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Limanya March 12th, 2013 11:40 AM

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Roads of Light [T] [OOC+SU]
Rated T

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Roads of Light


The Crossblade Crew. The Woodland Wanderers. The Stealthy Sneakers. The Brute Breakers. The Lost Learners. The Arcane Alliance.

These six teams each live in the same large, no, huge land. They all work as a strange, but very sucessful mixture of exploration teams and rescue teams. They still have their own, sometimes strange, litte things. But they all do good things every day. Many Pokemon are grateful for this, though some still don't trust a few teams (Yes, i'm talking about you, Stealthy Sneakers.).

But there is one thing they don't quite know yet. A few of the Legendary Pokemon that watch over the land have chosen to align themselves with a faction. The Crossblade Crew got Lugia, the Woodland Wanderers got Celebi, the Stealthy Sneakers got Darkrai, the Brute Breakers got Heatran, the Lost Learners got Deoxys and the Arcane Alliance got Latias. Everything went well, but at one point, they became angry at each other. This anger caused more bad Pokemon to pop up in the so-called Mystery Dungeons, but that's not the only thing. If they're not stopped, or at least calmed down, the land will be destroyed.


The Crossblade Crew

These pirates often are found near the shores. Their base is near Atarip Town.


Leader) Captain Sareli Meliot, Delcatty (Limanya)

Member) Sensei Marek Samson, Throh (Xilfer123)

Member) Treasure Hunter Sillerax Colossus, Charmeleon (Typh)

Member) Sam Scooter, Gligar (mimimahboul)


The Woodland Wanderers

The Woodland Wanderers live in the Ferrum Woods. They usually use ranged attacks, which they adore. Just like nature. Their base is close to Venator Town.


Leader) Chief Lynn Hawkeswood, Ampharos (EGkangaroo)

Member) Naomi Sanders, Cubchoo (chinie12)

Member) Ryan Willarums, Snover (Foxrally)

Member) Erik Burks, Tangela (Flyborg)


The Stealthy Sneakers

These thieves are masters of stealth, thievery and trickery. These mysterious Pokemon live in the deepest part of the Ferrum Woods, and their base is close to Saccularius Town.


Leader) Chieftain Eclipse Nightmare Artemis, Umbreon (dcjboi)

Member) Prowler Weston Freeze, Sneasel (Khawill)

Member) Colonel Michael Harrison (Kanea)



The Brute Breakers

These warriors will never hestitate to use brute force and sheer strength to accomplish something. Their base is at the gigantic Securis Volcano, and close to Praelia Town.


Leader) Commander Brutis O'Neil, Primeape (heretostay123)

Member) Faber Capella, Riolu (Sugar Cotton)

Member) Brawler Michael Abbott, Hitmonchan (siiadams)



The Lost Learners

This...peculiar group of Pokemon setteled in the Cognosco desert a long time ago, where they study and learn. Their base is close to Scire Town.


Leader) Principal Fiora Evans, Gardevoir (MancerNecro)

Member) Protege Icarus McAvia, Emolga (trotz59)




The Arcane Alliance

The Arcane Alliance is a group of Pokemon that just hate to use physical attacks. They'd rather use elemental things, or anything Psychic-type. Their base is in the plains and close to Medeis Town.


Leader) Jack King, Castform (Xilfer123)

Member) Treasurer Victor Samuels, Electabuzz (Kanea)

Member) Colin Hughs, Lampent (Dements)




1. No Godmodding.

2. No Bunnying without permission.

3. I have the final word.

4. Don't be rude.

5. Follow the rules. Otherwise i'll give you a warning. Three warnings and you're kicked!

6. Have fun!

Warned and Kicked People


None yet, keep it like this please :3


Name: First name and last name. Middle is optional.

Nickname: (optional)


Age: 12 minimum. 22 suggested maximum. It may be higher if you want.

Species: (No legendary or fully evolved pokemon. A Team leader may be a fully evolved pokemon)


Title: Leader or member? Also, a title for the character. Captain <name>, Commander <name>, Explorer <name> and so on.

Appearance: How does your character look? You may post a picture.

Personality: Two lines minimum.

History: Four lines minimun.

Level: Members: 20-40. Leaders: 40-50.

Moveset: 6 maximum.

RP Sample: (optional)

My SU:

Name: Sareli Meliot

Nickname: Sa, Sara, Ellie, The Ocean's Trickster

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Delcatty

Faction: Crossblade Crew

Title: Leader of the Crossblade Crew, Captain.

Appearance: Normal, but the purple fur is much darker. So about this color. Indigo.

Personality: Like most others of her species, Sareli is elegant. However, this Delcatty is fascinated with trickery. Wishing she'd be born as a Purrloin instead of a Skitty, Sareli often goes to the Purrloin and Liepard. This has caused her to become quite...well, it's where her fascination with trickery comes from. She uses those skills to get what she wants. She does fight a lot, but she often tries the ''tricky'' way first. She's also pretty brave.

History: Sareli. That one name all the Purrloin and Liepard knew. That one Skitty that always was near them, painted as a Purrloin. Trying to blend in with the rest. Even going as far as using tricks and lies! Oh, how she was loved and hated. Some liked her, and admired her skill. Others found her annoying, and an imposter. Either way, while the Purrloin and Liepard had mixed feelings about her, the Skitty and Delcatty she lived with weren't all that happy about her. They thought her obsession was terrible. Horrible. Absolutely bad. They still accepted her for a while, but when she was thirteen years old, they banished her. She would have to live on her own. However, after passing through Medius Town, she had learned a valuable thing. Legend speaks of the Stealthy Sneakers, a group of thieves living in the Deep Ferrum Woods. They were so mysterious that nobody was sure if they existed. But Sareli would soon know. She headed there, and suddenly a Shiftry stopped her. Sareli explained why she was in the deepest part of the Ferrum Woods, and the Shiftry explained too. He was a member of the Stealthy Sneakers, and third-in-command. The Skitty jumped up and down out of eagerness to join, but the Shiftry told her that she'd have to complete a set of trials. Those trials proved themselves to be too difficult for Sareli, so she went away. A year of wandering around passed, and she joined the Crossblade Crew. The pirates that invited her hinted at many treasures and fame, so she accepted and became member. It was tough, yes, but worth it. After another long year, this one filled with exploring, rescuing and the usual pirate feast, she came upon a small island. They all explored it, but only one Pokemon found something: Sareli. A small, shiny stone lying in the sand. She wanted to take it to the rest of the pirates, but as soon as she touched it, a white light emerged from it. The light soon enveloped the curious and confused Skitty, and... Disappeared. The light was gone, and so was the stone. But as soon as she headed back to the ship, the others began talking about a Delcatty. Sareli was even more confused now, but when she looked into the water, she was struck with realization. She had evolved. She wasn't a Skitty. She was a Delcatty now. However, this granted her great power, and after two years, she became the leader of the pirates.

No longer was she that little annoying Skitty. She was Sareli Meliot, Captain of the Crossblade Crew.

Level: 45

Moveset: Assist, Dig, Copycat, Faint Attack, Sing and Scratch.

RP Sample: Sorry, can't really find a good one so i'll have to show you in the RP!


There are seven major towns. Each one corresponds to a certain faction, although everyone can visit them. The exception is the largest town, Medius Town. Every town has a few default things, but Medius Town has extra things.:


In the shop you can find items that will come in handy during your missions, and great service by the twins that run each shop, Nidorina and Nidorino.


If you have too much items, or a lot of money, the bank will be a useful place. Alakazam will happily protect everything for you. And because of teleporting abilities, you can access your items and money at any bank!

Elder's House (Medius Only)

The old and wise Noctowl who lives here will give great advice to everyone. She's a kind old lady who has many experiences and she'll happily share some with you!

Blissey's House

Injured? Blissey can help you. She has a lot of experience, and her medicines are wonderful.

Primeape's House (Medius Only)

Primeape has a normal house. Well, not really normal. Under the house is a large room where he'll train everyone to be as strong as an angry Machamp.

Sigilyph's House (Medius Only)

Here, Sigilyph can open chests for you. After opening a chest, you need to pay him, but you can also allow Sigilyph to keep it.


Limanya March 16th, 2013 10:59 AM

On a side note, we'll start as soon as there is a leader for every team.

<Challenger> March 16th, 2013 11:20 AM

Ooh! Ooh! I like it! Could I reserve a spot for the Brute Breakers?

Name: Brutis O'Neil

Nickname: Bruiser

Gender: Male

Age: 50 (I'll explain in the history)

Species: Primape

Team: Brute Breakers

Title: Leader/Commander, Captain, Commodore, General

Appearance: He looks like the average Primeape, but he's hunched over a bit and he has an white bandana tied each of his seperate limbs, one for each leader he's seen take command and die.

Personality: Brutis has become wise, with age. He is a good judge of character, and he dislikes those who do things for their own personal gain. If he has a choice in anything, it will be the more cautious, safer route. He's seen death before, so it's lost its grip of fear over him. He is almost fearless, but he is absolutely terrified of losing all of the Breakers. He has no feelings of love, except for the love of what's right. He doesn't believe in what he can't see. He may be in comman, but he doesn't like it.

History: He is the oldest member of the Breakers. Brutis was born a long time ago, a mankey who was hungry for glory. He trained every day of his life for a long time. When he was eighteen he was accepted into the Breakers under the leadership of a Machamp named Fist-Thrower. Fist-Thrower was a fair leader, who believed in what was right. He was Brutis's role model. However, when Brutis was 22, Fist-Thrower died. They were traversing a dangerous mountain when a Pidgeot had blown him off the side of it. A new leader was elected, a young, reckless Nidoking named Fury. He took the position of second in command under Fury. This Nidoking was killed in a skirmish with a dark force of pokemon three years later. The third leader was a Steelix. The Steelix, nicknamed Steelskin, lasted for ten years, until Bruiser was 36. It was at this point where Bruiser gained his nickname. There was an insane amount of rock types closing on the two pokemon, and he was unleashing his full fury, bashing down anything that dared to harm Steelskin. They eventually overcame Steelskin though, and he was killed. The fourth one was a Rhyperior named Brick. Brick was killed just recently, and a new leader was elected: Himself.

Level: 50

Moveset: Cross-Chop, Vital Throw, Dynamic Punch, Focus Blast, Focus Punch,

RP Sample: (optional)

dcjboi March 16th, 2013 12:11 PM

Could I reserve a spot??

Name: First name and last name. Middle is optional.

Nickname: (optional)


Age: 12 minimum. 22 suggested maximum. It may be higher if you want.

Species: (No legendary or fully evolved pokemon. A Team leader may be a fully evolved pokemon)

Team: The Stealthy Sneakers

Title: Member/Explorer

Appearance: How does your character look? You may post a picture.

Personality: Two lines minimum.

History: Four lines minimum.

Level: Members: 20-40. Leaders: 40-50.

Moveset: 6 maximum.

RP Sample: (optional)

Limanya March 16th, 2013 12:44 PM

Both reserved. Also, I would prefer it if people signed up as leaders first, so we can start earlier. But I don't mind you two being members XD

<Challenger> March 16th, 2013 12:57 PM

Alright. I could be leader. Do you mind my character being a bit older?

dcjboi March 16th, 2013 7:39 PM

I could be a leader but out of curiosity, I wanted to make him a young (as in mid twenties), inexperienced, leader who recently was put in charge.

MancerNecro March 16th, 2013 8:48 PM

I want to make a Leader character: Leader of the The Lost Learners.

I'm just now deciding between an Alakazam and a Gardevoir for the spot. A wise old Alakazam would be the most fitting but a slightly crazy and seductive but kind female Gardevoir would be more hilarious.

What do you guys think?

Limanya March 16th, 2013 11:49 PM

@heretostay123: You're accepted, and no, i don't mind your character being old.

@dcjboi and MancerNecro: Both of you are put down as reserved as leaders of the Stealthy Sneakers and the Lost Learners. MancerNecro, i'd suggest Gardevoir since we just got a wise old character. But whatever works for you XD

Also, we need leaders for the Woodland Wanderers and the Arcane Alliance (and you two to finish your applications) and then we can start.

EGKangaroo March 17th, 2013 2:16 AM

I'll be happy to reserve a spot as leader of the Woodland Wanderers. I'll post a sign-up today.

Limanya March 17th, 2013 2:49 AM

Alright, that means we only need everyone to finish their applications. And a leader for the Arcane Alliance.

Crunch Punch March 17th, 2013 4:46 AM

I would love to join but I've never been nor seen a Mystery Dungeon RP, how does an example post go like?

Limanya March 17th, 2013 6:32 AM

Well, i could redirect you to my old RP.

Here it is.

MancerNecro March 17th, 2013 6:40 AM

Heh, Gardevoir's more fun as a character and Pokemon to RP as. I just thought you might want the leaders to be more serious.

Limanya March 17th, 2013 6:47 AM

As long as it isn't too extreme, i'm fine with about everthing XD

RedWing March 17th, 2013 8:03 AM

Name: Claudia Vanderpool

Nickname: The White Thorn

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Glaceon

Team: Arcane Alliance

Title: <Leader> Mistress of the Frozen Arts

Appearance: Claudia shares the appearance of most other Glaceon with a few exceptions. Her fur is a much lighter shade of teal, looking almost white beneath the sun and making her appear nearly invisible during snow storms. Her irises are also a very peculiar shade of lilac, very uncommon in Glaceon. Her ears are decorated with several pieces of silver jewelry that she has acquired from past explorations and raids.

Personality: Claudia is quite possibly the most cold-blooded amongst the leaders of the exploration teams. She is cruel and calculating and this garners fear and admiration from her fellow team members. Claudia is not very concerned with the goings-on of Pokemon outside of the Arcane Alliance, although she does perform her duties as a Team Leader by sending out groups to help those in need when it is necessary. Mostly, Claudia is interested in lost treasures believed to possess incredible power or immeasurable wealth. Her icy disposition makes her a difficult Pokemon to work with, but Claudia does have a sense of humor, though rather twisted and cruel.

History: Claudia grew up as an impoverished Eevee. Her family could do little to take care of her and she was rather sickly in the early years of her life. Claudia would spend her days foraging for food or panhandling for Poke on the streets of Medius Town. Some days were good, others were not. One day, Claudia had successfully brought in 500 Poke and was so excited to bring it to the market to buy some Oran Berries for her family! However, before she ever reached the market, Claudia was mugged and had her Poke stolen. From that day on, Claudia vowed to never be so weak again.

She trained day-in and day-out, trying harder and harder to become stronger. Claudia eventually abandoned her parents, secure in the knowledge that they'd be better off without her as a burden. She traveled alone, across many different lands and through various Mysterious Dungeons in order to make herself stronger. During her travels, Claudia discovered the potency of her Special Attacks and how much more effective they were against enemy Pokemon. She sought to utilize this advantage, but had no idea how to since her own arsenal of Special Attacks was minimum and she did not have the Poke to buy TMs to learn more. During one of her rests, in a small town in the north, Claudia overheard a Jynx gossiping with a Glaceon about a strange rock at the heart of a cave that had the power to evolve Eevee into Glaceon! Excited to finally have a way to become stronger, Claudia raced for the cave and effortlessly made her way to the center. Placing a paw upon the stone, Claudia shed her weak, Eevee form and evolved into a much stronger, more dangerous Glaceon.

After evolving, Claudia traveled the land in search of others who had a clear potency in Special Attacks. Eventually, she came across the Arcane Alliance: A group of Specially-Offensive Pokemon who worked as a team to save endangered Pokemon and to also collect treasures and explore new Mysterious Dungeons. Claudia joined on the spot and quickly proved to be a very powerful asset to the team. At the time, the team's leader was a wizened Alakazam who did not have much longer to live. Seeing an opportunity to gain power, Claudia convinced the Alakazem to step down from power and allow Claudia to assume the role of leader of the Arcane Alliance. To this day, she runs the team with a frigid fist.

Level: 50

Moveset: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Hyper Voice, Signal Beam, Hidden Power (Ground), Hail

Limanya March 17th, 2013 8:06 AM

Accepted! Now, everyone needs to finish their applications so we can start.

EGKangaroo March 17th, 2013 11:21 AM

And here is my Sign-up!

Name: Lynn Hawkeswood

Nickname: n/a

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Ampharos

Team: Woodland Wanderers

Title: Leader; Chief

Appearance: Lynn is not very tall, not even for her own species. Her frame is trained to climb trees, take keen leaps from branch to branch, dodging obstacles, and maintaining a balance on unstable platforms. Her resilient skin is sunny yellow in colour, with ebony bands surrounding her neck, her conical ears, and her tail. The orbs on her forehead and tail are a faded dark red colour that glow a warm carmine colour when she is in a tranquil mood, though when she is provoked, the intensity of the glow can become a blinding off-white and spits of electricity may shoot from the spheres. Her eyes are caramel brown, and radiate her fostering attitude.

Lynn usually carries a russet brown felt satchel with her where she keeps her supplies when out on field duty. The bag is also embroidered with a metallic pin carrying the emblem of the Woodland Wanderers. She frequently wears a lincoln green dyed woolen scarf around her neck, with the knot tied behind her nape and the excess length draping down her back.

Personality: Lynn takes her responsibility in the role as chief of the Woodland Wanderers seriously. She commits herself to acting as a motherly guardian to the junior members of the team. Her temper can be erratic: when being confronted with violence against defenceless creatures, she will often lead an offence against the perpetrator. She is also one to almost never delegate risky tasks onto someone else, so she still frequently goes out on field duty herself. She is resourceful and outgoing. She is keen to her surroundings and her young and sharp wit makes her very adaptable to different surroundings, yet she has a lot to learn.

She is still inexperienced as a leader, but wants to do the right thing, and act with clear justice. She feels empathic towards the needy, and her disposition is generous towards others. She feels sceptical about most other teams' line of work, finding them either too passive or too impulsive, but is not beyond co-operating when needed, but her tendency to jump for leadership roles means she's not too easily convinced of other people's suggestions. She is not one for formalities and likes to stay down-to-earth, and involved with the rest of Wanderers. An idealist through and through.

History: Lynn was born in Venator town, a town located in the pale of the Ferrum woods. She was the eldest of four, and was the daughter of an agrarian family. Her father was the owner of a leppa orchard that was passed down from his grandfather as a family business that provided the prime source of income for the household. She was quite fostering towards her three younger brothers, especially when both of her parents were working in the orchard and she was left in charge of keeping peace amongst the roudy Mareep, until they were old enough to provide assistance in the farm business.

The Woodland Wanderers played a very trenchant role in the politics of Venator town, acting as peacekeepers when the town came under threat of a gang of dark pokémon that were robbing merchants travelling to and from Venator town. They established a firmer presence in the town, providing escort missions and retrieving the stolen goods from the dungeons where the hostile pokémon resided. The Woodland Wanderers were local legends to the common folk, especially the stories of prominent explorers. The stories of adventure woke a passion in Lynn to travel and join the ranks of the Woodland Wanderers herself. Her father, though, was concerned with passing down the farm the older he got. Though Lynn was given a chance to take over the farm, she refused the offer and presented the opportunity to her brother, Arnvid.

She travelled northward to the hall of the Woodland Wanderers when she was 16 years old, by then a young Flaaffy. After meeting the required trial, she became accepted in the ranks of the Woodland Wanderers, though her status as a newcomer got her sceptic treatment from the other members. She learned with them, and underwent a daily training regimen to navigate through the forests, mostly being assigned to the most modest tasks: gathering food in the forest to refill the stocks, acting on sentry duty. She still ached to explore and didn't let the belittlement from the more experienced members put her down.

She began to see real action two months after she joined. The chief of the Woodland Wanderers assembled all the members for an expedition that led them near the deep ferrum woods. There, a confrontation befell the party with the gang of bandits they had been meaning to intercept. In the battle that ensued, Lynn was cornered by two Houndoom, near defeat, and exhausted, she took the brunt from the two's constant physical attacks. Their contact with her bruised body created sparks that sent the dark pokémon into a stupor. She barely managed to overcome them then with a walloping electro ball and at last evolved into an Ampharos. She finally won the respect of the other members of the Woodland Wanderers. Over the years, she worked to become a dilligent explorer. The higher level of the Woodland Wanderers had taken notice of her achievements, and she was offered the position of third-in-command, meaning she was to lead the trials of new recruits from then on. Lynn felt honoured and accepted the offer without hestitation.

In the last year, a hectic re-arrangement of the leadership roles, with two abdications happening within a matter of a few months, put Lynn as next in line to take over the role of chief. The top layer of the Woodland Rangers appeared to shatter while the number of bad pokémon in the mystery dungeons burgeoned, and Lynn was left to direct the mayhem just a month from the present.

Level: 42

Moveset: Cotton Spore, Electro Ball, Charge, Thundershock, Power Gem, and Discharge

RP Sample:

Limanya March 17th, 2013 11:35 AM

Looks perfectly fine to me so you're accepted :)

Xilfer March 17th, 2013 12:14 PM

Damn it! I told myself I wouldn't join another RP, but PMD is too good to pass up. Reserve me as a member of the Crossblade Crew please.

dcjboi March 17th, 2013 12:31 PM

I plan on editing this a bit more but I'll turn this in for now.


Name: Eclipse Nightmare Artemis

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Umbreon

Team: The Stealthy Sneakers

Title: <Leader> Captain of The Stealthy Sneakers

Appearance: Eclipse has the standard black fur of most Umbreon although his circular rings glow blue. Also he has a purple bandana that he wears around his neck.

Personality: Although he is a guild leader, Eclipse is observant and calm so he can observe his surroundings and put them at good use. He is good at adapting towards the situation without hesitation. He dislikes being the center of attention if it's unnecessary and will avoid doing so whenever possible. He is inexperienced as a guild leader although he was a protege of the previous leader. He dislikes slackers but is very willing to help those who put work into the guild. He isn't emotionally attached towards his guild members althoug he isn't coldhearted towards them. Sarcasm and being snarky are his common traits. Stealth is Eclipse's primary technique, although he isn't the strongest he is definitely the sneakiest. He is very surveying and he NEVER let's his emotions get in the way of his work although outside of his work he loses some seriousness. Also there is no adventure to big for him.

History: Traveling outside of Saccularius Town seemed impossible for Eclipse thirteen years ago when the land was saver to roam. Since he wanted to travel the world, he became allied with the Stealthy Sneakers and soon joined them once he saw missions entailed traveling to foreign lands. The treasures and other rewards were just an additional prospect of joining although Eclipse really didn't care for material things. He soon took up a few solo expeditions for a few years and returned with plenty of tales and adventures of the lands abroad and along with these stories came a massive improvement of his skills.

Eclipse soon took up a habit of traveling solo or with few other Pokemon and became well known throughout the guild well enough the previous guild leader, Rex, took Eclipse up as his student. Soon afterwards though, Rex disappeared and the remaining guild appointed Eclipse as a temporary leader. Time passed and soon Eclipse was set as the permanent leader of the guild after he showed his prowess and his ability to make the guild well known to the world.

Eclipse is now currently dedicated leader of the Stealthy Sneakers although some deemed him too irresponsible for the job.

Level: 40

Moveset: Faint Attack, Moonlight, Bite, Dark Pulse, Pursuit, and Faint Attack

Limanya March 17th, 2013 1:14 PM

Xilfer, you're reserved. Dcjboi, it seems okay to me, but mind changing your title to something else than Captain? Anyways, we need our Gardevoir to get an application and then we can start.

MancerNecro March 17th, 2013 3:02 PM

Name: Fiora Evans
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Gardevoir
Team: The Lost Learners
Title: <Leader> Principal of the Lost Learners

Fiora is extremely special in her appearance as a Gardevoir. She is one of the rare breeds of Shiny Gardevoirs and many Pokemon marvel over her purple hair and arms.

Fiora is a little bit of an eccentric Pokemon. On one hand, Fiora is an extremely kind, knowledgable and respected leader of the Lost Learners. On the other hand, however, Fiora can be a little seductive and jumps over too obviously and quickly onto any hot guys that she sees. As a hobby, Fiora also takes to teasing and harassing some of the guild members of the Lost Learners.

However, Fiora is not fully a tyrant. Rather, Fiora governs her guild with benevolence, not forcing any of her guild members into doing anything that they do not want to do? In fact, there is always another alternative and option for the guild members if they are not happy with Fiora's decisions. Many take this as an undermining of authority and disrespect for the guild leader, but the Lost Learners members understand Fiora's kindness.

Fiora was a scholar at one of the more renowned Universities in the Pokemon world. However, at that time, Fiora was someone who did not have a lot of interest in books and could not be tamed easily. Feeling bored with her studies in the University, Fiora ran away from the strict education facility.

In this way, Fiora travelled the Pokemon world, enjoying the many sights and wonders of the Pokemon world. In fact, Fiora was fascinated by how much beauty there was in the Pokemon world. Ironically, because of this fascination, Fiora took to studying again, but this time in a more hands on manner. Fiora was the one who successfully mapped out and published a compilation of the most wondrous and magical places in the Pokemon world into a book.

With the publication of her book a success, Fiora continued with her semi-fun way of life, casually researching and compiling notes on many subjects in the Pokemon world. In order to facilitate her research, Fiora joined the guild, the Lost Learners.

Many of the members in the Lost Learners were glad to hear of Fiora joining their guild because many of them were fans of Fiora's works. Her research theses were interesting to read because of the way she had used a mostly informal tone that had managed to grab the attention of even the most uneducated of citizens.

Within the Lost Learners, Fiora managed to impress everyone, including the then leader of the Lost Learners. Thus, when the leader of the Lost Learners stepped down, he passed his role and position over to Fiora (to which most of the guild members agreed to and applauded).

Level: 40

Moveset: Wish, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Protect

RP Sample:
As the three of them ran down the sewers, they heard shouts behind them. Someone shouting orders, many footsteps rushing down the stairs.

Then, a ball of fire came and landed just behind Jade. His father turned around and prepared a thunder spell while his mother helped Jade up. They started running again.

As they ran, it was very obvious that they were definitely outnumbered. The boy's parents launched attack after attack at the assailants as they ran. The boy had even helped somewhat.

It was as if the entire chase had been prepared for just this moment when they had chosen to flee from their hiding place. Someone must have spread the news about their intended escape to Kraft.

But at last, they had managed to shake off the soldiers behind. Heaving a sigh of relief, the three of them rested for a slight moment before they climbed the stairs that would lead out of the sewers.

It was then. A whole volley of arrows, fireballs and thunder rained on the land. The boy and his parents were separated. There was chaos everywhere. The boy looked around for his parents. They were missing. Not even a corpse was found. That must mean that they were safe somehow. But he would not be safe soon. Jade realised that he had to hide, to keep himself safe before he could search for his parents.

Jade ducked back under the sewers and hid behind the stairs, taking care not to make himself too noticed. He heard voices and shouts. People walking down and up the stairs in and out of the sewers. Jade listened to the chaos, praying against hope that his parents were fine and that he would be able to meet them when he left the sewers...

... Long after the noise had faded, Jade walked up the stairs. He looked around. The area around the sewers was red. No one else was around, no innocents were hurt or killed, but there was a reddish evil feel to the air. The air itself was red. Was it dawn, or dusk? The red of a sunset? Jade sat down on the floor and cried. His parents were nowhere to be found. He was all alone now.

Xilfer March 17th, 2013 3:59 PM

Name: Marek Samson

Nickname: Sensei

Gender: Male

Age: 35


Team: Crossblade crew

Title: <Member> The Sensei / The Teacher

^Rough sketch of Sensei that I made using MS Paint.

The first noticeable difference between Sensei and another of his kind is that the colors on his uniform are inverted. Instead of a black belt, he wears a white belt, the symbol of a beginner. Instead of a white gi, he wears a a black gi. (Gi is his martial arts uniform) The symbol on his face has also been painted white. Secondly, he carries many scars from past battles all over his body, though most are hidden by his black gi. However, there is a large scar that is traced across the bleak symbol upon his face.

Personality: Sensei is a disciplined and prideful Throh. Years in training have rendered him a worthy opponent, and he always makes sure to put logic before emotion in a fight. Although he sees himself as the best martial arts fighter there is, he knows his weaknesses, and works hard to be rid of them. He is very self-disciplined, and can take orders without question. Sensei will do anything to protect his allies, even going so far as to put his own life on the line. When somebody proves themselves worthy enough to be his friend, their life is as valuable to him as his own. He also knows all there is to know about honor. Although he has no more dojo to honor, he has found a new, unlikely home in the Crossblade Crew, and will do anything to defend their honor. When somebody badmouths him or his crew, he will not hesitate to teach them a lesson in civility.

History: Marek was born to his father Throh and a mother Lucario. The two were both Sensei at the Rising Sun Dojo, a group of Fighting-types dedicated to the disciplined martial arts fighting styles. As soon as he was of age, Marek himself joined the dojo. The Sensei at the dojo found that Marek was a child prodigy, able to master the art of Judo by the age of ten, and then later the art of Karate by the age of sixteen. He was quickly awarded many black belts in all the kinds of martial arts he chose to learn. Over the course of his 30 years training at the dojo, he learned the arts of Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Kung Fu, and Jujutsu. The Throh was recognized as one of the most successfull members of the dojo.

Marek had become a respected member of the Rising Sun dojo, earning the trust of all of his peers and friends. He was training alongside two other Sensei when a messenger came with terrible news: his father had been kidnapped by a ruthless criminal known as Sylver Treach, a Krookodile. Marek was confused as to how his father couldn't fight back, but the messenger explained that Sylver had made him fall asleep with the Sleep Powder of a Bulbasaur and then restrained him. He explained that if the Rising Sun didn't pay the ransom of 500,000 Poke, he would kill him. The Rising Sun were a rich organization, and could easily pay the crook what he needed, but Marek took matters into his own hands. He would not let his father be hurt in any way, or let his dojo be insulted in such a manner. He would bring an end to his criminal. The other sensei reminded him that the martial arts were never to be used for violent purposes, and that if he left to find his father, he would be rejected upon return. Marek paid no heed to their warnings and set out to find the kidnapper. After several tips from friends of the Rising Sun, Marek found his missing father...dead.

He had arrived too late. Sylver and his cohorts had already killed his father one hour before the deadline. Marek was overcome with grief and anger, and killed every single Pokemon in the room. He took his father back to the dojo, where they buried him and gave him a funeral worthy of a Pokemon of his caliber. However, Marek was never again allowed to enter the dojo, and was made to wear a change of attire to show his banishment.

Level: 40 (Although he used to have a much higher level, years of no training has brought his skill down somewhat)

Moveset: Bulk Up, Body Slam, Vital Throw, Low Sweep, Brick Break, Double Team

RP Sample:
From The Pokemon Odyssey:


Never lose sight of yourself, Saul. Never succumb to the darkness. Live life. Never die.

Those words rung in Paladin's ears as he gazed upon Allora and his sister. For that moment, that slight moment, it seemed as if Paladin's dark side was gone. He could not feel it anymore, as if the darkness had detached itself from his body. He felt good, filled with emotion. Only now did he realize that before this, he had been entirely insensitive towards his companions, his brothers and sisters. Sure, there was a lot going through his mind, but it was up to Paladin to not lose himself in the sea of memories and thought. His mentor had taught him that.

Paladin felt the soft pat of the Lilligant's petal against the rough texture of his skin, as she assured him that she would be there for him. The trust between Gold Tribesmen was unbreakable, that much he could see. Allora and the Lilligant had only known him for the duration of this day, and yet, they were willing to do everything in their power to help him. He felt that he had forgotten about this sacred trust, too concerned with a selfish lust for truth to care.

"Allora, thank you, but..." Paladin began. He realized that he still hadn't explained his full story to the Ninetales, though he wasn't sure that he knew his own full story. "I've been this way as long as I can remember." Paladin's gaze turned gentle, as he turned to his Lilligant sister. "I'll allow you to do what you can, but I doubt you'll be able to get rid of..." he motioned to his dark side, "this." He sighed. "I don't think we should stop now. Veletra is in grave danger, and I owe her for saving me. She comes first."

Paladin approached the angry Ninetales before him. "I won't let her die for me." he said firmly, though he wasn't sure if he was talking to Allora or to himself. With that, he strode past her, expecting the rest of the group to follow. The Abra took a turn to the left when he opened another secret tunnel, and the Golurk followed. The next tunnel they were in was annoyingly claustrophobic for the giant, since it was so small that he had to crouch down to fit in. "You better know where you're going, Abra," Paladin grunted.

Not my best SU, but since the standards in this RP are somewhat lax, I guess it doesn't matter. I hope Throh doesn't count as a fully-evolved Pokemon, though I don't think it does.

Limanya March 17th, 2013 9:40 PM

Both of you, accepted! And that means we can start. I still need to update the OP, but feel free to post in the IC thread.

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