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(Duzzy<3) February 26th, 2013 3:16 PM

Unova Travel Journal

Just as the Sinnoh region gave your character a Journal to record data and events, we, here in the Fifth Generation forums wish to give you guys one, as well! However, this time you will write down the events, adventures, and problems you overcome while playing Black and White or Black 2 and White 2. Jot down who you've battled, how hard it was, when you travel through Twist Mountain, or simply catch and adorable Patrat.

Guidelines to posting:
Please remember that this is a thread only for the use of telling people what you have done/are doing during your play through, and that the posts can be as small or as large as you wish.
Again, I stress you to remember that this thread is not a "Quick Question" thread, nor is it a "What's You Team", "Discuss other people's style of playing", or anything of the like. It is simply here for you to write down your day's events within the games.

Hikamaru February 26th, 2013 7:52 PM

(Yay first post in the new Travel Journal, this is a Black 2 entry)

I am currently heading to Route 8 where Quagsire is swarming, and I find myself a Stunfisk while searching for Quagsire. I decided to catch the Stunfisk while I was at it. I also did more stuff at Join Avenue and a few battles at the Pokemon World Tournament.

Next I plan on collecting some shards to teach my Pokemon new moves.

My team has remained unchanged since the last post:
Samurott ♂ Lv77
Hasty nature
Somewhat stubborn
- Surf
- Megahorn
- Waterfall
- Ice Beam
Sigilyph ♀ Lv76
Sassy nature
Magic Guard
Somewhat vain
- Psychic
- Air Slash
- Cosmic Power
- Fly
Scrafty ♀ Lv76
Careful nature
Strong willed
- Hi Jump Kick
- Ice Punch
- Crunch
- Drain Punch
Chandelure ♀ Lv78
Hasty nature
Flash Fire
Somewhat of a clown
- Shadow Ball
- Flamethrower
- Will-O-Wisp
- Energy Ball
Excadrill ♀ Lv77
Naive nature
Sand Rush
Capable of taking hits
- Earthquake
- Shadow Claw
- Swords Dance
- Rock Slide
Roserade ♀ Lv77
Timid nature
Natural Cure
Impetuous and silly
- Energy Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Toxic
- Giga Drain

Treecko February 26th, 2013 9:44 PM

So close to getting first post.Dang it Hikari. Woo new Travel Journal is up.
Ok first Black 2 entry in the new journal.

Well I haven't played Black 2 in a few weeks. But last time with my Miho (Azumaril) ready I finally took on Clay. I have to admit his gym is so confusing now. Its' so freaking dark and I ran into dead-ends several times. >.> Anyway, I thought me and my Azumaril would destroy him the first time, though however , I was mistaken and got killed by his Excadrill. That Bulldoze is powerful and if it weren't for that Sitrus Berry activating at the last minute I would of won maybe. So I went back and trained a bit and then came back stronger. Unfortunately his Excadrill took my Azumarill down once, but my Lucario and Pignite saved my butt with Force Palm and Arm Thrust respectively. After winning the Quake Badge , Clay took me and Hugh to check out the Pokemon World Tournament. We both entered the Driftveil Tournament with Cheren and even that Colress guy who I met on Route 4 was there. I won easily with Krokorok as my lead! As soon as the tournament as over I headed out only to find Hugh and Cheren out there when suddenly a Plasma member passes by. Of course Hugh chases after them. Colress tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen only causing me and Cheren to go after him. Persistent as ever. Hugh tracks them down to a weird large ship docked at the bay. This shipped turned out to be Team Plasma's main base of operations cause we were soon surrounded by Plasma grunts. At that moment Hugh said "I'm about to unleash my rage!" and I don't know why but I shouted "HE SAID IT! AH!" when he did. Anyway, the only real option at the moment was to take them on. I defeated two of the Grunts on my own and then helped out Cheren take out another two. After we defeated those I helped Hugh take out two more. Soon after defeating Grunts, a man named Zinzolin , one of the Seven Sages, approached us. Cheren seemed to recognize him right away. He told us about Plasma's plans to take over Unova. Then suddenly, he ordered three mysterious men known as the Shadow Triad to take us away. The Shadow Triad magically teleported us back to the dock and then vanished into then air. Hugh then rsuhs off in a furry while Cheren reminisces about the Shadow Triad and then sets off to Route 6.

After all that I decided to try more tournaments in the PWT only ending up losing all of them. Making me hate the PWT a bit. I'M NOT GOOD AT THESE THINGS AT ALL. ;~~; To cool off my frustration, I decided to make some movies at Pokestar Studios, something I'm good at. I also checked out Join Avenue for a bit and nicknamed my Rufflet. So now here's my team: lv. 30
Naive nature
Somewhat vain.
- Arm Thrust
- Rollout
- Strength
- Flame Charge (Irwin) lv. 32
Rash nature
Sturdy body.
- Dig
- Swagger
- Sand Tomb
- Rock Tomb (Satchel) Lv. 29
Careful nature
Very finicky.
-Quick Attack
-Bite (Cirno) lv. 31
Naive nature
Strongly defiant.
- Take Down
- Charge
- Confuse Ray
- ThunderPunch (Riley) lv. 33
Mild nature
Highly curious.
Item: Quick Claw
- Rock Smash
- Force Palm
- Quick Guard
- Bone Rush (new nickname:Gallant) lv. 29
Careful nature
Capable of taking hits.
Sheer Force
Item: Eviolite
-Wing Attack
- Sky Drop
- Aerial Ace

Later we will explore Relic Passage and Route 6 and head off to Mistralton City!

Silver Crow February 27th, 2013 2:16 AM

Well yesterday was very eventful for me. I obtained the Wave badge, swept the whole gym with Jolteon. However, yesterday's biggest event has to be the Shiny Purrloin I caught on Route 19 while EV training my team. Caught at level 3, Lonely nature (+ Attack, yay!) and it has Uburden which isn't too bad in my eyes. Also on Monday I caught a shiny Solosis in Strange House, level 31. Rubbish nature and ability though, Careful and Overcoat.

I'm working through the story with Team Plasma, about to head to Route 22. Hoping to beat the Elite Four tonight as I want to get the main story over and done with so I can start post-game and make a team of my favourite Pokémon (like Leafeon).

Player: Yui
Badges: 8
Time: 27:14
Pokédex: 197


Samurott - Level 49 - Modest
Ice Beam
Water Pulse
Aqua Tail

Lucario - Level 52 - Careful
Aura Sphere
Ice Punch
Swords Dance
Shadow Claw

Jolteon - Level 54 - Docile
Signal Beam
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave

Crobat - Level 47 - Jolly
Cross Poison

Haxorus - Level 48 - Quirky
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

Zoroark - Level 48 - Hasty
Dark Pulse (move tutor, learns at 64)
Night Slash (will replace with Flamethrower)

I'm confident my team can wipe the floor with the Elite Four, once they're all leveled to at least 60. I've maxxed out EVs on them all, training all in Speed and Attack for Lucario, Haxorus and Crobat. Speed and Special Attack for Samurott, Jolteon and Zoroark.

Cyclone March 11th, 2013 8:39 PM

I finally decided to take my Lv.63 team to the Pokémon League and issue a challenge. I made things much more difficult than I needed to, taking along Lucario, Magnezone, Weavile, and Vanilluxe - all weak to Fire-type moves like Flamethrower, used by Iris's starter - but in the end I came out victorious with only one knockout by Iris (Lucario was outsped and succumbed to two Earthquakes). The above-named along with Reuniclus and Bisharp - all now at Lv.64 except for Weavile (63) and Magnezone (65) - are now Hall of Fame members.

I gotta take care to avoid the Fire weakness next time...


Treecko March 11th, 2013 10:38 PM

Been meaning to update for a while now. Though I really haven't done much in Black 2 since my last updates. Basically I decided to go through Relic Passage to train my team a bit. Not a whole lotta progress, just basically battling trainers and Pokemon while navigating through the cave. I found the part of the cave that lead to Relic Castle and decided to explore it to find more Pokemon. I didn't find any Pokemon I wanted except for the Volcarona resting there waiting to be capture. So I saved my game and then proceeded to catch it. I accidentally defeated it the first time and wasn't sure if I could find it later, so I reseted. Many soft resets and Ultra Balls later, I finally caught it! It was at level 35 and I decided to name it Toujours after one of PC's amazing mods! Yeah I'm weird. Then after getting through Relic Castle I explored the parts of Castelia Sewers I couldn't when it wasn't Autumn. I battled the remaining trainers and tried looking for items using the Dowsing Machine. Could find much. Once existing the Sewers, I did more leveling up in Route 16 , 6, and the Small Court and Big Stadium.

The team's hasn't changed an awful lot since the last update so I won't post it. But all of my team are now either level 33 or 34.

Silver Crow March 12th, 2013 3:42 AM

I decimated the Elite Four in White 2 with Samurott, Lucario, Crobat, Jolteon, Haxorus and Zoroark. Started transferring starters from other regions for breeding. Got as far as having Piplup, Turtwig, Totodile and Chikorita. I bought Black 2 so decided to start that.

Progress so far:

Player: Asuna
Badges: 1
Servine - M - 17
Azumarill - F - 21

Azurill finally evolved at 20, learning Slam then Aqua Tail as Marril. Marril then evolved at 21. Azumarill is such a tank, I'm glad I took the time/had the patience to evolve Azurill. I'm just training a bit more for Roxie and battling trainers in Virbank Complex. Probably won't add to my team until I get an Eevee. I go out of my way to have an Eeveelution in every team ^_^

Shiny Electivire March 13th, 2013 7:21 PM

Slowly conquering the Black Tower, one area at a time. Team:

Zerrah. March 15th, 2013 5:33 AM

I never thought this would happen to me, but I literally just critical captured Zekrom with the first ball I threw at it. >_< I think I just had a heart attack.

Soile March 19th, 2013 8:10 AM

White 2 Eevee & Friends :D

Yesterday, I met Bianca who gave me a Pokedex and lent me her Oshawott for the time being. My childhood Eevee is at home with mom, but I hope to soon be able to travel with him when I'm strong enough!

I left Aspertia with Oshawott at my side, reach Floccesy Town and continue to Floccesy Ranch. Through these events, I captured a Mareep and an Azurill for Juniper's sake and they are keeping Oshawott company for the time being. We've fought a handful of trainers so far, but none of them, not even Hugh, has been a match for Oshawott.

Today, I returned to Floccesy Town and battled some kids for Alder, even the Pansage went down easily. I returned home to challenge the Aspertia gym, Oshawott at LV. 12. Lilipup's Work Up/Tackle combo really packs a punch, and we fail the first time around, but go straight back in for a second helping and defeat Cheren with Oshawott at LV. 15.

Now that I'm strong enough, I headed out to capture six pokémon to trade for my bred pokémon. Oshawott will help me train Eevee and Trapinch first.

Badges: 1
Oshawott LV. 16
Eevee LV. 1 | Bold
Trapinch LV. 1 | Adament

Monte March 20th, 2013 5:42 PM

So there I am at the Pokemon World Tournament, I’ve got Magnemite lv28, Drilbur lv30, and Klink lv26 for my line-up and Hugh throws out his servine.


Leaf Blades (which he shouldn’t have until level 32) and Sonic Booms fill the air until Magnemite’s paltry hp betray it to defeat. I throw out Klink and Gear Grind Hugh’s servine in the face.

Next up is Simisear.

Ha, no thanks.

I throw out Drilbur, and one dig later we’re on to Tranquill, and Klink is back out on the field. At this point, Klink’s small hp pool is flailed apart by Air Cutter. Drilbur is back out and I think I’m doomed, but for some reason Hugh decides to use a taunt move instead of air cutter…

So I’m on to the next match!

Cheren’s stoutland makes a mockery of Magnemite’s hit points. Drilbur shows up and assumes to work his way through said stoutland. Watchhog makes a mess out of Drilbur via confusion and sleep, so I send out Klink, who grinds down the opposition and solidifies a win for team Monte!

Finally, Colress shows up, and throws down a level 25 magneton… Unfairness personified. And the guy was already getting on my nerves. The magneton makes short work of Magnemite, but, haha, Drilbur digs right through it, the elgyem and Colress’ klink.

A winner is me.

So Drilbur ends up the mvp, and we learned some valuable life lessons: Hugh is a cheating snake, Cloress is a cheating snake, and evolving Magnemite to Magneton is a productive career move.

VillainFan42 March 20th, 2013 10:02 PM

My Crowning Moment of Awesome
I have to say, I just went through the most awesome and satisfying moment in my gaming career. I made it to the end, watched Ghetsis cross the line from evil to irredeemably evil, then he told me he'd enjoy seeing me lose all hope...

And I curb-stomped him without losing a single Pokemon.

I am dead freaking serious. I paralyzed his Hydreigon with DragonBreath. I one-shotted Seismitoad and Bisharp, used my own Seismitoad to take down Eelektross by spamming Drain Punch, took advantage of Bouffalant's recoil damage after my Emboar used Brick Break, and got lucky and got a critical hit from Sigilyph's Shadow Ball on his Cofagrius.

It was the most satisfying game moment ever for me. Just wanted to get that out there.

OffRoadSP March 21st, 2013 8:09 PM

March 16, 2013

Wow… quite the break from Pokémon! I’ve still been quite busy with work, plus have been playing a lot of Dragon’s Dogma on the Xbox 360. Finally finished the main story on that, which was awesome. Now I’m just at the tail end of a week off of work, which was also ridiculously busy, and I’m finally deciding to get back to my Pokémon training. Now to try to figure out where I left off…

Dream World 2: Buneary, gained a level. Found: Sigilyph that knows Stored Power.

I went back to training the current team of Pokémon I had with me, focusing a lot on my most recently caught Heracross. While training, we discovered another special Foongus in the Hidden Hollow on Route 5!

March 17, 2013

Dream World: Crustle. Found: nothing new; female Kabuto with the ability Weak Armor.

It’s the last day of my vacation from work, so I decided to get right into Pokémon training first thing in the morning. I trained my team on Route 5, and my Flaaffy evolved! I now have a fully evolved Ampharos!

“Ampharos, the Light Pokémon, and the evolved form of Flaaffy. Ampharos have tails that shine brightly at the tip. Their tails shine so brightly that they can be used to send sea-navigation beacons to distant foreign shores.”

208. Ampharos

I then returned to the Pokémon Center in Driftveil City, and rotated in the final group of Pokémon that needed training: Leafeon, Drifloon, Bronzor, and Dunsparce.

I stopped by the marketplace nearby and bought some Rose Incense before heading back towards Nimbasa City. I trained my team along Route 5 and then more at the Sports Domes. Then I stopped in the Lostlorn Forest and left the Rose Incense near some wild Roselia I saw nearby. Later that day when I returned, I found an egg near the incense! I picked it up, and when I returned to Driftveil City, it had hatched into a Budew!

209. Budew

March 18, 2013

Dream World 2: Clefairy, gained a level. Found: female Gurdurr with the ability Iron Fist.

Professor Juniper contacted me at the Pokémon Center and said that she had something very important to talk to me about. She had discovered the presence of a new mythical Pokémon roaming around Unova! She asked if I could try to capture it so that she could study it closer. She did not have much information about it, but said that legend has it that Meloetta’s beautiful music and dance inspired many works of art, music, and song. Because of this, she said that perhaps one of the many artists that live in Castelia City might be able to help explain more about this rare Pokémon. Since I already had six Pokémon with me, I sent her my newly hatched Budew.

I traveled to Castelia City and spoke with Burgh. He said that he once heard about a Pokémon called Meloetta from a musician in the Café Sonata on Narrow Street. So, following Burgh’s information, I went into the small, tucked-away café. I took a seat inside at the bar, and enjoyed a drink as I listened to the music played by a guy on a guitar. The man sitting next to me spoke aloud, but not necessarily at me, “Listen to him playing guitar. I went back to the home I’d left behind, and my mother cried tears of joy. That’s mothers for you.”

I did realize that I, too, felt very relaxed and at ease by the acoustic music. Then the man suddenly stopped, looking in my direction.

“There is a scent in the air that reminds me of a long-ago melody from the fringes of my sepia-toned memories,” the guitar player began to say. Honestly, I’m not even sure what “sepia-toned” even means… but the man continued his story.

“It was a song my mother loved… It makes me feel so nostalgic.” He began to play a very relaxing tune. Suddenly, something began to stir in my bag. I noticed a Cherish Ball among my other Poké Balls! And then, a Pokémon emerged from the Cherish Ball! It continued to dance to the song, and then, it began to sing along to tune.

As the Pokémon sang, it started to dance, and changed form! Once the song ended, it reverted to its original form, and returned to the Cherish Ball.

“My mother once told me of a Pokémon that played a melody and danced so lightly that it filled people’s hearts with joy,” the guitar player began to explain to me. “Then sorrow darkened the entire world, and the Pokémon’s melody was lost. At the same time, somewhere, some red shoes were lost… When you came through the door, I remembered the melody! And the Pokémon that had forgotten how to dance began to step lightly once more! You are the inspiration!”

“Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon. The melodies sung by Meloetta have the power to make Pokémon that hear them happy or sad. Many famous songs have been inspired by the melodies that Meloetta plays.”

Meloetta maintains its Aria Forme when not in battle, and is a normal/psychic-type, like Girafarig. However, when it sings its Relic Song in battle, it changes into its Pirouette Forme, and instead becomes a unique normal/fighting-type Pokémon. Its attack is much higher in its Pirouette Forme, and its special attack is much higher in its Aria Forme. It sounds a lot like a Darmanitan that can change to Zen Mode in battle. It would be interesting to see how that plays out in a battle! According to the Pokédex, Relic Song is a move exclusive to Meloetta that has a small chance of putting the opponent to sleep, as well as doing a fairly large amount of special attacking damage!

210. Meloetta

March 19, 2013

Dream World: Garbodor. Found: Grimer that knows Shadow Sneak; Solrock that knows Zen Headbutt. (I thought Garbodor ending up finding Grimer was pretty cool.)

As I passed through Green Grimer Avenue on my way back to Nimbasa City, every shop had been fully developed! As a result, the entire avenue decided to have a week long promotional sale to celebrate the milestone. I’ll have to make sure I take advantage of it while it lasts!

March 20, 2013

Dream World 2: Vaporeon, gained a level. Found: female Ducklett with the ability Hydration.

March 21, 2013

Dream World: Cinccino. Found: Seviper that could use Aqua Tail; Corsola that could use Confuse Ray.

While I was training at the Nimbasa City Sports Domes, my Drifloon evolved into a Drifblim! It seemed some of the athletes there recognized Drifblim, and said that wild Drifblim are said to inhabit eastern Unova. I do still have to explore that area, after I attend the Driftveil Tournament

“Drifblim, the Blimp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Drifloon. Drifblim carry people and Pokémon, but the wind catches them, so there can’t be a fixed destination. At dusk, swarms of them are carried aloft on winds. When noticed, they suddenly vanish.”

211. Drifblim

Back at the Pokémon Center, I was awarded a new medal. It’s been well over a month, so I think I was about due!

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 74/100
New Medals:
Tycoon of Souvenirs

Professor Juniper had me check out another interesting occurance on Route 4. On Thursdays, apparently wild Mandibuzz tend to appear along the route. So with the help on Dunsparce’s Glare and Take Down attacks, I was able to easily catch one. When I sent it to her, she said that this Mandibuzz was unusual in the fact that it has a special ability of Weak Armor.

After that, I did just a little more training around Nimbasa City, and then returned to the Pokémon Center to get some sleep.

T!M March 23rd, 2013 9:45 PM

The Journey to JOLTIK

As soon as I bought Black Version I knew that Joltik would be part of my team. However, having no prior experience in Unova and no idea what was in store for me, I knew not how far he was into the game.

As I caught Pokémon all across Unova knowing full well I only need to see them for it to matter, I caught the five members of my team leaving the final six-spot for my Joltik, waiting out for it no matter what type of strong Pokémon appeared. I had true dedication for one Pokémon. Having no clue it's exact location, as soon as a trainer with a Joltik appeared, I used my PokéDex to find his location. When I did and after beating my fourth Gym Leader I rushed to Chargestone Cave and looked up and down for the Joltik. When she appeared I swallowed hard. Throwing my last Quick Ball to match up it's [the Joltik] color-scheme (Yellow/Blue) it wobbled thrice and came to rest. The female Joltik was now mine.

Joltik is my absolute favorite 5th Gen Pokémon, I made a promise, no matter how much daddy's little girl struggled, she would never become a Gavantula. Joltik's cuteness would never be done in by power.

Now Joltik is part of my team, and will be until I reach the Pokémon League, beat it and start my copy of Black 2.

Joltik 'Stacy' Lv. 39 ♀
Held Item - Lucky Egg
Nature - Rash
Ability - Unnerve
Moves: Bug Bite // X-Scissor // Charge Beam // Electro Ball

OffRoadSP March 26th, 2013 3:09 AM

March 22, 2013

Dream World 2: Jolteon, gained a level. Found: Carnivine…

Professor Juniper and Fennel were studying the Tropius on Route 18, when they discovered that apparently some Carnivine had also migrated to the area to make it their habitat. Musharna had released some Dream Mist and put several of them to sleep, and Jolteon and I discovered them while we were in the Dream Park.

After work, I decided to stop by the Entralink Forest, and catch the Carnivine we had befriended in the Dream World!

“Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon. Carnivine bind their bodies to trees in marshes with their tentacles. They lie in wait for prey, luring it close with sweet-smelling drool.”

212. Carnivine

I decided to start to think about what kind of Pokémon I want to use in my battle against Clay. Since he uses ground-type Pokémon, this Carnivine I caught might be an excellent choice between its grass-type effects and its ability of Levitate. I’m sure I’ll use my Grimer, but I’m not sure who else I’ll bring with me.

After doing a little bit of training, my Grimer learned Screech! I think it will come in handy more than Minimize, because it can make its physical attacks hit opponents that much harder. It’s going to need it, since it’s at a disadvantage against Clay’s gym. I might take it to the Move Tutor here in Driftveil City…

I kept Carnivine, Budew, and Grimer with me for now. I definitely want to focus on training more with Carnivine for the Driftveil Gym.

March 23, 2013

Dream World: Vanilluxe. Found: Snorlax that can use Fire Punch; female Numel with the ability Own Tempo.

Dream World 2: Flareon, gained a level. Found: female Galvantula with the ability Swarm.

During some early morning training with Carnivine, Budew, and Grimer in the Castelia Gardens, my Budew evolved in a Roselia!

213. Roselia

March 24, 2013

Dream World: Sawsbuck. Found: nothing new; Vulpix with the move Heat Wave.

Dream World 2: Espeon, gained a level. Found: Golett with the move Fire Punch.

I decided who I am taking to the Driftveil Gym with me. I transferred Roselia to Professor Juniper and had my Azumarill sent to me in its place. So I’m counting on Grimer, Carnivine, and Azumarill to win my fifth Unova badge!

I was heading in the direction of the gym, when I was stopped by a Team Plasma Grunt. He asked me to follow him to a building not far from the gym. At the door of this building, I was greeted by someone who introduced himself as Rood, one of the former Seven Sages of Team Plasma! He said he had a favor he wanted to ask of me, but first he wanted to test my skill as a trainer in a Pokémon battle. I accepted, figuring it would be good practice for my gym battle. Carnivine was able to defeat Rood’s Herdier with a few Leaf Storm attacks, and Azumarill easily took out his Swoobat with a few Rollouts.

After the battle, Rood invited me inside. He explained to me that the members of Team Plasma who had separated from Ghetsis have tried to make amends for their past misdeeds by setting up this refuge. They tried to return all the stolen Pokémon back to their respective trainers, and if they could not be located, the Pokémon were brought here to Driftveil City to be cared for. Apparently, Hugh was looking for his sister’s stolen Purrloin here, but it was not among the orphaned Pokémon. He then asked if I could look after a certain Zorua that was here. He said that it was one of N’s first Pokémon. I told Rood that I had discovered several of N’s Pokémon in the Desert Resort, and that I would have this Zorua join them at Professor Juniper’s laboratory.

As I left the Team Plasma building, I was approached by a Zoroark! I wonder if it’s a friend of this Zorua? Suddenly, I was treated to an illusion, which was a touching memory of N overhearing what his affect had been on some Team Plasma members, and how they are now trying to make up for all they have done. N, too, knows that he has much to learn and to do to make for all that has happened in the past. As the illusion vanished, I saw the Zoroark was no longer there either. So I returned to the Pokémon Center.

Before turning in for the night, I visited the Global Trade Station at the Pokémon Center. I’ve always wanted to try it out. I experimented with it a while, and then finally went to bed.

March 25, 2013

Dream World: Escavalier. Found: nothing new; female Luvdisc with the ability Hydration.

Man, I’ve just realized I’ve been doing this Dream World stuff for nearly 2 years now. Ugh.

T!M March 27th, 2013 12:55 AM

Return to Unova Epilogue

2 Years after the events that N created with Ghetsis and their team hell bent on bringing the end of the world...

A boy named Tim was told by his mother that a young lady with a green bonnet was looking for him. Tim and his "friend" Benjamin or Ben, began their hunt for Professor Junipers assistant. Heading to the lookout of his hometown there waited the girl with the green bonnet. The lady's name was Bianca and little to Tim's knowledge this "Bianca" traveled with the legendary savior of the Pokémon League against N and Ghetsis team 2 years earlier. Holding a small case in which three PokéBalls were in, Tim was given a choice to choose 1 of the 3. Tim picked the center Pokémon and within it was Tepig; The Fire Swine. After taking Tepig, Tim was asked by Bianca to engage in his Pokémon Trainer Battle against his friend Ben.

The battle began and Tim used Leer to lower Ben's Oshawatt's attack and then finished the battle with several powerful Tackles. Ben, distraught asked for PokéDex from Bianca; assuming it would make him stronger. Tim, who had been given a PokéDex prior to the battle with Ben, set out to Route 19 (or 18, I can't remember). He was given 10 PokéBalls by Bianca and before leaving his town was given Running Shoes and Town Map from his mother and Ben's younger sister respectively. Before leaving Tim stopped at the PokéCentre where he asked the Nurse to heal Tepig and he also bought 10 Potions for his adventure.

On route 19 (or 18) Tim captured a Purloin. Moving on from Route 19 (or 18) he met with a mysterious flame haired man named Adler, who analyzed Tim up and down and asked him to meet him in the next town over. Tim agreed and followed the man. While in town, the man noticed that he had two Town Maps with Tim and deduced it was for Ben. Before Adler said he would train Tim he wanted him to go to the next route and give Ben his map.

While Tim set out, he encountered two trainers and battled and won flawlessly; while traveling further towards Ben. Tim found a Seawaddle, captured it and allowed it to join the team, hoping that a Bug-Grass hybrid would be useful in the future. Tim now rests at the PokéCentre...

(sorry if there is spelling or grammatical errors; to lazy to check for spelling and shaz.)

OffRoadSP March 30th, 2013 8:13 AM

March 26, 2013

I finally visited the Driftveil Gym. Clay has been busy over the last year! The gym has become larger and more elaborate than before. I decided to battle some of the trainers there for practice. The first one I challenged sent out his Pokémon. It was a Baltoy!

“Baltoy, the Clay Doll Pokémon. Baltoy move by spinning around and form a group when they find others. They are rare Pokémon that were discovered in ancient ruins.”

Several of the trainers used a Baltoy in addition to other common ground-type Pokémon from Unova. I asked where they found these Baltoy. The workers here from Driftveil City have been digging various tunnels underground. One of the tunnels they dug brought them to a deep level of the Relic Castle. It was there that they discovered a large group of Baltoy that made the ruins their home.

After battling the several trainers in the gym, I made a stop to visit a Move Tutor that was in town. Grimer and I worked on a secret weapon to use against Clay. Tomorrow, I’ll have my official gym battle against him.

Dream World 2: Umbreon, gained a level. Found: Pawniard that can use the move Psycho Cut.

March 27, 2013

Dream World: Amoongus. Found: Eevee that knows Swift; female Zubat with the ability Infiltrator. Finding Eevee leaves just nine more Pokémon for me to find in the Dream Park, and 14 left overall to find in the Dream World!

Dream World 2: Leafeon, gained a level. Found: Ducklett with the move Me First.

Driftveil Gym Challenge
Vs. Clay

My Pokémon and I are ready to go! This would be a three-on-three match with no time limit. Only the challenger, myself, can make substitutions. The battle will be over when all three of either side’s Pokémon are unable to continue.

Nearly two years ago, I defeated Clay with Servine, Pignite, and Dewott. It was a great battle.

“Harrumph! Yer back ag’in to challenge me?” Clay said in his usual gruff tone. “All right, time to see what ya can do this time!”

“I’m ready for you, Clay!” I yelled back with confidence.

“We’ll just see about that!” Clay tossed his first Poké Ball. “Krokorok, let’s git ‘im!”

“Krokorok again, huh?” Ok, so far no surprises. “Carnivine, maximize!”

“What the heck is that thing?” Clay seemed shocked. “There ain’t no Carnivine ‘round these parts. Whatever. Krokorok, use Torment!”

Torment would keep Carnivine from using the same move over and over.

“I only need one move! Carnivine, use Leaf Tornado!” I commanded. The whirlwind of leaves smashed into Krokorok, sending it hurling against the wall.

“Krokorok is unable to battle,” the judge called. “Carnivine wins!”

“Great job, Carnivine!” I yelled out as my Pokémon bounced on its vines triumphantly.

“Dang nab it! Krokorok, return,” Clay recalled his fainted Pokémon. “Ok, so you won with a type advantage. Now face my newest Pokémon! Sandslash, go git ‘im!”

“Sandslash, is it?” I decided to switch Pokémon. “Carnivine, return, take a break. Time for my secret weapon. Grimer, maximize!”

“Well, check out that purty colored Grimer,” Clay said mockingly. “But you think ya can come in here and try to win with a poison-type? How dare ya! Sandslash, use Crush Claw!”

Clay’s Sandslash was surprising fast, and cut at Grimer with the attack. But Grimer was able to handle it.

“Grimer, Screech, let’s go!” My Grimer bellowed a terrible sound, which drastically lowered Sandslash’s defense as it tried to cover its ears.

“Git out o’ there! Use Rollout to fight back!” Clay’s Pokémon rolled itself into a ball and flung itself at Grimer!

“Now’s the time to show off your new move, Grimer!” I said with a smile. “Before that Rollout gains speed, intercept it with Ice Punch!”

Grimer made a fist as cold energy began to charge, and it punched the rolling Sandslash! The clash of attacks did cause Grimer to recoil slightly, but the Ice Punch was strong enough to knock out Sandslash!

“Sandslash can no longer battle,” said the referee. “Grimer wins!”

“Nicely done, Grimer!” I cheered.

“Gri-gri-griiiii-mer!” My Pokémon echoed my excitement.

“No, no, no, no!” Clay yelled in frustration. “Sandslash, return! That’s it! Excadrill, teach that young whipper-snapper a lesson!”

“Ok then, Grimer, return!” Can I end it this easily? “Azumarill, maximize!”

“No hard feelings, but I’m extremely stubborn! Excadrill, use Metal Claw!”

Looks like Excadrill learned a new move too, but it was not very effective against my water-type Pokémon.

“Azumarill, start off by setting up Aqua Ring!” A little healing in between attacks should help out if something goes wrong.

“Stop wasting yer time with that and fight us head-on! I’ll show you what I mean with Rock Slide!”

Excadrill obeyed as rocks smashed Azumarill, causing it to flinch.

“Take that!” Clay kept the pressure on. “Now follow up with Slash!”

“Let’s give them what they want and take them head on,” I called out to Azumarill. “Aqua Tail, let’s go!”

Aqua Tail and Slash collided, and the energies exploded on the field. When the smoke cleared, Azumarill was still standing, but…

“Excadrill is unable to battle.” The judge raised his arm. “The winner of this match is Steve, the challenger!”

“Phew! You’re really somethin’!” Clay complemented as he recalled Excadrill. “Well, you already earned it once, but take this here Quake Badge as proof of your victory at my gym!”

Though it’s taking much longer the second time around, I finally won my fifth Unova gym badge!

I had Nurse Joy treat my Pokémon (though there wasn’t much to treat!), then I began a new rotation of training. I decided to do groups of four typically, with Grimer as my fifth and an open slot for any new Pokémon I might encounter. The first group of four to come with me is Shuckle, Buneary, Sunflora, and Lucario. Next, I plan on focusing on the upcoming Pokémon World Tournament, which should be starting any day now!

T!M March 30th, 2013 10:51 AM

Black 2 Unova Adventure Part II

Last Time: "Return to Unova Epilogue" (Post #16 on this thread on Pg.1)


The next day... After emerging from the PokéCentre Tim set out into the wild to find Ben, his friend, and give him a Town Map.

Tim took the time to stop and train both Pignite and Seawaddle while also encountering two other Pokémon. Psyduck and Pidove; to which Tim promptly caught.

After training them all to equal levels, Tim proceeded to a nearby Ranch to which the owners explained their grief about losing one of their Herdier of the pair they always have together. Fearing the worst, Ben and Tim decided to venture into the thick woods to look for it.

Some time into the groves, Ben and Tim split up and looked in different directions.

Later, Tim found it, a pirate dressed "bandit" had the Herdier against the trunk of a tree. Upon being spotted and Ben's arrival, the pirate reluctantly handed over the stolen Herdier. But not before telling the duo that he was once part of the notorious and maniacal Team Plasma. He scurried off and Tim and Ben escorted the Herdier back to the Ranch owners.

To thank Tim, the Ranch owner handed over "Rock Smash" TM (I think... might of been something different) Before Ben left, Tim handed him his Map and he left.

Tim trekked back to the initial town (can't remember the name) and met up with Adler who asked that Tim battle his pupils, Tim defeated them easily. Proud of the victories Adler did something... I can't remember... and sent Tim off-- OH! He told Tim he should challenge the Pokémon League by battling the [Insert first Gym Town name here] Town/City Gym Leader.

So Tim returned to the town and entered the Trainer's School that had the Gym within. The Gym Leader Cheren (I think that was his name, right?) who, much like Bianca, traveled with the Legendary Hero who saved Unova from Team Plasma 2 years ago.

After Tim battled his two trainers Tim proceeded to Cheren for a final confrontation.

The battle began and ended quickly when a simple miscalculation of strategy caused Tim to fall at the hands of Cheren and his Herdier. Distraught and a little upset, Tim returned to the Gym quickly and employed another strategy and easily bested Cheren!

Cheren happily handed over his badge and Tim was finally on his first step to the top of the of Pokémon League.

As Tim stepped outside of the Gym; Bianca, Ben and Cheren swarmed him. Exchanging Xtransivier numbers, Tim had a list of people to help him on command.

After everyone said their good byes, Tim set out again in the wilderness to find the next Gym Leader.

After much traveling Tim arrived in the next city. As soon as he entered however he stumbled on a father and his daughter bickering. The female returned to the Gym. Tim identified his next target.

Tim wasted no time rushing to the Gym. Tim soon discovered that the Gym was a night club. Tim entered nervously. Inside the basement of the Gym/Club he saw the female Gym Leader's band rehearsing. Tim approached the drummer first, battled and won flawlessly, then the Bassist and finally he approached the leader (who I can't remember the name, Roxy?) Whatever, the battle was quick and decisive. And Timothy being new to the Pokémon world in Unova (Also because I know very little about the Pokémon in Unova and Black 2) he lost his first round with the Leader.

Annoyed, again, for losing an initial encounter, Tim returned to the club and engaged the leader once more, this time. Irreversibly messing her stuff up with his awesome Pokémon. By the end of the battle Tepig evolved into Pignite and this was a bonus. The second badge Tim had finally acquired.

Tim exited the club and entered the town again. But was pulled into the theater, movie shooting part of the town, the Hollywood of the Unova region. After watching the Leader's father's movie (which sucked) Tim was asked to shoot and star in his own. To which Tim agreed (because, ultimately, I have no other choice) Tim's movie was a hit and he was given permission to make more at any time he felt he wanted too. Happy, Tim took his new badge, his evolved Tepig and blossoming movie career and skipped gaily outside of the gates of the town and towards the docks. :D

2 Years Earlier...

The Legendary Savior of Unova's grandfather from Johto. Sent countless Pokémon to aid him in his quest to defeat the Elite Four. The Savior's Pokémon were too weak and training them for battle would be to much time wasted.

His grandfather sent every Pokémon he had captured in his youth from Johto. Including mystical and legendary types. The Savior, with his team of The Legendary Oh-Ho, the Elder Venasaur, the Monstrous Tyranitar, The Heavenly Dragonite, The Stoic Golem and the Mystic Alakazam, defeated the Elite Four and finally bested Adler gaining the title of the Unova Champion... The rest is history.

OffRoadSP April 2nd, 2013 3:17 PM

March 28, 2013

Dream World: Galvantula. Found: Seedot that knows Foul Play; Torkoal that knows Fissure. That checks another one off the Dream Park list, so only eight more to find in that area!

I also received a new medal shortly after visiting Green Grimer Avenue. Did I really spend a million Poké Dollars already?

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 75/101
New Medals:
Indulgent Customer

I did some early morning training at the Sports Domes, and rotated in Roselia, Golbat, and Sandslash. I’m hoping to get through this rotation much quicker than the last one.

That even after work, the Pokémon World Tournament opened its doors! At the request of Clay, Cheren traveled all the way from Aspertia City to participate. It looks like Hugh was also among the entrants and the odd Colress as well.

The Driftveil Tournament was a single elimination style competition, with three rounds. I went with a land and air strategy, and used Sanslash and Golbat along with my Grimer of course. I easily won all my matches! I beat Hugh in the first round, Cheren in the second, and finally Colress in the finals. The arena it was held in was quite cool, and there was even a high-tech scoreboard keeping track of the results for the spectators to see.

When we exited, we saw that Roxie had come from Virbank City to watch the battles. She planned on entering the next tournament. I think I might have to come back here once I’m done with some of my main objectives in my journey, because these tournaments look fun! Although, it will probably get put on the back burner, like the Funfest Missions and Pokéstar Studios.

When I returned to the Pokémon Center, I received a medal for winning the Driftveil Tournament, along with a couple of new Hint Medals related to the PWT!

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 76/104
New Medals:
Driftveil Mightiest

March 29, 2013

Dream World 2: Glaceon, gained a level. Found: female Vanillish with the ability Weak Armor.

Hugh went racing out of the Pokémon Center screaming something about Team Plasma being spotted at the docks! Cheren and I decided we should check it out, since we have dealt with Team Plasma before. So we arrived at the pier, where we found a huge cargo ship docked there. Hugh was already on board.

“Team Plasma!” Hugh yelled. “I know you’re here! Show yourself! Return my sister’s Purrloin!”

“Hugh, calm down,” Cheren said as we boarded the ship. “It doesn’t look like they’re…”

I cut Cheren off. “Hey, look!”

We were attacked by over half a dozen Team Plasma grunts. They claimed they outnumbered us. Apparently they weren’t at the Driftveil Tournament yesterday.

“Stoutland, let’s go!” called Cheren.

“Help me out, Dewott!” Hugh also sent out his strongest battler.

I was in too, of course. “Golbat, maximize!”

So we battled, sometimes alone, and sometimes as a tag team. During the battles, my Golbat evolved into a Crobat! It’s increased speed helped greatly in clearing out the Plasma grunts.

“Crobat, the Bat Pokémon, and the evolved form of Golbat. Crobat have four wings that allow them to fly more quickly and quietly so they can sneak up on prey without its noticing. The transformation of their legs into these wings makes them better at flying, but clumsier at walking.”

214. Crobat

The leader of the group halted the fighting. Cheren and I recognized him as Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages. We encountered him nearby here two years ago, in what was then called the Cold Storage. He summoned the Shadow Triad to “escort” us off the ship. And just like that, Team Plasma was gone.

After returning to the Pokémon Center, I decided to continue my training and had Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Pinsir, Koffing, and Combee transferred to me from Professor Juniper’s lab. Clay had showed me the entrance to the Relic Passage that had been recently dug. It connects to the sewers under Castelia City, but they also discovered a chamber that was a deep part of the buried Relic Castle. It was there, he said, that several of his workers caught their Baltoy. There’s also a wild Volcarona that makes its lair there. So that’s where I decided to explore next.

I searched every corner of the tunnels, battling wild Pokémon and a few trainers with my team. In one battle, I had Grimer use Sludge Bomb. The attack seemed to blast out in all directions, as a wave of poison! Was that a new move? I checked the Pokédex:

“Sludge Wave. It swamps the area around the user with a giant sludge wave. It may also poison those hit.”

Grimer has a pretty decent repertoire of moves by this point, I feel! He’ll make a good battle partner for Joltik and Karrablast, eventually.

In another battle, my Combee evolved into Vespiquen!

“Vespiquen, the Beehive Pokémon, and the evolved form of a female Combee. Vespiquen house their colonies in cells in their bodies and release various pheromones to make those grubs do their bidding while fighting foes.”

215. Vespiquen

March 30, 2013

Dream World: Ferrothorn. Found: Swinub that knows Icicle Spear; female Shinx with the ability Guts. This leaves only one Pokémon left to find in the Icy Cave!

Dream World 2: Sandslash, gained a level. Found: Axew that knows Counter.

March 31, 2013

Dream World: Klinklang. Found: Riolu that can use Focus Punch; Beedrill that can use Fury Cutter. This leaves only one more Pokémon to find in the Rugged Mountains, and 11 Pokémon overall in the Dream World!

April 2, 2013

Dream World 2: Trapinch, gained a level. Found: female Boldore with the ability Sand Force.

I did some training on Route 16, and my Psyduck evolved into a Golduck!

“Golduck, the Duck Pokémon, and the evolved form of Psyduck. Golduck can be seen swimming dynamically and elegantly using their well-developed limbs and flippers. When their foreheads shine mysteriously, they can use the full extent of their powers.”

216. Golduck

I then rotated my team and did some training at the Nimbasa City Sports Domes. I had Onix, Espeon, Flareon, and Elekid transferred to me. After one of the battles, my Elekid evolved into an Electabuzz!

“Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon, and the evolved form of Elekid. Electabuzz windmill their arms to slightly boost their punches. Foes have been known to escape in the meantime. Research is progressing on storing lightning in them so this energy can be used at any time.”

217. Electabuzz

So I returned to the Relic Passage, and entered the deep part of the Relic Castle that Clay told me about. There wasn’t too much area to explore, but I did find a handful of Baltoy hiding among the ruins. I had Onix use Dragonbreath to paralyze one, but before I could try to catch it, it used Self Destruct! I forgot that Baltoy used that move. After a few more Self Destruct-ing Baltoy, I finally managed to catch one!

218. Baltoy

Then I entered a large chamber, where I was faced with a Volcarona! This one seemed fairly tame, and did not know many strong attacks. I repeated my earlier strategy, and had Onix paralyze it with Dragonbreath, and slowly lower its energy. I tried a Dusk Ball, but the Volcarona broke free of that. So I threw an Ultra Ball, and the Volcarona was caught! I already had a Volcarona that I raised from a Larvesta at Professor Juniper’s lab, so this one can keep it company.

Having had enough of the ruins, I had Grimer get us out of there quickly with Dig, and then stopped in at the Pokémon Center in Driftveil City. Time to explore Route 6!

T!M April 3rd, 2013 6:03 PM

Long ago... (2 Years)


After the Unova Savior became Champion he ventured even further out of his way, searching unexplored areas of the region, primarily the east side of the country. After days of traveling, the Savior showed up in a small village on a hillside. As he poked around the houses and residences. one house he entered had someone there.

A tall, blonde haired woman of stunning beauty in a beautiful black jacket stopped him as soon as he entered. She approached him and asked for a battle, the savior being the Champion could not deny her this and so they did...

After an intense battle, the Savior finally came out as victor. Having only his Alakazam left in his roster. The woman admitted to being Cynthia the former Sinnoh Champion. The Savior noted the brute strength of her Pokémon in the battle and was not surprised by her claim. She said the Savior reminded her of another strong challenger... Was it the current Champion of Sinnoh? The Savior would never know...

DavidtheDeadPhilosopher April 3rd, 2013 10:59 PM

April 4th, 2013

Pokemon Black

I'm on a quest to get the Black/White trainer card, having not done so in any of the other previous games. Right now I'm doing the tedious task of getting all the Props form the musical, I was acually suprised how fast it's going. I've already got all the Cool Props and am 3/4 of the way through cute.

I wouldn't be suprised if I have another color change by the end of then night! :)

Rai April 4th, 2013 8:22 PM

Black 2 (4/4/13)

I am working on my Unova dex. I noticed that I hadn't caught a Corsola yet, so I went to Route 18. While I was there, I ending up catching even more pokemon that I needed. I ended up getting a Corsola, a Horsea, a Tropius and a Carnivine.

Unova Dex

Seen: 291
Obtained: 185

OffRoadSP April 6th, 2013 10:11 AM

Small update, but it helps to not fall too behind.

April 3, 2013

I got to train with Baltoy and the rest of my team in the morning before work, and then I sent the 5 Pokémon to Professor Juniper and had Vigoroth, Heracross, Swablu, and Trapinch transferred to me.

April 4, 2013

Dream World: Eelectross. Found: Cherubi that knows Bullet Seed; female Nosepass with the ability Sand Force. This leaves seven more Pokémon to find in the Dream Park, and ten overall in the Dream World! Can I actually do it?

While exploring Route 6, I battled a few trainers, but one of them had a Pokémon I had not seen since my days in Hoenn!

“Castform, the Weather Pokémon. Castform change their appearance according to the weather because of the way temperature and weather affects their cellular structure. Recently, their molecules were found to be just like water.”

I stopped into the Weather Institute on the route, where a group of scientists were studying the effect of the seasons on Pokémon like Deerling. They have since expanded their studies to include the effect of the weather on Pokémon as well. Because of this, they explained to me, wild Castform have been drawn to the area, though in very small numbers. So that trainer caught her Castform right here on Route 6. They also had a special Deerling living there. This one was special because it had an ability unlike other Deerling. Its ability was Serene Grace. They asked if I could take it with me and send it to Professor Juniper so she could examine it. So I did, and returned to the Pokémon Center.

Rai April 6th, 2013 8:52 PM

Black 2


I leveled up my Stayu and evolved it using a Water Stone.


I made a lot of progress today!

I hung out with my friend and we did some trading. I bred him a Shuckle, Skitty, and Tropius. In return, he traded me a Solosis, Rufflet, and an Oshawott.

Next, I decided to evolve my Mantyke, but I didn't have a Remoraid (I had already evolved mine into an Octillery) so I went to Route 21 and surfed until I found one. Once I had captured it and put it in my party, I trained Mantyke and it evolved into a Mantine.

From there, I decided that my party pokemon (all lvl 76) could use some of their own training, so I went to the Game Freak building and challenged the trainers there.

After this, I checked my pokedex and realized that I didn't have a Deino. Since you can't catch one in the wild, I went to N's Castle Entrance and caught a Zweilous that I will later breed.

Unova Dex

Seen: 292
Obtained: 191

T!M April 7th, 2013 5:20 AM

Black 2 Unova Adventure Part III

Last Time: "Black 2 Unova Adventure Part II" (Post #18 on this thread on Pg.1)

Just as Tim headed the dock he encountered the town's Gym Leader and his rival Ben confronted by the pirates he met earlier. Confirming they were assembled from the remnants of the former Team Plasma they engaged both Roxy and Ben to which Tim intervened. Battling one a-piece, Tim's Sewaddle dispatched of his enemies Purloin with one Bug-Bite.

The Plasma grunts ran away, attempting to escape. Roxy asked us to fall out to Route 20 but not before giving Tim HM01 or Cut. Tim and Ben trekked to Route 20 and searched for a Team Plasma grunt. Tim found one first and battled her into submission, again the Grunt ran away.

Back at the town. Tim found Roxy talking to her father who asked him to ferry Ben and Tim to Castelia. To which he agreed.

Tim boarded the ship and after only moments he was awestruck by the Castelia skyline, the buildings towered above the world and frankly it scared him.

When they docked Ben traded phone numbers and departed. Not even five seconds of stepping of the pier Tim was beckoned by a jester. He asked that he partake in an event and gave Tim a bicycle. He gave Tim three locations of 3 other jesters. Tim first stopped at the Battle Company and beat all the trainers, including the companies CEO and found the jester.

Tim then went to the Analytic HQ and answered 8 surveys and talked to the jester.

One more to go. Tim went to the next location (I can't remember) and spoke to him. After exploring Castelia extensively and then returned the first jester and told him that he had found all his friends. Elated he handed Tim a Rare Candy which he promptly fed to his Pidove.

In this huge city, Tim would have no idea where to go from here.

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