints Relak just looked around.Others not like himself were also being kept here. None of them were even likehis brothers. They were strange creatures, though some seemed oddly familiar.One on the opposite wall in particular had similarities to a very old imagelocked away in his mechanisms. Relak still could not make identification anddecided to log the creature, as so that he could try to decipher what it was.The being stood about five feet slightly taller maybe. It was slight of form,and comparing it to the other creatures seemed to be one of two forms of thesame species. Relak continued to analyze the cloth draped around the creature.They seemed to have been torn and damaged, but Relak noticed pieces of gems andgold. They were defining signs of wealth. The thing’s head was covered in a coif,and goggles were hanging around its neck. What was this creature, and what wasit doing here?

Mr. Mammoth October 11th, 2012 9:36 AM

Endomorpheus Exoletaar

Endo slowly opened his eyes. Where was he? The area in which the young man found himself was completely white, as if there was nothing. Well, nothing except three other people which he couldn’t see very well. Who were they? Why were they here with him? Endo could hear a faint bellowing from the depths of his mind. It felt like the sound bounced against the inside of Endo’s head, much like an echo bouncing off the walls inside a cave.

“I told you that it was dangerous.”

“Shut up Exo.”

Endo decided to not focus on the Stalfos anymore, it wasn’t like the huge pile of bones was going to help him was it? The young man tried to locate Burkle among this mess, but he felt weight-less. His arms just floated about, it was all so strange. Thus, he only whispered faintly,

“Burkle? Are you ther-”

Suddenly, before Endo was able to finish his sentence, a loud sound comes from somewhere. In an attempt to relocate himself, Endo moved his body so that he would be upside-down. But was there really any upside or downside in this world? There seemed to be no sides whatsoever here. Whatever the case of the sides, Endo was soon met with the sight of a gash, like somebody had ripped a hole in the whiteness as if it was just a piece of fabric. Soon, the young man found himself going closer and closer to the gash. It felt like his body became heavier and heavier the closer he got. Endo tried to move away from it, but to no avail. He couldn’t even focus on what was happening now, everything just sort of went… dark.

“I told you.”


Endo slowly reopened his eyes. Where was he now? After observing for a short while, the Hylian deduced that this place was far less pleasant than the area he had been in before. His body was aching and felt a bit more outstretched than usual. He tried to move his arms, but they were pinned against a wall, as were his legs and his entire body. Even so, Endo couldn’t move his body if he so wanted. The cold bars pinning him to the equally cold wall had made his body go numb. At least he could move his head, which was a plus he guessed. As Endo moved his head around to the best of his ability, he spotted those other three people that were with him in the white area. At least he thought they were the same people, but at this point nothing seemed to be for certain. As his gaze shifted to the wall across from him, something caught his attention more than anything in this room. It was a girl, her clothes were in a similar fashion to Endo’s in that they had some holes here and there in them and looked mostly dirty. However, her dress was very fashionable, sporting a cream color along with some turquoise jewels. Her hair was a tangled mess of orange and her eyes were closed. But if they had been open, they had got to be amber. Endo just knew it for some reason. He wasn’t able to see much else since his sight was blurry. And even though he had never laid eyes upon her before, she seemed like a dear old friend or maybe even love-interest to him, if you’re willing to take it that far.

The next sight that met his face was a far more unpleasant one. The light-purple face of a man with red eyes and a sharp-toothed smile met him. Before Endo could react, the man - or whatever he was - started searching his pockets, seemingly for items. He took out the Hylian’s wallet first, looked at it with a hint of disappointment as if he expected something better and then threw the sack down into what seemed like an endless abyss of darkness. Endo wanted to protest, but for some reason he felt like it would be smarter to be quiet in this situation. Next up, the man took the sheathe from his back, containing his scimitar. After observing it for a while, with seemingly more interest, he threw it down as well. Yet again, Endo kept his mouth shut; however, Endo seemed to have a different opinion about it.

“Hey retard! Stop stealing all of my stuff!” The Stalfos’ voice echoed in Endo’s mind. Hopefully this guy couldn’t read thoughts, but in case he could, Endo made sure to apologize for second voice in his head’s behavior. Exo just grumbled something about his host being “a scared little a-hole”.

It was when the purple-hued man came to the Stalsword’s sheathe that things became interesting. He chuckled quietly as his hands ripped off the concealed sword and continued to throw it down. Afterwards, he went to the next person in line, possibly to give them the same treatment as he had given Endo. For some reason, Exo seemed to have quieted down. It was really strange to be honest. He had never been this quiet before, it was almost eerie.

“E-Exo?” Endo asked nervously.

“The…” The Stalfos said quietly, “The Stalsword…”

“What? What is it?”

“He took it. That bastard TOOK MY SWORD!!!

Endo felt a surge of pain go through his body. This was bad; Exo was angry, and not just regularly angry. Now he was super-pissed-off. Another wave of pain washed over Endo. The Hylian screamed in pain, a headache the quickly started to make itself present. He could feel the Stalfos’ anger, his hatred, his very pure despise for this man. It hurt; it hurt like nothing Endo had experienced before. He had dealt with Exo’s tantrums prior to this yes, but never as severe as it was now. Tears started developing and wallowed up and across his cheeks as Endo started screaming hysterically at the pain. His head felt like it was going to split in two, it made him so sick that he wouldn’t be surprised if he threw up the majority of his intestines as well. His forcefully closed his eyes to prevent people from seeing them go from blue to blood-red.

Apparently, the man had started some kind of machine which seemed to suck out something from Endo. It was painful, but paled in the comparison of the tantrum that Exo was throwing right now. At least it was a good cover to why he was screaming and throwing his head from side to side. He could also feel the pain numbing his tongue a bit, thus Endo did his best to remain conscious and prevent Exo from taking over.

“YOU MOTHERF*CKER!” Exo howled through Endo’s voice. “GIVE ME BACK TH-” The Stalfos wasn’t allowed to finish before Endo bit down on his tongue to keep it in place. His tears started to flow even faster now if that was possible, the pain was almost too much for him and in addition to how weak he started to feel, Endo began to seriously question whether or not he was going to make it out of this.

Claire* October 11th, 2012 10:47 AM

Iora Oriole

Darkness and light, obscurity and clarity. Iora’s eyes fluttered open and shut in vain. Her body still waking from its unconscious state, it battled with her every step of the way. Monumental exertion on her part was required just to view the world around her. Lush bangs dangled from the crown of her head and obscured her vision further, her eyes had to peer from within the obscurity of concealment. What was happening? The world that she had formerly known had been ripped from her grasp and in its place, a hellish nightmare had manifested itself. Where was she? This didn’t look like Dragon Roost Island, at least, no part of it she had ever seen before.

Her body laid motionless, pinned against the firm bulwark supporting her backside, her arms fastened in place. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t make any part of her body break free from the torturous prison. It was then that she looked down, a most unfortunate mistake on her part. They weren’t jut restrained, they were suspended, ten feet above the ground by the looks of it. Iora’s mouth opened in a muffled gasp of terror, the ten foot drop feeling like a meteoric plunge. She tried desperately, her body thrashing against the bars that held her in place, in an attempt to free herself. The panic of her new found heights forcing her to lose focus for a second. Her vision blurred again, darkness crept into the fringes of her eyes giving her tunnel vision, the pale skin of her body became flush, a visible sign of panic.

She thrashed her head from side to side, that was when she noticed the others, like her, suspended, restrained, trapped. Not quite like her however, they weren’t Rito. Two of them looked similar, just with no wings or beak, but the other...person? Thing? She wasn’t quite sure what it was to be honest, a machine? She had never seen any of them before in her life, she was quite sure of that. Then why were they here also? What did they do, actually, more to the fact, what did she do to be here?

A wicked, ear piercing, cackle echoed across the expanse. Her attention turned quickly to its point of origin. A man...was it really a man? Was busy disposing of an assortment of goods, all sorts of valuable equipment and personal belongings. Some of them belonging to herself, her mouth opened in a pathetic attempt to call out to him, to condemn his actions, but her voice failed her. The only thing that escaped was a muffled moan as she dropped her head in pain. She watched helplessly as her belongings were cast into a dark pit, possibly to not be seen by her eyes again.

There were others in this room, others like them braced against the opposing wall. Not quite like them, no, these looked different, an aura of sophistication and privilege shrouded their presence. One of them looked familiar, no, extremely recognizable. His face was twisted in pain and exhaustion, his garments betrayed his status even though they had obviously seen better days. His eyes were cast downward, looking to the ground below. His look was despondent and reflected the inner pain he must have been feeling. Then it clicked, it was the prince! Anybody would recognize his face anywhere! With Iora’s hawklike eyesight, she would recognize him anywhere. His tussled, wavy black hair and his seemingly, sad blue eyes. Everyone the world over would know him, the residents of Dragon Roost Island were no exception. What did the maniacally laughing man want with them?

Her train of thought was cut short by a searing pain and a bright light as the man activated a machine with the push of a few buttons. The yellow luminescent light cascaded from the shade that covered a most perplexing glass cylinder. The light extended out into beams that forced its grasp into her and the others’ bodies. The pain was beyond excruciating, like someone thrust their hand into her chest, wrapped their hands around her heart in a vice-grip, and began to extract its still beating life force from her very body. Only it wasn’t her literal heart, no, it was extracting something else entirely. Something beyond definition of words.

Tears began to stream down her face, teeth biting her bottom lip in frustration and pain. Why would anyone do such a thing? What did he need from them? She finally let out a high-pitched cry of pain, her body losing the will to fight as exhaustion overcame her and her senses. A little dribble of blood escaped from where she bit down too hard on her lip, it ran down her face and dripped silently on the terrifying depths below. It was then, that all hope had escaped her. Not only was her strength being sapped, but her will to live. She was sure this was going to be how she died.

jasonwolf October 11th, 2012 1:01 PM

Relak the Golem


Protocol One

Relak halted his search as the other creatures, chained to the wall same as he, began to react. He could see the flow of energy being drawn from them and siphoned through a machine. Their distress was blatant, and programming over took Relak. There had always been one thing he knew. He was built to protect. By who? He didn’t know and it didn’t matter much. Protocol One took effect, and the golem’s systems refocused to his original programming.

Whoever this creature was he was the source of Relak’s damage, and was causing distress to the organisms in the cell. The image of the vile creature burned into Relak’s memory banks. Its disgusting violet skin, and fanged grin wouldn't be soon forgotten. With his first and most basic protocol booting up the free willed side of Relak diminished as what could be considered his instincts took over.

Even without his limbs and the lessened energy reserves Relak would not sit by. The magnetic forces that bound his body together began to build up a sustainable level. Electricity arced from Relak’s body to his head as the connection was formed. Relak launched his own head forward bashing them against the bars before retracting and firing again. He ignored all his self inflicted damage, and continued to batter the metal rods. As the inefficiency began obvious to Relak he slowed and halted. His face dented and scratched, but his programming made him want to continue.

“Protocol not met. Objective critical.” Relak’s low resonating voice boomed.

The magnetic link between Relak’s head and body shuttered, and vanished. Relak’s head dropped back onto his shoulders. The exhaustion Relak felt was handled very differently. With these others leaked and cried out with strange words. The golem’s systems were constantly attempting repair trying to carry out the various tiny tasks that made Relak work. Until his systems had managed to store up enough energy he was barely strong enough to keep his optics running.

NightOfRemorse October 11th, 2012 3:49 PM

Delilah Harris

Open your eyes. You can do it. Open them. Piercing screams rattled Harris' eardrums, so shrill and desperate they were that they almost made her wish she were dead and not listening. It wasn't that their pain upset her; her own pain she received from the cacophony of deafening screams was something she couldn't dismiss. Her headache only worsened and she could feel herself growing frustrated. Would you shut the **** up? she thought demandingly. The screaming just wouldn't stop; But who was it? Was it one of the people who had been with her in the white space just over five minutes ago? There was a guy who had a similar form to Harris' and a girl who also looked like them, but had these weird wings and a beak. Birdgirl?

Harris had never seen anything quite like it. Not in the areas of Hyrule she'd been to, anyway. There were walking corpses, little wooden men and floating skulls, but never any birdpeople. Harris almost wanted to ask her where she came from, but she knew she would Cucco out and stay silent. The birdgirl would obviously laugh at Harris' ignorance and Harris wouldn't allow that to happen. She then remembered that there was another creature with them. It was some sort of black robot thing. Harris wasn't even quite sure what to make of it. None of this made any sense to her. Hell, why was this random assortment of strangers with her and who were they? Did they all come from some kind of alien planet? It's official. I'm going mental.

Harris' eyes stirred below her eyelids, but she insisted on keeping them shut, for she didn't want her captor to see them. Her eyes seemed to always speak for her so as to make up for her refusal to communicate vocally and she knew it. She didn't want to look anyhow and she didn't want to see where she was, because as sick as it may sound, this place was better than ****ing Kakariko Village no matter what it looked like. Day in and day out in that village made Harris feel trapped. Oh, the irony of hating it for that reason. She was actually, physically trapped at this very moment, and any attempt to shift her limbs was in vain. Harris merely tried to move for a moment, and when she failed, she stopped and didn't try again as if she accepted her fate, whatever it would be. Her head, however, could move just fine and so she hung it low in exhaustion, her brown hair draping over her face like a curtain. Harris suddenly felt her sword wriggle out of its sheath as if someone just went up to her and decided to pickpocket her during this loud and confusing situation.

He can have it. He can have everything, I'm not worth it anyways. The screams began to multiply at this point, but Harris had no time to focus on them as her pale green eyes shot open and then closed once more in immediate response to the shooting pain she felt in her chest. During that split-second she saw a purple man. A purple man had captured her. **** you, purple man. Harris squeezed her eyes and braced herself as best as she could. She didn't want to utter a sound and give him the satisfaction of causing her pain. It just wouldn't happen. True, he could see the pain written all over her face but screaming would just make it all the more satisfying.

Satan.EXE October 12th, 2012 7:48 AM


Evil Sorcerer and Newfound God

Vaati's Wicked laugh echoed, as the room was plenty big and more than enough room for echoing sound. His voice came out as sinister, but soft. "Don't worry, you aren't going to die, any of you. Once I've extracted all of the Goddess' powers from each of you, you'll be paired with a nice containment cell which, like your restraints now, are indestructible." The sorcerer pressed a few more buttons before turning and looking directly at the crowd. Red tainted eyes met each of them and he shook his head quietly. "Quite an interesting batch I've found, but regardless, your only purpose here is to relinquish your power to me. Which should only be a few moments longer."


"Are you sure this will work...?"

"Does it matter? If we don't try something we'll die here!"

"That is true... Go ahead. Let's hope this works."





"It... It worked!"

"Who'd have thought we'd get the lucky cell, huh?"

As she left her cell, she became increasingly aware of the patrolling guards. The bright Magenta fairy faded into her head, and she quickly found cover in the shadows.

"Hey, did you see the new batch of prisoners?" The guard spoke up.

"Yeah, weirdest batch yet. Two Hylians, a Rito, and... some rock machine thing." Another guard replied.

"Heh, they probably won't last five days in these cells. Except that Golem thing... If it can even die."

She huddled closer to the shadowy wall as the guards walked by, not even a foot away.

"Yeah, all of the other prisoners have died shortly after the draining."

"Except for that Wolfos thing. Hey, wasn't the old prince a Wolfos too?"

"I dunno, that was long ago. Speaking of Wolfos, her cell is right over here." He began to shout, "Hey, wolfy! Ready for your nightly beating?"

Now, you dink! Run! She emerged from the shadows and took off in full sprint, reaching a door. On the other side, she could hear the devilish voice of Vaati as he began to torment his prisoners with talk. Now's your chance! Get in there! We have a chance! She slipped past the door and began to howl:


Upon this howl, she gathered the attention of the room, as well as some less-than-happy birds outside, breaking through the windows and swarming Vaati. It didn't take long for him to literally incinerate them all at once, but by the time he had, it was too late. The slim black/gray Wolfos had broken right through the glass cylinder, and some of the triforce pieces were absorbed right into her. Her body began changing in color and shape, she became more muscular than slender, her color distorted and power began to emanate from her body. She became super-powered, and in an instant tackled Vaati to the ground.

He was completely unconscious, but she knew it wouldn't last long. She leaped up at a wall (literally twenty feet from the ground) and clamped her jaws on the lever. her weight pulled the lever down and with it, released the four drained heroes. The drop was unpleasant, but this was the only way. The hyper-powered Wolfos looked to the group. two were in pain, one was dented but operating, and one looked to be unconscious. "Look, there's no time for introduction, follow me and you'll live to see another day!" She pulled the Rito girl up onto her back, and without waiting for the other three, began to run over to the door she entered from, beginning to follow the maze of halls and corridors. Hopefully the others were able to keep up.

jasonwolf October 12th, 2012 8:55 AM

Relak the Golem

A Machine's will

Relak’s body crashed to the floor smashing the cobbles. Relak glared at the new creature. His magnetic powers still needed a moment to charge up. When they did glowing red arcs of electricity shot out hitting all of his limbs and pulling them towards him. Re-assembled the golem towered over all the others. With a inhuman laugh Relak smashed his fists into the ground cracking the stone floor even more. Another burst of energy flew outward twisting the restraints that had once held him. Relak tore them off the wall and imbued them on his chest to seal the damage from the draining machine. It appeared like a baldrick across his chest.

“Repairs fulfilled. Begin retreat.” Relak bellowed.

He stomped after the beast who had barked an order at him. He was far from subtle in his escape leaving a path of destruction behind him. At least the others could follow him easy. Unlike him trying to follow the wolfos he only barely kept up using his runic eyes to see the energy flowing off of him. Even as he ran Relak was deciding whether or not he should keep following this creature, or if he should just break off. After all Relak had minimal knowledge on these organics.

Also due to the hostile nature of the other nearby life forms the assumption that these organisms could be hostile led Relak to begin sharpening his fists on the walls. Anyone who got in his way would be trampled or just be ripped apart. The golem was on a mission. Survival now and return home later.

All was going well until Relak got cut off by two vile creatures. Their bodies were disfigured masses of flesh and fat, and their repulsive tusked faces looked as though they had been flattened by the impact of massive hammer. They wielded bladed weapons on the end of a staff, but Relak didn’t see them as polearms due to their very crude construction. The blades were jagged and seemed as though they were forged using stones. The creatures prodded Relak with the pathetic weapons, but the shabby craftsmanship led to the tips shattering on Relak’s metal skin.

“Futile attempts. Demonstration of resolve necessary.” Relak roared.

The golem pulled back his right fist and thrust it forwards. Contact was made on the first monster’s neck, and easily cracked the spinal cord. The sharpened edges on Relak’s hands also cut and tore the creature’s throat letting blood spew from its veins. Enraged the other creature increased its attacks, but they were still not enough to cause any real damage. Relak raised both of his fists and slammed them down on the creatures head splitting its skull and spilling it’s small mind. With the monster’s dispatched and his hands covered in their blood Relak tried to find the creature he had been following before.

“Objective lost. Inferring possible routes.” Relak said doing his best to pick up the remaining traces of energy.

(Edited just since I'm so into this Rp at the moment I wanted to keep going)

Claire* October 14th, 2012 7:48 PM

Iora Oriole

Falling, it was a sensation like no other. That feeling you get when your heart leaps into your throat, the world begins to spin around you like a top, and you just know that when your body meets ground, it’s going to hurt. At least, that’s how it always was for Iora. For the second time in the last few minutes, her body began to drift in and out of consciousness. That sensation of falling was one of the last things she remembered after the bombastic entrance of some kind of wolf creature. Had it come to save them? Claim them for its own? Where did this wolf come from? All she knew, that before it had burst into the room, death had seemed like an all too real fate.

The faint lurching motion underneath her was one of the first indicators of something different. Solid ground didn’t move like this, well, not unless something terribly wrong was happening. The motion was unsettling and foreign, almost as if she were being carried away by someone. Of course, that was exactly what was happening.

Again her eyes opened to a world unknown, the previous hope that this was all a horrible nightmare now banished from her thoughts. That odd lurching motion was indeed attributed to herself being carried away. Her body was strewn on the back of a great wolf, if she had to assume, the same one from earlier. Where was it taking her? As it ran, she found it difficult to maintain her balance. Her fingers instinctually grasped at the lush fur that lined its back, her balance now cemented, she weighed her options. Was it better to jump off and make a run for it? Or should she see where this thing wanted to take her? If it wanted to hurt her, it had ample opportunity beforehand. No, if this wolf had truly saved her, it might be best to see what was going on.

The beast was making its way through the seemingly endless maze of hallways that this hellish place housed. It certainly seemed like there was a sense of urgency about its mission. Iora was positive that she would never have found her way out of here had she been needed to do so on her own. She was along for the ride, until the beast deemed otherwise.

Her voice still weak, she shifted her body towards the wolf’s ears. “U-uh, excuse me, wolf thing...can I ask what is going on?” She whispered, hopefully loud enough for it to hear her. Did wolves eat birds? People? Bird-people? Iora wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t exactly comforted by the possibility either. “I-if you plan t-to eat me, I don’t think I would taste very good...I mean, I hear I’m spicy, but not in the way you might be hoping...” She joked uncomfortably, an old habit she picked up to cope with nerves. Although she was fairly certain that this creature didn't want to just use her for a snack, one could never be too safe.

jasonwolf October 14th, 2012 8:23 PM

Relak the Golem

Relak began to catch up. Despite his size and weight Relak’s overall strength let him sprint. The golem’s eyes were locked on the canine creature, and the organic on its back. Due to the difference between the creature he was tailing and the two he encountered Relak had mostly decided this one was not hostile. Until he was free, not necessarily home, Relak kept the odds at ninety two percent chance this creature wouldn’t turn around and attack him, five he would, and three everything would suddenly disintegrate and he’d float around in space. Relak was always a skeptic in his analysis.

The creature on the canine’s back began to come to, and attempted to say something, but Relak could not catch the entire audio. A new question came to mind. What were these other creatures? The others who had been chained with him. What worth did they have? Relak knew he was a one of a kind guardian of his brethren. These others seemed rather weak in comparison.

NightOfRemorse October 15th, 2012 5:35 PM

Delilah Harris

Harris could hear the demonic laughter that echoed throughout the room, but she didn't listen. There was a huge difference between hearing and listening, after all. However, the words that escaped the man's lips immediately after won her undivided attention. None of them were going to die, but they would continue to be imprisoned. That was ********! Harris would rather die an excruciating death than be captivated by the creature she wanted to kill with her bare hands oh so badly. If he would at least murder her she wouldn't have a problem, but imprisonment was one thing she couldn't tolerate. She raised her head and finally opened her eyes to get a good look at the son of a *****. Right at that moment, Harris heard a howl and she immediately searched for the source.

It was a Wolfos that had broken into where they were having their lives drained out of them. Harris' eyes then flickered immediately forward and she noticed someone there. Was that… Princess Zelda? Her attention returned to the Wolfos who then absorbed all the Triforce pieces and grew in size. It began to attack the purple bastard and Harris couldn't help but snicker in spite of her ever lingering pain. The Wolfos then ran up a wall and pulled on a lever, causing all the prisoners to drop the distance they had been from the ground. "Look, there's no time for introduction, follow me and you'll live to see another day!" it said in a feminine voice. Harris immediately bent her knees once she neared the ground in order to absorb the force of the fall. Without doing so, she likely would've injured both ankles and she'd be doomed for sure.

Successfully absorbing the shock, Harris chased after the wolf that was carrying the birdgirl. Surely if she was saving one of the prisoners, she didn't mean to harm the others and so Harris deemed it save to run right behind. The robot thing she had looked at before was also running along near them, eager to escape this place. The birdgirl timidly whispered something to the wolf, but it was too quiet to really understand exactly what it was she was saying.

Mr. Mammoth October 18th, 2012 9:42 AM

Endomorpheus Exoletaar

Black. Everything was black. Endo opened his eyes slowly; they were dry and stung like if a wasp had gone total haywire in there. The young Hylian rubbed the back of his head carefully, it also hurt, however much more so than his eyes. An accurate description of the pain would be as if he had an open wound pulsating in the back of his skull. Where was he now again? Hard to tell, he could’ve just warped from that horrible prison area again along with the others that were with him. Come to think of it, they didn’t seem to be here… Endo gasped as he received a horrifying revelation. The purple man must’ve killed them all with that yellow beam. After all, Endo did feel a lot weaker and less willing to go out on daring adventures. He felt more like crawling into a hole somewhere and staying there, away from all the purple men, and the yellow beams and most importantly-

“Would you just f*cking listen to yourself?”

Endo jumped up as he heard the voice, it was old and raspy with a hint of undying hatred in it. Where was it coming from? Was this what the afterlife was, some invisible man, person, thing yelling harsh words at you? In that case, this was NOTHING like those old folktales. Eventually, Endo decided to speak up,

“Who are you?”

“HAH!” The voice laughed, “So you’re saying that you don’t remember me? This is priceless!”

“What’s so priceless about that?” Endo tried to put some stupor into the phrase; however it just came out feeling wrong. The voice had another round of laughs at this. Endo started to get a bit concerned about the identity of this guy, but then… something started to clear up in his mind.

“E… Exo?”

“Ding, ding! Correct my dear boy! I personally think that you deserve a round of applause for this one since it’s the first answer in months, no, years to come out of your mouth that isn’t completely retarded! If I had hands in this form, you can be sure that they’d be clapping right now.”

Endo looked up sourly into the darkness, oh yeah, now he remembered. One of the main reasons why the Hylian disliked his Stalfos-counterpart – besides the fact of the latter’s proneness to kill the former in order to achieve complete control of their host-body – was that he had a certain proficiency – you might even say that he was a prodigy – at being a total a-hole.

“But… where am I?” Endo asked.

“Aaaaaaannnd, THERE you broke the record in stupid questions posed, EVER.” Exo chuckled in his raspy and malicious tone. If Endo didn’t know better, he might’ve even thought that the Stalfos was being… well, anything else besides sarcastic or full of hatred. Maybe even one would stretch so far as to use the word ‘joyful’. In any case, the Hylian soon began to tire of the other “person” living inside his body. He was hurting all over; his thoughts were a jumbled mess of white, purple men and pain. Suffice it to say, Endo wasn’t really in the mood for Exo’s comments.

“Will you just tell me where I am already?!” He grunted loudly. At first there was no reply, Endo was unsure if the Stalfos felt like mocking him or if he simply just didn’t expect to get answered like that.

“Oooohh, very scary, boy. I think that I might see you as a little less of a wuss right now. So, for your astounding bravery, I shall reward your stupid question with an answer.”

“Oh gee, an actual answer?” Endo said sarcastically.

“Did I tell you to SPEAK, BOY?! DID I?!” Exo shouted. Endo once again felt a wave of pain wash over him and he quickly fell to the floor, holding his head in his hands. “Very well then,” Exo said, “We are for some reason inside of your mind. Have you noticed how my voice doesn’t echo in your head or whatever the f*ck it does when I speak to you? That’s one way of determining it.”

“But why are we inside of my mind?” Endo asked. This was starting to get a bit too symbolic/soul-searchy for his tastes.

“My guess it that it has something to do with that purple bastard. Do you remember how he fired that yellow beam at you about… I’d say some minutes ago? Of course you don’t remember since you - in fact - are an idiot. You see, I feel much weaker and out of energy than usual, I’m guessing that you feel the same as well? Whatever the case, his machine must’ve sucked something from both you and me, making us get into this state.”

“So…” Endo began. This just seemed to get fishier and fishier by the minute. “That still doesn’t explain why we are both here though.”

“Well, my strongest guess is that the beam must’ve knocked you out, thus making you unconscious. But instead of me being able to take over your body, your mind projected some sort of self-aware image of you to keep things in check.”

“But why? Or rather, why now?” Endo asked.

“Why the f*ck should I know? This is the first time you’ve become unconscious while being a longer distance apart from the Stalsword, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s some other, completely irrelevant bullsh*t reason altogether.”

“That is true…” Endo said while in deep thought. Or since he was in his own mind, maybe deep in… talking out loud…? Amidst his deep thinking (talking out loud) the young Hylian noticed something in front of him. It was a small white line which started to cut through the blackness much like steel cuts through flesh, thus making itself more and more apparent. It was quite perplexing, but at this point Endo had been through all sorts of crazy things so he was not as impressed or terrified anymore.

“I’m guessing that if I ask you what that is, you’ll come back with another snarky reply? Oh wait, I already know that you will, how silly of me for asking.”

“Pff. Nice try boy,” Exo snorted, ”In any case, it should be pretty damn clear what that white thing is by now.” And the Stalfos was right, well sort of. The white line had begun to spread vertically, almost starting to look like a hill along with its mirrored reflection in the bottom. Or with a better description, it looked much like an oval lying on its side. Soon it wasn’t even white anymore; it was more… darkish, much like the walls in that cell Endo had just been inside.

“Wait…” Endo said slowly, he was starting to process what was actually happening. He started to feel lighter, as if his body wasn’t weighing anything. Everything just seemed to be all over the place, it felt like he was… vaporizing. The young Hylian looked down at his feet to find that they weren’t there anymore, as if they had been swallowed up by the darkness. As the opals grew bigger and bigger as well as clearer and clearer, Endo’s body started to disappear one bit at a time, and soon, the entirety of him was gone. Blown away as if he was just a spec of dust in the wind.


Endo slowly opened his eyes. They still stung a lot and his head still hurt. He looked around in an attempt to locate where he was. By looking at the dark walls and the strange-looking machine which was now broken for some reason, the Hylian deduced that he must still be in the strange prison-like area. It seemed like a lot of commotion had been caused, what mainly tipped Endo off about this was the fact that the purple man laid on the floor, seemingly unconscious while a big Wolfos stood before them. At first he became frightened, but when the creature put one of the people that had travelled with them, he started to think otherwise. Granted the Wolfos could still just be out to cash them in as food, and Endo was as suspicious as ever, but something about this creature seemed reassuring. So when it started running away, Endo decided to do the same. Apparently the other unlucky travel-companions seemed to share this thought as they too followed the wolf. His sight was still a bit blurry after Exo’s tantrum, so he couldn’t see them clearly. However one of them seemed like a hulking beast in comparison to himself, best not to anger that one then.

Satan.EXE October 18th, 2012 10:29 AM


The Super-powered Wolfos continued at a rather quick pace, with mild surprise and slight relief upon seeing the others following. Even the monstrous golem was keeping good pace.

“U-uh, excuse me, wolf thing...can I ask what is going on?”

"There's no time for questions, I'll explain everything when we are all safe." Her voice was booming due to the pure power pulsing from her body.

“I-if you plan t-to eat me, I don’t think I would taste very good...I mean, I hear I’m spicy, but not in the way you might be hoping...”

The Wolfos, in response, just sort of... Shook her head. She sped up quickly, running into the castle door at high speeds, bursting through and sending shattered wood all over the place. Two guards who were guarding the doors outside were pelted with shrapnel and collapsed, possibly even dead. There was no time to check however. Considering everyone had followed, she led the group out of the castle, out of the castle town, across a vast open field, and into a nearby forest. After some forest navigation, the Wolfos leads them to what looks like a tavern in the middle of the forest. Gesturing for the others to enter, she slipped in through an opening on the side of the building with the Rito girl. The others would likely use the door.

jasonwolf October 18th, 2012 12:48 PM

(or not... more or less)

Relak glanced at the door and back at the Wolflos. His brethren had a program known as 'humor' and Relak was suspecting this was an example of it. He had just kept up running through a strange colony and across a grassy flat land and without any explanation so far. He was drained and wanted to find a time stone to help recharge, but the entrance to this shelter, which may or may not contain a time stone, was far too small for him to fit through. You could hear metal scraping on metal as Relak contemplated, grinding his jaws together as he did so.

"Structural design faulty." Relak groaned.

He stepped off to the side, and then re-approached the issue. The door was too small for him in total. Piece by piece he would fit. Relak opened the door, pulling the handle half way off, and entered one piece at a time. first his legs one after the other then he inserted his right arm and head then slid the rest of himself in. Even inside it was still sort of small. He had lived in a world made for much smaller beings, but at least there they knew what he needed, and supplied it. This world was hardly fit for a being like him.

Claire* October 23rd, 2012 11:40 AM

Iora Oriole

The wolf’s voice boomed in Iora’s ear as it continued its rapid romp through the halls. Iora fought the urge to let go and cover her ears, it pained her just to listen to the loud voice.

"There's no time for questions, I'll explain everything when we are all safe."

The wolf neglected her second statment, simply shaking its head in response as it sped increasingly toward the looming castle doors. A sensation of hesitance overcame Iora as they continued toward them without letup. These shaky feelings were unwarranted however. The wolf simply powered through, shattering the doors like twigs and throwing a cascade of shrapnel in their wake. Iora closed her eyes quickly, a desperate act to try and keep splinters from damaging her sight. Thankfully, with the force pushing away from them, only residual debris pelted her body.

Two guards had been flanking either side of the doors. As they sped away, Iora reopened her eyes and cast a look behind her to notice their limp, motionless forms. Shrapnel was visible within their bodies, likely enough to cause instantaneous death. Iora did not have enough time to confirm this fact. Even with her excellent vision, the wolf’s speed soon carried them out of range. The castle town passed by them in a blur, a vast, open field quickly took its place and just as quickly it appeared, it vanished into the fringes of a forest. A forest presented no problem for the wolf, it continued its pace, dodging and weaving amongst the trees. It seemed perfectly at home in this environment and seemed certain of its destination.

It wasn’t long before a building popped on the horizon; a sort or bar or tavern situated firmly in the middle of the forest. The wolf gracefully slipped into an entrance on the side and made its way to the interior of the building. Deciding now was a great a time as any, Iora jumped off the wolf’s back and subtly put some distance between it and herself as she took a few steps back.

She continued and pushed her back firmly against the wall of the building, safety and security radiated from its touch. The door opened and the mechanical creature began to enter piece by piece. Iora had never seen anything quite like it. She definitely wasn’t on Dragon Roost Island anymore.

“Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!” She shouted angrily at nobody in specific.

NightOfRemorse October 23rd, 2012 11:17 PM

Delilah Harris

The Wolfos increased its speed as it made its escapade out of the castle. Harris ran faster herself to be sure to keep up with the mysterious lupine, who probably knew why they were here and what they could do to return to where they came from. Harris didn't bother to look out for the robot thing and the other Hylian. All she cared about was rescuing herself and the Wolfos was her only hope at this point.

The large beast barreled through the door of the prison and pelted the guards with debris in the process. Harris glanced at the guard on her left as she sped by, but it proved to be a useless action since she couldn't observe him thoroughly enough to gain anything useful. She turned her head forward again and noticed that the Wolfos was quite a bit farther ahead of her than it was just moments ago, but it didn't matter to her much as long as she could still see where it was headed.

They ran straight through the surrounding town, garnering looks of surprise from its everyday inhabitants. They left the town as quickly as they had entered it and made their way through a large open field. So similar it was to the field that Harris frequented back home that it made her want to believe she was in one of her dreams and she would wake up in her room. She knew this wasn't so, however, for the pain she felt inside the castle was all too real for dreams.

One question went through her mind as she dashed through the green grass. Where were all the Poes? Where had they gone? Harris began to breathe heavily after what seemed like hours of running. She reached the edge of the forest and leapt over a bush and into the forest. She dodged trees and brush and did her best not to trip over her own feet. The tall trees did an extraordinary job at blocking the sun, and they had the early darkness to show for it. Harris was suddenly stopped right in her tracks as her neck caught on a vine crossing horizontally between two trees. She pushed against the vine with her neck as hard as she could and continued running after the vine snapped.

Realizing she had lost sight of the Wolfos for a while now, Harris stopped and observed her surroundings, breathing heavily and feeling like she was about to crumble into pieces. She then decided it wouldn't be a good idea to just stand there and try to think of where to go, so she continued forward in hopes that the lupine didn't make a random turn. Sure enough, she made it to a tavern and saw the robot thing going into it through a small door, piece by piece. After it had gotten inside, Harris slipped in. "Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!" the birdgirl asked, flustered. Harris was tempted to answer sarcastically, but she was too shy to say anything and she thought it better to allow the wolf to answer with a real answer.

jasonwolf October 24th, 2012 7:51 AM

Relak the Golem

Relak began to ponder the winged creature’s question. Hetook a scraping of dirt off the bottom of his foot and analyzed it. He began tomumble random minerals as his eyes dissected the makeup of the dirt. He hadlived with mining robots his entire life, so he knew what to look for in theterra specific to his home. With a low grumble Relak announced,

“Analysis complete. Terra contains minimal minerals, and hasno matches to native soil. Eighty four percent match with Faron Wood loam.”

The golem would have wished it was Faron wood, but alongwith what he had collected visually it was obvious this place was not it. Theother creature’s dismay at their current location also led Relak to come to theanswer of all of them were not native. All excluding the canine creature. Relakapproached it towering over the creature, and in a booming voice demanded,

“Area secure. Now confide answers!”

The Golem was known for being stoic, but he could easilymime basic emotions, and anger was the easiest. His runic eyes became obtusetriangles as to give the appearance of glaring, his metal jaw parted justenough to show the sharp metal spikes inside, and the spikes on Relak’s wrists,knees, and shoulders expanded. Relak preferred simply forcing information or receivingit without work, but intimidation was an effective means.

Mr. Mammoth October 28th, 2012 12:36 AM

Endomorpheus Exoletaar

Endomorpheus Exoletaar

Endo hurriedly stumbled forward; he didn’t want to be left alone in this god-forsaken place. Although it was hard to run in a straight line and with blurred vision, the young Hylian seemed to manage pretty well. It was eerily quiet in his head, no bickering, cursing or shouting from Exo could be heard. That was strange…

“Exo…” Endo whispered quietly, “Exo, are you in there?”

Surprisingly, he got no answer. It seemed like Exo must’ve grown too powerless and had maybe gone into some sort of hibernation-state? To be honest, Endo wasn’t quite sure whether or not he liked this development. If anything, Exo seemed more frightening if he didn’t make any sound at all. Like a venomous snake, slithering quietly through the grass in an attempt to kill its prey slowly with a well-placed bite seeping with poison. Endo started to get more and more nervous the further he developed the thought; he was in fact so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the big wooden door. Well, at least not until it was shattered by the Wolfos as if it was just a toothpick.

The crashing sound emitted when the wolf broke through sent a small surge of nausea through Endo’s head. He tripped, but quickly regained his balance before a sour taste started spreading in his mouth. Did he just throw up a little? That was very much possible, but at this point he didn’t care too much.

The party hurried over the fields as the Wolfos started to speak. Probably, the conversation was directed towards the person on the wolf’s back, but Endo could still hear it fine. It was loud and seeping with such power that it made the young Hylian nauseous again. He yet again threw up in his mouth, but still carried on. However, it seemed that something strange was going underway. It felt much like something was moving around inside Endo’s head, almost as if it was reacting to the wolf’s voice. Luckily, it died down before Endo could take much note of it.

The Wolfos led them to some sort of tavern, or something along those lines. The canine beast itself disappeared to somewhere, probably to another entrance to the house. But why did it do that? It had clearly seen how Endo and his travel-companions had been trapped and drained of their power, hadn’t it? Why would they be regarded as suspicious? Or maybe… the wolf felt that thing resonating from Endo when it spoke and deemed his as a possible threat? If that was the case, then what was it going to do to him? Was he to be eliminated? Well, at this point there wasn’t much of a choice for Endo, now was there? So he decided to just go inside of the house.

Inside, it felt a bit relaxing and soothing to finally be away from that horrible prison-area. Endo also thought that he heard a faint melody plating somewhere; it was a melody which felt safe and a bit jolly. The Hylain closed his eyes and just collapsed on the floor, heavily breathing. That run had taken more out of his than he wanted to admit. However, everyone didn’t seem to be at as much of peace as him. Somebody spoke up angrily; it was a girl who seemingly wanted to just what the hell was going on there. Her shouting caused Endo to feel a bit nauseous again, he gripped his head lightly and tried to hold back the vomit that he could feel was building up in his stomach. The next thing that happened wasn’t much better, the giant, hulking, thing also boomed out that he wanted to know stuff. Or at least Endo assumed that that was what he wanted; the dude spoke a bit weirdly.

Again, a wave washed over the Hylian, but this time it wasn’t one of nausea, it was one of rage. Endo could feel it, the rage of the Stalfos living deep within his mind. He felt something sting in his eye and assumed that it was turning bright-red due to an oncoming tantrum from Exo. The young Hylian quickly held his hand over the right side of his face to hide the color-change.

“Everybody just SHUT UP!” He howled angrily, gripping the right side of his face harder as it the anger started turning into pain.

Satan.EXE October 29th, 2012 7:52 AM


“Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!”

“Area secure. Now confide answers!”

“Everybody just SHUT UP!!

The Wolfos, ignoring all of the questions for the moment, instead approached the furious one. Was he angry? Or was it irritation due to pain? She calmed herself, and pressed her head against the boy's forehead. "It's dangerous to fight him alone... Take this." Some of the booming power faded and Endo would soon find power regained, power endowed to him by the Goddesses themselves. She seemedto have acknowledged the other entity that resided with him. She then padded over to the other three. "This Tavern is a safe haven out of Vaati's sight, and those who do not know the path through this forest are sure to meet their demise." The Wolfos closed her eyes. "A proper introduction is in order... I am Princess Zelda... That Kingdom that imprisoned you all was once a much more peaceful, happy town. However..." She seemed to trail off for a moment, as if to reminisce on a calm memory.

"Once Vaati had taken over, I was since forgotten, and to keep myself safe, I've been living under an Alias, so henceforth you must refer to me as Rei. Vaati has unlocked dimensional travel, and with it, is collecting triforce power from the residents of many dimensions. You all were brought here for the same reason... Now, regain the power that was granted to you by the Goddesses." She then began to howl a new tune, one that brings ease and calm to the group.


As the song finished, the Triforce power that belonged to the heroes was soon returned to them, and The Wolfos returned to her regular appearance. Instead of one icy blue eye and one pitch black eye, Rei opened her eyes to reveal a pair of soft, purple eyes. Those eyes shone brighter than the shiniest gems. "I'm sure you all noticed... The royalty of your dimension was also captured. So... If you want to save him or her, and return to the world you once resided in, we will have to work together." Rei seated herself on the Tavern's counter, eyeing the others. There was no doubt that there was stress visible in her eyes. In fact, the sudden release of power caused her to half-collapse, lying down on the counter weakly. "I... I'll do everything in my power to aid you... I have someone to rescue as well..."

Claire* November 5th, 2012 7:51 PM

Iora Oriole
The wolf’s unusual, yet melodic howl soothed the rage and pent up confusion that had occupied Iora’s being. The wolf...Zelda, Iora recalled her name offhand, had just laid out so much information in one bite, that it was incredibly hard to process all at once. Vaati, Zelda, different dimensions... It was as if her one question had been replaced with twenty more. All Iora knew, was that she no longer felt fear towards those around her, she felt rejuvenated as if some of her own innate power had been restored.

What was this “triforce” power that Zelda referred to? It was inside her? This seemed like only the stuff of legends, surely they had the wrong idea. Iora was a nobody in a town of much stronger and valiant people. How could she possibly have something another wanted, let alone wanted enough to steal?

She turned to face the now named wolf, its appearance had changed as well. To Iora, Zelda seemed be weakened, almost drained as she had halfway collapsed on the counter in the building. Iora wondered how much she herself had been through to get to this point. Taking on an alias, saving them and running for who knows how far. Iora looked to the wolfos with fresh eyes, before fear and worry had dominated her attitude toward her, but now, with her tired state, she felt almost...pity.

Everything still didn’t make a whole lot of sense, why was this power within her? Why was it so coveted? All this combined with the captured royalty, it was like a puzzle that she didn’t have the slightest clue on how to solve.

“Zel- ah I mean...Rei,” She corrected herself mid-speech. “This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?"

NightOfRemorse November 5th, 2012 9:39 PM

Delilah Harris

Harris quietly eyed the Wolfos as she ignored everyone's protests and instead pressed her head against the other Hylian's forehead. She then walked over to the other three and explained that she was Princess Zelda and in hiding. Wait... this was Princess Zelda? Then, who was the person in front of Harris who had been captured by Vaati? She must have been affected by the pain even worse than she thought if she had mistaken the identity of that captive. Harris couldn't believe what this lupine was saying, however. She wasn't special at all and all she did back in Hyrule was get in folks' way and wander off from home. Why should any goddesses grant her power? Not that she wasn't grateful. She was.

Zelda then howled once more and startled Harris for a split second before a strong feeling of peace overcame her. The sound of that voice was amazingly soothing. Then, the group all regained the Triforce power that had been taken away from them. Harris instantly felt stronger and more energetic, but the fact that those feelings were taken and returned just like that angered her. Why should anyone have power over her so easily? That's not how it was supposed to be. Harris owned her power, no one else did. Yet, they could take it away the same way you'd snatch a lollipop out of a baby's weak little hand. You could either devour the candy right before the crying baby or you could hand it back if you so choose. I can't let this happen again. These goddesses are pretty damn unfair.

Harris looked at "Rei" in the eyes and watched as the wolf collapsed down in exhaustion. Apparently she was intending to rescue someone as well and she was willing to help the clueless ones. "Zel- ah I mean...Rei. This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?" the birdgirl asked. Harris could not hold back from making a snide remark. "We're going to die, aren't we?"

Mr. Mammoth November 10th, 2012 1:43 PM

Endomorpheus Exoletaar
A Tavern

“It’s dangerous to fight him alone… Take this”

Endo looked up to see the wolf’s head pressed against his. A calm and soothing feeling spread through his body. For a faint second, he thought that he could hear the furious screech of something deep within his mind. But it seemed to be gone after a second. It was probably Exo getting bound by the power of the Triforce, which had now been re-granted to Endo. The Hylian removed the hand from his eye which had now returned to its original color. He felt much better now, as if the heavens themselves had opened up and revitalized him to the fullest. With his piece of the Triforce back, Endo stood up from the floor and looked towards the others. He could see them clearly now. One has a humanoid shape; however she bore more resemblance to a bird than anything else, regarding her appearance. The next one was a giant, hulking machine-like guy on two legs. Endo had never seen anything quite like it, it was pretty terrifying. The last one was a girl, she didn’t seem to be of some other kind of species like a bird-thing or a machine, but maybe she was some kind of shape-shifter that could become a blade wielding mantis if you looked away for one second… He deduced that he had to be careful around all of these people.

The wolf then decided to give them some answers. She revealed that she in fact was Princess Zelda of all people! This was starting to get a bit too sketchy for Endo, was he sure that this was really happening? Maybe it was all just a weird dream he was having, something induced by Exo just because that bastard wanted to mess with his mind a bit? Oh man! Now he trailed off again, stupid brain! When he returned to reality, Endo managed to catch that Zelda was now called Rei and that things had gotten f*cked up by this evil Vaati-guy who could now warp between dimensions? That certainly wasn’t good. To be honest, it sucked pretty hard actually. Well, at least it provided him with an answer to why he was here.

Rei howled a melody which she stated would give back the Triforce to everyone in the room. Of course it didn’t return Endo’s piece as that one had already found its original owner. But that didn’t stop the young Hylian from enjoying the song. It was nice and soothing and it brought a nice warm feeling over him. The wolf now returned to her regular appearance, which was much less… eerie to look at according to Endo. She had very pretty eyes, he noted.

The wolf-princess proclaimed that they all had to work together in order to save the royalty of their respective dimensions and return to their own dimensions. This got Endo a bit excited, think about it, what was more fun than an adventure in a completely different dimension with a lot of travel-companions? To the young Hylian, there wasn’t much to fit this description. Rei also stated that she would use everything in her power to help them, but not before collapsing on the tavern’s counter.

Then the bird-like girl spoke up, she wondered how exactly they were going to do this. The other girl added that they’d probably perish in this place.

“Well, I wouldn’t argue with her on that. At least it means that I’ll get your body, it’s a win-win-situation! Especially for me.” Exo chuckled.

“Oh just shut up.” Endo whispered to the Stalfos.

Then, he could feel something quietly moving around inside of his cap. What in the world could that be? Burkle! Endo had completely forgotten about the Occo Jr. The Hylian immediately took off his cap to see a confused and dazed little head with wings flutter out of it and look around to see where the hell he actually was. After stabilizing his condition, Burkle observed that he was inside a house of sorts, a little unsettling, he thought but not too bad. Then he turned to find a girl standing in the house. Okay? That was also a bit strange, but nothing to be scared of, right? Then he noticed another girl, however this one was covered in feathers and had a beak. Even though she was something bird-like - much like him – he still felt the need to be cautious. But nothing dangerous. Then there was a wolf, Burkle gulped, wolves weren’t really known for being nice and friendly to birds, they were more likely to eat them. But as long as he was with Endo, things were going to be fine. Burkle then noticed that Endo’s weapons were gone… Well… that wasn’t good. He might have a chance though? The wolf looked tired after all.

Then he spotted the hulking beast made of metal.

The Occo Jr. – with lack of a better word – completely flipped his sh*t at this point. With a loud scream of fear, the human-like head with wings fluttered as fast as he could in the other direction, not regarding exactly what he flew into. The Occo Jr. quickly crashed into a wall, but decided to shake it off and continue somewhere else. Endo had at this point realized what danger Burkle currently posed to himself, so he decided to run after the panicking creature. Burkle zipped across the room, nearly hitting the two girls in the tavern a few times. After doing this for a while, he accidentally ended up in front of the very thing he set out to avoid, the giant machine-dude. The Occo Jr. stopped right in front of it, and when he realized where he was, the poor little bird-thing just sunk to the ground, seemingly without energy. Endo tip-toed up to the machine, picked up Burkle, and slowly started to back off while the word “Sorry” came out of his mouth.

jasonwolf November 13th, 2012 1:13 PM

"Its dangerous to go alone take this." The wolf princess said.

The golden triangle that had earlier been torn from Relak's body appeared in front of him. The golem grabbed the triforce piece as it seemed to be called, and jabbed it into his chest. metal closed around the triangle and the gash healed. You could hear the gears grinding inside of Relak's chest. His way of grumbling. Whatever this revolting creature was it was far too small to warrant his attention. This wolf creature now turned human also had made no reason for him to care. 'Princess Zelda' that meant nothing to him. What did mean something was a return to his home.

"Most efficient actions taken to result in positive outcome." Relak demanded.

Relak had a purpose and it wasn't meant to be here as a hero. He was a protector for his kind. Time spent here was merely risking his brethren. Relak stepped back from the group begining to compute some out comes and factors.

"I require input." Relak added.

He wandered off trying to find some source of data. His footsteps were surpisingly quiet for his weight, but you could easily see where his metal feet scratched the floor. It all came down to Relak's raw magnetic power. the majority of his weight was currently weightless. Only his feet did, but they weigh nearly as much as a normal man. Relak attempted to pick a book up off a shelf, but his sharpend fingers puncutred the flimsy paper. Relak threw the ruined book to the ground, and began pounding his fists together. Each hit flatened the sharp edges on his hands and produced a low clang which echoed through the building.

Satan.EXE November 14th, 2012 7:59 AM

Wolfos Princess of Wisdom

“Zel- ah I mean... Rei... This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?" The bird-like girl spoke.

"We're going to die, aren't we?" Came a smart-alec remark from the Hylian girl.

The boy, on the other hand, was mumbling to himself - or more likely, to the being living within - before a small Ooccoo Jr. came out of nowhere in a full-fledged panic. The boy chased it around the room and it quickly ended in front of the giant golem creature.

This overload of questions was rather harsh on the already stressed and weakened princess. "As long as we're safe in a sanctuary like the one we're in, you may still call me Zelda. There's no fear of eavesdropping here..." She glanced over at the snide Hylian girl seemingly disapproving of the comment, but too weak at the moment to interject. Zelda seemed to only rest her head atop her paws, her eyes half open and a bit dimmed. These truly are dark times...

It was at that moment that a pink 'fairy' appeared from her head, seeming to watch the others in a somewhat protective motion in defense of the princess. It was moments later that this winged ball of light exploded in a shroud of smoke, which quickly faded to reveal a woman taller than average, nearly six and a half feet tall. She wore odd navy and white clothing, with pointed ears and piercing red eyes that could stare straight into your soul. She watched the others, seemingly determining if there's any threat, and deciding that it's safe, lowered her readily offensive stance to stand upright.

The new woman began to walk over behind the counter and begin going through the various drinks and other objects, causing the occasional glass klink. When she spoke, it seemed to hold a lot of power behind it. Good lord, even Vaati wasn't this menacing. "My name is Ash. Now, if anyone has something wise-ass to say," She shot a look directly at the Hylian woman before continuing, "keep it to yourself. Whether any of you like it or not, you're stuck here. So if we're offering you help, you'd better shut up and accept it. Zelda is right; if you do this on your own, you will die, and no one is going to risk their own life to try and rescue yours."

She placed a bowl full of milk on the counter, encouraging the princess to drink from it. "Now, if we can work together, train, gather resources, and find equipment, we might have a chance. So if you'd rather die, then go ahead and leave because no one is going to listen to your complaints. If you'd actually like to do something about it, then get used to the idea of working together." She seemed to have relaxed a bit. "It's getting late, so you can relax for the rest of tonight. There are plenty of drinks here, but don't touch the milk. It's scarce and we need it for situations like this." She gestured toward the weak princess. "And we have food in the fridge. There's a closet with some sleeping bags and pillows, so you can choose who gets what."

She closed her eyes and sat atop the counter, beside the princess, leaning against the wall. "If you want my opinion, I'd recommend you all get to know each other and learn to get along. Cover each others' weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. It's the best chance you'll get." She was now drinking a cup of hot tea; somehow she'd prepared it without anyone noticing.

The princess had finished the bowl of milk and was at least able to sit up again. "You'll have to forgive her... She can be rather cruel, but it's only in our best interest... She is right... So, would any of you like to explain something about yourself?"

NightOfRemorse November 26th, 2012 10:54 PM

Delilah Harris

Harris' eyes shifted toward the other Hylian amongst the group, who was whispering to himself and just didn't seem okay overall. Not that anyone would be okay, considering the situation they all found themselves in, but the surprise on the Hylian's face as he removed his cap told Harris he had another thing going on. And he did. A head flew out of the cap and started zipping around this way and that in between shrieks of terror, and Harris had to quickly evade it a couple of times in order to avoid it colliding into her. It was gross looking, to put it simply. Of all the creatures she had seen back at home, she had never seen anything quite like this one. As Harris had noted before, it was a head. A grossly shrunken head with red eyes and wings protruding from the sides of it like enormous ears.

The Hylian whose hat the creature came from picked it up and apologized to the robot it had landed in front of, but the giant didn't appear to be phased by the disturbance and threw a book onto the floor before pounding together its fists. Harris looked around the room with an expression that said, "You have got to be ****ing kidding me." Everybody here was crazy as sin. A guy who spoke to himself and stored a floating head in his hat, a human sized BIRD, and a giant robot/rock thing that liked to destroy everything in sight regardless of what value it might have held before it was torn to worthless pieces. I am not about to be stuck here for too long.

"As long as we're safe in a sanctuary like the one we're in, you may still call me Zelda. There's no fear of eavesdropping here..." the wolf said, looking right at Harris who, in turn looked at her with a dismissive expression. The battered beast lay her head onto her paws as a pink thing flew out from somewhere on her head and, with a puff of smoke, turned into a really tall woman. She introduced herself as Ash and then shot a look at Harris as she spoke about keeping "wise ass comments to yourself". Why is everyone lookin' at me? I didn't do ****.

"Zelda is right; if you do this on your own, you will die, and no one is going to risk their own life to try and rescue yours," said Ash. "I didn't want anybody's aid anyways," Harris muttered. Ash went on to explain that there were food, pillows, and a couple of other things available to make the group more comfortable. She then suggested that they introduce one another. Harris' nose wrinkled at this. She was always terrible at introducing herself to strangers and she wasn't very keen on doing so now, especially if she was the first one to open her mouth. Besides, anything she said would probably rub the others in the wrong way; the six words she said before already upset some. "You'll have to forgive her... She can be rather cruel, but it's only in our best interest... She is right... So, would any of you like to explain something about yourself?" Zelda asked. Harris looked at the others impassively, waiting for them to speak first so she could do so afterward and not look as awkward. However, her effort to prevent an awkward situation failed utterly as her stomach broke the moment of silence with a plead for food. ****. **** you stomach. "I'm Harris and all the biggest pillows belong to me," she said vacantly, not realizing how much of an ass she came off as.

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