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Karma Police March 2nd, 2013 9:28 AM

Foreshadows of Hoenn [M][OOC]
Foreshadows of Hoenn

History of Hoenn

Hoenn, a beautiful land untouched by the greedy hands of the humans. The land enjoyed a good time of peace, when all the Pokémon lived together without anything to trouble them. Until that fateful summer of 1879, when a small band of adventurers stumbled upon a cave deep in the bowels of the island known as Sootopolis in the present. The insides of the cavern was filled with hundreds of runes, detailing the birth of the region of Hoenn. Nobody till date knows who exactly wrote these runes, but looking at the writing, it looked as if it was the Veteris Tribe, or the Old tribe, that was responsible for these.

But what was more important was the earth-shattering secret the runes told. They revealed that Hoenn had been created by two godly beings, a creature named Groudon, who formed the landmass, and Kyogre, who gave birth to the ocean. After the creation, they had both fought a great war for some unknown reason, until they both disappeared abruptly and handed over control of the young Hoenn to the Pokémon of the land.

Many of the smartest thinkers and scientists debated about this discovery. What exactly had the two Pokémon been fighting about, and why had they disappeared so suddenly? There had to be some hidden reason behind everything.

The period from 1879-1924 was dominated by political tension. One of the leading experts on the runes emerged during this period, a young Aggron named Adamantius. He provided a rather controversial and groundbreaking theory about the war between the two legends. He said that Groudon had fought the war to make sure that more land could be created for habitation. Another thinker, a Kingdra named Aecor, later expanded on this theory and argued that it had been Kyogre who had been fighting to increase the seas to get some more habitat for its water-based brethren. Many Pokémon were skeptical, but were eventually won over because of all the theories revolving around that topic, this one seemed the most plausible, given the violent nature of the fight that had been described.

While these theories were nothing more than speculation, the theories revolutionized the way Pokémon thought during those times. Many started to support the gods for trying to increase the area for their habitats, and took it one step further when they started to feel that they had been cheated of their deserving land. Both Aecor and Adamantius were hailed as great leaders.

In 1927 things grew a bit more serious. The Pokémon of Hoenn divided into two groups, the Caerulus and Ruber tribes, headed by Adamantius and Aecor respectively. The Caerulus Tribe wanted more land for themselves, while the Ruber Tribe wanted to expand the oceans. Almost all Pokémon devoted themselves to finding a way to revive their respective deity and fulfill their purpose. The two factions realized that due to their conflicting interests, they were going to be rivals in the race towards expansion. War soon broke out, with each tribe trying to subdue the other.

The War only lasted for 3 years, but it’s impact on Hoenn was devastating. About 3/4th of the entire Pokémon population of Hoenn was wiped out, and it’s whole sense of order was destroyed. Even after The Great War though, neither tribe was ready to disband or give up. Instead, Adamantius and Aecor signed a peace treaty, to divide the cities of Hoenn among each other equally. After the once peaceful land was divided, the last remnants tried to rebuild society from scratch...

The Situation NOW

The date is now November 12th, 1980. It’s been 50 years since The Great War, and the Pokémon of Hoenn are still divided now, as they were all those years ago. Both tribes still refuse to look eye to eye, and limited trade and interaction takes place. The Caerulus Tribe and Ruber Tribe are still controlled by Adamantius and Aecor, and their research into summoning their deities hasn’t gone anywhere all these years later. The city of Sootopolis has been considered “disputable territory”, since neither tribe wants to give the city up. Talks for the occupation of the city still take place every week, with tensions rising for the ownership of the city. The recovery of the region has been slow, and is still nowhere near the way it had been before the tribes took over.

About a month ago, a huge ship containing around a thousand human beings arrived in Hoenn, in a place they later called Slateport. The ship comprised of people from Kanto, looking to explore this whole new unexplored region, with its exotic Pokémon. First, the humans were mostly scientists, but a week after that, the others rolled in. The humans began to interact with the local Pokémon with the latest equipment that allowed the two species to communicate; the Pokespeak. The leader of the humans, who was heading the project to occupy Hoenn, was called Alexander Grahams.

Talks between the Caerulus Tribe, Ruber Tribe and the Human Republic, as they’d been named, began. Peaceful division and occupation of the land was being discussed, even though the Pokémon tribes were reluctant to further divide Hoenn and lose power. But, the last war had left them shaken, so they wanted to avoid war altogether this time around. The humans were wary of these new Pokémon, and decided to obtain land through peaceful means rather than force.

Initially, the discussions were in a deadlock. Neither tribe was willing to give up any single one of their territories, but Grahams proved to be a very persuasive man. Both Tribes were forced to hand over land, and everything was proceeding smoothly, until November 10th, which was two days ago.

Grahams and his subordinates had gone on a routine round of the human camp in Route 103. His small team comprised of all major position holders in the Human Republic. As the team went about completing their usual errands, something went horribly wrong. A mysterious attack took place in the settlement, killing every single human being in the camp. The whole camp was burnt to the ground, and Grahams and his team had been successfully murdered. No evidence was discovered, and their was no telling who, or even what, had attacked them. In a matter of a few hours, the Human Republic had lost all its leaders, leaving them successfully “decapitated”.

The humans immediately blamed the Pokémon, and war was declared. Even on the Pokémon side nobody knew what had happened. Both tribes began to blame each other for the supposed assassination of Grahams. Due to the suddenness of the new war, the Pokémon had no option but to defend themselves against the humans, whether they were divided or united. The humans found this war as an opportunity for revenge, and as an easy way to gain Hoenn by force. The humans worked on electing their new leaders for the war, while the Pokémon held their talks to counter this new war that had attacked their somewhat peaceful lives once more...


You, are either a Pokémon who is part of either tribes of Hoenn, or a human preparing for war.

As a Human

As a human, your objective is simple, fight the war, win the war. You may be the General of the Human Republic, leading the forces into battle and making critical decisions, or you may be one of two lieutenants, who are second in the chain of command and advisors to the General. Or, you may be a medic, or a simple mechanic, or even a spy, trying to contribute in any way possible. As a human, you attack the Pokémon as a whole, without caring what tribe they belong to, or you may work together a member from one tribe and try to attack the other tribe.

The Human Republic consists of the following ranks-
-Officer Ranks-

-Enlisted Ranks-

Sergeant Major of the Army
Sergeant Major
Master Sergeant
Private First Class

The humans are visiting Hoenn for the first time, therefore they have limited knowledge of both the land and the native Pokémon of the region.

As a Pokémon

As a Pokémon, you may be a part of either the Caerulus Tribe or the Ruber Tribe, looking to defend Hoenn against the humans. You are stuck in a three way war between the humans and the opposing tribe. You may either work together with the humans secretly to take out your opponent tribe, or try to unite both tribes against their mutual enemy. You can come from any profession to fight the war, the Pokémon need every being they can afford.

Water and Ice type Pokémon are always going to be a part of Ruber Tribe, while types like Rock, Ground, Steel and Fire will always be a part of Caerulus Tribe. The rest of the types are neutral and thus can be a part of any tribe.

The humans may be a new species for the Pokémon to face, but since the Great War, the Pokémon of Hoenn have turned into a thinking and adaptive species. It could take them little to no time to figure out the new technologies of the advanced humans...



The technology available for humans is roughly equivalent to the technology you will find today, except for transport. You have your smartphones, laptops and motion sensing mines, along with automatics and semi automatics, but the standard issue for the average soldier is the trusty AK-47 along with a hunting knife. Transport, on the other hand, has unfortunately not been well developed because of reliance on Pokémon. Boats, small cargo planes and jeeps feature in the Human Republic. The humans also have a basic translator inbuilt that helps them communicate with Pokémon.


Pokémon have advanced over the 50 years since the Great War. The Caerulus Tribe has built several tools which includes primitive weaponry like blades and scythes. On the other hand, the Ruber Tribe have focused on stealth aspect of battles, which include camouflage. Ruber Tribe's offense also includes large scale explosions and elaborate traps to make sure sea routes are often blocked for usage.

Map of HOENN

Brown = Caerulus Tribe
Blue = Ruber Tribe
Yellow = Human Republic
Green = Sootopolis City

Signup Form


Name (pretty obvious):

Sex (again, obvious):

Age (anything above 18 will work):

Appearance (give a brief description of how your character looks like):

Personality (How does your character act in certain situations? How is he/she in general?):

History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

Rank (see list above):

Specialization (Spy, Medic, Soldier, etc.):

Preferred Weapon (lets not go overboard here):

Other (anything else not covered above?):


Name (pretty obvious):

Sex (again, obvious):

Age (anything above 18 will work):

Species (what Pokémon are you?):

Tribe (Caerulus Tribe or Ruber Tribe. You HAVE to be a part of either tribe, your character though, can act generally neutral):

Appearance (give a brief description of how your character looks like):

Personality (How does your character act in certain situations? How is he/she in general?):

History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

Moves (Total of 5 moves, but can learn more later in the RP):

Profession (you can be anything, from a warrior, to a hunter, to a regular farmer):

Other (anything else not covered above?):


  • No godmodding, bunnying without permission, etc. In general, all PC Roleplaying Rules apply.
  • Please be active, and no short posts please. Make sure posts are over 4 lines. Also, proper grammar.
  • This RP is [M], or PG-17. Violence, blood and gore is to be expected. Mild cursing is allowed, and mild romance as well, but make sure you don’t go overboard on either one of them.
  • The technology in the time that this RP takes place in is roughly equivalent to the technology we have now.
  • Make sure the History is PMed and not posted in the main thread itself!
  • All OOC (Out of Character) posts and sign-ups go in the OOC Thread, and all IC posts in the main thread.
  • Have fun! No point RPing otherwise. :]
  • Make sure you include the following on the top of all your IC posts-

    Name of the character

Accepted Characters


True Epicness as Turnip
StinkomanFan as Sigil Casus
Elite Killer as Boston Mikkelson
Stingray as Jacob King
xLegionXx as Damien Pierce
-Grayscale- [Reserved]
Kyrul [Reserved]

Caerulus Tribe


EGKangaroo as Galeno
Kawaii Pikachu as Aurora Cato
Ray Maverick as Lordus Rivendare
Shinysweety [Reserved]
Nakuzami [Reserved]
Claws of Darkness [Reserved]
Zapdos926 [Reserved]

Ruber Tribe

Sir Bastian as Alicia
Strikit as Blythe
Greiger as Penance Malum
Heretostay123 as Jet Cross
Typh as Shadow NorBorn
Fortworth96 [Reserved]
Witalce [Reserved]

Fenne-kun March 6th, 2013 5:46 AM

You told me about this, so here~ You also said it's a third right? x3


Name: Zepheros (Zeph)

Sex: Male

Age: 22 - 25. He doesn't tell.

Species: Staraptor

Tribe : Caerulus Tribe

Appearance: Zepheros is a medium sized Staraptor who was born with a larger wingspan than the average of his kind his kind. The red bang on his forehead is longer and heavier than normal and his gleaming red eyes often force people to look away in attempt to avoid eye-to-eye contact. As he prefers to fly freely without a lot of weight pulling him down, only his talons and the tip of his red crest are coated in metal.

Personality: ‘Staraptor are highly aggressive and dangerous Flying-type bird Pokémon.’ - Bulbapedia.

You would not want to cross paths with Zepheros - he saves the questions for last. This talented bird-of-prey has earned the title of ‘Sky Assassin’ and it fits him ridiculously well. Headstrong and reckless, the Staraptor cares nothing about its opponent’s life and simply tears the enemy into shreds. When the victim has fainted, Zepheros would still deliver wreckless blows upon the target with extremely brutal and violent strikes. With a habit of being carried away, he would only stop when the body is nothing more than reddish slime and bones. Simply put, if Zepheros has a chance to go on a reckless killing spree, he cannot be stopped unless someone takes the risk and pins him down. He is that ruthless.

Zepheros’ battle style is also rather devastating. He would often use Double Team as a decoy and appear behind his victim. Swiftly after, a bolt of Toxic would guarantee its eventual death while a powerful close combat destroys it with his talons (he keeps himself levitated with his wings and releases a fast amount of kicks and jabs). As if that wasn’t enough, Zeph would continue to jab the enemy and unleash his fury onto its dead body, causing blood to splatter out like a fountain. Against humans, he can always just fly up behind the victim and pierce his neck with his talons, tearing it apart with one devastating split...or he can use the same routine.

Personality wise, Zeph likes to go solo or attack in a small squadron with guerilla tactics instead of fighting head on. His war-cry, which is his signature Staraptor screech, strikes fear into enemies’ hearts. Despite having a little ‘apprentice’ named Patriot (Rufflet, Nakuzami), he often goes alone and ignores the fact that Patriot would be following him everywhere. After being in the tribe for years, Zeph has developed new, decent perspectives that would help him in life...but due to his traumatizing past, most of his newer concepts are kept within his mind, cloaked by his lust for the taste of blood. This makes people think that he’s nothing but a killing machine, even though if he kills for the sake of his tribe.

In fact, he isn’t just an emotionless monster as there’s a conscience within the depths of his heart. Loyal and determined, he has no difficulty completing the tasks that are assigned to him. He also knows a couple of battle tactics (though not as much when it comes to political things) which would be decent aid to his tribe. He DOES have a more calm and serious side when it’s required, and he's willing to fight for respect and recognition. If you want guerrilla fights, assassination plans or just a great fighter than can stand up for himself, give this Staraptor a call - his battle cry (the signature Staraptor screech) is quite a morale boost for allies during a battle.

History: PM'd

Profession (you can be anything, from a warrior, to a hunter, to a regular farmer): 'High-class' Warrior

Moves: Close Combat, Brave Bird, Double Team, Toxic, Hyper Beam


Sir Bastian March 6th, 2013 6:58 AM

I'd like to reserve myself a spot here, as this RP seems pretty darned cool. Should have it up in a couple hours. So let's hope for some tense cross-tribe-race interaction :3

Karma Police March 6th, 2013 7:51 AM

@Fenne-Kun: Congrats! You're accepted!

@Sir Bastian: Sure, reserved, but for what faction? :]

Greiger March 6th, 2013 7:59 AM

I'll reserve as well please. Just what I need in my life, more conflict!

Sir Bastian March 6th, 2013 7:59 AM

Oh, for Pokémon, most likely the Caerulus tribe, unless you'd rather want me in the Ruber one :P Then again, it'd be awesome to be on the same team as Greiger. Which faction/tribe are you going with?

Fenne-kun March 6th, 2013 8:05 AM

x3 Currently, there's quite a lot of Caerulus tribe people! I think I know 5 Pokemon that's gonna join Cae, and practically 0 that's joining Ruber or the Humans. I'm sure DI would solve it somehow though.

Greiger March 6th, 2013 8:13 AM

Definitely Caerulus, need to get my main man Penance in here. Just tweak his history from Odyssey and whola!

shinysweety March 6th, 2013 8:18 AM

Looks fun!~ Reserve me for Caerulus Tribe pleeease ^^

Sir Bastian March 6th, 2013 8:19 AM

I think I'm joining the Caerulus bandwagon as well. Already got some nice thoughts about my character, so we'll see how things pan out! Now to get some players for the other teams xD

Greiger March 6th, 2013 8:21 AM

True true. We need some rock types up in this!

Fenne-kun March 6th, 2013 8:26 AM

This is getting more crowded than expected o.o Hail the Caerulus bandwagon! It is a privilege to talk to my Staraptor - Zeph xD //shot

Seriously though DI has to re-balance this a little bit xD Ruber only has Water Ice + Neutral while Caerulus has 4 types + Neutral. x3 Either way, it'll be sorted out soon.

Sir Bastian March 6th, 2013 8:40 AM

Hmh. It IS getting filled up quite well, so I might switch over to Ruber to even things out just a tad more. Yeah, sorry Greig, but I'm gonna join the water fellas :P

Karma Police March 6th, 2013 8:51 AM

@Greiger: iirc Penance is a Golduck, right? Then he'll have to be in Ruber because all Water types go to Ruber. I'll give you some time to sort it over though. :]

@Sir Bastian: Reserved for Ruber!

@Shinysweety: Reserved for Caerulus!

Greiger March 6th, 2013 9:06 AM

Oh, whoops, misread. Stupid studying that has caused my head to explode multiple times today! Yes Ruber then. Sorry, just off my hinges, once my test is done today then I will get on and get my SU up. So yeah, Ruber.

Karma Police March 6th, 2013 9:09 AM

@Greiger: Reserved for Ruber! Glad to have you on board.

Strikit March 6th, 2013 9:18 AM

I'd like to be reserved for Ruber. I'll have my SU up in about an hour.

EDIT: Ha! I guess I was thinking about rhombus when I wrote that.


Name: Blythe

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Species: Jolteon

Tribe: Ruber

Appearance: The static in Blythe's fur makes it unruly and unmanageable. On her ears, head, around her ruff, and along her back, it stands up sharply. Contrary to its appearance, it is not hard or rough. Instead it is soft and silky. The fur on her legs lies flat, but that is only because it is too short to stand up. Her short tail is nearly obscured by the bristly fur around it. When angry her tail twitches slightly, but it is too stiff to wag or move all that much. The fur on Blythe's head generally lies forward facing and occasionally even obscures her large dark eyes. When this happens she is struck by bolts of irritation strike her like lightning, which quickly translate into actual lightning. The electricity contained in her coat causes her to be surrounding by soft crackling sounds most of the time. These sounds grow louder when she is experiencing strong emotion, as the intensity of the electricity increases. In complete darkness the tiny bolts that hop from hair to hair throughout her coat are visible. When hiding or wishing to remain in obscurity she has to make the effort to stay as calm as possible, or else the lightning in her fur will give her away. Her paws are large and sturdy, perfect for running swiftly over harsh terrain. The stiffness of the hairs around the pads makes it nearly impossible for thorns or other debris to stick in her feet.

Personality: The name "Blythe" means happiness. There is some irony in that. Though Blythe certainly does have moments of joy, an electric temper dominates her actions most of the time. A short fuse, determination, and a competitive spirit make her an individual that may need to be dealt with diplomatically. She follows through on every task she begins, start to finish. Quitting is not something she is familiar with, nor something she is willing to do. Anyone who gets in the way of whatever she may be trying to do is automatically an enemy. There are many who contest her way of life, human and Pokemon alike. She has no patience or tolerance for those who would try and stop her from carrying out her work. With no discrimination for age, species, or gender, she'll meet any who oppose her with bitter and vehement force. In a fight she relies mainly on electricity to incapacitate and dispose of her foes. Thunder Wave is her favorite move; if she can simply incapacitate an enemy and then walk off, she will. Not only does it save her from unnecessary effort but it always seems to infuriate them worse than a defeat would.

Underneath this determined hunter, there is a lover of nature. Blythe loves little more than to spend her days engulfed in thick forests, swallowed by tall grass, the sun overhead and breeze in her fur. Most of her enjoyment of the hunt comes from just being out of civilization, be it human or Pokemon. Since large groups of Pokemon make her nervous, this self-employment type of job suits her very well. Her sharp, bitter personality is not very good for socialization anyway.

Moves: Thunder Wave, Agility, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Flash

Profession: Hunter-trapper

Other: Blythe has a particular affinity for snares, used to drag the query up into the air by a leg caught in the loop.

EGKangaroo March 6th, 2013 9:28 AM

So I saw that people were switching over to Ruber, so now I won't feel as guity anymore to ask if I could be reserved for Caerulus, which I will, of course, ask for.

Name: Galeno

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Species: Ampharos

Tribe: Caerulus Tribe

Appearance: Galeno is a tall, and well-defined Ampharos with a long and bulky tail. He is still fit for his age, even when some of the signs of ageing are creeping up on him, and he's certainly considered fit enough to serve in dire need. His rubbery yellow skin is getting paler every year, but the worn colour still shows up through the rust of age. The black bands that circumferate his neck, ears and his tail have a few cracks and clefts where the yellow skin runs through them, like chipping paint. His chest and abdomen bear a cream colour, and their borders fall crisp against the sandy yellow. His conical ears are puffed slightly. Galeno's two shimmering red orbs glow like two bright polished rubies when the electric current flows through them. He can control the glow of those orbs to an extent, being a helpful guide in the dark, though they may uncontrollably intensify in their brightness if his passion is unbridled and shine with a blinding glare. His long muzzle converges to a rounded tip and his eyes hold a fiery expression fuelled by rageing enthusiasm. His appearance may be bulky, putting him at a disadvantage at times when nimbleness and manoeuverability is necessary, but he packs the physical prowess to make up for it.

Personality: Galeno is a sentimentalist after his father. He makes rash decisions, driven by a fiery passion to commit himself to doing justice from his personal view. He swears allegiance to his friends and to his values, and vehemently defends them against criticism. He can sometimes be irrational and unstrategic in his decisions, and is too froward to let go of it when his fervour goes turbulent. Galeno stays fiercely loyal to what he believes in, and won't back down from the opportunity to propogate them. He is a frustrated personality, and his hatred is often directed at the manipulative upper classes – the humans, and the acquiescent leaders who send the citizenry to fight their wars for them. Galeno is an idealist at heart, who strives for an enlightened future that he envisions. His dreams often seem fictitious or unachievable, yet he remains stalwart to defend them.

On another side, he is adventurous, a fortune-hunter who seeks lucrative opportunities where they appear. His impulsive behaviour led him to become a risk-taker, a thrill-seeker, audacious and undaunted. He is willing to take the brunt for a friend if he must, and underneath the boiling emotion and patriotic fervour is a heart that wants to protect his loved ones from harm. He deems the arrival of the humans to be a direct threat to that security.

In a fight, he is the kind of character who relies on turning over his disadvantages to an edge with clever acting on the field. He uses his strength and split second thinking to compensate for his slowth. His tactic is to incapacitate the foe at first, using attacks that can immobilise or slow down an opponent. He usually does not mean to cause harm, but in the heat of the moment or when his ideals are at stake, he might lose any kind of self-restraint.

History: -PM'd-

Moves: Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Charge, Electro Ball, Thunder Punch

Profession: Merchant escort

Other: -

Typh March 6th, 2013 9:30 AM

if I may, I'd like to also be reserved for Ruber. SU will be on the way

Jönne March 6th, 2013 10:10 AM

I'd have me a spot at Caelurus Tribe, and I'll point out that it's Ruber Tribe, not Rubus.

Karma Police March 6th, 2013 11:16 AM

@Strikit: Reserved for Ruber. it's Ruber not Rubus :]

@Typh: Reserved for Ruber as well.

@EGKangaroo: Reserved for Caerulus.

@Ray Maverick: Reserved for Caerulus.

Now all we need is... humans xD

Witcalce March 6th, 2013 12:44 PM

Can I reserve a spot for Ruber Tribe? I'll try to have a SU up soon. :)

Nakuzami March 6th, 2013 1:23 PM

Pfft, according to Fennek's SU, I should be automatically reserved, lol.
Why you no reserve me?! You truly are a horrible father!

Rufflet; Caerulus Tribe

Hop to it, dad!

Turnip March 6th, 2013 2:18 PM

No humans yet? Blimey. I'll go first then, why not?
Not really sure about specialisations, but I think I've come up with something decent enough.

The SU vvv
Name: Turnip

Sex: Male... he thinks.

Age: Yeah, he can't remember... Probably 19 or so.

Appearance: (In case the picture in my sig isn't enough, here's a rough description)
He wears something like a hooded trench coat, with like some kind of light armour underneath, with knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves. He wears an odd helmet that can be pretty annoying, since it can't be taken off, but it has some helpful aspects. There's a knife at his left, a Desert Eagle on his right, and a strap on his back for just about anything he likes - currently the AK the Republic gave him.

Personality: Generally not really loving, Turnip will form friendships quite well, but may ask to kill someone every once in a while. Thankfully he asks, to which the usual answer is "No.". Despite this, and an obvious love of sarcasm, Turnip is actually really moral, and has a strong sense of logic - aside from the occasional mention of wanting to cheat at real life. He's pretty easy to get along with ordinarily, but anything serious and he'll make sure - or try to make sure - that justice is done. Well, justice from his point of view, anyhow.
Turnip doesn't show much of himself to others. Naturally a bit of an introvert, on the surface he shows no interest in romance - in fact he shows disdain at the idea - and very little in friendship. There is something a little deep down in there, though - and if he happens to share it with you then he clearly holds you in high regard. Or pities you. Or is tricking you. Or, uh... something, anyway. Probably respect. Anyhow, he isn't likely to be pointing a firearm at you any time soon. (Unless, of course, he's tricking you, in which case he probably already is.)

History: (not in here, nooo, nooo. PM for GM only.)


Specialisation: No official specialisation. Unofficially, though, he's a Power Ranger.

Preferred Weapon: Ak-47 primarily, but he often can't help a quickdraw shot from his Deagle. He also happens to be very fond of sniper rifles, but being a private he doesn't get to use them much.

Other: He is secretly a fish. Just kidding, nothing to put here.

Sir Bastian March 6th, 2013 3:03 PM

Here goes my SU! Hope y'all like it!

Name: Alicia

Sex: Female

Age: 26 (Assuming Pokémon don’t live as long as humans)

Species: Gardevoir

Tribe: Ruber Tribe

Appearance: Alicia looks just as any other Gardevoir would; She’s graceful in her movement, and her hair is a vibrant green, going to just below her shoulders, curling at the end. It covers her left eye most of the time, leaving only her right eye out, though she can obviously glance through the strands of hair covering her left eye as well.

She wears the typical long, flowing white dress, covering up her white legs beneath, making the dress seem almost a part of her, and giving the illusion that she’s simply floating along the ground, rather than actually walking as she is. Most often, she has a look of either worry or wariness on her face, but she’s also often seen smiling, at least when it seems like no danger is present.
By her hip and slung over her shoulder, she also carries a satchel made out of some form of silk, woven by an Ariados, a friend of her mother’s for one of her birthdays. It’s usually filled with berries and salves made of herbs and berries, as well as some bandages.

Personality: Alicia acts just as gentle as she looks graceful, at least for the most part. As soon as the topic changes to a more serious topic such as the war, or if she’s asked her opinion of one such topic, she’ll be sure to let you know –exactly- what she feels about it, most often seeming rather determined and at times, even stubborn about some things.

She will, however, listen to advice and to what her allies have to say and their ideas, not simply dismissing them, and if she finds them more logical and sensible than her chosen path, she’ll agree to following their directions from then on. She has a kind heart and enjoys aiding others, but has gotten rather protective of her fellow tribesmen and as such, she’ll not only be seen tending to those who might be hurt or need aid, but also moving into battle herself, providing support for the more heavy-hitters, although her psychic abilities are nothing to scoff at.

Moves: Teleport, Double Team, Psychic, Hypnosis, Heal pulse

Profession: Healer/Fighter

Other: I assume that since Pokémon are using technology and they have scholars and whatnot, that they have SOME kind of... housing, maybe built or carved out of a tree or somesuch.

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