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curiousnathan December 4th, 2012 1:02 AM

Pokemon: Tournament of Life [T] (OOC/SU)
Pokemon: Tournament of Life (OOC/SU)
Sinnoh in its golden times.

Welcome to my first ‘official’ role-play, Pokemon: Dimensional Split. As my six week Summer/Christmas break approaches, I thought I might as well spend some time running and participating in a roleplay of my own. This roleplay is in Chapters, where I’ll explain what the objectives are, what you can or cannot do, what pokemon that are available to catch and more. This is a relatively relaxed roleplay so don’t feel pressured to post, but decent activity is required.


It’s been three years since Cyrus and team Galactic were defeated. Sinnoh returned to its once peaceful and tranquil state. Until now. During the three years of Sinnoh's recovery came the development of a new, national Pokemon League, the Legends League. Standing well above the Champions League, the Legends League poses a greater challenge to those who enter, most worringly, also a even greater danger. An outline of the tournament can be seen below:

  • Participants battle it out like any other tournament, however during every battle they must wear what is known as "Life Meter" around their wrists (similar to a watch).
  • These gadgets once worn cannot be taken off, once you enter the league, you are binded to the league. There is no escape.
  • Life Meters display what is known as someone's "life energy". Life energy is what keeps participants alive. After every battle, winners claim the loser's life energy - which may vary from 1 - 50. (Depending on how much they battle for.) Battles may be for 50, 20, 25, 1, 2, 4 etc life energy.
  • The winner of the tournament is decided when only one participant remains.

With the construction of this new league, Pokemon League officials enforced several serious laws that ensure the safety of everyday citizens and normal trainers. However with rules, there's always someone to break them. The Life Keepers, a group of rebellious and seriously strong trainers grew greedy, and began forcing innocent trainers and citizens to wear a Life Meter and battle against them, claiming many lives.

You’re the average, newbie trainer who is about to start their journey across Sinnoh. Feeling pumped and ready to go, you’ve made your way to Prof. Rowan’s lab, anxious to see the selection of starters you can choose from. Finally, you pick your perfect partner. To your dismay however, Professor Rowan informs you of a suspicious bunch known as the "Life keepers." He explains that they're attacking the innocent in many cities as he speaks, and that himself in conjuction with the Pokemon League Officials have selected 15 average, trainers to team up and fight against them. But at one cost. You must wear a Life Meter for yourself. You must defeat them at their own game. But will you succeed? How many will be lost? Who will remain afterward? You decide to accept his offer, and as you feel the cold metal strap wrap around your wrist, you know that you're doing the right thing, even if your life may be put in the balance.

Now, it is time for you and your pokemon to find and defeat each of the 8 members of the Life Keepers. You may travel in groups, pairs, or go solo, the choice is yours. Your current location is in Prof. Rowan's lab, meeting your fellow companions before your depature.

Current Players:

Gau Ashcroft by gimmepie
Willow Greenheart by Lokiepie
Julyanne "Juliane" Eigis by Rune Alchemist
Fait Kuruso by mzmingle
Raiso Ionis by DeLaMuerte

Ike Fissure by Game_sloth

DeSean Guilliver by 1ninjadude1701

Sign Up Form (SU):

Age (15+):
Appearance: (1 decent-sized paragraph or a picture instead.)
Personality: (1 decent-sized paragraph.)
History: (I decent-sized paragraph.)
Pokemon: (Includes Nickname if any, Gender, Level, Nature - optional, Ability - optional and Moves.)


Professor Rowan

The Life Keepers
- Anastasia (F)
- Ivy (F)
- Abrosia (F)
- Devika (F)
- Pollux (M) -- Group Leader
- Castor (M)
- Mance (M)
- Tormund (M)

More as the plot unfolds!


- You are allowed to make NPC’s of your own and can completely control them
- Don’t control other players without permission
- NPC’s that I make are fully controllable as well – within reason.
- Keep things appropriate – no gore, no sex, limited swearing.
- You may catch, evolve and have your pokemon learn new moves whenever they reach the appropriate level (use serebii dex), but there must be a good post to support such. (Wild Pokemon battles earn you +2 levels, battles with other roleplayers earn you +4, while battles with NPC's earn you +3 levels)
- Have fun!
- Winners of battles are determined by myself. The more elaborate your post is, the more likely you will win.
Every player starts with 50 life energy.

Available Starters:

Sandshrew | Lv. 5 | Male | Shiny
- Scratch
- Defense Curl
Exeggcute | Lv. 5| Male
- Barrage
- Uproar
Tangela | Lv. 5 | Male
- Ingrain
- Constrict
Totodile | Lv. 5 | Male [RESERVED]
- Scratch
- Leer
Sneasel | Lv. 5 | Male
- Scratch
- Leer
Teddiursa | Lv. 5 | Female
- Covet
- Scratch
Swinub | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Odor Sleuth
Tyrogue | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Helping Hand
Smoochum | Lv. 5 | Female [RESERVED]
- Pound
- Lick
Elekid | Lv. 5 | Male [RESERVED]
- Quick Attack
- Leer
Magby | Lv. 5 | Male
- Smog
- Leer
Larvitar | Lv. 5 | Male
- Bite
- Leer
Lotad | Lv. 5 | Male
- Astonish
- Growl
Sewaddle | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- String Shot
Eevee | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
MYSTERY EGG | Lv. 1 | Unknown

gimmepie December 8th, 2012 5:22 AM

I'm certainly interested so I'll join if you'll have me :)
My SU is below so you can get a good idea and tell me anything that needs fixing :)

Name: Gau Ashcroft

Age: 17

Appearance: Gau is approximately 6 ft 3 and quite thin. He has a pale complexion, black eyes and grey hair (naturally grey not prematurely grey). His hair is straight and quite long framing his face and coming down to his neck in the back. He usually wears a soft but blank expression on his face. Hi usual clothes include pale blue jeans, a charcoal grey short sleeved shirt and an unzipped hoodie of the same colour. He has a dark green backpack and a brown belt with slots for carrying pokeballs as his team grows.

Personality: Gau is a strange guy, he is softly spoken most of the time and prefers to watch people than join in with them, although he in't particularly shy either.. He is a very knowledgeable and creative person who is thirsty for knowledge and is generally curious about people, pokemon and their motives. He is a talented writer and almost always is writing something down be that notes or fiction. He has often wondered what his purpose is in life and what makes him important.

History: Gau came home to find his family missing at a young age and has been scavenging and doing odd jobs to support himself ever since. He has been living in a room in Sandgem's pokemon centre for a while now and helping with jobs such as cleaning to make-up for his lengthy stay. Despite being so close to the lab he until recently had been to preoccupied with questions of his worth to even consider becoming a trainer, making the decision far later than most people. After encouragement from the local nurse he decided that it was time to stop moping and to make an effort to discover his place. With Rowan's request he feels he has found that place.


Teddiursa (Character undecided on nickname, level 5, Female, Guts,) - Covet, Scratch

I have a few questions also...
1. Can we teach TM and Move Tutor moves through training? Or have them learn them during battle?
2. How do we level up our pokemon?
3. Can we use PCs
4. If we can evolve whenever what are the points of the levels anyway?

Sorry about the questions I'm just trying to clear things up for myself :)
Let me know if my SU is ok.

Lokiepie December 8th, 2012 5:22 AM

mind if I join?? :)

Name: Willow Greenheart
Age (15+): 19

Gender: Female
Willow is a small, medium build with softly tanned skin, the colour of melted caramel. Big brown eyes with streaks of gold running through the deep mahogany colouration, are set into a small heart shape face, with pastel shades of rose pink, colouring her cheeks and lips. Her chestnut hair is short and spiky, with a full fringe that has grown too long lately and always gets in her eyes, and is often mistake for red rather than brown. She sports a small nose, with a few stubborn freckles which refuse to go away from her hours in the sun, dotting her cheeks here and there. At first glances, her face comes across pixie-ish, this idea only being set in stone when she flashes her lop-sided grin, completing the image of the small winged, mystical creature.

She usually wears, a canary yellow, cropped hoodie, with a black strap top and a pair of faded denim shorts. Oversized trainers complete the scruff look, as well as a constant bed head, hair style. Her left hand is wrapped up in a white bandage, hiding a crimson burn mark from when she was a child. Along with this, a backpack, cream in colour and peppered with holes, goes everywhere with her. Wrapped round her neck is a black ribbon, which dangles from it’s silk treads is a small silver bell. Her lucky charm, give to her from her Grandma to keep bad spirits away.

Personality: Willow has always been a happy go lucky type of girl. She tries to see the best in everyone, even if they have tied her up and put her in a base somewhere, she’ll find something nice to say about the person, no matter how physco he is. But though this can be seen as a good thing, it is always her greatest weakness. She is too forgiving and too open to others that it often leads to her being tricked, hurt and used. But don’t let this side of her fool you, if you have insulted one of her friends or even hurt them and made them cry, Willow will step up to the platform and fight for her friend. She’s also a bit of a tom boy and any suggestion of a skirt or dress and in fact anything to do with her hair, will leave a willow shaped dust cloud in the spot where she had been sitting. Use to spending her time out and about, she’s no stranger to mud or hard work, always willing to lend a helping hand.

History: There’s not much too Willow, she’s always just been the charming, bubbly girl everyone knows back at home.
She grew up with her mum, never knowing her dad, in a small village. Helping out at a local Veg store her mother ran as well as running errands for people for a little pocket money, here and there. The most exciting thing that ever happened to her was when she got too close to a fire pokemon. She had been eager to play and took no care in what the wild pokemon wanted to do, and so just like if she had been playing with a cat, she got burned. Only on her hand mind you and a small simple reminder to her that she must always pay attention to other people’s wants and needs. Bar that, the rest of her adventures lead to her being stuck up a tree when apple scrumping, or stuck on a cliff, when rock climbing.

Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Jinxsey,
Gender: Boy
Ability – Cute charm.
tacklle and Tail whip.

curiousnathan December 8th, 2012 5:40 AM

So much pie!

@gimmepie: Nice SU, decent length, and short to the point. I particularly like his nomadic background - having to scavenge for jobs from place to place, and I'm interested to see as to how he'll adapt to Rowan's opportunity. You're accepted!

As for your questions:
1) Pokemon can learn move tutor moves through both methods you mentioned.
2) Pokemon level up through battling wild pokemon, and opponents (NPC's and other players).
3) You are able to use the PC, yes.
4) Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain level. In the case of Pokemon who don't evolve through levelling up (trade, item, happiness) they will evolve at level 40. -- I'll edit this into my OP to make it clearer on the mechanics, so thanks for pointing that out.

@Lokiepie: You're accepted! The only thing I'll point out is that Eevee begins with only tackle and tail whip.

Lokiepie December 8th, 2012 5:49 AM

Oops, my bad Curious, will edit now :) and thanks for accepting :D

curiousnathan December 8th, 2012 6:02 AM

No problem.

Just a note to you guys, the IC thread (the roleplay with actually start) will most likely be posted when entries die down. So I'd say in a couple of days or at least a week at the latest.

Lokiepie December 8th, 2012 6:33 AM

sounds like a good plan to me. Look forward to it

gimmepie December 8th, 2012 7:47 AM

I'm also looking forward to this :)

Thanks for clearing all that up for me, one other thing I need to ask is if only certain wild pokemon can be caught and if certain pokemon can be caught in particular areas.

... am I the only one who is hoping for a third pie to show up?

Lokiepie December 8th, 2012 8:12 AM

haha nope, another pie would be awesome, gotta admit XD *crosses fingers* :P

Rune Alchemist December 8th, 2012 1:16 PM


As much as the plot is interesting, I'm not too keen with the starters...

Hmm... Well, I could...

Give me a day, and I'll create a character.

curiousnathan December 8th, 2012 5:37 PM


Originally Posted by Rune Alchemist (Post 7435587)

As much as the plot is interesting, I'm not too keen with the starters...

Hmm... Well, I could...

Give me a day, and I'll create a character.

That's completely up to you. There is a variety so I attempted to appeal to a range of roleplayers. It's impossible to appeal to everyone's taste, so I did the best I could.

Rune Alchemist December 9th, 2012 4:15 AM

I just finished writing up my SU, but I'll be posting it once I wake up. Save me a spot... and the Pokemon Egg. Please? =D

curiousnathan December 9th, 2012 4:29 AM

Sure, I'll reserve the mystery egg for you.

DLMuerte December 9th, 2012 9:05 AM

This is interesting... Can I reserve the Lotad Larvitar? I'm making my SU ATM, but I don't know when it's going to be finished.

mzmingle December 9th, 2012 10:25 AM

Name: Fait Kuruso
Age (15+): 16
Gender: Female


Personality: Fait is a kind girl, but she is easily annoyed. She is not afraid of confrontation. She is also very curious, as she wants to know a lot. She looks like a forgiving person but it is not true. Fait can keep a grudge for ages, and she only forgives people who she thinks are very sorry or who she loves. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends. You can easily become friends with her, but you can easily annoy her too, which is bad. All in all, she is kind, but you can set her off quickly.

History: As a young girl, she had two friends. Since there was no way to contact her friends, she had to play with the family pets, Aryss the Skitty and Naito the Poochyena. She became good friends with the pokemon, and got sad when Naito got ill and got put down. When she started high school, she was still grieving for her pet. Because of this, she wanted to be alone a lot, meaning that her friends were drifting off. When she finally got over it, her two friends had left her. One of them, who used to be her favourite, had joined up with the class bully. Fait was then bullied for a year. The only company she had was Aryss, which had evolved into a Delcatty. Soon, everyone in the bully's gang had left the school for different reasons, and the bully was moved into a different class. This is why she doesn't forgive people easily. In the end, she made some new friends and then found out about the 'Legends League' and the 'Life Keepers'. She wanted to help get the Life Keepers away, and she then came to Professor Rowan's lab.

Pokemon: Shiny Sandshrew
Male (Or female if possible)
Ability: Sand Rush.

TurkishDelight December 9th, 2012 10:48 AM

Awh man I was going to ask to reserve the Shiny Sandshrew.. but oh well, I'd like to reserve Elekid please.

Rune Alchemist December 9th, 2012 12:24 PM

Name: Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Julyanne is 5'4 feet tall and has Grey eyes hidden under her red contact-lenses; her waist-long Strawberry Blonde hair is tied into a looping ponytail with the rest hidden under a Boy's Cap; 'He' wears white blazer with golden details, a maroon sash, black pants, and a belt kit hidden under a black and gold long-sleeved vest tied around his waist.

History: Julyanne got into an accident when she was young, forcing her into a coma. She woke up two years later, but from then on her family has been over-protective and kept her inside their estate. Due to her family's wealth, she was able to keep up with her studies, but Julyanne remained oblivious to the world outside her walls. When she turned seventeen, she was told that she is to be engaged to another noble, someone she has never met. No matter how much she loves her family, the over-bearing nature of this request was too much and couldn't accept it. She decided to run away with her little sister, posing as "Julian" in doing so.

Personality:She values her ability to choose and her sister above anything else. She's a social-clutz to normal people but can hold a candle to the most ludicrative speaker when talking to those of the upperclass. Julyanne adores cute things like stuff toys and little Pokemon, so much that she sometimes unwittingly gushes over them. As "Julian", she tries to act like a cold snubbish teen (which isn't hard, as she mostly doesn't know how to respond) who only pays attention to her sister and Pokemon. She is headstrong. sticking to whatever decisions take her. She will never throw away her ideals, but will do absolutely anything for her sister.

Pokemon: Egg~

DLMuerte December 9th, 2012 3:55 PM

And suddenly the GM was overrun by SUs...

Name: Raiso Ionis
Age (15+): 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raiso is a young man who has hair exactly like Volkner’s, except a bit shorter. His eyes are brown, and his mouth is almost always in a grin (when it’s appropriate). He wears a blue plaid buttoned (and short sleeved) shirt on top of a solid red long sleeved shirt. He wears a seldom closed brown jacket on top of that with a sling book bag, and he’s a bit muscular. He wears brown cargo pants, a wristwatch, and brown shoes. Lately, he’s been holding a long wooden pole which is strong and sturdy, and works similar to a cane- but can also be used to defend himself. He is decently sized at 6’0”.

Personality: Raiso likes to make conversation. He’s not a chatterbox, but he talks when he feels that it’s kinda quiet, and sometimes even talks to himself about what to do next or where he’s going. He likes almost all kinds of Pokemon, from Abra to Zangoose, and is fond of technology and mythology. He occasionally has his moments, you know, like we all do, but he’s a happy guy (for the most part). He’s that kinda guy who’s happy to be alive, to be blunt about it. He also has knowledge about the more... shady side of Sinnoh- and can easily blend in with the background to avoid trouble. But that’ll be covered in History as well.

History: Raiso was born on August 5th, making his nerdy parents happy with joy. He was born in Veilstone City, and he lived there for much of his life, up to fifteen. During his time in Veilstone, he grew up in large buildings, crime, and gambling. One could say he tried to beat the street by beefing himself up at Maylene’s gym, but the truth was that going to the gym was more of hobby than a “way to beat the street” per-say. He became very strong and was able to avoid the life of crime many of his acquaintances had taken, although he had a lot of knowledge about the many inner workings of the city. At the age of 13, his younger sister was born. Crime soon began to increase afterwards in the city, with many Pokemon being stolen. When the crime reached it’s peak and Galactic was becoming ever stronger, Raiso’s family quickly escaped the city, with Raiso holding his sister on his back. Apparently, his parents had been involved in a fight with a gang member, where they did not do anything but speak a small comment about the man’s etiquette. The gang member seemed to hold a grudge for them since, and there seemed to be people watching them at every corner. His parents developed a bit of paranoia in the process, and soon the family began their “escape” (which was more of a walk out of Veilstone in a jam packed bus with four suitcases) to Solaceon Town, where Raiso’s grandmother lived.

Raiso and his sister stayed with his grandmother, while, a year and a half later, his parents went to Sunnyshore to find work. They stayed with his father’s sister for another year, where they found odd jobs here and there. Raiso, in the meantime, developed a happy personality, and he was very optimistic. A while later, his mother returned, and Raiso had taken up hiking as a pastime, sometimes even traveling through the nearby ruins to have a good walk. His mother completely ignored her son (“you look too much like your father...”) and spent her time spoiling her daughter. Raiso hasn’t exactly learned what happened to his father, but his assumptions are grim. Although he kept his happy persona, he attempted to talk to his grandmother about what happened to his father, but not even she knew, and then she died a month later. After his grandmother’s death, Raiso decided to start a journey into Sinnoh, since he felt he really had nothing to lose.

Rocky (Larvitar)|Lv. 5|Male|Brave|Sand Veil
- Bite
- Leer

curiousnathan December 9th, 2012 4:01 PM

@DeLaMuerte: Very nice SU, you're accepted!
@mzmingle: You're accepted!
@TurkishDelight: Consider Elekid reserved!
@Rune Alchemist: You're accepted! Using the Pokemon randomiser, the egg hatched into:

Really excited to see this catch so much interest. I'm loving the SU's!

Rune Alchemist December 9th, 2012 4:51 PM

Oooh~ A Cleffa. Not what I expected, but better than what I had in mind.

On that note, it's a level 1 Clefa with Pound and Charm, Female, and has Magic Guard as its special ability. Cute. Does it have an Egg Move? If it does, it's probably locked for fairness...

DLMuerte December 9th, 2012 5:59 PM

Thanks so much! I can't wait for the IC to be posted.

curiousnathan December 9th, 2012 7:27 PM

@Rune Alchemist: It can have an egg move, however you'll have to sacrifice it for Pound. The egg moves available are: Present, Mimic, Tickle, Wish and Stored Power. Feel free to keep Pound or swap Pound with one of the following. ;v;

@DeLaMuerte: No worries, the IC thread will most likely be posted by tonight if not in the coming days.

Also a note, if the roleplay has started, and there are spots still left, others can still join!

Rune Alchemist December 9th, 2012 10:53 PM

Wait, how does that work? My Cleffa wouln't have an attack should I choose Wish? Only Charm and Wish?

... That's kinda like starting off with Ralts or Magicarp. I always wondered how Wally was able to get by with only a Ralts that knows Growl.

curiousnathan December 9th, 2012 11:22 PM

Well it's not mandatory that you choose Wish or any of the attacks listed, they're just giving you more options since your Pokemon hatched from the mystery egg. It's up to you if you'd like to keep Pound or switch to another move should you choose it.

Rune Alchemist December 9th, 2012 11:34 PM

-looks at Cleffa's Move tree-

Considering that Cleffa doesn't learn another attack until 16, or 10 as a Clefairy, I don't think switching her only attack for Wish is a wise choice. Besides, Cleffa can learn Mimic by Leveling. Present and Stored Power doesn't exactly help her case... Present has a chance of restoring a Pokemon's HP (I tried using Present on a Rattata once, just to check the attack. 6 out of 7, it heals it ~.~ Seems to work that way for EVERY SINGLE RATTATA I try it on.)

There's Covet, but that's only half the handicap. The rest of the Attacks are status enhancers.

... If I'm going to choose another attack, can I choose to go together with another player?

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