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Jake♫ February 12th, 2013 9:09 PM

Pokémon: The Zeta Emergence (OOC Thread)

→ Introduction

Hey guys, my name is Jake♫. I came up with this RP idea a few years back, and actually created it in 2010, but due to real life restraints I had to end it early. I've always had this idea in the back of my mind, and now that I have more free time due to a light class load, I felt like it would be the best time to bring this back to life. For the most part I have the entire plot figured out either in my mind or written down somewhere, but it's definitely far from perfect (but what writing piece is perfect anyways?). Hopefully you'll embark on this idea of mine and enjoy it!

→ Plot

Fifty years. Fifty years have passed since the stories of many heroes have taken place. Red and Gold have aged, leaving battling behind in favor of research, following in the footsteps of Professor Oak and Professor Elm, respectively. The professors of old have passed away, being replaced by trainers of legend. Some Gym Leaders remain in their positions, while others have handed the reins to the apprentices of their choosing.

Fifty years. Fifty years since the stories of the heroic Gold ventured through the Johto Region and vanquished Team Rocket once and for all. For fifty years the Johto Region has been free from villainy from any evil team. Team Rocket disbanded, keeping both Kanto and Johto safe. Team Galactic was defeated in the Sinnoh Region by a trainer named Diamond. Both Team Aqua and Team Magma faced the same fate at the hands of Ruby. Black, another young trainer, saved Unova from the hands of Team Plasma. For the first time, there had been a time of peace between all the regions, and everyone felt like that peace would stay.

Or would it?

Fifty years. Fifty years have passed, and a new evil team, Team Zeta, have emerged to the Johto Region. Their objective: To capture Lugia and Ho-Oh, who have both been in their resting places, as nothing has disturbed the peace. With access to the sky and sea, control of the Johto Region, and eventually the entire Pokémon world, is surely theirs. There is no limit to what Team Zeta will do to achieve their goal, whether it is stealing Pokémon or using their own to attack humans to further their plans. According to them, ruling the world isn't just a scheme, it's a necessity.

→ Your Role

Professor Gold has been recruiting new trainers to begin their journeys in the Johto Region. He remembers his journeys fondly, and wants to give other young hopefuls the same chance to explore the Pokémon that was presented to him. Each new trainer has been invited to New Bark Town to receive a Pokémon from him to start their journeys.

However, Gold is well aware of the appearance and the disruption that Team Zeta has started to cause. The thought of Team Rocket appearing at the Slowpoke Well, and then throughout the rest of his journey throughout the region, is constantly floating through his mind. He took down Team Rocket without intending to when he started his journey, but what would happen if the new trainers venturing out had this as part of their goal? As a group, they could be even more effective than he and his counterparts throughout the other regions did individually.

You have signed up to take part in a traditional Pokémon journey, but not without a catch. Defeating Gym Leaders will go hand-in-hand at gaining more allies for fighting against the large numbers that Team Zeta already possesses. Are you willing to step up to the plate?

→ Rules
→ As expected, follow all of Pokécommunity and Roleplay Corner's rules.
→This RP is rated T. As such, romance and some light swearing is okay, violence without any gore is acceptable.
→ This RP will take place in chapters. If you don't like that, don't sign up.
→ There are currently 2 slots available. Including myself, I'm only looking for 9 participants. Even though there are more starters than players, once it hits 9, sign-ups are closed.
→ No bunnying another person's character, unless they have given you permission to do so.
→ As always, no godmodding. Your character isn't invincible.
→ I'd like to see this RP make it to the end, so unless you are committed and can stay active, please don't rob someone else the chance to sign up!
→ Some sense of grammar and proper spelling are important, so please try your best!
→ Creating your own NPCs as a side-story is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged. Same goes for player-to-player joint posts. And the latter might net you more rewards than a regular post.
→ Sign-up reservations will last two days, once that time is past I'm sorry, but anyone else can try for that slot.
→ Let's have fun through this crazy journey!
→ Sign-Up Form
→ Name (First and Last)
→ Age (Ages 12-18)
→ Gender
→ Personality (A good 2-3 paragraphs minimum)
→ Appearance (Either a good 2-3 paragraph minimum, or a picture with some supplemental text)
→ History (A good 3 paragraphs minimum)
→ Starter Selection (With your choice of one egg move)
→ RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey.)
→ Starters

Bulbasaur♂ (Level 5)
Naive Nature
Tackle, Growl
Charmander♂ (Level 5)
Modest Nature
Scratch, Growl
Squirtle♀ (Level 5)
Bold Nature
Tackle, Tail Whip
Eevee♀ (Level 5)
Quirky Nature
Tackle, Growl, Helping Hand
Chikorita♀ (Level 5)
Calm Nature
Tackle, Growl
Cyndaquil♀ (Level 5)
Timid Nature
Tackle, Leer
Totodile♀ (Level 5)
Adamant Nature
Scratch, Growl
Sneasel♂ (Level 5)
Inner Focus
Adamant Nature
Scratch, Leer, Taunt
Treecko♂ (Level 5)
Timid Nature
Pound, Leer
Torchic♀ (Level 5)
Naive Nature
Scratch, Growl
Mudkip♂ (Level 5)
Relaxed Nature
Tackle, Growl
Swablu♀ (Level 5)
Natural Cure
Naive Nature
Peck, Growl, Astonish
Turtwig♀ (Level 5)
Relaxed Nature
Tackle, Withdraw
Chimchar♂ (Level 5)
Naive Nature
Scratch, Leer
Piplup♀ (Level 5)
Timid Nature
Pound, Growl
Riolu♂ (Level 5)
Inner Focus
Rash Nature
Quick Attack, Endure, Foresight
Snivy♂ (Level 5)
Naive Nature
Tackle, Leer
Tepig♂ (Level 5)
Tackle, Tail Whip
Oshawott♀ (Level 5)
Jolly Nature
Tackle, Tail Whip
Solosis♂ (Level 5)
Magic Guard
Quiet Nature
Psywave, Reflect

→ Roleplayers
king_nick72 as King Satoshi
Riolu♂ (Level 8)
Inner Focus
Rash Nature
Counter, Endure, Foresight, Sky Uppercut
Hoothoot♂ (Level 3)
Docile Nature
Tackle, Growl

romdinner as Catherine "Kat" Primrose
Tepig♂ (Level 8)
Rash Nature
Tackle, Tail Whip, Magnitude, Ember

Miss Doronjo as Lynn Colthearts
Sneasel♂ (Level 5)
Inner Focus
Adamant Nature
Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Ice Punch

Somniac as Ffion Caera with Eevee
Eevee♀ (Level 9)
Quirky Nature
Tackle, Growl, Sand Attack, Wish

{Swan} as Hwang Feifei
Chimchar♂ (Level 7)
Naive Nature
Scratch, Leer, ThunderPunch, Ember

Puppeteer Mask as Jamie Holladen
Solosis♂ (Level 5)
Magic Guard
Quiet Nature
Psywave, Reflect, Confuse Ray

Century as Nycteus "Nick" Richards
Cyndaquil♀ (Level 5)
Timid Nature
Tackle, Leer, Flare Blitz

→ Current Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Two Part Two: The Abandoned House

{Swan} February 16th, 2013 8:30 AM

This sounds very interesting and I'd love to be a part of it. May I reserve Chimchar, please?

Jake♫ February 16th, 2013 10:25 AM

You got it! Chimchar is reserved for two days!

romdinner February 17th, 2013 3:42 AM

Your RP seems very promising so I’d like to reserve a spot with Tepig. I'll have my Su as soon as possible. :D

Jake♫ February 17th, 2013 9:47 AM

@Game_sloth: I'm sorry, but you are currently DECLINED. I'd definitely like a bit more added to personality and history. I get that he doesn't have friends because of the constant moving, but is there any other reasons he acts the way he does? Upbringing, some personal event for him, etc. Your post is also riddled with spelling errors. You are more than welcome to try and beef up your sign-up and resubmit it through!

@romdinner: Tepig is reserved for your for 2 days!

king_nick72 February 17th, 2013 10:53 AM

ill give it a shot for the fun of it



King is a trainer who doesn't really talk much, he lets his battling skills talk for him. Only a few of Kings friends and his father have been able to actually hear King speak more then 3 or 4 words.
King is a very patient battler, waiting for the right moment to make his attack, and when he attacks, he attacks fast and hard. Kings main goal is to defeat the pokemon league and show the entire world that even the most patient battlers can beat even the most difficult of opponents


Starter:Turtwig with the egg move earth power

King is a tall kid for his age. Standing at 6'2'', King is very muscular with short spikey hair. King has dark skin, wearing a gray t-shirt with sweat pants matching the shirt that he wears. King has hazel eyes and wears sunglasses

King was born in Undella Town in the Unova reigon. King never was a silent person like he is now. He was a very talkative person who was barely quiet.Sadly though, one day while King was over his friends house for the whole day, upon returning home, he discovered a note. This note was from his mother and father. The note read, "Dear King, We are sorry to tell you this, but we have decided to have you live with your Aunt in Goldenrod city, in the Johto reigon. We know that you probably dont want to, but it has all been arranged, Skyla will take you to Goldenrod City so you can live with your aunt. We are once again sorry to tell you this, but we belive that it is for the best". King dropped to the floor, bursting out tears. When King left Undella Town to head to the Johto reigon, he swore to an oath of silence, until he was able to be reunited with his mother and father once again.

My RP example: (sorry if its not all that good, i haven't done this in a long time)
It was a cool breezy spring morning, the smell of rain still lingered in the air from yesterday. King awoke at around 7:30 A.M. He looked outside his window. The shadow of the radio station towered over his aunts house. King went to the bathroom, took a shower, and got dressed. King went downstairs to fix himself some breakfast. While eating, His aunt walked down the stairs. "Good Mourning King!" She shouted. King said nothing and continued to eat. "You know that today is a big day right?" King responded, "yes, i do". King finished his breakfast, grabbed his glasses and started to head out. Before leaving the house King turned to his aunt and said,"I belive its time I go. I have to meet Prof. Gold and get my very first pokemon. Next time you see me, Ill be the Champion!" King left the house saying nothing else, the radiating confidence flowing out of him. King thought, "Its time, my time time to become champion!"

Game_sloth February 17th, 2013 12:06 PM

I only found a couple spelling errors, but will work on the rest. Won't be able to get it up until tomorrow, though.

Jake♫ February 17th, 2013 5:19 PM

@king_nick72: As of now you are DECLINED. Everything is just much too short and doesn't really give me any sort of understanding of your character. I get King is a good battler and let's that do his talking...but what else? How does he act in other situations?Needs more to the appearance and the history as well. The history should not only tell me his back story, but give me some insight of why he acts the way he does. Problem with the RP sample is that it is just a big block of text. There has to be some formatting here, especially for dialogue. Feel more than free to address these issues and re-submit it!

@Game_sloth: No worries, don't have to rush it!

And before I forget, here's my sign-up

Name: Geoff Sekera
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: Geoff is usually described by his friends and family as one of the kindest people that they know. He’s more than willing to do a favor for his friends, and his loyalty to his family will always shine through. This bites him in the butt a lot, however, as he doesn’t know how to say no. He wants to make sure that everyone is happy, even if it means he has to sacrifice things that are important to him, as well as shirking off his own responsibilities.

Geoff can always be seen smiling, whether he’s at his job stocking the shelves of the Pokémart, in school, at a party, or just relaxing with a few friends. His laughter is infectious, and can quickly turn a quiet room into a space filled with joy. He has an aura of positivity surrounding him at all times, which makes people think that he never has any sort of problems. Truth be told, he’s an expert at hiding his emotions, as he never wants to trouble people with his problems. This gets him in trouble at times, as running away and hiding from your problems does nothing but prolong them and make them worse.

Outside of what his friends and family see when they are with him, he still struggles with what he wants out of life and how to achieve it. Growing up he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life, whether it was to become a Pokémon trainer, like many of his friends had become, continue with schooling, or any of the other wide plethora of options out there. Geoff hates making decisions for himself, so the struggle to pick what he wanted to do left him floundering in his mind.

Appearance: Geoff stands at a solid 6 feet, and weighs 140 pounds. He is quite light for his height, and is often told by people to either eat more or start working out so he can gain some weight. He has short, dark brown hair, which is often mistaken of being black. His eyes are a lighter shade of brown. He has freckles running across his cheeks in a horizontal line just under his eyes. His nose is rather large, and is often a physical trait that people poke fun at. His teeth are straight from years of braces, but they aren't perfectly white, more of a very pale yellow. He's definitely not muscular, but he's not a twig either, with more of a lean build.

You can usually find Geoff wearing an assortment of v-neck tee-shirts, usually of a bright color, such as cyan, lime green, or magenta. He's usually wearing a pair of jeans for pants, but if it's exceptionally warm he'll be wearing a pair of khaki shorts. he is either wearing s pair of black and white sneakers or a pair of light brown boots depending on where he's planning on going for the day. If it's colder, he'll wear a light gray hoodie, and if it's even colder he has a black winter coat he'll wear in as well. He carries a black backpack with him, containing spare clothes, some extra food, water, his keys, wallet, and whatever else he might need for the day.

History: Geoff was born on the outskirts of Mahogany Town. He was just a rather average kid: He experimented with sports, joined the boy scouts, enrolled in preschool (and eventually regular school), and made friends. The one thing that really kept his interest was baseball. It was a sport that he was rather good at (with the exception of batting), and he made some of his first friends there. He felt sheer bliss while he was in his preferred position of second base. He met his two first best friends here, Kevin and Martin. They were inseparable; they always hung out during any free time they had at school, joked around on the baseball field, and their parents baby sat each other, eventually making all of their parents good friends.

The one thing that never had the opportunity to experiment with was Pokémon. His parents weren't the biggest fan of them, and didn't have in in their house. While other kids played with Pokémon around the house, Geoff was kept away from them. His parents didn't believe they were safe for someone that was only 10 years old. It was an unpopular opinion in the world that they lived in, and he lost Martin and Kevin because of it. They wanted to experience the Pokémon world, and they set out on their journey like many do when they are 10 years old. Instead, Geoff (and many others) continued going to school.

As time passed, his parents relationship grew weaker and weaker, and eventually they decided to call it quits and get a divorce when Geoff was 13. Thankfully it was rather civil, and the two remained friends, and very active in raising Geoff. They stayed in the same town, and it was a maximum of ten minutes between the two of them. Geoff couldn't be luckier when it comes to this situation, Geoff didn't see the big picture, just how it was affecting him. He hated that he had to travel every day back and forth between his parents' houses, dealing with what could become potential step parents, it just made him sad. However, he would never want to make his parents feel bad or disappoint them, so he hid his true feelings under a smile.

As Geoff made his way through high school, he had a growing interest in Pokémon, and he made sure that no one knew he had the knowledge of it. In a small town such as Mahogany, word gets around fast, and his parents would find out one way or another. Hiding his disappointment of his parents divorce with positivity actually turned him into the social butterfly; he was well-known throughout school and friends with at least one person in every social group. He made friends that were interested in Pokémon, but weren't focused around them, so that he could still get some experience with them. He also kept friends that had no interest in them that would grow up to do work that didn't involve them.

Geoff finally graduated high school and turned 18. It was at this point in his life where he had to choose what he wanted to do with life. He could continue his education, start working, or -- the choice he wanted most of all -- start a journey with Pokémon. He knew his parents would never approve of it, but it was all he wanted to do. He approached his parents about the situation, and they were oddly receptive. They acknowledged that he was now an adult and he was allowed to have his own opinions and make his own decisions, whether they fully approved of them or not. They supported him to start his journey, and sent him on his way to New Bark Town.

Starter Pokémon:
Swablu♀ (Level 5)
Natural Cure
Naive Nature
Peck, Growl, Astonish, Dragon Rush (Egg Move)

Roleplay Sample: From Monster Art Online
|Kinder| - Route 30

Every time Geoff entered a new Route, town, or city, the sights never ceased to amaze him. Looking at everything from a top-down perspective on his Gameboy just made perfect sense for him, but now he was starting at Route 30 from a first-person perspective. The cliffs that made for an easier exit from the top of the route were now tall ledges instead of a just a different tile. The small pools of water bounced the rays of sunshine from it's surface and reflected |Kinder|'s image back at him, but as far as Geoff was concerned that was his appearance for the time being. It was a sense of full immersion that he had never felt in a Pokémon game, which under normal circumstances he would love. In this case, he just wanted out. The one thing that seemed out of place was billowing dark clouds further out into the sky, which seemed odd, as nothing like that was ever present in any other game, but that didn't concern Geoff right now.

If playing these games had taught him anything, he knew that he needed to grind his Snorunt's level up. And in this case, he needed to do it safely, which meant sticking to wild Pidgey and wild Hoothoot to knock out with Powder Snow. Taking risks against anything that could really damage Snorunt, and by extension himself, was not worth it, especially since this route and Mr. Pokemon stood between him and getting his Pokégear.

"Ready Snorunt?"


With Snorunts approval, Geoff started off into the thick grass that covered the beginning of the Route. Oddly, he made it through the first patch of grass without spotting any wild Pokémon. Uncommon, but not impossible Geoff figured. He made his way up the stairs in front of him and continued up the route. As always, past all the little lakes and ponds on his right, the fork in the road came. Just from past knowledge that the left entrance, although less populated, would be crawling with NPC trainers waiting for him to battle, and would take him to Route 31, and by extension, Violet City. But he wanted to take the path on the right, heavily covered in tall grass. Mr. Pokémon's house would be there, and he wanted that Pokégear.

Continuing on the right path, Geoff started to hear a rustling a few feet in front of him. Finally, Geoff thought. It was odd not even seeing a Pokémon on the route, not including the few Weedle and Caterpie he saw asleep in the trees above him. He cleared the grass in front of him with his hands, where he saw a Hoothoot trying to get it's feet uncaught from the grass. Sort of a sad sight, seeing a Hoothoot trapped on the ground and not able to get back into the sky. As much as Geoff knew he and Snorunt needed to train, taking on a helpless and defenseless Pokémon wasn't right with Geoff, he was raised better than that. Geoff walked right up to the Hoothoot and started prying at the grass stuck in its talons. Hoothoot was frightened by the random grip on its feet, and scratched Geoff's hand.

"What the heck! I'm just trying to help you!" Geoff shouted at the Hoothoot. He didn't mean to yell, but his hand was in pain. That's new, and experience of pain for Geoff. He figured that he didn't only have to look after his Pokémon's health now, but his own was now a factor. Just another thing to worry about.

"Hoot! Hoo hoo..." Hoothoot cried. It had a sad look on its face, like it didn't mean to hurt Geoff. It was just startled.

"It's okay," Geoff said. "It was an accident. Anyways I'm glad you're free, fly back to wherever you came from!"

Geoff continued down the path towards Mr. Pokémon's house. He didn't remember the path being this long, even proportionally between the two different iterations of the world. Every step he took, he kept hearing a rattling behind him. Every time he turned around, there was nothing there. He took one more step, and heard it again. Instantly he turned around, to see the same Hoothoot now floating up in front of his face and landing on his other shoulder, opposite to Snorunt. He knew it was an entirely different world, but could wild Pokémon actually be programmed to have this capability? Apparently so.

"Umm, do you want to join us?" Geoff asked the Hoothoot.

"Hoot! Hoo hoothoot!" It cried happily. Apparently so.

"Well if you want to join us, we do have to battle first , it's just how it works," Geoff explained.

Apparently that was all Hoothoot needed to hear, as it jumped eagerly back into the air and Tackled Snorunt off of Geoff's shoulder. Clearly it had some fight in it, which made Geoff smile. In this kind of situation, the passive-aggressive and shy Pokémon were not what he would want for his team. He needed some fighting motivation if he wanted to escape this world.

Snorunt hit the ground right on its butt, and it wasn't too happy with the sneak attack. Apparently that was reason enough to fire off a Powder Snow at the little bird without Geoff even ordering it. It concerned Geoff that Snorunt would just do something like that, but at the same time it would have been the same thing he would have commanded. Maybe it was just smart and knew what to do.

Hoothoot was hurt by the Ice-typed attack, but it wasn't down yet. It got back up and charged for another Tackle attack, but the Ice stuck in it's feathers were slowing it down. On Geoff's command, Snorunt dodged the blow and hit it with another Powder Snow. Hoothoot was knocked to the ground, and was struggling to get up.

Geoff, with fear of knocking it out, threw one of the Pokéballs Professor Elm had given him at Hoothoot to capture it. The ball hit Hoothoot and enveloped it in a red light, sucking it into the ball. It shoke once, twice, three times...and lay dormant. Geoff had made his first capture in this virtual world, and the Hoothoot was a good addition to his team. Geoff picked up the ball and continued onward, with Snorunt returned safely to it's Pokéball.

Fighting off a few Zubat and another Hoothoot with Snorunt's super effective Ice attacks, Geoff finally saw Mr. Pokémon's house in front of him. He stepped inside the house, and in front of him was the familiar NPC that he had spoken with numerous times before in his playthroughs of Pokémon Gold. Geoff initiated the dialogue with him, explaining the quest that the Mayor of Cherrygrove had given him.

"Ah yes, of course! I needed to make sure a trainer would take this egg back to her for me, as I didn't want it to be damaged!" Mr. Pokémon explained. It was just as Geoff figured, the same fetch quest the original game provided for. As Geoff accepted the quest line, Mr. Pokémon continued, "If you come back to see me after you deliver that egg, I'll have a nice surprise for you!"

Geoff had no idea what that meant, but if it was some sort of reward, he was all over it.


After taking the quick path over the short cliffs back to Cherrygrove City, Geoff returned to the Mayor's office, with the egg in his hands. Before he could get a word out to her, she took the egg from him and thanked him graciously. In return, she handed him over the Pokégear. It was clearly an upgraded one that Geoff didn't expect, already containing the phone and map, but what he was really most excited for was the headphones and the radio card that was already attached to it. Geoff graciously accepted, and returned to the Pokémon Center to heal his newly obtained Hoothoot.

king_nick72 February 17th, 2013 7:23 PM

ok ill try again

Name: King Satoshi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
King doesn't really speak during his battles. He lets his battling skills talk for him. Even though he rarely talks during battles, King is extremely respectful, thanking his opponents and his pokemon for a great battle, even if they lose horribly. During battles, King is known to be very patient and waiting for the right moment to attack, and when he does, he hits hard and fast.

Outside of battle though, King is somewhat a quiet person, only really talking to his friends and family. He is extremely patient and what seems forever to some people can be about 5-10 minutes to him.
King will always show compassion to those who he believes deserve it.King enjoys his small job at the poke center, You can see King helping Nurse Joy with taking care of pokemon, babysitting pokemon, or even at his house with his aunt helping around the house. King can also be seen helping his aunt with the house and yard. All of these tasks have turned King into a responsible young man. When it comes to his friends and family, King has been known to defend them to the very end. King has been known to help his friends out taking care of their pokemon occasionally, and even watching them, inspiring him even more to become a pokemon trainer like they are.

King is very responsible and can handle almost anything that comes his way. His ability to balance his small job, housework, schoolwork, and practice for his schools teams has allowed King to be able to balance almost any kind of work that he has, because of this, King is known through out his city as one of the most responsible kids there. King is kind of shy to his family when they call him certain names or say things that are embarrassing to him. King speaks softly to these things and will look like he is glowing red in his face. King is kind and helpful, but can also be cruel and relentless if you give him a reason to.

King is a very tall kid of his age, standing at 6'3'' weighing 195 pounds. King is very athletic and muscular. This is because of all of the different sports that he has played. Sports like: basketball, football, soccer, and even baseball. In all of these sports, King as been able to adapt and accelerate in most of these sports. King has short, spiky black hair. Kings eyes are a nice hazel color and he will most likely be seen wearing sunglasses.King has a few cuts running down his face from the injuries of the sports that he plays. Also, King has a pointy-like nose that makes him stick out of the crowd more then other people. King also has nice straight, white teeth from all of the dental appointments that his aunt sets up for him

Kings clothing are a wide variety. From v-neck, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts- to even tank-tops.The colors that King wears depends on the weather. Sunny cool days King will wear bright colors like lime green, orange, or even pink, and of course, his signature sunglasses. On dark, stormy days King will wear dark colors like black, red, dark blue and grey. On cold days, King will be wearing grey and white.King will be seen wearing black sweat pants, athletic shorts matching the color of his shirts, and black or blue jeans depending on the weather of course. His gold-like book bag carries anything King will need on his journey. whether its extra clothes, to food and water, it will be in Kings bag if its important for that day

King was born in Undella Town in the Unova region. King was a happy-go-lucky kid. Enjoying the love that is 2 parents gave him, but the thing that makes him the most happy, was pokemon. King's dad's pokemon were extraordinary to him. Even though that is dad's pokemon were just a frillish and a drilbur, King found them simply amazing. King was placed into school at the age of 7 and almost immediately, King played sports. His very first sport was soccer. Even though it was just for fun, King showed a talent in athletic events. Then by the age of 12, King was extremely versatile in sports, playing basketball, football, and baseball for his school. Still, all of these sports didn't excite him like being with pokemon. One day though, Kings parents sat him down to talk to him. Telling King that they believed that it was time to send King to the johto region. At first, King didn't understand why this was happening, but his father explained to him that his parents thought that it would be better for King.

Before departing to the Johto region, Kings parents told him this,
"Unless you really know the person, don't speak to them" (another way of saying, dont talk to strangers)
So upon hearing this, King promised his parents that he would only talk to his true friends and family.
In about 3 or 4 days, King arrived in Olivine City, where his aunt was waiting for him. King still continued going to school, becoming a great student and once again, a great player in various sports, but still, even though King had a better life In Olivine City, King missed his parents day in and day out. He knew though, that one day, King will see them once again.

Around 3 years has passed. King is going to turn 16 in simply 2 days. The only thing that King wants for his birthday was to start his very own pokemon adventure. He was a bit nervous talking to his aunt about it, since his aunt isn't a big fan of pokemon. However, His aunt was rather happy about the choice King made. So King prepared himself for the next 2 days. Studying pokemon and all of their advantages, and disadvantages. He packed up his clothing, grabbed some snacks, and headed out to New Bark Town, ready to start his own adventure

Starting Pokemon:
Riolu♂ (Level 5)
Inner Focus
Rash Nature
Quick Attack, Endure, Foresight, sky uppercut (egg move)

RP Sample:
It was around 7:45 in the mourning. The cool summer breeze flew in through the window and greeted King in a friendly manner. King stood up from his bed, shut his windows for the time being and checked his calender. It was simply 2 days from his birthday! King had already knew what he had wanted and wanted bad, to start his very own pokemon adventure. He has wanted this wish for the past 2 years, but was always afraid to ask his aunt about it because King knew that she.... wasn't the biggest fan of pokemon. This year though, King couldn't let that stop him.

King did his usual mourning routine: went to the bathroom, took a shower, went downstairs and made himself breakfast. A couple of minutes after King started to eat his aunt came downstairs with her usual happy mourning spirit
"Goooooooooodddd mourning my little nephew!" she exclaimed
"Aunt May, I'm not little anymore...." King said softly
"I'm taller then my dad is....."
"That hasn't stopped me before has it?"
"......... no"

King finished breakfast and went to his part-time job at the poke-center. At around 6:30 P.M. King returned home.
King Thought to himself
"OK King, its time that you ask aunt May about your birthday wish..."
"Aunt May......" King shouted upstairs
"Yes King?"
"Can You come here for a minute i have to talk to you about something..."
So King and his aunt sat down on the couch. King took a deep breath and told his aunt what he wanted
"Aunt May, i know that you don't really like pokemon that much..... but i really do"
Aunt May replied,
"OK, I know this, so what do you want?"
"Well..... I heard from my friends at school, that Prof. Gold was looking for people that wanted to become pokemon trainers..... and i was-"
King was in shock for a minute..... he never heard his aunt May say yes to anything that involved pokemon.
''Aunt May... what did you say?''
''I said yes King, go ahead. It would be an amazing experience to travel the region with pokemon''
King didn't know what to say for a little bit. Trying to hold back his excitement he bowed and said
"Thank you Aunt May..."
King ran upstairs to his room and leaped for joy. King had to begin preparations immediately though. So for the next day, King studied pokemon for the longest, learning about abilities, type advantages,type disadvantages, and move effects. The day before his birthday has arrived, packing up his book bag with food, water, extra clothes, and money, King eaded to New Bark Town, where a new adventure was awaiting him

is this good?
if there are any other problems let me know and ill try my best to fix them

dcjboi February 18th, 2013 12:34 PM

If I may, I would like to reserve a spot although I would like it if you could answer a few questions.

What town do we start in?
Where do our characters get their starters (you never said if we go them from Prof. Gold)?
Where are Prof. Gold and Red at?

Really that's all I need answered and I can start concepting my character.

Jake♫ February 18th, 2013 12:52 PM

  1. New Bark Town
  2. From Professsor Gold
  3. New Bark Town and Pallet Town respectively

@king_nick72: Much, much better, ACCEPTED. Formatting isn't perfect (CP'ing from the OP to yours screwed around with your fonts =P), so just be wary of that!

romdinner February 19th, 2013 11:29 AM

Sorry for being a bit late but here it is :).

Name: Catherine *Kat* Primrose

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Kat is a very bold person who is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best, despite being very well mannered and elegant. This would be something to admire in a person, however, due to her place in society, she learned that doing so will harm her parent’s reputation. But this didn’t stop the girl from making her opinion heard, being as witty and devious as she is she found out that she could stand her ground by outsmarting the other party. Kat is the type of girl who doesn’t give a dime on what others think, but cares about how her actions affect her loved ones. She is very smart, being at the top of her class, and is quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.

Even if she looks fragile, she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars, not quite the lady you imagined. Hey a girl has to be ready for everything ( or so she believes ). The only moments when Kat can really be herself and forget all about the rules and etiquette of aristocracy is when she is alone or with her dear butler Seth, or by his full name Seth Chamberlain, who has been by her side since she was little. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys acting elegant and being refined, but she also enjoys running barefoot into a field of flowers and resting side by side with Seth under and old Oak tree.

All in all, in a few words, you could say Kat is a mixture of bold with elegance, some drops of intelligence and determination, an accidental drop of stubbornness and a sprinkle of power. Just your normal high-class lady, who knows what she wants and tries to get it.

Appearance: Picture --->

Kat is about 5’06” and weighs approximately 115.0 lbs with a slender figure. Her hairstyle is most of the time the one that can be seen in the picture, however, she will make some changes to it from time to time so don’t be surprised if you’ll find her with a bun or braided hair. She doesn’t have any scars on her body, but she does have an unusual birthmark on the upper part of her back, close to her right shoulder which resembles a butterfly.

For her journey she decided to go with something simple yet elegant at the same time for her choice of clothes. Apart from the one’s she is wearing she also has a scarf and an umbrella stored in her bag alongside her mother's journal and one that she bought for her and some other survival stuff she may need for the journey.

History: Catherine is the one and only daughter and heir of the Primrose family, who is an aristocrat family well known in Ecruteak City, which is Kat’s birth place, and most parts of the Johto region. Daughter of Elizabeth Primrose and Maxwell Primrose, she is the most precious thing on earth for them and care for her a lot, sometimes more than they should. Her father owns some private companies throughout the region which mostly deal with the development of new medicine and medical equipment. Kat had a beautiful childhood and despite her father being very busy, and often had to leave home for weeks, she was raised by her mother who left her job as a fashion designer to rest and devoted herself to her daughter. Until the age of five, everything was as happy as can be, Kat was growing into a cute little girl under her parent’s eyes and could not ask for a better life. Sadly, misfortune struck the family at that time, Kat’s mother fell sick due to an unknown illness. Due to this Kat’s father become even more of a workaholic and the monthly two week visit that he could spare for his family turned into a two day visit. He was immersed in his work of finding a cure for his beloved wife.

Another year went by and Elizabeth’s condition was getting worse and worse, but the mother always faced her daughter with a kind smile that assured her that everything will be fine. Due to Elizabeth being restrained to her bed, she hired a personal butler to take care of Kat and watch over her, the person hired was Seth who at that time was just two years older that Kat, so he was seven. He was found by Kat one day when seeing something under a tree in the rose garden, the little girl rushed into the pouring rain only to retrieve a collapsed boy. The maids and Kat took care of the boy and when he was feeling well was presented to Kat’s mother who offered the boy a home in exchange of always looking over her daughter. The boy was thrilled and agreed to the bargain.

Time passed and by the time Kat reached the age of twelve she had already started being initiated in the fine art of being a lady. Despite being very weak, her mother insisted that she will be the one to teach Catherine as long as she is still standing. Kat couldn’t have been more thrilled as she had the opportunity to learn how to be a lady from the one she admired the most, her mother, while being helped by her now fully fledged butler and friend, Seth. But while all this was happening, the illness that took over Elizabeth had reached its final stage and after another year Elizabeth took her last breath, but not before giving her last words to Seth and then took her daughter in her arms and told her in a gentle voice that: “No matter what, always stay true to your heart my little butterfly. “ Kat cried and cried for days while being held by her father who had rushed at home when he heard the news. Obviously he didn’t manage to find a cure but he had done important discoveries that later on would lead to one. But now he needed to be there for his daughter, she was the only thing left for him.

Over the years that have passed since Elizabeth’s death Kat’s relationship with her father has developed into something that Kat couldn’t have predicted. Being marked by his wife’s death, Maxwell has become overprotecting of her daughter and is somehow very strict in his way of dealing with her. She isn’t allowed out without any supervision, she has to be home by 7 PM, she isn’t allowed to outside without his permission and most of all, she has to act accordingly when in the presence of guests. This is due to the fact that Maxwell fears that if he isn’t cautious he will lose his daughter the same way he lost his wife. It’s obvious to tell that this regiment isn’t really to Kat’s liking, but the girl has her ways of dealing with this life, not to mention that a bit of help from Seth is always to her liking. She usually sneaked outside and wandered through the gardens or the nearby forest with Seth by her side, Seth always proposed to her dad going to certain events in town, knowing that Seth would be the one to escort her, so they could ditch the vent and go have fun somewhere. However as fun and helpful as Seth may have been, Kat cannot convince him to help her without first finishing her lessons or other duties she has. He owes his good life to Kat and wants to repay her as much as possible. However the most important thing that has happened to Kat is that at the age of 15 she found an old journal stored in the library, from her mother from when she was 17, which recorded a pokemon journey that her mother had made and stored all her adventures. Kat was fascinated by the stories and loved reading about her mother before she got married and became a successful fashion designer.

Now Kat is seventeen and has turned into a fine young lady, a lady who cannot stand any more of her father’s protectiveness and has to face her father’s wish of her being her heir in the company. Kat had put up with everything that her father had demanded from her, but now it was too much. She refused and told him that she desires to start a pokemon journey, just like her mother did when she was her age. They fought on the subject, with poor Seth watching from the sidelines. Seeing that he couldn’t convince his daughter by simple means, Maxwell, with a bit of restraint, offered Kat a deal. He would let her embark on her journey …..BUT if she doesn’t win the Pokemon League she would have to abandon being a pokemon trainer and take over the family company. Seth was about to try and explain to his master that that was impossible for a starting trainer, but Kat spoke sooner and agreed without hesitation to the deal. She also knew that just reaching the league is a tough job to do, but she was determined to fight and pursue what she wanted to do. With things settled she said farewell to the mansion, her father and Seth she hopped in the care prepared to take her to New Bark Town where she would receive her first pokemon.

Starter Pokemon:
Tepig (Level 5)
Rash Nature
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Magnitude ( Egg Move )

RP Sample: From the rp "Pokemon: A Fresh Start" which I deeply enjoyed :D

Chapter 2 - Part I
"Cold as Ice!!!"
-Ice Path-

Lily put the letter in her backpack her cheeks being all red, Clover whistling acting like he didn’t notice. “Well let’s get going!” she said calming her voice as she realized what Clover was thinking. The little critter jumped on her shoulder just as they entered the cave. The immediately felt the cold air on their faces. The cave looked like any ordinary one just that here and there were some spots of snow, but this was just the entrance. They started walking taking the path which was designed for trainers and travelers by foot. “Let’s find some more information about this cave. “ Lily said starting to search for her PokePad. She logged on the internet and typed “Ice Path” and the Pad started talking: “ A well known cave in Johto that is home to numerous ice type pokemon. The part near the entrance are partially filled with snow but as you will continue towards the core of the cave it will be frozen solid with icy floor and walls.”

“Handy tool.Guess we’ll have some interesting scenery indoors.” She smiled towards Clover, the bug pokemon nodding being all excited to explore this cave. They continued their way through the cave and after half an hour they found themselves freezing as they reached the frozen area. The rocks were completely frozen and pillars of ice were either hanging from the ceiling or emerging from the ground, snow covering all that was in sight. Lily got her jacket from her bah and put Clover in her bag so that it could be warm. “ Felling good back there?” “Sew… Sewaddle!!!” the pokemon cried happily. It went inside the bag curious of what was in it. He noticed the paper that he had picked and it gave him an idea. He got out of the bag and crawled back on top of Lily’s shoulder trying to get Lily’s attention and also trying to say something to Lily. “ What’s the matter Clover?” she said putting him down. Clover got up on his back feet and started mimicking something. “ A person?” Clover nodded. Then Clover pointed to the bag and tried mimicking a letter. “ What’s with the letter?” she asked confused. Clover mimicked again a person. “Oh I get it Xander. “ Clover nodded again, then started making something in the snow. In started from a point and made a curved shape. “ An arrow?” The girl tried to guess before it was finished. Clover ignored and finished its shape. “ A heart? Why would you draw that? HEYYYYYYY IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!" She said blushing all over then picking Clover up so she could erase the drawing. “ Don’t joke about that!!!” Clover was smiling as he just wanted to tease Lily. “ You little rascal so you picked up something from my chat with Xander in our room. “ Clover was smiling even brighter. “ Well here’s another lesson. If you have snow that means SNOW FIGHT!!!!!!” she said letting Clover drop in a pile of snow, then made a pair of wings on both sides of Clover. “Perfect! A pokemon angel.” Then started running.

Clover got up and brushed the snow of off him and started running after his trainer still smiling. Clover was happy that his plan worked and they were now playing. Lily took a corner and went through a tunnel so they could leave the straight path but stopped to make some snowballs as well to make sure that Clover sees her running in that direction. She threw some snowballs at Clover then continued running. Clover jumped over them and rushed to catch up to Lily he took the corner and bumped into Lily. Clover got up and went next to Lily. They were both starring at a huge crystal floor. It was like a skate ring that had some ice boulders here and there. Clover cried in joy and jumped on the icy floor sliding from one part to the other of the room. Lily on the other hand was still motionless and was looking around to see if there was any other way than walking on this icy floor to get to the other side. “Clover I think we’ll have to find another way to get to the exit. We can’t reach the other side as there isn’t any way.” The bug pokemon looked confused at the girl. She could slide on the floor to the other part what was the pokemon was thinking. So why was Lily hesitating? Clover shouted to the girl trying to make her get on the floor. Lily stared at the floor, closed her eyes and took a step. She was sliding on the ice. “ Hey this isn’t so BAAAAAAD! BAD IDEA! BAD IDEA!” she said as she gained speed and was losing balance. Clover could help but laugh at the sight of Lily. The girl fell down and was still sliding towards the left side of the room gaining speed. “ This isn’t Funnyyyyyyy!” the girl bumped into the wall of the room and stopped. “ Glad that’s over!” but the bumping made some snow break from the ceiling and fall on top of Lily. Clover was rolling on the floor at the scene. He then made his way towards Lily as the girl got her hands and head out of the snow. She got up trying to stand straight. “Sewaddle!!!” the pokemon shouted and spit some silk around Lily’s waist tied her up, then started moving on the ice. “ Cloooooooover! This is a bad idea!!!” the girl said as she started moving also being pulled by the pokemon. The pokemon was sliding all over the floor pulling Lily after him. “ Ok we should head towards the edge. “ But Clover was having too much of a great time to spoil the fun now. Lily was still scared but now at least she wasn’t gonna fall so easy. “Clover I know that you like this but we have to go.” She shouted the sounds echoing in the room. Clover stopped and frowned as they reached the other part of the room . “ I know you want to play but we have to get out of the cave as soon as possible so that nightfall will no catch us in here. “ just as she finished her sentence a flapping sound could be heard from deep within the other part of the room from where they had just came. “ Clover I think we have a problem! “ she said as a flock of Woobat and Swoobat was flying towards them. Lily grabbed Clover and jumped through the tunnel into the snow just in the nick of time to evade the flock of flying pokemon. She got up with Snow all over her and pretty nice beard made from snow, but just as the old saying “ The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” or the Clover in our case, the bug pokemon rose from the snow with a fine mustache. The two giggled as they shoved the snow off of them.

“I think we had our share of fun for today!” Getting Clover on her shoulder. The pokemon was happy and crawled into her jacket popping out his head near her neck. “ You never cease to amaze me!”

“GET MOVING! Those cages won’t move themselves!” shouted someone a bit further than where Lily and Clover were.

“ Cages?!? Here? Let’s find out.” Lily said as they were walking. As they were approaching the end of the tunnel she started walking slowly and as she entered another room she hid beside a frozen rock that was near them.

“Ok just two more left and we can get out of this place!”

Lily peeked her head out only to be shocked. The voice was coming from a big muscled man that was wearing a black bandanna and was wearing winter clothes. He was giving orders to two more skinnier mad that were loading cages filled with pokemon onto a sledge that was going to be pulled by a furry pokemon. “ Ok men with this many pokemon we’ll get tons of money on the black market.”

“How cruel!!! Their all defenseless! “ “Sewaddle.” Agreeing and looking like he was going to burst into an attack any moment. Just then another man came with a pokemon in his hand and opened a cage to put it in. As he opened the cage, due to the lack of space in it, a hat like pokemon fell out.

“Hey boss!!! There’s no more room for this one!.” He quickly grabbing the pokemon before it fled. All the other pokemon were shouting in anger and were hitting the bars. The boss hit the cages making all of them go mute then headed over to his partner. The little hat pokemon was shaking in fear. “ This one wouldn’t sell even if we would give it free. He’s too weak and is more scared than a Caterpie. Toss him away. Let’s go.”

The henchman did as he was ordered, throwing the pokemon into the snow. Lily couldn’t bare it anymore. “ Hey you thieves!!! Let’s those pokemon free.” “ Oh look boss a little girl is threatening us!. “Who’re you calling little? I’ll punch you harder than a Rhydon!” “ Now calm down missy or you’ll get hurt. We haven’t stolen them as they don’t belong to anyone. “ “ They’re wild pokemon and are not free to grab by the dozen.” “Well finders keepers missy.” The boss said hoping into the sledge along with his partners and making their escape. “HEY !!!! COME BACK HERE!!!” Lily said running toward them but stopped as she saw the little hat pokemon in the snow. She picked the pokemon up and brushed the snow off of him. The pokemon was crying and looked scared. It immediately used Powder Snow on Lily making her drop it. Lily now had her hair filled with snow. “ That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.” She said baffled. The pokemon run and hid behind a frozen rock. “ Clover why not you try to calm him down. “ Clover walked towards the rock and went behind it , were the pokemon was catching its breath but as soon as the pokemon spotted clover it used Powder Snow again and knocked it back into the wall. Then jumped out and started using Poweder Snow at Lily trying to make her go away.

“ Yikees!” the girl cried jumping out of range of the attack just next to Clover but the pokemon was coming after them. “ Clover guess we have to battle!” she said knowing that that was the only way to calm the pokemon. Clover got up and jumped in front of Lily, letting her know that he was ready. Lily got her PokePad and scanned the pokemon :

Snorunt, the Snow Hat Pokémon. Snorunt primarily inhabits very snowy regions. It has long been said that any home visited by a Snorunt will be blessed with good fortune.

Ok so this is a Snorunt!” she said putting her PokePad away. But just as she put it the Snorunt launched another Powder Snow at Clover. The pokemon was swept of its feet by the freesing wind and was sent once again into the wall. The pokemon got up again and jumped on the floor sliding a bit on it. Seeing this he turned towards Lily with a grin on his face. Great idea!” the gril said realising what Clover was thinking. Snorunt used the icy attack once again but this time Clover dodged it by sliding beneath it. It went well until Clover reached the snowy part on the room and had a hard time crawling in it. Lily looked across the room and saw that the only icy portion was where she was standing so Clover’s movement was going to be slowed down by the snow but she also noticed the rocks. Guess they’ll have to do for now.” She tought to herself. Clover jump on a rock. Then use Energy Ball!”

Clover jumpe on top of a rock at the center of the room so he could have a full view of the area and then, as Snorunt was running towards him he launched an energy Ball which hit the ice type pokemon dead on knocking him into another rock. ”Nicely done! Now use it again!” the girl shouted from across the room. Clover was creating another green ball while Snorunt got up and rushed towards Clover once again but this time as it aproached it used Double Team and sprea dinto several copies of himself circling the rock as fats as it could. Clover launched the green Ball but missed as it hit a clone. As the Snorunts were getting faster and faster they used Snow Powder again trapping Clover into an ice like tornado. Clover was hanging as hard as it could not to be blown off by the attack or the snow.

“ Clover hang on!!! Use String Shot and try to make Snorunt trip.” Lily yelled as hard as she could so that Clover could hear her. Clover shoot a piece of string but it didn’t go very far as it got swept away by the wind. Clover started making a little ball of silk then tried again. This time the ball pierced the wall of wind and snow and hit the ground. As Snorunt was circling around Clover it tripped over the string and flew into a big pile of snow. “ Sewaddle!!!” the pokemon cried as the clones disappeared.

“Good job! But remember we’re still not out of the woods yet!. “ she said seeing as the hat pokemon got out of the snow. “ Sitting there will just trap Clover again. I have to think of something fast. “ the girl thought. After nearly exhausting her brain she came out with an idea. “ Let’s see if this works. Clover use String Shot all over the place and keep it coming.” Clover didn’t understand but he trusted his trainer so he started spreading the strings of silk all over. Snorunt taught that the strings were meant for its harm so he started using Powder Snow on them and froze them up. After a few minutes the whole place was sparkling due to the many silk strings, or should I say ice string that were attached everywhere , from rock to rock and in between somehow similar to a web. Clover now knew what Lily had had in mind. " Time for skating Clover!” Lily burst as her plan worked even better than she expected. She just wanted at first to make a silk paths for Clover to use to move around the area but due to them being frozen Clover could slide on them as move even faster. Clover started moving around the area taking lefts and right on the big web confusing Snorunt.

After a bit Snorunt jumped on the web, not wanting to fall behind Clover and started chasing him. Snorunt kept using Powder Snow but Clover just had to change its course and would easily evade the attack. Just as Snorunt was getting closer to him Lily told Clover to jump up high. “ Ok now Tackle him head on. “ Clover fell down like a missile smashing into Snorunt and at the same time shattering the frozen web into millions of pieces that sparkled as they hit the ground. Clover jumped in front of Lily while Snorunt was still dizzy from the attack. “ He’s a very good battler despite being scared. Why not…” and with those words Lily took an empty pokeball from her belt and threw it at Snorunt. The ball opened and sucked the pokemon in into a red beam of light then fell into the snow, the white button flashing red as it was shaking.

Jake♫ February 19th, 2013 11:42 AM

@romdinner: That was a lovely sign-up, ACCEPTED. I can totally understand why Kat is the way she is, and I love the relationship with Seth. When we make it up to Ecruteak I hope we get to see some interaction with her family and Seth (or potentially earlier, depends on what you're feeling!).

romdinner February 19th, 2013 11:51 AM

Thanks for having me on the team. Can't wait to start. :D Well I have some ideas about that, but you'll just have to wait and see. :P

One question: Will we be able to create a rival for our character and develop a story around them?

Jake♫ February 19th, 2013 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by romdinner (Post 7545766)
Thanks for having me on the team. Can't wait to start. :D Well I have some ideas about that, but you'll just have to wait and see. :P

One question: Will we be able to create a rival for our character and develop a story around them?

Creating NPCs to develop around is encouraged, gives your character more to do that just what's listed on each chapter! Plus player interaction is great as well.

king_nick72 February 19th, 2013 12:36 PM

@JAKE: thanks for accepting me jake. i Can't wait for this to start.

Jake♫ February 19th, 2013 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by king_nick72 (Post 7545818)
@JAKE: thanks for accepting me jake. btw when you say CP'ing from the OP what do you mean? i haven't RP'ed in a while

Copying and pasting from the opening post. Pretty much just referring to the font changes from whatever the default one is to Tahoma. Just double check it when you make posts =P Also I need a last name for King. Just edit it into your sign-up and I'll edit the OP to reflect it.

Miss Doronjo February 19th, 2013 1:19 PM


★ ☆ ✰ Lynn Colthearts

Real Name: Lynn Colthearts
Age: 17

Personality: Lynn is basically a person who is straightforward, yet at the sometime, awkward and weird. She is responsible, in terms of caring for pokemon, and caring deeply about her family and friends. She would never put anyone in more importance than others; she treats everyone equally. People have said that her strength comes from her caring nature, and boldness when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Then again, she does have a weird, eccentric side to her. She has a firm belief on ghosts, and other spirits, which that belief was inherited from her family. She also has a firm belief on hexes, and curses. As such, she often gets paranoid that a ghost will come and grab her soon if she commits something which will get her "cursed" (eg. stepping on a crack will break your mother's back, ohohoho~)

Therefore, she is also wild, and imaginative. She also has madness. Whenever she drinks it, she becomes a hyper, more eccentric, overly dramatic girl who yells or says something bubbly. Whether she does, or does not drink coffee, when she gets peeved or angry, she can attempt to say a few hexes and curses that she has been taught from her family...even though none of them works. However, her firm belief on the occult is what she uses to drive herself more on expanding her curiosity in the world.

Appearance: Lynn's appearance resembles that of a 17 year old Asian teenage girl. Her skin tone is only a little pale, with only a few minor blemishes. Lynn stands at about 5'8'' in height as well; only just a tad taller than a few of her friends. She s also pretty flat-chested, which doesn't bother her much in any-case. (until someone mentions it, that is.) Her hair is black as well as long, in which her hair drops down all the way to Lynn's mid-back. Some bits of her hair, drops down from the front towards her upper shoulder. Her eyes are also black, which match her hair. Her nails are not very long, but not very short either. They are painted white, with a hint of red, which according to her family, that red represents her "good chi".

Her outfit isn't very modern, but kind of ties on her family heritage, and because she's native to her Eckruteak family blood line. Her outfit consists of a long, red dress that is made out of cotton. The dress is so long that it almost covers her ankles. The sleeves of her dress is very wide, which holds up when Lynn wears it; in other words, the sleeves are much wider than her arms, so it droops down when worn. Her red dress is also decorated by white lining, coloring, and patching. On the back of her dress, a pointed-star-shaped white lining is patched on it. On her dress where her chest is where, white lining and coloring is also patched. Finally, where her dress collar lies, white lining is decorated followed up with a yellow ribbon to complete the style. There is also a green jewel on each of her shoulder. As for foot wear, she wears black socks, as well as red dress shoes, with a red buckle on each foot.

History: Lynn was born in Ecruteak City, in the Johto, where she has a mother, a little sister, a grandfather, and a grandmother. Her father, had abandoned the family long ago, although Lynn did not know too much about it; in fact, she barely knew that she even had a father. In any case, Lynn, was especially born... as a member of the Colthearts family clan. The Colthearts were a family who were known for communicating with spirits, and with the land of the dead. The leader, and master of the Colthearts clan was the one who's connection to the spirit world, and the land of the dead was the strongest of them all.

The "spiritual power" of the Colthearts clan was always inherited by the females of the group. Before Lynn and her mother was born, Lynn's grandmother was the leader, since her ties with the spiritual world was strongest. When Lynn's mother was born, she had more ties with the spirit and the land of the dead than Lynn's grandmother, and thus, became the new leader. Finally, Lynn was born after her mother married. Unfortunately, her father had left them, to set his own goals in his life; even when it meant leaving his family behind. Lynn was born right in Ecruteak, her grandmother observed that the child's ties to the spirit world and the land of the dead were stronger than any member of the Colthearts clan that lived in history. The child was to become master at a young, but mature age.

When Lynn was 10 years old, she was taught all about spirits, ghosts, and the occult from her mother. She was then told all about the whole purpose of the Colthearts clan -- to tie in the forgotten spirits, with the land of the ancients, towards the human world. Maybe one day...the world can come to peace with them. Lynn was always skeptical on meeting spirits, and other forms of the occult, but, she knew that this was only for the good of the clan. Her sister Ringo, was born at this time, however, she did not have much ties to the spirit world as Lynn does, so, there was no way that she wold become clan master.

However, Lynn had a more interest with pokemon. She would always enjoy reading picture books, and novels about pokemon trainers and their pokemon -- traveling to different regions, meeting new friends, even battling with those friends. However, while Lynn might have a more interest in pokemon, her belief in spiritualism stood strong as ever. However, as Lynn grew up, she knew that the Colthearts clan also had family feuds. The branch family, hosted by Lynn's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, as well as other distant relatives, have plotted to take the master title from the main family, hosted by Lynn's mother and her grandmother.

Lynn did not want to be exposed to this family feud, so, when she turned her current age, 16, she decided that she did not want the title of the master of the Colthearts, and decided to pass it on to his sister. In fact, this is the first time that she realized why her father left -- he wanted to find a more peaceful solution to have the branch family accept the Main household family. So, Lynn vowed that someday, she too will travel out of Ecruteak City to find that answer. That was when she finally stumbled upon New Bark Town.

Starter Pokemon:

Inner Focus
Adamant Nature
Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Ice Punch

Roleplay Sample:

From Aerion

Sabamin, Eveamoor

Her recent job of killings made Eve lust for a celebratory dance. The sight of red crimson blood from her weapon made her remember how fun it was to turn that savage red into a blue delight for men and woman alike. Upon arriving, the atmosphere of Sabamin was no different than Yamcha, at least for Evelynn. She was busy dancing away in the streets, with no particular stage. She particularly does this for one thing in mind: to catch the hearts of men and women alike, for them to charm her way to their own money. It was funny - dancing became her profession after she learned how to combat, but she does not remember how. It just happened. As she continued dancing, a crowd started to form, and pass by to watch her. Perhaps from the sounds from her tambourine had gotten their attention, but who cares? They were there.

"Come my friends," Evelynn started to persuade. "Let the rhythm of harmony and tranquility ease the gruesome tensions from those cripple sheets you all encountered during your life - let Evelynn soothe your mind, your body, and your soul. However, be aware that if you especially want me to take extra care of your body, I'm afraid I'm all booked. Although, perhaps I can make an exception...?"

Coins started to pour from their pockets, just as Evelynn wanted. Even though Sabamin was probably no much different from Yamacha, the money here was perhaps even more adequate. Evelynn was delighted as she stopped dancing to collect her prize, and on to see a new one - a young man who strolled through the street. It was time, according to her, to make a quick 'hello'.

"Good morrow, my delightful young one," Evelynn introduced as she spun around once and bowing. She then rose up and touched the young mans chest as gently as she could with her index finger. "You sure do look like you pay close attention to your young physique... Evelynn is proud of you."

"I... must thank you, miss," the young man thanked quite confused from his recent encounter. "But um, may I help you with something?"

"Perish the thought!" replied Evelynn. "But, maybe I can help you? Old man's season must of taken a toll on your this last year. The bright and spectacular seasoned boy, you must not enjoyed company too. Here... just let me rub your shoulders. Gently hold still..."

"Miss, I implore you," the young man tried to convince. "I am appreciative of your... generosity, but it is not necessary!"

"Hahaha, I see," Evelynn said with a smile, as she stopped rubbing the young man's shoulders. She then had a close look at the boy. She closed her eyes with her smile as she stepped away. "Hark my young friend, I must apologize," she started to say. "I'm now just concerned for your well being. Upon closer inspection of your young prospect, well, you see, you remind me quite a bit of my brother - I believe he's around your age now? I do not know; I have not seen him these past months. Hahaha! But look at me suddenly telling you all these trivial matters; your a strong young man with quite a future on your head - please don't waste your efforts, yeah?"

"Thank you miss," the young man said with a bow. He then reached for his pocket, and took out a few gold coins. "I too know what it's like to not see your family for quite some time.. I don't have much money, but perhaps this can help you to see your brother again? Perhaps via a carriage, or something?"

"No, no, no, no," Evelynn smiled. "I don't need your money. Well, admittedly, it is quite tempting, but I do not need it. Your face was awarding as it is. Thank you. Hm...but you know what? Perhaps you can help me. My young friend, you have heard of the bar called the 'The Broken Keg' that resides in this town, have you not? Do you know the whereabouts of such a place?"

"It is just down the road here," the young man pointed out. "I hope I've helped."

"You did. Quite a lot," Evelynn said with a smile, as she spun again, and started to skip away. She then stopped to take a good look at her supposed 'victim'. "Happy trails, and may good fortune await you!"

Corner to comer in the street, the barrens of the slums on this city was unapparent to Evelynn, as she only sought out one task to perform. It was from a recent job that came about some time ago; that it must be quite a serious task to complete - that was to pay off very handsomely in the end, which was why Evelynn took the job with complete delight. When it was finished, she knew it was time for a celebratory drink with them. Plus, it was to get the chance to see the handsome and pretty young men and women that she dreamed of for ages - a chance for someone to whisk her away to a steady life full of riches. Soon her sights were set upon the bar she longed to arrive at: The Broken Keg. However thought about the name of this bar, must have some very good time on their hands, Evelynn thought, as she stepped inside.

Upon entering, Eveylnn smiled as she at last, met up with her faithful companions. As she spun one last time, she arrived at the able, with a cheerful wink towards the group. "Good morrow young ones, I hope I am not interrupting, nor I hope that I am not late," Evelynn said with a giggle. "I trust that each of you are well? If you are not, may Evelynn ease your pains at any time. I'd enjoy that deeply. Dependent of the body I'm dealing with, of course, hahaha."

She then turned towards the ravishing beauty that is Avangeline. "I believe you asked about recent killings? Well, that depends on what you mean. If you mean figuratively, then recently, I've killed and stolen the terrible tyrants of tensions for hundreds of people. They were... quite pleased indeed. If you mean kill in a literal sense, as you know, I suppose I had the unfortunate task of snapping the neck of a savage orc. He was savage, but... he had a family too, you know? So while I did kill the beast, I did it out of love; to put an end to his life quickly. I did not want his family to be left behind, but... I did not lady fortune to be disappointed either, so, wouldn't you know, I started to kill more and more of them. Out of love, of course."

Jake♫ February 19th, 2013 1:27 PM

@Miss Doronjo: CSS posts are a weak spot of mine, but the actual content was fantastic! ACCEPTED. I'd love to see some posts about her knowledge of the occult and if it actually exists.

king_nick72 February 19th, 2013 3:35 PM

i just saw something out of all of the signups so far....

im the only person that is not from the johto reigon

<Challenger> February 19th, 2013 3:41 PM

This sounds great! I'm in, if you'll take me. Here's my alpha SU.

→ Name: Red Daily
→ Age: 15
→ Gender: Male
→ Personality:
→ Appearance:
→ History:
→ Starter Selection: Fin the Totodile-Egg move-Hydro Pump
→ RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey.)

Somniac February 19th, 2013 3:43 PM

Could I reserve Eevee whilst I work on my signup? Much appreciated, will either have it up today or tomorrow.

Just a quick warning: I'm not usually available at weekends due to work, if that's a problem feel free to decline me on account of that alone.

Jake♫ February 19th, 2013 3:46 PM

@king_nick: Don't worry about it, where your character is from has no impact on this =P

@heretostay123: When you finish it VM me. I'll probably see it regardless but it let's me know I have to read it =P

@Somniac: Eevee is reserved for you for 2 days! And that's no issue at all, as long as you can churn out a post or two a week you're fine =)

Somniac February 19th, 2013 7:49 PM

Ffion Caera. [Pronounced 'Fee-on' 'key-rah']
Ffion comes from the welsh word for 'foxglove' and Caera comes from the Irish word for 'friend' Although most people call her Ffion, she is not objected to it being shortened to 'Fee' from those who know her well.

Ffion is 17 at the start of the RP.


Ffion is a rather tom-boyish young girl and appears very lithe and supple. Ffion enjoys the outdoors tremendously, which in no small amount ties into her interest with pokemon and her dream of a pokemon-journey. For her size, Ffion can be rather boisterous, loud and outgoing, which often catches people off guard.

An avid fan of sports and general acts of running around like a lunatic, Ffion always seems to be brimming with energy, and can be a slightly overwhelming presence at first encounters. The combination of her small frame and large amounts of energy means that Ffion is often hyperactive, which can manifest itself by making her highly competitive.

Sometimes Ffion can be a little hotheaded, and she deals with confrontation by tackling it head on, which can cause some people to become a little intimidated by her, despite her stature. However that said, she is a very well-meaning individual and she always strives for justice.

If Ffion had to pinpoint any personal weaknesses she would admit that she can be rather rash and impatient sometimes, particularly with people she thinks might be lying, or have ulterior motives. She prides herself on her honestly and self reliance. This can occasionally cause her issues as she can be too stubborn to ask for help when she believes she can accomplish a task by herself.

Above: Ffion, drawn by myself.

Ffion is a small, lithe tomboy with short brown messy hair, roughly cut and usually messed or spiked up. At 4"11' she is shorter than the average seventeen year old girl. She has large eyes with jade irises, and is a little underweight for her age. She has a lip piercing, and a stud in her nose, as well as a tattoo of an acorn on her right arm, which has sentimental value to her.
Her usual attire typically consists of jeans or shorts, with hiking boots, a vest and a leather jacket.

Ffion grew up in Azalea town, a small isolated and rural town in the southern reaches of the Johto region. In the past the town was known for the prized lumber and charcoal produced there, thanks to the forest surrounding it. However in recent years the towns industry had dried up causing a lot of people to move away to the larger cities, and the forest itself becoming far more overgrown and unruly.

Ffion's mother had passed away during childbirth, and being raised by a single father in a working environment no doubt contributed itself to her personality and outward appearance as a somewhat tomboyish 'runt' of a girl.
Gwyn, who is Ffion's father had been a lumber burner in Azalea Town, until work began to dry up. Ffion began to help him from a young age as she loved the outdoors, and with her fathers accompaniment, she was allowed to enter the large, bewitching and exciting forest surrounding her small home-town.

During her upbringing, Gwyn had given Ffion the pet name of 'acorn' as she was small, yet he always encouraged her that although she is small, she could flourish into greatness, just like a mighty oak. Slightly cheesy, but it meant a lot to her, and a few months before starting her journey she got a small tattoo of an acorn on her upper right forearm, to remind her of her fathers encouragement.

Gwyn worked by instructing his pokemon on the process of burning lumber into charcoal, which was a skilled yet tedious job. Ffion enjoyed watching this process as it involved her father instructing his pokemon, and as any self-respecting child would agree, being a pokemon trainer is the ultimate in cool.
Gwyn, out of work was forced to move away from Azalea town, and into a large city where housing was expensive, and his skills as a lumber-burner were useless. Untrained in any other profession, the only work available was manual labor. Due to this, keeping and feeding Ffion with him was not an option, so together they made the choice that it was time for Ffion to become a pokemon trainer, and set out on her long dreamed of adventure.

Filled with mixed emotions of leaving her father behind, and setting out on a brand new exciting chapter of her life, Ffion used a large portion of her meager savings to pay for a flight to New Bark Town, where Professor Gold was accepting new Trainers, and helping them undertake their journeys.

Starter Selection

Starter chosen:
Eevee♀ (Level 5)
Quirky Nature
Tackle, Growl, Helping Hand, wish[egg move]

RP Sample
[Taken from the first post of my character in Pokemon trainer Academy: Gwen C Deallus

Dear Diary.
Today Amber and I left home.
Dad took us to the docks but mom couldn't make it, typical! You would have thought the woman could make time for pretty much the most important day of her daughters life thus far....
Never-mind. Today isn't about her, it's about me.

We had to get up early, I actually think I discovered a new hour that comes just before 7 am. I think I shall call it 'Too damn early to be getting up'.
What kind of boat leaves at 8 am anyway?

By the time the sun rose, we were already at the docks. Turns out we were early, but that was a good thing as I got to watch the sun rise over the ocean. I've never seen that before, it was very pretty. I used to imagine that one day I would live by the ocean, but my experiences today have changed that.
There is an ungodly noise at all times, the chief culprit of which is wild Wingull. They like to flock around the fishing boats, there must have been hundreds of them at the docks, if I lived here I would never manage to sleep for the noise!
The other annoyance is the smell. I am unsure what causes it, but it's a mixture of fish, salt and some green substance that seems to coat the sides of the docks, and float in the water. Whatever it is, it doesn't smell good.

That's all left behind now though. As I write this it is noon, and I'm sitting in my cabin as the SS Wakesplit spears across the ocean towards my destination; the famous Oak Pokemon Trainer Academy.

Amber and I had good fun looking around the ship. I didn't know that the turbines would be so big! The sailor didn't seem pleased that I found my way into the engine room though... I hope he doesn't get in trouble, I was simply curious.

I know I haven't written in here in a long time... I've been busy with things..
It's funny to think that at one time you were my closest friend. How sad is that, a dairy was my only friend? Hah.
I've decided to take you with me on my trip, and I shall record all my adventures in you. One day I shall give the book to Professor Ajax, I think he would enjoy to read it.

When I get to the academy, the first thing that I want to do is find a good place t...

The scratching sounds of Gwen's pencil was interrupted by a loud murmur from her stomach. She closed the book and set it aside.
"I can finish that later..." she mused.
The abrupt end to what had until then been a continuous sound of writing, caused the Poochyena curled at Gwen's feet to raise her head and look at her trainer.
"Fancy something to eat girl?" Gwen asked, hopping from the bed where she had been reclining.

The cabin was small, with only enough room for the bed and a small table by its side, which was attached to the wall.
Gwen stretched her arms above her head and flexed her fingers, which were a good foot from brushing the ceiling. She grabbed her backpack from the table, swung it over her shoulder and opened the door.

The small Grey and black canine that had been curled on the bed, jumped down and trotted out into the hallway, as her owner held the door open for her. Humans were so useful sometimes.
She walked alongside her human as said human navigated the thin, disorienting corridors of the ship. Nothing interesting happened for a while, not by Ambers recollection anyway. She did find half a discarded chocolate bar, and some unidentifiable soggy substance in a bin, but Gwen refused to let her eat either of them.

Eventually the two of them made their way to the cafeteria, which was actually more of a sack bar. Gwen purchased a drink, a sandwich and a bowl of tinned Poke-chow, and then made her way to a table by a large bay window, which looked out across the deck.
Gwen poured the food into a bowl for Amber, and began eating her own sandwich.
Outside the window Gwen could see the expansive ocean rushing past, and on the very horizon, a thin line of land. She began to feel both nervous and excited at the sight of it.

Poochyena began picking at the food Gwen had given her. It wasn't very good, it was bland and chewy.
After a while, Gwen noticed that Amber wasn't eating her food and gave her the other half of the sandwich. Amber happily ate this.
"you know, you might have to put up with just eating Poke-chow now. I don't know what sort of food they sell in Oak Town."

"Yena!" the small pokemon yapped happily.

"I knew you were going to say that." Gwen quipped sarcastically.

Gwen thought for a while about how life would be different if she could understand her pokemon, but figured that was just something every trainer wished for, and even if it was only one way, Poochyena understood Gwen perfectly fine.

Looking back out of the window at the horizon rapidly getting closer, Gwen decided that it was time they got ready to disembark.

king_nick72 February 19th, 2013 7:57 PM

Ecruteak City is gonna have SUCH a great part of the story. So is olivine city for me and Mahogany City for you Jake

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