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JayD June 13th, 2013 5:54 PM

Crobat Poison!
I'm trying to make a Poison deck and my main card would be Crobat up with Virbank City Gym to keep poisoning them. Basically it's a poison deck.
I find it to be kinda slow, is a Crobat deck good?

1x Giratina - Plasma Storm 62/135
2x Crobat - Plasma Storm 55/135
2x Golbat - Plasma Storm 54/135
1x Shedinja - Dragons Exalted 48/124
2x Koffing - Plasma Storm 56/135
1x Mewtwo EX - BW45 Promo
3x Zubat -(2x Plasma Storm 52/135 & 1x Plasma Storm 53/135)
2x Nincada - Dragons Exalted 10/124
2x Weezing - Plasma Storm 58/135

2x Switch
2x Potion
1x Computer Search
3x Virbank City Gym
1x Ultra Ball
2x Team Plasma Grunt
1x Level Ball
2x Energy Search
2x Pokemon Communication
2x Ether
1x Bill
2x Escape Rope
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Colress
1x Professor Juniper

2x Plasma Energy
12x Psychic Energy
2x Grass Energy

So I know the Grass energy are pretty useless. Today I just got some cards that I replaced my grass Pokemon with, so now my deck doesn't have grass energy using Pokemon.I'm thinking about replacing them with Psychic, should I?

And I'm basing my deck around a Poison deck, please help me in that? :)

Edit: So I added in a few cards yesterday, so I think my deck is getting better by the day.

Profen June 15th, 2013 9:07 PM

Question. Whats the plasma energy for? Also are you playing a modified deck? If so i dont think Bill is a legal card.

Also im currently trying to put together a crobat deck as well. My pokemon breakdown is:
3-1-3 Crobat
3-1-3 Scolipede
2x Giratina
1x Mr. Mine
1x Mewtwo EX

Though i would plan on running Rare Candies. Other things i kinda wanted to run is Toxicroak or Muks.

Idk what the energy counts on the other pokemon in terms of colorless. But i think you could run a few double colorless and the rest psychic energy. You should also put in more drawing cards like Juniper or w/e, to allow you to refresh your hand more. Probably the team plasma grunts come out and junipers, N, or Colress go in.

But thats all my opinion.

JayD June 16th, 2013 3:18 AM

Crobat Poison!
oOkay thanks, any opinion is highly welcomed. I added those Plasma energies because I couldn't find extra Psychic energies =/
I thought Bill was a legal card... Guess I'll have to get myself a Cheren for that.
How do you speed up the process of evolving your Pokemon and getting energies for it?

donavannj June 16th, 2013 8:54 PM

Bill hasn't been legal since last August. I'm not sure why PokeGym hasn't fixed the search function on their Researching Tower that still pulls HGSS-era cards for their Modified page.

Rare Candy is your friend in a Stage 2 deck.

Also, in a deck with no "natural" (ie - Ability-based) energy acceleration, Ether and Pokedex in combination could work as a semi-functional energy acceleration, along with Skyla to pull the missing one you need from the combo when you're trying to energy accelerate.

I'd opt to partner it with Garbodor from Dark Explorers/Plasma Freeze (it's a secret rare in Plasma Freeze, while just a normal rare in Dark Explorers) as a means to attempt to stall and to wall-out Keldeo EXs from using Rush In when you're getting close to a KO.

JayD June 16th, 2013 10:13 PM

Crobat Poison!
so Crobat & Garbodor, rigt? Adding Venipede/Scolipede/Whirlepede would be tto slow for the deck?
How many energies should the deck have?

donavannj June 17th, 2013 8:37 PM

Scolipede, while fitting with the theme, might be too slow in this deck simply because it's adding a second Stage 2 to this deck in a format where Catcher is still play legal.

Profen June 17th, 2013 10:28 PM

I ended up sort of finishing my deck with what i planned. It works pretty well. I usually end up having to throw a few basics under the bus. But once a Scolipede or Crobat get going, they take down entire teams on their own.

Crobat does, as you know, 40 damage + 40 between turns + 20 if you manage to have virbank gym out. So basically does 100 damage and if they cant switch out, it will hit 160 by them time its your turn again. Knocking out most things. Plus its ability is night sight. This allows you to draw an extra card if you deem it so.

Giratina makes a good addition to a crobat deck, since crobat has no retreat cost. So if they are poisoned by crobat and you dont want to risk it from taking a hit from something on the bench. You can toss out giratina and with Hex, it can do 50 + 50 if they have a status effect. Or just plain 90 and mill one of their cards for 1 energy more. Giratina is also team plasma, making it immune to frozen city.

Scolipede has poison point. So if they attack it, they get poisoned. Its attack is venoshock, which is 80+40 if they are poisoned. With the additional poison damage of 10 + 20 with virbank. If they cant switch out thats an additional 30 poison damage, making it like 180 damage before its your turn again.

Im still looking for a few more basics to toss in, since i only plan to run 3-1-2 crobat and 3-2-2 scoliped, with 2 giratina. Mewtwo is a pretty good EX if you feel the need for one as it can murder things like Keldeo that just laugh at poison decks. Mr. Mime can protect the bench since you have you carry frail Zubats. Sigliphs are also nice if you have trouble with EXs, as it can be damaged by them. Toxicroak with revenge is also nice, but with two 3-step pokemon in the deck, its probably not a good idea to try and add a 2 step as well. Of course you can also add keldeo into this deck, since its ability is really OP, and having a strong counter to fire is always nice.

As for energy, i have 13 psychic energy with 3 double colorless. The DCE work on all of the pokemon that i propose for this deck, so maybe even 12-4 would be better.

JayD June 19th, 2013 6:44 PM

So I took all of your advices and tuned up my deck. So here it is as of now. I still have some main cards to put in it.


2x Nincada Dragons Exalted 10/124
1x Giratina Plasma Storm 62/135
Golbat Plasma Storm 54/135
2x Mr. Mime Plasma Freeze 47/116
2x Crobat Plasma Storm 55/135
3x Zubat Plasma Storm 53/135
1x Mewtwo EX B&W Promo

1x Team Plasma Ball
2x Ether
1x Professor Juniper
1x Level Ball
2x Switch
2x Colress
2x Energy Search
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
1x Colress Machine
2x Potion
1x Computer Search
2x Escape Rope
2x Cheren
3x Virbank City Gym
1x Great Ball
2x Pokemon Communication
1x Ultra Ball

15x Psychic
2x Plasma Energy

Profen June 23rd, 2013 4:27 AM

So i tried putting in Garbadors into the deck and it seems to compliment the deck pretty well. Though i had to take out Scolipede to do it. The trubish that could pull out cards from the discard and put in on the top of your deck, and the other one that could pull out tool cards from the deck are helpful. Not to mention the garbadors with Biosmog that poison and coin flip for energy discard is nice. Plus the garbador that prevents abilities as long as it has a tool card can also be helpful against keldeo decks, though it prevents Crobats night sight ability...

Anyway, i'm gonna test it at league tomorrow and if it does well i will give you the breakdown.

donavannj June 23rd, 2013 8:48 AM

Night Sight would actually be pretty handy if there were no Catcher in the format, and the EX 'mons themselves weren't so broken, but Garbodor's ability is more effective at winning matches than Crobat's is because Crobat's can be replaced by faster-acting trainer cards.

JayD June 23rd, 2013 11:08 AM

Again, thanks a lot guys for taking your time and helping me out with my deck.

I'm debating if I should replace my 3 Ultra Balls with something like Level Balls and Team Plasma Ball to get my Pokemon. Since those get my Pokemon ready and I don't need to discard anything from my hand. But if I'm going to play Garbador, I might play like 1 or 2. Depending on how Profen see the gameplay with it tomorrow.

Profen June 24th, 2013 8:45 PM

So i played about 17 matches. And my deck did fairly well considering it only has Mewtwo EX in it and i played against tons of EX based decks. Roughly like 12/5 was my win/loss ratio. Though i had a few matches with just zubat on first turn or running into no energy for 8 turns.

Though i did find that this deck is terrible in 4 player double battles. Its too slow and it didnt end up doing anything.

As for the deck itself, While it still needs some work and maybe another crobat.

Pokemon: 17 (11 Basics)
2x Giratina PS
1x Mewtwo EX
3-1-2 Crobat PS (2 Spiral Drain and 1 Free Flight)
1x Trubbish NV (Garbage Collect)
1x Garbador DRX (Garbotoxin)
2-2 Garbador PS (Biosmog)
1x Mr Mime PF
1x Sigilyph DRX (Though i added it in after league and took out a zubat)

Supporters: 8
2x Skyla
1x N
1x Colress (Would rather change it for N or Juniper though)
3x Juniper
1x Cilan

Trainers: 19
1x Pokemon Communication
3x Great Balls
2x Virbank City Gym
1x Float Stone
1x Rescue Scarf
3x Rare Candy
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
1x Tool Scrapper
1x Superior Energy Retrieval
1x Switch
1x Dowsing Machine (Ace Spec, though i might switch for comp search)

Energy: 16
3x Double Colorless
13x Psychic

Overall the plan of this deck is to assemble crobats as soon as possible for the night sight extra draws as well as easy 80 damage without Virbank, and either force a switch or get a knock out next turn. Giratina is there to deal with other psychic pokemon as well as destroy the opponents hand with its shadow claw. Mewtwo is well mewtwo. Mr Mime protects your bench against the likes of articuno EX, Landorous EX, and Darkrai EX to name a few. Sigilyph blocks all EX attacks and can smash things that stack energy, like Keldeo. Garbador with biosmog both poisons as well as discards precious plasma or double colorless energy with a coin flip. The garbotoxin garbador uses rescue scarf or float stone to cancel all abilities and can be stripped of it if desired with tool scrapper.

I find great balls to be more helpful than level balls or plasma balls. They may not be able to grab what you want when you want it. Though it can pick up any pokemon from the top 7 cards of your deck, which as i found out at league, is really helpful and often got me something. Running as many junipers, its nice to be able to pull out stuff from my discard using trubbish or dowsing machine mid to late game. Though computer search is more helpful early to mid game. I like to carry at least 1 switch incase something gets stranded or paralyzed. Energy Retrieval is really useful, though hard to fit into my deck, so i only added one superior one just in case.

Interesting things I realized while running night sight is that it really allows you to work/play around with your supporters. Being able to draw 2 extra cards to see if you really need to juniper a precious hand or drawing after juniper to pick up a few extra cards can be game changing. It could also work well with Pokedex as you can choose what cards from the top 5 of your deck to draw.

Note that this is in no way a professional deck, and it does have some kinks to work out, like needing another crobat. Though it can perform well against decks that heavily rely on abilities, EXs, or large retreat costs.

donavannj June 25th, 2013 8:02 PM

I'd look at testing this against Deoxys EX decks and seeing if that Mewtwo is even necessary anymore. Deoxys EX or another Sigilyph might be fantastic in here. Or it could be a total train-wreck. Either way, it's worth experimenting with.

Even though Deoxys EX is hellaciously expensive right now.

Profen June 26th, 2013 3:12 PM

I have been wondering that. Mewtwo never really helps all that much and his death is 2 prizes. But it is nice to have something that can attack with 2 double colorless energy, while most of the rest needs 1 psychic 2 colorless or something along those lines.

JayD June 26th, 2013 8:39 PM

Crobat Poison!
Thanks a lot Profen. I'll make the deck you listed. It's hella lot better than the one I got now. But about the Trubbish, aren't they gonna cycle soon? And how about adding a Deoxys-EX to the deck so my Pokemon could have extra attack power?

donavannj June 26th, 2013 8:53 PM

Yeah, NVI Trubbish probably will cycle soon, unfortunately.

Deoxys EX might work better as a generally counter and booster than Mewtwo EX at this point because it doesn't have to be active to directly affect damage dealt.

Profen June 27th, 2013 2:36 AM

Yeah most likely. Though I lack deoxys and i am not buying one. That and the only problem with that is i would need to run plasma energy as well to make full of his attack. Which would probably mean at least 2 plasma energy and probably 1 colress machine. Though it could act as a psuedo-energy acceleration, but it would require me to take out a cards, probably Cilan and 2 psychic energy. Which might hurt this deck more than help it. Idk.

Though if you run Garbador with garbotoxin. You have to be careful how you use it. As it gets rid of all abilities. This include Sigilyph, Deoxys, Mr. Mime, and Crobat's Abilities. All of which can be vital at any point in time. So its good to have a tool scrapper (or some way to grab one) in hand when you put one on Garbador.

donavannj June 27th, 2013 5:37 AM

It's good to have a Tool Scrapper period, as it's also your best counter to your opponent getting their Garbodor setup first, if they happen to be using one.

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