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jov0006 June 11th, 2013 11:09 PM

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Descent into Darkness

Five hundred years ago... There was a war which raged on for a decade, putting the continent Giris into poverty. Consequently, many Pokémon became outlaws, or simply bad to survive. As survival of the fittest dictates, the weak were killed while the strong became corrupted. However, there was a light of hope, among this darkness. The regions Terra, Flaccus, Twul and Verda joined forces in hope of putting an end to the war that raged across Giris. They agreed that it would be beneficial for everyone if they rose up to the roles as legendary ones. The four teams being, Iron Guard of Terra, Water Cloak of Flaccus, Healer's Veil of Twul and Natural Grace of Verda. Hostilities subsided and the Pokémon of the land quickly repopulated and soon the war was almost forgotten. But something was lurking in the dark skies, a ticking time bomb. It came flying from the storm clouds, and demanded the reason why he couldn't help in the war. And from the earth emerged the Guardian of Deceit Darkrai who fed lies to Rayquaza, stating that the world had abandoned him and despised him. Rayquaza became frustrated, believing the lies of Darkrai and consulted Giratina, promising the Guardian of the Underworld freedom once Rayquaza had been helped. Giratina used his power to manipulate and distort the minds of Pokémon to join the war effort and work for Rayquaza uncontrollably. Rayquaza became so filled with the souls of Pokémon that he had become darker and blacker, until he had become Black Rayquaza.
Soon a large scale, but not lengthy, war occurred, with Rayquaza and his forces against the forces of good. However, this war was sorted out by Jirachi only two months of its commencement. Jirachi had been taken back in time, by the Guardian of Time Celebi. As the Millennium Comet was set to appear one year after, Jirachi was taken back a year. Jirachi and Celebi confronted Rayquaza as friends but their request of peace was declined. Rayquaza attacked Jirachi, who was taken by Celebi one year into the past to recuperate. Rayquaza was aware of Jirachi’s return and consequently ordered Giratina to give him most of Giratina’s absorbed souls. However, Giratina betrayed Rayquaza, and absorbed Rayquaza’s soul, along with it the many souls he had absorbed. Jirachi and Celebi returned, but found Rayquaza vanquished by Giratina. However, this was not good for Jirachi and Celebi. They realised they would need to allow Giratina to return to the surface, and this was something they could not allow. So they did something they would soon regret. Jirachi wished, aided by the power of Celebi, to lock Giratina away for five hundred years, but it backfired with more lethality on the two Pokémon as Darkrai intervened, with Giratina being dormant for five hundred years compared to that of Celebi and Jirachi, who were made dormant for one thousand years. Darkrai herself would wait peacefully while Giratina was dormant as she needed Giratina to be the main villain for Jirachi to use a wish against Giratina, and not Darkrai. Team Natural Grace discovered the location of the scuffle of the Legends, and viewed Jirachi and Celebi as war heroes and icons of Giris, but were consequently sacrificed to defeat evil. Team Natural Grace showed the ruins to Team Healer’s Veil, who analysed the ruins. They dictated the awakening date of all the Pokémon (except Rayquaza because it was dead), and they realised the work that the four teams would have to do to quell the panic that could follow on Giris. Therefore, the four teams build a guild in Viewvisi Town known as Four Quarters Guild, where they would train Pokémon to combat the eventual threat of Giratina, and possibly Darkrai. However, what they did not know, was that more bad Pokémon were appearing and with them, mystery dungeons. And so, our story begins.

You are a member at the Four Quarters Guild and have been given the task of hunting bad Pokémon and clearing mystery dungeons. You can be a citizen of any region within Giris and the island Silve. The guild is split into four houses, named respectively after each original team. Each house has members and instructors. You may be a member (tend to be younger), or an instructor (an equivalent of a teacher), it is up to you.

1. Follow the rules not mentioned here;
2. Don’t god mode;
3. Bunny with permission
4. Three day reservation;
5. Do not be rude;
6. The code for the SU is “Maestroke”;
7. Keep romance PG;
8. Have fun!

As each region within Giris and Silve have their own Pokémon specialty, you may use the following list to help guide you into knowing each region’s specialty and what they have unique.

Map of Giris and Silve:

Giris: The Mainland
Via: Normal-types, home of the Four Quarters Guild
Flaccus: Water-types, home of the founders of Team Water Cloak
Verda: Grass-types, home to the founders of Team Natural Grace
Twul: Psychic-types, home to the founders of Team Healer’s Veil, contains Lake Brod
Bubike: Bug-types, main textile producing outlet on Giris
Media: Flying-types, major trading centre and is home to the most populous town, Medius Town
Terra: Ground-types, home to the founders of Team Iron Fist
Anea: Dark-types, borders Anchis Bay and is home to the beautiful Claw Peninsula
Vana: Electric-types, the most technological area of Giris, with it having a power plant
Shepé: Ghost-types, home to several abandoned mansions
Hiwis: Ice-types, home of Mount Shudder
Huel: Steel-types, main producer of armour in Giris
Flue: Fire-types, home of Mount Flazma
Xat: Poison-types, borders lake Corphish and is also another major trading centre

Silve: The Isle to the West
Crusid: Rock-types, home of Mount Roark
Aerer: Fighting-types, the most intense training happens here
Faedan: Fairy-types, an unknown part of the island shrouded in a deep mist

Note that Pokémon can wear armour.

Member Sign Ups:
Full Name: (You may include nicknames if you wish)
Age: 14-30
Species: (No legendary or fully evolved Pokémon, remember that you are in training.)
House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)

Level: 20-40.
Move-set: 6 maximum.
RP Sample: (optional)

Code: (Check the rules)

Instructor Sign Ups:
Full Name: (You may include nicknames if you wish)
Age: 21-40
Species: (No legendary but fully evolved Pokémon are allowed.)
House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)

Level: 40-50.
Move-set: 6 maximum.
RP Sample: (optional)

Code: (Check the rules)

Accepted Players:
1. <siiadams, Michael Abbott, Iron Guard>
2. <ashygirl, Symon "Sy" Riley, Iron Guard>
1. <warbound, Arthur Sullivan, Iron Guard>
2. <crimson0191, Angela / Opel, Water Cloak>
3. <reserved, starsprite, Natural Grace>
4. <reserved, kanea>
5.<daisuke mitsuharu, Michalis Ridell, Natural Grace>
<jov0006, Ermine Shaolin, Water Cloak>
7. <reserved, typh>

jov0006 June 13th, 2013 4:20 AM

This is a test post to see something regarding a PM.

siiadams June 13th, 2013 5:24 AM

I will see about getting a SU done sometime today. For now, reserve me a spot as a member. Posted from App for Android

Edit: Here's my SU.

Name: Michael Abbott
Nickname: The Demonic Fighter
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Tyrogue
House: Iron Guard

Appearance: Mike looks like a typical Tyrogue except for his outfit. He wears black shorts and black tanktop. His gloves are red with a demonic-style face on them.

Personality: Mike is honest, loyal, and always thinking about how to do the right thing in any situation. He always uses his head to solve problems and strategize during battle. He is a little naive about how things are in society due to the fact that he was sheltered most of his life. He is always ready to help his friends in any situation. He gets his job done first, then he has more time to do what he wants.

History: Mike was raised by his father, Blake "the Basher" Abbott, who was a multiple-time world champion fighter before he retired. His mother, unfortunately, had died before he was born, so he didn't get to know her. Since he was younger, he had trained profusely to follow in his father's footsteps. After his father passed, due to unsavory means, he went rogue for a few years. He even went so far as to venture down into only the first floor of any dungeon just to fight and train himself further. After the major events that took place, of which he payed little attention, he had heard of the Four Corners Guild being put together to help combat the overabundance of ill-tempered pokemon in the dungeons. Lacing up his gloves, Mike Abbott headed off from his little island home as fast as he could. His destination: the Four Corners!

Level: 40

Moveset: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Agility, Revenge, Comet Punch

Code: Maestroke

Let me know if you need anything embellished on or tweaked.

Nate June 13th, 2013 6:51 AM

id like to reserve a instructor please. I wanted to use frosslass :( now I'm stuck as to what pokémon to choose. hint hint, make an exception for me :)

Ashygirl June 13th, 2013 6:57 AM

Yay! Here's My SU

Full Name: Symon "Sy" Riley
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu
House: Iron Guard
Appearance: An avarage Riolu with a scruff of hair and green scarf. (There's a picture in my Avvie if that wasn't very clear)

Personality: Rather shy and very modest. In fact he's so shy he hardly speaks above a whisper when around strangers, but he is also extremely loyal even to a fault and won't leave a friend behind no matter how much they try to push him away. He is sensitive and very considerate to everyone around him. He's the kind of pokemon who would sit with someone if their sad or lonely or give them a helping hand if their injured, effectively forgetting about his shyness. Sy is very mild mannered and doesn't anger easily, but if you do manage to anger him somehow you may wish you hadn't because when he's angry he finds it hard to think straight and can act rather rash. When motivated, Sy can be quite determined and won't give up no matter how hopeless a situation may seem. Sy dislikes fighting but will if he sees no other option. His favourite food is Cornn Berries, but dislikes very spicy food.

History: Sy used to live with his parents and older brother named Saf. Sy didn't have many friends due to his shyness so he was extremely close to his brother and the two of them spent most of their waking hours together, swimming, sparring, star gazing (Where they would always have a race to see who can find all the constellations first.) among other activities. Saf always defended Sy when others teased him, even if it meant he would get teased too, They had their disagreements as all siblings do but for the most part they rarely ever fought. Saf even let Sy sleep with him if he had a nightmare, back when he was little, but a few months ago his home caught on fire. His Mother Father and Saf all perished in the inferno leaving Sy devastated. Saf had in fact sacrificed himself to get his little brother to safety but not before giving Sy his favourite scarf, which Sy still wears to this day. It meant everything to him and he would be utterly crushed if he lost it, as it was all he had to remember his brother by. Thanks to that tragedy Sy now has a morbid fear of fire.being completely without a home Sy wondered around aimlessly for awhile, sleeping in whatever shelter he could find, and eating whatever fruit he found,until finally he came across the Four Quarters Guild.

Level: 27

Move-set: Force Palm, Hidden Power (Water), Counter, Focus Blast, Ice Punch.

Code: Maestroke

jov0006 June 13th, 2013 11:12 AM

@siiadams & ashygirl, you are both acccepted!
@crimson0191, yes you can be a Froslass.
A note to those reading this thread and are considering reserving: l have set a cap for each house so when reserving, include the house you would like to sign up for later on, as you may soon realise that that spot in that house will no longer be there.

Warbound June 13th, 2013 2:16 PM

Full Name: Arthur Sullivan
Age: 27
Species: Arcanine
House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard) Iron Guard

Appearance: Mostly that of a typical Arcanine however he is larger than most of his kind with a permanent scar along his chest which cuts through his mane from a harsh fight with a Houndoom. The shape of the scar is three jagged claw marks which cut him deep and which took some time to heal. He is also missing a fang on the lower left half of his jaw from a battle with a Hitmonlee.

History: Arthur grew up in the fiery lands of Flue. He was a spunky and curious Growlithe when he was young. He wanted to know about the world around him and did not care much for fighting. Ignorant of the war which had occurred long before his time he spent his days adventuring with those whom he called friends. His family, a small pack, dissolved as he grew older with the passing of his father who was very old and tired from his work with the Iron Guard. His mother set him free shortly after his evolution, telling him that he needed to find his own way in the world.

He lived alone for many years after that, never venturing outside of Flue as he became weary of the outside world as he grew in years. He met an ancient male of his species who lived as a hermit in a forest. The hermit trained Arthur for nearly seven years, teaching him to hone his speed and gracing him with new techniques to improve his fighting capabilities. Arthur realized that though he preferred to avoid violence, it was a part of the world in which he lived and he sought to become as strong as he could so that he could protect those who could not do so themselves and he looked up to the hermit, feeling great respect for the elderly dog. He began to see the value of good instruction and a proper education. He aspired to joined the Iron Guard like his father and teach young Pokemon how to prepare themselves for what would come.

After some time with the hermit he left, finally leaving Flue for the first time in his life to seek out the Iron Guard. After months of searching he found them, requesting to be taken on as an Instructor due to his training and he assumed he would be placed as a member but he was given an Instructor position after demonstrating his abilities and modest maturity. He finally felt as if his life had purpose and he resolved to do everything in his power to teach these Pokemon what he knew so that they would not have to be afraid of the darkness which was surely out there.

Level: 40-50 - 42
Move-set: 6 maximum - Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Thunder Fang, Bite, Reversal

RP Sample: Arthur stepped out onto the ridge, his massive fore-paw kicking pebbles over the edge, plopping into the river below. He closed his eyes and sniffed carefully, smiling at the fresh air and the gentle breeze grazing his fur. He spread his legs out and took a few steps back, lowering himself slightly and visualizing the large gap before him in his mind. His tail twitched slightly and with a burst of speed he dashed forward, sprinting gracefully across the ground and leaping across the gap, landing on the other side and smirking at the distance he'd jumped. He sat back on his haunches and glanced at the mid-afternoon sun in the distance. He turned and sped off into the trees, clearing fallen branches and logs and weaving between the trunks. Feeling at home in the woods he allowed himself to be lost in the running, moving almost without thinking. It was natural, instinct, and before he knew it, the forest around him became a blur. He was moving so fast he could hardly keep up with what he saw.

He slowed gradually as he came through the trees, into an open clearing. The tall, lush, emerald grass swaying in the breeze as he slowed even further and finally came to a stop in the center of the field, looking around he curled up in the grass and began to doze in the warm sunglight.

Code: Maestroke

jov0006 June 13th, 2013 10:21 PM

You are accepted! I know which house I'm choosing now.

cheezburgur5793 June 13th, 2013 10:59 PM

Full Name: Some people call me Maurice (You may include nicknames if you wish)
Age: 16
Species: Kadabra (No legendary or fully evolved Pokémon, remember that you are in training.)
House: Healer's Veil (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)
Appearance: my spoon is purple other than
History: I was born in times of chaos. I was lost as an abra in a mystery dungeon until i was found by members of healers veil. I trained and trained until i was ready to attempt at joining a rescue team guild.
Level: 30
Move-set: Psychic, Psychic cut, psyshock, hypnosis, dreameater, zen headbutt
RP Sample: don't really have anything
Code: Maestroke
(Just putting it out there that I am still a beginner I have barely applied to any roleplays on here and i haven't gotten replies yet.

jov0006 June 14th, 2013 3:50 AM

@cheezburger, check your grammar and your history is way too brief. To expand it, ask yourself, who found Abra, describe this time of chaos, why the healer's veil? Also Kadabra cannot learn Hypnosis, so you should get rid of Dream Eater and there is no such move called Psychic cut. Also Zen Headbutt is only available via tutor. So I have decided to decline your SU.

Starsprite June 14th, 2013 6:42 AM

May I please reserve an instructor spot for Natural Grace? I'll be done very soon.

Chocolate™ June 14th, 2013 8:17 AM

I'd like to reserve a spot for an instructor. Just wanted to tell you that this character is going to be one of the most powerful pokemon in Giris. Non-Legendary of course. I'll explain in the history.

Nate June 14th, 2013 11:27 AM

Full Name: Angela /nick: Opel

Age: 8 (yes I know its young for an instructor, but think how cute a really young teacher will be! Plus, it equals more drama, and fun!

Species: Frosslass

House: Water Cloak

Appearance: Opel doesn't have as many jagged edges as a frosslass, and has a very smooth figure, along with green beaming eyes, and a big smile.

History: Opel grew up in the mountains in a science camp, and grew up with her mother. Her father was never around for her, and most of what drove her forward was her desperation to see her fathers face. From a young age she was very intelligent and powerful, and as she traveled to various locations around the world, she became more and more experienced, stronger, and intelligent. When she was 7 she was invited to take a course that only high skilled and ranking pokémon take, and got a degree in teaching, and battle strategies, although her emotions let her down a bit on the actual usage of moves, as she tended to get upset if she were to hit someone inocent, however she didn't care to what she reffered to as, 'baddies.' Soon after she was pushed forward by her mother to share her knowledge, and she started to teach in schools. In school she learned that if she exaggerates her emotions, she can stop the ignorant kids from being bad, and keep the good kids focused, however there were a few times when she would ice beam a student for not paying attention. Opel is very patriotic and tends to do crazy things to achieve success, for example, one time, she jumped off a cliff to save a trophy she had won in class, but dropped. Luckily she was saved by a group of mareep who used their wools as blankets.

Level: 48

Move-set: ice beam, psychic, telekenesis, mirror coat, reflect, spite. (I have a question about spire, will it work like in mystery dungeon where all the pp is lost, or for rp's sake, makes the move unusuable, or will it just decrease the amount of times you can use it, like in the original games?)

RP Sample: (optional)

Code: Maestroke

jov0006 June 14th, 2013 3:24 PM

@crimson, I sense a Negi Simpson in your character's age as a teacher... Regardless, it looks good. Spite would make the move temporarily unavailable, as in RP'ing, you don't really have PP... Anyway, you are accepted!
@starsprite & kanea, you are both reserved, but kanea please inform me which house.

Daisuke Mitsuharu June 14th, 2013 6:22 PM

Full Name: Michalis Ridell. (He is also known as, although to a lesser extent, the 'Labyrinth,' as a testament of his formidable tactical prowess.)
Age: 27 years- of age.
Species: Salamence.
House: [As an Instructor] Natural Grace.
Appearance: Michalis, although of the 'Salamence' species, possesses distinct bodily features that aesthetically distinguishes him from his kind. He has slightly larger, much broader wings, with a roughly inclined constitution.

History: Michalis hails from the rugged vicinity of the lavishing territories of Terra. As a young bairn, he was quite vigorous, and full of vivacity, often venturing to other nations, and territories, to immerse himself into their culture and deviating customs; indeed, Michalis was quite a remarkable trailblazer. His father, Ravenus, a well- renowned stature, also became Michalis' teacher, and honed his aptitude as a combatant under his austerely stringent tutelage. In spite of the rigor of his dear father's constant lectures, and strict physical and didactic cultivation, Michalis endured, with an undying resolve to uphold his father's renown, as well as construct an appellation of his own. His mother, Ileana, a simple, typical mother, was also the foundation of his encouragement; she was Michalis' source of inspiration. She had also instructed Michalis of self- assurance, to always believe in one's self; it was a pivotal moral, deeply rooted inside of him. Thereafter, Michalis became an ardent member of 'Natural Grace' himself, escalating to his eventual rise as an instructor of 'Natural Grace' as well, as his mother herself, was a proud alumnae, and an instructor of 'Natural Grace.' His well- paced, consoling alpha, yielded what he is now; a calm and composed man, capable of many things, given the support of his beloved mother, and father.

Level: 50.
Move-set: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Draco Meteor, Stone Edge, Double Team, Substitution.

Code: Maestroke.

jov0006 June 14th, 2013 7:55 PM

@daisuki, looks good, you are accepted! Instructor spots for Natural Grace have closed as there is a maximum of two instructors per house.

Here's my SU! Instructor spots in Water Cloak are also closed now.

Full Name: Ermine Shaolin
Age: 17 years old
Species: Mienshao
House: [As an Instructor] Water Cloak
: Ermine is a Shiny (insert sparkles here) Mienshao, so she loooks like this:
History: Ermine was born in Twul, being the daughter of the great Mienshao, who was the leader of Healer's Veil. However, her father was busy with the war and the opening of the guild and other things to the extent of even missing his own daughter's birth. Ermine tries to cover the fact that she is his daughter as she does not like neither the attention she gets from being his daughter nor him. Consequently, Ermine was raised by her mother, who taught her many morals and helped her grow strong as her mother knew about the potential danger yet to come.
When Ermine was about ten she entered her father's guild, but not under his house but under the House of Water Cloak. It was revealed that she was a prodigy and she excelled quickly where she graduated when she was only 15. As she wished to remain in the guild longer, she became an instructor of Water Cloak and has been an instructor for Water Cloak for over two years now, teaching members how to be strong while still hunting down criminals and exploring mystery dungeons. She evolved during one mission when she had to hunt down a gang causing trouble, which helped her apprehend the whole gang.
Level: 50
Move-set: Stone Edge, Mach Punch, U-Turn, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Fake Out
Code: Maestroke

Nate June 15th, 2013 2:53 AM

Cool Jov your accepted, lol jk! Is the IC thread open yet?

jov0006 June 15th, 2013 3:35 AM

Not atm, I laughed lot at your joke, should I'll post it up by tomorrow.

Starsprite June 15th, 2013 7:00 AM

Full Name: Maya Leone
Age: 37
Species: Delcatty
House: [As an Instructor] Natural Grace

Appearance: A large but feminine Delcatty with an unusually soft pelt. Scars are visible in many spots on her body, including a very prominent set of claw-marks on her right flank. She makes sure to keep herself in order, however, so her figure is still as graceful as ever.

History: At birth, Maya was given an entirely domestic life in Via. It was no surprise that she would be attracted to the Four Quarters Guild, given her location, but her mother and father were fussy and wanted her to live a cozy life at home. Rebellious princess syndrome saved her from that life. The more she talked back and argued with her parents, the less they wanted her to live with them. Enough heated arguing made them finally kick Maya out. She wanted nothing more. With the guild being so close, the young Skitty did not have the conventionally harsh journey of those from lands further away. She practically waltzed right in.

She never expected her training to be so harsh. She was taken into the house Natural Grace for training, and there were many times at the very beginning she almost quit and ran away. She was bullied for her weakness and for simply being a Skitty. She started to be haunted by nightmares. Still, she showed enough devotion to stay, eventually becoming one of the most ambitious members of Natural Grace. Her ambition earned her a place as an instructor for her team. Maya became haunted by nightmares of a different sort later in life. They did not discourage her, however, and being woken up at night made her very effective at training and working at night.

Level: 50
Move-set: 6 maximum.
RP Sample: Sing, Faint Attack, Covet, Double Edge, Attract, Copycat
Code: Maestroke

jov0006 June 15th, 2013 3:15 PM

Everything seems in order... accepted! We haven't even reached our second page and the IC will be up soon...

Typh June 15th, 2013 6:51 PM

I'd like a spot reserved for instructor please... glad to see that the RP is up

jov0006 June 15th, 2013 11:12 PM


What is the base of the RP? Is it purely PMD-based because the guild sounds a lot like an academy?

To clear things up, the RP is a mixture between PMD, Pokemon Conquest and an Academy-style thing. As the plot builds, it will become more orientated towards the first two as opposed to the last.

What does Four Quarters look like?

First, imagine a square. Now cut the square into quarters. Violà! There is the guild from the bird's eye view. Of course it is more complicated though, with each different quarter owned to each different house. However, the names of the quarters are not the names of the house. The North-Eastern quarter, which faces the sea and named Spring is owned by Natural Grace. The North-Western quarter, which named Summer is owned by Iron Guard. The South-Eastern quarter, which also faces the sea and named Winter is owned by Water Cloak. Lastly, the South-Western quarter, which named Autumn is owned by Healer's Veil. Each quarter looks like the season they named after, with Spring having blooming flowers, and Winter having snow, etc.

What are the roles of Instructors, and what are the roles of Members?

Instructors are supposed to act like mentors for members while still exploring mystery dungeons and hunting outlaws. They have the right to deal out punishment (though they will be punished by house heads, i.e. the founders of the houses, for too strict punishment or abusive behaviour) and you could say that members assigned to instructors are almost their responsibility. The minimum age of instructors will be reduced, as I don't see why instructors can't be young. Instructors can organise classes for members after making a request to the house heads and can train members in a field or go on a group mystery dungeon.

Members, on the other hand, are more like students or independants who can choose who they want to be their instructor, which classes they take part in, which missions they undertake. The priviledges of being a member include the ability to ask instructors for help on reasonable tasks.

How old are the heads of each house?

Right, so the guys were around in the war, and most of them would have been in there late twenties to early forties about that time so I would say that the heads are around 40-60 years old around about the time of the RP as 15 years since the war's end have passed.

The original four teams feature the following Pokémon:

Iron Guard: Golurk (leader), Ferrothorn, Infernape
Rain Cloak: Frosslass (leader), Vaporeon, Accelgor
Healer’s Veil: Mienshao (leader), Garchomp, Reuniclus
Natural Grace: Sawsbuck (leader), Togekiss, Altaria

Pokémon can wear clothes, so should they?

It would make sense for each Pokémon in a house to wear that house's uniform, right? As for during the war, some Pokémon would have worn armour to help reduce damage taken.

Warbound June 16th, 2013 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by jov0006 (Post 7702040)
The North-Western quarter, which named Summer is owned by Iron Fist.


No but in all seriousness I like the sound of this.


Originally Posted by jov0006 (Post 7702040)
It would make sense for each Pokémon in a house to wear that house's uniform, right? As for during the war, some Pokémon would have worn armour to help reduce damage taken.

This also sounds reasonable.

jov0006 June 16th, 2013 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by Warbound (Post 7702097)

No but in all seriousness I like the sound of this.

This also sounds reasonable.

Whoops! Iron Guard XD I should probably edit that.

Nate June 16th, 2013 4:45 AM

haha. I can't wait to start posting. HURRY UP JOV MAN! teehee, can't wait for an 8 year old froslass to deal out punishments to the rookies!

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