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hysteriX January 5th, 2013 7:37 AM

Aesthetics of Unova Dex?
This is kinda just a little discussion thread of what Pokemon (plural) you like best aesthetically in the Unova Dex. Meaning not caring about stats, or how well they do competitively, or how popular they are. It's just a question of personal aesthetic from Unova fans and haters alike - mainly because the Pokemon's designs are something that regularly gets bashed, and it honestly gets annoying when the reason stated is "because it just looks ugly" or the like. It's a discussion of why you think Trubbish/Garbador are terrible even though they are just callbacks to Grimer/Muk (and to me, better designed and more interesting callbacks).

My aesthetic generally leans towards strange/cute Pokemon. From Swampert to Pikachu, I love a lot of Pokemon. (Even Simisage, but only because it sports a wicked pompadour and pompadours are amazing?) The only ones I seem to not like are ones that don't feel imaginative - compare Durant and Emolga. Emolga is, for one, really cute and also actually screams "electric! flying! squirrel!" while still having that Pokemon look (even if it is just electric because of the colored cheeks that remind you of Pikachu). Durant, is well... "is that a steel ant? Why is it so ant-y?" It doesn't feel like a creative and cool design, and is too much like the original ant template (to me).

Are there any other Pokemon you feel also fit the "unimaginative" bill, or fit your "AWESOME." bill? Do you think it would be better if a Pokemon's colors were switched around? Or do you just want to challenge me on my thinking that Trubbish/Garbador is well-designed? |3

(couldn't find a recent thread on this or one specifically about legit aesthetics so)

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 7:44 AM

When I first booted up Pokèmon White, I genuinely thought that nearly every Pokèmon was a callback to Generation I (as well as a few from II). Frankly, I adore it. The designs of multiple Pokèmon are simply glorious;

These are a few of my personal favorites.
The dragons in particular show how advanced the dragon designs have come, since the days of Dratini - Dragonair - Dragonite.

Those are my two-cents on the matter; Unova Pokèmon have been done well (except for Coffagrigus, that's just scary).

Note: I agree with your opinion about Trubbish & Garbador.

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 8:01 AM

Ooh. :0 All the Pokemon you've linked have really great color schemes that mix very very well. My only complaint is the possible overuse of either lines/scales or the color yellow in Haxorus. I can only assume you like the more kickbutt Pokemon from your choices, seeing as the immediate Pokemon all have claws, fierce expressions, and dark color schemes.

I kinda disagree with the "how far they've come" statement, however. Kanto had a lot of fairly simple Pokemon, the most detailed being like Omastar, Mewtwo or Venasaur. Unova Pokemon are a lot more detailed - especially with their dragon types. However, designwise, being more detailed doesn't make something automatically better. A plain teacup and a teacup with a doily under it is still a teacup; one's just more shmancy.

Also, Cofagrigus is kinda spooky, haha! But I can't deny it doesn't have a beast color scheme (why again can't I remember another Pokemon with those hues? It's a really good combo). The Pokemon as a whole, however, just reminds me of that one episode where Ash got possessed or something and it was really cheesy.

Note: Thank you.

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 8:05 AM

The scales are rather prominent, but hasn't Unova always struck you as a "rough" region? Given how many things may outright kill you, it seems appropriate for certain Pokèmon to be bred for the harshest of conditions (a lovely re-occuring theme).
In regards to the "kickbutt" note; I'm actually a sucker for the adorable ones (currently EV training a Minccino, solely because of how fantastic it looks ^_^.).

Oh no, I wasn't stating that the Unova Pokèmon are inherently superior!
I was simply stating that given the possible color palletes back in the days of Gen I & II, it is interesting to note that so many "eye-popping" colors with subtle hues are being utilized. Using as much of a systems resources as is necessary, that's all I meant (sorry for improperly phrasing it).

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 8:20 AM

It's just so... yellow... xD
And aha, that's kinda adorable. I actually find cuteness in everything so I can just say I love all cute things (Swampert and Haxorus are pretty adorbs). And Minccino do look so cute! I actually have a plushie of one beside me right now. Despite how poorly made it is, it has a big smile and fluffyness that just makes me want to huggle it forever. (2much?)

Whoops. I was only trying to imply you implied only Unova dragons were superior. My bad.

But in all seriousness, thanks for clarifying, haha. I can definitely see what you mean now. Kanto had some very rich colors - see Dragonite's bright tan-orange versus Haxorus medium yellow ochre. There's a big difference - but you also have to consider the design overall. Dragonite was a super happy dragon and was designed to be kind of plump and cute, even if it was a monster in battle and ate you every time you tried to touch the Elite Four. Newer Pokemon are a tad less... I'll use "childish", minding the negative connotation. Especially in your examples, Dragon-types have gotten quite a bit more threatening - meaning, like, all of the Unova Dragon-types (final evos) are just more ~manry and cool.

Hydreigon, Druggidon, Haxorus, even the legendaries are all fairly threatening (even if Reshiram kind of looks like a squishy pillow?)

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 8:26 AM

(Not at all, I actually ordered one online a while ago; just something to put on my shelf when I'm home ill :D ).

It is also interesting to note the influences of Unova's dragons.
Dragonite was, if anything, a European inspired dragon.
Seeing as we know that Gyarados was originaly intended to be the Gen I "Japanese" dragon, alongside Dragonite as the "European" dragon.
((This is a reference to the story in Japanese lore, which Magikarp is based off of. Essentially, once one swims to the top of a specific waterfall, it is turned into a flying dragon)).
Yet Unova is certainly taking Western cues in it's dragon-designs.

Oh yes, they are absolutely threatening.
Though given how all of Unova seems to be one massive creepypasta, it's not unexpected (The though has crossed my mind, than I realized that I don't want to be killed by a giant fire-breathing dragon :laugh: ).

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 8:32 AM

(2something is a meme. Oops.)

Very true. Granted, most of Unova's Pokemon's designs (and well, design overall) are very Americanized. The game is specifically based on America (New York City was a big inspiration, I believe?), rather than one of the regions of Japan like many of the others. Consequently, lots of the Dragons are bipedal. And Hydreigon might be just a bit too plump to be considered Chinese dragon-like, even with the right arms, legs and tail?

Fun fact: Yamask is the reincarnation of a dead person that has all of its memories. Sometimes it looks at its mask (its human face) and cries.

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 8:39 AM

You are entirely right about Unova being based on New York.

Most Japanese dragons are water deities associated with rainfall and bodies of water, and are typically depicted as large, wingless, serpentine creatures with clawed feet.

In regards to Unovas dragons, they are certainly more Western than Eastern.

RE: Unova is modeled after New York. The Relic Castle consists of two, broken towers. The Ghost type Yamask and Coffagrigus can be found inside. Yamask is said to be a human soul that remembers when it was alive, carries a mask that used to be its face, and cries over being dead. And now, it haunts The Relic Castle, which, as stated earlier, consists of two broken, burned down towers, in a fictional region based off of New York. Let that sink in for a second.
Its evolution Coffagrigus is no better- it eats humans and turns them into mummies like Yamask. Now you know how these guys reproduce!
And you can breed them!
To make things a little clearer, Route 4 and Resort Desert are said to be Ground Zero.

That's why Yamask & Coffagrigus horrify me!

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 8:51 AM

I was referring to how most Chinese dragon depictions - at least the ones you will see most often - are extremely snakelike, but some do have stubby little arms and legs. Hydreigon kinda fits the bill, but it's Dante-ized* and quite big for a snake.
*Devil had three heads.

Actually, what do you think of the extremely common three-heads theme in Pokemon? Is it better that Pokemon seems to be moving away from it? They made Magneton into Magnezone, and I can only remember one three-header (the one mentioned above) in Unova off the top of my head. What do you think it did aesthetically for the Pokemon? o_o I think it was cool on Exeggutor, but otherwise, to me, it seems only as an excuse to build another evo out of the same mold.

And. Uh. Wow. I did not know that was what the Relic Castle was based off of. That's, well, that's more than spooky.

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 8:59 AM

(You are referring to Durante degli Alighieri's depiction of Satan? With 3 heads, chewing on Judas, Brutus & Cassius?)

I rather enjoy the theme, given the "3-form" limit of all Pokèmon, three-heads seems like a logical conclusion. Though it has been cheaply utilized for creating of multiple evolutions.

Ah, yes, Unova is full of creepypastas, seriously... (this example is on-topic in regards to aesthetics).


As is typical for the series, the Pokédex provides this... and not just Defanged Horrors either.
"The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished." ~ Jellicent's PokéDex entry.
You would think something that looks so frilly and harmless would have much more cheerful Pokédex entries...
The White Pokédex entry states that "Their favorite food is life energy." Cross that with the scary Black Pokédex entry.
It gets worse; they were originally created to be pure Water-type Pokémon, with innocent connections to princes and princesses, but Game Freak made them Darker and Edgier by adding a Ghost-type to them.
It gets worse than that. Jellicent is 7'3" tall. Imagine: a 7'3" tall ghostly jellyfish/water demon causing ships to crash and crew members to vanish (or drown).
Frillish is no saint, either. Frillish (who's only 3'11) paralyzes its victims with poison, then drags them five miles below the surface. The funny part is, you never actually have to cross the sea with surf, so it is possible to beat the game without encountering them. In the gate before their area the guy even says there is nothing to see ahead. That is to say the people are purposely keeping kids away from them.
The real horror? Every game before this one has a large sea area with lots of swimmers but here? Only 1 place full of daring swimmers close to what might be an Eldritch Location/God's summer house. Oh and also unlike every previous generation there are no ships around. Reality Subtext to since some jellyfish spawn in such numbers around Japan to be pretty devastating
Worse still, Frillish and Jellicent are both Ghost-types, so any attempt by humans to fight them off without Pokémon would be completely futile. Imagine vainly attempting to fight one off as it drags you to the depths paying no attention to your struggles.

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 9:14 AM

(Of course.)

Haha, I like it better when it goes one-two-three, like Hydreigon - however, Hydreigon did add a lot onto its previous evos unlike most of the other three-headers! For starts, it finally got a face! (However, the middleman, Zweilous, could have been a lot more interesting. It is just a bridge and it is disappointing!)

Oh god it's Lost Silver all over again. It's really interesting how designs match up with backstories - Pokemon or otherwise. Jellicent and Frillish really are, well, frilly and squishy/cute like real jellyfish. But real jellyfish are also a big problem as well!

This makes me think of something to try and get away those terrifying stories (which might be a good idea for a thread! :0). What do you think of Pokemon that are really closed to the real life animal (or even myth) they are based off of? I've already commented that I like more imaginative designs better (cough Durant! >:C). You? Or anyone else that wants to comment on this thread? (It's not just me and Gideon, guise.)

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 9:24 AM

(Than yes.)

As well as the severely diminished mental prowess upon evolving.
It's as if nature wants to turn it into a mindless killing machine.

Lost Silver... >_>.
*is genuinely afraid*

Frankly, I adore those which are based off of actual animals, as well as true-to-the-story mythological designs. Though, some of the imaginative designs are glorious.

Milotic is a perfect example of imaginative design.
It's a mixture of a sea-serpent, siren, Mermaid & Melusine.
Through it's actual design, as well as it's stats, description & initial evolutionary path.

((Sorry, I just adore the topic of aesthetics.))

Forever January 5th, 2013 9:28 AM

While I'll end up replying later properly, for now I just want to remind the thread to stick to discussing Unova mons aesthetics and not ones from other regions. :)

Gideon Jeremiah January 5th, 2013 9:33 AM

Oh geeze, I goofed with the Gen III Pokèmon.
Well, I've said a bit much here as it is, so I'll finish with this.
Golurk is a wondrous Generation V design, in my opinion.
It's as some sort of magical golem, but clearly biological due it naturally appearing in Dragonspiral Tower & Victory Road (B2/W2).

hysteriX January 5th, 2013 9:35 AM

Milotic is a good example. This is a BW thread? xD

But some of the designs just... aren't that creative to me in BW. I mean, their colors may be gorgeous, and their designs sensical and clever... but it doesn't have that Pikachu glow, or that Milotic beauty!

Ducklett and Swanna. Nice, fitting, sharp colors. The ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan. They are drawn like Pokemon. Why don't they feel like Pokemon? Well, let me compare Altaria, who reminds me a lot of Swanna. It has more going for it than "oh that's a stylized bird drawing." Its body is a cloud, for one (hipster Altaria snarks at Cloudy Unova Trio).

Leavanny is a good example of this. She's made of leaves, so what? Well, she makes her own clothes of leaves, as well. Also, it's very humanoid (contrasts nature and humanity for brownie points!). And this might be irrelevant, but one interpretation of its name is "leaf nanny", which makes perfect sense - especially since it's (EXCUSE THE POSSIBLE SEXISM) very womanly shaped!

Also, Garbador makes trash look good.

(No no, you're fine! I'm just eager to have a big discussion with lots of opinions. xD)

edit: I was ninja'd! Twice! You're totally right, by the way. It even has a mechanical feel due to the coloring, the sort of "armor" skirt, and the bandaid on the chest. (I'm calling it a bandaid.) I have seen some hate on it for having an unproportionally sized head, however. :/

Arlo January 5th, 2013 11:08 AM

Gonna just string together a bunch of observations, since right-off-the-top-of-my-head seems to be the best approach to this, to me, interesting topic:

(spoilered this because it's far too long - you have been warned :D)

Durant, yes, is sort of unimaginative. The connection between Durant and Heatmor though is a very nice touch - a steel ant and its fire anteater predator.

Trubbish is cute. Surprisingly so. Garbodor is unsurprisingly not cute. I don't mind it and don't understand the hate (I attribute it to "hate first, come up with an excuse later"). It's a decent concept, and pretty well executed.

Emolga is adorable and yes, is everything that it looks like it is and so perfectly so.

Petilil is probably my favorite from this gen, just because, between its design and its animation, it's easily one of the cutest pokemon ever, full stop. Even its color is as cute as green can get. Lilligant is pretty awesome too - looks like a fading southern belle, and fights like one too.

Cinccino is another of my favorites, but there's something not quite right about its fur, and I can't quite pin it down. It just seems like it should be a wee bit fluffier and more... attached? The way it moves is almost like it's pale, fluffy dreadlocks, only attached at the top, and it seems that it should fit more like actual fur, or at least like a stole. I really love Cinccino's expression though - it looks like it just stepped out of a limo and into a sea of camera flashes, and it looks perfect coming out of a Premier Ball.

Excadrill always looks to me like it's actually sort of thin and it's just wearing a baggy fur suit. I mostly like the design, but there's something off about the rumpled appearance of the fur, and the steel head/thing looks like it's too heavy and it's falling down over its eyes, and dragging the rest of the baggy fur suit along with it. Drilbur is a tremendous design though - looks exactly like what it's meant to be.

The whole Sewaddle line is great. Sewaddle looks just right - more leaf and less pokemon, as if, just as the dex says, it's been dressed up in something someone else made for it. Swadloon looks defensive, as it is. It doesn't have any reach (or even anything that looks like arms or legs) - it's just a face peeking out of a duvet. And I loved Leavanny from the first moment I saw one. It's a mantis, but it's also a swashbuckler - all it needs is a floppy hat with an ostrich feather, and it'd be d'Artagnan come to the pokemon world. If it hadn't learned Leaf Blade, I would've been deeply disappointed.

Sigilyph is freaking awesome - an absolutely brilliant bit of design. It's a full-on desert mystery and is just a near-perfect design. And it looks that much more awesome coming out of a Repeat Ball.

Scraggy is another great design that looks exactly like what it is, and with the bonus that Scraggy is actually a dragon. Even though it's not dragon type, it's in the dragon egg group, and if you look close it does resemble a dragon. In baggy clothes. With an attitude. The only problem with Scraggy, to me, is that it learns Low Kick too early, and the ones you can catch in-game have already lost it, so the only way to get it is to raise one from an egg or relearn it, and by the time you can relearn it, better attacks are available. But there are few examples of a move being more perfectly conceptually appropriate for a pokemon than low kick for Scraggy. I know that's not visual aesthetics, but it's still aesthetics.

Scrafty's okay, but Scraggy's the better design all in all.

The Gothita line is nice all the way through. Just really a shame they weren't Psychic/Dark dual types - that would've been more aesthetically pleasing, regardless of any effect that might've had on gameplay.

Eelektross is a bit disappointing. The concept is good, and Tynamo and Elektrik are both good designs (Tynamo especially so), but there's just something derpy about Eelektross. Between its expression and its animation, it just looks... stupid. Not "stupid" like "I don't like that so it's stupid" - "stupid" like "unable to form a thought." I still like it well enough, but it's just a bit odd.

Chandelure is... okay. Its movements are strange - a bit too flexible for mimicking a chandelier, but a bit too solid for a ghost. It might've been better if it shifted shape by sort of drifting, like smoke, rather than bending like rubber. I don't mind that bending effect for Litwick, since wax bending is easy enough to conceptualize, but it starts getting odd with Lampent and is sort of off-putting with Chandelure. Other than that though, they're great designs, and it's surprising how cute Litwick is.

Hydreigon looks every bit as threatening as it is. Easily one of the best dragon designs ever. It's a bit odd coming out of Deino and Zweilous though. Zweilous is okay, but a bit derpy. Deino, aside from the obvious superficial dragon appearance, looks for all the world like an agreeable puppy. I like that, but it just makes it strange when, oh-so-eventually, it makes it all the way to the sinister glory of Hydreigon.

Druddigon amuses me. It not only looks like it was designed by a child - it moves like the animation was done by a child. The whole effect is very primitive and dull-witted, which fits Druddigon pretty much perfectly. I think it's a great bit of design.

Golurk/Golett is another great design. They really look like ghost mechas made out of sand. I don't know if I could've even conceived ghost mechas made out of sand, but in retrospect, they'd look exactly like that.

Dwebble is a great concept and well executed - Crustle not so much so.

I don't mind the Vanillite line myself. I can see how those who were primed to find something to hate saw them and went, "Ah HA! Those are the things that I will hate!" but they don't bother me that much. I just think of them as an example of Douglas Adams' notion that in an infinite universe, every possible design of living thing anyone could ever conceive will exist somewhere or another, from which he posited a planet populated by ballpoint pens. I have no problem with the notion that an ice pokemon could end up closely resembling the things we call ice cream cones, and the concept is sort of amusing. The hate is sort of amusing too, so they get a bit of a sympathy nod from me.

Axew is cute. Axew is like a Newfoundland puppy - sure it's sort of big, but man it's just so frickin' cute. But then... yeah... it grows up. Fraxure is okay, but the mouth blades seem a bit of a stretch, and there's something about that green bit on its back and head that looks like it's got its shirt pulled halfway off. Haxorus settles down though, with more believable mouth blades and a nice nasty design.

The Klink line doesn't bother me aesthetically. I can at least see why the haters focused on it so much, since it is a bit too obviously just gears. I sort of like the way it's treated as a mystery in-game - as if the game universe is saying, "Yes, this is pretty obviously just gears, so how the hell did that happen?" Since it is, really, even though it looks like gears, and even though the haters hate it, a pokemon. For me though, I don't like it much for an entirely different reason - because its stats and its movepool seem like GF trolling us. It's got great defenses and great attack, and an awesome speed and attack boosting move, and then it's got Gear Grind, Wild Charge and Return, and that's it. Pretty much every other useful move it has is Special, and its Special Atk is mediocre at best and unboostable. And GF points and says, "Ha ha!"

Galvantula's pretty cool. It looks a bit too much like an electric tarantula, which yeah... is what it is... but I mean like a picture of a tarantula color-shifted to yellow and with electric bolt-y things added to it, but still... it's pretty cool. The only other thing that stands out to me about the line is Joltik's animation, which is so frenetic that it makes me jumpy just watching it.

I like the Lillipup line all the way through, except for Stoutland's enormous mustaches, just because it throws it a bit if it's a female. Yes - they're fur, and it's a dog, so they're not really mustaches, but still... Lillipup is cute and perky and Herdier is sort of playful and surprisingly tough (and anyone who's ever had a terrier can relate to that) and Stoutland is... stout. And packs a pretty mean wallop, actually.

Ducklett is just a blue duck (and why doesn't it get the hate that Lillipup gets? It's so much more obviously "just a duck" than Lillipup is "just a dog." Maybe the haters haven't played long enough to make it to Driftveil Drawbridge? They went out onto Route 1, said, "That's just a dog!" then turned the game off and have spent all their time since just complaining?) I do like one part of Ducklett though - it does this movement in its animation where it reaches forward with one wing, and to me, it looks like it's trying (ultimately unsuccessfully) to interrupt - "Umm.... say... I.... umm..." *Smack!*. Swanna is a great design, though it's sort of a shame that there's no difference between the males and the females, since it's a noticeably female-ish design. About a D-cup, I'd say.

Speaking of male and female, Jellicent is pretty good. There's a certain conception of the droll, overfed, underexercised, sort-of dull-witted and proper king and queen, and Jellicent nailed it. I just sort of wish they were at the end of a different evolutionary line or something, since Frillish is far and away one of my favorite designs from this gen - so dainty and wispy, the way it just floats there, and I was expecting it to evolve into.... something quite different, though I don't know what. I like all those designs, I'm just not sure about the one leading to the other.

Rufflet is sort of embarrassingly ruffled, but I guess that was the goal, and it does have those talons, even then. And Braviary looks every bit what it is - the baddest ass flying/normal the pokemon universe has ever seen.

Purrloin's pretty cute - cuter even than the norm for cat pokemon. Liepard's a great design, but the colors are a bit off-putting to me.

The Solosis line is another of my favorites from this gen. They fit together perfectly as a literal, visible, lesson in evolution. And if you haven't seen one come out of a Nest Ball, go do it right now - they were made for each other.

Elgyem is another great design. I just looked at it and immediately got it - "Elgyem? L... G... M....... Little... Green... Man!") It's that much more perfect that in addition to its psychic moves, it can learn Headbutt. Beheeyem though... I really like the design, but I don't get the connection. It doesn't look like a bug-eyed monster, really. It looks like a pimp in a low budget 70's blaxploitation movie. Well... if the movie was set on another planet, that is.

Reshiram and Zekrom are okay, except for those enormous things attached to their butts. It's sort of odd though that they don't really stand out as great designs. They're just sort of blah, really. Except for those enormous things attached to their butts, which are just sort of weird.

Oh, and Ferrothorn. The first time I hit a Ferroseed and took Iron Barb damage, I loved that pokemon. It's so perfectly exactly what it is, whatever that is. A ball of grass wrapped up in spiked metal, for some reason...

I expected this one to be a long one when I started out, but damn...
Sorry to the tl/dr crowd, though, of course, they didn't make it anywhere near far enough to read this bit anyway...

hysteriX January 6th, 2013 4:57 AM

Wow okay! I think I'm only going to fight with you a bit over some things that had confused me - not in your post of course, but with the designs themselves and some points you... pointed out.

Garbador is kinda cute to me! It does have those Grimer-eyes that aren't necessarily adorable, but the mouth is what does it for me. It's so cartoony, even for a Pokemon, and it just looks like he's trying a bit too hard to be threatening! (Otherwise I'm confused about the muffin-pigtails on its head. Are those supposed to be like explosions, or trees?)

Lilligant is so beautiful. D: She really is like the Southern Belle Pokemon - especially compared to edgy, mysterious Roserade (and even gloomy-colored Vileplume).

I rather enjoy Cinccino's animation! It makes it look a lot more bouncy and energetic. I do agree with you about the awkward placement and connection of the top... hair/fur what-have-yous. And I have never seen one come out of a premier ball. Though you do seem to be fairly concerned/obsessed? with the specific types of Pokeballs your Pokemon are caught in. Are you just that well knowledged in the subject matter? Haha.

I'm really confused as to how you got that about Excadrill, actually. Unless, you mean by rumpled, his/its markings? I can not see where its skin sags - at least not in his sprites. I suppose I could see that at the top, where the awkwardly positioned claw? horn? is, but where else?

Scrafty disappointed me. I was really excited by Scraggy's design - it looked like a good, first-evo Pokemon that could evolve into something silly! But then Scrafty is really edgy and cool (see mohawk, eyeshadow, and the baggy pants don't help either). It's terrible seeing that adorable thing grow up like that! D=

Druddigon annoys me in the eyes. Its color combinations just irritate me. It's fairly obvious to see that they clash - the red and blue. The red and the yellow don't work, but the blue and the yellow do. It's a really confusing and unharmonic color scheme that just kind of splatters red everywhere unnecessarily. The wings are also a little disappointing - but as you said, and as I agree, it looks like it was designed by a child.

I like to think of the Vanillite line as mutant ice cream cones, personally.

Even if Axew turns into a monster, it is understandble, isn't it? In that even Dragons don't start out big and strong (see Dratini); they have to grow up first! However, I agree with you on the kind of haphazard connections between evolutions. The sudden and unsuspected muted yellow ochre is really only okay on Haxorus when you don't put it next to its pre-evos. Then it just looks like that one really awkward in-law...

Galvantula is probably my one exception to the "it looks too much like a real animallll" rule because of the color scheme it kinda shares with Cofagrigus. Yellow and blue just makes me swoon.

Purrloin really disappoints me - less so Liepard. It is a Dark-type version of Skitty. Um? I feel they could have been a bit more into the imaginative part here - Skitty sorta reminded you of a cat. Meowth was a Lucky Cat (like you put in front of your stores). Purrloin is a cat. I feel they might have been able to try for a more Cheshire Cat look with the line, akin to Gengar - especially since both are purple (at least in the Disney version). Purrloin's even a dark-type! It would make the evolution line a lot more appealing and fitting, at least to me - plus kudos for callbacks to Gengar?

I'm not quite sure what to say about Reshiram. For Zekrom, who looks like an epic transformer, the tail might even fit - and a viable replacement for it might be something like electric mecha wings, hahaha. But for Reshiram, who's supposed to be the natural, fluffy one; I couldn't think of a suitable replacement. Its wings couldn't be on fire - that's Moltres' thing. There's not much else to do other than stick it on its tail - and they can't steal Charizard's thang.

Arlo January 11th, 2013 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by hysteriX (Post 7473738)
Wow okay! I think I'm only going to fight with you a bit over some things


A couple that I missed in that mega post and noted things about later:

Audino - Audino's a nice design. Emphasis on the word "nice." It's sort of like a cross between Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Rogers, and it even looks like it's wearing a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan sweater. And that sort of empty-headed, hopeful smile it has fits it so perfectly.

Krookodile is another great design. Sandile is okay, but nothing special, though it does get points for being so exactly what it is. Krokorok is better, and fits into the evolutionary line well - it's getting a bit of an attitude, but it's a defensive, glowering, arms-crossed sort of an attitude. Like it's trying to be badass but just isn't that sure of itself yet. Krookodile though - that's a pokemon that just can't wait to tear things up.

More if I think of them....

Forever January 12th, 2013 1:17 AM


Originally Posted by Arlo (Post 7486497)
Audino - Audino's a nice design. Emphasis on the word "nice." It's sort of like a cross between Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Rogers, and it even looks like it's wearing a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan sweater. And that sort of empty-headed, hopeful smile it has fits it so perfectly.

Honestly I'm not really a fan of Audino's design and only really like it for nostalgia sake. I'm not sure what it is, but it just looks odd, perhaps it's the ears that feel out of place, but if they were larger, and Audino's stomach area was a little different it might fit better?

Golurks Were Meant to Fly January 31st, 2013 4:12 PM

I'll try not to make my post as long as the others :P

Off the top of y head, here are some I really like!:

Golurk: (this was obvious) It's awesome. It has a great color scheme, the turquoise is really cool for a gollum pokemon, as I would have thought one of those would be brown and crumbly. Golurk also has that awesome band across its chest, which gives it an air of power and awesomeness. Also, I love its tiny head in comparison to it's body, it's cute and funny! :D Golurk's eyes are also cool as they're kind of derpy :DDD The fact that it lights up with energy makes it look BA, as well as those bands around it's wrists and ankles

Whimsicott: This thing is absolutely adorable. It's a huge ball of fluff, and is a great change from cottonee, who was just weird looking in my opinion. It's got the happiest face and IT'S SO FLUFFY OMG. I also love it's little ear thingies :D

Sigilyph: This thing is super awesome looking. It's like a billion times better version of unown. I love how it's a flying heiroglyph combined with a clay pot! And it's the fact that it's one-eyed is just... awesome! Also, it looks amazing as an animated sprite, as it's like a 3D heiroglyph which makes it even cooler. I also think it's a really creative design

Frillish (female): I prefer this version of frillish to the other, as frillish male has a tomato for a head. Anyway, frillish female is awesome! It looks ghostly - but happy, which is refreshing due to all the mean-spirited or sad looking ghost types we have floating around. The design is just plain awesome to be honest, it's simple but cool, with frillish floating up and down, and just looking COOL

Bouffalant: It has an afro, 'nuf said. Just kidding, but the afro is definitely the best part! This bull looks like it means serious business, and the afro it has is just all sorts of amazing. It's a simple pokemon with one cool feature, which is nice in a region with many complex designs. AFROS

KingSquirtle February 5th, 2013 4:57 PM

I'll do some I like too ^^ and some I don't lol

Serperior- I love the elegance of it. Reminds me of dragonair, whom I've always thought was the most beautiful Pokemon :D

Emboar- love the name and love to watch his beard of fire

Dewott- love his whiskers, they add a lot i think and he looks like he's wearing shorts with shells for weapons lol

Samurott- his helmet rules. It's perfect protection and a weapon. And his mustache and beard make him look wise and weathered without looking old.

Zebstrika- love the threatening appearance of its stripes and mane

Gigalith- kind or reminds me of what I liked about metagross. Threatening four legged walker hewn from unnatural material. I want the shiny so bad lol

Scolipede- I'm fascinated by this because centipedes are my worst fear. But I'd love to watch one of these in battle. Watching all of those legs go to work and the quick slithering movements... Captivating!

Whimsicott- some mentioned this but I agree. It's so adorable and fluffy!!! Little stubby arms and legs make it more so lol

Krookodile- love this guys animations. It's perfectly crocodilian and Pokemon at the same time and simple yet powerful. Feraligatr was a perfectly complex crocodilian on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Dweble- I like crustaceans. And this guy is too cute and very Clever I think

Tirtouga&carracosta- nice representations of sea turtles. Like the armored look. Just a powerful appearance in more than one way.

Emolga- omg the cuteness lol I don't find many of the electric or water rodents cute but wow and the glider aspect is awesome.

Escavalier- it's a snail and roman helmet. It's lances. Looks like its ready to charge full speed lances raised into its foes. Very dangerous.

Galvantula- nice coloring and perfect for an electric spider. It's furry so it's different enough from ariados who I also love that I'd put them both on a bug team.

Eelectross- I like the colors and serpentine body. And the arms and fins make it have a predatory element. Like all those claws and teeth are ready to sink in and shock anything

Axew- soooook cuuuuut it is like a puppy lol. I think fraxure looks like an airplane though xD fans are much too big. Haxorus is perfectly nice by resembling a dragon yet not too much so it's still unique from other dragons

Cubchoo- another cute one lol I want to snuggle it xD just have to give it some mucinex lol

Druddigon- I agree he's a bit childish and reminds me of what happened when I tried to use that crayon melting thing as a child xD but idk hes his own thing and I like the very rough spiky skin

Bisharp- I picked her for my team almost entirely because of her appearance. I like blades and spikes if u haven't noticed lol. I love the cleverness of its animations. Like its ordering other pawniard to attack like its pokedex entry. Or when a foe faints like its saying you're done. Muahahahaha

Braviary- an incredible design that I wish had its own signature move but nonetheless it's very Americanized and patriotic, perfect for an America based region

Terrakion- I like how it's so strong and noble looking. Something I'd ride. Just the horns really give it a nice defensive look

Yeah really the only design I strongly hate is simipour. I don't like monkeys and hate the hairdo and waving lol

OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire February 6th, 2013 2:26 PM

I like it how the Unova mon's used earthy colors this time around espcially in pokemon such as Haxorus and Terrakion.
Vanilluxe- I wish they didn't put the straw into it's's kind of creepy imo.

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