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Fuyu June 6th, 2013 6:24 AM



In 2001, the program known as the D-Reaper attempted to delete and absorb both the human and Digital Worlds due to its belief of their going beyond a specific amount of lifeforms, as well as the despair within a one Katou Juri's heart. On both sides, a war raged to stop this creature from destroying everything both existences held dear. Eventually, Japanese children known as “Digimon Tamers” rose up and were able to save Kato Juri, and defeat the D-Reaper. The world was left in confusion as the red mass shrank away from them, and peace returned as suddenly as it had been taken.

Though the Digimon had to return home on that day, they left their mark on this world. Corpses, destruction, scandal, all of these carried on as an event for the history books. Despite this, the games continued, life went on, and the world led on into peace.

Until now.

Thirteen years after the events of the D-Reaper, something has shaken the evolving Digital World to its core. Whatever that something is, the human world is left defenseless to the tremors of the Earth and the bizarre weather patterns that have begun afflicting it. Odd patches of fog have been appearing frequently all over the world, leaving corpses and destruction in their wake. People have been disappearing. International governments have taken notice and the media has been having a frenzy.

Soon, it will be affecting you as well. The DigiGnomes decree it.


You are a young, or even old, person in New York. Perhaps you have lived here all of your life, or are visiting for an exchange program, or just a lowly tourist. Whatever the case may be, you are here now and that is all that matters. You go about your life as normal, accepting things as they are. Maybe you've kept your eyes on the news and the odd events that have been going on lately. Maybe you hate the news and say: that's crap. It hasn't happened to you, so it never will. That's okay. You're normal right now.

You won't be for much longer.

You're about to be hit (perhaps literally) by something the world was trying to avoid remembering: a Digimon, or even an egg that could be a Digimon. How you take the event is up to you, but I wouldn't recommend running away. With that Digimon will be a strange device, almost a toy. There will also be a diamond pendant of some sort. An odd symbol will be engraved inside it. Try as you might, you will not be able to recognize it. You probably won't be able to recognize much of anything.

Battles await you. So can friendships, romances, developments in ways people haven't thought of in years, not since wars. The worlds are colliding. Get ready.

Soon, the Digital World will be swinging its gates wide open again. Will you be going through them? That depends. Will you live long enough to find out?


The RP will be done in “episodes”. Typically, an episode will be split into two parts. If there are specific quests or plots that roleplayers suggest or I think of that are important, there will be a spoiler tag for that player. Other players in the roleplay can interfere in these if they want to. That's part of the fun. All suggestions are for VM or PM.

Unless they are mentioned to be played by the GM, NPCs can mostly be played by roleplayers. The same goes for minor antagonists.


Digimon- Creatures made and evolved from data in the network. They are capable of many amazing feats and even evils. Mostly they stay in their own world, but sometimes they seek out humans, mostly for power.

Digital World- The place where everything is currently going wrong and where Digimon mostly live. This incarnation of the Digital World is rather different from the others. Information regarding this can be found here.

D-Arc- The “Digivice” used by a Tamer. Is capable of evolution, data storage, and Card Slash function, as well as a compass and watch. Other features have previously been employed, they just can't be accessed yet. Image here.

Tamer- A human partnered to a Digimon. Can be from a toddler to an old man, though it usually is a title given to children, ironically enough

Card Slash (Digi-Modify)- Digimon trading cards when slashed through the slot on the right slide (in just the right fashion, mind you) are capable of temporarily granting Digimon powers beyond their norm.

Digimon Trading Cards-Trading cards usually used for the Digimon card game now employed in the Card Slash technique. Examples include: Power, Speed, Hyper Wing, Radiant Fate. Full list will eventually be included

Indigo Card- A mysterious card that falls from the sky to unsuspecting humans once in a while. Perhaps it is the initiator of Matrix Evolution. No one knows. But wait... wasn't that what the Blue Card was for?

Four Holy Beasts- Four incredibly advanced Digimon who fought against the D-Reaper many years ago. They've been uncharacteristically quiet in response to these events.

Levels (Japanese/English) -I use the Japanese terminology in regards to this sort of thing but I will provide the English terms barring the D-Arc.

Baby 1/Baby
Baby 2/In-Training

  • Digimon can be up to Adult Level when you first get them. No Perfects, no Ultimates, not even MarinAngemon. He's cute but also can destroy a city block if he put his mind to it.
  • Child and Adult Level Digimon will be harder to evolve them and they will be a little weaker as a result. They will also be harder to bond with, be it either in personality or in focus. They will likely be a lot less trusting, trustworthy, or caring in regards to a Tamer if they have lived in the World that they have long enough to evolve that far
  • Digimon received as an egg or Baby level will naturally be weaker in a combat scenario, but they will have an easier time evolving and bonding with their Tamer. They are young and easily impressionable.
  • Humans cannot attack anything beyond a Child level and expect to kill it. You will be lucky if you can knock it out. Granted, humans can fight anything beyond that themselves all they want. It's their death sentence. However, killing Digimon as a human is difficult. If you've been trained in martial arts or murder (explain this backstory because that sounds awesome), we will expect it from you more than the random high school student with nothing but his MP3 player.
  • When/if your Digimon dies, it must be cleared with the GM. Because it stays dead. There is no Village of Beginnings. Then you have a few options after that, which you need to PM the game master about because it gets complicated.
  • Child levels cannot easily ram a Perfect level across a field. They'll have trouble with Adult levels until after a few fights. Notable exceptions are Combat Species Digimon, such as Guilmon or Dracomon, which would arguably have something else lacking in response to this.
  • Unless you have an “Evolution” card, any Digimon evolution will be difficult to achieve as it is, but downright impossible if you start with an Adult level.


1. Follow all PC rules. Kind of a given, but still.
2. Bunnying without asking is a no-no.
3. A paragraph to me is about three to six sentences. A post should be at least that, if not higher in regards to PC roleplaying guides.
4. If you want to interact with someone for a longer period of time, either have a joint post or make appropriate length posts with each other. If the other person suddenly up and disappears, at most, you have a week before you ask permission to bunny that person and move on.
5. That being said, one post a week at least. If I disappear, I'll try and leave a short message and explain what to do after that. If you don't appear after a week, I will VM you. Two weeks, you and your spot are gone.
6. No god-modding the fights or... anything. Everyone has their weaknesses.
7. Feel free to offer any new ideas to me. I will gladly take a look at them.
8. This roleplay is rated M for violence and cursing. Keep our romance on the downlow. :D
9. I will be making any final decisions, unless I have a sudden absence in which a temporary one will take my place. I will choose them.
10. If there is a problem, please tell me. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
11. Break any rule more than twice and I have to boot you. No exceptions.
12. Have as much fun as you can!


Sign ups will be taken up to eight days after this is accepted. There will be no reservations so as many people can post sign ups as they wish. I will be choosing them based on quality and how the character will be with others.

After the initial selection, if there are still open slots, any non-accepted members will be allowed to edit their SU to try again while the RP starts. They have until the first episode is finished to do so.

If someone is kicked out, I will VM a non-accepted member and offer them the spot.



Age: (Preferably between 10-30, but older and... maybe younger characters are welcome, depending on the quality)
Family: (Family members, occupations or lack there of, age)
Occupation: (Do we have a job? Where?)
Appearance: (Image, but one paragraph minimum preferred)
History: (Two paragraphs minimum)
Personality: (two paragraphs minimum, displaying both good and bad points)
Other: (Are there certain areas they excel in? Can they paint? Do they study kung-fu?)
Theme: (Optional. If your character has a theme song, show it off!)

Evolutions: (Their evolution line, Baby to Ultimate. We never know if those things come up.)
Appearance: (Is there anything different about them, compared to other Digimon?)
Moves: (To find the moves of your partner, DMA-Digidex or Wikimon are good sources. ^_^)
History: (If they were an egg, this may not be as necessary, but other than that, what lifestyle did they live? Did they want or need a Tamer? One paragraph minimum)
Personality: (One paragraph minimum, describing how our Digimon acts, what kind of bond they may eventually have with their Tamer, etc.
D-Arc Color/Colors: Up to two
Symbol: A symbol that reminds us of your character's best virtue, their best trait.

RP Sample: Give me a normal day, any day before the big bang occurred. Their time in school, if they go to work, how much they chat with their parents. Did anything weird happen to them before the RP began? Show it off. This will be a deciding factor on my acceptance of your sign-up.)

Name: Lark Cadence Felix 
Nickname: Kit
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Symbol: The Silver Key of Amnesty (Going to redraw later)
Jake Avery, 32, Freelance artist
Occupation: Part time baker at Magnolia Bakery, soon to be high school student
D-Arc: Silver and Lilac


She is nicknamed Kit for multiple reasons and two are very obvious. The first is that she is small. She is just barely over five feet and by appearances, scrawny,. Her health is perfectly fine however, says the doctor. It's partially due to her high metabolism. At least that's the belief, as he doesn't have any relatives to base it off of that anyone can find. And she's not very interested in finding them either. Her skin is not tanned or affected with the strongest make-up. Like she can afford that, really now. Her breasts, if you really are interested, are small, A cup to be honest. She seems rather plain when you look at other girls she knows

But anyway off of that subject, let us travel to something more interesting: her hair. It is purple, yes purple. To be precise it's lilac and it's very long, running over halfway down her back.There's a funny story to what happened to her originally auburn locks but we shall get to that later. Lark's eyes are a steely blue, usually filled with pure, warm, delight. It is accentuated by the tiniest hint of blush. From what little she knows about make-up, she knows its good to look like there isn't any. Her general appearance is casual.

One of the other reasons she is called Kit is for her hat. Throughout the year she keeps a fox eared fleece hat on her head, ears covered. You read right. It's a rusty red with the ears tipped black. The inside fluff of the ears is white. She will almost always be wearing this and if she isn't, chances are Lark is carrying it. It's her most prized possession, even compared to the sapphire earrings she has on. Yes the hat and hair clash awkwardly. She doesn't care in the slightest. Other than her earrings, Lark doesn't wear any jewelry. The one other important piece is kept hidden.

On her person are some very casual clothes. Since her guardian isn't exactly rolling in the dough, she goes to get some cheaper clothes and... doesn't really know the difference. Her clothes for cooler weather are a teal jacket with a black sleeveless shirt. The pants for this are hunter green and with black running shoes. However, since it's August, we probably won't see any of this. For the summer, you will catch her in a baby blue blouse with loose sleeves and grey dress jeans. Her shoes are white ballet flats. Lark carries around a black shoulder bag, full of various doodles and music and schoolwork and WHATEVER else she can think of. She forgets what's in there most of the time. The other object consistently carried around is her violin case, which rests on her back more often than not.


"Mewri~"- a sound for her to express emotion.

Kit's nickname comes partially from her hat, but it also is because she reminds people of a kitten. Social and graceful, until she is not, she is everywhere she can be one of the many lights of the party... except recently. Her popularity has dropped immensely. However, Kit isn't worried about this at all. Despite her smile being layered with an odd sad sheen, it is always meant to brighten up anybody's day... even if it fails at it. If you are depressed, chances are her nose will sense it, even if she doesn't know you, and Kit will be right there beside you, sometimes babbling and others just sitting there with that quiet patience of an older sibling. It seems like she's getting into things that she doesn't belong in and chances are, that's true. However, Kit can't stand it, the sensation of a lonely heart. From faraway, it seems very selfless. Kit however, is vividly aware of how selfish she is, wanting to keep that pain of loneliness all to herself.

Perhaps animals smell a comrade in arms because she's frequently followed by them wherever they can. She's a bit of a sucker for the big eyed stare and will frequently attempt to tame strays, no matter how much advice that she gets against it. This might be a reason why she's a bit old-fashioned, or maybe that's due to a lack of money. Her cell phone is a cheap pay-by-the minutes phone and she has a very old MP3 player that many of her former friends didn't even know ever existed. It's probably a good thing animals like her; her sense of direction is horrible. Kit still gets lost in her apartment. Not the best person to live in New York.

Kit forgives. Well that's an understatement. To be more accurate, you could stab Kit and she would find a justification in her head and forgive you. She earnestly believes that every person has goodness sleeping within them somewhere and with some time, effort, and faith, they can find out the power within it and use it for themselves. Not to say that means she doesn't know what evil looks like, Kit simply decided very young to look past it and to focus on what else someone could be. She won't hold a grudge and anger is something difficult for her to feel. She believes that by doing so, it will unlock the greatest power to ever exist: magic. White magic, full of hope and joy and faith in miracles. Kit earnestly believes in these kinds of magic, white and black, formed by emotions and dreams and believes a smile is the simplest and best spell. These pure-hearted, almost naive beliefs, formed first as a coping mechanism, have become actual aspects of her being. 

Family to Kit is about as normal and straightforward as a raindrop. Exactly. Not knowing her birth family's identities and never really encouraged enough to figure it out, she kind of just lets it slip by. She's curious about people with conventional families, but it puzzles her more than it hurts her. After all, she has Jake and Jake is enough of a family to her. Until Labramon and her friends come along of course. It's why she treasures her hat and her hair.

Well, I've described her philosophy and feelings, but how does Kit act? Earnest, a lover of all forms of art, she lives to exemplify the subtle beauty that encompasses it. Sweet and pleasant but prone to those random outbursts that frequent her guardian, Kit sacrifices formality and proper speech for bright words and lip only smiles. She is never exactly mellow, but her serene confidence in maybe not herself, but certainly her beliefs, reminds people of warm, fair weather. Kit is probably well-known by sight in the city, having run all over it for reasons ranging from helping her guardian's work to running errands or volunteer work. Though if she isn't running, she's playing her violin for everyone to hear.

Despite the exterior she exudes, she is not a leader by any means. She may be able to hold a person up, to stand beside someone despite being alone in the gesture, but don't look to her for major decisions or to step up when you need someone to take the next step. The most you'll get is a half-formed idea. Kit is hopeless at those things and tends to panic a little at the idea. The idea of all eyes on her is frightening and secretly, it is a relief to her that she is alone now. She is simply not passionate enough to throw herself to make people change or to be the symbol for everyone's hopes and dreams. As far as she is concerned, she has barely enough strength to live her own. A part of Kit isn't even sure this life she is living right now is real. She could be, in her own mind, back in that old creaky bed, drowning out the lonely cries of her fellow children with a fairy tale fit for a New York girl who secretly wonders who she is.


Though she'll likely never know it, Lark was born on December 8th in Mount Sinai Hospital to a pair of people deeply involved in their work as designers, hence the... unusual name choice. This hadn't been an accident, but unfortunately they had made a mistake. They had the money for a child, but they most certainly did not have the time or as they would realize, the love. So the young girl was dropped on the doorstep of an orphanage not long after her birth with a letter addressed to her. Even to this day, she has never read this.

That was the beginning of her foster years, the first three being raised by the stern but loved people who worked there. Around the age of four, her first foster home picked her up. She was a good woman, the person who had given her the treasured hat she wears today, well a version of it. However, it didn't last longer than two years, due to the parent leaving for the army and having no other relatives to care for her. Kit was picked up and promptly returned to the orphanage, where she spent the next few years of her life watching others come and go. Not sure what else to do and rather angry with the turn of events, Kit decided to help the staff of the orphanage with the younger children, trying to occupy them and make things less of a hassle. She told them stories and drew pictures, comforting them when they cried. Even though she liked the quiet that appeared from less crying children, a part of her enjoyed their smiles more than that.

Around the age of seven, her heart unconsciously began to resign to staying in that place. That fact in mind, she was enrolled in a public school. The students teased her for her behavior and lack of toys but it eventually died down. She tended to smile at them too much for it to be worth it. This led to small friendships and for about a year, it was a nice careful routine. 

One day in the summer that was abrupt visit of a man named Jake Avery, a twenty-five year-old artist. He was a good friend of her initial foster mother, who had died on active duty. In the will left to him and the friends she had made, she asked him to take care of Kit, feeling guilty that she had not been able to do so herself. So, here he was. It wasn't because he was a selfless man who wanted a child. He was a bit too impulsive for that. No, it was in truth because he had planned to marry her so to Jake it seemed like the best way to move forward. The whole affair was rather anticlimactic in all honesty. She, being a child starved for parental attention and having very much loved that woman, was very happy to meet someone close to that. During the long adoption process, he visited and showed her various drawing methods, teaching Kit the various techniques he used and pulling her into the world he lived in. Admittedly it was a rather odd one.

For Kit, though Jake likely hadn't known this, it had rekindled that tiny spark of hope and joy in her heart, a miracle. It unconsciously cemented the beliefs she had told the younger children of. It also allowed her to forgive her foster mother and to mourn her openly. If this hadn't happened, who knew who she would have become? She couldn't believe it and for the sake of her own sanity, a part of her can't.

Around the age of nine, Jake took it upon himself to train the little girl in self-defense. Why? Well, obviously, she's a little girl in the big city of New York. Also, because she's Kit, and even after only a year, she was capable of some ditzy behavior. So... it was better to be safe than sorry. This little girl was quickly taught how to kick your butt and survive in some crazy conditions. She ain't dumb, that is for sure.

At the age of eleven, after they were used to living with each other for quite some time, came... the incident. Not really, it was just that Kit's hair got bleached by accident. How by accident you say? Well, one day while cleaning up, Kit saw the guide and equipment for it while he wasn't home and... well she tried it. The good news: she did it correctly. The bad news: Jake came home and found his surrogate daughter with blonde hair. It didn't look good on her. So, he went to get some hair dye. However, being curious as a kitten, she didn't find anything close to her hair dye and instead got... you guessed it! Purple, rich lilac purple! The rest is pretty easy to guess.

The rest of her life... wasn't all that eventful. She had been forced to switch schools after the adoption and had actually been able to make a few friends that stayed throughout middle school. She still got the teasing, mostly for her hair. However, more people liked it than hated it, claiming she was a real anime character, awesome nickname and everything! Having no clue what that was, Kit tried to learn. Oops. Regardless, her life was quite nice and ordinary.

That took an abrupt change a few days ago when Kit found out she had been accepted into the High School of Art and Design, where Jake had gone. Her friends weren't thrilled, believing she had gotten there strictly with the man's reputation. It led to a petty disagreement and at the moment, Kit hasn't spoken to them since they stopped talking to her. She doesn't really mind however. If it makes them feel better, she doesn't have any qualms. After all, she can still work in the bakery and everyone loves sweets! Right?

Theme:  by Yuzuki. Lyrics and translation are found here. Chosen due to her complete trust in others and the power that sharing strength with them can bring. Also picked for its soft and sweet instrumentals. 

Other: Kit is a talented violinist and a mildly good artist. She's still working on that, but it's apparently good enough to get noticed every once in a while. Also, she has some rather crazy survival training. We could have a zombie apocalypse and she'd be loaded for bear. Be careful if she gets a shovel.


Baby 2

Appearance: She has the appearance of a Xiaomon, seen here, except there is a purple bandanna on one ear.

"Tummo", releases a high-frequency wave that is an effective charm against evil.

History: Xiaomon has not had a very long history. She's surprised to be alive right now to be honest. Baby 2s aren't exactly known for their stamina and ability to survive. She was hatched in a forest plain of the Digital World and quickly learned the important skill that was running like a maniac. Or in the case of being a Paomon, bouncing like a maniac. She has white and pink fur. People tend to notice that. That was how she spent most of her life, shooting bubbles and running like mad. She knew that she wasn't exactly the strongest monster in the world, but... she never had any idea of what she needed either.

At least until she fell through a crack in the earth. Then, she knew she needed help.

Personality: Xiaomon is rather relaxed, in no hurry to rush in and fight but unwilling to be left behind either. Xiaomon shares traits with the typical Labrador, and possibly the atypical. She is normally beside Kit as a dog would be to its owner, mild-mannered and not chewing on the furniture. She is not the noisy one at her normal stage, preferring to keep opinions to herself except when it comes to Kit. She will scold or praise the girl in equal measures, usually through her wordless sounds.Yes up until her Adult level she can't talk. Kit sometimes understands her... not all the time. She's a very mature or very silly baby. Also, a word of caution: harm Kit and she will go for the kill without looking back. She holds a grudge, despite being the size of a throw pillow.

Evolutions:  Paomon->Xiaomon->Labramon->Siesamon->Kyuukimon->Kuzuhamon

Roleplay Sample:

Date:July 30th
Time: 17:30
Location: Blick's Art Supplies
Current Mood: :)
Currently Listening To: Free

Money. It was a rare creature. Jake didn't spend much on himself that he could get away with and Kit tried to keep away from using her own. It wasn't like she earned much. But when she did there were a few things she spent it on, and one of them was art supplies. The others were things of equal nerd joys and gifts, sheet music included.

"Mewrii~" The noise was met with a couple of odd, curious stares, but Kit Felix ignored them with the happy bliss that came from earning something herself. She calmed herself quickly, rummaging through her bag until she found the list she was looking for. She then cycled through the Prismacolor markers and grabbed the ones she needed, mentally calculating. With her purchases in hand she went to the register. The woman there grinned at her, spinning the markers as she scanned them.

"Use up the set again?" Kit smiled softly as she nodded, tugging at the hat over her ears. "My gosh you never get tired of that thing. Don't you have hat hair yet?" Kit frowned curiously as she took out her wallet, shaking her head with earnest confusion. What was wrong with hat hair? It was less frizzy... last she checked. "Well your total is... huh?"

"What's wrong?" the younger teen asked nervously, fiddling with the bills.

The clerk scratched her head, looking bemused. "Well it's saying those markers are over $240,000." Confusion and dismay passed over Kit's face, displayed by her smile slowly drooping to a frown. She would never be able to afford that. "Eh don't worry I remember the price." Thankful, the lilac-haired girl paid and left the store. It wasn't getting dark yet but it was better to be safe than sorry. She adjusted her violin case on her back, leaving the store for the streets outside. She clicked her MP3 player back on and started to hum.

Kit, so deeply into the song she was listening to, almost didn't notice the tank topped figure of one of her former friends about to knock her off the curb. She darted to the left, ignoring the dirty sneer she had just received. It wasn't a big deal really. They wouldn't have gone to the school in the first place. Maybe this could lead the way to new friends. Maybe they liked some of the things she did....

Maybe her phone was buzzing. Moving back a headphone to place the receiver over an ear, she flipped it open. "Jake?" Instantly a shock jolted her ear and she winced, pulling it back. Worriedly, Kit put it back over and a sense of vertigo overwhelmed her senses, causing the young teen to shut her eyes and wince. The sound around her, including in her one earphone, faded into melded babbling and whispers and into white noises. Liquid cement poured into her veins, slowly hardening and numbing her limbs. 

Meanwhile her phone was singing in her ear. "We are here~waiting... for you to come~"

"What... Is this?" She tried to step forward, but Kit found her legs were already still.

As if deaf to her pleas, the song continued, shifting voices coldly. "How many mistakes... have I made?" With a great effort, she forced her arm from her ear, letting the phone dangle uselessly in her hand. The song continued to hum until Kit forced it to flip shut. Then the world abruptly returned to normal and Kit stumbled forward. There was a snicker behind her but this was thankfully missed.

"Mewri~" she mused. "That was... odd." With that analysis made, Lark walked the rest of the way home.

At the door to the apartment, she was greeted by the broad chest of none other than Jake Avery. "Hey purple kitty," he drawled slowly, ruffling her hat-covered head. "Find everything?" He reminded her of a wolf, a social Beta level wolf that was more muscular than the Alpha... but not much else. His green eyes sparkled with that cheerful creative gleam. He had a new idea in the works. Tread lightly Kit, lightly.

"Yes sir," Kit replied promptly, following him inside and walking into her small partitioned section of the bedroom. It was painted like Central Park in Autumn, the fiery trees "holding up" a carefully done hammock. She sat down on it, swinging slightly back and forth, almost into her tiny dresser. "The electricity was weird though." Jake reclined against the wall with the loose, earnest smile that she knew best, that she loved best.

"Had that issue earlier myself. Don't try your laptop. The internet's down." Pushing himself off with an "incredible" effort, he winked. "Dinner will be in an hour. The folks below have extra again."

Kit let out a sigh of barely contained bliss. "I love Steak Mac and Cheese!" she told him, causing the man to chuckle.

"Yeah, especially when it's free." He growled out the last word like a hungry animal, causing her to giggle. "Enjoy some drawing kitty kitty." He left, drawing her curtain closed. 

As her tiny lamp flickered on and off above her, Kit frowned to herself pensively. "Today was so weird..." Does that mean I will wake up soon? She shook her head. "This is real... this is real..."

She murmured this even as the lamp gave up the fight and clicked off.


1. Lark Cadence Felix (Fuyu)
2. Nikholas Parsson (EliteBeats)
3. Adrian Fitzgerald (YogiOne)
4. Atlas Sky (Yamagi Sosuke)
5. Reserved for heretostay123
6. Kalista Rose (Nickle4Pickle)
7. Noemi Calder (Grif of Hearts)
8. Natalie Delgado (First Snow)
9. Quincy Marley (Nideous)

MichaelaTheUchiha June 12th, 2013 8:04 PM

If I knew anything about Digimon, I would totally join, but I sadly don't. :(

I'm sure this RP will be amazing though!

(As usual for when you're the GM)

Chalifoux June 12th, 2013 8:08 PM


Name: Nikholas Parsson.
Nicknames/Aliases: Nikko or Nikk.
Age: 15... And 6 months, but, who cares.
Gender: Male
D-Arc Color/Colors: Blue & Dark Slate-Blue
Symbol: The Vessel of Willpower.


Family: [FATHER] Stephen Parsson; Age 38; Assistant Manager at a Car Dealer Agency.
[MOTHER] Dolores Rochfort; Age 35; Secretary at The Cookie Factory.
[BROTHER] Owen Parsson; Age 18; High-School Student.
[SISTER] Lettice Parsson; Age 10; Elementary School-Student.

Occupation: High-School Student. Homework to no end, wut wut!

Appearance: Click the character's name to see a Mii of what Nikholas roughly looks like. Then proceed to read the following, or don't, I'm cool with whatever:

He has a round face, rather chubby in fact. A beard is growing and taking over his face as we speak, almost hiding the somewhat pointy chin Nikko possesses. Somewhat round eyes of a dark green, almost gray, can be found here. He has lush hair of a deep brown, that almost looks of a crimson red under bright sunlight, and ends up with two spikes that go towards the left (when seeing him from the front). One thing that particularly seems to stand out are his thick eyebrows. It's like a capillary forest in there... Seriously.

His body complexion is somewhat chubbier than one would expect for someone his age. Not obese morbid, of course, but not precisely thin, either... 170lbs, with a height of 6 inches. His clothing is wide as to allow more comfortability, and shows that he is actually younger than he looks like. Dude looks like a geezer, yo!

His oufit, this particular day, consists of a light gray dress shirt, nothing peculiar about it, it's just like the one depicted in the previous link, if not identical. He's also wearing regular denim jeans with no special traits to them. The belt he wears in these has a plated, oval-shaped crest with an inverted triangle embossed in it. The only accessory he likes to wear is a simple, black digital watch on his left wrist. On the pockets of his pants you'll find a black pen, plus loads of chunks of paper, blank and with stuff written in them. From the obvious random cellphone number to the "i.o.u. a hug"s.

History: When his parents met, it was as cheesy as it could be. Some flowers, chocolates, baby talking, 20$ rings, then a hotel room and BOOM! They turned into father and mother shortly after they became husband and wife.

Add a tablespoon of amnesia, and repeat. Congratulations, you produced your secondborn! Duplicate the previous dose of amnesia for better results. Please contact Customer Service if you did not obtain a Nikholas this time.

Problems had already risen on the Parsson household, even before Nikko's arrival. Communication amongst all members (then and now) sucks. They barely remember what each other's favorite color is... It's probably Blue... or Red... or Green... or Yellow? Who knows!

Yelling and arguing is something rather common for them, even after they left quiet Nashville and moved to the bustling city of New York. Although, to be fair, switching an enormous house for a reduced space that is constantly engulfed by the sounds of the nearby elevator of their apartment didn't precisely "help" to their situation.

They all also seem to think they can win their arguments by yelling the loudest. Did the neighbors complain? Yes, a lot of times, actually. Did they take said complaints into account? ... Not really.

His brother spends most of his time either in his school. Well, not ALL of it, but you get the idea. Clubs, extracurricular activities and whatnot. And, when he is at home, he's doing homework. He's either that much of a great student or hates his family... Possibly both.

From an early age, Nikko showed to be fascinated by computers. The way they work, all the tasks they perform... And yes, even the way they devour people in Sci-Fi movies from the previous century. And while he only acquired his first computer when he was 12, he does know his technology, if he does say so himself.

His relationship with his parents has always been... peculiar. If they're not yelling at him, they're at work, yelling to other employees. They don't really have any "special family memories" to share... It's actually kind of surprising how they haven't killed themselves out of distress already...

His sister was a beautiful blessing... once the initial shock of a third pregnancy had faded. Yes, Lettice is a very beautiful accident. But then again, they're all wonderful accidents of god.

His sister is nice, kinda. They're not BFFs or brother/sister of the year, but they somehow get along, somewhat... His brother and him... He supposes they also do, but then again, who's to say when the mister is rarely at home, and awake, for that matter.

His school experiences are all normal. No bullies, which is great. No douchebags that hit people over their lunch money... only arrogant douchebags galore!

While he has asked numerous times, his parents have never agreed to let him join a technology club for no apparent reason. He, however, is assisting to it every Saturday. His parents couldn't care less about what he does in his free time, so they are either clueless about this or simply don't care at all.

Both parents work both turns, as to avoid seeing each other and their children. However, and as to keep Social Services away from them, they have hired numerous nannies across the years. He has nothing against them, but Lettice, Owen and Nikko can take care of themselves very well, as such these so called "nannies" only get paid for watching TV, breathing, and overall existing. It's like a dream job for them.

With so few communication amongst this family you'd expect more hatred and arguments than there are words in this sentence, times seven million. And they are, over the most simple thing, be it not washing your dishes or accidentally scratching the mahogany furniture of the house. After all, it's mahogany! Isn't it?

Sometimes Nikko begins to think how his life would be if he was in another world. One where he could begin anew. No regrets, just love. Dancing until the sun went down and whatnot.

Personality: A very bright young man. You could actually say he's smart. Smart enough to obtain an A+ if he so wanted to (which he doesn't, by the way, he conforms with a C+ or a B-), and also quite informed on a few topics, not too many, but yes, a few of them...

Restless due to his somewhat inquisitive nature. There are times when he can't help but get hooked by a certain topic, and if that happens then he'll soon develop an obsession over them. He will then try to find out as much info as it is possible regarding these. And then it will become his number one topic of discussion. It is up to you if you'll find it annoying or not. ...Because I do, and a lot.

Hates being alone, because he gets bored with excessive ease. He, however, would prefer the company of someone else over that of his family. They're nice and all, but they're also... special... as in, very special. As such, he's either surrounded by his school friends or his Internet friends at most times.

A fun-loving guy, that can throw one or two puns at you. They're mostly bad, but, oh well... No one gave him the Puns 101 lessons, so it's not his fault... entirely.

Reserved to those he doesn't know. If your not in his friend circle or part of his family then he won't talk to you unless you talk to him. Although, if you do, you'll find out he likes to talk... a lot. About any given topic, really, mostly of his obsessions.

Realistic, although varying to the negative side of things at some times. He doesn't seem to get along with those who are too positive about things, if at all. He considers them to be... excessively happy. Caring for others, but only if he knows them well enough. He tends to be easily manipulable, so, if you're his friend, you'll find out he rarely says no to anything you would say or ask.

Kind but unforgiving. No matter what you do that he doesn't like, he's set to hold a grudge against you ninety-nine percent of the time. Mostly because of silly things that some people wouldn't mind or care about. I guess the dude is just that sensitive...

Finally, he's a tiny bit of a geek... A little bit... Okay, a lot. He's mister McGeeker, in fact. Obsessed with gadgets and technological gizmos to no end. He even has a wide knowledge on coding and programming (it's actually very limited, but he brags saying he knows a lot of it). Yup, a tech-wiz and whatnot.


Digimon: Pupumon
Level: Baby 1
Appearance: A regular Pupumon in every single way, with the only difference being a blue, tiny ribbon in its left wing.
Personality: "Meeeep!" - The only articulated sound Pupumon can produce.

It is a joyful, and overall innocent Digimon species. It is always willing to learn from Nikko and as such keeps following him around wherever he goes, although Nikko won't really let him do so some times. Extremely curious and annoyingly sociable. It's always following and sniffin' things, as well as strangers out of no particular reason (if he isn't following Nikko) and also clumsy to no end. Somewhat absent-minded, and could forget what he's doing with ease. Stubborn enough to chase his goals just as long as he doesn't forget which these are...


Poison Bubbles Jp: 毒のアワ (Doku no Awa). Spits poisonous bubbles from its mouth.
History: It was a dark and stormy night... under the sea... in heaven... in Hawaii!
No wait, I think I'll just start over.

Actually, no, he was just an egg. Doing egg things in the eggiest way possible. As such, it is impossible to determinate where he was before his birth. Although the one thing he does remember is when he hatched.

Hey, I have just hatched!
And this is crazy!
But the ground is shaking!
It's scary, maybe?

He got no single glimpse of his world. Nothing but the ground swallowing him, and then, disgusting smells in a magical, steel container with stinky, unknown food thingies.



Other: He has an easy understanding of technology, particularly some areas of coding and programming. Not much of them, but yes, a few...
Theme: Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise. I figure it fits because of the constant kerfuffles that happen in Nikko's family. o3o


Nikholas had been darting across the immense gatherings of people of Times Square. How he hadn't been smashed by their destructive feet or ran over by a killer Taxi cab still remained a mystery for him. The different shapes and sizes of the people around him were blocking his sight, like they always do. He wasn't really sure of where he was, but any place was better than his place.

That particular day he had visited his mother on The Cookie Factory. He wasn't allowed past the lobby, like it always had happened on previous visits, so he figured he would just venture around that Saturday. He had saved up quite some money so he wouldn't have much of a problem. Besides, they're a bunch of wine-cats for not even letting him stay at the lobby.

Taboon Restaurant came into view. Neatly assorted chairs and tables stood behind a white, plastic fence with the always common red chair logo embossed in it. The curtains behind the windows were all placed at equal distance, and the delicious scents and flavor flooded the nearby people. Nikholas was no exception.

At least he had reached the place he wanted. Finally, thought Nikko as he took a chunk of paper from his pocket once he step away from the ever-walking crowds. He then started to carefully unwrap the already horrible-looking piece of newspaper he had torn that morning.

"Mysterious object crashes at Taboon Restaurant Window" he read as he examined the window that was included in the photo. Apparently an oval-shaped object appeared out of nowhere and collided against the window. According to the local townsfolk, it either "fell from the sky" or proves that "God is mad at us", sometimes both. No traces of the object were found. And security cameras showed that it indeed appeared out of nowhere, and actually looked like an egg.

Nikko stared deep into the previously beautiful window. It was cracked in almost every place imaginable, but somehow managed to resist the impact without breaking. In the center of the window, a circle of cracks stood. Probably where the egg stroke, he immediately thought.

He decided to board a cab. He had been staring at the window without a reason for more than two hours, and he was starting to run low on money after boarding so many of the yellow vehicles. Raising his hand he signaled the yellow vehicle to stop.

The person-carrying machine didn't bother to stop itself. God. Damnit. I didn't even want to ride it, anyways! Kicking a soda can in the floor towards a nearby alley, he resumed his walk in the now dissipating crowd of New York. His loss. I'm the best passerby that'll ever sit in these cabs.... It also granted him with more time to examine the crime scene of this anonymous vandalic act.

And somehow... he could tell just by looking at the window that he would meet the culprit anytime soon. But that's just too dumb. There's no such way he could find the one responsible for an egg falling from the sky, now, could he?

YogiOne June 13th, 2013 12:16 AM

My first post here on this site and I'm really interested in joining this rp, I have a bit of experience and would like this to count the start of my sign up. Got the hard parts out of the way first...

EDIT: Only have one paragraph left to write

Finished but I might keep coming back for little touch ups


Adrian Fitzgerald

Fitzy or Fitz



Maria Fitzgerald(43)(Mother) - Accountant
Patrick Fitzgerald(45)(Father) - Supervisor at construction site

High school student

Wild almost untamed hair, fit for a kid who couldn't tell you the difference between a comb and a brush(not seriously though, he knows the difference) the unique look stems from a ancient technique of waking up and ruffling it for a while in the morning. The black, beautiful head of hair sits atop a teenager of average height, standing at about 5'9" weighing at around a 147 pounds with a muscular build but you want see him rippling out of any of his t-shirts.

His pierced ears or bright blue eyes or bright blue eyes might be the next thing you notice about Adrian and if you could pry yourself from staring in his bright blue eyes you would then get a chance to look at what he wears. Most of the time he dresses in his favorite grey long sleeved jacket covering over any random plain t-shirt usually black, finishes off his outfit with black skinny jeans, not too tight, and a black pair of levi shoes. One think Adrian does though is take off his jacket anytime he knew that he was going to spend a extended period of time somewhere.

White picket fence, fresh green lawn and a street to ride a bicycle up and down seems like the perfect place to raise a family and live a happy life. For a while that was the life Adrian was living, with his biggest concern being whether or not he would be pick to play baseball and in any case he was always picked anyway. For a young boy he was living the life, until the day he was being convinced by his parents that the “big city” is where all the actions is, and had to pack up and leave his suburbian home and friends behind. Adrian couldn’t stop the tears, it was the first he had experienced a major change such as this, moving from the only thing he had known to this unchartered territory. Looking back on that now, Adrian knows it was because they were tight on money back then, but was too young to realise it at the time.

Adrian had to adjust quickly, with both parents starting new jobs, him at a new school and living in an all new environment it wasn’t easy for a kid and development had to happen faster than he might have liked. Late nights at home by himself feeding on cereal and snacks for his dinner it’s no surprise that he started depending less on his parents for things and learnt to cook for himself and even cleaned the house time after time. Still he tried his hardest to get by and did it all with a smile but as the years passed by so did his smile slowly fade away. Going to school and bringing back awards for sports and academics wasn’t enough to even get a “good job” and a smile from either parent, making all the awards Adrian has scattered around his room seem insignificant or unimportant to him. After a while Adrian stopped trying to get their attention as he could never make them pry their eyes away from their work anyway and behind the lack of love he was getting from them it seems the love they shared disappeared. Once again like déjà vu his parents sat down with Adrian explain to him that they were taking a “break” once again he was going to be moved but this time it was from home to home. Something funny came out of the whole situation though, for the first time in a while he felt like he was loved as his parent fought over whose house he would stay that week.

Eventually that break became the situation Adrian is living with today divorced parents and move from house to house in the same city at the end of every week. Who cares anymore though Adrian has grown up into a well-adjusted young man and all is well, even taking advantage of his parents who are quick to buy his love if needed. Which he would never tell is unnecessary since he loves them deeply as he knows despite how bad things have been sometimes they did it all for him and he always holds his memories of the good times. Sports and video games were a release at times, especially sports since it gave him a chance to show off his talents and spend time with his peers and built him up as a person with team player attitude. It was always a good way to release any anger or stress and that fact that teams he played on were mostly successful, but as he got older the interest in playing the sport died down a little dropping from his interest in soccer, baseball, basketball and football to Adrian playing the occasional baseball games.

With family support rare to come by though Adrian must have people he considers who support him, yeah his friends are always by his side and always there when it matters. A bunch of trouble makers rarely in class and almost always in trouble. So you might wonder, "Why is a boy who understands all that hang with the people he does?" At the end of the day for Adrian, with them is where the fun is plus they've been there since his first day in detention all those years ago. For now Adrian is resigned to the idea that he will be living in the city for a while and while here he might as well stick with his friends and have a little fun before he can explore the world.

Adrian lives his life in a way that he perceives the behaviour of normal teens should be, shying away from outlandish reactions, emotions that seem out of place. Because of this he tends to stay away from people who he identifies as weird or eccentric as he just sees them as some bizarre people. Regardless to say, a messed up home life has led to Adrian’s personal straight laced approach to life. His parents separation has caused him to grow up not really knowing how to act in certain situations and around certain people so aside from any reading he does , he relies on instincts or general should be human behaviour for his choices. If Adrian did look to his parents for anything he would mostly just observe them arguing over trivial matters like whose turn it was to pick up dry cleaning, the little things being the reason why they divorced in the first place. A usual day with either one of his parents would entail mostly arguing, usually with the other parent, making him wonder why they ever separated in the first place always joking to himself that they most prefer to argue over the phone instead. Adrian doesn’t let his parent’s problem derail his life though and just sees it as something in the background in the story of his life. Unlike other kids who have experienced divorce, by what he has read in books, Adrian feels he has coped well with the divorce since he doesn’t act out or use drugs to sooth some sort of unhappiness he might feel because of it.

Despite how normal he may think he or his life is, Adrian does have his own shortcoming. Unable to keep a girlfriend for too long because of his lackadaisical attitude at times and the fact that he hangs with not the best of crowds. Despite this though he doesn’t succumb to peer pressure and rarely does the stupid things his friends find themselves doing unless it playing video games or sports, but despite the company he keeps he isn’t considered a problem child himself just another kid needing direction. There are the few occasions when he does get himself in trouble though, usually just to see if his parents care, and when it does happen there’s never any backlash as his parents argue over whose fault it is and Adrian just continues living somewhat happily. Adrian is considered a "good guy" buy his friends and the people who know him well and he's some who is quick to help or support his friends if needs be and can even be considered a leader at times if he could be bothered into it.

Generally he thinks to himself as a funny person and that's back up by the fact that his friends laugh at his jokes, although it doesn't take much to impress them. Outside of his social circle though he sometimes comes off as rude and is highly confrontational with his elders and people in authority, confrontational in the sense that he sometime shows a direct lack of respect. One thing Adrian dislikes is being ask too many question especially when they are personal and maybe unnecessary to whatever situation is at hand, and even though he may come off rude at times it's, most times, not intentional but sarcasm is a very important part of his arsenal and sometimes he's responds sarcastically without even noticing .Adrian just goes through the motions of the day at times though hoping for something even moderately exciting to happen and spark up his day which rarely occurs. His big dream though is to eventual travel the world, getting away from the big city and just able to see the wanders of the earth, maybe find a nice beach to lay on with beautiful women all around, with the latter being optional. He just one days wants to grow old without a worry in the world.

A talented sportsman who is surprisingly proud of his physical abilities and judges himself a survival aficionado from his experience watching an all day marathon of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls though he has never gotten the chance to prove it.

No theme right now but I'm open to suggestion



Evolutions: Sunmon-> Coronamon -> Firamon -> Flaremon -> Apollomon

Standard looking Coronamon, the only standout things on his body is a little pink string tied around his left ankle.

Corona-knuckle: Releases continuous punches with its fists heated by the power of flame.

Corona Flame: Concentrates the power of flame in its brow while exhausting all of its body's stamina, then fires it at the opponent as a flaming shot.

Petit Prominence: Clads its body in flames, and either defends itself or rams the opponent.

The pink string around his ankle is the evidence of his past failures and the reason he is so motivated and driven in anything he does. As a freshly hatched Sunmon he just floated around the egg village, one of the last around, unaware of the dangers of the outside world and just content to float and play with the other baby digimon. Like most tragic events it happened almost too sudden for the young Sunmon to understand but he watched as a DarkTyrannomon tore through his home. Lucky to be one of the few to escape he watched as the little village became ashes and from then burning passion lit in his soul, he knew what he wanted to be.

Years passed on and that little Sunmon ended up growing into the brave Coronamon we know and love today. His drive for justice and redemption led to him protecting a little village and even though it was far from any danger and well hidden it made him proud knowing that he was helping them do the little things and they appreciated it as well. The village was mainly inhabited by Leafmon and Pururumon whose main export and import was string that they played. It was a funny situation to Coronamon he would take the string outside to walk around for a while returning with the same things, it kept the digimon happy so it was enough for him.

Everything was peaceful and everyone was happy but when Coronamon finally got tested in the line of danger he failed and was again could only watch on as another village he inhabited was destroyed. The first time it happened because he was physically unable to do anything and this time it was because he was too weak to stop it from happening. Coronamon's soul was rife with anger and despair but he wasn't going to wafer, his goal to get stronger and finally protect the people he loved was now his only goal. The pink string he took is the only thing left of his past and the catalyst for his search of power...

The driving force behind all his actions and behavior is his disappointing past. Not only is it in his nature as a Vaccine digimon and a digimon from the virus buster family but also from his past experiences, he has a great sense of justice and acts only in finding ways to smite evil in his path. This has led him to countless defeats but his spirit constantly makes him get back up and try again never wavering and forever attempting to stop even the pettiest of evil or injustice he comes across. He has a trusting nature and anyone who even claims to be a "defender of peace" he would ally himself with, thankfully though he's not an awful judge of character and usually knows when another digimon might be lying.

The relationship shared between himself and Adrian would be one of initial power bearer and power seeker as Coronamon would only see Adrian as a means to get stronger eventually over time the relationship would grow and change. Coronamon's attachment with Adrian would see him become, in his eyes, Adrian's protector when really it would be a more brotherly relation. Adrian wanting to help Coronamon reach his goals at any cost.

D-Arc Color/Colors
Red and Black

Crest of Compassion

RP Sample:

Well, I guess you could say it all started out like every other day of the week for Adrian. Woke up and without hesitation checked his phone for any messages he might have gotten while he was sleeping. Once he sorted that out everything else moved like clockwork; shower, breakfast, brushed his teeth and was off and on his way to school. But before leaving he had one more important task to do

“Breakfast on the table mom” this followed a little knock on her bedroom door and without even waiting for a reply he was out the door for real this time.

With it being so early in the morning Adrian experienced one of the happier walks down the long hallway leading the stairs, no annoying neighbour or that weird guy that always smelled like cheese blocking his path, probably the reason he left so early every morning. Passing through the lobby, stealing one of the doorman’s donuts and meeting up with Daniel and the crew outside “Ready for some random acts of violence” Daniel shouted this at the top of his voice and causing Adrian to get dirty looks from an elderly tenant walking with her dog.

“Ignore him Mrs. Mitchell” the woman replied with a slight smile which quickly turned to a scowl “We only commit violence on Saturdays” the group walked off in laughter leaving the shocked old lady and a scared dog in their wake. That was the most exciting or enjoyable thing to happen to the group of teens for the rest of the morning as Adrian was able to talk them down into just relaxing as the hours pass away before school where the day would really ‘kick off’ so to speak.

The group dispersed as they reached the school gate as them being together was just a big day of detention waiting to happen and none of them were going to have their day spoiled like that. Daniel and Adrian broke off together make in their way to class and how excited they were, not.
“Wake me when it’s done” Daniel quickly found himself a seat at the back and like that he was out like a light.
“Yeah buddy” Daniel always amused Adrian who found himself a seat by the window perfect angle to get breeze from the window and behind biggest kid in the class so the teacher couldn’t see him.

"The square root of potato is divided by the mass of...." It all sounded like gibberish to Adrian and he wouldn't even give the teacher the time of day but today was different. Destiny had spited him, laughing in his face taking away the only comfort he could have in this boring classroom "No angry birds!!" Adrian muttered angrily as he was unable to use his phone, the same phone that was functioning perfect only two hours ago has now become like a stone in his hand, unusable.

The hours ticked by, the sun went down and the moon came up and the sun went down again, but no only five minutes had passed since he last looked up at the clock but it felt like an eternity. Staring out the window and watching the clouds go by was not as soothing as people claim it to be soothing but it reminded Adrian of the un-moving clock on the wall. The people walked by, the birds flew high and the stoplights flashed red on all sides, everything was boring and endless. Wait, Adrian's head slanted a little as he looked at traffic at a standstill and as he looked around to see if anyone else in the class noticed all their faces were either blank staring on the teacher or half asleep. Adrian played off the occurrence as nothing "Must be a malfunction" he whispered.

And like God's great mercy the bell rang loud and proud to the delight of Adrian and all in the class but this also reminded Adrian that this was only the first class of the day and for some reason his mind wasn't up for, consequence of first period math you might say. "Hey Fitzy, hurry up!" the shout from the boy quickly woke up Daniel and got Adrian's attention they were in for a long day.

The school day finally came to an end, people laugh, cried and memories was made all around but Adrian's mind really wasn't in anything that happened for some reason he was preoccupied. Looking down on his phone every ten minutes resulted in it flashing "WANT POWER" and "NEED POWER" in some weird text, for the second time today Adrian played it off as something else. He saw it as the phone's weird way of saying it needs to be charged, simple enough to understand, blunt and straight to the point. "Fitz, we're going over to my house to play halo you comin' dude"

"Nah I gotta pack up and get over to my dad's house" Adrian's replied with a slight unpleasant tone, seeing it as a tedious act to have to pack up week after week, only doing it to keep some sort of peace between his parents.

"Alright, your gonna miss out man"

"It will finally give you a chance win for once" Adrian laughed and walked off in the direction of the nearest pay phone.

He felt like a caveman without a cellphone to use and it was even worse when he found himself looking for coins to make a single call. "Hey Da..." Adrian was cut off his father was speaking almost too fast for him to get a word in "But i need a....." the conversation really was going no where but Adrian was definitely headed for the subway.

"Get home, read up on whatever that guy said in class" Adrian took a seat in the corner of the subway car and closed his eyes for a while as the subway car slowly started moving and just as slowly it came to a stop. "Attention all passengers, we are experiencing ummm......technical difficulties" Even the train conductor seemed surprised and puzzled by what ever was holding up their travel and the unexplained reason why the doors couldn't open.

"Probably terrorist" Adrian joked silently as he drifted to sleep, unable to do anything about the situation at hand.

Pikachu June 13th, 2013 1:43 AM

Okay, not 100% sure I'll join but I'm putting a placeholder up for GabumonX -> Garurumon -> WeregarurumonX -> MetalgarurumonX


Fuyu June 13th, 2013 4:35 AM

Michaela: It's okay buddy, I'd like to see ya if you wanted to.

EliteBeats: Okay, I'll be looking forward to it!

YogiOne: Welcome! More than happy to let you take a look.

Red: Okeydokey! I'll definitely keep you in mind~!

I'll be announcing the players until June 21st. You can still get in afterwards, though! But that's when I'm sitting down and looking at them.

Colony June 13th, 2013 5:27 AM

Finished the SU, but placeholder still in effect. After rereading the initial post, I think I have an idea what the indigo card is, but I'm gonna keep quiet. If I'm right it'll be amusing. ;)

Name: Gavin Rhodes

Nicknames/Aliases: Rhodey, which is a play on the word roadie.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Marco Rhodes, 56, Radiologist M.D.
Helena Rhodes, Deceased.

Occupation: He works at a music store during the day, but at night he does shows with his band Conquer the Empire.


Rhodey is the perfect example of a Post-Hardcore frontman, with a face that could only be described as young, unblemished, and slightly feminine. His youthful hazel eyes have been described as cat-like and “magical” by his fans. A golden blonde mane of slightly straight hair falls to his shoulders, with the bangs being swept to either side. It should be noted that his left ear is pierced with a basic gold stud.

His height is rather tall coming in at 6’ 2” and his weight is fairly lanky as well weighing only 140 pounds. There’s really no way to get around describing him as white, since he’d be translucent if he was any paler. This is most likely due to the large amounts of time he spends indoors playing music. His muscularity isn’t anything to be impressed by, though his back and arms are rather strong from the years of performing with a guitar.

The traditional wardrobe Rhodey wears includes several band shirts, jeans, a pair of black and white Converse shoes, and accessories. His current shirt is this black shirt featuring an elaborate mechanical design promoting the band RED. The design features several grey gears connecting around the shirt with a few skulls dotting near the center of the shirt, but the cool part of the shirt was a metallic red ambigram (a word or phrase that can be read forward or upside-down) that read Feed The Machine both ways. The jeans were typical faded blue jeans. His list of accessories was surprisingly excessive, including the necklace his mother gave him, several wristbands promoting his band Conquer the Empire, a few metal rings on various fingers, a pair of green over-the-ear headphones (AKGs 701 to be precise), and of course the aforementioned stud earring.


Gavin, better known as Rhodey, was born on September 13, 1992. He was born into a rather successful family, since his father was a radiologist. His mother lived at home, raising him exclusively. Before Rhodey's birth she was a bit of a musician, though she wasn't very successful. By the time he reached Elementary School he picked up on his mother’s love for music, often singing to his favorite songs. She saw that he had the same talent that she grew up with so she encouraged his musical growth. Unfortunately his father didn't exactly agree with this musical direction. He wanted Rhodey to go into the medical field, much the same way he himself had. Granted it was rather early on in his life, but Rhodey just never felt the same intrigue for medicine as he did for music. Eventually he wanted to explore the music spectrum even further by learning how to play guitar. By this point he was almost 7 years old.

On his 7th birthday he got his wish. His dad broke down and realized that Rhodey’s passion lied in music, and as such got him a guitar. It was a lovely instrument, a blue burst Schecter guitar. At first the instrument was unwieldy for the young boy, but with a little bit of time and experience he grew more comfortable with it. It didn't take him long to master a few songs, and by the time he reached 12 he could almost copy a song just by listening to it. Eventually he started to create his own music, piecing together riffs and notes until they sounded harmonious. His guitarmanship wasn't the only thing he was developing. Vocally he was a work in progress. It sounded pretty good when he sang, but it was never on the level of his abilities with the guitar. So to compensate he spent as much time developing his range as possible.His studies in music were almost ended in the year 2006.

2006, the year of his 14th birthday, marked the year his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. By the time anybody had realized something was wrong the cancer had progressed to an untreatable stage. She was given a 25% chance to live out the year and only a 5% chance to live longer than 5 years. This news shocked Rhodey to the core, and distracted him from his music. It even progressed to the point were he had given it up completely to explore medicine, all in an effort to help others with the same condition. As his mother grew weaker by the day she continued to tell him “Miracles can happen, you just have to follow your dreams.” The doctors were right; she didn’t live out the year, but one of the last things she did for her son was reinvigorate his love for music and give an unusual necklace with an emblem he had never seen before (see symbol). It was only a few weeks later that he began High School.

The first semester for Rhodey in High School was rough. He just was never really there. Either he was zoned out or fantasizing about a new riff he had been working on. His grades reflected his lack of attention and at one point they threatened to suspend him. It didn’t really bother, though. He just thought he was there because he had to be, but one of his teacher’s didn’t want to give up on him before he really had a chance to prove himself. The teacher in question was biology teacher, but he happened to coach the schools soccer team as well. Rhodey explained to the coach what had been going on a few weeks prior to school and claimed that school wasn’t on his mind. The coach countered with his claim that school could help take his mind off things. He claimed that studies and clubs would be the perfect distraction. After these conversations Rhodey started to attend school again and he even joined the soccer team. This became the perfect distraction for Rhodey and he even met his future bandmates here.

It was in his junior year, 2008 for those who prefer numbers, that he met the majority of his future band. A guy on the soccer team heard about Rhodey being a guitarist and told him about a couple of seniors from a school close by. They were twins he said, one a drummer, and the other a guitarist like him. He decided that it couldn’t hurt for him to meet them and they hit it off immediately. They liked the same kind of music and they were working on similar stuff for song development. They decided that they would look for a bassist and a singer and try to get some local gigs. It was a bit of an accident when they realized Rhodey could sing. They were meeting up at his house and he figured he would get in a little practice on a new song before they would get there, an occasionally he would sing parts to maintain pacing. Well, the twins decided to show up a little early and they overheard his singing and immediately promoted him to singer. At that point they only needed a bassist, which they didn’t find until his senior year. One of the entering freshmen was a very talented bassist and Rhodey overheard him playing after school one evening. They talked for a bit, and after Rhodey mentioned his band the younger bassist was sold. After that they came up with the name Conquer the Empire and they started doing local shows. The job made very little money, they had to move their own gear (which is why they started calling him Rhodey), but by the time Rhodey was out of High School he had enough of that taste to avoid college. He got a day job for a local vinyl shop and here we are now. What’ll await the young musician?


His childhood and music have profoundly affected his personality, causing him to be really childish at moments. Rhodey would rather pester you than have a serious talk. One could argue that the death of his mother stunted his emotional growth, but Rhodey usually just laughs it off claiming it’s no fun growing up. This doesn't mean he can’t take anything serious, and when he does take anything serious he maintains an outstanding determination and intuitiveness. In those kinds of moments he refuses to consider anything but success and will literally push himself to death until he does succeed. This tenacity can be seen in his music career. Even though it’s statistically against him he continues to pursue his dream of earning a record label deal for him and his band. It should also be noted that he has a rather sickening amount of luck when it comes to low odd results.

Rhodey developed the useful ability to learn by observing, hearing, and touching at a young age. It’s a useful ability that has helped him with music, but it isn't limited to just learning how to play/sing songs. This talent can also be used to gain an understanding of objects, such as electronics. Granted, it won’t help him understand the inner workings of why something works, just how it is put together and what not. So, it would be feasible for him to build an exact replica of an item, such as his watch, but not a differing model of the same type of item, such as a different model watch. If he is given enough time he can work out the small details, but the sheer amount of time needed would be excessive and unreliable.

Naturally, the life of a semi-successful musician is not much different than a bohemian, and due to this Rhodey can get by on very little. Virtually any kind of edible food is considered 5-star cuisine as long as it doesn't break the bank, so cup ramen is a commonly feasted on dish. Shelter is also something that he can make do with, even if it’s not much more than a tent. This lifestyle has also hardened Rhodey's emotions and attitude, though it doesn't prevent him from being childish at times. It takes a lot to bring Rhodey down, and nothing short of watching a friend die can affect him emotionally. He’s also desperately optimistic, and as such expects everything to turn out okay.

One thing that Rhodey just can’t seem to deal with is criticism. There’s just something about him that stubbornly refuses to listen to others, or at least regarding things that he believes is right. If you fight him on a subject you could be running into a surprisingly volatile argument, considering he’s usually laid back in these kinds of matters. Never put him in a position of power, unless you earnestly believe he’s the best option. Otherwise you could end up with a bull-headed leader blind to any ideas other than his. This doesn't mean isn't a good leader, it just means he isn’t a great leader. In most situations he has good ideas, can ration resources, and create structure, but he lacks the ability to listen.
Other: He is proficient in playing guitar and singing (he has a wide range, but naturally sings in tenor). When he was in High School he was a pretty good Soccer player, thus implying his athletic nature. Due to some bar brawls from unsatisfied audience members he has a basic understanding of street fighting techniques (if you can call them techniques).

Theme: I couldn't get the video to work so I hot-linked it to the song name... But the song is Do It Now, Remember It Later by Sleeping With Sirens. Chosen for his defiant, yet determined nature and his ability to complete his pursuits, even if they seem unlikely. Well, also I just like Sleeping with Sirens.

Digimon: Mokumon

Level: Baby 1

Evolutions: Mokumon->DemiMeramon->Candlemon->Wizardmon->Mistymon->Omnimon X

Appearance: Mokumon is white instead of the traditional grey. Additionally small crystals can be seen on each form after DemiMeramon, thus indicating its status as being a host of the X-Antibody.

Moves: Smoky Blow. “Scatters the smoke issuing from its body all around, then seizes the opportunity to escape when the opponent loses sight of it.”

History: Mokumon was recieved as an egg. Before Rhodey recieved Mokumon's egg it had been one of the first to be infected with the X-Antibody, an unusual antibody that was developed to help prevent a relapse of the D-Reaper incident.


To call Mokumon mischievous is quite the understatement. Always pushing his luck with smoke alarms, attempting to trigger them and cause chaos. When it can it likes to sabotage electronics or anything honestly. Playing tricks on other people and digimon is also normal for the smoky digimon. Occasionally he uses his smoky blow to confuse people and lead them into traps, such as ditches. This mischievousness can also be problematic, mostly due to hastiness.

Mokumon doesn’t usually think too far ahead when it comes to his pranks, and as a result they can backfire. This isn’t the only type of situation that Mokumon is hasty with. In fights he rushes his actions, often causing his attacks to miss their mark, but this matures each time he digivolves. Honestly if it wasn’t for Rhodey keeping Mokumon’s mind on track, save for Rhodey’s occasional childishness, the bugger would’ve gone up in smoke ages ago.

Even though the little puff of a digimon gets ahead of itself, the only real goal it has is to have fun in any way it sees fit. This is the reason behind its pranks, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was also the reason behind its hastiness, since it’s always in such a hurry to have fun. If you play with Mokumon then chances are you’ll have a friend for life, well, as long as you keep it entertained of course.

D-Arc Color/Colors: The main part is kind of crystalline in color (think slightly transluscent blue-white), while the accents and strap are gold.

Symbol: The Golden Crest of Miracles. (The same emblem that can be found on the Digimental/Digi-Egg of Destiny)

RP Sample:

The rapid clicking noise of drumsticks echoed throughout the small prep room where Rhodey and the rest of Conquer the Empire were waiting. The drummer, Drew, was doing some exercises to get his wrists loose for their set. Everyone’s nerves were on high as this was the biggest show they had ever been invited to play. Apparently the band Chiodos was in town looking for some new talent at the behest of their label, and luck would have it that the venue suggested Rhodey's band. Now they were here and it was eating them all alive. It was nearing Showtime and just about everyone was making sure they had everything ready. Rhodey himself was looking at the setlist they had come up with, which featured mostly new material they had been working on, but ultimately decided to open up with a couple of cover songs. The first song was one of Rhodey's favorites: Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted. It always cheered him up, even if it wasn't exactly an inspirational song. He mouthed the first few lines to try and calm himself down, but a knock on the door interrupted him.

“Time to go, Showtime guys.” said a voice from the other side of the door.

It was time to go and put on a show. Everyone glanced around, waiting to see if anybody had something to say. The next few moments of awkward silence were a bit unsettling and it left Rhodey wanting to say something. As he was about to give some words of confidence to the guys the electricity flickered for a couple of seconds. It seemed to be an odd occurrence for there to be electrical problems at such a big venue. Rhodey shrugged it off and decided to continue with his little speech.

“Come on guys, this is our chance. We always wanted to get a record label, and now we have the best opportunity in our lives to do it. So what are we waiting for? Let’s give them a show they won’t forget!”

The atmosphere in the room went from nervous to excited with just a few sugary words, but they were true. They had the opportunity to do something very few people accomplished. Rhodey led the guys out onto stage and took his place in front of the mic. The crowd roared at their introduction, some of them must have seen them before. That or the crowd was excited for a show. Either way it didn't matter. Rhodey went and grabbed his guitar, which was on a stand located very close to the mic stand. He put his pick precariously in between two fingers and started the intro to the song. The motions felt so familiar, and not to mention amazing. After the first two or three seconds the rest of the band joined in behind him and the crowd went ecstatic. Rhodey looked into the crowd with a proud smile. This is what he lived for everyday, a chance to make the fans happy. The intro was winding down into the start of the first verse when Rhodey and Mike, the other guitarist, switched roles from lead to rhythm, since it was easier to play rhythm while singing. It was seamless and with that Rhodey began to sing.

“I watched the sun again, it’s leaving now. I've spent all night long, trying to figure out. What I've lost and what I've found. When my feet won’t hit the ground. Trying to make it, starting over, and will we ever love again?”

As he was about to enter the first chorus the power went out, leaving their instruments next to useless, well, except the drums. The whole room was pitch black and what was at first an energetic crowd quickly became a hostile one. Boos and expletives were consistently being sent at Rhodey and his friends, even though they had no control over the situation. If one of the crowd members had something to throw they did, Mike was even hit by a water bottle. The epic night they had planned went sour almost as quick as it had started, but that’s when it happened. The large LED screen behind them flashed on with an unusual image flickering in the background. It was some sort of egg, but it looked nothing like a chicken egg, or even a fish egg for that matter. No, this was something completely different, but the screen only stayed on for a couple of moments before it switched off again. The rest of their setlist was spent in complete darkness and by the time the power came back on it was already time for the next band to come on. To think, the ever so lucky Rhodey was done in by a power outage…

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 5:28 AM

Ahahaha, sure, but there are no reserves. I'm picking the best dynamic. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

YogiOne June 13th, 2013 6:02 AM

I was super motivated to finish my sign up and all I have left is the appearance, symbol and rp sample to fill out.

Mana June 13th, 2013 7:20 AM

I'm a bit rusty on Digimon, but this look interesting :3 may join if I have time (and people don't fill up all the spaces).


Name: Kenta Nakamura

Nicknames/Aliases: Ken, Kenny (rarely)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
D-Arc Colors: Light green and grey.
Symbol: A symbol that reminds us of your character's best virtue, their best trait.
Family: Ken lives with his older sister, who is in her mid-twenties, due to their lack of parents. She works, as a rising managar, at a local restaurant. Together, they own a 2 year old Labrador, Fido.

Appearance: Kenta is tall for his age, standing at 5ft11. His ruffled, untidy hair is dyed a deep red - many people mistakenly think that he doesn't care about his appearance, however the disheveled look takes up a fair bit of Kenta's time. It's normally flung across one side of his forehead, almost covering his green-hazel eyes.

He rarely dresses to impress, normally wearing a dark t-shirt with torn jeans, always accompanied by black, fingerless-gloves. The gloves were, originally, his mother's - however he has edited and adjusted them over time.

Personality: Ken is calm and very forgiving, however his laid back attitude does lead to conflict, especially with his sister, Maki. He is often behind in his work, and only does the minimum of what needs to be done.

This does mean that he is rather easy going, and can get along with post people. He isn't the type of boy to start an argument, or behave aggressively. Anyone who picks a fight with Kenta will see he's much more likely to ignore them completely than defend himself and fight back. The background is where you're most likely to find Kenta, talking quietly to a friend or enjoying his own company.

History: The Nakamura siblings have lived together for five years, since the passing of their mother. Although they don't always get along, the pair manage to put up with each other and run the household. Between them, they raise money for their rent, cover all their chores and look after their dog, Fido.

Ken, spending most of his time alone, having very few friends at school. Due to his calm, and rather uninterested, nature he also has very few enemies - most of the other teenagers at his school at indifferent to him, blending in to the background.He has plenty of acquaintances, lots of fellow students who he can sit with and chat with at school, yet only one was worth his trust.

Nick, a transfer student from Europe, interested Kenta from the moment they met. They were both members of the engineering club at school, and eventually became good friends. Other than Fido, Nick is one of the few people Ken trusts.

He has grown up to be very independent and self-fulfilling, tending not to rely on others (other than Maki, occasionally) and get things done himself.

Other: Kenta is co-captain of the engineers club at High School, although he rarely attends. He is great at fixing old pieces of machinery and so the younger students appreciate his help from time to time.

Theme: Junketsu Paradox - Mizuki Nana

Digimon: Dorimon

Current level: In-training
Baby - Dodomon
In-training - Dorimon
Rookie - Dorumon
Champion - Dorugamon
Ultimate - Dorugraymon
Mega - Dorugoramon
Metal Drop: Dorimon spits an iron bead at its enemy, normally followed by an angry charge.
Appearance: Dorimon's ears have silver tips, a slight discolouration from other dorimons.

Personality: Dorimon is very impulsive, loving to try new things and take (sometimes stupid) risks. Dorimon is also quite an angry individual, he is rash and acts hastily from his frustration. Kenta is much the opposite, working as a calming agent and hopefully having a positive effect on Dorimon's violent ways.

History: Growing up in the Digiworld wastelands, Dorimon had to fight to survive. He was constantly attacked, bullied and defeated - however, he still tried to hold his ground against the larger digimon. In the human world, Dorimon quickly became scared - the new surroundings and new threats were too much for the small drifting digimon. He took to hiding during the day, prowling the green parks during the night.

RP Sample: Forgotten

Beep, beep, beep. The line was still down. I had been trying to call for days now, there was still no change, no reply. Nobody at school knew anything either, the teachers made up excuses and assured everyone that this was normal. However, this wasn't like Nick.

Four days of school missed, a phone number which no longer worked and an empty house. He has practically vanished from town, gone without a trace. I knew something was wrong, why would he just up and leave? Nothing could have been more out of character for Nick.

"You OK?" Questioned my sister, Maki, as I got home from another lonely day at school. I had already told he about the sudden disappearance. Although she didn't seem too worried herself, she didn't blow me off completely, "I'll ask around at work if anyone has seen Nick's Dad. Mr Bennett is always coming in for business meetings and things - maybe someone has spotted him."

I appreciated the thought, grunting in agreement as I carried myself through the lounge and straight to my room. The television I had been meaning to fix was spread out in bits, across the floor - the engineering club would have to wait a while longer, I hadn't been feeling very productive. Fido, our dog, had managed to lie between the pointed, sharp pieces of metal and plastic. He looked oddly comfortable amongst the mess, but leaped up to greet me nonetheless.

"Hey boy," I murmured, scratching his ear - guiding him towards my bed. Reaching in to the side-table, I picked out a dog treat for him.

I wish I was so easily pleased, I thought to myself, watching my eager puppy bounce around in anticipation. I stopped, laughing to myself, my overreaction had been huge. Nick hadn't returned a call? So what? It wasn't the first time he had had a family emergency back in Europe, maybe he forgot his phone charger - who knows, there could be loads of reasons, I thought.

A loud whistle broke my chain of thought, the text-message sound on my mobile.

A blocked number?...

Originally Posted by BLOCKED
W-w-where am I? Kenta? Are you there?

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 7:24 AM

YogiOne: Wow, you are so excited! I'm not accepting people until the 20th, so don't rush it. :)

SwiftSign, no one has to worry about that for a while. There's seven openings, so go all out if you want to.

Grif of Hearts June 13th, 2013 9:49 AM

Whelp. A friend of mine and I have been watching the first series of Digimon lately and it's gotten me in the mood for a Digimon roleplay. How could I ever resist? Reserving a place for myself, if you don't mind.

Also, I'm curious. Because some Digimon don't have recorded preDigivolutions or future Digivolutions, what's your stance on filling in the gaps with other Digimon that aren't related but might make sense? Or even making an alternate Digivolution path by linking two together which aren't officially related?

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 9:58 AM

Well... lessee... I don't see anything wrong with that. However, make sure you check multiple sources to make sure that they don't have any possible lines. is a good site, but it focuses more on the ones displayed in canon than the ones mentioned in the games or the mangas or in the Digimon toys.

Like, EliteBeats, there's a preevolution for Babydmon here. His name is Petitmon.

I'd recommend checking sites like and the DMA-Digidex (Digital Monster's Almanac+ Digidex) They have a lot more Digimon than just the anime canon lines.

If nothing shows up from that, then GO FOR IT GRIF. As long as it makes sense, GO WILD.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Chalifoux June 13th, 2013 10:28 AM

Oh, I forgot to search somewhere else xD
Sorry for that, although it's nice to know Babydmon actually has a full line :p

SU sheet progress is somewhere between awesome and, uh... hopeless xD
Should be properly done within the 7 days left before you look over SUs, though o3o

Grif of Hearts June 13th, 2013 10:41 AM

I use Digimon wikia whenever I need to catch up on things. It still has all of the information from the games including evolutions, so I should be fine!

What about in the case of the Digimon already having a Digivolution but I hate the design to pieces? Would you rather I keep it the same or would I be able to change it to something else?

I don't have much in mind for a partner so far. I'm just checking so I don't come up with an idea and find I can't do it. ^.^

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 10:49 AM

xD No, no, it's cool Elite. Most people use that wikia. It took me forever to find that actually XD. I was like: what is that thing?

Grif, no prob! If you want to change it and it makes sense, I sure as heck ain't gonna stop ya!

Chalifoux June 13th, 2013 10:57 AM

Actually it's a lot cooler o3o
Like 10 million different combinations among lines :D

Also, I wanted to consult with you: would it be okay if I changed Babydmon's line that I've chosen to this one:

[Petitmon] ---> [Babydmon] ---> [Otamamon] ---> [Seadramon] ---> [MegaSeadramon] ---> [MetalSeadramon]

Otamamon is disgusting for my tastes, I take it xD but in Wikimon it says it evolves into Seadramon, and the Dramon type is like totes awesome. It also says something about jogressing in order to achive MetalSeaDramon... so, yeah... Wanted to consult on those things with you first o3o Also wanted to ask if it's not too overpowered or anything o.O

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 11:05 AM

Huh? Oh no that change is fine.

Yeah don't worry about the jogressing. That was mostly for the video games or the toys. Go right ahead and use it. MegaSeadramon.... COOL.

Otamamon is weird. They kind of get abandoned.

Grif of Hearts June 13th, 2013 11:15 AM

Thank you, miss Fuyu! I shall get to work on my character as soon as possible.

I'm tempted to go with Hawkmon > Darcmon > Harpymon > Valkyrimon, although that's just a first draft... it's also Digimon pulled from completely unrelated Digivolution lines (excluding Hawkmon and Harpymon). Glad I asked now.

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 11:26 AM

That sounds cool! Go for it Grif!

Remember you guys: you have until the 20th before I make a decision. So go on ahead and change as much as you want until then! That goes for people watching the thread too. I'll look at all the SUs before I decide.

Colony June 13th, 2013 1:43 PM

What's the ruling on the late stage X-Antibody digimon? The reason I ask is because I just saw that Dynasmon has an X-Antibody form.

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 2:08 PM

I think it's cool.Go for it Colony. :)

Ozymandias June 13th, 2013 5:23 PM

This looks reaaally cool! But i dont know anything about digimon.... T_T

Fuyu June 13th, 2013 5:48 PM

Well... there's a lot of sites in particular, but I can give a basic synopsis of Digimon in general in a little bit. There are a bunch of people who know next to nothing about Digimon. Give it a try and see what happens.

Look on the sites and the Digimon Wiki for info about them.

Colony June 13th, 2013 6:09 PM

I'd like to mention you can go on Hulu (if using your computer it's free, or if you have hulu plus you can watch on a smart tv) and watch the first 21 episodes of the first season, which will give you pretty good understanding of the basics. Unfortunately you don't get to see any mega level Digimon within those first 21 episodes.

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