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Dements March 24th, 2013 1:22 AM

Pokemon Crisis (M) (OOC)
Pokemon Crisis

Pokemon Crisis is a Role Play set in Sinnoh. There is always an overall plot occurring, as well as numerous side plots that may be developed cooperatively or individually. The main plot is seasonally dynamic, in other words a predetermined plot line will occur and immediately be followed by a new plot line.



The world has fallen into chaos approximately six months ago. It all started when Team Genocide began their global reign of terror. Team Genocide’s attacks began as an attempt to control Kanto and Johto. Team Genocide met an early demise thanks to combined efforts of the Kanto and Johto League Champion and Arceus, but at a price. The Kanto and Johto League Champion died in the final battle and Arceus was returned to its dimension,soon after Team Genocide made its return. Their plans renewed they succeed in catching the legendary Pokemon Darkrai further reinforcing their previous legendary Genesect. With no real opposition Team Genocide succeeds where they once had failed. No longer content with just Kanto and Johto they spread their attack to every major region. Though victorious, Team Genocide has ultimately failed. War has now deprived the regions of prosperity and wildlife, thus making society a wasteland. Arceus was angered at the revolting sight of its children being slaughtered in unnecessary conflict. All pokeball technology was rendered useless, as well as every form of technology associated with Team Genocide. The now free Pokémon are few in number and seldom seen. Arceus has now sent a message throughout the regions to the humans saying “Change your ways or your species will meet its demise.”

Humanity, now under the impression of an apocalypse, has become distressed and panicked. A new form of humans has recently surfaced. These people can form a link with a Pokemon if the Pokemon allows them to. Due to the implied nature of these people society has come to call them “Pure-Hearted.” Normal humans became jealous of this unique ability causing a rash discrimination of Pure-Hearted. Three primary factions are now recognizable. The first is the humans. They have taken a stand against Arceus and its Pure-Hearted seeking the ultimate destruction of anything not human. The second faction is the Pure-Hearted. They seek to uphold Arceus’ ideals and bring about a new regime of humanity. The final faction is split between like-minded humans and Pure-Hearted. They seek to understand one another and wish for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between the two societies. Due to their shared resources people feel that the split faction holds the most power.



As mentioned before the plot is constructed of seasons. During every season there is at least one major event. (Crisis began THREE[3] years ago)

Season 1: Altered Realities (Current Season. Main characters of season, Eric D Levitz, Fredrick Moore)

Season 2: Masked Alliance

Season 3: Uprising

Current Locations


Hearthome City

Faction: Split

Often considered the strongest city in the region, Hearthome City is a safe haven for both humans and Pure-Hearted. The city is lead representative of each group. The leaders’ headquarters are located in the renovated Pokemon gym. Residencies for people of the lower class involve a divvied out room in the Contest Hall, while those of the upper class often own their own house.

Jubalife City

Faction: Pure-Hearted

A society composed of strictly strong Pure-Hearted. They have a firm belief in survival of the fittest. The Global Trade Center is the leader’s headquarters. Jubalife TV has been restructured into a gladiatorial arena to determine a trainer’s strength. Any human found entering Jubalife City is taken to the arena and publicly executed. The Poketch Company building has been remodeled to function as a type of lower class refuge. Upper class individuals are allowedto rent condominiums.

Pastoria City

Faction: Human

Pastoria City is the primary location for human operations. Any and all Pure-Hearted are killed upon approaching the city limits. Due to their secretive nature not much is known about this society. The old gym functions as the leader’s base of operations. Housing is shared among civilians.

Veilstone City

Faction: Split

Technically Veilstone City accepts both groups but many speculate on the leader’s true intentions. Unlike many cities, Veilstone is quite strict on their acceptance of individuals and conduct. The gym serves as the leader’s headquarters. Both classes tend to share living quarters in the Galactic Headquarters. This is seen as an act equality by the citizens.

Sunyshore City

Faction: Human

Considered a twin city to Pastoria City.Both function as important human societies. As with Pastoria City, Pure-Hearted found approaching the city are killed on sight. Once again the gym functions as the headquarters for the city’s leader. Sunyshore Market serves asthe lower class living quarters, while upper class citizens own the many houses.

Snowpoint City

Faction: Pure-Hearted

An isolated city primarily inhabited by Pure-Hearted. A few humans make Snowpoint City their home but most are either related to a Pure-Hearted or stranded from the Battle Frontier. Certain houses function as a small hostel/inn for all classes while other houses are inhabited by families. No formal leader exists for Snowpoint City.

Canalave City

Faction: None

Canalave City is currently abandoned. Humans are now unable to reach Canalave City and Pure-Hearted tend to ignore it.

Other Cities/Towns- Either abandoned or overrun with bandits.

Important Characters


Sebastian James

Co-Leader of Hearthome City

He is the human leader of Hearthome City. He shares leadership with Debbie Straus. Mainly controls the public relations and other in city dilemma.

Debbie Straus

Co-Leader of Hearthome City

Pokemon: Mamoswine

She has primary control of the Hearthome army and all militia associated with Hearthome City. She shares leadership with Sebastian James. Debbie is often considered one of the strongest Pure-Hearted.

Martin Frey

Leader of Jubalife City

Pokemon: Volcarona

He runs the city with an iron fist. His survival strategy may involve the Pure-Hearted but are severely limited to strong pairs. If you are considered weak you will be thrown into the arena where you will be forced to fight to the death. He is currently considered the strongest Pure-Hearted.

Jessie Anders

Leader of Pastoria city

He is considered the main leader of all humans in Sinnoh. Typically pompous, he always speaks of his gigantic army which he will use to take over the whole region. Interestingly enough no one has ever seen this army.

Xaiver Miles

Leader of Veilstone City

He is a human, and a by the books type of guy. He claims that he cares for pure hearts, but due to the significant difference between populations people have begun speculating if this is indeed true.

Lisa Simons

Pokemon: Electivire

She is Xaiver’s lover and a Pure-Hearted. Some say she that she is obsessed with him as that she does anything he asks.

Henry Smith

Leader of Sunyshore

He is a human who is good friends with Jessie Anders. He cares little to nothing for pure hearts, but not as violent as Jessie.

Fredrick Moore

Pokemon: Darkrai

He is the only Pure-Hearted known to have obtained a legendary Pokemon. Everybody in Sinnoh knows of him as being the first leader of Hearthome City. He ran away from Hearthome City due to the immense pressure associated with the position of leader. He is currently missing with no sign of him returning. Some say he has died while others believe he is planning his return. (not much is said about this character due to his evolution into a player character in the story later on)

Your Character (SU)


Name: (First and last, middle optional)

Nickname: (optional)

Age: (10-18)


Appearance: (How your character looks. Good length that goes into detail. At least three sentences. Picture is allowed. If you have a picture no explanation is needed)

Personality: (How your character acts in certain situations.)

History: (Why and how your character is where they are now.What brought them there, and how is their personality influenced from past events? At least five sentences.)

Class: (optional. Lower, middle, upper class. Your class will always be dynamic so just put what they are when you start)

Pokemon: (No legendary only applicable by GM’s for now)

Nickname: (Optional, but preferred)

Personality: (What is your Pokemon like. How’s its attitude to other humans and Pokemon.

Moves: (4-6 moves actually possible for the Pokemon to learn. HM’s do not count if they can learn that move they already know it [fly, surf etc.])

Other: (Optional. Extra stuff about your Pokemon you feel important about them, past trainers etc.)

Rules (always possible to change)

1. All OOC matters go into OOC thread even if they are small.

2. Godmodding is prohibited without GM’s permission first.

3. Powerplaying isn’t allowed unless you get permission from other user, and both agree to this by notify a GM.

4. Bunnying is allowed without permission for short periods of time, but if you wish to bunny for an elongated time period permission from GM is required.

5. The RP is based off the games not anime, or manga, but if you feel there is something you must have, but is related to anime, or manga PM a GM, and it will be decided based off the importance.

6. Pokémon don’t have levels in this they are based off of their base stats.

7. Important NPC’s/characters cannot be controlled without GM’s permission.

8. Creating random NPC’s is allowed, but don’t make them last long, or major part of RP.

9. Battling will be like normal battling, but no hp bar, or level. Whomever the winner is don’t make the battle seem just impossible to win. Don't make it that they win from just the craziest luck. Make it realistic. If your character/character’s Pokemon die you may create another just fill out another SU for the new character.

10. Battling will mainly go off of your Pokemon`s base stats and type advantages/disadvantages.

11. 1 week counts as 1 IC day. (will be notified before hand of new day)


1-10 spots are available (not including GM’s). Applicants will be notified of their acceptance within 48 hours of their application. As an additional note players are allowed to have as many characters as they want as long as they can maintain a cohesive story.

1. heretostay123

2. mistermewtwo

3. koopafan29

4. Kitori

5. flygonstorm

6. iMor

7. Open

8. Open

9. Open

10. Open

Colony March 25th, 2013 3:07 PM

Name: Eric D. Levitz
Nickname: Del (adopted soon after the the first couple of chapters)
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, violet eyes, and straight, dark brown hair with medium-long length. Typically wears baggy jeans, a black shirt, and his iconic Gengar zip-up hoodie. Also wears aviation goggles with red light-up lenses. His overall build (weight and height) is slightly below average.

Personality: He begins as a slightly carefree person. After meeting Rook he cheers up and becomes somewhat mischievous. His personality moves towards the more frantic side once he meets Delphi. In most situations he doesn't think things through so a lot of consequences occur.

History: His family is from Sunyshore City. Del's father was the person that designed the various bridges in Sunyshore City. After the crisis occurred he was separated from his family at the Battle Frontier. This made him very lethargic. Del was unable to make his way back to Sunyshore City. So instead he took a boat to Snowpoint City where he is now contemplating how to return home.

Class: High, but currently unable to use his status.

Pokemon: Golurk
Nickname: Rook
Gender: None

Personality: Completely oblivious. Often lands at terrible spots when flying (often a house). Due to its large size Rook finds other Pokemon (mostly small ones) amusing and often plays with them like a cat would a mouse. As for trainers, Rook often disregards them since he has no simple way to communicate with them (the exception being Del of course).

Moves: Protect, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch.

Other: Rook is a shiny Pokemon. When Del met Rook Giratina had been spotted in the surrounding area thus implying there might be a relation between the two.

Name: Delphi E. Lumi
Nickname: None
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: Medium-Long light brown hair. Often wears a bandanna/hat. She has pale blue eyes and her figure is skinny(to the point she is flat chested[enter sadface]). Her wardrobe varies but typically she wears the colors blue, white, and yellow. Later in the story she adopts an outfit similar to Del(ie a clothing item based off a pokemon).

Personality: One word: Psycho. Another word: Obsessive. She is completely obsessed with Del. Nothing will stop her from achieving her ultimate goal of making Del love her, even if she has to make him her "Slave". She also has a bit of a Dominatrix attitude and either punishes or hypnotizes those who disobey her.

History: Small town girl from Snowpoint City. Met her Vulpix soon after the crisis began. She lives together with her sister. One day while on the outskirts of town she saw Del and something just snapped. Now she is convinced that she is in love and will do anything(read as ANYTHING, and I DO MEAN ANYTHING) for her love to be reciprocated.

Class: Middle

Pokemon: Vulpix (eventually Ninetales)
Nickname: Yubi
Gender: Female

Personality: Very similar to her owner. Yubi is also a bit pompous. She usually considers those whom occupy Delphi's time as annoying, thus implying she is the jealous type.

Moves: Flamethrower, Disable, Hypnosis, Tail Whip, Will-O-Wisp, and after evolving Hex.

Other: None

<Challenger> March 25th, 2013 4:35 PM

This sounds awesome! I'mma make an alpha SU!

Name: James Bullwick

Nickname: Bull

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bull stands at about 6'7, and weighs about 200 pounds. His face is angular, and he has a chiseled chin and deep blue eyes, so deep they look purple. He is a muscular Pure-Heart, with ripped abs and bulging muscles. He has long brown hair that hangs down to his shoulders, but he keeps it in a ponytail for various reasons. (In the history as well) His big, rounded shoulders have the power to take down a Rhydon, due to hours spent sparring and training with Tank. James doesn't wear a shirt very often, half to impress the ladies, and half to prove that he's quite the bad ass. He wears khaki shorts, partially because he dislikes gym shorts and pants, and mainly because he hates not wearing khakis. He has a watch on his left wrist, and black sneakers.

Personality: Bull is very reckless. He refuses to believe that his way is the right way. He isn't what you would call intelligent. In fact, he's a bit on the dim side. If he likes you, he would die before he sees you dead. His time spent in the arena leads him to think that he's the best of the best...mainly because he IS one of the best. He is very smooth with the ladies, and being a famous arena fighter just adds that extra pinch of awesomness. He has strong allegiance to the Pure-Hearted, and he hates humans.

History: Bull was born before the apocalypse in Pastoria City. He was a great trainer with his Snorlax, and when he found out he was a Pure-Hearted, he became one of the greatest warriors in their ranks. He joined the fight against the humans eagerly and vowed that he would defeat anyone who opposed him or the Pure-Hearted. He was one of the first to be put into the arena, and when he got in there, he thrashed everyone who he went against. He found special favor with the higher commanders, so he lives in a fancy house with everything he could possibly want.

Class: High (Will be exlained in the history)

Pokemon: Snorlax

Nickname: Tank

Personality: Tank is not like your everyday Snorlax. He's big, strong, and fearsome. He deosn't sleep or eat his days away in bliss. He's a powerful, strong fighting machine. He and Bull are the best of friends, and they do almost everything together: Eat, sleep, fight, and everything in between...well, almost everything.

Moves: Giga Impact, Crunch, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Rest, Snore

Other: (Optional. Extra stuff about your Pokemon you feel important about them, past trainers etc.)

flygonstorm March 25th, 2013 4:51 PM

Could you explain more about what link means? and can human have pokemon?

Dements March 25th, 2013 4:57 PM

@Colony, is accepted (both characters) and will also be a Co-GM of the RP.

@heretostay123 reserved you a spot. Snorlax seems an interesting Pokemon to use can`t wait to see rest of SU.

Colony March 25th, 2013 5:09 PM

@Flygonstorm: When we refer to link we are basically talking about the metaphysical bond a single Pokemon can have with a trainer/Pure-Hearted. No, normal humans are unable to link with Pokemon, but a human within the ages of 10-18 can fulfill certain requirements and become Pure-Hearted. This doesn't necessarily mean every person within these ages have the ability to become Pure-Hearted it just means that they have a chance.

Dements March 25th, 2013 6:12 PM

Name: Damien Reeves

Nickname: none

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Decently pale skinned with a slim stature. Dark brown almost considered black eyes. Tinted dark white, medium length scraggily hair (bedhead). Always wearing a black hood covering most facial features. With a darkred sack thrown around his right shoulder.

Personality: A decently depressed person to say the least. Not very talkative. Doesn't get along with others well. Could be considered shy, or just hasn't found a similar person to get along with. Always preferred to travel by himself for him being a wanderer.

History: Was born in the Sinnoh before the crisis began. After it began both him and his brother were abandoned by their parents just considering dead weight to them. Leaving him to fend for his younger brother he was unable to as adults murdered him while he just ran allowing them to rip his eight year old brother to shreds. This in all ending by putting Damien into a great depression knowing he was too weak to protect his brother. Months later he finds out he is one of the gifted who can still bond with Pokemon without the Pokeball. He soon finds a powerful Pokemon to make sure he doesn't fail twice at protecting his loved ones.

Class: None he is a wanderer.

Pokemon: Hydreigon

Nickname: Hydra

Personality: Seems to consider himself almost as a god. Thinks he can compete against almost any other Pokemon including legendaries. A very hardy style attitude. Never backs down to a fight no matter what the opponent brings to the table.

Moves: Dragon Pulse, Flamerthrower, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Tri Attack

Other: before the crisis began Hydra belonged to the Pokemon champ Iris.

<Challenger> March 26th, 2013 6:20 AM

I've finished my SU. Could you please review it?

Dements March 26th, 2013 12:44 PM

@heretostay123 you are accepted.

mistermewtwo April 7th, 2013 1:08 AM

Name: Ace Steel

Nickname: steel

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearence: height- 5,4. Eye color- dark green. Skin color- pale. Hair style/color- eye length, blond. Clothes- black hoody with silver poke'ball emblem on the back, black fingerless gloves, red and black shoes, old jeans with a ripp in the right knee, and a silver ring with a red gem in it. Other features- large scar running the length of his back.

Personality: brave, stubborn, and headstrong, he gets into fights a lot to protect those who can't fight for themselves, will do anything to help a friend, and he hates bullies above all else.

History: ace was born with anhidrosis, a didease that disables the bodies pain receptors, having this disease made him a bit of an enigma, making it hard for him to make friends, but it did however make him useful in a fight. He grew up in veridian city with his mother, his mother was poor so they lived in an abandoned warehouse in the slums, on his twelth birthday his mother scraped enough money to get him one poke'ball to start his journey as a pokemon trainer, but before he left he promised to become rich and famous, so that she didn't haveto struggle to live anymore, as he was leaving his mother gave him the family tresure, an expensive silver ring, with a red gem in it, she told him it would bring him luck, a few weeks later, durng a stormy day, he was struggling to find shelter, and happened to find a scyther attacking a newborn aron, he managed to save it but was scarred from the scythers attack as a result, after a desperate trip to a pokemon center they were both saved, as a result of his kindness the aron decided to travel with him, from this experience, ace made a new goal, to be the first trainer to beat one of every single pokemon, and get famous by doing so. Four years later, ace is traveling looking for a new challenge to set his sights on, after defeating the many strange people who want him dead becouse they claim he is a pure heart and must be killed, after much struggle he finally had enough of the constant battle, and decided to find sanctuary at the only safe place left for his kind, the pure-hearts faction, he wanted this war to end now, and the only way he saw to do that, is finish it himself.

Class: poor

Pokemon: aggon-male.

Nicknames: Aggron-rebel.

Personality: aggron-brave,stubborn, and headstrong, and like ace he won't give up until he's dead.

Moves: aggron-iron tail, metal claw, skullbash, hyperbeam.

Other info: aggron is named rebel, because of his will to survive througth all odds.

Colony April 7th, 2013 1:24 AM

@mistermewtwo: For your SU, you need to include an age (10-18) and you need to limit your Pokemon to only one. Currently no Pure-Hearted are able to link with more than one Pokemon, so for story reasons we have to limit that number. So after some small editing your SU can be reviewed.

Dements April 7th, 2013 12:09 PM

@mistermewtwo you are accepted

I`ll be putting up the IC thread soon so we can start posting.

koopafan29 April 8th, 2013 10:33 AM

Name: Matt Razor

Nickname: Matt

Age: 14

Gender: male

Appearance: Matt is a tall slim teenager with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears an aqua blue hoodie and grey trousers. He has a picture of a manectric on the back of the hoodie and he has a small M scar on his leg.

Personality: Matt is very kind caring and serious at times. He puts freinds first but can be serious when in trouble. He can be very strong and persistant when battling.

History: Matt was brought up in veridien city with his father and uncle and has had a bad past. His mother died during a war when hit by a very strong draco meteor and his father was given severall injuries. Ever since his mother died he vowed revenge on team Genocide. Luckily they all died but that was too late for now since he became a pure hearted. He was given an electrike when he was younger it connected to him well and he became pure hearted. He raised the electrike and now wants to finish the war between humans and pure hearted before more of his family die.

Class: Lower

Pokemon: Manectric

Nickname: Sparky

Personality: Brave kind hearted persistent and very very strong.

Moves: Fire fang Thunder rain dance and crunch

Other: None

Dements April 8th, 2013 6:36 PM

@koopafan29 alright just to get this clear you do understand that all Team Genocide was killed? I only ask this because your character seems very headstrong on defeating somebody thats been already defeated. Also if you want your Maectric to be shiny your going to need a really good reason why he is shiny or why your guy just happened to stumble upon a shiny Pokemon.

koopafan29 April 10th, 2013 2:00 AM

I edited it and made it better

Dements April 10th, 2013 9:19 AM

@koopafan29 you got down most of what I asked by fixing the Team Genocide thing, but you never really fixed the shiny thing. I said make some reason the Electrike was shiny not just he randomly got a shiny Pokemon from an egg. (ex. He got the egg from people who perfected breeding methods of having a shiny Pokemon) just be creative on why he was shiny. Also touch up on grammar a tad. Once that's all done I'll accept you.

koopafan29 April 10th, 2013 11:16 AM

ok i listened and did what you said. Yes some doesn't make sense so I also fixed that.

Dements April 10th, 2013 5:38 PM

@koopfan29 most of it is fine, but you still need to either say he isn't shiny or make a GOOD reason he is shiny not what it is now saying he randomly hatched from an egg just be creative. If you can't think of anything just don't make him shiny. Once you do that I'll gladly accept you.

koopafan29 April 11th, 2013 1:05 AM

I definitely did before, add a reason it probably didn't save oh well he isn't shiny.

Dements April 11th, 2013 11:32 AM

Alright koopafan29 you are accepted.

AppleMan April 13th, 2013 10:55 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Name: Lupa R. Romelus
Nickname: Wolf
Age: 13 Years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lupa resembles a small pochyena , a small 13 year old who is 4'08" and weighs 76 Lbs. he is frail and not toned . He wears a wrinkled black coat that goes to his knees that has lining of gray going around it, his shoes are boots are black that has white paw marks imprinted on it, His gloves are pitch black so that when he is sneaking food to eat the humans don't see him. He has auburn eyes that change with the season bright red in Summer and Fall and a light sapphire color in Winter and Spring. His white hair is genectic in his family of pure-hearts it has spikes on the end that don't seem to go down no matter what.
Personality: Lupa is ignorant and shy in dire situations. His stupidity is what gets him in trouble; once he almost got killed by humans after getting caught he tried to run into Pastoria. He gets scared about superstitions about ghost and dead things that his sister Reika teases him about, so he starts crying to his mommy. He makes bad decisions all the time getting caught up in idiotic situations making him nervous and scared. Lupa overall is like a 6 year old child much like a Pichu.
History: Lupa has a bad history he was born in Hearthome city but was later captured and sent to Jubilife city to be trained as a gladiator. His life in Jubilife was hard as he was low class struggling to survive he stole food from markets to feed his family. His pension for being a gladiator was being able to live in the PokeTech building for him and the rest of the gladiators family. Lupa was a scared little boy at first but as he grew up he became more muscular and violent, trained as a gladiator and also a servant to the gladiator slavemaster he learned things quick. He was entrusted with his own Pokemon for battle instead of fighting the other Pure-Hearted Pokemon with his own fist. He killed to survive and even survived off of the gladiators he defeated.
Class: Low life but advances his classes later in story if that is allowed
Pokémon: Weavile
Nickname: sBleed
Personality: sBleed is born to be wild. He hates other Pokémon and humans. He thrives to defeat all Pokémon that oppose him and slay humans when his master tells him to. He is very loyal to his master as he was given as a weapon not a pet to do nothing but kill; although he will do what his his master ( Lupa) tells him to.
Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Surf, Strength
*Edit* ignore the attachment or Picture

Kitori April 13th, 2013 4:00 PM

Hello! This is my first attempt at joining a RPG on this forum so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong and please bear with me if I ask dumb questions. xD;

Name: Kaylor Desani

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaylor is a tall young woman with dark hair falling past her shoulders. Her frame is slender but in a notably lithe and agile way rather than implying she is under-fed. She has large eyes, grey in color, that can transition from warm and friendly to cold and piercing almost instantly -- depending on who they are looking upon. She rarely dresses in colors, preferring blacks and greys, and often wears nice blouses with skirts or slacks but on occasion will dress down in jeans and sweatshirts.

Personality: Kaylor is very interested in what is best for Kaylor. This doesn’t mean she can't be friendly or play as a team... but she has her priorities and will rarely sacrifice them for others. While she is intelligent and calculating in her decisions, once she makes them she can be very stubborn about them, even when presented with better suited alternatives. While she may not be the greatest friend material, being that she makes choices based on her best interest, finding yourself on her bad side is a worse alternative as she can make a dangerous enemy. She can be a very good actress in almost any situation and has been known for being manipulative.

History: She was born and raised in Hearthome City, fortunate for her as after the crisis she was revealed to be pure-Hearted while her parents were not. A falling out with her parents over the significance of her being pure-hearted lead her to venture off on her own to Jubilife city -- where she believed she could live to her potential. However, she has found the city to be not quite what she expected, the public execution of humans disgusting her and making her sick for home. Still, she is not yet ready to return to her family, her pride only letting her imagination play the potential smug ‘I told you so’ from her father over and over in her head, so she is determined to make the best of her time there.

Class: Middle

Pokemon: Houndour

Nickname: Jasper

Personality: He does not like humans other than Kaylor and treats all strangers as a potential threat. While he has a good memory and will not reguard people he recognizes to be harmless with malice, he will not warm up to them either and will often be aloof if Kaylor is spending time with other people.

- Inferno
- Crunch
- Shadow ball
- Flame charge
- Sunny day
- Solarbeam

Other: Kaylor received Jasper newly hatched when she was a child and they have been inseparable since. It is possible that he is the only true friend that she has ever made.

Colony April 14th, 2013 12:52 PM

@AppleMan... Well, your grammar could use a little improvement, but honestly that's just nitpicking. Also, there seems to be a bit of confusion between your SU and the main post (along with other post meant to clarify). I feel like you don't completely understand the main topic. I am fairly certain there is a clear statement, by me no less, that humans can not have a Pokemon. Your SU mentions that Lupa was given a Weevile, which implies that he wasn't Pure-Hearted at the time. Another point is that if Lupa is human he wouldn't be in Jubalife City (They kill humans on sight). Finally, your Pokemon has HM moves. I completely understand how easy it is to miss this part of the main post, but in the SU guidelines it says "Moves: (4-6 moves actually possible for the Pokemon to learn. HM’s do not count if they can learn that move they already know it [fly, surf etc.])."

@Kitori, you have been reviewed and are accepted. Welcome to the RP.

@EVERYONE: We really haven't taken into account the perverse affect on story that weather moves may have. Currently we are not going to limit or change any rules regarding these moves, but depending on how people use them we may have to create guidelines. So please try not to abuse these moves. Another thing that we would greatly appreciate is for everyone to mention where they are in their post. You can see an example of this in my post. The format we prefer is:

Character Name (Eric D. Levitz)
Place (Near Lake Acuity)

Dements April 14th, 2013 2:40 PM

Added in new seasons to the plot as well as the characters that the plot will be based around. So if you want to be where the main plot occurs then your going to have to be around one of those characters(Not right next to them just same general location).

flygonstorm April 14th, 2013 7:38 PM

Name: Remiel Tatron
Appearance: he is 120 pounds and stands at 5’5. He has lightly tanned skin, and brown hair. His eyes are a brownish green. He wears blue jeans and a gray T-shirt. He wears black sneakers. His red jacket drops to his knees and extends far past his arms. He carries a dirty shoulder bag that is light brown because how often it gets dropped a lot.

Personality:He would rather run away than face opponents especially now. Remiel is not cowardly but is concerned for people and Pokémon’s health because of the disorder and lack of smaller town to get healed at. He tries to figure a way out of fighting when he has the chance. When he becomes enraged he will not back down and does not think thing through. He love mythology.

History:Remiel was born and raised in Fallarbor Town, Hoen. He grewup adventuring route 114 and Meteor falls. One day while foolishly running through tall grass without any pokemon,he was attacked by a Seviper. A Swablu saved him and he made it is first pokemon. When he was older he traveled with his father to Sinnoh to research coralation between the magma stone and the red orb, he went to challenge the gym of the region. When the crisis accord he was at PastoriaCity. All of his pokemon abandon him except for Forte.
Class: lower middle

Nickname: Forte
Personality:She is a pacifist, always back down from challenges, and rarely associates withother people or Pokémon. She sings only to cheer up those she deems truly pure and innocent.
Moves: Sky Attack, Sing, Mist,Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor,Astonish

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