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Mana May 28th, 2013 6:51 AM

Game of /Pokémon/ [OOC+SU]
Game of /Pokémon/ OOC+Sign-up Thread
Rated T Background:
Long ago the regions now known as Kanto and Johto were one - Rokto. they were ruled by a single, wicked man and his many beast slaves. Lord Katashi sought to control all the pokémon of the land and render his opponents powerless. He began by capturing powerful monsters from across the kingdoms, using trickery, lies and deceit to lure them to his dungeons. His collection slowly grew, as did his power over the other people of Rokto. However, although he had the most powerful monsters in his possession, they would not obey his commands.

One day he awoke to a formidable trembling, the mountains around his castle quivering as if with fear. His four, most powerful monsters had burst from their chains, causing chaos and destruction around the mad king's fortress. All his slaves, both pokémon and human, had been freed. His rage knew no bounds, with one piercing scream he pulled out his final trump card.

"Mewtwo! I command you!" He screamed, the purple pokémon's eyes sparking into consciousness as he cast a haze of psychic energy across the mountain tops. The rebelling pokémon stopped, subdued, their free will gone and their thoughts washed away. They had become true slaves.

Lord Katashi sat upon the throne of Mt Silver for twelve, long years. He slowly built up his forces, corrupting his pokémon and taking further prisoners - his reach extending out across the entire region of Rokto. The kingdoms cowered in the shadows of Mt Silver, isolating themselves and hoping they would not be the next target of Katashi's onslaught. Hoping for a hero to emerge. Your Role:
You are an important member of your Kingdom, perhaps a royal, a knight or a mercenary. You have been selected by your nation to unite with heroes of other lands to fight back against Lord Katashi and his hoards of psychic, dark and fighting pokémon. Free you land and take back the region!

Your character personality does not, necessarily, have to fit the ideals of your home kingdom. However, it must dictate the type of pokémon your character is partnered with. In this roleplay, human-characters are also permitted to fight, whether hand by hand or using swords, etc. You may wish to take this in to consideration when thinking about your pokémon partner and how they can work together as a team.

If you wish to be a member of the royal family; you may either fill the role of one of the blank (???) spaces below, or write for an 'extended family' member. Typically this would include cousins, nephews or nieces. The Kingdoms:
  • Kingdom of Dragons;
    Description: A dense fortress of caves and underwater systems, surrounded by steep cliffs and deadly drops. The people of this kingdom view themselves as far superior to the other kingdoms, although their arsenal of pokémon take a long time to grow and develop.
    Royal Family: King Lance, Queen Claire, Prince/Princess ??? and extended family.
    Pokémon: Dragon and fire types, dragon-like pokémon.
    Location:[Lake of Rage/Blackthorn City]

  • Kingdom of the Forest;
    Description: A lush forest scattered with small, independent villages. The people of the forest are very caring, and generally dislike combat. They would rather end the conflict peacefully than wage war on the other kingdoms.
    Royal Family: Queen Erika and her main guard ??? and extended family.
    Pokémon: Grass, bug and poison type pokémon.
    Location: [Viridian Forest/City]

  • Kingdom of the Great Sea;
    Description: Bordering the great south-sea, this kingdom is full of life and business. It is the main route of trade to over, distant lands and is therefore one of the richest areas in Rokto.
    Royal Family: Princess Misty and her extended family.
    Pokémon: Water and ice types, pokémon able to surf.
    Location: [Goldenrod City]

  • Kingdom of the Skies;
    Description: A maze of valleys and mountainous peaks, the people of the sky are well protected from attacks. They treasure their flying pokémon as they are the only method of escaping the canyon and venturing out into Rokto. The people of the sky are very spiritual, commonly thinking of their pokémon as extensions of their souls.
    Royal Family: No royal family.
    Pokémon: Ghost and flying types (non-dragon).
    Location: [Lavender Town/Rock Path] Pokémon:
Anyone of high standing, such a royals, knights/soldiers (and those with sufficient money) will have their own pokémon. The only constraints on what you may own are:
  • Must fit your Kingdom's ~type
  • You may only travel with one pokémon, even if your family owns more.
  • Must have the ability to travel over land - no magikarp or goldeen.
  • No pokémon of legendary status.
  • Pokéballs do not exist.
  • True 'levelling' does not exist. Sign-up:
Please complete the following form:

Full name:
Age: 14-40
Allegiance: (Kingdom you belong to)
Position: (Royal, Knight, Mercenary, Other)

Pokémon partner
Species: (and nickname if they have one)
Appearance: (Try and add unique traits, accessories, etc.)
Estimated level: Accepted players:
(May extend to 4 per kingdom if there is high demand)
Kingdom of Dragons:
1. Prince Cyrus Asher Droganni (Sovereign)
2. Ser Rowan de Corbeil (Sir Bastian)
3. Rosemary Redmond (NightofRemorse)
4. Oliver Drift (Fuyu)

Kingdom of the Forest
1. Ser Rodrick Mason of the Main Guard (heretostay123)
2. Princess Sakura Aiko ( ~Genevieve~)
3. Haru Takenochi (First Snow)
4. Ser Guirmean Bevan (ORegan)

Kingdom of the Great Sea
1. Duke Sin Rascalwolf (miltankRancher)
2. Lord Jonson Baelish (lacoste)
3. Ersclud Sephur (kosuke)
4. Katherine Celia Burke (Kiklion)

Kingdom of the Skies
1. Sirilia Eduine Halia (jov0006)
2. Hazel Rowe (hiinotama)
3. Carmine Royale Cross (Mick Fizz)
4. Maester Melisandra Bernières (Obscurity)

1. Mattis Redburn (SwiftSign)

<Challenger> May 29th, 2013 3:36 AM

This sounds really awesome! I've read all five of the GoT books, so this'll be interesting :)

Full name: Rodrick Mason
Age: 37
Allegiance: The Forest Kingdom
Position: Main Guard
Appearance: Rodrick stands at a rough 6'7, a tall being. He is bald, having shaved his hair for combat purposes. His face in general is chiseled like a fine statue. He has deep green eyes that tend to "reflect" the sea of leaves. He is well muscled, and is very strong. Mason is one of the strongest people in the Forest Kingdom, which has contributed to his position as main guard. He normally wears a light leather breastplate, making movement easy. He has leather gauntlets, greaves, and when the time calls for it, a leather helmet. He prefers leather over steel mainly because it makes him more agile and stealthy, a key component when guarding a princess. Across his breastplate is the leaf of the Forest Kingdom. He usually has a bow slung across his back, as well as a sword sheath and buckler shield. His quiver of arrows is strapped to his thigh.

History: Rodrick was born in a small corner of the kingdom, pretty remote compared to the rest of the world. His family raised him to be a farmer, and as time passed, he became stronger and stronger. At the age of 15, he discovered a Croagunk hunting within his families crop field. He quickly befriended the pokemon and trained with it, as he took an interest in its fighting. After five years of intense training, they were both powerful and agile. The pair often went hunting to provide food for the family. One time on a hunting trip, they came across a band of rangers. The rangers took them to the princess for poaching, but she quickly excused them in return for service in the army. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the Princess Erika's main guard, after showing his prowess in a tournament. He has been serving the princess ever since. Khan evolved a few years after he joined the army. He spent his years as the Queen's guard watching her door when she slept, when she ate, when she bathed, and when she had meetings. He ate everything she ate to make sure it wasn't poisoned. He fought in her honor when required. He never slept until he was sure Erika was safe. He felt a love for Queen Erika, though he isn't sure if he was in love, or if he felt like a father. Either way, he would gladly die for her.

Pokémon partner
Species: Toxicroak. A.K.A Khan
Appearance: Khan looks like a normal Toxicroak, but he wears a surcoat with a leaf emblazoned on it, standing for the Forest Kingdom. He has steel gauntlets with holes for his fist-spikes. Other than that, he is normal.
Estimated level: 50

jov0006 May 29th, 2013 4:26 AM

Could I reserve for Kingdom of Skies? I think this RP looks pretty interesting.

Mana May 29th, 2013 4:46 AM

Reservations noted :) time limit to complete is 72 hours (3 days).

<Challenger> May 29th, 2013 7:57 AM

I believe I've finished. Could you take a look at my SU?

YellowGardevoir May 29th, 2013 9:01 AM

I would like to reserve a space for the Kingdom of Dragons. This looks great!

Karma May 29th, 2013 11:17 AM

Hey there! Mind if I reserve a spot in the Kingdom of Dragons, as Prince of the royal family?

Placeholder for the SU.

FULL NAME: Cyrus Asher Droganni
AGE: Twenty-One, 21
ALLEGIANCE: Kingdom of Dragons
POSITION: Crown Prince
APPEARANCE: Cyrus had inherited much of his physical appearance from his father. The long, blazing red mane of hair has run through his lineage for generations, and is a sight not often seen outside the royal family. His hair runs past his shoulders to his waist, and he had attempted to pull it back into a ponytail but stray strands always seemed to come loose. He gave up this hopeless quest some time ago. Caressed by his hair is a fair skin, sharp facial features and bright green eyes. The prince stands at the height of 5'9" and weighs around 147 pounds, and his build borders on the smaller, leaner edge. He is fit for stamina and agility, but brute strength is not a trait he possesses.

The prince wears long dark pants, a knee length black tunic fit with a brown utility belt and his scabbard, black and gold boots, and a loose black undershirt when he is lounging about the palace. When called upon for meetings or when he leaves the walls of the palace he wears a long dark cloak adorned with the red family seal and golden buttons, and elbow length gloves with gold detailing.

His weapon of choice is a black, silver, and gold detailed sword called Eliath, and it once belonged to his now deceased grandfather. He relies mainly on the power and skill of his beloved Pokémon partner when confronted with danger, but he is not hesitant to step in and fight his own battles. He has been trained by a master in swordsmanship and knows well how to use it properly. He cherishes it, and his Pokémon, dearly.

HISTORY: Cyrus was born with the rising of the sun. He was often told by his mother, Queen Eliza, that when he opened his eyes for the first time she saw a blazing fire within like the burning orb that hung in the sky. He was a child of dawn, of fire, and of dragons. As the heir to the Kingdom under his father, King Lance Droganni, his birth was celebrated throughout their lands. His people knew who he was before he even took his first steps.

At a young age, Cyrus knew all too well the perks of being the Crown Prince. Though he preferred to think of them more as unnecessary privileges. Even as a toddler he found ways to skirt around the servants to get his own snack from the kitchens. He neither liked being fussed over nor drawing any more attention to himself than he had already unintentionally accumulated by just being the prince. It wasn't until later that he began to realize that the servants of the palace enjoyed their duties in taking care of him. They were paid well by his father, had fit accommodations in the palace, and some of them eventually became his friends or partners in crime.

One such friend was Rowen, son to a good friend and ally of his father. The young boy was the only one close enough to his age for Cyrus to consider a true playmate, and he enjoyed the boy's company immensely. They did almost everything together. Play fight with wooden swords, sneak passed the guards to visit the gardens, and listen in on important meetings the King held through thick oak doors. They grew close rather quickly, and Rowen became one of the few people Cyrus trusted with all his heart.

Cyrus had a particularly close relationship with his mother. Queen Eliza was a kind and caring woman, who always made sure the kingdom and the Pokémon that resided there were well off. She was loved by her people, but most of all by her son. Whenever she had free time she would spend it with the young prince.

As per tradition for royal heirs, she took Cyrus to the Dragon's Den, where a special breed of golden scaled Dragonair's resided, so that he may find his Pokémon partner. Cyrus found Aurora as a Dratini when she came up to him and touched her forehead to his palm as he reached into the water. At that moment, he knew that he had found his lifetime companion. Aurora was pleased to have the boy, a prince at that, as her partner. Cyrus was glad to have another friend.

As he grew older, he had more princely duties to attend, combat training to prepare himself for the future, and tutoring on the inner and outer running of the kingdom. As he had his places to be, so did his dear friend Rowan. Still despite the difference in societal status, Cyrus considered Rowen to be like a brother. Things carried on steadily in his life until Queen Eliza lost her life in an unfortunate encounter with a frightened and dangerous Garchomp. After the death of someone so close to him, Cyrus withdrew into himself. He pushed away those closest to him, save for his father, Rowen, and Aurora. They were the only ones he let break down the walls he built up.

Things began to change. A while after the Queen's death, King Lance remarried to Queen Claire. Cyrus did his best to welcome her into his family, but she seemed neither interested in his approval nor him as a person. She despised the fact that he was to be the King after his father's death, as she believed that any children she bore were the rightful leaders. Queen Claire and Cyrus were, and still are, at odds with one another. He can't see how his father loves her, or trusts her.

Rowen was assigned as the personal Protector and servant of the Prince, and their relationship with each other became more professional, but he still saw the young knight as his closest friend. Even more now as events begin to unfold.

SPECIES: Dragonair
This Pokémon was born in a lineage of rare golden scaled Dragonairs that, since their discovery, have been intrusted into the care of the royal family of the Kingdom of Dragons. They have been the only known of their species to have this strange coloring, and it is believed to be a mutation. The orbs on her tail and neck are a deep red like her eyes, similar to the mother Dragonair she was born to. Typically, the serpentine Pokémon extends about thirteen feet long. Yet the genetics of Aurora have led to a family of shorter creatures averaging ten feet. Despite the differences, she still has the white underbelly coating, small pearly horn protruding her forehead, and white feathered wings resting on either side of her head like a normal Dragonair.


Sir Bastian May 29th, 2013 11:57 AM

Awh man, this looks really cool, and there's potential for some great RP'ing here. I just don't know if I should be joining it. I mean, Swift's Smash Bros. RP was amazing as long as it lasted, but I'm not a Game of Thrones follower : \ I haven't gotten 'round to watching more than two episodes yet, even though they were pretty good.

I'd absolutely love to be in the Kingdom of Dragons, as some kind of protector of the Prince, as Sovereign would be playing. Again though, I'm not entirely sure about whether or not to join it. What do the rest of you think?

ナギ May 29th, 2013 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Sir Bastian (Post 7680979)
Awh man, this looks really cool, and there's potential for some great RP'ing here. I just don't know if I should be joining it. I mean, Swift's Smash Bros. RP was amazing as long as it lasted, but I'm not a Game of Thrones follower : \ I haven't gotten 'round to watching more than two episodes yet, even though they were pretty good.

I'd absolutely love to be in the Kingdom of Dragons, as some kind of protector of the Prince, as Sovereign would be playing. Again though, I'm not entirely sure about whether or not to join it. What do the rest of you think?

i'm pretty much in the exact same situation, so... yeah. what DO you think?

YellowGardevoir May 29th, 2013 12:26 PM

Full name: Imito Atarashi
Age: 30
Allegiance: The Kingdom of Dragons
Position: Knight

Imito is tall, maybe 5' 11". He has short, messy blonde hair, as well as having blue eyes. He wears metal armor, though tends to avoid plate mail, preferring lighter armor. He wields a sword and shield in battle, although due to his knight training he is proficient with many of the more common weapons, such as spears and axes. he also prefers not to wear a helmet while in battle, though he realizes the tactical advantage of wearing one. He is usually immaculately clean, as his grandfather always taught him to be neat and tidy.

History: Raised in the Kingdom of Dragons, Imito has a natural affinity with dragons. His parents were killed when he was a child, and he was raised by his grandfather. When he was 19, his Grandfather, who was a very respected Dragon Tamer, died in his arms. His grandfather's partner, a female Salamance that he had raised from an egg, left the city after her Tamer died, but left behind a single egg. That egg soon hatched into a baby Bagon, which Imito raised, even though he had plenty of trouble just taking care of himself. He began training the baby Bagon using his grandfather's methods, which were centered around bringing about the potential in his Dragon Pokemon, especially at an early age, since Dragon Pokemon develop rather slowly. When Kouryu evolved into Shelgon, Imito was overjoyed. He joined the knights as a source of income and a way to train himself in the ways of combat. Kouryu, still a Shelgon at that point, was always by his side, ready to come to the aid of Imito when he needed it.

On one particular evening, while out on a training mission for the Knights, Imito was ambushed by a pack of Houndoom while Kouryu was out foraging. He managed to fight some of them off, but was injured by the Alpha male. Kouryu heard the distress and came running, using its Protect technique to ward off the Houndoom, saving Imito's life. It wasn't until Imito was 27 that Kouryu evolved, enabling Imito to join the ranks of Tamers with a fully evolved partner. They ride together , keeping the law upheld In the more distant areas of the Kingdom of Dragons.

Imito is a captain in the army, and is always aiming to be better. His eventual goal is Commandant, but he realizes that there are many others with this same goal, and he is unlikely to ever achieve that position. Nevertheless, he trains as if the day will come tommorrow, so that he will never be caught off guard.

Pokémon partner
Species: Salamance, A.K.A Kouryu
Appearance: Kouryu is a dark red instead of Salamance's normal blue color, while his wings are blue, which is a result of his mother's mating with a male Charizard. Kouryu also has a saddle, which allows Imito to ride him into combat more easily.
Estimated level: 50

Mana May 29th, 2013 1:47 PM

heretostay123 - Great sign up so far! Really like Rodrick's history, however I'd love it if you could maybe add a bit more detail in that section - perhaps elaborating on his duties to the Princess or something along those lines.

YellowGardevoir - Similar feedback for you, almost there but try elaborating further. Perhaps you could expand on Kouryu and Imito's relationship as Bagon/Shellgon.

Sir Bastian and hiinotama - It's really up to you! I would say though, although inspiration has come from Game of Thrones there is actually no direct connection. I may throw some parallels up in my event posts but the story will be based on this region, rather than Westeros.

Sir Bastian May 29th, 2013 1:57 PM

Hmh, you make some very good points mister Swift. What kind of RP is it going to be? Free-roaming sandboxy, linear story... what? I may just jump into this, if people promise not to make 3-page long posts ;P

Mana May 29th, 2013 2:01 PM


Originally Posted by Sir Bastian (Post 7681124)
Hmh, you make some very good points mister Swift. What kind of RP is it going to be? Free-roaming sandboxy, linear story... what? I may just jump into this, if people promise not to make 3-page long posts ;P

It'll be story based, with some room to manoever. :)

jov0006 May 29th, 2013 2:35 PM

Is magic allowed as a weapon?

Mana May 29th, 2013 2:43 PM


Originally Posted by jov0006 (Post 7681172)
Is magic allowed as a weapon?

No, the only 'magic' that exists are the abilities of Pokémon. No mages or magicians exist. ^^

ORegan May 29th, 2013 3:24 PM


Originally Posted by hiinotama (Post 7680990)
i'm pretty much in the exact same situation, so... yeah. what DO you think?

Other than using the phrase "the mad king," Swift's OP doesn't have too much in common with the inspiration. As comedian Mitch Hedburg said about inspiration:


"I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story, because that's weird; it means the movie is not a true story, it was just inspired by a true story. Like, hey Mitch, did you hear the story about that lady who drove her children into the river and they all drowned? Yes I did, and it inspired me to write a movie about a gorilla!"
So I think you'd be able to keep up with the RP's lore, since I don't believe Swift intends on making it more accessible than the series it's based on is. :P

Also, I'd like to reserve a spot for one of the tree hugging hippies if you don't mind. :D


Originally Posted by jov0006 (Post 7681172)
Is magic allowed as a weapon?

<Challenger> May 29th, 2013 3:42 PM


miltankRancher May 29th, 2013 5:28 PM


Sin Rascalwolf aka the Blue Duke || The Great Sea

Age: 37

Position: Extended Family (Duke of Humilau, a destroyed duke-dom), cousin of Princess Misty, and serving as her personal guard, apart from the Kingdom's Knights.

Appearance: Sin Rascalwolf could be likened to a proud lion, both physically and figuratively. He is crowned with a thick blonde hair that he leaves uncombed. He has beady eyes that is colored to the gemstone called obsidian, a highly precious stone. He sports a thin stubble of facial hair, around his mouth. Sin stands at a height of six-foot-null. Though he could not be called as heavy-set, the muscle cuts around his body is evident because of the training he undergoes. His skin is deeply tanned.

During his reign as the Duke of his previous land, he is known to wear a deep-blue armor accentuated with a red cape when he is dealing with political matters in the kingdom. Some people's accounts tells of a rapier that is sheathed on his side, akin to many of the royalties of the world. However, when the Kingdom was destroyed and Sin fled to his cousin's domain, he shed the blue armor and cape. However, the color blue is still evident in his wardrobe. Nowadays, he wore a simple light armor, colored blue of course. He wraps a scarf around his neck, to prevent the cold, and hide some wounds. The rapier was nowhere to be found, but a long sword, colored deep-blue, is slung on a scabbard on his back.

History: Sin Rascalwolf was born of the Duke of Humilau, a faraway region, and Lady Violet, sister of Princess Misty's mother. His family was well-loved by their people. Sin grew up with the thought of inheriting the title of Duke and continuing what his father and forefathers started. His father prepared him by tutoring him in the arts of war, the intricacies of politics, general relationship with people, and Pokemon training. When Sin reached fifteen years, his father gave him his first Pokemon, a severely rare Pokemon that took quite a lot of money to buy. It was the water-type Oshawott. His father named it 'Seafarer,' and Sin was happy with him. He noticed that the Pokemon was colored differently than other Oshawotts he saw in texbooks.

Using Seafarer as his partner, Sin grew up, slowly becoming the young Duke. When he reached 24 years old, he was basically running the place, with his father simply as a figure-head. The Duke was happy with his son. Two years later, his father retired, and passed the title to Sin Rascalwolf. Duke Sin immediately put into actions all his plan he could not do until he had the title. Under his reign, Humilau experienced some kind of golden age. The townspeople loved him, Seafarer was growing strong, the trade between kingdoms increase. Sin Rascalwolf was dubbed as one of the greatest dukes to reign in the city.

However, everything changed when rogues started appearing during Sin's eight year of leadership. They took control of the landscape surrounding Humilau Kingdom. Soon enough, they grew in power that Sin is forced to deal with them. He never imagined that the rogues would be a powerful force and, by confronting them, he doomed his kingdom to the rogues. They overrun the place, and Sin was forced to flee with his people. He decided to go to his cousin's domain, in Goldenrod, and stayed there. The shame he felt in his inability to protect the town was too deep. He decided to remain as a Knight, without any noble powers, and protect Princess Misty. Sin Rascalwolf refuses to be called as part of the guards, more to be called as the captain of it being the protector of Misty. He's more like a volunteer, independent of any policies that may limit his movement and actions.

However, despite stripping himself of any political powers, Misty stills consider him as a political ally. Sometimes, she turns to Sin as a political adviser in matters of the kingdom.

Pokémon partner
Species: Samurott, nicknamed Seafarer
Appearance: Seafarer is a differently colored Samurott. He cannot be classified as a shiny Samurott, as shiny Samurotts have pink hair. However, Seafarer is just colored a deeper blue, and a dirtier white hair. One of its eyes is closed, a scar running on it.
Estimated level: 50

SylveonStar May 29th, 2013 5:42 PM

Full name: Sakura Aiko  
Age: 18
Allegiance: Kingdom of the Forest
Position: Royal (Princess-Niece of Queen Erika)

Appearance: Sakura is small in stature for her age and can be described as a gorgeous young woman. Standing just below average height at 5 foot 2 inches. She has a small curvy, slender build that could be considered very frail as well, and weighs around 110 pounds. Her skin is very fair without a mark or blemish on it. Sakura has large bright purple eyes, a small button nose, and lush full lips. Her hair is a deep raven black and curly going down to her hips. She always has a sakura blossom in her hair by her left ear for her namesake. Clothing wise Sakura wears a light pink short dress, that has accents of white and the skirt is covered in ruffles and bows in the front. The top part of the dress has a corset like design with a bow and laces up in the back. She wears a matching pair of white shoes with a low heel and carries a pink shoulder bag to hold her things. Sakura also has a small dagger in her bag to keep her safe, and has a pink cane that she uses to help her walk when she is weak.

Her dress

History: Sakura is the niece of Queen Erika and grew up very loved and sheltered. She was taught the ways a lady of the kingdom must behave and was never really allowed to go out to play with the other kids. Though this was mostly due to the fact that she has spent a majority of her life suffering from many illness due to being born with immunodeficiency. From the time she could walk Sakura was confined to the home of the Royal Family not allowed to venture outside it's walls on the rare occasions she was strong enough to get out of bed. Sakura loves her aunt deeply, for it was Queen Erika who kept her company at times during her bouts of illness. When Sakura was ten years old her aunt gifted her with a newborn Eevee so Sakura would always have a friend close by since she had no one but the family and the main guard.

As the remaining years passed Sakura became closer to her Eevee and after five years evolved it into a Leafeon. Though over those years she went through several more bouts of illness, including one instance were the entire family worried she would die. Now a beautiful young woman of 18, just recovering from being ill once again she begged her Aunt the chance to help in the fight against Lord Katashi, and was granted permission against her fathers wishes. Though still weak and not doubting the chance she might fall ill again Sakura is determined to prove her worth and help save her nation.

Pokémon partner
Species: Leafeon. (Fia)
Appearance: Fia is slightly different than normal Leafeon and can not be classed as a Shiny Pokemon either. Unlike regular and even shiny Leafeon Fia has bright blue eyes and a slightly blueish tint to her leaf like ears and tail. Fia always wears a crown of flowers, always of Sakura blossoms as homage to her partner and the royal family.
Estimated level: 50

<Challenger> May 29th, 2013 5:48 PM

I believe I've finished. Could you take a look?

lacoste May 29th, 2013 6:14 PM

Could I reserve a spot? Kingdom of the Great Sea sounds like fun!

And although I know there won't be magic, does that mean no wargs and/or greenseers as well?

Subsonic May 29th, 2013 7:31 PM

Here's an Su that may or may not bore you to death. YIPEEE

Full name:
Haru Takenochi


Kingdom of the Forest

Other (He runs an apothecary)

Haru seems very babyish, in physical appearance. His brown eyes shine with innocence of that of a child and baby fat is still present on his face. He stands at 5’2”, which sadly adds to his babyish appearance he has been gifted. Sadly, his voice is oddly deep, so when he opens his mouth to speak, those who don’t know him are taken aback and stare as if burning hell just came out of his mouth. He has messy brown hair is a light brown and his skin is tan from all the hours he spends collecting herbs in order to create medicine.

Commonly his attire consists of a dark green cloak over his shoulders. This dark green cloak covers a set of light green robes. Under these robes he wears a brown leather tunic. He wears brown leather, buckled, boots and it is rare to see him without a tan leather messenger bag where he keeps herbs and other plants he finds and/or vials filled with medicine he has created.

From the time when he was seven, he was raised by his grandfather. His mother died during child birth while his father died from an incurable disease he caught. His father was unusually frail, so he often fell to illness. The fact that he caught an incurable disease didn’t surprise his grandfather one bit, but to a seven year old who didn’t have much of an experience with death besides the death of his mother, it was a great shocker. His father’s death, however, gifted him Fiore, his father’s Meganium, who has become one Haru’s greatest companions.

After his father died, he learned the family craft of medicine making from his grandfather. It wasn’t until two years ago, did he begin to run his family’s world famous apothecary as its owner. His knowledge of plants and his ability to use them to create medicines have been said to be even surpassed his father and grandfather. This combined with his extensive knowledge of diseases and ailments has him elected to assist the effort to fight against Lord Katashi as a medic.

Pokémon partner
Meganium (Fiore)

Unlike other Meganiums, Fiore is taller than average. Instead of the usual 5’11” seen by many of his species, he stands at 6’4”. His eyes are also different from others of his species. Meganiums are usually known for their yellow irises, however, Fiore’s irises are orange. Fiore carries around his own messenger bag in case there isn’t room in Haru’s, which is often occupied by vials of concoctions created from plants and other herbs.

Estimated level:

kosuke May 29th, 2013 7:56 PM

Sounds fun! Reserve me a spot for the Great Sea Kingdom please.

Sir Bastian May 29th, 2013 8:51 PM

Well sheesh, now I just gotta try this out. One Kingdom of Dragon spot mmmplease!

On that note, Swift, are we allowed to let our Pokémon know Tutored moves? Like, if we write about recieving training of some sort by a teacher or the like, it'd make sense for 'tutored' moves to be able to be used, right? And is there even a limit to the amount of abilities they can have? Since it's not in the SU, are we going with a more realistic kind of "Of course Charizard can breathe fire" rather than it actually needing the move?

flygonstorm May 29th, 2013 10:50 PM

Would you place Aerodactyl in the kingdom of skies?

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