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Patrick January 28th, 2013 9:40 AM

The Lazy Something of Some Dude
Introduction? Yawn.

Hey, whatchy'all know good? My name is Patrick, and this some shtuff I uploaded because why not, right?

I don't really do much illustration unless there's a good reason for it. I prefer to work on comics, animations and games. Having said that, you'll find that I really enjoy bringing characters to life, and while having fun with them, I really like to make them relatable as well. I'm not much for seriousness or realism, so everything I do is a little silly.

One more thing. I love Nidos ('Rina especially), but honestly it's not nearly as extreme as I make it out to be. The fact is that I own a website that's for the fans of the Nidoran family, and we all contribute to it. Partially as obligation, I do a lot of artwork for the site, so there may be a whole lotta Nido in this gallery since I normally don't draw anyway.


Maybe I'll eventually learn some CSS and make this presentable. But I'm a lazy, lazy man, Roger.

Generic Pokemon


Vulpix Experiment

Really, this is just me diddling around in Paint Tool SAI with no clear goals, getting used to the program. I got tired of messing around, so I quit, and that's why this pic's just a scrap.

Poison Baby (eh, don't ask)

What happened when I really decided to get into Paint Tool SAI. I hardly ever go this far or further. Here's how it started:

*tap dances* and that's the end.

Stuff That Like... Isn't Pokemon



Ninten, not Ness. From MOTHER. This is just hand inked.

Astro and Uran

Another SAI picture. Wanted to get a taste of that world famous crisp lineart the program's known for. I ended up playing this one a little too straight. Uran totally looks like something I'd draw, but Astro's a little too on model (how many people do you know say that?). Then again, I really like admire Osamu Tezuka, and I guess I really didn't know how to make Astro Boy authentic and mine at the same time. I'll attempt him again later, along with Kimba and some other Tezuka stars.

Four drink picture minimum.

Pokemon Characters from Comics, Shorts, Games, etc. (or the meat of this gallery)


Current Illustrations


Music Changes Your Perspective

Looks like it was done in SAI, doesn't it? It wasn't.

Anyway, this is Nidorina, a (what else) Nidorina who's the equivalent of a 25 year old. You've undoubtably seen her in my avatar. She's the Nidorina who was based off of my Silver game, so I've been drawing her for about, what, 12 years? She's also the co-mascot for the Aqua Bunny, my Nido website, so a lot of people draw tend to draw her too. I think she's the most popular one.

Here's the colored version:

The hardest thing about drawing her with clothes is that she still has the same stumpy Nidorina anatomy (though exaggerated enough to allow flexibility). I like to draw "funny animals" (like Felix the Cat, or Meowth I guess), so I restrict myself to drawing mostly in their anatomy. Nidorina in headphones is kind of a theme on my site. Some other people have done it as well. I'd venture a guess that she's an audiophile.



CLASH! Pocket Monsters

Promotional art for the following set of sprites. Simplified comic like style. I imagine Marvel vs. Capcom's Variable Cross music when I look at this picture.

CLASH! Pocket Monster Sprite Animations

All based on Paul Robertson's spriting style, taken from what I believe was a Gamasutra article where he explains going all out when it comes to sprite animations. I hear that. My favorite games have whimsical, expressive sprite animations. These were mainly done as practice for when I work on original game art (they won't look like his, of course). Note: Nidorina's been altered since the version I posted in the general Pixel thread.

Nidorina "Nini" S.; Nidoran "Didi" S.; Andy S.; Vulpix “Pixie” A.

Nidorino I.; Bellsprout B.; Bulba C.; Lisa B.

And look! Everyone's a different size, too. It's all based on age, evolution and/or genetics. Do I spend a lot of time on unnecessary character details? Is the Pope Catholic?

That Boy Ain't Right (or photos that prove "that boy ain't right")


Not looking for crits here, just posting these for fun.

So I started this thing long ago where we as fans take pictures of whatever Nido figurines we have around the world in famous locations. Not being one to find acting out of the ordinary unordinary enough (and with generic Pokemon still being boring to me), I decided to step up my fanaticism. What if a certain ensemble cast were roaming the streets?

Focus was to be on what's behind them, but whatevs.

Based on (so far) two separate occasions using the same cast. Clothes and hairstyles change, just like you'd expect a person to do. :P Actually, there's probably about another 200 of these and they tell a story with some commentary. I've referred to it as a photo comic.

Animated Stuff (the real reason anyone's here)


Let's face it. It's the only reason anyone would click on this gallery. It's the only reason I started it.

Tonight/I Feel Fine!!

Not a sequel per se, but in continuing with the animation I made like 3-4 years ago with Rainy ~ Struck by the Rain, I'm combining more Nidorina and Rhythm Heaven than anyone would have ever, ever wanted. Unlike Rainy, though, this one’s all about fun, and everyone’s a lot more in character. Lots of game references and mythology gags based on the comics ahead.

What I'm presenting is a very rough draft version of how the short will look (which is something I never do). Lots of straight ahead drawings and doodles, loose construction in some places, notes here and there. The backgrounds are a mess. But honestly, it doesn't matter, I’m the only one working on it. I’ll draft things out better in the next phase. Oh boy. Can’t wait to draw all those inbetweens. =_=;

I'm giving you links to flash players this time. Here's Tonight, the English version.
And for those of you who like their Rhythm Tengoku in Japanese, here's I Feel Fine.

Seriously, I better not find these on YouTube tomorrow. :( Also, I find this inbetween amusing every time I look at it. I dunno.

Older, But Not That Old, Stuff


Other things I've done regarding Aqua Bunny or related:

Hey hey now.

I usually draw Nidorino to match his rabbit half more often. This time, I focused on his rhino half. Also, don't peck at poisonous creatures. :P

I think I did this in '09.


Valentine's pic, 2010. I mostly draw holiday pics these days and that's about it. It's the only time of year anyone's guaranteed some art from me.

New Years, clearly. Possibly a bit overwhelming, but my excuse is that I was on a Sonic Colors kick back then, so I had to make everything bright and neon and whatever.

Easter 2011. Boring as heck.

Halloween, 2011

Val 2012. All based on actual legitimate phrases that can be found iRL (some are from joke candy like Bittersweets, though).

This is actually giftart for someone on DA. I got lazy with the background after a while. Her character looks a lot like Nidorina S., it's not because I can only draw one type. :P I think she was inspired by her several years ago, so...

Done in '08? She's the other mascot for AB. Less popular, but my favorite, and technically the oldest Nidorina character I have, or have even known (started way way back in 1999).

Also probably doodled in '08. This pic is important because up until this point I was bored and sad because I drew everyone too darn on model without my personal influences.

Some resized servicable wallpaper sized stuff, based on the major three Nidorina personalities on the site.

Chibi-Chibis! I use this images as eyecatches between pics on my site's Tumblr Gallery. The concept of Chibi-Chibi didn't start off looking Tokidoki-esque, but it gravitated in that direction eventually.

That's all for now. Sorry if everything's so overwhelmingly Nido (read: I'm not sorry at all).

Now if you excuse me, I must get back to doing important things. *sits in chair and falls asleep*

seeker January 28th, 2013 10:00 AM

Your work is incredible. It really brought a smile to my face, I also really enjoyed your animation. I don't really have any critique for you, I just simply loved your work and thoroughly enjoyed flicking through it, watching the animation, and in general just being in awe of your fantastic style and talent.

I hope you keep sharing it with us. I'll be looking forward to all updates!

Kirby January 30th, 2013 6:57 PM


It would be redundant and borderline condescending if I sit here, on the other end of this computer, and pretend to "critique" your gallery. We all know that your lines are amazing, shading, style, blah blah blah. A critique isn't what you posted this gallery for, mostly because this thread is a product of pressure from me and other members, partially because you've said yourself that it's difficult to "rate" drawings that are just /that/ good.

What I do see here, is a true labor of love. Obviously, the Nido-family isn't what your professional artistic life consists of. So what I see is a true artist who has a profoundly intellectual and charming relationship with a character and uses that character for the more casual elements of his life. This gallery epitomizes what I love most about art. Maybe it's because I'm also on the verge of a real professional career in the industry, but the lighthearted and the sheer lack of ostentatious-ness compounded by the clear talent you have really reminds me that art is anything and everything you want it to be.. but above all, it's fun. You have the ability, the skill, and the resources to pursue something so much greater than A&D.. so much greater than you probably believe yourself. Yet, you chose to be here, giving advice to fellow fledgling artists. That's what makes this gallery so amazing.

This thread, and I know I'm speaking for the entire A&D community when I say this; is real. It's clever, it's well done, it's hilariously absurd, and it's real. I hope I can be half as talented as you are... I'm sure you've inspired a great deal of us and I am not excluded from that. As I said to you before, your gallery makes me want to draw. I think you've given true prestige to all those stupid, derpy, ridiculous doodles of Pokemon that we all do. It's glamorous, brother. Please keep going.

One more thing. Your gallery makes me feel like this :

Sheep January 30th, 2013 8:49 PM

I am in awe of your work! The lines and coloring is magnificent, especially in this one. Nidorina's eyes and blush just make her personality stick out so much more. Glad you went for lineless too, that really brings more attention to the amazing coloring! Can't really critique much either since I really like your style and especially how you color.

Keep it up, please! Would love to see you update regulardly! <3

Patrick February 1st, 2013 2:52 PM

Thanks guys. Makes me wish I was less of a sloth. Honestly, lots of very talented artists inspire me every day, but unlike those who have blogs where they post daily, mostly because others are doing it as motivation, that method does not work for me. I'd rather sit under a tree in the sun or something. It's funny because I guess that's my disposition overall, I'm very laid back. I'll get the job done but I'm totally nonchalant about it. But I'm also a perfectionist to a degree, too, and I'm hardest on myself most of all. Does that even make sense?

If nothing else, I'll be taking some lessons from Alex Woo eventually. Why? Honestly because I can. I'm not even doing this stuff professionally anymore (again, barring game assets). That's just how weird I am about art. @_@ I love it to death, and am willing to learn from all the best people, but I prefer to do it for free (and it drives some people nuts for some reason?).

Maybe that's the reason right there as to why bloggers like to keep a pace with each other. Most artists are trying to find work with their art. I just want to be a game producer/designer/director (these are not the same as developer and content creator, those of you out there who are pursuing a career in the VG industry). Granted, you still have to work your way up to those, but I'm going to school currently for that managerial stuff so I actually know what the heck I'm talking about when I get to those roles. If nothing else, I need to learn marketing so bad. ;__;

Anyway, I'll post up whatever stuff I do from Woo's lessons, that'll be fun. :D

I guess my to do list includes more Tezuka stuff, but the only thing I can guarantee is whatever I'm doing for Valentine's Day. And the Alex Woo stuff. But I shall try to try to post more things in this gallery. For great justice. ;^;

Alexial357: Holy crud, I think you know me better than I know myself. Everything you said makes a lot of sense, and yet I've never really thought about it. But yeah, for me, art is just something I do for fun *shrug*. It's a relaxation thing. Did you draw that Nidoran yourself? That's so awesome looking, wherever it came from. :D

Jinx February 3rd, 2013 8:56 AM

i am so jealous of your art skills. you're amazing at like everything. you have such a wide variety. looking at your artwork brought a smile to my face.
i love this picture so much. i wish there was more focus on the drawings. it made me laugh. it's too cute. i love the idea of these pictures so much!
i love this drawing. you're so good at shading, it's crazy. i love the eyes how they are so glossy they just glow! i love how you made her blush, it's so cute.
the vulpix is so cute. it bothers me but idk why. i think it's because it's so different than all the works in your gallery. i think the pointed paws are what it is xD
i can't wait to see more.

Patrick April 9th, 2013 2:23 PM

Nooooo, not my generic comments!

Holy Toledo, Patrick actually updated with something. Granted, I had school, and to be fair, the last update I made for Aqua Bunny was for Valentine's Day. If I'm not active there, you know something's up.

I'm gonna go the route of Anastasia and make each new post its own gallery rather than update the first, because new stuff'll probably be missed, and there's far too much in the first post anyway.

What's New?

Non Aqua Bunny Stuff

lol nope

Aqua Bunny Related and Other Poke Characters
No man should ever be without his or her daily dose of Nido. And those other creatures, I forget what they're called.


Musical Combusken

Are you surprised? :D I don't think I've ever drawn a Combusken before. Torchic plenty of times, yes, but I usually stop there. And yet Anastasia's character looks like so much fun. I really like her ask MC blog, it makes me want to do one of my own. You've got a really cool character there, Ana. You inspire me to draw more of my own (as if I don't already, given the obvious skew my gallery has). Maybe yours too, I dunno. Nevertheless, you've made a Combusken believer out of me. :)

Blonde Style

Always one to try out new things, I decided try a different coloring style, even concerning the punchline version of the characters below. Speaking of people trying new styles, Nidorina, our resident twenty-something with too much time on her hands dyed her hair blonde, and decided that being ordinary was for chumps. I have no idea what she's on about, but I love that shirt. Actually, she was gonna have a Dark Matter print over a Kracko print, but I felt that people would assume Dark Matter was a flower, especially if you're unfamiliar with Kirby.

Pixie Dust

I'm not kissing up, but believe me when I say this picture was inspired by Anastasia. Not directly so much, but indirectly in that she made me want to start giving some attention to my other characters. Vulpix, or Pixie, is only nine years old, and her role models are Nidorina and Nidorino (for some reason), who she feels are like an older sister and brother to her.

Imma copypaste the AB description, gimmie a sec...
Pop Star is known to be a planet for its dream like environments and surreal landscapes, colorful flora and fauna and an abundance of star shaped everything, including unexplainable phenomena. Vulpix is out in a field, presumably on her way to school, and she's greeted with a light show shower of stars drifting down like snowflakes. The "stars" aren't tangible in and of themselves, as they pass right through a person's body, but one can still see this bright, shimmering, almost hazy and dreamy display of beauty!



This isn't what I wanted done months before, but it's something.

So, this is actually my first full animation using Photoshop and Photoshop only. And After Effects. But Mostly Photoshop. I only used AE to put it together and add ambient sound. Long and short of it is that it wasn't fun. It took up way too much time, ate up too much RAM and disk space, and the timeline/keyframing devices were all super unintuitive. I'll never do this again, but hey, I did it once.

This actually started as a Toon Boom animation, but the vectors in that program got on my nerves really fast. I can see where that program's useful, but...

Oh! One thing. I originally considered using a muted, ambient version of this song (or its Premium Arrange version) as BGM:

But Rain isn't long enough to justify usage, and I wanted to just make it SFX only, in that you can always play your own music over it anyway. I've come to associate that song to Charlotte, there's a story for that, which I'll omit for brevity.



Ask Nidorina/Ask Charlotte Tumblr


The short story is that I've been thinking about this since I started Mixed Nuts (the photo story you see examples of above), but someone suggested I should try it on Tumblr a while back. I've come back to the idea, and am now asking people about it. Granted, I don't expect a whole lot of answers from anyone anywhere. For all you lurkers, though, I'd love some kind of nod of approval or something, though.

So anyway, bottom line, to make one or not to make one? That is the question. Ana makes it look tempting as all get out, and this is really up my alley. Nidorina and Charlotte are the most popular characters on Aqua Bunny, which makes them obvious choices, and they have like a 12 year history of existence, which means they're pretty darned established by now.

Still, it could be time consuming, and I'd rather Nidorina was played by an actual girl (you know me, Mr. Authentic. :< ), but I guess that all depends. So should I do it?

Pokecommunity Poke Character Club


Possibly one of the nerdiest things I could do, I asked in the PC general club topic if a character club would be reasonable, and it seems like it was met with some interest. Personally, whether I do it or not, I'd like to see it happen. One of the reasons I joined PC was because I wanted to see what other interesting characters people came up with. It's still the #1 reason, at that.

I feel like the Pokemon clubs we have on PC as is don't have much weight. The "Other Clubs", yes, and the clubs about the human characters in Pokemon, oh yeah, they at least have personality from the anime to back it. But the Pokemon themselves... it's just like the series, really. There's only so much you can say about a generic Pokemon before you start to wander off into more interesting pastures (or start uploading art from DA, which is how it always ends up anyway, any site, anywhere).

The reason we love having characters is because it gives us something we can actually grasp. It goes beyond "aww that's cute" or "hey that's cool", and the creatures become a personality that we actually care about or want to learn more about. Same reason more people are interested in the newest blockbuster over a nature documentary, except the documentary has the advantage of having tangible stuff to talk about.

Annnyway, I'm wondering if I should be the one to start that. But with that plus a possible new Tumblr plus school plus AB, do I really have time for all these things? How many people would join it? Would anyone even notice it's there? It's not high on my priority list, nor do I want the responsibility, but I feel like it could be a lot of fun if done right.

Something to chew on...

Yeah, I guess that's it. Next time, hopefully I'll have wonderful and amazing things. Which I'll bet a buffalo nickel'll primarily be Poke personalities, but whaterya gonna do?

Also, I should be starting up my classes with Alex Woo pretty soon, and guess what? I'm gonna meet Bill Plympton on Thursday. Totally rads, ya'll. :D

Kirby April 10th, 2013 8:13 PM

Dbp, as usual, your update is beautiful (love that, "non aqua bunny stuff?" lol nope").

Nidorina, looking beautiful and sassy as ever. <3;

Your characters are so unique, so amazing. I love the idea of starting an ask Charlotte tumblr, to be honest. There's so much depth to your characters and bring them more overall attention can never be a bad thing. <3; So to reiterate, I support this!

Always looking forward to more! Please, please, please keep them coming!

Now's not the time to chat about this because this is like, *your* gallery and I should be doing this in my own.. but my Larvitar is coming along so well! Her name is Lady. :3

Patrick July 28th, 2013 9:22 PM

Yeah, uh, update. If you feel like you've had too much Nido (preposterous! Such a notion simply cannot exist. In fact, you all are Nido deficient as I assume no one else is giving you what you gotta have), then this update is... no different.

But ALSO in this update, there's some non-Pokemon artwork. For reals this time, no fake outs. One more note, this update does not include all work I've done since last time. Where's the fun in giving every thing away?

More Things.



Bone Cousins

Bone is likely my favorite non-newspaper comic/graphic novel ever. Probably the only thing I’ve ever read thus far where I could not wait to read more (even my much esteemed inspiration Calvin and Hobbes didn’t do that for me). Jeff Smith is sort of an inspiration of mine. I still admire what he was able to accomplish. The Bone cousins are just about everything I like in character design. I always loved the eyebrow(s), it’s just “swoosh” and there you go.

My favorite bone is Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone. He’s such a funny character and an archetype I just don’t see all that often in modern media. Also, “Phoncible” is just plain fun to say.

Mačak Felix

I wanted to emphasize silhouette and negative space. The original lineart is pretty clear, but I designed it so that a person could connect the dots for their self. Also, I wish Don Oriolo would pick up where the Twisted Tales series left off. Had a good thing going there…


Sure, why not? I didn’t know what to do for the background so I just went Mother 2/3 battle backdrop on it.

Rabbit Doodles

Generic Pokemon
Comments indented and italicized from Aqua Bunny website


Poison Baby, Another, Already

This turned out differently than I wanted. She was supposed to be lying in some kind of light source, probably the sun, in a lazy dog/cat sort of fashion (used a flopped over rabbit as an anatomical base reference, however). I think the original lineart suggests this better.

Summer Melon
A refreshing summer treat big enough to share.

FUN Pokemon

Comments indented and italicized from Aqua Bunny website




Rina Harine

Another Nidorina gift art. If you couldn’t tell, I like drawing Nidos regardless of who they belong to. :P


For someone who really doesn’t care a bit about Pokémon®, someone may wonder why I even claim ownership of a Pokemon website. It’s mostly because of characters like these. They’re pretty much the reason I still run the website, because for me, they’re a lot of fun, and I’ve had them for a long time. Nidorina in the top right is the first and oldest, and for better or worse is the longest running Pokemon character that I know of in general. I’d like to think you’d be hard pressed to find an older character that still exists, unless the character was created in 1998 or the author is Japanese.

Granted, I’m not drawing Nidos every day (unless I’m working on a picture but you know what I mean), but every now and then it’s fun to pull them out of the pile of “stuff I like”, and go to town. A lot of AB regulars have basically told me that the characters (along with the emphasis on creative works of all types) make the site what it is, and I have to agree. We’d all be bored stiff if it was just some Nido biology small talk.

Did you notice that they’re all rather uniquely designed?

tl;dr I meade this picture as a way to say “thank these characters for existing, because if they didn’t I’d be doing better things. :P”

Happy Summer

That’s our consistent little Lisa. Being asocial as usual.

Tumblr Anniversary #2

There was never a number 1. Anyway I drew this up for the Tumblr satellite site, 100% unique to it (well, I guess I just posted it here, too).


Father's Day 2013

Another addition to the riveting Life of Nidorino saga.
There is no such thing.

I forget if I mentioned this, but a huge inspiration of mine is newspaper comics. That includes Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes obviously, but there’s a lot more as well, and I don’t even mean the most modern (1980s up) ones, either. Also, I love the beat panel and the antic panel (a term I just made up, right now). It times everything out so well if you don’t breeze through the comic. Bone is masterful at this. See my love for Bone above.

Like Christmas Morning. Or Perhaps, Like Winning the Lottery?

That feeling when you (finally) get a Street Pass.

Caramel Refreshment

People sometimes ask where I get my inspirations/material from. Simply put, about 80% of it comes from real life. Case in point, the cafeteria where I get my lunch has flavor syrups you can add to soft drinks/tea/juice. You can also get soda water/club soda/seltzer water straight from the dispenser. So I mixed together caramel flavored syrup and soda water. It made me think about the idea of a caramel drink, and then just straight melted caramel, and I knew which character to assign that thought too. Also, caramel flavored soda is actually very... ah, unique.

The Pitch

A different style of comic. Like my illustrations, I like to switch things up because I must have artist’s ADHD or something. I’ve been making up for lost time with Lisa. Inspired by a commercial on Cartoon Network, obviously. Also, Lisa’s usually quiet but two things set her off: competitive video games and whatever she’s really into. Lots of squeeing and shouting abound.

That’s it for this update.

Coming up next… a full animation? Hah, don’t I wish.

Snowdrop July 28th, 2013 10:12 PM

My mind is blown.

Seriously, your kind of talent is the kind I've been trying to acquire for a long time. Are you a professional artist or do you plan to be one? Are you self-taught? Because with an understanding of cartooning like this, you could go a loooong way! And you don't draw in the same style all the time, too, that alone is incredible! I'm kind of at a loss for words... what more can I say other than your art is on par with people like Lauren Faust's!

Treecko July 28th, 2013 10:52 PM

Oh wow you're work's amazing DHP. I'm jealous. The comics really made em laugh and alot of your art's really cute. I love this one for some reason cause it's kind of true ahahaha.

But all of it is really amazing and I find it neat how you can incorprate the Nido family in so many way if that makes sense ahaha. Nothing to critique you on really. I've seen your avatars and signature before, but I would have never though you were the one who made all of them yourself. It's all fun looking and excellent work, especially for SAI.

I was wondering the same as Snowdrop, are you self taught or did you have professional classes?

Kirby July 28th, 2013 10:55 PM

Again you've left me speechless. Are critiques even... anything? I think not. You're art is immaculate as ever.

I always come back to this gallery thinking that I want to spend more time on my raw doodles. I become so overly invested in these huge, gigantic pieces that I end up completely exasperated.. and coming back here always reminds me that I need to get back to having fun. Clean linework isn't be be all end all, and just one brush can accomplish a goal.

Seeing your gallery reminds me of the kind of artist I want to be. :] Awesome update, Patrick. Can't wait to see that animation.

destinedjagold July 28th, 2013 11:29 PM

your new batch of art are awesome and cute as always!!! :D
i lol'ed at the Father's Day comic xD
your rabbit doodles are cute. :3 i like wabbits. <3

Patrick August 1st, 2013 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by Snowdrop (Post 7757512)
Are you a professional artist or do you plan to be one? Are you self-taught? Because with an understanding of cartooning like this, you could go a loooong way!


Originally Posted by AWsquared
I was wondering the same as Snowdrop, are you self taught or did you have professional classes?

Ah... both, and I guess I was? I mean that depends on your definition of professional. If I did full time work, then yes, but I was never a J.G. Quintel or anything. Even then, my work now is better than it was even when I was doing it professionally (what I learned then helped a lot, though).

Almost everything I learned, though, came from working professionals. All of them though are way better at what they do than I am doing just a little bit of what they have, but I find it's great to learn straight from the top where possible. I'm always learning new techniques and tricks, too. Right now my thing is really focusing on silhouette and readability, the whole point behind the Felix picture. I want to make sure my art always reads clearly.

For the most part, doing this stuff is how I relax, I don't really want it to become work again as well. However, I don't mind creating art assets for games when needed, which is what I've been doing lately among other things such as QA.


And you don't draw in the same style all the time, too, that alone is incredible!
If you could attribute an attention span to artistic ability, mine would be on the short end, and flighty at that. I like to try new things and break rules where I can to keep myself stimulated. Having said that, I don't go to the extreme end (except occasionally) and draw weird for weird's sake. Too much of that becomes tiring to look at. This is probably where the professional influences come in. Comics like Bone and Disney/Pixar's best stuff keep me fairly grounded. {:3}


I find it neat how you can incorprate the Nido family in so many way if that makes sense ahaha
That's character development at work (technical, not the in universe definition). :D I don't think you could really involve most if not all the Pokemon, generically, in too much of anything aside from some cute/cool situations and a few quick jokes/wordplay/puns. The well of the generic Pokemon runs dry fairly quickly, which is why people will either create characters, create a scenario or assign them to trainers. Depends on what people are more comfortable with.


Can't wait to see that animation.
Haha, that makes two of us, then. I won't believe it when I'm finished. I won't believe it IF I finish! A jab at my lengthy production times...

Nakala Pri August 8th, 2013 12:53 AM

I love this! It is so great! Since I love Nidoran and Nidoran (lol) this is freaken brilliant to me. keep up the good work! I am pumped for more. :D


Patrick August 8th, 2013 1:05 PM

^lol, my email said something entirely different.

Anyway, jumped in to say (outside of "I like Didi too even though she's not supposed to exist yet") that if you liked that sprite animation of Didi which I assume you were gonna change your avatar into, then you'll probably like, uh... "something else" that I'll hopefully have done before the month is over.

Don't mind me, I'm always secretive. So secretive in fact that I'm STILL working on that Valentine's Day thing. Just yesterday, even.

Okay, yeah, time to go back into hiding. I'll try not to bump this anymore until I have something worth showing. :I

Nakala Pri August 10th, 2013 12:36 AM

Well, you are marvelous! :D

Well, maybe one day. The gif ain't working. :C

Patrick December 26th, 2013 12:50 PM

There's a lot of artwork this time, which I'll explain later. This time it's all Pokemon and all related to Aqua Bunny in some fashion (which essentially means character Pokemon). I remember writing something a long while ago about wanting to draw a bunch of Pokemon characters like Anastasia?


Related to Pokemon Y:

Posted on Tumblr. When I drew this, this was my team in Y, Route 7-ish. The Pokemon Silver team/characters make a grand come back. Inspires an idea...

Also from Tumbs. I'm gonna do a little doodle comic thing based on Pokemon X/Y musings as I was playing. It'll also have a lot of returning and new characters, and it's mostly just gonna be a silly little romp based on how much I've enjoyed the game so far. Here's two newbies.

Tumblr December Pokemonathon Dealie:

The challenge is to draw a Pokemon a day that matches certain criteria throughout December. I started late and am still behind, because I still have obligations to AB (anniversary, holidays, etc). All things combined, this is probably the most artwork I've ever had to do at one time.

These will be posted without commentary, but rest assured they're all based on characters, some dating way way back, others new for the Pokemon Y special (filenames have the character names, though). I chose to do characters because I'd quit before I started if I had to draw generic Pokemon. They just don't have enough going for them aside from looks.

Cause it's Christmas Time:

My Love Still Keeps Me Warm

I'll let this one speak for itself.

Dumb Christmas Comix (Huge!)

I kinda say it all already, don't I?

As you can see, I still have some days left to do in the drawathon. That means that (for a change) this gallery should see another update as soon as the rest are done! I wonder who I'm gonna draw next*... 9.9


*Lies. They're all planned out.

Patrick January 22nd, 2014 1:55 PM

Here's the rest of the POKEDDEXY entries...

Tumblr POKEDDEXY Dec 2013:

I'm certainly tired of drawing now.

Smeargle January 24th, 2014 11:29 AM

Your artwork is very inspirational, I love the colors you choose in each of your pieces.
May I ask how long you have been doing this?

Patrick January 26th, 2014 3:58 PM

Thanks. Well, my mom would always say I was born with a crayon in my hand, but it's probably been as long as I've been autonomous enough to hold a writing tool. Seriously, I still remember my first story in Kindergarten. Not word for word but pretty dang close.

As for when it mattered, though, I started thinking about it as something to consider in my Senior year of High School, and started to take it more seriously in early college/University.

isthatyoudan February 10th, 2014 6:30 PM

Love love love these. The Nidorina character is so cute. Love the cartoony style put next to the real life locations. Keep doing what you're doing! Kirby eating buildings = yes.

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