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Fuyu October 28th, 2012 6:42 AM

The Children Are Hunted (OOC)
The Children Are Hunted

Rated M for Violence, Cursing, and possible Romance

Original RP created by Roserade

Co-GMed by Fuyu and Nideous

Welcome to Pangaea. No this isn't a region. This is Earth, trapped in time. This is the modern world. This world has been touched by Pokemon, mysterious and powerful creatures who appeared on the Earth one day god knows how many years ago. No one remembers that is for certain and no one can find any records nearby, so it has at least been a good few hundred years. These wonderful creatures are special. They can speak human speech until they are captured. Basically until they are fully under a human's care, they are perfectly sentient and communicative with us. After that however, it is up to the human to figure out the rest.

The relationship was rocky at first but over time it has become relatively peaceful here on Earth. As humans took on the task of training their new friends, a League formed to keep these people in check and test their skills. Winning the League was next to impossible but an honor in itself. Over time, more jobs formed with humans and Pokemon working together, creating a whole new way of life. It was difficult but now the world was fine.


Not entirely so.

You see, there are quite a few groups working beneath the surface recently. One is called, oddly, the Knights of Valor. No one's sure who came up with that name. However, they are working to separate Pokemon and humans, for reasons no one is entirely sure of why. They seem to dislike the effects humans have on Pokemon and There are even rumors of an island off the west coast of Pangaea being developed. This organization is mostly made up of humans, but there could be a few Pokemon intermingled as well. For the good of society of course.

Another group is known simply as Dawn. Run by an enigmatic man named Theodore Ebony, on the surface it seems to want to dominate the existence of Pokemon as a whole. However, no one can be entirely sure that's the case due to his lower profile. In fact, the Dawn Organization has been underground for the past seven years, spoken of only in whispers. No one knows much of anything about it, other than simply as a summer camp for "gifted" children. What kind of gifted? You shall see, you shall see indeed.

Also, there have been rumors going through wild Pokemon as of late. There's a small sect of the Pokemon world that is very unsatisfied with the world. They are rather ferocious toward humanity and perhaps even violent in many cases. They will liberate their fellows by force, even if a human dies. It is of no concern to them. They are called the Rebels for the Destruction of Man, or the RDM after all.

As of the past few years, due to the actions of these organizations, Pokemon training has declined. Children are being kept indoors, to normal careers, deemed too young to go out in the wild world. That doesn't stop anyone of course but it has lowered the amount of people on the streets. That is about to change.


So... who are you?

You could be one of seven children, a person unknowingly about to embark on a journey that may change the fate of the world as you know it. You have had very strange dreams of the world outside where you live over the past few weeks, perhaps of a creature only whispered of in mythology. Whatever the case, you have decided to face them and see for yourself what the real world holds. You are a very special trainer indeed but what you are may be entirely a mystery. But perhaps you are already aware of a power sleeping within you. Whatever the case may be, some people have the thought that the League might be have ideas on how to bring peace to the world. The only way to reach them is the Gyms. Simple right?

You could also be a member of one of the groups spoken of above, Pokemon or human. You seek to free Pokemon from humans or hold them entirely under your control. Whatever the case, you may take an interest on these seven children, these Harbingers of some sort. Your task is to follow the commands of your leaders, whoever they may be, and possibly follow those children as well.

Well, we'll wait and see.


1. All PC rules apply.
2. Please post only IN CHARACTER in the IC thread. Sign ups and discussion go in the OOC thread only. If it is really important to ask in the IC thread, put it with one of your incharacter posts or ask the RPer directly via their profile.
3. Please keep to the 100 word minimum in the IC thread. We want good, in depth posts. If you want to Pokemon battle with a fellow RPer, perhaps joint post. If you're interacting, you don't have to joint post, but make sure to make detailed posts to read.
4. You can have unlimited minor characters/NPCs. In fact, you can even kill some of them. Be careful just chopping off heads though. They need no SU.
5. Like it is stated in rule 4 keep note of the rating. It is M for violence, swearing, and even romantic hints, but that does not mean go all out on the gore and violence. The same with deaths. Don't go too deep in the dripping blood and whatnot.
6. Captures are automatic and Pokemon found are left to your idea. However, you can't find a Magikarp on the forest floor or a Glalie in a volcano without some very special circumstances. So stick to common sense or ask if you're not sure. Levels are also left to your discretion, but use your head, your level 15 Umbreon won't be able to beat and help you catch a level 50 Garchomp. Captured pokemon must be near the level of the rest of your team or lower.
7. Battles are left to your discretion but you can't win every single one. Levels are also left to discretion but one fight does not give your level 10 Bonsly twenty levels in the beginning of the roleplay. Moves are a limit of four per Pokemon. TMs are also non-existent at the present time and the moves are learned naturally, therefore there must be a post about them learning the move, or more than one.
8. Fuyu and Nideous are your co-GMs here so don't be afraid to chatter at us.
9. Have fun everybody!

Spots Open:



Dialga- Taken by Nideous

Palkia- Taken by Mr.Mammoth

Giratina- Taken by Fuyu




Other Legendaries may be minor characters over the course of the roleplay.

Knights of Valor


1. Taken by Garet

Sign Up Sheets


Age: (10 or older.)
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)
Personality: (How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)
Background: (Their life before the dreams, family life, school life, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please)
Legend: (One of the above)
Powers: (Basic idea, but must fit the legendary pokemon of the character, for example, the Groundon Harbinger can't use any kind of water or air based power.)

Pokemon (Up to Two)

Level: (Up to 15)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

Knights of Valor

Age: (15 or older.)
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)
Personality: (How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)
Background: (Their life before they became members, family life, school life, etc. How did they get to this position? Do they have Pokemon? Two Paragraphs at least please)
Position: (Are they Captains, field soldiers, office workers, trainees?)

Pokemon (Depending on their rank, it determines how many Pokemon and their levels, Trainees get one or two, field soldiers and captains get up to five, and office workers get up to four.)

Level: (Trainees: up to level 15, Field soldiers and office workers up to 20, and Captains up to 25)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

RDM Sign Up

Level: (Up to 40)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the Pokemon grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

(If you would like to be a part of Dawn, please contact myself or Nideous so you can get the sign up sheet. There will only be one or two allowed for this position.)

Accepted Characters:

Stryker the Zoroark (Garet)

Thomas Elias Brown (Nideous)

Lars Viklund (Mr.Mammoth)

Zoran Nishant (Fuyu)

Nideous November 4th, 2012 4:29 PM

Alright! I'm Nideous, the other GM. I'm here because forgot to post the Gym Leaders before we submitted our RP. Oops~

Oh well, here they are now:

Roxy in Manhattan, New York. Her toxic tunes have sent her band rocketing to the top of the charts, and her fierce battling style with her partner Drapion and the rest of her Poison Types has earned her a reputation for being a force to be reckoned with.

Jasmine in Tokyo, Japan. This girl may seem sweet and charming. Indeed, she is the well respected head of the Urban Developement Commitee. But when challenged to a battle she will amaze you with her Steelix and other Steel types at how sturdy she is!

Tate and Liza for Beijing, China. These two are rarely seen apart, and they are even rumored to be able to speak with their minds alone? Does this go beyong normal twins? Challenge their Solrock and Lunatone, as well as their other Psychic types, to find out just how deep their connection really is!

Marlon for the Carribbean. He's a very relaxed man, with no time for anything but surfing, and battles. But don't let his carefree nature fool you, his Sesmitoad and other Water Types will show you he's not kidding around.

Simon in Venice, Italy. This man is very sensable and friendly. He may only have become leader this year, but his Audino and other normal types will prove that he is worthy of the title. Indeed, he may be your toughest foe yet! Rumor has it he shares his Leadership with his younger sister as well.

Riley in Zeya, Russia. He seems cold at first glance, and his calm plotting goes deep, deeper than you ight expect. You may say that for a prepared trainer, his Glaceon and other ice types won't stand a chance. So, challenge him and find out!

Mille in the Pyramids, Egypt. She is a sweet, gentle person, and though she is deaf, that seems to have no trouble with her grasp of pokemon, as her Sableye and other Dark types will leave you lost. As for why she chooses to live by herself, that is a question you must ask her.

Erin in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is a very relaxed and calm personn, willing to help anyone he sees. Don't let his lazy, farm boy looks fool you though, as he soars for the skies with his Skarmory and other fluing types.

I'll edit the descritions for the nothers when Fuyu gives them to me. x3 Go ahead and post your SUs for us to review~

Greiger November 4th, 2012 5:50 PM

Hehe, soon going to be free from school so I'll sign up for this one! I would like to have a reservation for Harbinger of Kyogre please.

Nideous November 4th, 2012 5:59 PM

Of course! I'll notify Fuyu if she hasn't already seen. Welcomne!

Fuyu November 4th, 2012 6:02 PM

I have seen and you are welcome! XD Gosh. WOrking on mine as we speak. Or rather reworking.

Nideous November 4th, 2012 6:55 PM

Well, here's my SU:

Name: Thomas Elias Brown
Age: (10 or older.) 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)

Thomas is a very tall young man, and very muscular. He has the look of someone that plays a lot of sports, to the exclusion of all else. His tan skin is marred by scars and bruises and cuts, and his bones have been broken so many times that he can't remember which ones are still in tact. He seems to walk a little crooked at times, but that doesn't effect him very much at all. He presents a very confident, cool air about him, and his movements are very precise and practiced.

His face is very strong and confident, and his dark brown eyes hold no fear at anything. He has a very handsome face, and while there are some scars on his face, they don't take away from it. His dark brown hair is very wild and untamed, falling to his shoulder, kept out of his face my a green headband.

He wears light, earthy greens and browns very well, with a glove on his left hand that goes all the way to his elbow. He doesn't give an explanation why. His shoes are a pair of muddy boots made for hiking, and he carries a large bag with his supplies on a strap over his shoulder. He also keeps a utility knife on his belt, along with his pokeballs.

Personality: (How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)

He is a very charming and witty person. He is friendly, open, honest, and even a bit naive. He is very brash, and often annoys his enemies with taunting comments, trying to make them lose their cool. He himself, however, is very calm and collected for the most part, even while doing his daring stunts. He will get out of his way to help a total stranger, and often gets himself into trouble because of it.

He tends to inspire others and radiate a confidence in himself that most people can only dream of. He doesn't bac down from a challenge, and doesn't let himself be provoked. He loves pokemon and loves taking risks, so the journey was a perfect idea, setting off by himself into the world.

However, he has some very deep demons. He's filled with anger and resentment towards his family, especially his father. He gets very angry if someone tries to prbe into his past, and can snap uncharacteristically if he is reminded too much of it..

Background: (Their life before the dreams, family life, school life, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please)

Thomas was born in a little torn in Georgia. His family was very bigotted and does not like pokemon. In addition, when his father got drunk, things would happen, and Thomas would end up in the hospital, or go to school with cuts and bruises all over him. When he was old enough to play, Thomas threw himself into every sort of sport he could find, to distract himself, and to keep himself away from his home, where the trouble never got solved. He met Esper at around the age of ten, and that was when his interest in pokemon really got started.

He's not sure when his powers began developing, but he found that he had the strangest sensation of slowing things down, letting him react faster. Probably why he was so good at every sport he tried. But at around the same time he met Esper, he accidently made time freeze for a few seconds, causing brief confusion. Since then, he's not sure how he did it,nor has he been able to duplicate it, though his rections still come far quicker when he's in trouble or stressed, showing he can not control his powers.

When he met Esper, he knew he had to keep him a secret. He trained the eevee in the forest near his home, and spent all the time he could in the library teaching himself how to care for pokemon and raise them. He always wanted to go on a journey, but he never really had the motivation to, until his father found out he was raising Esper. they had a massive fight resulting in Thomas running away. He found Esper and told him that they were leaving forever, and he began his journey, heading toward the coast.

Legend: (One of the above) Dialga

Powers: (Basic idea, but must fit the legendary pokemon of the character, for exaple, the Groundon Harbinger can't use any kind of water or air based power.) Time manipulation. This covers everything from freezing time in spots, causing it to rewind or fast forward, Even to the point where, if he has enough control, he can snap someone's body back but their mind remains where it is. He can do so much more, but you said a basic understanding. :P

Pokemon (Up to Two)

Nickname: Esper
Species: Espeon
Level: (Up to 15) 14
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed) Psychic, Tackle, Growl, confusion
Personality: Esper is cool and aloof, but is very devoted to the protection of his trainer and friend
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc

Esper was born not too far from Thomas's home. His old trainer was cruel, and his mother ended up dying from it. So, Esper snapped, and ran away, meeting the scared and injured Thomas. The eevee was shy at first, but he couldn't turn away. They became close friends, even though Esper remained away from him when he was at home. When Thomas told Esper they were finally leaving this place of bad memories behind, Esper was so happy he evolved on the spot, and they left.

Greiger November 4th, 2012 8:44 PM

Okay SU time! (Will finish up later)

Name: Francis Fine
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: Francis is a young man who always has a serious look on his face. He wears a short-sleeved button up blue shirt that has white cuffs. He also wears a pair of white pants with blue and white Nike shoes. He has a pair of glasses that will automatically darken in certain light levels, but behind those glasses he has a pair of light blue eyes that will sometimes glow a light blue, but only in rare circumstances. His body tone is rather slender. He has brown hair on his head and sports a clean shaven face. He wears a backpack to hold his laptop and various items he comes across in his travels as well as to hold his hat while he is not wearing it. He also carries out a wallet in his pocket with his phone. On his waist he wears a belt where he will keep his pokeballs.

Personality: Francis approaches all battles with a calculating mind. While he is rather strict with battling and training his pokemon he will let his pokemon run around on their own and do whatever they need to do, so long as they don't wander too far from him. Francis has a commanding personality, which has led him to leading any team he is a part of and if he is not in control he will make sure he becomes leader one way or another. With other trainers Francis will often critique their styles of training, being rather blunt in whether they are doing well in raising their pokemon or just plain suck. Due to this he doesn't have many friends who are trainers.

Francis' main love is water. He can't explain why he loves swimming so much but he will often spend hours at a time diving into lakes or into oceans to study marine life and will use it often as an excuse to spend some time alone.

Background: Francis was born in Houston, Texas. From an early age Francis showed a love for the water. When his family moved out of the apartment they had been living in when he was eight he really wanted to move into a house that had a pool, luckily they managed to find one. Every day he went out to swim. He couldn't explain why he loved to swim so much, it was just something he was good at and really enjoyed. It was this love that caused him to try out for the swimming team in high school. Despite his sport being a hobby of sorts he regularly found himself outpacing all of the other students and even won several medals for his school. By the time he was eighteen Francis was a star athlete in high school and found himself getting scholarship to big name colleges, but his career goals had changed. He no longer wanted to be just another swimmer. Instead he delved into the world of scuba diving after a summer trip to Italy let him experience deep water exploration. He took many classes after high school and was soon professionally certified as a scuba diver.

Although he kept himself rather busy he still had to find time to sleep and his dreams would be filled with strange imagery. He would often see some sort of silhouette of a large creature that almost beckoned him, but the dream always ended that way with questions still stuck in his head. What was this creature and why did it appear to him? He shrugged off the dream that would come back every now and then and continued with his career. He found he had a strong bond with water pokemon, yet another thing he couldn't explain. Water type pokemon would often keep him company when he dived, chatting with him about all sorts of things they had discovered in the sea and there had been many times when he had been hired by a water type to dig up some artifact buried within the ocean or to take part in an expedition.

Finally at twenty years old Francis has decided to take another route in life. He would become a trainer, specifically one that specialized in water type pokemon. He had heard that there was a gym leader in Caribbean that specialized in water types as well. Francis wanted to fight his way to this man and prove that he could over power him with his own water types. Francis bought some pokeballs and returned to the shore where he informed the water types he had grown close with what he intended to do. Surprisingly, he got a lot of volunteers who wanted to journey with him and battle alongside him. Although he was rather hesitant to take away their speech he was eventually convinced, but only took two along for his journey. Now with a goal set in his mind Francis has his eyes set on training himself and finally heading to the Caribbean.

Legend: Kyogre
Powers: Francis is able to breathe in water for an indefinite amount of time, although he must be careful when descending and ascending since the difference in pressure can still cause him to black out or suffer from decompression sickness. While he can swim for far longer than other humans, he still will become fatigued after long periods of swimming, mostly after eight hours give or take. No matter how cold the temperature of the water is, Francis will perceive the temperature as lukewarm and despite swimming even during the winter season his body temperature will not decrease as long as he is in the water.

Pokemon (Up to Two)

Nickname: Crest
Species: Psyduck
Level: 15
Moves: Water Gun, Disable, Scratch, Disable
Personality: Crest is a no nonsense pokemon. He doesn't care about hearing about how one feels or what is on one's mind. As long as you can do the job, then just do it! He is one to rarely joke around with others while in battle. Once he has something to focus on he doesn't stop thinking about it until he accomplishes it.
Background: Crest was one of the first pokemon who actually hired Francis when he began professional diving. He needed help with moving a chest he had found that he assumed would contain valuable treasures. With the help of another diver the chest was unearthed, although it was only filled with ruined scraps of paper that had long been destroyed by the water. That didn't stop Crest however. He continued to pursue information on other places to find valuable items of interest, only a few being actually valuable and made it a habit to contact Francis whenever he did so. Francis brought him along when the Psyduck pointed out to him that he gave Francis a name in the diving world and loads of contacts.

Nickname: Marlow
Species: Buizel
Level: 15
Moves: Water Gun, SonicBoom, Quick Attack, Slash
Personality: Marlow is an opportunist. When he sees someone profiting off of something he is quick to use the same idea or to steal whatever they are using and use it for his own devices. He sees someone getting fish with a net, he'll steal it to grab some fish to eat. He sees someone using a new concept to make cash easily, he'll use the same concept and probably do it better. Though he rather not work at all and just be a lazy bum in the sea, he will still work for something with his own ideas, taken that the reward is quick to be gotten.
Background: Marlow first met Francis when he hired him on to dig out some treasure. During the dive Crest appeared and claimed that Marlow had stolen his treasure spot and hired Francis because he always did. After a rather long argument the two had that included name calling that eventually dwindled to the two calling each other stupid at least ten times. After Francis broke up the fight he continued the job, but under Crest since the Psyduck shoveled out more money to hire him on. Marlow continued to come to Francis, often while he was on the job and attempting to persuade him to do the work for him despite his lack of money. He went with Francis simply because he continued to pester Francis until the human finally cracked and let him on the team.

Garet November 5th, 2012 10:36 AM

Well, I've gone and done it. Here's my SU.

RDM Sign Up

Name: Stryker
Species: Zoroark
Level: 39
Moves: Agility, Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Toxic

Appearance: Unlike others of his kind, who are grayish-brown with red and black accents, Stryker's red accents are white instead, most notable in his white claws and white-with-black mane.

Personality: Stryker, first and foremost, has a grudge against humans as a whole. His training, forced as he saw it, under a relentless human master has Stryker believing all such humans are the same. This provides him with the motivation to further the goals of RDM. It would be hard to shake Stryker's beliefs, but he hasn't seen, or taken the time to see, any human treating his or her Pokemon well.

Other than that, Stryker is usually a calm, somewhat diplomatic individual. He isn't one to rush into battle, at least not before trying to talk things out. Stryker doesn't feel the need to give witty remarks or jokes, since they often waste time. He doesn't like to lose, but he tends to run and live another day if it appears that he won't survive by sticking around. Most of the time outside battle, Stryker disguises himself as another Pokemon, usually bipedal with a tail, or, occasionally, a human.

Despite his grudge against humankind, Stryker has found man's technology to be interesting and, in some cases, quite useful. After joining the RDM, he made it his business to look into man-made objects that might help him do things that he couldn't do otherwise, even though he doesn't always understand how such objects work. As a result of Stryker's personal, frequent thefts and raids in human cities and elsewhere, he has acquired some gadgets and supplies, which he keeps in a stolen backpack.

Background: The Zorua was born in the forests of Alaska, with a Zoroark and a Weavile for parents. Young as he was, he didn't understand the circumstances around the unusual solitary life they led, or why his father, the Weavile, never spent much time with him or his mother. What he did understand was that he had a better time of living in a cold climate than his mother, and humans were something that must be avoided.

Some years after birth, the Zorua's mother died of exhaustion, and his father abandoned him for good. Two weeks later, a man native to Alaska caught the Zorua and named him Stryker. The human's focus was on Pokemon battling, and he specialized in a combination of Dark and Poison. Unfortunately, his training methods were harsh and unfeeling, leaving Stryker with a deep grudge. Evolving into a Zoroark after several months of training only made the human push him harder.

Stryker's master took one step too far when he challenged the Gym Leader in Russia, with Stryker on his team. The day after losing to the Gym Leader, Stryker's master began punishing him. A few minutes later, the human was dead on the floor, and his Pokemon were freed. Stryker regained his freedom, sentience, and communication; his training is the only thing he might have considered thanking the human for. Over the next two years, Stryker had joined the RDM and began his exploits into acquiring certain human technology.

My main concerns are whether a freed Pokemon regains sentience and human-speech, and whether I can have the different coloration.

Nideous November 5th, 2012 10:40 AM

I will say yes to the sentience and speech. As for the coloration, it shouldn't be that big a deal. Some people are odd and dislike oddly colored 'mons, but I'm not one of them and am pretty sure Fuyu isn't either. I'll confer with her, but I like what I see. x3

Icy Burn November 5th, 2012 10:52 AM

May I reserve a spot for Knights of Valor? I'm going to start an SU, but probably not finish it by the end of the night and stuff. :3

Nideous November 5th, 2012 10:55 AM

Of course! I'll have to wait for Fuyu to come on, so for now, consider yourself Reserved!

Icy Burn November 5th, 2012 11:06 AM

This RP looks great, so ... SU! (will finish do bits when I can)

Name: Mars Artio

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mars is an extremely tall man, reaching a staggering 6ft. He always barks his orders to the trainees in his green, leather coat which he was gifted with when he joined Knights of Valor from his Dad, a previous Captain in the organisation. He wears his white shirt with his dark brown trousers up to his waist, with his large belt - with a golden buckle - strapped tightly around him, that also is the holder of his Pokemon in their Pokeballs, and that is the reason he is never seen without it. Mars' blond hair is crazy on wild, with little spikes of it sticking out in all sorts of angles.

Personality: Mars is a stubborn young man, who has always thought about himself, not about anyone else. He is a man of poison, with his main team are made around poison type Pokemon, who always fights back hard. A trainer based around ground types should rip him apart, and I'm sure many think that, but that is wrong. He is one of the strongest in the Knights of Valor and a small advantage won't stop Mars.

He has a way of charming the ladies, that may be the ally or enemy, and always gets them to do what he wants. His charming attributes are handy when it comes to getting information off the enemy, he charms them, sucks the information out of them one way or another, and then destroy them in a battle. He will then report back to the Organization and won't care about who or what he hurt.

Mars only has a few flaws, and one of them are when somebody stands up to him. He hates it when the enemy go against him and make valid points that really hit him in his weak spot. He usually reacts to situations like that by fainting, collapsing, or bursting out screaming/crying. He just can't take it. Mars' wants the world to bow down to him, he wants Knights of Valor to one day bow down to him, he wants to rule it all. He's power hungry, but when somebody makes a point, he flops down like a floppy pancake.

Background: Mars used to be a normal boy. Normal family, normal friends, normal boy, normal life. (Well, everything except his name, poor kid). He had a happy life, he played with his lego, played with the Pokemon from around the woodland around their house, all until he was in his late teens, but that all had to change when his Dad was forced to join Knights of Valor. Yes, forced. For those few years, Mars never saw his Dad. He then lived a normal life for the next couple of years, he planned on becoming a Pokemon Master, and he caught his first Pokemon, a Zubat. He trained Zubat day in day out, he was Mars' best pal. But then a few years ago, his Dad came back. Mars hardly recognized him, and he was extremely cautious. His Dad had then explained everything, and he offered Mars a place in the Organization. Mars was absolutely shocked. Him? In a secret, organization like that? It took him a while to come to his decision, but in the end he said goodbye to his home and went off with his Dad to be recruited as a Trainee. When he was recruited, he brought his Zubat along with him, but he was told that Zubat was far to weak for an organization like that. Mars had to make a tough decision, release Zubat in to the wild, and get recruited to the Knights of Valor, or keep Zubat and not have a chance there. It was an extremely tough decision, but after hard thinking, he decided to release Zubat back into the wild. He was then given his first Pokemon from the Knights of Valor, his Skunky. Months later, he was then promoted to Captain after an amazingly successful field mission. Him and a handful of the most gifted Field Officers were sent to the East of Pangea. The had ventured into a deep jungle, they had waded through murky waters for days. They were there after hearing rumours of a great treasure hidden deep in the heart of the jungle. When they had arrived at the heart of the jungle, there was nothing there. Just a note saying - Ha, ha! You believed those rumours that we made up? Your more pathetic then we thought. We all hope you enjoy pain! ~ D Suddenly, everything had went dark. The next time Mars woke up, he was somewhere underground. Concrete walls surrounded him, and he saw a dark shadow looming over him. (Of course, I can't write all of what happened, it ill take forever, here is it briefly-ish) The man had wanted to take over Knights of Valor, Mars found an escape route, escaped with the other officers, got back to the base and was awarded a promotion for his bravery and courage.

After that, Mars had changed, he was more mean, more stubborn, selfish, cruel. He had changed, he was now a real Captain. Mean, manipulative and deadly. His Dad had taught him well, he was no longer the same Mars as before. He was just, different somehow.


Skuntank - Level 25 - Mars has had Skuntank since it was only a small Skunky, which he received when recruited into Knights of Valor. They are the a strong pair that aren't to be messed with. Skuntank's moves all stab the enemy sharp and painful, annihilating anyone or anything in it's path. His signature move has to be Toxic, he poisons it's foe then slowly kills the foe.

Moveset! -

Giga Impact
Double Edge

Weezing - Level 23 - Weezing is a new addition to the Team after Mars venture into the deep south of Pangaea. He found him just there, behind a rock, and it was extremely injured. He then brought it back to the HQ and got it all healed up. When Mars attempted to release Weezing back out into the wild, Weezing wouldn't have it and he just kept on following Mars. In the end Weezing was added to the team and is now a strong addition to Mars' Team.

Moveset! -

Self Destruct

Arbok - Level 19 - Mars added this Arbok into his team quite a while back now, and he's trained from a small Ekans right up to what it is now. It's a deadly predator and will do whatever it takes to please it's master. It is a deadly, merciless addition to his team who will give a deadly bite if needed.

Moveset! -

Hyper Beam
Ice Fang
Iron Tail

Muk - Level 21 - Muk chose Mars instead of Mars choosing him not too long ago in the South-West of Pangaea. It has a deadly moveset that will definitely destroy the opponent Pokemon and strike fear into the hearts of other trainers. Shadow Sneak is a deadly move of his which will rip the opponent apart and then dispose of what's left of them/it.

Moveset! -
Mud Bomb
Mean Look

Position: Mars was promoted to Captain after a great success in a previous Mission when he was only a Field Soldier. He knows how hard he tried to get his position, so he treats his position with pride and makes sure none of his trainees, office workers or field soldiers and acting the idiot.

Claire* November 5th, 2012 11:27 AM

This looks really neat. I'll try and get a signup for RDM completed shortly. :)

You have no idea how badly I want to make a Wailord character. I don't think I could make that fit adequately in with the story however. :P

<Challenger> November 5th, 2012 11:40 AM

Sounds interesting. Could I reserve a spot for RDM?

Nideous November 5th, 2012 11:47 AM

Ok. Probably don't have to say this, but you are both reserved as well. Reservations last for a week. x3

Aura Vitae November 5th, 2012 12:35 PM

May I reserve the Harbinger of Rayquaza? This RP is interesting.

Fuyu November 5th, 2012 12:35 PM

Of course you can! Reservations are for a week!

Also Garet is accepted!

Icy Burn November 5th, 2012 12:52 PM

I've completed my SU now for all to see! I can update it if needed and stuff! :3

Nideous November 5th, 2012 1:28 PM

@Icy Burn. Your SU is pretty good, but we have a few issues with it. Firstly, your history is a bit on the short side. We need you to leangthen it, and flesh it out a bit more. Maybe give a bit more detail on his trainee days, or his days as a Knight, or even what he did to become promoted to a captain.

Also, you forgot to give the levels and movesets of your pokemon. Up to lvl 25 and with four moves, one TM and one Egg. Fix those, and we'll take another look. For now you are Pending.

Icy Burn November 6th, 2012 7:56 AM


Originally Posted by Nideous (Post 7398515)
@Icy Burn. Your SU is pretty good, but we have a few issues with it. Firstly, your history is a bit on the short side. We need you to leangthen it, and flesh it out a bit more. Maybe give a bit more detail on his trainee days, or his days as a Knight, or even what he did to become promoted to a captain.

Also, you forgot to give the levels and movesets of your pokemon. Up to lvl 25 and with four moves, one TM and one Egg. Fix those, and we'll take another look. For now you are Pending.

Okay! I'll get it done ASAP! :)

DLMuerte November 6th, 2012 1:03 PM

A wild SU appeared!


Name: Jari Hernandez
Age: (10 or older) 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)

Jari has inherited brown skin, with short, black hair. He is about 5' 6". His face is a slightly circular shape, and his eyes are a deep, dark brown. His other facial features are your average mouth and nose and such, except for his slightly large ears. He is weaker than he looks, even though he seems to have large muscle (no, he is NOT fat, and that is not flab. Probably not, anyway...). Jari also has abnormal feet that grow extremely quickly. He usually wears a short sleeved shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, and a pair of sunglasses.

I'll make an image in the future to go along with this. Hopefully.

(How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)

Jari is, well, a bit of a nerd. Not your stereotypical, snort, pulled-up-pants, glasses and carroty hair nerd. Just a nerd in the sense that he knows a lot. He isn't snotty, but he tends to brag sometimes. He is very fiery, full of emotion. He tends to have too much spirit sometimes, making shier people around him embarrassed. He's kind to nature and Pokemon, and can be to people also... just not as often.

He's also smart, (like I said, nerd in a way) and tends to correct people and their facts almost subconsciously. He also loves to eat. It's something that even his grandparents had criticized about him since he was born- "que come demasiado!" his grandma would yell in Spanish- "He eats too much!" He also feels that the past can be the past, but it can influence the present if you want it to- but he feels that if you let the past get to you too much, you're usually being an idiot.

Background: (Their life before the dreams, family life, school life, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please)

Jari comes from a long line of Dominicans (Dominican Republic- in the Caribbean), until his parents migrated over to Hawaii and Jari was born there. His family left him alone to explore the world around him since it was how his parents were raised, and Jari ended up making very interesting finds about nature, which will not be discussed too much for the sake of brevity. However, Jari was always longing for more knowledge, so he forced his parents to let him go to school. His parents were poor, so Jari was forced to go to public school.

During the first day, it was awkward. He would move in his seat a lot, since he was used to moving around outside. All the teachers would talk about was boring and was common sense anyway. "Next rule. No running in the halls, you could fall and hurt yourself," they would say. Or, "now for rule number 5, don't speak out of turn." By the end of the day, Jari was beginning to regret his choice. Maybe he could be home-schooled? The next day, however, was different. Now things would be interesting. The teachers began to show the facilities, like the computers (Jari was all over those) and the library and all that. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all! On the third day, when the teachers began teaching, Jari finally began to receive what he came for- an education.

At first, learning spelling and simple addition was tricky. He began to learn that sounding it out didn't work for crud. That one plus seven equaled eight. You know, the simple stuff. In fact, Jari found this kind of stuff to be pretty easy. All the other children would glare at him as if he had a secret to getting so many perfect worksheets and exams, getting those straight As that would impress everyone's parents, including their own. Jari didn't really care, though. He came for a education, so he could care less about a reputation among others his age. Some children looked up to him, while some of the more jealous and scheming ones looked down at him, wanting to beat him up for just about no reason except his grades. They never really got that chance, though, in fear of the rules and all that.

In about 4th grade, his teachers began calling him a prodigy. His straight As made him smart, his great knowledge of the piano made him smart, and just the fact that he seemed to put effort into his work in contrast to other children made him smart. Jari himself didn't see the big deal, since he just continued to do what he always did- work towards an education. He continued to be called a prodigy for a lot more years after, mostly in attempt to build his ego, which had slowly filled a bit over the years, but wasn't as far as you would think than what he started out with. Anyway, Jari continued to excel in school for the many years after.

He had found Blaze, which is now his Monferno, when he was one day cleaning the kitchen while his parents were out. When Blaze stumbled into his home and singed his parent's rug, Jari freaked out. But, since he noticed he didn't really care much for the rug anyway, he gave the small Chimchar some food, which it gratefully took. They ended up being friends (which is better explained in the Pokemon section). As for the rug, Jari just threw it out. When his parents asked, he said a Pokemon took it. His parents definitely didn't believe him, but they refrained from questioning him about it, since they weren't very fond of the rug, either. Seems like that Chimchar had good taste. Anyway, they assumed that he hid it somewhere because he spilled something on it or something.

When Jari was about 12, his house was set ablaze. No one was exactly sure how it happened. It killed both his parents, but only Jari survived, since he was somehow able to survive the heat of the fire- he didn't find it uncomfortable at all, in fact. Jari, once he was out of the burning house, thought about how the fire came about. It wasn't Blaze, that was for sure, since he was with Jari when the house came on fire. Many who heard the story claimed it was Blaze anyhow, only adding fuel to the Knights of Valor’s flame (which Jari had been oblivious about until someone told him). Afterwards, although Jari was certain it wasn't Blaze, he left towards the more wild side of Hawaii to train his Pokemon and investigate fire using Blaze, so that he could possibly find the cause of his parents’ death, and also to increase his Pokemon’s power and finesse. In that time, Jari reached many conclusions but he decided that most of them he couldn't support, and when he came back to town a month or two later as a 13 year old, he heard about the League and decided to participate in it, knowing that he could do a lot more with his newly evolved Monferno.

Legend: (One of the above) Groudon
Powers: (Basic idea, but must fit the legendary Pokemon of the character, for example, the Groudon Harbinger can't use any kind of water or air based power.)

Jari is able to move land in an eight foot radius around him, however, it makes him tired, and he usually needs some food afterwards to replenish his energy (like a candy bar or something). He can move magma, and he can also rise magma out of the earth- however, the few times he does, he quickly either eats something or passes out. He can also bear any amount of heat and doesn't really have a need for water as much as many other people do. So of course, walking through fire is something he would be able to do (and he's done it).

Pokemon (Up to Two)

Nickname: Blaze
Species: Monferno
Level: 15
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Mach Punch
Blaze Kick (Egg Move)
Acrobatics (TM)
Personality: Adamant
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

Blaze was once a young Chimchar, who frequently wandered into Jari's home. Jari (who was 9 at the time) didn't mind. In fact, Jari liked the creature and always gave it food, calling him "Blaze". After a couple of years, when Jari was eleven, he and Blaze could speak without words- or almost, anyway. The Chimchar wanted Jari to catch him (seemingly strange to Jari, but if Blaze wanted it, sure, why not.) after they had perfected making hand signs as a precaution, because both knew that once in a PokeBall, the Chimchar would never be able to speak again.

After Blaze was caught, they used their ability to their advantage, and they excelled in battles in the local towns nearby. Tragically, a while after, when Blaze was out of his Pokeball with Jari, Jari's house came ablaze. Both his parents were killed. Jari was sure that it wasn't the Chimchar's fault- but the incident and rumors spread, and everyone in the neighboring towns quickly believed that it was Blaze. Knowing it wasn't Blaze's fault, Jari decided to train it anyway and use it to investigate fire so that he could know what caused his parents’ death. He quickly evolved into Monferno, and then Jari heard about the League. However, due to the fact that he spent a lot of time with Blaze, he didn't have any other Pokemon with him. Albeit this fact, Jari decided to see what he could end up doing at the League with (for now) only a Monferno.

Fuyu November 6th, 2012 2:54 PM

Icy Burn thank you for the edits and you are accepted!

DeLaMuerte, your SU seems unrealistic. It's a good idea for a character, but the parents being that unintelligent and ignoring their child without any real showing of psychological repercussions is unbelievable, to be blunt, especially after taking advantage of his successful finds like that. I'd recommend taking a look over it again and making it more plausible. Until then you are pending.

Garet November 6th, 2012 3:10 PM

Alrighty, then. So, is the IC thread gonna be posted once there are enough roleplayers accepted?

Claire* November 6th, 2012 3:10 PM

Well, I hope everything is in order. If not please let me know. :D
Name: Glacia

Species: Dragonair

Level: 36

Moves: Slam, Twister, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam (TM)

Appearance: A normal Dragonair for all intents and purposes, aside from several, (now long healed) striations on her backside and her size being considerably smaller than that of the Pokemon normally found in her evolutionary line, i.e. a runt.
[Normal Dragonair: 13'01" Imperial, Galacia: 6'00" Imperial]

Personality: If there was one word to describe Glacia, it would be curious. Not as in an enigma, but in her ever persistent need to perceive the world around her in a more unified whole. Her natural inclination to poke and prod those around her, to see how they respond and better understand the action and reaction caused by her inquiry. Some would define her as cerebral, always thinking and processing several things at one time.

She is often cold to those around her, never caring much if she hurts the feelings of others with her assumptions or attitude. Her attitude towards others is almost nonchalant, never appearing overly stressed or angry towards her fellow Pokemon. It is humans that hold the prize of possessing her greatest ire. Many don’t know why she despises humans and her passion to liberate Pokemon from their grasp, she refuses to tell her story to those who ask. (See Background)

Underneath this cool, sometimes aloof demeanor, a fiery inferno lies in wait for those who push her too far. Often times she will blow off small transgressions made towards her, but if someone were to commit a serious sin from her list of immoral behavior, a switch would flip and the scary side or Glacia would surface.

Pity sums up her attitude towards the Pokemon captured by humans. She views them as brain washed individuals who are in desperate need of liberation. Even if sometimes she says otherwise, she does care. Maybe not in ways perceivable by others, but in her own, sometimes, impossible to tell way.

Background: A history starting in the wild, harsh world of Siberia, Russia. One would think that would be an odd place to find dragons, and they would be right. Glacia’s mother, having been pursued for a great deal of her life by trainers, sought refuge in the wide open and remote expanses of Siberia. For the most part, aside from the frigid temperatures which she eventually adapted to, it was far enough away from the people who wanted a dragon for themselves. Glacia’s mother eventually found a mate and the result of this union resulted in not only Glacia’s birth, but those of her two brothers.

Glacia was, for lack of a better term, a runt. She was incredibly small upon hatching from her egg. Her mother thought she would never make it past the first weeks of life. Against all odds she proved her wrong and although she remained small for what she was, she continued to grow. Her life wasn’t hectic and it was happy for the most part, the other Pokemon in the area harassed her due to her size, but she quickly came to ignore their goading.

It was one night, when she was still a Dratini, that her life took a turn for the worse. A group of strong trainers had been in the area, training for whatever reason. They spotted Glacia’s mother returning to their cave in the mountainside and mounted an expedition, each of them eager to add powerful dragons to their roster. They came during her slumber, their Pokemon seeming to mindlessly obey their masters and assault the happy dragon family. Her mother, father, and both her brothers were captured after a long and harrowing struggle. The trainers took one look at her minuscule size and seeing as they had already captured a dragon for each of them, deemed her unworthy of capture and a “pathetic excuse for a dragon.” They took branches and beat her almost to the point of death, her back now permanently scarred from the assault.

Beaten and alone, she lay in the cave for days on end. Eventually help came in the form of an Altaria who came to claim the cave as her own. She had intended to nest and rear a family of her own, which she did, Glacia from that day on just happened to be a part of it. Tara, as she came to introduce herself, nurtured Glacia back to health and took over the vital training that had once been the responsibility of her mother. Her skill improved quickly, all the while her hatred for mankind festered underneath. She swore that one day she would liberate her family. The was the first exposure she ever had with mankind and it left an acrid taste in her mouth.

It became a running joke that she was an “Ice Dragon”. Something to do with her personality and where she grew up. She took the nickname in stride, as she did all the others. She parted from the tender care of her surrogate mother and explored what she could in search of her family. Curiosity and her naiveté of the actual world around her got her in more trouble than she had initially hoped. A trainer, who apparently didn’t care about her size, attacked and attempted to capture her. It was then, as the ball was shaking and she was inside, that she knew what the captured Pokemon went through. They were not free, her family was not free as the humans claim. She broke free from the ball and in her rage, defeated the trainer and his Pokemon. As a result of this battle, she evolved into the Dragonair she is today. A pint-sized Pokemon, but well on her way to being a real dragon.

There were rumors of a small group of Pokemon that intended to liberate their fellows. Glacia sought them out and came to find out they were called the Rebels for the Destruction of Man. Without hesitation, she joined their ranks and swore to aid them however she could.

Fuyu November 6th, 2012 3:34 PM

Claire* I'll wait on giving you the verdict at the moment until Nideous gives the once-over. :)

But yes Garet that is exactly what we shall do. :) Or at least most of the spots.

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