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Pikachu December 17th, 2012 3:06 AM

Monster Art Online (OOC)

OOC THREAD (-o-) IC FOUND HERE currently there are0 spots open

A new pokémon game has been released, where players can reach every region and battle against each other in a virtual reality MMORPG called Monster Art Online. Using a helmet called the NerveGear, players lose control over their real bodies and trick their brains to believe that they have another body inside the game. 10 000 players managed to get a copy on the release date. However, shortly after they entered the game, it was discovered that it was impossible to log out. The creator of the game appeared as a giant Deoxys in the sky above each region and declared that they had to finish the game in order to return to the real world. To finish, they had to beat all the gym leaders and become the Champion of their region. They couldn't reach other regions. But there was a catch... If they whited out in the game, the NerveGear would kill them in the real world. As families and authorities realized this and the bodies of the players were moved to hospitals, the players inside the game had to decide what to do. Play it safe and hope for rescue... or take a chance?

About The Game

Out of 10 000 players, about 1700 chose to start in Johto. That's the region where you started as well. Many players panicked and stayed in New Bark or Cherrygrove without daring to venture further. Others started to fight onwards, either solo or in groups, to make the journey across Johto, beat all the gym leaders and eventually reach the pokémon League. The game designers meant for it to take several months to beat though...

Since it is a game, pokémon have levels and a limit to number of moves they can learn. You can keep track of levels on your own, or you can choose to just have them in the background. The limit for moves is 6. Pokémon also have set natures and abilities, but otherwise they seem really alive and real, just as everything else in the game. When they get hurt, their wounds appear to leak red "data" rather than blood. The same goes for when you get hurt. They evolve by the same mechanisms as in the old games, except that trading is not necessary.

Cities retain their old landmarks and key buildings and people, but they are bigger, more like real cities and villages. NPCs seem alive and real enough, even though vendors and nurses at pokémon Centers can appear a bit repetitive. Quest givers are generally well programmed though and won't repeat the exact same words to different players. Time inside the game passes at the same speed as in the real world, with day and night passing by realistically. Players communicate in English.

You can pull up the menu with a thought or voice command. From there, you can reach your pokémon party, your bag, your friends list and some other things. Except the log out button, which is simply missing. You can send messages and items to other players if you are friends with them. To trade pokémon you will need to be at a pokémon Center, though.

When The Roleplay Starts

One week has passed. Most players are still lingering in New Bark or Cherrygrove, but some have reached Violet City and are about to challenge Falkner. Some have already whited out; the number of players in Johto has gone down to 1674. You are in either of these cities or out in route 29, 30 or 31. It's a free game with lots of possibilities, but the main goal is clear. No one really knows if there is a time limit to how long their bodies can survive in the real world...


(-o-) Obey the regular PC and RP Corner rules.
(-o-) Rating is T, since there is no gore in MAO and since descriptions of violence and romance should be kept on a decently tasteful level.
(-o-) Bunnying is only allowed when agreed upon beforehand between players.
(-o-) Do not godmod. It's no fun if a player is completely unbeatable or evolves all their pokémon early on.
(-o-) You can capture pokémon without the need for the GM's approval. Exceptions might arise, but you'll notice them.
(-o-) When you want to enter a new area, wait for the GM to describe it first.
(-o-) At first you will only have one main character. Later on you might be allowed to make a second one. At all times, you are allowed to make up either in-game NPCs or other in-game players though!
(-o-) If you didn't read the info under "About the game", go back and do it, lazy.

Sign-Up Sheet

Real Name:
Real Age:
Real Gender:
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
Avatar Gender:
Avatar Appearance: (you can provide images, but please describe in text as well)
Starter Pokémon: (just about any non-evolved, non-legendary pokémon. Only use moves they would naturally learn by leveling up. They do not have to be learned in order though!)

Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)

Accepted Players

Fuyu December 17th, 2012 4:58 AM

Real Name

Angel Viola

Real Age




Real Gender



Angel is meek, his temperament more suited to following orders rather than giving them. He works very hard, unconsciously understanding that he is unlikely to get any praise for his efforts. He just doesn't know how to not do work. He takes great joy in small pleasures like a little money or a plastic top. Large toys and gifts, basically anything that could be a big deal, is rather frightening to him. It's like promises. They are the scariest thing in the world. Angel has never been to a big fancy party and sometimes hides from crowds. It is simply too many noises for him to process at one time. Even working in the diner, he has to put his full concentration in it or no good food will flow from the kitchen.

He smiles rather easily, this young lad, so much so that he doesn't realize he's doing it a lot of the time. He spends most of his time content and happy for reasons people can only guess. Even though he can't see people's smiles, Angel can certainly appreciate the happiness that radiates from a person after a well-cooked meal or good event. In truth he's easy to emotion itself, except for anger, which mostly portrays itself as frustration and childish fury. These fits can sometimes last for hours, hence why people are more prone to making him smile. That sort of thing would actually seem like they are spoiling him, but in truth it is because they want to use him.

Angel is a pushover. He has never properly stood up to somebody in his life. The most he has honestly done in the name of defiance is change the fruit fillings in a pie. He is actually too simple-minded to do so properly. Complicated issues like deep friendships, mathematics, or peer pressure have never been his strong suit, so he naively takes a lot of things as they appear. When he is told that is a dangerous idea, in return he thinks slowly on that subject. He is never a fast thinker and a very quiet speaker. His words are typically small answers that leave much to be desired yet he probably doesn't know how to say what's missing. Like with this game. He's never even played a video game before, nor has he ever been able to see before. Believe you me, he's quite confused. And frightened. He wishes he could go back to what he knows, which is cooking, Braille, and his best friend Benjy. Oh and his Shetland pony Apple. At least they make sense.

Also, he is very afraid of dogs. They are too noisy and clingy and mess up his concentration. He will likely become as frozen as a Buneary around any dog Pokemon, even if they are friendly.


Angel has lived a remarkably unremarkable life until recently. He was born in a suburban area of Chicago, a place that was well-to-do enough that some people raised chickens in their backyards. Yes Chickens. I'll have you know it's perfectly legal to raise at least two. His mother was (well technically is) a businesswoman, sharp and quick to get things done. She is typically known in two modes: motherly and commanding officer. Papa typically bows to this mode many a time. He himself is a cook at a small but popular diner, being a rather laidback, easily satisfied sort of fellow. Angel was born to these parents almost completely normally. Well, of course, he was also born blind but that is something else, something that actually made the couple rather nervous about having any future children. They were not particularly poor but nor were they rich. There was going to be quite a bit to pay for. So they decided silently to avoid the possibility but not complain if it came up.

If this ever bothered the young lad, Angel never made a whisper of complaint. Instead he took to trying to chase the cat. Cats are very quiet but that was exactly why as a young toddler, he tried to chase after it. It made no noise like his toys so therefore it must be very, very interesting. The cat led him all sorts of places, including into the backyard of someone with chickens. This person was Benjamin Stone, soon to be known as Benjy. Young seven-year-old Benjy's greeting was the worst start to a friendship.

"Can't ya see the sign," the little boy growled grumpily turning away. "No trespassers allowed!"

Angel had only smiled and answered. "Can't see you. Where's my cat?"

The conversation went on like this for quite a while. Benjy was quite an intelligent boy, however, he was puzzled by something: how happy and oddly unconcerned by the situation the boy was. Deciding it would take further study, the young genius decided to befriend the oddity known as Angel. Not really getting this, Angel accepted. It was never precisely a friendship but neither of them was able to hate the other.

Around the age of seven, Ange was tutored at home. He had learned the basics of Braille yet he had very few books to read. Honestly, he could have been sent to public school but his parents wanted to keep an eye on their rather simple minded son. So with that, his father exposed him to the world slowly, letting him help at the diner, teaching him to cook, and letting this boy learn in a silent focused environment. To Benjy, a boy who went to public school, this seemed like a dream come true. Sometimes he would skip over and listen in, inwardly sighing at Angel's inability to grasp math but incredible ability at the sciences. He would frequently tutor him, while in exchange make Angel cook what little he was allowed to make. This was mildly dangerous, as Angel once had mistaken a type of knife and cut his hand open from not being able to hold it properly. Thankfully he survived, leaving his father to end up keeping an eye on him from that point forward in the kitchen.

Benjy, being a smart boy who for some reason despised sitting still, often dragged Angel out of the house. Therefore, they got the boy an assisting animal: a Shetland pony who he called Apple. Originally, she would have been a dog, but Angel had bad experiences with dogs in his neighborhood too many times. Apple would frequently carry him out of the trouble that Benjy got him in. While his friend was genuinely trying to have fun and take him fun places, Benjy's other friends were not so well-intentioned. They frequently blamed misdeeds on the blind boy or made him commit pranks he didn't understand were wrong. Around a year ago, Angel stopped going with them, unhappy with his mother yelling at him for actions he may or may not have committed. It caused a large fight with Benjy, ending with the pair of them not speaking.

When MAO came out, Angel had no idea, having buried himself in helping at the diner. Benjy, feeling rather guilty for the fight, created a character and bought the game for Angel to play, leaving one small thing changed: his gender. When the game started, it was delivered to Angel's home. Curious, the boy played it, only to end up very confused and shaken. After all, for the first time in his life, he could see.

Avatar Name

Ange Lumis

Avatar Age


Avatar Gender


Avatar Appearance

Ange's build is smaller than it ought to be, as though her growth period had been ended early. It is very similar to how Angel looks in real life. She is lean, physically capable, but tends to be more agile... if dodging was her first idea of movement. THe avatar's are particularly small but powerful, used for gripping cooking utensilsHer hair is relatively short and wavy, a burnt orange color that mostly spends its time covering her ears. Ange has aqua eyes, something she had never known until recently. The idea of color until now was foreign and for the most part, misunderstood. Benjy had done very well in creating her avatar before, it seemed, accurate down to the sizes of a girl at this age. They are average, almost unremarkable, rather like his best friend would be. Even the scars from where Angel had accidentally slipped with the knife and nearly cut his hand open three years back is a vivid pink on slightly golden skin. She has small dimples in her cheeks and lips easy for smiling.

However good Benjy is at designing, he didn't count on one thing: her outfit is not suited for journeying kthx bai. No really, it's not. He almost forgot to put shoes in. The outfit looks like pajamas. It pretty much is a pair of baby blue pajamas. The sleeves for all of it go down to her wrists and they are thick and fluffy. She is pajama trainer. On her back is a very out of place olive-green rucksack with its many pockets and typical pokeball on the front in a shade of forest green. What is in the bag? Not much, considering she just started playing. She thinks there might be a compass. Maybe. She's never used one before so no one thinks so. What shoes did Benjy throw on her at the last minute you may ask? Moccasins. Yes, grey ones. They will definitely not last long. Let's hope she can find a clothing store.

Starter Pokémon
  • Gender: Male
  • Nickname: Sia
  • Ability: Regenerator
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Level: 10
  • Moves: Psywave, Reflect, Rollout, Screech
Roleplay Sample

From The Children Are Hunted

Zoran Nishant

"Someone's following us."


These words were bantered back and forth over and over, both from very light, airy voices. One was Zoran, who was well, a girl, and the other was a Buneary. Edmund didn't get this, not at all. If he was being followed, then the first thing he would do was get out of dodge. This was possibly a stupid fallacy of humans... or an insanity issue of the girl herself. Who knew? Maybe it was even both. She was practically skipping down the path, unconcerned with who or what or why. The girl was even humming, for god's sake.

"Aren't... you gonna run?" Beside them, the odd Shinx yipped, agreeing with him. Well that was one creature with sense.

Zoran shook her head cheerfully, hair dancing over and out of her face. "It would be kind of... pointless. And less fun! He can teleport, you know." The words were emphasized with a nod. "Besides," A leering sort of smile twisted the left side of her mouth. "I'm sure I can't give him what he wants." As she spoke, a place in the air almost warped, twisting a strange, distant shade of magenta. There it formed a goat-like creature, yellow fur thick over its limbs. In both hands it clutched a spoon.

"I would beg to differ lass," it intoned, the Alakazam's expression did not change, but a voice resounded kindly in their minds. It was creepy, at least to Edmund, creepier than those meat lockers humans had for Miltank. "You know as well as I do where she is. After all, aren't you headed that way?"

Zora giggled, turning to look at the levitating Pokemon, her honey eyes flickering in the sunlight. "Who?"

No response was first, but a pink wave rippled from a spoon, knocking the Shinx and Edmund over. "I wouldn't test me if I were you. You know how impatient I am with games."

The girl only smiled. "What will you do if I don't tell? Taking it from my brain would be just ru~de!" It almost chortled and then made a slicing motion with one clawlike hand. A pink blade hovered in midair, waiting patiently. The teenager giggled again. "Scary!"

"Shouldn't it be? If you don't tell me lass, this might be the nicest thing done to her." It leveled its gaze at the slowly rising Pokemon. "You're aware of that."

Zoran stood there and thought, patient, churning thoughts. If she told it would end. It would be soon, too soon. But if she died... well, then it would be a boring ending. Nothing was worse than boredom. Nothing was worse than the screams of dead and boredom. She shifted back on the balls of her feet, closing her eyes and humming gently a nursery rhyme so old nobody probably remembered its existence. As she did, memories rose in her mind, half-formed images of crimson eyes and and wings like spider legs.

A partnership... a beautiful word is it not? How about you amuse me for a while... and I'll extend the game? Would that be fun? It gets so droll here after all...

"Hmm...." Zoran murmured, licking her lips. Closing her eyes, the girl tilted her head downward. "I still dunno what you're talking about!" She placed her hands behind her back, as if the gesture would prove her innocence on the matter.

Alakazam sighed. "If you insist then." He made another slashing motion and the pink blade moved, tearing her shirt open and cutting into her chest. Without a sound, Zoran fell backwards, Edmund jumping in the way of her cracking her head open. Sparx yowled and leaped, fangs glowing pale blue, only to be thrown into a nearby tree with a wave of the other paw. Edmund scrambled out from other the girl's head, trying to see Zoran's eyes. Was she dead? No... no wait... there was that pulse. Okay, not as bad now.

Buneary looked up at the Alakazam, who levitated over to the limp girl. He tensed his small body. There was no way he could last long against a freaking fully evolved baddie like this guy. Nor could he evolve out of bloody nowhere. That was just not fair. He had to actually have a happy live to even come close to matching this bastard and that just wasn't happening. Edmund figured he was better off leaving the crazy chick and bolting into the underbrush.

"I would stay where you are," the Psychic type advised, looking him up and down. A smirk curled its lips. He lowered his height in the air, reaching out toward the girl's prone head...

Only for a purple and black ball to knock it away. No, more than knock it away. The limb twisted backward, snapping like a toothpick.

Edmund growled softly, both ears curled close to his head. "I ain't a fan o' humans," he grumbled. "But I'm likin' you even less. BEAT IT!" He charged, white light circling his tiny body as he leaped, kicking the Pokemon in the face. "You hear me you old fart! GET OUTTA HERE!" He bounced, kicking repeated into the face of his enemy. Nothing quite like the move Frustration.

Alakazam floated away, shaking his head. That had actually hurt... As the Buneary landed back on the ground, he weighed his options. He could get rid of the creature... and risk bringing some fool down on him. No, it was best to wait. It wasn't like the child wasn't easy to find or some other such nonsense. A smile alighted on his face. Actually, maybe it was best just to wait, time it just right.

A low chuckle touched his lips and the Pokemon vanished, leaving Edmund to uncurl his ears with an unconscious girl on the road.

"Well now what," he grumbled.

Pokemon Team

Sia- (Male Solosis)- Level 10 Screech, Rollout, Psywave, Reflect

Kii- (Female Caterpie)- Level 5 Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite (can't use very well)

Skymin December 17th, 2012 5:01 AM

Sophie O'Brien
Twenty-Two & Female

PERSONALiTY: Sophie is seen as a little bit of a loner to those who are acquainted with her, though that's not really true at all. Not entirely. Sure, she enjoys company and sure, social gatherings are a lot of fun but Sophie is a listener. She likes to be a part of a group conversation but not the one that drives it. If she's with her friends, she'll be either reading a book or playing a video game of somesort, but always listening. In fact, her friends have pulled her up a few times about it but are a little flabbergasted to realise that she can recall everything they've said perfectly. The only time she doesn't listen is when she's staring off into space, though it's not hard to snap her out of that. When she does talk, Sophie is always polite, using 'sir' and 'miss' whenever possible to her elders. She would never swear or say something inappropriate.

Sophie is one to just go with the flow, following what her friends do. As long as it isn't completely ridiculous or out of the blue, Sophie will probably do what you ask her to without any questions. She's a little bit of a people pleaser, doing whatever she can to fuel other's happiness regardless of her own. She's got quite a strong sense of what she thinks is right and wrong so she's willing to tell you if she thinks you're doing something not particularly nice.

As one who's practically been raised by video games, Sophie has a lot to do with them in her life. Whenever she has a spare minute, she's thrashing the buttons on her portable console to try and beat the next boss or finish the next level. She's also a bit of an artist and likes to draw video games as much as possible. In fact, if you look through her sketch book, she has various storylines sketched out and different characters littered between the pages.

HiSTORY: Sophie was born in the land down under (specifically, in Australia) in the city of Brisbane. When she came into the world, she was gifted with a overbearing, stay-at-home mother, a white collar father who didn't spend a great deal of time at home (and when he was, he was sleeping) and a kind older by five years brother to keep her company. Her family was well off, not in a great deal of debt but yet her father insisted on working all the time. This put an incredible amount of stress on her mother though Sophie knew nothing of it until she hit her teens.

By the time she hit primary school, her mother became pregnant (later, Sophie would wonder when they would have made time for those kinds of things) and family issues had started to arise. To keep her oblivious from the obvious fights, her father bought her a DS and a Pokémon game and shuffled her off to her room so that she would be so distracted that she couldn't hear the screams between her parents. Surprisingly, it worked perfectly.

Six months later, she was brought home early from school from her heavily pregnant and hysterical mother. The news was told to her very slowly; her father had died in an accident. His car was found with him dead inside it, smouldering next to a large tree. Both Sophie and her brother understood the situation completely and continued on with their lives, just with less money. It didn't feel much different than before anyway. Just less fighting, more crying.

Sophie continued with school, a little depressive for a six year old at first, but it didn't take very long at all for her to go on as if nothing had happened. Her younger brother was born without a father and though her mother tried to fill that void with uncles or boyfriends, there was no use for it anyway. Soon, primary school was over and Sophie started high school. She graduated with high marks, with much of a surprise to her and her mother; Sophie barely remembered studying between playing video games and messing around on the Internet.

When it came to tertiary studies, Sophie had no idea where to go. She had so much expected of her thanks to her unexpected high grades and honestly, hated it. When relatives said "doctor!" or "lawyer!" she said "no way!". She was more of a creative person anyway and when she was accepted into a university doing a bachelor of "fine arts", everyone was a little bit baffled. She also took university as her chance to leave her childhood home and all the bad memories with it. The only thing she took with her, other than clothes and living essentials, was the DS and Pokémon game her father originally gave her.

Now, she lives with her two roommates in a townhouse somewhere near a train station, but still in Brisbane, trying to figure out what to do with her life. When MAO was first announced, as a long time Pokémon fan, Sophie pre-ordered the game as soon as she could and was first at the doors on release morning. She got home as fast as she could, skipped university classes and immersed herself into her computer to get the 'full game experience'. At first, Sophie was going to create a character based entirely off her but changed her mind halfway. She, in real life, would always be a girl, so why not try to be a boy in a 'virtual' reality? Zubat was her starter Pokémon, but only because there were too many to choose from and she let a randomiser do it for her.

So far in game, Sophie hasn't done a whole lot. Trying to get a feel of everything, Sophie (or Birdie, as this was the name she (and now he) had taken on) has spent a great deal of time talking to NPCs in New Bark Town since the lock down. Thinking maybe they would hold clues on how to get out of this virtual prison, but he's had no luck so far. At least he's done a little training though; at the moment, Birdie is roaming in Cherrygrove trying to carefully train her Zubat.

Eighteen & Male

AVATAR APPEARANCE: Birdie is quite cute for a guy and justly so as a girl fashioned his face. He's got a messy flop of brown hair and round, brown eyes hidden underneath his glasses. He's not tall, but neither short for a boy of his 'age' but probably a tiny bit lankier than one. He doesn't look physically strong at all, nor do his glasses look like they make him any smarter. Actually, aside from looking cute and his ridiculous name, he looks like a perfectly average eighteen year old.

Clothes wise, he's not exactly sharply dressed nor does he run around in torn clothing. He sticks to what's comfortable; t-shirts, maybe collared shirts every now and again, and a pair of pants, usually jeans or shorts depending on the weather. His shoes are just as plain, toting a pair of comfortable laced shoes. To hold stuff he carries around with him, Birdie also has a normal sized backpack with several pockets for different uses. He keeps his PokéBalls in his pockets or maybe his bag, whatever's easier. Other than that, he has no excess jewellery nor random additions of clothing, asides his glasses. He's just a normal, kinda cute guy with glasses.

ZUBAT // Todo ♂ // LV~14
ABiLiTY: Inner Focus // NATURE: Careful // MET AT: Starter Pokémon
MOVESET: Leech Life, Bite, Supersonic
CAUGHT: Starter Pokémon
HOOTHOOT // Kimi ♀ // LV~9
ABiLiTY: Inner Focus // NATURE: Mild // MET AT: Route 30
MOVESET: Growl, Tackle, Hypnosis, Foresight

The city of Zaphias itself was an entirely new experience for Ericka Kenway. Having been born and raised in a seaside town, everything here was a new sight, a new smell and a new sound. It was as if she had fell through a black hole and this was a completely different universe to the one she knew. Even the people were different; rather than the friendly, small-town of greeting everyone who passed you, people seemed to act stand-offish and avoid you totally. Ericka didn't mind too much, though. She was far too busy taking in the sights than to do her usual thing.

A map helped her find her way to a place known as "Vayne's Labratory", though Ericka took several detours, briefly stopping in some shops along the way. Everything seemed a little expensive, but far cooler looking than the clothes she was used to. What Ericka adored more was the cute Pokémon that helped the shop keepers. She couldn't name them all, but they all looked so friendly and amazing. She couldn't wait until she had her own.

"Can I help you with anything, miss?" the shopkeepers would say when Ericka found herself staring too long.

"No, thank-you. I'm just looking. But thank-you!" she looked a little disappointingly down at the sack of coins her mother had given to her before she left. For her, it was a good lot. Maybe a month's worth of pocket money, maybe a little more?! But here, it was probably small change.

Thankfully though, nobody had offered her a lift home or asked where her parents were. Were people less judgemental in this city or did they just not care?

"Hello! You look a little out of place, little miss," a man standing by a market beckoned Ericka over as she strode through the streets. She walked over to him, map outstretched, pouting slightly. "Do you need any help?"

"Actually, yes," she turned the map around so the man could see it. "I'm looking for... Vaan's labratory? That one," she pointed at the red circle around a point on the map.

"You definitely are not from around here, I can see that!" the man chuckled, pushing the map back to Ericka. "You were heading in the right direction. See, up there? That building? That's Vayne's labratory. Just walk up the street and turn right, alright?"

"Thank you very much, sir! I'm Ericka!" she reached out to shake the man's hand, which he accepted.

"Vincent," he said through another chuckle. "Are you staying in the city long?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure I'll see you again, Vinny! Thanks again!" and with a wave, she was off again.

She followed the directions perfectly; up the street and to the right. Indeed, what she recognised from pictures was the lab. It was... she couldn't contain her excitement any more, and rushed up the stairs to give the front door a big knock. She stood still for half a minute then stepped back. Maybe Vayne wasn't home? She turned around to find a place to wait, her eyes meeting with another boy around her age. Without hesitation, she strode over to him, waving to catch his attention.

"Hi!" she said when waving wasn't enough. "Do you know where Professor Vayne is?"

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 5:04 AM

I haven't posted a RP for months now so shush xD

You are both reserved.

Rose Quartz December 17th, 2012 5:05 AM

Please reserve me a spot ^^ this looks really fun :3

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 5:07 AM

Gladly! You are reserved as well. I guess there's no rush with finishing the SUs. The RP won't start until Thursday at the verrrrry earliest but it's more likely that I'll wait until Saturday.

Claire* December 17th, 2012 5:12 AM

Uhm... Can I reserve a spot? :)

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 5:14 AM

@ Claire, no. Everyone but you can.

*reserves a nice spot for Claire*

curiousnathan December 17th, 2012 5:20 AM

This looks absoloutely amazing! I would definitely enter, but I'm already really busy with other roleplays. Nice work RHCP, your roleplays are always outstanding.

Squirrel December 17th, 2012 5:43 AM

This looks like a really interesting RP, I'd like to reserve a spot please if possible! :)

Real Name: William Clark
Real Age: 16
Real Gender: Male
Personality: On first glance many describe him as somewhat arrogant and abrasive, but those that know him are well aware of Will's kind-hearted nature and ability to inspire others. Having never been good at making friends, Will's natural reaction to new faces is to be as intimidating as possible until they prove their worth as otherwise they'd likely just disappoint him; those that are close to him however know all about this front and have learnt to ignore the rude comments often sent their way. Will is a naturally shy boy who'll do his best to stay away from others, historically leading him into a plethora of awkward situations when he's left alone to deal with huge tasks, but he'd never be brave enough to ask for help since to him that'd just be showing his weakness. His parents try to make him socialise with the neighbourhood kids by offering treats and rewards but this effort is wasted as if anything it only makes him want to stay away from others even more. He doesn't hate his parents by any means, but he has a natural affinity to doing the opposite of what they say, most recently being showcased by their pleas for him not to try on the NerveGear due to the nature of it taking over your brain and re-wiring all of your nerve connections; if only he'd learnt to listen to them. He was in too much of a rush to pay attention to their warnings since waiting around was never Will's style - he always felt it made life far too boring. Since entering MAO, Will has stayed clear of other players where possible and has done his best to keep up a good pace of training whilst growing a surprisingly strong bond with his parter Pokémon, but on the inside he knows that none of this is real and has been doubting the promise of death upon whiting out in-game; he's certainly not willing to risk finding out though. Having always been a bit of a nerd with his love of video games and anime, Will decided upon the name of 'Tamaki' for his avatar, named after his favourite anime character.
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name: Tamaki
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: Male
Avatar Appearance:
With long dirty blonde hair forming pointed bundles on all sides of his head accompanied by dark green eyes and sleek steel-wire framed glasses resting on his slender nose, Tamaki is Will's best attempt at creating what others would consider a 'handsome' avatar. His medium height and thin build certainly don't make Tamaki appear as a very formidable opponent, especially not when the stakes as high as survival, but the intimidating looks of anger that fill his face on a regular basis more than make up for this. His typical attire consists of a white shirt covered by a black suit jacket and matching black tie with accompanying tight smart black trousers; however it's rare to see him with his top button done up and tie fastened correctly as despite his attempt at choosing smart looking clothes he had always hated looking so formal. He keeps a pointed tooth shaped necklace around his neck as a reminder of his shark-tooth duplicate in reality serving as a constant reminder of his best friend Lizzie who presented it to him a few days before trying on the NerveGear.

Starter Pokémon:
Roleplay Sample: From Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition.


Rapp - Floor 8 Town Center

“Oh and it must be one handed and light! If you could do all that I would really appreciate it!" echoed Dante as he finished his request.

"Ahh, now you're talking! Finally a challenge worthy of my forging prowess. It'll take a little while to find the materials for crafting a sword of that strength so you may want to come back in a couple of hours; I'll message you when it's done." Without waiting for a reply, Rapp hurried back into his storeroom as he began contemplating what materials to use and exactly how to craft them. His adventures so far in the world of Aincrad had led him to build up vast quantities of materials so he had no doubt that he'd have what he needed - it was just a case of working out exactly what that would be.

Rapp cascaded around the room ransacking every cupboard and draw that he came across to find the perfect materials to use. "Let's see, I'll use the Veral Ore that I just obtained as a sturdy lightweight base, gleam it with a Frost Gem extract for extra swift responses, tip the blade with... hmm... perhaps... Oh of course, these razor sharp Polished Spiral Shell Shards will do the trick for a devastatingly sharp Sword Skill bonus! And a handle crafted from the ancient Polway tree in Floor 7's meadows should add a lot of strength to each blow, bound with the cured hide of the rare aquatic monsters of Floor 6's lakes to add some extra durability... Oh but that might be too heavy, perhaps a Cow Hide binding instead...? But then the strength is lost... Ahh I know, a Snakeskin binding studded with Topaz Gems should be perfect!" He stood still for a second whilst contemplating his findings. "Right, that's everything, time to get to work!"

Rapp gathered the materials on his workbench and started hammering at each piece to craft the perfect array of parts for his new masterpiece. However when he reached the Veral Ore core, a problem arose. A message appeared before his eyes: "Insufficient level of forgery to craft.". Crap, what am I going to do now? I promised him this blade... I only need a tiny amount of experience till I'm able to craft that but that'd take to long... He paced back and forth contemplating how to explain himself to Dante before noticing the Alchemy handbook placed open on his desk from his earlier revelation. "Oh of course, I'll just make a Potion of Forgery to boost my skill for a little while!"

Having found the page listing the Potion of Forgery's information, Rapp read through the potion's properties to try and work out the ingredients. "Aroma of sulfur, that should be Morrowwart..." Rapp grabbed the herb from under his desk as he winced at the smell and continued reading before gathering the ingredients. "A black-ish hue - the only herbs I know to produce a black solution would be Heralt Weed or Nodalbrim, I'll try both! And lastly... A sweet taste that stings the throat." Rapp closed his eyes as he concentrated, thinking back through everything he had learnt. "Sweet but stings, what on Aincrad could that be?" He smacked his palm against his forehead before remembering back to the first time he'd ever met his friend Rayle. She'd been complaining of a sore throat when they had first met and she was famous for her love of sweet things, but what had she been eating? Rapp suddenly realised as he shouted out loud: "Iban Due, of course!"

He combined the ingredients together one-by-one before coming up with two possible potions to try out. Without hesitating, he tried both at once and hoped that one would work. "Hmm, let's try this out!" As he began walking over to the bench, he unintentionally dashed forward straight into the opposite wall before standing back dazed and rubbing his head. "Owww, I guess I found the ingredients for a speed potion too then!" He noted down his findings before carefully walking over to his bench to begin work. Hammering away at the materials, no restriction messages appeared this time making him feel pleased with himself at having created the right potion. As he carefully applied the Studded Snakeskin Bounds, the sword starting shining brightly in the light as he raised up the blue-tinted blade and took a swing watching it slice through the air. Ahh yes, now this is good. This is very good. Too good for Dante I reckon! He grinned wildly whilst swiping at the screen in front of him excitedly typing out his message to Dante.

To: Dante
Subject: IT'S DONE!!!
It's done, it's done! Come back instantly, you have to see it! This is my best piece of work yet, it'll last you easily until the 20th floor, most likely even to floor 30 or higher! The gleaming blue blade is glossed with frost gem extract giving it a wonderful shine and it'll be as swift as you could possibly want, plus the razor-sharp tip will really do wonders on boosting your Sword Skills. Just imagine your pretty purple flower dance but three times as fast and fifty times sharper! Plus it won't weigh you down at all with the super light-weight core and the handle should be a truly comfortable fit with the rare wood that it's made from, also making it twice as forceful with each blow! Anyway you'll see for yourself, just get here now!

Rapp eagerly awaited Dante's return as he continued to stare at his beautiful creation, the Twilight Blade.

Nevermind, out of time!

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 6:05 AM


Originally Posted by Curious. (Post 7445017)
This looks absoloutely amazing! I would definitely enter, but I'm already really busy with other roleplays. Nice work RHCP, your roleplays are always outstanding.

Thanks, though you praise me far too much :p Maybe if you get more time on your hands in the future, you'll come join us~


Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake (Post 7445023)
This looks like a really interesting RP, I'd like to reserve a spot please if possible! :)

Real Name: William Clark
Real Age: 16
Real Gender: Male
Personality: On first glance many describe him as somewhat arrogant and abrasive, but those that know him are well aware of Will's kind-hearted nature and ability to inspire others. Having never been good at making friends, Will's natural reaction to new faces is to be as intimidating as possible until they prove their worth as otherwise they'd likely just disappoint him; those that are close to him however know all about this front and have learnt to ignore the rude comments often sent their way. Will is a naturally shy boy who'll do his best to stay away from others, historically leading him into a plethora of awkward situations when he's left alone to deal with huge tasks, but he'd never be brave enough to ask for help since to him that'd just be showing his weakness. His parents try to make him socialise with the neighbourhood kids by offering treats and rewards but this effort is wasted as if anything it only makes him want to stay away from others even more. He doesn't hate his parents by any means, but he has a natural affinity to doing the opposite of what they say, most recently being showcased by their pleas for him not to try on the NerveGear due to the nature of it taking over your brain and re-wiring all of your nerve connections; if only he'd learnt to listen to them. He was in too much of a rush to pay attention to their warnings since waiting around was never Will's style - he always felt it made life far too boring. Since entering MAO, Will has stayed clear of other players where possible and has done his best to keep up a good pace of training whilst growing a surprisingly strong bond with his parter Pokémon, but on the inside he knows that none of this is real and has been doubting the promise of death upon whiting out in-game; he's certainly not willing to risk finding out though.
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
Avatar Gender:
Avatar Appearance:
Starter Pokémon: (just about any non-evolved, non-legendary pokémon)

Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)

Certainly, you are reserved.

jasonwolf December 17th, 2012 7:23 AM

I'll ask for a reserve on one condition. would my character be allowed to attack other trainers out of desperation if he was losing a battle? Its my current central idea for my character.

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 7:45 AM


Originally Posted by jasonwolf (Post 7445077)
I'll ask for a reserve on one condition. would my character be allowed to attack other trainers out of desperation if he was losing a battle?

Hm. I was thinking we wouldn't be as bound by turns and rules in battles as the old games were - at least I am planning to do it more like in the anime, only with health bars I guess.

So I guess it wouldn't be impossible, as the player's human character is a realistic enough entity even in the midst of a battle. Your character would probably get a really bad reputation for doing so, though. Kind of equal to player killers in other games :p

Hey, I was thinking about having some kind of professions that the players could go about doing besides training, to make the world seem more alive. I didn't include them in the final thread, but I think maybe I'd want to implement them anyways. It would be stuff like:

Breeder (taking other people's pokémon in and watching over them until they produce an egg MAGICALLY OK no adult stuff it's a game u know. Only breeders can make pokémon produce eggs. This sounds so obscene. But it isn't)
Tutor (like a daycare on the move, training other people's pokémon for money. Tutors could teach pokémon moves they don't naturally have in their level-up moves list)
Crafter (crafting evolution items from parts, for money. They can find items out in routes, that no one else can find)
Chemist (gathering berries and plants to make potions for selling. Probably only chemists would be able to find and pick berries if this was a profession)
Angler (the only ones who can use the Super Rod and they will catch rarer pokémon with the Good Rod than others will. People can pay them to capture water types for them, or trade other pokémon for the angler's caught ones)

And you could suggest professions to me and I could include them in the RP if they sound alright.

Squirrel December 17th, 2012 7:56 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7445097)
Hey, I was thinking about having some kind of professions that the players could go about doing besides training, to make the world seem more alive. I didn't include them in the final thread, but I think maybe I'd want to implement them anyways. It would be stuff like:

Breeder (taking other people's pokémon in and watching over them until they produce an egg MAGICALLY OK no adult stuff it's a game u know. Only breeders can make pokémon produce eggs. This sounds so obscene. But it isn't)
Tutor (like a daycare on the move, training other people's pokémon for money. Tutors could teach pokémon moves they don't naturally have in their level-up moves list)
Crafter (crafting evolution items from parts, for money. They can find items out in routes, that no one else can find)
Chemist (gathering berries and plants to make potions for selling. Probably only chemists would be able to find and pick berries if this was a profession)
Angler (the only ones who can use the Super Rod and they will catch rarer pokémon with the Good Rod than others will. People can pay them to capture water types for them, or trade other pokémon for the angler's caught ones)

And you could suggest professions to me and I could include them in the RP if they sound alright.

I really like this idea, it'll make the game a fair bit more interesting especially with player interactions. Pherhaps something like a TM Manufacturer or Safari Hunter or Treasure Hunter for more jobs...? Fossil Hunter? Researcher? Berry Farmer? I'm not certain what some of them would do, but just some ideas if you wanted more paha.

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 8:15 AM

Real Name: Christina Applemoss
Real Age: 17
Real Gender: Female

Personality: Christina would call herself a nerd. She doesn't get out much and would rather stay at home watching a new anime episode or playing a game than go to a party. Luckily, her school hasn't got the worst case of "coolkids vs geeks" so she there isn't really anyone who says she can't be who she is. She even had a best friend there, whose name was Malcolm. He had ugly glasses just like her and didn't have a care in the world besides what pokémon he was going to put on his team in the new game. Just like her.

In the real world, Christina loved to laugh and be silly. She knew that she wasn't hot in any way and had accepted that guys didn't look her way. It didn't bother her anymore; maybe she was becoming mature? She isn't easily scared and doesn't get sad easily. This has led people to believe that she is remarkably shallow for being such a geek, but in truth she often ponders deeper questions in life and can get lost in thought incredibly easily. She just doesn't see the point of letting bad stuff bring you down, at least not without a struggle.

When our story starts though, Krissu's mood has changed, possibly permanently. She hardly ever laughs anymore, even though Litwick does its best to make her. Her otherwise beautiful face often wears a scorn of determination. All she can think of is to find strong pokémon and keep fighting on. To lay low would be to give up and after what happened... Krissu would never give up again.

History: Christina grew up in a small city in Scotland. Her avatar retains her nice dialect. Her father was a teacher, luckily not in Christina's school, and her mother was a painter. Christina had not always liked the paintings that her mother put up around the house, but as she grew older she was starting to appreciate them more. She could actually understand what her mother had felt when she painted some of them now. She was the only child and over the course of her life she had gained many different friends that she had brought home, but none remained her close friend for very long. It might have been that Christina was more obsessed with her interests than with being friends, or it might have been that she was just generally too intense for the other kids. Christina had told herself that it was her mother's ugly paintings, until she grew old enough to accept the fact that she had only herself to blame.

When MAO was announced, Christina was already a big pokémon fan. She made sure to get a copy and spent a long time designing her avatar. It looked a lot like a person from one of her animes, but she figured other people would also be inspired by already existing characters when making their profiles, so she thought it would be ok. Normally when she played pokémon, she liked to have diverse and exotic teams, preferably with a lot of offensive power. But now she thought she should try to be a softer trainer and picked the cute Litwick to start off with.

Malcolm acquired the game too, and they met up inside the game as planned. Together, they explored the first route and Christina was really happy. This world was immense. It was so real. Here, she and Malcolm could be the good looking prince and princess that they deserved to be! When the lockdown happened, Christina was afraid at first, but Malcolm calmed her down and said that they'd better take it easy and see how other players fared before they did anything rash. And so they stayed in Cherrygrove for the first days, together with many others. A random NPC kid asked Christina for a battle but she refused apologetically, saying that she'd given up the game already. Malcolm accepted in her place, to get some casual training in since the NPC kid was so weak. It wouldn't be a risk. When the kid's pokémon had its health down in the red area, Malcolm's was still just below the green.

She would always remember how he had looked back on her and winked. Piece of cake, she could see him think, before the NPC kid got a critical hit. Malcolm's face gained a surprised look as his pokémon fainted and the whole body of his avatar turned white as snow. Then it shattered, into a thousand pieces of glimmering data that the wind quickly carried away. At that moment, Christina disappeared and Krissu truly entered the scene.

Avatar Name: Krissu
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: Female

Avatar Appearance: Krissu is 170 cm tall and lanky, without much in terms of curvature. She is designed to be a beautiful girl, something Christina took great care with. Her face is delicate and thin with pink lips and large eyes with reddish irises but not too suggestive eyelashes. The most striking feature is her long, bubblegum pink hair. It is bushy but most of it reaches down below her breasts, where it is kept loosely in two red ribbons.

Her clothing firstly consists of a simple, black, armless dress. Most of her legs is covered by dark gray stockings and on her feet she wears cute, blue strap shoes. On her upper body, she wears a white hooded coat, most often with the hood pulled back. The coat can be closed in the front by a number of small, bronze fastening buckles. Krissu's bag is of the same blue color as her shoes and is carried over the shoulder with the strap going across her chest. Her pokéballs lie in side pockets on the bag, rather easily accessible.

Roleplay Sample: From Checkmate.
I put my LOSERGLOVES on and grabbed hold of the POINTYTHINGY. My spritefellow was behind me, as grumpy as ever. But he agreed to follow as I once again went out from my room into the imp-infested corridor outside. Rumbles and screams were heard all over the mansion. The servants must be busy fighting the lesser underlings. Or maybe they had discovered the sea monsters. I could only wish them luck. I didn't much care about their well-being; they only existed to serve me after all.

The POINTYTHINGY was incredibly effective in comparison to the old polo mallet. As I went through the corridor, assisted by LEGOFOOTSPRITE, I went up another level from slaying enough imps. I felt as if my strength was increasing too and caught myself smiling when I came to the hall and staircase. It wasn't that killing felt good. Well, maybe it did. But this wasn't really killing, was it? Those imps were game abstractions, created to be evil opponents for me. I was supposed to kill them. And I gladly did what I was supposed to do... I supposed.

In my father's office on the other side of the mansion, but still on the same floor, I found a terrified butler trying to fend off a monster that had crept in through a window. I could feel the floor rumbling beneath me. Stupid servants. Couldn't they even take care of themselves, let alone my house? Giving the butler a face of disappointment, I swung the POINTYTHINGY at the snake in front of me a couple of times. It dodged! I wasn't fast enough.

"SPRITE!" I called out and heard a sigh behind me. LEGOFOOTSPRITE left the two imps that he had been building a strangely abstract Lego fort around to trap, and went to my side, distracting the monster with a spray of Lego pieces. I took the opportunity to jump forward and pierce the monster's body in several places with some swift swings from my mallet. The creature exploded into grist that I collected, panting, while the butler stood speechless and pale and watched.

"Go... get me a drink," I told him, not having the energy to shout. He quickly disappeared, jumping over the Lego fort in the hallway.

"We make... a pretty darn awesome team!" I told my sprite, leaning on the back of a chair.

"If you say so," the sprite gloomily replied, staring out the broken window. "Waves are growing taller. You should leave this place now."

"Not without some more upgrades," I said, picking up what I came to get from the top drawer of my father's desk. A pair of really expensive blackglasses. My father wasn't here now - I didn't really want to think about where he was, really. Somehow it felt strange to think of him now. Or my brother. Or my sister, for that matter. Where... No. I didn't care. I had other business to tend to.

At least I didn't have to worry about my mother. As I threw an imp down the stairwell the next minute, I watched her march through the entrance hall on the bottom floor with at least ten maids behind her, broomsticks in hands. My mother held a gun, herself. Actually, she looked kind of badass. I wondered where she had hidden her cool side all these years. She had always stepped on my nerves with her silliness. I quickly made sure to tell myself that this didn't mean that I respected her now. She was still a witch.

I went back to my room again, feeling the house rumble a bit more this time. The corridor was suddenly very imp-less. Had they finally taken my hint? I created a red card from the blackglasses and one from one of my computers. The one where both pesterchum, the SBURB client and the SBURB server were installed. I had an idea, you see, but I wasn't sure how it would be carried out. I decided to captchalogue and make a red card from one of my best headsets as well. The one I use when I'm in serious gaming. Then I created a totem, squeezing in all three cards in the same spot on the TOTEM LATHE. One single totem got carved, which I put in the ALCHEMITER.

I created the ALLURBASES. Again, no idea how I knew the name just by picking up the item. It was a replica of my father's blackglasses, but when I put them on, I could see a desktop window in them. They also came with headphones and a microphone, so I could talk in voice commands, controlling the computer inside the blackglasses with it. I seemed to even be able to tell pesterchum messages to write. The FLAREBONKER was awesome, but ALLURBASES was easily the best thing anyone can alchemize. Ever. I was convinced of that at that point, at least.

Now it seemed like I was all out of grist, though. Typically. I couldn't alchemize anything more even if I tried. I guessed it was a good thing that I had killed that sea monster earlier, or I might not have afforded these ALLURBASES.

But enough running around. Time to get on with the game. I knew what I had to do, right? Pass through the gate. I went out onto a balcony from my parents' bedroom and climbed up to the roof. I admit I needed some help from LEGOFOOTSPRITE to not fall down here - I was no atlete, I just had a will of steel and LEGOFOOTSPRITE had no will at all. On the roof, I gasped and then smiled. "Candice..."

She had built up with stairs, much like I did for Vieve. My gate or whatever it really was, was blinking at me from above. The sky was cloudy and gray and I could hear thunder in the distance. Rain poured down on me, making me want to hurry even more. As I looked down onto the lawns surrounding my half-deserted, half-destroyed mansion, I felt a strange sensation in my gut.

Imps were fleeing back to the cliffs and jungle further away from the shore. Servants were swarming the lawns... fighting the monsters that kept creeping up from the sea. There wasn't only snakes and serpents now, strange two legged and one eyed creatures came up in the distance with their tall figures and thin arms and legs. An invasion from the sea. Why would the imps flee? Could it be that they were not allied? Or that they were afraid of getting crushed by the larger, merciless monsters? I had to think about these things. I was a strategist. I saw how one of the creepy, tall figures bend down and... oh god. It chomped at a servant and the next second, the servant was gone. Eaten alive... Even I found that horrible. "I did tell you that you'd better leave, didn't I?" came my sprite's voice from beside me.

I didn't really care about the servants. I never had. And I didn't much care what happened to my mother either. No, really, I didn't. But my guts felt so strange and uncomfortable. As if part of my actually thought that I should care. And maybe actually did care.

"If I just leave this place now..."

"The enemy invasion will stop."

I turned to watch the gray sprite. Rain seemed to bounce off his radiant yet dull skin, without making him wet. "It will?"

"Yes. That's the workings of this game. You have a certain time to advance to the next level after arriving with your house in your land. If you fail, all is pretty much lost." The sprite shrugged. "If you manage to advance in time, you will be rewarded with a new chance. The invasion will lighten up, for now."

I chose to believe him, and started climbing the stairs. Some imps had climbed up here to hide and were just shaking and looking at me with frightened eyes as I passed them by. I didn't kill them. It didn't matter right now; they didn't give out much grist anyways. I reached my gate and was about to jump in, when I looked down. So far to the ground...

"We'll meet again soon," LEGOFOOTSPRITE said gloomily and turned around to descend the stairs again.

"What? You're not coming with me? But we're a f*cking team!" I don't know why I was that upset.

"No, I'm just here to get you started for now. But I'll have to meet you soon again," he paused to sigh, "because that's how it is. Unless you die."

"You wish I do, don't you?"

"No. I'm still not fully prototyped. You or your server need to prototype me once again before I can stop caring completely."

"Oh," I said, totally having forgotten that detail. He was only prototyped once. What about the others' sprites? What did they really look like? I wanted to find out. "I guess I'll see you soon then. Hey, make sure that my mother doesn't crush this place when I'm gone!"

LEGOFOOTSPRITE bowed and floated downstairs to the roof, thunder sounding above and a lightning illuminating the ominously stormy sea. Pretty darn good servant, that sprite, I thought before I tightened the grip on the POINTYTHINGY and jumped into my first gate.


Pokémon Team:
WICK (Litwick)
Level: ~12 || Type: Ghost/Fire
Gender: Male || Ability: Shadow Tag || Nature: Jolly
Moveset: Ember, Night Shade, Minimize, Smog, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray
TAT (Rattata)
Level: ~6 || Type: Normal
Gender: Male || Ability: Guts || Nature: Bold
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Bite
COL (Tentacool)
Level: ~7 || Type: Water/Poison
Gender: Male || Ability: Liquid Ooze || Nature: Rash
Moveset: Poison Sting, Supersonic, Constrict
DRILL (Kakuna)
Level: ~9 || Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male || Ability: Shield Dust || Nature: Rash
Moveset: Poison Sting, String Shot

Retro Bug December 17th, 2012 8:28 AM

RHCP, you know I cannot resist your RPs. (Stop making them so darn appealing!) Since I'm going on break and next semester have an easier course load I'll be able to participate in this and Checkmate (since we're going relatively slow for now)

Blah blah blah aside, reserve me a spot? :)

Real Name: Amell Porcitti
Real Age: 15
Real Gender: Male

Personality: Amell is a reserved individual when he is around people who he doesn't know. In school he sits with his friends but he rarely participates in the daily conversations. He acts very awkward around them as he feels that they couldn't handle his real persona. Each and every day he waits until he can escape into his online reality and freely express himself. He loves the thrill of escapism from everyday struggles that he goes through.

He wishes that he could change his entire identify to match his online one. The constant struggles he has with speaking up is what holds him back. Despite wanting to be himself he doesn't want to disrupt the balanced life he lives and those around him. So he goes through motions but sometimes he gets a little bravery boost only to his disappointment when his friend's and family don't act in a positive manner. His dad is a very strict man and doesn't tolerate behavior that he considers strays from the norm, his norm.

Being Fara, like this game it gives him a chance to do it, allows him to become very colorful and experimental. Given this revised personality Amell is able to feel more like himself or rather herself than ever before. Amell's effeminacy is one of the main reasons he chose to create his avatar as a lady. Being a strategic person Amell picked up that people trust girls far more often than guys, which is a critical mistake. As Fara Amell is one what call a femme fatale, she's dangerously beauty. She's also as cunning as she is dangerous this makes her a handful. She manipulates people until she doesn't know what to do with them and then abandons them without telling them she's doing so. Fara is a social butterfly and actually likes getting to know her "victims" before she leaves them. She feels it's best to sever all ties because she doesn't want to be put in the same situation that she is putting them in. This attitude has left her numb and conflicted about all of her emotions that she tends to ignore.

History: Born two decades after his other siblings as the third son, fourth child of a military family. From the moment he was welcomed into the household he had expectations and goals expected of him. His father had his whole life mapped out, literally, for him. The family had already produced a lawyer and a police officer now all they needed was a doctor and that was to be Amell. That was until the day came when he fainted at the sight of fake blood. It was for a Halloween party for his class where his classmates and himself were allowed to dress up as all kinds of creatures. Of course, Amell's father insisted that he be a zombie doctor who ate his patients instead of giving them treatment. While his father applied the fake blood he kept his eyes closed in order to concentrate so that he remained steady. Soon after a mirror was handed to him to check out the handy work that was so detailed Amell truly believed that he was bleeding from the mouth. He hit his head on the dining room table when he fell forward during his fainting spell hence him not remembering that day. From that day on his father treated differently while he kept him at a distance as all his dreams and hopes for his last son just shattered and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

With his siblings being twenty years older than him he rarely got the chance to interact with them. They were never around during his childhood because they quickly acquired families and children with whom they spent their time. This left Amell with his mother who was one quirky lady and where he gets his most of his from. She spent her time at a local pottery place where she crafted her famous pottery that was displayed all over the household. Every Saturday since Amell was nine they've gone to the exact same pottery place and had fun. Amell knew that his mother hated being around his father more than she had to. She still loved his father but he was a lot to deal with and constantly be around on a daily basis. Amell loved the time he spent with his mother even though he knew his father didn't approve of such quality time.

Pokemon was Amell's first obsession and possibly even true love. He was able to escape his father's harsh words and just focus on his team. A team that was always all female and usually had excellent defense and offensive move sets so that he never lost a battle. He preferred to not have to reset because he hardly saved his game because he was too engrossed in said game to pause it even for a second. Quickly he developed favorites and members that he just knew he had to always have on his team. Even though the story and team became repetitive in a way it didn't stop Amell from playing every single one. By the time Amell itched for a new game he acquired MAO and instantly became hooked as was to be expected. Lucky enough he was able to snag a spot in line for the pre-order sales due to his intent awareness of when the games who were available for it. Before he unwrapped his most anticipated treasure he decided that he would do it all differently this time. That's why he chose a male Pokemon starter and intends on sticking with that theme unless he finds his next one happens be a female. After he spent quality time on his avatar he relied on its looks to get him farther in the game. He hoped that he would gain a reputation so he started the rumor that Fara's codename was "The Slayer". She supposedly viciously attack players until they whited out despite the fact of them being new to MAO. Ruthless was another characteristic thrusted upon her but one she adapted to with ease. Clueless of the fact that Fara had never actually participated in any of these guilty pleasures she apparently divulged in. He came to a realization that being the "villain" was actually a satisfying occupation Amell set his sights on becoming the cruelest player one was to come across thus arriving at present day...
Avatar Name: Fara O'Shay
Avatar Age: 22
Avatar Gender: Female

Avatar Appearance: Amell redesigned Fara several times a day before he committed to an actual look like he felt suited him and her. With a combination of attractive physical traits from his mother and those he had looked up online he had created what he felt was truly perfection. Fara stands at 5'10", a height where it is usual for her to tower over the other girls and even some of the males. Her dark complected skin also set her apart from most as she find it rare to come across another character with the same pigment as her. To compliment her skin she had wide-eyed brown eyes which were deceptively inviting to anyone willing to look. Giving her something to nervously play with was her long, black, curly hair that went passed her shoulders. Most of the time she kept in a ponytail that way it didn't distract her but if she is trying to distract someone with her offhanded beauty she'll let it be free.

To mold herself after the image of her reputation Fara wears an opened-up, black, leather jacket that's length only goes to the middle of her ribcage. Surprisingly enough above the chest pockets is where she had sewn in a horizontal spot for her Pokeball's to be attached to via velcro, three on each side. Underneath a purposely worn looking t-shirt stood in display. An attraction that never failed to capture the eyes of those around her were her long, slender legs. She covered them with very skin tight jeans which were easier to run away in a haste than people thought. In order to captivate more glances her way she wears a pair of black in color, strapped heels. To stare down her opponents/victims without them taking notice she selected a pair of golden framed, green lensed colored sunglasses. Never not in her hands were small purse handles but the black purse itself looked like a shopping bag.

Starter Pokémon:
Gender: ♂ || Ability: Poison Point || Nature: Rash
Moveset: Growl, Tail Whip, Scratch, Poison Point, and Double Kick

Roleplay Sample: From La Famiglia
As the blur that was Camellia strolled passed her Ari was quick to roll her eyes before her Adept could catch on. Her steps were slow yet deliberate because she didn’t want be around Camellia’s happiness for too long. She had this way of irritating Ari with her choice of words and how she phrased them. Ari’s biggest fault was letting Camellia in for long enough that she was able to read her true emotions even through her harsh words. Her mind told her to run in the opposite direction away from Camellia and away from this ball. She wanted in that moment to be by her father’s side but she had a duty she must fulfill for La Famiglia. Ari took a second to herself outside her room before she entered and took her seat. She loved her room it was the ultimate playhouse for all of Ari’s desires but they were safely hidden in the walls. The seat she took was behind a wooden desk that was craved with different designs and each looked similar to one another. She ran her hands over twists and turns that the wood made. All she wanted to do with her make-up was thicken her eyeliner and reapply her lipstick but Camellia insisted on playing stylist.

“You look so pretty! Marcus is sure to fall for you tonight,” she said offhandedly as she helped herself to Ari’s bathroom mirror, “Ari and Marcus sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

“Marcus? Gross,” Ari's voiced strained as she talked, she felt like lying but somehow she couldn’t do it with conviction. “I don’t know where you got that idea from but you should keep it to yourself.” Those words brought the confidence back to Ari’s voice while she shifted the mirror to look at her reflection. It worked but it wasn’t her style but perhaps if it caught Marcus’s attention…

“I need in here so you can do your clown make-up elsewhere,” She smirked; she still had it, that drive to make other people miserable. It didn’t show in Camellia’s face that she was the slight bit offended by her remark, which drove Ari crazy. Ari wanted to wipe the look off her face so she slammed the door as Camellia turned to say something. On a slim metal hanger held her most risqué dress, which was saved especially for this night. The annual ball was most impressionable night of La Famiglia. This was her scene and her scene alone despite the competition that rose up every once and awhile. When she saw Camellia in the nude she had begun to doubt the attractiveness of her self-image.

Ari slipped out of her old dress and replaced it with less material but more oomph. White in color, two thin straps covered with opaque jewels held up the dress. The jewels trailed down the straps onto the chest were they bordered the edge. A strip of white fabric appeared in an upward facing arrow underneath the jewel decorations. In several layers was the rest of the dress, which didn’t go passed Ari’s knees but none of her dresses did. The first layer shimmered and appeared silver unless viewed at the right angle then it became apparent that it was apparent. Beneath the first layer were many layers of just plain white dress material that kept the dress from showing off too much. Ari took the time to raid her jewelry box for earrings that befit this outfit. There were shiny studs, glittery hoops, and even a pair of diamonds in the small, round box. In the end she decided on a pair of teardrop shaped earrings, there was an opening shaped in the same teardrop form. They had the same opaque jewelry on its edges as the dress. Her own teardrop inched down her face as she recalled the day her father had gifted them to her the day of her 17th birthday… She slammed shut the jewelry box in hopes that it shut the memories that leaked forward from the back of her mind. She slipped her hands through three bangles all black in color that were dotted with tiny jewels and located on her left arm. To compliment her black accessories she removed her cherry red lipstick and reapplied a much darker shade. Ari failed to realize her entire wardrobe and glamorized change took a half an hour. Before she went off with Camellia arm in arm she securely strapped on a pair of black heels.

“Ari, can we please go lick that sculpture?” She giggled.

“Yes Camellia, let’s act like idiots in front of the whole Famiglia!” She huffed, she felt insulted that suggestion would even be brought up but admitted that it did sound fun. “I’m the Head of Intelligence but someone lower in the ranks such as you can feel free to do that!”

Ari pulled her "elegant" gown upwards and took off from her Adept a little too eagerly. All she wanted was a moment to cool down. She truly cared for Camellia who brought out the best in her but not without the bad. Ari spotted all the current members of the La Famiglia who had contracted with the Arcana Tarocco Cards. There were more than she remembered, last year’s ball held a smaller group. Another sight that she wished she never came upon was the filthy Coin Apprentice from earlier. Ari laughed as she thought about how Annabelle's upmost respect must be given to her by night’s end.

“Annabeth,” Ari flashed a smile as she walked up to the Apprentice. Her body language seemed receptive yet her eyes told a more sinister tale. “You know what you should do? Dance. Maybe with a boy that can stand the sight of you… Dear god, what are you wearing? Clearly you would’ve been better off in that maid’s outfit.”

Her eyes fell to her next victim who stood just stood in the background of Annabelle. She had to walk clear across the room with her heels that clicked and clacked the entire way on the ballroom floor. The young Apprentice, who looked quite dapper for a newcomer was her mark and she intended on getting him to do what she wanted. She’d feed him a couple worms and then baited him in now it was time to set him free.

“Tobi, dance?” Ari snatched Tobi’s hands not willing to take rejection and placed them on her now prominent hips. She giggled as if his touched made her feel something special but in reality it revolted her that this kid had his rough hands on her even if she put them there. His need for attention was obvious when Ari watched him lap up her every word earlier without objection. “Remember our deal? You drop that sack of bile name Annabella and I’ll get you in with Marcus!” Ari took one of Tobi’s hand held it up and spun underneath. She leaned in closely and ran her hand through his hair and genuinely smiled at him. Not because she felt an attraction toward him but because she knew her plan had to work, it just had to. With the smirk returned to her face she promptly excused herself from Tobi’s presence and headed towards Aerous who stood at the bottom of the staircase.

“Why on earth aren’t we trusting Marcus to oversee Nova?” Ari wondered outloud her voice purposely loud enough to reach Aerous’s ears. “Or even Oda! At least we know they won’t go overboard.” She blew a kiss toward Aerous and the image of a pair of lips floated through the air towards Aerous. The lips crumbled right as they were to touch Aerous’s skin clearly the work of Ari’s illusions skills. She tossed her hair back as she strutted with poise toward the beautiful Miss Camellia, something Aerous would say.

“Well, your brother looks... “Ari’s eyes were peeled to Marcus when she noticed how nicely he cleaned up. Her own dress matched his outfit almost as if she had planned it that way... She hurried to finish before Camellia caught on to why she stopped mid sentence. “Too serious! He needs to lighten up and have some fun!”

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 8:44 AM

"relatively slow" xD But yeah, of course I'll reserve you!

I think TM moves could be covered by the Tutor profession (since I think we should only let pokémon learn the natural level-up moves by leveling up) and berry farming is done by Chemists. Fossils is interesting, I'm not sure how to make it a worthwhile profession though. Researchers could perhaps get some fun treat, I'm not sure what they would do "for a living" though.

Oh, a custom pokéball maker! Like Kurt. Someone who could gather Apricorns and maybe some other stuff to craft different kinds of pokéballs.

Arsonist December 17th, 2012 10:29 AM

Wow, this looks fun! Reserve a spot for me, I will post my SU tomorrow.

Meganium December 17th, 2012 11:01 AM


reserve plzkthx! I love this!!

Pikachu December 17th, 2012 11:12 AM

Oh my, this is filling up fast, isn't it? Of course you can't resist ;D

Both of you are reserved.

jasonwolf December 17th, 2012 11:37 AM

Oh I'd take fossil hunter. Kabuto is epic! ok I know exactly what I'm going with. a mostly fossil based team. kabuto as my starter.

and RHCP you didn't add me to the reserved list. WEll I guess that shouldn't matter much now, though I need to know pictures or no for the appearance section?

Real Name: Jason Wolf
Real Age: 17
Real Gender: male

Personality: Jason has always been a bit… “energetic”. With a mild cause of ADHD, you’ll always find Jason unable to sit still, shut up, or keep on topic. Despite pushes from his parents to put this energy into sports, Jason preferred to sit around, and soak up random trivia on the internet and play video games. This combo has led him to be have a wealth of semi-useful information, and a slight addiction to the pokemon franchise, one that goes so far that he has almost memorized the pokedex. Typically he’s not so bad a pretty average guy who you might hang out with thanks to the medication he’s on since it helps him stay in control a bit more. Though if you start a conversation with Jason you’ll run the risk of a never ending debate on what Pokemon should do for the next game, and that argument will not end well. Jason is terribly opinionated, and his temper is as short as a Primeape’s. Despite his pathetically average build, he can be rather threatening. He’s willing to start a fist fight over some of his most dearly held values, like what he‘s willing to do to succeed, his stance on war, and sadly his pokemon games. Those fist fights also got started over his bullying issues, being a nerd never was easy. Over all highly volatile and extremely unpredictable Jason is someone who you’d better be careful around, but the benefits may out weight the costs.

History: Up in a reserved northern Maine community Jason Wolf was brought into this world. Many of teachers wish he hadn’t. Through his early years Jason was notorious for being an uncontrollable wild child. For some reason it took until his late middle school years for them to realize the child had ADHD. By then it was a bit too late though, Jason reputation was set in stone. The small town would always know him as what he was, an incredibly brilliant, but terribly obnoxious and hyper kid. With that as his rep, high school was rather aggravating. He was the easiest target with a couple of emotion and real scars from the idiotic things he did when he wasn’t thinking things through. Climbing the statue in the middle of town in a dare, getting lost in the woods while playing cops and robbers, and catching his neighbor’s cat in an elaborate trap out of boredom are a few examples. Probably the only hobby Jason enjoys that never got him in trouble was fossil hunting. With the high rocky coasts Jason could easily find the preserved remains in the shale. He kept a six piece collection of his best fossils on the shelf over his computer.

Jason thought it’d be the best week of his life when his school closed because it was damaged in a lightning storm, and a new pokemon game was coming out. It would be the perfect escape. Especially with how bad the one of the bullies had gotten. Normally they kept to rude comments and obnoxious jokes, but this guy was pushing it. He had broken into Jason's locker and stole all the books then returned them covered in grafiti, and even more recently had tried to plant fireworks in his locker, but accidently set one off before he finished the job. This week was suposed to be vacation from it all then it became his new torment.

((is it ok that some of the personality section explains his history too since I didn't put those points in the history as well.))

Avatar Name: Jercio Shade
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: male
Avatar Appearance:

Jason may have spent a bit too long customizing his avatar, and ended up rather unsure what he wanted to make. He originally considered copying red, but realized that was fartoo cliché. Instead Jason designed a rather average character, but one prepared for whatever could come his way. If this game was as immersive as it said then Jason wanted to be ready. Jercio stands right at six foot two inches, and has a fairly average build and weight maybe a little under. His face has sharp features which frame his glaring amber eyes. Jason specially made it so theymade it obvious when Jercio looked at you. Jason added a tiny scar just to the left of the center of Jercio's upper lip to mirror his own. Jercio has rather shaggy brown hair,but he hides it under a dark brown leather fedora.

To match this Jercio wears a leather duster, but it’s adarker grayish brown that Jason spent forever trying to make. Under that Jerciohas two shirts a light gray short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve dark red shirt, for pants he wears black carpenter style jeans, and for footwear he has brown steel toe hiking boots. To keep up the theme of leather Jercio also has a leather belt with a pokeball holster on its right side, and carries a black leather satchel.

Starter Pokémon: Tyrogue, Yohi

Male; Vital Spirit; Hasty; Tackle, Fake Out, Foresight, Helping Hand.

---------------------------(updated team)

Tyrogue, Yohi; Male; Hasty; Vital Spirit; Tackle, Fake Out, Helping Hand, Foresight;

Pidgey, Hurek; Male; Hasty; Keen Eye; Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust;

Spinarak, Witor; Male; Naughty; Sniper; Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face;


Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)

Wish I had a more recent pokemon one, but I’m between pokemon RP’s. This also may not have been the best as this is a robot, with minimal emotion and personality. If you’d prefer I write one more relatable to Jercio/Jason I’d be happy to.

Relak the Golem

A Machine's will

Relak’s body crashed to the floor smashing the cobbles. Relak glared at the new creature. His magnetic powers still needed a moment to charge up. When they did glowing red arcs of electricity shot out hitting all of his limbs and pulling them towards him. Re-assembled the golem towered over all the others. With a inhuman laugh Relak smashed his fists into the ground cracking the stone floor even more. Another burst of energy flew outward twisting the restraints that had once held him. Relak tore them off the wall and imbued them on his chest to seal the damage from the draining machine. It appeared like a baldrick across his chest.

“Repairs fulfilled. Begin retreat.” Relak bellowed.

He stomped after the beast who had barked an order at him. He was far from subtle in his escape leaving a path of destruction behind him. At least the others could follow him easy. Unlike him trying to follow the wolfos he only barely kept up using his runic eyes to see the energy flowing off of him. Even as he ran Relak was deciding whether or not he should keep following this creature, or if he should just break off. After all Relak had minimal knowledge on these organics.

Also due to the hostile nature of the other nearby life forms the assumption that these organisms could be hostile led Relak to begin sharpening his fists on the walls. Anyone who got in his way would be trampled or just be ripped apart. The golem was on a mission. Survival now and return home later.

All was going well until Relak got cut off by two vile creatures. Their bodies were disfigured masses of flesh and fat, and their repulsive tusked faces looked as though they had been flattened by the impact of massive hammer. They wielded bladed weapons on the end of a staff, but Relak didn’t see them as polearms due to their very crude construction. The blades were jagged and seemed as though they were forged using stones. The creatures prodded Relak with the pathetic weapons, but the shabby craftsmanship led to the tips shattering on Relak’s metal skin.

“Futile attempts. Demonstration of resolve necessary.” Relak roared.

The golem pulled back his right fist and thrust it forwards. Contact was made on the first monster’s neck, and easily cracked the spinal cord. The sharpened edges on Relak’s hands also cut and tore the creature’s throat letting blood spew from its veins. Enraged the other creature increased its attacks, but they were still not enough to cause any real damage. Relak raised both of his fists and slammed them down on the creatures head splitting its skull and spilling it’s small mind. With the monster’s dispatched and his hands covered in their blood Relak tried to find the creature he had been following before.

“Objective lost. Inferring possible routes.” Relak said doing his best to pick up the remaining traces of energy.

((final thing I jsut wanna ask why do some of you guys go out of your way to make these over the top SU's? I'm not talking the content, that you should strive for, but the formating. It feels like a bit much. sure it looks nice, but I don't even know how you do it. It seems a bit odd for a very much text based media.))

Karma December 17th, 2012 2:07 PM

Aye, good afternoon! Would it be alright for me to reserve a spot, perchance? You see I have the dreaded finals this week, but once I am done with the last I am rid of 'em until the next semester. So, I will not be able to post my SU until those are out of the way. If allowed the chance though I would love to try a shot to get in this very intriguing roleplay.

I would greatly appreciate you letting me know if you have the time. Thank you. (:

Reality Check |*

Real Name: Riley Ellie Devlin
Real Age: Twenty, 20
Real Gender: Female ♀

Personality: Riley isn't the type to shy away from social gatherings and often inserts herself into as many conversations as she can. She prefers to talk more about other things than herself though, and doesn't willingly offer information into her personal life beyond her career. Only good friends should be privy to certain information. Yet she will listen eagerly if other people openly discuss their lives. It's not that she is secretive, but rather wants people to make assumptions about her person without any potential biases. Her mother always told her that she was strong spirited, and so tries her best to live up to that ideal. She won't back down for anything. If she feels strongly about a subject she will fight her hardest for it. This could be taken as stubbornness.

When it comes to rules and regulations, she is known as the ultimate rule breaker. She can't stand the idea of something trying to hold her back or hinder her abilities. She believes in free reign over the things she does and often it leads her into a good deal of trouble. This is mainly due to her strict father who she more or less rebelled against at a young age. She doesn't want anything or anyone to change her, and if rules force her to do it a certain way she takes that as a change. To accompany this odd trait, she is extremely reckless. Riley loves a chance to go head first into the action without thinking twice. Strategy just isn't her forte. She takes things as they come and doesn't look far into the future.

Somehow, she can find fun and adventure in the smallest of things. She can turn a rather dull task into something worthwhile. The lass is quite the optimist. Yet there are the rare times when she is feeling down and can't seem to shake the dark clouds away. Those are the times she relies on others most, but she tries not to let it show to save her pride.

With her strong willed nature, she is also incredibly feisty. She loves a good comeback, and will almost always go for the sarcastic remark. Riley doesn't mean to offend by any means, but sometimes it may come off that way. Along with her reluctance to think ahead, she is oblivious to the way some words she might use will hurt someone until she speaks. However, if she realizes that she was rude or spiteful, she tries her best to make up for it. Riley doesn't apologize often though, so instead she undertakes other means like jokes or pointing out her own flaws.

After taking care of her little siblings for the majority of her childhood, Riley has adapted a maternal instinct where she cares for young ones or underdogs. She will make it her personal goal to make sure they are well looked after and happy. This goes for animals too, and she even has affection for the Pokémon in the games she plays. She doesn't take kindly to those who beat down others purposefully. Someone like take gets put on her radar as a threat. Anyone who needs a friend or isn't strong enough to hold their own she will stand beside them until the very end.

History: Hearing it since birth, Riley could recite the details of how her parents met to the time she was born. Elmer, an American journalist, came to a large village in Ireland as a tourist and looking for a story for his column. There, he met a young barmaid named Moira and took an instant liking to the woman. In a month's time they were married. Eventually her eldest sister Arlene was born, followed shortly after by Riley herself. Then it came the twin girls Sybil and Sierra, and finally their young brother Dallon. It was a full house to say the least. Though Riley was the second oldest, she was the one who mainly cared for the younger children. Her mother was busy with her job as a barmaid while raising livestock, and her father often traveled to find new stories. She loved her siblings dearly, but she was also considered the fun sister, where Arlene was the strict one. Riley wasn't one for enforcing rules or setting standards. They didn't have much to do with electronics and instead took to playing imaginative games, or hide and seek in the numerous crooks and crannies of their rustic home. They lived on a few decent acres and—along with the livestock—owned a couple of horses that Riley adored. She grew up in wealth due to her father's successful writing and mother's farm.

Riley didn't have the strongest relationship with her father. She was the reckless one. The one who knew how to have fun and enjoy life. She got into a lot of trouble as a young child, and her father was always the one to reprimand her. Not to mention he didn't hang around much and when he did he spent most of his time with his wife and young son. She slowly grew away from him and in turn grew closer to her mother. Moira loved the strong spirit in her daughter. Elmer often thought of her love as encouragement to Riley's behavior. Nonetheless, she turned to her mother often for troubles and comfort. She learned life lessons through her mother's experiences and received none of her father's clear headed judgement.

Riley and Arlene often argued over the silliest things, and would make up the next moment. They were the exact opposites of each other. Where one was mature and well rounded, the other was fiery and had a go-with-the-flow type of nature. The three youngest looked up to her though, and she flourished in that fact. She tried to be a role model who taught you to be who you want to be, and live the way you want to. She showed them everything she knew when it came to adventures like sneaking out into the backyard at night or jumping over the river bank.

When she was twelve years old, the family up and moved across the seas to Toronto, Canada, where her father took up an executive job. Riley was disappointed to leave her old house and horses behind, but the thought of living in a whole new country intrigued her. Though it was a little bit of a culture shock, the family grew used to the lifestyle quickly. For awhile things were quiet—or boring as she would describe it—and nothing new or exciting happened. She went to school like a normal child but didn't quite fit in. She wanted an education of course, but she didn't have exemplary grades and didn't strive for them either.

Here, she was also introduced to the Pokémon franchise. Due to her love of animals and taking care of things, she fell in love. She hardly put the game down unless it was deemed immediately important. This was her first true introduction to gaming electronics.

At the age of sixteen, Riley was hired by a model agency. She was tall, tiny, and had the makings of a magazine cover girl. She was never fond of that type of ordeal but she pursued it anyway believing it was what she would be best at. She graduated high school a year later. With the modeling business taking up the majority of her time she opted out of college, much to the despair of her parents. She wasn't cut out to be a scholar. Her parents and siblings moved to American when she was eighteen. She decided to stay in Canada because she loved the country, and she wanted room to grow without the watchful eyes of her family.

Following up on her Pokémon obsession, she jumped immediately onto the release of MAO and landed herself a pre-order before the wave of players rolled in. With her other games, she played diversely when it came to teams. She would fill it with an assortment of dual-types in order to cover all bases when it came down to battling. One of her favorite types though was fire. She loved the art of each of the species and chose a nice little Houndour for her starter. It wasn't the strongest, but she loved the way it looked. Kind of like a dog. And if it was a dog, it would be man's (or woman's) best friend, right? She flirted with that idea before choosing it officially. The Houndour was decidedly a male, to combat her female ways, and called him Bishop. He got his name from the chess piece for no particular reason other then her liking chess. Riley spent a little extra time creating her avatar. She made a list of everything she didn't want, and from that list became creating from what she did. Mickie was born. Someone she could be that was her, but not at the same time. Her true self. After everything was set she jumped into the game and was pleasantly surprised at what she found. It was enormous and beautiful. It was everything she ever wanted in a game. Then the lockdown happened. It was perhaps the most frightful thing she had ever experienced in her life. Yet with new adventures came new challenges, and after talking herself down she looked upon this too as a challenge. She had no set goal in mind, but she was ready to find one and eventually find herself as well.

Virtual Realm |*

Avatar Name: Mickie
Avatar Age: Seventeen, 17
Avatar Gender: Female ♀

Avatar Appearance: When creating her avatar, Riley wanted to make someone who was not perfect. Someone who wasn't made to be a model or designed to be pretty. In all honesty, she tried her hardest for a normal looking, everyday kind of person. No fancy eye color or uniquely colored hair. She wanted to paint an image of the person she felt like on the inside, and so Mickie was born. The avatar got her name from Riley's abnormal obsession with boyish names with a girlish twist and her undying love for a famous little mouse. In addition to this new name, she created a clever username to accompany it: MickMuffin. The age of the avatar was set three years back from her own, all the way to seventeen. That was an age before adulthood. Before responsibilities took place, and before her parents moved away from her. Though Riley had her difficulties with this age, it was time when she could be who she wanted, and no one expected any more than that because she was still a child. Childhood, in its own little way, was the meaning of freedom of expression. She was free to be just plain ol' Riley.

With the basics in place she began designing.

Though fond of her curly red mane, she took a liking to the ash brown look and, after a few bouts of experimentation, stuck with it. Mickie's hair is slightly curled at the ends but mostly falls in a straight sort of way. Kind of like walking out of a shower or getting up in the morning. That lazy sort of style that looks natural. It is cut short in the back, save for two waist length braids, and shoulder length in the front with bangs. It's a little awkward, but works. It is also pretty much hassle free which is a big plus for her. The hair compliments the eyes in a dull sort of fashion, as the eyes are a hazel color. But the touch of green from that hazel make them stand out even in the slightest against cream colored skin.

The avatar stands around 5'3" and rests at a healthy weight. Not too tiny, and has enough meat on the bones for a nice winter. Riley paid attention in making sure Mickie had an athletic physique so that she can get around easily and have enough stamina for long journeys. Yet there aren't really any visible muscles unless flexed. The apparel is the epitome of comfortable travel attire. Well, sort of. It was also chosen for the stylish features. Mickie wears a white knee-length skirt with teal blue stripes and circles fitted in a pattern and a teal sleeveless turtleneck shirt, sprinkled with white powder looking spots across the chest. A salmon pink ribbon acts as a belt to the skirt while adding some color. Underneath the skirt, for safety reasons, she wears pastel striped leggings that reach down to touch brown slip on shoes. Finally, she wears arm warmers that are the same teal blue color with the pastel stripes adorning the top ends, and to hold her hair in place rests a teal bandana sprinkled like her shirt. To hold items and miscellaneous trinkets, she wears a large gray messenger bag with plenty of pockets in and outside with plenty room for her stuff. The strap lays mostly across her chest and hangs at her left side, but when she gets annoyed with the contraption she bundles it up in her arms.

There are times where she will add a jacket to her outfit, ditch the skirt, add a scarf, but this is her average look throughout her journey.

Starter Pokémon:
[ Bishop ]
Gender: Male // Nature: Naïve // Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Ember, Smog, Bite, Roar
Roleplay Sample: (Introduction from a Medieval Royalty RP)

". . . Shiva?" a voice whispered, just barely audible over the distant sounds of the palace.

The dark skinned woman stopped in her attempts to brush the Prince's wild blonde mane. "What is it, child?" She placed a gentle hand upon the boy's shoulder, gazing at him with worried amber eyes.

"Do you think they hate us?" he asked carefully, "For . . . for what Father did?"

Prince Luca knew well what his father, the King of Moria, did so few years ago. He heard many stories; either from his father or from the palace servants. Some called the King a brutal and selfish barbarian. Others whispered questions of his sanity. The day his father made the decision to betray the High Kingdom of Arrowpoint, their worlds went into chaos. When finally peace was found once again, a deal was made. Luca's sister was to be betrothed to the High King's eldest son, and become the future queen of Arrowpoint. From that moment on it changed everything. It changed the people of their kingdom, it changed the lifestyle within the palace walls, and overall it changed the royal family.

He didn't want to believe his father was a terrible man, but obscure evidence dared to prove him otherwise. If the rest of the world saw his father as cruel, then why should they perceive his children any different?

"That was in the past," Shiva said sternly. Her grip tightened on his shoulder. "It had nothing to do with you or your brother and sister. Even if they haven't learned yet to forgive a broken man they have no right to condemn his children for his actions."

Though her words spoke truth, he found it hard to lay his worries to rest. The only comfort he found was sitting in this secluded room as he readied to set off for the north. Yet even now he felt as crowded as ever. Luca turned and gave her a small smile. He appreciated her help even if he received no resolve. Shiva was neither his birth mother nor caretaker, but she upheld a certain connection with the royal children. The young prince more so, for he was more open and willing to allow her into their lives. The other two children showed slight animosity towards her, but he understood their reasoning. Shiva was the King's mistress. They saw her as nothing more than a woman who was trying to take the place of the King's deceased wife. He saw her as a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold.

With a sigh, Luca raised his head and looked out the window of the palace. He would not ruin this for his family. He shouldn't be worried about his own feelings. Today and the rest of the seven day cycle was about his sister. This peaceful agreement means everything. His silly concerns and feelings are to take no place in it.

The Prince got up from his chair and walked to the tall mirror propped against the wall. The reflection that stared back was almost unrecognizable. He had pale skin, unlike the exotic dark skinned Shiva. His normal attire -- not suitable for an occasion as such -- was replaced by an adorning suit. He was clean from head to toe with crimson, white, and gold made into a handsome outfit. The one thing that looked the same was the mess of curly blond hair atop his head. All battles to tame it were lost, and the only thing to be done for it was a mere pat down. He brushed stray strands out of his face, and pale green eyes rose to meet him in the mirror.

He heard Shiva heave a small sigh. "No longer a boy, but a man."

Luca's expression was full of disagreement but he decided against voicing that opinion. Sixteen and still his face showed the innocence of a child. "It doesn't matter how I look. This is all for my sister," he said with a shrug.

The young prince departed the room after finishing up, thanking Shiva as she followed behind. In the main hallways of the castle servants bustled about in a frenzy. Outside men tended to the horses, fastening supplies to their saddles. Inside the women helped the royal family prepare for the journey before them. There was a lot to do before they left. Aside from Luca, there was his brother Alexander and his sister Calista. They too -- along with the King -- needed to be prepared for their audience with the High Royal Family. It has been a hectic day since morning broke, to say the least.

From across the way, Luca could faintly hear his sister in her own room.

Since the wake of dawn her lips have talked of nothing but the High Prince. Her fears of not being good enough, or her excitement to marry someone so noble. She mused over what he looked like and how he acted, her biggest concern was if he was a gentleman or not. He had been knowledgeable enough to keep a distance away. He felt guilty thinking of the maidens at her side, having to listen to her chatter all day long.

Luca loved his sister, but Calista has been different since the past few days.

He could see that the Princess was dressed in a deep crimson gown, laced with white. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair like his, draped down her shoulders in a silk sheet of gold. She had hazel eyes, blushing round cheeks, and a face full of glee. She hadn't quite grown into her form yet, but the fifteen year old was a mature young woman nonetheless. She seemed a suitable bride for the High Prince.

This was what they were all preparing for. The Princess and the High Prince were to meet at last, even though they had been intended for each other for some years. It was for the sake of peace. However, Luca saw not how this arrangement made up for the actions of his father.

"There you are!" Alexander called from the down the hall as he approached his brother. "I have been looking for you."

"I was getting ready," Luca offered simply.

It was part of the truth. However, for the most part he just wanted an escape from it all. His room was the only place of solitude and so he kept himself in there most of the day, until Shiva came to help him get suited .

"Father has told me to inform you that we are almost ready to travel." Alexander thought something was off with his brother, but he felt like it was something that should be left alone for now.

The oldest Prince at eighteen was built stronger than Luca, and he had sandy hair pulled into a tail behind his head and a firm face. He looked most like their father, King Helios. He was to ascend the Moria throne, and Calista was to be the High Queen of Arrowpoint. Luca had no true place in the world yet.

"Alright," Luca replied, and made way for the entrance.

In an hour they left for Arrowpoint. It was a long, tiresome ride on the worn dirt roads. They left when the sun was just above the horizon and arrived when it was getting ready to dip back down. At last the walls of Arrowpoint rose in the distance. The kingdom was very large, with finely built structures and smooth brick walkways. The blue colors of the kingdom were dressed across the kingdom. They wove their way through the streets to reach the looming castle ahead.

Instantly Luca could feel tension build in the air as they arrived. He could see the nervous dash of his Father's eyes from side to side, and for a moment he felt a little scared. As if someone was to ambush them at any minute. Calista though seemed unfazed. She walked with the posture of a lady and never missed a beat. He wondered how she must feel at the moment. Yet his questions didn't linger long and they dismounted from their horses. King Helios took Lady Shiva in his arms as they walked into the walls of the palace, Calista following closely behind, with Alexander and Luca filing in last.

Luca could see the High Royal Family lined by the throne. He felt his breath catch in his throat as his father stepped forward and bowed before the family.

"Your highness," Helios said as he addressed the High King.

Arsonist December 17th, 2012 2:14 PM

Oh, and RHCP, I want Eevee as a starter, so could you reserve Eevee for me, please? Thanks!

Fuyu December 17th, 2012 6:54 PM

I have a small question: If your character was blind or disabled in any other way on Earth, would the disability apply in the game as well?

machomuu December 17th, 2012 7:31 PM

Kion Fenela

Real Age: 18

Real Gender: Male

Personality: The world is his playground, and the virtual world, his reality; this is not a mental complex, it's Kion's philosophy. The world, as Kion sees it, is dull and boring; it was created for the purpose of living, but that's it. Even the concrete jungle that we've created seems to only exist for the purpose of capitalism and prolonging such dull lives. Everything in life that we have and do is just to make life a little less boring. That's how he sees life, therefore, it's not surprising that he was a quiet and uninspired person in life. He saw life as a chore that he had no interest in ending; every day was a Sisyphean task, the same thing over and over again. He had friends, but their only use to him was to waste time. He mostly spent his time reading books, playing video games, and watching movies and anime. His family often worried about him, as most of the time he seemed almost lifeless, as if he were simply waiting to die. It was really for their sake that he was able to thrive as he did in school, as his parents and his younger brother were all that he truly cared about in life, even if they were merely transient beings, much like himself. He didn't want to hurt them, so he studied, and he worked hard; he did things that meant nothing to him to appease his family.

History: Kion was born into a loving American family of five. He had a mother named Trisha, a father named Paul, a little brother named Dennis, and an older brother named Marco. Kion always looked up to Marco as a child. He seemed to be good at everything he did, and he always seemed to have fun doing whatever he did. It was because of Marco that Kion strove to be a successful person. He tried to be smart, just like Marco; he tried to be fast, just like Marco; he tried have a lot of friends, just like Marco. Everything he did became motivated from the actions of his brother, and while he couldn't meet the caliber of his older brother with the age difference between them, he did become an overall better person because of his strife.

Eventually, Marco went to college, and he made Kion promise that, even in his absence, Kion would continue to develop as he had been. Of course, Kion accepted, and he did just that. In fact, as he entered high school, he became the spitting image of his older brother, and his parents were quite proud of him. He was going to move on to big things, no doubt. His brother always told him that he could be whatever he wanted to be, something that held little weight to him when spoken by anyone other than his shining idol that was Marco. He took the words to heart, and decided that he wanted to work at NASA. Thus, he studied, and he studied hard.

One day, after having pulled an all-nighter studying for his Freshman midterms, Kion went downstairs to get a drink. As he passed by his living room, he heard faint crying by his fireplace. He went to investigate to find his mother on the couch with her sobbing face hidden in her hands and his father holding her close. He asked them what was wrong, and his father told him to sit down in a nearby chair. He started to tell Kion the situation, but as he did his mouth became dry and his eyes started to water; he just couldn't bring himself to say it. Instead, he pointed to the phone, and Kion walked over to it; there appeared to be one message on the receiver. He looked at his dad, and his dad nodded in response. He put the phone to his ear and listened to the message. It was from Marco's college guidance counselor.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fenela," she started in a choked voice. "We regret to inform you that..." There was a pause in the message. "That Marco Fenela has passed away...His roommate found him hanging in his room last night..." She paused again, clearly trying to hold back audible crying. "It seems that Marco's death was the cause of stress and depression."

That was all that Kion heard. He dropped the phone in shock and seemed to be almost catatonic, as if he were completely hollow inside. Since then, all of his emotions seemed to be repressed. All of the clubs he engaged in, all of the physical activities that he took part in, and most of the friends he had were a thing of the past; he didn't care about them anymore. He lost all hope because, not only was the most influential person in his life was dead, but everything that that person taught him was a complete and utter lie.

Kion lost enjoyment in most of the things that he did prior to his brother's death. He took to video games, books, and TV for alternate realities, ones where he wouldn't have to deal with all of the crap that life had to offer. He understood the reasons for his brother's death; it was because he was naive enough to think that he could take to the future without fear, that things would always be easy and "fun" for him if he were to try hard. That's when life cut him with the cold sword that is reality. He considered it naive, but the last thing he would call it was foolish; his brother's outlook on life was effective and completely logical...but he just couldn't follow through. Kion stopped caring about what the future had for him and cast away any fear of death; philosophy and surrealism were his new best friends.

Years passed and Kion purchased the highly-anticipated Virtual Reality RPG, Monster Art Online. It intrigued Kion that such a game could exist, one that would completely disregard reality as he knew it in favor of a much different one. It excited him. He was quick to buy a copy of the game, and promptly logged in to try the new sensation.

MAO Persona - Fel

Avatar Age: 21

Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance: Standing tall at around 6'2, Fel has black hair that spikes at the bottom. His skin is a light brown color, similar to that of one who lives in sunny region. He wears an open zip-up sweatshirt, and under that he wears a black T-shirt. He's wide-eyed and has a slender face. On his lower half, he wears jeans and black sneakers with white stripes. Save for the hair and the skintone, Fel looks a lot like his real life counterpart. Granted, he doesn't have the imperfections that Kion often has, such as blemishes and some freckles he'd prefer not to have, and his build, being as slender yet still somewhat muscular as it was, was more surreal than Kion could even dream to be. In fact, most of his features, as similar as they may be, are more fantastic than those of Kion, and he had no gripe with that. It wasn't so much that he was trying to create himself as he was trying to create a character based off of him, making him taller, sharper-eyed, and more muscular than Kion.

His arms are long, as is his frame, the latter attributing to his height. His jeans are a dark blue color, one that could easily be confused for black, and they have white pokeball prints going down both sides of each leg. His T-shirt has a subtle gray print of a large lightning bolt on it, attributing to his love for electric type pokemon. He sometimes wears a black baseball cap with a red bill with a monochrome emblem on the front of DJ Mary's head.

MAO Personality: Kion finds solace in anything fantasy, they provide for him a "reality" for him that can't exist in what is the true reality. A reality for him that can be anything it wants to be, often building off of a fragment of reality and creating something completely new and interesting; thus, he immerses himself in these experiences. One could say that the Fel is closer to the real Kion than the physical Kion is. Needless to say, when Kion was trapped in MAO, he was ecstatic.

Fel, in contrast to his living counterpart, is far more lively. He's the ambitious type, but defeating the gym leaders and becoming Pokemon League champion is the last thing on his mind. He instead prefers to engage in all that the game has to offer. For the most part, he's a kind individual, and he's not quick to attack other players. Still, this isn't to say that he won't use other people for various purposes, and he often does if it comes down to it. Though he's a fan of soloing, he won't hesitate to socialize or party with others; he's quite sociable. He's the type to make impromptu sarcastic jokes or references to other media that people may or may not understand, even if it is only for his enjoyment. He also avoids insulting people with name calling or threats in favor of backhanded or facetious comments. Still, he's a tolerant person, and it takes a lot for someone to really piss him off.

He definitely wouldn't call himself a "goody two-shoes", as he is the type to throw out societal morals for the sake of personal ones. For instance, he'll help out those who are in trouble for little reason other than the fact that it gives him something to do (that's what he tells himself, anyway), but if there was an "evil" organization or something akin to them, Fel would hear out what their cause is before completely dismissing them, even if he would be considered "evil" by association. Having said that, he's not the type to condone senseless or unnecessary PKing or PKing for fun when the fear people feel is real. Kion was never the type to fear death in real life, the notion of it just seemed like "the end to a dull existence and the beginning of some new mysterious adventure", even if that "adventure" was nothingness. As Fel, he does not exactly fear death so much as he wants to stay away from it at all costs. The surreal world that he existed in is something completely new and very fun and exciting, like an entirely new life. However, he knows that not everyone feels the same way that he does. He, in this sense, isn't normal. "Normal" people fear death, and "normal" people use that fear of death as a drive to live each day and to strive to become better, because "normal" people fear death, and they don't want to die as a nobody or alone.

His style of fighting with pokemon is often never direct. He never really engages his pokemon with an enemy head-on unless he's 100% sure that he can defeat them, so he often relies on tactics that utilize speed rather than those that rely on strength or brute force. For this reason, he prefers using fast pokemon and usually trains the pokemon that aren't fast in speed stats, as its much safer than strength and much quicker than defense. That is, if he catches pokemon. He prefers smaller parties of about 1 to 3, rather than full parties of six, it feels more personal to him when he does so. He considers himself foolish, as he has the tendency to put his pokemons' health before his own, despite the fact that they're nothing more than AI and data. Part of him feels that it is because he is simply trying to immerse himself in the experience even more, but he also feels that it may be because it isn't their fault for getting involved with him, and they have no reason to die for the sake of his selfish ventures.

Starter Pokémon - Hama ♂

Nature - Timid

  • Quick Attack
  • Charge
  • Shock Wave
Roleplay Sample: From Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition
Daniel Williamson / Level 14
Floor 8 - Dovren

Daniel and Jet departed for the dungeon and made it there in rather quick time. The path to the boss was free from monsters, probably because they were mowed down by the onslaught of players. Daniel was a little disappointed at this, but there was nothing to be done about it. When they reached the door, Daniel felt a little under-leveled. He looked at the others around him and they seemed to be a lot more prepared than he was. It was his own fault, he'd spent so much time trying to save up for the house that the only levels that he got were from quests. However, where as everyone else had power, Daniel had speed and potions, and he was already rather confident. He was always a fan of Action RPGs such as Monster Hunter, where one could rely on dodging and even with a weaker weapon or weak armor could take on strong monsters, and he was fairly certain that the tactic would work here...but then again, Salathar was pretty darn large.

He walked into the room, in awe of the battle before him. It was beautiful; those on the front lines were constantly averting her attention away from one group and to another so as to minimize casualties and maximize damage, and it seemed to be working pretty well. Jet ran off with Dexter and someone else, so Daniel was alone for the time being.

"Hey, you got a team?" Said a rather light feminine voice behind him. He turned to the person who was talking to him. It was a girl of around 17 years of age, from what he could tell. She had long black hair and, from the looks of it, was American. She was about 5'7"-5'8"; her skin was a tan color and her eyes were dark blue and somewhat round. She was probably a higher level than him from the looks of her equipment. If he had to guess, she was probably around level 18, if not higher. She wore heavy armor, but some of her accessories and her weapon (which was a long sword) seemed to hint towards an emphasis on speed. "You look fast, maybe together we could strike as fast as lightning. Y'know, we'd be like Izanagi and Izanami!" Daniel was taken aback by her random knowledge of Japanese mythology...then again, he really had no reason to know that either. He smiled at the girl, who shot a smile right back at him. It was a strangely somber meeting, given that they were in the middle of a huge battle.

"Here, take this. I'd reckon that it's better than the weapon you have now." She opened her menu and took out a European inspired light sword. It was a lustrous silver color that was moderate in width and was for the most part thin with an ornamented guard. "I got it recently, but I prefer the weapon I have now. That sword is light and increases defense, so it should be perfect for you."

"You obtained "Benkei's Right Arm!"

"Thanks," Daniel said, equipping the sword. "We really should hurry into the battle, now, though." He said with a stern expression. The girl nodded, agreeing with him and readying her weapon. He invited her to his party and she promptly accepted. "Name's Daniel, pleasure to meet you," Daniel said with a smirk, readying his weapon.

"I'm Kagome, the pleasure's all mine." She said, flashing a smirk back at him. The two then turned their attention to the rampaging colossus and rushed towards it. They were about equal in speed, each one keeping up with the pace of the other. The two of them ran side by side, and sped up the moment the monster turned away from their direction. They jumped on her tail and ran up her back, slashing at the snake hair that threatened the players, and jumping back to the floor below them. They weren't able to look at if they had cut off the snakes as it was common knowledge that looking at any of a Gorgon's could mean turning into a statue, something they could obviously not afford. Instead, once they returned to the ground, they looked to see if any "strands" fell with them. Unfortunately, none did. They tried again two more times, the second time Kagome and Daniel used the arts Celestial Slash and Cross Strike (respectively). They managed to cut off two strands of hair that time, but that was all it took for the gorgon to be genuinely pissed off. It turned to them and, rather than attacking, stared at them. They were quick enough to look away, but it whipped its tail at them and they just barely dodged.

The two retreated and the gorgon averted its attention back to the Front Line attackers. Kagome looked around for a moment, and said, "This isn't a normal gorgon, it's a Lamia." This confused Daniel; from his experience, Lamia didn't have hair formed from snakes. She pointed to an area not too far off where people were making a commotion. They seemed less interested in Salathar as they were in...whatever they were doing. Daniel moved over to get a better view of the situation. Someone seemed to be lying on the ground with a sword in their chest. They seemed to have just died, as they were disintegrating into a mass of transient bits of data. He wasn't exactly sure why this was significant to Kagome; after all, they were in a closed room in the midst of a battle, it would have been the perfect chance for someone to pick off someone that they wanted to kill, for whatever reason...but then again, there was something very strange about the situation. No one seemed to be walking away from the situation, and no one seemed to missing their sword fact, the sword disappeared with man. In other words, it must have been suicide. Kagome noticed Daniel's look of realization and said, "You get it now? If we get caught in the Salathar's gaze...well, we'll become just like Izanagi and Izanami." This time she wasn't nearly as chipper in saying this, implying that she was talking about the rather grim and tragic part of the duo's story.

"Then we'll just need to make a change of tactics." He explained the new plan to Kagome, one that would aid them in shaving the gorgon's head and decapitating it. At the very least, removing as many eyes from her as possible was their priority, but it would also be the perfect chance to take down the beast. She nodded, and then the two readied their weapons yet again. They moved so that they were behind Salathar and then rushed at her.

When they were about halfway to her, Daniel drank his Mediocre Potion of Speed and then Kagome moved in front of him. Without missing a beat, Daniel sheathed his weapon and pulled out a giant sword called the "Tara Del Diablo", a sword that he created from the Golem's Ore that he obtained a while back. It was heavier than his regular sword, but he saved the Mediocre Potion of Speed for just such an occasion. Once they were close enough, Kagome quickly turned around and made a foothold for Daniel with her hands. Daniel stepped up and was launched into the air, using a Tornado Strike attack and cutting off some of the snakes. Right after launching Daniel into the air, Kagome darted up the back of the beast and yelled, "Switch!" Using another Celestial Slash to take down some of the snakes. She caught Daniel by the hand as he was falling and he yelled, "Switch!", using a Strong Thrust attack to force himself and Kagome back into the air and shaving off more snakes. Kagome again yelled "Switch!", performing a Downward Strike on the beasts head. After this onslaught of attacks, the two took to both sides of the beasts head, using her hair as one would use a vine in a jungle, and they both preformed a Celestial Slash on her both sides of her neck.

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