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deathbymanga March 6th, 2013 3:48 PM

Colosseum/XD Prequel
Hey everyone, and I have a great idea for a Pokemon game. Everyone loves the Gale of Darkness game right? No? Then eat my shorts, lol, anyway, I was thinking back to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and how it is a Prequel to the Deus Ex, franchise, and I thought to myself, would it be awesome if there was a Prequel to Colosseum?

It could discus the creation of Team Cypher, which could have been at one point, a government agency that was made to create shadow pokemon as a way to make Pokemon more controllable. So to test the Shadowification process, they captured Mew and used the Shadow process on it, because since Mew shares the same genetic code as all other Pokemon, it would mean that all other Pokemon would be able to be Shadowfied as well. Cypher at this time, does not know about the evil uses Shadowfying has, they were just trying to make Pokemon more controllable, which is perfectly logical for an economy that is built around controlling pokemon.

Unfortunately, Mew goes crazy thx to the power of Shadow, and decides to destroy Orre and all other human civilizations. And now it is up to you to stop Mew.

Satoshi Ookami March 7th, 2013 12:49 AM

Interesting... but that would force you to play as one of the Cypher team as noone else would know about the shadow Mew...
Well... yeah, it could be Wes and you could see the reason why he blew up the base, that would probably be cool...
Even though I don't think we will ever see something like Col/XD again...

deathbymanga March 7th, 2013 10:04 AM

That really sucks, because XD is my favorite game in the franchise.

But yeah, it could be Wes, or maybe his dad, who ends up disappearing in the end, and Wes gets taken in by the enemy, kind of like the end of Star Wars 3

deathbymanga March 9th, 2013 6:16 PM

Actually, I just remembered that Wes was actually an ex-member of Team Snagem, not Team Cypher, so here is probably what is going on:

Wes' father is Agent (something) and has been working for Orre's government. Orre has been transferred to look into the secret group known as Team Cypher, a subsidiary of the Government, tasked with trying to do, non-conservative actions that the people would approve of.

Wes's father is fair and impartial to the tests that the team is pulling, and agrees to go off on a quest to capture Mew for the group, so, yeah, game gets ready probably 20 minutes in and you need to capture one of the strongest Pokemon to exist. Yeah, this will only be thanks to the unbelievably badass roster you will be given by Team Cypher to accomplish said mission, and will take the Pokemon back after you complete it.

After this, Wes returns home to visit his son, Wes. He gets home and sees his son for a second, but then his wife comes out of the house with a phone, saying that she just got a call from a friend in the city, a Mysterious Pokemon, shrouded in Black Aura has attacked. Recognizing the Black Aura from one of the experiments being tested before he left, he realizes what has happened and what he has done. He bids his family farewell again and runs back to the city.

But when he tries to get back, the main road appears to be blocked by quite a few crashes of vehicles, all trying to escape. Taking a short cut, Wes's father comes into contact with team Snagem, doing their usual stuff by trying to steal his Pokemon. Wes defeats them with his own Pokemon and gets intercepted by the boss, he tries to assert his Power by challenging him to a battle, but looses as well. Instead of just swearing revenge or trying to be a douche, he accepts his defeat and realizes that Wes works for the Government. He accepts an arrest, but Wes says that he doesn't have time to take them into custody, so if they Promise not to get in his way, he won't report them.

After passing, Wes's Father makes it back to the city, only to find it in ruins and that there are hundreds of wild and dangerous Pokemon everywhere. At the center of the city is a Shadow Mew, floating above looking menacing, before flying off to who knows where. Wes's father makes it through the hords of wild Pokemon and to headquarters, where the chief scientist of Team Cypher tells the psuedo president what happened. After all the exposition is taken care of, Wes's father is tasked with tracking Mew, while the rest of them try to find a way to defeat Mew. He is tasked not with fighting Mew, but to track and report on what he knows. This is especially stressed when it is discovered that Mew has taken hundreds of captured Pokemon, including the party that Wes's father took with him to take on Mew before.

...yeah, just pulled that out of my @$$ in the 20 minutes it took me to write it. Thought that if there was actually something to talk about, people would give their opinions about the situation.

orangeralts21 April 6th, 2013 7:05 PM

Oh Great! This can explain why Orre is all Desert Waste-land and Phenac isn't!!!

And you're pulling an Assassin's Creed with this.....I.E. The whole Father thing...
What could the Starter(s?) be?
Do we know how Wes got his Espeon and Umbreon anyway?

Satoshi Ookami April 7th, 2013 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by orangeralts21 (Post 7612838)
Do we know how Wes got his Espeon and Umbreon anyway?

They've been with him the whole life.
Yes, we don't exactly know how he got Eevees in a region where wild Pokemon are not available but it's probably just something like... "Before Team Snagem came, the region had wild Pokemon"

Gligar April 7th, 2013 3:20 AM

I really do like that idea, but it's not a real game. If it was real game, it would be awesome!

orangeralts21 April 7th, 2013 1:23 PM

Well, I mean if we could focus the Colosseum prequel on Wes' Father we could have him with like an eevee or Eeveelution;but avoid it being so much like Michael's Eevee or Wes' Espeon and Umbreon. We could give him one of the Original 3 eeveelutions or something.

Maybe incorperate how Wes got his, like if Wes' Father(Should we give him a name so it's easier to reference?) had an Eevee or just had one at his House/Team Snagem HQ (Because Wes used to work for team snagem)

Also I honestly don't like Glaceon and Leafeon(and upcoming Sylveon) as much as the original 3. And Orre shows trends of having alot of Pokemon from Hoenn(XD) and Johto(Colosseum)

Example of Johto and Hoenn:
COLOSSEUM: 3 Johto Starters, Quagsire, Misdreavus Ledian, ETC (the most prominant to me)
XD:The Sextoplets' Spheal, Baltoy, Seedot,
Poocheyana, etc (sorry can't think of anymore right now.....)

Para-Dox April 9th, 2013 7:20 AM

I think that would be quite a interesting idea to look back at when Orre was inhabited with Pokemon, although I would like them to focus on a new character and view the region from a different perceptive.

Rather "meh" post is "meh" because I've never played Colosseum or XD, so I don't really have much experience with them.

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