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DLMuerte May 5th, 2013 4:21 PM

Rated M, for blood, violence, romance, and possible alcohol
Co-GM'd by EliteBeats


You were probably your average Joe.

You worked at the corner store, gained meager pay, got home, ate, played videogames, slept, woke up, got dressed, ate, went to work, rinsed and repeated. You had the average life, your girlfriend was nice, your parents didn’t really bother you, that stuff. It was all just pretty damn sweet until you opened that email.

Or maybe you were a teen.

You got up, groaned about how much your parents sucked (how ungrateful!), brushed your teeth, took a shower, got dressed, ate, opened doors (and if you were feisty, you slammed it pretty damn hard), went to school, groaned about school, went home, ate, played videogames, played more videogames, then went to sleep. You were a freaking monster. Till you opened that email.

It doesn’t matter who the hell you were, your life was changed.

It was an email encrypted with the file DEADMAN.exe. Maybe you thought it was a virus as it first popped up on your screen. It said, DEADMAN PROGRAM INITIALIZING. You think. Maybe you were in shock. But when you blacked out, your last thoughts were probably, What. The. Hell. You woke up on a boat next. Next to thirteen other cots (that makes fourteen, for your information), in your regular clothes. It’s a luxury liner, and in fact it is still in use today, but the name is changed and it has been modified beyond recognition. So that, you know, you don’t try to blow it up for some reason. At first, it seems like, oh cool, a cruise, for ME! Or maybe you’re paranoid that there’s something wrong, you didn’t sign up for this. It’s not till you notice it’s not moving that you hear an announcement on the PA system. An announcement you’ll remember for the rest of your life... of course, if you’re not dead already.

“Hello there! I can’t tell you my full name, but welcome. Call me the Organizer. Or the Doctor. Or That Bastard In Control. Hahahahahahahahaha! That was supposed to be funny. Well, anyway, you probably think you deserve an explanation, right? Well, you don’t, but I’ll give you one anyways, since I’m a nice guy. And a nice-looking guy to boot, haha!” This voice is sadistic and nearly childish, but it’s obvious he’s an adult. His laughs, though, are reminiscent of the laughs of a mad scientist.

“You guys are my new lab rats. Well, at least, you were. And you still are, in a way! But not really, haha! You’re now going to participate in what I call the Game of Death! It’s a really fun game, trust me! Just get a cut on your thumb or leg or arm or something, and I’ll explain more! Go on! Get some blood out! Gogogogogo!”

Somehow, you manage to get a wound of some sort. With blood. It might be on your hands or on your arms, although you could possibly have it in other places.

“Well, now, I think I have to explain what’s going on, since you don’t know.” A gruffer, less sadistic voice appears. It doesn’t scream drill sergeant, but it is certainly deep. This is obviously someone else. “I’m not afraid of giving my name. My name is Adam. Simple, simple Adam. As far as you’re concerned, I’m the brawn of this operation. Because if you don’t listen to us, well, simply enough, me or my men will kill you. And,” he adds with a chuckle, “I think I will have a lot of fun doing it too. But hell, lemme explain to you what happened. You have powers. Not stupid, cliche, Superman powers. But they’re all different.” He snickers this time. “Baseline is, you can control your blood, in different ways. There will be a sheet near where you woke up that explains in detail. This is called Branch of Sin. But be careful, because you don’t have an endless supply of blood. Don’t worry though, we’re going to have a lot of fun! All you have to do is perform certain tasks. But before I explain more, your first task will be given in a few hours. We have to... make some arrangements. Have fun till then... while it lasts.” A laugh punctuates the speech before it is signed off with the eerie sound of a “Bzzt!”

You have a few options. If you return to your cot, there will be a small bookbag under it with some of your essentials, a few changes of clothes (including a swimsuit, or alternatively swimming trunks) and something special to you. On top of it, there’s a report of what they injected into you, whomever “they” are. It includes blood type, what it does, etc. There is no one left on the boat besides you twelve. There’s a pool on deck, and there’s also a buffet with freshly cooked food and beverages- strangely, the kitchen crew is nowhere to be found. For accuracy, you have three hours and thirty minutes [IC] to do what you want, which includes meeting up with the other eleven. If not, you can play around with your new Branch of Sin. It is suggested you do everything in this order. Although you can if you want, I don’t suggest you eat the food later into these hours. If you look out into the horizon, you can’t tell if you’re really close to land or if you’re far. It might scare those faint of heart.

Misc. Storyline/Setting

This takes place in the present day, beginning on June 30th (IC). In addition, the device on which you downloaded DEADMAN.exe, for storyline purposes, was portable. The program can be downloaded on any device with a screen and color filters.


For those of you who need references for your stuff, here you go. It’ll be updated whenever I feel like it, which means whenever I deem something necessary to put in. You can request for me to put stuff in here too.

Deadman- A person in the Game of Death with Branch of Sin.

Branch of Sin- a strange power, or virus or something, that was injected into you during your sleep. You have no idea how you got it, but you can control blood in different ways.

BP- OOC. Means Blood Points, which is the amount of energy you have. The more blood points, the more you can use your Branch of Sin. Your BP is determined by your weight plus a number from one through thirty RNG’d, divided by 3.

RNG- OOC. Random Number Generator. I might use it often.

Possible Powers

Just some suggestions. Obviously, you can make your own as there isn't enough for all the slots, as long as you explain it and it isn't OP.

Projectile- Simply what it sounds like. A ball of blood of varying sizes not exceeding a foot. Usually launched at enemies, or you can just ram at them with it in your hand. Your hand is usually the vessel used to shoot said ball. It’s not always spherical; it can also more oval, but usually retains a round shape. BP depends on the size of the projectile launched and the force it was sent with. (2+ BP each)

Talon- Usually blood from the side-arms. It solidifies into a shape similar to a talon. Used mostly for close combat. Usually great for opening wounds and slicing enemies, and can block. A bit heavy though. BP depends on size only. (15+ BP per talon)

Whip- A whip used to do what it implies. Can come out of nearly anywhere, although it is designed to come from the earlobes, strangely. BP depends on size and speed. (10+ BP each whip) Liquid, but is extremely fast.

Claw- Coming from the knuckles, it turns into sharp, curved blades like claws, created for the purpose of slicing opponents in half. Their size varies, but the larger the more BP. (4+ BP)

Blade- A large blade created from blood. It’s something you would really prefer to avoid, as it has varying shapes and sizes along with a sharp edge. It’s solid, but doesn’t require constant blood flow. The larger, the more BP. (30+ BP each) It comes out of your body as it's own object, so it's very versatile.

Eye- A bomb. No, I’m dead serious. It comes out of anywhere really, and floats in the air, detonating at will by making blood fly all over and pierce through enemies. Extremely dense, so each one takes a lot of blood. The more effective, the more BP. (10+ each)


  1. Follow all forum rules.
  2. Don’t disrespect the GM or your fellow RPers.
  3. DON’T disrespect the GM or your fellow RPers.
  4. No god-modding. If you’re not sure if it’s god-modding, ask me. No Deus ex Machina either out of a fight unless it’s not really a serious fight, I say so, or you need to catch up.
  5. No bunnying without permission.
  6. If you drop out (please don’t!), give someone control over you, or make one last post where you disappear or die or something in the IC.
  7. Keep IC, IC and OOC, OOC. You are not to put any posts for either in the opposite one except for your sample post or, in the case of OOC in IC, within parentheses at the beginning or end.
  8. If you’re going to joint post, inform me beforehand and the rest of the OOC. I don’t want it to end up seeming like bunnying.
  9. You can create NPCs and kill them at will. You can also play a second, minor part, but it cannot be a Deadman nor can they become a major character without an SU.
  10. If you read this- the password- inform me that you ate pie somewhere in your SU. Preferably at the end.
  11. Don’t kill other players unless I say so, unless you’re in the OOC. Then you can kill everyone you want.
  12. Look at the original post frequently. This is more of a tip, but I’ll update parts of it often.
  13. No health class. Kissing, yes. Make-out scene, you’re pushing it. Health class... no.
  14. If you’re here and expect no blood this isn’t for you. I mean, it revolves around blood. Just bear in mind that some of us have less of an affinity for intestines than some of you do.
  15. I expect a decent length for each post. A paragraph at the least, which in my mind is at least five lines.
  16. I am all-seeing, but if I miss something amiss for some reason don’t hesitate to PM me about it.
  17. Reservations last a week, but if the spots fill up and there’s a really really really deserving SU and only your reservation is in the way, you can potentially lose it.
  18. You don’t have to be extremely active, but at least once a week if we’re in a stale period. And if you’re going to disappear and you KNOW it, tell us beforehand.
  19. I recommend that you guys get to know each other well. Just a tip, you’ll be together for a while.
  20. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In this post I may seem a bit formal, but I’m not that bad. I hope.

Sign Up

Name: (First, Last)
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (14 and up)
Gender: (If it’s a trap, please say so)
Height: (preferrably in feet)
Weight: (not mass)
Appearance: (Picture or a description, about five lines please)
Branch of Sin: (If you're making your own, explain it in 3-5 lines)

History: (About six lines)

Other: (Whatever you want, really, that’s not covered anywhere else. No personality, although quirks and such.)

Password: (If you knew, you wouldn’t be asking.)

Theme: (Optional. You can put just one, or a whole playlist for all your different emotions... go crazy!)

PM me your personalities (I’ll just PM you back with them, and or feedback). I recommend you keep them from the other players, since that’s kinda the point of PMing them. Same with sample posts, recently added!


I’m going to add an important NPC section too, just not now.

Reserved... myself.

Accepted/Reserved RPers

-EliteBeats, Terrence Velasquez
-Khawill, David Wilson
-DeLaMuerte (me!) [reserved]

Chalifoux May 6th, 2013 5:45 PM


Name: Terrence Velazquez
Nickname: Terry
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 143lbs
Appearance: Let's begin with his hair, shall we? Dirty blond, the kind that would look like a yellow-nearing-brown in the day, and a clear brown-somewhat-yellow at night. Messy, and not growing in a certain direction. You could say it's a random fluff of hair, if you'd like. Actually, do so, he hates when people call it that way.

Descending (but not that much), well see a round face, with a nose that looks as if it had been ran over by a truck. Round, somewhat big eyes, that are also quite close one from another. These are of a dark green. Although no one seems to notice/care at all. His face ends up in a almost unnoticeable chin, with some hair round his face here and there, and a mustache that just began growing.

You'll find his complexion is thin... really thin... Thin as hell, actually. He's not build, but that won't mean he ain't any bit strong, no sir, he's got quite the loads of macho-force... or so he likes to think, dunno if it's actually true.

His height is... meh. His weight... meh. Nothing impressive, or outstanding for that matter. Why are you even taking the time to read about him? I should tell you by now he's nothing close to being interesting. You're welcome.

Oh, yes, his outfit... He's always wearing a gray casual shirt... Nothing special about it. If it's somewhat cold or not that hot, he'll also wear a black vest over it. His attire also depicts a regular pair of denim jeans (which are obviously blue). He wears a belt with a crest that shaped as a crescent moon. If it ever becomes to cold, he's made sure to always carry a scarf (hand-knitted by his mother) of a clear blue. It's thick enough to make his entire neck disappear whenever he's wearing it.

His sneakers are predominantly black, with a white stripe running around them. He will also wear a red cap with a white bird embossed in it (that may or may not be the Twitter logo), given the right amount of heat in his surroundings.
Branch of Sin: Hexagon Wire. Blood comes from the middle of his hand. It then proceeds to take the shape of an hexagon. Several hexagons join in cohesion, which is stronger the more BP spent. These conjoined shapes can then be used as a sort of whip, with the slight variant that they can slice through most objects (assuming enough BP was spent). The bigger the wire, the harder it will be to control (but it will also be harder to destroy). 1BP per hexagon. After 5BP, the wire is decently resistant, but not as strong as one would want it to be. Spending more than 12BP grants a somewhat strong wire.

History: Terry is the middle one in his big family. Two older brothers and two younger sisters. His parents weren't exactly caring, and are, in fact, often telling him how [insert a creative insult here] he is. This wasn't that way before. When he was just born, he would have caring and loving parents... But then his mother got pregnant again, and that love faded until not much was left. By the time his second younger sister was born, they no longer seemed to care for him. No one could really blame them when none of their kids were actually planned right? I mean, come on.

He was already reserved as a child, and the fact that his brothers manipulated him with such ease made it no better for all the trouble they got him in. Needless to say, his parents no longer trusted him by the time he was 6. They thought he was rebellious, or at least did his father. His mother knew it wasn't him who was a rebel. She cheered him constantly with hand knitted gifts... Or at least until THAT happened.

His mother never believed him to be a rebel, until one day, Terry's father had randomly begun to yell at them. It was then that, for the first time (at age 13), he had decided to stand for himself.

He slapped his father with all of his strengths. And then his father projected how furios he was... with his fists. Next thing he remembers, he was lying on the floor. Mother and father arguing over what had just happened. They agreed that it wasn't doing him any good to live with them, although they did for different reasons.

His father, as always, considered him to be nothing but a selfish punk. His mother was beginnig to think that he might not be as innocent as she thought, and feared that he would hurt any of them if he stayed with them. Even then, she knew it wouldn't do Terry any good to send him to some correctional institute of sorts.

Armed against the world with nothing but some clothes, money, and his trustworthy smartphone (which he had to save the money for by working his ass of whatever job he could get), he faced a new incarnation of terror; boarding school. Although he didn't really find it any different from his previous school. Over here there were also lots of bullies, who decided to bully him not only because he is a first-class geek, but also because HE cannot bully them back. Nor would he ever decide to put himself in their level by doing the same.

An then, one day, once classes had ended, he decided to check his email. While he didn't really read or pay attention to the subject of this particular message, he opted to run this DEADMAN.exe thingy, just for the fun of it. The portable device displayed the words deadman program initializing all across its bright screen. He couldn't react to what happened next, nor is he willing to remember. He just knows he is currently part of some psychopath's game that will probably end with a corpse party of sorts...

Movie conoscieur: Not just the kinda-guy that knows since when a movie is being filmed. But also the kinda-guy that knows EVERYTHING about a movie that catches his eye... mostly horrible and very sucky movies. Don't ever talk about ConAir in front of this dude... Just don't.

Geek: Yah, you heard right. The all time video-game-know-your-stuff-you-numbnuts quirk is within this guy. I really don't need to stress this more, need I?

Overly-Analytic: While not exactly willing to act for himself on ANY given scenario, he does seem to think ahead of things... way too much. Seriously, the fact that he analyzes things to much makes him look rather paranoid at times...

Password: ZOMG, I ate pie!!!1 :O

Themes: I have decided to go nuts on this part :B

Happy Go-Lucky Theme: Moonsetter
Geeky Theme: CasualVaNia
Theme of Sadness: Questant's Lament
Mischievous: English
Indiana-Esque Mood: Power Fantasy
Silly Terry: Pony Chorale
Overall Theme Song: Temporal Piano

Sample Post: Figured I might as well throw this in (from gimmepie's Pokemon Survival Challenge v2):

Noises in the horizon, a ship pops from beyond. Yet another addition to the Island's rooster of what could probably become survivors had joined. The name is Kingsley, one you shouldn't forget... Unless you don't appreciate your life at all.

"Pika!" Maxinne exploding with excitement.

"Yup, pi-freakin'-ka." Kingsley was still hesitant of him taking the right decision or not... He had yet to see, as the ship -and the challenge concealed within this island- had yet to begin.


Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. This is no different than Hoenn.It is just an island... with some psycho stealing Pokemon and doing god knows what to those who lose all their Pokemon... Not exactly the kind of thing he would like to analyze right now. But he couldn't help it. He just needed to know what that guy was up to... An army? World domination? Both? The amount of worst case scenarios is... huge for this particular case.

Trying to focus on something else, he throws the first Pokeball he can find on his bag, falling right in front of him.

"MANCE!" Dyonesse cries as she pops among the classic glitter and sparkles that come from a Pokeball.

"You, like... wanna walk around or something?" He couldn't ensamble a more decent question, his mind was just not where it needed to... That guy said something about Pokemon in the island... Maybe just being with them is what he needs?

"MANCE!" Dyonesse yells in a generic sign of approval.


"Zigzagoon!" A tiny raccoon laughed as it ran around with Dyonisse, quite a rare sight of a chase... Is that racoon actually chasing a Salamance?! Furthermore, the entire evening? Seriously, it's almost late night, they should be looking for some place to sleep at right now.

"He's got quite the nerve." King said to himself as he watched from a slight distance. These fields were filled of Pokemon that even he knew were cute. Sunlight reflecting on Dyonesse's capsule as he held it with his left hand. Eyes locked in it as he wondered if this would be the last time he would see any of his Pokemon.

It had been quite the while since he arrived, and he still couldn't shake those words from his head. Losing his Pokemon... never to see them again. Kingsley shrugged at the mere thought of it. He wouldn't lose any of his pals. He wouldn't allow it. At all.

"Goon!" The raccoon held an Oran Berry towards Dyonesse, who blushed and shook all around while laughing.

"God. Damnit. That's adorable." He said as he called Salamance from the distance, "Time to go, lovey-dovey!"

Salamance cried in joy as it flew towards Kingsley, who luckily managed to seal the dragon Pokemon back inside its capsule before being slammed by it.

"In case you're wondering, we'll probably hang around here tomorrow... just sayin'"

"GOON!" The raccoon cheerfully replied as he gazed King walking away, only to lay in the fields as if it was nobody's business. Kingsley knew he wouldn't find a hotel in the middle of the fields, so his only choice was to lay mid-fields... and hope nothing ate him while asleep...

dcjboi May 6th, 2013 5:50 PM

I'm interested although I can't do a SU now. Nice Idea and I am definitely willing to join depending on if I can handle the RP's I'm in now.

machomuu May 6th, 2013 6:05 PM

This is pretty interesting! Here's my placeholder.

Ven Icarius, Age 17 ♂, 6" 140 lbs

Appearance: (Picture or a description, about five lines please)
Branch of Sin: Shield -

History: (About six lines)

Other: (Whatever you want, really, that’s not covered anywhere else. No personality, although quirks and such.)

Password: (If you knew, you wouldn’t be asking.)

Theme: (Optional. You can put just one, or a whole playlist for all your different emotions... go crazy!)

flygonstorm May 6th, 2013 6:48 PM

Would you please reserve a spot for me

Necrum May 6th, 2013 10:43 PM

WIP Sign up
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: (not mass)
Appearance: (Picture or a description, about five lines please)
Branch of Sin: Shotgun
The user can project several tiny blood particles in an outward cone pattern, becoming more spread out the further they get from the point of origin. The closer the effect is used to the target, the more devastating the effect. Generating the effect requires some amount of kinetic energy, acting as the catalyst, meaning the user must start the effect by flinging the blood in some manner, like a flick, snap, or clap.

History: (About six lines)

Other: (Whatever you want, really, that’s not covered anywhere else. No personality, although quirks and such.)


OMG, I had some pie the other day, it was boysenberry, and it was delicious.

I would like to reserve a place in this RP. My other RP will be drawing to a close soon, so I need something else to play.

DLMuerte May 7th, 2013 6:28 AM

Everyone is reserved (Machomuu, dcjboi, flygonstorm, NecrumWarrior, and EliteBeats- that's everyone, right?)!

Reservations last until a week from today. Plus, there's twelve spots, just a heads up. (I think I said that in the original post, right?)

I'll submit the IC after about six or seven completed SUs (or eight, possibly eight). And I'll try and see if I can move this to the Roleplay Lounge.

EDIT: Oh, and, uh, EliteBeats is new Co-GM! (Damn, that was fast!)

Khawill May 7th, 2013 11:52 AM

I shall reserve because this show was awesome and I want to see where this RP goes!

Necrum May 7th, 2013 11:36 PM

I updated my SU to include the first draft of my Branch of Sin. Not gonna lie, had no idea there was a show with this concept when I signed up, lmao. Anyway, let me know if you think my BoS works.

DLMuerte May 8th, 2013 4:51 AM

Yeah, it is based on a show. I meant to post about that immediately after Khawill did, but I wasn't able to.

That being said, it only takes the concept(s) and some characters. Heck, it doesn't even exist in the same universe. Don't be surprised if it doesn't entirely correlate.

NecrumWarrior, your Branch of Sin is fine so far. You still need to put the BP amount, because that determines whether it's overpowered or not.

Khawill is reserved. I'm also adding a sample post section to the SU, but since it's late I'll make it optional, unless I ask for one. I'll add those announcements in a moment.

Khawill May 8th, 2013 7:40 AM

Finish later
Name: David Wilson
Nickname: Dave
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5"1
Weight: 75lbs.
Branch of Sin: From his finger tips David sends out thin strands of blood, that are extremely strong (due to density). They are strong enough to be able to lift him up, and can be used as a whip, restraining force, or to manipulate objects from afar. (Example: He can capture a mouse, then use his BoS to control its appendages like a puppet. Or he can pull his hands apart to, uh, make two mice.) 5BP per finger, totalling 50BP with both hands.

History: David belongs as a single child to two parents. His father owns an antique store, while his mother works as a lawyer. His mother is rarely home, only home late at night (she is the main source of income for the family). His father is always home though, (they live above their shop) and often closes the shop early to get drunk. At home, David is beaten whether his dad is sober or not. He often retreats to his room or prolongs going home entirely, though he can't run away because he can't get a job.

At school David is bullied by most students. His only childhood friend committed suicide after he felt that life was terrible. David is usually alone in most regards, and teachers almost always turn the other way when he is beaten up and teased. His grades were never great, and he wasn't an athlete so nobody felt responsible for him. His mother doesn't really know about what goes on at his school, nobody has ever told her (His dad receives all school calls, and just ignores them).

His best relationship is with his mother, who is generally kind to him. When she was home, his dad wouldn't abuse him, and vaguely, she kind of made the three of them seem like a family. The rather strained life has made him wish to be stronger, so every day he can, he works out with what he has at home and at school. (Can't give much more without giving personality).

Other: He bears a high tolerance for pain, and generally is a tough kid. In terms of strength, he is above average though not by much.

Apple, Cranberry, Sweet Potato, Berry, Chicken Pot. I literally don't eat any of these except sweet in pie form.


personalities: He is a waffle

Chalifoux May 9th, 2013 9:14 PM

Huzzah! :D I'm done with my SU (I think?). I finished the sheet in the middle of the night, so there's a chance I missed some typos while proffreading. But I'll make sure to get rid of any remainders of misstypings first thing in the morning.

Hopefully I managed to brainstorm Terry in a decent enough way for you to accept him, DeLaMuerte. Although I would be more than happy to correct/expand whatever needs improving o3o I would also PM you Terry's personality anytime soon.

Necrum May 9th, 2013 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by DeLaMuerte (Post 7653637)
NecrumWarrior, your Branch of Sin is fine so far. You still need to put the BP amount, because that determines whether it's overpowered or not.

Based on the cost of projectile, I would guess somewhere in the range of 5-15 BP. I'm not entirely sure where it should fall, but I figure higher than Projectile, but not as high as stuff like Blade where you make something to last a while. Please tell me if I'm in a good range? It's not easy trying to come up with this value.

DLMuerte May 10th, 2013 5:19 AM

EliteBeats- That's more than enough- accepted!
Khawill- I assuming you're finished? You filled out everything. NORMALLY, I would ask for a sample post, but I've seen enough of your posts to know how you RP. Accepted!
NecrumWarrior- 5-15 BP sounds fine. I understand, it is pretty tough. Which is also why I put in possible powers, in case the person didn't want to.

And I reserved myself as #13. There's twelve spots but fourteen cots, so I included myself as 13 because then we still have enough for anyone else.

Necrum May 11th, 2013 10:12 PM

Sorry, I'm dropping my reservation. I have another RP I would like to participate and don't think I can balance them at the same time. This RP is cool, but I have to make a choice and I choose the other. I wish you guys luck.

Chalifoux May 12th, 2013 11:01 AM

That's a shame, Necrum :( You are indeed an excellent Rper and could gave been an awesome addition to our crew, if you ever feel like joining us, our arms are always open :D *Leaves arms wide open for the rest of eternity*

And now, I'll try to drag more RPers in the Discussion Thread /*flies away*

DLMuerte May 12th, 2013 4:30 PM


Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior (Post 7658366)
Sorry, I'm dropping my reservation. I have another RP I would like to participate and don't think I can balance them at the same time. This RP is cool, but I have to make a choice and I choose the other. I wish you guys luck.

Sorry you couldn't join, but thanks for checking us out anyways.


Originally Posted by EliteBeats (Post 7658880)
That's a shame, Necrum :( You are indeed an excellent Rper and could gave been an awesome addition to our crew, if you ever feel like joining us, our arms are always open :D *Leaves arms wide open for the rest of eternity*

And now, I'll try to drag more RPers in the Discussion Thread /*flies away*

I couldn't have done it better. I have raised you well, EliteBeats.

Time to sit patiently and wait for RPers!

Chalifoux May 16th, 2013 10:22 PM

*bump* Bringing this to the top of the page :)

Y'all that reserved... Yer' week is gone. However, we are not. If this STILL interests you, I suggest you get to finishing those SUs of yours, which I will daresay are gonna be awesome when done!

As for all those out there who had their eyes locked upon this thread, join us, we certainly do not bite that hard!

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