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Fort PokePower January 26th, 2013 11:14 PM

Fargona: The Land of Dragons [T]

Wisps of gray hair hung about King Johar Ulond's wrinkled features as he bent over a round, wooden table situated in the middle of a somewhat small room. A map of Fargona was stretched out across the flat surface of the table, and examining the map alongside the king were Hallum Ebboter, Lord Catos Boutheret, Lord Talach Lolinnor, Lord Ferand Oborgon, and Gunthur Simelo.

“This was where the last reported disappearance occurred,” Gunthur said, his hand hovering over the map as he pointed at a bold X placed at the edge of the Oldkin Desert. “A caravan was on their way to sell their dragons in Arddyn, but in the middle of the night the dozen puks they had with them disappeared without a trace. Their cages were carefully examined and there were no signs that they had been tampered with or damaged in any way.”

Johar's brow furrowed, making him look even older than he already did. “Just like every other incident...,” he murmured. The aged king's sharp grey eyes scanned the rest of the map, taking note of each of the X marks that were scattered about the map. “Have you learned anything new about the disappearances?”

Gunthur sighed regretfully. “Unfortunately, no. All we know is that the missing dragons were seen in a trance-like state before they simply vanished. Even when closely watched, the dragons still somehow manage to get away without being noticed.”

The king nodded, already having guessed as much, then snapped his gaze to Hallum. “What have you found out about the sorcerers who died?”

Hallum grimaced. “I'm afraid I don't have much information to offer, Majesty. The healers have found no sign of damage on their bodies, and as far as they can tell, theirs no damage on the inside either. Nor are their any signs of a struggle where the bodies are found.”

The king scowled at this. “Whoever or whatever is doing this definitely has evasion down. Without any clues as to what's happening with the dragons and sorcerers, we don't have even the slightest idea of where to look.” A frustrated sigh escaped his lips before he addressed the three lords. “What observations have you made regarding the dragon tamers?”

All eyes turned to Catos, Talach, and Ferand. They were all especially interested in this information; after all, not only would the dragon tamers make powerful allies, but since they held a special connection with dragons as well as weak magic, they could be linked to both cases.

“We've been keeping a careful watch in the villagers surrounding each fortress,” Lord Catos began, “and by collaborating our finds with the information Gunthur sent us from Issathon, we've formed a list of people we believe to be dragon tamers.” He nodded to Talach, who produced a scroll from within the folds of his robes. Johar unrolled the scroll proffered to him then, after a careful scan of its contents, handed it to Gunthur. The Draconic's leader raised an eyebrow at the names listed.

“Some of these names seem familiar...” He stared at the list for a moment longer before his eyes lit with recognition. “Ah, that's right. Alexander Baldwin is the son of one my riders.” He passed the list to Hallum, who nodded in agreement after glancing over it.

“Thia Rondamar is Rolland Rondamar's daughter. I hear he's been trying to bring her back to Issathon for some years now. She's become quite a well-known mercenary.”

“And Rutack ShadowBlade is one of my best Infiltrators. It doesn't surprise me that he's on there,” Johar said, motioning toward the list in Hallum's hand. “Since he's under my command, we won't have to really search for him. As for the others, though... Hallum, have the Rondamars share any information they have on their daughter with you. Gunthur, see if Alexander's father has any idea where he might be right now. Also, I want both you and Hallum to form squads to find the others on the list. Lords Catos, Talach, and Ferand, share what you've learned with them.” His gaze darkened, a brooding look coming across his face. “Something terrible is coming to Fargona... I can feel it. It would be best if we've gathered the Dragon Tamers before it arrives.”


“...woman with grey hair...” Thia's head snapped around at the voice and her eyes landed on a soldier speaking with a villager only a few paces away. She shifted her hood further over her head so its shadow covered the steely bangs hanging in front of her face and continued on, only slightly quicker than before. She was alert and cautious, but not overly alarmed. This wasn't the first time her parents had sent men to recover her, and it probably wouldn't be the last. A shadow breaking off from the side of a building caught her attention, only to go scurrying back at her warning gaze. It wouldn't do for Katul to be seen with her now when he would only give her away. Luckily enough, he was used to this and remained in the growing shadows until Thia reached the inn she customarily stayed at when in Lyeydra.

A quick scan of the crowded room showed no one that appeared to be an enemy, and after Katul materialized from the shadows by her side after doing a round of the room, she strode over to one of the tables and took a seat, those around her edging away as Katul bared his fangs threatingly at them. A serving maid approached her, undeterred by the tatzelwurm glaring at anyone and everyone, and set a drink in front of the female mercenary, Thia's face familiar that she didn't even need to ask what she wanted. The cloak-clad woman nodded to the maid, her face still hidden beneath the hood. If someone came in looking for her, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Her caution was rewarded when the feline snake at her side raised his head before disintegrating back into the shadows. Thia turned her head slightly to the side to see the same soldier from the streets walking in through the door. Of course, he approached the innkeeper first, a rule among information seekers. Innkeepers always had the latest gossip. As the two conversed, Thia took another sip of a drink in pretended indifference as the Elf Ear spell took effect, her hearing rising to a point many would find unbearable without training.

“...was coming here. Have you seen her?” The words became clearer as Thia focused in on the conversation until it seemed as if she was right there next to them.

The innkeeper frowned a moment, appearing to be in thought. “I'm afraid not,” he said in a deep, baritone voice. A lie. She knew he'd seen her come in, but she also knew he didn't want to lose a well-paying customer.

“The king's offering a reward if she's found,” the soldier added.

Drat. Only a fool would turn down the temptation of piles of riches from King Johar Ulond himself, though she wasn't sure why he was helping her parents find her. She quickly shut off the spell, rapidly weaving her way toward the door. She didn't need to listen to know that the innkeeper was giving her away this very moment, especially when the soldier's voice shouted for her to halt. Instead, she dashed out the door; a shadow flickered momentarily in the light of the torch set by the doorway, telling her that Katul was hot on her heels. The sun had fully set in the time that Thia had been inside the inn meaning the tatzelwurm would have an easy time hiding his presence.

Footsteps pounded behind her, but Thia didn't look back. Only when a flickering white barrier formed in front of her did she halt. On the other side of the barrier, half a dozen men stood with a fae seated on the shoulder of the foremost one, no doubt the cause of the barrier. Thia glanced to her right and left, cursing under her breath when she realized there was no way to escape. Unless... “Katul!” she called. The dragon didn't need to be told what to do as he sprung seemingly from the ground, his physical form spinning to slam into the soldier that had been chasing them. However, he didn't stop to make the killing blow, instead simply leaping off the fallen soldier to run back the way they had come, Thia quickly following.

Questions were racing through Thia's mind as she ran down the dark streets. The uniforms those men had worn were from the king's Royal Guard. But what were they doing here? Was the king really looking for her? If so, why? Her thoughts were brought to a halt at the same time as her feet as she let out a gasp and fell to the ground. Katul skidded to a stop a few feet ahead, his worry pricking at the back of Thia's mind as he gazed at her. That had definitely been a spell, which meant they had a sorcerer with them. Rising quickly to her feet, Thia clenched her hand. Soft pricks of light showed through her fingers, and when the glow intensified to the point that her hand was like a lantern, she shut her eyes and opened her fingers...

A bright burst of light exploded outward, blinding the group pursuing her as they attempted to shield their eyes. When they opened them again, both the women and her dragon were gone.


Thia rested against a thick pine tree at the edge of the tone, taking deep breaths as her lungs filled with the crisp night air. Katul stood next to her, only panting slightly and not as worn out as his tamer. But than again, he hadn't been the one using spells. With a small huff, Thia rose after only a moment of relaxation. Their pursuers would find them soon enough if they stuck around here. She set off at a rapid pace, Katul jogging along beside her for only a few moments before he disappeared from sight, though she knew he was still there, silently watching and following.

She wasn't necessarily running away anymore; to the contrary, she was going where they wanted her to. When it had been only her parents searching for her, she hadn't thought much of it and had merely been irritated by their constant attempts. But the king? That was a different matter all together, and she wanted to know what was going on. And so, the female mercenary and her tatzelwurm started the trek to Issathon and King Johar Ulond's castle.

Roleplayers, bond with your dragons, if you haven't already. The kings men will be looking for you, though it's up to you whether they find you or not. One way or another, make your way to Issathon.

Rutack ShadowBlade, the king has sent a messenger to recall you to Issathon.

Typh January 29th, 2013 12:24 PM

Rutack ShadowBlade

Rutack bit into a crisp juicy red apple, and stared at the slowly smoldering fire that he was cooking some of his breakfast with. Behind him the Shadow Drake, Shade was curled up still sleeping, but always ready for his trainer's call. Rutack, continued eating the apple, thinking of how he hadn't found his quarry, his prey yet. "It won't matter," he told himself, "sooner or later she is bound to come this way." Just as he said this, he heard approaching footsteps, Shade raised his head, sniffed the air, and after a while decided that it wasn't a threat, and went back to sleep. After a few more minuets, one of the kings messengers came out of the forest and handed a letter to Rutack, then ran quickly away. the letter was a return summons, a recall to Issathon. Questions were running through Rutack's mind as he and Shade packed up and took to the skies towards Issathon.

The flight was short, when they reached Issathon, Shade and Rutack landed at the dragon stables. Rutack jumped off Shade's back and landed in a crouched position. Rutack took the saddle and the bags off of Shade's back and set them inside the stable, Shade then laid down stomach growling and a large sense of hunger coming over their bond. Rutack smiled and went off to the butchers, after some bartering, he came back with the side of a freshly killed cow, and put it on the food plate in front of Shade. "go ahead and eat up," Rutack said with a smile, "you've earned it." Shade began hungrily eating the meat. Rutack rubbed the dragon's snout, "I'll be back soon Shade," he said. Shade feeling content nodded his head, and went back to his meal, emotions of contentment traveling over their strong bond. Rutack went a little ways off to a wall that contained a secret passage way that ran from the Stables to the King's castle, he silently and slowly pushed in on the brick button and slipped inside the passage.

The passage was old, cold, and very dusty but was structurally sound, there were a few torches lit to show the way. Rutack quickly and quietly ran through the passageway until he reached the end, he slowly opened the trap door and stepped out into the king's throne room. The king's throne had been placed in front of the trap door to keep it hidden from any unwanted eyes. He looked around the room, for a moment, then after seeing that there was no one there, he exited the throne room and went to the next place the king would be, the small meeting room, the one used for private meetings between the king and the lords. Rutack reached the door to the room, slowly and silently turned the handle, and slipped in. He bowed to the king, "you wanted me sire?" he asked.

Ryolu January 29th, 2013 4:58 PM

Mikash Blinov

Mikash sheathed his katana after fencing with a dummy for an hour. He feels exhausted and thirsty. He mounts his horse and heads to the inn. He ordered his favorite drink and sat down to relax. Mikash overheard the inn keeper talk about reports of a wild beast roaming the woods nearby killing anything it sees. This brings back sad memories of his brothers death. Mikash finished his drink and mounted his horse and headed to his cabin. Mikash has decided once and for all that he will kill this beast. He grabs his quiver and bow and straps it to his back. He packed his camping and leather working gear, three bolts of linen cloth, some gear for traps and a painting of his brother. After locking up his cabin, Mikash traveled to the woods. As he was traveling, he could sense someone was near. He heard rustling of leaves and limbs. Mikash decided to unmount his horse to take a look around. He sees someone out of the corner of his eye trying to hide behind a bush. He unsheathes his katana and pointed it at the man in the bush. "Who are you and why are you following me?" he questions the man. The man said calmly. "I am one of King Johar Ulond's knights. I was sent to search for dragon tamers. There is much danger out here with a rampaging bear in the woods." Mikash nodded at the knight, put his katana away and introduced himself and says " You are wasting our time because I am not a dragon tamer". The knight then asks if he can travel with him through the forest. Mikash agrees and after the knight retrieved his horse, they began to ride together.

As the sun was setting he set up camp he noticed there was a wild boar. He decides to hide behind a nearby tree and drew his bow. He draws back an arrow and releases it on the boar. The boar squeals in pain and takes off running. Mikash hunts the boar until it falls dead and stars to skin it. he then cuts the meat and prepares for drying. While the meat was cooking on the spit he heads to a nearby river and rinses off the blood off of it. He heads back to camp and rotates the meat from the boar. He cuts the meat with his katana and hands the soldier some and saved some as bait for the bear bear. As they were eating they hear a rustling sound in the trees and heard a faint growl. They both look back and grabbed there weapons, Mikash quickly made a trap with the rope he packed and quietly tied it to a tree and made a slip knot to trap the bear in. He sets the loop on the ground and set down some boar meat in front of it. A bear Jumped out of the trees and roared at the soldier and scratched his arm. the soldier fell to the ground. Mikash trapped the bears leg and shot arrows at the bear. The bear got close to Mikash and swiped his claws at him. Mikash quickly draws his sword and uses parry counter. the bear froze and Mikash stabbed the bear in the heart. The bear died and Mikash ran to the soldier. He looked at the wounds on the wounded knight arm he quickly cut some linen and wrapped it around his arm. "Take my horse and go to the nearest city or village and get medical aid." Mikash said. The knight was grateful and told him the direction to the nearest village where he could get his horse back. He then rode off to Itim. Mikash skinned the bear and went to the river. He washed the blood off of the pelt and cut off the fur of the bear skin then he made leather armor and packed up his camp site and made his way towards Itim.

<Challenger> January 31st, 2013 6:54 AM

Alexander was eating alongside Brenton. The dragon was tearing into a large watermelon. Alexander himself had a cantelope. The pair abhored meat. They ate fruit and vegetables all the way. When Alexander finished, he looked to the oddly long Kirin. "Well buddy...I have an idea." He had to stand up. His sheath was impeding his sitting ability. "We need to go into town. Preferably Issathon. I don't know why, but I feel like we must." Alexander had been thinking a lot, even more than usual. He brushed a brown lock from his forehead. Brenton nodded and got on his knees, and Alexander swung up and took his seat in the saddle. "Let's go buddy."

The Kirin didn't have wings, so they bounded across the plains. Nothing could out-match their speed. Brenton had limitless energy. Alexander loved the feeling of the wind rushing through his hair. His helmet captured the sun's rays and reflected them, causing a bright flash to go off every time he bumped or jostled. These rides are what made Alexander who he was. He relished the way Brenton moved, the wind, the passing landscape. He just loved it all. He cried out in joy. They would be at Issathon in no time.

CourageHound February 7th, 2013 7:35 PM

Tobi Gustav

Tobi's arrival to Issathon after departing from Itim was somewhat swift over the two day flight, epecially with Tobi's wind magic aiding Triton in the skys. Naturally the two were excited to see such a bustling and active fortress. Once within the city walls Tobi escorted Triton to the dragon stables where he was to rest for the time being. The first thing Tobi set out to do was find some merchants he could trade with, he needed some supplies. After he was finished with such things Tobi decided to rest inside a small shack to get a drink. To his suprise there were a few Royal Guards there as well, chatting among themselves.

The first of the Knights takes a sip of his drink before speaking, "...ahh, where exactly do you think we should start to look?"

Then the somewhat shorter Knight responded, "I dunno, but the kind sounded serious." He pulls the parchment of suspected dragon tamers from his satchel. "Theres still a few dragon tamers on the list we havnt found."

Dragon Tamers..?? Why are they looking for Dragon Tamers?, Tobi thought. Upon hearing this Tobi begins to feel uneasy and abrubtly decides to leave the shack without finishing his cup, which consequently leads to him attracting unwanted attention.

The last Knight and unmistakably, the leader of the bunch calls out to Tobi. "Hey young man. Come here a second." Tobi, then halts, and approaches the Kight. "I know this may sound weird but do any of these names mean anything to you?" He hands Tobi the parchment. "They're supposed to be dragon tamers."

Shockingly enough, Tobi's name was one of the last on the paper. His reputation must have spread even to Issathon. He thought for a momment on what to dobefore replying. "Hmm...I might know of one of these names. Not sure. But may I be so bold to ask why tou are searching for dragon tamers?

The Knight raised an inquisitive brow, but sure enough answered the question. "I'm not sure exactly. Nonetheless the King urgently requested an audience with these people. "

Tobi then rolled the parchment back up and handed it back. "Sorry i dont think I know any of these people after all, I guess I was mistaken. Sorry to have taken up your time."

"Oh no, thank you for your time. Carry on." The second Tobi stepped foot out the shack he signaled to his fellow Knights. "Follow him. I think he might know something."

Minutes later, Tobi had made it back to the dragon stables and immediately went to see Triton who was resting a ound of assorted hay. In the Drake's slumber, its sides heaving slowly up and down with every breathe. Tobi called to his friend from over the gate. "Hey, buddy, I'm back!" Triton then, in a flash responds to his rider jovialy nuzzling his face. "Haha, yea, I missed you too!" Tobi reaches into his sack and pulls out a fresh mutton for Triton to feast on. "Eat up. Make it snappy too, I think some people might be looking for us."

Then, from beind the cover of the well, the three Knights from before jump out and confront Tobi. The leader speaking fist. "Aha! I knew I was right about you! You're a dragon tamer!"

Tobi, unsure of what to do, edged closer towards Triton's gate. "And, what about it?"

The Knight took a non-threatening step closer. "Look, I'm under strict ordersto present any Dragon Tamer I find to the king. Dont make this more difficult than it has to be. There will be consequenses if you resist."

Tobi, looked over at Triton who had become tense, then back torwards the royal guards. "Fine, I'll come along with you." He then turns to Triton and pats his head. "Just hold tight, i'll be back again soon." And with that, the Royal Knights escorted Tobi the the Royal Palace.

Typh February 15th, 2013 9:43 AM

Rutack ShadowBlade

Rutack felt a sense of alarm coming from Shade, the sense of newcomers. Rutack pilightly excused himself from the king's presence and walked out the door. Rutack wondered at what was going on, as he pondered this, he saw a small group of knights escorting a man into the palace, Rutack quietly slipped though the hallway and when he came out in front of the group, he turned to them and said, "I'll take it from here sirs, nicely done." he approached the group, the captain was clearly reluctant to let the individual their escorting walk with the infiltrator.

In the end they let him go, Rutack turned to the young man, studying his face, and seeing if he could match the face with a name he has seen on file, a name finally came to him, "Tobi Gustav," he said, "I'm Rutack, it's a pleasure to meet you sir, you wouldn't happen to have a dragon would you?" he raised his eyebrow, the one thing that wasn't in the file Rutack had seen was if he had a dragon or not. "walk with me if you will, I'll take you to the king." as he said this he started walking down the hall, being careful not to walk to fast and disappear down a secret corridor that very few knew about, and have the guards bring him in, that would be embarrassing.

Fort PokePower February 18th, 2013 12:37 PM

Thia Rondamar

It had taken the rest of the night and a better part of the morning to reach Itim, and Thia's body had ached from the long walk paired with a lack of sleep. The first thing she did when she arrived at the port town was find an inn to rest in. This time around, she didn't dally in the common room but went straight to her room after paying. Katul appeared from the shadows and took up residence at the foot of the bed while Thia removed her sword, cloak, shoulder guards, and boots before laying down on the bed itself, her eyes falling closed of their own accord.
Thia wasn't sure when she'd fallen asleep or how long she'd slept, but it couldn't have been too long as the sun was still shining through the closed shutters of a window. Katul was already up and he watched with his eerie yellow eyes as she donned her cloak and shoulder guards again and strapped the sword to her back. When she was ready, a shadow took his place and streaked out under the door. Thia followed, knowing he had probably been up for awhile and had already scouted out a job possibility. When she entered the common room, she caught sight of an out-of-place shadow on the floor next to a well-dressed couple speaking to a man with an axe at his side.

Booming laughter from the far side of the room came from a group of soldiers sitting around a table, and Thia shifted her hood to better hide her face as she approached the shadow that was her Tatzelwurm. Neither the man with the axe nor the couple noticed the hooded figure standing behind them. When she spoke, the couple nearly jumped out of their skins but the man just groaned. "Marco, I do believe these fine folk would prefer someone more refined than you to guard them."

Marco glared at Thia, obviously wanting to make a retort that would win him the couple's money, but seeming to think better of it. Hefting his war-axe up onto his shoulder, he stalked away. "I'm only doing this because you saved my life, Rondamar. Don't expect anymore favors," he called back over his shoulder. Thia winced inwardly as he said her last name, but a surreptitious glance in the direction of the soldiers showed they had not heard him.

Turning her attention back to the obviously confused couple, she questioned coolly, "What might I do for you?"
The journey to Issathon was much quicker than the journey to Itim, thanks to the horses Thia's employers provided. And the sum wasn't half bad either, as was to be expected from wealthy employers. After parting ways with the couple, Thia wasted no time in making her way to the king's castle, its spires towering over all else. Katul had abandoned his shadowy form, and now people quickly skittered out of the snarling tatzelwurm's way as he forged a path through the crowded streets. When she arrived at the gates to the inner sanctum of the fortress, she was halted by the guards. After telling them her name, they backed off, though they seemed to wonder why she wasn't in the company of the Royal Guard.

Gardens and rich estates decorated the area surrounding the towering castle, the magnificence of which Thia ignored as she strode onward. People stared at her as she swept by them, telling her she must not look to incredibly presentable after a long horse ride, but not particularly caring.

She found the person she was looking for speaking with Hallum outside the castle's doors. Perfect; she had questions for both of them. "Father," she said in a steely tone to the man speaking with Hallum. "How good it is to see you." The two men turned to her quickly, not having noticed her silent approach, and the man she had addressed as father stared at her with wide eyes.

"Thia?" he questioned, as if not fully believing that the daughter he had been looking for for so many years would suddenly just appear before him.

Suppressing a sigh of exasperation, she skipped all other pleasantries and moved on to the questioning. "Would you mind telling me why the Royal Guard has decided to involve itself in my business?" The question was directed at both men, but Hallum was the one to reply.

"The king will tell you everything you need to know, Lady Thia," he replied just as coolly. "I assure you, he does not mean to cause you any trouble, but he must think of the kingdom first."

"Very well. I'll just speak to the king then." She turned sharply on her heel and walked away. Hallum let out a sigh, motioning for two guards stationed nearby to go with her. It wouldn't be a pretty sight if someone thought her an intruder and tried to arrest her.

<Challenger> February 19th, 2013 2:45 PM

The Green Knight
Alexander strode through the gates of Issathon like he owned the place. It had been a long time since he entered the city. The last time had been with his father to pick out some riders for the Draconics. Brenton walked beside him, his saddle loaded down with fruits and the weight of Alexander's helmet and buckler shield, The Warden of the Forest. The Kirin seemed to be at home as well. "Well buddy...We're home." Alexander reached up and began to pet his big companion. Several maidens on the side of the street were swooning as he walked by. It happened everywhere he went. It was the curse of being an incredibly attractive man. He couldn't just ignore them, so he flashed his handsome, winning smile at them, only to have a few of them faint. He muttered under his breath, "Damned looks..." He didn't want just any girl: He wanted the one that could make him happy. He even secluded himself from society so he could clear his mind of any lust and greed. He was a pure man now.

The Green Knight approached the keep's gate and requested entrance. The gatekeeper asked who he was. "Who am I? I'm the son of the great Doran Baldwin." The name of the Draconic's leader was well-known. Alex didn't like bringing it up, but it really rang some guard's bells. He could access many of the kingdom's areas that were otherwise-off limits. He felt as if he had to speak with the commander. He approached a young-looking knight. "Ser, could you direct me to the castle's commander?"'

EvilSkittles February 19th, 2013 9:19 PM

Alistar Callan

Alistar was currently dangling hundreds of feet above King Johar Ulond castle.Punishment no doubt for waking Cecil that morning with a pale of cold water. He spent the morning being carried like a piece of meat, claws clamped on shoulders. It was a better position than he had been in when the pair first started out. Then it had been his ankle in the death grip.

The king had been rounding up dragon tamers. He had been on the way to an inn in Lyeydra when he saw the mess a squad of guards made when trying to pick up one tamer. The light that woman, as far as he could tell it was a woman, shot off had nearly blinded him. That incident was the reason he is looking for a discrete way to slip into the castle. He did not need the royal guard after him even though Cecil felt confident. He needed information and what better source than a scullery maid.

Typh February 19th, 2013 9:36 PM

Rutack ShadowBlade

As Rutack continued walking down the corridors making sure to avoid the secret passageways that travel all over the castle, as he was unsure if Tobi was following or not. then he heard a door slam, and three sets of footsteps, he turned the corner and saw a woman covered in grey armor and clothing, and a grey cloak. "Lady Thia Rondamar," he said with a warm smile, before turning to her obviously unwanted escort, "Thank you gentlemen, I'll take it from here" he said dismissing the two guards.

Rutack turned back to Lady Thia and said, "it's a pleasure to meet you my lady," as he lifted her hand and gently kissed it, then he let it return to her side. "Are you here to see the king? please by all means, come with me I'll take you to him," he turned and began again leading the two others to the king. He ignored the tatzelwurm that hung near Thia's side.

Ryolu February 21st, 2013 9:46 AM

Mikash Blinov

Mikash reached Itim, he walked over to a nearby salesman and asked " did u see a wounded knight come here on a horse?". The salesman said "Yes they found him on the outskirts of town. he looked like he was in pretty bad shape. They took him and his horse to the inn." Mikash thanked the salesman and walked into the inn.
He walked through the door and approached the innkeeper and asked where the knight was. The innkeeper looked at Mikash cautiously and said "Who are you to ask about the knight?" Mikash introduced himself and the innkeeper and it was then he looked a little relieved. The innkeeper then leaned towards Mikash and said,"The knight entrusted me to give you his horse and told me to tell you to head to Issathon. King Johar Ulond is looking for you". Mikash thanks him and walks out of the inn. He mounts his horse and rides off to Issathon.
When he approached the gates of Issathon He noticed to guards talking he walks over to them and told them " I am Mikash Blinov you might know me as
The Sovereign Hunter. I was sent here by a knight he told me the King is looking for me." They nodded and opened the gate Mikash walked in. Feeling nervous he puts his cloak on and covers his head with his hood and heads to the keep.

CourageHound February 21st, 2013 8:41 PM

Tobi Gustav
Tobi found himself somewhat sluggish within the air of the castle. He was somewhat suspicious of Rutack but thankful that he releived Tobi of the guards so he tried his best to keep up. He felt the walk somewhat dull so he decided to answer Rutack's question. "Err Rutack was it? Thanks you for the kind escort to the king. I do have a dragon of my own". Tobi looks out the barred windows of the castle. "I left him outside in the stables as I was brought in by the guards. But I'm confused as to how the King knew of me as a dragon tamer".

Before Rutack could answer he had invited along a young woman he refered to as Lady Thia. This put Tobi in the mind that she was somone important. He pondered about asking her about her situation in visiting the King but decided against it. The young woman seemed to have much to sharp an air about herself to be bothered. Instead Tobi decided to silently follow Rutack down the corridor, remembering his promise to return to Triton safely.

EvilSkittles February 22nd, 2013 2:16 AM

Alistar Callan

Alistar landed softly on the roof of the castle, Cecil landing a few feet away with nary a sound. The castle would be hard to get into, as it should be. This was no mere nobleman's house, Honim had been far less secure. Alistar walked over to the edge of the roof and swung himself over. His only chance would be a boarded over window in what was most likely an unused part of the castle.

He began his long trek downwards, carefully choosing his path. His light blue shirt and brown pants billowed in the the slight wind. He was halfway to his goal when he was met with sound of grating and then rushing air. Alistar let out a slight yelp as the brick he was holding slid out of the wall.

Frantically looking for a way to save himself, Alistar spied a barred window rapidly approaching. He quickly seized a bar, almost wrenching his right shoulder out of socket. Breathing a sigh of relief, he wrapped his other hand around the bars and pulled himself up to look inside; only to come face to face with a young brown haired man.

Typh February 22nd, 2013 9:04 AM

Rutack Shadowblade

"Err Rutack was it? Thanks you for the kind escort to the king. I do have a dragon of my own. I left him outside in the stables as I was brought in by the guards. But I'm confused as to how the King knew of me as a dragon tamer". Rutack pondered Tobi's question and decided on a simple answer that wouldn't give away him too much, at least now he knew that what Shade had alearted him of was Tobi and his dragon. "the king has his sources," he replied, "and with the recent odd events hapening, the king gave out orders, that's as much as I know, why else would guards be allowing and escorting Dragon tamers around like they were of the royal court or some other noble?" he continued walking for a moment then asked, "if I may ask Tobi what type of dragon is your dragon?"

Rutack continued walking leading them around a corner, then a sound caught his ear, the sound of a brick sliding out of it's place, he wandered over to where the sound was and found a young brown haired guard looking at something. Rutack approached, placed his hand on the shoulder of the guard, who nearly jumped out of his skin, to look at what he was looking at. he saw a man hanging on for what looked like dear life on the edge of the window, Rutack ordered the window opened and he grabbed the man's wrists and pulled him into the castle. "next time you want to get into the castle, use the front door. it's allot safer than dangling off the edge of a castle wall." he said to the man, "who are you anyway?" he asked studying the man's face, no profile seemed to come to mind.

Ryolu March 6th, 2013 12:52 PM

As Mikash walks to the keep he cant help but wonder why the king called on him. As he heads to the keep he notices a person standing in between to guards. He just minds his own business and walked past. Mikash enters the keep and a guard walks up to him and asks"Who are you and what buisness do you have here?" Mikash stops and removes his hood and looks the guard straight in the eyes and says"I am Mikash Blinov and I was summoned by the king." The guard asked Mikash to follow him.

Mikash follows the guard to a room. The guard tells Mikash to wait while he informs the king of Mikash's arrival. As he sits down and waits for the guard to return, he takes out his katana. He notices that the blade was blunt and dirty. He takes off his bag and takes out some linen cloth and wipes off the dirt. Mikash noticed an engraving on the sword and reads it" Never give up without a fight." Then he takes a sharpening stone out and sharpens the blade. Shortly after he saw his brothers initials on it. He sighs in disappointment.

Fort PokePower March 8th, 2013 3:52 PM

Thia Rondamar

As Thia and her escort rounded a corner, their progress was halted by a group led by and individual Thia would find hard to forget. "Lady Thia Rondamar," the green clad man said, before turning to the two guards following her. "Thank you, gentlemen, I'll take it from here."

The guards, however, were not to be deterred. "Sorry, sir, we're under orders from Captain Ebboter," one said stiffly, the two maintaining their position to either side and slightly behind the mercenary.

The man turned back to Thia and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, my lady," as he lifted her hand to kiss it. "Are you here to see the king? Please by all means, come with me, I'll take you to him."

Thia quickly removed her hand from his grasp before it reached his lips, her glare sharpening. "Hands to yourself, ShadowBlade," she snapped. That was one thing she hated about Issathon; almost everyone knew who she was. Even if she was older than when she had left, her steel grey hair gave her identity away. "I am well enough able to escort myself to the king." She didn't bother mentioning about the guards. As far as she was concerned, they may as well not be there; with the eerie eyes of Katul set on them, they were beginning to wish they really weren't. "Now if you'll excuse me." Thia swept on by, the sound of her footsteps echoing through the halls as the two guards hurried to keep up with her rapid pace. She soon left the group of two behind, much to her relief. Company was much to irritable, and she'd prefer not to be forced into a conversation.

As she approached the doors to the throne room, she notes that there is already someone waiting. However, she had more pressing matters on her mind and didn't particularly care if she was cutting in line. Also standing on either side of the door were men from the Royal Guard, who probably would've stopped her if not for the signal Thia's escort gave. Without hesitating, she gripped the handles of the two dark, oaken doors and swung them open. The loud thud of the doors opening meant that anyone who hadn't known she was coming knew now.

At the far end of a long room was an ornate golden throne melded into the appearance of a dragon. The forelegs of the dragon made the armrests while the neck curved to accommodate the shape of a human's back. The neck stretched upward a ways to the snarling head, which protruded above the seat of the throne. Large wings, also made of gold, extended from behind the throne. Seated on this work of art was the aged King Johar, the golden spires of his crown glinting in the light that came from the windows set high above. When Thia came barging in without much in the way of warning, He jumped a bit in his seat, but wasn't overly surprised. He'd heard quite a bit about the female mercenary from her parents and had been expecting something like this.

"Thia Rondamar," Johar said calmly, quickly recollecting himself after the start she had given him. He turned his attention back to the soldier who had been addressing him, nodding to him. "Bring Mikash Blinov in." The soldier bowed to his king, then strode out the door, giving Thia a curious look as he passed.

"Majesty," Thia said curtly, bowing stiffly to the king. She wasn't so irritated that she wouldn't acknowledge his position, but she wasn't about to be overly polite. "Would you care to explain why your soldiers were hunting me down?"

King Johar settled back in his throne, setting his arms on the golden armrests. "In due time, Lady Thia. There are others who must hear this as well."

<Challenger> March 8th, 2013 4:18 PM

(I apologize for the lateness, and shortness of my post)

The Green Knight was led to the throne room of Issathon. He felt rather strange about being in civilization again. The noises, the shouts, the girls chasing him. It all felt so...refreshing. On the way to the throne room, he conversed with the guards. "How long have you fine lads been stationed here?"

"Oh, only a month or so. We've been away in some expeditionary force or another, but we were tired of all the excitement. It's boring around here, but other that it's really cushy." The two of them began to regale Alexander with tales of their ventures into the wilderness, squabbling over various details, and the occasional story of a scandolous tavern winch. They especially seemed to enjoy telling Alex of those.

After a while, they reached the throne room. The king was in his throne, and other men and women were gathered around them. They all wore very different attire. Alexander felt like a thumb on a toe. His green enameled armor stood out among them. He attempted to sidle in quietly at the back.

Typh March 12th, 2013 10:08 AM

Rutack Shadowblade

Rutack heard the sound of the doors to the Throne rood slam shut... "it's Lady Thia... what else would you expect," he mumbled, smiling, "always... angry, sharper than a steel blade... so unlike the knights and guards" he turned his attention to the man still sprawled on the floor. who he received no name for. "chain him up," Rutack ordered as he turned to the man, "sneaking into the castle is a serious offence..." he said in a sternly, "for that... the king shall hear about this... take him to the king..." Rutack ordered the guard. as the two left, Rutack continued through the hallways, "my Apologies Tobi, for it taking so long to get to the king... but, from what I can tell... everybody here is here for a reason." he approached the door to the throne room, the Royal Guards, stepped in front of Rutack. "sir... are you allowed in here?" they crossed their spears in front of him...

"what kind of pathetic question is that?" Rutack demanded, "of course I have access.” I’m one of the king’s men... AND your superior.” he said, pulling back his hood, revealing short, cut brown hair. “our apologies sir” they said getting out of the way and letting him and Tobi and the chained stranger walk into the throne room.

Rutack walked over to where Thia was standing, “sheesh Lady Thia must you ALWAYS go around Slamming doors? these doors aren’t like the doors to an inn. they close just fine without needless slamming.” he teased, before turning to the king, bowing respectably, “sire... you summoned us?” he said an honorable tone in his voice.

Ryolu March 13th, 2013 11:11 AM

Mikash Blinov

The guard walks in and finds Mikash looking at his sword. "The king will see you now but you must put your sword away before you see him."said the knight. Mikash stood, sheathed his sword and packed his linen cloth and his sharpening stone. He stood and looked around the small room to make sure he'd left nothing behind. He followed the guard threw the open door and headed to the throne room.

Mikash followed the knight down the short hallway to the throne room. There were two dark wooden doors with handles and guards standing on either side of the doors. The knight swung open one of the doors for Mikash to enter through. As Mikash entered the throne room he noticed there were people already in there. Mikash wondered who these people were and why was he put in the same room as all of them. Mikash walks to the king and bows before him.

EvilSkittles March 18th, 2013 11:58 AM

Alistar Callan

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Typh March 20th, 2013 8:44 AM

Rutack ShadowBlade

Rutack glanced around the room looking at all who were present, there was Thia; the chainlink clad stranger who had just bowed to the king; Rutack's cautious reflexes kicked in causing him to put his left hand on the sword on his left him, There was Tobi; then there was the Stranger who was caught trying an unconventional method of getting into the castle; the thought of that man made Rutack glance at him to make sure he was still there... thankfully he was, he looked like he was drooling, while staring at the King's Throne.

Rutack got this impression that there was something... or someone behind him. he glanced behind him to see... hiding in the back, closest to the wall, a knight of sorts wearing emerald green full plate armor by the look of it, was standing there trying not to get noticed beside him stood a horse like dragon... after some more time looking at it... Rutack determined that it must be a Kirin of the forest, judging by it's more forest dwelling appearance.

Rutack couldn't exactly tell who this knight was, but it was clear that he was a dragon Tamer and should be approached with respect. Rutack nodded in a friendly tone to the knight and turned back to face the king.

CourageHound March 28th, 2013 11:48 AM

Tobi Gustav

Rutack pondered Tobi's question and decided on a simple answer that wouldn't give away him too much, at least now he knew that what Shade had alearted him of was Tobi and his dragon. "the king has his sources," he replied, "and with the recent odd events hapening, the king gave out orders, that's as much as I know, why else would guards be allowing and escorting Dragon tamers around like they were of the royal court or some other noble?" he continued walking for a moment then asked, "if I may ask Tobi what type of dragon is your dragon?"

"...A light Drake", Tobi replied. Though Tobi hadn't said much else in final steps into the throne room, he was still somewhat uneasy of the situation. He told himself answers will be revealed soon enough as the throne room doors opened. He marveled at the intricate design of the room as if it was a tribute to dragons themselves, and not only a throne room for the king. As Rutack addressed the king he bowed, and so did Tobi as well, along with the others. It was a long time since Tobi was in the presence of Loyalty. Tobi opened his mouth the speak, decided rather to wait for the King's response to Rutack.

Looking to his left, he again glanced at Thia. The woman who most everyone in Issathon, including the guards and Rutack seemed to know. It intrigued him that even she seemed clueless as to their summoning of the king. Tobi then looked on at King Johar for his response.

Typh April 16th, 2013 8:20 AM

Rutack ShadowBlade

Rutack decided to make conversation with some of the others, since things were still preparing for... well everything, Rutack decided to make his way to the Emerald armored man in the back...

Rutack met the man eye to eye, "a pleasure to meet a dragon tamer, I'm Rutack... and may I inquire of who you are, and who this is?" he asked motioning to the Deer-like dragon beside him. Rutack couldn't recognize who the man was... but he looked similar to someone he knew in the past.

Rutack continued to ponder on this and moved over to stand next to the man, and face the king.

Fort PokePower May 4th, 2013 2:08 PM

“Sheesh Lady Thia must you ALWAYS go around Slamming doors? these doors aren’t like the doors to an inn. they close just fine without needless slamming.” Thia turned her steely gaze to Rutack, not in the least amused. But then, he probably already new that. She turned back to the king as the infiltrator addressed him. More people were filing into the room and she had no doubt Johar would soon address them.

As Rutack moved away from Thia to make conversation with the green clad knight in the back of the room, the king finally dismissed the soldier he had been speaking to and turned his attention to the gathered dragon tamers. His old yet still keen eyes looked over their ranks until they landed on the chained stranger. Motioning toward the man with a hand, he said, "Rutack, you can unchain Alistar. He was called here like the rest of you." His next words were directed toward the entire group.

"I apologize for any inconvenience the Guard caused when they went to bring you here, but for some of you there wasn't any other way to get your attention." At this, he gave Thia a pointed look, which she blatantly ignored. "I'm sure you've realized by now that everyone I have summoned is a Dragon Tamer. What you probably don't know is why you are here."

"As some of you may have heard, there have been strange circumstances involving dragons and sorcerers. Dragons have been disappearing without a trace, even under careful watch, and sorcerers have been dying without any outward or inward signs to give us a clue as to how they died." He paused for a moment, letting those who hadn't heard of these events think on them for a moment, then continued. "You Dragon Tamers have bonds with both dragons and magic, albeit one more than the other. It is my belief that such bonds may put you in as much danger as a sorcerer; however, I also believe you may hold the key for solving this strange chain of events. As I understand it, you and your dragons can feel one another's emotions through your bond, so if one is in danger the other will sense it. Though I'd rather not endanger you, I have a request to make." He stopped, then corrected himself. "No, I have an order for you. I will be sending each of you in pairs to the areas that have been experienced the most disappearances and deaths. The one who does not have a partner will act as a go-between, to inform myself and the other Dragon Tamers of your findings. I want each of you to pay very careful attention to the emotions you feel coming from your dragon. Any change in behavior could mean something is about to happen to them. Keep an eye on one another as well. Since you have magic, you could end up a victim like any other sorcerer."

"So in other words," Thia interjected, ignoring the fact that she was interrupting the king. "You want us to risk our lives to help you?"

Johar leaned back in his throne. "No, I want you to risk your lives for Fargona. Magic has barely made its way back into our lives, and now there's a chance that both it and dragons will be ripped away from us." Thia didn't seem overly satisfied with that answer, but before she could come back with another argument, he directed his attention to the group as a whole. "Are there any other questions? If not, I'll assign pairs now."

Typh May 4th, 2013 8:49 PM

Rutack ShadowBlade

King Johar after talking for a moment with one of the guards ordered Rutack to Release the chained up individual, Alistar, so that was the man's name, fair enough. Rutack nodded and released the man from the chains, tossing them to the side.

Johar explained the situation, nothing that Rutack hadn't heard before, well except Thia's arguments, before Rutack could make a sarcastic comment to Thia the king asked if there were any other questions, then offered to Assign pairs. Rutack thought for a moment, he could definitely be the go between, with him and Shade they would fly quick enough to respond to requests, Rutack remained silent during this just waiting for what his order would be.

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