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Fenne-kun March 1st, 2013 3:29 AM

[T] A Rocket's Diary [OOC/SU]
A Rocket's Diary


What if you're in Team Rocket?

What if you need it for survival?

What if all havoc breaks loose...and you're the one to blame?


Xarius Gander was murdered. After Giovanni had resigned from Team Rocket, their Johto base needed a new leader to lead them to a brighter (and more corrupted) future. However, when Xarius Gander, the chosen leader-to-be among a small elite group of eight was about to get promoted to the team's most glorious position, he was found dead in his room, lying lifelessly on the floor like an abandoned puppet that had detached itself from its strings.

This couldn't be an accident - it had been ingeniously planned out.

The murderer entered the private room through a blind spot, a small area which couldn't be recorded down by the CCTV. With only a fingerprint-free knife acting as a proof of murder, other experienced Rocket members shifted their eyes onto the small group that Xarius had been chosen from - the Endowed Eight.

The Endowed Eight

The E8 is a group of young potential Rocket Members, chosen to contribute as much as they can to Team Rocket. These young members either have a unique talent/interest that would aid Team Rocket in the future, or a rather decent leadership skills with a clear mind. Sometimes, one might also be chosen if they are willing to do the 'dirty work'.

As Xarius was chosen among the eight 'contestants', it's absolutely understandable that everyone's pointing their fingers at the other seven, accusing them without a second thought. To keep things under control, a high ranked man only known as the Warden has locked the E8 in a small sector of the Goldenrod Base, determined to snatch the killer at any costs. Now, he will be giving them tasks and chances to prove themselves innocent...

Unlucky you

Congratulations - you are one of the E8. Hm...but why did you join the E8 in the first place? For glory? For reputation? People joined for various reasons. Some of them, like Xarius Gander, wanted to be future leader in case the last one resigned (in this case, he had). Some wanted to train themselves, dreaming to be a better Rocket member than the average grunt with a level five Ratatta. Some...joined just to survive. You see, Team Rocket pays its members once a month, and the higher the rank, the larger the paycheck. Don't get me wrong though - even the paycheck for the E8 is barely enough to keep someone alive with food and water. What...did you think that the rooms within the base were free?

Setting and Location

This will include important structures that might be used/considered in the RP.
- Goldenrod Base: Located within the tunnel, the Goldenrod Base is the main HQ for Team Rocket. Your rooms will be in Sector B, next to the cafeteria.

- Slowpoke Well: Once controlled by Team Rocket, this well is now free and public for everyone to visit. However, its eerie atmosphere suggests that darker secrets might be hidden inside.

- Mahogany Hideout: No longer used as the main HQ, the hideout serves as a training base and resource facility. You might be sent there to collect items or to use the battle arena.


- The game will proceed in phases. A phase is formed by a couple of ‘events’ or ‘tasks’, depending on what it is. For example, Phase One would include the warm-up mission and perhaps another challenge/test. Every time a Phase ends, RPers will have to go back into their rooms and write in their diary, ending the day by doing so. The one with the best post MIGHT be rewarded with a special event/item.

- There is no level system in this roleplay, simply because battling isn’t the main focal point of the RP. There is, however, evolution. The GM would contact you when he thinks that the Pokemon is ready. They would have more progress if you have great posts. //hint

- In order to create more variety, the wild grass throughout the entire region would be the same - totally random. I would use a random number generator to determine what Pokemon you would encounter. If it’s an evolved form, I might ‘devolve’ it if the RP is still in its early phase.

- This story mainly focuses on the drama within the Team Rocket system, therefore heroes of the region such as the main antagonist is not included.

- I added moves such as Attract, Charm, Taunt, Return, Frustration etc for a reason. Try to develop Pokemon to Pokemon or Pokemon to trainer bonds in order to make things more interesting! If the Pokemon hates its master (something that might be more likely to happen as a Team Rocket member), Frustration actually does more damage!

- This RP isn't meant to last as long as the large ones out there. Though it isn't extremely short, it would definitely end quicker if everything goes according to plan. That also means we have a larger chance to finish this!

Available Starters

Pick one below! You may choose the stater's gender, but remember to tell me in your SU.

- Purrloin [Taken]
Ability - Limber
Move - Charm, Fake Tears, Faint Attack, Toxic

- Murkrow [Taken]
Ability - Insomnia
Move - Wing Attack, Double Team, Astonish, Return

- Scraggy
Ability - Shed Skin
Move - Sand-attack, Low-kick, Faint-attack, Taunt

- Sneasel [Taken]
Ability - Inner Focus
Move - Icy Wind, Agility, Metal Claw, Attract

- Skorupi [Reserved]
Ability - Battle Armor
Move - Poison Sting, Pin missile, Acupressure, Frustration

- Roselia (for the sake of being underpowered as Budew) [Taken]
Ability - Natural Cure
Move - Sweet Kiss, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Swift

- Venipede [Reserv
Ability - Poison Point
Move - Defense Curl, Rollout, Gyro Ball, Protect

- Gastly [Reserved]
Ability - Levitate
Move - Hypnosis, Curse, Night Shade, Lick

- Litwick [Reserved]
Ability - Flame Body
Move - Ember, Astonish, Minimize, Smog

- Golett [Reserved]
Ability - Iron Fist
Move - Pound, Mud-slap, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch

Signup Form


Age: Not much to be said here. Make sure it’s reasonable (as in aged 14 to 19).

Appearance: Images are welcome, but you would still need to describe it. Try talking about the character’s clothing, accessories, race and other factors.

History: Be creative. Talk about the character’s life before joining Team Rocket, and explain the reason why he/she joined it in the first place. Try to make it as interesting as possible.

Personality: Go wild. After all, a good personality = half of an amazing character! Cover interests, reactions, likes and dislikes...

Starter Pokemon:

Starter Name:

Starter Gender:

Starter Description: Does he/she look different? What’s the Pokemon’s personality? Etc etc.

Any other info: Anything important that doesn't fit into the other categories.


• All Forum and RP Corner rules apply

• This RP is rated T. Don't cross the lines!

• Though 3rd person is preferred, you may use 1st.

• You can have a maximum of three Pokemon.

• You can reserve a spot but you must post your SU within two days. If you cannot finish it within the ‘deadline’, the reservation would be cancelled.

• If you are not active and leave the Roleplay, your character will be booted out OR controlled by the GM/other Roleplayers, so make sure you are active.

• Don’t godmod or auto-dodge/auto-hit (hitting the enemy in your post without giving him a chance to react/dodge).

• Be respectful and use common etiquette

• GM decisions are final.

Accepted Characters

Fenne-kun as the Warden
{Swan} as Jasper Reed
Ewery1 as Steven Zazus
Scyke as Scyke Murr
~Genevieve~ as Parvati Patil
ArceusGPG as Juanito Ernest Gordito
Kiklion as Justin Powers
Midnight-Umbreon as Jenna Romona Williams

gimmepie March 2nd, 2013 1:04 AM

I'm not sure if I can join but could I reserve Gastly until I know for sure?

Fenne-kun March 2nd, 2013 1:07 AM

Go ahead! :D All are welcome :)

{Swan} March 2nd, 2013 4:01 AM

I simply cannot resist this, please reserve me Purlion.

Crunch Punch March 2nd, 2013 4:18 AM

Like I said, I wanted to join mate :D can you reserve Murkrow for me? Thanks in advance.

Fenne-kun March 2nd, 2013 5:41 AM

Reserved~ Welcome aboard, everyone!

{Swan} March 2nd, 2013 9:19 AM

[ Jasper Reed ]

Name: Jasper Reed

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Jasper, as quite an active young man, has a lean yet muscular body. Most of it is for convenience, in his line of work you never know when you need to run like hell or hoist one’s self up to high places. He trains his body for the sole purpose of his job. Well, maybe not the sole purpose, he also likes to look good, of course. Jasper’s on the tall side of the spectrum, measuring an even 1,85 m. Jasper has blonde, curly hair kept relatively long and parted to one side. His eyes are a warm brown

Jasper has a fondness for long-sleeved Henley shirts, 9 times out of 10 he’ll be wearing one, his closet’s full of them. He always wears the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he feels too constricted when they’re all the way down. On missions, specifically, he’ll wear black one with dark pants and black gloves, so he won’t leave a trace. When absolutely mandatory he’ll pin on a red “R”, but Jasper’s more of a low-profile kind of guy. On his feet he wears sensible combat boots for optimal stealth and comfort and he has a dark sling backpack for any additional needs.

History: Jasper spent most of his childhood being a normal, if cheeky and energetic, child. His parents, John and Natasha Reed, were both dentists before Natasha became a stay-home mom. He lead an ordinary life. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked Jasper was 13 and their house caught fire. The exactly source of it was unclear, as not enough of the house remained to tell, the only thing for certain was it started in the room of Jasper’s parents, probably the cause was electrical in nature. His parents’ bedroom was on the first floor while Jasper’s was in the attic. When he woke up there was smoke everywhere, the fire making its way up to his attic. He managed to open the window to the roof and climb out, carefully using the gutter to get to the adjacent house. The firemen rescued him, but it was too late for his parents, effectively making Jasper an orphan.

He didn’t have any next of kin that could (or was willing to) take him in, and so he went to a foster family. Jasper didn’t take the death of his parents well, what kid would? He was angry, very angry. For a long time the foster family put up with the, the kid did just lose his parents after all. Jasper because troublesome though. He was started acting out, getting into fights at school, mixing with the wrong kinds of kids. He got passed on from foster family to foster family as each time they just couldn’t put up with him anymore. Jasper became increasingly bitter until at age 16 he just had it. He packed his bags, stole some money from the family, and left.

The money didn’t last very long and he ended up kicked out of the cheap motel he’d been staying in after he couldn’t pay anymore. He spent one night on the street in the cold when a Rocket representative found him and offered him a position in their ranks. Jasper didn’t have to think long on it, he was too stubborn to go back to the foster care system, the Rockets paid, meagerly, mind you, but paid, and with the anger still fresh inside him he really didn’t see much wrong with the option.

It was one of the older Rocket members that Jasper ended up striking a friendship with. The guy, Johannes, was a scientist, not a grunt, he debriefed Jasper after a mission once and somewhere it just clicked, Johannes became a bit of a father figure to Jasper. Through the years in the ranks Jasper became known for someone who does what he’s told without asking questions. It was through this that Jasper eventually rose to the rank of one of the E8. He knows that he’s too good at following orders to make it to boss-level, and honestly Jasper doesn’t want that either. He’s just happy with the higher pay grade and better missions.

Personality: Jasper is a very aloof person, outward it seems like he takes nothing seriously, like the world is a joke to him. This is a front carefully maintained by him. He does take his missions seriously, but still keeps that air of nonchalance whenever he’s with other people. The only time he’ll be serious around other people is if he trusts them, which is not something he does easily. So far that’s only with Johannes or his Pokémon. While Jasper is in no waybook-smart, he is practically very clever, he can think outside of the box. Jasper prefers to avoid conflict, instead trying to achieve his goal by stealth and trickery. He’s also not a big fan of (or very good at) Pokémon battling, preferring to handle things himself as opposed to letting a creature do it for him. He’s quite good at fighting and not against using weaponry. To him his Pokémon are partners in crime, not weapons to be used.

As for emotions, Jasper’s very good at bottling them up, stuffing them in a chest somewhere in the back of his mind, never to be seen again. Jasper does have a conscience, something that’s been cropping up more and more lately. And that really bothers him, even scares him a little bit. Before, whatever terrible things he had to do, when the mission was done it was done. Now he’s getting more and more aware of what he’s doing to other people. It’s like a battle royale in his head and the adversary is winning.

At the same time Jasper is very bad at not doing anything. If the stretch between missions is long he’ll get very antsy, grabbing at anything to keep him busy. Things on base aren’t always very interesting. He once went through a whole box of gossip magazines he found just to have something to do.

Jasper’s an excellent liar, it comes with the territory really. He’s an expert are weaving lies just specific enough to be believable but not too specific to be easily forgettable. He’s even quite good at lying to himself, which comes to play with the battle of his conscience. This way he’s very good at infiltration missions. His stealth abilities help too, and the fact that he can readily hold his own in a fight. What works against him is usually himself. If things go too smoothly he gets overconfident and make mistakes. Sometimes big mistakes. Ironically he’s a good man to have when things don’t go according to plan, easily improvising.

Starter Pokemon: Purrloin

Starter Name: Makin

Starter Gender: Female

Starter Description: Makin is on the small side for a Purrloin. She’s sneaky and stealthy, just like Jasper. In a way they’re perfectly suitable for each other and they work well together. She’s very manipulative, making good use of her charm and fake tear abilities, and is able to slip into the smallest of places. That aside she can be a bit high-maintenance off-mission, very demanding of affection. She does what she wants and maybe, if asked nicely, she’ll do what you wants. Just maybe.

Ewery1 March 2nd, 2013 9:44 AM

Can I reserve Sneasel while I make my application?

Name: Steven Zazus

Age: 15

Appearance: Steven always wears the Team Rocket suit. Always. Even when sleeping. Steven doesn't have any other clothes. His nose has a crook in it from the attack from a Breloom as a child. His eyes are a deep blue, however, in the dark they change into a disturbing shade of purple. He has a long scar running up his right arm where a Spectile's Leaf Blade barely missed his arm. He is caucasian.

History: As a child Steven was very curious. He would always do things his parents told him not to do. His parents told him never to go into the woods. So he went into the woods. As he was walking around, he saw a mushroom. So he tried to pull it out of the bushes. However, he found it was a Breloom. The Breloom looked at him and screamed. He stared back at it. It landed a force palm to his face, and he fell backward, clutching his nose into a river. He yelled for help, but the current swept him downstream. His nose started to bleed, and he started to cry. Something came from underneath him, and he found himself hanging onto one of a Blastoise's tubes. The Blastoise shot water out of the tube, propelling him out of the river and into a tree. In the tree there was a Spectile which got its leafs ready for a leaf blade. Steven jumped out of the tree, but the Spectile sliced down his arm, and Steven fell to the ground with a mark on his arm.
Steven never found his way back home. One day he found a town, and inside of it Team Rocket was taking some Pokemon. A Team Rocket grunt with a glint in her eyes said, "Who are you? Where are your ma ma and pa pa?" Steven didn't answer. He stared to walk away, and when he reached the dark the Team Rocket Grunt gasped and lifted him into the air. She had seen his eyes turn purple. "Steven?" Steven's parents had left their town in sadness, and joined Team Rocket. From then on, Steven was a part of Team Rocket. Steven's parents had known Giovanni, and not known he was a part of Team Rocket until they switched over. So they were an influence when they did. His parents were used to being an influence, and when Giovanni resigned, they lost that control. So they signed Steven up without his consent. Steven however, has been scheming. He hates his position, and has thought up a plan of how to go out with a bang.

Personality: Steven hates grass types. His encounter with the Breloom and the Spectile were not good ones. He is also very formal, as he has so much anger, hatred, and sorrow inside, its serves as a mask. He also likes extreme tempatures, like cold and hot, as they both make grass wilt. He hates being one of the E8 and has been scheming since he got that position.

Starter Pokemon: Sneasel

Starter Name: Sonara

Starter Gender: Female

Starter Description: Sonara is somewhat insane. She hates cold, even though she is an ice type. Therefore she is afraid of using ice type moves. This annoys Steven, as he hates grass types, but Sonara won't use the moves that are super effective on them. Sonara however loves Steven, and doesn't want to hurt his feelings. So Sonara prefers to pretend to use ice type moves, while half using dark type moves, and not really ice type moves.

Fenne-kun March 2nd, 2013 10:30 AM

Accepted, swan! As for the second one, you need to talk about how and he got into the endowed eight. Really funny past though xD

Mortalis March 2nd, 2013 3:09 PM

Can I reserve Litwick for now? I'll be posting my SU hopefully later tonight.

Fenne-kun March 2nd, 2013 6:10 PM

Alrighty! Reserved :). Welcome!

Also, to make things clear - You haven't gotten your starter yet. You will get it during your first post at the cafeteria. I will tell you guys what to do after that. :)

Claws of Darkness March 3rd, 2013 4:43 AM

Hey, can I reserve a spot? :) And I'd like to pick Skorupi as my pokemon.

Fenne-kun March 3rd, 2013 5:47 AM

Reserved! Welcome to the RP! A couple of more spots left!

lineofdeath March 3rd, 2013 7:29 AM

Please may I reserve golett

SylveonStar March 3rd, 2013 7:36 AM

Could I reserve Roselia please?

gimmepie March 3rd, 2013 7:47 AM

Fenne-kun if this RP fills up before my time is up and people still express interest feel free to give them my spot. I may still sign-up but my priorities right now are managing my existing RPs and working on the new one I'm planning to post soon. Sorry if this is any inconvenience to you.

Fenne-kun March 3rd, 2013 8:00 AM

I see, Gimmiepie. Actually, it's already full now. 7 RPers, so if any one of em doesn't meet my requirements before their deadline (the reservations + Ewery1's modification), the reservation will shifted to you. Otherwise, if they manage to finish everything, then I'll remove your reservation and start. Also guys, make sure you are active (able to post once per two days maybe?).

gimmepie March 3rd, 2013 8:03 AM

Okay, that sounds good :)

Again, really sorry about that. (That's a pretty good method for handling sign-ups).

Crunch Punch March 3rd, 2013 8:29 AM

Name: Scyke Murr

Age: 14

Appearance: Scyke is around 5'6", making him one of the shorter guys in the E8. His hair is an unusual dark blue and is messy and all over the place. Scyke's eyes are of a dim red, and the colours of his eyes and hair contrast yet somehow compliment each other. Scyke isn't seem smiling much; the only time he ever lets out a laugh is when his with he's childhood Pokemon. Being part of the E8, Scyke doesn't have much of a choice for apparel other than the usual Team Rocket uniform and combat boots.

History: Scyke never knew his parents; all of his childhood was spent on a orphanage home where he was told that his parents died in a car crash and that someone had found a baby crying at the back of the car. It was strange that there was no relatives who wanted to take care of Scyke; out of frustration from not finding any carers who were willing to take care of a six month old baby, the rescuer who found Scyke in the first place dumped him outside of a orphanage home, left a note on who Scyke was, and left the city. The next morning the couple who ran the orphanage took the baby and raised him in the orphanage, which already was in full capacity. Scyke often had to sleep on the floor because there wasn't any beds available, but that didn't matter to him. As far as he knew of life, he was always getting second-best of everything - because the couple were so close to the children who were already at the orphanage, Scyke was seen as an outsider, a liability. They didn't want to leave a baby outside in the cold, but they were running out of money, and so Scyke got far less things than the other kids did. At the time, Scyke called the couple who ran the place mum and dad, but when Scyke turned six the couple decided that enough was enough and told Scyke how his parents died and that he was in a orphanage home. Scyke didn't speak to anyone for a week afterwards.

After a boost in finances because of a plan from the Pokemon Association, the couple who ran the orphanage decided to expand the centre so that there was room for Pokemon to be more involved with the children. All of the girls went for the cute Pokemon like Cleffa and Pichu, while the boys went for the cool-looking Pokemon like Totodile and Aipom. However, there was one Pokemon which was left out; no one played with Murkrow, because it wasn't cute at all and boys deemed other Pokemon as much tougher. Except Scyke. Scyke walked over to Murkrow and started talking to him. Other kids noticed this and made fun out of Scyke; they told him that him and Murkrow were perfect for each other because they were both "ugly" and "weak". Scyke didn't take this lightly, but he didn't do anything. He just took Murkrow and walked out of the Pokemon area. The other kids continued playing with the other Pokemon while Sid and Murkrow hanged out in Scyke's bed. The two started forming a close bond to each other and when Scyke turned nine, he dreamed of leaving the orphanage and becoming a Pokemon trainer when he turned 10.

One day, a few weeks before Scyke turned 10, a mysterious man came to the orphanage and convinced the couple to let the older orphans to start learning about Pokemon battles and that he would take the one with the best ability to his "Pokemon Battle Academy". The couple was unsure at first, but gladly accepted when the man offered to teach it himself and that there wouldn't be a charge for anything. The man's reason? To give one of the orphans "the best education available for battling". Soon Scyke and some other children starting training with the mysterious man. He seemed interesting and friendly, and Scyke started really enjoying battling with Murkrow. The man was impressed with Scyke at how quickly he picked up the tips and tricks that he was taught, and decided to choose him to be trained further somewhere else. Scyke was delighted; finally he was about to move from a place he hated, and to make things better the couple let Scyke keep Murkrow because he was too attached to his trainer. A few days later, a car came and Scyke thought this was the day when he was to escape from everything and finally become a trainer.

But the man had different plans - he was actually one of Team Rocket's recruiters. Soon Scyke was thrown into a world of Pokemon theft without him even knowing. He was given a codename - Murr (because of his Murkrow) and Scyke contiuned his training where he left off in the orphanage, except this time around the training was more intense, harder and stricter than ever. If you put one step wrong, one of the teachers would snap a cane at you. No one was allowed to talk to each other and everyone had their own separate block and bed. Scyke was disciplined most of the time in lessons, but even so he couldn't escape a couple of bruises. After a couple of weeks every student was given a uniform with a strange huge R in the middle. No one knew what it meant. Scyke didn't care; although the school was tough, at least he wasn't being made fun out of and isolated like in the orphanage.

Four years after being enrolled in the strange school, Scyke was clearly excelling over everyone around him. His unbreakable bond with Murkrow and ability to be able to use a variety of Pokemon in lessons earned him a place in a special assembly, where Scyke and seven other students around his age were gathered. A man, who looked very fit and healthy for someone his age, stepped forward. He started explaining what the strange R was all about and everything about Team Rocket's ordeals. Then he explained about a special program that he was about to run: The Endowed Eight, or E8 in short. He explained that the eight most versatile and talented young Team Rocket members were to be chosen to be part of the program and was to have special benefits compared to the ordinary Rocket grunt. After hearing the man's speech, Scyke realised what he had got himself into, and he questioned himself about how he felt about Team Rocket stealing other people's Pokemon. Then he remembered no one accepting who he was in the orphanage. Team Rocket, although they have been strict and ordered, never has done anything to Scyke except when he had crossed the line sometimes. He started feeling somehow indebted to Team Rocket, and that he had to payback Team Rocket for helping him escape the orphanage and the hatred, even if he didn't really agree with Rocket's motives. And so, this made what now a fourteen year old Scyke, or his codename, Murr.

Personality: Due to his neglected childhood and no real father or mother figure, Scyke does not allow himself to trust anyone but Pokemon, especially his Murkrow. He doesn't talk much, but lets out his real emotions to his own Murkrow whenever they are alone. His only seen properly smiling and laughing whenever his battling or when his playing with his Murkrow. He doesn't feel depression with the fact that he never got to meet his parents because of that - he was never really attached to them in the first place. The only friend Scyke has ever properly had was his Murkrow, and he loved battling with the Pokemon he used in lessons; it's the only thing he has ever enjoyed. Scyke doesn't agree with Team Rocket calling Pokemon as weapons; rather, he would prefer to call them "partners" that work alongside each other.

Scyke does not have any leadership qualities at all, and he finds conversing with someone else socially difficult. However he can follow orders well and completed short missions from his lessons quickly and efficiently. When things go wrong Scyke can improvise accordingly but isn't very creative in his methods. He has a natural talent in Pokemon battles.

Starter Pokemon: Murkrow

Starter Name: (none)

Starter Gender: Male

Starter Description: Murkrow was one of the many Pokemon issued by the Pokemon Association in hopes to raise interest in Pokemon in orphanage homes so that the children had something to play with and to slowly introduce them into the world of Pokemon. Him and Scyke has been together for eight years (corresponding to the beginning of the RP). Scyke's Murkrow is a calm yet sneaky; he can keep his composure in any kind of situation and is reliable in missions and such. His very attached to Scyke, and because of this Team Rocket taught the move "Return" to Murkrow when Scyke first arrived in the training building.

Any other info: In the speech from the man who announced that Scyke was part of the E8, it was said that all the members were to gain a new Pokeman to mark their start of being part of the E8, and was to donate any of their old Pokemon to Team Rocket. At first Scyke was alarmed, but after finding out that one of the Pokeman was Murkrow, he came up with a plan to switch the Murkrow with his own. The swap went well and Team Rocket has no idea about it.

SylveonStar March 3rd, 2013 10:03 AM

Name: Parvati Patil

Age: 16


Parvati can be described as a small but pretty young woman. She's of an average height and is very thin. She has tanned skin and big brown eyes. Her hair is black and put up into a large wavy ponytail that is curled on the ends and goes down to her waist. She has faint scars on her back that are only noticeable if someone is looking for them. Since Parvati is of Indian descent she dresses in a crop top that starts in a light orange and darkens as it reaches the bottom. She has see through long sleeves that are a light orange as well. She wears a matching skirt that goes to the floor, like the shirt it starts in a light orange and darkens as it goes down, at the knees the skirt changes to the same see through material as her sleeves. On her feet she wears a pair of dark orange flat shoes.

History: Parvati grew up the younger of a set of twins in an abusive household. Her mother Tanya was never around, she threw herself into her job as a Nurse and was never around before she abandoned the family when Parvati and her twin Padma were five years old. Her father Amar was an abusive alcholic who spent all his time gambling. He blamed Padma and Parvati for their mother leaving and took his frustration out on them when he wasn't at the bar or the casino. By the time Parvati was 14 her father had killed her twin sister in a fit of rage and was put in jail leaving Parvati on her own.

Put into the foster care system for the next two years she lived in a total of fifteen different houses. Never staying in one place for too long. Finally when she was 16 years old her new foster father was a member of Team Rocket named Dennis Wade. After a few days of observing Parvati's cold and distrusting attitude he saw the potential in her and introduced her to the world of Team Rocket. Parvati saw the chance to make something of herself and worked hard eventually rising to the level of E8.

Personality: Parvati is a very cold and untrusting person. Due to her abusive childhood, followed by being moved from foster home to foster home for two years she locks away her emotions. She doesn't let anyone else see if she is scared, sad, angry, or even happy. She always has a calm facial expression and a cold look in her eyes. Some could describe her as an ice queen with the way she acts. Having been hurt so much as a little girl with no one doing anything to help her and her mother leaving her at a young age it's understandable that she has issues trusting people.

Parvati doesn't let anyone get close to her for fear of getting hurt, but she won't make that obvious. Part of her cold attitude is a defense mechanism. Though a part of her is determined to make something of herself. She was always told she would never ammount to anything. Well..she'd show them. Parvati loves the color orange of all shades and is a vegetarian. She only eats fruits, veggies, and dairy and egg products. She has a natural talent for being intimidating.

Starter Pokemon: Roselia

Starter Name: Kiri

Starter Gender: Female

Starter Description: Kiri can be a little rash at times and headstrong. If Parvati tells her to do something but Kiri thinks of a better way to do it, most of the time the Roselia will do it her way, even if she's in the wrong. Another thing about Kiri is that she sees through her trainers attitude and wants to develop a strong bond with her trainer no matter how hard she has to try.

Any other info: none

Ewery1 March 3rd, 2013 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by Fenne-kun (Post 7561505)
As for Ewery1, you need to talk about how and he got into the endowed eight. Really funny past though xD

Okay. I'm editing it now! Curse you 25 character requirement! xD

P.S. Okay it's done. Just re-read my original post please, I just edited it. I realized something that would be really cool! If since Steven hates grass-types, Steven is assigned with Roselia! Too bad Roselia is already taken...

P.P.S. When will the IC thread start?

Fenne-kun March 3rd, 2013 3:24 PM

Even though the personality part is shorter, It'll have to do! Accepted! I'll edit the thread later.

The IC will start when lines, sooper and claws' done with their SU, and Skymin's accepted the thread.

Ewery1 March 3rd, 2013 3:41 PM

K Cool. Thanks! I can't wait until Skymin accepts it!

Fenne-kun March 3rd, 2013 6:56 PM

I think in a few days, and we don't have to rush either. We still got reservations x3

And I really need to make this clear - you get your first starter in chapter one and not before that. Under the Warden's command, even if you DID have pokemon before, they would be donated to other members in order for you guys to start anew.

Also, line's reservation has been cancelled due to the time limit being surpassed for almost 1 day extra. The reservation is now shifted to Gimmepie, but since he's unsure of joining, anyone else that fills in the SU soon would get the spot. Sooper's also quit due to being busy these days. Two spot are now open.

Ewery1 March 6th, 2013 2:25 PM

UGH! So tempting to post on the IC thread! But I cannot!

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