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Satan.EXE April 26th, 2013 6:26 PM

Wolf's Rain - Extinction (M) [OOC]

When are we born? When do we die? Why are we born? Why do we die? The world has been destroyed and we've fallen countless times, always resurrecting from the ashes as Paradise. It has happened before, and it will happen again. An endless cycle of life and death. The world is a Paradise that was opened by someone, but this era too is almost at an end. We have acquired the means to exceed our natural span of life, never suspecting that the world itself was finalized in its existence. This knowledge has left me in despair, my fate has fallen and scattered like the petals of a dying flower, like the blast from a sand storm it has been warn down and weathered away. As if to be purified, the world will be encased in ice so that it can return to the beginning once more. Paradise is a world that is opened by someone...

They say there's no such place... as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."

According to an old legend, when the end of the world comes, a place known as Paradise will appear. However, only wolves will know how to find it. Although wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction nearly two hundred years ago, they still exist, surviving by taking human forms.

However, this lifetime has taken a turn for the worse.

The existence of wolves has become common knowledge, and some Humans won't stop until they're all extinct. While these wolves maintain secrecy in Human disguise, they find themselves searching... For Paradise.

Paradise is said to be a perfect world, though no one has seen it with their own eyes. It is said that only wolves can enter its glorious world, though only when led there by a lunar flower.

Humans, terrified of wolves, have become suspicious of even each other, and chaos has ensued in the past few months. Some try to go about their lives in fear, some actively hunt the wolves... Yet some want to see them live.

A Pagan-like religion has formed under the Lunar Tome, or "Book of the Moon". This book is banned and those who own it are executed, their book burned. However, some Humans still read from it in secrecy, and believe in its words. The Book of the Moon explains about Wolves, Lunar Flowers, Paradise, and much more, but one detail stands out among all else: the book states that wolves are divine creatures, and that Humans are descendants of wolves.

These Tome-worshiping Humans call themselves Pagans, and would prefer to see the wolves left alone, or even assisted in their journey, rather than slaughtered. However, they must keep their beliefs secret, or else they become outcasts, get executed, or both.

In very rare instances, some Humans have gone hunting for wolves, using their rifles to end every one they can find.

Meanwhile, the wolves run free, though cautious and hidden. Most search for Paradise, Lunar Flowers, or simply a place to live in peace. Some wish to live alongside Humans, while some wish to never see another. Wolves most often live in the wilderness outside of Human towns, travelling often so that they aren't found. However, some wolves have found residence in old abandoned buildings or towns, among other things. Some travel in packs, some are lone wolves. On rare occasion, some Wolves have lived their lives like dogs, fooling everyone including their owners. Most wolves mock these 'pets', and disagree with the idea entirely.

Nobles are alien beings that look strikingly similar to Humans (they are nearly impossible to differentiate if you exclude technology and clothing) and live in airships that are clearly far more advanced than Human tech. Nobles make little to no contact with Humans due to a lack of interest. Few Nobles are also searching for Paradise, and plan to find it before the wolves do.

You will play as either a Human or a Wolf, with your character's ideals and history entirely up to you. This will be free form sandbox-style, with the story moving dependent on what you, as the player, will do. The Rating is M, as violence, swearing and blood are all themes in this world. You don't have to watch Wolf's Rain to play, though it would help.

And if you do consider watching it, I fully encourage you to, as this is personally my favorite Anime of all time, and it likely will always be.

  1. GM rules are final.
  2. PC Rules apply.
  3. No fighting, arguing, or un-fun conflicts of any sort, or else.
  4. Death Hugs will be administered accordingly.
  5. Please try your very best to be active, I've had too many RPs die due to player inactivity.
  6. Leave a breed of wolf for the secret word on your sign-up.
  7. Moderator(s) will be involved if need be.


Name: (Full name if Human, only first name for wolves)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (How old is this character?)
Race: (Human or Wolf)

Path: (What is he or she doing at RP start?)

Appearance: (Describe his or her appearance. If wolf, you must describe wolf appearance and Human disguise)

Personality: (How does he or she act?)

History: (What did he or she go through in the past, and how did that make him or her who he or she is?)

Passcode: (Were you paying attention to the first post? It's kind of important)

A banner for your sig!


[title="Check out WolfOfEve's RP, Wolf's Rain - Extinction!"][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/title]

Character List

Sir Dourant - Khawill
Primrose - ~Geneveive~
Blaez - dcjboi

Teashi - WolfOfEve
April - PinkSapphire
Nando - CourageHound
Gothax - JNathan

Rose Quartz April 29th, 2013 8:19 PM

A reservation for Wolf please.

dcjboi April 29th, 2013 8:49 PM

Loved the anime. And why does everyone have SAO avatars all of a sudden??

Regardless you can count me to start a SU as a human.

Lokiepie April 30th, 2013 12:46 AM

OMG yes! my major deadline date just passed, still have exams but free to start roleplaying again now :P reserve please? will work on my SU when I get back from my interview

Satan.EXE April 30th, 2013 7:01 AM

Signing Up

Chapter Zero: Part Zero

Name: Teashi
Sex: Male
Race: Wolf

Path: Actively Searching for Paradise

Appearance: He is a white Arctic Wolf, with deep red eyes and a moderate build. His pelt is fairly well groomed and clean, seeming to glisten in certain lightings. His expression is one always deep in thought, sometimes to the point where he could look ready to dismiss anyone else as unimportant.

In Human disguise, he has soft white hair and the same deep red eyes, with light skin. He wears a black trench coat with a red button shirt beneath, and black jeans. He looks intriguing, yet not suspicious.

Personality: Will be shown in the RP.

History: This is also top-secret.

Passcode: Pssh, I don't need to use my own password!

Khawill May 5th, 2013 10:32 AM

Name: Sir Dourant (Nickname: Sir Dour (pronounced door)
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 30

Path: Dourant is on a train, escorting a child to her father in Freeze City.

Appearance: (Smilair to this character, except more serious and with black hair.) Dourant is a large character with broad shoulders. He stands at 6"4, and is large in a muscular sense. He wears a daisho under a long overcoat, and he wears blue jeans. His collar rises up to his nose, hiding half of his face. He also wears a straw hat.

He wields several weapons. His Daisho holds a Katana and Wakizashi (a smaller sword, used as a secondary weapon.). He carries a pair of 9mm pistols, several instant smoke bombs, a lighter, and a flask of liquor.

Personality: Dourant is a tough person, with a ruthless fighting attitude. Outside of battle, Dourant doesn't speak very much, though he is very kind and generous, helping all with extreme drive. He has a strong instinct, and is considerably wise, through his years, he has picked up much. He is very neutral about the events, and he won't answer questions regarding wolves or paradise. He follows Bushido, and he helps whenever needed.

His weakness is his willingness to help anybody in need. Most times it brings him across the land, and into many dangers, he usually charges very little for his efforts, causing him to be rather poor at times. He also has an alcohol problem whenever he does get money. He has no mercy for the wicked, and can be a quiet different man during a fight.

History: As a child, Dourant trained with his friend with wooden swords carved by Dourant. His friend always won though, no matter how hard Dourant tried, his friend was a better fighter. They fought off each other, growing strong with the goal of being the strongest. Bullies knew better than to fight either of them alone, nor together. They still used words, teasing and taunting. Dourant would shrug it off as the talk of weak people, his friend saw it differently. Dourant’s friend became distanced, less was seen of him, he seemed dedicated to whatever he was doing in private. At the age of 16, after years of saving, both boys were able to afford their first sword.

A year later, Dourant’s friend went crazy. At a party thrown by a student, he arrived and slaughtered 5 other students. Dourant could not get an answer to why, his friend said, "I killed the two at home too, the ones who never care. Let me kill you as well." Dourant lured him to an open field, in an attempt to save the other people. Yet during the fight, his friend disappeared, and was never seen again. Dourant was exiled from the town, though people knew it was his friend, they feared he would be the next to snap.

Dourant became a police officer for 5 years, fighting gangs and other dangerous things. At the age of 25, he was famous for his efficiency in ending conflicts, though he was also notorious for his lack of mercy in battle toward murderers and gang members. At the age of 28 he quit the force, finding the enemies he fought to be too weak, and the goal to be worthless. From then until now, he has been wandering around the region, helping everyone and looking for a good fight.

And his old friend.

Passcode: Husky (Thats a type right?)

First Post: (Because why not)

"Sir Dour, are we almost there?" The little girl named Elizabeth asked me.

I was slumping against the chair of the train, hat covering my eyes, and enjoying the train noises before she interrupted me peace. "No child, we just left, it will be another two hours before we arrive there."

I heard her drop to the seat, I presumed she looked angry, "I don't know why I have to go with you." She emphasized the word you, like I was a bad taste in her mouth. "And why I have to see father of all people."

I sighed, "She said that your father really wanted to see you. It is really none of my business why." I tipped my hat up to see what she was doing. When I looked, she was going through my bag. "Hey! Don't mess with that stuff." I grabbed the bag and zipped it up, then placed it next to me.

"You have a lot of weapons." She said, Then she saw my daisho. "Why do you have swords? Guns are so much better." I was taken back, this girl had to be at most ten years of age, and yet she was saying my swords were inferior.

"Yea well, guns are not very personal, and don't show strength." I said.

"But then why do you have two guns?"

"It is necessary in this world to be prepared for both types of combat." I said informatively. Luckily I was still certified and allowed to carry all of my weapons in public. Also the swords were for someone else. "Why don't you go sleep or something?"

"Nope, not until we arrive at the city, then I'll fall asleep ad you can carry me to my father." She said it so matter-of-factually, like it already was happening.

"Wait why would I do that?" I said.

"Because, you look strong enough to do it." She shrugged. She then wiped her blonde hair aside, it was pretty long and I assumed she always straightened it. "You think you'll need to use those?" She said in a darker tone.

I shook my head, "I doubt there will be any fights between here and Freeze City." I stood up and stretched. "Not that it matters, I'll be able to fight off any petty train robbers."

She nodded her head and looked out the window, watching the snow and trees. The window was fogging up and she drew a dog on the window. "Hey Sir Dour, what is Paradise?"

The question surprised me, and for a second I didn't know how to answer. "First, it isn't a place to just say out loud like that. Lucky for you we are in a private cabin."

"But I heard two guys at the trai--"

I cut her off, "For the safety of you, I'll just say it is a place of legend. It may or may not exist, but what I do know is that you shouldn't talk about it." I looked at the small child very seriously. Last thing I needed was trouble concerning that book.

"What about wolves? Are they really as dangerous as mom says?" Nosy child, curiosity will be her bane. I thought.

"Have you ever been attacked by a wolf?" I said.


"Have you ever seen someone attacked by one?" She shook her head. "Neither have I. I won't say they are not dangerous, but I will say that they are as evil as humans." Humans are probably even worse.

"Well, I bet you could beat a wolf Sir Dour. I bet it would take you no time." I laughed heartily. Such a nice comment.

Satan.EXE May 6th, 2013 7:33 AM

Sir Dour is accepted.

Also, his attitude reminds me a bit of Quent Yaiden.

Khawill May 6th, 2013 9:30 AM

That guys looks too gruff (saw the first 4 episodes while making the SU so there is no relation between the characters.)

Satan.EXE May 6th, 2013 9:36 AM


Originally Posted by Khawill (Post 7651589)
That guys looks too gruff (saw the first 4 episodes while making the SU so there is no relation between the characters.)

I was more thinking of her personality, closer to the end of the series anyways.

Alcoholism isn't helping your case, though.

Khawill May 6th, 2013 10:07 AM

I suppose not huh. Well we should get more peeps yo

Satan.EXE May 6th, 2013 10:18 AM

That's what I was hoping for. Seems people either haven't noticed this yet or aren't interested.

EGKangaroo May 6th, 2013 1:12 PM

Hai, I am interested in this RP actually.

I'd just like to reserve a spot as a human. I'm watching a couple of episodes of the anime to kinda familiarise myself with the series and get a grip on the setting's feel and the overall lore surrounding the story to create a right character.

Satan.EXE May 6th, 2013 1:21 PM

Great, I'll mark you as reserved!

Also, I hope you enjoy Wolf's Rain, it's my absolute favorite Anime of all time.

CourageHound May 6th, 2013 8:14 PM

Hi! I absolutely love Wolf's Rain and completely ecstatic that someone made an RP of the anime! I'd like to reserve a spot as a wolf please.


Name: Nando
Sex: Male
Race: Wolf
Path: Unaware of Paradise. Trying to survive in the city, hiding among the humans.

Appearance: A modest young Gray Wolf who's fur oscillates shades of gray, tan black and white with deep brown eyes. The concentration of dark markings around his face gives him a dignified yet, series look regardless of his actual mood. Standing tall, his build is a mixture of muscle and slenderness that grants him both strength and nimbleness/agility. Nando's gaze seems to have somewhat of an alluring quality.

Human Disguise:
In his human disguise, Nando has deep black hear and red eyes. He has tan skin and sports a dark yellow and black coat with a black t-shirt underneath and long black jeans. He carries a compass-watch. (As for size, he would be slightly taller than Hige)

Personality: Surviving for such a long time in Freeze city has developed Nando to be pretty self-assured and generally fearless. He prefers stay stay clear of the most active areas of the city and is distrusting of humans. Calm, somewhat spacey, and analytic Nando prefers to take his time and think through sticky situations. However he can become easily irritated when he cannot come up with a solution or things don't go his way. Nando doesn't do well in overcrowded groups and resents people that act obnoxious or foolish. Though he doesn't like to initiate conflict himself, Nando can hold his own in battle exceptionally well but under normal circumstances only prefers to fight until his adversary is no longer a threat(after which he promptly leaves).

History: Nando was born in the forest with his former pack. In his days as a pup, he was always rambunctious and getting into trouble. As he grew up, he learned more and more about life in a pack. One day he secretly sneaked out from the pack to wander about. After getting somewhat lost he came across a weird machine left by some humans. His first notion was to sniff at it and that would be his downfall. Once he did, it released a ton of noxious sleep gas that knocks him out as well as a signal that alerted human hunters of his position. Within 30 minutes countless humans stormed the area and cages him while he was still unconscious. The others marched into the forest and he can only imagine what could happen if they found his pack. When Nando comes to his senses he is being carried in some vehicle behind metal bars, the passing ground quavering in the wake of the engine.

Nando immediately started to pry at the bars and manages to break free just as the humans take notice. But by that time he was already sprinting into the night off to who knows where. Nando continued walking for what seems like hours hoping to find his pack. After almost loosing hope and hungry he stumbles upon the bleak Freeze City.

Hesitant to enter the structure at first smelling the scent of humans, he carefully makes his way around the city searching for other wolves. Of course finding nothing but manages to snag some food such as burgers or hot dogs. By this time Nando was filled with sorrow and regret. Though not ever fully loosing hope in finding his parents one day, he chose to stay in the city for it was his only choice, unless he decided to leave and die in the bareness beyond the walls of the city. After learning to survive among the humans and readily obtain food for a while, his usually cheeriness and inquisitive personality partially dissolved into quietness and indifference. Though every day he contemplates about a better, more happy future and hopes to one day re-unite with his pack and parents.

Passcode: Grey Wolf~

Satan.EXE May 7th, 2013 10:33 AM

Let me know when you're done with it so I can review it, as of now, Nando is reserved.

Also, of course Wolf's Rain! Hopefully no one will die off of PC or this RP and we can lead this story right to the end!

Xilfer May 8th, 2013 3:46 PM

This seems rather interesting. I like the idea of the story moving along based on what players do. There aren't too many RPs that offer that. Reserve me for a Wolf please.

SylveonStar May 8th, 2013 5:51 PM

Could I reserve as a Human. also is there a minimum age limit? If not my character will be on the young side (about nine or ten) if there is she'll be about seventeen

Name: Primrose Rawlins
Sex: Female
Race: Human

Path: Living on the streets of Freeze City


Primrose is small for her age, about 43 inches tall and weighing only 50.6 pounds. She has pale skin and big bright green eyes. Her hair is a golden blonde in color and wavy though she keeps it in pigtails with two strands of hair framing her face and a few strands varying in length on her forehead. She dresses in a pink long sleeve shirt that is very light in texture good for summer wear with a pale blue sweatshirt over it that has pale pink writing on it. She wears a light orange skirt with a pair of knee high boots the same color pink as her shirt. Another thing Primrose has is a dagger attached to a sheath hidden on her left arm that used to belong to her father.

Personality: Primrose is a very independent child. Having been taking care of herself since she was six when she was left an orphan on the streets she knows what it takes to survive. She is tough, resilient and strong never one to back down from a fight and she will protect what little she can call hers until her dying breath. Though it helps that her father trained her how to fight with daggers since she was old enough to walk and understand, and over her years being on the streets she has learned stealth, and how to pickpocket and steal. That doesn't mean though she's not still a frightened child. She just tries her best to hide it but she can't do that all the time. Under her tough outer layer Primrose is just a little girl who wants someone to care for her. But after being alone for three years she's given up hope on that happening and is not likely to let someone get close to her at first.

History: Primrose was born to Edward and Delilah Rawlins in Freeze City. Her mother a florist while her father was an ex-military member. Edward wanted everything for his little girl. For her to grow up safe and strong and for her to be able to defend herself. From the moment Primrose started to walk and was able to understand what her father was telling her he trained her to use daggers. She was about 3 at this point. Her early years went on like this. Learning from her father, going to school and helping her mother with her shop. When she was six years old though her mother passed away from a mysterious illness and her father followed a few days later. By luck Primrose managed not to catch it. Though now she had no one to stay with, other than the orphanage. But she didn't want to go there. Making her choice six year old Primrose ran away after her parents funerals and lived on the streets. At first she was lucky to find a group of people that were homeless that allowed her to join them and they taught her how to pickpocket. But after a year they abandoned her leaving her with nothing but her fathers dagger.

Determined to care for herself Primrose slowly but surely learned the art of stealth, and pick-pocketed and stole in order to feed herself and to get new clothes when she outgrew hers. Now nine years old she has a sections of the town near the train station that is her main hunting ground for food and money. An area that is known throughout the street community as hers.

Passcode: Arctic

Satan.EXE May 8th, 2013 6:05 PM


Originally Posted by Xilfer123 (Post 7654244)
This seems rather interesting. I like the idea of the story moving along based on what players do. There aren't too many RPs that offer that. Reserve me for a Wolf please.

You got it! One wolf reserve!


Originally Posted by ~Genevieve~ (Post 7654402)
Could I reserve as a Human. also is there a minimum age limit? If not my character will be on the young side (about nine or ten) if there is she'll be about seventeen

Name: Primrose Rawlins
Sex: Female
Race: Human

Path: Living on the streets of Freeze City

Appearance: (Describe his or her appearance. If wolf, you must describe wolf appearance and Human disguise)

Personality: (How does he or she act?)

History: (What did he or she go through in the past, and how did that make him or her who he or she is?)

Passcode: Arctic

One Human reserve!

There is no set age limit, just be sure that said character is fitting of the age and will actually last in the RP (Death is possible in this one)

Also, if you're doing it on this post, just notify me when it's done so I can review it.

SylveonStar May 8th, 2013 6:25 PM

Alright :) I'll go with the younger one :) while I waiting for your answer I was working on a sign up for both ages just in case.


Satan.EXE May 8th, 2013 6:31 PM

Prim is accepted!

Though, as soon as I got to the part where she had a dagger, I was momentarily stunned.

SylveonStar May 8th, 2013 6:32 PM

She's a tough little girl, and will probably be a fun character for me to play.

Khawill May 8th, 2013 6:46 PM

Oddly enough, my character starts the RP with a child about the same age

CourageHound May 8th, 2013 7:53 PM

I should have my SU ready by say tomorrow or Friday

EGKangaroo May 8th, 2013 8:44 PM

Finished! ^^

Name: Phoebe Dreyer
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 17

Path: She tries her earnest best to continue her school, despite the threats from the gang of vigilantes holding a close watch on her. She just wants them to leave her at peace, having already lost her dog to them.

Appearance: Phoebe is a bright-looking 17 year old. She isn't quite tall, but stands at a modest 5'8". Her figure is rather heavy, and while she's not obese, she still would like to lose a few pounds to improve her looks. Her face is rather round-shaped, with high cheekbones, and a jutting, dimpled chin. Phoebe's wavy deep brunette hair reaches shoulder length at the back, and is cut at layered choppy lengths over the top and the front that skim her eyebrows. Her eyes are mostly grey with subtle scatterings of amber and carry a soft, caring gaze. In between is her rather short and snubby nose that comports more of a sophomoric appearance to her face. Her complexion is rather fair, with subtle frecklage over her cheeks.

She usually wears woolen, long-sleeved pullover, and prefers wearing them in her favourite colours, which are usually in shades of red. She prefers wearing simple jeans. Given her mild near-sightedness, she usually wears dark thin-framed horn-rimmed glasses with rectangular lenses.

Personality: Phoebe's philosophy has nearly always been that one can only live their lives sincerely by creating oneself the way they feel best inside of. As opposed to acting according to what social norms tell them, or what would be "in their genes to". She deeply values the lifestyle she's been allowed to live in a city where poverty seems like the norm and is grateful that she may develop her talents and her individuality in such freedom in the first place.

Phoebe is intelligent, careful, resilient, and kind. She had taken her carefulness throughout her childhood. She never made rash decisions and always overthought the complexity of what she wanted to achieve. Even in speaking, she used to take long moments of thought before uttering anything. She knows where risks are, and avoids or minimises them when she can. She's diligent, and takes pride in her grades. She believes that her education was a privilege that she needs to work hard for to prove she deserved it. Her cunning is also her greatest source of strength in her personality.

Her careful nature also brought downsides with them. She fears taking some risks at the prospect of losing something she loves. She's also grown contemptuous of people she thinks act shallow. That caused her to judge one of her best childhood friends as insincere when she joined a clique of popular girls and imitated their dress style and manner of speaking. She slightly lacks in confidence and used to be reliant on her older brother to stand up for her. Since he left, she wants to act more independently, but she finds resistance from her sheltering mother. She can also be prideful about her achievements and unknowingly boasts too much about them sometimes.

She's talented in mathematics, and applies what she learnt to programming and her hobby of playing chess. She's liked to go kite-flying since she was a child and still has a delta kite she takes to the fields sometimes. If the weather isn't permitting she stays at home to watch movies. She's a real sucker for romantic comedies.

History: Phoebe was born in a family more well off than most of the population. Her father and mother, Kieran and Bente respectively, had their first child 2 years before Phoebe was born: her older brother Ned. They lived in a detached house in the suburban areas of Freeze City, away from the more severely impoverished inner city, and she's grateful for that. Phoebe's father earned the family's dough as a track machine operator. Her parents were concerned for her in her early years as she didn't speak her first word until she was 3 and a half years old. At age 6, her parents adopted the newest addition to the family: a female Kunming dog whom they decided to name Maisie.

Phoebe attended the same public elementary school as her older brother Ned, though she found he often attempted to ignore her while at school. This went on for most of the time Ned and she attended the same elementary school until Ned went to Junior High. Phoebe thus felt suspicious that he didn't want to be seen with her to keep his cool status. She made friends with few other girls in her class, including Maria, whom she would later go to the same High schools with and usually went kite-flying with.

In Junior High, some of the students hawked on her about her appearance. Ned, attending the same school, opened up to Phoebe for the first time and kept her tormentors at bay. Ned explained to her that he hadn't dared to talk to her while with the classmates he hung out with out of fear of being ridiculed. The two got along better since then in a type of hate-love relationship siblings usually have.

Phoebe attended Senior High along with Maria. The two friends grew separate ways throughout the years when Maria joined a clique of more popular peers and imitated most of their mannerisms. Phoebe on the other hand had gotten interest in chess and opted to join one of the school's extracurricular clubs to play. The two grew apart from each other and eventually their friendship withered. She still feels she judged Maria too harshly into thinking she was insincere the way she acted. Phoebe combined her fondness of chess with mathematics and excelled on her grades so she could have a chance to enrol in a university later and gain the opportunity for more social mobility in a place where such a thing seems impossible for most people.

The family tried going about with their normal lives despite the spreading rumours that wolves had returned from their believed extinction and lived amongst humans. Phoebe's father continued his job despite the dangers, and Ned eventually left Freeze city to find better job opportunities elsewhere. They had to keep their dog Maisie indoors for most of the times out of fear for unwanted attention from people who thought she might be a wolf. Just 4 weeks ago, things went catastrophically wrong when she ran out through the front door that was left open. She was spotted on the street and shot by vigilantes who imagined she was a wolf. They kept the Dreyer family under close supicion since to interrogate them whether they knowingly sheltered a wolf despite their best efforts to convince them Maisie was not a wolf.

Passcode: Dingo, because inciting taxonomic controversy is fun.

Rose Quartz May 8th, 2013 11:24 PM

I will have my SU ready soon :3

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