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Satan.EXE March 15th, 2013 7:53 AM

F O R S A K E N ― [M] [IC]

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Chapter 0


Continue Everyday Life

dcjboi March 16th, 2013 11:59 AM

Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


Kyle frowned as he waited for the ShoWare Center to open. He was going to be coming back to see the Thunderbirds game later on in the day but he was currently there because he wanted to inquire about a job. It was fairly early and he knew the place was just opening up for the whole day and they wouldn't let him in for another hour or so.

Pacing outside, Kyle glared at passerby and the occasional employee who entered the building. None of them would let him in and they stared at him as if he were some sort of delinquent. Once he thought about it, he might have gave off that impression by eying all the workers at the arena.

Getting tired of walking, he sat down on a street-side bench, tapping his foot impatiently until he felt his phone vibrate. Digging in his pocket, he pulled out out his phone and read a text from his mom, shortly followed by another from a friend of his from Chicago. He deleted the message from his mother without even looking at it's contents and read the once from his friend.


o.O how is itj going there?
He quickly read the message and deleted it shortly afterwards not wanting to respond. He hated how this guy was trying to make small talk with him and it made it even harder to let go of moving back to Chicago. He really needed to make some friends here but he really disliked the people who lived here.

SylveonStar March 16th, 2013 12:41 PM

Amanda smiled as she left her families apartment slinging her bag over her shoulders as she dialed a number on her phone and held it to her ear as she walked down the hallway towards the stairs. "Hello?" A feminine voice said in her ear.

"Hey Kelly, just calling to check what time my shift starts at the store" Amanda said brushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Boss says be in no later than 6" Kelly replied.

"Alright thanks." Hanging up her cellphone Amanda put it in her bag along with her ballet things. She was going to the park for a bit before ballet class and then work. did I remember to tell my mom were I'm going she thought before gasping loudly as she slipped on the stairs quickly grabbing the rail to keep from falling. "That was close" she giggled continuing down the four flights if stairs to the ground without anymore trouble.

"gosh, why am I such a klutz" she muttered as her phone started ringing with the song "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson. Pulling out her phone she flipped it open to read her new text message.

Where are you? -Mom

Same thing I do everyday Mom. Going to the park. -ASM

Okay, Are you working tonight? -Mom

Yeah, start at 6, get off at 11. -ASM

Alright, Love you sweety, have fun at ballet today. - Mom

Love you too Mom, check in with you later. -ASM

Once she was finished texting her mom Amanda put her phone back in her bag double checking one last time to make sure she had her inhalers, her leotard, tights, and her point ballet shoes in her bag. Leaving the building she started towards the park like she did everyday smiling kindly or waving at the few people she knew. Moving her bag to her other shoulder as she neared the ShoWare Center which was on her way to the neighborhood park.

Khawill March 16th, 2013 3:48 PM

I was home alone again, and school was out. I grabbed my tablet, and pen, and put on my jacket. I didn't really know where I would go today. I grabbed my keys to the house as well, and locked the door behind me. My red Timberland jacket and jeans were sufficient to keep myself warm, and I had about 50$ in my wallet. The day was sunny, and as I walked through the quiet neighborhood, I felt serene.

The neighborhood I was in didn't have many kids my age, at least not any that ever went outside. I knew because I was always outside. I heard a dog barking, and thought about how much I always wanted one. I walked out of the neighborhood onto the main road nearby, and followed the sidewalk into the city.

Cars flew past me, so many of them obviously speeding. As I got closer to the city, there were plenty more, and as I walked past the skyscrapers there were plenty of people walking as well. Teens were everywhere, walking with parents, friends, or as a couple. It made me smile, all of the people where so happy.

A group of teenage girls that didn't attend my school, looked at my and giggled. I smiled and waved, and went into a nearby coffe shop. I was a regular here, and one of their cashiers knew sign language, so I always enjoyed coming here.

"Hey Tac! What's up!" The current cashier was a tall, dark skinned guy in his twenties. He always wore a green and yellow bandana and no sleeves, even in the winter.

I signed, "Hi, can you get Richard?" To him, it was the only sign language he knew, because I taught it to him.

"Yea man, one sec." He turned and yelled back, "Yo Richard, Tac is here!"

"Okay Demetri!" The reply came.

I signed a "Thank you" to him. Of course he didn't know the meaning, so he just laughed and took the next customer. He was a real nice guy, everybody was when I'm around.

Richard motioned me over to the other register, "What can I get ya today?" Richard was the owner of the restaurant, a light skinned, middle aged man. He had a wife and children who occasionally "helped" him at the cafe. He never told me why he knew sign language, though I always assumed he had a mute niece or cousin or something.

I signed out the number for the item I wanted. It was a coffe with an egg sandwich. I sat at the barstool nearby. "Did I ever tell you how I got this restaurant?" He told me often, because he loved telling stories. I assumed he always told me because every other customer would tell him yes, but I always smiled and shook my head no. "Well it was about ten years ago, back when you were younger than Sara, and this man, he wanted to burn the place down for insurance" He laughed, "I tell ya, it was a beautiful bar, and I thought it would be a shame if it was burned down you know."

I nodded and smiled, eating my sandwich. He was wiping a glass clean, "So I took out a loan and offered to buy it. Boy was my wife sore, you know she told me this place would be money sink. That I put the family into debt for nothing!" He laughed heartily, it boomed through the store. He was a large fellow. "Boy was she wrong! I ran a bar all the way until my oldest Jen was born, and I just didn't think a bar was kid friendly. So I changed it to a Coffe and breakfast store, and we have been pretty successful since!" I finished my sandwich and signed that his story was amazing, but that I had to go.

"Such a good lad, so active I tell ya. So many other teens sit around and waste the day away, but you are always out and about." He pointed to Demtri who was flirting with some girls at the counter, "Unlike that slacker." I imitated a laugh, it was a funny joke. I payed him for the meal and signed a goodbye.

"Yo goodbye quiet bro!" Demetri yelled, then went back to flirting with the girls. I waved goodbye and stepped outside. The group of girls were waiting outside, one in particular was very nervous looking. They whispered to each other as I walked by. "Just ask him." This brown haired girl said, her face was very pretty to me. Flawless skin on all of them on second glance. I looked over my shoulder while walking, it looked like they were following me and one of them was still red-faced. "Come on!" A red haired girl whispered, "You are the one who called dibs." This was followed by a series of hushes.

"He is looking this way!" The brown haired girl said, it was a little louder than a whisper. I looked forward, and kept walking.

The girl with the red face finally gave in, and she walked closer to me while the others giggled. She called out and asked me to wait up. "Hey, wait up." Her voice was cute, she had to be a freshman by how I looked at her. It was a nice voice though, soft and kind to my ears. I thought she must be a singer or something. "Hey, I'm Clara, what your name?" Her voice stuttered, and she was clearly nervous.

I reached into the bag strapped around my shoulder and pulled out my tablet, along with my pen. Clara found this rather odd though, "Hey what's that?" She asked.

I wrote my name on the tablet, "So your name is Tacent?" She said, "Why are you writing it? Why don't you just tell me?" I wrote on the tablet that I was a mute. "Sure you are." she seemed agitated, "Look, if you didn't want to talk to me you could've just said so and not be such a douche." She said hurt. She turned away angirly and probably sad, and walked back to her group. Even when she yelled at me, I thought her voice pleasant.

I put the tablet and pen in my bag, and pulled out a piece of gum. I started walking again, rather bummed by the encounter, but then I heard behind me one of the girls yell, "Hey jerk!" I stopped and turned around. The group was still there, but the brown haired girl angirly stood behind me. "What's the big deal? What is your problem?" I looked down, I wouldn't be able to respond. "What, are you some kind of chicken?" She glared at me, I felt it. "Answer me!" She growled. Her voice was hard, it was harsh, and it was powerful, an angry voice. She huffed and slapped me in the face when I didn't respond. "Pretentious jerk." She marched away, and confronted the girl named Clara.

She hit me pretty hard, and I had tears in my eyes. Not because of the pain though, it was because I could never talk to people, that this would always be my curse. I wiped my eyes, sighed and continued walking. Maybe I'd ride the ferris wheel, at least there I'd be alone.

IceFyr1928 March 16th, 2013 8:51 PM

Lune - An average day

Lune, who was just about as bored as she normally was, drifted above Tac as he walked down to the city from his house. She mentally noted the group of girls that were giving Tac funny looks as per the norm, Tac stopped at the Coffee shop on 6th, and went in. Lune followed closely, touching down and folding her wings as she entered. Tac walked up to the counter and talked a bit with one of the guys behind the counter. Well, when Lune said talk, she meant in Tac's own special way. He used gestures and hand motions as opposed to words. Pretty soon Richard, the only guy there that knew sign language and the owner of the small shop, came out and began talking with Tac.

Lune slid into an empty barstool directly next to Tac, and turned so that she had a complete view of the shop. Now, she'd be aware of any intrusions that she'd need to be aware of. She absentmindedly listened to Richard's story, not really that interested. Once Tac was done, Lune got up, and followed him out the door, taking to the skies again.

She noted the group of girls were following Tac, at what she guessed as what they assumed a safe distance was. She flew closer to the ground as one broke from the group. She was pretty, at least Lune thought so. She'd really love to see Tac in a relationship. However, once Tac began writing his response, the girl seemed to blow a fuse, overreacting as most teenage girls did. She stormed off after a few hurtful words, which began to kindle anger in Lune. She thought the incident was over, but then another girl walked up to Tac. More harmful terms ensued, followed by a slap to Tac's face. Lune landed directly next to Tac, anger beginning to bubble out, and she would have attacked the girl that had slapped Tac, were it not for the words that burned in her mind. "THOU SHALT NOT INTERACT WITH THE HUMAN WORLD, SAVE THE MOST DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES," it yelled at her. The other part of her felt intense pity for Tac. Why couldn't people just understand?!? She would have also hugged Tac on the spot, comforting him as a mother would, were it not for the same words. Tears filled Lune's eyes. Tac had been sentenced to suffer, and Lune could do nothing but suffer alongside him.

She was remotely glad when Tac began walking away, but tears filled Tac's eyes as he did. Lune's heart ached, and she remained directly next to him, walking on the ground. Tac was so alone, and she couldn't be there for him, save when his life was in danger. Even then, she onl interacted with him in an indirect way. Sadness almost overwhelming, Lune followed Tac as he continued on his way to wherever it was that he was going.

Satan.EXE March 17th, 2013 7:42 AM

Outside ShoWare Center

Chapter One: Part One
Another Day

Jade yawned slightly, though she never needed to sleep, so she wondered why this was. A physical sign of boredom? If so, it was dead-center accurate. She didn't know what was more boring; watching hockey, or sitting around near the entrance waiting for it. Her attention drifted back to Kyle, who at that moment pulled out his phone. It showed two new messages, and he deleted his mother's message without even opening it. "You dolt!" She shook her head. "That could've been important." She knew he wouldn't hear her, so she spoke freely around him. The only time she'd have to worry about pretty much anything was when there were other angels about-- or other potential hazards.

However, they were pretty much alone right now. No one else seemed to really care about Kyle's existence, which relieved a lot of stress for Jade. The last thing she needed right now was for Kyle to get into a fight with someone who may have a weapon. Her mind seemed to drift on forever but it turned out to be only a moment as when she looked back Kyle was reading the other message, deleting it as well. "You're never going to find friends if you treat them like that..." She sighed to herself, and, seeing as there was literally nothing to do at the moment, she pulled the bow from her back and began firing energy-arrows at the arena workers as they passed; safe, non-hazardous target practice!

She fired at the moving targets, hitting each one right between the eyes, in the ear, or dead-center behind their heads. However, this even proved to be boring her. She sat herself on the bench beside Kyle, sitting on top of the backrest with her feet down beside him. It was eerily silent this morning. However, something caught her attention, and she quickly swung her body around the bench and stood behind Kyle, facing away. She pointed her bow at an approaching person with what was assumedly an angel, but she could never make that assumption. "Halt!" She aimed her bow directly at the unknown creature's head, readying an arrow. "State your business here! how do I know you're an angel and not some demon in disguise?"

Khawill March 18th, 2013 2:39 PM

I didn't feel sad anymore as I neared The Great Ferris Wheel, and I was rather happy to see that save for a few teenagers, there were almost no people. I would be able to get a solo ride for sure. I decided that I would get food first, as my breakfast earlier wasn't very satisfying. I went to a nearby McDonalds and picked up large fries and a water bottle. I sat down at a table near the ferris wheel and watched the line.

I sat there for about ten minutes, just thinking and daydreaming when I noticed the group of girls again. They didn't notice me, and although I was looking at them, I was sure they wouldn't bother me since one had already hit me. I looked down at the table, just looking at the patterns on it. The problem was, even though I wasn't looking at them I knew they would still be there. I decided I'd just wait here, at least until they left.

dcjboi March 18th, 2013 7:38 PM

Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


Kyle bit his lip in disdain as a few minutes went by. It was about the time he was told to enter the arena but as he approached, an employee ran towards the hulking front entrance door from the inside and eyed him with a look of scorn. The employee was a man wearing a gray mechanic jumpsuit with a worn out tag that rendered it illegible. He was wearing a dirty white ball cap and had a grungy appearance especially in his face.

As Kyle reached for the door, the man withdrew a set of keys from his pocket and locked the door from the inside and sneered at him from behind the large glass windows. "Saying you need a fist to the face was an understatement." Kyle said in an irritated tone. Without giving the man a minute to respond, Kyle spat on the glass and the man gave him a look of disgust before walking off.

"Screw you." Kyle muttered flatly. There went his opportunity for a job, which was meager to begin with. He had an odd feeling that he would have been waiting even longer for the same results if he hadn't gotten angry. If that man had stayed any longer Kyle no doubt would have beat him. He hated how adults would look down on him just because he was a child or his looks.

"People like that never get affected by Karma." Kyle said to himself with a grim frown. He didn't care about the old guy leaving him. He was really bothered that the man choose to not let him in before he even spoke a word.

After the man disappeared in the halls of the arena Kyle punched the glass with enough force to cause a crack to form although oddly enough it didn't make a loud noise. Immediately Kyle felt guilt but turned to return home.

When he reached the street side, a sharp pain appeared on his fist where Kyle hit the glass and blood ran down his fist. Kyle glanced at his hand feeling his anger returning and put it up before his face, examining if it was worth bandaging. Before he could determine this, he bumped into a short, blond girl.

"What do you want?!" Kyle said in a startled tone, wishing he had retracted the statement as he saw it was a stranger.

<Challenger> March 19th, 2013 8:47 AM

Courage swooped down and quickly placed Amanda's hand on the rail. It was nearly impossible to keep this girl up and running, in all honesty. She was clumsy, but she was smart, beautiful, and everything in between, so it was worth it. Courage had formed an attachment to her. She was clumsy though. I have to be careful, vigilant, heroic, and courageous. Courage was all for saving the day. He had to do it a lot, so it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

He followed behind Amanda, making sure to put a good twenty feet between them. She was going to the park, right on schedule, and talking to peope she knew. Courage glanced around to make sure that no demons were following, scanning for any potential threat. With Amanda, it could be anywhere. That's why it was imperative to stare down everyone who gave her a strange look. His imposing, black form was usually enough persuasion to stave off the worst of criminals. They're right to leave her alone. If anyone hurts her, they'll have to answer to me. Being an Angel was difficult for Courage, but it was all worth it if he and Amanda were to go to the Heavens together.

Fuyu March 19th, 2013 7:10 PM

In which an assignment must be done (Part 1)

“Liv, are you going out?”

She paused from tugging on her socks to nod at the slightly distracted, handsome face of her big brother. Kyle tilted his head down pointedly at the position of her legs on the bed. She let out a surprised squeak and covered herself, face turning red. “Thuh-thanks,” she stammered out, brushing on the black fabric covering her legs. “I missed that.”

“Just don’t do it outside the house,” warned the young man. “I really don’t want to explain that to our mom, you know?”

“Neither do I,” she replied, brushing down each lock to curve back around her head. “I have a late shift tonight so I’m taking my homework. Do you want anything Kyle?” They didn’t really mind her stealing from the counter, being that she had to lock up the store and walk home by herself at night. Well… it wasn’t quite she.

Because Olivia was a boy, despite the way she stood right now, examining her appearance with the mirror.

Kyle shook his brown head. “Just be careful out there, Josiah.” He never called his brother by his pet name, no matter how much he pleaded and wheedled him to try. Why he could call her Liv, she would never understand. “It’s a scary world out there.”

Picking up her bag, Olivia nodded quietly. She toed on her shoes and smiled. “I’ll keep my eyes open,” she assured him, sprinting out the door and out of the apartment complex. The loud bustle of the city met her ears gracelessly and she smiled to herself, heading into the throng of excitable people.

“Mr. Phillips said he wanted a scenery sketch… so… maybe… where should I go?” She murmured to herself. “Um… maybe…” Taking off at a faster pace, Olivia shook her head. She would try the ferris wheel. Getting a quick sketch from the height would be easy enough… and the sea had good guidelines… or something. So she went down the sidewalk.

Ugh, there are a lot of twists in this place… Despite herself she giggled and hurried on. Olivia may have had not a hint of a sense of direction, but she did have the ability to see a giant wheel over buildings. Her ear itched and she adjusted the aid back to its comfortable position.

There was a sudden thump and she found herself on the ground, bag and sketches clutched in her arms. Looking up into the glaring face of one girl, irritated eyes watching her. “Hey, why don’t you pay attention?”

“Sorry…” she murmured sheepishly. “Ah… are you in the line for the ferris wheel?”

Another girl hmphed. “Does it matter to you, you weirdo?” Olivia flushed shyly.

“I was just wondering… because of the line… never mind.” Picking herself up, she scurried away to go sit at a food table.

“Maybe… I should just draw the ferris wheel instead…” With a sigh, she picked at a page of her sketchbook. “People are scary….” She scratched her pencil at the page, looking forlorn. She didn’t even notice the other boy at the tables.

IceFyr1928 March 19th, 2013 7:22 PM

Lune - An average day pt. 2

Lune was once again in the skies, watching the crowd around the Ferris wheel. Tacent was still sitting at the table, his head down. That group of teenage nightmares was back, and if they touched Tac one more time, she wouldn't hold back... It wasn't until she saw a girl causing a slight commotion that Lune began intently paying attention. This girl seemed to not notice Tac, as she sat directly accross from him, and pulled out a sketchbook. Something still seemed slightly off about the girl, but Lune decided to not let it bother her. She landed in the seat, directly next to Tac. It was a bit harder to observe the crowd from up here, but she felt that it was reasonably safe. A quick spell of detection ensured this, as nothing out of the ordinary would remain unknown inside of her invisible field.

Jbsundown March 20th, 2013 8:46 AM

Chalie, the Angel

Charlie sat there and watched as Jos- Err... Olivia got ready to head on out. Just as she was putting on her socks Kyle walked in. Charlie respected Kyle as he was probably the only person in the world who could understand Josiah's erm... 'Situation'. Also, no matter how much Kyle seemed supportive of Josiah/Olivia Charlie could see that he secretly wished, or perhaps not so secretly wished, that Josiah would eventually grow out of it. Although, both Charlie and Kyle knew that it would probably never happen.

As Olivia headed out, Charlie could see a huge crowd heading over towards the ferris wheel. He could hear that Olivia would be heading over to the ferris wheel in an attempt to sketch some scenery. Charlie thought that the ferris wheel would be a brilliant time to draw some scenery. Whilst Olivia was walking towards the ferris wheel, Charlie could tell that she seemed really happy. It was great that when becoming Olivia, she could find some peace within herself. Being Olivia definitely helped in a mental state, but could it hinder it as well? Charlie thought it best not to worry about that and just watch some more.

When Olivia arrived at the ferris wheel, she accidentally ran into a girl. The girl's reaction was shocking! How could someone respond like that! What if Olivia had hurt herself. Charlie was fuming at this. He barely ever became angry or anything of the sort but at the reaction of this disgusting 'child' he was angered very much. Now Olivia couldn't even get on the ferris wheel as she was scared. The poor girl. Hopefully, this boy would be a much nicer person than the one she had first made contact with.

Lokiepie March 20th, 2013 9:13 AM

Maeve (Mae) Rosania

Mae pulled on her leather jacket before picking up the small slip of paper on the coffee table in front of her. She had worked flat out this week and was now reaping in the benefits of her hard work as she pocketed her payslip. Crossing the well-furnished living room, of which dust coated most of the furniture, she pushed open the door and walked down the corridor. The furious clicking of keys of a laptop sounding from an ajar door at the end, the solid hard wood door held open a few in inches with a rather expensive brass statue.

A lop-sided smile tweaked at her lips as she regarded this for a moment before sticking her head around the door and peering into the room through her long fringe. The long strands of dark hair tickling her nose, as she pushed the statue and the door back to accommodate her body.

The room was large with a mixture of old and modern styled furniture scattering its insides, while plain white walls reflected the sunlight which came through the large windows which stretched across one side of the room. In the middle lay a large, Chinese styled bed in which her granddad sat, propped up by three pillows, eyes studying his laptop’s screen with an odd intensity.

“Not going well?” Maeve asked, almost giggling as she watched him grunt and slam his finger down onto the backspace button of his laptop, holding it there for a good while.

Looking up over his half-spectacles, a look of surprise briefly toying across his face, Anthony Rosania grinned, motioning for his grand-daughter to enter the room. Maeve obliged and made a beeline for the leather chair at the side of the bed. Technically this was where the nurse sat when she made her visits, but for now the space was open, at least for another hour.

Almost throwing herself into the welcoming soft leather, she grinned at her granddad whom regarded her curiously, a smirk playing with his lips as he shoved his laptop away from him.

“Cheery today, I see” He mocked, winking at her before folding his arms across his chest and falling back into the pillows at his back, his breaths short and raspy. Maeve, sitting up and propping her head into her hand she almost flinched as she heard his breathing changed with the slightest of movements.

“Janet not been here today?” she asked, pursing her lips slightly as she watched her grandfather’s face.

The old man almost laughed at the question and then shook his head.
“That old battleaxe of a women? I sent her to go and get some Safcoria.” At this he grinned wickedly, twiddling his thumbs together as he stared at the door, the look of pride set firmly across his face. “On account of my heart and all.”

Maeve however, narrowed her eyes as she tried think about all the herbs and food which her grandfather had told her about from his travels and when she came up blank she just had to ask.
“Ok you’ve lost me, what is Safcoria?”

At this her Grandfather met her gaze with his own and shrugged, grinning.
“You’re guess is as good as mine.”

“You made it up?”

“I made it up.” He nodded, smiling as he looked over to the door. “She’s been gone for hours” he added gleefully before turning back to his company.

“So what is it that I owe the joy of your company today, Mae? Got anything good for me? Any gossip from the coffee shop?”

Mae shaking her head slightly at her grandfather’s joke, leaned back slightly, chewed on her bottom lip for a while before finally deciding on what to say, not bothering to comment on his trick as it was nothing new. The coffee shop gossip however a common topic in their morning chats, the old man missing his old writing spot like he missed being able to eat all the junk food he used to, though Mae did not regard the place with as much interest as her relation. She worked there at the weekends and it was a nice enough place, though not the most eventful of places. Often filled with old friends of her grandfather’s and other old dears who happened to pass by.

“Oh! Mary has got herself a new man.” Mae finally said, remembering Mary, the old gal with long silver hair and the apple of many old men’s eye within the café.

“Drats!” Her grandfather hissed, slapping his own thigh and pouting ever so slightly. “Knew I should have made a move last time I was in.”

At this Mae almost laughed and the conversation continued for a little while, before the distant sound of the front door opened and slammed shut with enough force to make the walls shudder.
“ Anthony Robert Rosania!” Came a thick Scottish accent from the bottom floor, it’s loud tones reverberating off the walls. “You lied to me!”

“Oh dear..” Anthony began, shooting his granddaughter a look, as if pleading her to save him.
At this, Mae bolted from the chair and darted across the room, the look of pure horror on her grandfather’s face almost making her laugh as she ran for it.

“I see how it is!” he called after her, as she grabbed her bag from the living room and moved for the back door of the house. He had annoyed Janet, he had to deal with her, as there was no way Mae could handle her sharp tongue right now.

“See you latter Pap’s!” Mae called, as the heavy footsteps of Janet’s ascent sounded along with numerous mutterings cursing Anthony. “Have a good day Janet!” she added, before going down the back stairs and leaving the house, closing the door behind her just as Anthony’s voice sounded “don’t you “pap’s” me! Betrayer”

Almost laughing now, Mae readjusted her bag on her shoulder and regarded the world outside, moving down the side ally to the front pavement within a few minutes. She was technically meant to work today, but the Café didn’t expect her in till 5, it being poem night after all.
So her afternoon was free.

The idea of free time however, almost seemed alien to the girl as she started to walk down the road. She had been working back to back shifts for so long now that she didn’t know what she wanted to do now she was free.

So thinking back to her childhood, she remembered the Farris wheel and how she had never actually been on one. Such things being below her status at the time. So Nodding to herself, she began her trip towards her destination, sun beating down onto her dark, brilliant hair.

gimmepie March 21st, 2013 6:09 AM


Caradoc watched Maeve go about her morning, he always watched his Maeve. She was his life. As Maeve left the solace of her own room Caradoc followed her down the hallway of her grandfather dank, but rather nice home, not that the quality of the house meant anything to him as long as Maeve was happy. That was important; Maeve had to always be happy.
Caradoc slipped into the room behind Maeve as she squeezed through the barely open door into her grandfathers own bedroom, where he sat atop a Chinese styled bed – odd for a man living in Seattle.

Caradoc glimpsed at the laptop screen, reading the wonderful story that the old man was working on whilst listening intently to the conversation between Maeve and her grandfather. It was a humorous exchange between the two relatives. Caradoc laughed inwardly at his charge’s brilliant wit, she was not just pretty and hard working; she was also hilarious. He couldn’t be happier to be paired with a woman such as her.

At the arrival of the snarky old nurse Caradoc again had to slip through a narrow gap as Maeve sprinted out of the room and down the houses back flight of stairs before heading on down the road. Caradoc felt as though there was a spring in the girl’s step that day which put him in a wonderful frame of mind. If Maeve was this happy, why shouldn’t he be?

SylveonStar March 21st, 2013 8:21 AM

Amanda was nearing the ShoWare Center and shook her head slightly. She walked by the place just about every day, but she never went in. She wasn't a sports person. Didn't like to play them or watch them at all. "What do you want?!" a male voice said in a startled tone right as someone bumped into her.

"o-oh, I'm sorry" Amanda apologized looking up to see a boy about her age, who was much taller than her. As she looked at him she noticed his hand was bleeding and paled slightly at the sight of blood. But her need to help others quickly made her forget about her dislike of blood. "Your hurt" she said stating the obvious before digging through the side pocket of her bag to pull out a small portable first aid kit.

"My names Amanda, what's your name?" she asked opening the first aid kit and pulling out an alcohol wipe and a small roll of bandages. "Here, this should help your hand" she smiled kindly extending her hands to the boy she just met to give him the two items.

Khawill March 23rd, 2013 8:44 AM

(Joint post with Fuyu, anything in first person is Tac's pov, 3rd person is Olivia's)

Olivia let out a sudden wince and her line dragged downward. Oof, that was... that was definitely a big mistake. This was only the sketch version... but still. She didn't want to have that possibly ruining her shading. Did I bring my eraser with me? Putting her pencil over the paper, she dove into her bag. Her legs swung back and forth, tapping shoes against metal. Balance, not being one of her best qualities, didn't instantly kick in and she nearly fell out of the chair. Thankfully, she grabbed the edge of the table... just in time to blow away her sketch paper.

Olivia panicked mentally, trying to stand up and grab for it before it hit the floor. "Ah..." she had to hurry and get it before she had to restart and the colors changed...

I looked up to see if the group of girls had gotten on the ride, a pice of paper blew onto the table I was sitting at. I picked it up and examined it. It was an unfinished drawing, I looked around to see who it came from and saw a girl approaching. I won't be able to speak to her... I worried, and I won't be able to answer if she thanks me... so I quickly grabbed my tablet and pen.

Olivia let out a sigh of relief at the sight of a boy. He had grabbed her paper, lucky for her. "Thanks so much," she murmured, giving the boy a nervous smile. "I needed that. Good catch." In his spare hand was a tablet and pen. Maybe he liked to draw too. Or he was in an art class or something. He was probably good too. Maybe he could show her how to draw rivers. She always put the lines in the wrong place.

I opened up the drawing app and wrote, "No problem." and smiled. I then wrote, "It is a good drawing." I wasn't much of an artist myself, and I found her incomplete drawing to be better than anything I could draw.

She watched him scrawl the words and gently took her paper back. Olivia flushed softly. "Oh... well, thank you very much!" Looking around anxiously, Olivia pointed at the chair. "Um... would you like to sit down?" The girl decided at the second she had made the offer not to ask about the use of the tablet. Everyone had things that were different about them. It would be cruel of her, of all people, to make a comment. Therefore, she carefully put the drawing in a folder and put her work away. She would try to give him as much of her focus as she could... until a butterfly would come by of course.

I sat down and wrote, "Sorry about the tablet." Showed it to her then continued, "I am a mute." Showed her again, "Then wrote, I can not speak." Then I wrote, "Are you riding the ferris wheel?" She wasn't as critical as anyone who had spoken at me before.

She read the words slowly and smiled. "You don't have to apologize." To her, it wasn't too big of a deal. "It's not like it's your fault, you know..." This boy sure was nice. Would he be nice to Joey too? Olivia always wondered about that. Did people like Olivia because she was a girl or Joey because he was... girly? Girl-like? Eh... it was something to be thought about all the time. Olivia found herself looking up at the ferris wheel and grimacing. The face made her muscles twinge. She really did dislike looking depressed.

"Well... I was," she admitted. "But... those girls that were over there... they kind of scared me..." A sheepish laugh left her lips. "People sure can be mean, huh?" She did know, if she had been Joey at the moment, she would have been just as much of a mouse, but they would have fawned over him like leeches. It would have been... horrible.

I smiled, and nodded. People were mean, and I guess it was no coincidence that they wer mean to everyone. I wrote down, "I had problems with them too." I rubbed the side of my face, that girl had quite the arm. I then wrote, "Still, why would they bother us again?" I could see they were getting on the ride, so I wrote, "And look they are getting on now." The whole time I was smiling.

She looked at him with a rather flat sort of puzzlement. "Because they can," Olivia said softly, venom tinting her voice a fraction. Olivia let her thoughts chase her away for a moment. Then she tilted her head, looking puzzled. Her green eyes flickered and she grinned dazedly. "You have a nice smile." For a moment, she was quiet. Then her cheeks colored pink and Olivia hid her face, looking embarrassed. "S-Sorry..."

I laughed, I'd never been complimented on my smile before. I wrote down "Thank you" and showed her, then wrote, "What is your name?"

Olivia's cheeks darkened further. She hadn't even said her name yet... what should she say? What if he met Joey? "... Olivia." She smiled again. "Olivia Evans. Who are you?"

I wrote down the name, "Tacent, but my nickname is pronounced T-ah-k" Some people would accidentally call me take and that always bothered me. I then wrote down, "Are you in an art class or something?"

"Tac," she tried, smiling to herself. "You can call me Liv." This was weird. Olivia had as few attachments as Joey did cats, a grand total of three. But they weren't friends, they were Kyle and his coworkers at Starbucks. Would this be a friend? Joey had friends, bu Liv... Olivia hadn't needed them. She shouldn't have. She was... Free after all. "Yeah," she finally said., pulling herself from her thoughts. "Just a high school class. I love to draw! What do you like to do?"

I wrote down, "Since I can't speak, I play a lot of instruments to express myself." I shook my hand, it was getting pretty tired. I'd never really had to write this much, and it was both awesome and refreshing. I decided to switch to my left hand. I was ambidextrous, but I preferred using my right hand for writing. I continued, "I play the guitar, piano, and violin."

"That's cool," she murmured. "I can't play at all." Nervously, she tugged at a curled lock. " Am I wearing you out? Sorry... I'm not used to this." She wasn't talking about his muteness, though admittedly, even to her, it was an odd experience of a conversation. She had never been with someone one-on-one for this long. Heck, not even Joey had been in a conversation with someone new for this long without someone tackling him over his own chair. It was... rather humiliating, if he was to be truthful.

Crap, that thought was not in the way it was meant to be.

I looked at the ferris wheel and no longer really felt like getting on it anymore. It seemed like we were talking for a long time, well she was talking for a long time, I was writing for a long time. I wondered if she would enjoy going Richard's coffe shop, since I'd be able to order there it would be good for me. So I wrote, "Hey there's a coffe store down the street." Showed her then wrote, "The owner understands sign language"

I then signed Do you know sign language to see if there was a chance she did.

"Eh?" For a moment, she was puzzled. Someone was inviting her... someone wanted to take her somewhere? How... how strange. Then he moved his hands. For a moment, Olivia frowned, not entirely sure. Then, Joey's eyes flickered beneath the contacts and Olivia smiled. She remembered now. Yes, she answered slowly, hands a little clumsy. She rarely had to use sign language after all. I would like to go with you. The familiar snug buds in her ears itched. She had forgotten they were in there, her hearing aids. She just put them in and forgot about them. Every day. It had been so often now.

Olivia turned her head to the side as much as she could, letting Tac see the rather plain-looking hearing aid resting in one of her ears. Then she did the same to the other, before smiling at him. Just in case these are gone.

I smiled, it was very rare for people to be able to sign. I nodded then stood up. I still preferred writing, but still it was something. Just follow me I signed.

Jbsundown March 24th, 2013 8:36 AM

Charlie, the Angel

Charlie sat around and watched as Olivia fussed around her sketch. As she was searching for an eraser, she almost lost balance but thankfully she managed to to grab hold and not be hugely embarrassed. Charlie let out a sigh of relief. He knew that if the Olivia/Josiah cross were to be discovered that things could go very badly for the child. And perhaps some intervention from Charlie would be necessary.
Olivia's sketch blew away and Charlie could tell that she began to panic. Thankfully though, a boy managed to catch the piece of paper. Charlie noticed something about this boy, he definitely seemed different from all the other people that Josiah or Olivia had ever come into contact with. There was a strange sort of 'aura' that this boy gave off, Charlie couldn't quite put his finger on it though...
Charlie stood up and moved closer to them to see if he could learn anything about this boy. Upon closer inspection, Charlie could see that the boy needed to write to be able to communicate. Charlie read the words 'I am a mute' and smiled to himself. He could tell that Olivia was thinking about how this boy would have reacted if she were Josiah. Charlie also wondered the same thing. It is an age-old question if different sexes are treated differently to one another. But this boy seemed nice enough and happy to be able to converse with someone, so it seemed safe to assume that Olivia would receive a similar reaction as Josiah.
The two seemed to get on well and this pleased Charlie greatly. Perhaps Olivia could make her first actual friend. It was a nice thought, knowing that Olivia would have friends, but at the same time what would the boy's reaction be if he found out about the Josiah/Olivia cross?

The two continued talking about themselves and other things. Charlie err.. listened? to the conversation and found that the two would get on fairly well. After communicating for a while, the boy wrote something about a coffee shop. Then he did something with his hands which Charlie faintly recognised. What was it again? He then remembered it to be sign language! At this Charlie stood up with a huge smile on his face. It made him super happy to see that someone else could share a similar trait with Olivia. This way the two could bond even closer together due to the fact that they could do something that few others around them could do.
Charlie started to decipher the signed conversation, he was a little rusty as he hadn't needed to read sign language in quite a while. Olivia said something along the lines of "I want to be with you"? No, that couldn't be right... He acted out the sign again to himself. Ah! That was it! "I would like to go with you." Right, that made a lot more sense. The pair stood up and walked off. Naturally, Charlie also stood up and followed them whilst trying to remember as much sign language as he could.

IceFyr1928 March 24th, 2013 1:01 PM

Lune - A new friend

Lune, who was in the air yet again, noticed a girl had begun talking to Tac. Only, the thing was, she didn't exactly feel like a girl... Anyways, thoughts aside, she listened in on their conversation, which went pretty normally. Tac appeared that his hands were tiring, and eventually it came to sign language. Lune was quite suprised when the girl actually understood, and could in fact, sign back. Tac invited this new girl, who had said her name was Olivia, to Richard's coffee shop, which delighted Lune. Perhaps, just perhaps, Tac could make a new friend his own age that would look past his disability!

Lune landed next to Tac as he stood, and she noticed him. Another Angel. Lune almost lept for joy. Not only would Tac make a new friend, but he'd be making friends with someone with an Angel! Someone that Lune could actually interact with!! She walked over to him, he seemed engrossed in his own thoughts, and tapped his shoulder. Finally, someone to talk to! Lune's outlook on the day had changed dramatically, it was one of the best in her life!

<Challenger> March 25th, 2013 2:08 PM

"State your business here! how do I know you're an angel and not some demon in disguise?"

Courage swung around to come face-to-face with a bow pointed in his face. Another Angel, by the looks of it. "Relax, sister. I'm an Angel." He spread his arms in a gesture of peace. "That is my human right there." He gestured to Amanda. "I have to keep special watch on her." He gave a bright smile and slowly moved the arrowhead from his face. "The name's Courage." Courage was positive she was an Angel. There was no other way she could have a bow like that in public. Taking a step back, he glanced over at Amanda, who was still with the boy. "That's Amanda." Without hesitation, he scowled a little. "So what about you? You may be a demon in disguise. How about you state YOUR buisness." Courage may not be a genius, but he knew that not everything was how it seemed.

Jbsundown March 25th, 2013 4:27 PM

Charlie, the Angel

Charlie was following Olivia and Tac whilst staring up at the sky and trying to remember sign language. It was going relatively well considering how long until he had last used it. It was then that he was tapped on the shoulder. Wait a minute. What‽ Charlie froze. How was this possible‽
Charlie hadn't had any physical contact with anything in a very long time. But the fact that he was stood out in Seattle and had been tapped on the shoulder was what worried him more. Humans couldn't touch him. As far as he knew. And he knew pretty far at that! So what was this that had touched him? Charlie turned around slowly. What he saw was an angel. His jaw dropped. An angel? What were the chances of that happening? Charlie realised that his mouth was open and shut it quick. She had a very slim physique and a soft-looking skin with beautiful long blue hair. Charlie blushed. He hadn't spoken to anyone but himself in a very long time. He wasn't even sure if he knew how to have a conversation! Wait, what was he saying? He had been following around a human for the past few years! Of course he knew conversation!

"H- hello there..." Wow. Great. What a first impression. His voice wasn't working properly after not talking for so long so he had had to cough before hand. Charlie hadn't ever been the super social type, but after so long of not talking to anyone it had made him want to talk to someone, anyone in a long time. But now the time had come, Charlie had no idea how to respond. He just stood there looking at his feet in embarrassment.

Satan.EXE March 26th, 2013 12:33 PM

Outside ShoWare Center

Chapter One: Part Two
Another Day

Jade listened to the guy for a few moments. After hearing him out, she gave him a skeptical stare, then Amanda, and then back to him. "... Alright." She lowered her bow, and the arrow dissipated into thin air, "but don't think I'm letting my guard down for a moment." She watched Kyle and Amanda for a few moments. She seemed genuinely caring, even though Kyle was a complete stranger to her. "Don't reject the offer, you're a nutcase for trying to punch glass." She let the bow rest at her back and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So..." She started, turning her head toward courage, while she remained facing Kyle. "Courage? You know how cliche that name is, right?" She shook her head, looking back at the two Humans. "Anyways... My name is Jade. And my Human is Kyle."

Fuyu March 29th, 2013 8:24 AM

I'm going with a friend~

Olivia smiled and followed him, wondering just what part of Seattle they were going to go to. She still had a couple of hours before her shift started, but... depending on where they were, she had to figure out how to get back. Clutching to the straps of her bag, she returned her sketchbook to where it had sat. Somehow... he thought. I'm happy I didn't go on the Ferris Wheel.

You won't be saying that when he hates you.

Olivia, shy but sensible, was a bigger voice of reason than he. A shadow crossed her face as she thought of that. it was only natural. He was lying so much about himself... even though it was what he wanted to be. At least.. he thought that way. It was so hard to understand... and even here, the city of Seattle, it was probably still little to be proud of.

Would it be easier to tell him now and get it over with?

Or would it be better to wait, or let him figure it out for himself?

This indecision running through her mind, Olivia probably wouldn't even notice making it to the restaurant.

dcjboi March 29th, 2013 12:20 PM

Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


Kyle flinched as he looked down. Hopefully this person wouldn't try to trouble him but if it was a fight they wanted then it would be a fight they would get. Kyle balled up his fist and clenched them firmly, prepared to dodge whatever hit that came his way.

"o-oh, I'm sorry." The voice sounded small to him, almost as if it was squeaked out by a mouse.

Was that... and apology he heard? Glancing up to see a girl, about his age, offering him some bandages. Remembering the blood on his hand, Spencer held it up in the light once more.

"It's not bad at all." Kyle said, waving his hand as if to prove his point. He was surprised she didn't run away for him or give him a look of disgust. Looking at his hand and then at the girl again, Kyle cautiously took the alcohol and bandages and began to treat his hand.

"Why..." Kyle trailed off. He began to poor the alcohol on his hand and bit his tongue as a burning sensation throbbed throughout his hand. "Most people wouldn't stop for this."

He capped the alcohol and began to wrap his fist up clumsily with the bandaging the girl gave him. The blood and the entire injury was sealed up and it would be best not to use that hand for anything physically stressful.

"Why are you carrying that stuff around anyways?" Kyle said, changing the subject. He didn't want this girl to want something from him. There wasn't anything for him to give. He was broke, jobless, and angry. He didn't want this girl to think he owed her anything

SylveonStar March 29th, 2013 1:13 PM

"It's not bad at all." The boy said waving his hand around making Amanda shake her head and smile softly. Every guy she had met always said the same thing when it came to injuries.

"Why..." The boy trailed off, and he began to treat his hand pausing for a moment "Most people wouldn't stop for this."

Watching as he clumsily wrapped the bandages around his hand she waited patiently. "Well, most people are jerks that don't care about the well being of others." Amanda said softly. "Nowadays people are more concerned for themselves than others...I'm not like that. I helped you not because I had to but because I wanted to"

"Why are you carrying that stuff around anyways?" He asked as she put the small first aid kit away.

"I'm a bit of a klutz so I fall a lot. I also like to be prepared for anything" she smiled happily. "By the way my names Amanda, though everyone calls me Manda. What's your name?"

Khawill April 3rd, 2013 3:41 PM

I walked for next to her with my hands in my pockets. I fiddled around with the money in my pocket, my wallet, and then my cell phone. I always loved my cell phone, really, because with it I could text just like normal kids and nobody ever had to know I couldn't speak. I never had anyone to text of course, but the fantasy was always present. On a similar note, I enjoyed the Internet for a short while, though my parents found it to be distracting, and pointless. I even remember my father's saying, "Being connected to everyone at any given time, being able to get any information known to man, that is something dangerous." He would always point at me and continue, "Only leaders, scientists, and politicians should have access to something like that. People like us, only need to know who and what is around them. A narrow focus, thats all we need." I found it ironic that about two months later, our guidance counsellor would explain how important Internet profiling would be for colleges.

Nonetheless, I followed my father's advise on the internet, and generally only used it to buy something without a phone or do research on a rainy day. I always thought that maybe if I had stayed on, no matter who I met, I could make friends. A keyboard could be my vocal cords, and I would never worry about isolation. The anonymous nature of the Internet also interested me, though not in any creepy sense. I entertained the idea that one day I could do some awesome thing on the Internet, and since nobody could put a face to it, it would never lose credibility. Then sometime later, I could reveal myself when everyone had accepted what I had done, and they would respect me just like a normal person. Though the idea also made me think that the people who admired it at first may completely hate it after finding out it was me.

It really came down to whether I thought, on a particular day, that people where really good naturally, or really bad.

On this particular day, I could find myself seeing the race pretty good. And I didn't regret going outside today, as I made a friend in real life. One who, despite my lack of communication, genuinely accepted me. I felt bad though, talking to me had to feel awkward, like talking to a brick wall. I still desperately wanted to speak to her, and maybe anybody in this world. Maybe if I could speak, I could've told my father how great the Internet for people who where not politicians or scientists. I could've said to him, "But what about the languages you could learn in your home? The cultures you could experience in one finger motion? Think of all the medical practices you could tell the average joe to do in his home to stay healthy!"

The fantasy of something like that amused me, it captivated me. But I knew I could never make a good argument, and that even if Olivia accepted me as a friend I was somewhat of a bane.

As we continued to walk, I kept my hand on my wallet, but stopped touching my phone. It made me think too much.

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