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gimmepie January 27th, 2013 4:56 AM

Reapers: Keepers of the Balance (M) (OOC)
Keepers of the Balance

Reaper History

For as long as sentient life has existed the Reapers have existed alongside it. Beginning with the original seven hundred reapers, the skeletal Grim Reapers and expanding as life in various realms evolved and became more complex. The main role of the reapers is simple: maintain the balance between good and evil. Enough good must exist in the various realms to hold the evil at bay but a small amount of evil must exist to keep life in motion and to provide good beings with a basis for their morals and values. The reapers maintain this balance in a number of ways
1. Protecting people who need to be alive
2. Killing those who shouldn't be
3. Policing the activity of other immortals such as demons
4. Couriering lost souls to Heaven and Hell
5. Dealing with those who seek to disrupt the Balance

Harbinger History

The Harbingers are a group of mortals from Earth who harnessed demonic and spiritual energies in order to grant themselves access to immortal realms and the powers possessed by reapers. They seek to cause chaos on Earth, breaking the order of the various nations so they can then seize control of Earth and then move onto other planets and realms.

Information on Reapers

Society: The Reapers reside in an immortal realm known as Limbo. It is a barren realm with only one planet and one star, both nameless. Reaper society is found on this planet in the form of cities dedicated to the various realms that reapers police and one which serves as the control centre for the others. The Grim Reapers serve as the governing body of reaper society ensuring that missions are given and that rules are followed.
Rules: Even the reapers have rules they must follow if they don’t want to be punished and with punishments as severe as being made into a mortal or being sent to Hell possible it is understandable that few risk breaking the rules.
The rules are as follows:
a. Do not kill a mortal who is not a target or defending a target

b. Never attempt to enter either Heaven or Hell, you can transport lost souls to “The Gates” but that is all

c. Never unbalance the mortal realms in any way

d. Do not attempt to become a grim reaper

e. Never seek to discover the meaning of life or why the various realms exist

f. Do not reveal your identity to a mortal

Strengths: Being supernatural beings (immortals) gives reapers a wide range of abilities such as
a. Immortality: Being a reaper means that you have access to immortal realms (such as Limbo). Within an immortal realm you do not need food, water or even oxygen and you cannot die. In a mortal realm you can still die, but you are much harder to kill.

b. Resilience: You may be able to die in a mortal realm but it sure isn’t easy to kill you. You can take a serious amount of damage even from other immortals before you’ll die. A mortal would need to put a very large number of holes in you or blow you into tiny pieces in order to kill you.

c. Strength: Whilst a reaper isn’t going to be lifting a house any time soon they possess strength far beyond a mortal and could quite easily put holes in a concrete building or a large vehicle.

d. Speed: Reapers can run as fast as any land vehicle and for short bursts are even fast enough to dodge bullets.

e. Stamina: When not moving too fast reapers can keep moving for a long time. Which when coupled with their speed makes them fairly hard to avoid.

f. Magic: By manipulating energy and reality a reaper can cast passive and aggressive spells. Aggressive spells are those that are used in combat to deal damage whilst passive spells are used for healing, defence and other non-violent purposes. Those born with a natural magical gift in the mortal realms tend to be more powerful magically.

g. Dimension Hopping: Given enough time to concentrate a reaper can move from one realm to another, this is how they get from Limbo to their target destination.

h. Language Control – A reaper can communicate in any language.

Weaknesses: Being an immortal doesn’t mean you’re invincible.
a. Technology: The use of technology saps a reapers power making it harder for them to do their job, as such archaic tools such as swords or scythes are favoured by reapers who choose to carry a weapon.

b. Speed/Stamina ratio: A reaper can move incredibly fast but the faster they go the shorter the time they can maintain that speed and, of course, they can keep moving for hugely long periods before needing to rest but if they increase their speed to much the time they can keep moving will decrease. It is important for reapers to remember this when pursuing a target or when in combat with another supernatural being.

c. Magic/Stamina ratio: Excessive use of magic will also take a toll on the body of a reaper since it requires a lot of energy to manipulate the world around you. If you use too much magic you may not be able to move at all.

d. Time/focus constraints: Dimension hopping has draw backs. You need to be still and focused in order to dimension hop, so if you are in combat and want to flee to Limbo you’ll need to get away from your opponent first.

The Creation of a Reaper: Reapers are created by Grim Reapers and the creation of a new reaper is not common. A reaper is made through a process. Firstly is a mortal with reaper potential is discovered they are evaluated. Then they are brought to Limbo by a reaper escort. When in Limbo a group of Grim Reapers will use powerful, secret spells to make the selected mortal a reaper. Potential reapers are often attacked by demons etc... If discovered before being brought to Limbo (when still mortal).


You are a reaper assigned to Earth. Throughout the RP you will complete missions given to you by the Grim Reapers which will involve battling Demons and Harbingers, couriering lost souls and overcoming your own personal struggles. How will your character cope?

Important Terms

Reaper – An immortal charged with maintaining the moral balance of a certain location.

Grim Reaper – A skeletal being. Part of the governing body of reapers.

Harbinger – A human who has achieved immortality through manipulating demonic and spiritual energies. The harbinger organisation is attempting to seize control of Earth and eventually full realms.

Universe – The collective name for all realms between Heaven and Hell. The universe is donut shaped with Hell at the centre and Heaven surrounding it.

Geos – The realm that Earth is located in.

Limbo – The realm the nameless home of the reapers is located in.

Heaven – Where the souls of good beings dwell upon death.

Hell – Where the souls of evil beings dwell upon death.

Lost Soul – A soul of a deceased being that has been unable to escape its realm. They usually manifest as small, blue clouds of light but will occasionally manifest into other things or attempt to join with a deceased body and become a demon.

Demon – The most common demons are those created when a soul enters an incompatible object. For example: gargoyles are created when a soul enters a statue, vampires when a soul enters a corpse. There are many variants of demons and depending on the type of demon they can be hugely dangerous.

Spirit – A soul that has taken form. They are intangible beings and it is believed that this is what souls become in the afterlife. Spirits are almost never seen and are very powerful, even more so than demons. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they cannot be physically harmed, although few spirits are threats as they are generally peaceful.

Soul Jar – A crystal bottle that is used to by reapers to move lost souls.

The Gates – Small sub-dimensions within Heaven and Hell where reapers take lost souls so they can enter the afterlife. These are the only parts of both that a reaper can safely enter.


1. All Forum rules apply
2. You must play as a human reaper as you are assigned to Earth
3. Try not to be too powerful, even though you are playing a supernatural being
4. Don’t break the “Reaper Commandments” unless instructed to by a GM
5. Keep it appropriate for an M rating.
6. Your character must die or become mortal when you leave the RP
7. If you do not post in a sign-up within three days of reserving a spot your spot will be reopened.
8. A player who does not post for a significant amount of time without giving a good reason in the OOC will have their character die (or if forum rules allow it) become an NPC and will be removed from the RP pending a new SU.
9. Disputes are to be handled by a GM, do not dispute a GM’s decision.
10. Create unimportant NPC characters at will.
11. Feel free to suggest plot events in the OOC but do not treat them as accepted until posted as a mission.
12. Standard etiquette must be used at all times.


There is a main story that will become clearer as the RP progresses. The progression of this story will come in the form of “Missions” that will be posted on the original post of the in-character thread. You may go about completing these missions as you see fit and are encouraged to be as creative as you can. You may even fail a mission if you believe it will benefit the RP. GM’s reserve the right to progress the story in a certain direction.

Sign-Up Sheet

Physical Age: This is the age of your characters body and should be within the early twenties to mid thirties.
Actual Age: This is how long (in Earth years) your character has actually been around for.

Appearance: What your character looks like.


Weapon(s): Does your character carry a weapon? What? Remember that technology is out so you are limited to archaic weapons despite Earth being in the current time period (2013).

Past Life: What did your character do when they were still mortal? Where did they live? Were they alive during any significant events?

Special Gifts/Talents: Is there a specific power your reaper has great control over? Are they gifted at anything outside of reaper powers? Perhaps it is a skill they gained whilst mortal.

Any Other Info:

Accepted Characters and Reserved Slots

1. Gimmepie (GM) as Adrian Frode
2. ~Genevieve~ as Camillia Abbott
3. Siiadams as Masato Ryu
4. dcjboi as Spencer Holden
5. Nakazumi as Destiny Saviouer
6. IceFyr1928 as Kalek Noir
7. DarkMoonPhase as Shima Kuno
8. Open
9. Open
10. Geras32 as Luka Sokolov
11. Open
12. Open

Greiger January 28th, 2013 8:12 AM

A Dead Like Me rp!? Sign me up! I'll get my SU in later today or tomorrow.

TheUglyDucklett January 28th, 2013 12:46 PM

May I reserve a space for this RP as well? I should have my SU up by tomorrow :D

My SU:

Name: Seth Wilder
Gender: Male
Physical Age: 25
Actual Age: 388

Appearance: Seth stands at 5'10". His pale complexion and scrawny figure makes him seem fragile and ghostly, but this seems perfectly balanced by his deep red hair and emerald-green eyes. The hair is some-what long; long enough to reach half way down the back of his neck but short enough to stay out of his eyes. He keeps a relatively neutral expression on his face, but that just makes it easier to transition to a smile, smirk, frown or glare. There is not much difference between his "otherworld" and Earth attire, and neither are particularly fancy. In both realms we wears black-on-white sneakers, blue jeans, a solid white t-shirt, and a metal bracer around his left forearm. In both realms he wears a black hooded-cloak, but only in Limbo is his arms through the sleeves. He also wears his reading monocle (left eye) regularly in Limbo. He carries things in a black, strapped satchel. Together, his satchel and sheath (explained below) straps form a black "x" across his chest.

Personality: Seth has a very fluid personality. While his "default" mood is calm, and his emotions don't shift between extremes, it is easy for it to seamlessly transition into a reactionary emotion. As a stoic, though, he shows gloom more intensely than he does with happiness or anger. He's also loyal to his commitments and puts them, and just about everything else, far ahead of himself. It makes him easy to coax, but on the inside it helps him feel important. This selflessness tends to be unhealthy, and can send him into some hot water.
In a fight, however, Seth actually has a poker face. He's able to bluff and keep up a facade while in the heat of battle. Being loyal to a fault, however, he's likely to put himself in danger for the sake of his duty and/or someone he has compassion for. This would rip him in two if they were to intersect.

Weapons: Seth has a short sword sheathed on his back. It is positioned so that he can draw it into a striking stroke with his right hand. That blade, however, is more of a back-up weapon. His main weapon is a bow he crafts, with his reaper powers, from wood found in the field and suitable string he keeps in his satchel. With this bow, Seth uses arrows made with magic to strike down enemies from afar. With additional magic use he can ignite things or stun them.

Past Life: Seth was gifted with higher insight to the supernatural, so he was often ignored and treated like a heretic. He had predicted the Great Plague of Milan, but it was no surprise that his words were not heeded until it was far too late. Escaping to the wilderness he watched as his hometown declined into madness. Unable to cope with the devastation, he became a philosopher. Trying to gain clarity and understanding of life, he used his abnormal gift to try and find an answer.
Needless to say he wasn't allowed to learn much. At times it's difficult for Seth not to think about what the meaning of life might be, but his biggest ambition is to find the reaper that must have been tasked with keeping him alive. Living out in the wilderness in that time must have taken the work of a reaper to prevent him from dying.

Special Gifts/Talents: Seth's insight allows him a greater capacity for magic. He has more magic to use, but it is more of an emergency supply in the event he has to "nuke" opponents down. After all, more magic means more stamina spent to use it.

Any Other Info: Seth can heal, but it is easier to heal others than it is to heal himself.

dcjboi January 28th, 2013 1:10 PM

Reserve me. I'll post my SU 2 days from now but I have a good idea what my character is going to be like.

Do Reapers have to had died? Or are they just turned into Immortals after being selected? If you could inform me of the process they are chosen, it would help my character be within the constraints.

Nakuzami January 28th, 2013 1:50 PM

This . . . seems so interesting, and I have an absolutely perfect character for it, considering her power was the Manipulation of Souls in the novels that I'm trying to write, lol. (She was the Spirit part of Mind/Body/Soul, lol)

I hope to be active and have my SU up soon, but my life is confusing at the moment so no guarantees. I'll at least be able to post a few times a week, just not in an . . . UBER OMIGAWSH TAKING OVER THE THREAD kind of way.

EDIT: Oh, that was my way of saying "Reserve me, please!" xD

OrangeNess January 28th, 2013 4:25 PM

I'm definentally signing up for this! Just gice me a day or two to get my SU up.

<Challenger> January 28th, 2013 5:28 PM

This sounds excellent! I'll get a sign up up as soon as I can...and by that I mean when I'm home alone or something.

gimmepie January 28th, 2013 7:41 PM

@Grieger - No problem (Reserved). But I have no idea what a dead like me rp is haha.

@TheUglyDucklett - A very interesting characer, love the back story. You're in.

@dcjboi - Reapers haven't died. They are brought to Limbo whilst alive and made immortal through the powers of the Grim Reapers. If they had died on Earth their soul would go to Heaven or Hell (or become lost). They are chosen simply based on their potential and their connection to the spiritual world, meaning it is more likely a character with some supernatural insight or who has experienced a general paranormal event will be selected. (Reserved).

@Nakazumi - No worries (Reserved).

@Orange - As per usual (Reserved).

@heretostay - Glad you approve and (Reserved)

@ Everyone - I'll be posting a list of accepted and reserved places soon, just to let you know I don't particularly want to have more than ten people at first but if I can handle that number I'll be happy to have more. I'll be posting a sheet for my own character soon also and the IC will be submitted as soon as I feel I have a decent enough number of complete SU's given.

RedWing January 28th, 2013 7:48 PM

I'd like to reserve a spot as well. This seems like an incredibly interesting idea.

I should have my SU up by tomorrow around 7-8 PM EST.

gimmepie January 28th, 2013 7:56 PM

Sure thing you're reserved.

That gives me

1 accepted and
6 reserved

I really will put the proper list in the OP soon xD

Edit: My Character


Name: Adrian Frode

Gender: Male

Physical Age: 21

Actual Age: 317

Appearance: Adrian is a tall man of average build standing at about 6’2”. He is fit with his body in good condition but is far from being ridiculously ripped. He has angular features which accent his typically narrow gaze. Adrian is white, not very tanned but not as pale as a lot of people, has sharp, dark blue eyes and black hair. His hair is short but unkempt and comes down to around his ears giving his a fairly large fringe.

Adrian wears blue-grey jeans with small cuts at about the knee and a baggy white top. He typically wears a long, black, hooded leather jacket that comes down to just above his ankles unbuttoned over this shirt. He wears simple black sneakers designed for climbing and running. Adrian has a single gold earring in his left ear and wears a silver chain bracelet around his right wrist. He often wears a belt around his waist to accommodate the sword he sometimes carries on reaper missions and when not in Limbo is typically seen wearing dark sunglasses.

Personality: Adrian is a fairly complex individual. He doesn't talk about his past much but prefers to immerse himself in his current life and in watching the development of the world he protects (Earth). In fact, unlike many reapers he often visits Earth simply to enjoy it, a tendency that has gotten him into trouble before. Adrian has a love of Earth's cultures and is especially fond of music and art meaning he spends the little spare time he has to enjoy these things. He is deeply dedicated to preserving the Earth's balance and as such can be quite serious but he is, at heart, a fun-loving guy albeit one with a rather dry sense of humour.

Weapons: When he chooses to carry a weapon he will wear a simple, charcoal grey coloured sword at his waist although he has been known to have a talent for improvising weapons from his surroundings.

Past Life: Adrian was born in Switzerland in 1619 during the Thirty Years’ War and was taken to Limbo in 1640 at the age of 21. He served a Swiss mercenary from the age of 16 until his being taken to Limbo and his family believed him to have died in battle. Despite his profession he had no love for war but recognised his work as necessary both for the safety and economic good of his country and as such, held no qualms about killing other people. He endeavoured to learn more about the world around him during this time and his love of the worlds culture stems from this endeavour. There is a tombstone for his located near Zurich since he was believed to have died.

Special Gifts/Talents: Adrian is good at his job but doesn't seem to excel in any particular area at first. His own special gift, whilst more subtle than many other reapers is simply that he is faster and more agile that most reapers. Other than his gift he is good in combat with military knowledge and experience, has a knack for improvising weapons and has a very good knowledge of the politics and cultures found on Earth.

Klar January 29th, 2013 10:09 AM

I'm well up for this. Gimme a bit, and I'll stick up my sheet. :)

Pikachu January 29th, 2013 11:42 AM

I'm actually so intrigued with this now so I wish I could join. But I don't have enough time on my hands for yet another RP. Maybe in the future, if it's possible then!

I'd just like to wish you good luck with the RP, gimmepie :)

Nakuzami January 29th, 2013 2:41 PM

Here's my Sign-Up. Forgive me if I drove anything too far, and I'll understand completely if any or most of the details need to be changed. This just happens to be the closest version of this character to her "canon" form that I've written for a roleplay to date, so I figured I'd try it out. I thought it could be interesting.

Spirits Rise Again - Nakuzami's Sign-Up
Name: Destiny Saviouer
Gender: Female
Physical Age: 19
Actual Age: 6,000 and Change

Appearance |
Destiny is young Caucasian woman standing at about six feet (182.88cm) and weighing about one hundred and thirty pounds (58.967kg). She has long, straight black hair that cascades down to the middle of her torso and she has deep, blue eyes. Her eyebrows are thin, her facial features are well rounded and her skin is naturally smooth. Her lips always seem to be locked in a perpetual grimace, and no Reapers or any others recall her ever smiling in the time that they can remember during their relatively short time compared to her.

Destiny is tall and sits closer to “thin” than she does “chubby,” although she’s not very far on either end of the spectrum. Her muscles are well toned and even when she was mortal she was considered incredibly strong and agile, causing her to be a deadly force even without the use of her abilities. She is incredibly lithe and silent as death itself, a fitting skill for a Reaper. Since her mortal years, she has been a master of natural camouflage and can move swiftly and undetected almost anywhere, something that becomes amplified with her Reaper abilities.

When blending in with human society, Destiny wears a crimson tank top with a black undershirt and dark blue denim shorts adorned with an ornate brown leather belt. When in a cold environment, she wears a crimson hoodie composed of cotton and with an interior lined with thick, faux fur. In cold weather she also wears dark blue jeans, and no matter the weather her feet are clad in black combat boots. On occasion, she has been known to tie her hair up in a ponytail with crimson lace.

When in all out Reaper apparel, Destiny is concealed beneath a long, heavy crimson cloak. She keeps the hood up at all times when pursuing her targets, and it casts a natural shadow across her face that conceals her identity. Destiny figures that the lack of identity instills fear, making the target less likely to fight back and more likely to freeze in terror, allowing the job to pass easily. Her sleeves end in triangular formations on the backs of her hands, and are bound with gold gauntlets that reach from her wrists to a few inches past her elbows. Her midsection is bound with a large black sash, she retains her combat boots and she carries her elegant white-bladed scythe upon her back.
Personality |
Destiny is an incredibly silent woman, preferring to avoid conversing with her fellow Reapers unless necessary, and she almost never converses with her targets. Even when mortal she was quiet, preferring to let people talk so that she may listen. People reveal a lot by talking, and Destiny was and is skilled at figuring people out quickly through these methods. She is and always has been a loner, with few exceptions in her social life. Her countenance is always calm and collected, a skill mastered over millennia, and never betrays her inner emotions or thoughts, causing her to be viewed as a cold, cruel and heartless figure.

It’s difficult to tell if Destiny likes you, but it’s very clear if she doesn’t. Mortals and Immortals alike tend to try and avoid getting on her bad side, and her direct manners of being cause her inferiors to fear her and many of her superiors to enjoy her. She seems humorless, although her dry sense of humor can become apparent at times. Her straightforward ways allow her to excel in her Reaper duties and may also show her to be insensitive, which she really is at times. She is incredibly intelligent and cunning, able to find a solution to most any situation that her skills demand, and her natural survival skills are unrivaled, although they’re no longer as important due to the Immortality of Reapers.
Weapon(s) |
Due to her ancient ability, Destiny has the ability to create weapons out of spiritual energy. By molding her own soul or that of another, she can create anything from bows and guns to daggers and swords, although she tends to omit spiritual weapons that resemble modern technology in order to keep up appearances. Typically, though, Destiny carries a physical death scythe that seems to resonate with spiritual energy, having a pure white blade that seems to flow with its own soul and is impossible to wear or tarnish in any way.
Past Life |
Destiny was born on the fabled island-continent of Atlantis, in the capital city of Eden. From birth, she was graced with the ability to control the souls of all beings, in varying degrees. She grew up as a bit of a loner, her main friends being a girl named Krystal and her beloved, Dimitri. Krystal had the ability to control all aspects of the Mind, and Dimitri was a Pyrokinetic. Krystal’s younger brother, Kris, had the ability to manipulate the body, which gave him incredible healing abilities and devastating power, as well as many other miscellaneous abilities.

Being raised on Atlantis, Destiny and the others were no strangers to such supernatural abilities. Most everyone had such an ability, and they were trained from birth to control these abilities. Atlantis was a peaceful cosmopolitan paradise, open to all and able to provide for all. It was a land of magic, containing intense environments and dazzling creatures of all types. Citizens lived comfortably, their powers and incredibly advanced technology allowing them to shape the world around them.

At least, citizens of Atlantis were led to believe that. In truth, many horrors lurked just beneath the surface of Atlantis, and the cruelty of The Council, the primary governing body of Atlantis, spread across the globe. Unbeknownst to the common peoples of Atlantis, they were fueling a conquest that could destroy the world.

When they were old enough, Destiny, Krystal and Kris were revealed to them their true nature. They represented the three sects of life: Mind, Body, and Soul. Together they held incredible power, practically infinite if they could learn to control it properly and utilize their full potentials. Individually, however, they were still much more powerful than average Atlanteans, but their powers were often uncontrolled and ran rampant. A mysterious organization appeared to them when Destiny, Krystal and Kris were seventeen, fifteen and thirteen years of age, respectively. This organization taught them to control their abilities, at least in their basic forms, and trained them to fight so that they could one day free the world from The Council’s cruelty.

Sometime during all of this, Destiny had gained the attention of the Reapers. Her incredible abilities and natural power over the Soul made her a prime candidate to become a Reaper. At the same time, she was also the perfect weapon to end the imbalance in the world created by the very existence of Atlantis. For a time they watched, assisting her in silent ways and fighting alongside her without her knowledge.

Soon after, the Great War started. The magical front of the rebellion being led by Destiny, Krystal and Kris. The Great War was long, arduous, and there was much bloodshed. In the chaos, Krystal’s abilities eventually caused her to lose her mind, which led to her becoming the main threat after the elimination of the council. Eventually, Kris and Destiny defeated Krystal, with the help of many of their friends, and Krystal’s Body perished, along with the continent of Atlantis. Krystal's Mind and Soul, however, were preserved in The Chrysanthemum, a rose-colored amulet that Kris wore around his neck after Krystal’s demise. This allowed Kris to communicate with his sister and seek her counsel, in the form of her original, sane state of mind.

After these events took place and Atlantis kneeled on the breaking point, the Reapers approached Destiny and offered her a spot among them. Destiny accepted, and took on the duty to maintain balance in the world for eternity to come. To this day, her bloodline walks the Earth, maintaining status as some of the most powerful mortals alive.

Destiny was not the only one to last an eternity, however. Kris’s powers over the body gave him practical Immortality and Invulnerability, allowing him to walk the Earth as Destiny walked Limbo. To this day he remains, and although Destiny does not wish to admit it, Kris’s abilities are one of the main disruptors' in the balance of the world, however well he uses them. There was one main problem that stopped the Reapers from ending Kris’s existence, though: his power exceeds all mortals, and many immortals, rivaling that of even the oldest of Reapers, including Grim Reapers.

Although Destiny feels no contempt for her friend, she knows it is her duty to end his existence and restore balance to the world, lest The Harbinger Organization win out, for it would be deadly if they attained Kris’s allegiance. At the same time, however, Destiny is conflicted as she has heard prophecy of how Kris is destined to revive the fabled continent, in less than a decade in human years. Even though Destiny fights for the Reapers, she also wishes to see her homeland restored.
Special Gifts/Talents |
When mortal, Destiny was a part of the ancient, mythical race of the Atlantean peoples. They were all gifted with supernatural abilities of varying degrees that they carried from birth. Destiny’s ability was an incredibly unique one, an ability that has graced less than a half dozen mortals since the beginning of time. She has the ability to manipulate souls. As a mortal, she could raise the dead, communicate with spirits, control them and even enter the realms of Heaven and Hell, an ability that she retains but no longer uses due to the Tenets of the Reapers. She could control a person’s soul while it remained in their body and separate them from their soul, as well as do the same to herself. She can create Soul Bindings and Soul Fusions, which link the destinies of two beings together and fuses two souls into one larger entity, respectively. All of this and after ten thousand years, she has yet to reach her full potential. Even so, she hasn’t seemed to rise in the ranks of the Reapers as high as she possibly could, such as becoming a Grim Reaper. Some might think that the other Immortals are fearful of what her abilities could accomplish. . . .
Any Other Info |
Nothing comes to mind, currently.

gimmepie January 29th, 2013 6:10 PM

@ Red's - Thanks for the well-wishing. If you ever have enough spare time feel free to see if a slot is available or even if I have expanded it.

@ Klar - Sure thing. (Reserved)

@ Nakazumi - I like your character but the concept of Atlantis being like that kind of suggests it would have been obliterated by reapers fairly early into its existence (maintaining balance between nations etc). I'll allow you to have existed on the island but you need to tone down the back story quite a bit or find another way around this. After that I'll happily accept your character.

Edit: Don't make them too advanced either because 10000 years ago the human species had only just migrated to the Americas. Sorry if I sound picky I'm just doing my best to help you fit your character to the RP.

@ Everyone - If what I have seen so far is anything to go on; this is going to be fun :D. I'm looking forward to the rest of your SUs.

Geras32 January 29th, 2013 6:15 PM

I'd like one of the last spots. I have a pretty good idea of how I am going to make my character, I just need to decide on the details.

Also, a couple questions: How modern does a weapon have to be in order to be considered "too modern" (i.e. revolver-musket-arquebus-repeating crossbow type of scale) and on the topic of demons attacking mortals, does that happen often to potential reapers and are they only as resilient as the object the soul entered? (sorry, that was three questions).

Nakuzami January 29th, 2013 6:22 PM


Originally Posted by gimmepie (Post 7515748)
@ Nakazumi - I like your character but the concept of Atlantis being like that kind of suggests it would have been obliterated by reapers fairly early into its existence (maintaining balance between nations etc). I'll allow you to have existed on the island but you need to tone down the back story quite a bit or find another way around this. After that I'll happily accept your character.

Edit: Don't make them too advanced either because 10000 years ago the human species had only just migrated to the Americas. Sorry if I sound picky I'm just doing my best to help you fit your character to the RP.

Aha, well, that's Atlantis for you, lol. In the end, it does sink, and you could assume that the Reapers had a hand in it, considering they "approached" Destiny sometime during the chaos.
I guess I didn't really go into the fact that it was probably the fighting of people like Kris and Destiny that caused its demise. I was writing in fragments. @_@

Well . . . hmm, that just seems like the timeline that Atlantis would normally exist. But that's easily fixed!

I'll get right on the edits. d;

EDIT: Oh, good thing I edited, because there was a detail that must not have saved in the original document that I just added in, lol.

gimmepie January 29th, 2013 6:30 PM

Anything more modern that a cross-bow would have negative affects on the reaper and as such you couldn't even really carry anything more than that on your person. If demons discover a person with reaper potential they will attempt to kill them before reapers find out about them and if not they'll at least aim to get there first, after all reapers kill demons.

This last question is a slightly more complicated one. Once the soul merges with the incompatible object and becomes a demon it has all the strengths and weaknesses of that demon. Using vampires and gargoyles again as examples, Gargoyles are stronger physically than vampires and have stone skin but are easier to kill in the sense that you can just break them apart. Vampires have humanoid skin but are more difficult to kill in a way because the only ways they can die are by sunlight, flames or being stabbed through the heart or having their head removed. So to sum it up, whilst the object the soul merges with has some baring on the resilience of the demon the strengths and weaknesses are more characterised to the demon itself. Oh and you're spot is reserved.

Edit: @ Nakazumi - Use that bit about the reapers because it covers the largest problem with your character. As for the time period I agree with the time period 100% but they couldn't have been much more advanced than the Inca or Mayans. With these changes it may still need a bit of toning down but it makes sense for your character to be powerful/experienced at 10000 years old.

Nakuzami January 29th, 2013 6:41 PM


Originally Posted by gimmepie (Post 7515784)
Edit: @ Nakazumi - Use that bit about the reapers because it covers the largest problem with your character. As for the time period I agree with the time period 100% but they couldn't have been much more advanced than the Inca or Mayans. With these changes it may still need a bit of toning down but it makes sense for your character to be powerful/experienced at 10000 years old.

Okay, well I made a few changes. Hopefully they're acceptable. I was having trouble thinking of a proper way to reword it, but I think it did the job, lol.

I changed her age to 6000 years old, just to be safe. Unless you think that the Atlanteans could be so advanced closer to 8000 years ago? Considering the mystical capabilities of its peoples, it would make sense for them to advance much faster than other civilizations.

gimmepie January 29th, 2013 6:52 PM

@ Nakazumi - You're accepted. Just be weary of how powerful you have made your character and be careful not to godmod (although I'm sure you won't). Also I'll be incorporating that guy into my storyline I think, that could make things interesting.

<Challenger> January 29th, 2013 6:56 PM

I have a question.

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Nah. Just kidding. Can my character be Miyamato Musashi?

Nakuzami January 29th, 2013 6:59 PM


Originally Posted by gimmepie (Post 7515819)
@ Nakazumi - You're accepted. Just be weary of how powerful you have made your character and be careful not to godmod (although I'm sure you won't). Also I'll be incorporating that guy into my storyline I think, that could make things interesting.

Don't worry, I'm pretty good with toning my powers. I typically make them sound more magnificent when I describe them than they really are, or I describe possibilities that I never end up using, lol.

Kris? Sweet, lol. I had hoped to use him for Destiny's personal story arc as it was, but having him in the actual story is awesome too, lol. He also happens to be the very first character I created, and was based off of me. Although, now he's much cooler than me and much different. xD

I look forward to writing in this story, lol. d:

@heretostay123 - If you can kill people with it, yes. And you can definitely kill people with mayonnaise. xD

<Challenger> January 29th, 2013 7:09 PM

@Nakuzami Well...then it would be an instrument....OF DOOM! *thunder booms in the distance and a witch cackles*

gimmepie January 29th, 2013 7:25 PM

@heretostay - Does this mean I can expect a character with a mayonnaise obsession? That would be interesting.... Fill me in here, who is Miyamato Musashi? The name sounds kinda familiar...

<Challenger> January 29th, 2013 7:31 PM

Miyamato Musashi was a very successful Japanese samurai. He never lost a duel and wrote The Book of Five Rings. It's a book that tells of the martial arts. I think he was around in the 17th century. Perhaps the 16.

gimmepie January 29th, 2013 7:34 PM

I'd prefer you to play as an original character of your own design than a pre-existing historical figure. That being said I'm assuming little is actually known about this guy, so if you can create a character out of him or base a character on him I'll at least be fair enough to read your SU.

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