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Jönne May 2nd, 2013 2:11 PM

Pokémon: The Age of Heroes [OOC]
~The Age of Heroes~
Rated T, for fantasy violence, blood, language and moderate romance (?)
Bear in mind, this RP takes place in a Pokemon-only world that has absolutely nothing to do with the games or the series.

The IC thread is located here.

- From the Making, to the Age of Heroes,
by Durand the Elder

"Arceus created our world, shaped it with his infinite arms. He filled the world with water, raised lands and mountain, he planted the flowers and the trees, so that he may rest in joy. But the world quickly grew lonely. He created the living to walk upon it, us. Pokemon. Seeing how weak and vulnerable the first of our kind were, he filled the world with the fury of the elements and gifted us with their powers, so that we may defend ourselves, from us. But the elements themselves turned against us, fiercely ravaging the world that our god had created. Sixteen Plates rose from each of the elements of the world, circling around him, allowing him control over the world he himself had created. Order came at last, and the world was at peace, but the elements required guarding. He chose a few of us and named them Paragons (AKA Legendaries), assigning them with the mission of guarding the ferocity of the world itself and ensuring its stability. He gifted them with wisdom and brilliance, and great power. But their enormous task, as well as the power they bore, oppressed them in such way that they developed into entities far more powerful than common Pokemon. As our numbers grew over the thousands of years, these Pokemon had retreated to their havens, their forms forgotten and spoken only in legends. Now that the world was under control and stability, thanks to the Paragons, Arceus could rest at ease. He, like the Paragons, retreated to his haven, marking the end of the era which came to be known as the Making.

In the first of societies, we lived in the wild, with our instincts as our guides. As the eras after the Making passed, Arceus stirred from his haven to lay his eyes on our world once again. He saw fit to give us a gift equal to that of life: civilization. Wonders were raised, high as the mountains, cities sprouted across the land and sea, and we ourselves progressed and evolved, gaining new powers, as well as knowledge, more power thus. The first of us built Arceus the Sanctum of the Original One, a place where they would show our faith in his divinity, pledge for his protection and beseech his blessing. Seeing that his work has a decent outcome, he saw fit to bestow a part of his own powers upon the world. We basked in that blessing for years, until corruption arrived. The cost of our evolution and newfound powers soon became clear. Our abilities broke the equality and balance that was well established – the superior could vastly overwhelm the inferior, now that they had acquired means of the great power lent by Arceus. Hierarchy was created then and the world came to be known as a single vast Realm that was ruled by one Pokemon, presumably the chosen one of Arceus; but that was a false claim they used to boost the faith of their followers - Arceus never consented to such. Tyranny overwhelmed civilization for years and the residents of this realm suffered from the constant wars for the ultimate monarch’s seat.

Until one day, when the living sighed in despair and the dead lay in the ground by the thousands, the Paragons woke. United, they would put an end to this – they came upon the decision that Arceus's power was too dangerous to be free upon their frail world. They were to seal Arceus’s power, away from the reach of the mortals, but Arceus himself would not approve. After a cataclysmic battle with the Paragons, the Original One was put to rest in the Sanctum, while eight of the Sixteen Plates were parted from the rest and scattered throughout the world by the followers of the Paragons, to ensure his rest was continued and undisturbed. Their efforts to stop Arceus had exhausted them, and so when they had regained their rightful seats in their havens, they slipped into a deep, dreamless slumber, content that the peace and freedom had been restored in the land. Arceus’s vast and overwhelming powers were drawn from the world… but remnants of it still persisted. It appeared in those who carried the Plates, the ones who were guided by the Paragons. Often amongst their descendants, a prodigy would be born, showing great prowess and an affinity for using one of the elements particularly well. They came to be revered as heroes and envoys of the Paragons themselves, destined to carry out the peace they had established by protecting the power of Arceus, keeping it sealed well within the Sanctum of the Original One.

The era that dawned after the seal was put on Arceus's power was named the Age of Heroes."

- The World

Major Cities


1. Fenju - This country was the center of the brilliant civilization of the ancients, which was all wiped out when the power of the Plates was sealed away. The legacy of the ancients lives on in the form of ruins that were once the capital of the Fenju. At the peak of Mount Aegis, which the citadel is built around, the Sanctum of the Original One lies, far above the clouds. The waters that once flowed down the mountain were said to have rejuvenating powers. During the peak of the golden era of the ancients, before the Seal, they used their powers to craft enormous stone statues that were said to come alive when the citadel was in dire peril. The master stoneworkers who raised the colossal statues have passed the art of stonemasonry to their descendants, the people of Skyhaven. Despite the citadel’s glorious past, all that is left behind is ruins that are haunted by the remnants of the spirits of those lost in the Seal.

2. Cyala
The fortress city was built by the Trueborn, after they were separated from the Faithful of Fenju. It became the capital of the Realm when King Daeron conquered all of Altica with armies joined together under the power of the Dark Plate. After the Trueborn were cast aside from power by their King, they dug catacombs so that they could resume practicing their faith to Arceus beneath the city, where they built an edifice, Penumbra Spear. It is said that was the resting place of the Plate, before the latest King of the Realm, King Aion, found and seized it. The mountains around Cyala are rich in tristanite, a rare mineral that absorbs elemental powers that was used prevalently by the Fenju, before the Seal. The mines Cyala has established have extracted formidable amounts of tristanite that brought unimaginable riches to the city.

3. Skyhaven
Skyhaven is an ancient city founded during the early years after the Making, being a colony of direct descendants of the Fenju. For eons it was a wealthy city-state, up until King Daeron’s conquest when it yielded to his vast armies. It is known for its exquisite architecture, as well as being a center of the technological growth and art; its people are strong pursuers of peace, while they have vowed to keep records of the history of Altica in their huge libraries and universities. Before the Seal, the city was using the power of the Sky Plate to run an entire fleet of vessels that could sail the skies, which still remain docked within the city, the heirloom of the great era when Arceus’s power was free. The people of Skyhaven have inherited the Sky Plate from the Fenju; when its powers were rendered sealed, it was placed atop the mountain near the city, to be guarded by the Paragon of the Sky. Skyhaven has since been known as the seat of the legendary Rayquaza. 30 years ago, Skyhaven rose in rebellion against Cyala, but King Aion quelled it abruptly, smashing his armies in the city’s walls and sacking it savagely. Skyhaven has become both the greatest ally and enemy of Cyala throughout history, though it has mostly peaceful purposes.

4. Acanthus
Acanthus is home to vicious creatures, the dragons - it is an iron citadel built high above the clouds, at the peak of the tallest mountain of Montajo Range, isolated from the rest of the Realm. Although in words the dragonlords are pledged to Cyala’s rule, they have remained dangerously distant from the capital, having paid no taxes for centuries. As the mountains of Montajo Range are impassable and the weather conditions extremely harsh, not many have ever reached the citadel, and even less return to tell tales of it. Little is known about its development over the years.

5. Indrasil
The city of Indrasil is said to be impossible to find, as it is moving through the marshes, on a vessel made of wood that floats on the mud. Its troubled history has led the people of Altica to believe it is cursed. The city was once the capital of a Kingdom on the riverlands; a civil war for the King’s succession broke, followed by a great plague that consumed most of the population. The remnants of their civilization King Daeron destroyed and subdued during the Conquest, leaving the forests of Indrasil burnt away to ash. After the Seal, the barren lands were flooded, turning into treacherous marshes. Although the people of Indrasil are secretive and not trusting of their neighbors, they maintain a steady trade with the other cities, primarily selling berries with potent curing effects.

6. Port Ragho
Before the Daeron’s Conquest three hundred years ago, this town was a seafaring nation with a long tradition and history in piracy. Despite their reputation as rogues and thugs of the seas, the people of Ragho have a strong national pride that has lived on, after three centuries. Ragho’s harbor is home to proud shipwrights inherited from the era of the ancients. Its docks are a beautiful heirloom of the town’s past.



A. Area 52
Area 52 is a shard of the once great civilization of the ancients – the surviving Pokemon that migrated there from Fenju after the Seal. Since then, they have been studying the ruins of the Fenju citadel. They are a small community where the jobs and responsibilities are shared by everyone; mostly, they are scientists and scholars who examine the mysteries of the Fenju in hopes of recreating them, they search for ancient artifacts they have left behind. They have pledged to guard them and the ruined citadel nearby, and keep history records so that the civilization of the Fenju does not fade to oblivion. The survivors of the Seal and their descendants have been reluctant to keep bonds with the outside world, as they are wary of their extinction. Built on a steep mountain area, the town is designed to repel any form of attack. As a step of security, the Elders, who rule Area 52, have established a powerful barrier around the town that will keep any wild Pokemon out.

B. Duskwood
The leaves of the massive, oversized trees offer a rich shadow - hence the name, Duskwood. Many battles have been fought here between Fenju and Cyala, and the forest had been considered disputed territory. After the Seal, the forest was seized by the Fenju survivors, where the Anonymous Brotherhood was formed, ever defiant to the Cyalan rule. The Brotherhood continues to defy the forces of the Kingdom up to this day, under the rule of Zeke the Ruthless. The forest has arguably become extremely dangerous due to the Brotherhood attacking any one, regardless of allegiance, who dare cross through it.

C. Tri-way Town
Built on a bridge that is built above three rivers, the town got its name after them; Cyala's galleys rest on its docks, an entire fleet of ships that sail through the rivers during times of war.

D. Vivardia Town
Well hidden from the enemies, Vivardia is your typical village in the forest. Its forest was once burned, but the trees have grown back up a lot faster than anticipated, hiding it completely from sight. It is said that Celebi's seat is on a rock in the nearby lake.

E. Shamar
Mainly Pokemon of the desert live in this small town. Shamar is partly underground, built next to an oasis that has recently gone dry. It is said to hold a powerful secret deep under the running sands.

Vela Monasteries
The monasteries are not accessible to the passing travelers, as each is built high up on a spear-like mountain. There are four of them, but only two are operating; the other two are abandoned as there was a ghost outbreak during the Seal, resulting in them being cursed and haunted. The monks practice the faith of the Fenju. They believe in Arceus and maintain a tradition for complex and strange religious activities.

G. Coldarra

This town is so far north that it is isolated from the rest of Altica. In Coldarra, Pokemon are trained vigorously in the ways of sea combat, so that one day they might travel the seas or migrate to another town of Altica as sailors.

~~ History & Plot

“3000 years ago, the first of us chose a mountain, to build the Sanctum of the Original One upon. Arceus rested upon the summit, which was accessible only by the Faithful, leaders of the people, the ones among us who had proven their faith to Him. Those had earned the right to carry one of his Plates, to spread its power upon the followers. The perimeter of the mountain was soon filled with tents, and over the years, houses. The city of Fenju was built in the great green fields, with its majestic waterfalls, and stone structures and statues. As it bloomed, the months became years, the years decades, the decades centuries and the centuries millennia. The Fenju lived peacefully for eons, until 300 years ago, when corruption struck the Faithful, dividing the order in half in an event known as the Schism. Those who believed Fenju deserved better use of the power Arceus had lent them left for the north, styling themselves the ‘Trueborn’. They founded a city, Cyala, with their own temples and ways of showing their faith. Arceus himself sat idly by his sanctum, watching, letting his Plates be his voice in the world.

Cyala, being surrounded by mountains rich with minerals, grew to be a superpower of a city-state. The Trueborn raised a King and armies, to make other parts of Altica their own. Soon after their conquest of the Uplands and its cities, King Daeron the First cast the Trueborn aside from the council; pure faith was a poor counter to raw strength, you see. The time had come for King Daeron to wage war upon their true enemies on Fenju city, for the sake of the faith the Trueborn followed, and for being the first one to conquer the ancient citadel. Cyala and Fenju found themselves in a constant war, paused only by short truces, that lasted for two hundred years. The war grew treacherous, and both sides started abusing the powers of the Plates, resulting in massive disasters and calamities. 100 years ago, the Paragons rose from their havens to put an end to this abuse of power. After a cataclysmic battle with Arceus in the Sanctum of the Original One in Fenju, He was put to rest, along with the powers of His Plates, at the great cost of the city’s demise. Most of our people perished in the city, and the ones that were spared either fled to the nearby forest of Duskwood, or set camp in the mountains, where Area 52 was found not long after.

The event of the cataclysm became known as the Seal. Altica was slowly recovering from the devastating effects of the battle for the next fifty years. King Aion of Cyala arrived in Fenju with his armies, to find its plateau that had once been green plains burnt away, grey ashes flying in the air, and the ancient city broken, abandoned and empty, save for the vengeful ghosts that had died in the cataclysm and risen to haunt the place. The armies deemed the city not inhabitable, so they moved along, its greatness shrugged off as a thing of the past. The Sanctum lay there, forgotten by most, or else remembered as the temple of the Faithful heretics.

And now, King Aion has found the Dark Plate. How, or where, I do not know. But he has vowed to find the rest of the Plates and bring them together, even if it takes his armies to scourge Altica clean... and he wants to use the Plates for Arceus knows what. Perhaps to claim his power for himself. Meanwhile, here we lay, the remnants of the ancient, proud civilization, all bundled up in what we came to call Area 52. While we are sworn to guard the heirlooms of the Fenju, this twisted, mad King has begun a hunt for the Plates, and I reckon we must do the same..."

- You

You are a Hero. Your lineage traces back to the dazzling, technologically advanced civilization of the Fenju. In the years of the Seal, a whole century ago, your ancestors helped the Paragons in their quest to secure the Plates from Arceus, scatter eight of them and hide them across the world. As a result of staying close to the Plates, they gained a certain affinity over a single element (one of the sixteen Pokemon types), a trait their descendants inherited and lives on to this day – to be held by you! Now… if you will guard the Plates and keep Arceus’s power well sealed, like your ancestors did, or gather, unite them and unleash the power upon the world… that remains to be seen.

Right now, you have been summoned to Area 52 by Elder Durand, a Xatu of a repute of being a Hero himself. He is about gathering the Plates, not to use them, but to protect them from Cyala's mad King. He also wants to get inside the Sanctum of the Original One, as to find more regarding the ancient artifacts of the God, but oddly enough, he can’t do it without more heroes.

* The Heroes currently in Altica are merely counted in dozens. There aren’t many, true, but more than one may possess the same gift for one of the sixteen elements. That does not go for the team - each of you will choose a different mastery of a type.

Sign Up form

Name: Heroes rarely have second names. Instead, they are known either by simple or complex titles, such as ‘the Clever’ or ‘the Dark Prodigy’)
(No legendaries or bastard legendaries, you know the drill)
Elemental Mastery:
(Choose one of the sixteen elements, aka the sixteen Pokemon types, normal-type excluded)
(three paragraphs should do it.)
(three paragraphs again. From the place of birth, to how you ended up in Area 52)
[Max 6. Your character is able to use every move of their Type Mastery (whether learned by TM or by leveling up, or by egg move) without taking up a spot in the original six moves]
RP Sample:
(let me know how you write!)


- Ray Maverick, as Ser Tsulong the Exemplar of Fire, of the Fire Mastery
- Garet, as Roscoe the Leech, of the Grass Mastery & as Captain Vallckran, of the Dragon Mastery
- CourageHound, as Vash the Bullet, of the Flying Mastery
- Manska, as Gaius the Disciple, of the Fight Mastery
- Alby4t5, as Elizabeth the Deceitful, of the Poison Mastery

- True Epicness, as Telmund the Learned, of the Steel Mastery

Heroes under GM control

- Pierce, the Cunning Shadow
- Faolan the Wicked

- Reginard the Chronicler of Tales

- Artwork
- Rules

1. All PC rules apply.
2. No godmodding or bunnying, unless given permission.
3. This is rated T, fantasy violence, blood, language, moderate romance, etc. Nothing more, nothing less.
4. Keep it active. If you can't keep up, or if you are inactive for two weeks or more, you will be removed from the RP.
5. Good grammar is required. It's a step towards a quality post.
6. You may have your own mini adventures or events related to your character's background, but be sure not to stray too far from the main plot.
7. NPCs are to be used only by me, but you can control random, not permanent ones, as to make your posts fit.
8. Be cooperative, that's the key to having fun in a roleplay. In the IC, we two are mates, equals. Almost. You'll still do as I say. If I tell you to jump off a cliff, you will do it. :D

Sir Bastian May 7th, 2013 12:27 PM

Hey Ray! Looking forward to trying out this super-interesting RP! Sign me up as Vincent "Vince" The Wanderer, of the Water Mastery! I'll get an SU going within 24 hours :P

Greiger May 7th, 2013 1:20 PM

While I don't have the time to devote to writing out a whole blown SU due to three finals later this week I'll try to get up a SU after, if I don't make the cut then I'll have to miss out unfortunately. Anyways, if I could get a reservation I would appreciate it.

CourageHound May 7th, 2013 2:58 PM

I'd like to make a reservation as well ;). I'll make sure to make an SU real soon~

Greiger May 7th, 2013 5:23 PM

Name: Reginard Asphos, "Chronicler of Tales"
Age: 45
Species: Alakazam
Elemental Mastery:
Appearance: (Instead of paragraphs and paragraphs of information why not instead show this coolio picture I got? ^.^)

Personality: Why does one gain life? Why is one here in the beginning? Is it only because Arceus desires another to praise him? Is it because one has a mission that Arceus has destined them to fulfill? Or is it simply because one day a male and a female wanted to experience pleasure and they accidentally ended up with a new life? These are the questions that Reginard asks himself when he is allowed to only relax in the solidarity of his mind. When he is free to relax by himself he will ask himself such questions. He delights in pondering the mysteries of the universe. Perhaps if he hit the right thought he could unravel those mysteries and be that much closer to understanding Arceus' mindset.

That isn't to say that the Alakazam despises company. Far from it, he finds it fascinating to converse with another pokemon and discuss their thoughts on the universe and other subjects such as stories and rumors they have heard. Whenever Reginard comes across a fascinating tale he can't help but pull out a book to jot the tale down to share with those that possess inquisitive minds.

The one trait that the psychic despises above all else is ignorance. Not unwilling ignorance mind you, if the pokemon is unaware of a fact, but asks about it and wishes to learn then Reginard is more than happy to enlighten another mind. It is willful ignorance that causes his stomach to churn. Ignorance of certain pokemon behaving certain ways simply because of their typing, or of stereotypes of certain species such as a group believing that all Weavile are thieves and crooks.

Balance is the main key to a beneficial life, so Reginard strives to keep that balance. He looks down upon the emotion of anger. He has spent most of his life struggling to separate himself from his emotions and though he continues to fail he does the best that he can to remain neutral in spirit and help others do the same.

History: Born in Area 52 Reginard from an early age exhibited curiosity about all things. During his childhood he would crawl around to every place he could reach. He would grab hold of anything his little hands could hold and just spend minutes looking it over, touching it all over, just seeing what properties it held. When he got older he would teleport around quite a bit, much to the distress of his parents. He would end up in the food market or on top of houses just being inquisitive. The worst was when he would end up tailing the local scientists and just spend hours asking them all sorts of questions that were meaningless in their eyes, but were fascinating to the young Abra. This pattern continued for some time as he would spend weeks traveling around the city, gleefully outwitting his parents here and there to just be able to spend a few more minutes seeing what the area had to offer.

Even when he evolved into a Kadabra and was supposed to get into a calmer mindset he still bugged the local researchers about what they learned. He soon got into a habit of carrying around a blank book and a quill and instead of writing down the history of the area... he began to show a fascination with the stories and tales the travelers to the region brought. He soon began to develop a thirst for the outside world, so much so that he began to gather supplies. Although his parents feared for his safety and even forbade him from departing he still snuck out in the dead of the night. Carrying only a pack and his two spoons Reginard traveled around the world. He made his way to the various cities and towns, making sure to keep a book nearby to write down about his travels and the stories he learned from others.

By the time he had evolved again he had made his way back to Area 52 to bring the tales he had encountered. It was then that Elder Durand saw the potential he had in investigating the outside world. After many weeks of convincing Reginard eventually agreed to serve as a bringer of nature for Area 52 and this time set out to much further destinations. During his travels he made his way to the Vela Monasteries and during his brief stay acquired a series of tattoos. The tattoos themselves form special runes on his body that greatly increase the power of his psychic abilities such as giving him a much further range for his Teleport and lessening the stress his body accumulated from using his psychic abilities.

One day Reginard woke up... but had no idea where he was. While he did manage to regain his sense of direction he made a haphazard discovery that he couldn't remember the past few days. After consulting the various rumors and tales he had come across he came to the logical conclusion that he had come upon Uxie and the legendary had wiped a few of his memories away as a result. Although initially he was rather upset at the loss of those memories he soon began to appreciate the gesture as he realized he began to receive visions in his rest. Visions he theorized from Arceus himself! The visions mainly came into play whenever he would find himself in danger and they would help him in finding shelter or some other means of surviving.

Eventually Reginard made his way back to Area 52 where he continues to reside. Now more knowledgeable about the world he eagerly awaits the day for when he continues on another journey.

Moves: Teleport, Miracle Eye, Recover, Calm Mind, Reflect, Psychic
RP Sample:
Penance smirked at them all in turn. Well, they were all mad, and rather to a high degree at that! Sir, the Gallade is already pushing away all the connections, like you said he would. Should we start him up on it now?

Penance closed his eyes, a small smile still on his bill, No, keep him still in range though. He'll be needed for later of course.

The Golduck regarded Truestriker, "Yes, don't worry Hanso, you defeated the big bad psychics links on your mind." At that the group of psychics chuckled lightly. "Though you should keep that defense up, it'll help you much later on." He said with a nod. "For now though, Paladin is fine at the moment. He'll be sleeping for some time though... or it could be shorter, depending on WHEN he wants to wake up. And no Zane, I have nothing to answer for. This is the way things start so for now we put that history aside." He chuckled softly, "And what makes you think we haven't been planning? That's what we do Vigil... plan."

One of the Alakazams spoke up, "Penance. They found the note, a kill all order is being ordered by the end of the day."

The Golduck closed his eyes and thought for a bit, nodding after a while. "Hm, quicker than I thought. Alright, follow me. Have strategies 48, 52, and 104 on standby. The Alakazam nodded and teleported away along with the rest of the psychics as Penance walked over to a wall and pushed against it, revealing a doorway, "Well come on Goldies. We need to get going." He stated as he headed out of the door.

Once everyone would step out they would see that the whole area outside was actually like a small town. There were houses made out of stone here, a small pond of water that was situated near a grassy plains with some trees on it to provide the oxygen of course, and lots of pokemon about. While it wasn't anything as close to having a population that lived up top in Cape City, there were still a bunch of 'mon walking about. It seemed everyone was busy at the moment. There were fire types heating up metal and fighting types using hammers to smooth out iron sheets they were working on. It seemed that there were several areas being dug into as psychic aided the diggers by moving away any large dirt piles that accumulated behind them.

The majority of pokemon didn't bother to awknowledge them as they walked past with Penance and the Golduck stopped near the a part of the floor and knelt down, "Alright, we have mapped out this part already, but we still are unable to find that gold crystal. It must be hidden." He stated. Right on the ground was a rather massive map. The locations of various tunnels had been marked on the map and there were more recent marks detailing patrol routes of the Ancients as well as new ways to enter the city above via newly dug tunnels. "Alright, with this map finding the gold crystal will be easy. Look it over then. If you need any help just call for Lashire, he should be around here somewhere."

He glanced over at another building. "When you all are done and you have the location head over there. Go in and you can shop around. Don't take too long though." He stated as he walked off and headed toward several other pokemon that were clustered around a board that had lots of writing on it and began to consult with them.

Garet May 7th, 2013 7:57 PM

Well, hello there, everyone. Not entirely sure if I can reserve a spot or not.

Anyway, here's my SU. WIP. Done-dee-done!

Name: Roscoe, "The Leech"
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Species: Sceptile
Elemental Mastery: Grass

Appearance: All things considered, Roscoe looks to be a (somewhat) average Sceptile in appearance. One of the few things that makes the green lizard-like Pokemon stand out is his size: Roscoe is something of a midget. At standing height, Roscoe is a full six inches shorter than the average Sceptile. Along with this is a slim, wiry build that relies more on speed than raw power. Overall, due to his overall size, less observant Pokemon may assume that Roscoe is a weakling. He is anything but weak.

Roscoe can be seen at times with a sack or pack when it becomes necessary to carry supplies or other objects, though he doesn't travel quite as much as some other Pokemon. Roscoe's neck is adorned with what appears to be a close-fitting necklace made of vines, with a seed situated front and center. It's something he will not elaborate on, except in the rare case where it is somehow necessary to explain.

Personality: "I'm not that bad. Just a bit here an' there, is all..." He may not say it like so, but Roscoe will insist that he is not the bloodthirsty leech some Pokemon make him out to be. It's really only his foes that need worry. On any given day, Roscoe is an amiable, talkative Sceptile. He doesn't have a hard time with talking to other Pokemon on any one of a number of topics and will willingly offer his opinion on the matter at hand, however disagreeable it may be. Anyone who manages to become friends with Roscoe will find him loyal and more prone to talk about non-trivial things.

However, it might not be as easy as it seems to become friends with Roscoe due to a 'bad habit' of his, which helped shape his title and reputation. He has a tendency to sometimes have a small "taste" of other Pokemon's energy, often when it isn't a big inconvenience to do so. Once is normally enough for Roscoe, so his habit is more of a one-time inconvenience than a constant irritation. At least, Roscoe thinks it is merely a small inconvenience that could be brushed aside; other Pokemon may argue the point or simply snap back in some way. The Sceptile will say that he can actually taste the energy of other Pokemon, as if each one was part of a wide variety of foodstuffs or delicacies, but he denies that this is his only purpose in meeting new Pokemon. Besides, Roscoe can count on one hand the number of times when he met a Pokemon whose energy called for more than one taste. Not counting battles, anyways.

Roscoe is more likely to be driven by impulse or emotion than by logic. Leave the leeching subject alone, and he'll get along fine on a typical day. He doesn't consider himself to be the scholar or scientist type, partly because he doesn't understand much of the scientific jargon and partly because he gets a little impatient with that sort of thing. Or maybe the impatience comes from not understanding it. Roscoe likes to do hands-on work, get his claws dirty, leave the more abstract stuff to those who know it. Of course, that isn't to say that he isn't intelligent in his own way.

History: One of the popular rumors surrounding the Leech is that, just after hatching, he Absorbed the energy and power of his father, Komali the Leaf Guardian. Some will argue that the Sceptile's strength and skill came purely from intensive training set in Vivardia Town and the surrounding forest. Maybe it is something as simple as inheriting the right genetic makeup from his parents and their ancestors. All the same, some rumors are best taken with a grain of salt, as they might have been concocted simply to spice up the life of a Pokemon.

You would like to hear the true version of Roscoe's life, no? Roscoe, later known as the Leech, was the elder of two sons born to their Grovyle mother in Vivardia Town. It wasn't widely known who had fathered the two Treeckos, but speculation coincided with happenstance to point to Komali, a Sceptile who had remained in Vivardia for no more than three or four months. It didn't help that Roscoe's mother neither confirmed nor denied it publicly.

Either way, Roscoe and his brother, Jonas, didn't lack for other young Pokemon to play and explore with in their childhood. With the forest that had grown quickly after a fire, according to the grown-ups, and shielded the village, the younglings had fewer boundaries to push than those of city Pokemon. Despite rules governing that they not go this far or that way for fear of wild Pokemon, Roscoe enjoyed his escapades among the trees. These escapades slowly became more frequent, though, when the other Pokemon his age began complaining that the Treecko leeched off of them and started to avoid him when possible.

Over the years, Roscoe's circle of friends slowly shrunk until only a few, including Jonas, continued to accompany him on their outings and dares. Roscoe, a Grovyle by the age of sixteen, had learned somewhat painfully to refrain from leeching when possible, despite his continual comments about the taste of others' energy. Perhaps the first major event in Roscoe's life occurred soon after evolving, when he and a couple friends talked each other into approaching a known haunt of some wild Pokemon at night. The Grovyle and twin Aipoms had bet on how close they could get before running away from the few Poochyena that had always chased them before. Needless to say, it didn't work out so well this time. There were more of the canine wild Pokemon than usual, and the tree that Roscoe and his friends usually hid in was assaulted by a nasty Duskull that appeared.

In short, Roscoe and the twin Aipoms didn't escape the Duskull without injury, and the other wild Pokemon were scared off by one of Vivardia Town's defenders who "happened" to be out on a nighttime stroll. Roscoe's outings into the forest were cut down after that, both as a punishment and because the aforementioned defender, a Sceptile named Phillip, began training him for some unspoken reason. Roscoe only mildly resented it all, since he felt a new urge to learn how to defend himself in the future. One of Phillip's conditions of training the Grovyle, who thought it odd, was that Roscoe agree to have a Leech Seed "grown" into him; something to do with it being a part of the training. It was only after the Sceptile and a fellow Ivysaur had done so that Roscoe learned of the comparatively high failure rate.

Another aspect to Phillip's mentorship was that their training and activities weren't confined to Vivardia or the surrounding forest. After a few months, the two Grass Pokemon began traveling across Altica, helping where they were needed. Since he was learning and growing, Roscoe was willing to keep quiet when Phillip brought him to the Duskwood and Area 52 at times. The Duskwood in particular was one of the places where Roscoe found fighting to be exhilarating...and an excuse to leech more than a taste of another Pokemon's energy. Despite Phillip's efforts to beat the habit out of him.

A few years back, Phillip and Roscoe, now a Sceptile at thirty years of age, paid another visit to Duskwood at the request of an old friend. They were told that a particularly large group of Cyalan soldiers were going to pass Duskwood on their way to quell the rebellion of Indrasil, and the two Sceptiles were needed in order to wipe them out. Roscoe didn't feel too apprehensive about the idea of it, but on the day when the Cyalan soldiers were ambushed near Duskwood, he found himself face-to-face with his brother, who had somehow ended up in the Cyalan armies. The ambush itself didn't do as much damage as intended; in fact, Phillip and Jonas both ended up dying in the battle. A subject Roscoe will not speak of openly.

That was enough for Roscoe to go solo for the next few years, actively avoiding both Duskwood and Vivardia Town. He never stayed in one place for long, considering his reputation and some enemies he had made in the past. When the call came to come to Area 52, Roscoe answered willingly, for a new purpose if nothing else.

Moves: Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Giga Drain, Detect, Synthesis, SolarBeam

Others: So, that seed that was mentioned before? It is a Leech Seed that has been permanently attached to Roscoe through an unique method that has, thus far, succeeded only with a few of the Grass-element Pokemon tested upon. (We're considering the seed itself as an item, not the move by the same name.) The seed acts as a reservoir for excess energy that Roscoe drains from other Pokemon. By tapping into that reservoir, he can gradually heal himself and, if necessary, use the energy as sustenance in place of real food. Theoretically, Roscoe could survive for days without food, if he had enough energy stored up.

RP Sample:
With the things Penance said about his sister, Hanso almost missed the last bit: "She makes a great Affiliate."

Wait, Affiliate? That was more worrying than the fact that his sister made some wea-- Then the door was opened, and Hanso stood in the doorway. Inside was a Gardevoir who was messing around with some tools, but as the door opened the tools she had been levitating dropped from the air, clattering against the ground. "Oh... Pen-" She stopped speaking right there and looked right at Hanso. "H-Hanso...?" She asked out. She turned in her seat to look at him. "Hanso?" She asked again... almost as if she couldn't believe the Gallade was right there.

"Brynn?" Hanso didn't move from the doorway, not physically at least. He reached out with his mind, afraid that this was simply another illusion to torment him. It all checked out, though... Oh, for the-- Hanso stepped into the room and embraced his sister, who hugged him back from her seat. After some moments, he said, "We need to talk."

Brynn nodded, then saw the two Salamence over Hanso's shoulder. "One moment," she muttered to him. As Hanso pulled away to get a seat for himself, the Gardevoir made introductions, her voice slightly trembling from her initial shock. "Hanso, this is Veltra. Veltra, this is..." Brynn cleared her throat. "This is Hanso, my brother."

Hanso set the chair down and nodded to the smaller Salamence. "Hello, Veltra, Accatosh." He then sat in his chair facing the Gardevoir; he wasn't in the mood for chatting with anyone but Brynn. Whether Accatosh or Veltra would be insulted by being ignored...they would deal with that afterwards. With the ease of Psychic twins, they slid into their own mental 'room', where they could talk without others hearing.

To the others in the room, it looked like the two Psychics were holding a staring contest with each other. Hanso still kept some of his awareness in the real room, enough to have an idea of what the others did. Their mental conversation wouldn't take as long as a vocal one, there was that...
In the 'white room', Hanso and Brynn stood facing each other. "What're you doing here?!" the Gallade asked vehemently. "You're an Affiliate now?!"

"Why did you neglect your mental training?!" The Gardevoir matched him in vehemence and tone. "It only takes a quick peek to see that your mind's not as sharp as it should be!"

They glared at each other for a few moments before Hanso shook his head. "Nice to see that we fell into bickering so easily," he said, falling into a chair behind him. There was no doubt now that it was her. They were the same height, and Brynn's grey eye was the mirror of Hanso's. She still wore the small gem that was secure around her neck. "Where have you been, though?" Hanso asked. Some of his anger had drained away.

Brynn sat as well, folding her hands in her lap. She seemed to be calmer, as well. "I should ask the same of you. Oldest first?" She smiled as she asked.

"Go right ahead." Hanso grinned as well; they'd always joked about which of them was older, though they knew it was him. His grin faded as he continued. "Okay...gonna have to summarize for now, but here goes." The Gallade then told an abbreviated version of his story. How he'd searched for Brynn before being captured and left in a torturehouse; how he and the Gold Tribe traveled to Poseida Ruins and took back Eternity City; the ambushes just outside the Thieves' Forest and the retaking of Albia; what the Gold Tribe found in the Catacombs; their subsequent journey to Cape City.

Brynn was quiet as she listened, other than a few questions that she asked for clarification. When Hanso finished, the Gardevoir sighed. "I suppose it's my turn, then. Hanso, please keep an open mind."

That set more alarms ringing in Hanso's head. "What do you mean?" he asked, leaning forward in his seat.

"Quiet." Brynn looked down at her hands before speaking further. "At least you got out of Shine City free. The Ancients...they restrained themselves enough to capture me before I could teleport out. I never woke up with a clear head, at least not until I'd been moved to the...the torturehouse." Her voice caught before she could continue. "You understand what they do, Hanso, I hadn't known you would."

Hanso moved to his sister's side, his chair reforming beneath him as he took one of Brynn's hands. "Did they do anything...permanent?" The thought of the horrid place he'd been imprisoned in brought a dull ghost-pain in his leg.

Brynn nodded, not looking up. "My legs won't ever be as strong as they once were." She smiled a bit, her voice strengthening. "I'll get over it eventually. One of the torturers was too cocky. A bit of mental pushing, and he revealed that we were in the torturehouse near Cape City. That cut down on the distance I had to cross when teleporting. You remember that Kirlia we talked to in Cape, some years back? I remembered her house distinctly.

"She tried everything she knew, but my legs were beyond repair. You know that I wouldn't have settled without doing something. Well..."
Brynn paused and looked up at Hanso. "We didn't know she was working for the Madman."

When she didn't continue, Hanso asked, "What next?" He didn't like what the Madman had done in the past, but he would listen to Brynn before voicing his thoughts.

"I was...convinced, to start helping out. I didn't see any other real option." Looking at Hanso's face, Brynn added hastily, "No, they didn't touch me in any way, don't go raging on them. I was hesitant at first, but...when Penance showed up and talked with me..."

"You became an Affiliate." Hanso's voice was dull, a sick feeling in his stomach. "So you started working with them just because of Penance's persuasiveness?"

Brynn shook her head. "No, he only confirmed what I'd already been thinking. Brother, haven't you noticed certain things about the Gold Tribe? What they do, how they plan? What they'll do once the Silver Tribe is dead and gone?"

No. Hanso pulled his hand away and turned his face away, but he couldn't deny it to her face.

"I can't get some of the things that the torturers said out of my head, things about the Gold Tribe. I even had a few doubts before the invasion. Penance, he... Don't think that I've forgiven the Madman for everything, but he helped me see the Gold Tribe for what it really is." Brynn paused, considering the Gallade. "Hanso, they're only going to replace the Silver Tribe as Valkaria's dictators."

"I can't believe this," Hanso interrupted, standing up to pace. "Yes, I've had the thought that the Gold Tribe isn't as upright as it should be, at least before the invasion, but what makes you think Zane and the others want to become dictators? How would they do it, anyway? Have the army at their command by threatening the Generals and anyone else who disagrees?" The Gardevoir raised an eyebrow at this. "Why am I bothering? You're as stubborn as a mountain when you want to be!" The worst part was that Hanso was starting to agree with a few things about the Gold Tribe.

"So are you," Brynn replied calmly, her voice hard. "Tell me this. If the Gold Tribe really cared about their beliefs and the Alpha Alliance, then why did they begin passing new members for their fighting ability?"

"We don't have time for this," Hanso muttered, falling back into his seat, facing Brynn from a few feet away. "You realize that you sounded like Delnir Blake, don't you? I'll admit that I've had my own thoughts. Just...don't ruin it by trying to convert me to the Madman's side, okay?" As an afterthought, the Gallade added with a frown, "Why's it cold in here?"

"What?" Startled, Brynn looked around. A small circle around her had seemingly frosted over. "Oh. A story for another time." Her gaze returned to Hanso. "I wish we had more time to talk, but..."

"There's a common enemy to fight," Hanso finished. "And there's somethin' happening up in the City, whatever it is. We'll talk again, when it's done."
When Hanso stood up from their talk, he noticed that the same small radius had frosted over in the real room as well. It brought to mind the fight against Frostbite. "See ya later," Hanso said, embracing his sister one more time before turning away. The frost didn't take long to melt.

They had work to do.

Jönne May 7th, 2013 11:58 PM

Great, good to see all you guys! If any of you need help with your SUs, ask me.

@Sir Bastian you are reserved as you requested.

@CourageHound you as well.

@Greiger good so far! Reginard is reserved. Let's make his History together! :D

@Garet Roscoe "The Leech" is reserved along with the Grass Mastery.

Greiger May 8th, 2013 12:44 PM

Yay! Four great heroes to be united and do awesome stuff together! Of course I'll be the most awesome character and of course be the leader and such. No use fighting it guys! :P

Xilfer May 8th, 2013 4:11 PM

Make that five. Don't forget me, now, Greigs. Reserve me, my good man. I'll also call dibs on the mastery over Darkness, if that's cool.

Greiger May 8th, 2013 4:59 PM

Aw yeah! But my SU is done, check it over when you have the chance Ray. :D

Silver Ice May 8th, 2013 7:10 PM

May I please reserve a spot? I've been waiting for someone to post a new RP and this one looks to be great fun!

I'll have my SU ready within 24 hours of posting, if my reservation is accepted. I'd like to reserve the element of Ice. Thanks!

Edit: Actually, 24 hours might not be possible haha. But no less than 36 hours, that is a promise! If you need to get things moving faster, then I understand. Just let me know :)

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Originally Posted by Xilfer123 (Post 7654270)
Make that five. Don't forget me, now, Greigs. Reserve me, my good man. I'll also call dibs on the mastery over Darkness, if that's cool.

Reserved as requested.


Originally Posted by Greiger (Post 7654334)
Aw yeah! But my SU is done, check it over when you have the chance Ray. :D

You are accepted into the RP, officially. Done and done! Awesome SU mister Greiger, but I expected nothing less. I wonder who made that drawing. Somebody I don't know? xD


Originally Posted by Silver Ice (Post 7654471)
May I please reserve a spot? I've been waiting for someone to post a new RP and this one looks to be great fun!

I'll have my SU ready within 24 hours of posting, if my reservation is accepted. I'd like to reserve the element of Ice. Thanks!

You may reserve the very last spot!

CourageHound May 9th, 2013 2:07 AM

Still in progress. I'll be done by tonight or tomorrow.

Name: Pierce, "The Cunning Shadow"
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Gengar

Elemental Mastery: Ghost Mastery


Above you can see Pierce. On the left is his bag to carry the various trinkets and treasures he can find. He designed it with a gengar's eyes and mouth on the flap. Just above the face is the gem his friend Sableye gave him. On Pierce's left arm is a reaper cloth that contains powerful ghostly energies compressed within. On the right you see my failed attempt at what is supposed to be a Light Ball. T-T

Pierce takes the image and features of your average Gengar with a tall almost egg shaped body, sinister red eyes, spiky fur adorning his head and back, and altogether with a Gengar's trademark sinister grin. Although not a very significant trait, Pierce stands slightly taller than most other Gengar. Aside from that, Pierce always carries around a small brown leather bag around his shoulder of which he keeps valuables he finds along the way of his travels. Pierce also has a rugged Reaper cloth worn around his left arm. Given his ghostly abilities he may chose to hide himself and become intangible and/or intangible until he makes himself known. His bag is fitted on the back with a gem given to him by an old friend.

Personality: Pierce prefers to do things at his own pace. Weather it be at a gentle stride or at a breakneck pace, Pierce prefers to go alone travels so he wont have to worry about other Pokémon other than himself. Not to say he's ant-social, but rather prefers that most other Pokémon can't seem to keep up with him due to his ghostly abilities of intangibility and invisibility, and instead decides to go solo most of the time while on the move. If its one thing that Pierce appreciates most of his ghost typing is the unrestricted freedom it grants. Despite this however, occasional loneliness would draw him to big cities or towns to converse with other Pokémon about his travels or to trade whatever valuables he had found with the locals.

Although Pierce is mostly outgoing with other Pokemon, he generally tends to avoid overly large groups, crowds or ruckus which he considers too bothersome and sometimes annoying. One of his favorite hobbies is telling stories of his travels and what he's seen or heard to other Pokemon who care to listen(as well listening to the stories of others, for he finds information of any sort to be highly intriguing). Even more-so(besides eating) he covets whatever priceless treasures he can fit into his bag that he may find along his path. Crafty in the art of persuasion and trade he can make the most reluctant of Pokemon by or trade an item of his own for something he desires more. A testament how more often than not he can restore tranquility of a situation or sway others with intelligent usage of words alone. Something you should keep in mind is that once Pierce has set his eyes on an item he craves to posses, it will not easily slip through his fingers.

Pierce has claim to his title by being as slippery and sharp as they come. His adventures even at a young age has taken him many places. Pierce can solve most any puzzle, naturally slip out of pretty much any sticky situation, and has a near photographic memory. Somewhat of a staple on his personality is being particularly fearless and daring, while not always willing to operate strictly by the rules and may deviate between the boundaries of right and wrong for what is ultimately good. He takes delight in seeing the shocked expression from those he manages to startle from small pranks he likes to pull or his dark sense of humor. Pierce also tends to disdain places that are boring and tends to enjoy the company of Pokemon that have a sense of humor, and enjoys flexing his mind a bit when meeting other Pokemon who can use telepathy.

History: When Pierce was born, his parents were nowhere to be found. Instead he was accompanied by the numerous other ghost pokemon that shared residence with him in the abandoned mansion they called home. Floating in and about the castle, the young Gastly picked up many of his mischievous and playful habits from his peers. Games of hide and seek, tag, and "Disappear"(a game to see who could stay in the invisible/intangible state the longest) strengthened him in many of his future talents.

As time went on the young Gastly seemed to grow bored; which wasn't unnatural. While many of the pokemon that inhabited the mansion were content with staying within that vicinity most their whole lives, others found the need to go out and see what awaits them in the outside world. Pierce was no exception to the later. The only problem was that he wasn't sure what he wished to do; or what his calling was. One day, he found the answer. On a calm cool, starry midnight his pall Sableye came over to show him numerous jewels he found. Marveling at their majesty, Pierce questions him how he collected them. The Sableye proceeded brag about his skills at finding things while giving Pierce tips on how to find treasure and such. It was then the young ghost knew what he wanted to do and announced he would be setting out on a journey to scour Atlica, learn it secrets, and collect treasure. Before Pierce left, the young Sableye gave him the most refined gem from his pile to have something to remember him by. With a few goodbyes, Pierce was off to tackle the world.

As the little ghastly roamed farther and farther from his former home, he began to see more an more pokemon along with many different changes of atmosphere and scenery. It wasn't until he evolved into Haunter, that he started to make real progress in his journey. Upon his evolution he no longer had to fear of strong breezes blowing his gaseous body away. Hence forth, Pierce started to rummage all across the land, learning and finding things along the way. Once evolving again the Gengar fashioned himself a sturdy bag of which to hold small treasures and put the gem sableye gave him on that bag. Pierce ventured places others would never dare to go(or couldn't go), has met many famous pokemon and growing more powerful each journey. Through his habits of trading and selling antiques/treasures in and between Cylala and Skyhaven, Pierce has become somewhat of a well known figure within parts of both cities as a bridge of commerce and trade.

Currently, Pierce was of traveling again. However, this time he received a strange message from a Pelliper. The unknown author of the letter was apparently calling him over to Area 52, a place he had not explored before or even hear of much. At first skeptic, he soon wholeheartedly excepted the idea of seeing what was in store for him

Moves: Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Destiny Bond
Others: Enjoys to use Dream Eater as well give Nightmares to adversaries. There are very few than can escape him and no mercy is shown in battle, even the most underhanded of methods are used to attain victory.

RP Sample: From Fargona: Land of Dragons
Tobi Gustav

Tobi's arrival to Issathon after departing from Itim was somewhat swift over the two day flight, epecially with Tobi's wind magic aiding Triton in the sky. Naturally the two were excited to see such a bustling and active fortress. Once within the city walls Tobi escorted Triton to the dragon stables where he was to rest for the time being. The first thing Tobi set out to do was find some merchants he could trade with, he needed some supplies. After he was finished with such things Tobi decided to rest inside a small shack to get a drink. To his surprise there were a few Royal Guards there as well, chatting among themselves.

The first of the Knights takes a sip of his drink before speaking, "...ahh, where exactly do you think we should start to look?"

Then the somewhat shorter Knight responded, "I dunno, but the kind sounded serious." He pulls the parchment of suspected dragon tamers from his satchel. "There's still a few dragon tamers on the list we havnt found."

Dragon Tamers..?? Why are they looking for Dragon Tamers?, Tobi thought. Upon hearing this Tobi begins to feel uneasy and abruptly decides to leave the shack without finishing his cup, which consequently leads to him attracting unwanted attention.

The last Knight and unmistakably, the leader of the bunch calls out to Tobi. "Hey young man. Come here a second." Tobi, then halts, and approaches the Kight. "I know this may sound weird but do any of these names mean anything to you?" He hands Tobi the parchment. "They're supposed to be dragon tamers."

Shockingly enough, Tobi's name was one of the last on the paper. His reputation must have spread even to Issathon. He thought for a momment on what to do before replying. "Hmm...I might know of one of these names. Not sure. But may I be so bold to ask why you are searching for dragon tamers?

The Knight raised an inquisitive brow, but sure enough answered the question. "I'm not sure exactly. Nonetheless the King urgently requested an audience with these people. "

Tobi then rolled the parchment back up and handed it back. "Sorry i don't think I know any of these people after all, I guess I was mistaken. Sorry to have taken up your time."

"Oh no, thank you for your time. Carry on." The second Tobi stepped foot out the shack he signaled to his fellow Knights. "Follow him. I think he might know something."

Minutes later, Tobi had made it back to the dragon stables and immediately went to see Triton who was resting around a patch of assorted hay. In the Drake's slumber, its sides heaving slowly up and down with every breathe. Tobi called to his friend from over the gate. "Hey, buddy, I'm back!" Triton then, in a flash responds to his rider jovially nuzzling his face. "Haha, yea, I missed you too!" Tobi reaches into his sack and pulls out a fresh mutton for Triton to feast on. "Eat up. Make it snappy too, I think some people might be looking for us."

Then, from behind the cover of the well, the three Knights from before jump out and confront Tobi. The leader speaking fist. "Aha! I knew I was right about you! You're a dragon tamer!"

Tobi, unsure of what to do, edged closer towards Triton's gate. "And, what about it?"

The Knight took a non-threatening step closer. "Look, I'm under strict orders to present any Dragon Tamer I find to the king. Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. There will be consequences if you resist."

Tobi, looked over at Triton who had become tense, then back towards the royal guards. "Fine, I'll come along with you." He then turns to Triton and pats his head. "Just hold tight, i'll be back again soon." And with that, the Royal Knights escorted Tobi the the Royal Palace.

Sir Bastian May 9th, 2013 3:36 AM

And here's my SU! Enjoy! :D

Name: Vincent ‘Vince’ The Wanderer

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Dewott

Elemental Mastery: Water


Around his neck and usually tucked up over his mouth and cheeks, sits a long, blackish-blue scarf. When the ends of it hang down his back, it touches to around the small of his back, and it's clearly kept in place over his mouth in case of a sandstorm or the like, though he does seem to enjoy wearing it, just for the novelty of it.

He also wears a light, somewhat loose vest around his torso, seemingly made from the same fabric and colour of the scarf. Two straps are attached both at the front and at the back, moving down over his thighs, to keep his shells in place, and he has an easy time attaching or detaching them from said straps.

His fur is more scruffy than most Dewotts, and he has a couple of black patches of fur along his arms, legs and chest, though it doesn't seem like it was made from an accident, rather than it being a sort of 'birth mark'. His ears are also more cat-like than regular Dewotts', and this might be due to some kind of parental heritage. Then again, maybe not!

Personality: Vince is by no means a spiteful or even aggressive person. In fact, what most people see, is when he’s enjoying himself with a drink or a good bit of food in his hands, which is when he tends to relax and start smiling, unwinding and get chatty. When he’s –not- having this small break in his otherwise interesting traveler’s life, he keeps much to himself. Not in the way of not wanting to be around other people, he rather doesn’t seem to care whether people are around him or not. Instead, he doesn’t say that much while on the road, or while on a job of some description. You could get a couple words out of him, unless you start talking about something he either has no opinion on, or doesn’t want to talk about.

All in all, he’s not your average type of merry traveler, but buy him a drink and he’ll ease up and show that beneath the calm, collected and quiet guy, there is actually quite a cheerful personality. He's by no means 'evil'. He can be selfish and turn a blind eye to things, but it would take alot for him to do so. He generally feels a need to help people in need, who're too weak to fight for themselves. He'll often excuse himself from this apparent 'weakness', by claiming that he did it just to get them to owe him, or because of some kind of job he was paid to do. Deep down, he hates bullies, and those who abuse the power given to them.

History: Not much is known about The Wanderer. According to some people, he once came from the city of Indrasil, the mysterious, secretive people who traverse the swamps of the north-eastern Altica on a sort of raft which is, in fact, their capital. Besides that however, nothing is known of his past, or at least, nothing made public. There are rumors, of course, but there are also rumors about his exploits throughout the years.

Every so often, the people of Altica hears about The Wanderer, traversing the lands on his whims. Sometimes, he might be in the east, sometimes, someone has seen him in the west, north or south. He doesn’t seem to be travelling for any specific reason, other than to take jobs from people who needs something done… and can pay him.

As for the rumors, some people claim that he’s a selfish man, only out for himself, and he’ll destroy anything in his way to get to it, for nothing else but monetary gain and a sick pleasure of killing and maiming. These same people will also hold fast on the claims that he at one point flooded an entire village on one of the south-eastern islands, simply because one of the people in the village had insulted his honor.

Other people, however, will claim that he’s a saint, that he opposes those who try to hurt the ‘common man’, and all he ever wishes for is a bite of food and a drink for his deeds, and then he’ll go on his way, a mysterious, good-hearted stranger only passing through. These people will also tell you that The Wanderer, despite his small stature, once took on a squad of twenty of the king’s guards to protect a family that had not been able to pay taxes, and they were to be taken to do labour in the name of the king. Apparently, he put an abrupt end to the knights and gave the family what money he had before continuing on, into the desert of the south without another word.

There are a lot of rumors about him, and only a few facts, and it’s unknown how many of said rumors are true, and which are just fantasy. It’s not even known whether he’s on the side of the King, or against him, though it seems more likely that he’s not on anyone’s side in particular, though it remains to be seen.

Recently, he was seen walking up the mountain towards Area 52, and as he arrived, was even let in. According to him, he had been summoned by the Elder, Durand, and hadn’t spoken many other words than that after arriving.

Moves: Razorshell, Aqua Jet, Copycat, Surf, Ice Beam, Scald


RP Sample:
Blue... it was a lovely color to the Golduck. Granted his body was a sleek blue tone, but it was the color of the ocean, the color of the sky even! He always enjoyed the deep shades of blue that the ocean could be. In fact this was the best way he enjoyed spending his time, just sitting on the beach and listening to the waves with a friend. Penance looked over at the Gardevoir and smiled, "So, I was thinking... what if a small group of water types could act as carriers? We have some pokemon like Lapras and what not; surely it could mean you would be able to stay with me wherever I went. Lapras are very fast, though would you be comfortable with it? I wouldn't want to put you in an element that causes you to tense up too much, that could be dangerous as well."

Alicia sat staring out over the ocean's gently rippling waves, her hands in the sand by her sides. She seemed lost in thought for just a few moments before blinking gently, turning her head to look to the Golduck by her side below a fringe of her green, silky hair. "Oh... sorry, I was just thinking. I suppose it could work. It's really the only viable way for me to travel by sea at all. I'm just not sure about... you know, riding on another Pokémon like that. Teleporting you and myself is one thing, but standing or sitting on top of another..." She trailed off and gave a little shrug, turning her gaze to one of the pebbles scattered around the sand. Her eyes glowed a faint purple as one of the pebbles lifted up and was sent skidding across the water's surface.

Penance smiled as Alicia casually used her psychic powers to toss the pebble. "But it would also be a feasible means for me to keep a good eye on you. And it would really help to justify you on the battlefield. You're a powerful psychic so any small help would be... well... helpful." He looked out at the ocean once more as a small wave hit against the shoreline. "I fear once this war with those newcomers gets really going then we'll be apart more than I would like. Sure there would be times where we are given breaks, no doubt, but at the same time it's going to be working all day. With those Caerulus pokemon rubbing on one side of us, and those... creatures rubbing on the other side I am very sure we will all be deep in work." He sighed, "Still, those creatures... humans right? I still don't see why we can't just swim over and kill them all. I'm sure we can get a few of the troops rounded together, hit them from the sea, maybe even destroy that settlement of theirs. If they have no place to live they have to leave right?"

"Mmh..." Alicia murred out, her eyes on the pebble still continuing to skid away on the waves until it was lost from sight. Her brows furrowed slightly as she tossed her head gently to the side, moving a lock of green hair away from her face, turning her head back to look at Penance. "I'm not sure. From the rumors I've heard, they apparently have some powerful weapons, said to kill unarmored Pokémon in nearly an instant." She then pauses, looking a little thoughtful before focusing again. "You did hear the announcement a short while ago, right? There's supposedly a meeting going to be happening between our tribe and Caerulus. I think they want to make some kind of... truce, to deal with the humans. I'm... not sure how well it's going to go down, or if it's even a good idea at all. Even if I want our tribes to just... handle each to our own, I'm not sure if either of us can take on the other tribe -and- the humans." She turns her gaze skywards, taking a deep breath of air. "I think I should go with them to the meeting. In case they need a medic." Her voice let it be known that she had already decided, but she also made it clear that she was hoping he would offer to come with them.

Penance nodded slowly at her words. In a way they made sense, the two tribes were far from allies. In fact, to Penance's ears it sounded like the Caerulus tribe would try to ambush them at this so called 'meeting'. If one thought about it, it made much more sense. All of their important leaders and planners would be going. It would be so easy for those Caleruluians to just grab some of their strongest soldiers, have a few of their own great the diplomats and then start reigning down fire and rocks upon them. There was a type advantage on their side of course... but there was all the advantage of surprise as well. "Alicia... I fear this is a trap. I must say that now. All of the important pokemon are going to it... what's to stop them from simply laying waste to the important pokemon in our ranks and ending the hatred here and now by hunting us down?" He closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh salty air. "I can't stop you from going, I know that, but I think I have to at least raise that possibility with the others. We need to make a few plans... some counters just in case I am right. I wish not to be right... but if I end up being right then I want the least amount of causalities we can afford."

"I understand." She paused for a few moments, her fingers trailing softly through the sand, burrowing into it and pulling out again, enjoying the feel of it, and of the sound of the splashing waves. "But don't you think they're thinking the same? I know this might very well be a trap. And I really don't think we'd be able to work together with them, even if we have to... but we have to try. I'm afraid of what the humans will be able to do if we just wall ourselves up in the sea and on our islands." She lowered her gaze from the sky to look over to her friend again, concern easily readable in her expression. "I'm fairly sure we'll have a couple plans at the ready, but you should definitely go and offer your advice to it. You're an amazing tactician, Pen', it'd only help them. And... well, I'd feel more at ease with you there as well." She admitted the last with a light smile on her lips, raising an elegant arm to let her hand gently tap his bill in a playfully friendly manner.

Penance chuckled at that and patted her softly on her shoulder, "Alicia, you are an amazing psychic. Yes, we will need all the help we can get. Besides, I have to be there to see if my plans are able to work correctly right?" He smiled at her, "I ask you not to worry my friend. We go in ready for anything. With you by my side anything is possible." He glanced about and nodded. "Yeah, we'll come out on this war on top, I'll make sure of it. Now, we should head back to the others and get ready. It'll be quite a trip to the meeting place and we should pack lightly. We'll go over some plans before of course. No need to have those stupid fire types be dominant while we are there right?" He asked with a soft chuckle. He stood up and stretched his body. "This will be quite the meeting though. I am never one to miss action."

Alicia nodded, watching as Penance stood up and stretched out before following along, standing up and brushing herself down with long, elegant movements. "I hope you're right. About coming out on top. And you have to keep in mind that there are more than just fire types in the other tribe. Just something to consider during your planning." She gave a little smirk as she turned and stepped past him, heading towards the square where the others were preparing to head off, casually saying over her shoulder; "Not that I'd ever doubt you or your plans."

Penance just chuckled at her comment, "I'll make do, don't worry Alicia." He called after her. The Golduck followed after his friend, and went to where he knew he would be needed. Aecor was a logical thinker and hopefully would be in the mood to hear his words. The crowd was in a good mood at the moment and Penance was able to spot Aecor through the pokemon and made a bee-line to him. The Golduck bowed his head before the Kingdra. "Aecor... if I may have a moment of your time before we depart. Things must be discussed sir. Important things if you will." He made sure to emphasize that last part. They could not go in empty handed and he didn't want to stir up the crowd too much. Aecor had a way with words... Penance didn't. He just talked about what he thought could happen which would more often then not scare the soldiers and rustle some feathers... but now something had to be said. He didn't enjoy destroying Aecor's good mood... and while both tribes were at peace there was still hatred there that had to be addressed. It was for the good of his tribe.

Jönne May 9th, 2013 4:38 AM

@Sir Bastian you sir are accepted. Well done!

Also, Xilfer and Silver Ice, who have yet to make their SUs. We lack female heroes! If you could help us here, it'd be appreciated. A little balance would do us good. And, I've been meaning to ask, can you guys keep up with a relatively fast pace?

Silver Ice May 9th, 2013 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by Ray Maverick (Post 7654829)
@Sir Bastian you sir are accepted. Well done!

Also, Xilfer and Silver Ice, who have yet to make their SUs. We lack female heroes! If you could help us here, it'd be appreciated. A little balance would do us good. And, I've been meaning to ask, can you guys keep up with a relatively fast pace?

I was actually planning to create a female character haha!

After Saturday, yes I will be able to keep up. Today and Saturday I have plans, but from there on out I'll be able to easily keep up. The only thing then would be that I can't post while at school, but I don't think that should be too much of a problem. If it is, let me know!

Sir Bastian May 9th, 2013 11:23 AM

I really can't wait to see what character Silver Ice and the others are gonna toss out at us :3 Also, when we're talking if we have time to play, I have some exams coming up soon, but as soon as I get home, I should be able to throw some posts up, easy. As long as people don't make INSANE-length posts :P Which I hope they don't either way.

Jönne May 9th, 2013 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Silver Ice (Post 7655173)
I was actually planning to create a female character haha!

After Saturday, yes I will be able to keep up. Today and Saturday I have plans, but from there on out I'll be able to easily keep up. The only thing then would be that I can't post while at school, but I don't think that should be too much of a problem. If it is, let me know!

That's good to hear, I should be looking forward to seeing your SU. Contact me if you are in need of assistance or have inquiries.


Originally Posted by Sir Bastian (Post 7655183)
I really can't wait to see what character Silver Ice and the others are gonna toss out at us Also, when we're talking if we have time to play, I have some exams coming up soon, but as soon as I get home, I should be able to throw some posts up, easy. As long as people don't make INSANE-length posts Which I hope they don't either way.

Hey, no worries man, we'll just bunny your character if you're gone for too long. :D

Xilfer May 9th, 2013 1:04 PM

@Ray: I dunno about making a female character, since I'm a guy and I prefer to stick to what I know. I tried making females once or twice, but failed miserably. Sorry. On the other hand, the school year's almost over for me, so yeah, I'd say I can keep up, although there may be some days where I don't manage to get onto PC.

Name: Toa the Blackhearted Duke
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Zoroark
Elemental Mastery: Dark


Toa's appearance is drastically different from that of a regular Zoroark; as is his father's appearance, and all those before him. The drastic difference in colouration is more than it seems; it is actually a result of minor genetic mutation. How this genetic mutation came to be, nobody knows, but the trait was passed down from Zoroark to Zoroark, passed down along Toa's bloodline. The mutation makes it so that Toa's long, puffy 'hair' is mostly pitch black, apart from a red streak that makes its way along the middle. The hair is separated at the bottom by a naturally attached hoop similar to a hairband. The lower section of the hair is partially black and ends in red fur. The red streak of fur makes its way to his forehead, and ends near his muzzle, with two smaller tufts of fur extending to either side of his face, which cover his ears entirely. From the muzzle extend two long, black eyebrows. The top part of his head is coloured black, whereas the bottom part reveals his grey skin, giving the impression that he is wearing a bandit mask. His eyes stand out the most, since they are a piercing shade of yellow. The sight of these eyes alone can sometimes be enough to intimidate his foes.

On the upper half of Toa's torso, a large tuft of red fur snakes its way over a larger section of black fur. On both his shoulders rest dual circles coloured a light yellow. These are the symbols of power passed down in Toa's lineage. They are made of metal, but are surprisingly light. The lower part of Toa's body reveals his bare grey skin. His upper arm appears shaved, revealing his grey skin once more. However, his forearm is covered in fur of both red and black colouration, ending with three sharp white claws. His legs are similar; the upper section is coloured in black fur, while the knee and lower section are coloured in red, and partially cover the black fur on his foot. His toes are simply three white claws, similar to those in hands but smaller and sharper.

Clearly, Toa and his lineage of Zoroark ancestors are far different from the typical, mainly black-coloured Zoroark. It is not entirely clear why or how the minor genetic mutation occurred, but some speculate it was a curse set on Toa's family long ago...

Personality: Toa was raised to be ruthless, merciless and strong. He cares not for other people's feelings, and utilizes his own feelings of determination, anger, and ambition to fuel his actions. He shows no mercy, especially to his enemies. He is also arrogant and prideful. believing himself to be superior to all other Pokemon. He is quite selfish and will not do anything for anybody unless there is something in it for him. Of course, he is not a fool. In fact, he is extremely intelligent; raised with the best education one could afford. Combined with his general resourcefulness and ingenuity, he believes himself to be a genius. He is perfectly aware that he is a bad Pokemon, but unlike those who feel bad about it, he takes pride in this. He believes that in this cruel world, only the evil can survive; only the treacherous, the wrong. This is why he does his best to suppress what little good might be left in him. Whatever was left of his consciousness is locked away deep inside him.

If there is one thing that Toa despises, it's weakness. Even as a child, he hated how much weaker everyone was than him, or so he believed them to be. He was raised to believe that he, in his nobility and heritage, was more powerful than the average Pokemon. Because of this, he developed a serious god complex, as well as a burning hatred for weakness. He uses this hatred, along with many other emotions, to fuel himself in combat and in many of the actions. His highly intellectual mind will often ponder how it came to be that he was so much stronger than everyone else, though deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down, his consciousness knows he is only fooling himself.

History: Toa was born to the Duke of Cyala, a rich Zoroark of high nobility who was very close to King Aion. Toa was raised in wealth and splendour, given the best education one could have, and trained in the ways of the darkness. Although it seemed as if his life was perfect, he never received any love from his mother, and his father trained him ceaselessly, day and night, teaching him to become strong and powerful. His father taught him of his strength and the weakness of all others, even King Aion, from a young age. Toa was brought up to believe that all Pokemon were inferior to himself. He was taught at home, in the Duke's Mansion, by the most skilled teacher in Cyala: Falor the Prophet. Falor, a wise philosopher, disagreed greatly with the Duke's method of training and raising his son. He saw the true potential in the boy, but was unable to bring it out due to the Duke's interference. Falor saw that the arrogant, hate-filled Toa was actually a hero, though he kept it to himself for Toa's sake.

Toa, now the tyrant he is today, eventually grew bored of his life as the Duke's son. No matter how old he got, the Duke of Cyala simply refused to die and hand his title over to his son. This greatly angered Toa, so he decided to change things around a bit. Under the tutelage of a professional thief known as Torrox the stealthy, Toa became a professional thief himself. His thieving habits were far greater than that of an ordinary pickpocket, however. The Blackhearted Duke would often plan elaborate heists with the help of his team of thieves. He and his team would steal precious artifacts and break into bank vaults; most often those of rivalling noble families. Eventually his actions became known all across the city, and he and his band of thieves were dubbed the 'Thieves of the Dark'. They basked in the glory of their infamy, all the while continuing their work.

At one point, the Thieves of the Night began planning their biggest heist yet: they were going to steal the Dark Plate from King Aion. Their plan was to get into the royal palace by posing as messengers, taking out the guards who would escort them to the king, find the bank vault where the Dark plate was held, and break in. The floor would be covered in trip wires that would set off an alarm, so the Thieves would use a hookshot that would attach itself to the ceiling, swing past the wires, grab the plate mid-swing, being sure to instantly replace it with a rock in order to avoid setting off the pressure plate, swing back, and escape. The plan was well under way until they were caught while escaping. As it turned out, the guards had pretended to be knocked out so that the Thieves would take the plate and be caught red-handed. They had invited Aion to see the spectacle as well. When it was found out that Toa himself was the leader of the Thieves of the Night, he was sentenced to execution for treason, as was the rest of his group. His father, the Duke of Cyala, would not stand by and see his son killed. He came to the king and claimed that he was the mastermind behind the entire operation, in the hopes that Aion would release his son and condemn him instead. Toa was stunned that his father would do this for him, as it was the first truly good thing he had ever done for him.

At first, King Aion was ready to release Toa and condemn the Duke, but then a terrible truth was discovered. Toa had a mastery over Darkness for a reason. He was a hero. Aion, able to sense this, decided to condemn both father and son to death for treason. The two were thrown in a prison cell for several days before they were finally taken out to be executed in front of the city. However, Toa had devised an escape plan. Using mind tricks and illusions, Toa made the executioner attack the surrounding civilians, causing a panic among the public. He took this chance to escape in the crowd, but his father was not so lucky. He was detained by the guards before he could escape, and Toa, evil as he was, paid no heed. He simply wanted escape. Eventually, he managed to make it out of Cyala, knowing that the king would ceaselessly try to find him if he stayed.

For months, he wandered the landscape of Altica, searching for a place to stay. Depressed that he had been reduced from the Blackhearted Duke to a simple outlaw, Toa never stayed in one place for too long, paranoid about Aion's forces. Eventually, he received a mysterious message from a Pokemon calling himself Elder Durand. Intrigued as to the term 'heroes' that he used, and having nowhere else to go, Toa the Blackhearted Duke made his way for Area 52.

Moves: Night Daze, Night Slash, Pursuit, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, Sucker Punch
Others: Although he overestimates himself, he never underestimates his enemies, which is rather strange.
RP Sample:
From The Pokemon Odyssey:
As Paladin rushed towards the next group of Ancients, many things happened at once. Suddenly, only a few blocks away from where Paladin and Accatosh fought, there was a huge explosion of fire and flames. The eruption of power looked more like the handiwork of a Pokemon than one of a bomb, but what monster could create such an intense outburst? Only one Pokemon came to mind: The Inferno. Paladin knew his power personally, and memories resurfaced of his fight with the Typhlosion. The fight had been intense, but it ended in an explosion similar to this one, and both Pokemon had been thrust to opposite sides of the battlefield. The ferocity of the nearby blast sent Paladin, and most likely any nearby Pokemon, to the ground. He fell with a booming thump onto the ground, as did the Ancients and the civilians being threatened by them. "Inferno," Paladin said, to no one in particular. He would have to deal with his old enemy later, since the Ancients were getting back up and they were ready to kill civilians. "Come on, Accatosh!" Paladin exclaimed as he rose from the ground and resumed his charge. Within no time, he was already there. This time, a troupe of eleven Ancients circled six civilians, like hungry predators closing in on scared prey. Paladin got there just as a rather large Armaldo lunged at an innocent, ready to decapitate him with his claw. Paladin stopped him just in time, jumping the Armaldo and tackling him to the ground. The Armaldo struggled underneath the enormous weight of Paladin, but, surprisingly, managed to free himself. He retaliated with a Crush Claw, which struck Paladin straight in the chest. Then, something extraordinary happened. The Armaldo was suddenly enveloped in a glowing green gas, which seemed to be hurting him as the Armaldo writhed in pain. Paladin could only sit and watch as the green gas began eating away at the very being of the Ancient. Eventually, the Ancient existed no more, as his form had been reduced to nothing. The green gas then began floating towards Paladin, who began running away from it in fear. What if the same thing happened to him. He wasn't fast enough, though, and he hadn't made it very far before the green gas caught up to him. However, it didn't hurt him. He noticed that as the green gas enveloped him, he felt empowered. It then began seeping into the crack in his chest, and he suddenly realized what it was: it was his own mysterious energy. But how had it consumed the Armaldo in such a way? Was this the doing of his dark side? He didn't know the definite answers to either of those questions, but he decided that it was best left for another time, since there were still Ancients to kill.

Now empowered, Paladin charged at the remaining ten Ancients. He crushed the skull of an unsuspecting Rampardos with Hammer Arm, drawing the attention of its comrades. A fellow Rampardos charged at Paladin, but he was quick enough to dodge the attack and retaliate by grabbing the Ancient in mid-charge. He took hold of the Ancient's tail and used the force that would have been directed to the charge to spin himself around quickly. With that force, he flung the Rampardos in the opposite direction, and it flew at least ten feet before its skull was burst upon from an impact with a concrete building. The next to attack was an Aerodactyl, who descended from the skies and lunged at Paladin. He tried to claw Paladin in the eyes in order to blind him, but Paladin managed to defend himself with his own arm. The claws of the Aerodactyl scratched his arm, but Paladin used the opportunity to grab the Aerodactyl. The bird was now ensnared in his grasp, and Paladin was too heavy for it to be able to fly off. He took the bird in his arm as if it was a plaything, and threw it onto the ground. The Aerodactyl struggled to get back up, but before it could, Paladin stomped on it with his foot. When he retracted his foot, he saw a crumpled mess of wings and bones and blood.

He looked to the rest of the group. Two more Aerodactyl existed, along with an Archeops, but like last time, he would leave them for Accatosh. There were also two Bastiodon who looked ready to ram Paladin. The civilians were no longer a target, so they had just fled. The last two were Carracosta. Their typing was a little dangerous to Paladin, so he decided to go for them first. One shot a quick Water Pulse which Paladin took. The Water Pulse impacted with his chest, and he started to feel strange. the mysterious green gas had begun to exit his body. Under normal circumstances, Paladin would have stopped and questioned why it was leaving him and attacking others, but he decided to embrace it as his ally for now. The green gas floated swiftly towards one Carracosta, so Paladin decided to take out the other one himself. The Carracosta launched a Bubblebeam, each of the bubbles stinging Paladin's skin as they popped. He just kept charging, though, and eventually got close enough to lunge. The Carracosta tried to run, but Paladin grabbed him and Shadow Punched him twice, then finished him off with a Hammer Arm. As the first Carracosta died, Paladin felt his energies returning to him, empowering him with the force of the other Carracosta.

Only two Bastiodon remained, apart from the flyers which Accatosh would deal with. One of them appeared visibly frightened at the sight of Paladin, and was ready to flee, but the other had his eyes set on the Golurk, ready to begin charging. He did so, and Paladin simply stood and waited. At the last second, just before the Bastiodon would have hit him and knocked him down, he spun around and gave the Bastiodon a good kick in the backside to send him flying. Paladin then turned his attention to the now fleeing Bastiodon, who was shouting something while running away. Paladin focused, storing up some power, and then released it all through his leg as it was raised and fell to the ground again, causing an Earthquake. The Earthquake instantly knocked the running Basiodon, and any nearby Pokemon who weren't flying, down. Paladin took the opportunity to run at the struggling Bastiodon, and as soon as he could, he put the miserable thing down with a Hammer Arm.

It seemed that Accatosh would have no more fun with almost all the Ancients dead, but this was not so. The Bastiodon, Paladin realized, had been calling for backup. Two more Aerodactyl and another Archeops joined their flying comrades, giving Accatosh six Pokemon to kill. "Show your stuff," Paladin ordered his apprentice. "Show these Ancients how well my training has paid off," he smirked.

I'll have it done at some point. Most likely during the weekend or maybe Monday.

Silver Ice May 9th, 2013 8:29 PM

Here's my SU. It should be done tomorrow! By the way, when do we get to see your character, Ray? WIP

Name: Cloe the Frigid Crystal
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Glaceon
Elemental Mastery: Ice

Cloe looks like any other Glaceon does, for the most part. She has short, smooth fur that shines like diamonds. Her ears and tail are long and pointed, and her body is occupied by that familiar rhombus pattern. The fox-like creature has eyes that are a deep, dark blue, which makes it hard to detect any emotion from them.

On her front right and back left ankles, she wears anklets adorned with tiny ice crystals. Around her neck is a necklace with a larger crystal. Her tail also holds a crystal. The crystals are kept frozen by her body temperature.

Personality: Born and raised in Coldarra, Cloe is a tough and independent creature. She has a very reserved and quiet nature. She doesn't talk much, and she usually only speaks if she is spoken to first. The young Cloe, however, is not afraid to be loud and grab attention. If she is working with others, she will take charge and voice her opinions. She likes things done her way, and will not stop until she is satisfied or proven wrong. This, of course, means that Cloe gets into many arguments with other Pokemon. Over the years, she has learned to be slightly more cooperative, but she still ultimately favors her way over any other way. Stubborn is a good description of Cloe; she won't change her position on something very easily.

Being as reserved as she is, Cloe often keeps to herself when she is around pokemon. She doesn't necessarily avoid pokemon, she just prefers to sit alone and think about... well, anything. Cloe spends a lot of time thinking; whether it be about her rather unfortunate childhood, or what the future might hold, she thinks. That's not to say that she doesn't like engaging in conversations with other pokemon. Cloe can talk for hours given an interesting topic, but other pokemon see her as bitter and cold because she never talks. But the reality is, she (usually) never talks first. There is a difference. Cloe is also seen as disrespectful and rude, which is true at times. Her "I'm always right" attitude gives her a bad image, but Cloe is always respectful to anyone of authority or a higher standing than her. Unfortunately, that is the minority. If you manage to befriend her somehow, she is a much nicer pokemon.

At this point, Cloe sounds like she would be a terrible friend, but the opposite is true. Cloe is the sweetest, most thoughtful pokemon to her closest friends (whom she had to leave behind). Her past is what has resulted in the cold, arrogant Cloe and that keeps her from befriending pokemon. Once your friend, Cloe is loyal and loving. Of course, her natural overconfidence will still shine through, but won't be as identifiable.

The glaceon is very intelligent and quick to make decisions. In tough situations, she stays calm but serious, analyzing the problem and brainstorming possible solutions. Perhaps it is all the time she spends alone that allows her to think so efficiently. Cloe is respected for her mind's prowess, which might have given birth to her large ego, but the fact is that she is smart. Her senses are very sharp, allowing her to pick out things that some would not be able to.

When it comes to Arceus and the Plates, Cloe has very strong beliefs. For as long as she can remember, Cloe has believed in peace and harmony; she wants the plates gone. She wants them destroyed or sealed away so that no one can ever use them again. Where there is great power, there are people who want that power and will do anything to get it - and if they do get it, who knows what the result will be. Cloe thinks the world has progressed enough to no longer need the Plates, and that they are causing unnecessary violence in Altica. If the Plates are removed from this world, or at least kept completely out of reach, all problems will be solved. That is Cloe's philosophy, and given her stubbornness, it is not likely to change.

History: Coldarra, located in the isolated north of Altica, was the birth place of Cloe. Destin the Vaporeon, her father, and Maya the Glaceon, her mother, were both experienced sailors who took great pride in their work. They helped train the young pokemon of Coldarra in the ways of seafaring, including Cloe. The two were well respected figures in Coldarra whom many looked up to. When Destin and Maya had Cloe, they knew there was something special about her. They just didn't know exactly what it was.

Residing in Coldarra meant that Cloe's life was already laid out, for the most part. Life there was simple for most pokemon: eat, train, worship, and sleep. Cloe's childhood was much like that of any other pokemon in Coldarra. One significant difference between Cloe and the other young pokemon, however, was that Cloe would spend a much longer time training. She had the drive - the motivation - to train harder, faster, and longer than the other pokemon. The former Eevee wanted to be just like her parents. She wanted to be a great sailor and proudly carry the family name to the next generation. So, she trained and trained and trained and trained.

Years passed, and Cloe was now 21 years old. Her training had paid off; Cloe was an exceptional sailor for her age. Or, she at least thought she was. She had all the skills, but she never had the chance to apply them yet. Her new dream was to put herself to the test - sail from Coldarra to the mainland of Altica. She would gain recognition from nearly everyone in Coldarra, and she might even be recognized by a few mainlanders. However, her parents would not allow such a thing. Cloe argued with them but they wouldn't budge. Then she suggested that they come with her. Her parents thought about it and eventually agreed - they would sail with her to the mainland. Cloe was ecstatic!

But she would soon regret ever having this dream. The journey to the mainland started out as they expected it to. The waters were calm and the weather wasn't bad. All was going well. After a month they were still on track for their destination, Port Ragho. However, things soon took a turn for the worst. The ocean became violent, large waves crashing all around them. The family tried to maintain control of the ship but it was impossible. An enormous wave swallowed the ship whole.

That was the last time Cloe saw her parents. The wave knocked her out and separated the family. When Cloe came to, she was in an unfamiliar place. It was not Coldarra, but that was all she knew. She assumed her parents were gone, because she did not want to get her hopes up. All she had left of them were the crystals that her mother gave to her after evolving. Cloe was devastated, however. She did not want to lose her parents, she wasn't ready to let go just yet. But she knew she had to keep moving, so she did just that. After finding civilization, not far from where she woke up, she discovered that she was still in Altica. That meant that she made it to the mainland! The news was welcomed and made her feel slightly better. Cloe got directions to Port Ragho, their original destination, and headed there. If her parents were still alive, she could probably find them at Port Ragho.

Upon arriving at Port Ragho, Cloe instantly began asking around for her parents. Unfortunately, she came up short. No one had heard of or seen her parents around here. Cloe was in deep regret. Her parents originally rejected the journey because they knew it would be dangerous, but Cloe insisted. Their deaths were at the fault of Cloe. Guilt set in, and Cloe felt awful. She didn't care about the recognition anymore. Now she had nothing. Lost and depressed, she decided to keep doing what she knew - sailing. Cloe was easily able to find a job at Port Ragho thanks to her seafaring background in Coldarra. She resided and worked at Port Ragho for the time that followed, gaining promotions along the way.

Just recently, Cloe received an invitation from an elder of Area 52. She was wanted at Area 52 immediately. Cloe was intrigued. She heard many things about Area 52, and was curious, so she accepted the invitation and set out for Area 52.

Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Shadow Ball, Heal Bell, and Mirror Coat.

Others: Thanks, Ray, for the help with Cloe's history!

RP Sample: (let me know how you write!)

Jönne May 10th, 2013 5:36 AM

Summer is coming, so everyone will have plenty of time. :D I have posted the IC, it's bound to be approved in two or three days. The time should be enough for all of you to finish your SUs. And, speaking of SUs...

Silver Ice asked for my SU, so here it is:

Ser Tsulong the Exemplar of Fire
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Elemental Mastery: Fire

From his neck always hangs the fire stone that evolved him. His eyes are crimson, ruby-like.

Personality: Tsulong was raised as a young ranger in Area 52, guided by his mentor Durand; he was brought up believing that Arceus's power must not remained sealed, for the world would slowly crumble apart without it. He is a youthful Arcanine with an upbeat and carefree attitude. He can come off childish at times, due to his stubborn and proud spirit. Despite his carefree ways, when things get hectic, he gets serious. He is rather sensitive but even when being emotional, he is giving good rationale to his speech.

Playful and optimistic, Tsulong possesses leadership qualities and a strong instinct for survival. He is so very spirited, a smile and a laugh is never far from his reach and he doesn't lets anything spoil his mood. Having grown with Elder Durand in Area 52, he has shown signs of the wisdom he has absorbed from him. But due to his age, he is also quite rash and headstrong at times. One thing he did not like about Durand is his tendency to take things easy and relax, always delaying problems and leaving them for the next day - he prefers to tackle problems directly. A lot of his personality is shaped from the comments he received by the members of Area 52, regarding his parents, who were most probably pirates; he has decided to embrace that notion and considers himself "one of the free folk," meaning he gets to do what he wants because he is kin with pirates.

Tsulong is a very proud Pokemon, and due to that, he often gets youthfully cocky and arrogant. Sometimes, he allows his emotions get the best of him, going as far as to disrespect an opponent who gave him hard time in battle. He is quite merciless in battle, as he believes those who survive against him will come back seeking vengeance, if he spares them, as it happened once when traveling through the forests beyond Tri-way town. Although he is quite self-centered and dwells on his fame and successes, he is passionately loyal to his friends and allies and cares deeply for them. He puts their protection above everything else.

It is within his understanding that he is of the last Fenju alive, despite not being born a native. Protecting Area 52 and the legacy of their civilization has become a sacred duty to him, and that very thing is driving him forward.

History: Elder Durand of Area 52 had foreseen a ship with a black flag sailing past the shores of the Fenju Plateau and another ship, burning and sinking. The former was a pirate schooner from Port Ragho, the latter a trading galley of Skyhaven; the pirate ship was escaping capture by sailing on shallow waters. Durand greeted them along the shore, and they gave him an egg with a fiery pattern, Tsulong's egg, to save the unborn canine should doom find them.

In Area 52, Tsulong was tutored on the faith of Arceus and the history of the Fenju by Durand himself. He would go ranging in the ruins of the citadel along with fellows from home. His talent for using fire quickly became clear and Durand named him a Hero of the Fire Mastery, even though he was still a Growlithe. Then, as it happened, Area 52 required eyes on the outside world; he set out at the age of twelve, in a quest to get close to the King. When in Cyala, he was obliged to join the Crimson Company, an old group of mercenaries who were bid to protect the King. At first, he was assigned with the job in the city's guard, due to his age. As the years passed, he grew to be a menace to the outlaws of Cyala, being able to outrun and bring down most of them.

When he was fifteen, he took part in a tourney of junior Pokemon that was held for King Aion's entertainment. He happened to win, and the King rewarded him with a Fire Stone for the show. By that time, he had grown to admire the King and wished to be like him. For the valor and fervor he showed in the tourney, Tsulong rose in the ranks of the Crimson Company, to be the youngest member in the history of the King's Outriders, a group of Pokemon who would openly hunt down and kill any Pokemon the King requested. Tsulong was too blinded by glory to see and understand that what he was doing was wrong. In the two years that followed, he participated in the serious tourneys, where the King himself took part as well; Tsulong didn't do as good as before, as most of the contestants were twice his age, seasoned gladiators, not green boys. Surviving those tourneys was a feat to talk about, though.

Three years prior to present, Tsulong realized that the King he idolized wasn't quite the person he thought him to be, when he and his armies set out to quell Indrasil's rebellion. Indrasil's forces were hiding in the forest, so his King picked him and other fire-type Pokemon to burn everything down. After a big part of the forest was burnt down, King Aion blocked the retreat of the Indrasilians and crushed them. Although they never found the city, it yielded, in fear that their marshes would be scourged and burnt down the same way. As a reward for their services, King Aion named those who helped him burn the forest Exemplars of Fire; Tsulong was also raised to knighthood in service of the King himself, but these seemed like hollow titles by then.

This act of his took a heavy toll on his conscience, at first. He fled Cyala to return to Area 52 to atone for what he had done. Durand though convinced him that if it was not him who would have burned the forest, it would have been someone else. Dwelling on that, his regrets quelled over time and his conscience healed, and although he was once quite faithful to his duties to the King, he decided to remain in Area 52 to help with the town's needs.

Moves: Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, Extremespeed, Dig, Iron Tail, Flamethrower
Others: He likes to Roar.

Xilfer May 11th, 2013 2:17 PM

All done with the SU. Waddaya think?

Jönne May 11th, 2013 2:44 PM

@Xilfer Perfect. You're accepted.

The IC is up
. Whoever has finished with their SU and is accepted may proceed with his post. Fun-away!

Dark Aura May 11th, 2013 3:39 PM

Hope you're still accepting SU's! I also included an Ability and TM moves- just let me know if this isn't allowed!

EDIT: Woot, a secret spot! :D Here's a fleshed out history- let me know if it's any better!

Name: Faolan the Wicked

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: Mienshao

Elemental Mastery: Fighting

Appearance: Faolan appears, for all intents and purposes, identical to a garden-variety Mienshao aside from three defining characteristics. His colouring is much more vivid than that of the average Mienshao- where a normal member of his species would have greyish-white fur, his is as brightly pristine as snow. Where one of his species would have yellowish-cream, he has a brighter, clearer orange. The lilac that makes up the coats of most Mienshao is a deep, royal blue. He once loathed this vibrant colouration, he has come to accept it and ignore any taunts. He also keeps a leather belt with built-in pouches for any small valuables he may find.

Personality: Faolan is calm, collected and precise. He is not given to wild displays of emotion or loss of judgement. Long years spent training and honing his immense skills have given rise to an even-tempered, thoughtful male. That's not to say he has no vices, however. He has a deep, powerful pride and loathes losing. He also has a weakness for games of chance and luck. Faolan has significant pride invested in his unflappable manner and his discipline and views anyone attempting to disrupt either in a very poor light.

Faolan doesn't take risks often and breaks rules even more rarely. When he does, however, he tends to go all-out. This behaviour is seen in other manners- he tends to bottle things up until they explode. He will tolerate irritations for a long time, but once he snaps, he will fly into an almost incoherent fury that will burn harsh and bright and fast, snuffing out just as quickly once Faolan regains control of himself.

He enjoys taking walks and testing his skills. Rigorous discipline coupled with an interest into the art of war has left Faolan with an intricate understanding of battle, something he seeks to use to his advantage very often. It's rare that he approaches a battle without trying to account for every possibility and planning out his victory. If he is ever forced into a problematic situation, one in which he cannot find a flawless answer to, expect Faolan to turn rather snappish. He's also a very practical man; if something has no value, sentimental or otherwise, it is useless and must be discarded. He's generally the first in the room to suggest the difficult decision that everyone else is unwilling to speak of.

Fao is primarily a rather solitary being, but does not necessarily dislike social interaction. It's simply rather difficult when your primary interests involve bouts of meditation interspersed with many hours spent beating up inanimate objects and, when the occasion permits, people. He deeply enjoys the fight; it is something he excels at and the one time when he doesn't have to worry about pulling his punches or maintaining his endless discipline. He is highly curious, but generally knows when to err on the side of caution.

History: Little is known of Faolan. Many consider him somewhat enigmatic, but this is not the case. Most are simply too intimidated by his manner that they fear to even ask.

He was brought to this land in a ship by his Mienshao mother and Lucario father and lived a nomadic lifestyle, accompanying his parents wherever they went. It was in this way, with no fixed home or chance to settle down, that both his mother and father tutored their son in the arts of battle and survival.

Due to this upbringing, Faolan's social skills aren't the best. He is blunt and direct, often speaking with little regard for other people's feelings. In his opinion, a brutal truth is more favourable than the kindest lie.

It was in this harsh manner that Faolan was raised. Mistakes were tolerated a first time, but never a second. Giving up was rarely an option, due to both the young man's pride and the demanding nature of his parents. His childhood was relatively uneventful- awaken, train, eat, train, forage, train, an hour to do with as he wished, any other duties, train, and sleep.

When he was deemed to have grown enough, Faolan left his parents. Well, to be accurate, he was unceremoniously thrown out, as was the way for his family. He had to prove that he was capable of survival on his own.

The first years on his own were difficult, but not impossible. Faolan retained his nomadic lifestyle, rarely settling down with any single group of Pokemon or in any single area for much longer than a month or two. He survived by foraging off the land, occasionally completing tasks and doing manual labour when he passed by a town.

Eventually, he grew tired of his lifestyle and at the urging of a roguish, freedom-loving Mightyena, Faolan decided to change. He always ignored the little voice telling him that his parents would not be proud. He had spent every waking moment doing as he was told, excelling only under their terms. Now, it was Faolan's turn to do as he wished.

He stayed in urban areas for a long time, ignoring the nostalgic pangs that urged him to return to the mountains, forests and grasslands. While in the urban environment, Faolan would say that his soul was choking.

For several years, he was the top fighter in an underground fighting ring, finding no other reason to fight but for personal gain and satisfaction. It was there that his reputation turned from "nebulous" to "fearsome." In the six years he spent there, Faolan lost seven battles out of close to eighteen hundred. Out of these seven opponents, he defeated five later. The other two, he never saw again.

Friends were non-existent, only those who clung to him for protection and luxuries. After almost unintentionally beginning a protection racket, Faolan looked at his own reflection and demolished the fighting ring with his bare hands. The few who tried to stop him bear the marks of his whips to this day, as do the buildings that surrounded the now-defunct ring. The Mightyena who had first urged him to let go of his responsibilities was nowhere to be found- Faolan's body and soul had been so disconnected that he had never even noticed his single friend leave.

After leaving the ring, Faolan drifted restlessly. Now purposeless again, he had no idea what to do. He found his redemption in the training of young fighters and aiding those in need, never requesting payment beyond perhaps a meal or a place to sleep comfortably.

Now, after hearing that his services are required by someone in the relatively unknown Area 52, Faolan's curiosity drives him to at least pay a visit. Still wary of its residents, Faolan believes himself prepared for whatever comes next.

Moves: Drain Punch, Detect, Swords Dance, Aura Sphere, Acrobatics, U-Turn.

Others: Possesses the Ability of Regeneration and through his father, some proficiency with Aura. This has given him the ability to use Aura Sphere, limited telepathic communication with individuals who possess strong psychic powers and the ability to sense nearby auras. While not as strong as his father or most other trained Lucario, his abilities are still respectable.

RP Sample:

Execution was a good word in Faolan’s opinion. Strong connotations, a sense of drama to it as well. An appropriate sense of finality in each syllable. A word that carried weight. As only proper, after all. It w as, for all intents and purposes, putting on a show as a criminal’s life was ended. Similar to the word “assassination.” An important murder- no more, no less.

A word was one thing. The action itself, however, was quite another.

Injustice was not something Faolan generally cared to entangle himself within. He had learned long ago that when one did not have all the facts at their disposal, that person tended to be in the wrong. Yet was letting such an act, if it was evil, go unpunished not simply aiding the evildoer? Choices, choices and not a spare minute to meditate. Why couldn't a Psychic simply teleport in there and perform the rescue?

It didn't matter in the end, regardless. Faolan peered through the gap in the wooden wall, making mental notes of the scene as he listened to the speaking Machoke.

"And this! This boy, this idiot! Trying to steal from our private supplies! Why would he need to do so, when we keep every Pokemon on this pathetic patch of dirt fed? Greed? Laziness, I suppose? We need to set an example! Next it will be you who he steals from! If we don't-"

That was enough of a confirmation.

Golem at the door. Zubat speaking to him, distracting him. Audience- mostly disinterested, unwilling. Will most likely panic. Magnemite at the ceiling, probably a guard. Scyther- executioner. Zigzagoon- the criminal. Machoke- the ringleader.

Yes, he had it. Faolan closed his eyes and took a moment to clear his mind, shifting and straining his limbs and preparing his body in a Swords Dance. Then he struck.

An Aura Sphere sliced through the air and smashed through the wooden wall, striking the Magnemite and putting it out of commission.

Cue the shouts...

Startled as they were, the frail Zubat and stronger Golem were both struck simultaneously by the force of a second Aura Sphere. The Golem was whipped fiercely across the face and struck with a savage Drain Punch.

Faolan exhaled. Detect. He could see what was about to happen. A last act of violence.

Faolan inhaled. In a sudden, fluid motion he leaped backwards, a powerful Acrobatics jump sending him feet-first against the Scyther's stomach. Faolan whipped him once, twice, three times and sent him hurtling into the fleeing, panicking, disorganised crowd.

Faolan exhaled. A crushing grip fixed around his arm. Faolan found himself face-to-face with the Machoke, the larger Pokemon's expression enraged. He shouted something, something Faolan couldn't hear over the crowd. With barely a flicker, Faolan lashed out with one whip, opening a cut along the larger Pokemon's nose. He was released.

Faolan inhaled. The Mienshao fell back to the ground and redoubled his assault, lashing the Machoke again and again, targeting the most painful spots he could, his attacks relentlessly vicious and quick. With a final strike across the Machoke's abdomen, a superpowered Aura Sphere sent the Machoke hurtling back through a wall.

The Fighting Master let out a final breath and surveyed the destruction. He wasn't quite sure if the expression on the Zigzagoon's face was terror or awe. After a moment's consideration, Faolan decided it didn't matter quite so much if the youngster was safe.

Jönne May 11th, 2013 4:03 PM

@Dark Aura I like your style, the character you have created is interesting. You've earned the *secret* eighth spot. :D But you are pending, for now - I'd like you to work on Fao's History section a little bit more, before I can accept you!

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