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Fuyu June 16th, 2013 9:27 AM



In 2001, the program known as the D-Reaper attempted to delete and absorb both the human and Digital Worlds due to its belief of their going beyond a specific amount of lifeforms, as well as the despair within a one Katou Juri's heart. On both sides, a war raged to stop this creature from destroying everything both existences held dear. Eventually, Japanese children known as “Digimon Tamers” rose up and were able to save Kato Juri, and defeat the D-Reaper. The world was left in confusion as the red mass shrank away from them, and peace returned as suddenly as it had been taken.

Though the Digimon had to return home on that day, they left their mark on this world. Corpses, destruction, scandal, all of these carried on as an event for the history books. Despite this, the games continued, life went on, and the world led on into peace.

Until now.

Thirteen years after the events of the D-Reaper, something has shaken the evolving Digital World to its core. Whatever that something is, the human world is left defenseless to the tremors of the Earth and the bizarre weather patterns that have begun afflicting it. Odd patches of fog have been appearing frequently all over the world, leaving corpses and destruction in their wake. People have been disappearing. International governments have taken notice and the media has been having a frenzy.

Soon, it will be affecting you as well. The DigiGnomes decree it.


You are a young, or even old, person in New York. Perhaps you have lived here all of your life, or are visiting for an exchange program, or just a lowly tourist. Whatever the case may be, you are here now and that is all that matters. You go about your life as normal, accepting things as they are. Maybe you've kept your eyes on the news and the odd events that have been going on lately. Maybe you hate the news and say: that's crap. It hasn't happened to you, so it never will. That's okay. You're normal right now.

You won't be for much longer.

You're about to be hit (perhaps literally) by something the world was trying to avoid remembering: a Digimon, or even an egg that could be a Digimon. How you take the event is up to you, but I wouldn't recommend running away. With that Digimon will be a strange device, almost a toy. There will also be a diamond pendant of some sort. An odd symbol will be engraved inside it. Try as you might, you will not be able to recognize it. You probably won't be able to recognize much of anything.

Battles await you. So can friendships, romances, developments in ways people haven't thought of in years, not since wars. The worlds are colliding. Get ready.

Soon, the Digital World will be swinging its gates wide open again. Will you be going through them? That depends. Will you live long enough to find out?


The RP will be done in “episodes”. Typically, an episode will be split into two parts. If there are specific quests or plots that roleplayers suggest or I think of that are important, there will be a spoiler tag for that player. Other players in the roleplay can interfere in these if they want to. That's part of the fun. All suggestions are for VM or PM.

Unless they are mentioned to be played by the GM, NPCs can mostly be played by roleplayers. The same goes for minor antagonists.


Digimon- Creatures made and evolved from data in the network. They are capable of many amazing feats and even evils. Mostly they stay in their own world, but sometimes they seek out humans, mostly for power.

Digital World- The place where everything is currently going wrong and where Digimon mostly live. This incarnation of the Digital World is rather different from the others. Information regarding this can be found here.

D-Arc- The “Digivice” used by a Tamer. Is capable of evolution, data storage, and Card Slash function, as well as a compass and watch. Other features have previously been employed, they just can't be accessed yet. Image here.

Tamer- A human partnered to a Digimon. Can be from a toddler to an old man, though it usually is a title given to children, ironically enough

Card Slash (Digi-Modify)- Digimon trading cards when slashed through the slot on the right slide (in just the right fashion, mind you) are capable of temporarily granting Digimon powers beyond their norm.

Digimon Trading Cards-Trading cards usually used for the Digimon card game now employed in the Card Slash technique. Examples include: Power, Speed, Hyper Wing, Radiant Fate. Full list will eventually be included

Indigo Card- A mysterious card that falls from the sky to unsuspecting humans once in a while. Perhaps it is the initiator of Matrix Evolution. No one knows. But wait... wasn't that what the Blue Card was for?

Four Holy Beasts- Four incredibly advanced Digimon who fought against the D-Reaper many years ago. They've been uncharacteristically quiet in response to these events.

Levels (Japanese/English) -I use the Japanese terminology in regards to this sort of thing but I will provide the English terms barring the D-Arc.

Baby 1/Baby
Baby 2/In-Training

  • Digimon can be up to Adult Level when you first get them. No Perfects, no Ultimates, not even MarinAngemon. He's cute but also can destroy a city block if he put his mind to it.
  • Child and Adult Level Digimon will be harder to evolve them and they will be a little weaker as a result. They will also be harder to bond with, be it either in personality or in focus. They will likely be a lot less trusting, trustworthy, or caring in regards to a Tamer if they have lived in the World that they have long enough to evolve that far
  • Digimon received as an egg or Baby level will naturally be weaker in a combat scenario, but they will have an easier time evolving and bonding with their Tamer. They are young and easily impressionable.
  • Humans cannot attack anything beyond a Child level and expect to kill it. You will be lucky if you can knock it out. Granted, humans can fight anything beyond that themselves all they want. It's their death sentence. However, killing Digimon as a human is difficult. If you've been trained in martial arts or murder (explain this backstory because that sounds awesome), we will expect it from you more than the random high school student with nothing but his MP3 player.
  • When/if your Digimon dies, it must be cleared with the GM. Because it stays dead. There is no Village of Beginnings. Then you have a few options after that, which you need to PM the game master about because it gets complicated.
  • Child levels cannot easily ram a Perfect level across a field. They'll have trouble with Adult levels until after a few fights. Notable exceptions are Combat Species Digimon, such as Guilmon or Dracomon, which would arguably have something else lacking in response to this.
  • Unless you have an “Evolution” card, any Digimon evolution will be difficult to achieve as it is, but downright impossible if you start with an Adult level.


1. Follow all PC rules. Kind of a given, but still.
2. Bunnying without asking is a no-no.
3. A paragraph to me is about three to six sentences. A post should be at least that, if not higher in regards to PC roleplaying guides.
4. If you want to interact with someone for a longer period of time, either have a joint post or make appropriate length posts with each other. If the other person suddenly up and disappears, at most, you have a week before you ask permission to bunny that person and move on.
5. That being said, one post a week at least. If I disappear, I'll try and leave a short message and explain what to do after that. If you don't appear after a week, I will VM you. Two weeks, you and your spot are gone.
6. No god-modding the fights or... anything. Everyone has their weaknesses.
7. Feel free to offer any new ideas to me. I will gladly take a look at them.
8. This roleplay is rated M for violence and cursing. Keep our romance on the downlow. :D
9. I will be making any final decisions, unless I have a sudden absence in which a temporary one will take my place. I will choose them.
10. If there is a problem, please tell me. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
11. Break any rule more than twice and I have to boot you. No exceptions.
12. Have as much fun as you can!


Sign ups will be taken up to eight days after this is accepted. There will be no reservations so as many people can post sign ups as they wish. I will be choosing them based on quality and how the character will be with others.

After the initial selection, if there are still open slots, any non-accepted members will be allowed to edit their SU to try again while the RP starts. They have until the first episode is finished to do so.

If someone is kicked out, I will VM a non-accepted member and offer them the spot.



Age: (Preferably between 10-30, but older and... maybe younger characters are welcome, depending on the quality)
Family: (Family members, occupations or lack there of, age)
Occupation: (Do we have a job? Where?)
Appearance: (Image, but one paragraph minimum preferred)
History: (Two paragraphs minimum)
Personality: (two paragraphs minimum, displaying both good and bad points)
Other: (Are there certain areas they excel in? Can they paint? Do they study kung-fu?)
Theme: (Optional. If your character has a theme song, show it off!)

Evolutions: (Their evolution line, Baby to Ultimate. We never know if those things come up.)
Appearance: (Is there anything different about them, compared to other Digimon?)
Moves: (To find the moves of your partner, DMA-Digidex or Wikimon are good sources. ^_^)
History: (If they were an egg, this may not be as necessary, but other than that, what lifestyle did they live? Did they want or need a Tamer? One paragraph minimum)
Personality: (One paragraph minimum, describing how our Digimon acts, what kind of bond they may eventually have with their Tamer, etc.
D-Arc Color/Colors: Up to two
Symbol: A symbol that reminds us of your character's best virtue, their best trait.

RP Sample: Give me a normal day, any day before the big bang occurred. Their time in school, if they go to work, how much they chat with their parents. Did anything weird happen to them before the RP began? Show it off. This will be a deciding factor on my acceptance of your sign-up.)


1.Lark Cadence Felix (Fuyu)
2. Nikholas Parsson (EliteBeats)
3. Adrian Fitzgerald (YogiOne)
4. Gavin Rhodes (Colony)
5. Kenta Nakamura (SwiftSign)
6. Kalista Rose (Nickle4Pickle)
7. Noemi Calder (Grif of Hearts)
8. Natalie Delgado (First Snow)

EPISODE 1: Did Anybody Get The Number Of That Meteorite?

Part A

“Good morning, New York! This is Axe Anderson telling you how fabulous it could be on August 5th, 2014 if you like bitter wind! Today we have a forecast of DOOM for everyone hoping for that sunshine! Sorry to say that today will be cloudy with a chance of rain in the afternoon, with temperatures down in the forties. Also, everyone be careful when on the roads on their way to work today. There have been a lot of foggy areas with accidents, particularly on the sidestreets. Slow your speed and listen here on Channel 28 for your traffic coverage! Back to you, Mary-Anne!”

“Thanks Axe for the cheerful outlook on today. Everyone, as our weatherman said keep an eye on that thermometer. The temperatures could drop even lower so everyone shut their windows. Also, walk brisk and follow the traffic signs and keep those stranger danger rules in your head. We've had some missing people cropping up in none-too-good condition in alleys over the past few weeks and no one wants to be them! There are still quite a few missing, including the following:

Thirty-year old Jacob Miller, a New York Times reporter, missing since June 23rd

Seven-year-old Alicia Saunders, elementary schooler, missing since June 9th

Twenty-year-old Mikayla Smith, tourist from Wales, missing since July 8th

Seventy-three year old Simon Marx, retired school teacher, missing since July 15th

And fifty-five year old Derrick Walker and his daughter sixteen-year-old Lillian Walker, missing since July 19th

If you have seen any of these people, please call or leave a tweet. You can find out how to do so on or from the number on your screen.

Now, in other news...

Today's news report. Chipper as always huh? That's how it's been for the past few days here in the Big Apple. Rather small and depressing if you ask me, but you aren't. Too bad.

Welcome to the morning. Go through a part of your day. At some point, you will notice something is wrong, very wrong. You aren't sure what it is. You aren't even sure why, other than the fact that it's chilly in August and that's just not right. Well, you keep right not walking on. That's how you gotta do things, or... well, you'll probably just go insane.

You might already be insane though. You never know.

At any rate, you start for your walk to... somewhere. Your house, the bookstore, a cafe, somewhere where you just weren't. Or maybe you took a car. It's going to get totaled someday by a reckless driver.

Either way, you are on your feet and you're moving when suddenly you are flat on your back. (For some of you this might be a real problem.) While you weren't paying attention, something knocked you over like a giant bowling ball. It could be an egg the size of a computer monitor from the late nineties or it could be a weird monster.

You've just met your Digimon. Hello.


-You CAN interact with other roleplayers, but that's up until you get the Digimon. Then you have to be alone and stuff.

-After you get the Digimon, you can talk about what you did afterward if you want to. You don't have to. You can just wait until I post part B.

-I won't wait for everyone to post before we move on, except for the end of an episode. Then I will wait a couple of days before posting the next episode.

Fuyu June 21st, 2013 9:28 AM

"Kitty-cat, you awake?"


Kit brushed her purple hair out of her face one last time and sniffed her hat. Yep, she had washed it right! Thank goodness. No one liked smelly hats or smelly hair. That was for sure. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large, bulky form moving on the other side of the curtains. She grinned and sprang up off of her hammock, tackling Jake onto the bed. "KIT ATTACK!"

Jake let out a bark of laughter, easily grabbing her by the shoulders and rolling her onto his bed. "You think a kitty like you can stop me? I might just gobble you up for that!" Kit giggled and blew air into his face, only to squeal as he lifted her up and began to carry her out. "There's no choice," he declared, all grave sobriety. "It's time for the seasoning! We'll cut up some leeks and carrots and I shall have a kitty stew!"

"But there's no bread," she protested, still giggling like a small child.

Jake frowned before smirking again. "Bears don't need bread everyday, but they do need meat and you have just enough!" Kit squeaked and wriggled away, bolting into the tiny kitchenette.

"Eat bacon!" she cried, throwing a slice at him. He snatched it and grinned, making ridiculous chomping noises.

"Not enough!" he growled. "I still hunger!"

"So make more!" Kit shouted, grin threatening to break her cheeks.

"Bears don't make food! They eat it!"

"Too bad!" She went to start the eggs. Omelettes were always good for bears named Jake.


Jake glanced up from the news... and his sandwich. "Nasty business out there," he muttered as Kit rearranged her 'room' to semi-neatness, dragging out a hamper. "All those dead folks who musta just been minding their own business." He chewed thoughtfully before adding, "You be a careful kitty out there today, okay?"

"Yes, sir~" Kit agreed well-enough. "Spots will lead me in the right way; I'm sure of it!" Spots, her latest puppy friend, had been keeping a lookout for things. She didn't quite understand why. She didn't mind; he was always fun to chase around. She planted her hat on her head. "Be careful outside Jake, it's really cold today! Maybe there's an ice rink in the streets!" She snapped on her running shoes, looking at her pants for any trace of dust or paint.

"Don't fall in those shoes then," he replied with a smirk as she grabbed her violin case. Lark waved a lazy hand. "And don't give that ol' girl any trouble neither!"

Kit saluted and ran down the apartment stairs, waving at old Mr. Ferbes and his teacup. The door swung shut with a click and she was off, hat straps whooshing in the wind. Within seconds of dodging people in the mildly crowded streets, she heard the delighted bark of Spots and saw his delightful dalmatian tail. "Lead the way, buddy!" she chirped at him and the dog obeyed, trotting up to a stop sign and waiting.

Such a good dog. You like dogs.

Kit blinked fuzzily. "Huh?" She looked around and most people were just going right past her. "Mewri!~ how weird..." She chased after Spots again, eventually reaching the warm sign of Magnolia Bakery.

"Hat off, Kit!~"

"Kay, Miss Maisie~" She hurried to put her hat on the hook and roll the apron on. She brushed her purple hair down to rest all around her ears and avoid her face. Within seconds, she was there, waiting for the first customers of the morning to arrive for their breakfast. "G'morning," she called, smiling her enthusiastic "how-can-I-help-you" smile at the chime of the bell. "Anyway I can help you out?"

Colony June 21st, 2013 9:43 AM

Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes
Episode 1, Part A, Sub-Part 1

Another day, another adventure. This was just a common saying that Rhodey liked to say to himself in the morning. It never occurred to him that it might be right for once, but that was neither here nor there. The streets of New York were as active as ever with the thousands of people traversing the city, all attempting to get to either their job or some shop. One thing that was different today was the awesomely cold weather. It was such a surprise in this modern time. Rhodey himself was heading towards his day time job, working at the Broadway Vinyl music store, which ironically wasn't on Broadway. To be honest, he was still tired from the previous night. So many weird technical problems ruined their show, not to mention messed up their opportunity to impress the record label. It was a just an overwhelmingly terrible experience. Rhodey wondered when they would get a second chance, but he figured everything would turn out okay, so he left it at that. Instead, he pulled out his phone and pulled up an article about the recent transfer news for the various soccer teams he liked.

It took him a few minutes to read through the article, and man did it upset Rhodey. One of the targets for Chelsea, Gareth Bale, went and joined Real Madrid.

"Damn you, Gareth Bale." Rhodey said, jokingly while shaking his fist in the air.

That was such a disappointing turn of events for his team, but it's not exactly like they needed the player. They were, after all, stacked as stacked can get. Honestly, he didn't even know why he cared about it. He shrugged it off and continued to read through another article, apparently Ibrahimovic decided to retire. Rhodey laughed at the thought the biggest nose in the sport was gone. By the time he finished the article he was next to a bakery. He could have sworn that he had heard about this place, but he couldn't place where. Then it finally dawned on him, Shelly, the girl who relieved him in the afternoon, always talked about this place. She would always say how good the bear claws were. Rhodey was smiling ear to ear, he loved bear claws!

He walked into the bakery and there it was. The ever so talked about bear claws. Rhodey licked his lips, just waiting for a chance to sic his teeth into one. He walked up to the counter and immediately asked for his order.

"One, no, two bear claws, please. I need one for each hand."

The last part was said with a bit of a laugh. Now that he noticed, the girl behind the counter looked young, real young, and she had purple hair. A bit unusual to most, but Rhodey was used to those kinds of things. He's even seen a girl that had green, blue, and pink colored hair. It was like a kaleidoscope of colors. Perhaps she was even a fan? Rhodey thought it would be kinda cool, but he wasn't exactly well-known. A guy can dream, right?

Fuyu June 21st, 2013 10:15 AM

Kit beamed at the new customer, giggling at his joke. He seemed like a bit of a punk. Well, that was cool to her. She had seen more unusual. Heck, she was more unusual. He has said... "Two bear claws, right? But don't you want four, two for your feet?"

Maisie, a young, but cheerful woman, exited the back, gently thwapped her with the back end of a spoon. "No hinting, Kit," she jokingly scolded. "We all know once we have 'em once, they always come back." She winked at Rhodey as Kit scurried past her with a laugh. "Your total with tax will be $7.23," she informed him as Kit grabbed the pastries, passing them over to Gavin.

"You can eat them in here if you want," Kit added, gesturing to the tables and unlocking the register to take his money. Maisie chuckled and retreated back into the kitchen, going right back to mixing the brownies.

YogiOne June 21st, 2013 10:17 AM

Adrian Fitzgerald

“What’s my motivation for today?” lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and questioning himself not unusual for Adrian, hell it happens probably three or four times a week. One thing that was certain though, even if that question was left unanswered Adrian hops out of bed every morning to tackle the day ahead and today was no different. He flung his lifeless body out of bed, cracking his neck and performing stretches in an effort to get him out of the groggy sleep state he was in. What made things even worse was the cold air rushing through the little crack in his bedroom window “Well that was CHILLING!” he chuckled a little as he quickly shut the window completely, not because his joke was funny but because it’s a joke he would hear in an old time sitcom. The temperature was a bit of a surprise especially since Adrian wasn't the sort of person to stop and actually watch the news especially something as trivial as the weather.

The breeze blowing outside and tree branch banging on the window were the only two sounds breaking the silence all around him, if you count out the traffic outside but living in the city so long has left him immune to the annoyance of car horns and engine sounds. Today was just a weird morning, Adrian found himself moving around his room more purposeless than usually making the task of getting ready to leave seem like an endless task.

"Hey dad, I'm going for a walk"

"Ok son, here some money just in case you need it"

"Psssh no thanks you gave me some cash earlier this week"

The back and forth might seem crazy if anyone ever saw him do it, but it counted as his only parental interaction in days believe it or not. Closing the door behind and doing his final wallet and phone check Adrian was off again rushing to the elevator before it closed and slipped right into the corner beside the asian couple waiting patiently and anxiously for it to reach the lobby.

"So.......crazy weather huh?" the gentleman said while holding his girlfriend close to his side

Adrian glanced at him and gave a slight nod, not interested in the idle chit chat but the man continued "Even worse we have people disappearing into what seems like thin air" this actually peaked Adrian's interest a bit since he heard about those disappearances before but it wasn't happening to him or his friends so who cares?

Ding! the elevator finally stopped and Adrian was out the moment those doors opened, with an almost brisk walk and straight unto the busy New York streets. Hot dog stands all around but really Adrian was hankering for something sweet to eat, get his early morning energy since he left without breakfast. Adrian found himself just walking, wondering more like it until he stumbled upon a little bakery, without hesitation and joined the line behind a tall gentleman who was ordering a bear claw, two to be exact and followed it up with a "joke". Adrian shuck his head at the man's comment and turned his attention to the ...... purple haired girl behind the counter.

What made it worse was the fact that the girl had added to his joke but once again Adrian ignored the comments

"I'll take a bear claw too" as he searched through his wallet for an appropriate bill to give the young girl "Just one.....for my one mouth" he added poking fun at the so called joke the gentleman in front him had said.

Colony June 21st, 2013 12:07 PM

Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes
Episode 1, Part A, Sub-Part 2

Apparently Rhodey's comment was taken as a poorly designed joke when he was being fairly serious. It didn't really bug him, he even laughed along with the purple haired girl. He almost took her up on her offer when some other lady, probably the manager or owner, came up and scolded her, but still somehow managed to wink at Rhodey. Flirting always did seem to flatter the musician. The other lady also mentioned that the girl's name was Kit. Another oddity added to the board. Kit mentioned that he owed "$7.23," so he reached for his wallet and grabbed a ten dollar bill. As he was handing it to Kit to pay for his scrumptious treats some other guy came from behind Rhodey and asked for a bear claw as well. Rhodey immediately began wondering how popular these pastries were, because everyone seemed to want one. Rhodey resumed his exchange of money for pastry.

"Don't worry about the change, keep it as a tip."

He always seemed to hate receiving change, something about how there never seems to be enough to buy anything he wants with it. Kit handed him the pastries, while motioning towards one of their tables. Nothing was keeping him waiting to fulfill his now apparent hunger. It was getting towards that time of the day after all. He took a seat at one of the aforementioned tables and took a bite out of one of the bear claws. It was delightful! That ever so tasty almond-y taste that was always welcomed at any part of the day. He took another bite, and it was just as awesome. Shelly was right, this place was pretty amazing. He knew he would be coming by here more often. While he was eating he noticed that he had completely forgotten napkins, oh the audacity. Immediately, he stood up scouted the room for a napkin vendor and retrieved about four napkins. After he returned to his table he wiped his mouth making sure there were no crumbs on his lips, thus preventing him from looking like some slob or hobo. With his now cleaner face he continued munching, but was then interrupted by an untimely buzzing.

Someone had texted him. Upon checking his phone he realized it was Drew, but what in the world did he want? It was about last night. The label called him and said they would give them another shot tonight, if they were willing... It took a few seconds for it to set in before Rhodey launched himself out of his seat and exclaimed in joy. The chair he had been sitting in fell backwards and by some miracle the bear claws stayed on the table.

"Hell yeah! We get another shot!" he shouted, all before realizing where he was. "Sorry, won't happen again." He smiled apologetically towards everyone.

Chalifoux June 21st, 2013 2:14 PM



Part The First.
New York State of Mind City
Theme: Empire State of Mind - Jazy-Z & Alicia Keys [Ed Sheeran Cover]

"In New Yoooork! I've Become A Where Dreams Tomatooooes!" Nikk whispered to himself as the soothing voice of Ed Sheeran played within his head. Cause that's kind of a thing now, am I right?

"What are you singing?" An inquisitive Lettice asked, bobbling around in curiosity along her black glasses and puffy, white dress. Pigtails of a deep-black swaying around as she eagerly awaited an answer with a wide smile.

"Dunno. Something by some Cheerán guy, I think."

"Ed Sheeran?"

"If you say so."

"Okay!" Lettice bounced outside of the living room they were sitting in. Some news people in TV. he never pays attention to them, but even he was perplexed by the incidents revolving around mist. Mist is nice, people! We only need to hug it and become friends with it and it'll all be okay! Jeez...

He stood up and took his thought with himself as he reached for the fridge in their kitchen... No more milk... again. But then again, it's not like they always have milk... if at all. He just likes to open the fridge in hopes of finding some food for a change.

"Hey Nikk!" A high-pitched voice said from behind. As he turned around he found out it was't Lettice. It was just Lolita, their nanny in turn. The slim, blonde girl with well-groomed hair that couldn't stop smiling. He has nothing against her, not yet, at least. But her name is like an invitation for a terror-movie.That's pretty much a rule of thumb for all Lolitas around. She's your Lolita! La Femme Nikita!, he loves to make that Veronicas pun. Today was no exception.

And just like always, she laughed. She laughs about EVERYTHING. It's very obnoxious. He needs air... lots of it. Especially if Lolita is not around.

"By the way," there she goes, swaying her arms like she's having an attack of epilepsy, "Aren't you going to visit your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" He wasn't following who this "girlfriend" was.

"Y'know who I'm talking about, that Natalie kid, she's so nice!"

"S-She's not my girlfriend!" He said as he smashed the fridge's door and commanded Lolita to step aside, "I'm going outside," he then spit, "Don't stay awake waiting for me!" And as he left with more noise Lolita couldn't help but notice how red the kid's cheeks went in the moment Natalie's name was thrown at him.

"Natalie again?" Lettice inquired after a while.

"Isn't it always about her?"

"True that."


It's always chilly in New York... No, actually, it isn't. The hell is it so cold around here? The thought of being cold pervaded across Nikk's head while he tried to walk around the masses of people in New York. And as it just so happens, he /is/ planning to go see Natalie. Not because Lolita mentioned her, mind you! Y'know what? Shut up.

She's nice and all, but she's only her friend, okay? Besides, it's not like she likes him back... Assuming he actually felt something for her! Oh, look, you made Nikk blush again, are you happy now? Besides, they had decided to go to some random bakery a few days before. He couldn't let her down, now could he?

"Natalie!" He exclaimed at the foot of her house with a somewhat low voice, "Yo!" His voice was now louder, "Them bearclaws are not gonna buy themselves!" He awaited another second before ending in the loudest tone possible, "And I'm hungry!"

Subsonic June 21st, 2013 5:37 PM

1 – Natalie Delgado
Theme for this post: “People Like Us”
New York City

Natalie woke up in a good mood on the morning of August 1st. The past week was depressing for her and this change of mood was welcomed greatly. Her change of mood was so noticeable; her sister Allison had noticed it when they woke up. Her sister knew Natalie was in a good mood when she witnessed her skip into the bathroom, something she never did unless she was super happy about something.

“People like us, for people like us,” Natalie sang along to the song playing on her sister’s phone as she brushed the mascara brush over her lashes.

Allison raised her eyebrow, “You seem really happy today. What’s up?”

Natalie turned to look at her sister, meeting her identical brown eyes, “Nothing’s up? Can’t I just be happy?”

Her sister nodded her head, “No. Just a week ago you found out your favorite teacher was murdered. Something is up.”

Natalie winced, “Did you really need to bring that up?”

“Sorry, but yes,” Allison said. Natalie put the mascara into its case and put it away. She straightened her clothes and turned to the mirror to fix her hair again. Allison noticed a butterfly clip in her hair and that’s when she put things together, “You’re going out aren't you?”

“What?” Natalie sputtered.

“You are!” Allison exclaimed while pointing at her excitedly, “You have a date!”

“It’s not a date,” Natalie countered.

“Ha, but you’re going out!” Allison retorted, “It’s that bakery isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I am not going with anyone,” Natalie answered.

“Objection!” Allison declared, pointing her index finger at her, “You are wearing your favorite clip. Now who’s the lucky boy?”

“B-boy? What boy? I don’t have a boyfriend, it’s nothing like that at all,” Natalie chatted nervously.
“It’s Nikk,” Allison concluded, “I know I’m right.”

“Fine, you’re right. I am going to the bakery with Nikk. Just don’t tell anyone alright,” Natalie explained.

“Of course not, I promise, cross my heart,” Allison stated. She was facing her now, her back turned, and secretly behind her, her right hand was crossing its fingers.

“Then why are you inching closer to the door?” Natalie interrogated.

She heard the door click and Allison pushed the door open. She smiled at her younger sister, “Family has to know Natalie.”

“You wouldn’t,” Natalie dared.

Allison smiled even wider and then made a break for it. She ran out of their room, with Natalie on her tail, and all the while Allison screamed, “Natalie is going on a date!”

Jamie, their younger brother then popped his head out of his room, “A date?”

Natalie put on a look of horror on her face while Allison skidded to a stop and smiled, “Yes a date.”
“With who?” Jamie asked, as he exited his room. He was a damn giant compared to his sisters. He was nearly 6’0” and he was going to be a freshman in a couple of weeks. Life wasn’t fair.

“You better not tell-"

“Nikk!” Allison smiled.

“You mean that Nikk?” Jamie asked, which received a nod, “Finally! Good job sis, you finally got a date.”

“It’s not a date!” Natalie exclaimed, with a blush on her face.

“What’s this I hear about my sister going on a date?” Another voice interrupted. It was their oldest brother, Aaron.

“Does he know that you were-"

“Born as a man?” Natalie interrupted, “Yes.”

“Um yeah okay,” Aaron stated awkwardly before continuing with a teasing smile, “You better give us a report when you get back.”

“Aaron!” Natalie shouted. More would have been said if they didn’t hear knocking on the front door.

“Natalie, yo! Them bearclaws are not going to buy themselves! And I am hungry!” A voice shouted from behind the front door of their house.

“That’s Nkik,” Allison teased.

“Coming!” Natalie called back. She sent a playful glare at Allison, who was hiding her laughter behind her hand. Jamie was giving her a wink and Aaron was coughing, trying really hard not to smile. Natalie ran off to get her messenger bag and then rushed to the front of the house and opened the door. Before her siblings could look over her shoulder to see the boy, she quickly shut the door and grabbed his hand.

“C’mon let’s go,” Natalie urged, pulling him off the porch and out into the streets of New York.

Chalifoux June 21st, 2013 11:10 PM



Part The Second.
New York City, Mothertrucker!
Theme: Empire State of Mind - Jazy-Z & Alicia Keys [Ed Sheeran Cover] & People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

Five seconds... Just what in the world is taking that woman so long? I’m... so... hungry, was the only thing Nikk could think off. That, and how ridiculously cold it was.

Today we have a 9000% chances of it being annoying-ass cold, with a few chances of bullcrap here and there. Tomorrow, all survivors will get to watch the much expected finale of our documental series “Doughnuts: Friend or Foe”.

Nikk stirred from his insane thoughts when he felt a tug from Natalie, “C’mon let’s go.”

“W-What?” Nick had failed to realize the presence that was now dragging him around the dotted sidewalks of the big apple. Furthermore, he had just realized this very presence was Natalie’s, “Is there a reason for which you decided that this media of transport would be appropriate for our social meeting?”

“Have you been looking at a Shakespeare’s dictionary again?” Natalie asked.

A pause followed, along with an innocent grin and a short laugh, “Ain’t that what I always do? But seriously, let go off me already...”

Natalie sputtered, she forgot that she was holding his hand and literally manhandling him across the big apple. A blush formed on her face and she felt the urge to slap herself, “Right, sorry, I completely forgot.”

“S’okay,” Nick shook his arm slightly as to prevent it to fall asleep. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that tends to happen when you’ve been dragged for a while for no particular reason, “So... where is this bakery at, exactly?” He ended asking as he admired the hordes of taxi cabs that drove next to them.

“What?” Natalie asked in disbelief, “I thought you knew where it was! You recommended that we go there! I even asked my sister about whether or not that bakery was worth eating at!!”

“How is it that after all this time you’re still surprised by this?... I suggested we went to this bakery. I never even said I knew where it was!” He was shaking his hands all around with quick gestures as he tried to defend himself and his clumsiness.

“Smarttass,” Natalie sighed, “Let’s just take a taxi or something, they should know what we are talking about.”

“Eh... fine...”

And so they boarded a cab. And they began a journey of grandeur towards the mysterious bakery of Magnolia. In the road they couldn’t help to notice a movie theater. In which a movie called “ALIEN UNICORNS FROM BEYOND” was screened.

“I honestly don’t understand how that movie is so popular...“ Nikk said as he sighed. Humanity.

It seemed this movie was made by some John Jackson... or was it Jack Johnson? There’s this Carlos guy, who knows Consuela from their childhood. Then suddenly aliens fall from the sky and abduct them. They go on great adventures and engage in weird, hot steamy action with these creatures as they create a new hybrid species.

Funnily enough, this hybrids destroy Earth... Aliens, which are also unicorns. Ridiculous, indeed, but what did you expect from today’s society?

“‘Is there any hope for humanity?’” Natalie quoted, “That’s what you would say anyway.”

“No way...” Yes way.

“Sure,” Natalie hid a laugh, “Remember those strange texts I got last week?”

“Yeah?” Of course he didn’t.

Natalie stared at him for a minute, obviously knowing he probably didn’t remember, “They got even stranger. It’s not even an actual text anymore.”

“Huh?” He was now actually concerned for the situation, “Could they be trolls or something? They tend to be that obnoxious.”

“Would trolls repeatedly send me the song ‘I Will Survive’ at ten in the morning?” Natalie asked sarcastically, “I couldn’t get it to stop, so I had to wait for the person to stop sending it. I had to wait two goddamn hours.”

Nikk couldn’t help but let go of a laugh. By which it should be understood that the guy exploded in laugh. Although it was short, and luckily he managed to control himself... somewhat.

“Well...” he continued as he placed his hand on her shoulder, eyes locked in hers, “I think your phone hates you.”

Natalie laughed, “Maybe,”

“A’ight, ye’ punks! Bak’ry o’ Magnolia it is, nao get the hell out of my transportalizing vehicle of yellow!” The taxi driver was soon to expel them from his holy domains with an atrocious stop as they finally reached the bakery. At this point, Natalie thought he was drunk. Nikk found him to be rather colorful.

Still... what a douche.

“Lemme help you out.” He said as he got down and extended his hand towards Natalie.

“Why thank you Sir Parsson,” Natalie smiled. She took his hand and squeezed it lightly and imitated the elegance of a queen as she got off the taxi.

“Why, you’re welcome, miss---” He was interrupted by the atrocious cab that had left a cloud of smoke right in front of him while the driver just kept calling them punks. He just kept coughing for a while.

“Let’s just get into the goddam bakery already.” He tried to control himself and failed... Miserably.

“Right,” Natalie agreed before adding, “Well at least he isn’t on crystal meth. He seems to be obviously on alcohol.”

“Story of every taxi driver’s life, it seems...”

Natalie attempted to guide Nikk with grace manhandled him into the two story bakery, which had no resemblance to a bakery in an anime about digital monsters and their creepy obsessions with children. Still, the bearclaws called for them both with their hypnotizing aroma, which extended outside the building like in cartoon shows. White stripes of delicious aroma hovering around and all.

“You’re drooling,” Natalie commented.

“Huh?” He quickly saw the intruder’s presence in his lips and wiped it away with one of the many chunks of paper in his pockets. You can never have too many of them. He then disposed of the brave soldier of paper that had served his purpose in life.

“Why do you keep using binder paper to clean up your face?” Natalie asked.

“Do you want to walk inside or not?” He scoffed as he felt his stomach crumble with the force of all greek gods (at least the important ones) at the same time.
“Right, right, sorry,” Natalie apologized. She opened the door into the bakery and was revealed a world of wonders. Unicorns chewed on the tile floors, leprechauns were visible in the back arguing about beer and the best ways to get drunk, and fairies flew about in the store. Well, it was what Natalie could compare the store too anyway.

The place was oddly happy looking. The walls were a color of bright, blinding pink, the tables were cute, circular shape, and the chairs had comforters, and off to the corner, near the bathrooms, was a cardboard cutout of a bunny that looked as if it was high on drugs. The cases containing bread and other pastries were outlined with white fluff and streamers. The bubblegum pop music just topped all the happy decorations off, ranging from psychedelic beats to songs about plastic bags. Everyone’s Nikk’s tastes, it seemed.

“After you.” Nikk pointed with his hand towards the counter as he finished closing the door behind them.

“You didn’t bring any money did you?” Natalie concluded.

“I--Of course I did!” he quickly replied in his defence as he, for once, manhandled Natalie towards the counter. Isn’t their relationship just beautiful?

“Here,” Nikk decided to place, no, threw a bunch of coins and dollars over the counter, “Bearclaws, please. And keep the change, dear pastry concessionaire.” He finished with a grin towards Natalie, “I just so happen to have money... for once.”

Nickle4aPickle June 21st, 2013 11:26 PM

Kali Rose
“Kali! Kali!”

“Why am I shaking?” The thought drifted lazily through Kali's sleeping mind. “Is someone... calling me?”

Kali had been so scared by the laptop incident that she couldn't fall completely asleep until the wee hours of the morning. Every time her eyes had started to flutter shut, her freaked-out mind would wake her right back up. After a while it was just plain frustrating.

“KALISTA ROSE!” Crystal shouted as she yanked the blankets off Kali's mostly-asleep form.

“Cold,” Kali grumbled as she feebly groped around for the covers. But Crystal kept them away successfully.

Crystal leaned right down next to Kali's ear, and addressed her tersely. “Kali! Wake the hell up, girl! We're leaving to explore the City in like, 5 minutes! You already missed breakfast!”

At the sound of “breakfast,” Kali bolted upright. “WHAT YOU SAY?!”

Crystal rolled her eyes at the sound of the old meme. "Breakfast. Over. Get dressed. NOW." Crystal pointed to the bathroom, and Kali shuffled out of bed dejectedly.

"How could I have missed breakfast?!" Kali mentally reprimanded herself as she got dressed. Her mother had reminded her as she was frantically packing a few days ago that New York had been unseasonably chilly lately, so Kali had thrown in a couple pairs of thicker leggings and some long-sleeve shirts along with her dresses and skirts. Out of the things that Kali had packed, today she chose to wear a simple powder blue sleeveless baby doll dress. Under that she wore a long-sleeve white button-up and thick knitted leggings. After she tamed her long locks, she added a cute blue headband.

Just as she was about to start on her make-up, Crystal knocked urgently on the door. "C'mon Kali! Madame Dubois is getting everyone together in the lobby!"

"Eep!" Kali decided to forgo her make-up today. She was a bit upset about that, but resolved to not let it get to her. Kali exited the bathroom and sprinted over to her line-up of shoes. She chose her comfy flat black Mary Janes. She quickly tossed a long black beaded necklace over her head, and grabbed her phone, purse, and wind breaker-type jacket.

"Ready?" Crystal asked as she held open the door for her buddy.

"Yes, finally!" Kali grimaced as she stepped into the hallway. "Sorry about that. Hey, are you OK?" Kali was thinking about Crystal's reaction to the freaky phone message the night before.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Crystal replied while looking Kali up and down. "I should be the one asking you that, though."

"Why?" Kali yawned the question.

"You were mumbling in your sleep, and you had this... pained look on your face." Crystal gave her a sympathetic look to let Kali know she wasn't making fun of her.

"I'm just really tired," Kali resolved as they boarded the elevator with some of their classmates. They were only on the fourth floor, so it was a short ride. As they stepped off, the group of kids met up with their teacher and the rest of the traveling party.

"OK, OK! Tout le monde, écoutez!" Madame Dubois was trying to get her students' attention. She rolled her eyes as the kids chattered on. "Listen everyone! We don't want anyone getting lost!" She clapped her hands loudly as she talked, and the students finally quieted.

"Everyone grab a partner. You'll be watching out for each other today, alright? With all these disappearances, we need to stay vigilant!" Madame Dubois was a bit passionate about safety, and who could blame her? She used to be a security guard - or so the rumor was.

Kali and Crystal bumped arms and smiled at each other. While Kali knew all the kids on the trip, Crystal was the only one she was close with. The girls linked arms as Madame Dubois lead the group out of the hotel and into the crisp morning.


Not an hour into their trek around the City, Kali's stomach started protesting. "Erg..." She grumbled as she held her stomach.

"What's up?" Crystal asked.

"Are you hungry? I'm famished," Kali replied.

"All this walking this early has made me want to get a snack," Crystal decided.

"Awesome, let's ask Madame if we can stop somewhere to grab something!" Kali skipped forward, pulling her friend along.

"Madame! Can we-"

"Français, s'il vous plaît." Madame Dubois was determined to continue teaching even though it was still summer vacation.

Kali sighed and thought hard. "Madame, pouvons-nous... prendre le petit déjeuner, s'il vous plaît?" Kali hoped that she had said, "Can we have breakfast, please?"

"Vous n'avez pas eu le petit déjeuner plus tôt?" Madame widened her eyes at Kali. Kali's eyes widened in return, but only because her sleep-deprived mind was trying to comprehend what her teacher just asked her. ("You didn't have breakfast earlier?")

"N-non..." Kali hoped she answered correctly.

"Oui." Madame nodded and looked around. Just a few stores ahead was a bakery. Madame turned around and addressed her charges. "Nous allons arrêter à cette boulangerie!" She pointed ahead. When she looked at their faces, she was met with confused looks from most of them. "Nous," she motioned to the group as a whole; "allons arrêter," she made the "stop" motion with her hands; "à cette boulangerie," she pointed to the bakery again.

This time the kids nodded and "ooohhh"'d in understanding.

"Merci beaucoup, Madame!" Kali thanked her teacher and skipped into the shop after her. Kali took in the place - it was small, but in the cozy way. There were a couple of other customers in there already, and a girl with lavender hair was manning the counter.

As the other kids filed in, Kali studied the menu. "Wow, so many yummy-sounding treats!" She clapped happily; her food weakness was baked goods.

A couple of her fellow seniors just ordered coffees and found seats. Some of the other kids didn't want anything. Once Kali decided on what she wanted, she got in line behind a young-looking couple that entered while she had been thinking.

Mana June 22nd, 2013 6:45 AM

Episode 1: Kenta

The cold wind blew in my hair that morning, as I slowly walked home from school. Maki had warned me, time and time again, about the disappearances in the area - she was just worrying, the streets were empty and peaceful. Nothing to worry about.

Lately, with the odd phenomena going on, I had noticed the city getting emptier. People must have been moving away from the drama, out to the countryside and away from the coast. The news reporters weren't helping matters, every time I turned on the TV they would be there proclaiming doom for New York City.

I turned out of the deserted alleyway on to a busier road, ducking and diving between business men and other students I made my way to my frequent stop off point. Magnolia Bakery was a quaint little business, I often stopped their for a quick snack on the long walk home.

"G'morning! How can I help?" Chimed the small cashier girl, she was often there when I popped in.

"A cinnamon roll to go," I said, pulling out a fistful of coins from my pocket and trading them for the sugary pastry. "Keep the change," I mumbled, throwing my hand up in some gesture of thanks as I left the establishment.

Just as I stepped out the door, my phone buzzed in my pocket. Balancing precariously against the wall I managed to pull it out, without dropped my cinnamon roll or bag.

Originally Posted by Sis
Walk Fido before it gets dark, I'm off to work.

What did you last slave die of? I thought, as I left the road and turned in to the local park.

Fuyu June 22nd, 2013 8:46 AM

Kit chuckled a little at the couple, rummaging through the cash register again. "Wait a sec, wait a sec," she chirped, pointing at the person who had been after Rhodey and commanding for three dollars and twenty-four cents. "Him first, everyone~ Jessiebelle?"

"Jessie, you daft kitten," commented a voice. The male went sliding past, black spikes almost slapping her in the face. "How many coffees?" Kit counted, watching the people order them and take their seats.

"Mm... six! And grab two bear claws and take those happy folks!" She brushed at her apron, moving money around. Wonder how Jake's doing... Today sure is busy. She would have to remember to buy him a brownie at the end of her shift. And to go grocery shopping. Yep.

The male grinned and waved at Natalie and Nikk. "I'll take your orders right here. It'll be a nice total of $7.23 for two. Anything else?" The muscular teen looked so out of place there it was ridiculous. However, Kit knew him well enough. He liked the smell of things baking more than he liked burning. Hence why he was here, and his silly little brother was out there.

Kit helped Adrian with a tiny little grin. "Enjoy sir! Who is next?" She giggled. She loved this job. "Maisie, we need a refill on the bear claws!"

"I recommend the sugar cookies, a fruit salad, or one of the paninis. They're flat out of luck on the claws for at least ten minutes."

Kit nodded. "Mewri~ You got it ma'am!" A familiar customer came in and she waved, taking his order and watching him go. Kenta was a nice guy, a bit of a quiet fellow with something going on in his head. However, he was a regular and she could appreciate good business. Maybe someday she could get him to talk about it. Not today though.

She gave Madame Dubois a small smile, like she was not being bombarded with work. "Would you like to order?"

YogiOne June 22nd, 2013 8:33 PM

Adrian Fitzgerald

The purple haired girl, Kit he had learned her name to be from the other lady at the bakery, had helped him out and Adrian with bear claw in hand was off to eat after moving out of the line allowing th people who entered free passage to the counter. For this pastry where was better than a seat in the corner of the quaint little bakery he was already in? So that's exactly what he did, far enough from the Rhodey fellow who had not long before drawn some attention to himself with some sort of big proclamation about "getting another shot" whatever that meant.

Seemed like the little bakery was filling up quite nicely, seemed Fitzy picked a special day to come in this establishment as he watched the customers while tearing his bear claw piece by piece, slowly enjoying his breakfast. Never a dull moment watching all the different characters you could find in New York. As always though Adrian's attention turned to his phone, weird tweets about how sad it was to hear about the missing persons and others were just *****ing about the weather. Yep typical day...

Nickle4aPickle June 22nd, 2013 9:33 PM

Kali Rose
Finally it was Kali's turn to order. As she stepped forward, her stomach grumbled loudly again. Grimacing, she addressed the girl at the counter. "Er, sorry about that. I'd like to order a blueberry muffin and a small hot chocolate, please." By the end of her sentence, she was flashing her trademark smile. "I love your hair, by the way!"

Kali suddenly straightened up and turned her head as if someone had poked her. "Oh my gosh! Crystal! What did you want? I totally forgot to ask you earlier."

Crystal stepped forward through the crowd of their class and starred at the menu. "Uh, I'll take a couple of sugar cookies."

"Is that it? How about something for later?" Kali looked at her friend with concern.

"Nah, I'll be OK," Crystal waved a hand at Kali, and Kali raised an eyebrow in return.

Turning back to the girl at the counter, Kali added, "We'll take four sugar cookies to go, please. Oh, and two bottles of water as well."

Subsonic June 23rd, 2013 3:25 PM



Part The First.
New York City! *untz, untz, untz, untz*
Theme: I Will Survive & Survivor Mashup - Glee Cast & People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

”Have you had anything strange happen to you?” Natalie asked. Nick and Natalie picked up their order a few minutes ago and now they were sitting by the window in those oddly comfy chairs, eating their bearclaws.

“Not really,” he replied as he finished his bearclaw with a loud much, “I guess I’m just that awesome.”

“Really? Nothing out of the ordinary?” Natalie asked, again. She was beginning to sound like a broken record.

“Is it really that surprising that phones don’t hate me?” He too couldn’t stray away from Nat’s phone incidents.

“When did I ever ask you just about phones? I am pretty sure my question didn’t pertain to only them.” Natalie paused, “It could be anything. Maybe in the past month?”

Hey Nick! Nick! Niiiiiiiick!



“Definitely not.” He ended as he stretched himself in his chair.

Pupumon commands your attention, human! ...Please?

“Fine nothing strange has happened to you at all then,” Natalie sighed. Just like talking to a rock.

“But I’ll let you know if anything happens,” He ended with a slight wink from his left eye. Seriously? What am I then?!

“That seriously sounded like a pick-”

“I’m a Survivor, I will not give up! --”

Natalie let out a tired sigh, her phone again. She had forgotten to check the time and her plan to shove her phone into his hands to make him look like an indecent psycho failed. Well, at least whoever thought it was fun to text flood her with text and songs, tapped into her love of Glee and sent her the mashup version of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor”.

Then she remembered yesterday and how her phone played “I Will Survive” for two hours straight. She groaned, no matter how much she loved Glee, two hours was just way too much.

“Those trolls have some curious tastes...” Nikk said between laugh as he payed attention to the song. Glee. That’s a thing now, isn’t it?

I think it sucks

“I think it sucks.” Nick suddenly shuddered. He suddenly felt the weirdest Deja Vu ever. As if someone had shared his hatred towards Glee for just a second. But then again, a lot of people hate Glee...

“Please shut up. I actually like this song,” Natalie sighed, banging her head once, “But this’ll play for two hours. Two hours I tell you.”

Colony June 23rd, 2013 7:03 PM

Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

Rhodey had already returned his chair to its proper upright position and was now sitting. By the time he had finished his first bear claw a flood of customers had arrived.It was all rather overwhelming to Rhodey that a little shop like this was so busy, but anything for those morning sweets, right? There was even a young couple waiting in line. To be honest they seemed a little bit weird, but maybe that was just how they appeared. He moved his attention back to his own thoughts, focusing on this new opportunity to prove himself to a record label. It was so exciting to think they could end up being stars if it went well. He was really giddy at the prospect, after all, he did just yell out a few moments before. Rhodey just smiled and took a large bite from the second bear claw. While munching s few choice words piqued his intrigue.

"Have you had anything strange happen to you?"

The couple that he had previously spotted were talking about weird things happening to their phones. It struck Rhodey as odd table talk to bring up something like that. What made it even weirder was the fact that he had also witnessed some crazy electronic problems recently, like that egg appearing on the screen at the concert, even though the power was out. He quickly finished up his second bear claw and walked over to the couple's table. They were now discussing some old songs and glee, neither of which Rhodey liked. He crouched down by their table and made a massive Cheshire grin. That was something Rhodey had been practicing, but I don't think he knew that a lot of people might find it a little odd for someone like him to give them such an auspicious smile.

"So you guys were having weird problems with electronics too? I know exactly what you're talking about. It happened to me just last night."

Fuyu June 24th, 2013 8:45 AM

"Ah! One second okay?"

Kit totally missed the compliment for a moment, as she had to unplug the cash register. "Silly old thing... always does this..." Then she smiled back up at Kali. "Thanks! I like your outfit~ Your total is $12.47!" She skipped off-literally skipped- to get their requested items. "Jessibelle~ I need to heat up the hot chocolate! Can you get the waters?"

"If you stop calling me a darn girl!" he said with a snort, pulling the cold beverages out. He winked at the two girls as Kit busied herself behind him. "Better be careful your hands don't chill. It's a mighty bit cold out there this morning."

Kit capped the beverage and placed it onto the counter next to the muffin. "Be careful, it's hot!" She said this to Kali with an impish little giggle.

"You two! Is the news on?"

"Yes~" the two teenagers called back. Jessie snorted and flicked on the TV. "Dunno why she wants it on," Jessie grumbled. "Depressing as always."

"They're still covering that silly trial though," Kit chirped. "Miss Maisie loves the sound of politics." Wrapping up the sugar cookies, she plopped a pack of napkins down on top of them, pushing the items to their customers and clicking open the register again. "Here you two go! Sit and enjoy okay?" Then she paused. "You guys are on a... trip or something aren't you?"

"You have that look to you," Jessie elaborated. "Traveling in packs."

Like dog packs?

Lark frowned. "Huh?" Hearing nothing again, she shook her head. Must be someone else talking.

Subsonic June 24th, 2013 10:02 PM

2 – Natalie Delgado
Theme for this post: “People Like Us” & “Survivor/I Will Survive”
New York City: Magnolia Bakery

Natalie sighed, as the mashup played for the third time. Nick seemed to be giving her phone the evil eye, at the moment. She didn’t blame him, she knew his dislike for Glee and having to hear a song from the show three time wasn’t pretty. Natalie was sure that Nick, given the chance, would sue her for cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, it wasn’t like that law suit would succeed anyway. Thank you freedom of expression.

"So you guys were having weird problems with electronics too? I know exactly what you're talking about. It happened to me just last night," A man’s voice said suddenly, barging into the world Nick and Natalie seemed to be in. Natalie let out a yelp of shock and out of pure impulse swung her hand to the direction of the voice.

Throughout the bakery, the sound of Natalie’s hand meeting a stranger’s cheek was heard.

YogiOne June 25th, 2013 6:52 AM

Adrian Fitzgerald

Two Worlds collide
Suddenly the bakery was not only getting a little crowded but it also started to get too loud for Adrian’s taste. He may not have a problem with noise or even being around lots of people but when they aren’t his friends and are just a bunch of random strangers it was different. Certain words did catch his attention though and even reminded Adrian of some troubles he’d been having as well, but just like that day he simply laughed and played it off as random malfunctions. Things took a hilarious turn though, when the man got slapped and Adrian's laughter exploded throughout the bakery.

It wasn't boisterous but it was loud enough to be heard around the bakery, and Adrian took that as his signal to leave, it was a good laugh though. Adrian rushed a bit to finish his pastry, wiped his hands and was out the door and away from all the noise, still laughing a bit by the fact that the guy got slapped.

The busy streets just didn’t seem as busy as usual, maybe it was Adrian’s imagination or something was going on either way Adrian took it on face value. He saw it as a nice day to walk without bumping into anyone so he could at least be happy about that if anything else. His mind went back a little, thinking of the conversation he had overheard in the bakery earlier.

“It’s not weird for people to have phone troubles”

“Their electronics, sometimes they malfunction simple as that” This wasn’t a regular Adrian on Adrian conversation, what should have been him reinforcing the fact that it was just malfunctions turned into what seemed like trying to convince himself instead.

It just kept getting weird from there; Adrian now looked like he was moving through different stages and had just reach denial. Yes…denial “Maybe I just saw wrong…” Adrian was deny something that up until 10mins ago he was sure had happened. Up until hearing about other malfunctions in person, Adrian had joked of it being a terrorist act but now

“Maybe I’m being targeted by the government”

“I just had to piss of Mrs. Donaldson, ahhhh, she must have some FBI ties or something” Adrian couldn’t even tell if he was serious or not. “Accusing the lady down the hall, come on man she’s 97 years old!”

The Adrian was just walking down the street moving from joking about the whole thing to wondering what it could all mean. Even with everything he was saying in the back of his mind Adrian thought that this was just going to be another funny story that with a few tweaks, could end up being hilarious…

“Oh Mrs. Donaldson you sly bit…”


“Where is that person?”

“Uuuuugh, why can’t I find it?”

“The source, I just want to be…….” The voice sounded as if it was growing more and more frustrated, sneaking from alleyway to alleyway not wanted to be seen until the right time……or right person had emerged. Until then the unknown figure was forced to wonder around the daytime shadows like some criminal searching for its victim. Its purpose? Unknown, but the search was serious and nothing would stop him from finding the target.

By the looks of it, the flashing object was leading the way.

“I just want the pow…”

The moment they first met



Like being hit by a car, Adrian found himself flat on the ground with what appeared to be a small lion on hind legs standing over him. At a loss for words all Adrian could do was stare at this creature..

Colony June 25th, 2013 6:53 PM

Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

The girl's first reaction to Rhodey's comments was an unpleasant one. She wound up her hand and gave Rhodey an embarrassingly loud smack across his face. It was mortifying for the young rockstar-to-be. He had a show tonight and now his face had a chance to be swollen. To make matters worse he even heard someone laughing at him.

"What the," he began while massaging his face. "That was uncalled for and painful."

The whole concept of why she smacked him was still a mystery. He had no idea that he was acting a bit creepy, though to be fair, it was unusual for anybody to smack Rhodey. Most people just thought he was too... what was the word, ah yes, adorable. Well, his fans did at least, doesn't that count for something? Apparently not it would seem. It dawned on him after a little bit that this whole mess could have been his fault entirely. He didn't really want to apologize, at least, not with words. Pulling out his wallet, he rummaged through to find two passes for his band. They were intended for last night, but it was the same venue and the passes weren't for the show, instead they were for his band's friends to come to any show sponsoring them. Immediately, he began to apologize.

"Okay, so maybe that was a bit too sudden, I'm sorry. And this may seem sudden as well, but would these," he held the passes in front of himself. "a couple of VIP passes to a concert tonight make up for it?"

Nickle4aPickle June 25th, 2013 10:45 PM

Kali Rose
Kali was surprised to see the girl behind the counter suddenly unplug the cash register, but not surprised enough to miss the girl's return compliment. "Aw, thanks so much!" She twisted her hips to make her skirt twirl a bit around her. She then handed the girl $15. "Keep the change, OK?" She offered with a smile.

She giggled a bit at the exchange between the girl and the guy that appeared to help with the sudden influx of customers. When he winked at her and Crystal, she blushed and her friend made a cute little happy sound.

When the TV got turned on, Kali didn't even bother to turn around. She didn't want to hear about any of the horrible things that were happening lately. She was trying so hard to ignore the TV that she almost missed the girl's question.

"Huh? ...Oh, yes. We're from Tennessee, actually, here on a French class trip to see Les Mis," Kali beamed at the thought of getting to see her first Broadway musical later that evening. "As for packs, well, we have to stay with our 'traveling buddies.'" At that, Crystal and Kali linked arms and giggled to themselves.

The girls then grabbed their purchases and bid the bakery workers a good day. They had just sat down with a couple of their classmates when a loud "Slap!" was heard throughout the tiny shop. Kali outright jumped a few inches in her seat, and Crystal shot the guy who burst out laughing a cold glare.

"What was that?" Kali asked as her head whipped around, searching for the source of the sound. She then spotted a guy who had very obviously been slapped square across the cheek. She watched on as he held up a couple of papers in front of himself; it looked like he was appologizing for something.

Once she determined the situation wasn't a dangerous one, she returned to her hot chocolate. She blew on it a bit, and took a sip. Ah, heaven! The flavor was rich, but not overwhelming.

Kali then went to slice her muffin in half to butter it, but she realized she didn't have a knife. "I'll be right back. Anybody need anything while I'm up?"

A "no thanks," came from Crystal and Joseph, a junior. "Can you grab me a couple of sugars?" Ryan, a fellow senior, asked.

"Sure thing!" Kali smiled as she hopped up and over to the counter once more.

As she grabbed her knife, she caught the cashier girl's eye. "What just happened?" She jabbed her thumb in the direction of the guy that got slapped, then picked up a couple of sugar packets.

Chalifoux June 26th, 2013 8:02 AM



Part The First.
New York City! *untz, untz, untz, untz*
Theme: The Fun Song - Spongebob Squarepants & People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

”That depends... Are those for Glee?” Nick asks as the annoying-ass song from Natalie’s phone plays... again... and again... and again, “If so, screw off.”

Natalie touched Nick’s leg with her foot, “No. We won’t be taking those”

If life were that easy, to receive acceptance and forgiveness through material objects then maybe so much heartbreak Natalie went through wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if she gave her parents gifts, she wouldn’t have had to live her life as a boy. Maybe if she gave gifts to whatever celestial deity or otherworldly force that decided that she would be born as a male, maybe she would have came out of her mother’s vagina as a girl. It was an insult to what Natalie went through, of course it was a small matter, but it didn’t make her better.

F is for Fire that burns down the whole town.

“Did you say something?” Nick asks as he hears a deplorable song from Spongebob, although it could’ve been someone else. An idiot, for sure.

“No,” Natalie shook her head, “Why? Are you okay?”


“I’m... pretty sure I heard something.” The preoccupied male examined his surroundings as he tries to locate the source of such hideous music.

N is for No survivors when you're-

Natalie looked at the creepy, potential rapist that was still standing there and then grabbed Nick’s hand, “Let’s just get out of here. Maybe whatever you’ll be hearing will be drowned out by the sounds of New York, or whatever people call it,” She paused and spared another glance at the creeper/potential rapist, “I don’t want to be near him either.”

Nick decided to follow Natalie. But it’s not like he had a choice. Manhandling, anyone? They both made their way to the mysterious outsides as Nick tried to ignore the song that he was sure someone was singing to mock him... Didn’t help that whatever the voice came from sounded like they were choking or even coughing up a fishbone.

Down here in the deep blue sea!

Grif of Hearts June 27th, 2013 2:14 PM

Noémi Calder

“Oh, hell. That’s awful. Are you alright?”

It was a voice. Very little more could be said about it. It was distorted somewhat by the speaker of the phone and it was clear that the speaker possessed some kind of Scottish accent. She was also female, or at least the voice suggested such a thing.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ve told you, I never knew him all that well. My grandmèr-” the second voice, a soft and distinctly feminine twang to every word, halted. Her mind raced, a brief moment of confusion before she corrected herself. “My grandmother is taking it the worst, as you might expect, and my father after that. I can’t help but feel somewhat apathetic, although I dare not say it in front of my family.”

“What about David? Has he arrived yet or is he still on the plane?”

“Neither. He keeps saying that he’ll be here as soon as he can but I have a feeling he won’t show up at all. I think I miss him more than anyone else here.”

A woman perched on the edge of her bed, sinking into the comfortable if gaudy looking mattress with her legs hanging over the wooden foot railing. The room she sat in was a spare room and possessed many typical traits of such. It was flowery and pink, rarely used but still possessing a somewhat musty smell. Noémi held a grey mobile phone up to her ear, the smooth, almost musical worlds wafting from the speaker. Her hair, loose and unkempt, shielded half of the communication device from sight.

The voice over the phone spoke with an accent. It was different from Noémi’s, faint but clearly quite Scottish, and was obviously from a woman. Noémi had missed this voice almost as much as she would have missed her family if they were not here with her. Her name was Susie and was probably Noémi’s closest friend back at her lodgings in England. She had settled Noémi into her student housing, helped her around the remarkably confusing campus grounds and had introduced her to British culture. In Noémi’s mind Susie was a genius, and without her she would have never discovered the infamous “deep-fried Mars bar”. She could never quite tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it was a curiosity none the less.

The two women spoke for a few minutes more, although they both wanted to keep it as brief as possible. International calls were a nightmare for both cost and connection. Susie wanted to be sure that Noémi was holding up with the recent death in the family and Noémi wanted to make sure that her friend hadn’t wrecked her flat building since she had been gone. Despite Susie being the more experienced one out of the two roommates she was certainly not the most responsbile. Thankfully both of them were in a relatively decent state despite the separation and they both put down the phone relieved that their friend on the other side of the world was perfectly safe.

This was the first step in Noémi’s slow crawl through the day, trying to find things to occupy her time while she waited for her plane trip back home. She hadn’t even been in the city for a week yet and the days were already moving slower than Noémi could have ever imagined. New York should have been the centre of entertainment, but everything costed more than she could afford. Noémi was not oozing money from every pore, having spent more than she would have liked on the plane tickets, and her parents were too fearful of seeming insensitive that they refused to leave grandmother alone. She in turn refused to leave the house, meaning that in the end only Noémi and her siblings were willing to go out into the “fresh” air.

Noémi felt stranded here, trapped by her family’s grief.

Sightseeing was her only form entertainment. The buildings could be quite pretty across the city, especially around the area of Central Park. Then there was the park itself, a place which Noémi seemed to stumble to just about every single day. The summer sun was warm here, and the breeze kicked at her hair. Twice she had come here just to lie down and rest, and today was the third time. Noémi felt relief the moment her shoes crumpled the green grass.

There were paths to follow, weaving around the small knolls and occasional tree, but Noémi had chosen to ignore them. She hummed as she walked, taking in the sights and the sounds of central New York. Central Park continued to remind her of an oasis, a sea of green amongst an expanse of grey.

So she sat, legs outstretched and arms in her lap. Noémi felt the weight of her rucksack lift as she slipped it off and put it to the side, arms no longer digging into her shoulders. Finally she was comfortable, and watching the people travel by proved interesting enough.

At times Noémi had contemplated making some new friends. Her siblings were amusing in small doses, but her university trip had regrettably distanced herself from them. Many people seemed to find the American people obnoxious, but Noémi saw them the same as anyone else. Tentatively intriguing but ultimately bland, as much as it pained her to think. She had found a few people who seemed pleasant, mostly from watching groups on escapades such as this, but Noémi had never worked up the courage to speak to any of them. It would be a fleeting relationship no matter how one looked at it. Today she would be here, but next fortnight she would not, and it made the idea seem pointless.

Feeling somewhat peckish, Noémi slowly pulled down the zip of her rucksack and pulled out a small Clingfilm wrapped object. She pulled away the plastic and, slowly, began to nibble on the crust of a slice of brown bread.

Subsonic June 27th, 2013 9:00 PM



Part The Whatever, Part The... Screw It.
New York City: Concrete Jungle Where Puns Are Made Of
Theme: The Fun Song - Spongebob Squarepants & People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson & Everytime We Touch - Cascada

I’m a survivorF is for Friends who do stuff together,I’m gonna make itU is for U aaand meeee!I will survive!N is for Anywhere and anytime at all,Keep on surviving!Down here in the deep blue seeea!

“Nikk, are you okay?” Natalie asked, noticing her friend’s distress, “I’m annoyed too, but I can’t do anything about it. Even muting my phone, the song still plays.”

“I... Yes.” Nikk was smashing his ears, forehead and his face in a disorderly fashion as his hands tried to eradicate such horrifying songs from his being, “I just... keep hearing that stupid fun song... Did you know the U stands for Uranium Bombs? I didn’t.”

“Isn’t that from Spongebob?” Natalie asked, “I got really tired of that show ages ago. It’s so repetitive.”

“Amen to that...” Nikk sighed in relief as he finally ceased hearing the song. His rising hopes, however, were soon crushed as the choking voice returned, enraged. How darest you say that about the singing sponge!. Nikk turned around as he heard the voice mocking him. It’s got to be here... somewhere. That Spongebob lover who’s trying to get under his skin...

“That voice...”


“That. STUPID. Voice!”

“I have a stupid voice?” Natalie asked, “I’m so sorry that I annoyed you then! I have no control over what it sounds like! You know what, I am just going to leave.”

“What, no!, I--”Fight, fight, fight!”I wasn’t talking about your stupid voice!”

“You just admitted that I have a stupid voice!” Natalie retorted. Finish him! She turned his back to him and began to walk away, really not in the mood to get into a huge argument in the middle of a street, “if the way I talk is unbearable then I guess we shouldn’t be friends.”

“N-No, tha-that wasn’t w-what I meant to say!” Nikk tried to defend with his now stuttering voice his previous sentence to no avail.

“Then what is it?” Natalie stopped and asked, “you seem to be putting your foot in your mouth so far.”

“Okay, firstly I have no idea what that means,” he stops, hoping the voice has calmed down by now... What?, “Secondly I didn’t mean to say that...” He stares at the ground as he sighs yet again, “I should probably go now...” He stares at Natalie again. Puppy eyes and all... Big, round and shining under the bright sunlight of New York. Barring the pollution and stuff, of course.

“Stop it,” Natalie muttered, “It’ll make it harder to leave. You know I love puppies.”

“Sshhtap what?” He replied as he widened his eyes, not blinking so that they went brighter and brighter as he began to speak in a baby-like voice

“That look,” Natalie answered, feeling her resolve just break, “Why is it that you are able to do this to me? I want us to stay friends. I don’t want to ruin what we have.”

“If our friendship isn’t online then what do you want to have?”

Natalie grabbed Nikk’s shirt and pulled his face down on hers. Their lips touched for a brief moment before Natalie pulled away quickly, “Whatever relationship that’ll let us do that.”

Dear mamma! Get a room, you two!

Colony June 28th, 2013 12:13 AM

Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

It was stunning that they had refused Rhodey's act of kindness. The girl gave off a really snobby attitude, which made Rhodey question the boy's personality as well. Not long after they immediately left the bakery. Well, to be precise the boy was more or less dragged off by the snobby girl. That left Rhodey there holding two passes to the concert tonight, and now he had nothing to do with them. He turned around and went back towards the ordering counter, laid the tickets on the counter, and looked at the girl who took his order. He figured someone with purple hair should be able to find somebody that would want the tickets.

“If you know someone that likes a good concert tell them those passes can get ‘em in for free. The location is on the pass itself. It’ll even get them backstage if they ask.”

After leaving the passes on the counter, he walked out of the bakery to finally head towards his job, but not before grabbing what was left of his second bear claw. Now that he was on the street he realized that it was getting really close to opening time at Broadway Music. He dashed through the crowded streets, making sure to finish his last bit of bear claw while running. Hopefully no one was waiting in front of the shop, well, chances are they weren't. Digital music had put a massive indention on CD sales, and now the most consistent customers purchased vinyl. Those customers rarely came early in the day; instead they often came in the afternoon during Shelly's shift, which left Rhodey several hours to do virtually nothing. Yep, all he did was open shop and deal with a customer occasionally. He could now see the sign that read Broadway Music of in the distance. He pushed through the last few people in his way, finally making his way to the front door. As he expected, no one was waiting. He unlocked the door and entered the building.

Once inside he made his usual runs. First he turned on the radio, which caused music to play throughout the medium sized store. The station was a Pandora station mixing a solid blend of Glam, Prog, Alternative, Post-Hardcore, and pretty much any other type of rock and metal dating back from the late 60s to modern day music. It always comforted Rhodey to be in a place that he could relax, and anywhere music was playing he could do that. The song that was currently playing was Rock of Ages by Def Leppard, one of the best songs of the 80s, at least, Rhodey thought so. Now back to the matters at hand. After starting up the music he gave a look over the various CDs and Vinyl records, making sure that they were in the correct spot. Just about everyday he had to move around thirty CDs or Vinyl records, the mixture varied. Today wasn't any different. He labored through what he could only figure were thousands of albums, finally finishing his task. It didn't take him long, about thirty minutes or so, but if it wasn't someone as experienced as him it could probably take an hour or longer. The fact that it didn't take long did not, however, change task’s mundane nature. Now Rhodey was bored and in serious need of some form of entertainment. Luckily, he kept one of his less expensive guitars and a headphone amp at the shop for times such as these.

He grabbed his guitar and amp, which he kept behind the counter. After he plugged the amp into the guitar and the headphones into the amp he played a few notes, quickly noticing how out of tune the guitar was. One thing he didn't stock at the shop was a digital tuner, which is device that makes it a billion times easier to tune an electric guitar. Rhodey was almost sent into depression at the thought he couldn't tune his guitar, and thus not play it. But wait, he remembered that he didn’t take his tuner out of his pants from last night (yes, he is wearing the same pants as the night before). He rummaged through his pockets finding the handy device. It was about the same size as the palm of his hand, not including the plug that connected to the guitar. First, he removed the amp, and then he followed it up by plugging in the tuner. Rhodey plucked on each string to get a general idea of how out of tune they were. Someone must have been messing with guitar, because they had managed to become seriously under tuned, bordering a double-dropped setup. That really bugged Rhodey, since it meant that someone was trying to play songs without his permission. Shrugging off his irritability, he started tuning his guitar back up to a single-dropped setup. The first couple of strings were going well, but then the tuner was going haywire. The lights on it were going up and down in a fast, rhythmic motion, and a strange beeping sound was coming from the device. Tuners don’t beat! Well, this one didn't normally, but it was now. That was followed up by something even more unusual. The tuner started to deform and stretch. It even started changing colors. Rhodey quickly unplugged the device, but it was still doing those strange things. By the time it was over it had morphed into a completely new looking object. It was some sort of cross-shaped device that had a screen, what appeared to be a card-swipe on its side, and a golden strap on top of it. The device was something he had never seen before and immediately he knew that he should look up on the computer what kind of device it was. He rushed over to the computer, which was sitting on the counter towards the front of the store, and within moments of searching on the computer something hit him straight between the eyes. The strike to his face knocked him out cold.

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