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Cutielaurenie January 10th, 2013 3:28 PM

Weakness Challenge
Weakness Challenge

Welcome to the Weakness Challenge! In this Challenge, you play any Pokemon game. Sounds nice and simple. BUT, you can only use Pokemon that are weak to a specific Pokemon! If you want a proper explaination, look at the rules.

- Only use Pokemon that your current Pokemon is weak to. So, if you have a Bulbasaur and you found a Growlithe, you catch the Growlithe. Then if you find a Tentacool you catch it. It goes on like that.This does not apply to HM slaves, so don't worry about that.
- The first rule does not apply to the Pokemons evolution, only its current state.

- You cannot replace any current Pokemon. Unless its a HM slave.
- No legendaries, even if your current Pokemon is weak to the legendary!
- Once your up to the E4, dump all HM slaves and use your diverse team.
- Screenshots are recommended, but small written updates are okay .
- If
you want to, you can have a no monotype challange.
- If you want more difficulty, you can try Ultimate mode where you go through all of the games.

Sign Up
Challenge type: (Normal or Ultimate)

Cutielaurenie - Bulbasaur - Firered - Normal


I'll start up with my Sign Up.
Username: Cutielaurenie
Game: Firered
Challenge type: Normal

Kawaii Pikachu :3 January 11th, 2013 8:45 PM

Hello, Pika!

I just want to clarify some information about this challenge before I accept the challenge lol

Just so I make sure I understand this challenge:

Example of random pokemon:

I want to use the Crystal Version. So I start out with a Chikorita. If I run into a pidgey then I catch the pidgey. If I run into Pikachu then I catch the Pikachu. So on...

So I keep my special team but can use the HM move pokemon until I get to the Elite 4 and then I must beat the E4 with that special team?

Do I need to update every time I catch a new pokemon in the weakness line or just every once in a while?

This sounds like a really fun challenge! :3

Username: Kawaii Pikachu :3
Game: Crystal Version
Challenge: Normal

Seraphimon-sama January 12th, 2013 12:59 AM

Sounds like fun.

Username: Seraphimon-sama
Game: Blaze Black 2
Challenge type: Normal

Just to clarify, if I pick Tepig and evolve it before catching any other Pokemon, would I have to choose a Water, Rock, or Ground-Type, or would I be able to catch a Psychic or Flying-type?

BlueShellBeast January 12th, 2013 5:12 PM

Sounds like a fun challenge.

Username: BlueShellBeast
Game: Yellow
Challenge type:

KimbosUnova January 12th, 2013 5:17 PM

Game: Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Emerald, Plainum, Black, White 2, Y (If I end up getting that far)
Challenge type: Ultimate
First Update after Misty

Kawaii Pikachu :3 January 12th, 2013 8:18 PM

Here is my character and starter Pokémon. I will update after each weakness Pokémon I catch. :)

Here is my second Pokémon, a Poliwag! :3

Third Pokémon is a Bellsprout!

Welcome Hoothoot! #4! :)

KimbosUnova January 13th, 2013 4:40 AM

-Named charecer Kimbo, named rival Richard
-Stared with Squirtle, named him Leonardo.
-Beggining of game stuff.
-Entered Viridian Forest and went Pikachu hunting.
-Caught Ketchum the Pikachu.
-Went and had the optional battle against Richard . KO'd Pidgey with Ketchum's ThunderShock and KO'd Bulbasaur with Leonardo's Tackle.
-Go through the Forest.
-Battled Brock and KO'd both Geodude and Onix with Leonardo using Water Gun.
-Went to Mt Moon. Caught a Geodude, called it Roxanna.
-Leonardo evolved into Wartortle.
-Caught a Paras, called it Gorrila's. Because I will forever sing the going Gorilla's line from the In Paris song.
-Got through Mt Moon.
-Battled Richard, KO'd Pidgeotto with Roxanna's Rock Throw, then Gorrilla's swept like he was in a chimney!
-Trained on Nugget Bridge.
-Meet the mutated Bill.
-Got the Dig TM.
-Took on Misty's gym. Won using Gorilla's Bullet Seed against Staryu, and Leonardo's Bite against Starmie.
Team in spoiler
Leonardo/WARTORTLE. Level 19/Male/Docile.Water Gun/Tackle/Bite/Withdraw
Ketchum/PIKACHU.Level 19/Male/Bashful.Mega Kick/Quick Attack/Dig/Thunder Wave (I Deleted thundershock by mistake. I almost had a breakdown.)
Roxanna/GEODUDE.Level 19/Female/Adamant.Rock Throw/Mega Punch/Magnitude/Defense Curl.
Gorillla's/Paras.Level 21/Male/Lax.Bullet SeedLeech Life/Secret Power/Stun Spore.

KimbosUnova January 13th, 2013 5:47 PM

-PART 2-
-Headed to Vermillion City and trained all around Viridian City. (Route to the left, Digletts Cave, SS Anne)
-Gorilla's evolved into Parasect on its way through the SS Anne.
-Won Richard using Ketchum's Thunderbolt on Pidgeotto, Ketchum's Brick Break on Raticate, Leonardo's Water Pulse on Kadabra and Gorilla's Secret Power on Ivysaur. WIN!
-Got Cut.
-Did LT Surges gym and won Surge using Roxanna's Magnitude to sweep.
-Roxanna evolved during Surges Gym.
-Headed up to dark cave.
-Got through the Dark Cave.
-Went and caught Vulpix (strong against ast caught Pokemon-Paras), named him Naruto.
-Trained Naruto to level 20, then buy coins for Flamethrower TM.
-Didn't have enough, so ROCKET GAME CORNER BATTLES!
-Game Corner up Erika!
-Did Celadon Gym.
-Evolved Naruto and Ketchum into Ninetails and Raichu respectively.
-Defeated Erika using a Naruto Flamethrower sweep.
Leonardo/WARTORTLE-Level 32/Docile/Male-Water Pulse/Bite/Tackle/Protect
Ketchum/RAICHU-Level 31/Bashful/Male-Thunderbolt/Brick Break/Dig/Mega Kick
Roxanna/GRAVELLER-Level 30/Adamant/Female-Rock Slide/Magnitude/Mega Punch/Defense Curl
Gorillas/PARASECT-Level 31/Lax/Male-Leech Life/Giga Drain/Aerial Ace/Spore
Naruto/NINETAILS-Level 28/Jolly/Male-Flamethrower/Quick Attack/Will-o-Wisp/Confuse Ray

BlueShellBeast January 13th, 2013 6:31 PM

Pokemon Yellow Update #1
I started out with Pikachu, named Pika, which gave me some troubles when facing against Brock's Gym. After leveling to level 19, I was finally able to beat Brock and pass through Mt. Moon. Once outside, I caught Spike, the Sandshrew. After that, I used Pika to make quick work of Misty's Gym. After this, I picked up Saur, the Bulbasaur, and made my way to Nugget Bridge. I easily defeated my rival. Next, I picked up Hippo, the Charmander, and proceeded to get the ticket from Bill. I saved there seeing as my SP was in the Red.

Current Time Played: 4:16

Current Team:
Pika the Pikachu
Level 28
-Quick Attack
-Double Team
Spike the Sandshrew
Level 8
Saur the Bulbasaur
Level 10
-Leech Seed
Hippo the Charmander
Level 12

Pokemon Yellow Update #2 (Finished)
I never actually realized that the Yellow E4 was that annoying. Admittedly, I went in there about 20 levels lower than anything else, but that Dragonite still wasn't supposed to hit a fully Evasive Pikachu 95% of the time with low accuracy moves. At any rate, after beating Gary twice (froze the first time I beat him), here is my final team.

Final Time Played:

Final Team:
Pika the Pikachu
Level 48
-Quick Attack
-Double Team
Spike the Sandslash
Level 50
Saur the Venusaur
Level 38
-Mega Drain
-Poison Powder
-Razor Leaf
Hippo the Charizard
Level 38
Smasher the Rhyhorn
Level 34
-Horn Attack
-Rock Slide
Ohmaster the Omastar
Level 44
-Spike Cannon
-Horn Attack

Seraphimon-sama January 24th, 2013 7:44 PM

Updating. Player name is Byakuya. Rival is Mayuri. No badges yet. Beaten rival twice. Found "lost" Herdier. "Trained" with Alder. Current location: Route 19.

Team is:

RyujinJaka/Pignite (F, Lv.17) @Quick Claw
Tackle, Tail Whip, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust

mozartm99 January 25th, 2013 10:03 AM

I accept
Game White 2
Username Mozartm99
Challenge type Normal

KimbosUnova January 25th, 2013 5:19 PM

-PART 3-
-Went and did Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.
-Battled Richard. Defeated Richard using Naruto's Flamethrower on Pidgeotto, Ketchum's Thunderbolt on Gyrados, Leonardo's Water Pulse on Growlithe, Naruto's Flamethrower on Ivysaur and Kadabra.
-Got PokeFlute
-Did Silph Co,
-Battled Richard, using Roxanna's Rock Slide against Pidgeot, Naruto's Flamethrower against Venusaur, Ketchum's Thunderbolt against Gyarados, Leonardo's Water Pulse against Growlithe, and Gorilla's Leech Life against Alakazam.
-Got team member #6-Lisandra the Lapras (Water strong against Fire).
-Did Fighting Dojo.
-Took on Saffron City Gym.
-Defeated Sabrina using Gorrilla's Leech Life on Parasect, Naruto's Flamethrower on Venomoth, Lisandra's Body Slam on Alakazam and Ketchum's Mega Kick on Mr Mime.
Level 34/Docile/Male/Torrent
Water Pulse/Bite/Tackle/Protect
Level 34/Bashfu/Male/Static
Thunderbolt/Dig/Brick Break/Mega Kick
Level 34/Adamant/Male/Sturdy
Rock Slide/Magnitude/Mega Punch/Defense Curl
Level 36/Lax/Male/Effect Spore
Giga Drain/Leech Life/Aerial Ace/Slash
Level 34/Jolly/Male/Flash Fire
Level 34/Brave/Female/Shell Armor
Ice Beam/Psychic/Shock Wave/Body Slam

mozartm99 January 25th, 2013 9:38 PM

I had to restart. I didn't get off to a very smooth start so I am gonna do a redo if y'all don't mind. Same game.

KimbosUnova January 29th, 2013 3:59 PM

-PART 4-
-Went and got the Bicycle (HOW DO YOU FORGET THE BIKE?!)
-Did Cycling Road.
-Flew to Lavander and did the other path to Fuschia.
-Did the Safari zone stuff.
-Got Surf and Strength
-Took on Koga's Gym.
-Defeated Koga using Naruto's Flamethrower on Koffing#1, Roxanna's Magnitude on Muk, Roxanna' Return on Koffing#2 and Lisandra's Psychic on Weezing. Victory !
Level 39/Docile/Male/Torrent
Level 39/Bashfu/Male/Static
Thunderbolt/Dig/Brick Break/Mega Kick
Level 38/Adamant/Male/Sturdy
Rock Slide/Magnitude/Return/Defense Curl
Level 39/Lax/Male/Effect Spore
Giga Drain/Leech Life/Aerial Ace/Cut
Level 38/Jolly/Male/Flash Fire
Flamethrower/Quick Attack/Will-o-Wisp/Confuse Ray
Level 39/Brave/Female/Shell Armor
Ice Beam/Psychic/Shock Wave/Surf

KimbosUnova February 10th, 2013 1:11 AM

Part 5
-Flew to Pallet Town.
-Surfed to Cinnibar Island.
-Did the mansion.
-Took on the gym.
-Defeated Blaine using Roxanne's Rock Slide on Growlithe, Lisandra's Surf on Arcanine and Ponyta and Leonardo's Surf on Rapidash.

Level 42/Docile/Male/Torrent
Level 40/Bashfu/Male/Static
Thunderbolt/Dig/Brick Break/Mega Kick
Level 41/Adamant/Male/Sturdy
Rock Slide/Magnitude/Return/Metronome
Level 40/Lax/Male/Effect Spore
Giga Drain/Leech Life/Aerial Ace/Cut
Level 40/Jolly/Male/Flash Fire
Flamethrower/Quick Attack/Toxic/Confuse Ray
Level 41/Brave/Female/Shell Armor
Ice Beam/Psychic/Shock Wave/Surf

KoboraX February 12th, 2013 10:08 PM

Username: KoboraX
Game: Yellow
Challenge Type: Normal. Might do Gens 2 and 3 when I'm done with Yellow.

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