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Forever March 5th, 2013 9:40 PM


Hey guys! Welcome to the event commemorating Black and White's original American release (given that it's based on New York) and the merging of the two Generation Five forums. From now until the 11th, you can participate in the following events by replying to this thread! Special thanks to GolurkIsDaBomb for the name of the event. Supporters and staff may participate in as many of these events as they want.

All events will occur in this thread, so make sure you put the name of the event you're participating in at the top of your post (you can have more than one event in your post!) Also, you don't have to participate in all the events too.




Castelia City has finally become a fully functional port leading towards the rest of the Pokemon world. Zoroark is plentiful in Lostlorn Woods and Team Plasma has reformed with a newly founded interest in Volcarona.


Black 3 and White 3
What if there was a sequel to the sequels?? Imagine two brand new games based upon Unova were announced. Think about Black / White / Black 2 / White 2 and then consider what Unova two years after the events of B2/W2 could be like. Reply to this thread with what you think the games will be like (make it in paragraph format of 300 - 500 words!) The best one will win a PokeCommunity blog.

Caption Contest
Add a caption to the image below then reply to this thread with your caption! A caption basically is a comment describing the content of the image or something the characters are saying, for those who don't know. :)

Click the link here for the image!

Draw this!
Draw any part from the following scene and submit it in the thread. You can use a tablet, or use pens and pencils - use whatever you'd like. It doesn't have to be in color (damn you, Golurk!) either.


In mythology, Unova was created by uniting the warring peoples of the land by twin heroes. They used a single dragon sometime more than 2500 years ago. The brothers started to argue over their beliefs; the elder brother sought truth and the younger brother sought ideals. Their arguments split the single dragon into Reshiram, who sided with the older brother, and Zekrom, who sided with the younger brother. Since they were both born from the same dragon neither could defeat the other and the brothers declared that there was no right side. However, eventually their sons continued the fight and both the dragons started to battle again, destroying the Unova region with their fire and lightning powers before disappearing. - Bulbapedia
Become a movie star~
For this event all you'll need to do is write up a scenario that's likely to appear in PokeStar Studios. Write about which character you'd like to play each role then you're good. Also, using the actual format from PokeStar would be most beneficial to you.

gunnerpow7 March 5th, 2013 9:48 PM

Caption Contest

N: ... Dad, why do you have an umbrella and not use it?
Ghetsis: Ummm... N... Why is there an exclamation mark on your head?

Necrum March 5th, 2013 9:57 PM

Caption Cotest:

"That exclamation point won't protect you from the rain, will it boy?"

Team Fail March 5th, 2013 10:09 PM

Caption Contest

"I'm sorry... Did I accidentally brush your fantabulous hair? Take this umbrella so you don't ruin it."

Isseubnida March 5th, 2013 10:15 PM

"Ghetsis: this will shut you up".


CarcharOdin March 5th, 2013 10:19 PM

Ghetsis: "It's too dangerous to go alone...take this!"

N: "'s just some cat Pokemon in the rain."


Shiny Electivire March 5th, 2013 10:19 PM

Black 3 and White 3
You start in the bustling Castelia city, and are given a starter and a Pokedex by Hugh, who decided he wanted to help the new Pokemon Professor Bianca distribute Pokemon and Pokedexes. Team Plasma was reformed, but Ghetsis perished within the two years between games. When Ghetsis was on his deathbed, he declared Zinzolin, one of the seven sages, to become the leader of the third reincarnation of the villainous team. This time around, the team wants to use the powers of Volcarona, a rare Bug/Fire type Pokemon found in the Relic Castle, to plague humans with deadly viruses and set the forests of Unova ablaze. As you embark on your long journey through the new, new Unova, you will have to make new friends, gain knowledge and respect, and eventually force Team Plasma to disband for the third and final time.

Not 300 words, but good enough IMO.

Ghetsis: Steal that Purrloin for me while it's wet and can't escape.
N: Never. I learned a lot after being defeated by that trainer 2 years ago, including that Pokemon aren't tools!
Ghetsis: You're dead to me.

Tackle March 5th, 2013 10:23 PM

Caption Contest

Ghetsis: What are you starring at?
N: Your right eye, I wanna see your right eye.
Ghetsis: Don't say anything, take this umbrella son.

FenrirDarkWolf March 5th, 2013 10:27 PM

Caption Contest:
Dad, why are you being a creeper?
Ghetsis: You forgot your umbrella.
N: Oh.. Thanks.

Kawaii Pikachu :3 March 5th, 2013 10:35 PM

Caption Contest:

N: What's that thing?
Ghetsis: N....this is called an umbrella. It protects you from the rain.
N: Ooooooo an umbrella!

Ace. March 5th, 2013 10:37 PM

Caption Contest:
N: But Dad..
Ghetsis: Do what I say or I will hit you with this umbrella!

Aryan143 March 5th, 2013 10:50 PM

Caption Contest:

Ghetsis: Take this with you or Purrloin will scratch your face
N: But I think that it's for protection from water not cats

Correspondence March 5th, 2013 10:53 PM

Caption Contest:

N: why don't you just use the umbrella?
Ghetsis: Because i'm stupid.
N: Oh, cool.

Black 3 and White 3:

Bleh, its pretty bad but whatever..

After the defeat of Team Plasma peace was once again regained in Unova.Most of the Plasma members disbanded but some of them went back to the good Team Plasma which was gaining people's trust by helping lost and abandoned pokemon.Unova is getting more developed by the second with Castelia becoming a port city helping it connect better with the rest of the world.Two years have passed and a certain young boy/girl(you) in Castelia City will be starting their journey today.You have been helping out Prof.Fennel with her work and in return she has gladly requested her dear friend Prof.Juniper to give you your first starter pokemon.Though on your way to the dreamyard you see some suspicious people trying to capture Latios/Latias, you fend them off and they tell you they are the revived Team Plasma.You decide to go to Nuvema town to tell Prof.Juniper about this but when you get there you spot N in near Hilda/Hilbert's house.He explains who he is and what he is doing here, knowing he was the ex-king from Team Plasma you decide to tell him about the plasma members in dreamyard.He is shocked to know that Team Plasma is revived once again and suggests you to check out the P2 laboratory, when you get there you see the Plasma Frigate flying off.You spot a plasma member still there and are ready to confront them to a battle but he tells you that he is just an undercover but was found out barely escaping with his life.He tells you about the plans of Team Plasma wanting to capture any strong and legendary pokemon including the regis, the three musketeers, Volcarona, Zoroark and so on.He also tells you that the Shadow Triad are running the show and them wanting to take revenge on the ones who foiled their master's plan.So eventually during your journey you spot Team Plasma city to city foiling their plans as you go along with some help of course.And in the end you finally manage to disband the Shadow Triad and Team Plasma for good, later going on to defeat the Elite Four.

Also, this is my 700th post!!YAY!

ShyRayq March 5th, 2013 11:10 PM

Ghetsis: N! Do you know where you are?!
N: What is it? Is it an injured Pokemon?
Ghetsis: No. It's just that you're under my umbrella, 'ella, 'ella, ey, ey, ey, under my umbrella, 'ella, 'ella, ey, ey, ey, ey ey.
N: Goddammit why did I show that to him?

Teh Blazer March 6th, 2013 12:51 AM

Ghetsis: I know you're a growing boy, but really...?
N: Father, I can explain.

Starry Windy March 6th, 2013 1:05 AM

Ghetsis: N, please bring this Purrloin for me!
N: But... why, Dad? It is injured.
Ghetsis: (if I mistreating this Purrloin, I'll become a bad example for N...) Here, this is for you. (sharing the umbrella)
N: Er... okay...

imevil March 6th, 2013 2:59 AM

N: Wait, why don't you just use your umbrella...
Ghetis: Hush my son, you will soon learn

D Dog master of war March 6th, 2013 3:57 AM

if there was a Black and White 3

I want your trainer from black and white 1 come back and be the champion with pokemon at lv.60 and his highest pokemon well be lv.69

and make N Return and give Kyurem the complete fusion,Make the the story go around the last two trainers who you play as,and the Pokédex gose too 360

Evil Stud Muffin March 6th, 2013 4:08 AM

Black 3 White 3
1 year after the events of Black 2 White 2, the Unova region is peaceful. Unbeknownst to the people of the Region N watches over them as a silent guardian through the newly reformed Team Plasma, making sure the calamities caused by Ghetsis and his followers never befall them again. The 3 dragons have been rightfully turned back into the dark and light stone, while Kyurem is placed as guardian over the stones in The giant Chasm, ensuring they will never see the light of day again. Nate Rosa, Hilbert and Hilda have all moved from the region, traveling the world to see its wonders, while Hugh along with Cheren join the E4. Bianca has taken over Jupiter's place as the regional Professor, and has situated her research center in Castelia City, to greet not only the new trainers of the region, but all the trainers that now arrive in Unova seeking adventure and knowledge of the New Unova. Much has changed in a year, with a newly placed hub system for easy traversal. Castelia, Undella, Straiton, and Mistralton act as central points of the region, all transportation hubs to which people can travel to with the subway. Each sub-regional area has their own E4 member representing them, and as such the old E4 has been dismantled. Hugh and Cheren are obvious for the Castelia and Straiton areas, but who are the other 2 newly appointed E4? And what about the gyms, how have they changed? The Unova areas are all balanced, with 3/ 4 city/town areas each. Unova Sotheast is Nuvema to Nacrene, with the borders lying on Pinwheel' Forest's Sky Arrow Bridge entrance, Unova Southwest is Aspertia to Castelia with a newly added marine tube allowing faster travel. Unova northwest is Nimbasa to Iccirus, while Unova Northeast is Opelucid to Undella along with Humilau City. Anville City is connected now to Mistralton via Route 24, however it remains an independent area, thanks to its newly founded battle frontier.
As aforementioned, N has taken Plasma to new heights, now aptly named Plasma Reborn, vowing to use them as the protectors of Unova, while slowly helping the people rebuild the glorious Pokemon League the region deserves. With his new place in Unova, the people have come to accept him as the King of Pokemon, and have named him the Savior of Unova. However, in the shadows evil lurks. Plasma still has members with the darkest of motives, hoping to continue Ghetsis work. Couple it with the absence of N after a mysterious storm, and the signs of turmoil are showing once more. What will happen to Unova after a year of peace and prosperity? More importantly why is the E4 suddenly Plasma Castle again, and why does it seem as if PR is abusing their powers? All and more in Pokemon Black White 3D this fall!

pikachu4249 March 6th, 2013 4:19 AM

Unova United [EVENT]
N: you need to learn quickly your life is in danger. You should the umbrella it will help with your life problems
Ghetsis: i don't have life problems!
N: I won't use the umbrella until you get life support.
Ghetsis: I don't need no support.
N: then you can use the umbrella.
Then Ghetsis and N start running towards a suspicious tower. When they enter they leave the umbrella outside.
N: where's my precious umbrella
Ghetsis: I fed it to purrloin before we came inside
N: now you really need life support
Ghetsis: I need no life support. I've got all the life support I need right here.
N: how sweet.
N and Ghetsis run into Team Rocket (While Team Rocket is running from a group of gengar, Jellicent, and a Golurk)
Jessie: run for it James
James: I though you said were going the right way meowth
Meowth: I though we were going the right Way.
N: Who are you. Put your hands up
Meowth: I don't have to put my hands up for nothing
Ghetsis: you get back here or else
James: na na nan na na. You can't catch me.
Jessie: where are you going James
Meanwhile Misty, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Brock, and Ash all meet up in front of the suspicious tower. They enter in running into Team Rocket.
Jessie: Prepare for trouble
James: make it double
Jessie: to protect the world from devastation
James: to unite all people with in our nation
Jessie: to announce the evils of truth and the love
James: to send are reach to stars above
Jessie: Jessie
James: James
Meowth: Meowth that's right
Ash: now give us our pokemon
Brock: there getting away
Cilan: go Pansage use bullet seed
James: go Cacnea pin missile
N: what's going on we have to get out
Ghetsis: go chandelure use flash cannon
Ash: Nows our chance

Sorry I started writing this at 6:02 but I posted it later. I didn't some of the posts till later. Sorry.

chen12 March 6th, 2013 5:18 AM

N: Erm... What are you doing?
Ghetsis: Don't worry. I'm only going to take a "quick look".

hinkage March 6th, 2013 6:47 AM

Ghetsis: lol you're getting wet
N: dad why do you always have to make things weird

Synerjee March 6th, 2013 7:23 AM

Caption Contest

N: (Distracted, he turns his head slightly and suddenly finds Ghetsis with his hand extended in a claw-like shape just inches away from his head)
......!, what.....are you doing...? And what's with that.....umbrella..?? O.o

Ghetsis: (Freezes in mid-action) Erm...urhhh.....n-nothing, nothing at all.......uh...carry on, my son. :|...

Pokemon: ...?

Drago Dragonite March 6th, 2013 7:59 AM

N: Dad... What is that umbrella for?
Ghetsis: That is easy. After building that huge castle that got wrecked by your friend Reshiram, we are short on money. So you are gonna do your version of "Umbrella", from Ryhanna to earn money. Put this bikini on.
N: Dad!
Ghetsis: C'mon, I saw you doing this a milion times! Dressing in a bikini, and singing "Under my umber-ellla, ella, hey, hey"...
N: You know me too well.

Tman March 6th, 2013 8:10 AM

Black 3 And White 3

In the third game, the trainer would come from Opelucid City. Team Galactic would return and would try to take control by fusing the twin dragons back to the single dragon. They do this by using a Hypno controlling Hilbert, making N and him battle. During the battle, Cyrus would use the DNA Splicers and the 2 pokemon would form a Black and White Stone resembling a Yin-Yang. Wondering why it didn't work, Cyrus looked to Charon who told him that they needed the third dragon, as Kyurem was the shell that held their stability. They set off to find the Dragon and the character begins their journey. They go counter-clockwise around the region, fighting gyms along the way and re encountering Team Plasma. Team Plasma at this time has become peaceful, with N heading all of the group. The character would also be informed that Ghetis is being rehabilitated by the Shadow Triad and that Colress is still at P2 Labs and is currently working on research of the Weather Trio. The character would eventually reach Giant Chasm and have to stop Cyrus. The character, despite beating him, would watch him fuse the Dragons and have to face Dagurem (Derived from the word Gray). After defeating Dagurem, Cyrus, like Ghetis, would try and kill the player. At that moment, a rehabilitated Ghetis would step in and counter the attack with his Klinklang. He would release the release Dagurem from Cyrus's power and the player would fight it one last time. That would rap up the story except now, after the pokemon league, the player would be able to enter the Hoenn Region, because of reports of long droughts and heavy downpours. The play would then be able to traverse the Hoenn Region, starting in Slateport City and battle the Hoenn Elite Four, with May (If a boy) or Brendan (If a girl) as the Champion. After the E4, the Player would be able to fight the Weather Trio before completing the game.

Caption Contest

"Where do you think you're going with MY umbrella?!?!?"

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