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jov0006 January 15th, 2013 4:11 PM

Pokémon: The Five [T] [OOC]
The Five
^ I know I suck at choosing names

It is the year 2024 and the ultimate weapon has been created. The weapon being, five teenagers under mind control with extraordinary power powerful enough to time travel and change appearances. These teens are tortured through many tests until one day one decides to send them back 11 years across each Pokémon region.

After the scientists conducting research on the teens realise they are gone, panic breaks loose in the lab. The conclusion is that they will send evil clones designed to kill their clone-dup before they change the future. Each of the teens suffer from amnesia where they are approached by the professor of that region who gives them a Pokédex considering the teens have nothing else to do.

Your role is equivalent to that of a Pokémon trainer and your evil clone-dup your rival except that once your partner Pokémon faints, you die. So yes, you are the teens. (READ BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A POKEMON HUNTER)

Each person has their own ability due to being in the lab. The abilities are:
  • Increase speed, increase attack, increase defence, increase special attack, increase special defence

You are allowed any Pokémon AS LONG AS IT IS ITS FIRST EVOLUTION, NOT A LEGEND AND CAN EVOLVE TWICE. Your Pokémon's level is the number of posts so for example Charmander will not be able to evolve until at least 16 posts. For Pokémon that require stones, the min. level is 30. For trading add at least ten more levels than its second evo. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE Pokémon!

Sign Up
Name (Nothing too common please such as John Smith):

Nickname (Optional):


Appearance (picture or description):


Your ability (check above for reference):

Personality: 2 lines minimum

History: 8 lines minimum


Legendary Interaction (You can choose a duo, trio or quadrio as long as they are apart of the same group or you can choose a single legend):

Partner Pokémon (Must comply with Pokémon rules above, ONLY ONE):

Level: 1


Ability (must be legal):


My Sign Up
Name: Livy Terrarius

Sex: Male

Appearance: Short black hair that points out a bit. Pale blue eyes. Tall for his age due to genetic engineering. Generally wears black.

Age: 14

Ability: Increase speed

Personality: Livy is a shy boy who is quite lonely. He's no good with technology and seems weak but is in fact really strong and can endure a lot of suffering and energy absorption. He cannot swim and has hydrophobia. He surprisingly did not auffer complete amnesia like the rest of the teens but remembers a few things. He has a strong sense of reality.

History: Livy was born in slums. He sold himself to a scientist at the age of six so he can give the money to his dying sister to go to hospital. He has been tested on for the rest of his life. He is the first person to test any appliance that has been wired to his head. He wanted freedom after a year but silently showed it, making the scientists think he was fine with being tested. He seized the opportunity to escape when the scientists added time travel as an augmentation. He did a group time warp back eleven years which mentally scarred every time traveller because they travelled back in time. He warped into the Unova region in Mistralton City. To his surprise, his life-long buddy Dratini also warped in time with him.

Region: Unova

Legendary Interaction: Kami trio

Partner Pokémon: Dratini

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Ability: Marvel Scale

Wrap, Leer


Be active
No Godmodding
Bunny with permission from roleplayer, confer with GM if trouble.
Your character's age must be a teen so maximum age is 18. Minimum age is 12.
Reservations last for three days
Standard RP and PC rules
Put the answer to “Who is the equivalent to your rival in this rp?' so I know you are serious about role-playing.
If you do not have the answer in your SU you will be Denied.

1. Livy Terrarius - Wurm (Dratini) (Unova) (Kami trio)
2. Turnip - Tel (Beldum) (Hoenn) (Deoxys)
3. Alex (Chaos) - Totodile (Johto) (Genesect)

Another Sign Up for more people EDIT:
The scientists realised that the clones weren't programmed properly and thus they hired professional Pokemon Hunters: (please communicate with your hunted target!!!)
Name (Nothing too common please such as John Smith):

Nickname (Optional):


Appearance (picture or description):

Age (preferably not a kid):

Personality: 2 lines minimum

History: 8 lines minimum

Hunted Target:

Legendary Interaction (You can choose a duo, trio or quadrio as long as they are apart of the same group or you can choose a single legend, the people who are hunters can share the same legendary as their hunted target):

Partner Pokémon (Must comply with Pokémon rules above, ONLY ONE):

Level: 1


Ability (must be legal):




Turnip February 6th, 2013 9:34 AM

So, what exactly do we do to sign up?
I think I asked this before in a PM, but it didn't show up in my sent messages, so I assumed something had gone wrong.

jov0006 February 8th, 2013 6:22 PM

Just post your sign up here, it is the OOC after all.

Should I open up the IC and start?

You do NOT need to be active anymore to join.

Turnip February 9th, 2013 6:59 AM

*Aghem*, sorry. Anyway, not sure about starting this now, I mean, it is just the two of us, and I haven't done this before. Your choice, really.
Sooo... should I post the sign up here, then? For future reference or something?

jov0006 February 9th, 2013 11:06 PM

Ummm.. okay. I'm pretty new too.

Game_sloth February 10th, 2013 12:19 AM

@Jov Was just checking this out and OOC/SU threads tend to go in the RP Lounge. The IC is what goes in the RP Corner. Which I wouldn't open that up until you at least got 4 of your 5 characters. (You may want to open more roles and be sure the 5 people that are "The 5" are going to pull their weight and stay active. You don't want to lose a main character to inactivity!)

@Turnip You would want to post your SU, though, for any other people that take part to read. They need to know what you look like and all.

jov0006 February 10th, 2013 1:50 AM

Thank you game_sloth. Much appreciated.

Turnip February 10th, 2013 4:41 AM


Originally Posted by Game_sloth (Post 7531394)
@Turnip You would want to post your SU, though, for any other people that take part to read. They need to know what you look like and all.

Alrighty, thanks for the advice and all. Very noble of you :p

Name: Turnip

Nickname: Uhh... Turnip. His amnesia is really bad, ok?

Sex: Male, though he hardly remembers.

Appearance: He wears something like a hooded trench coat, with like some kind of light armour underneath, with knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves. He wears an odd helmet, probably something to do with the experiments. It can be pretty annoying, since it can't be taken off, but it has some helpful aspects.

Age: Yeah, he can't remember that either. Probably 18 or so.

Ability: Increased Special Attack.

Personality: Generally not really loving, Turnip will form friendships quite well, but may ask to kill someone every once in a while. Thankfully he asks, to which the usual answer is "No.". Despite this, and an obvious love of sarcasm, Turnip is actually really moral, and has a strong sense of logic - aside from the occasional mention of wanting to cheat at what is, to everyone else, real life...

History: Turnip has... pretty much no memory. It is believed he is a severely genetically engineered test-tube human, who was originally just a husk of sorts. In the scientists' attempts to make inter-dimensional travel possible, (I figured this would be OK, considering you've already got time travel on your hands) they inadvertently gave Turnip the momentary consciousness of a Pokémon player - leading to his use of game-like terminology and belief in organised game logic, and probably his high use of sarcasm, too. This also made him a specifically organised Pokémon trainer, as he has a database-like knowledge of Pokémon and their abilities and stats, etc. All in all, he didn't get much more memory during the experiments, and so he hasn't lost much. Essentially, he's just starting life, but he already knows, uh, things.
The story behind Turnip's name is kind of simple, although it is co-incidentally how he met Beldum. Since he didn't really have a name - and any name he did have was forgotten - after awaking in a field of some sort, he was awoken by the question "Are you a turnip?"
His immediate answer was "Yes.", to which he then corrected himself. It was too late, though, and the name stuck. He never really questioned what a Beldum was doing in a field - I guess they just got on with it, and the Beldum seemed happy enough with going along with the amnesiac.

Region: Hoenn

Legendary Interaction: Deoxys

Partner Pokémon: Beldum - "Tel"

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Ability: Clear Body

Moveset: Take Down.

Chaos Fork February 12th, 2013 1:01 AM

So do we just post the sign up form here? You might've already said we do, but still...

Turnip February 12th, 2013 9:06 AM


Originally Posted by Chaos Fork (Post 7534710)
So do we just post the sign up form here? You might've already said we do, but still...

Yup. It should go up on this thread sometime, at least, mine had to :)

Chaos Fork February 12th, 2013 10:18 AM

Alrighty then! (Now with a completely new history)
Name: Alex. No surname, as he doesn't remember it

Nickname: Twig

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tanned skin, short black hair, tall, bright green eyes


Your ability: Increased speed

Personality: Alex has a serious personality and tries to do things as quick as possible. However, despite this, he eagerly tries to remember his past.

History: Alex was a 13 year old boy who was living with his family, who became bankrupt. Before long they were told that they are being evicted from the house. Alex and his father left the house. They asked each other where to go. After a while they decided to go to their uncle's house. While they were walking to the uncle's house, Alex's legs were aching in pain so he had to rest for a few seconds. He then got up...and realised he was in the middle of a crossroads. His father could've gone anywhere, so he went right, aka, the wrong way. He wandered into an alleyway, a dark one. It was then that he was abducted by a masked man. He woke up on a metal slab. A scientist explained to Alex that they were "just testing some gadgets". He saw four others in the same room as his, about the same age as him. The scientists then pulled out a giant machine and told him and the others to look into it. Alex went and did it and it, and immediately his memory was wiped out. Alex started to panic, he didn't remember anything. He ran because of this and was running through the corridors. He found a strange pad in one of the rooms, and was determined to find out what it was. He hopped onto the pad and he disappeared. The pad was a time machine. He found himself near a lake and started to walk around. He found a Totodile waddling around. The Totodile asked him who he was, but of course, he couldn't answer the question. Totodile then decided to call Alex "Twig" because there was a twig on his head. Totodile then decided to help Alex get his memory back, and they became a team.

Region: Johto

Legendary Interaction: Celebi, since it can see the past

Partner Pokémon: Totodile

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Ability: Sheer Force

Moveset: Tackle, ice punch

Who is the equivalent to your rival in this rp?
He is the clone of Alex created by scientists with the sole purpose of destroying him.

jov0006 February 14th, 2013 10:50 PM

@chaos fork, Some things didn't make sense. Also it doesn't seem you read the the brief that well. First of all, you were warped 11 years into the past to your selected region from the laboratory. It says in your sign up you ran away. There are other things such as the 'Who is your rival question?'. If you read the brief properly it was a test to see if you read the brief. Your rival is your evil clone-dupe because the scientists have some genetic material of you enough to make a clone. I'll still accept you but I would like you to edit your sign up.

@chaos_fork Legit movesets as well. Use a website like bulbapedia for reference. I don't want TM moves to be available immediately. You can get Dragon Claw at Level 8 and Waterfall at Level 24.

Turnip February 15th, 2013 3:43 PM

Whoawoahwoahwoah- we're being hunted now? Heeheee, OK.
Well, now Turnip's going to be really pissed off if Tel doesn't learn very much very soon. Going up against professionals with just Take Down doesn't sound like a good idea ;)

Kind of an update for my SU, there's a custom-made trainer sprite for Turnip in my sig now. Just ignore the party and stuff.
Also, can Beldum be shiny? The Beldum line looks awesome when it's shiny :)

jov0006 March 14th, 2013 11:12 PM

We gonna do this or what?

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