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Thedoktor May 10th, 2013 9:42 AM

Found massive stash of cards - Need help!
Hi there. I know there are some threads to help valuing cards, but this is kinda big so i decided to make a thread of my own.

Thing is, not too long ago i was at a recycling station. Here i found a massive folder filled with pokemon cards in the drawer of some old furniture. I'm not very good with pokemons, so i decided to seek help here :D

I wish to sell the cards, as i don't really have any interest in keeping them. I want to know what they are worth, how they can best be sold and where.

Below is a list of the pokemons in the folder (Trainers, Energy and stuff like that will be added later) sorted after the rarity icons and their names in alphabetical order - amount of each pokemon is included, as well as if they are glittering.
If there is something that cathces your eyes, feel free to ask for details i may have forgotten/don't know about. I can also provide time-stamped photos if required.

Also, some of the cards has a "1'st edition" badge thingy, which i was told made them more valuable.


Rare Pokemon's:

Name / Number / Condition / Holo / Other notes

Articuno - 17/62 Fossil - Mint
Azumarill - 2/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo
Blastoise - 2/102 Base - A single 2 cm scratch - Holo
Gyarados - 6/102 Base - A few faint scratches - Holo
Kabutops - 6/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - Holo
Kingdra - 8/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo
Kingdra - 8/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo - 1st Edition
Lapras - 10/62 Fossil - Mint - Holo
Politoed - 27/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Poliwrath - 13/102 Base - Quite noticeable scratches - Holo
Vaporeon - 12/64 Jungle - Lots of faint scratches - Holo

Charizard - 4/102 Base - A few noticeable scratches - Holo
Flareon - 19/64 Jungle - Mint
Houndour - 24/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Magby - 23/111 Neo Genesis - Mint
Moltres - 27/62 Fossil - Mint
Ninetales - 12/102 Base - A few faint scratches - Holo - 2 owned
Typhlosion - 18/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo - 1st Edition

Houndoom - 4/75 Neo Discovery - Two very faint scratches - Holo
Houndoom - 23/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Murkrow - 24/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - 1st Edition
Sneasel - 25/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - 1st Edition/2 owned
Sneasel - 25/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - 2 owned
Tyranitar - 31/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Umbreon - 32/75 Neo Discovery - Mint -

Aerodactyl - 16/62 Fossil - Mint
Donphan - 21/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - 2 owned
Dugtrio - 23/130 Base 2 - Mint
Hitmonchan - 7/102 Base - Lots of noticeable scratches - Holo
Hitmonlee - 22/62 Fossil - Mint
Machamp - 8/102 Base - Very faint scratches - Holo - 1st Edition
Poliwrath - 28/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Rhydon (Brock) - 21/132 Gym Challenge - Mint - Holo

Electrode - 18/64 Jungle - Mint
Electrode - 21/102 Base - Edge is a bit dark
Elekid - 22/111 Neo Genesis - Mint
Jolteon - 20/64 Jungle - Mint
Magneton - 9/102 Base - Faint scratches - Holo
Raichu - 29/62 Fossil - Mint
Zapdos - 16/102 Base - Very faint scratches - Holo - 2 owned

Alakazam - 1/102 Base - Mint - Holo
Espeon - 20/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - 2 owned
Gengar (Sabrina) Gym Challenge - 29/132 - Mint
Gengar - 5/62 Fossil - Mint - Holo
Gengar - 20/62 Fossil - Mint
Haunter - 21/62 Fossil - Mint
Hypno - 23/62 Fossil - Mint
Mewtwo - 10/102 Base - 2 very faint scratches - Holo
Mr. Mime - 22/64 Jungle - Mint
Wobbuffet - 16/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - Holo
Wobbuffet - 35/75 Neo Discovery - Mint

Chansey - 3/102 Base - Very faint scratches - Holo
Clefable - 1/64 Jungle - Very faint scratches - Holo
Clefairy - 5/102 Base - Very faint scratches - Holo
Cleffa - 20/111 Neo Genesis - Mint
Ditto - 18/62 Fossil - Mint
Dragonair - 18/102 Base - Mint
Dragonite - 19/62 Fossil - Mint
Kangashkan - 21/64 Jungle - Mint
Pidgeot - 24/64 Jungle - Tiny black spots on the card. Can be scratched away.
Pidgeotto - 22/102 Base - Mint
Smeargle - 30/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Snorlax - 11/64 Jungle - Very faint scratches - Holo
Togetic - 16/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo
Ursaring - 34/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Wigglytuff - 16/64 Jungle - Very faint scratches - Holo

Beedrill - 17/102 Base - Mint
Beedrill - 18/75 Nei Discovery - Mint
Bellossom - 3/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo
Butterfree - 19/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Celebi - 16/64 Neo Revelation - Upper left corner got a faint bend
Dark Arbok - 2/82 Team Rocket - Mint - Holo
Heracross - 6/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo - 1st Edition
Jumpluff - 7/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo - 1st Edition
Muk - 13/62 Fossil - Mint - Holo
Nidoking - 11/130 Base 2 - Mint - Holo
Nidoqueen - 23/64 Jungle - Mint
Pinsir - 25/64 Jungle - Mint
Scyther - 10/64 Jungle - Faint scratches - Holo
Venomoth - 29/64 Jungle - Upper right corner is greasy
Venusaur - 15/102 Base - Faint scratches - Holo
Victreebel - 32/130 Base 2 - Mint
Vileplume - 31/64 Jungle - Mint
Yanma - 17/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - Holo
Yanma - 36/75 Neo Discovery - Mint

Forretress - 2/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - Holo
Forretress - 21/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Magnemite - 26/75 Neo Discovery - Mint
Scizor - 10/75 Neo Discovery - Mint - Holo
Skarmory - 13/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo
Steelix - 15/111 Neo Genesis - Mint - Holo - 1st Edition

Pokemon's i can't figure out the rarity of:
Electabuzz (Number "2" in place of symbol. Has golden text on picture)
Ancient Mew (Shiny and glittering on both sides, looks like ancient egyptian design)
Mewtwo (3 of them - All with numbers instead of symbols. One is french)

Uncommon Pokemon's:
Abra x9
Aipom x3
Ariados x3
Azumarill (Glitter)
Bayleef x9
Bellossom (Glitter)
Brock's Lickitung
Butterfree x2
Charmelion x7
Clefairy x4
Corsola x4
Croconaw x5
Dark Dragonair
Dark Gloom
Dark Golduck
Dark Kadabra x2
Dark Vaporeon x2
Dark wartortle
Dratini x4
Electabuzz x5
Erika's Exeggutor
Erika's Oddish x3
Erika's Weepinbell
Farfetch'd x3
Fossil Egg
Furret x2
Gloom x4
Golbat x2
Granbull x4
Graveler (Japanese)
Graveler x2
Growlithe x4
Haunter x2
Houndour (Dark) x3
Ivysaur x4
Jynx x5
Kadabra x3
Kakuna x9
Kingler x2
Lanturn x3
Ledian x3
Lickitung x3
Lt. Surge's Electrode
Lt. Surge's Magnemite
Machoke x3
Magikarp x4
Magmar x4
Metapod x4
Misty's Psyduck
Nidorino x2
Noctowl x2
Omastar (Earth) x3
Omastar (Water) x2
Parasect x2
Persion x2
Phanpy x4
Piloswine x3
Poliwhirl x5
Porygon x5
Pupitar (Japanese)
Pupitar x2
Quagsire x6
Raticate x4
Scyther x3
Seadra x3
Seel x5
Starmine x7
Togepi x3
Unknown D
Unknown F x6
Unknown M
Unknown N x4
Unknown U x5
Wartortle x3
Weezing x2
Xatu (Japanese)
Xatu x5

Common Pokemon's:
Bellsprout x4
Blaine's Tauros
Blaine's Vulpix
Brock's Sandshrew
Brock's mankey
Bulbasaur x6
Caterpie x11
Charmander x13
Chikorita x14
Chinchou x5
Cyndaquil x12
Diglett x7
Doduo x3
Drowzee x7
Dunsparce x12
Eevee (Japanese)
Eevee x16
Ekans x6
Erika's Tangela
Erika's bellsprout
Exeggcute x3
Geodude x5
Ghastly x9
Girafarig x10
Gligar x8
Goldeen x5
Grimer x3
Hoothoot x6
Hoppip x20
Horsea x9
Igglybuff x6
Jigglypuff x4
Kabuto (Earth) x4
Kabuto (Japanese/water)
Kabuto (Water) x8
Koffing x8
Krabby x3
Larvitar x5
Ledyba x4
Lt. Surge's Pikachu
Lt. Surge's Spearow
Machop x9
Magnemite x4
Mankey x3
Mantine x6
Mareep x17
Marill x4
Meowth x4
Metapod x4
Misty's Shellder
Natu x14
Nidoran x3
Nidoran x7
Oddish x15
Omanyte (Earth) x7
Omanyte (Water) x2
Onix x7
Paras x3
Pidgey x4
Pikachu (Has the number 27 instead of a symbol)
Pikachu x9
Pineco (Japanese)
Pineco x10
Poliwag x14
Ponyta x5
Psyduck x2
Ratata x5
Rhyhorn x5
Sabrina's Ghastly
Sabrina's Mr. Mime
Sabrina's Slowpoke
Sentret x15
Shellder x3
Shuckle x3
Slowpoke x10
Snobbull x7
Spearow x4
Spinarak x10
Squirtle x7
Stantler x10
Staryu x5
Sunkern x4
Super Rod
Swinub x9
Tangela x13
Teddiursa x6
Tentacool x5
Totodille (Japanese)
Totodille x9
Tyrogue x9
Unknown E x6
Unknown I x8
Unknown O x10
Venonat x2
Voltorb x2
Vulpix x7
Weedle (Japanese)
Weedle x30
Wooper x16
Zubat x4

Thank you for your time :D
I will post the list of trainer/energy stuff later

Demon. May 10th, 2013 10:26 AM

Without the sets, this doesnt help much. Pictures would be useful.

Thedoktor May 10th, 2013 10:38 AM

Didn't know what you meant with "sets" at first, but i think i got it figured out now.

Every single card is generation 1 & 2 as far as i can tell. All the year-numbers on the bottom at the cards Range from 1995 to 2001

I will try to take a picture of some of the rares just to give you an idea about everything.

Demon. May 10th, 2013 11:14 AM

You could just start collecting? :D

Thedoktor May 10th, 2013 11:27 AM

Nah, my interests are elsewhere atm, and it would be a shame to have these lie about in the home of an unenthusiastic collector :3

I do believe my younger self would have been mindblown by this collection however xD

Edit: I updated the "Rare" section with set numbers and notifications on whether they are holographic and/or 1st Editions.

Also, is this website a good place to base your pricings off?
www . professor-oak . com / cardorders / PlayerPriceCheckForm . asp

donavannj May 10th, 2013 6:18 PM

That is not exactly the best website to base pricings off of. Using the "Show Only Completed Listings" feature on eBay, though, you can look up what a card has sold for (sold listings have green prices, while unsold listings have red prices) by calculating the average selling price for all the recently sold listings of a card (pay close attention to the details, because the 1st edition listings of a card will show up even in a search for the non-1st edition listings because of how the search feature on eBay works). The average price of the recently sold eBay listings is much more accurate for determining the value of a card.

Necrum May 11th, 2013 12:08 AM

Sets actually is not about generation. It's about what package it was released in. You should see a symbol on the bottom right hand side of the picture. If there's no symbol, then it's base set, which is the first one. If there's a little flower symbol, it's Jungle Expansion, if there's a fossil, it's Fossil expansion, and the list goes on. You can find out what symbols mean what set on web sites like Bulbapedia, or even Serebii I think. Definitely would make it easier to identify how much something is worth if you know what you actually have.

Thedoktor May 11th, 2013 3:59 AM

Updated the rare list with said symbols. There should be no doubt which cards those are now xD

Necrum May 11th, 2013 4:57 PM

It's a shame thatb Base Charizard is damaged. Out of curiosity, does the Charizard have thinner HP lettering, and is there a shadow along the edge of the picture?

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