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catroZ June 20th, 2013 10:23 AM

Pokemon Red version
->started 20/6/2013
Hello, people, I'm making a walkthrough of one of the original pokemon games out there->Pokemon Red.In this walkthrough, we will do the usual stuff(such as getting the badges, beating the e4, the champion) as well as going through most(if not all)glitches in the Glitch of the part section!
Okay, so without wasting any more time, let's get sec. I forgot about something!i'll be using 2 emulators for this walkthrough(GNUBoySymbian and VisualBoyAdvance).the main walthrough will be done on VBA and glitches will be done on GNUBoySymbian. Okay, with that out of the way, let's start the walkthrough!
Oh... well I suppose let's just move on...My name will be Ash until the very end(And rival will be Gary).Got into the tall grass, Oak rescued me, took me to the lab and gave me a...
Okay, so when I was fighting Gary, this happened
(Okay, let's calm down and end this part)

Part 1-statistics:
Pokemon: Squirtle(nick: Nathan)

-Save abuse glitch!
Okay, so in yellow, when you start the game(select the 'NEW GAME' option on the starting menu) select the names ASH for yourself and GARY for the rival, because it's going to alter the hex and make the glitch useable.Then, go downstairs.When you are downstairs, go to this spot:
Then, go to the menu and select save.After that, say yes and reset exactly at this frame:

NOTE:You will get a lot of 'Save data corrupted!' errors, so it will be a good idea to save state before the save glitch.
Anyways, if it came out correctly, this is what you should do: enter the POKeMON menu.Switch the second pokemon with the first pokemon and the fourth pokemon with the third pokemon.Then, go to the ITEM menu.After you did that, you keep on scrolling down.The pointer will get stuck in the middle.Keep on pressing the down button!After it got unstuck, you press A and deposit 64 of the item(TM26).Then you exit the house.After you exit the house, you'll enter the hall of fame.Note:when Oak will evaluate your Pokedex, he'll fail to do so, and will display the infamous Rocket error glitch, it's completely harmless and will do nothing at all.
Didn't get something?Then watch this video

In next part:
Beating the rival on Route 22
Viridian City
Viridian forest
Glitch of the part:either Lavender Town music glitch/Level 100 Pokemon before Brock glitch

Miss Doronjo June 20th, 2013 3:50 PM

Mmm, yeah, Pokemon Red is a really glitchy game, but, you can get a lot of cool stuff because of that. :3

Anywho, your LP looks cool so far; you've made a couple of choices on things I can relate to (like naming the name character Ash when I was younger =0) I didn't know about the Save abuse glitch.. maybe I'll try it out sometime~

Anyways, I look forward on what you produce next! BTW, I added your LP to a thread that has a collaboration of all the latest LPs here, so, you can basically refer to it later~!

(and yeah the rival needs to chill :B)

catroZ June 21st, 2013 7:02 AM


Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo (Post 7708273)
Mmm, yeah, Pokemon Red is a really glitchy game, but, you can get a lot of cool stuff because of that. :3

Anywho, your LP looks cool so far; you've made a couple of choices on things I can relate to (like naming the name character Ash when I was younger =0) I didn't know about the Save abuse glitch.. maybe I'll try it out sometime~

Anyways, I look forward on what you produce next! BTW, I added your LP to a thread that has a collaboration of all the latest LPs here, so, you can basically refer to it later~!

(and yeah the rival needs to chill :B)

Here, thanks man!I'm now starting the second part of the walkthrough
I'll won against Gary this time...but I won't say anything more than that :-p


[SIZE="3"]Okay, people!Welcome to part 2 of my walkthrough!This time I decided to go as far as Brock's gym.So, the areas we cover today are:
-Viridian City(2nd visit)
-Route 22+Rival battle
-Viridian Forest
-A new team member(!)
-Glitch of the part:Level 100 Pokemon before Brock(!)

So, we start this part off in Route One, just for some level grinding.When I got to Level 10, I went to Viridian City and bought 6 PokeBalls and 19 Antidotes.Viridian Forest is sure a dangerous place.Then, i went to Route 22 to battle my rival, and lost, so I went grinding again.Finished grinding at level 14, and tried again(WISH HE WENT EASY ON THE GODDAMN SAND ATTACK!!!).I failed again, so I just went on to Viridian Forest, and this is what I found after a couple of minutes of grinding:
Pikachu, no nick, is a new member of my team!Also, I managed to evolve Squirtle just after this battle.(Yes I do love level grinding :)

Okay, let's finish up this part.I am in Pewter City Pokemon Centre, with a Lv.15(more level ginding!) Pikachu and Lv.16 Squirtle
Okay, so let's save.I don't know why the Pokedex says '3' .Wondering why do I have such a high time on the timer?I love to use the speedup button.
Wartortle:Level 19
Pikachu(Cian):Level 18

-You didn't fight the bug catcher by Pewter City's gate in Viridian Forest
-You didn't fight your rival on Route 22

Okay,so today we are going to focus on the level 100 Pokemon before Brock glitch which exists in Red, Blue, and Yellow.After you did that,go to Viridian City.Get yourself to 1HP. Then, go all the way to Pewter City gate.There should be a trainer right before the gate.Do not talk to him.Save here: you approach him, he should start talking.Reset the game at this point:
After that, select 'Continue' .Then, go next to the trainer.You should encounter a wild Pokemon.Let the Pokemon kill you(unless it's a Metapod, so if you're feeling brave poison yourself first).The trainer notices you, but you teleport to the last Pokemon Centre you were in.(What you're doing here is the same glitch you're doing with the youngster on Route 24) .You should be by Viridian's Pokemon Centre.Go over to Route 22 .Fight your rival there.Lose to your rival, then go to Route 2 and save right here:
After that, enter the tall grass.Use growl 7 times, then RUN.Go into Viridian Forest once again, you should encounter a Level 1 Pokemon.If you're curious about the Special stat required to get all Pokémon that will level to Level 100 instantaneous, here's the list:
NidoranM (3), Nidoking (7), Ivysaur (9), Gengar (14), NidoranF (15), Nidoqueen (16), Mew (21), Gastly (25), Blastoise (28), Pidgey (36), Kadabra (38), Graveler (39), Machoke (41), Golem (49), Poliwag (71), Machop (106), Poliwhirl (110), Poliwrath (111), Machamp (126), Haunter (147), Abra (148), Alakazam (149), Pidgeotto (150), Pidgeot (151), Bulbasaur (153), Venusaur (154), Nidorino (167), Nidorina (168), Geodude (169), Charmander (176), Squirtle (177), Charmeleon (178), Wartortle (179), Charizard (180), Oddish (185), Gloom (186), Vileplume (187), Bellsprout (188), Weepinbell (189), Victreebel (190).
Catch that Pokemon.NOTE:It was a hard job for me, even though the Pokemon was at level 1.It took me around 10 times to catch it, so beware!Okay, with that out of the way, battle a Pokemon that gives out less than 40 EXP. .Your Pokemon should Level up to Level 100.(Okay, if you do not know how to get 40 EXP or less, here's how you do it:Put your starter on the front of your team before the wild pokemon battle, then use growl.After you did that, switch to your Level 1 pokemon.Defeat the wild pokemon with your Level 1 Pokemon.You should get around 30 EXP each).
P.S. That one large part!

Glitch was done on GNUBoySymbian(Yep, I still have a phone that runs Nokia's Symbian OS).

-We defeat Brock(Yup, Brock Obama(Slogan:Yes, we can catch 'em all!) )
-Go into Mt.Moon, and fight a life-risking battle with Jessie and James
-Finish by Cerulean's Pokemon Centre.

Okay people, My battle with Brock!
Pokemon Red Battle with Brock

catroZ June 22nd, 2013 10:52 AM

Red walkthough- Parts 3+3A!
By Zortac
Okay, holy crap, I went too hard with the grinding and my Pokemon ignored my orders.So, I went and restarted the whole game.Now, Nathan(Squirtle) and Cian(Pikachu) are levels 8 and 15 respectively, after the battle with Brock Obama ).Now, also, another thing I did:I'm after switching to a custom palette in VBA, now my player looks like the main hero from GSC, and the HP bar is green(note:It's ALWAYS green, even if it's meant to be red) .Most things are green(even the mountains).Anyways, back to the walkthrough.I went to Route 3 and battled all the trainers there with Cian alone.(yeepee!).Now, both of my Pokemon are level 15, except for my Shaun(it's a Magikarp, I got it from the guy in the Pokemon Centre near Mt.Moon).Anyways, I went into Mt.Moon .I defeated all the trainers inside the cave(didn't meet with Jessie&James, got mixed up with Pokemon Yellow, sorry) .After getting out, my Pokemon weren't in such good conition as I expected them to be
Also, I need to GRIND, GRIND, GRIND before Misty or else I'm gonna get f***** .And so I will grind...In the next part.


Okay, people I got bored so I started Part 3A early.And, guess what?I won against my rival!(He killed my poor Cian(Pikachu) on his last Pokemon!Blast you Gary Oak!)
Hell yeah!I do!
Anyways, after defeating the 5 trainers, and the Rocket Grunt, I went into tall grass, trying to find an Abra for the Glitch Of The Part section underneath.But after finding 2 in a row, I just realised that I forgot to buy my balls, so I went to Cerulean's Mart and bought a couple.I tried the Nidoqueen glitch, it was a success, but I loaded the old save state before I tricked the youngster.Now, I went to Bills' Cottage, trying to fight as low amount of trainers as possible(you can get missingno. through the youngster trick by fighting a trainer on Route 25) .So, in Bill's house:
Okay, but ever try to separate the cells again, okay?
Anyways, this is what I got for helping him out:
Preety cool, eh?
Now, this is my team:
So, I suppose I can go to Misty's gym now without beign killed, eh?
But that's in Part 4.
15 HOURS!!!???!!! Now, that just proves my love to the spacebar button :3c
On a side note, did anyone notice that the smilies are available in the Cerulean colo(u)r?
Team at the end of this part:
:chu: level 21
:t007: level 20

Abra level 10
Magikarp level 6


Okay, in all 3 glitches follow the same procedure except for Step 4
1) Come down to this place on Route 24:
2)Go down, and press START at the same time
This is what you should end up with:
3)Fly -or- teleport to Cerulean City
Go left 2 steps away from the trainer just like that(he's the first trainer from the west on Route 25):
Fight him, then go on to Step 5.
Go left 2 steps away from the trainer just like that(he's the 3rd trainer from the west on Route 25):
(Photo will come soon!)
Fight him, then go to Step 5
Go up 2 steps away from the trainer just like that:
Fight him, then go to Step 5
5)Then, go to Route 24(no teleporting to cerulean city!) and you should encounter the desired Pokemon.Catch it/Defeat it/Run away from it (running away from a Mew?Makes no sense)
Sometimes, you will encounter a Level 1 pokemon.In that case, you can level it up to Level 100, by getting 40 EXP or less.You can do it in Route 4 by using all your party pokemon and killing the wild pokemon at the end.Every one of your team members should get around 35 EXP.
6)OPTIONAL!Get the other two Pokemon from Step 4.

catroZ June 23rd, 2013 11:59 AM

By Zortac
Okay, rant over.So today we start by Bill's house on Route 24, but we helped him out already so we came back to Cerulean City.It was a success!I won!I owe 90% of it to Cian(Pikachu) who wiped out 2/3 of Misty's Pokemon.It's just sad that Cian got wiped out on the last Pokemon.But, Nathan(Squirtle), 1-hit K0'd the Starmie, so yeah :) .Anyways I moved on to Vermillion City .I went into the S.S. Anne.
And without wasting any time, I went to the captains office.But before that, a battle with Gary Oak!And, guess what?I won!But after I spoke to the captain this is what appeared in the textbox:

Red rubbed
the captains(Arrow Down)

I don't really think that I should press the A button... but I did -_-
And I got HM01 Cut!
Anyways, this is the end of this part, as we'll be moving to Vermillion Gym in the next part.

GLITCH OF THE PART The '0 Error Glitch'
If you want to do this glitch make sure you didn't fight:
-The bug catcher on Route 6, the northermost trainer on that route, and,
-The youngster on Route 11, the first youngster when you enter Route 11 from Vermillion Cities side. --You are forbidden to go into tall grass, it'll ruin the glitch

1)Go to Route 6, and then go to the mentioned trainer.Fight him.Remember:Do not go into tall grass!
2)Teleport/Fly to Vermillion City
3)Go over to the youngster on Route 11.Fight him.Do not go into the tall grass!
4)Go back onto Route 6.You should get some weird glitchy effects, and when you go into the menu, it should say on the bottom ERROR 0 .

Didn't get something: then watch this:
This is actually the easiest glitch to do in Red!

catroZ June 27th, 2013 1:03 PM

By Zortac
Hello people, sorry for the absence but I was looking for a new ISP.I finally got faster internet than 28800 b/sec broadband(I now have 128000 b/sec(128kbytes/sec)-> everything loads at least 25x faster) .On a side note, I write this diary in real-time .

So, back to the walkthrough.We'll start by Vermillon City Pokemon Gym.But I just realised that I don't have a pokemon that can CUT, so I went out and caught a wild...
Our first HM Slave, Gabriel the Oddish, is with us!
So now that I caught a pokemon that can learn cut, I taught the move Cut to Gabriel and went on to Vermillion City Gym.
DAMN!I forgot that it's this gym that's got the traps.Sincere thanks to the person who invented savestates :)
But eventually... .
He's going to be thrashed... I feel sorry for him.
And sure he was... .

Okay, so let's move on to Route 11.I can't believe that I've already managed to beat 3 gym leaders in a week(but I completed Pokemon Crystal on my GBC in 2 days->I had 2 hours of sleep, though.I was wrecked) .I defeated one trainer there before going to Route 12, but I forgot to get the PokeFlute so I went back to Vermillion, then to the fan club to obtain a... .
I went straight down to Cerulean to exchange it for a bike.Soon after I did that, I went onto Route 9 .i defeated all of the trainers on the route, but after going into the Rock Tunnel, I forgot to get the Flash HM .So, I'll end this part right there and we'll continue on when (Google will find out what the ruddy hell I have to do) I find out what to do next.

So this one is really short, you can do it in 30 seconds.
1)Cut down a tree and go into the spot where the tree used to be.
2)Save your game at the same spot(DO NOT SAVESTATE!)
3)Reset your game
4)You should be standing on a tree(don't mind the palletes changing, I use savestates so that the pallete will be the same every time I load the game)

catroZ June 30th, 2013 11:52 AM

By zortac
Okay.Hello people and welcome back.Yesterday, I was demixing Black 2 music for Pokemon LightRed(my hack) so I couldn't do the walkthrough.But today I'm *almost* free so I thought I'll do a part.So, back in Part 5 I said I didn't know what to do.But now (google)I remember(ed) that there's an interesting artefact on Route 11, exactly this is what I'm talking about:
So, after going out of the cave, I went straight down, then I entered a gate, after that I spoke to the scientist-looking NPC and I got...

Now, let's go back to the rock tunnel.
(My current list of caught pokemon had to be extended to 10 in order for me to get flash)
Yeah!I managed it! So yeah now let's go to Lavender Town.Without fighting any trainers.Then let's go into the Pokemon Tower, and....
GARY MOTHER******* OAK WILL WANNA FIGHT YEA!(FOR MODS/ADMINS:If what i said is not approporiate even when I put in the asterisks feel free to censor)
He surely got thrashed...
So now I have to go to a Pokemon Centre and a PokeMart to heal, buy a couple of super potions and sell some things I don't need...
After I did that, I went on to Route 8, since I need to get the PokeFlute.I battled most trainers except one-the gambler guy in front of the underground path.
So once I got into Celadon City and got by the gym...
(okay let's calm down like in the first post)
Then, I went into the gym. Battled the gym trainers'.And the Gym Leader.WITH GABRIEL(Oddish)!And won.
So, now, let's end this part.In the next 3 parts, we're going to do the main event with Team Rocket.
Then, at the end of the 3 parts, we're going to challenge the most annoying gym ever-Saffron City gym.For the gym I will need help from a source on the internet.

Old man ID Theft
Remember that old man in Viridian City who wouldn't let you pass ? He's just an unmentionable arbitrary barrier in the game so that you won't proceed further without delivering Oak's Parcel from the PokeMart and once you obtain your Pokedex he changes his attitude and shows you how to catch Pokemon. Or so you thought.
Unknown to him, the old man also holds the keys to unlocking MissingNo… which come to think of it might be the reason he seems so disturbed and angry at the world in the first place. Could you imagine having to harbor that thing? Sure, he could grant you all the free coffee you could ever want but still we don't think MissingNo would be suitable company at all, ever.
You can fool with the poor old man all you want if you have a GameShark and play with the cheat codes to alter wild Pokemon encounters. You can have the old man show you how to catch one of the Pokemon not present in your version of the game, you can have him catch a Mewtwo, you can enjoy a spot of meta humor and have him catch a MissingNo, or… you can force him to fight a trainer, and the game just doesn't know what the hell to do.
The old man is programmed to do one thing and one thing only: throw a Poke Ball. He still does this after the trainer sends out their glitch Pokemon and as you might expect the trainer blocks it. The old man never sends out any Pokemon (even though he appears to have 1 fainted and 5 normal Pokemon) so right now you're probably on the edge of your seat because the trainer's glitch box of the apocalypse is about to rock this grandpa's world with something fierce…
…and like the weirdest deus ex machina ever conceived the PA system from the Safari Zone chimes in and says "TIME'S UP!!"
The battle ends immediately and the old man acts like absolutely nothing out of the ordinary just transpired. He reminds you that you must first "weaken the target Pokemon" and on the surface it appears no lasting effects have taken place — until you check your stats.
Your name has changed to "OLD MAN". Due to the way the game handles the old man encounter it stores your actual name in the place where wild Pokemon data is stored (because this data is empty in Viridian City) and temporarily changes your player name to "OLD MAN". When the battle terminates improperly the game doesn't have the chance to reset the data and your name becomes OLD MAN. Any Pokemon you have cannot be nicknamed because you are no longer their original trainer, they do not recognize you now.
Every single instance where your name would be displayed now says "OLD MAN". If you access your PC from a Pokemon Center it's called "OLD MAN's PC". If you speak to a character who addresses you by your name, such as Professor Oak for example, he will (hilariously) call you "OLD MAN". If you check the sign outside of your home it will read "OLD MAN's house". You have become OLD MAN. He has stolen your identity and pulled off the greatest psychic cleansing ever documented. Everybody you have ever known starts calling you by the incorrect name like nothing happened. Even your own mother doesn't know you anymore.

catroZ July 1st, 2013 8:07 AM

Current team at the end of Part 6:

catroZ July 10th, 2013 7:43 AM

The Pokemon Red walkthrough is suspended from July 3rd until September 4th.(2 months)

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