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gimmepie May 12th, 2013 9:51 PM

Connections (M) (OOC)


An M Rated Kokoro Connect Roleplay
Sign-Ups are OPEN!



It is the year 2013 and it is approaching time for the long summer break. Recent studies conducted by the government have been showing that many students are suffering social and/or emotional problems and in order to counter this growing problem an organisation known as Wings has started a summer program for young people aged 13-19 running out of the large, government owned, Heights High School.

The idea of the program is to encourage healthy social interaction between young people by allowing them to join clubs based on their interests. Each club is run out of one of the schools many classrooms and is watched over by a supervisor who is either a qualified teacher or youth worker.

For whatever reason you have either been recommended by your school (or perhaps even a psychologist/psychiatrist?), sent to join the program by your parents or voluntarily applied for a spot and have found yourself as a member of the Debating Club – which more or less means you’ll sit around and talk (or maybe not) and pass it off as “informal debating”, your supervisor doesn’t particularly care because it’s still some form of healthy interaction... that and he’s somewhat clueless.

That may seem simple enough, probably even carefree. That is far from the reality though, things are going to get very weird for your group, and soon. You will soon be subject to strange and unexplainable phenomena – phenomena as in of the paranormal kind, the kind you must endure on your own because nobody would believe you if you told them.

About This Role Play

You have probably worked it out by now, but this role play is based on the Kokoro Connect anime and light novel series. Connection is not set in Japan, like in the series, but in the fictional Paix, Canada, an average sized city which is well maintained and has a low crime rate. The antagonist of the series, Heartseed, will remain the same though and will be played by GMs.

The method of communication used by Heartseed in the series is taking control of the bodies of characters. To be fair this will be handled as such in Connections; only characters controlled by GMs, other NPC’s or the characters of those who volunteer will be controlled – this way there is little risk of anything you have planned for your character to be affected too greatly by the progression of the story.

The gameplay of the role play itself will be a mixture of sandbox and chapter based role playing. Beginning with the first IC day (the first day of the Wings program) the RP will be broken into several chapters with each chapter corresponding to one of Heartseed’s phenomena. Rather than having your characters stuck in the room all the time; Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm is when the program runs outside of these times your characters will be free to roam the city (which will mostly be shaped by your posts, allowing for a lot of freedom).

This is where things will get interesting though, the Phenomena will either occur at random times chosen by the GM(s) and will effect random character chosen by the GM(s) or you can choose for your character to be affected (remembering that sometimes you will need to consult with another player, some phenomena affect multiple people). The idea behind using these two different methods is for the GMs to be able to spice things up if necessary, but for the most part the occurrence of phenomena will be left up to your discretion. If you have any questions please post them in the OOC or VM/PM a GM.

Sign-Up Form

Name: First and last, middle optional
Nickname(s): If any
Age: 13-19

Appearance: Height, Build, Ethnicity, Style, Hair and Eyes that sort of thing. You may include an image but a written description is mandatory.
Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.

History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
Other: Any other information.

RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.


1. GM word is law, especially mine.
2. Obey all forum rules.
3. Don’t godmod, even if it is harder in this RP I’m sure if I don’t say this someone will try.
4. Don’t bunny without permission
5. Post at least once a week, if you will be unable to post give prior notice and make arrangements
for your character. This is essential in RPs focusing on a small group.
6. If you have a problem with anything that happens in this RP, let a GM know and we’ll handle it – whether that involves another player or something a GM does.
7. You can make lesser NPCs at will.
8. Only GMs can post as heartseed unless I give instructions saying otherwise.
9. This RP will have an M rating; let’s not take anything further than that.
10. I think it goes without saying but please be respectful to each other and try to have fun.

Accepted Characters

Reservations will last three days.

1. Gimmepie (GM) as Heartseed and Lennon Lee Chadwick
2. EliteBeats (GM) as Parker Espinoza
3. Scyke as Alex "Jolt" Dawn (SU pending)
4. ~Genevieve~ as Cassiopeia Garis
5. Midnight-Umbreon as Jenna Way
6. Heretostay123 as Samantha Rachel Byrd (SU pending)

Chalifoux May 17th, 2013 5:35 AM

"There Are Worse Things I Could Do..."
CONNECTIONS: Parker J. Espinoza
Name: Parker Joseph Espinoza
Nickname: Park or J.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Theme Song: There Are Worse Things I Could Do [Grease] - Glee Cast Version

Appearance: Okay then. Here it goes. Let's begin with his face. Blond hair, that heads upwards until it can't go further in a fashionable and wide spiky... sorta thing. Dude has eyes of a clear blue, some facial hair here and then, and overall decent traits that lead girl to consider him as handsome. Eyes are at an adequate distance, not to close, not to far. Ears are not to big, and his nose is of a relatively small size. He stands at 6ft and weights a little bit more than 170 lbs.

His body is well built due to his rather obsessive workouts. His arms and legs are not to be missed, either. Bulky, muscly guy... His muscles are so big, they will eventually acquire enough mass to have objects orbiting them.

He likes to do all sorts of ridiculous macho poses to impress others with his palpitating muscles. This comes as disgusting for others.

Both the jeans and shirt he's wearing are tight enough to strangle him. Wonder why he hasn't suffocated yet? His shirt is plain white, nothing impressive. Jeans are no biggie, either, simple, skin-tight jeans. Now, accessories! That's a whole different story!

Dude wears so many accessories it's actually ridiculous... even for a metrosexual. Ear expansion? Yes. Glittery belts? Oh, yes. Rings and wristbands? Oh hell yes (I may also add they're all very colorful). Weird red shoes with some rollerblades of weird sorts under them? Oh hell freaking yes!

What else? Hmm... Oh yes, that annoying black leather jacket he wears a la grease. God, do I hate that thing. He just goes all "I got chills, they multiplying, and I'm looooooosing contro-ol" whenever he's wearing it... which is... all the god darn time. I'm sure you're gonna hate that jacket too... I would hate it. In fact, I already said I do.

"Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy
And no good
I suppose it could be true..."

Personality: Parker comes as unpredictable at times to his odd nature and behavior. I suppose you can atribute that to his multiple personality disorder, OCD, bipolarity or whatver else people will call it.

At times he's absurdly joyful. Like the sort of person that will dance around singing along to Viva La Vida, Diamonds or pretty much every kind of song. I may as well add he's a very good dancer, although he's more of a modern dancern, dubstep and crap. That won't mean he won't listen to a piece or two from the Swan Lake! In fact, he enjoys classical music, but let's not drift, okay? This joyful mass of muscle also enjoys to make people laugh, and has an enourmous sense of humor, he will literally laugh at anything, even himself!

Then we have him when he's mad. A mass of cruelty to no end. Dude is sarcastic to no end when pissed off, add this to his excessive honesty, and you'll be yelled cruelty in its prime form. You wouldn't be the first person he's made cry, y'know? You would probably want to stay away from him when he's like that. If you know what's good for you, that is..

Then comes Lovey Dovey Parker. A hopelessly romantic guy that could surprise you with tons of poems in less than five minutes. He will always try to impress whoever catches his eye while in this state. Always tryig to make that person laugh and to be noticed by him... Yes, I said him. Dude is not precisely straight... if at all.

Finally, we have Shy Parker. This one is always afraid of what others might think about him. Unsure of his body and his personality. Unsure of how to act. Unsure of what to say and, pretty much unsure of everything.

There will be times in which two or more iterations of Parker's personalities will be present; but in spite of this, there will be certain attributes that are shared by all of his personalities. They are as follow:

Wherever he realizes it or not, he's very smart, and overall Academically Talented. Although he'd rather prefer not to show you how smart he can be out of fear of sounding too snarky while doing so. He is a very good listener and won't critisize nor reveal a secret should you ever decide to lend him one. He is a big fan of Indie Music and some Rap Songs. Don't be surprised I he wants the deL slim Shady to stand up...

An animal lover who also has a heart softer than a plushy bear. He won't tolerate animal cruelty Nd is in fact a rather sensitive guy. He may never show it, but he gets with with ease by what others say, especially if they yell at him. He hates to be yelled at, because it makes him feel like he's not good at anything and also makes him think he's worthless.

He possesses a great memory but unfortunately is not very good describing things, even though his vocabulary is a hit fluid if he does say so himself. He also sucks at analogies. And hates literature, for that matter. Not that he likes his other classes a lot, either. He just hates every single class even when he's good at all of them.

Although this really doesn't apply with a specific club: The Debating Club. The guy loves to talk, be it about himself, or any topic in general. He also happens to live correcting people. Can you believe you an actually do that and noone actually cares?

And finally, his family... Let's save that up for his history, shall we?

"I don't steal and I don't lie
But I can feel and I can cry"

History: Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Parker. His life was nice and simple, one could definitely tell happiness wouldn't ever abandon his life! ... ... That is, until his castle of glass eventually shattered.

Because, as it turns out, their life was nothing close to being nice. His father cheated on his mother, saying he "no longer wanted to live the same ol' crap". And as one might have guessed it, a divorce followed. His mother got custody over him. A nice woman who you could tell would raise Parker with love and care.

But then she started drinking. First a small glass of wine. Then a whole bottle of tequila. It seemed as if it quelled her sadness for a bit. But it also raised her anger as high as clouds are. And, unfortunately, she needed to focus that anger on the nearest thing she could find... Her son.

Bruises, scars, you name them. He's probably hiding them under some part of his clothing. Going out? Not allowed to unless he's going to school. Buying stuff? Only if he's buying some alcohol for her mother. Decorating his room? Not unless he's willing to be spanked by her belt. Money? Why the hell would she give him money? He's been nothing but a pain in the ass for her ever since his father decided to cheat on her! Why can't he stop being selfish and think of his mother for ONCE?!

Parker has been hurt a lot across his life. So much, in fact, that he does seem to be worried like hell as to what others could think of him.

But in a selfish world, only the selfish succeeds. He can't show himself as a weakling to others... He already does so with his mother, because he knows he can't hate her. But other people could make fun of it. He simply cannot allow this.

The moment he decided to not be that weak guy was the moment he decided to be that guy that everyone hates because he hurts them, both physically and emotionally, not because he enjoys it, but because he most make sure they don't hurt him. The guy that beats people over their lunch money because he has no way of earning his own, and requires it for the dose of booze his mother always asks for.

People have come to hate him. You probably would if you were to know him. He's a bully, after all. Bullies ARE to be hated...


Other: Puppies! Dude melts at the sight of baby dogs! :3 Struggles at making friends; might actually scare them as of his first impression. Is very fluid in both Spanish and English and might combine them in his sentences when using sarcasm. De nada, suckers.

RP Sample: "Mom?" An innocent voice inquired. Parker was looking for his mother before leaving for school. If she wasn't watching So You Think You Can Dance? on the living room, then she was getting drunk like there wasn't a tomorrow in their kitchen.

Or both, as he soon discovered her drunken mother carefully eyeing the swift moves of those perfectly-synched dancers. She was probably cursing them so moving so rapidly while wearing things.

"What?" Her eyes changed direction as they examined a blurred image of Parker. Her grumpy tone quickly erasing her son's smile; she was probably going to get angry at him for no reason...

"I'm gonna go to school now." He snapped out of his trance as soon as possible, he knows his mother doesn't like to wait when the level of alcohol in her blood exceeds his height.

"Do I look like I care?" And there it is. The insult of the day, everybody! Her constantly i creasing grumpiness against her blurry son was now more obvious, "Just make sure to bring me my bottle of whisky when you come back..."

"Actually..." Her mother's sight focused on him again, this time with more anger. Couldn't his son just get the hell out already? She has people to yell at the TV, for god's sake! "There this program..." His son eventually proceeded, "Wings or something..."

"Will they teach you how to fly?" She laughed. This conversation wasn't really picking her interest.

"Well, no, but--"

"Then get the hell out of my house!" She grabbed her bottle of liquor with more forced as she quickly stood up. Parker knew that he had to get out if he didn't want to be knocked unconscious by yet another bottle of Heineken.

The door of their apartment was quickly opened by him, and then closed afterwards. The sound of a bottle crushing against a wall could be heard from inside. A tear ran down Parker's face as he laid his back at a nearby wall.

"Happy birthday, mom," was everything he could say before leaving, "I love you..."

"But to cry in front of you...
That's the worst thing I could do."

gimmepie May 17th, 2013 7:22 AM

Below is my own SU. Once EliteBeats and I feel that there are enough people in Connections I will post the details of the first chapter, which may or may not be a phenomena used in the actual series.

Name: Lennon Lee Chadwick

Nickname(s): None, but he doesn’t mind being called by his middle name.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Lennon is a fairly tall guy standing at about 6”2 but has a fairly lanky build being not particularly well built – he is however toned to a degree and quite fit. Lennon has shaggy black hair that he keeps long (down to a bit before the middle of his neck), falling around his face (covering his ears) but with a fairly short, spiky fringe in contrast. He has a fairly long face, but not disproportionately so and is almost always clean shaven. His eyes are a pale grey colour and if one were to look closely they could see they are actually quite deep – despite this colouring. Lennon is actually quite attractive although his messy long hair and typical attire downplay this a lot. Lennon has several scars over his body, most of which are concealed by his clothing – the most noticeable of these is a small horizontal scar below his left eye.

Lennon typically wears fairly average clothes and mostly steers away from big, expensive brands. His attire typically consists of black jeans of some description. He will usually were simple shirts of black or dark colours but will occasionally choose something with a slogan on it. Lennon always has a jacket or jumper on and will occasionally be seen with gloves and/or a beanie.

Personality: At first Lennon may seem like an unpleasant person. He doesn’t trust people easily and can be brutally honest with people, mostly due to varying degrees of social phobias. Despite this Lennon is actually a friendly and often funny person if you manage to actually get to know him and he wants to break free of his problems and make a better life for himself.

Lennon is rarely confrontational, although he can be if you press the right buttons, and suffers from a social phobia that can affect him either minimally or severely depending on the situation. He prefers to avoid large social situations but he is also determined to approve and actually develop some sort of social circle. If you do manage to become friends with Lennon he is highly loyal and can be surprisingly entertaining – although his humour will usually be dry or sarcastic. Despite being socially inept in almost every sense Lennon can be quite polite, and even charming sometimes and he actually really enjoys entertaining people, helping them with their problems or otherwise making them feel happy and although his has no social skills he is quite perceptive of other people.

Lennon is quite intelligent, although he is no genius, but has little interest in most of his subjects only putting enough effort in to score averagely in most of his subjects. This being said he is artistically very talented being brilliant at almost anything requiring artistic skill – meaning he is good with visual arts, music and he is even a decent dancer (although his lack of athleticism holds him back in the last one – he’s fit but not athletic).

Lennon is firm in his beliefs in human equality but usually lacks the initiative to stand up for other people due to his own phobias.

History: Lennon has spent most of his life in a fairly classy district of Paix. His father a fairly wealthy businessman and his mother an aspiring politician with a degree in economics. His artistic talent, and disinterest in much else, became apparent early on – as did his budding social disorder. Believing that these things were not becoming of his son (despite naming him after a Beatle...) Lennon’s father forced his son into athletics and martial arts and would often force him into uncomfortable social situations. This would often result in emotional breakdowns from Lennon which earned him ridicule from his peers and disapproval from the majority his family and their many social acquaintances.

Upon entering school Lennon was already withdrawn from his peers and frequently bullied. He would often refuse to work on group activities and preferred to stay in the class or library during breaks rather than socialise. He would spend his breaks reading and drawing whilst others would play sports or play around. His teachers, whilst recognising his artistic ability, encouraged him to socialise more often and draw less but he would not be swayed. Eventually the school brought in a psychologist, who as unable to diagnose anything specific but recognised that Lennon suffered from a social phobia or disorder (or possibly both). His parents dismissed this, and those students who found out about the issues used them as excuse to prey on him even more, this is when the physical attacks began to become more frequent.

By the age of eleven he had already been hospitalised twice but his parents would not pull him out of school to educate him at home, believing he just needed to toughen up. Things did start to look up for him later that year though; he met another student named Malaya who would often defend him being somewhat of an exile herself. She would become the only friend he had ever had in his life and during the next few years he became a lot more outgoing, he would frequently go to the local art gallery and even joined his schools musical program. Unfortunately for Lennon, Malaya and he were attacked by a group of their classmates and in the incident she died. Two of the offenders were prosecuted but the majority of the group walked free.

After the tragic event Lennon’s social disorder and phobias resurfaced to an even greater day, he wouldn’t attend school or even leave the house voluntarily and spent most of his time in his room studying various artistic skills – something his deceased friend had encouraged him to continue doing.

After over a year of studying (and littering his room with paintings and drawings, many of Malaya) Lennon finally decided to attend school again, and whilst still avoiding people and spending most of his time in solitude he began to make more of an effort to get through the ridicule and attacks. Approaching the anniversary of his friend’s death he voluntarily agreed to attend the Wings program in a last ditch attempt to break out of his shell and make something of himself.

Other: Apart from being able to draw Lennon can play several instruments, loves listening to music and has experimented with dance. He has three siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister. Lennon originally wanted to join the band but it was the fastest club to be filled. He ended up being allocated to the debate club instead.

RP Sample: From Reapers: Keepers of the Balance

Adrian struggled to remain on his feet as he prepared to face another onslaught from Calder, this was his last stand and quite probably his last few moment alive and he would be damned if he wasn't going to go down fighting. He took in the landscape around him as best as he could with his blurred vision admiring the rawness of the red desert - many would have hated the environment there but Adrian found it uniquely beautiful. Adrian returned his full attention to his enemy when he heard the arrogant harbinger taunting him
"Hello? Mr Deadman? Are you still in there?"
"Of course" Adrian forced himself to reply, returning his full attention to his enemy - another thing he wasn't going to do was show weakness... or fear. That would be the only victory he could manage in his circumstances and he wasn't going to let the harbinger take that from him too.

"Well, hurry up Calder. I don't have all day."
"You certainly don't" laughed the harbinger as , much to Adrian's disbelief, he returned his sword to his scabbard and redrew his bow, quickly knocking an arrow and launching it at Adrian. Adrian swung his blade up in a messy loop, his arm heavy and swore from exhaustion, barely fast enough to deflect the arrow.
"What the hell..." Adrian knew that Calder could easily have finished him in one more sword attack, why was he switching to his bow again - he'd already disproved Adrian's theory of him being primarily a long-ranged attacker clearly being equally, if not more, skilled at swordplay. The answer was quick enough to form in the Reapers mind
He's toying with me, he knows full well I've lost and he's playing games with me. It's like he's trying to send a message, but to who? Spencer and I? Just me? The Grims? Or am I reading to much into a sadistic lunatic determined to throw the world out of balance? Either way, if he wants me to go down he's going to have to come here and do it face-to-face... I just wish I had enough left in me for a spell.

Again there was the twang of the bow as an arrow flew at Adrian and again he deflected the projectile with a messy swipe of his blade. As Calder reached for another arrow Adrian took the time to glance behind him at Spencer - his comrade was on his feet and fighting bravely, but it was plain to Adrian that he wasn't much better of than himself. The sound of another arrow brought Adrian's attention back to his own dilemma. It was flying for Adrian's head, right between his eyes. the reaper raised his sword again to deflect the arrow only to find that it was pulsating with a white light
Oh no... why'd he have to choose now to pull a spell like that?
Adrian dove to his left as the arrow exploded in a bright white flash sending shards of wood and steel in all directions. Adrian was thrown back to the ground as the shrapnel dug into his clothes and skin leaving thin lines of blood dripping down his body. But a plan of action was beginning to form, an act of defiance that would at least give Spencer a chance to escape and go after the demon... or retreat if he didn't have the strength. Shaking uncontrollably Adrian climbed to his feet more determined than ever
Even if I lose, you're going to regret messing with me.

Calder loosed a pair of explosive arrows at Adrian who again dove to his left, taking damage from the shrapnel again as he forced himself back on to his feat.
"You know, I'm glad we had a better marksman than you on our side when we wrecked that warehouse of yours." he taunted his opponent, playing on his arrogance "What were you guys even doing in there? I didn't know harbingers liked to throw tea parties, does the boss let you use real tea or do you have to use tap water like a six-year-old?"
"You won't be so funny with an arrow sticking out of your head!" Adrian laughed, he didn't for a second expect a cold hearted person like Calder to care for the dead harbingers, and definitely not for the vampire army they were amassing there - but the insult towards being a harbinger he wouldn't take. A single arrow, pulsating a brighter colour than the previous ones, flew for Adrian who again dived to his left - being thrown even further by the stronger blast, but thankfully experiencing less shrapnel damage as more of the arrow had been completely destroyed by the explosion. Adrian took a chance to glance behind him

Another explosive arrow flew for Adrian, but he had other ideas. Using the last of his strength Adrian swivelled around in a burst of speed and hit the base of the arrow hard with the flat of his blade as if it were a base ball - dropping the sword in the process and falling to his knees as he completed a full rotation. The arrow that he had hit flew straight towards the female harbinger, who Adrian hoped would not be able to deflect it. The act cost him though as he no longer had the motor control to hold his sword. But he was still determined to go down standing tall, he dug the balls of his feet into the sand and using his hands pushed himself shakily to his feet.
"Well... C-Come on then. Hurry up."

Adrian heard the sliding of a sword from a scabbard as the world seemed to darken and blur in front of his eyes and in the next instant he felt an intense pain as Calder drove his sword straight through his stomach and slowly withdrew it to maximise his pain.

Adrian's vision went completely black as he fell to the side and rolled onto his back, a pool of blood gathering below him and seeping into the sand... and yet in that darkness his mind was still there. He wasn't dead yet, but it was likely he would be if he didn't get healed by someone very skilled in a short amount of time.
I only wish I could have a better view than darkness...

I know that he's a bit of a dramatic character, but I wanted to try something different to my usual characters :)

Crunch Punch May 17th, 2013 12:27 PM

Don't do it, don't do it, don't do-

Ah sod it.

I've got exams right now and already am part of four RPs but this looks waaay too interesting and fun to pass up, so I might as well SU, eh? Don't worry, I'm sure I can keep up as long as people don't write ridiculously fast aha

(SU still in draft, will get updated as time goes on.)

"Yes, I coppied your title Elite, and I have no regrets. xD"

Name: Alex Jolt Dawn
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Note: Just a draft drawing for now

Alex is skinny; not skin-tight-to-the-bone skinny but definitely in the lower-end-of-'normal'-on-the-BMI-scale skinny. His around 5' 8", making him around average height for his age, and has dull pale skin. His eyes are an eccentric shade of blue, an attribute Alex doesn't really bother with but is actually one of the more attractive things about him. Alex doesn't really comb his hair much; it’s normally hurriedly swiped to the right and is quite messy. The ends of his hair used to cover one of his eyes, but after seeing that his right eye was getting weaker because of this Alex quite regularly cuts his hair so that it's not a length in which it would disturb his eyesight. His hair is dark chocolate brown in colour.

Considering apparel, Alex is normally not fussed at all; he just throws on whatever he has in his wardrobe. A typical outfit would be a maroon tee, a vintage blue jacket, black denim jeans and standard sneakers.

Alex has a distinct "British" accent, like they call it in the US.

Personality: Alex is quiet; he doesn't really converse much. This doesn't fit in at all with his family, who are normally very sociable and loud, and is kind of an unorthodox figure in the Dawn household. In school Alex isn't bullied or anything, but he spends his time quietly by himself and just replies politely to people when approached. Alex’s parents, being worried about their son, has several times sent him to a psychiatrist to have a check-up on him and try to “fix” his problem. After several appointments it was the psychiatrist who recommended the Wings programme to Alex’s parents and Alex himself.

Alex is very unusually talented at sports. He’s quick on his feet and possesses great agility; twisting and turning is like second nature for him. When it comes to his favourite Alex loves football (OOC: not referring to handegg, FOOTBALL) because his actually naturally good at it, but due to his shy personality and some history unfortunately doesn't play the sport itself much, no matter how much he gets pumped watching it from the sides. Outside of playing Alex doesn't have much interest in football in terms of supporting a team or such and his interest hasn't really peaked on any other sport.

When tensions rise Alex has a tendency to not care and blurt out anything that comes on his mind. He can hold in his temper and emotions well, but when the right buttons are pushed there are no boundaries on what Alex might say. This comes down to the self-deception of Alex that no one "understood" his problem, which was down to fear of hurting others and fear of a certain 'Billy', when really there wasn't much of a problem at all in the first place. But more on that when the story progresses.

Alex's favourite kind of music is garage and indie rock, and listens to bands such as The Strokes, The Vaccines etc.

History: Alex wasn’t always so shy.

The Dawn family through the generations has always been popular, wherever they lived, for being the most social people in the neighbourhood; constant parties and gatherings were put in place every weekend in their house. After a discovery from the famous archaeologist Sir Samuel Dawn back in 1859 of sunken ships full of treasure in Borneo, the Dawns had always swam in riches ever since. Even to this day Jack Dawn (Alex’s dad), Alexandra Dawn (Alex’s mum), Alex Dawn and Jessica Dawn (Alex’s older sister) still find themselves in a position most people would dream of.

Alex was born in April 20, in London. Through his early years Alex was just like the rest of his family; bubbly, chatty and generally loud. Alex brushed off his dad and his love for football, and started to like the sport himself too. After a few kick about sessions, Jack Dawn found out that his son was naturally gifted at the sport and tried to urge Alex to join a team so that real football scouts could see him play. At six years old Alex joined a local “little league” team – a football league which kids could play in. Alex, through his natural ability to be able to change directions quickly, found himself to become one of the league’s best players, scoring and assisting to his delight. There was much interest on him from other parents and kids alike, and just like everyone on his family he was the popular one. This went on until he was eight, when a football scout from the local club came and took Alex to a trial for the youth team. Alex passed with a breeze.

Alex continued his good form in the little league in the youth team. Although the levels of the players were much higher, Alex was still the best player in the whole team. Many coaches pinned him down as one for the future and gave him extra benefits compared to the other players. Although at first they were a little angry about this, they quickly gave in and Alex became the leader of the team, the one everyone aspired to be like. Except one person.

Billy Hicks used to be the star of the youth squad. That crown was quickly taken away and firmly gripped on by the newbie Alex, who suddenly was everyone’s favourite person. Billy hated Alex. He hated him for his gift and ability, and also for the fact that everyone loved him. Billy wanted to change that. And so one day, after nearly one year of Alex joining the local team’s youth squad, nine year old Alex was taken down by a reckless challenge by Billy. The youth manager became furious; the tackle could have caused a long-term injury on Alex, which would have substantially capped his growth for a long time. Luckily for Alex he came out fine, but chills went down his back when Billy gave him a vicious look, one which warned him that more was yet to come.

A few more months passed. Billy didn’t do much in the meanwhile, and Alex returned to normal. But in the summer break, when Alex was strolling through the local town centre Billy, his older brother and someone else jumped on him from an alley, taking him down, giving him a beating. After they were done Billy spat onto Alex and said, “This is for taking away my crown, you rich prat! If you know what’s good for you rich prat you would leave the team or next time I’ll get even more people!” Alex was devastated by the attack; he had lived a sheltered life till then and didn’t know that he was hurting someone just by playing well. Scared of Billy, Alex immediately quite the youth team and never joined another one ever again, no matter how many offers came in.

After the attack Alex got paranoid; he thought everywhere he went he saw Billy staring him down with his much older brother, laughing at him. Eleven year old Alex entered high school; if not for that attack he would have made ten friends in the first day, but being scared of hurting someone else and getting hurt himself he kept things to himself and only answered when spoken to. His parents noticed straight away when Alex stopped bringing friends over, and tried asking him what was the problem. Alex either told them “nothing” or reacted angrily and told them to mind their own business. Years went by; Alex got more and more used to being by himself, and stayed locked in his room whenever his parents had parties on their house.

After even more time Jack and Alexandra Dawn finally thought they had to do something about their son’s strange shyness before he entered adulthood and send him to appointments with a psychiatrist, who suggested the “Wings” program, based in Heights High School at Canada. After some thinking and discussion with Alex they agreed that it would be useful for Alex to join the program, and that leaves us where we are in present time.

RP Sample: Taken from the Johto Journeys RP

The glaring rays from the sun shone the carved pathways of Mahogany Town. The pebbles gleamed in return, it's soft texture reflecting the light back. The trees swayed on the calm breeze, their leaves slowly falling down one by one. Most of the locals were out, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that the weather had brought; adults laid on the grass while kids played with either Pokemon or each other.

If it was any other day, Blake would of been cheerful, enjoying his day off in Goldenrod City or somewhere else. Unfortunately, it wasn't just any other day.

Blake strolled inside the rusted gate, keeping his hands firmly into his pockets. His hair for once was well done, and even with the moderate temperature he was wearing a long coat. Blake looked up uneasily, unsure if the baseball cap he was wearing was really covering his face enough. Not to his surprise not many people were around. Sighing, Blake continued walking through the zig-zag pathway. He knew exactly where to go; he had walked the same route for many years now. Leaves crumpled under every footstep Blake took. Most of the trees here had been completely cleaned by the wind and no one had bothered growing new ones, which annoyed Blake greatly. He hated the place. The eerie feeling, the uneasy yet sad atmosphere, the dejected expressions on the faces of people. But he has to come back. He wants to come back. He can't forget him.

Blake slowed his pace in an attempt to calm himself. Emotions always exploded whenever he used to come here in the past. Blake pondered back to the first time he had visited this place. Tears had soaked his face, the salty water dripping down from the chin. He used to be barely able to control his own body, let alone his sorrow. The past few years he had been able to contain himself much better, but his never been as calm as this. Ever.

Blake finally stopped and turned to his right. He brought out a small Iris flower from his pocket and crouched. A tear managed to creep past Blake's defenses and dance down his face, but he didn't bother clearing it. A few minutes later, Blake reached his hand forward and planted the violet blossom onto the soil, his hands trembling while doing so. After it was done, he continued to stare at the dug up earth, a steely expression on his face. And then he stood up. Before walking away, Blake muttered a few words towards the grave, struggling to hold back even more tears.

"Happy birthday, dad."

gimmepie May 17th, 2013 8:20 PM

Alright Scyke!
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of a character you bring to the RP.

Let's see some female characters too people!

SylveonStar May 19th, 2013 7:34 AM

Looks cool :) I'll reserve.

Name: Cassiopeia Garis
Nickname(s): Cassie, Cass
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Appearance: Cassiopeia has a small build and stature. She is 4'11 and weighs about 95 pounds very small for her age. She has dark chocolate brown hair that goes down to her mid back and is naturally curly she keeps her hair of of her eyes with a lilac colored butterfly clip holding her bangs to the left side of her face. Her skin is a dark olive color backing her Greek heritage and her eyes are almond shaped and a dark grey in color.

Clothing wise Cassiopeia wears a white blouse with a lilac colored bow on the front of it. A knee length lilac colored skirt and white knee high socks with black Mary Jane shoes. For accessories she wears white stud earrings in her ears, and a lilac colored bracelet with a butterfly on it to match her hair clip.

Personality: Cassiopeia is a very outgoing, bright, clever, and creative girl. She loves to read books, and almost always has some form of nonfiction or fiction novel on her. Particularly when it comes to fiction she enjoys reading crime novels and murder mystery stories. She's also very bright in more ways than one. She loves bright colors, like white and colors like lilac, pink, and pastel blue. She's also intelligent, she's a bit of a history nerd but she doesn't let anyone bother her about that. She loves to draw and sing and playing the violin in her spare time. Not that she has much. Cassiopeia makes friends very easily and is among the popular crowd at school. She's athletic as well and one of the head cheerleaders though she's not stuck up about it.

Unlike most of the popular kids Cassiopeia is very kind and cares deeply about other people. She has no problems talking to new people and doesn't judge others. She also loves to help people which is her reason for volunteering for the Wings Program.

History: Cassiopeia was born on October 3rd 1998 to two loving parents, Athena and Marcus Garis. Her life growing up was great. Her family is very wealthy and she has never gone without anything, But doesn't let it spoil her. She met her best friend Jared when they were in the first grade and his mother forgot to pack him a lunch so she shared hers with him. Ever since that day the two have been inseparable. He was there for her when she was nine and they got lost on a school trip to the museum, and when she volunteers at the local soup kitchen on Sunday mornings. Though when she turned 12 Cassiopeia discovered that her best friend was being abused and told her parents right away. Thanks to her intervention Jared's mother was arrested and her parents adopted him making her best friend now be her brother.

When high school started Cassiopeia tried out for the cheer-leading squad and made it in, quickly rising to the rank of head cheerleader. She's been on homecoming court twice since she started high school, and everyone says that when she's a senior she'll be both homecoming and prom queen. Recently though she dumped the football star of the school because he was cheating on her and is heartbroken. To take her mind off things Cassiopeia signed up for the Wings program to take up more of her time so she could help others.

Other: Cassiopeia is a vegan

RP Sample: Cassiopeia sighed crossing her arms as she looked up at the red haired boy in front of her "Come on babe, I didn't mean to please forgive me."

"No way Derick. You cheated on me" Cassiopeia shook her head and took the promise ring he had given her off. "I can't forgive that, and I can't stay with you. You cheated on me once, who says you won't do it again."

"But baby please" Derick plead.

"I said no Derick, and don't call me that you don't get to anymore." she put the ring back in his hand before turning to her locker and grabbing her books to hide the fact there were tears in her eyes. "Now just go away, go find Melony if your lonely, and by the way...don't try to spread rumors. The whole school knows what happened between us."

She heard a sigh "just now Cassie, I'm really sorry" before footsteps walked off.

Wiping her eyes Cassiopeia turned around hugging her books to her chest. We were together for two years, and he cheated on me she sighed again and looked towards the sound of approaching footsteps to see Jared walking up to her.

"Are you okay Cass?" he hugged her tight.

"I'll be fine Jared. You go on outside, I'll be out in a few minutes." she stepped back from the hug.

"Alright Cass, I'll be waiting by your car" she watched as her best friend/adopted brother walked away before she headed to the office.

"excuse me, I'd like to volunteer for the Wings Program" she smiled charmingly as the school guidance counselor looked up at her from his desk.

"ah, Ms. Garis, I was wondering if you would volunteer or not, though I have to ask are you sure?" he slid the sign up sheet over to her.

"I'm sure sir. You know I like to help others and this will be fun" she smiled more as she signed her name.

"Alright Ms. Garis. You'll recieve information with the dates of the meetings on it, have a nice summer by the way."

"I will sir. Thank you" she waved and walked out of the office heading to her car to see Jared leaning on it. "Ready to go?" she unlocked the car and put the top of the convertible down before getting in the drivers seat.

"Yeah, what held you up Cass?" Jared got into the car and the two buckled their seat belts before Cassiopeia pulled out of the parking lot.

"oh, I was just signing up for the Wings Summer Program"

gimmepie May 19th, 2013 7:52 AM

Hurray a reservation for a female character :D
Looking good so far ~Genevieve~ and thank you for joining :)

SylveonStar May 19th, 2013 9:46 AM

Finished my sign up :) hope it's alright.

gimmepie May 19th, 2013 10:55 AM

I would normally ask for a tiny bit more in the history but you easily get through on the strength of your sample and because you have created a character with a lot to bring to the RP :)
Welcome to connections, I'm thinking I'll submit the IC if we get one or two more people - especially if we manage to get ourselves another female character.

Midnight-Umbreon May 19th, 2013 11:18 AM

Please may I reserve?
This sound really interesting :)

Chalifoux May 19th, 2013 11:34 AM

Midnight-Umbreon, yes you may reserve a spot :3 We strongly advise a female charcter, by the by :)

And Genevieve, welcome to our bandwagon d awesome! :D

EDIT: Scyke, I see what you did there, and I approve xD

Midnight-Umbreon May 19th, 2013 12:48 PM

Name: Jenna Way


Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Height, Build, Ethnicity, Style, Hair and Eyes that sort of thing. You may include an image but a written description is mandatory.

Jenna has shoulder length layered hair, which she like to dye a variety of colours. Her two favourites are a mix of yellow, orange and red so it almost looks like her hair is alight. And a more subtle silvery-bleach blond colour. She has also had blue before. She has hazel eyes, but will wear colour contacts, mostly orange and purple. She also wears eyeliner as sometimes light eyeshadow to match her current hair colour. She is ALWAYS wearing a band t-shirt, and NEVER will wear a skirt or dress. She also has a variety of 'So So Happy' hoodies (really cute little hoodies with dinosaur spikes and ears and EVERYTHING!) and has a pair of white converse which se has drawn on. She is averse hight for her age (not exactly sure what it is XP) and is fairly skinny, she has white skin and doesn't tan. She plans to get a star tattooed on her wrist so draws one on with gel pen everyday. She has green and black stripy headphones, which she wear almost always.
(I may be slightly hyper while designing Jenna, so that's why she looks very extravagant...)

Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.
Despite her very stand out looks. Jenna is shy, and socially awkward. She doesn't mind sitting alone listening to music and playing a video game or maybe reading a book. She takes a while to make friends, and because of how she looks people may get freaked out and avoid her. She also appears quite ignorant, but can be quite friendly. She will do a lot to help people, and without noticing may but others before herself. She does rubbish in school, she is a total daydreamer and easily distracted. She is either drumming in her desk, or doodling in her book, both has not made her popular with teachers. She doesn't do well in music despite being able to play guitar reasonable well and a decent singer as she doesn't like to explore other music genres and tend to stick to her style of music. She would like to learn to play drums some day. And as well as being a talented drawer, she is not good at drawing realistic things and will draw cartoon pictures, so she does not get good marks in art either. She has tried catch up classes but has not been able to improve marks.

History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
Jenna has been bullied, mainly for being an individual. When she first started nursery school she got made fun off for colouring her hair with felt tips and getting up on tables singing Green Day. She was overly friendly, at first but after being mocked and rejected she gained her loner personality. She was also started to get bullied by her younger sister when she was 8 (her sister 7) her sister hated Jenna personality and didn't like it her friends kept on questioning about Jenna. Jenna was too afraid to talk. She was never close to her family members, her mum was uptight and wanted perfect children with perfect grades, and didn't like self expression. Her grandparents, posh and old fashioned. The only family member Jenna got on with was her dad, he introduced her to her music from a young age and encouraged her to be herself whoever that was. But when Jenna was 9 he had to move away. When Jenna was 12 she tried running away, it was after a large family party and all she got was abuse of how she looked (this was the first time she dyed her hair after secretly buying some (it was bright blue)) she even heard her nan say 'Its just vile, having a granddaughter like her. Thank goodness it's just family, how to explain how she looked to other people would be a nightmare' Jenna went home that evening and packed a large rucksack with her favourite things (CDs, iPod, clothes and money) and that night climbed out her window. Two nights later, a police officer found her wandering around late at night. And asked her what she was doing, and was dragged home. She then got referred to a child psychologist, but Jenna refused to talk. But she did manage to regain contact with her dad and she became a more positive person. She sees a councillor.

Other: She like panda and koalas. She wants a pet panda.

RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.

"Jenna get here!" Jenna mum called up the stairs. Jenna didn't here, her music turned completely. She danced around to Mama by my chemical romance. Shouting out her favourite line 'Mama we all go to hell' "JENNA GET DOWN HERE!" Her mum called again. Still no reply. "Daisy get Jenna please" she asked Jenna sister.
"Fine" Daisy said reluctantly going up stairs. She went into Jenna rooms and yanked of her headphones. "Mum wants you, so stop listening to your Emo music and go down stairs" Daisy said and quickly left.
'What now?' Jenna thought 'Maybe he found the ear stretching kit' she considered. She crept down the stairs. And went to the living room where her mum sat holding a letter. 'Oh no, it's more catch up classes isn't it'
"Well Jenna, I got this letter for your councillor. She has singed you up for a summer program called Wings at the school. She said it should help your social skills. I would much rather you get catch up classes at school, but she insists you should go" Jenna's mum said, secretly looking for a sense of recognition in Jenna's eyes. As she only thought it was a plan to get out of catch up classes.
"Oh..." Jenna said trying to process the information. She wasn't told, and the first thing she thought of was being forced to talk to people. At lest in catch up classes she could just listen to music. "Can I go?" She asked anyway.
"Well I guess I should, I will send the forms away tommorow"
"Can I go back upstairs now?" Jenna asked
"Fine, go" Jenna rushed back upstairs and out her music on full volume. 'What the heck have I got myself into?' She thought

Sorry it's rubbish. And I will post some drawing of Jenna and stuff when I can. Possibly Wednesday or next weekend when I have time :) yeah and sorry if Jenna story line if all kind of sad and that. But I couldn't think of much sorry.

Chalifoux May 19th, 2013 1:45 PM

I don't think it's rubbish, Midnight! It's actually very good! Although you have some typos and need to assign her a height and weight. Once done I think It will be good to go :)

EDIT: Durr hurr I also had typos xD

gimmepie May 19th, 2013 7:18 PM

I'm going to put you down, but you should still update and fix what Elite asked you to. :)

Edit: As soon as we have all (the five of us) completed our SU's I'll submit the IC and I'll post the details for the first chapter soon.

Midnight-Umbreon May 20th, 2013 9:45 AM

Yup will do!
Sorry about typos, my phone is hard to type with and my sister has stolen my laptop for sims -_-'

Did a picture of Jenna. I went slightly overboard. At least you won't have a hard time imagining her :)

Chalifoux May 21st, 2013 7:50 AM

Ehh... I suppose both Personality and History could be a tad bigger. But otherwise Parker is good to go. Any thoughts, gimmepie?

@Midnight. I think the adorable-o-meter just broke with your drawings of Jenna xD Nicely done, by the way! :D

gimmepie May 22nd, 2013 6:07 AM

I'd say Parker is good to go, just waiting on Scyke now (and me to add a sample but I'll probably do that tonight. I'm really looking forward to getting started so I'll post chapter details soon.

Crunch Punch May 22nd, 2013 7:36 AM

Sorry I'm taking so long, having a mixture of exams and a writer's block. I'll get it done by Friday, hopefully. You could submit the IC thread, it won't be long till I'm finished too.

gimmepie May 22nd, 2013 7:47 AM

Okay, thanks for letting us know :)

Chalifoux May 23rd, 2013 8:48 AM

Hello, pretty people :)
Here's your scoop on Chapter 1... and by that, I mean it's the whole thing xD
EDIT: You shallnt post in the IC (which gimmepie just submitted) until I post Chapter 1 in it. Thank you very much for your undertanding.


Chapter One

Body Switching, I mean... Not... Body Switching.
Theme Song

Heights High School
We Are So Much Better Than Sliced Bread

Welcome, average Joes and uncle Bobs, to your simple and regular High School! Heights High School is your regular school to be, but it still offers plenty of awesome things to do for you all hip and cool dawgs out there! ... That's how y'all hipsters speak nowadays, right?

Just like every school, there are classrooms, in which you'll find teachers. I know, it's really amusing. But these classrooms are not only for boring lectures and to pretend to be studying! They are also where club meeting are held! ... They do that in other schools? Seriously? God. Dam it.

Well, if you like all those other school better, then why don't you go go to THOSE schools?! Wait... No, No, No, Don't Leave! I was kidding!

Okay, it's good you're still here, because Heights High School has still plenty of stuff to offer, let's take an inside look in the building, if you may:

The structure is very simple. The color scheme is nothing big, either. Once inside, you'll see wide hallways extending all across the building. Classrooms dotted by the sides, as well as those tiny personal spaces referred to as lockers. The door to the principal's office is one of the first ones when you enter. But you, of course, don't want to go there. Because plot devices.

Some benches here and there in the back of the building. Larger-than-normal doors leading here from several spots of the school. Bathrooms and whatnot.

But today is a very special day. It is the first day of the mysterious and exotic Wings Program. All clubs have gathered in a classroom each, and joy has spread across the school. That, and screechy, horrible renditions of Firework by Katy Perry within the music club.

You are all unaware of what is about to happen. And your supervisor will gently greet you as you head into the Debating Club. Chance are you've never met any of your clubmates, but one never knows for sure.

You shall all go around as per usual, discussing social topics of relevance such as Obama and Nicki Minaj. Heartseed will soon introduce himself. It is after this point that the first of many phenomena will plague the scene.

This phenomenon in particular is about Body Switching (See OP for information on how each of these phenomena will be played out). Although, to be honest, body switching may not be the most accurate of terms since your bodies will remain exactly where they are - it is your souls that will be swapping.

This to say that one moment you may be in your body in the club room but in the next you are in another persons as they catch the train to take part in the program, or a penguin, either works fine.

Each switch can last from 15 minutes to an hour IC and they don't have to be between two RPers. You may as well ignore this tiny fact and go all body-swap-extravaganza with your fellow players. As many as four people can be swapped at a time. Do not that only the members of the Debating Club will be affected by this phenomena. Apparently you all have special rights of sorts (oh, how jealous you make me feel!).

So, in order to clarify how you'll proceed:

Firstly, you introduce your character in the RP. You can then create clubs other than the Music club, in case you want to add a little something to your posts. You shall not enter this clubs, but you may interact with their members if so you wish.

Secondly, once in the Debating club, you will wait for gimmepie to post as Heartseed, after which the phenomena begins.

Lastly, the phenomena will end once gimmepie deems it appropriate.

And remember, when in trouble, sing along to Katy Perry!

"Baby you're a Firework!
Come on let your colors burst!"

The theme song, well... I'm sure it'll have something to do with the chapter soon! xD You see, the point of this chapter is (supposedly) to have you value your own traits and be emphatic about others as well... I think :p

gimmepie May 26th, 2013 7:20 AM

Don't lose heart or motivation or anything yet people, the IC got submitted a few days ago and we are just waiting for it to appear in the Corner :D

SylveonStar May 27th, 2013 12:22 PM

I've got my first post all typed up and ready to go :)

gimmepie May 28th, 2013 6:09 AM

Now that's some enthusiasm :D

<Challenger> May 28th, 2013 6:12 AM

I've returned from the Void, and I'm ready to roleplay. Here's my alpha SU. I'm sorry if it doesn't sound good at first. This is my first SU in a long time female character
Name: Samantha Rachel Byrd
Nickname(s): Bird
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Appearance: (I'm gonna go basic here. I have a lot to do with personality and history) She's about 5'3, she weighs roughly 120 pounds, she's fit, she has blue eyes, and long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. Her normal apparel consists of a blue skirt and a matching shirt. I don't know these things. I am a MANLY man....Ehem. Samantha is a Caucasian female.
Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.

History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
Other: Any other information.

RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.

gimmepie May 28th, 2013 6:57 AM

I'll reserve you a spot :)
Won't be long now till the IC hits the corner, is anyone else as excited for this as me?

Edit: Scyke you're fully accepted now :)

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