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Ludger May 14th, 2013 6:24 PM

TCG Challenge
TCG Challenge

Hey everyone! Welcome to the TCG Challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to incorporate the Pokemon trading card game into your actual games. There are multiple ways to do this that will be listed in the rules, as well as the modes! That's right, there are three different modes to choose from when you sign up. So let's get to the modes first, then the rules!
There are three different modes you are able to play for this, and the rules may sometimes vary depending on which you choose, though there aren't too many major differences. Pick your poison, really!
Booster Pack
In this mode, you use Pokemon you get from a booster pack. This pack needs to be opened recently. No "I got these exact cards in a pack in 2004" or something. If you get repeat Pokemon, you may use duplicates. Evolving is allowed, even if you don't pull the evolution (ex. pulling Swadloon, but not Leavanny, you can still use Leavanny). Online boosters are welcome as well. It is encouraged that you post a picture of the cards from the pack you pulled! Please use spoilers though!
Theme Deck
In this mode, you choose Pokemon from a certain theme deck. There is a list of theme decks here! Only major theme decks will be allowed. No special decks, such as the championship decks.
In this mode, you choose Pokemon from an entire set of Pokemon cards. Here is a list of TCG sets. You can pick from any set, even the ones that only have 20 Pokemon.
1. Evolving is allowed, even if the evolved form is not in your pack/deck/set. However, if you pick an older set and choose a Pokemon that got an evolution later on, you may not evolve it into that Pokemon. If you pick a Pokemon from a deck/set and there are split evos, like Eevee, and a certain evolution is not in that deck/set, you cannot use that evolved form. ex. There is Umbreon and Espeon in Neo Discovery, but not the original three, therefore you could only use Umbreon or Espeon, not Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon.
2. Legendaries are allowed if they are pulled from a booster pack regardless of how many. We want to honor your luck! Legendaries in theme decks are allowed, however only one. Legendaries from a set are not allowed as if you're playing the Set mode, you have much more free reign to pick what you want than the other two mods.
3. HM slaves are allowed, regardless of mode.
4. Trading/hacking is allowed, but please refrain if you're able to get that Pokemon on your team through catching it in the wild.
5. Challenge ends after Rival (RBY/FRLG), Red (GSC/HGSS), Steven (RSE), Cynthia (DPPt), Ghetsis (BW), or Iris (BW2). Rules
1. Play with what you get. If you pull an NFE, it must stay NFE, or if the NFE is in the deck/set, but not the evo, you can't evolve it. ex. Pulling a Houndour, but not Houndoom. You leave it as Houndour.
2. Incorporate Trainer and Supporter cards. This will be to your own discretion, but if you can't think of anything to do for it and want to have this rule, let me know and I'll come up with something. The effect it has on your game must be relevant to either the name of the card or the effect it has. ex. The Bicycle trainer card could mean you must always ride your bike after you obtain it.
3. If the card has a move that is an actual in-game move, use it. ex. A Jolteon card has Thundershock, so you'd have to have your Jolteon know Thundershock.

I understand a lot of this may be confusing, and it's different from previous TCG challenges we've had, so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions! If you need a quicker response, please VM me about it. :) Up Form
Username: Sydian
Game: White 2
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Skyridge
Deck: Eeveelution
Optional Rules: #2

Note: You only need to include deck if you're playing Theme Deck mode. :)

NecrumWarrior - Black 2 - Noble Victories
Griffinbane - Black 2 - Call of Legends
PekoponTAS - HeartGold - Undaunted

Sydian - White 2 - Eeveelution (Skyridge)
Dr. Slavic - Red - Blackout (Base Set)
TwilightBlade - White 2 - Cold Fire (Boundaries Crossed)
edwardo999 - Red | Gold | Ruby | Diamond | White - 2-Player Starter Deck (Base Set) -

jdthebud - Storm Silver - Call of Legends

Necrum May 14th, 2013 7:48 PM

Username: NecrumWarrior
Game: Black 2
Mode: Booster Pack
Set: Noble Victories
Optional Rules: #2 & 3

Available Pokemon:
-Beheeyem x2

Rocky Helmet Rule:
I can trade in a Rocky Helmet, and may choose a single Pokemon to attach it to. That Pokemon must never stop holding the item for the rest of the game.

This should be fun! I finally get to use one of my lvl 5 Dream Radar Landorus!

Ludger May 15th, 2013 10:22 AM

That's a perfect example of how to incorporate Trainer cards, Necrum. :) I didn't want to clutter the first post too much, so here's the team and trainer/supporters I'll be using:

Bill's Maintenance: Must always switch Pokemon during trainer battles (unless unable)

Potion: Always buy 5 Potions upon arriving to a new town (or buy as many I can if money is low)

Fast Ball: If I run into a Pokemon I want/need to catch, I must throw a Pokeball on the first turn (I wish there were Fast Balls in the game, but eh)

Town Volunteers: Always have at least 5 different Pokemon in party

Fisherman is also in this deck, but I can't think of a way to incorporate it into the challenge, especially since the Fishing Rod is in postgame, but hey, I have plenty to work with already so missing one isn't that bad. Also, I'm trying to finish my Black 2 today or tonight so that I can send over challenge mode for when I restart White 2. Hopefully I can have an update for this challenge some time tomorrow. Also need to get a Teddiursa egg ready to go over to White 2.

Dr. Slavic May 15th, 2013 12:14 PM

I want in on this action, m’kay?

Username: Dr. Slavic
Game: Red
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Base Set
Deck: Blackout

There’s my team, and I’ll start posting updates soon.

Griffinbane May 17th, 2013 3:25 PM

Username: Griffinbane
Game: Black 2
Mode: Booster Pack
Set: Call of Legends
Optional Rules: None


Welp, lets get this started!

Necrum May 17th, 2013 7:30 PM

Okay, so I started off by grabbing Landorus off Dream Radar. As luck had it, I was already far enough to catch one. Oh, I also turned on Challenge Mode using my AR. The beginning was extremely easy with Landorus. Cheren was a piece of cake. So now I can catch an Audino, since you have to have one badge for shaking spots to appear.

Landorus +Rocky Helmet
Lvl 14, Adamant
-Mud Shot
-Rock Tomb

Ludger May 19th, 2013 11:06 PM
Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)
Brushfire lv. 25 @ Leftovers
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, Reversal, Return ]
Frost Ray lv. 23 @ Amulet Coin
Adaptability | Timid
[ Covet, Return, Bite, Quick Attack ]
Trouble lv. 21 @ Exp Share
Run Away | Quirky
[ Return, Work Up, Quick Attack, Bite ]
Necrum lv. 21 @ Scope Lens
Run Away | Jolly
[ Sand-Attack, Return, Covet, Bite ]

We started our journey. I named myself Ridge after the set that this deck is from, Sykridge. My rival is Aqua, named after another e-series set, Aquapolis. Started with Tepig, who I did not name cause I couldn't think of anything. We did all the beginning of the game stuff. Because Town Volunteers requires that I have at least five different Pokemon with me at all times, I caught some Pokemon during the beginning. After I got my first badge, I made my way to Virbank to get my first real party member, Brushfire the Growlithe, named after a Base Set theme deck. I sent over the key for challenge mode and activated it after that. I beat Roxie with relative ease and went to make a movie that I didn't bother watching. Took us a long time, but we caught three Eevee in the next town, Castelia. They're named Frost Ray, Trouble, and Necrum. We got our third badge with a bit of difficulty. Now to move on and get some of these Eevee evolved.

Griffinbane May 25th, 2013 7:26 PM

I've gotten nowhere so far. Selected Snivy as a starter and now getting ready to fight Cheren. Need to level up a few more times first. My eggs are ready to be traded over from W2 but I don't remember when I get the C-Gear or the trading places on the upper level unlocked. Heh!

Ludger May 25th, 2013 7:43 PM

You have to beat Cheren for C-Gear and the upper level to be unlocked for trading. So yeah. :)

Griffinbane May 26th, 2013 12:09 PM

Decided to add a rule:
Battles are set to Set Mode. Ups the challenge, doncha think? ;)

Anyhoo, finally defeated what-his-name and hatching eggs now. Doing it without flame body is aggravating but oh well. There's stuff to be read.

Ludger May 26th, 2013 5:32 PM
Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)
Brushfire lv. 36 @ Eviolite
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Retaliate, Return ]
Frost Ray lv. 35 @ Amulet Coin
Volt Absorb | Timid
[ Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Echoed Voice, Dig ]
Trouble lv. 35 @ Leftovers
Water Absorb | Quirky
[ Return, Dig, Aqua Ring, Bite ]
Necrum lv. 36 @ Scope Lens
Flash Fire | Jolly
[ Return, Bite, Fire Fang, Sand-Attack ]

Challenge Mode is proving itself rough. After having a hard time with the third gym and the route that came after, I decided it was time to get serious about what would come ahead. I grinded up ten levels just for the next gym, putting everyone at 35. We sailed through Elesa's gym with no problems and no knock outs for our team. Hard work pays off! I've decided to trade in a Teddiursa egg soon before I head off to the next town, especially since I don't think Vaporeon has any STAB moves coming his way any time soon. The next gym is gonna be pretty rocky. No pun intended.

TwilightBlade May 26th, 2013 6:25 PM

Username: TwilightBlade
Game: White 2
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Boundaries Crossed
Deck: Cold Fire

Planned team:

Griffinbane May 27th, 2013 6:54 PM

ARRRGH I had a full update ready to post and hit the wrong button and it disappeared and ARRRGH suffice it to say, I defeated Burgh super easily and now am about to leave Castelia.

Adamant Hitmonlee Lv. 20 Fake Out|Tackle|Helping Hand|Foresight
Adamant Relicanth Lv. 20 Tackle|Harden|Rock Tomb|Water Gun
Adamant Snubbull Lv. 21 Headbutt|Bite|Scary Face|Charm
Modest Quilava Lv. 25 Ember|Quick Attack|SmokeScreen|Flame Wheel

edwardo999 May 28th, 2013 5:48 AM

This looks like a cool new challenge for me to do (I've done Nuzlockes, Solos, and Monotypes a LOT), so sign me up.

Username: edwardo999
Game: Red
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Base Set
Deck: 2-Player Starter Set (It's in the list of Theme Decks. So why not? *shrugs*
Optional Rules: #1, #2, #3 (And my own #4 and #5)
#4 - Allowed all evolutions that appear in the deck. Since Machop, Machoke and Machamp are all in the deck, I am allowed 3 Machops, as long as 2 evolve into Machokes, and only 1 becomes a Machamp. I am not allowed to evolve all 3 into Machamps.
#5 - Allowed all Pokémon from deck in PC and can swap between them. Helps for some of the Trainer cards.

Bill - Have at least two Pokémon in the party at all times.
Energy Removal + Energy Retrieval - After each Gym, I must swap one valid Pokémon in my party for one valid Pokémon in a PC Box (They cannot be the same Pokémon. Only if available.)
Gust of Wind - I must run from all Wild Flying-type Pokémon (They blow me away with a "Gust of Wind")
Pokédex - Only allowed a team of 5 maximum.
Potion - I must buy 2 potions (since there are 2 in the deck) every time I visit a new town/city (If I have the money)
Switch - I must swap out my Pokémon when asked by the game.

Since the Dratini card has the move Pound, yet in-game, Dratini does not learn this, am I allowed to hack it so Dratini learns Pound?
Also, can I hack it so I can actually get a Machamp? I'm emulating it, and cannot trade. :/

Anyways, my HOPEFUL party for the E4 (Swapping with PC may change it...):

Ludger May 28th, 2013 8:09 AM

You may hack in Machamp, but you don't need to hack in Pound for Dratini. I should have added that if the Pokemon has that move on their card, but doesn't learn it or it doesn't exist, it doesn't have to know it.

edwardo999 May 28th, 2013 8:48 AM

Thank you for answering my questions.
I also have the first bit of progress!
Quite a lot has been done. I am using the speed button on the emulator. xD

Called myself TCG, and my rival GCT, just because I couldn't be bothered to think of proper names. xD
Chose Charmander as my starter, obviously, and called him Burnsy.
Caught myself a level 3 Rattata in Route 1, called him Ratty.
Trained both my Pokémon up to level 9 and took on my rival in Route 22. Defeated him relatively easily.
Got to Pewter City with a level 14 Burnsy, and a level 12 Ratty.
Faced Brock. Burnsy took down his Geodude. Ratty fainted against Onix, so Burnsy finished him off and became lvl 15, and I obtained the BoulderBadge.
Continued on through Route 3, Mt. Moon, and got to Cerulean with a level 19 Burnsy (now a Charmeleon) and a level 16 Ratty. Bought 2 Potions, as per rulings. Fought Rival and won. Went through Nugget Bridge, and Route 25, to see Bill.
Faced off against Misty with a level 25 Burnsy, and a level 21 Ratty (Still a Rattata).
Rattata was defeating Staryu easily enough, but both my Pokémon kept fainting against Starmie. Ratty gained 2 levels just from beating Staryu again, and again, and again. xD
Eventually, level 23 Ratty was able to finish off Starmie after Burnsy fainted, and I managed to obtain the CascadeBadge.
Went through the underground tunnel and arrived in Vermillion City. Healed up and bought 2 Super Potions, as my rules state..
Just about to head off to Diglett's Cave to try and catch my next party member.


Rattata lvl 24, Ratty
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Charmeleon lvl 26, Burnsy

Necrum May 28th, 2013 4:55 PM

Black 2: Noble Victories Booster

So I skipped a lot of battles to go catch Audino in Virbank Complex, because I didn't feel like raising a lvl 4 Audino. Sadly, PGL has been down all day or I would have grabbed Gollett off there. Still probably will tonight. Grinded a couple of levels on my Audino, which I named Luke (shout out to my favorite ex-Smod). Ceared out all the trainers on route 20 and Virbank Complex, then went to challenge Roxie. Roxie wasn't too difficult despite being on Challenge mode. Probably a result of me using a legendary Pokemon.

Landorus + Rocky Helmet
Lvl 19, Adamant
-Rock Tomb
Lvl 18, Bashful

edwardo999 May 28th, 2013 6:19 PM

I have practically been playing Pokémon Red all day (and through the night, until this early hour of the morning). Thank to the emulator's speed-up button, I am nearly finished. xD

Picking up from where we left off, I went into Diglett's Cave and caught a level 19 Diglett. I called him Sonic.
I went through the SS Anne, easily defeating my rival, and trained a little bit until I felt ready to face the next Gym Leader.
I fought Lt. Surge with a level 24 Sonic, level 26 Ratty, and level 29 Burnsy. It was a breeze, and I swiftly obtained the ThunderBadge.
I proceeded back to Cerulean, and prepared for a long trek through Rock Tunnel. Blind. I had not caught 10 Pokémon, and I wasn't about too go catching random ones just so I could get HM05.
I made it through Rock Tunnel after what seemed like forever, just remembering to catch a level 17 Machop, whom I called Monk, just before I found the exit.
I bought the Potions from Lavender Town, defeated my Rival within the Pokémon Tower, and headed East, towards Celadon.
After I made it through the underground passage, I caught a level 21 Growlithe in Route 7, which I called Flame.
I now had my party of 5.
In Celadon, I promptly bought the Potions from the Dept. Store, and then bought 2350 coins from the Game Corner. (It was as much as I could afford)
After training my weaker Pokémon, I decided to face Erika with a party of a level 36 Burnsy, a level 31 Ratty, a level 30 Sonic, a level 28 Monk, and a level 24 Flame.
Erika held no challenge for my Pokémon, and I received the RainbowBadge for my triumph.
I went back to the Game Corner and proceeded to foil Team Rocket, making them scurry from Celadon.
Afterwards, I bought more coins until I had 2800. I then spent them on a Dratini from the Prize Corner, and called her Spira. (I then went to the PokéCenter and boxed her)
I backtracked to Lavender Town, climbed Pokémon Tower, put Marowak's soul at ease, and obtained the PokéFlute.
I proceeded onto Saffron City, easily defeating the Fighting Dojo (but not taking a Pokémon) and went into Silph. Co.
After half an hour or so of those damn teleports, I managed to make it to the top of Silph. Co, defeated my rival, defeated Giovanni, and once again foiled Team Rocket's plans.
I continued on with my training, and eventually faced Sabrina with a team of a level 45 Burnsy, a level 39 Ratty, a level 39 Sonic, a level 39 Monk (Now a Machoke), and a level 36 Flame.
Sabrina fell, and I obtained the MarshBadge.
I went to the PokéCenter, and swapped out my now level 37 Flame, for me level 18 Spira, as per my rules.
After cycling down to Fuschia, I found the Warden's fake teeth, and obtained both HM03, and HM04.
I then found out that Spira could learn Surf, and was slightly disappointed that she would have to stay on the team for a while.
I massively trained up my Dratini, as well as training my other Pokémon, so it wouldn't be as weak.
I faced Koga with a team consisting of a level 47 Burnsy, a level 42 Ratty, a level 41 Sonic, a level 39 Monk, and a level 31 Spira.
After defeating Koga, I boxed my level 39 Monk, and retrieved my level 37 Flame.
Due to not having a Flying Pokémon, I cycled back to Wermillion City, went through Diglett's Cave, and backtracked all the way to Pallet Town, where I surfed down to Cinnibar Island.
Once I reached Cinnibar Island, I bought the Potions, and ventured into the Pokémon Mansion.
Almost immediately, I ran into a level 34 Ponyta, which I caught and nicknamed Apples.
I went to place Apples in the PC before venturing any further.
I trained in the Mansion, got the Key for the Gym, and went to face the Gym Trainers as more training for my weaker Pokémon.
I faced Blaine, my team containing a level 48 Burnsy, a level 44 Ratty, a level 43 Sonic, a level 39 Flame, and a level 36 Spira.
After defeating Blaine, I boxed my level 39 Flame, and retrieved my new level 34 Apples.
I then surfed back to Pallet Town, and am currently on my way to Viridian City, to face the final Gym Leader.

Charmeleon lvl 48, Burnsy

Rattata lvl 44, Ratty
Super Fang
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Diglett lvl 43, Sonic

Dratini lvl 37, Spira
Thunder Wave

Ponyta lvl 34, Apples
Tail Whip

Machoke lvl 40, Monk
Growlithe lvl 39, Flame

Ludger May 29th, 2013 9:47 PM
Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)
Brushfire lv. 37 @ Eviolite
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Retaliate, Return ]
Frost Ray lv. 37 @ Amulet Coin
Volt Absorb | Timid
[ Thunder Wave, Discharge, Echoed Voice, Dig ]
Trouble lv. 37 @ Leftovers
Water Absorb | Quirky
[ Muddy Water, Dig, Aqua Ring, Bite ]
Necrum lv. 37 @ Scope Lens
Flash Fire | Jolly
[ Return, Bite, Fire Fang, Sand-Attack ]
Recon lv. 37 @ BrightPowder
Guts | Lonely
[ Slash, Rock Tomb, Ice Punch, Faint Attack ]

NecrumWarrior traded me Recon the Teddiursa after I defeated Elesa. Didn't take long for him to catch up and become a great asset to the team. It's nice to have something that doesn't share a Ground weakness btw, lol. Grinded everyone up to level 37 so that Frost Ray and Trouble could get good STAB moves, and Trouble's Muddy Water definitely came in handy, along with Recon's Ice Punch. The grinding was definitely worth it in that regard. Clay was the easiest gym leader I've faced so far. Moving on to PWT next time I play.

edwardo999 May 30th, 2013 3:11 AM

MASSIVE update from me.
I have turned my TCG Challenge into an Ultimate version. For anyone who does not know what an Ultimate Challenge is, it is when you must complete the same challenge on one game set in each region. 1 Kanto game, I Johto game, etc.

Pokémon Red Update:
I managed to beat Giovanni, as the final Gym Leader, with a level 34 Apples, a level 38 Spira, a level 44 Sonic, a level 45 Ratty. and a level 48 Burnsy.
After defeating Giovanni, I boxed Apples, and brought out my level 40 Monk.
I easily defeated my Rival in Route 22, and continued on to Victory Road.
Once in Victory Road, I temporarily ignored my goal, to find and kill Moltres, both for the Exp, and for fun.
Upon reaching the Elite Four, my party's levels were: 54 (Burnsy), 48 (Ratty), 47 (Sonic), 41 (Monk + Spira)
As I was, I could not even beat Lorelei without using 2 or 3 Max Potions.
I continued to face Lorelei, and eventually got further and faced Bruno, and Agatha, without the intention of winning, but to train my Pokémon instead. Unfortunately, Burnsy was having to sweep them all on his own when the others fainted rather quickly.
Due to this, Burnsy quickly became overlevelled, while my other Pokémon were falling behind.
However, this gave me an idea for my final strategy.
When I believed I was ready, I bought 5 Revives, and 4 Max Potions.
Facing Lorelei again, all of my Pokémon fainted, except Burnsy.
Burnsy managed to finish off Lorelei. He then managed to sweep Bruno, Agatha and Lance, only getting hurt twice.
Before facing my rival, I revived all of my party members, but left them all on half health.
I led the way with Burnsy, my overlevelled Charmeleon, and swift care of my rival's first Pokémon, only getting hurt by about 15 HP.
Due to the rules, I had to switch, so I switched to a Pokémon I did not care about, and used a Max Potion on Burnsy (I know it seems unnecessary, but this was my strategy. Need him at full health just in case)
When my Pokémon fainted, I swapped back to Burnsy and defeated the next one.
I continued this until I did not have any Max Potions left, and all that was left were 2 Pokémon of his, and 2 Pokémon of mine.
Burnsy quickly defeated the next Pokémon, however, my rival's last Pokémon was his most dangerous, Blastoise.
I didn't feel confident enough that my Charmeleon could defeated Blastoise without getting hit and defeated first.
I switched in Ratty, my only other Pokémon still alive, and used Super Fang on Blastoise, cutting his HP in half.
Now I was confident.
Ratty fainted, and I swiched back in my Burnsy, who finished off the Blastoise with a Slash.

Hall of Fame
Charmeleon lvl 84, Burnsy
Rattata lvl 51, Ratty
Diglett lvl 49, Sonic
Machoke lvl 49, Monk
Dratini lvl 45, Spira

Pokémon Gold Update:
Chose Cyndaquil as my starter, didn't nickname him.
Done story-related stuff until I received my first set of Pokéballs.
Hacked in a level 4 Charmander as a Wild Pokémon and caught it.
Released my Cyndaquil.

Continued onwards, and Charamander, now level 15, soloed Falkner.
Charmander evolved into Charmeleon after the battle.
Obtained the Egg.
Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Slowpoke Well.
Charmeleon, now level 23, soloed Bugsy with ease.
Caught a level 11 Rattata in Route 34.
The Egg hatched into a Togepi. I released it.
Defeated Whitney with a level 25 Charmeleon, and a level 17 Rattata.

Bought 1350 Game Corner coins.
Caught a level 14 Growlithe in Route 37.
Continued on, and defeated Morty with a level 28 Charmeleon, a level 24 Rattata, and a level 21 Growlithe.

Went back to Goldenrod, bought more Game Corner coins, and used them to buy a level 10 Dratini.
Continued onwards, and defeated Chuck with a level 34 Charmeleon, a level 31 Rattata, a level 24 Growlithe, and a level 22 Dratini.
Healed Ampharos at the lighthouse, so I could face Jasmine.
Defeated Jasmine with a level 34 Charmeleon, a level 32 Rattata, a level 24 Growlithe, and a level 23 Dratini.
Caught a level 14 Machop at Mount Mortar.

Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Mahogany Town.
Defeated Pryce with a level 35 Charmeleon, a level 33 Rattata, a level 26 Growlithe, a level 27 Dratini, and a level 26 Machop.
Foiled Team Rocket's plan in Goldenrod Radio Tower.
Made my way to Blackthorn City, fought Clair, and lost.
Trained a little and fought her again. Lost again. Repeatedly.
Trained a lot more, until I was confident I could beat her. Machop evolved while training.
Finally defeated Clair with a level 45 Charmeleon, a level 42 Rattata, a level 35 Dratini, a level 32 Machoke, and a level 31 Growlithe.


Charmeleon lvl 46

Rattata lvl 42
Super Fang
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Dratini lvl 36 (w/ Quick Claw)
Dragon Rage

Machoke lvl 32
Low Kick
Seismic Toss
Focus Energy
Karate Chop

Growlithe lvl 31
Take Down

Ludger May 30th, 2013 8:00 AM

Edwardo, if you could let me know which games you'll be using for your ultimate, that'd be great. :) Thanks and congrats on completing Red!

edwardo999 May 30th, 2013 8:42 AM

I'll be using Red, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, and White.
Gonna have to hack all the way through White. xD I'll hack in the starter, and then another Pokémon after every 2 Gyms, so I reach the E4 with my team of 5.
I will only hack in other games for the starter, or if necessary (For example, if I cannot get a second Pokémon until after the 4th Gym, I'll probably hack one in after the 2nd Gym)


After defeating Clair, I needed a HM Slave for Whirlpool (And Waterfall for later) so I caught a level 19 Magikarp in Dragon's Den, and evolved it into Gyarados.
After obtaining the final of Johto's Gym Badges, I surfed East of New Bark Town, and went to face the Elite Four.

My team consisted of a level 36 Growlithe, a level 40 Machoke, a level 43 Dratini, a level 44 Rattata, and a level 49 Charmeleon. (I boxed the Gyarados as soon as I got there)
Suffice to say, I could not defeat the Elite Four.
I went backwards, and trained within Victory Road.

During my training, I stumbled across a level 32 Shiny Golbat. I caught him immediately with the Master Ball, and boxed him. (Let me off, it's a shiny!)
After my training, I had a level 38 Growlithe, a level 44 Machoke, a level 53 Dratini, a level 46 Rattata, and a level 65 Charmeleon.
I adopted a similar strategy to the Elite Four as I did to when I faced the E4 in my Pokémon Red runthrough (See previous post)

Dratini was able to defeat 2 of Lance's Dragonites however. He was more powerful than he seemed.

I defeated the Elite Four and Champion, and made my way to Kanto by boat.
Arriving in Kanto, I immediately went and defeated Lt. Surge, Sabruna, Erika, and then Janine, in that order.
My team after doing so was a level 44 Growlithe, a level 49 Machoke, a level 54 Dratini, a level 47 Rattata, and a level 68 Charmeleon.
I did the Power Plant quest, and defeated Misty. After all that, my Growlithe had become level 49.
Found Copycat's Lost Doll, and got the Magnet Train Pass from her, as I forgot to get the radio back in Johto. Doh! xD
Upon returning to Kanto, I immediately went and defeated Brock, and then Blaine.
My team after the Gyms was made of a level 52 Growlithe, a level 49 Rattata, a level 51 Machoke, a level 57 Dratini, and a level 68 Charmeleon.

Before facing Blue, I decided to get in a small amount of training.
When I faced and defeated Blue, my team consisted of a level 55 Growlithe, a level 53 Rattata, a level 54 Machoke, a level 59 Dratini, and a level 71 Charmeleon.

I went to Pallet Town, collected the ticket from Prof. Oak, and made my way towards Mt. Silver.
Upon reaching my final opponent, my team was a level 56 Growllithe, a level 53 Rattata, a level 55 Machoke, a level 60 Dratini, and a level 71 Charmeleon.
Charmeleon was able to defeat Red's Pikachu, but his Blastoise OHKOed every single member of my party.

I did some massive training outside Mt. Silver, by the PokéCenter, and made all 5 members of my party level 75.
Upon next facing Red, my Charmeleon was able to defeat his Pikachu with Flamethrower.
I then swapped to Rattata who was able to defeat his Blastoise with a mixture of Super Fang and Hyper Fang.

Growlithe faced off against Red's Espeon, using his own Flamethrower attack, but fainted before Espeon did. Charmeleon finished Espeon off in revenge for defeating a fellow Fire-type.
Dratini defeated Snorlax with a couple of DragonBreath attacks, and then finishing him with a Hyper Beam.
Machoke faced off against Charizard using Submission and Seismic Toss. Unfortunately, Machoke was not up to the task, so Rattata finished of Charizard with a Hyper Fang.
Red sent out his final Pokémon, a Venusaur, who promptly fell before the wrath of my Charmeleon's Flamethrower.


Charmeleon lvl 75
Fire Spin

Rattata lvl 75
Iron Tail
Super Fang
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Growlithe lvl 75
Flame Wheel

Dratini lvl 75
Hyper Beam

Machoke lvl 75
Seismic Toss
Vital Throw
Karate Chop
I shall start Pokémon Ruby on Sunday, most likely.

TwilightBlade June 1st, 2013 12:13 PM

I started my adventure on May 26th. I named my trainer Karli, which means covered with snow. I named my rival Aiden, which means fire. I picked Oshawott as my starter, who happened to be female on my first try. I didn't have a nickname in mind for her, so I named her Winter.

I just beat Burgh today. I started the match with Skitty, which I captured around the Castelia sewers. I had transferred in Keldeo and Snorlax by the time I faced Roxie. Skitty's Doubleslaps were not dealing much damage on Swadloon, so I used Snorlax for the rest of the match. The best healing items I had were Potions and one Fresh Water, ugh. I really appreciate having a non-water type and something with Rest on my team, now! Snorlax couldn't keep stomaching the critical hit'd Razor Leaf attacks from Burgh's Leavanny, so I used Snorlax's Yawn to allow Keldeo to finish off the match.

Congrats on the shiny find, Edwardo. :) I'd be very excited if I found a shiny during my adventure. Here's the team so far:

OT: Karli - ID: 21385 - Badges: 3

Winter the Dewott

Level 17
Quiet - Female - Torrent
Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Razor Shell


Level 21
Rash - Genderless - Justified
Aqua Jet, Take Down, Bubblebeam, Double Kick

Gluttony the Snorlax

Level 21
Relaxed - Male - Thick Fat
Yawn, Tackle, Rest, Earthquake

Lust the Skitty

Level 20
Docile - Female - Cute Charm
Copycat, Attract, Sing, DoubleSlap

Ludger June 4th, 2013 2:01 PM
Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)
Brushfire lv. 43
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flamethrower, Crunch, Outrage, Thunder Fang ]
Frost Ray lv. 43 @ Amulet Coin
Volt Absorb | Timid
[ Thunder Wave, Discharge, Echoed Voice, Dig ]
Trouble lv. 43 @ Leftovers
Water Absorb | Quirky
[ Surf, Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Bite ]
Necrum lv. 42 @ Scope Lens
Flash Fire | Jolly
[ Return, Bite, Fire Fang, Sand-Attack ]
Recon lv. 43 @ BrightPowder
Guts | Lonely
[ Slash, Rock Tomb, Ice Punch, Faint Attack ]

I went through the worst cave ever and beat some hooker that can fly airplanes. It was p awesome. I evolved Brushfire into Arcanine and taught her some cool new moves. Now we're in gear. btw challenge mode hasn't been challenging since Burgh lmfao.

edwardo999 June 9th, 2013 3:19 AM

Finally posting the first update from my Ruby run! Not much has been done though. I've been busy recently with exams and revising. :/

RUBY TCG CHALLLENGE (2-Player Starter Deck) Update #1:
- Chose Cyndaquil as my starter.
- Did all the story stuff until I recieved my first et of Pokéballs from May.
- Hacked in and caught a level 3 Charmander.
- Helped the Devon Worker.
- Charmander got to level 16, and evolved into Charmeleon, while fighting the trainers in - Rustboro Gym.
- Roxanne easily defeated my Charmeleon, so I went and trained him up to level 20.
- Using a couple of Super Potions, Charmeleon was barely able to defeat Roxanne.
- Got the Devon Goods back.
- Sailed with Mr. Briney to Dewford.
- Defeated Brawly with ease. Charmeleon now level 22.
- Delivered the letter to Steven.
- Sailed off to Slateport.
- Gave the Goods to Capt. Stern.
- Defeated May in Route 110 with my level 28 Charmeleon.
- Easily defeated Watson with my level 31 Charmeleon.
- Caught a level 15 Machop in Route 112.

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