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LiquidRage March 6th, 2013 7:01 PM

*!Pokemon Cycle Challenge!*

What is the Type Cycle Challenge?

One of the key concepts in Pokémon is that every type has at least one weakness. To keep these weaknesses in check, a player will commonly try to catch pokémon of different types. I thought it would be interesting if one were to play through the game with a set of pokemon whose weaknesses are found in other members of the team. In short, one pokémon on your team is weak to another, which in turn is weak to another. The way that weaknesses can continuously affect each other, as in a cycle, is the concept behind this challenge.

The challenge is to play through the game with a set of pokémon who are strong against each other, although this isn't 100% true. For example, one type cycle has Fighting, Dark, and Ghost. Fighting is super-effective against Dark, which is super-effective against Ghost, but how does Ghost play into Fighting? Well, Fighting has no effect against Ghost, so it's similar to being super-effective in a reverse sort of way. To avoid things being too complicated, I stuck to only doing sets of three types. This way, you can play through the game with just three pokémon, or with six, two of each type. I will refer to these as Moderate Difficulty (6 Pokémon) and Experienced Difficulty (3 Pokémon). You can find a list of the type cycles below. Feel free to tell me if I missed any of them!









I realise that Dragon and Normal Types are not included and this is because they have a small list of strengths and weaknesses. As well, there are many pokemon who have these as subtypes, so there's no need to worry. ^_^

Gotta follow 'em all! Okay, maybe not ALL of them...

-All pokémon on your team must have one of the types you picked. It's not against the rules if it doesn't have that type at the start, so long as they have it in a later evolution.

-However, you MUST evolve them as soon as possible.

-In light of recent events, if you come across a shiny and catch it, you may replace one of the pokemon on your team with it. I wouldn't want to be cruel and prevent you from putting a shiny into the Hall of Fame!

-Until you can get a pokemon assigned to you, you may use your starter.

-You cannot use Legendaries

-ROMs are allowed

-NFE (Not Fully Evolved) pokémon are optional.

-If you have no pokémon that appear before the third Gym Leader, you may hack in ONE LOW LEVEL pokémon of one of your types.

-Some Cycles do not have pokémon that can learn certain HM's, so I am allowing 2 HM Slaves on your team at a time, but you cannot use them in battle.

-If all your other pokémon faint, you must head back to the nearest Pokémon Center to revive them. If you're in a trainer battle, you'll basically have to let your opponent kill off your slaves.

-Regarding your teams, I will pick them so that you don't have completely dominating pokémon that can sweep through the game with few to no problems.

-Other than that, just have fun!

When is your challenge over?

Because all the games are different, each challenge ends at different places:

This challenge ends when you defeat your Rival, who has become the Champion

This challenge ends when you defeat Red on Mt. Silver

This challenge ends when you defeat Steven, whether in Ruby and Sapphire or in Emerald

This challenge ends with the defeat of Cynthia in all games

This challenge is over when you defeat Alder

B 2/W 2
This challenge is over when you defeat Alder as well


Single Challengers
LiquidRage: Fire Red, Experienced, GGrP
LeonKnight: Leaf Green, Experienced, IGrS
PsychoJigglypuff: Silver, Moderate, WGrE
xShadowx: Gold, Experienced, FGW
joshbl56: Emerald, Moderate, FiDPs
FlayedTree: Gold, Experienced, GrEFl
bmangoobs: Soul Silver, Moderate, IFlFi
LilJz1234: Fire Red, Experienced, [B]FGW

Ultimate Challengers
CanadianBaconX: Red->Gold->?->?->?, Experienced, FiRFl
Collutorium: Blue-Gold-Ruby-Diamond-Black 2, Experienced, WGrE

Single Champions
joshbl56: FSR (Congrats on being the first Single champion!)
xShadowx: Red, Experienced, FGW

Ultimate Champions

Here's the sign-up form

Challenge: Single or Ultimate
Difficulty: Moderate or Experienced
Trade-ability: Y/N?

EDIT: I have added trade-ability to the Sign-up form so I can know if you can trade to evolve pokemon.

This is my sign-up

Username: LiquidRage
Cycle:Grass, Ground, Poison
Challenge: Single
Difficulty: Experienced
Game: Pokemon Fire Red

Banners and Userbars

Single Challengers

Ultimate Challengers

Single Champions

Ultimate Champions

My team will be:

Wish me luck! ^_^

Thursday March 7th, 2013 10:59 AM

Hello! I think this would be a pretty cool challenge to do and would like to join!

Username: joshbl56
Cycle: Flying->Rock->Water->Electric->Ground->Grass (6 pokemon, if you're ok with that)
Challenge: Single
Difficulty: Moderate
Game(s): Crystal

I'm currently doing other challenges so I might start this one late, sorry '^.^

EDIT: I would also like to know if we could use the Fast Forward button on VisualBoyAdvance to speed through certain parts, if that is okay with you?

Leonknight March 7th, 2013 11:19 AM

Username: Leonknight
Challenge: Single
Difficulty: Experienced
Game(s): Leaf Green

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 12:24 PM

I did say that that the challenge was to play through the game with one of the cycles. If you absolutely must then I will accept. The reason I stuck with three type cycles was to keep the balance of them. In your cycle, grass, water, and ground are effective against rock, rock and electric are strong against flying, but flying is only strong against grass. It's unbalanced

EDIT: I am okay with you using the speed function on an emulator! C:


Your team will be....




Good luck against Brock! Lol

Leonknight March 7th, 2013 12:40 PM

Well...can't catch Nidoran till after brock sooo <.<

PsychoJigglypuff March 7th, 2013 1:06 PM

Username: PsychoJigglypuff
Cycle: Water -> Electric -> Ground
Challenge: Single
Difficulty: Moderate
Game(s): Silver
Trade-ability: No

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 1:35 PM

@LeonKnight: I thought you could find them on Route 3. Their rare, but their there!

@PsychoJigglypuff: Cool. Here's your team-







Go for it!

Leonknight March 7th, 2013 1:41 PM

Yea Route 3 is after Pewter city, and can't get to it cause of that one douchebag that keeps taking u to the gym xD

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 1:47 PM

Oh right. Derp. I always think Route 3 is the one that's next to Viridian City, with the optional rival battle.

Thursday March 7th, 2013 1:56 PM


Originally Posted by LiquidRage (Post 7569524)
I did say that that the challenge was to play through the game with one of the cycles. If you absolutely must then I will accept. The reason I stuck with three type cycles was to keep the balance of them. In your cycle, grass, water, and ground are effective against rock, rock and electric are strong against flying, but flying is only strong against grass. It's unbalanced

EDIT: I am okay with you using the speed function on an emulator! C:

Whoops, I think I misread the rules as you giving us some examples while we make our own cycle, sorry :( If I'm still able to do the challenge, I would like to change the cycle to FIRESTEELROCKFIRE please

CanadianBaconX March 7th, 2013 2:19 PM

Username: CanadianBaconX
Challenge: Ultimate
Difficulty: Experienced
Game: Red (to start)

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 2:51 PM

@joshbl56: Of Course You Can! ^_^

Here you go!







@CanadianBaconX: For you I think....




Best of luck to the both of you!

CanadianBaconX March 7th, 2013 4:27 PM


Scyther or Fearow, picture shows bird but the words say bugman :D

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 4:32 PM

Oh, yeah. Srry. You can take your pick. I actually chose Fearow so that you can have a pokemon before 2nd Gym, but it's your call. I mean, you can get Mankey right after beating Misty, but whatever. :/

Collutorium March 7th, 2013 5:17 PM

Username: Collutorium
Cycle: Water Ground Electric
Challenge: Ultimate
Difficulty: Experienced
Game(s): Blue, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Black²

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 6:27 PM

Okay, Collutorium. I'll just start you off with your blue team




There you go! You're all set!

EDIT: You can get Raichu if you want. I don't know why I said Pikachu...Umm....yeah...

Leonknight March 7th, 2013 6:34 PM

HA I also just realized I have to wait till Fuschia city to get my last two party pokemon. Can't get Jynx untill traded for Poliwhirl, and surf is from the Warden xD...

EDIT: Update #1

1. Picked Starter to last me untill I could get Nidoran, so I choose squirtle, and defeated Rival
2. Did all events leading up until Pewter City, where I confronted Brock and easily swept the team earning me the Boulder Badge
3. Finally Caught my first Team member Nidoran, and headed back defeating trainers I missed and training him up.
4. Nidoran evolved at lvl 20, I waited until an early Horn attack, into Nidorino. Which I immeditately evolved into Nidoking.
5. Finished up with Mt. Moon and headed to Cerulean city
6. Beat Rival at the Nugget bridge, along with all trainers and went and saw Bill
7. Headed back into Cerulean City, and destroyed Misty with Nidoking, earning me the Cascade Badge, and saved at Poke Center

Current Team:
Liege, the Nidoking Lv. 29
Calm Natured
Horn Attack
Double Kick
(would've got a better nature, but 1% chance to get a Nidoran(m) in LeafGreen)

CanadianBaconX March 7th, 2013 7:13 PM


Originally Posted by LiquidRage (Post 7569930)
Oh, yeah. Srry. You can take your pick. I actually chose Fearow so that you can have a pokemon before 2nd Gym, but it's your call. I mean, you can get Mankey right after beating Misty, but whatever. :/

Even though Scyther is my favourite, I'll go with Fearow since... I don't like the idea of having to wait till the Safari Zone to get 2/3rds of my team haha :D Challenge START!

LiquidRage March 7th, 2013 7:37 PM

Well, there you go! TWENTY EIGHT! TWENTY EIGHT FREAKIN' USERBARS! Take your pick. Geez, that was a lot of uploading and typing and retyping and coloring and shading....Ugh...

CanadianBaconX March 8th, 2013 2:13 AM

FiRFl Cycle Challenge: Pokemon Red Update #1

- Chose Charmander as my starter since Blastoise should lead to the most challenge for my party. Named him Box (Cause that's where he'll be living).
- Went to the Viridian Forest and burnt it... With fire.
- Challenged Brock, Charmander uses Ember, gets a BRN, Brock uses a Full Heal ON THE SAME TURN!!? CHEATER!
- Finished off Brock and moved onto Route 3 and caught me my first team member Torin the Spearow.
- Went back to Viridian Forest and fed Torin filled with Caterpies and Weedles.
- Arrived in Cerulean, punched my rival in the mouth, won a gold nugget and a trip on some boat.
- Torin evolved into Fearow.
- Even tough Route 5 was open, I got the Cascade badge first.
- Went to Route 5 and caught Ki the Mankey.
- Used the Dig TM on Ki, allowing him to clean out Route 11, S.S. Anne and Lt. Surge's whole gym.
- Ki also Evolved into Primeape on the S.S. Anne. I also used Bodyslam and Thunderbolt TMs on him.
- Saved at the entrance of the Rock Tunnel.


Torin the Fearow (31)
Atk: 75/Def: 58/Spe: 84/SP: 52
Mirror Move
Fury Attack

Ki the Primeape (32)
Atk: 80/Def: 54/Spe: 79/SP: 59
Body slam
Focus Energy

LiquidRage March 8th, 2013 2:11 PM

Pokemon Fire Red Cylce Challenge GGrP Update #1

-Started Game
-Got scolded by Senile Old Man
-Obtained Squirtle
-Got Pokedex and Old Man's Balls
-Fought through Viridian Forest
-Broke Brock and obtained BOULDERBADGE and Rock Tomb
-Got to Mt. Moon
-Caught Alucard the Zubat! and on a smaller note, released Squirtle...
-Caught Koume the Paras!
-Had one heck of a training session with them! Holy cow, was it tough!
-Taught Koume Bullet Seed
-Taught Alucard Thief
-Got to Cerulean City and fought Mayuri(RIVAL)
-Crossed Nugget Bridge and saved Bill
-Massacred Misty and obtained CASCADEBADGE and Water Pulse, which I sold
-Saved at Cerulean Pokemon Center

Alucard/Zubat Lv. 21
Bold Nature(+Def, -Atk)
Koume/Paras Lv. 24
Gentle Nature(+SpDef, -Def)
-Bullet Seed
-Stun Spore
-Poison Powder

Leonknight March 8th, 2013 5:45 PM

IGrS Pokemon Cycle Challenge: Leaf Green Update #2

-Headed Down to Vermilion City via the Underground Tunnel
-Boarded the S.S. Anne with the ticket Bill gave me
-Battle all trainers, and obtained all possible items before heading towards Captain's Den
-Defeat Rival, and Obtain HM01: Cut
-Left the S.S. Anne and went to the Vermilion City Gym to face off with Lieutenant Surge
-Demolished the gym, and obtained the Thunder Badge
-Returned toe Cerulean City, and headed west towards the Rock Tunnel, and passed through teaching Rock Slide to Nidoking
-Exited to Lavender town, and Immediately headed East to Celadon City via Underground Passage
-Obtained Coin Case, and Tea, and proceeded to the Game Corner and fought Rocket Grunt and opened up the Rocket Hideout
-Fought my way through, obtaining all possible items, and met up with Giovanni and Defeated him. Obtained the Slyph Scope
-Made my way back to Lavender town and Fought with Rival in the Pokemon Tower. Went to the top, and saved Mr. Fuji from the Rocket Grunts. Obtained the Poke Flute
-Went back to Celadon City, and headed towards the cycling road collecting HM02: Fly along the way. Road down untill I made it to Fuschia City
-Entered Saffari Zone, captured Poliwag and obtained HM03: Surf. Also obtained the Warden's Teeth, which rewarded me with HM04: Strength
-Trained Poliwag into Poliwhirl to get my second team member Jynx, via a trade at Cerulean City, and taught her Psychic. Psychic Obtained from Saffron City after trading Tea to the checkpoint guards
-Went to Celadon City gym, and earned the Rainbow Badge from the gym Leader Erika
-Saved game at Celadon City Poke Center

Badge Case:

Liege, the Nidoking Lv. 45
Calm Nature(+Sp.Def, -Att)(ouch T.T)
Horn Attack
ZYNX, the Jynx Lv. 36
Mild Nature(+Sp.Atk, -Def)
Lovely Kiss
Powder Snow
Ice Punch

LiquidRage March 9th, 2013 2:27 PM

Pokemon Fire Red Cylce Challenge GGrP Update #2

-Made my way to Vermillion City
-Caught Richter the Diglett
-Taught Richter Rock Tomb
-Trained a little
-Boarded the SS Anne and fought all the (wimpy)Trainers on it.
-Mopped the floor with Mayuri's face
-Obtained HM01 Cut!
-Taught Richter Cut
-Alucard evolved into GOLBAT!
-Koume evolved into PARASECT!
-Richter evolved into DUGTRIO!
-Stomped Surge (I only used Richter for his Raichu!) and acquired the THUNDERBADGE and Shock Wave!
-Battled through Rock Tunnel without using Flash cause I don't know why...
-Arrived in Lavender Town and saved.

Alucard/Crobat Lv. 30
Bold Nature(+Def, -Atk)
Ability: Inner Focus
-Wing Attack
-Confuse Ray
Koume/Paras Lv. 30
Gentle Nature(+SpDef, -Def)
Ability: Effect Spore
-Bullet Seed
-Poison Powder
Richter/Dugtrio Lv. 28
Timid Nature (+Speed, -Atk)
Ability: Arena Trap
-Rock Tomb

CanadianBaconX March 9th, 2013 4:29 PM

FiRFl Cycle Challenge: Pokemon Red Update #2

- Ran through Rock Tunnel.
- Hikers are the scum of the earth... Making their Pokémon explode all the time :l
- Made it to Celadon and Torin just laid waste to the pretty garden women.
- Entered Game House and got really dizzy spinning.
- Beat Giovanni and got Sliph Scope.
- Went back to Lavender to bust some ghosts.
- Demolished Rival.
- Oh Gen 1 and the fact that Seismic Toss hit's Ghost Types xD
- Beat up more Team Rocket and got a flute!
- On the way to Fuchsia, I ran out of PP for both Ki and Torin... Gotta say it was a struggle getting there but I made it.
- Went straight to the Safari Zone to pick up my final member Rylli the Rhyhorn.
- Taught Rylli a bunch of TMs and fought the gym battle.
- Rylli solo'd Kuga even with his amazing final manuever of blowing up his pokemon last Pokémon when I had a full team. (Rest + Pokéflute OP)
- Back into the Safari Zone to get Surf and... Teeth!?
- Got Strength and gave it to Rylli.
- Went to Saffron casue I forgot it exsisted.
- Rylli became a Rhyhorn in Silph Co. building so, I taught him Surf.
- Beat Giovanni again and got Marsh Badge.
- Surfed onto of my 4x weak to water Rhino all the way to cinnabar.
- Found the key and Rylli destroys entire gym.
- Returned home to Kanto and then got to Viridian.
- Defeated Giovanni and got my last Badge.
- Won against my rival and then got through Victory Road.
- Saved at the 'Pokémon Center' in front of the Elite Four.


Torin the Fearow (53)
Atk: 126/Def: 103/Spe: 147/SP: 95
Drill Peck
Sky Attack
Double Team
Take Down

Ki the Primeape (56)
Atk: 148/Def: 101/Spe: 145/SP: 108
Body slam

Rylli the Rhyhorn (54)
Atk: 173/Def: 155/Spe: 64/SP: 73

Thursday March 9th, 2013 7:52 PM

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting anything yet, I haven't really had that much time right now :(

Pokemon Crystal
Number of Badges: 7


*Chose to start out as a girl (Kris) and chose Cyndaquil as my first pokemon (Clyde)
*Did the first part with Oak and beat my rival pretty easily.
*Named the rival Silver (I was trying to use the speed button to name him. Super stupid to do)
*After that, I was officially a pokemon trainer and ran off to grind for some levels before beating Falkner in Violet City
*Was able to evolve Clyde into a Quilava even before going into Bell Tower, so I used that as a fast boost to get him to level 17.
*Off to the gym, I was able to rip all the trainers pokemon apart with Clyde :D
*After that I ran down to Azalea Town with only Clyde, ruining all trainers along the way >:D
*Into Azalea, I helped Kurt get rid of Team Rocket and then destroyed the bug gym. Went to buy quite a few great balls to catch a Pineco because Clyde's level was now 28
*Beat my Rival easily (Didn't have to heal Clyde at all) and then went off into the forest
*Helped the guy with the Farfetch'd, gain cut (which Clyde learned), and then grabbed Headbutt (Clyde also learned),
*I was then off beating its head again trees for a bit until I was able to get 1 to come out. Cue me just throwing 15+ greatballs to get it. When I finally DID get it, I named it Maria.
*Tried to grind Maria for a bit but had to stop thanks the Pineco apparently having horrible luck staying alive long enough to finish a fight (and I'm not talking about using Self-Destruct either :| )
*After that, I skipped most of the trainers right outside the forest and went straight for the Bike store to get the Bike.
*Quick stop at the Department Store, and then off to the gym.
*I was able to defeat most of the pokemon with just 1~2 embers (including Whitney's first pokemon) and then had to face Miltank. Clyde's accuracy went crazy bad which caused him to lose after Rollout was able to get high enough and Maria went after him.
*Grinded Maria's level up to around 23 (thanks to those fights I didn't do earlier, ironically enough) and then went back to the gym, where I was able to win without even having to use Maria -_-
*Skipped around as many people as I could on the next route and participated in the Bug Catching Contest for a quick Pinsir and a way out to get to Sudowoodo super fast but being halted by a little girl who I had to chase back to Goldenrod for the Squirt Bottle.
*Saved the game and then went after Sudowoodo, who died almost instantly against Clyde, so I SR and tried to use Maria, who did very little damage (and used up a few of my super potions) but was able to actually catch it. Named Sudowoodo Marcus.
*I went to Ecruteak, got Morty to go back to his gym, fought the Rival (easily won), set the dogs free, and then beat Ecruteak's Gym. Clyde finally evolved into Typhlosion during the fight before Morty.
*Went to the next route and grinded Maria to finally evolve into a Forretress. Still skipping as many fights as possible, I went down to Olivine City and to the lighthouse. Using only Marcus, I got up to Jasmine and promised to help her.
*After getting out of the lighthouse I grabbed the good rod to catch the Corsola. After a lot of krabby, accidental kills, critical hits, cursing and healing, I was able to catch a Corsola (named it Ursula)
*Starting at Goldenrod, I went all the back through all the trainers I skipped with Ursula and Marcus to level them up quickly (with a bit of grinding between fights).
*I've went back to Ecruteak, where I'm at now, and planning on fighting the Kimono Girls for Surf.
*Ok, I beat the Kimono Girls pretty quickly thanks to Clyde's high level compared to theirs.
*Taught Ursula Surf and then went off to Cianwood City
*Was able to get through the trainers in the gym pretty much unscathed but Chuck defeated three (yeah, THREE) of my pokemon with just poliwrath before Clyde was able to defeat it.
*Grabbed Fly from his wife, the secret potion and finally went up to fight Eusine before leaving.
*Back to Olivine, I gave Jasmine the Secret Potion and then to grind for 1~2 levels with everyone. Defeated her with just Clyde though :D
*Went back through Ecruteak, through the right route and over into Mahogany Town.
*Went straight up and defeated the Red Gyrados (
:\ I meant to catch it but whatever) and then helped Lance take down Rocket.
*On to the fight, I made sure to fight all the people in the gym to get an easy level for Ursula and Maria but both were defeated by Price. Had to use Clyde to defeat Price's pokemon.
*Skipping the few fights that were on this route (as many as I could anyway), I super repelled my way through Ice Cave and then went past Blackthorn City to get my Skarmory.
*After Ursula critical hit around half a dozen (she only ever seems to get them when I actually need the pokemon
:cer_frown: ) I was able to catch one and named it Faz.
*Teaching it Fly, I then went back to the routes to fight the trainers and then back to blackthorn to grind for levels.
*Currently going to go defeat Team Rocket

Current Team:
Maria the Forretress- Level 41
Rapid Spin
Take Down
Marcus the Sudowoodo- Level 42
Rock Slide
Faint Attack
Low Kick
Clyde the Typhlosion- Level 46
Flame Wheel
Ursula the Corsola- Level 40
Spike Cannon
Faz the Skarmory- Level 40

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