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Rose Quartz January 13th, 2013 10:47 AM

Youkai Academy [IC] [T] [Best Rookie 1Q '13]


Youkai started to exist in the year 1000, where Youkai and Human used to live alongside each other and helped each other out. They build houses together, roads, and even whole villages. Sometimes a Youkai would fall in love with a human, or otherwise. Sometimes they even started families. Ofcourse there where Youkai living from humans, like a vampire who needed blood to survive or a werewolf, who ate human flesh. But they were given blood bags and dead human flesh from the people that had died, so this problem was solved.

But around the year 1500 certain Youkai's started to scare humans or even consume them. Humans weren't save at night and started to fear the Youkai living in their world. About a year later it escelated, a war started between the humans and the Youkai's and alot humans and Youkai's died in this war, so far that some Youkai species were eradicated.

Four Youkai elders decided to create a dimension for only Youkai so that the humans would think that the Youkai had surrendered and suicided. This plan worked and Youkai and humans now lived in their own dimensions, only the Youkai knew about the other living form.

Now it is the year 2013, 13 years after Youkai Academy opened for Youkai's to learn to coexist together with the humans again. Youkai teenagers would go to that Academy and learn how to make a human form and control that form. They would learn about their folk and the human folk, their histories and what exactly happened 513 years ago.

But there's and organization called "Fairytale" that wants to ruin this opportunity and wants to take over the human planet, doing the same thing the humans did 513 years, starting a war. Ofcourse the headmaster, who was one of these Youkai elders 513 year ago, knows about this. But there's no way he can stop a whole organization on his own since at least two Youkai elders died from their age, it's still unknown what happened to the third one.

The headmaster isn't sure what to do about "Fairytale" but he knows he has to come up with a plan soon.


You are one of these Youkai's attending this Academy, you can choose out of a few Youkai, but there will be restrictions on them to prevent a specie to be to main specie in the Academy, it's more fun when there are different species isn't it?

To explain the "Youkai" being in short, these are simply the "monsters" or "demons" we have in fairytales and story books, examples of Youkai's are: Vampire, Werewolf, Succubus, Snowman/woman, Kraken etc.

Here is the list you can choose from:
  • Vampire (2/2)
    Vampire are known as a beautiful Youkai with superhuman strength and high battle capabilities, in their Youkai form they have silver hair and crimson eyes. However, this Youkai has a weakness of being afraid of water, this is because they get paralyzed when their bodies get a overdose on their bodies. Sometimes the personality of their human and Youkai form changes, which means they can be meaner or colder in their Youkai form, this ofcourse, isn't always the case. A vampire's power is often supressed with a "Rosary". This can be Rosary earrings, necklace, bracelet, anything in the form of jewelry. Ofcourse Vampire's still need blood to survive so blood bags are found in the Cafétaria, even though a Vampire can go without blood for a month.
  • Werewolf (2/3)
    Werewolves are known as the "Speed Youkai" Which means they have incredible speed. Ofcourse this depends on the stand of the moon, only at full moon they are on their fastest and if there's no moon they can't take advantage of this ability. And unlike in storybooks, a Werewolf can get to his Youkai form whenever he or she wants. The weakness of this Youkai is the moon.
  • Neko (1/3)
    Neko's are known for their kittish act even in their human forms. They are most likely to be find out by the humanity of this even though that didn't happen yet. Neko's have super sharp nails that can tear an enemy appart, so you probably don't want to get in a "cat fight" with them. Futhermore... they love fish, very much. This Youkai's only weaknesses are playable items.
  • Crow Tengu (0/2)
    Crow Tengu is known for their crowish looks. It's a beast from ancient japan that knows how to control the wind with their supernatural power Sadly alot of these species are perverts.... These Youkai also seem to like childeren very much in a father-like way. A crow tengu also has wings, but their fly abillity is restricted to only 10 minutes because of their heavy bodies. This Youkai's weakness depends on the person, however, every Tengu has a weakness. This Youkai is man-only.
  • Mermaid (0/2)
    The half-human, half-fish Youkai. This Youkai is ageless because they steal the life energy of the male humans when they have bitten them. Their mouths turn into this when biting them. They are very dangerous for sailors since they often fall for their luring. These beauties were often the cause of their shipwrecks. Mermaids are fish like Youkai so they are easy prey for other Youkai's when not in the water while being in their Mermaid forms. This Youkai is woman-only.
  • Succubus/ Incubus (1/2)
    Succubus and Incubus are called devilish creatures but are very nice actually. They have very long nails that are supposed to be their weapons. They reason they are called "Devilish" is because they have devil wings and a devil tail. This Youkai specie is also very good at Illusion tricks and being attractive, towards humans though, because this "Attract" ability doesn't work on other Youkai's It somehow does work though.... They are also not allowed to use this attract ability on the Academy, the headmaster disallowed this for an unknown reason. The weakness of this Youkai depends on the person, however, every Succubus and Incubus has one.
  • Snowwoman/man (2/2)
    This Youkai is able to control Ice during snowy days and blizzards. In Youkai form this Youkai has Ice claws instead of hands. They often walk around with a certain lollypop that has as purpose to keep their body temprature down. This Youkai species human form doesn't differ much from their human form. They still should be careful around humans though since their hair becomes "Icy" when they use their power. Their weakness is the weather.
  • Lamia (1/2)
    Lamia's are half-woman, half-snake Youkai. The end of their tail contains a flower with an extract that can pin down enemies. This flower can only open after being in her form for more than a half-hour. Lumia's can also brainwash their enemies, this way it's easier for them to kill her enemies, however, their brainwash only helps for 15 minutes, so sometimes she uses it to escape out off a battle that she can't win. Her weakness is her sight, in human form they often wear glasses. Are these glasses taken off in both Youkai or human form then there's a chance she can't see anything anymore. Since Lamia's are part snake, they also developed a fear for fire. This Youkai is Woman-only.
  • Yasha (2/3)
    A Youkai who's origin was in India but mostly comes out China now. They have the ability to summon "Monsters" but often can't handle it yet when being teenager, which means they often summon the wrong monster than they had in thought. With monsters we mean small dragons, Panda-warriors, Lions, Tigers etc. They use coins to summon them, and when they use the coins their "Third" eye, in the middle of their forehead opens. This Youkai is Man-only.
  • Youko (2/2)
    A Wolf-Fox like Youkai who can have the Maximum of 9 tails, but since teenager Youko don't have so much power yet they mostly only have 3 or 4 tails. They have the ability to make Fire. Their Youkai forms is what you see in the picture. A Wolf-Fox animal that is mostly very nice towards everyone except for enemies. Their weakness? Ofcourse, it's their kindness and naivity.
  • witch/mage (3/3)
    A witch/mage is a Youkai known for their super inteligence, they have a staff where they can perform magic from but this magic is often very innocent. These Youkai are closest to humans and hatred by alot of Youkai's, mostly because they have the same appearence as humans. In the picture, the right one is the mage and the left one is a snowman.
  • Human (1/1)
    YES, i'll allow ONE human in the academy, just to make it... interesting.
    Humans are fragile creatures and don't remember anything about the existence of Youkai. The don't know what happened in the history and don't know about the existence of Youkai academy. This means, any human entering this academy, comes here accidentally.
  • Lycan (2/3)
    Lycan are Youkai that were originally wolves but developed an ability transform into a human. They are known for their telekinesis powers even though it's very restricted. They have a weakness for magic since they can't defend theirselves from it. Futher can Lycan Youkai only move heavy objects for a few seconds, after they've done this they faint from the heavy burden on their brains. They get a headache whenever they use their telekinesis power. They are intelectual creatures too.
  • Fairy (0/2)
    Fairies in Youkai Academy are different from storybooks. A Fairy is the kind of Youkai that makes contracts with other Youkai's or humans and try to make their wishes comes true, but these mostly backfire. If you would ask a Fairy to clean your room, she'll make a contract with you and asks for something in return, this can be anything, from your soul 'till your most important possesing. Once you come back home the Fairy trew away everything in your room or made it explode, like this she "cleaned your room" and you have to keep your promise and give her whatever she asked for.

    Fairies also posses a mirror. This mirror is dangerous for Youkai since it can reveal their real forms and they can't go back to their human forms for awhile. Fairies have magical powers, these are limited with only one element though. Futher there is not much special about a Fairies form, they have wings and are very small, mostly only 5 to 20 inches. Fairies are female-only.
  • Wrathersian Lycan (2/2)
    Wrathersian Lycan's are from the Wrathersa realm and are different from the Youkai realm's Lycans. In Wrathersa, Lycan's have their own unique powers and their own special weaknesses. Wrathersian Lycan's also have a few traits, one of them is that they all have green eyes. In the Wrathersa realm, no one speaks english. Everyone kingdom has their own language that this specie speaks. The Lycan's there speak an odd form of Japanese and is difficult to understand. Even people who actually speak Japanese will only catch a few words from what they are saying.
  • Dragon (2/2)
    Dragons are known to be quite majestic and beautiful creatures. There are not many dragons left and were thought to be extinct for a long time. Dragons aren't quite like how they are in story books. Their color depends on the season they have been born in. Blue is Winter, green is Spring, red is Summer and yellow/orange is Fall. Dragons are very powerful creatures are sometimes feared among Youkai. They can control fire, breath fire and make fire but that's not all. They are also very wise, studious and can learn alchemy.

    Dragons age very slowly. Every hundred years is only one year in dragon years and every thousand years is only 10 years in dragons years. Most dragons die when they reach the 10.000 years. It's known that there are only 5 Dragons left, one is known as the head of the organization called "Fairytale".

    Only the GM is allowed to have dragon characters for the purpose of the RP. This means that dragon characters can't be students.


  • PC rules apply.
  • No god-modding or overpowered characters, everyone has a weakness, bunnying is not allowed too unless the owner of the character gives permission.
  • The Youkai restrictions stay, this is not an unlimited character RP so when the spots are fulled, then they are filled. I might also say that only 12 people can join.
  • If you want to make a "Fairytale" member, please ask for my permission through VM or PM.
  • Romance is allowed, but keep "bed-moments" behind the scene please There are childeren among us.
  • This RP is rated T.
  • You're not allowed to kill each others characters, you are allowed to kill NCP's though, but not teachers or the headmaster.
  • Battles are allowed.
  • And most important, have fun! please don't go insulting each other here.
  • I want to be sure you read this so here's the code you have to enter in your SU after reading the rules section. "____ strawberry" enter a fruit kind your really like forward the strawberry.
  • Histories aren't allowed to match with one from the original characters from the anime "Rosario+Vampire".
  • You're not allowed to make a character from a royal family, a character from a wealthy family is allowed.

Accepted Characters:

Fairytale members:

SU's about what has happened to the characters since they entered the academy:

School Grounds:

(Please tell me if i forgot something.)

First Post:

"Let's see..." The hooded men, sitting at a desk said to his companion with a booklet in his weird enough young looking hands. "Is there a problem, Sir?" His companion spoke to him with a rather serious looking expression. "Not a problem at all, I'm just checking who are entering in class 3C." The hooded men replied to the other men. His face was hidden well so you couldn't exactly guess his age. "You mean my class, headmaster?" His companion asked him, coming closer to the desk but still keeping a decent gap between them.

"So... two Vampires..." The hooded headmaster started, which made the seeming-to-be-a-teacher grin widely. "Keep an eye on the Maya Kyuuketsuki and Marylin Merlin." The headmaster immediately added before the Teacher could even reply. "Why is that, sir?" The teacher's grin had faded away, should he worry? "I'll explain that when we came to the end of the list." The headmaster's mouth corners curled up a little. "One werewolf and two Neko's..." The headmaster continued his list. "The Neko girl Altair is the youngest in her class." The headmaster smiled as he showed the teacher the form of the Neko girl. "Let's hope the werewolf won't eat her." The Teacher chuckled at his own joke, which wasn't funny actually. "Just keep Michael Jackson away from her, he is a Crown Tengu." The headmaster glanced back at his list as he sighed a little. "And Millicent Kaiko too, she's a werewolf afterall." The headmaster backed down in his list again to see the next student on his list. "Frio Descansas is a Snow man..." The headmaster mumbled, loud enough for the male teacher to hear him.

"Oh, a Mage who was human before... Kion Gavin." The headmaster smiled a little, not many Youkai here on this Academy were human before, it was interesting to see them once in awhile. "Also, a Yasha, Sorae Jenai." The headmaster decided to just call everyone's name so that the teacher could start learning them. "A Youko, Kakusu Tengoku and a Lycan, Solo..." The headmaster took a look at both of the students profiles in the form that he received. "Solo might be a bit rebellious, make sure to make him listen to you." The headmaster smiled again, for the male teacher this meant that this guy might cause a lot of trouble, and the headmaster loves to watch other people to clean this trouble up.

"The last one is a Human." The headmasters grin couldn't be any wider, he absolutly loved this. "I see..." The teacher finally bothered to repond, this would probably the reason that he had to keep an eye on Marylin Merlin and Maya kyuuketsuki. "Don't interfere with them though, i want to see how this Human will react when he finds out this is a Youkai Academy, but make sure they won't turn Takumi makkusu into a Ghoul." The headmaster stood up from his comfortable chair and made his way towards the wooden door. "Shall we go, Ryuu-san?"

The two of them headed towards the large stage on the schoolyard. In front of the headmaster was a hooden block with a microphone on it so that the students could be welcomed in the new semester. Class 3C would be introduced to their new homeroom teacher, Ryuu Higoroshi. And so he started his little speech.

"Welcome students, to the new semester of Youkai Academy!" The headmaster said to get everyone's attention. "This year we'll do our best to teach you the ways of being a human once again." He started to move his eyes around the crowd to see if you could see the human boy and his vampire, werewolf, Neko, Lycan, Yasha, Snowman, Youko, Mage and Crow Tengu classmates. This years is going to be another Interesting year.

After the headmaster had told everyone but 3C their new homeroom teachers. Then he took a view at the gazes of the students of class 3C as his mouth curled up again just a little. "Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him." He moved his hand towards Ryuu to point at him and mentioned him that he could speak.

"Since today is a free day to make you students able to pack out your stuff in your dorm rooms, my class will start tomorrow in classroom 13." Ryuu Higoroshi spoke with a gentle voice and a very pleasing smile, ofcourse you couldn't see what kind of Youkai this teacher was by his human appearence. "I'll see you tomorrow." Higoroshi-sensei went off the stage and moved towards the doors of the large Academy.

"And with this my speech will end, just remember our most important rule." The Headmaster turned around and walked off too, making his last words for his speech loud enough for everyone to hear. "Don't show your Youkai appearence to other students!"



Priority Mission: Have Fun!
Enter the Academy and listen to the headmasters speech, then do whatever you want to do for now.

Things to do:
  • Don't leave the academy.
  • Enter your dorm room atleast once.
  • Interact as you wish.
  • Have fun!

Lokiepie January 15th, 2013 6:02 AM

Millicent Kaiko

Milly shifted her weight slightly as the rather long introduction speech began, already bored. She had just known that there would be an introduction speech, there always was, as after all, despite this place being for Youkai, it was an academy after all and how different could it be. Right?

As gentle hum of introductions between students died out, Milly refocused back into her current surrounding, as a man appeared on stage. His was body clad in a long rode which covered him from head to toe quite literally, as where the space that his face was meant to be was hidden in an oval of shadow, over cast by the folds of hood.

Well that’s a weird one, she found herself thinking as she looked forward soaking in her new head-masters appearance while trying not to look at the people either side her, just in case they accidently made eye contact and looked at her. This wasn’t because Milly was shy or anything though, instead it was more the fact that she had already managed to mess up her brand new uniform and she cringed at the thought of people noticing. Though it was hard not to. It was splatted here and there with dark splotches of mud, and dust already coated her shoulders, making the once, green-turquoise coloured blazer seem grey in comparison to everyone else’s.

Curse you football and all you stand for! She thought bitterly, as she rearranged her skirt, one of her fingers trying desperately to finger off a peculiarly large clump of mud which had become attached to her skirt. She didn’t even dare think about her hair. She already knew, without even checking, that it was a mess. Skidding along the ground without bothering to tie the brown mass up, would do that after all. But what had really driven the last nail into her coffin of her appearance were the number of broken twigs which now nestled into her brown hairs tangles.

The boys had been too chicken to go get the ball out of the, admittedly, creepy mist covered forest, which had left Milly to go get it.

Sighing slightly she refocused on the head master as he looked in their direction. Well at least she thought he was looking in their direction anyway. The hood kinda hid all eye movement for Milly to be clear on that fact.

“Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him."

Milly did nothing to this but simply stare as another man stepped forward introducing himself as their teacher and explaining what time and where their class will be tomorrow morning.

He seemed nice enough anyway as far as Milly was concerned however her outlook on him right now was slightly tinted with the fact that he opened his introduction announcing the fact it was a free day.
“Sweet!” she whispered to herself as she did a small fist pump in triumph. She hadn’t exactly meant to do that out loud really and it earned her a few odd glances from the other classes, but right now Kaiko could not care less. She has spotted a pretty amazing swimming pool when having a small explore around the campus earlier and she knew for a fact that it was there that she would be spending the rest of her day. After of course, checking out her dorm.

Khawill January 15th, 2013 2:07 PM

I sat at the low ground table tiredly. "Brother, you really should get ready for school! You'll be late on your first day." My sister Liz walked in, "This is going to be a better year right?"

I layed back on the floor, "I don't know, I mean what do you mean by that." Her apartment was small, with only two rooms. She had her own and I slept in the living area on a mat. It was nice though, I didn't have to do anything but work at a nearby restaurant, and even then I didn't have to talk to anyone. It paid well, and most of my money went to my sister, I owed her for taking me in. "Can't I just stay here? You know I don't do well in school."

"No! I took you in because mom and dad wanted you to go to the Youkai Academy, they also wanted you to make friends. Can you do that, do that for them?" She pleaded. I stroked my hair, unsure to an answer.

"I'll try."

"Promise." She demanded.

"I promise." I said solemnly.

"Thank you. Look at me." She placed a plate of bacon and waffles on the table, I looked in her blue eyes. "This year you should try to do better. This is the best time to make friends. Maybe you'll even find a girlfriend." I decided I didn't want to look at her anymore, and began to eat. "Remember that you will be staying in school dorms, you can visit me anytime but that is where you live now. I'm going to be late to work, call me at the end of the day." My mouth was full but I nodded. She was always looking out for me, I felt guilty that she wasted her time doing that. "Please don't forget to call me, also I wrote my number and your dorm room in your book."

I gulped my food and exhaled hard, "Thank you, I won't forget." She smiled, nodded and hurried to her job. I was pretty nervous, though I grabbed my things and waited for the Youkai bus.

"C'mon kid." The bus driver's scratchy voice said. "You got one hell of a year ahead of you."

"I don't think so sir."

"Sir? What is this, your first day in Japan?"

"Ive only been here a year or so, and I'm from America."

"Yea well try not to embarrass yourself." I nodded, reading the note I'd written in my book to call my sister over and over, so I wouldn't forget. I sat in the very front head down, studying. Maybe other people got on, but I don't remember, or care.

When I arrived on at the busstop, I wasn't sure what to do. I saw the academy, thought maybe I should go there, but I was so afraid of the amount of people there. What if nobody accepted me. I sucked it up though, I wasn't afraid of anything. I walked in on the headmaster's speech. There was a lot of people, but luckily nobody had their attention on me. Lucky for me, I heard the words "free day" I also heard that I would be in class 3C. I didn't hear everything and I figured I could catch it later, so I went to my dorm room.

There were two beds in the room. "What, why are there two?" I said, but I knew what happened. My sister had signed me up for a roommate. Typical, always looking out for me. I sat on my bed, sighed, layed down and stared at the roof. Hopefully my roommate wasn't a total jerk. I just layed back, waiting for the day to end. Maybe I'd go out today and make friends, maybe I'd remember to call my sister, maybe not though.

Lilizuki January 15th, 2013 2:43 PM

Elene Merlin
General School Grounds
Elene's reaction to the entire speech was somewhat less interested than some of the others present, for she was more distracted by sorting out her uniform than whatever he had to say. Formal introductions and greetings that were far too enthusiastic for something as boring as this. All the information she needed was handed over to her well before she arrived, and she was damned sure that everyone else would feel the same way. They would if they weren't idiots, anyway, and judging by the dumb looks on a few of their faces, they were! She supposed the cool people would be around soon, although she loathed the fact that she couldn't show off her own beauty.

Because Marilyn was too shy to be around so many people, Elene had to wear a wig to cover up her silky silver hair and contact lenses to cover her piercing crimson eyes, so she could pretend to be in human form around the others. All because of that stupid rule by stupid people that they had to stay in human forms around each other, as though they didn't know everyone else present was a Youkai. Well, guess what, they were, and she knew it, they knew it, and the only problem was probably inter-species racism against the other students. Well, golly, wouldn't that just suck.

Regardless of these restrictions, she'd seen fit to alter her uniform before stepping foot into the hall. Instead of having it strapped around her chest like a restraining measure, Elene's jacket was stuffed into her violin case so her rather fine blouse was displayed instead, with the pristine white sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a jeweled necklace hanging across the collar. Beneath the the dreary navy socks of the school uniform, the vampire had pulled on a pair of lovely striped pantyhose. There wasn't anything against accessorizing in the school rules! If there were, she wouldn't be able to carry her violin case everywhere.

Be nice to the teacher...unless he was a human, Elene doubted he's suffer any harassment from the students. Then the Headmaster left with a reminder of his dumb rule that was dumb, a chick with scruffy hair cried out about candy or something, and she decided to take her leave before any of it could leak onto her. As she left, the elegant vampire walked with inhuman grace and pursed her lips together to whistle while she walked; a delightfully energetic tune she'd been practicing the night before.

Unfortunately, her lacke- friends weren't anyone around to help her unpack in the room that Marilyn would make a mess out of later, anyway, Whatever she would do with her, Elene didn't know, but she was soon using her vampiric speed to give herself a boost to the girl's dorms, piling her many suitcases of items in her lean arms and arriving at her bare dorm-room in no time at all. It was nothing to be impressed with, at first, but in no time flat, it was decorated completely, everything in a nice and organized manner for potential inspection. "Can we go a night without you destroying everything?" Elene asked, looking in the mirror.

There was a brief moment of time, as Marilyn returned, where the vampire winced at the slight ache in her arms and the pain of fresh contact lenses in her eyes, before she regained her posture and nodded with a smile into the mirror. "Hey, I'm not dirty! Just disorganized. And I won't mess anything up, as long as you don't come back to the dorm know I have to cram like crazy to get anything done in two hours." She lectured Elene, hands on her hips and a mild look of disgust at the fashion. It was far too flashy for her tastes; nothing was wrong with a loose hoodie and a pair of shorts.

The vampire blinked again, and Elene returned, brushing off the comments with a smirk and a dismissive wave of her hand. "I'll get right on that." She said, removing the jacket from her violin case and hanging it up neatly in her closet. If she didn't have her jacket with her, nobody would tell her to put it on! Then, she left with a confident spark in her contact lenses and a tune on her lips, as she headed out to wander the grounds; she'd either meet somebody new, or attract her friends with the song.

dcjboi January 15th, 2013 3:20 PM

Kakusu Mabayui Tengoku
Kakusu stood silent with an uneasy look in the back of the crowd, distanced a few feet from the nearest group of students. He gazed up towards the headmaster making his introduction speech up at the stand, looking mystique. The man was wearing what seemed like a white, hooded, cloak that made most of his face indistinguishable from shadow. At first, Kakusu looked at the headmaster intently, curious of how this academy would work, as he had never been around other children before. Eventually Kakusu lost interest as the speech didn't inform him of much he didn't know before and Kakusu began to look around at the student body around him. Everyone seemed very standard except for a few that he managed to pick out of the crowd although not even these people had anything significantly different about them aside from things like eye color.

As students were dismissed along with the rest of their respective class, the crowd began to clear out and the drone of audible speech turned into low voices whispering and muttering. Even though the crowd of students soon got smaller and became more distant from Kakusu, he still a small distance from the small group that remained. This remaining group was about the size of each of the groups that left and a strangely familiar smell prevailed to Kakusu. He wasn't sure if it was reliable but the smell of a nearby human jerky made him feel more relaxed.

An announcement from the headmaster caught Kakusu's ear and he focused on the second figure on-stage. This man appeared to be a run-of-the-mill human and Kakusu doubted that this teacher was a Youkai but that would be a curiosity that remained unanswered as the man finished his brief announcement.

"Class 3C, Higoroshi-sensei, classroom 13" Kakusu muttered to himself, taking note of the headmasters final rule, to not use his Youkai appearance around others.

With this said, Kakusu retreated into the Boy's dorm, hoping if he had a roomamte that they would be a tolorable person by his standards. Outside of the dorm there was tranquility and peace. Kakusu stood out in front of the building, taking in the scenery.

<Challenger> January 15th, 2013 3:52 PM

Michael Edward Jackson

Michael awoke with a jolt. "Wha-what did I miss?" He had fallen asleep during the head master's brief speech. Crap! Bad start to the year! He always seemed to do this at the beginning of the year. Three years in a row... He fell backwards out of his seat and landed on the floor. Hard. "Uhhh..." He groaned in discomfort and stood up, quickly using the wind to brush the dirt off of his black hoodie.

"Time to get some babes." He chuckled and strutted in front of his female classmates, putting special emphasis on his tight, black skinny jeans and nodded to them, with a wink. Many years of perfecting this walk have payed his mind. After a good ten minutes of strutting, he made his way to the classroom. I've found hell. He sighed and shook hands with the teacher, introduced himself, and exited the building.

Michael, being a man of impatience, took a running start and took off in flight towards the dormitory with his duffel bag strung across his back.

Khawill January 15th, 2013 4:43 PM

I reached into my bag for my notebook to review my daily objectives. I remembered that I needed to remind myself to see a guidance councilor, but I realized I was missing things to write with. "No, no, no." I mumbled, "I forgot my pens at Liz's house! I'm such an idiot." I sat up and put my shoes on. I ran downstairs quickly, knocking people out of the way. If I didn't have something to write with, I'd forget everything that came to mind.

I hurried around campus, having forgotten where the mall was. Additionally the stress and worry made me lose focus, causing a loss in control of me snowman abilities. Around me, plant life gathered frost and slowly wilted. Seeing this made me refocus and change priorities. Just as I was about to give up, I heard a sweet whistling coming from another student. I took a deep breath, "You have to do this, don't make Liz disappointed." I whispered. I took one more drawn out sigh and approached the girl. It dawned on me that I didn't know how to formally start a conversation and began to panic. Again around me plants gathered frost, some of them dying. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know how to start a conversation." I stuttered shivering. This would be the first person I'd ever talked to that wasn't my family.

Nideous January 15th, 2013 5:46 PM


During the speech a lone Neko was sitting off to the side, away from everyone else. She swished her tail, looking on in wonder at a piece of paper in her hand. She was having trouble reading it. Well, she couldn't read it at all. That sucked. She got to her feet and walked to a teacher, smiling coyly.

"Hey miss, what;'s this say?" she asked, her voice quivering slightly. She thrust the paper at the woman, who examined it.

"It says that you are in class 3C." she said, sounding annoyed. Ally shrugged.

"Um... Sorry... I don't know how to read..." Ally said softly. The teacher's expression softened a bit, showing that she knew that Ally was the stray they had taken in, so to speak.

"Alright, I'll show you to you dorm then. This way." she said. The nice teacher began to walk away, leaving Ally to follow her to the girl's dorm.

ShinyDiamond January 15th, 2013 8:05 PM

Takumi Makkusu - A Funny Beginning

"This school seems...okay." Hi, I'm Takumi Makkusu. Yes, you can see my name at the top. Just bare with me here. I got expelled from my last school, & my parents mysteriously found this school to send me to. They were excited to send me back to school, even a room for myself, yet I can't help but find this school odd.

I must be getting paranoid.

I stood with a bunch of students outside, facing a stage where it stood. I'm wondering if or when an announcement will be presented. Some of these teens here... They seem normal. This sure is an odd school. Not long later, some strange figure appeared beyond us on stage. He looks like an adult, so he must be a teacher. He didn't look that way though. Is he the headmaster of this academy? Most headmasters don't wear a cloak like that. I can't tell what he looks like under his hood.

Yup, I'm not crazy.

The headmaster gave his speech, & I listened carefully. What caught my attention, how to cope with humans? He was just joking about that, right? I can't really figure this out. Perhaps I'm just overthinking all this. My homeroom teacher was Higoroshi-sensei. I was free to go anywhere, as I have class with him tomorrow.

Another thing that caught my attention: don't show your Youkai appearance to anyone. What does that mean? I should look up Youkai later. This is seriously weirding me out. I should just head to my dorm.

Wouldn't you know it, I get lost. I can't seem to find the dorms around here. I should've gotten a map or something. I'm walking around looking for the dorms, not looking at anyone. Will I bump into someone? Probably not... Hint hint, Pink.

machomuu January 16th, 2013 4:37 AM

Kion Gavin - Welcome to Hell

Not long after the incident, Kion left home for Youkai Academy, as it was too dangerous for him to stay home with his family. He left them a message telling them that he'd left, just vaguely going over why, without mention of his becoming a mage or exactly where he was going. He knew that they would be worried, and he knew that they would be heartbroken, but he felt them actually being dead was not nearly as bad as them merely thinking that he was dead. It still tore his heart to leave them behind, but it had to be done.

Getting to the school was fairly easy. As with every pact, there are exceptions and there are loopholes, and one such exception was a spell called "Hell's Doorway" (not to be confused with "Doorway to Hell", a spell that sends the user to their death, disregarding any sort of judgement that may exist after death and sending them straight to Hell). The spell was rather simple for him, but few other than Deva Mages could use the spell. It worked by opening a fiery portal to one of the many circles of Hell, and then immediately linking it to another portal, or "doorway", somewhere else. In a sense, it's similar to going from one room to the next, only this spell can span long distances. It's not as simple as it may sound, though. One must have the required materials to get to the specific place that they want to go to, and learning exactly which ingredients are needed to go where is nigh on impossible. Luckily for Gavin, the ingredients to get to the Youkai Academy were relatively easy to find, thanks to the number of grimoires he had.

On his arrival, he was...overwhelmed. He knew it was an academy, but he didn't expect it to have to much class, so much grandeur. Still, he was a little disappointed that it was a youkai academy, because he certainly didn't feel like a youkai. In truth, he was still having trouble accepting that he wasn't human anymore. Regardless, he made his way inside, directly towards his room. He was quick to find it, but he heard that he needed to report to the schoolyard for the schoolyard for an opening ceremony, and promptly did so.

When he arrived, he noticed...quite a few youkai. No doubt he was conflicted about himself, if not interested in the youkai. The headmaster took the stage and started to speak. "This year we'll do our best to teach you the ways of being a human once again." This seemed...odd to Gavin.The youkai had to learn to coexist with, blend in with, and essentially be humans? Given their history, it seems rather odd that it wasn't the other way around. It seemed unfair to Gavin. Still, he decided to put it in the back of his mind for the time being, as he was actually there to become human.

There was little else of note and few who Gavin wanted to talk to. He returned to his room, as he had a lot to think about.

Rose Quartz January 16th, 2013 8:36 AM

Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki

"Well then! Let's see what this year will bring me!" Nami cheered as she entered the gates of the Youkai school. Right now she was in her human form, long black hair, sparkling brown eyes and in her green school uniform. Nami was a Vampire, a blood-drinking creature with silver hair and crimson eyes. It didn't take long for the 17 years old girl to notice a stage on the schoolgrounds and curiously took a close look at it. She saw a lot of other students too, too bad she couldn't figure out what Youkai everyone was.

Nami heard someone entering the stage and took a few steps back, only to find out a hooded man in a long cloak entered the stage and started holding his speech. Was this man the headmaster? Then why on earth is he wearing a cloak litterally covering his entire body? Nami looked around and tried to see everyone's faces, it relieved her to see she wasn't the only one freaked out.

Once the speech was over she heard the headmaster saying that Class 3C's homeroom teacher was Higoroshi-sensei. "His name sounds gentle…" Nami smiled a little, and soon found out his voice was quite pleasing as well. He told everyone that there were no classes today. Nami smile now became even brighter. Sweet! she thought as her heart made a little jump.

Nami followed the other students to the dorms, but because she was distracted for a moment she accidentally bumped into someone. She immediately woke up out of her little trance and looked up. She saw a handsome boy forward her and made herself ready to apologize. She was very close to his neck and smelled something… so sweet… almost as if……

She stepped back and shaked her head. "I-I'm really sorry! I got distracted for a moment there…"

Satan.EXE January 16th, 2013 9:33 AM

Outdoor Auditorium

Chapter One: Part One
Reluctant Beginnings

"Welcome students, to the new semester of Youkai Academy!" The man up front began speaking. Solo didn't really react, he didn't care about it much at all, but at the very least decided to listen. He sat alone, in the very back seat in the far right corner, his feet kicked up and crossed over the seat in front of him. His arms were crossed, and he simply yawned. Like hell if I'm going to sit with my 'class'. He gave a rather annoyed gaze at the group that was most likely in his class. Though, he didn't have anything against them (yet), he just seemed annoyed at the situation. The man up front continued to speak.

Oh boy, a speech. I can guarantee I'm going to despise this man immediately. Solo sighed. Did he really have to be /here/? It wasn't much of an improvement, and that's saying something. His demeanor matched his expression; disinterested.

"This year we'll do our best to teach you the ways of being a human once again."

Wait wha-- Solo suddenly jolted upright, eyes widened with a sudden anger. Despite how badly he wanted to, he bit his tongue. No damn way!! No!! I'll never be one of those... Things! I'd rather eat one, and I bet they taste bitter. Bitter like their attitudes. Solo, already infuriated, tried his best to calm his nerves. He leaned back in his seat again, trying to resettle.

"Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him."

"Feh," Solo muttered under his breath, "prepare for hell, Higoroshi-/chan/. It looks like you're my enemy now."

"Since today is a free day to make you students able to pack out your stuff in your dorm rooms, my class will start tomorrow in classroom 13. I'll see you tomorrow."

Free day... Looks like the same thing I'm gonna be doing all year; nothing. Solo shook his head instinctively. "They know damn well I'm not going to follow their rules."

"And with this my speech will end, just remember our most important rule. Don't show your Youkai appearance to other students!"

"Pfff, speaking of rules. How pointless." Solo's tail and ears appeared, as if to make pure mockery of the rule. "Hmm, I think I actually like this better."

"Hey, you talked during the whole speech, wolfboy!" Some kid from a different class was sitting about two or three seats ahead of him. He was pretty young, too.

"Oh, excuse me, short stuff." Solo sniffed the air in the direction of the boy. "Werewolf!? Seriously!?" Solo laughed rather cruelly. "What a poser!"

"Says you, fake-human mutt!" Clearly this boy didn't like Solo's attitude, and he was a werewolf to boot. The boys anger quickly dissolved into fear as Solo stood up, towering over the small kid and penalizing him with a stare that could only be read as 'pure hatred'.

"Listen, you little snot. You're nothing but a ugly pup with a stupid face and a ridiculous shape. Your kind are a disgusting race and bring a horrid name to us /real/ wolves. You're a disgusting inbred freak. You may be fast, but I'm faster. You may be strong, but I'm more skilled. You'd never be able to touch me. Not even once. Just watch where you step, and don't you /dare/ complain about anything I do." ... Ouch.

The kid didn't take it well. In fact, he unleashed his werewolf form and decided to go right for Solo. With a chuckle, Solo stood out of his seat, before kicking his leg backward, using his telekinetic powers to fling it into the air, let it hover in place for a second, then flung it, giving the werewolf a nice metal slap across his muzzle. The enraged boy charged again, and Solo simply sidestepped the claw swipe. The kid must have overshot it, too, because his miss caused him to fall flat on his face. Solo chuckled. "Come on, ugpup. You started this thing, you should finish it!" He stepped on top of the beast, to signify his dominance and victory, only to find his ankle clutched. Oops.

The ugly thing held him upside down by his ankle, getting a few cheap shots in by punching him in the face, making him sway as he dangled. "Heheh, you really are all bark and no bite. Calling me ugly. I'll make you look ugl--" POW!! Right in the kisser. Solo had spun himself around and planted a kick right on the kid's snout. Although he hadn't anticipated that the kid would let go, and hit the ground with a painful thud.

"Ugh, my head..." Solo clutched his forehead with on hand, sitting back up on the ground. His focus eventually came back, and he could see that a crowd had formed around their fight, with toppled chairs creating a sort of fence around the arena. When Solo stood up and dusted himself off, he was somewhat surprised to hear some female cheering. Seriously? He understood enjoying the fight, but why did they care that he was up? Regardless, the other kid stood up and, like every other time, just charged at him again. "Seriously?"

Solo held both hands forward. What was he doing? The werewolf suddenly stopped, though he looked as if he was still trying to charge. "Rrrghhh.. RRGGGGHHHHHHH!!" Solo grunted in pain as he amplified his powers, not only stopping the beast from running, but flipping him and causing him to hit the ground with a forceful crash. One girl actually decided to make herself the announcer, and her counting must have meant that the kid might be done now.

"One, two, three, four, five, six," the girl counted. Meanwhile, Solo only stood there, covering his forehead. He barely lipped out 'ugh, my head', panting from slight exhaustion. "Nine, Ten! Werewolf boy didn't get up, that cute Lycan Guy wins!" The girls all cheered simultaneously, except for one who went over to check on the beast he just smashed. Must be a sister or girlfriend or-- nah, she's gotta be his sister. No one would date a werewolf.

It was then that a teacher had gotten through the crowd. Wow, was that poor timing, for him. For Solo, the timing couldn't have been better. "Hey teach, got any Asprin? My head's killin' me..."


<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 9:53 AM

Michael sighed. His bags were unpacked. His stuff was in line. All he had to do now was hit on some babes. They couldn't resist this guy's charms. "Time to get some babes." The Crow Tengu exited the dormitory and walked towards the school grounds. He had heard a fight had gone down. Hopefully he wasn't to late to see it. Michael was always in the mood for a good fight.

When he arrived at the hall, the fight was over. "Damn. Missed it." He sighed. He scanned the remaining students to search for attractive girls. So far he'd been disappointed. He called out to the gathered students, "I'M AVAILABLE, IF ANY HOTTIES WANNA HOOK UP WITH THIS GUY!" He held out his thumbs and pointed to myself. "REPEAT, I AM ON THE MARKET!" Several girls were already turning their heads. Good. Interested in the MJ. He moon-walked out of the hallway.

Rose Quartz January 16th, 2013 11:53 AM

Ryuu Higoroshi
Towards the schoolgrounds

"What's happening?" Ryuu took a look outside when he saw a group students gathering. "Let me guess… the Lycan boy…" He sighed as he stood up and reached to a pot with asperins. "He'll get a warning this time…" Ryuu said to himself and left his classroom. It was a long way to the schoolgrounds and once he showed his face outside a lot of students left immediately.

"Solo, cut out this crap." Ryuu said as he made his way to the open space where Solo and the werewolf were. "Seriously, you are not even one hour on the Academy and you got into a fight already?" Ryuu trew the asperin at Solo and walked away. "This time you get off with a warning." Ryuu said and waved cool, probably pissing him off but Ryuu didn't care.

He went back to his classroom and sat back on his chair. "Seriously…"

Lilizuki January 16th, 2013 2:13 PM

Elene Merlin
General School Grounds
Wandering the grounds of the Academy was nothing particularly new; nothing she hadn't seen before, or memorized from the gifted maps, so she let her legs carry her through whatever destination her mental random route generator could come up with. The pool was something she would avoid like the touch of death itself, that was a given, though the forest would likely make good scenery for later expeditions; more serenity than whoever was shacking up in her bedroom would leave her with. As long as it wasn't some maladjusted plebeian that would touch her violin. Greater people had died that way.

Her silent uttering of vengeance were momentarily broken as she saw a male student approaching her, a bit rough around the edges and with drab white hair to boot; unlike her gloriously full and bouncy silver locks that were currently restrained. His posture was slightly awkward, leaving him unable to make good use of his apparent natural height and giving her perfect posture quite the mien of dominance over the conversation. That was how she imagined it would look, at least, though one of her luxurious outfits would have amplified the effect greatly. Oh, to be able to play before a crowd again.

The arched eyebrow could not have reached higher on her forehead, as the fellow apologized and said he didn't know how to converse. "Good gracious! Were you raised by wolves?" She asked, incredulous and unthinking about Frio's potential feelings as she did so. "It's a good thing you're attending this school, so you can learn some proper manners. As such, I will introduce myself. My name is Marilyn Elene of the family Merlin; you respond in kind by telling me your name." She greeted, a brief curtsey as she gave the stranger impromptu lessons in etiquette.

Khawill January 16th, 2013 3:59 PM

"I wasn't raised by wolves, I was just never able to talk to humans..." My sister always told me that I never made friends because the other people were humans. I don't know if it was true, but I still liked the excuse. "I got nicknamed Frio at my last school, and I forgot m first name. But my last name is Descansas!" I refocused, controlling my powers again, "Did I do that right? Did I start the conversation well?" Hopefully even if this person didn't become his friend, it could be an experience he could learn off of. He paused for a second and added in, "I've never met another monster that wasn't my family before, so I'm not sure if I'm making friends..."

dcjboi January 16th, 2013 4:56 PM

Kakusu Mabayui Tengoku
Path To Boy's Dorm
Behind Kakusu he heard a commotion consisting of yelling and excited voices, then not so much after, a gargantuan thud reached Kakusu's ears, to Kakusu's displeasure. He didn't even bother to look back at whatever was the cause as it was probably something foolish that a hot-headed student had done. A look of disgust formed on Kakusu's face for a moment before he returned to his previous expression, a frown and dreary looking eyes. He disliked this sort of thing and it was obviously unnecessary

Kakusu returned his attention back to the Dorm and hastily walked towards the door, reaching for the knob before a small flame manifested in the center of the door. Kakusu sighed and blew at the flame, extinguishing it with ease. He looked behind him to see if anyone noticed it and then continued into the dorms. As he looked around inside, checking for any unwanted company, Kakusu remembered that most of the student population was likely still gathered around the stage. He scanned the building, following his instincts that successfully led him to. He took note of the room location and number before opening the door, noticing that the room was devoid of any life other than himself. He knew that he had a roommate, as he was told so by some teacher who's name escaped him, but apparently his roommate was out.

"Hopefully not the cause of that ruckus I hope" Kakusu muttered before sitting in the window on the other side of the room, on the front of the building. He sat with one leg hanging out the window and the other at rest on the windowsill, leaning his back against the wall. As he got situated, he gazed out on the campus, he began to spit small embers straight below, near the entrance to the building.

machomuu January 16th, 2013 5:33 PM

Kion Gavin

Gavin dozed off for about 15 minutes, as his pondering turned into a nap. Still, despite the fact that it was unintentional, Gavin felt that it was a mostly unfulfilling rest. It mattered little to him, though, as he stood up from his bed and made his way out of his room, and then out to the schoolyard.

It was a strange mixture of feelings. On one hand, he wasn't exactly sure if he was comfortable being around all of these youkai, living with all these youkai, when he didn't even consider himself to be a youkai. Then, there was the fact that he was so intrigued with everyone. They all had such...underwhelming appearances. For the most part, they all looked human, and it was because of that that Gavin was so interested in them. He was mystified at exactly what they were, and intrigued as to why they took the forms that they did.

However, one person stuck out to Gavin more than anyone else. She was a brown-haired beauty that seemed to be carrying the case of some sort of stringed instrument. Gavin was taken by her- well, for the moment he was. He noticed that he was staring, and refused to believe that he was interested in someone whom he he'd never talked to and knew nothing about. "It's absurd." He said under his breath, looking away from the girl. "I-it's superficial..." He looked back to her again. It seemed that he was dead set on not falling for this girl, as Gavin was never the type to believe in love at first sight, and he felt that deciding one's feelings for someone else based on appearances alone was, as he would say, "superficial", especially at a place such as Youkai Academy.

He was so distracted that he didn't notice someone...moon-walking in front of him. In fact, he almost walked into the person who was...moon-walking in front of him. When he realized that someone was just...moon-walking in front of him, he was at a loss for words. Why? Because someone was...moon-walking in front of him. It was normally something people did for laughs. This guy, however, seemed as if he was serious about the endeavor, though.

"...Ah..." He started, trying to snap himself back to his senses. "Y...Um...W...What are you doing?"

<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 6:01 PM

"...Ah...Y...Um...W...What are you doing?" The voice asked behind him.

Michael turned his head to see a slender kid dressed in black. This kid DARES to interrupt my dancing? This is an affront to my talent! GRAHH! He had to play a joke on him. Protocol dictates it. He spread his wings to their full span and made himself as tall as he could. "YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME DURING MY RIGHTEOUS GROOVES!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! WHAT DIVINE BEING GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO INTERRUPT MY RIGHTEOUS GROOVES???!!!" The next second he shrunk himself down and folded his wings in. "Just kidding. Name's Michael. What's up?"

machomuu January 16th, 2013 6:08 PM

Kion Gavin

Gavin stared at Micheal blankly. It was not because he was wary of him, but rather it was because of his saying "WHAT DIVINE BEING GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO INTERRUPT MY RIGHTEOUS GROOVES?!" Gavin looked at his left hand and said "...How ironic." He remained lost in thought, as the facts were starting to bear down on him.

Now, normally he would have talked to Micheal for longer, but he was to down in the dumps to continue talking. He started to sulk away, but then he noticed that it would be rude to just leave without saying anything. In a monotone voice, he replied, " Micheal. My name's Kion." That's all he could get out as he gloomily dragged himself further into the schoolyard.

Lilizuki January 16th, 2013 6:13 PM

Elene Merlin
General School Grounds
Elene watched the boy's attempts at conversation with nothing but mocking in her head, with perhaps a small dash of pity and a pinch of potential pride at preparing the pathetic peon for proper people. Though she didn't show many of her emotions on her face, for the moment, a few general gestures of polite society were made. A quirked eyebrow here and a small nod there, just enough to keep them talking until something interesting was said. His family name was unusual, and she wondered what brand of dimwit forgot their own personal name, but what made her pay the most attention was his final sentence.

"You did well enough, I suppose, but one should bow upon meeting a lady such as myself." Elene explained, mimicking a bow to let the boy know what one should look like, before she met his eyes and spoke firmly, with the melodic voice that would turn attention to her. "But monsters? If you're using it to imply a sense of terrible grandeur, then thank you!" She flashed a small smile, for fear of opening her mouth to wide and revealing her fangs. "I'd rather you didn't, however. It's a horribly demeaning word." She spoke firmly, to make sure the words stuck in Frio's head.

Some form of commotion rose over yonder, where some dick was yelling about grooves or and daring to do things. In truth, Elene's thoughts were much less pompous than what she articulated, and would be far more crass if she hadn't been in the mood to tutor. Such a loud person it was, who didn't seem to understand the concept of civility or true culture. Who even used the term groove any more? Marilyn may have, but only when she was caressing some dancing video-game or using it ironically. She stared past Frio's shoulder for just long enough to see another boy's stunned reaction, before he began to depart with a conversation.

Such was life. She'd just need to avoid the loud fellow.

Khawill January 16th, 2013 6:21 PM

I bowed just as she did, making sure to remember to write this to remember it latter. "I'm sorry if offended you, they say monster in America, and I didn't know it was bad." I said quietly, "I guess that it makes sense though, all the monsters in the movies are really ugly and mean, and you're very nice and pretty. I don't see a lot of people like that, except my sister, and most people that are pretty and nice ignore me anyways..." I wondered why my sister even bothered with me, "I didn't mean to insult you again!" I said suddenly, unaware if I had said something wrong or not, "I just meant you are not like the monsters in the movies, but more like the pretty actor." I added in, "I'm sorry I just wanted to ask where the mall was anyways, I forgot pencils for my journal that I write things I'm supposed to remember in. Please don't make fun of me, I'm trying..."

<Challenger> January 16th, 2013 6:27 PM

" Micheal. My name's Kion." The kid seemed to be in the dumps.

Alright then. "Alright. I'll see you around Kion." Eh. He'll talk more later. Nobody stays quiet for very long at this friggin' school. This school was relatively the-opposite-of-quiet, with all the different species of Youkai in his school. He continued walking and didn't bother looking back. He had important things to do. Like strut his wings, which is exactly what he did.He walked with long, striding steps and swinging arms. It was his 'thang'.

ShinyDiamond January 16th, 2013 8:57 PM

Takumi Makkusu - A New Friend

I should've been looking where I was going. I bumped into a student, & it took me a while to get out of my trance. I looked at the student, & saw that she was a girl. She looked beautiful, & I couldn't respond well. Actually, I couldn't respond at all. Why was she smelling me is the question. This school...way too odd.

The girl's appearance was dazzling. No words could describe how charming she looked. She apologized for being distracted. I blushed & looked away a bit.

Da** my weakness of girls. "I-I apologize as well..." That was all I could manage to say. Ok, I gotta ask! "Did you smell me?" That was one time, I won't ask something stupid again!

DLMuerte January 17th, 2013 5:18 AM

Sorae Kakori Jenai

Sorae would've watched intently, but the truth was that his foot was itching within a matter of three minutes. Three minutes. Had anything ever taken so long? Had he ever been so impatient?

Well, yeah. All the time. But that was beyond the point.

The headmaster's speech was dragging on in his head, although in truth it was quick and concise. ""Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him." Well, at least that was some usable info. "And with this my speech will end, just remember our most important rule. Don't show your Youkai appearance to other students!"

Whatever. His Youkai appearance was the same, just with an eye on the forehead. He rubbed his forehead subconsciously. Then he stood up, remembering that it was a free day. Whatever. He yawned. Had he gotten sleep yesterday? Why was he tired? Hmmm... well, might as well go to the dorms. He stretched, and then walked to the dorms. Opening the door, he entered quietly, locating a designated room. Hey! Only one bed! Holy cow! He could summon Meow without anyone seeing, not only preserving a good, not wimpy appearance while keeping himself content. He fell on the bed, opening both eyes. No roommates... nice. Being alone is good for a person sometimes, I guess.

He got up slowly, then opening a suitcase. Gripping the handle softly, he took out the blue hereditary coin bag, stuffing it into his pocket. Afterwards, he took out the few things he had packed, putting them away in small dressers. He found some swim trunks, perfect to go to the pool sometime later. Whatever. He grabbed the bag, leaned back, and yawned. Maybe he should go grab a can of... something. He got up, located a small mini-fridge nearby (why, how convenient!) and popped some kind of drink. He drank it thoroughly. Tastes like a Coke. He sighed. Did he really want some?

He looked in the mirror and grinned.
Hell yes.

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