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curiousnathan December 10th, 2012 5:37 AM

Pokemon: Tournament of Life [T] (IC)
Pokemon: Tournament of Life (IC)
OOC/SU here!

Above: Sinnoh in its golden times.


It’s been three years since Cyrus and team Galactic were defeated. Sinnoh returned to its once peaceful and tranquil state. Until now. During the three years of Sinnoh's recovery came the development of a new, national Pokemon League, the Legends League. Standing well above the Champions League, the Legends League poses a greater challenge to those who enter, most worringly, also a even greater danger. An outline of the tournament can be seen below:

  • Participants battle it out like any other tournament, however during every battle they must wear what is known as "Life Meter" around their wrists (similar to a watch).
  • These gadgets once worn cannot be taken off, once you enter the league, you are binded to the league. There is no escape.
  • Life Meters display what is known as someone's "life energy". Life energy is what keeps participants alive. After every battle, winners claim the loser's life energy - which may vary from 1 - 50. (Depending on how much they battle for.) Battles may be for 50, 20, 25, 1, 2, 4 etc life energy.
  • The winner of the tournament is decided when only one participant remains.

With the construction of this new league, Pokemon League officials enforced several serious laws that ensure the safety of everyday citizens and normal trainers. However with rules, there's always someone to break them. The Life Keepers, a group of rebellious and seriously strong trainers grew greedy, and began forcing innocent trainers and citizens to wear a Life Meter and battle against them, claiming many lives.

You’re the average, newbie trainer who is about to start their journey across Sinnoh. Feeling pumped and ready to go, you’ve made your way to Prof. Rowan’s lab, anxious to see the selection of starters you can choose from. Finally, you pick your perfect partner. To your dismay however, Professor Rowan informs you of a suspicious bunch known as the "Life keepers." He explains that they're attacking the innocent in many cities as he speaks, and that himself in conjuction with the Pokemon League Officials have selected 15 average, trainers to team up and fight against them. But at one cost. You must wear a Life Meter for yourself. You must defeat them at their own game. But will you succeed? How many will be lost? Who will remain afterward? You decide to accept his offer, and as you feel the cold metal strap wrap around your wrist, you know that you're doing the right thing, even if your life may be put in the balance.

Now, it is time for you and your pokemon to find and defeat each of the 8 members of the Life Keepers. You may travel in groups, pairs, or go solo, the choice is yours. Your current location is in Prof. Rowan's lab, meeting your fellow companions before your depature.

Current Players:

Gau Ashcroft by gimmepie
Willow Greenheart by Lokiepie
Julyanne "Juliane" Eigis by Rune Alchemist
Fait Kuruso by mzmingle
Raiso Ionis by DeLaMuerte
Josua "Kybolt" Numbilis by Aquataris

Sign Up Form (SU):

Age (15+):
Appearance: (1 decent-sized paragraph or a picture instead.)
Personality: (1 decent-sized paragraph.)
History: (I decent-sized paragraph.)
Pokemon: (Includes Nickname if any, Gender, Level, Nature - optional, Ability - optional and Moves.)


Professor Rowan

The Life Keepers
- Anastasia (F)
- Ivy (F)
- Abrosia (F)
- Devika (F)
- Pollux (M) -- Group Leader
- Castor (M)
- Mance (M)
- Tormund (M)

More as the plot unfolds!


- You are allowed to make NPC’s of your own and can completely control them
- Don’t control other players without permission
- NPC’s that I make are fully controllable as well – within reason.
- Keep things appropriate – no gore, no sex, limited swearing.
- You may catch, evolve and have your pokemon learn new moves whenever they reach the appropriate level (use serebii dex), but there must be a good post to support such. (Wild Pokemon battles earn you +2 levels, battles with other roleplayers earn you +4, while battles with NPC's earn you +3 levels)
- Have fun!
- Winners of battles are determined by myself. The more elaborate your post is, the more likely you will win.
Every player starts with 50 life energy.

Available Starters:

Sandshrew | Lv. 5 | Male | Shiny
- Scratch
- Defense Curl
Exeggcute | Lv. 5| Male
- Barrage
- Uproar
Tangela | Lv. 5 | Male
- Ingrain
- Constrict
Totodile | Lv. 5 | Male
- Scratch
- Leer
Sneasel | Lv. 5 | Male
- Scratch
- Leer
Teddiursa | Lv. 5 | Female
- Covet
- Scratch
Swinub | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Odor Sleuth
Tyrogue | Lv. 5 | Male
- Tackle
- Helping Hand
Smoochum | Lv. 5 | Female
- Pound
- Lick
Elekid | Lv. 5 | Male [RESERVED]
- Quick Attack
- Leer
Magby | Lv. 5 | Male
- Smog
- Leer
Larvitar | Lv. 5 | Male
- Bite
- Leer
Lotad | Lv. 5 | Male
- Astonish
- Growl
Sewaddle | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- String Shot
Eevee | Lv. 5 | Female
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
MYSTERY EGG | Lv. 1 | Unknown


Chapter 1 - Meeting Friends & Foes

Chapter 1: Meeting friends & foes

Sandgem Town
Sandgem Town is a quaint town located by the Southern Sinnoh coast. It’s home to a marvellous beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand. Several species of Pokemon inhabit this town’s coastal regions both on the shore and in the depths of the water. Further inland, the town is home to more land-orientated Pokemon, several of which are studied by the Pokemon Professor, Prof. Rowan and his research team. Sandgem Town is most commonly known to be one of the first stops of every beginning Trainer’s journey; and here, it is where your journey begins.

Wild Pokemon:

Route 202
Located just North of Sandgem Town, route 202 is a relatively short, but winding path that stretches its way toward Jubilife City. The Pokemon that inhabit this area are particularly playful and will often spring out of tall grass, trees and bushes to surprise unwary trainers. Several Pokemon Trainers are scattered along this route, and may challenge you to a battle if they catch your eye. Strangely, Route 202 isn’t as lively as it usually is, after an unusual mob of Pokemon have been spotted causing havoc in Jubilife City...perhaps some of the trainers still roaming the route can provide you with more info? But they definitely won’t be handing it out for free.

Wild Pokemon:

Objectives - You can do whatever you wish, but you must complete the following to progress.
  • Get to know your fellow companions/battlers. [MUST]
  • Talk to Professor Rowan who gives you instructions to travel to Jubilife City where a suspicious gathering of Pokemon has been spotted. (Feel free to elaborate dialogue, but stay around this topic.) [MUST]
  • Travel to Jubilife City (Stop right before entering.) [MUST]

curiousnathan December 12th, 2012 6:02 PM

Chapter 1: Meeting friends & foes

Sandgem Town
Sandgem Town is a quaint town located by the Southern Sinnoh coast. It’s home to a marvellous beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand. Several species of Pokemon inhabit this town’s coastal regions both on the shore and in the depths of the water. Further inland, the town is home to more land-orientated Pokemon, several of which are studied by the Pokemon Professor, Prof. Rowan and his research team. Sandgem Town is most commonly known to be one of the first stops of every beginning Trainer’s journey; and here, it is where your journey begins.

Wild Pokemon:

Route 202
Located just North of Sandgem Town, route 202 is a relatively short, but winding path that stretches its way toward Jubilife City. The Pokemon that inhabit this area are particularly playful and will often spring out of tall grass, trees and bushes to surprise unwary trainers. Several Pokemon Trainers are scattered along this route, and may challenge you to a battle if they catch your eye. Strangely, Route 202 isn’t as lively as it usually is, after an unusual mob of Pokemon have been spotted causing havoc in Jubilife City...perhaps some of the trainers still roaming the route can provide you with more info? But they definitely won’t be handing it out for free.

Wild Pokemon:

Objectives - You can do whatever you wish, but you must complete the following to progress.
  • Get to know your fellow companions/battlers. [MUST]
  • Talk to Professor Rowan who gives you instructions to travel to Jubilife City where a suspicious gathering of Pokemon has been spotted. (Feel free to elaborate dialogue, but stay around this topic.) [MUST]
  • Travel to Jubilife City (Stop right before entering.) [MUST]

gimmepie December 12th, 2012 7:48 PM

Gua was sitting in the sand on the beachy outskirts of Sandgem town with his new Teddiursa sitting in his lap. He had pulled out a pen and a notebook and was writing about the experience

"It has only been half and hour since I met my Teddiursa yet we are already perfectly in sync. Every aspect of our personalities seem to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle and yet for some reason I can't think of a name for her. I don't want to leave her nameless, like any other old pokemon and yet it feels strange for me to be deciding who my companion is, especially one who is so like minded."

That was the last thing he had written in the notepad. He put the booklet into his backpack and stroked his new partners head. She seemed to enjoy the attention.
"What should I call you?" he asked the small, bear-like pokemon
"Teddi?" the pokemon responded questioningly, shrugging its shoulders. Gau figured something would come to him eventually, although he really didn't know why he felt so compelled to name the pokemon, it really wasn't his place to name anything. He looked at the watch-like object on his right wrist, it was displaying the number 50 in large green digits.

Gau sat, continuing to stroke his starter's head and watched the various water pokemon in the ocean.
"What have I gotten myself into I wonder" he pondered until he was shaken from his thoughts by approaching voices, only one sounded even remotely human.

Lokiepie December 13th, 2012 6:07 AM

OOC: badly written and long I know but not slept muhc xD hope it's ok guys :)


Willow glared at a wall in the poke mart in Sandgem Town, her eyes dripping poison at the inanimate feature as if blaming it for something. She had been stood there for some time now, her mouth etched with annoyance, while her favourite hoodie, soaked through, let one sad drip fall off her elbow, colliding with floor with a small, pathetic splash. The girl was short and curvy with big brown eyes that glared out maliciously from a small, heart-shaped face, where a button nose was centred, crinkled in annoyance. Her hair was a tangled mess atop her head, a few twigs sticking out here and there at odd angles, while mud splatter her shorts and top. Everything about this girl, who was stood in aisle three gave off warning signals, so people took too deliberately skipping the aisle to avoid contact.

It had been a long day, regardless to her only waking up two hours ago. But then again a lot could happen in two hours, Willow now more aware of this fact than anyone in that moment. From opening her eyes this morning she had managed to be chased up a tree, fallen into the cold, morning waters of a stream and lost her tent. The last point is what annoyed the girl most, as even up to this point she wasn’t exactly sure how she had managed to do this amazing feat. She’d just fallen asleep in its confinement last night, happy, warm and safe before waking up to the blue sky and a Caterpie staring at her with its big moon eyes. The tent, if you haven’t already twigged, gone.

“stupid thieves!” she snarled, kicking the wall of the shop sharply in a mini tantrum, at last breaking the intense pool of silence which had formed around her. “Couldn’t get their own stuff! That was my favourite tent! It was orange, those jerks! And now…now I am stuck with a stupid, baby pink tent! What is this?! It’s not even a proper colour…baby pink...” Mid-stream of rant however, Willow was interrupted by a small weedy looking boy. His achene covered face glaring at her from the end of the aisle beneath a curtain, of what Willow thought would have been blond hair, if he bothered to wash it.
“What?” Willow snapped, returning the glare with ferocity. How dare he interrupt a girl mid rant! It was rule number one! the silent rule all which men knew, at least she had thought so till now. The boy, one of the shop keepers Willow realised with heart clenching regret at her sharpness, met her eyes with a severe glare, before slowly looking down at her foot which was still firmly planted against the wall before shaking his head, sluggishly.

Following his gaze down to her sodden trainer, which had now smeared mud onto the walls white paint, Willow mouthed an embarrassed silent “oh” before slowly bringing her foot down and mouthing sorry with an apologetic shrug. AT this the keeper simply gave her a stern look, before sliding his specs back up his, long, spotty nose and returning to his work. When she was sufficiently happy however, that he’d fallen for her best acting performance of the year, she celebrated by sticking her tongue out childishly before stomping out of the door, her new tent being dragged behind her.

As the door of the shop closed behind her, Willow grinned, shielding her eyes from the yellowish glare of morning sun as she calmed herself down. So ok, she had been made to fork out 150 quid for a new tent which was bright pink, her hair had seen better days and her knee still ached from her early morning adventures down a slime strewed, peddle stream. As well as having a death watch strapped to her wrist, but at least she had gotten what she’d come here for. Her first Pokémon. With this thought, she gave a lop-sided grin, before pulling on her cap and walking down towards the beach, her trainers squelching, uncomfortably with each step.

The beach it’s self was small, with a few people dotted about its pale sanded bay. Over near the south end of the beach, the wild squeals of laughter from children playing by the rock pools filled the air, as the tide came in, it’s gentle waves ever lapping the crisp, cut shoreline. In the water, Willow could just about make out a few head bobbing heads of sea swimmers, while surfers cut up the bigger waves with swift, sharp movements of their boards. A few bailed quite badly on one of the larger waves and the ruckus laughter of their fellows drifted over to the shore, making Willow giggle in turn. It all seemed so perfect here in contrast to her horrific morning.

After a while of soaking in the view, Willow made a move to find herself a perch on one of the smaller boulders near the back of the beach. Here she settled on its warm, smoothed surface looking out to the deep blue, as the morning’s light danced across its surface like a million fire flies. For a while she sat here, quietly, every now and again absent-mindedly fingering the cold, life meter that was attached to her arm. It’s metal banned cut into her, hurting slightly and weighing down her wrist. A reminder of her mission she guessed, as well as the great risk she’d managed to get herself into.

Yet even with this grim thought baring down on her heavy heart, the girl still smiled that smile she was known for back at home. She was happy, probably against all better judgement sure, but happy none the less. Reaching into the pocket of her damp hoodie, she pulled out the small, red and white pokeball. “Totally worth it” she grinned to herself, pressing the small white button in the centre and watching as the ball cracked open like an egg. From within came in a flash of red hot energy which shot out and down onto the sandy floor, where it gathered slowly taking shape. The end result being Jinxsey. The small fox Pokémon let out a tiny yip of joy at his freedom and stretched his forelegs eagerly, causing the fur on his back to bristle slightly before curiously looking up at Willow, cocking his head to one side and making his long ears dip awkwardly over one side of his face.

Willow watched, a small smile settling on her faded pink lips, before looking back up at the ocean. This place was starting to make up for her day which was a nice break at least, but as she was day dreaming, Jinxsey took the opportunity to explore, wandering towards the closest Pokémon he could see, A teddiursa, whom was sat quietly with its trainer.

When willow came back from her thoughts, noticing her pokemon’s absence she scrambled from her spot, grabbing her pack and hurriedly pulling over one shoulder before matching off after the small Pokémon. “Hey, where you going Jinx?” she called; worry tinging her voice in subtle undertones. She knew some Pokémon and their trainers don’t hit it off first time but never to the point of the Pokémon simply get up and leave..

DLMuerte December 13th, 2012 8:25 AM

Chapter 1-1, Raiso At Sandgem

Raiso’s journey hadn’t gone all that smooth. Although his smile was confidently plastered across his face, he was slowly facing fatigue. His eyes slowly began to droop, and he thought back to why he was coming.... A Pokemon! And as if that were all the fuel he needed, the last apple in his backpack wasn’t wasted, and he ran the way to Sandgem Town.

It was at Sandgem town where he stopped, and he was breathing heavily. He walked and opened the laboratory door, and it was like he had just entered either Utopia... or the seventh ring of hell. It wasn’t that he was disappointed he was getting a Pokemon, it was the cost that was hinted to come with it. The Legends League.

“Hey, how are you?”
“I am a Professor, I have a title.”
“Excuse me, Professor.” Raiso had no hint of rudeness or sarcasm in his voice as he said it.
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Just call me Rowan.”
“Ummm, OK, Rowan, so I’m Raiso- as you may or may not know... and I’m here for my Pokemon!”
“Oh yes- I was waiting for you, here they are. Which one would you like?” Raiso quickly made up his mind.
“Larvitar, please.” He grabbed the PokeBall and let the Pokemon out.
“Yes, you are a Larvi- ouch, hey!” The Pokemon quickly bashed the side of Raiso’s leg playfully. It felt rough, and...
“Rocky! I guess I already have a nickname for you.”
“Right.” Rowan was abrupt and serious. “Well, I hate to leave certain things in someone else’s hands, but I need a favor. I selected you and 14 individuals...” Raiso looked around. There were other people around. He smiled at them. “...and I need you to take care of some people called the Life Keepers. These people have been stealing lives from different people, and you are going to defeat them at their own game.”
“So you’re asking me to become a murderer?”
“No, it’s been approved by the Legends League.”
“The Legends League? Really? I’m a new trainer, and that’s what you’re going to ask me?” Rowan leaned forward, as if he was going to give a serious lecture. “Sure!” Raiso answered, “why not?” His smile, although unfitting and odd, was still in place, even after the argument he proposed. “Not like I have anything to lose.” His face was suddenly deep and serious, although the slightest hint of a smirk stayed. “I’ll do my best.”
“Alright.” Rowan said. “Well, now it’s time for this, the Life Meter. You must wear it at all times. You can install programs at your leisure, and... If the meter goes down to zero, well...” Rowan frowned. “You’re dead.”

The cold metal snapped on to Raiso’s wrist, leaving him suddenly beginning to regret his decision.

---An hour later---

The cold strap almost ate into his skin, and the number 50 nearly scared him to death. His life was now a game. He began to laugh. “My life, once important, is now a game... How exciting! An adventure!” Raiso’s optimistic side took the better of him, and many people were frowning, mentally scolding him. He didn’t care, because he had nothing to lose. His mother ignorant, his grandmother dead, his sister too young, his father missing- there was no one who was really important to him. “Cept’ for Rocky, of course!” Raiso looked down at his new green friend, who was eager to be out of his PokeBall. “Maybe too eager...” Raiso said doubtfully, as the Pokemon ran around. He couldn’t blame it. He was young. The green creature hopped onto Raiso’s shoulder, and Raiso began to think. Rowan had said that he should go get some supplies. "The first place to do that... would be a PokeMart!"
"Uh, yeah. Thank you for your support, Rocky."

Rune Alchemist December 14th, 2012 12:56 AM

A teenager and a pre-teen bowed in gratitude at the truck driver that gave them a lift to the quaint little town of Sandgem. The teen sighed as the remains of her motorbike taunted her, before reorganizing them into a pile for a better grip while traveling.

Seriously, when she and her sister ran away from their home in Unova, she didn't expect to be attacked by a criminal's Charizard of all things the first thing when they stepped into Sinnoh. And to think, all of her connections are here, in one of the most dangerous (in her opinion) Regions in the world. Well, they always said, the most beautiful rose has the sharpest of thorns, and by gosh was Sinnoh beautiful.

As they neared the lab of the prestigious Professor in Sinnoh, Julyanne, the teen, adjusted her cap to better fit her head. She looked into a shop window, pleased to look passable as a boy, therefor hiding her identity as a noble. For now she's sure that her parents noticed their absence, causing them to send out search parties and reward notices in world wide news channels.

Discarding that sobering thought, she knocked on the lab door. A man in a lab coat greeted her, asking if she's one of the trainers here for a Pokemon. She nodded, gesturing to the scrapped bike and asking if she could store it here in the meantime as she looks for someone who could repair it.

Her sister marveled at the equipment of the lab; diodes and led lighting up like Christmas lights; the beeping and whining of some somehow giving the place its own chaotic symphony. That was when they both noticed that she is the first to arrive, they both took a seat at the bench.

As people entered and left the lab, Julyanne kept to herself, her sister fidgeting in her spot beside her. The teen gave her sister a reassuring pat on the head, earning a huff of annoyance from the pre-teen. She laughed inwardly, then listened to what the man in the lab coat decided to say. What he said, however, flew over the teen's head, but she did however caught the important details of what he had to say.

When he (she) was asked to choose her starter, she noticed that some Pokemon not native to this region of the world are available such as that Bug/Grass hybrid so common to the forest of Unova, contrary to the original starters. She would have liked a Piplup, but since she won't be getting one anytime soon, decided on the Egg.

Julyanne decided to stay for the moment as her Egg was to undergo a test, and she saw the choice of some of her 'Batchmates.' When all is said and done, the Egg was handed to her together with that damnable watch-shaped meter. She stared at the thing for a long time, with its grey metallic band and black watch-face. She sighed, looked at her sister, before strapping it on her right wrist.

Since she is left-handed, she reasoned that since most people are right-handed, they would look at that first before her right. With her also wearing a watch on her left, she hoped that people wouldn't notice the meter and instead think she only has a watch.

She tugged the blazer's sleeve to cover up the meter, and passively watched the other's ceremony with their first Pokemon, waiting for what kind of Pokemon is inside the Egg, as she was notified that it will hatch sometime today.

The Egg in the glass moved to the side before settling back, seemingly moving closer to Julyanne.

gimmepie December 14th, 2012 1:03 AM

Gau turned to see an eevee running towards him, or more specifically he realised his Teddiursa. Was he going to have to battle this thing already? He quickly noticed a small tanned girl... or was she a woman? The trainers pixie-like look made it hard for the grey haired trainer to tell.
“Hey where are you going Jinx!” she called after the furry little brown pokemon that was now running in circles around Teddiursa, who was slowly becoming irritated. Gua could only sit there and think
“did she name her eevee after another pokemon” with a quizzical look on his face. He continued watching the two pokemon and the approaching trainer with his head cocked to the side in the manner of a curious pokemon. She was close enough now for him to realise she had odd her and peculiar brown eyes, that seemed to have gold running through their irises. The other trainer had now arrived at his location but Gau just continued to sit there and observe the new arrival.

Teddiursa on the other hand was fed-up with being harassed and proceeded to deliver a Scratch attack to the face of the fox pokemon. Gau simply placed a hand between the now furious Normal types and looked up and the young woman glaring at him.

mzmingle December 14th, 2012 2:51 AM

"And here's your Sandshrew, Fait." said the professor.
"Thank you. I'll have to go now." replied the girl.
"Wait. I need to tell you something first," said Professor Rowan, making Fait stop and look at him.
"There is a strange group of Pokemon hanging about. They'll proably be in Jubilife City by now. We need you and the others to stop them. I also need to give you this."

He gave her a watch. It had a meter on it, and it was a strange metallic colour. The professor had told her why she needed one of these before, and she strapped it onto her left wrist. Fait then left the building and sat on a bench near Route 202. The pokeball that she had been given glimmered in the sunlight as she decided to see her new pokemon. Out came a Sandshrew. It was a strange one, though; it was green. She couldn't understand why, but she started playing with the Pokemon. Soon, the two had bonded well.
"Should we go to the pokemart, now?" asked Fait.
"Saand!" replied Sandshrew.

They both went into the pokemart, while Sandshrew was sitting on her shoulder. Fait was running, and she ran into a boy with blonde hair. He looked somewhat like a gym leader.
"I am so sorry," she said. Fait looked at the boy's wrist and spotted the meter, exactly the same as the one she was wearing.

"So you're one of the fifteen that Rowan chose? Maybe you'll be kind to me." she told him, while her Sandshrew ran up to the Larvitar.

DLMuerte December 14th, 2012 8:50 AM

Chapter 1-2: Potions, potions....

"Awakenings. Potions. Antidotes. Full Heals..." Raiso frowned carefully as he looked at the stuff that was in stock at the PokeMart. Fully aware of his hyper Pokemon, but not really taking action, he picked the bottle off the shelf. Potion, it read, restores a 20 point piece of health. Raiso looked at his Pokemon. It was a little one, so it probably had... 22 points. Or more, considering its stamina.

"Hey Rocky! What do you think?" The Larvitar looked up happily.
"Larva! Larva Larva Larva!" It said enthusiastically, jumping up and down. "Larva!"
"I take that as a 'yes, I like it,'" he chuckled. He began to get some more potions- and PokeBalls. He definitely needed those. Four of each seemed like a good number. As he walked, though, he bumped into someone.
"I am so sorry," she said, as one of the potions fell. Raiso scooped it up, smiling. When he did, a bit of his Life Meter showed. He winced. He hoped that she wasn't going to challenge him for some of his Life Energy already. And he didn't want to do that to someone else, either.
"Don't worry about it." He looked at her Pokemon. A Sandshrew. But not just any Sandshrew- a shiny one. Raiso had never seen one before, let alone any shiny, in his entire life. But it probably wasn't that strong- Raiso assumed she was a new trainer.
"So you're one of the fifteen that Rowan chose? Maybe you'll be kind to me," the girl said.
"Yeah, I am one of the fifteen. And there's Rocky, my partner." He pointed to the green Pokemon- who, at the moment, was playing with the girl's Sandshrew. "And why wouldn't I be nice to you? You seem like a nice person, yourself!" He smiled happily, his cheerful side showing. "My name is Raiso, what's yours?"

mzmingle December 14th, 2012 1:40 PM

"I'm Fait. You're looking at my pokemon - What's wrong with it? I don't know if it is ill, since it seems green. I don't know what to do, I'm scared that Sandshrew is ill..." she said, while walking along the aisles. She picked up five super potions and eight pokeballs While walking to the counter, she saw some small discs. They were apps for her life meter! She picked up a red one that said 'Digital clock' on, and a blue one that said 'Coin Toss'.

"Here are your items and your change. We hope to see you again soon!" said the cashier. Fait turned back to Raiso, realizing how she had just walked off.
"Sorry. Oh! The cashier gave me two Coin Toss apps. I only need one. Would you like it?" she said, while putting the small discs in the back of her Life Meter.

Sir General Admiral Fancy Swank December 15th, 2012 10:00 AM need to go soon so I'll probably do a really Horrible version then come back and fix it.))
"Joshua" CHAPTER I,SECTION I: The Half Innocent Novice
A Chinook hovered above the small little town of Sandgem, the doors on the Chinook the Logo of the former Sinnoh League. Descending the monstrosity of a helicopter made quite an entrance. This Chinook was funded by the money left from Kybolt's Championships.
As it landed a little boy stepped off, waving to it and then started running to the Pokémon Lab. As the colossus of a machine ascended up to the beautiful clear blue sky, it disappeared from view heading to Snowpoint City. The little boy however was the aspiring trainer, Joshua, and hopeful avenger of his rumored-to-be-passed-away brother. He ran into the Pokemon Lab, running for Professor Rowan. His arm had been grabbed by an aide. (Not finished)

DLMuerte December 15th, 2012 12:03 PM

Chapter 1-3: Yes Ma'm, it is a Shiny

"I'm Fait. You're looking at my Pokemon - What's wrong with it? I don't know if it is ill, since it seems green. I don't know what to do, I'm scared that Sandshrew is ill..." Fait began to look through the aisles for different things.

"Well, it seems to be a..." Raiso began to speak, but noticed she had gone off. "Oh, okay." Raiso began to look at the Sandshrew closely. The green Sandshrew was an urban legend in Veilstone. Well, not that specific one, but oddly colored Pokemon. There was a certain gene that provoked it, called the Shiny gene- a term used a lot in underground Pokemon trade. However, Raiso had never seen one, and for good reason- shinies in Sinnoh were so rare, that they had a 2 out of 65,025 chance of appearing. They were commonly used in mythology-

Nonono, Raiso was thinking too much. He patiently waited for Fait, watching Rocky and Sandshrew play with each other, eagerly rolling and digging a little (Raiso hoped that they didn't make their holes too big). He smiled and held what he was buying in his hand. Fait soon returned.

"Sorry. Oh! The cashier gave me two Coin Toss apps. I only need one. Would you like it?" she said, while putting some small discs in the back of her Life Meter.
"It's OK. And yeah, I would like one, thanks!" Raiso gently took one of them. "Your Sandshrew is fine. He's a shiny- there's a lot of statistics about that- which is a Pokemon with a gene that makes it a different color. Can you take care of Rocky for a sec? I need to buy these items." Raiso quickly left, and he came back with two Town Maps, not getting a clock because he had a wristwatch right under where his sleeve ended (the Life Meter is hidden under the sleeve of his jacket). "To repay you, here's a Town Map. It'll probably come in handy later in your journey." Raiso happily gave the girl a Town Map, then put his own in his backpack. "So, um, yeah. You have a very special Pokemon there." He picked up Rocky and put the green Pokemon on his shoulder. "I have to go to Jubilife... I'm guessing Rowan told you about the Pokemon there?" He shuffled a bit. "It's my first time in these parts of Sinnoh, so..." Well, this was getting awkward... and I barely know this person... oh, well, here goes nothing!

He smiled. "Is it OK with you if we went together? I don't know what to expect around Route 202 and all that, and I don't know what'll happen at Jubilife... it would be nice to have some back up."
"Larva! Larva Larva!" Rocky said enthusiastically.
"Yeah, what he said...."

Sir General Admiral Fancy Swank December 15th, 2012 1:35 PM

(No one notices the Chinook? Click here if you don't know what one is.)
"Joshua" CHAPTER I,SECTION I: The Half Innocent Novice(Continuing)
.."Don't run in here, you disturb all the things you mustn't mess with!" scowled the aide.
"Uh.. sorry, I guess." Joshua chuckled nervously and started walking towards Rowan.
"Ah, Kybol-" Rowan started to say but was interrupted.
"I'm not Kybolt, Kybolt is no more." said Joshua.
"Ah, Yes. You look quite alike." The Professor stated and restarted.
"So, Joshua. You know with the ne-" The Professor was interrupted yet again.
"I know! I know all the stuff about the Life Keepers and league!" Joshua interrupted and went over to the machine and put his hand under it and it swiftly came down locked a Metallic Life Reader.
"And I know what you're going to say. 'Choose you first Pokémon' So no bother, gramps." He went over to the long line of Pokéballs. "I've thought about it a long time but I choose Sandshrew!" He went over to the Pokéball and opened, having it be revealed as being empty, he laughed nervously. "That one's been taken. You were a bit late, this morning."
"No matter, I wanted Sneasel anyway." He touched the Pokéball and black ghostly chains emerged the from Joshua's arm and wrapping themselves around the Pokéball. And then they sink into the Pokéball. Sneasel bursts out with a great white light.
"Hey, Sneasel! You need a cool nickname like Shadow Moon!" shouted Joshua.
"Sneas-Sneasel!" He chanted.
Joshua returned it to it's Pokéball and ran to the PokéMart.

curiousnathan December 15th, 2012 11:54 PM

Unfortunately Aquatarius, I'm not really liking how your posts are turning out. The writing is good, it is just that I'm finding that your character is becoming too much like a Gary Stu. Firstly, Sneasel shouldn't be telepathic. I didn't mention any pokemon had such abilities. This is just like a normal Pokemon journey, Pokemon can't speak english. The only thing different to the typical Pokemon Journey is the storyline. Secondly, I don't recall you entering a SU for Joshua. If you're going to roleplay as them, you'll need to submit another SU. If they're a minor character, meaning very minor then no SU is required. But because Joshua seems to be one of the major characters your centering your posts around, he'll need an SU of his own.

Sir General Admiral Fancy Swank December 16th, 2012 12:22 AM

Did you read my SU? It is Joshua.

Clearing up posts.

Lokiepie December 16th, 2012 10:05 AM

Jinxsey let out a surprised yelp, as the silver claws flew through the air towards him before instincts cut in. Flexing his legs briefly, he jumped back, just in time as the claws barely missed him, sheering off a bit of his head fluff as he moved to avoid. Skidding to a stop on the sand behind him, a low growl crawled through his chest, as his lips pulled back into a snarl. The fur on his back bristled as his ears lowed, flattening against his back, as the snarl still rolled through the air between the two Pokémon. His eyes focused on the Pokémon in front of him resentfully.

But this tense air was quickly drawn to stop with the Teddi’s trainer put as hand in between them both, a clear signal to stop before either one of them could have done any true damage.

Jinxsey, understanding all too well this body gesture, ceased his pettiness and sat back on his haunches, before beginning to preen his fur and ignore the teddi. He had liked the tuff on his head and the new hair cut given to him made his skull feel open to the elements. Staring longingly down at the few strands of nut brown fur which now lay on the sand sadly, he let a sigh slide through his small nose before looking over his shoulder at his trainer, who was now stumbling towards in the scene through the heavy sand. A peculiar mixture of worry and rage dancing across her delicate facial features.

Even from this short distance Jinxsey could understand Willow’s rage. He had only been curios and wanting to play when the teddy had swiped without little warning.

After all he had only wanted to play, with this Jinxsey gave one last reproachful before snubbing the Pokémon for good and moving towards his trainer at a slow trot.

Willow had let out a squeal of surprise as she watched from a distance, as the Teddiursa moved to scratch Jinx, before quickening her pace. “Don’t” she yelped, once again catching her own feet and stumbling forward hurriedly and cursing the sand as she went, feeling the fine grains fill her shoes and grit against her soft soled feet.

When at last she reached the pair, she blundered to a stuttering stop, breathing heavily from her exertion, before looking up through her fringe with an almost hurt expression wrinkling her eyes and forhead. “He wasn’t looking for a fight, just a play mate!” she breathed, trying to explain her Pokémon’s actions before she quickly biting back her explanations when her eyes fell on the boy’s hand. His pale skinned arm placed between, what had been, the two bickering Pokémon. From the position she had been in when running, she had not seen the boy move and when seeing this, a wave of relief flooded over her, the knots of worry now slowly releasing her stomach as a smile played across her lips.

“oh thank goodness!” she sighed, happily, walking forward and picking up Jinxsey in a quick motion. “Close call there, Jinx! You shouldn’t be running off on your own like that!” she chided, as her Eevee buried it’s self into her embrace, happy to be moved further away from the short tempered Pokémon. She laughed quietly to herself as he snuggled into her arms, before peering back out from behind his bushy tail, down to the boy, with a hurt snort. “Though on the bright side, liking the new hair cut you got your self” she giggled running her hand across his soft head. This comment earned her a steely glare from Jinx before he curled up once again and returned to glaring at the teddy on the sand.

Willow also did the same, turning her gaze back to the pair sat in front of them, but with a softer, more apologetic look. “sorry.” She started, moving one hand to bunch up her scruffy hair at the back as a nervous gesture, an awkward smile now plastered across her face, as she took in the boy in front of her. The boy seemed tall, with pale skin and grey hair and seemed to be regarding her and her Pokémon with a quizzical stare. Ignoring this though she continued to stumble over herself, this time in conversation, rather than sand.
“He likes to play and well I guess he thought he could have a friend in your teddy and was perhaps a little more than a tiny bit off with this idea” she grinned. “Hope he didn’t spoil anything.” At this she thrust her hand forward, beaming.

“Is it ok to start again? As I have a feeling we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. The name’s Willow and This is Jinxsey.”

gimmepie December 16th, 2012 4:09 PM

The girl had scooped up the eevee protectively and offered her hand to Gau as a greeting and probably as a peace offering.
“Is it ok to start again? As I have a feeling we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. The name’s Willow and This is Jinxsey". Gau looked down at her small hand for a short time, seemingly studying its every minor detail, before slowly standing up from his resting place and shaking it
"My name's Gau, this is my Teddiursa" he offered as he shook her hand
"Teddi!" the small, orange-brown bear pokemon offered the exclamation as reassurance
"although I'm not sure what her name is yet..." Gau continued "its strange finding yourself deciding who someone is... anyway sorry she attacked Jinxey, she appears to be a more quiet type".

Gau pulled out a different notepad and began writing observations about his partner pokemon, he had already filled out two other pages in the book with them and intended to maintain a record. Upon finishing nearly a page more of notes he looked up to see the girl still looking at him.
I wonder why she's still here he thought silently to himself... should I be making an offer of some kind, a peace offering or show of comradeship. He settled on a combination of the two, this way even if she had no intention of befriending him he could continue to observe her.
"Do you want to go back into the town and get something to eat?" he asked putting the notepad away and picking up his Teddiursa
"Teddi! Teddiursa!" the prospect of food and company seemed to excite the tiny pokemon, Gau figured that whilst she was a more quiet pokemon it did enjoy the company of others, and she certainly enjoyed food. Gau waited silently for a response watching her again, studying her body-language, her appearance and feeling curious as to how the more animated trainer would respond.

Lokiepie December 16th, 2012 5:03 PM

Willow stood there as the trainer looked at her hand, his dark eyes studying it as if it was something he had never laid eyes on before. Feel, if anything, slightly out of place, she remained there, her hand out str5etched until he took it in his in a greeting, introducing himself as Gau and Teddiursa.

She smiled, pushing back the awkwardness she had felt before with a warm grin which spread across her lips like a wild fire, infectious to her every fibre of being, as Gau continued to talk about his Pokémon. her eyes scanning his face every now and again for a smile across the blank plain of his facial features. Nothing.

“anyway sorry she attacked Jinxey, she appears to be a more quiet type". He finished neatly then with not so much of another word and apparently forgetting his company he pulled out what looked like a note book. Flipping open it as he began to scribble endlessly on its blank pages.

Willow at first, dropped the smile, eyeing Gau curiously. She wasn’t exactly use to people just pulling out note books mid conversation to write what seemed to be a mini essay. But then again, she hadn’t really met that many people bar those who lived in her village… maybe this was something everyone did?

What was he writing about anyway and should she go or stay? Was this his way of ending their encounter? Or maybe she should get a notebook too?

Such thoughts flouted across her mind as she stared at Gau, her bottom lip now drawn in and held firmly at the mercy of her upper teeth as she tried to think. After a minute or so however, Willow decided to stay. It would be rude to leave without a word, so she waited politely, one eye brown arched as she craned her neck to look at what Gau was writing, though she couldn’t work it out. reading upside down had alas been a talent she had never really invested in. so as she waited, she looked down at Teddiursa, her kind eyes wrinkling as she smiled once more. It was so cute! Surprising it had such a short patience but then every pokemon was different. As this thought flouted on by, she looked back up at Gau, just in time for him to dot the last piece of punctuation in his notes before looking up.

She grinned again in welcome and gave an awkward wave. Jinxsey on the other hand just plainly stared at the boy seeming to be just as inquisitive as his trainer. At first Gau looked at her, with that same expression as before, as Willow waited, before at last, after more silence she felt compelled to speak. But just as she opened her mouth, Gau spoke, beating her to line.

“Do you want to go back into the town and get something to eat?”

Willow, after the awkward silence she had just been put through and kinda feeling like a bug under a spyglass for a kids science experiment, suddenly felt surprised at this act of friendship. Sure had she at least expected an awkard goodbye or excuse, but pro-longed contact? That had taken her aback. The surprise though, was short lived and once again her smiled that warm smile. Jinxsey at the mention of food, like Teddiursa, perked up, his small head appearing out of his fluff with an eager bark.

At both Pokémon’s reactions she laughed before nodding. “sure sounds good me! Where abouts we wanting to go? There’s a café in the village I think” she chirped “we could go there, unless coffee and cake isn’t your thing in which case I think they sell sandwiches too.” She ventured hopefully, not really sure if the shop she had seen was entirely a café or not, but hey no harm in finding out, right?

gimmepie December 16th, 2012 7:41 PM

Interesting, she ran through emotions very quickly... Gau found this particular trainer very interesting and had already surmised that he would enjoy her company. He also took note that her eevee had some similar characteristics to both his trainer and to Teddiursa.

She smiled warmly and suggested a cafe in Sandgem and began asking about his food preferences. Gau's blank expression, save for his questioning eyes, did not falter but he was amused at the rapid change of emotion and the relief she was doing a poor job of hiding.
Was he really that awkward?
Teddiursa seemed to guess what he was thinking and chuckled lightly at him... He couldn't help but feel very attached to his new friend.
"Anything but seafood" Gau said, he figured keeping quiet out of courtesy would not benefit the situation. Gau put the dark green pack over his shoulders and placed Teddiursa in the pack also with its head and arms poking out, she was beaming at being treated so well it appeared to Gau. Gau returned to studying Willow and her eevee, they seemed to be watching back, not the intent way he watched them but more with a mild curiosity to his peculiar mannerisms. Gau, continuing to observe his companions behavior, motioned for Willow to lead the way.
"Teddi" chirped Teddiursa.

curiousnathan December 16th, 2012 8:29 PM

OPPORTUNITY for Gau and Willow.

Three mischievious Clamperl have found you two preparing to head off for a bite to eat after wandering out of the icy cool ocean and onto land. Looking for some fun they decide to attack you both, sending jets of water shooting everywhere. Will you fight them? Will you chase them off so you can go back to enjoying your lunch?

- You may catch them if you wish.

Lokiepie December 17th, 2012 6:25 AM

Tucking Eevee firmly between her arms, Willow twitched her shoulder back, readjusting her backpack nestled between her shoulder blades, before flashing a smile at her Pokémon. So ok she was going to get lunch with a boy whom she had only just met and seemed to study things, whether that was Pokémon or humans. But it could be worse. He seemed nice enough and his Pokémon seemed to like him which was always a good sign. Not to mention he hadn’t tried to beat, steal or murder her which was always a good start, despite the blank face.

Eevee looked up her, his hazel gaze meeting hers before he mewed happily and wiggled down, settling for the trip. It was warm here in her arms and welcome break from the never ending sand which kept getting into his pads, nipping him uncomfortably. However his comfort was short lived. As he curled up, wrapping his bushy tail about himself like a scarf, a cold, wet, jet of water hit the back of Willow’s scruffy head.

The cold water on contact snatched her breath away, as it drenched her clothes which had only just begun to dry. The newly added moister seeping down her hoodie, through to her top and shorts. Letting out a cry of surprise, she sprang forwards in a pathetic attempted to get away from whatever it was that had sprayed her, but this only resulted on yet another stream of water to appear, this time aimed at her legs.

“hey!” Willow yowled as the cold water bit her bare skin. “so uncool!”
Giving up on her retreat, she span on her kneels, half expecting to see the kids from the rock pools with water guns. The sight that met her eyes, however, was just as amusing. There, just a little way down the beach from her and her company stood a line of clamperl, shells still glistening with residue water from their previous submersion.

“OOoh pretty!” Willow gasped, her mouth dropping open as she took in their small form with admiration. Eevee who had been protected from most of the spray by his trainers arms, peered out from his safe heaven, before letting out a playful yap and jumping down from her arms. More Pokémon to play with!
His joy was short lived though, as three jets flew towards him and knocked him back with a terrified yelp. When the water ceased, it revealed a soggy looking brown mop of fur, dark eyes glaring out from beneath a water logged fringe.

Upon seeing this however willow burst out laughing, clutching her ribs as her legs buckled under her, sending her to the sandy floor with a bump.
“Jinxsey! Nice new look boy! Gotta be in for the wet season” she giggled, clamping a hand over her mouth as she laughed more. Jinxsey simply continued to glare at the pokemon before he let out a low growl and slowly stepping forward. The clamperl stayed putted though, their expression all of mirth as they met Jinsxey’s glare with their own.
Willow, when hearing the growl, stopped abruptly. Figuring that perhaps now wasn’t the best time to laugh. She’d have plenty of time afterwards anyway. Still sitting on the floor, she glanced up Gau through her own sodden hair, twigs drooping sadly in the tangled mess.

“three against one is hardly a fair fight” she smiled, just as a fresh batch of water jets exploded forth from the clams, this time aimed at Gau.
Within this split second however, willow shouted to Jinxsey the command to tackle, her logic being that while the pokemon were busy focused on her company, they wouldn’t be looking out for the mushy fur ball speeding towards them.

Jinxsey didn’t need telling twice, ears twitching towards his trainers voice, he bounded forward, his paws treading slightly on the sand under foot as he shot towards his target.

Wet fur streaming out behind him, he aimed towards the furthest left target whose focus was souly on spraying both trainers. Letting an opportunistic, wolfish grin to appear on his small face, the small Eevee bolted down the sand, before coming into range and jumping forward. Slamming his shoulder against the hard shell of the Clamperl with a heavy thud, he thrust the surprised Pokémon backwards, tumbling into the sand with spluttering squeal as he let out a triumphant bark, which echoed down the beach.Before attention of the remaining two Pokémon, turned on him.

Jinxsey glowered bitterly at the remaining two, but a gulp tugged at his throat as he eyed the two left. He was perhaps not prepared for two on one fight he admitted to himself but he was in too deep to back out now.

Up and down the beach, the happy shouts and murmur of chatter ceased as the commotion of battle took flight. Everyone’s eyes transfixed on the scene with the up most attention, that it almost made Willow blush and shy away.

gimmepie December 17th, 2012 7:07 AM

Gau had begun to follow his new found friend towards the town when he saw her and her pokemon get hit by jets of water turning quickly to see three clamperl revelling in the mayhem they were causing. A jet came towards Gau which he sidestepped but he couldn’t avoid the next one which knocked him to the ground next to Willow. Teddiursa on the other hand, had become animated at the launch of the jet jumping from Gau’s pack to ground as her trainer crashed to the ground.
“Teddiursa!” the pokemon shouted, angry at the sudden attack.
Willow had risen quicker than Gau and had her Eevee attack the trio of shelled pokemon but the furry pokemon was being overwhelmed by its foes. Gau got up next to Willow and observed the situation. The three water-types didn’t appear to be particularly strong and were very slow moving pokemon. He knew that the two of them, could use this to their advantage in some way...
“They’re slower than our pokemon and can’t manoeuvre as well but have better defence” he said so Willow could hear “we should concentrate our attacks on one of the end one’s and use it as a living shield so it will take hits from the other clamperl also” Gau suggested calmly to Willow and to Teddiursa.
Gau felt out of place telling others what to do and was curious as to how both his pokemon and the trainer besides him would react, but that moment was not the time for self-doubt nor was it time to be recording his observations, he could do that after the battle. He gathered his will power for the battle and prepared for his first battle as a trainer.
“Teddiursa, run past the two closest to us and attack the third Clamperl from the far side with scratch” commanded Gau, showing little of the elation he actually felt
“Teddi!” the pokemon replied as it darted across to the water pokemon that was focused intently on Jinxey. Teddiursa slashed at the exposed, pearl-like body of the clamperl with silvery claws before it could hit her with an attack. She was composed but Gau could tell she was enjoying their firt battle together, even if it involved another trainer. Teddiursa hit the clam pokemon and then ducked down using its body to hield herself from a water gun attack that came from behind her target. Gau watched this with intense interest before glancing at Willow from the corner of his eye, he was curious to see if the more rash trainer would follow his lead or take her own path, and hoped she would follow his advice. He was after all, native to Sandgem and had a very good knowledge of the pokemon in the area.

Rune Alchemist December 17th, 2012 2:02 PM

Julyanne watched the scene before her with a mix of bemusement and amusement. Perched on a rock, out of the way of the waves and any mischievous Pokemon, she actually saw what transpired to lead to this predicament.

Three Pokemon, the kind she often sees despite being from another region, blasted two unfortunate trainers with water. And unfortunate they are, in Julyanne's opinion.

The girl looked like she was dragged into the forest as punishment for putting gum into a spoiled princess's (and her) hair with nothing but a knife and a single empty Pokeball. Her quite messy hair looks more wild with her outfit, very different from the girls she met so far.

The guy with her... well, put together, they look like they're from the opposite end of the spectrum. Compared to the girl who really stands out and her exuberant personality, this guy looks so dull. His color scheme doesn't help in that regard. Is his hair a natural color?

She is broken out of her musing when her sister tugged her sleeve to point at the battle. She must be mesmerized by the Clamperl. She, however, focused on the peculiar boy and ragged girl.

Both are trainers, she observed. She didn't see from this far-away, but they both have brown Pokemon with them. Wait, those two are from the lab earlier! They're already getting into trouble this early in their journey? Feeling a headache forming, she turned back to the ocean and clutched the Egg-in-a-glass closer to herself, rubbing her forehead lest it crease.

Julyanne suddenly felt shifting around her, forcing her to look at the disturbance. She was alarmed however when she noticed that her sister is off the rock and neared the battle to take a closer look. She would have chased after her, but she stopped in the perimeter the crowd is giving the combatants.

Biting her lower lip, she adjusted her cap and kept an eye out for her sister and the battle, her legs folded neatly with the ankles crossing, and her arms on her lap, the egg on the flat rock beside her.

Lokiepie December 17th, 2012 2:54 PM

Willow nodded as Gau instructed her. Sure she could be hard headed at times but she recognised skill when it was there and at this moment in time there was no point ignoring it. With her Pokémon outnumbered greatly, she had to use what she could to her advantage.

“Jinx! Back around for sand attack, make this one count bubby!” she ordered smiling, as the small fox jumped to meet her commands, with an eager grin.
The small, damp Eevee sprang forwards. Delicately weaving across the sand while narrowly dodging random sprays of icy water, before once again coming into range of the clamperl he had attacked earlier. The poor Pokemon already subjected to attacks from Teddiursa and Jinx was now being peppered by clumsy attacks from its fellows too.

But there was no mercy to be had at this point. His fur was wet and that meant war. Digging his paws deep into the sand, Jinxsey skidded to a shuddering halt, the end result being a tidal wave of golden sand flying up into the air and fly towards clamperl’s open and bare face. Following this without a second thought, Jinxsey then leap forward, sliding across the sand on his belly, as fresh streams of water whizzed over his head. Debris from these jets splattering his coat lightly. Jinxsey didn’t bother to look up at where these jets hit, when an annoyed gurgle bubbled up into the air like crackling oil, answering his question.

This hiss was the result of what followed. The clamperl, already annoyed from the being pushed backwards by the annoying fur ball of doom, had then when recovering itself to it’s rightful position been the victim of the vicious claws of Teddiursa, as they slashed its naked, exposed insides leaving uncomfortable gashes, red raw across its face. It was then that the Fur Ball came back, this time spitting sand into the already tender scratches and infecting it’s eyes with the golden grains, blurring it’s visions.

Here was when it realised with painful realisation that it’s joke had gone very wrong with them being at the butt of the jest. As if adding insult to injury, it was then as this thought pasted it’s mind, that fellows clenched it when a fresh blast of freezing cold water.

Hissing, the clamperl glowered from between the slits in his shell as it closed around him, keeping him safe before he retreated. Abandoning his fellows to finish what they had started together, without so much as a look back.
Willow almost screamed with joy, as the first clamperl retreated from battle.
“one down, two to go!” she laughed, spinning on the spot with joy, while Jinx celebrated in his own way, shuffling happily in the spot before another jet reminded him that, his body shield had now retreated from the field, leaving him open to attacks. Letting out a panicked yelp, he was hit, face first with water gun. The sheer force was enough to knock him for two, as his legs buckled and he hit the floor.

At this yelp Willow was drop back to focus with an equally horrified squeal, jumping back to her fixed position her mind wheeling on how to help her friend. When the stream broke, however, her heart skipped a beat as she watched Jinxsey pulled himself back up from the floor, and puff out his chest, he had fight in him still.

At this, without letting him become once again an easy target, she instructed Jinx to do the same as before only this time to the second clamperl along, sand-attack peppering Clamperl’s face with granular substance, causing it to burble in disgust, before Jinx hit the floor once again being peppered by water splash backs, not allowing for a repeat of last time.

From the side lines the battle was going well, the small fox pokemon following the lead of the Teddiursa with nimble twists and turns. But from inside the arena things were looking slightly different.

Jinxsey’s paws were becoming sore from the sand rubbing against the soft pads of his paw, while his should ached from the tackle he had performed before. Sure it had been effective, enough to buy them some dodging time, but that shell was hard! It had been like bulldozing against an unmoveable wall! But rest was for afterwards and with Willow’s happy shouts, Jinxsey pushed on, Panting in short, hurried breaths after his rather harsh hit. Just a little while longer and Teddiursa and him would have the remaining clamperl running for covering at least he hoped anyway.

gimmepie December 17th, 2012 4:55 PM

"Teddi!" the little pokemon yelled a it used the now retreating (albeit slowly) Clamperl as a springboard and aiming its scratch attack at the next of the annoying clamper. Gau, whilst till focused on the battle, noticed that someone was watching from further off than everyone else, trying to be inconspicuous, which was of course, conspicuous. He was shaken from his thought by the view of a little brown furball of doom ramming, very hard into the clamperl pushing it back into the one behind it.

In the confusion of that moment, Gau saw an opportunity to take out the next one, and despite his insecurities about giving command he was not going to miss it.
"Teddiursa!" the bear pokemon looked at him briefly before returning its eyes to the battle "Covet, straight into the shell!" Teddiursa paw took on a pink, vaguely heart-shaped glow as it trusted it into the clamperls shell, withdrawing a small pearl. Teddiursa was taken by surprise, clearly not expecting to actually find something in the shell. She rolled the shiny orb to Gau and turned to face the pokemon she had just robbed, it was in bad shape having taken a STAB Covet and Scratches from Teddiursa and numerous attacks from Jinxey.

"Scratch it again!" Teddiursa lunged for the clamperl colliding with the weak, pink body inside the shell... as the shell closed. Teddiursa was now inadvertently rooming with the Clamperl... which was still being hammered by attacks from Jinxey.
"Well that's interesting" said Gau, fighting the urge to reach into his pack for a notepad and a pen.
What a peculiar situation... I have never seen nor heard of this happening before. Gau figured he may as well use the situation to his advantage, the clamperl was, you could tell from the water that rhythmically flowed out form the middle of the closed shell. Since Teddiursa couldn't escape it was going to hit it over and over again. But it couldn't escape either.
"Hit it till it lets you out!" called Gau, the aggressive tactic garnering him a surprised look from Willow, who seemed to have finally come back down to Earth long enough to notice Teddiursa's new house.

"Teddi! Teddi Teddi" was heard, muffled by the shell but the irritation in the tone was certainly clear. After a few more attacks the shell opened and Teddiursa tumbled out revealing the, now fainted, clamperl. Teddiursa stood up ready to take on the last of the trio. Gau looked at Willow, he'd let her take the lead this time, he was very interested to see what she would do.

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