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gimmepie October 17th, 2012 6:32 AM

Pokemon Survival Challenge (T)

A group of trainers get a mysterious invitation to the remote Superess island by an anonymous source for a large-scale tournament. The trainers arrive at the islands small dock aboard a ship that abruptly leaves and are greeted by a masked man in a white suit and several other masked people in hooded black cloaks. The man informs them that he is the one who is funding the tournament and that it has some unique rules. He tells the crowd that no technology is on the island except for in his own home and that none of it will be available to the competitors. This does include PCs so the team you arrive with is all you have. He continues to say that the length of the tournament is indefinite and that nobody will be permitted to leave until there is a winner. The final thing he tells the trainers is that they will not just be competing to win but to retain ownership of their pokemon. Any pokemon that faints will be captured by special pokeballs and taken to a lock-up away from their trainers. Further more any trainer who has no team will be eliminated from the competition (and although this is not stated, mysteriously disappear). To compensate this he will allow the capture of wild pokemon to revitalise a trainers lacking team. The masked man gives the trainers twenty-four hours to prepare and reminds them there is no way for them to leave as even their most powerful pokemon could not make the distance to civilisation.


1. All forum rules apply
2. Game play begins the day after the arrival of all the trainers
3. You may begin with 1-6 pokemon
4. Levels do not exist
5. Each pokemon in a team must have a list of four moves and an ability
6. Pokemon strengths and weaknesses must be fairly realistic but in a way that does give newly caught pokemon a chance
7. If you are careless and forget to beef up your team and end up losing your last pokemon by GM decision in a battle that is your own fault but you may start again with a new character if you are given permission.
8. New characters may be introduced into gameplay after the game has begun but it must be assumed they have been on the island the whole time. Permission needed.
9. The creation and use of NPCs is mostly up to you but your decisions must be fair. NPCs are always minor characters unless a GM states otherwise
10. You may decide to form a small team with other characters (ask before including NPCs).
11. You may set up a base of operations for yourself, group or team. These bases can be found by NPCs and Players especially if they are not moved often. Small groups may remain mobile but a team of 4 or more must have a base.
12. NPC characters must be considered powerful. ESPECIALLY the major antagonist.
13. Not all wild pokemon caught will be strong. You as players have the responsibly to not over power your teams.
14. Character and pokemon development is expected.
15. You may play as an anime or game character but only if you contact a GM. Similarly you may take the role of an NPC with GM permission.
16. Be respectful and try to have fun. If there is a problem contact a GM.

The Island

The island is rounded with beaches at the edge, grasslands/rocky plains/forests further in and mountains in the centre. The main base of the evil trainers in below the mountains but your characters can't discover that until they have received decent character development and permission from the GM.

Character Interaction

If agreed to by another player or players you may form a small group or team. You generally start neutral with people unless you know each other before the events of the island in which a different relationship will be allowed.

Friends: Usually travel together and will not battle against each other unless they have no choice. Friends may have arguments and fall-out

Rivals: Rivals are competitive with each other. Which in this situation is bound to cause problems. Rivals are generally not friendly but have a respect for the other person.

Enemies: Enemies will do what ever they can to eliminate one another. They dislike each other to extremes. All evil NPC characters and evil players are to be automatically treated as enemies.

Relationships: Trainers may enter into relationships with one another if agreed upon if they are friends or neutral. Exceptions for rivals may be made.

For any information about the characters or pokemon available or anything OOC please use the OOC thread.

Have fun! :D

gimmepie October 20th, 2012 8:41 AM

Zayne: Forest Outskirts

Zayne awoke to the sound of low pitched snarling, haunted by the events of the previous day and by what was to come. The snarling was courtesy of his Feraligatr who had been keeping guard of the small forest cave Zayne and his six pokemon were inhabiting; a small group of wild Tranquill had gotten a little too close to their make-shift home.
“Relax they’re not going to attack us or anything, this was their home before us” Zayne said placing a reassuring hand on the tall, bulky blue crocodilian pokemon “besides I’m more than confident you could handle a small flock of untrained birds” he joked. The tall, lanky teenager returned Feraligatr to his pokeball and sat by the entry to the cave. He needed to think, to plan. He was only on the outskirts of the forest but his cave was well hidden by thick fauna so he didn’t feel he was required to move just yet not that keeping mobile would help too much since several trainers were on the island. Zayne thought back to the previous evening as they all arrived at the island on a boat. He had been quietly watching as most of the other trainers had socialised with each other, some bragging whilst others sought reassurance. He had noticed others who were like himself also, people who would rather observe the other trainers than actually engage in a conversation though. He did remember talking briefly to an interesting guy with a Marowack as they got off the boat though. It wasn’t these memories that were haunting him like ghastly though. Soon after they had arrived they had been greeted on the beach by the organizer of the tournament, a strange man wearing a mask, and his associates. The man, who called himself Concello, informed the group of the tournaments true nature, they would lose their pokemon if they lost. They would lose their teammates and their friends. This hit him like an attack to his stomach but to make it worse the shift in the atmosphere was terrible. Some people had become predators, stalking him mercilessly and others prey, who were afraid of him. He figured a large number of the latter had already lost their entire teams and been “removed” as Concello had put it.

“I’ll have to battle eventually, for now though I’m probably safest concealed here”. Zayne released his Kangaskhan from its pokeball for it to serve as the next guard before retreating to the rear of the small cave to eat a breakfast of berries native to the island and continue preparing for the upcoming ordeal.

Koyan October 20th, 2012 2:55 PM

The day was ending... Or it was beginning. He honestly didn't remember which, as he'd been to deeply in thought to pay attention to the passing of time. Cian massaged his forehead placatingly, hoping to fight off the headache he was getting. Beside him, sat Savant, his ever present Gengar companion.

Trainer. You should eat. You haven't eaten since we got here... Savant reminded him. He was almost like a parent... Cian shook his head.

"Savant. I need to think... We need a strategy if we want to get through this." he said. Cian shifted into a more contemplative position, moving his hand under his chin. His mismatched eyes stared off at the plains ahead of him, as he attempted to plan out a strategy.

Savant grunted and sat down. Strangely enough, Savant never went farther than reminding him. They both sat in silence as they studied the orange clouds overhead.

Megaman765 October 21st, 2012 11:05 PM

Mark Willson

Mark wasn't sure of what to make of the sitation. He came here because he wanted to participate in a Tournament. Not a challange of survival. The stakes were high. Losing your Pokemon if they feinted? The mention of a tournament was the main reason he even fell for this trap. Well... he was here and now he had to find a way out, or try to eliminate the competition to end this tournament quicker. No... he couldn't do that sort of thing. They were probably in the same boat as him! Maybe that was the idea though. Everyone was fighting for survival so eventually somebody would be attacking him.

Snype was walking alongside with him. They unfortunately didn't have much for a fort. It was more of a Tent then anything made of leaves and a few branches they found laying around. His Pokemon weren't very capable of making say, planks of wood or cutting down trees efficently. It would disturb the other Pokemon anyways if they did that. He didn't want to try a Cave either, as that would likely be the home of several Pokemon as well. Mark would have to make due with what he had.

On the bright side, he did bring along a bit of food and water, but only two bottles. One was only half full and some of the food he brought along were meant as snacks for the ride to the island. Mark was lacking but at least he had something. Unfortunately, that could make him a prime target. This was about survival and he didn't know any of the other trainers that came along. They could try to ambush him and take his supplies. He was going to need alot more then just a small makeshift tent. It wasn't exactly sturdy... And it wasn't like his Pokemon were trained to build a huge fort to keep safe.

Mark would just have to rely on his own Pokemon for now. Mark figured he should start by finding a water source, like a river or something like that.

"Snype, keep an ear out. If you hear water rushing, let's get to it. Eventually we're going to run out of water, so we need to find a water source before someone else keeps it to their selves. Mark pulled out a Pokeball and let Able, his Ninjask out of her ball.

"Able, scout around and let me know if you find anything. If you see other Trainers, keep out of sight. If you are found, make like a wild Pokemon and get out of there. Try to find food or maybe somewhere we can make a better home base." Mark said. Able flew around Mark and nodded, quickly zipping around the nearby forest areas to scout around for whatever she could find.

Greiger October 22nd, 2012 5:04 PM

Aron Ultmos

Aron threw the rock up and down into the air as he stared up into the sky. Lake next to him rippled every so often as water pokemon moved about in the depths. Aron stared at the water for a bit as he saw a rather big bubble rise up and popped on the surface. After a while he continued to throw the rock back up in the air. His hat was off to the ground next to him with two other rocks in it. After he threw up the rock a few more times he suddenly threw it as hard as he could into the forest. He then grabbed one of the other rocks and began to throw it up once more when there was a loud splash in the lake. Aron closed his hand as the rock fell onto his palm once more. Aquos walked over to his trainer and sat down next to him.

Aron glanced at him, "Well?"

Aquos shook his head, spraying some water over Aron. "Hey, easy with the head shaking." He chuckled as he sat up and stretched. The area next to the lake was rather quiet, the wild pokemon were long gone and no other trainers had shown up yet. He was rather lucky in the regard that Aquos just knew where to find water. He chalked it up to the fact that water-type pokemon just had natural instincts or something. He looked at his friend with a soft smile. He wasn't going to lose him or any of the others, even if he had to personally take down every other team, he would be the last standing.

"Well, it's time to get moving again. If we stay out here we could get easily surrounded. We don't want that."

"Gol!" Aquos said as he got up and began to lead the way through the forest with Aron following.

gimmepie October 24th, 2012 6:33 AM


Zayne had been pondering for a while now whilst intermittently changing the pokemon that was keeping guard; currently that pokemon was his Lucario, one of his closest partners. Zayne new that it was unlikely he would be found in his hiding place, but he also knew that if he was found and he ran he would not know where to go. He could send his Staraptor to scout from the sky, Feraligatr from underwater or Sceptile could camouflage reasonably well in the forest due to its green colour and leafy tail. The problem was, could he risk sending one of his friends out alone?
“What do you think I should do?” he asked the blue and yellow canine like pokemon who was now standing to his right. Lucario grunted and gestured to itself. Zayne new that his furry friend had a point; his ability to sense the aura and intentions of others would make it easy enough to avoid others, but if he was seen by a trainer they were sure to know that he was not a wild pokemon. Lucarios are quite rare anyway, but they were almost never seen in an area like the one they inhabited. A realisation came to his mind soon after these thoughts. He would have to go with Lucario to see the layout of the island for his own eyes whilst his friend put most of his energy into helping Zayne avoid other trainers.
“Alright, you can go but I’m coming with you. Focus on keeping us out of the paths of other trainers and I’ll try to learn my way around. The first thing I should probably do is find a near-by water source, we’ll run out eventually and I don’t want to resort to what Gatr (the abbreviation he occasionally used to describe his Feraligatr) has to offer.”
Zayne grabbed a bottle of water, his pack and his pokeballs before pulling some ivy had discovered over the entrance of his cave to conceal it and headed deeper into the forest.

Ponee October 31st, 2012 11:53 AM

Capri gazed into the fire as many thoughts began to fill her head. What made her accept the invitation to this tournament? She knew her father would be furious when he realizes that she had left the ranch to go compete in an useless competition. She shuddered just thinking about. She was almost more scared about what will happen when the tournament is over then the tournament itself.

Capri plucked one of the mini-pokeballs off of her charm bracelet. She then pressed the middle button, which enlarged it, and released a goofy looking, yellow lizard with a large head. He had a tight grip onto what looked liked pants, but was really his molted skin.

"Scrag." It huffed.

Capri chuckled at the Scraggy's grumpiness. "Oh come on Malcolm, I just wanted someone to hang out with."

Malcolm was Capri's latest capture and the most stubborn Pokemon she has ever tried to train.

Malcolm rolled his eyes and stepped closer to the fire, warming himself.

"Now listen, we are in a very important tournament. I know you do not like battling. But you gonna have to man up and actually battle."

Malcolm paid no attention to her.

"If you lose. You go away."

Malcolm eyes widened. "Scrag?"

A gleam of hope brushed over Capri. "I may never see you again."

Malcolm shrugged.

"I give up."

Capri grabbed the Pokeball and a red light absorbed the Scraggy, sending him back into the ball.

"Stupid, stubborn Pokemon." She frowned as she clipped the ball back onto her bracelet.

Greiger November 4th, 2012 5:43 PM

Aron Ultmos

Aron continued to walk along. The forest was quiet, although the silence was broken by the sound of a pokemon cry every now and then. Aquos was on edge, having already readied two Water Pulses in each hand and ready to throw them in a moments notice. He was quiet. He couldn't risk talking and having his voice heard. It was okay for Golduck to talk since many of the trainers could very well conclude the Golduck was a wild pokemon. He tried to keep his steps light, but his shoes kept on cracking branches underneath them. He sighed and glanced over at Aqous and pointed over to the side. Without another word the Golduck went toward the tree while Aron hid behind another tree.

At first it was silent then the sound he had heard got louder and louder. Another trainer passed by where he hid, and from what Aron could see the trainer didn't have a pokmeon out. Well, that's what it looked like to him. The other trainer could very well have a pokemon following from a distance or flying up above. Aron just stayed quiet and as soon as he left he warily stood up and headed toward the tree Aquos was at. He nodded and the two began to follow the trainer. If this was any time to take out his competitors, this was it. As long as he stayed quiet and nothing else happened he could easily ambush the others one by one.

gimmepie November 5th, 2012 6:40 AM


It had gotten quite dark during Zayne’s trip for reconnaissance and resources (clean water) but he had eventually found a small, clean, lake and gathered water from there. He was currently returning to his cave where he intended to cook some edible nuts and seeds he had found on his trip. Something was bothering him though. The long walk had gone well and Lucario hadn’t noticed any other trainers in the immediate area yet although he had felt several further off when focusing intently, however there had been foot prints on the shore of the lake and a neat pile of small pebbles in the sand. This was concerning because it implied that another trainer was using the same water source as him and had somehow evaded detection from Lucario... perhaps this person had a more relaxed aura than others? It didn’t really matter because he had grown a small advantage from seeing the prints. He knew someone else was in the area that didn’t yet know about him, and he knew that that person had a Golduck. He had seen the tracks near the lake and was thankfully familiar with the print as he himself had a Golduck staying at a breeder’s near his home in Veilstone. He could plan for facing the water type whilst he ate.

Zayne had continued walking with his Lucario next to him for a short while when his companion stiffened. The aura pokemon had detected another trainer very close and was gesturing to a large tree about a hundred metres to right of the small clearing they were currently standing in. Zayne’s heart began to beat fast and hard... that was the direction of his makeshift home, he had to do something.
“Okay... Sceptile come on out” he whispered quietly before tossing the pokeball lightly into the air. In a flash of light the tall, green lizard-like pokemon appeared swishing his leafy tail in anticipation.
“I want you to go via the trees, quietly, and sneak up on whoever is hiding over there” he paused before adding “be careful if they’re hiding they’re expecting us. Lucario can you sneak around and get behind them?” The shorter of his two friends grunted the affirmative and the two pokemon carefully began to make their way towards the tree. Zayne continued along the same path walking straight past his foe at a casual pace, knowing that his two pokemon were closing in on his stalker from above and behind.
“Hopefully this works” he thought to himself not wanting to see either of his friends taken away.

Megaman765 November 5th, 2012 2:22 PM

Mark didn't have much success with the route he was going. He was extremely inexperienced with the concept of survival so he wasn't sure how long he would likely last. He was doing a good job with keeping away from other trainers but that was bound to soon change... As Mark was trekking closer to the mountainous area, he could hear a cackling sound and a feint light in the distance. It seemed like a campfire... if there was a fire, that meant somebody was nearby. Able was still keeping her distance and scouting around, also noticing the fire. He quickly edged closer to where the light was coming from, doing his best to keep well hidden and see what he could see... There was a girl by herself. She had long curly auburn hair.

Mark hid behind a tree, keeping as silent as possible to hopefully see if this girl was worth checking on on or not... Snype got into position as well, and clinged onto a tree to get to higher ground.

Greiger November 6th, 2012 4:10 PM

Aron Ultmos

Aron watched from his spot as the trainer continued walking along the path, oblivious at the task at hand. He hated to do this, but the alternative for his own hard work to be taken away was too great now. Aquos would know how to stay quiet, he was able to learn quickly and that's what Aron liked about him. Still, if he could get the trainer out before he released any pokemon then he could get out one of his competitors without that much of a hassle. He pulled out another pokeball from his waist and continued following, keeping his breathing low and his body not that tense. If he started tensing up then he would end up making mistakes, he just had to remain calm and collected, that was the only way to win at this. He watched the trainer continue on and finally knew the time was at hand. He could only hope that this trainer could understand why he was doing this. It was the only way.

"Aquos! Water Pulse!" He shouted as he threw another pokeball and released Quintus. "Quintus! Thunder Wave!" He shouted as he pointed at the boy.

Once he paralyzed him he could easily get rid of him. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

The Alakazam's eyes glowed as he pointed a hand toward the boy and fired off a Thunder Wave at him as Aquos formed a Water Pulse in between his hands and launched it at the trainer.

gimmepie November 7th, 2012 4:28 AM


“Aquos! Water Pulse” a pause “Quintus! Thunder Wave”

Zayne had been waiting for this moment with bated breath. The seconds had felt like hours but now the moment was finally upon him. He turned, diving to the side as he did so, and saw a familiar looking trainer along with an Alakazam and, unsurprisingly, a Golduck. The latter two were launching the aforementioned attacks at him, but that didn't matter. It couldn't matter....

“Now!” Zayne screamed as he hit the ground. Responding to his call Lucario darted into the fray from behind Zayne’s attackers launching a powerful Dark Pulse at the Alakazam. Simultaneously Sceptile launched itself from the branches above knocking the other trainer over with his tail and landing behind the Golduck. He grabbed the smaller pokemon with his left arm placing his right at the Duck pokemon’s throat with a Leaf Blade primed and ready.
Zayne pushed himself off the ground and just looked at the situation in front of him for a while before finally speaking, his voice soft but cold,
“I’m going to give you a chance to return your pokemon and walk away. I don’t want to hurt you or your friends but I’ll go as far as killing you if it means keeping my pokemon safe” he hated himself for what he was implying, for what he knew he would do to protect his companions.
“Return your pokemon, turn around and leave and nobody has to get hurt”. He fought to keep the plea in that statement from being heard.

Greiger November 7th, 2012 1:42 PM

Aron Ultmos

Aron watched as the trainer seemed to instinctively duck underneath the attacks, although he didn't get too much time to say anything as he was knocked over by what had first seemed to be a plant. He then heard a cry of pain from Quintus and looked to see his Alakazam falling onto his back. Quintus looked up from his position, glaring at the Lucario that had just attacked him. Aquos however was in a more vulnerable position with a Sceptile having grabbed hold of him and having a Leaf Blade hovering right next to his throat. Clever boy. It seemed he had baited his own trap. Quite clever indeed. It seemed that the trainer didn't want to battle now, strange. He had the upper hand right now. He could easily get rid of Aquos and take out Quintus as well. Why not do it? Why would he just let him go? It just meant they would have to face each other in the near future once the other competitors had been weeded out. It was a weakness Aron couldn't have, and it did seem that there were still trainers on the island that wanted to keep their moral compasses in check. Fine, he was in a bad position anyway. He could take this lesson and be much more careful next time.

Wordlessly he pulled out Aquos' ball and returned the Golduck and Quintus as well. "Fine. I'll go. I underestimated you. I guess we'll see each other later then." He said as he backed off. He made it to some trees and headed off. He was disappointed of course. A chance to rid himself of another competitor and he blew it. Well, he would have to be more careful next time, although... if he did find someone else around here he could take them by surprise. It all depended on luck though.

gimmepie November 8th, 2012 12:12 AM


Zayne stood there shaking as the other trainer returned his pokemon and slowly walked away, disappearing into the forest before turning to his Lucario
“Is he gone?”
“Hmph” Lucario nodded, reaching out with his Aura one more time just to be sure. With that cleared up Zayne fell to his knees... He couldn't help but feel that the other trainer had been right, they were most definitely going to be seeing each other later, and next time he was doubtful either of them would be able to trick the other.
“Good job guys” he said to his friends “Sceptile return”. In a beam of red light the lizard-like pokemon returned to its pokeball. Zayne started heading back to his cave being extra careful thus time. He was not in the mood to be put in that situation a second time.

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