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Chalifoux April 25th, 2013 7:58 PM



and some other shenanigans of the like

An M Rated Homestuck Roleplay

==> EliteBeats: Make Us All A Favor And Tell These Punks About Homestuck!

A boy stands in his room. Today is his birthday, and as fate would have it, also the day he embarks on a grand adventure. But before we can get started, please input his name in the provided text box.

This scenario could be the beginning of any number of games. Minus the insert-name-here text box, it could be the beginning of any number of stories. In this case, it's the beginning of Homestuck, the most recent and currently ongoing webcomic collected in MS Paint Adventures. Since its beginning in April of 2009, Homestuck has exploded to become one of the most ubiquitous - and devoted - fandoms on the internet. If you've seen Facebook photos or forum avatars of strange-looking gray-skinned characters with orange horns, overheard conversations about "trolls" and actor Nicolas Cage, or read online exchanges taking place in l33t SP34K t)(at y0u CoUlD hAvE 2worn wwent out of style around the turn of the century, you've probably brushed elbows with Homestuck and its fandom.

==> EliteBeats: Explain the Roleplay:

This RP will work as a sandbox one on some circumstances, but we will follow a plot AT ALL TIMES. Meaning that all that running around that you'll probably choose to do will eventually lead into this RP's finishing as a whole.

As for this plot. You will be a young male?female of around 15 years of age [not less that fourteen, not more than 16, for the sake of having a similar age group.], and you will know several people via a chat program known as PesterChum. One day, a new game will arrive by mail. It says SBURB with big, green letters all over it. Little do you know about this game. But it will apparently change how gaming is seen for the rest of eternity. You decide to install it, and will eventually embark on an adventure of epic proportions. You'll fight ogres, collect grist, travel across planets, enter a giant battlefield in the fantastic realm of Skaia, grow as a person and, if played correctly, create an entirely new universe...

But it's not as easy as it sounds. After all, nothing actually is. You'll face incredibly tough challenges all along the way. Because life is tough... And what is life, but a long lasting game...


Fine, jeez! How rude of you! Well, in this RP, you'll receive a game in your mail. It is called SBURB. It comes in a white box with a green sorta-house drawing embossed in it. There is a CD, a small booklet titled "Saving the Universe", and five cards with a green frame and a white background. If you turn them around, you;ll se nothing but weird patterns and colors. Almost as if it was some sort of color-blind test.

You decide to install this game, anyways. And thus sealing humanity's fate. You will have a time limit to save your own life, entering a world beyond your wildest dreams. It is then that you have to save the entire universe... Or perish trying. Your goal is not only to defeat enemies, but to create an entirely new universe from scratch! It is not an easy task, though, and it pretty much requires breeding frogs... yep, I said frogs.

You're not alone though! Whoever decides to join you will be able to aid you on your quest, and you will get unique powers that differ between player! There are however, several obstacles. But you'll have to wait and see which these are for yourself...

==> EliteBeats: Explain Classes And Aspects:

Before the real game actually begins, you've already been assigned a title, which you have no knowledge of. This title consists of two half: CLASS and ASPECT.

A Class is the first half of your title. It determinates your role within your game's session. Each class comes as an active or a passive one. Actives tend to acquire physical strength above all. While passives acquire defensive skills and knowledge on their title.

The available classes within this RP are as follow: ACTIVE/PASSIVE

PAGE/HEIR. Becomes./Inherits.

MAID/KNIGHT. Becomes or assists with./Protects or protects others with.

SYLPH/SEER. Heals or heals with./Knows.

WITCH/MAGE. Manipulates./Understands.

THIEF/ROGE. Steals to benefit self/ Steals to benefit others.

PRINCE/BARD. Destroys or destroys with./Invites destruction through or allows. Discuss with GM if you want either of these classes.

LORD/MUSE. Controls completely./Allows to become whole or inspires with. Cannot be chose unless you somehow manage to convince the GM.

Aspects are the second half of your title. They determinate what powers your character is able to learn across their session. While Honmestuck itself presents its own aspects, I've surfed across the web looking for custom aspects to use, tis done for the sake of wider variety. Time and Space ARE allowed to be chosen, however. You may choose an official aspect ONLY if the GM gives previous authorization. The list of avaible aspects is as shown below:
TIME. One of the two basic components of existence. It is associated with time travel, and timeline maintenance itself. It has a mysterious connection to death and history. Every session that contains a Hero of Time in it has an almost assured victory. Only a very impressive sign-up sheet will earn this aspect.

SPACE. The other basic component of existence. Their powers are associated with objects and their velocity. While not necessary as a whole, a winning session tends to include a Hero of Space. Same as with time. Only impressive SUs for this aspect

PEACE: It stops conflict, mental and physical. They tend to be intermediaries in feuds of all sorts. They don't tend to use physical strength, and will use it only as a last resort. One of the most useful aspects, if used correctly.

WRONG. Rebellious and astray. They rarely pursue the game’s goal and, in fact, tend to foil other player's plans across the game. When trying hard enough, they can change anyone’s fate, the entire session’s fate, even.

WAR. They seem to bring out the worst from people. They create conflict. Both internal and external. They can even turn best friends into bitter enemies. Joy for them comes from destroying friendship and mutual attachment.

WEALTH. Ridiculously lucky. They seem to find fortune with the least of efforts. Not just in currency, but also in knowledge and character. They are very easy learners and can easily find an opponents weakness, given a correct usage of their powers.

RHYME. They can control music and alter anyone’s emotions with it. They have power over soft melodies as well as harsh vibrations. They can also withstand any sort of loud noise without losing their tempo.

BLIGHT. It is linked to death of companions and pretty much anyone in general. Not much is known about this class other than that. It seems that Heroes of Blight have powers beyond imagination that will lead them to death on most scenarios. Discuss with the GM first if you want this aspect.

RIGHT. They do everything the traditional way and stay abide by rules of thumb... whatever the cost. They distinguish what is right and what is wrong with incredible ease. They are great at making choices and foreseeing any consequences that come from these.

HELL. Heroes of hell combine the powers of both fire and darkness into one fiery rage. They tend to be cold-hearted and are not afraid to unleash an attack out of distress. Their fire can also be used on defensive ways, given the right class.

LOCKS. Extroverted, unlike the introverted aspect of Keys. They strive to look deep within a person and find a bond they can tamper with. Combined with the right class, it can become one of the deadliest aspects.

KEYS The exact opposite of the locks class. They strive to unlock aspects, secrets and emotions of others and their environment. They either learn from these, or use it against their foes.

GROUND Living metaphors of disaster. They have complete power over any kind of landmass, and can use their earth-motion-bending skills to their own advantage.

VERVE. A direct link to enthusiasm and excitement. They influence another being’s wants, for better or for worse. They can also spread optimism on others.

CASTE. They are involved in the placement of their teammates. They don’t tend to be a session’s leader but have a strong sense of leadership.They always know what someone needs to do so that they win the game.

WORLD. They have a strong link to family, friend, basically anything they care for. On certain circumstances, they are essential. They can make someone lose the dearest thing to them, as well as make them forget them, among other deadly tactics...

REALM. It is an aspect that will rarely appear within a session. Heroes of Realm have the power to interact with all other aspects and have the special abbility to alter a sessions probability of winning. Sometimes, a Hero of Realm entering another session is KEY for that session’s success. This aspect is NOT allowed to be chosen, unless you can convince the GM from letting you use it.

DREAD. It is an apect that will rarely appear within a session. It is an incredibly dangerous aspect with even more dangerous consequences. Bearers of this aspect are known to be able to find a person’s greatest fear, and slowly drive them insane by materializing them. Same as with Realm. No one can choose this aspect unless they can convince the GM from letting them do so.

Over here is a link to a page with all canon aspects:


Well, I'm glad to hear that! We however, have a couple more things to go thru before actually letting you do so.

First of all, rules:
-All PC rules, as well as the RP Corner Rules apply, PERIOD. Refer to them in the sticky threads found in the Corner if you are not familiarized with them.
-No, and I repeat NO godmodding will be tolerated. Yes, you certainly want to win this game, but that doesn't mean you'll go undamaged by any enemy attack, right? if you, however, decide to dissobey this rule, I'll send Skymin for you... AND SHE WILL HAUNT YOU ON YOUR SLEEP WITH AN AXE... TWICE.
-R-E-S-P-E-C-T, people! Is not that hard to do T.T
-Type "I liekz them tacos" somewhere in your SU to prove you read this rules.
-Any comments, questions and/or suggestions belong here in the OOC [Out of Character] thread. All posts relevant to the progression of the story belong in the IC [In Character] thread.
-Please let me now if you'll be inactive, or else you'll be kicked out for unexcused inactivity and your character will die :)
-M stands for Mature, but please keep gore to a minimum, and don't go all descriptive with romance. If ain't no fun to just post about people's tongues wrestling around, y'know?
-Have fun and stuff...
-Scripts. Homestuck uses them. You may as well, but only for Pesterchum logs, and you should still write the minimum length for a regular post. Or else you'll be punished by the gods.
And now, finally, what you were looking for, the Sign-Up sheet!
Name: Self descriptive, really.
Gender: ...Seriously, same as above.
Age: 14 to 16, period.
Location: City, State, Country and such.
Title: CLASS of ASPECT. i.e. KNIGHT of WEALTH and whatnot.
Color: Can be any except for black or white. If it's not a regular color, an hex code must be provided.
ChumHandle: Your username in Pesterchum. Two words comprised, as in sumthinSumthin.
Home: How does their home look like? Their neighborhood? Stuff, stuff, stuff...
Family: How many people live with them? Pets? Make sure to describe what they are all like.
Appearance: How he/she looks. Clothes, face, body and stuff...
Personality Traits:This is divided in two, good personality traits and bad personality traits. They define your character and should be described decently.
First Post: Just a post made of yer' own imagination. Serves for introducing your character and its family and must include when they get the game in the mail. It ends once they open the package and are about to install the game. You may post this in the IC instead if I grant approval for said action.

==>EliteBeats: Name The Accepted Characters:
Divya Jhaveri [HEIRess of PEACE]; ardentVotary [AV] by Lt. Col. Fantastic

Josephine "Jossie" Jolls [Female MAGE of RHYME]; sublymeArrhytmia [SA] by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
--- & ---

Leon Guemonde [Male SYLPH of WORLD]; periwinkleAdoucir [PA] by Lady Gunner

Ryan Grove [ROGUE of KEYS]; theoreticalSilence [TS] by DeLaMuerte
--- & ---

RESERVED [??? of ???]; ?????? [???] by EliteBeats

Pikachu April 29th, 2013 10:36 PM

Ermegerd. First there is no Homestuck RPs and now all of a sudden, there is two (albeit mine is finely masked). Good luck with it, I guess, I just hope it won't move faster than mine so that you'll spoil stuff for my players lol :p I've been trying to not tell them the real plot and all details yet.

Lt. Col. Fantastic April 30th, 2013 2:57 AM

Um, If you could save me a spot until tonight or tomorrow that would be swell!

@Red: I know right? Crazy. Homestuck is invading O_O

Chalifoux April 30th, 2013 6:38 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7644696)
Ermegerd. First there is no Homestuck RPs and now all of a sudden, there is two (albeit mine is finely masked). Good luck with it, I guess, I just hope it won't move faster than mine so that you'll spoil stuff for my players lol :p I've been trying to not tell them the real plot and all details yet.

Thank you! I also hope it doesn't go faster... or slower than yours... or else that would be rather atrocious xD


Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic (Post 7644867)
Um, If you could save me a spot until tonight or tomorrow that would be swell!

@Red: I know right? Crazy. Homestuck is invading O_O

Sure thing! By the mystical GM powers I have been granted, I hereby declare you RESERVED for as much as 48 real time hours decide to last :)
Also, how is Homestuck invading just know... WHEN IT WAS ALREADY HERE?! :)

Pikachu May 11th, 2013 1:03 PM

So, I'd like to reserve a spot as the Mage of Rhyme, if it's ok to have a female mage :)

Chalifoux May 11th, 2013 1:57 PM

@ Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Mind if I just call you Red?). I really don't see why there can't be a female Mage :p A reservation for Mage of Rhyme, it is! :D

@ Lt. Col. Fantastic. You is still gonna sign-up... Right?

Pikachu May 11th, 2013 2:36 PM

Nice. But, how many players do you want before we start? Apparently the feels for Homestuck here are lukewarm at best.

Obsolete SU attempt, here is the new one.

Name: Erika Jolls
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Location: -
Title: Mage of Rhyme
Color: Orange
ChumHandle: -
Home: You live in a castle, is the simplest way to put it. Your silly father inherited it from an unknown relative who apparently had no other relatives left, and now you live there without really fitting into it. It's got one main body and two wings, so it's shaped like a horseshoe, kind of. One of the wings is for your silly father and his stupid projects, and the main body is where you all really live. The second wing isn't really used and has many strange rooms and things. It seems like the old relative who used to live here, the Countess as you mostly call her, was either an explorer herself or just a really dedicated collector of artifacts from all over the world. There are too many rooms to count but you've made your home in one of them in the main body and it's huge but feels rather empty which makes you bitter.

Family: Your silly FATHER is probably one of the persons you like the least in this world. You know that you should probably love him deep down since he is your FATHER and gave you life and all that, and you sometimes feel guilty for not feeling any affection at all for the man. He is somewhat round and fat, with no hair on top of his head but a wavy reddish mustache on his upper lip. He usually wears silly green blazers and knickerbockers because he thinks it's fitting of a castle owner for some reason. He talks as if he is always happy and knows best, which annoys you to no end.

Your big BROTHER is probably one of the persons you like the most in this world. Not that you would ever tell him that up front, because that would be downright inappropriate. Siblings are supposed to argue and bicker and tease one another. And so you do, constantly, every day. But you always make sure that he isn't upset for real afterwards, and you are pretty sure that he makes sure the same for you. BROTHER is pretty damn cool, liked by everyone and described by his friends as too kind for his own good. But still annoyingly teasing. Yeah, ok, you really love him and couldn't imagine life without him. Let's just admit that to everyone except to him.
Appearance: You are a rather short, thin girl of 14 years who has been waiting and is still waiting to begin looking a bit more womanly. Your curves just won't come, it seems. This makes you bitter. It's not the only thing that makes you bitter, but it's sure contributing.

Your face is pale with some freckles and a small button nose and thin lips. Not the most girly face but you actually think you look cool at times. When you are in a good mood, at least. Or at least at certain angles and in certain lights. Ok, who are you kidding, you hate how you look and just tell yourself and everyone else that you are ok with who you are to try and put up some form of self-confidence instead of showing your self-loathing side that is buried within.

Your hair is long and blonde and straight and would actually look nice if you smiled sometimes and matched its shine. But you mostly pout underneath that straight fringe and the shine is somehow fading when you do that. Even though you keep telling people as well as your own mirror image that you don't care about it.

For clothing, you aren't overly complicated. You wear baggy jeans in an attempt to not look as freakishly thin, and long sleeved t-shirts with some print on the front, usually. You like your t-shirts. Not just saying you like them, you actually do. You have many in different colors, but you most often only have bright jeans.

You wear a silvery watch on your left wrist, which you found in the lonely wing some time ago and just kept. It works fine and all. Other than that, you don't wear any jewelry. You sometimes don a pair of cool, dark sunshades though. Even indoors. And you often put on your pair of white headphones with orange and cyan details. They are really cool and the sound they make is really good. This, you also think for real. You listen through them every day, since you love music.

Good Personality Traits: You love music. That's the first thing to know about you. You almost always keep your headphones on or hanging around your neck, and you have your smartphone as a music player in your pocket or something. Your body knows how to move to a rythm and you daresay you are a pretty good singer. No, not really. You hate your own voice, no matter how much others ( = BROTHER) praise it.

You never really freak out about anything. You know how to keep your cool, or at least how to not get ridiculously scared or sad or happy. That's a positive thing, actually, or it might become in dire situations you may face in the world of SBURB. Of course you don't know that yet, though.

You tend to patronize others easily, regardless if they are actually younger or older than you. Sometimes you are just your stubborn, non-caring self, but when you see others really making a mess of things and feel that you'd know how to do it better, you can't help but stepping in and bitterly helping out. Not because you really enjoy helping out, but because you for some reason feel too annoyed not to. So maybe it's just a weird expression of an OCD? Can be good, in any case.

Bad Personality Traits: One of your most common replies to things is "I'd rather not". You are positively pessimistic and often negative about ideas and suggestions. Sometimes you have reason to be and other times you just... Sometimes you just don't want to be positive.

You don't show emotions easily. Sometimes you just hide behind a rather bitter coolkid mask, and sometimes you are genuinely angry that people will think you are sensitive and weak if you show them how you really feel. Because somewhere deep down, you do feel stuff, of course. Especially when listening to music.

First Post: Just a post made of yer' own imagination. Serves for introducing your character and its family and must include when they get the game in the mail. It ends once they open the package and are about to install the game.

Chalifoux May 11th, 2013 3:39 PM

@ Red I like dat SU so far :D. As for the players, I was thinking six, but there doesn't seem to be much interst over here, so I guess well start with 4 RPers.

Pikachu May 12th, 2013 2:37 AM

Yeah, worst case scenario we do a 2 man session or control 2 characters each to make a 4 man session. Worst case ;;

TaichiWind May 12th, 2013 3:19 AM

Oh my GLUB I'm so totally joining this.
Anyways, can I reserve a Knight of Ground? Because Ground seems really epic.
The reason I'm reserving is because I don't want someone jacking my Knight or Ground while I write up my CS...

Davepetasprite^2 May 12th, 2013 4:11 AM

I'm joining as a SYLPH of WORLD if you don't mind ;>

I'm going to make my SU later so yeah, reserving~

Pikachu May 12th, 2013 6:06 AM

Neeeat lots of people! I'll get to finishing my SU as soon as I've thought up what personality traits I should describe Erika with.

Chalifoux May 12th, 2013 8:32 AM

@Red. Or a 1 person session. And would be... chaotic to absolutely no end, given what Homestuck told us will happen in those kinds of sessions :/ We needs more people

I said and then looked at all the shiny, happy people that joined! :D

@TaichiWind. I was pretty much just toying around the Internetz when I found them :3 Although there were almost thirty I had to choose from :/
But yeah, you're reserved as the ever-so-epic Knight of Ground!

@Lady Gunner. i really don't mind about your titles, so keep making awesome c-c-combo breakers! :D
Sylph of World it is, because you're gonna make your SU later, so yeah, reserved~ o3o

No rush with SUs everybody! We have yet to trap some more people :)
If we end up with 3 (or 5) Roleplayers, I may as well sign-up for this :3

Pikachu May 12th, 2013 10:48 AM

Oh, you weren't planning on having a character of your own?

Chalifoux May 12th, 2013 10:54 AM

Not precisely. I mean, I do have ideas for a Homestuck character. But I'm currently in two RPs, GMing this one, co-Gming another, and soon to co-Gm yet another RP. If it seems that no fourth character signs-up then I guess I'll have to find a way of Roleplaying?GMing this Rp :)

Pikachu May 12th, 2013 11:06 AM

Oh, I see. Well, let's hope Lt. Col. Fantastic comes back then.

Lt. Col. Fantastic May 13th, 2013 2:56 AM

I'm coming back, but I'm having a little trouble withtime managment these past few weeks (wow im sure there is a better way to phrase that)

My sign up is like, 80% done, just wotking on first post. ill try and have it tonight, but i have a lot of schoolwork this month and its all mostly due friday. But I think i can get it done by tomorrow

so sorry im slow to write :(

Chalifoux May 13th, 2013 9:05 AM

There are actually better ways to phrase that xD Just say Time Shenanigans and we'll drop the topic :p

It's not like I'm rushing you, though. I just thought you had gone lost somewhere in the depths of the incipisphere, is all. o3o

Lt. Col. Fantastic May 13th, 2013 11:53 AM

One quick question: Are classes gender specific? Like how girls arent supposed to be princes and stuff.

Cause My character is a girl, but I want her to be the heir of peace. Would she be like an heiress or should i go for a different class?

Chalifoux May 13th, 2013 3:12 PM

I'm going with what Aranea once stated that some classes, while specially oriente to a certain gender, can show in both.

Only that, in this case, it applies for all classes. Make it a heiress if you want, or leave her as a heir. Either is cool for me :)

Davepetasprite^2 May 14th, 2013 3:02 AM

Just a question, do the chumhandles be in the GCAT pattern or could it be different? Well, here's my SU.

SU found on the other post.

Pikachu May 14th, 2013 7:55 AM

omg I've never realized that's the reason their usernames are like that

I feel so dumb now

even the trolls


mind = blown

xD durr durrrrr

I don't think we need to follow that though, do we? ;) Most RPs and fanon iterations of SBURB don't follow it from what I've seen.

Also. We should try to balance genders of the players?

Lt. Col. Fantastic May 14th, 2013 3:17 PM

Yeah, I think literally everyone has a girl character.

wait...nope, Tachi hasnt put a gender yet. I could change my character to a boy doesnt seem right for her to be a guy, just from the way I made her personality. I mean if red and lady gunner are dead set on female ill change but i prefer not to :)

Lt. Col. Fantastic May 15th, 2013 1:51 PM

EDIT: Sorry for double post, it was an accident.

Finished Sign Up. I think.

Name: Divya Jhaveri
Age: 16
Location: Delhi, India.
Title: HEIR of PEACE
Color: Purple
ChumHandle: ardentVotary
Home: The Jhaveri home reflects their wealth. Mr. Jhaveri, as a private contractor, built and designed the home himself. He didn't hold out on living space, with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and even a room solely used for hanging pictures that Ruchi takes (she loves photography). The downstairs entrance reveals the grand foyer. To the left are four bedrooms placed in quadrants, to the right is the kitchen, a living room, and the Dining room. Past the stairs lead to an inground pool and huge lawn, which is littered with golf balls Mr. Jhaveri drives in his free time. Upstairs are the last two bedrooms, the left being Ruchi's and the right being Divya's. Each bedroom has a joining bathroom, with the two extra bathrooms being located behind the kitchen and upstairs living room. From the top balcony a panoramic view of Divya's neighborhood, which contains homes as nice, but not just alike, Divya's own "humble abode".
Family: Divya lives with her father and friend Ruchi. Ruchi’s parents died in a car accident four years ago and she has been living with Divya since she doesn’t have any other family. Divya’s father is a fairly stern and a firm believer in Hinduism. (Mostly Advaita Vedanta beliefs)
Appearance: It seems Divya was born not to be noticed. She is below average height, something she resents. She stands at around 160 centimeters, or 5’1”. She is average weight, maybe a little on the heavier side (58 kg), and her participation in kalaripayat gives her some muscle tone but nothing to brag about. Like everyone in her family, she has jet black hair that’s a little thick and pin straight. It reaches down about halfway down her back, and is kept neatly groomed. Her dark skin is perfectly toned to not be noticed on the streets of Delhi, and her dark brown eyes bring nothing to give a second look. She is very beautiful, but most people wouldn’t notice if they were just passing by her. Sometimes the fact that she is often overlooked or ignored aggravates Divya, but in most situations she welcomes the fact that she can get around without being bothered.

As for clothing, she wears the typical American teenager style. Nothing too fancy, but a blend of fashion and comfort. I won't go into much detail, the picture has a great example of her clothing choices. (I will say this: she is a fan of the color purple)

Good Personality Traits:

Divya can make good use of her surroundings, as well as come up with plans or courses of action on the go. She is likewise quite adept at getting out of any sticky situation.
This can be a good or bad trait, but in most cases it proves to be to Divya’s advantage. Not one to change her mind because of anything someone else says, she is always true to herself, sticking firmly to her beliefs.
When it comes down to it, Divya really cares for her friends and family, and even strangers. Having been raised in a Hindu household, she tries to hold judgment for others and is an avid supporter of self-freedom. While she wouldn’t let anyone else’s opinions sway her own, she holds respect even for beliefs that greatly vary from her own; she expects the same will be done for hers.
Bad Personality Traits:

Divya’s emotions can easily cloud her judgment if she isn’t careful. Sometimes her passion for things sways her a little. Alternatively, she has trouble letting things go when something doesn’t go her way/the way things were planned. It isn’t uncommon for her to storm off in order to refrain from using extensive profanity.
Divya needs things to be organized, planned, and carved in stone to function. Something as minor as going to the mall at six instead of seven will set her off balance, and often make her aggravated. She always has an internal clock going (no, it doesn’t tell exact time. But she can estimate how long something has taken/is taking) and if it bodes tardiness for what is to come next, she’ll become distracted and rushed.


The traditional Indian martial arts focusing on a variety or hand weapons, as well as hand to hand combat. Divya is only familiar with the basics of hand to hand, as she had only started a few years ago. She also practices using the weapons (or at least unsharpened practice versions of them), but she prefers to do things hand to hand.
It has always been Divya’s dream to be an all-purpose translator. She loves languages, and strives to learn as many as possible in her life. She knows Hindi, Arabic, English, French, Gestuno, and a little bit of Bengali. She learns most of these in school (or just growing up, really), but Gestuno was learned in a community center and Bengali is being taught to her by her friend Ruchi.
Divya loves to play the Cello. She has been in the school orchestra for almost ten years, and has improved greatly in her playing ability. While she loves to play cello, she gets nervous when playing for other people. Especially when she is on her own (like a solo).
First Post:
The mall on Chandni Street was packed as usual, girls just getting out of the big private schools were pouring into the food court, pulling reluctant boyfriends and younger siblings with them in a surge of both Indians and foreigners. Ruchi was too bust looking at her cell phone to notice any of the girls trying to wave at her, and Divya’s attention was being spent staring at her salad. She picked at it a bit with her fork while her father mowed down a few cartons of lo mein noodles from the new Chinese joint. Finally pushing her food aside, Divya waved her hands in front of Ruchi’s face to get her attention. Startled by her friend and de facto sister’s sudden motion, Rushi looked up with a wild expression on her face.

“What?” She snapped, perhaps a little too harshly. Divya brushed of the remark as a reflex instead of a sign of aggression.

“Do you want to go to the movie theater?” asked Divya. As she did so her father paused with noodles hanging out of his mouth, and then continued eating. Ruchi seemed to ponder the question for a few moments, tapping her chin in a thoughtful manner. “Sure,” she finally said, “What movie?”

“The Great Gatsby. I heard it was good.”

“Really? I heard it sucks.” Divya frowned at the remark, but was glad that Ruchi was going to see it with her. Divya’s father took the momentary silence to speak up.

“Is that Iron movie still out?” he inquired. He was all about the superheroes, but he could never remember their names. Ruchi looked at her phone again, this time on the theater’s website.

“Yes. And it plays ten minutes after The Great Gatsby starts.” She turned her phone around, showing the screen to Mr. Jhaveri. He squinted his eyes, but without his glasses he wouldn’t see much. He pretended like he did though, and said, “Okay,” before continuing to eat his food. Divya was pleased with this interaction, and offered to take everyone’s trash. After Mr. Jhaveri finished eating, they walked upstairs to the second floor, which was used as the mall’s own theater.


After the movie, Ruchi and Divya giggled about the funny faces McGuire made throughout the film as they walked home. Nearing their home, a beautiful two story house on West Patel Nagar, Mr. Jhaveri commanded Divya to get the mail. Ruchi raced Divya to the mailbox. When they arrived there Divya was out of breath and defeated, unable to keep up with her speedy crony. Inside the mailbox was an assortment of boring envelopes, but something dropped out of the stack as she tried to organize the jumbled mess or paper. A white box, with a peculiar green logo lay face up on Divya’s driveway. Panting, she picked it up and inspected it. The logo was the only thing to be found, save for a mailing address. The logo was lime-ish green-ish, and looked like little blocks resembling a house. Divya handed the rest of the mail to Ruchi, while she opened the box. Inside was a CD, a booklet, and a few green card things. The booklet started to come loose, so Divya secured it back into its little plastic holding flap thing and closed the case.

“What’s that?” asked Ruchi. Divya shook her head and said, “I don’t know. Some sort of computer game I think.” Divya wasn’t a big gamer, but Ruchi was. Her friend’s head perked up.

“Oh? We should play it. What is it?” Divya had no answer. “I don’t know. Does this thing look familiar to you?” She showed the green logo to Ruchi, who shook her head. “Must be a new thing,” she said. Divya shrugged and the two went back to their house.

(skip some stuff because im lazy ---------------------------------)

Ruchi and Divya climbed up the stairs to Ruchi’s room. With the game in hand, Ruchi energetically jumped onto her bed and booted up her nearby laptop. A little less enthusiastically, Divya sat down on the bed and watched Ruchi put the disc in the laptop. She paused before she closed the cd drive. Turning to Divya, she said, “Hey, why don’t you do this game? Everytime we play a game you just watch me do it. I want you to try one.” She slid the laptop to Divya, who rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. I’m just going to lose in three seconds,” she muttered. She started to install the game, not knowing what fate it would bring to her household, or even the entire world.

Pikachu May 15th, 2013 11:36 PM

Do you always make rich characters, Lt Col? ;p Thinking of Vinnie here~

Anyways, I'll try to finish my SU tonight. Also, I really do want to play as a female, mostly because my character in the other Homestuck RP here is a male :p

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