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TheUglyDucklett January 10th, 2013 2:30 AM

Shattering Worlds (M) (OOC)
Shattering Worlds
A Digimon Roleplay
(Rated M for violence, crude languade and potential mild, adult themes)

The Beginning
Chaos has swallowed Earth and the Digital World as corrupted Digimon swarm and destroy as much of both worlds as they possibly can. When the first corrupted brood came to be the attacks were at first random and harmless. The natural order was able to dispatch with most of the mindless Digimon. However, survivors managed to grow and establish their strength. Filled with years of malice and suffering, the corrupted survivors orchestrated attacks on Earth and raids inside the Digital World to bend both worlds to their will. The first of the corrupted Digimon, four in total, to reach the tier of Mega learned to expand their numbers by corrupting other Digimon. They became the new gods of their revolution, and spread their corruption as far as possible.

It took weeks for the United States to realize that the increasing number of Digimon attacks were actually organized and connected. By that time, though, the threat was recognized too late. Communications were sabotaged and the nation was the first to feel the might of the corrupted Digimon. Weakened by the sudden insurrection and world affairs the armed forces weren't enough to counter the threat. All the other countries shied away from the doomed continent as Canada and Mexico closed their borders in preparation for their own war. After three months the entire country fell. After the fall, the corrupted Digimon were given free reign to destroy and kill as much as they pleased. Humans found shelter where they could, but no area was safe for long.

Similar conditions were apparent in the Digital World as well. Unaffected Digimon lived in fear of being corrupted by the Megas that plagued their world. Not even their saintly guardians could hope to quell the conflict that the corrupted Digimon raised. Their only hope was the co-operation of Humans. In time, a small group of chosen Digimon were sent to Earth to find Humans that could possess their digivices and restore order to both worlds.

More About The Plot

The RP will be broken up into chapter-like installments. It will begin during a corrupted Digimon rampage in New York where the tamers and Digimon will first meet. Together they'll fend off their common enemy and find an escape route out of the state. Each chapter following will continue the story until the end. The ultimate goal will be to defeat all four corrupted Mega Digimon (anonymous for now) and find a way to either eliminate or cleanse the rest of their corruption. This might be difficult, however, because they may also have to deal with the rest of the world and Dystopian United States.

Corrupted Digimon are usually Deep-red in eye color, yellow if the usual color is red. They may be different in body color-scheme, but they all "glitch out" with their form suddenly distorting in some way. Any Digimon partner could become corrupted in the later chapters!! (recoverable condition, so no worries about losing the Digimon partner)

RP Rules

1.) Mind the "M" rating! Violence, language and adult themes are fine mild.
2.) I would like a minimum of at least 1-2 medium-sized posts a week; notice me in advance if something comes up so I don't give away your spot!
a.) Any replaced person's character will be killed in-story and the new person will start off where that player left off (this will affect Rule #3 by my discretion depending on circumstances)
3.) A Digimon is allowed to start off with the capability of digivolving to Champion level. However, this will result in a slower climb to Ultimate. The Tamers and Digimon will be Biomerging to Mega in this RP (Being in the Digital World is required to Biomerge).
4.) Any Player-on-Player conflicts in-game will be a joined post (does not complete the post requirement for either player unless mentioned). It will be left to the players themselves to decide a winner and the terms the battle ends unless IC/OOC intervention is requested.
5.) There will be a position to help control NPCs, but I will ultimately control them. They are available for reasonable bunnying to advance a player's post.
6.) Bunnying is allowed with owner consent, but I must be alerted that there's permission. No Godmodding!!

Players: (5-6 including me, but I will accept a few NPC aids and significant late-entries)
(1) heretostay123 (Bakura and Gil)
(2) Fuyu (Lark "Kit" and Paopao)
(3) Puppeteer Mask (Samantha and Rosencrantz)
(4) KingKaos (Kaiba and Draco)
(5) TheUglyDucklett (Dontae and Artemis)
(6) DavidtheDeadPhilosopher (Miles and Cinni)

NPC Aids:

Appearance: (keep it brief; no need to go crazy. Pictures as visual aid are acceptable)
Personality: (1 paragraph minimum)
History: (1 paragraph minimum; include what the character is doing during the attack)

Digivolution Route: (InTraining --> Rookie --> Champion --> Ultimate --> Mega)
Personality: (two paragraphs; one to establish normal personality and a quick one to include personality while corrupted)
History: (1/2 paragraph and include what the Digimon is doing during the attack; they may come into contact with their partner!)

<Challenger> January 15th, 2013 7:50 AM

This sounds ever so great :) I haven't played or watched Digimon in a while, but I'm all up for a roleplay.

Fuyu January 15th, 2013 8:27 AM

Reserve please. I'll have my SU started when I get back from finals.

TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 10:03 AM

Two people interested so far; that's a good sign! I assume you want to be reserved as well, Heretostay? :b

So here's my SU. It's a little more detailed than what I'll accept in certain areas, but it gets the job done.

Name: Dontae Redblade
Age: 18
Gender: Male

In addition to this base, Dontae also has a bloody-red neck band. The pants are blue jeans instead of the black pair in the photo. He borders on 5'9".

Personality: Dontae is inwardly conflicted with himself. Though seemingly calm, it is mostly a facade to hide his negativity on the inside. He sometimes wishes he could run wild and let out his aggression, but it remains held down and bottled up. His short-comings, doubts and misdeeds consistently humble him on the inside, and keeps the rage in check. But this is mostly humbling by shame, and it tends to hurt twice as much than the rage. He will speak out if he has to, and has a strong sense of what he feels is right or wrong, but it is instinctual for him to remain quiet. It is also particularly difficult to speak to new people. Despite his social anxiety, he is a very compassionate person. He truly cares for the people he's comfortable with and will look out for them to the best of his abilities. He's also very sympathetic, but it is also an excuse to not think about himself.

History: Dontae grew up in an abusive surrounding that created his self-critical behavior. As a kid he was pushed around on all sides. It did include the stereotypical bullies, but it also included his own family. His parents had divorced when he was very young, and the court put him in the custody of his neglectful father (his mother was so infuriated that she left the state and abandoned her own son). Not only did his father ignore the boy's problems, he also took every opportunity he could to pick at his son's flaws and habits. Even when Dontae managed to grab a sizable chunk of success it wasn't enough to impress the people in his life.
Dontae grew up silent. He had learned early on that no one was there for him. They were all selfish and cruel, but he had to deal with everything they put in his way. He shut everyone out and tried to phase in and out of life. And yet that only gave his tormentors more fodder to attack him with. The fear of punishment kept him from speaking out and defending himself.
When the whole country fell to the corrupted digimon, Dontae was still stuck with his father. The two were headed to Vermont, where his mother was rumored to have found shelter. His father planned on using their son to get in, but Dontae knew that his own safety was just a side-thought. They wound up caught in the middle of the latest rampage in New York, however, and were forced to flee on foot. Though separated for a time, when his father finally found him again the two were bitter enemies. Unable to put up with the chaos around him and in his own like the boy spoke up for himself for the first time. However, it wasn't with words. Instead, Dontae screamed at the top of his lungs for as long and as hard as he could. It was enough to attract a few digimon that swarmed in and killed his father while he managed to ran away. Essentially murder.

Breed: Lunamon
Nickname: Artemis
Gender: Female
Digivolution Route: Moonmon --> Lunamon --> Leikismon --> Crescemon --> Dianamon

Personality: Although still upbeat and caring, Artemis is like Dontae's extreme opposite due to her willingness to socialize with almost anything. She's serious in battle, but when the combat high fades she's back to her old self. One could say that this is a good thing, but it wouldn't be a first for her to accidentally make a situation worse. She is sort of a ditz and follows her sometimes ridiculous whim. She's devoted to the cause and Dontae's well-being, but it can prove to be a small headache from time to time. As she gains the power to digivolve to higher tiers, though, her clumsy tendencies and silly desires decline... somewhat.
When under the effects of corruption, Artemis is vindictive and seeks to fight anything that could give her a challenge. The only thing she can register as a non-hostile is Dontae, but even then she'll distance herself; the part of her still sane inside (in light of the first paragraph, though, this could be subjective...) fears what she may do to him. Just about everything else is fair game.

History: Artemis hatched out of her digiegg a short time before she was called upon to find a human tamer. As a Moonmon, her digiegg village was raided and corrupted by one of the Megas. She was the only one rescued due to being blessed by the prophecy. In the care of the divine digimon, she watched the destruction happen below from the most sacred sanctuary known to Digimon. When it came time to pass through the gate into the human world, she was handed an antique green-on-black digivice, symbolic to the second generation devices, and told to look for someone that needed her power.
It was hard to find someone specifically at first due to the fact that she found herself in New York and everyone looked like they needed her help. Then again, most people tried to chase her off, so it was easy to tell which ones weren't her destined partner. When she found Dontae, alone and wandering inside a demolished skyscraper, he was the first one to hold his judgment. He was wary of her, but he didn't out-right cast her away. After a brief period of talking with him, she handed him the digivice and asked him to think about it. After leaving his sight she kept an eye out for him. Their conversation included her mentioning that the weaker of corrupted digimon were influenced by strong emotions, so she felt guilty when he used it to free himself.

<Challenger> January 15th, 2013 10:14 AM


Name: Bakura Jinguar
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bakura is roughly 6'5 with a skinny build. He doesn't have much muscle, but he is rather intelligent. He isn't pale, but he is tan. His ice-blue eyes make him seem a little more mysterious than he actually is. His hair is long and white and it hangs down to his waist. It is poofed out and is as wide as his
body. His usual apparel is a a blue and white polo with a blue button up shirt that he keeps unbuttoned, and blue jeans, with blue sneakers. His digivice is a bluish-color.

Personality: Bakura is very....different. His personality is split down the middle. Some days he will be completely serious and the rest of the time he's loose and care free. His serious personality is his normal one. He is intelligent, his eyes are keener, and he is way more cautious. His care-free personality is the less frequent one, but he is way more enjoyable. Bakura tends to forget to use his smarts, he forgets minor details, and he is a little reckless. This Bakura is the life of the party. He is smooth and funny.

History: Bakura was born in Cairo, Eqypt. His parents were American archaeologists who had taken the position of chief archaelogists over their site, and the pay was good. He grew up a rich American in Africa: The locals didn't exactly appreciate them. When he was 14, his family was assaulted by a horde of angry, poor Egyptians. For three years, he lived a boring American life without the interest. When the attacked happened, he was in downtown. He panicked and began to run away. He found Gil after being knocked aside by a car in Nashville, Tennessee. He almost panicked at the sight of a digimon, but his care-free personality had reign, and he was more curious than he was afraid. The pair somehow felt connected to each other, and they became good friends after about half an hour of running together with conversation.

Breed: Guilmon
Nickname: Gil
Gender: Male
Digivolution Route: Gigimon --> Guilmon --> Growlmon --> Wargrowlmon --> Gallantmon

Personality: Gil is a very soft-spoken young digimon. He was always the quiet one who would avoid any battles if possible. He was afraid of being attacked by the larger, more powerful digimon. Hee feared that he was too weak fight. When he wasn't cowering, he was making friends with the smaller digimon. He is a kindred spirit, but he will fight to defend others if it's justified. When in battle, he goes all out. He only fights those he believes are truly evil.

When he is corrupted, he is a bloodthirsty killing machine. He shows no sign of memory from before, and he has no remorse. Death is almost certain if he is in his mega form.

History: Gil was born a Gigimon, the runt of his family. His mother abandoned him as a child, but a group composed of a Kokomon, Gummymon, and a Chibomon. The group of friends were together at all times. Eventually they digivolved together. A Terriermon, Lopmon, Veemon, and Guilmon. Not the group you would expect to see. They lived together in a small cave in the Digiworld for a long time. The only time they seperated when the attacks happened...

A Kowakumon invaded their home and killed the Terriermon instantly, and they fled as fast as they could. As they were running, a Tortamon quickly ran down the Lopmon. The Veemon and Gil ran as fast as they could, but they ended up cornered in a cliff by the Kowakumon and Tortamon. They were going to give up, but they decided to go out fighting. They charged the champion digimon and managed to defeat the Tortamon, but the Kowakumon had knocked them back. It killed Veemon and was going to kill Gil. It would've succeeded, but a portal to the real world opened behind him and he retreated into it. He popped out and came from an alleyway only to see Bakura hit the ground in front of him. They were a little scared of each other at first, but they began running in the same direction and conversed. They have been best friends ever since.

Puppeteer Mask January 15th, 2013 10:28 AM

WHile I'm currently hankering for a Pokemon RP, I'd be willing to join a Digimon one, especially with a developed plot like this and literate RPers. The last Digimon RP I was in was kinda... meh. I mean, I wound up having fun with it, but I felt like I had to drag most of the other characters through the plot and I think I was one of the only ones that used full sentances... But semantics.

I'd be interested in making a character for this, but I have no idea what exactly I'll do with it yet. I'm assuming the pokemon's "breed" is its Vaccine, Data or Virus standing? Also, what is "bunnying"? I don't think I've ever used that term used before, and I've been RPing for almost nine years.

TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 1:01 PM

@heretostay: I reserved you, so that's good! :b

@Puppeteer: By "breed" I meant the digimon itself (Agumon, Kabuterimon, etc.); mostly because I wasn't sure what exactly to name it formally. And by bunnying I meant taking control of another person's character(s). I suppose it's more of an off-beat term that I use but at 5 in the morning it helped save time :b

I'll also put you under reserved for now; if you don't want to join no worries!

Puppeteer Mask January 15th, 2013 5:02 PM

Right-o. I kind of suspected that's what the term was given the context, but like I said, I had never heard it before. That's fine, though. A day where you don't learn something is pretty much a day wasted. I'll start plotting out a character, but as is I don't even know what gender to make it. I would remake the character I had from the previous RP I did, but I don't think she's nearly serious enough for this darker setting. Also, I couldn't help but notice that you're playing a male character that will biomerge into a female Mega. That's actually kinda ironic given that I was almost tempted to do the same.

So we have Lunamon (who I remember being awesome in my Digimon Dusk game, so kudos), which I think was supposed to be one of the rare genuinely benevolent Darkness digimon with a healthy doseage of Ice and Water, and then there's Dorumon (who I hardly remember from anything at all) who I THINK had Metal as his element? I'm not sure. Didn't he also have an entire Dark digivolution line opposed to it? I can't remember anything about the guy. I'm just gonna assume, for the sake of keeping a varied party, that I shouldn't use a machine or darkness digimon. *scratches Andromon, Bakemon, Phantomon, SkullGreymon and Beelzemon off wish list*

This is gonna take some serious thought. Maybe I'll peruse my Digimon games for ideas, since I'm back on my crappy dial up at home. But I'll report back with some sort of concept.

KingKaos January 15th, 2013 5:16 PM

If I don't finish please reserve

Name: Kaiba moon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kaiba is 5'7 with spiky golden hair with a blue and black crown. He has dark blue eyes that he may cover with his sunglasses, that are kept in a special case in his pocket. He is always wearing black fingerless gloves. He has regular attire includes black jeans with a chain coming out of his left pocket, a belt with a golden skull on the buckle, and a white jacket. His shoes are black with white laces.
Personality: Kaiba is known to have somewhat of a king complex as exhibited by him having a crowd in his head making him believe he's better than most people. This will often result in him telling people that they should be looking up to him and never down because he is a true king in his own mind. Because of this Kaiba likes being alone he doesn't really like being around friends he doesn't have many. He does have some friends that he often calls his "subjects" instead of actual friends. Kaiba is very proud because of his king like mentality he doesn't believe that he should ever lose. This keeps him going even if he knows that he should just give up the struggle but because of his tenacity, it gives him the strength to fight a battle longer than most people.
This makes Kaiba's pride both his strength and his weakness. Kaiba is not known to smile very often unless he is bragging about himself.
History: (1 paragraph minimum; include what the character is doing during the attack) I was born in foster care with 17 different children, he was the third oldest but because this there were so many kids he was often ignored. This caused Kaiba to try to make himself stand out amongst the other children thus he developed his king like mentality he created a little crown for himself so that he will be known as the king of the foster house. Kaiba developed this mentality because this allowed him to stay in people's minds so throughout his life Kaiba continued to act like people were below him. He would continue to see people as below him and himself as a king living among the peasants. During the attack Kaiba was seen just relaxing in his room but then he noticed that everything was getting a little crazy and there were things shaking. He eventually went to the window to see that the world was just getting destroyed and he didn't know what to do. Kaiba of course was unfazed by this because before he felt that this world wasn't suited for him anyway so he closed the blinds and prepared to leave his home. "This world isn't a throne good enough for me anyway." He said as he packed most of his things and headed out to the streets.

Breed: dorumon
Nickname: Draco
Gender: Male
Digivolution Route: (InTraining --> Rookie --> Champion --> Ultimate --> Mega) dorimon > dorumon > dorugamon > dorugreymon > dorugoramon
Personality: Draco is known to be a brawler all the time always ready to fight always wanting to fight. He never wants to back down. He never really knows when to give up and that is often the reason he will get seriously injured in the digital world. While Draco enjoys fighting he never bullies the weak he will always be their protector because he knows what it's like to be the smaller dog in the fight. That being said when Draco is corrupted his personality takes a slight change for the worse he because Horrible… And wants to destroy everything good, evil, friend, or foe so he just wants to continue fighting. He wants to continue to hurt and wants to destroy everything. He no longer finds a thrill fighting he only finds a thrill in destroying and seeing his opponent crumbled before him. He will continue and always continue to attack you when he knows that he's won the fight he will not stop until his opponent is nothing more than a pile of rubble.
History: (1/2 paragraph and include what the Digimon is doing during the attack; they may come into contact with their partner!) Draco grew up in an environment where he was known to be the smallest dog in the fight he would always get bullied. Draco always found himself battling against the bigger digimon. They were usually champion digimon, but he decided that he would not let himself be defeated by their bullying acts. This caused Draco to fight back against them and attempted to win against them. He soon found himself training to become stronger and eventually defeating the stronger digimon. He would still get pummeled and defeated just as often but his scrappy attitude eventually stopped the bigger digimon from fighting him. When the attacks started, Draco found himself running around in the unknown area but not going berserk like the rest. Draco found no pleasure in destroying or bullying the humans and thus he ran around. As he was running around he bumped into Kaiba. They glared at each other intensely. That's when Kaiba said "I gladly accept you as my first subject on my road to making a new kingdom" of course Draco was confused and walked away.

TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 5:23 PM

I have Digimon World: Dusk as well and I really liked Lunamon and its digivolutions. The second factor is that I was going for a balance concept with mine. Third, but most importantly, I thought it'd be funny :x

As far as digimon choice goes I wouldn't think about it all that critically. I mean, having a diverse "type" team would be strategic, but I don't want that to interfere with anyone's plans. By all means go with a digimon that you'd like to RP with.

@KingKaos: Thanks for setting an example! There's going to be two Dorumon in this RP (maybe they're long-lost twins or something-- I dunno just something for you and HTS to consider pondering), which is fine by me. You're Accepted!

With two players and three reserved spots I'll call the RP semi-open; I'll get to work on the IC thread + my starting post.

(also putting a rush on that since Skymin's back and I don't know if there will be another disappearing act... sorry Skymin don't hurt me) :x

Puppeteer Mask January 15th, 2013 5:35 PM

Yeah, it is pretty funny. : 3 For personal reasons I've always liked screwing around with the gender line with a lot of my characters. Anyways, I think I have a rudimentary idea for a character (sort of a foil to yours, now that I think of it. A girl that seems quiet and mopey at times, but when she focuses on something suddenly becomes a confident, oh-so-hammy force of nature.) and I just need to sort out a digimon. I was thinking of something that would eventually have a sort of rock and roll or metal vibe, but the only two I can think of are Etemon which I... well, really don't want, and Beelzemon, which would be cool, but I don't feel like genderbending this character. Music and sci-fi are supposed to be a big deal to the character though, so I'm gonna try to find something that'll reflect that.

<Challenger> January 15th, 2013 5:43 PM

I don't know which digimon to choose! I have Digimon World Dawn, and my A Team is Metagargomon, Flaremon, and Wargreymon. My B team is Angewoman, Mamemon, and Zudomon. I like many others as well! I guess the diverse team would be good. Could everyone else tell me what vaccine they're getting?

TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 5:53 PM

@HTS: I don't usually focus on that; I usually form a team of different types and roll with that. (This really isn't the place to chat about the video games themselves, though)

@Puppeteer Mask: If you want any ideas I could throw out Ebemon. I'm not really sure if it has a specific gender but it does look pretty sci-fi

Puppeteer Mask January 15th, 2013 6:16 PM

I was actually considering Ebemon, it's one of my favourite little known digimon, especially since I really like Vademon. I'm still not sure, but I'll definitely keep it in mind, because, well, it's described moves sound just plain badass, especially when opposed to Vademon's general campy silliness. I'm now sort of picturing, if I do go that route, having it speak in a distorted, Darth Vader esque baratone... Although perhaps HiAndromon would be a more appropriate choice given its more humanoid form...

Darn it, now I'm completely torn between HiAndromon and Ebemon. Well at least two clashing ideas are better than none.

Edit: You got your stages mixed up there HTS, Wargreymon's the Mega and Metalgreymon's the Ultimate.

<Challenger> January 15th, 2013 6:32 PM

I see. Well, that problem is no more. I'm thinking I might go with Guilmon and that digivolution chain. I'm not sure. I'm set on dragon, but I don't know which chain.

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions?

TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 7:40 PM

It took a long while but I managed to submit the IC thread. As a head's up I made my first post kind of long. Don't feel like you have to do that kind of post or better. :B

@HTS: maybe the Seadramon line?

Fuyu January 15th, 2013 8:30 PM

Here's my signup! Might be a bit long sorry. :P


"...Miracles don't happen if everyone doesn't believe. So... no matter what, I'm going to believe in you..."

Lark Cadence Felix




Home Town:
Manhattan, New York


She is nicknamed Kit for multiple reasons and two are very obvious. The first is that she is small. She is just barely over five feet and by appearances, scrawny,. Her health is perfectly fine however, says the doctor. It's partially due to her high metabolism. At least that's the belief, as he doesn't have any relatives to base it off of that anyone can find. And she's not very interested in finding them either. Her skin is not tanned or affected with the strongest make-up. Like she can afford that, really now. Her breasts, if you really are interested, are small, A cup to be honest. She seems rather plain when you look at other girls she knows.

But anyway off of that subject, let us travel to something more interesting: her hair. It is purple, yes purple. To be precise it's lilac and it's very long, running over halfway down her back.There's a funny story to what happened to her originally auburn locks but we shall get to that later. Lark's eyes are a steely blue, usually filled with pure, warm, delight. It is accentuated by the tiniest hint of blush. From what little she knows about make-up, she knows its good to look like there isn't any. Her general appearance is casual.

One of the other reasons she is called Kit is for her hat. Throughout the year she keeps a fox eared fleece hat on her head, ears covered. You read right. It's a rusty red with the ears tipped black. The inside fluff of the ears is white. She will almost always be wearing this and if she isn't, chances are Lark is carrying it. It's her most prized possession, even compared to the sapphire earrings she has on. Yes the hat and hair clash awkwardly. She doesn't care in the slightest. Other than her earrings, Lark doesn't wear any jewelry. The one other important piece is kept hidden.

On her person are some very casual clothes. Since her guardian isn't exactly rolling in the dough, she goes to get some cheaper clothes and... doesn't really know the difference. Her clothes for cooler weather are a teal jacket with a black sleeveless shirt. The pants for this are hunter green and with black running shoes. However we probably won't see any of this. For the warmer weather, you will catch her in a baby blue blouse with loose sleeves and grey dress jeans. Her shoes are white ballet flats. Lark carries around a black shoulder bag, full of various doodles and music and schoolwork and WHATEVER else she can think of, though nowadays it's mostly survival kit essentials. She forgets what's in there most of the time. The other object consistently carried around is her violin case, which rests on her back more often than not.


"Mewri~"- a sound for her to express emotion.

Kit's nickname comes partially from her hat, but it also is because she reminds people of a kitten. Social and graceful, she is everywhere she can be one of the many lights of the party... except recently. Her popularity has dropped immensely. However, Kit isn't worried about this at all. Despite her smile being layered with an odd sad sheen, it is always meant to brighten up anybody's day... even if it fails at it. If you are depressed, chances are her nose will sense it, even if she doesn't know you, and Kit will be right there beside you, sometimes babbling and others just sitting there with that quiet patience of an older sibling. It seems like she's getting into things that she doesn't belong in and chances are, that's true. However, Kit can't stand it, the sensation of a lonely heart. From faraway, it seems very selfless. Kit however, is vividly aware of how selfish she is, wanting to keep that pain of loneliness all to herself.

Perhaps animals smell a comrade in arms because she's frequently followed by them wherever they can. She's a bit of a sucker for the big eyed stare and will frequently attempt to tame strays, no matter how much advice that she gets against it. This might be a reason why she's a bit old-fashioned, or maybe that's due to a lack of money. Her cell phone is a cheap pay-by-the minutes phone and she has a very old MP3 player that many of her former friends didn't even know ever existed. It's probably a good thing animals like her; her sense of direction is horrible. Kit still gets lost in her apartment. Not the best person to live in New York, especially nowadays. Strangely enough, she gives off an odd aura to Digimon, one that is very warm yet unsettling at the same time. She however, is utterly unaware of this.

Kit forgives. Well that's an understatement. To be more accurate, you could stab Kit and she would find a justification in her head and forgive you. She earnestly believes that every person has goodness sleeping within them somewhere and with some time, effort, and faith, they can find out the power within it and use it for themselves. Not to say that means she doesn't know what evil looks like, Kit simply decided very young to look past it and to focus on what else someone could be. She won't hold a grudge and anger is something difficult for her to feel. She believes that by doing so, it will unlock the greatest power to ever exist: magic. White magic, full of hope and joy and faith in miracles. Kit earnestly believes in these kinds of magic, white and black, formed by emotions and dreams and believes a smile is the simplest and best spell. These pure-hearted, almost naive beliefs, formed first as a coping mechanism, have become actual aspects of her being.

Family to Kit is about as normal and straightforward as a raindrop. Exactly. Not knowing her birth family's identities and never really encouraged enough to figure it out, she kind of just lets it slip by. She's curious about people with conventional families, but it puzzles her more than it hurts her. After all, she has Jake and Jake is enough of a family to her. Until Labramon and her friends come along of course. It's why she treasures her hat and her hair.

Well, I've described her philosophy and feelings, but how does Kit act? Earnest, a lover of all forms of art, she lives to exemplify the subtle beauty that encompasses it. Sweet and pleasant but prone to those random outbursts that frequent her guardian, Kit sacrifices formality and proper speech for bright words and lip only smiles. She is never exactly mellow, but her serene confidence in maybe not herself, but certainly her beliefs, reminds people of warm, fair weather. Kit is probably well-known by sight in the city, having run all over it for reasons ranging from helping her guardian's work to running errands or volunteer work. Though if she isn't running, she's playing her violin for everyone to hear.

Despite the exterior she exudes, she is not a leader by any means. She may be able to hold a person up, to stand beside someone despite being alone in the gesture, but don't look to her for major decisions or to step up when you need someone to take the next step. The most you'll get is a half-formed idea. Kit is hopeless at those things and tends to panic a little at the idea. The idea of all eyes on her is frightening and secretly, it is a relief to her that she is alone now. She is simply not passionate enough to throw herself to make people change or to be the symbol for everyone's hopes and dreams. As far as she is concerned, she has barely enough strength to live her own. A part of Kit isn't even sure this life she is living right now is real. She could be, in her own mind, back in that old creaky bed, drowning out the lonely cries of her fellow children with a fairy tale fit for a New York girl who secretly wonders who she is.


Though she'll likely never know it, Lark was born on December 8th in Mount Sinai Hospital to a pair of people deeply involved in their work as designers, hence the... unusual name choice. This hadn't been an accident, but unfortunately they had made a mistake. They had the money for a child, but they most certainly did not have the time or as they would realize, the love. So the young girl was dropped on the doorstep of an orphanage not long after her birth with a letter addressed to her. Even to this day, she has never read this.

That was the beginning of her foster years, the first three being raised by the stern but loved people who worked there. Around the age of four, her first foster home picked her up. She was a good woman, the person who had given her the treasured hat she wears today, well a version of it. However, it didn't last longer than two years, due to the parent leaving for the army and having no other relatives to care for her. Kit was picked up and promptly returned to the orphanage, where she spent the next few years of her life watching others come and go. Not sure what else to do and rather angry with the turn of events, Kit decided to help the staff of the orphanage with the younger children, trying to occupy them and make things less of a hassle. She told them stories and drew pictures, comforting them when they cried. Even though she liked the quiet that appeared from less crying children, a part of her enjoyed their smiles more than that.

Around the age of seven, her heart unconsciously began to resign to staying in that place. That fact in mind, she was enrolled in a public school. The students teased her for her behavior and lack of toys but it eventually died down. She tended to smile at them too much for it to be worth it. This led to small friendships and for about a year, it was a nice careful routine.

One day in the summer that was abrupt visit of a man named Jake Avery, a twenty-five year-old artist. He was a good friend of her initial foster mother, who had died on active duty. In the will left to him and the friends she had made, she asked him to take care of Kit, feeling guilty that she had not been able to do so herself. So, here he was. It wasn't because he was a selfless man who wanted a child. He was a bit too impulsive for that. No, it was in truth because he had planned to marry her so to Jake it seemed like the best way to move forward. The whole affair was rather anticlimactic in all honesty. She, being a child starved for parental attention and having very much loved that woman, was very happy to meet someone close to that. During the long adoption process, he visited and showed her various drawing methods, teaching Kit the various techniques he used and pulling her into the world he lived in. Admittedly it was a rather odd one.

For Kit, though Jake likely hadn't known this, it had rekindled that tiny spark of hope and joy in her heart, a miracle. It unconsciously cemented the beliefs she had told the younger children of. It also allowed her to forgive her foster mother and to mourn her openly. If this hadn't happened, who knew who she would have become? She couldn't believe it and for the sake of her own sanity, a part of her can't.

At the age of eleven, after they were used to living with each other for quite some time, came... the incident. Not really, it was just that Kit's hair got bleached by accident. How by accident you say? Well, one day while cleaning up, Kit saw the guide and equipment for it while he wasn't home and... well she tried it. The good news: she did it correctly. The bad news: Jake came home and found his surrogate daughter with blonde hair. It didn't look good on her. So, he went to get some hair dye. However, being curious as a kitten, she didn't find anything close to her hair dye and instead got... you guessed it! Purple, rich lilac purple! The rest is pretty easy to guess.

The rest of her life... wasn't all that eventful. She had been forced to switch schools after the adoption and had actually been able to make a few friends that stayed throughout middle school. She still got the teasing, mostly for her hair. However, more people liked it than hated it, claiming she was a real anime character, awesome nickname and everything! Having no clue what that was, Kit tried to learn. Oops. Regardless, her life was quite nice and ordinary.

That took an abrupt change a few months ago when Kit found out she had been accepted into the High School of Art and Design, where Jake had gone. Her friends weren't thrilled, believing she had gotten there strictly with the man's reputation. It led to a petty disagreement and at the moment, Kit hasn't spoken to them since they stopped talking to her. She hasn't had a chance, since the attack. Jake, who had studied a lot of military tactics and survival work since the death of Lark's foster mother, had gotten them out of the apartment at the sound of the first explosion. However, he could only manage to hide them in a nearby subway station where they have been hidden since.






• Cure Liqueur- a non offensive move that restores data, created through her licking your face (or spitting on you),
• Retribark- an offensive move, a sound wave generated by a loud bark

Personality: Labramon is rather relaxed, in no hurry to rush in and fight but unwilling to be left behind either. Labramon shares traits with the typical Labrador, and possibly the atypical. She is normally beside Kit as a dog would be to its owner, mild-mannered and not chewing on the furniture. She is not the noisy at her normal stage, preferring to keep opinions to herself except when it comes to Kit. She will scold or praise the girl in equal measures, usually through her wordless sounds. Yes up until her Champion level she can't talk. Kit sometimes understands her... not all the time. Also, a word of caution: harm Kit and she will go for the kill without looking back. She holds a grudge.

When under corruption she is easily bite first, think later. She is not angry, merely cunning and cold, stalking prey like an undomesticated wolf. She has a lot of power in her body and is much more territorial than before. If you thought she was bad about Kit before, it was nothing compared to then. Her bark and bite are equal and she will fight for survival is simply astounding. There is no real big distinguish between friend or foe. Unless her scent vaguely remembers that marking (spit) well, oops. She also has a lot more mischief. If someone walks by, she will reflexively scare them off of snap at their heads.

History: Labramon was born in a forest of the Digital World to a rather isolated group of Digimon. She was dragged away from this group by the blessing of the prophecy, only for the whole crowd to be destroyed not even days later as it was. She had grown up as a rather lonely Digimon, horrible for a dog, so despite how horrifying it was to hear they were gone, she knew sadly enough that she wouldn't be missed. If she wasn't careful however, she sometimes believed they had been murdered for this purpose. Given a lilac and silver Digivice, she was sent into the attack.

It was probably a little easier for her to blend in through New York, as she looked rather like a dog. She spend most of the time wandering and sleeping, avoiding most of the humans. This was not out of fear. However, if she was to look for her partner, it would not look good to have a bloody muzzle. And in the end, that was how she found Kit, alone and curled up at the side of the toilet seat with a rusty pipe in her hands. Not saying anything, the Labramon proceeded to lay down in front of her. She wasn't sure this was the person she was looking for, but she was a tired dog and this place already had a person. When she awoke, the girl was asleep against her back.



In Training:





TheUglyDucklett January 15th, 2013 8:37 PM

@Fuyu: That is pretty long... Accepted though! :3

... if you really wanted to though you could have just followed the digivolution template with the arrows n' stuff :x

Fuyu January 16th, 2013 3:53 AM

LOL sorry about that, old signup of mine. I almost put the arrows actually but I got really tired and fell asleep before that could happen. xP

<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 5:14 AM

Hey, I have a question. Could I use Gigaseadramon as Metalseadramon's ultimate form?

TheUglyDucklett January 16th, 2013 7:45 AM

@Fuyu: I understand how that is; I just stayed up really late to finish Black2 last night and now I kinda just want to nap (not going to, though). It makes me a little relieved to know that it was more or less pre-made and you weren't spending hours typing all that. It would take me a while to type that much out and feel good about it. :x

@HTS: Gigaseadramon is fine! I'm not really concerned about which digimon are used so long as the digivoluion chain is viable. I just don't want Agumon to digivolve to Angemon to Myotismon to... Richard the High School Janitor-mon... I dunno I'm tired darn it...

<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 7:55 AM

I've gotten my digimon! Finally! *Laughs maniaclly* Now all I have to do is get their history.

EDIT: I do believe I've finished my SU.

Fuyu January 16th, 2013 10:01 AM

Hahaha, don't worry. It wouldn't have been up for a few days if I had done all that. xD

TheUglyDucklett January 16th, 2013 10:15 AM

@HTS: Looking good! Accepted!

As soon as we get the IC thread feel free to post something to at least get solid ground on where your characters are. Just a heads up though I'd rather have Dontae stationary until my next post. Feel free to find him, even go up to him, but don't try and move him.

Really excited about how well this is going so far so I'm hoping we'll get to start sooner rather than later :x

<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 10:20 AM

Excellent! This will be my first Digimon roleplay, so I look forward to it!

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