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Retro Bug June 21st, 2013 5:38 AM

Downworlders [OOC + SU] [M]

Based off of The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

GMed by Retro Bug



To the human eye the world has always remained the same with the exception of development and advancement of buildings, culture, civilization, and technology. The reason for that is most humans lack what is known as the Sight, the ability to see into the Shadow World where its inhabitants, Downworlders, Shadowhunters, and demons, have created their own civilization in human society. Humans who possess the Sight are rare, but can be employed to those that are apart of the Shadow World. All Shadowhunters naturally possess the Sight, as it allows them to break down any glamours demons and Downworlders may have. Shadowhunters are a race of humans who have angelic blood running through their veins and are sworn to protect humankind from the demon epidemic on Earth. Their thousand-year existence is due to a man, Jonathan Shadowhunter, who asked a warlock to summon the angel known as Raziel. He then begged the angel to save humanity against the horde of demons that had just invaded Earth. Raziel used a cup, later known to Shadowhunters as the Mortal Cup, to mix his blood with Jonathan's to create warriors now known as Shadowhunters or Nephilim. The angel Raziel also supplied them with the Mortal Sword and the Mortal Mirror and all three collectively are known as the Mortal Instruments. The brave men and woman who drank from the cup became Shadowhunters and so would their children, and their children's children and so on. These Shadowhunters were also gifted the first Gray Book, a book which held all the runes that Shadowhunters could mark on themselves to help them protect humankind. Downworlders are hybrid spawns of demons or a demon infection; they are the Children of Lilith or warlocks, Children of Lylic or faeries, Children of the Night or vampires, and Children of the Moon or werewolves.

It took centuries before Shadowhunters and Downworlders could even agree to form a peace treaty between the two. Some Shadowhunters thought Downworlders were a threat and not to be trust over their demon heritage/infection while Downworlders did not trust it as it might have been a ploy for the Shadowhunters to slaughter them unarmed. At last a peace treaty was struck in the 1860s, known as the Accords, which outlined the multiple laws that must be followed in order for the two parties to keep peace. The Clave thought that if they were to ever cease the increasing demons then they needed the Downworlders help. For the first century or so the peace treaty went smoothly, but then year after year more and more attitudes began to shift in the opposite direction. There were rumors swirling around that the Mortal Instruments were being abused in the hands of Shadowhunters on Downworlders in for their own agenda. The Mortal Instruments remained in the hands of Shadowhunters and are forbidden to grace the hands of Downworlders, which is due to their demon blood/infection. This caused a massive stirring among the Downworlders who were outraged that the Shadowhunters had weapons that they could and were willing to use on them yet they weren’t allowed to use them. A group of old friends and acquaintances, later coined as the Artifacts, composed of some of the highest members in the Downworlder society in New York came up with a dangerous plan to create their own instruments. With the increasing traffic of demons and how often they broke through the wards kept the Nephilim race quite busy, it was the perfect time to act on such a plan. In the year 1990 instead of conjuring the angel Raziel like Jonathan Shadowhunter they traveled down a darker path and summoned the Greater Demon Ixion, one of the princes of hell. He supplied them with the instruments now known as the Inferno Artifacts. First is the Inferno Key, which unlocks a great deal power within those with demon blood or infection so much in fact that if the user isn’t ready to control it they’ll die within mere seconds of the Unlocking. Second, the Inferno Lance, a sharp weapon that is used to cut through deception, if one lies while holding the Inferno Lance their soul will be cut in two. One will be sent to hell to be devoured by Ixion, while the other remains in the body; the half-soul person will spend the rest of their days half there falling in and out of consciousness. The whereabouts and knowledge of the third Artifact remain a mystery, as it is said that the Artifact took that secret with them to their graves. It is rumored to be a book of some sorts but what it did only the deceased know.

The Inferno Artifacts were immediately tested in New York’s Downworlder society, which unlike Nephilim whose society mostly existed in Idris had to remain solely in the human realm. To bring forth such devices in the Shadow World would only result in the Nephilim claiming betrayal and that it was a violation of the Accords. This is why the immediate usage of Inferno Artifacts was a must; outright war was in the distance future and it was only a matter of who told the Nephilim first. It took two full years before the Nephilim caught wind of these new instruments and they became afraid; due to the ever-present tension between the two societies they believed that the Downworlders would use the Inferno Key to start a war. In those two years they were much too busy focusing on the demon influx and as always were too indecisive to make a final decision and in that time the Downworlders prepared for war. The honor of how it was told is unknown, except to the person that did the deed. The governing body of the Shadow World, formally known as the Clave that resides in the Shadowhunter’s home country Idris, decided that they’d claim all instruments for the sake of peace by any means necessary. Fortunately, having had spies within the Shadowhunter ranks the Artifacts were well informed. The Mortal Sword, an instrument that forces the user to speak only the truth, was used to threatened many Downworlders who were brought before it with the death of their families at stake if they refused. It was decreed that any and all associated with the members of The Artifacts, whose names and location were found out, had kill on sight orders. The assassinations in 1992 began before the last Downworlder was even called before the Mortal Sword. In the chaos the Inferno Artifacts were hidden, also some of Children of the Artifacts, which are called the Children of the Artifacts regardless of their actual relation to them. Shadowhunters did manage to slaughter entire families they didn’t risk sparing children. Before each of the (Artifact) parents met their fate they had secured a caretaker for their children who they had already given instructions to guarantee the safety of their children and have their identity hidden from the rest of the Shadow World. Many assassinations were mistakes and this resulted in the death of many innocent Downworlders who knew nothing of the Artifacts plans. This sparked the Downworlders to revolt against such violence; after all they were still in possession of the Inferno Artifacts, which led them to stage their revenge. With the aid of warlocks and the spies they had within Downworlders managed to weasel their way into the Idris. A massacre of unknowing Shadowhunters happened that day. Though, the Nephilim managed to regroup and drive out the intruders there was only a few on each side survived without injuries. Later named The Scarlet Battle for copious of blood that stained the earth that day and can still be seen today. Somewhere amongst the chaos and death Shadowhunters retrieved two of the three Inferno Artifacts and now keep them in remote, secure locations.

Neither party made such a big play again, however with the Accords broken it meant what remained of the peaceful relationship had shattered. Hostility remains at an ultimate high, with scuffles and small skirmishes happening every now and then. Having two of the three Inferno Artifacts wasn’t good enough for Shadowhunters, they would only accept the war and renegotiate the Accords between Downworlders and Shadowhunters if and when they had them all. While the Downworlders had the opposite belief, saying they would sign the Accords and end the war once their artifacts were returned intact. A special division was formed and nicknamed the Treasure Hunters to track down the children of the Artifacts and bring them back to Idris by any means. It is still believed that the children hold the key or have knowledge of the final artifact. Most were slaughtered after they revealed what they knew, if they knew anything at all. Eventually the search yielded for a couple years, but was very recently picked up again after a younger Shadowhunter came up with a promising idea. The war in present day, as cold as it may be is still on going and is believe to come to a head again after a rather large clash between Downworlders and Shadowhunters happened in New York City in the last month. It is currently called the Unfixable War or Irredeemable War with both parties agreeing it has gone much too far to stop now. Some Downworlders have become spies for the Shadowhunters in exchange for money and the protection of their family. Most, if not all, Downworlders live in the shadows more than ever fearing for their safety as they walk the streets New York.


Be it child of Lilith, the Moon, the Night, or Lylic you are the last relation to the now assassinated members of the Artifacts whether that be (adopted) son, daughter, mentee or prodigy. Their secrets lay with you and so do their problems. The only protection they gave was in a form of a caretaker who may or may not have died along the way protecting you from the Shadowhunters. The name you hold now wasn't always the name you were called by, another way your parents protected you. You have encountered many sleepless nights; days spent on the run, and still haven't had the proper time to mourn the death or the murder of your parents. Every time you rest your head on a pillow they pop up in your dreams, they're a part of your every waking thought. Shadowhunters have been hunting you done for the past fifteen years, they're out for blood, and they most certainly want you dead. After stopping their search for the last couple years they are now eager to reclaim the last Inferno Artifact and have them permanently sealed away from those who aren't Shadowhunters. A simple envelope is all they left you, but for whatever reason it wouldn't budge, burn, rip, shred, and most importantly, open. However, on June 18th its seal unlocked and inside contained a letter with a personalized message from your parents to you, and at the bottom a date, time, and location. A simple question remains, do you have it in you to go on a journey throughout the city and beyond and to bring peace back to the Downworlder races?

Talented, remarkable, and victorious are true Shadowhunter qualities. You possess all three and even more, because of such traits and talent you have been prompted by the Inquisitor, one of the highest ranking members of the Clave, to join the special division. Responsibility as a Shadowhunter and a member of the Clave (and to avoid offending the Inquisitor, which would be a fate worse than death) has urged you to join despite the vague description you were given. The Inquisitor told you a fascinating tale about how you, one of the most promising Shadowhunters of your generation, might be able to succeed where others have failed and restore honor to the Nephilim, including the innocents ones that died that tragic day. Given that most Shadowhunters grow up and are trained in Alicante, Idris, the place where the battle occurred, chances are your family or someone very close to you died on that day. If not, stories of Downworlders have long been circulating as scary tales and retellings such The Scarlet Battle and have been passed from lips to ears for two decades. Whether or not it is time for you to finally avenge your fallen family or comrades or to see how your skills match up against the others who also said to be as powerful or better than you, the opportunity is too large to pass up. Upon acceptance you are told more gruesome details of how stronger demons than ever before have made their home on Earth, and it is up to you to not only find the Artifact children, but take on theses foes that have killed hundreds of your kind.

  1. If you have any questions or need any clarifications don't hestiate to ask me via PM/VM/Skype or in the THIS thread!
  2. This RP is Rated M but don't go overboard, alright?
  3. As GM I get the last say, so, basically my final statement is a commandment.
  4. Nobody's perfect (you just gotta work it!) so don't make your character perfect. People have flaws.
  5. No bunnying/Godmodding unless you are given permission by the person who controls the character. This doesn't go for certain NPCs I create, I will tell you when you're allowed to bunny them.
  6. For now I'm ONLY accepting FIVE on each side (doesn't include my characters). This is subject to change (so SIGN UP REGARDLESS OF NUMBER OF PEOPLE INTERESTED, OKAY?!)
  7. I do not do reservations. Just come and get your Sign-Up done as soon as possible.

Name: (Your real name)
Alias: (The name you've adopted)
Age: (Between 21 and 34 for Fair Folk/Werewolves/Warlocks; up to 50 for Vampires. Fair Folk/Warlocks/Vampires include the age your character looks.)
Race: (Fair Folk/Vampire/Werewolf/Warlock)
Location: (Where you last fled)
Appearance: (A description of you look like. For Werewolves describe your wolf form here. Fair Folk your glamour and non-glamour form. Warlock your demon mark.)
Personality: (How your character acts and has dealt with this whole ordeal.)
History: (The most important section. At some point your character parents/mentor/maker/etc moved them to New York by 1990, as that's when the Artifacts was formed if they weren't born in New York as it is. You must be born by 1992. Vampires/Werewolves need to include their transformation.)
Other: (Anything you want to mention. Since Warlocks have magic, Vampires/Werewolves have super strength/speed/shapeshifting/etc I’m allowing Fey to have one weapon of their choice so list that here if you want it.)
Roleplay Sample: (Link me to a previous RP post to give me an example of your writing style or if you feel like it you may come up with your own free write starring your character.)
Name: (Your name)
Age: (Between 16 & 35)
Family Symbol: (Every Shadowhunter family has a family symbol that appears on their family ring, can be something simple or intricate. It has to be able to be designed on a ring.)
Location: (What Institution you hail from or where in Idris you come from)
Appearance: (What you look like. Include any permanent rune marks. Describe Shadowhunter gear and normal attire.)
Personality: (How your character acts.)
History: (The most important section. Include information about your family name. Reveal your character to me, their hopes, dreams, failures, accomplishments, skills, what made them the Shadowhunter they are today.)
Roleplay Sample: (Link me to a previous RP post to give me an example of your writing style or if you feel like it you may come up with your own free write starring your character.)
Main Weaponry: (Weapon of your choice, no two people can have the same weapon or a gun. I.e everyone can have a sword, but two people can't have great swords)

1. Suren Yuri/The Seelie Queen - Fair Folk - Retro Bug
2. Dylan O'Connell/Derek Hoechlin - Werewolf - 雷影 イチロ
3. Valentin Cortes/Fernando Torro - Vampire - Lt. Col. Fantastic
4. Oliver Wells/Lucas Pattinson - Werewolf - Skymin

1. Samara & Kosti Ashtower - New York Institute - Retro Bug
2. Agent - New York Institute - Supervegeta
3. Callum Birdsong - Unknown - ANARCHit3cht
4. Thane Everstorm - San Diego - Raikiri
5. Clarice Soraruki - Tokyo Institute - Kiklion


Cassandra Clare, honestly, without her this RP wouldn't be taking place. She's a fantastic author who's created (most of) this world and it's awesome that I got to create a RP about it.

DAN/CHRIS/MADDY/KEL/DECLAN/RIKA(x2): Oh, I don't know where this RP would be without you guys probably saved in Word somewhere never to be able to see the light of day. You guys really helped me by reviewing, and encouraging me about it. Y'all da best~

TOM, my lovely pair. You did nothing, but thanks babe.

THIS SITE, thank you for not making me reread the books again. Seriously, thanks.

Retro Bug June 21st, 2013 5:51 AM


The Children of the Night: Also known as vampires/darklings/fledgings, are immortal, deceased humans who have contracted a disease. This disease originates from a demon that was mortal enemies with the demon that lycanthropy originates from. Not only did they pass on their diseases but their prejudices against one another hence why vampires and werewolves do not get along. In order to become a vampire one must drink vampire blood, be drained of their blood, die, buried, be reborn, and then fed blood. A human that has consumed blood is called a darkling who is constantly drawn to the place where they received the blood or the vampire they got it from. A darkling is often worried that they will turn into a vampire due to the fact that they drunk vampire blood. Next the darkling must either be drained of their blood or refused blood to go further in the transformation. After a person becomes a darkling they are able to reverse the effects only if they drink holy water mixed with their own blood. There is only a 24-hour window where the human must die in order to become a vampire. They must then be buried while they are in the transition state and then they must dig themselves out of the earth/their grave becoming fully reborn. Fledglings or newly born vampire have a thirst for blood and will kill anything around them just to drink blood, they must consume a substantial amount of blood in order to complete the transformation to a full vampire. A vampire's strength depends on their age as it multiplies as they get older, it is very rare for a younger vampire to be stronger than one who is older but it also depends on age difference between the two. Their fangs are sheathed or unsheathed depending on if the vampire knows how to control it most younger vampire cannot therefore their fangs are always showing. When it comes to shape shifting vampire can shape shift into bats, rats, and dust. When it comes to night vision vampires have the best eyesight of all Downworlders only comparable to Werewolves. Vampires do not feel the effects of the weather, they don’t feel hot or cold it’s almost like complete numbness. Needless to say whatever age the person died at is the age they will look for the rest of their immorality.

Vampires also have the ability to compel individuals to do whatever they say by making prolonged eye contact. Compulsion eventually wears off, how long it goes on depends on the age of the vampire. Some young fledglings do this by accident, as they aren't used to their power. Due to their sole food source being blood vampires are known to create human subjugates. To create subjugates a vampire must start feeding the human small amounts of their blood, which keeps them calm and connected to the vampire. This bond causes the human subjugates to worship their master and makes them love doing it. All they crave is the attention from their master, they follow every command given, and take offensive to anyone who dare insults their master. They are humans that are kept around for when a vampire gets hungry, this leads the human being left in suspended animation. Human subjugates survive off of a mixture of vampire blood and animal blood. Due to the healing properties of the vampire saliva the humans are healthier than they normally would be and almost seem to stop aging. Unlike certain myths vampire are not weak to garlic and they can see their reflections. However, they are vulnerable to light, catch fire rather easily, wood, holy water, and are weak to holy symbols of the religion they were before they turned. Saying the word, "God" (and/or the holy figure of their previous religion) comes down to the belief (or lack of) of the vampire. If a vampire believes s/he is damned, then they are, if they don't, they aren't. If a vampire believes s/he is damned then they cannot set foot on holy ground, if they believe they aren’t then they can. All vampires must know that they cannot come into a house/building/place if they aren't invited in unless it is completely abandoned. There is only one vampire coven (per city) that rules over the entire race and the eldest or strongest vampire usually leads them.

The Children of the Moon: Also known as Werewolves/Lycanthropes are mortal humans that have contracted a disease (lycanthropy) that allows them to transform into wolves. This demon and the demon that passed on the disease that lead to being a vampire were mortal enemies. Not only did they pass on their separate diseases but also their prejudices against the other hence why werewolves and vampires do not get along. The disease came from a Demon and it grants enhanced inhumane strength. Shape shifting is an ability of a werewolf, they are able to partially shape shift allowing them to just have claws or the eyesight of a wolf (their eyes will glint and become more silted). When they fully shapeshift they resemble actual wolves. All werewolves (pure or bitten) have golden eyes in human and wolf form to those that have the Sight, they appear some natural color to those that don't. Naturally all werewolves emit a higher body temperature than the average human. Their wolf form usually closely resembles their human form so it's easier to notice which wolf is who. There are two different kinds of werewolves those who are born werewolves (both parents are werewolves) or those who are bitten. It is rare for one to be born a werewolf most of the time the individual is bitten. Those new to being a werewolf cannot resist changing during the full moon while those who had done it for much longer can change whenever they want to. Werewolves usually live in a pack, a pack has a sole leader and if one kills the leader they take his/her place as leader of the pack. The pack mentality is very strong and sacred to werewolves; they share a special bond with members of their pack. This also leads to them to be very territorial over their city, but some packs are so large they can control a large chunk of a state. One pack coming onto another pack’s territory without permission is ultimately asking to be killed on sight. Silver is a natural enemy (along with vampires) of werewolves even when they are not in their wolf form.

The Children of Lylic: Also known as The Fair Folk/Faeries/Fey are a very mischievous race this is said to be due to the fact that they have angel blood mixed with demon blood. It is said that they have the beauty of angels yet the ferocity of a demon. Faeries are known to live for a very, very, very, very, very long time, some might mistake them as immortal creatures. Some believe that the Fair Folk are fallen angels banished from heaven due to their pride. Iron is a known exploited weakness to the fey. The Fair Folk live in the Faerie Realm, which is within the Seelie Court; a queen rules The Fair Folk. For one to get to the Seelie Court they must find the portal that leads them there. It is known that if one eats or drinks anything within the Faerie Realm that they cannot leave unless the Queen allows it. The Fair Folk are unable to lie but this doesn’t stop them from telling what they believe is the truth. It is known that they are experts at being able to mesh lies into their sentences by not telling the whole truth or letting other individual assume things by being incredibly vague. There are different kind of Fair Folk Elves, Nymphs, Kelpies, Pixies, Pucas, and others. The Fair Folk when around those who aren’t apart of their kind cast a glamour to make themselves appear human. When not in glamour their “odd” skin color and hair (such as different shades of blue, purple, pink, green) shows as well as their uniqueness, which are their wings, horns, claws, sharp teeth, and sometimes webbed fingers.

The Children of Lilith: Also known as Warlocks are immortal creatures that have a mixture of demon and human blood. Warlocks are able to cast magic because they have demon blood. The younger the warlock the less powerful their magic and the less magic they have to use. Those who cannot cast magic are known as Ifrits. A majority of spells for warlocks are casted by using incantations and most of which are in Latin. Children of Lilith are usually spawns of demons that have put up a glamour to appear human in order to seduce humans. Rarely do mundanes know that they are actually consorting with a demon. Unfortunately warlock women are unable to have children and if they do become pregnant it’ll always come out a stillborn. This is why it is rare to see a married warlock couple but sometimes they do (but it is even rarer) adopt human children. All warlocks have what is called a demon's mark that proves that they are indeed a warlock. This mark can be anything from cat eyes, bat wings, webbed feet, whiskers, horns, a tail, scaled skin, etc. Warlocks also have the ability to use glamour’s to hide their demon's marks from humans. A warlock is responsible along with the Angel Raziel and Jonathan Shadowhunter, for creating Nephilim.

A complex society of demon hunters that goes back a thousand years and have the blood of angels coursing through their veins. The first and best known Shadowhunter is Jonathan Shadowhunter who summoned the angel Raziel with the help of a warlock to create the very first Nephilim via the Mortal Cup, as well as his blood and the angel's Raziel's blood. It is an endless tale told time and time again, every Shadowhunter knows the story and could repeat it in their sleep if need be (and some of them do)! Vast majorities of Shadowhunters grow up in their home country, Idris. Mundanes do not know of Idris existence, nor do they know where it is. It’s a country between Germany and France with layers upon layers protective spells covering it that transport the unknowing from one side to the next without them even realizing it. Shadowhunter take pride in calling Idris home and no long matter how long they are away it’ll always remain home to them. This is why being exile is one of the harshest punishments available. Idris only has one city, it’s capital Alicante, and the next largest portion of it is forest. Brosline Forest is where many clans of Downworlders live and thrive. There is Lake Lyn, the biggest and most dangerous lake, its waters are poisonous to Shadowhunters causing them to hallucinate while it has varying affects on Fair Folk. It is said that this is the very lake Raziel raised from when he created Shadowhunters. Alicante is where the Clave and Covenant hold their meeting at the Gard. There are several other Clave related buildings in Alicante, which all are made of the same demon repelling material, the same material used in seraph blades. Such as the Academy, where young Shadowhunters go to school to learn the Killing Arts. They’re also trained in a multitude of languages, both human and demonic so that they can be placed anywhere in the world. Shadowhunters who are of age, eighteen, and have been trained to be demon hunters are considered a member unless they’ve given it up or were forced out. The Council, the Inquisitor, and the Consul lead the Clave. The Council is the governing body of the Clave they make the laws and make choices for all Nephilim, every Shadowhunter of age is apart of the Council. The Consul is a highly ranked member of the Clave and advisor to the Council and advises over all the meetings, it is a ten-year term. It is they who appoints Shadowhunters to head an Institute or pick a new Inquisitor if the previous one has died or unable to do their duty. The sole force behind determining if a Shadowhunter is guilty of breaking the Covenant, (formerly) The Accords, or the Law of the Clave is the Inquisitor. They are allowed to put forth punishment if the trialed Shadowhunter is deemed guilty. Lastly, the Mortal Sword can only wielded by them and it known not to get on their bad side for they also wield immense executive decisions.

Those who do not live in Idris and are not exiled usually live in Institutes. An Institute is a safe home for all Shadowhunters in the event of danger, but also can be a punishment in exile cases. When the Scarlet Battle left many Shadowhunter orphaned, wards, they were put in custody of the Clave and dispersed to Institutes where they were to stay and train until they are eighteen, only then are they free to leave. Over a certain city the Institute is seen as the authority in missions, these missions are usually the most dangerous ones. The training of a Shadowhunter leaves them more than less knowledge about any mundane information. They are not familiar with mundane technology, most mundane culture, and especially that of current news/music/societal views. Being a secretive society it is forbidden (goes against the Law/Covenant) for them to tell mundanes about their existence. Shadowhunter often do not think highly of mundanes and think of them as weak creatures. A superiority complex is not unusual for Shadowhunters, as seen in their feelings toward Downworlders and mundanes. Some Shadowhunters are trained at a young age if they have a willing mentor but most either wait until they attend either an Institute or the Academy in Idris. Seraph blades are the main weapons for Shadowhunters, as they’re made from material that efficiently kills demons. Other helpful items to a Shadowhunter are a sensor, which is another item Shadowhunters use that can be used to track and show demonic presence in an area and a witchlight stone or just witchlight, a small palm-sized rock that illuminates. Along with the seraph blades Shadowhunters have training with swords, crossbows, chakrams, daggers, etc. but usually choose one to specialize in. If they were a most important weapon to a Shadowhunter it is their stele, a slender twig-like object used to draw runes into their skin. Length and style of it are left up to the owner but it is made out of angelic metal called adamas.

When it comes to Downworlders their society is more integrated into human society than Shadowhunter’s. They have learned how to adapt to the human world, so much so that most of them live normal mundane lives. Downworlders are naturally distrusting with anything to do with Nephilim because of how events occurred before the Accords were signed and now after. If a Shadowhunter killed a Downworlder all the Downworlder’s property or “spoils” were given to the Shadowhunter who killed him or her. When it comes to the four races and their relations, each of them would rather stick with than own kind then venture out with any others. Vampires and werewolves have a special hatred toward each other, this prejudice is said to come from the demons that carried vampirism and lycanthropy. Fair Folk are known as the most mischievous and can seen as the most dangerous because of their love of trickery. Warlocks mostly keep to themselves; out of any of the four races they are the most outgoing. However, it is not unusual for bonds to form between due to common interests such as the Artifacts. Downworld is a part of a city that is almost inclusively a section where Downworlders live and come to congregate. Mundanes however do turn up from time to time; as on the outside it is a place of business with merchants, shop owners, restaurant owners, etc. When it comes to the social scene Downworlders, warlocks and faeries in particular, are known for their partying ways.


Downworlders: They are hybrid creatures. This term is applied to those who are half Mundane and half Demon, The Children of the Night/Moon/Lilith/Lylic. Shadowhunters use this as a degrading term, and feel like Downworlders are lesser than them because they are part Angel.

Shadowhunter/Nephilim: A race of humans whose sole mission is to hunt demons and kill them, they have the blood of humans and angels. The two words are interchangeable, Nephilim is used if one is being formal (and is what all, if not most Downworlders call them by.) and Shadowhunter is largely what they call themselves.

The Sight: The ability to see into the Shadow World, rarely humans do have it. Shadowhunters have it but might need a "Clairvoyant Sight" rune to see through stronger glamours.

Runes/Marks: Using a stele a Shadowhunter draws a rune/marking on their/another Shadowhunter's body or weapon/surface that has some sort of power that activates when drawn. Runes always leave behind a silvery scar wherever the rune was placed. Downworlder's cannot be marked, due to the demon infection/blood they possess, and will kill them on contact. They will burn on humans, putting more than one will drive the human insane and they will become Forsaken.

Stele: A weapon used to draw the runes into a Shadowhunter's skin.

Forsaken: A mindless servant who was driven insane by a Shadowhunter drawing runes onto them.

(The) Clave: The governing body in the Shadow World. All Shadowhunters of age and mind are members unless they renounce their membership. It’s led by a Council, the Inquisitor, and the Consul where they meet in Alicante, Idris. The Council makes the laws of the Clave, known as the Covenant. The Council, made up of solely Shadowhunters, signs the Accords.

The Accords: A peace negotiation signed by both Downworlders and the Clave every fifteen years. As long as the rules are not broken peace will remain between the two, and perhaps even allow for the help of one another if needed.

The Mortal Instruments: Three divine items given to Jonathan Shadowhunter by the Angel Raziel.
The Mortal Cup: A cup given to the Shadowhunters by the angel Raziel from which created the first Shadowhunters. The Cup usually only works on children to turn them into Shadowhunters as adults are unaffected or are killed by it.
The Mortal Sword: A sword that is held when one is questioned by The Inquistor, which forces them to speak only the truth.
The Mortal Mirror: The lake where Raziel rose from, with the cup and sword in hand. It serves as an entrance into Idris through a Portal.
  • All Shadowhunter's last name are made of two compounded words i.e "Ashtower" "Midwater"
  • Shadowhunter claimed thus far: Ashtower, Midwater, Hallowgate, Everstorm, and Riesigsterne.
  • The current Inquisitor is Inquisitor Everstorm & The Consul is Consul Riesigsterne
  • Nephilim blood is always dominant, so if a Shadowhunter and a mundane have a child then children will be Nephilim.
  • Every Shadowhunter has at least one permanent rune, Voyance, on their right or left hand (depending on which one is dominant) to help with steadiness.
  • The motto for the Covenant is, "Sed lex dura lex" (The Law is hard, but it is the Law.)
  • The motto for all of Nephilim is, "Facilis Descensus Averni" (The descent into Hell is easy)
  • In order to get a seraph blade to work one must shout an angel's name, the louder the shout the one powerful the blade will become. Seraph blades at first look like a tube until it's activated then a clear glass blade shoots out the now glowing tube.
  • Black is the color for battle, white is the color for mourning, gold is for weddings, and red is for ceremonies.
  • Shadowhunter Institutes are glamoured and if a mundane looks upon it they would see nothing but a rundown church and the feeling to stay away from it. Institutes are made on hallow ground for protection against demons and vampires. The metal in the house is made from iron and the nails are silver to protect from faeries and werewolves. The doors to an Institute can only be opened by one who has Shadowhunter blood. There are Institutes in every major city and capital and even minor ones that report to the bigger ones.
  • Ascension is the process of which a mundane is turned into a Shadowhunter. This happens when a Shadowhunter who does not want to leave his life behind but still wants to marry a mundane. They must apply to the Clave for their partner. It must be considered by the Clave for three months while the mundane studies and learns about Shadowhunter culture. If a mundane Ascends they must choose a Shadowhunter last name whether its their partners or not. To Ascend one must drink from the Mortal Cup, but this practice is not typically allowed since it is known that adults almost always die afterwards.
  • Parabatais are two Shadowhunters that are partnered together. The bond between them two are closer than siblings, they are able to draw off each other's strength and have a strong connection. They would give their life for the other. If two Shadowhunters are to be parabatais they must find each other before they're both eighteen and swear an oath in front of each other and the Council. It is possible for two parabatais to be separated, if one of them becomes a Downworlder, if one of them is exiled, and if one of them leaves the Shadowhunter life to be with a mundane. It is expressively illegal for one to fall in love with their parabatai and if this happens they will be separated. A Shadowhunter can only have one parabatai even if theirs dies.
They look like a bunch of lines and zigzags, sometimes they form a familiar shape depending on the rune.
  • Clairvoyant Sight: allows the user to see through stronger glamours. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Courage: Used on weapons, makes them stronger. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Angelic Power: Placed on weapons and grants it angelic powers that washes away all demon presence, which in turn keeps the demon from being healed once it is stabbed. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Acid: Burns away anything that touches it. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Endurance: Allows for the user to have more stamina in battle. [PERMANENT]
  • Dexteritas: Gives the user agility. [PERMANENT]
  • Fortis: Gives the user more strength/physical based power. [PERMANENT]
  • Iratze: Heals the user injuries to a certain extent. Is usually partially drawn before going into battle this allows them to quickly heal themselves. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Soundless: Keeps the users movements silent. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Thermis: Grants warmth to the user. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Fire: Creates fire. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Invisibility: Allows the user to have invisibility from mundanes, cast a glamour over them so that they're hidden from those who lack the Sight. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Night Vision: Grants the user the ability to see in the dark. [NOT PERMANENT]
  • Voyance (it looks like an eye): Aides with steadiness. [PERMANENT*]
  • Tracking: A rune that allows the user to see what another is seeing, to track them. Must have a possession of theirs to use this rune. [NON PERMANENT]
  • Parabatai: Partners two Shadowhunters together. [PERMANENT*]

*Through certain circumstances can this be made unpermanent.

Some (not all) of the strict rules the Clave has that must be followed.

Are strictly forbidden from revealing their existence to mundanes.
Are not allow to kill a fellow Shadowhunter unless they've taken up arms openly against the Clave.
Must send a report to the Clave before going into battle.
Must send a report to the Clave about anything that might harm the Clave.
Cannot contact Shadowhunters who have left the Clave, even family.

If a Shadowhunter chooses to leave behind the life and marry a mundane there a three rules they must follow.
1. Must sever contact with any and all Shadowhunter you know, this includes family.
2. You are never allowed to call upon the Clave (or any of its members) for help.
3. The Clave have claim to any and all children you have. They will be sent a letter each year asking if they want to be trained as a Shadowhunter if they replied "no" every year until they're eighteen then they are free.

The Cold One

NAME: Samara Ashtower
AGE: 23
RACE: Shadowhunter
FAMILY SYMBOL: A single ash tree leaf. On a silver ring a small leaf is shown, over, and over again circling the entire ring connected by roots. It is engraved with "Ashtower" on the inner part of the ring.
LOCATION: New York Institute
Fiery red tendrils of hair stem from her head, bright as flames, a storm of fire is what opponents see before they succumb to their fate. It lays gently against her bare, milky white shoulders almost as if magma is cascading down her body and one might ask how it does not burn. In instances of combat it is thrown up in a messy bun, as it is hard to contain a wild fire. Those who think fire burns the brightest has not looked upon Samara's eyes, passion and determination flare to life in her pupils. Seemingly as a measure to counteract the amount of fire she has are Samara's cooling blue irises. Many mysterious lay behind them, undiscovered such as the depth regions of the ocean. One day they might be as calm as the sea itself, but other days storms arise and clouds come into view causing a color change from blue to a distinct grey. Silvery marks glitter all over her skin, displaying her mastery and efficiency at placing runes, there are no marks on her face, throat, or legs. Two solid, black permanent runes (one is for endurance and the other is for strength) are located on each of her sides and are rarely seen to others that don't get intimate.

Pretty would work as a descriptor to describe her smile if not for the cruelty that briefly flashes each time it forms from her thin, rose colored lips. Some have noted that they have never stumbled across such a pernicious look; few have lived long enough to discuss these tales with anyone. If torment and anguish cease to be present the same can be said for any state of happiness. Low cheekbones work along with an almost sharp jawline to create a face that comes off as regal or elegant, one that signals for others to not come too close or they would be risking their safety. Long, skinny fingers that would make Samara one hell of a pianist, if she has any musical talent, hold a lavish ring and if one dares looks close enough they can see the blood cake around the jewel. However this is not the family ring, but a ring that is simply for looks. A slender piece of silver that gleams in the light, which is actually the Ashtower family ring, is a piercing located in Samara's left earlobe. In addition to that piercing there are less significant ones such as the industrial and helix, the former is a steel, straight barbell while the latter is a black hoop, which strands of hair sometime gets snagged in. Another family heirloom is fasten around neck, a black and white diamond pendant that subconsciously is always being twirled between Samara's thin fingers.

Standard for a Shadowhunter their gear is always black, it matches the tainted soul Samara has. Black, fingerless gloves are worn to help with the handling of her whip. The whip, which is black in color, has several buttons on the handle that account for the various uses and functions the whip can do. A black arm strap holds the handle of the whip while the rest of it wraps around her arm all the way down to wrists and where the gloves begin. Another black arm strap holds in a dagger that is used to cause a multitude of superficial wounds. A strap, sleeveless, unzipped form-fitting jacket, covers a black tank top. A weapons belt is tighten around her small waist, it holds the entire standard Shadowhunter weapons and utilities that are needed for a battle. Skinny jeans that are easy enough to maneuver in are worn and are tucked into a pair of combat boots with a three-inch heel to them. These boots have diamond studded among the top of the shoe just to show off a little. On Samara's back is her second whip that is held in tightly by another set of straps. This is the outfit that Samara is mostly seen in due to her readiness and eagerness to go into battle, which is always around the corner.

Inheritance has long altered the way Samara dresses, but so has being a Shadowhunter. The comfortableness in clothing is a first priority, and then comes the lasting effect it has on the person looking at it. Most, if not all, of the clothes that she wears are bewitched, to what extent not even Samara herself has knowledge of. Whipmanship as a skill has left toned arms in its wake from years of constant practice and usage. Just like her mother, and her mother's mother Samara was blessed with incredibly long legs, and, again, just like them showing them off. When not in Shadowhunter gear, though it is her preferred fashion, Samara prefers to wear (depending on the weather) short shorts and a tank top. If it is a bit chilly outside there might be leggings and a hoodie involved in the mix. Unlike the other girls that are around her age Samara cares little for fashion. Only if what she wears provides something she can't get through a crack of her whip. Special occasions are the only way one would ever catch this Shadowhunter in a dress and any one who breathed a word about it would lose their tongue in an instant.

Samara’s cunning actions make it hard for anyone to know what her next move will be. She has a knack for surprising even the best of the best, which is also what she considers herself. The words that trickle from her mouth are most likely laced with lies that are twisted up in a pretty bow that makes it seem like she is telling the truth. Deceit and deception are ways that she has mastered long ago and has no problem using either if a situation arises where she deems that it is required that she do such. Most of the choices she makes are hardly ethical; in fact if more than one of them is she knows that she has done something terribly wrong. Morally gray, or immortal actions best suit her line of work, but she doesn’t get caught up in where her actions fall just how far they will get. As an independent being (even if her brother feels the need to “protect her”) Samara doesn’t do well under anyone’s leadership but her own. As she has her own strict code of conduct that doesn’t fall in line with how The Clave operates. If no one is there to see or report that she broke a rule, did it ever happen? Rules aren’t something that Samara finds useful as they hinder her ability to do what she wants and most of the time it’s troubling finding a loophole.

A ruthless killer is what Samara strives to be on a daily basis, neglecting her emotions is a core part. To shut off the part the makes her human is a lot harder than it appears, but with Samara arriving at the fact that her emotions only breed into weaknesses she learned to ignore all of them that won’t aid her. In an attempt to rid her of another weakness Samara has refused to get attached to anything and everything, which led her to cutting ties with a lot of her older friends and even family. She doesn’t care for her older brother, if he were to die that would only be one less thing she has to deal with and if it assisted her in her mission Samara would even kill him with her own two hands. With her humanity “gone” it’s much easier for her to make the cold, calculated moves. Having such an overwhelming obsession with revenge Samara’s interests rarely stray from anything that is not such. She is not willing to chase down something that won’t get her one step closer to her parent’s killers. When it comes to anger Samara has enough of it to have fueled her for the past fifteen years. This has molded Samara into a very aggressive person, which shows in her fighting style. She’s unrelenting when comes to battle, delivering blow after blow after blow in quick succession. A little cut is nothing if it leads to her returning it tenfold.

The interactions that Samara has that aren’t with Shadowhunters of high ranking are little to none. Having idle chats and conversations aren’t Samara style, she prefers to spend her time practicing her fighting rather than waste her time talking to someone else. She despises the rambling that her brother does and has repeatedly thought about offing him just to shut him up. However, when she does decide to talk it is either very sharp and to the point or manipulative. She has been known to feign feelings toward them (Downworlders) in order to get information easier. Downworlders don’t receive any respect from her; she refuses to acknowledge that they are anything but scum. She looks down on anyone who dares to associate him or herself with demon-spawn. Her personal vendetta has clouded her vision and has led her to kill any and all Downworlder she comes across after retrieving the information she needs from them such as the location of the Artifacts children.

The Ashtower family is an old Shadowhunter family. They are known for their fierce tempers, grudges, and strong loyalty ties to the Nephilim above all else, even family. Their family symbol is several leaves from the branch of an Ash tree connected by roots, it is very dear to them and shows as a reminder of their roots as Nephilim. One, to remind them that to be Nephilim is their sole purpose and life, and two, to do by The Law but if The Law hindered them by any means then they were go above it. Their extreme hatred for Downworlders was well renowned and still is to this day, though this is not unusual for Shadowhunters to dislike Downworlders for their demon heritage/relations. The Ashtowers went above and beyond their calling and took to killing more than just demons but anything that had their blood or infection. In 18th century they would put their heads on spikes outside their home, and before The Enclave banned this ritual they had up to over two hundred heads outside their property. Like any old Shadowhunter family there are family members located all around the world, in different Institutes. The Ashtower family in the North American continent is limited, as their family is primarily located in the Eastern European region.

Garlen Ashtower and Nina Ashtower nee Dews were married after Nina was granted Ascension. Garlen was quite charming as a lad but had a quick temper, he angered many of his fellow peers and this has resulted into many high-tension relationships with other Shadowhunter families. While Nina was more soft spoken and reserved as she was a servant in the York Institute and quickly caught the eye of a young Garlen. The head of the York Institute, Bass Midwater, was reluctant to give his recommendation for Ascension, as Nina was one of his prized servants and fighters. Unlike most girls who had fallen for Garlen's charm and would've immediately said yes to his proposal, Nina offered a different answer. If Garlen Ashtower were to beat her in a sword fight then she would marry the man and become his wife. Nina has tried to soothe many of the quarrels, only leading to the likening of Nina. By the Angel they were granted four children, first a rightful heir and son, Kosti, a daughter, Samara, a year later, and nine months later a second son Marti, and their last child, a daughter named Ranora. The glorious tales of the Ashtower family were told to the eldest two as bed time stories, it was made known that they were to be the superior Shadowhunters of their age group and to let nothing hold them back, not even family. Their family was very active in Shadowhunter politics and when it came to the decision to enter an all out war with the Downworlders in North America, specifically New York, Garlen Ashtower was one of the first to cast his vote in favor.

At the tender age of two Samara and her siblings, the youngest of which had to be pried from their dead mother's body, were tragically left orphaned at the New York Institute. They weren't the first Shadowhunter family this happened to and they wouldn't be the last. They grew up in the New York Institute along with other Shadowhunter children who lost their family in the Scarlet Battle and throughout the war where they were at first shielded about their parent’s fate. A debate was brought forth on whether or not to tell the children how their parents really died. On one side some spoke that these kids weren't mentally ready for such a burden and others argued that it was an appropriate time to tell the children, as it would make them better Shadowhunters in the future. The decision was that as soon as the child had the Shadowhunter ceremony they would also have all the knowledge of their parent's death put upon them as well. As a child Samara was as bright as her hair and loved having fun with her siblings. She loved nothing more than to tease Kosti over his training; some of her happier memories involve the hills of Idris where they would often visit regarding official Shadowhunter business. Kosti's attitude shifted one day after his ceremony had been preformed he refused to tell her what had made him so angry and why he was crying. A year to the date Samara also received the same information after the runes were place on her skin, her reaction differed from her brother's. It completely broke Samara's spirit she never laughed, smiled, or played again during childhood.

Training became all Samara did, she ceased to speak to anyone for two entire years, from the age of ten to twelve. Samara met and challenged her first Downworlder when she was twelve, a warlock named Asgar Reach. Wondering through the Downworld after she was tipped off by a much older Shadowhunter about this particular warlock's association with her parents. Asgar was a source of frustration as he only toyed with the young Shadowhunter and disappeared in flames. That's when she regained her voice and knew her prerogative, to find and slaughter the Downworlders that murdered her parents. It was as if Samara was dealt a blow she returned to the New York Institute empty-handed, but more determined than ever. Distance was the only thing she gave her siblings if Samara were to get attached to her younger siblings it would only yield weakness. Instead she let Kosti deal with them and focused primarily on her training. The first time Samara picked up a whip was when she was fourteen years old that was when she knew what her weapon would be. How efficient it would be at torturing an opponent especially if she had special magical enhancements done to it. The usage of magic is explicitly forbidden by a Shadowhunter so Samara sought out a warlock who performed the necessary enchantments. The payment given was a mercifully death with the two new weapons that were just crafted, Samara figured it was the least she could do. After all had anyone known that she went to a Downworlder for help that would only taint the reputation she was gathering for being heartless and the Ashtower name.

Downworlders of course weren't the only things that were hunted in Samara's time; demons also plagued Earth like never before. It was these types of mission that really got Samara well versed in the art of Shadowhunting, for only being the age of fourteen she was succeeding in areas that even Kosti wasn't. This brought attention from certain Shadowhunter families, most were impressed, but many were peeved that she was doing better than their children or them. Being in peak form was all Samara needed if she were ever to find the scum that bloodied her parents to their deaths. Boyfriends were plentiful on Samara's list she has had several of them and some of them have ended up mysteriously dead. Though, she knows that it was not from foul play, but she has a pretty good idea who would be protective enough to slay her exes and make it appear accidental or suicidal. To be fair all the ones who died were Downworlders and the only reason they were even tolerated was so that information could be tortured out of them by night or by seduction. Not even the Faerie Knight Welas, whose kind cannot tell a lie, was helpful in her quest for vengeance. He did however let it known that she should stop while she was ahead, it was not wise to look into matters that have long since been buried. If he had not been hundred of years old Samara might have had a chance when she tried to take off his head with both of her whips.

It was Samara's idea to form the elite Shadowhunter group anew with younger, fresher Shadowhunters that were the most skilled and could track down the Artifact children with ease. It is believed that the children of The Artifacts know where the third and final Inferno Artifact is and The Clave wants it in their hands. The Clave decided that it was a fantastic idea, but their main mission wouldn't be to just track down the Artifact children, but that is what they would be solely known for. They were to carry out some of the most difficult life threatening tasks that were to be carried out in the utmost secrecy. This was an idea that far superseded what Samara had thought and she was eager to participate even if her brother had forced himself into the group just to look after her. It was settled that their base would be the New York Institute where they would gather and get their first mission, but before that Samara had a surprise of her own. On a chance encounter she had "run into" a Downworlder that "willing" shared with her the location of a very prized individual who Samara brought down with ease. It was then she transported this person to the Institute and there they await for the gruesome trial that she has planned, even though no one else knows about this, or so she thinks.

WEAPONRY: Two enchanted whips.


A Bright Soul

NAME: Kosti Ashtower
AGE: 24
RACE: Shadowhunter
LOCATION: New York Shadowhunter Institute
FAMILY SYMBOL: A single ash tree leaf. On a silver ring a small leaf is shown, over, and over again circling the entire ring connected by roots. It is engraved with "Ashtower" on the inner part of the ring.
Older Shadowhunters that see him and take notice of his appearance remark that he is an exact replica of his mother almost as if someone had cloned her. Kosti takes that as a compliment as others often spoke of her beauty when they spoke of her. Even if his looks are the only thing he has that links him to his mother it is something he cherishes at times. He has medium length messy brown hair a contrast to Samara’s red hair. Most of the time it is often in his face. There is no need for him to take care of it, as it isn’t something he is willing to waste his time on. The only time that his hair is actually presentable is when he attends The Clave meetings. Kosti doesn’t even bother to move it out of his eyes anymore as that takes more effort than he’s willing to put forth. Another thing he obtained from Nina was her eye color, which was a green that would match the shade of an Ash tree leaf. He is just as pale as his sister probably paler because he doesn’t spend as much time outside like she does. The marks of the runes are very evident on his skin, everywhere except for his face is marked. There are several permanent runes on his right arm and one that is shown comes up his chest onto his neck.

All the Ashtower siblings share the same rose-colored lips that they inherited from their mother like it was a parting gift. Kosti are rougher, he has a bad habit of always biting his lips when he is either bored or really trying to focus on a project of his. The only time when Kosti doesn’t have a puzzled look is when he is fighting then it is a focused face. When he does smile it is a huge, goofy smile full of teeth that seems to take up his entire face. Unfortunately Kosti has never had much to smile about so only a few people have ever seen it since he had reached adulthood. A thin, silver chain keeps the Ashtower family ring around his neck but it almost always beneath his shirt, closer to his heart. When he actually fights Kosti takes the ring off the chain and slips it on a finger to make sure it is visible to all. When all Kosti’s features are put together he can be seen as a pretty handsome man. Like most Shadowhunters he looks younger than he actually is, he doesn’t really mind looking youthful.

Granted to him is the privilege of being one of the tallest Shadowhunters in the New York Institute and it is the only physical attribute of his that he can say he got from his father, he hasn’t met much people taller than him. Even with his height Kosti has worked hard to build the right muscle wanting to look as fearsome as his sister but somehow she beats him every time. As a way of showing off without voicing it Kosti loves to wear tight shirts that display his hard work. Most of the time when he gets a smug face it is because Kosti sees that he has caught the attention of someone and he might even flex a little bit more. Striped V-necks are his preference and he usually doesn’t stray from that unless he is trying to impress or going to a Clave meeting. He knows that he is a simple guy so he prefers to keep his style in the same light. Chino shorts of different colors depending on the shirt he is wearing is what he chooses to wear. Disliking jeans because he feels as if they restrict some of his movement, plus they’re never in his size thanks to his long legs and thin waist. A wooden beaded bracelet that belonged to his father is worn on his right hand and Kosti is never seen without not even in gear.

Exactly the same as every other Shadowhunter all of Kosti’s gear is black, almost the opposite of his complexion. A sleeveless, plain black t-shirt is what Kosti wears he only wishes he was allowed to wear stripes. Over that t-shirt is a jacket that is almost identical to his sister’s, a sleeveless hooded black leather jacket. It is never zipped so Kosti’s physique is always on display and so his movements are freer but mainly the former. There are a series of straps and zippers on his jacket for containing equipment if need be. The majority is contained in his weapons belt, which he doesn’t use often. His twin rapiers never leave his person unless they’re plunged deep into a demon where they belong. Kosti keeps both of them on his waist hooked into the weapons belt and walks around with them. Being used to it has ceased the awkwardness of carrying the extra weight and constantly knocking them into his legs. This has left several scars on his legs from the first few times Kosti attempted to do this but kept cutting himself. Combat boots go over his leather pants and halfway up his calves. There are a couple of straps on the boots, but some of them don’t work as Kosti gets too rough and has broken them.

Being the eldest of four Kosti feels the need to take the sole responsibility for all of them and watches their actions carefully. He worries about them all the time, as if it’s a full time job. This leads Kosti to be very protective over anything said or done to siblings or about his family name. Despite being the elder sibling Kosti takes a more relaxed role in Samara and his relationship and follows the orders that his sister barks out. Kosti takes after his mother, as unlike his father and sister his temper does not rise as easily and it takes quite a bit of stirring up to get him going. That does not mean he'll hesitate to slice an arm off he'll just be in a very calm state while he does it. The way violence just comes naturally to him is what makes Kosti a bit hesitant, causing him to always double think his actions. Which has left him a very strategic and tactical thinker something that Samara needs at her side since she usually just barges into situation without thinking.

Approaching other people to start a conversation isn’t something he would do, as he’s usually too busy thinking of something. Now if someone disturbs his thoughts he has no problem talking to them. He talks a lot and rather fast so they’d need to prepare themselves for such a barrage of words. He does make a lot of side comments just because he feels like you should always voice how you feel. Most of the time they’re not meant to be funny or joking, but they usually come off in that manner. The only time Kosti gets embarrassed is if he’s trying to be romantic or anything related to that emotional feeling. For the sake of his family Kosti only focused on them and left his love life to suffer so he really doesn’t know how to act in those situations. It’s something he’s been meaning to work on but doesn’t know how one goes about that. His emotions are very confusing to him Kosti doesn’t want to sort through them so he normally just goes with the flow. Experimentation is how Kosti solves everything, it’s best to go through everything once before rejecting the idea of something and this goes for his love life as well.

The Fair Folk would be jealous of how honest he is and it’s not manipulated honesty either. Lies don’t benefit anyone; well, in most cases they don’t do anything but prolong the truth. If one starts with the truth then they won’t have to worry about the reaction to something for long, plus people prefer the truth. Kosti isn’t as blood thirsty as his sister he doesn’t really care for Downworlders but he is in no way a merciless person. In fact he doesn’t like to kill Downworlders just mess them with a mixed of physical and psychological torture, it usually works. Leaving things to Samara gets them nowhere except for a dead body, it’s frustrating dealing with her way. He is a Shadowhunter and Kosti takes a lot of pride in that and The Law. He makes sure to follow it whenever it is possible, though he is not entirely opposed to breaking The Law. It depends on the risk and reward of the scenario they are in it isn’t easy for him to break The Clave’s laws. As the eldest he is the face of their name, which can be a lot of pressure but he knows how to handle that by now.

The Ashtower family is an old Shadowhunter family. They are known for their fierce tempers, grudges, and strong loyalty ties to the Nephilim above all else, even family. Their family symbol is several leaves from the branch of an Ash tree connected by roots, it is very dear to them and shows as a reminder of their roots as Nephilim. One, to remind them that to be Nephilim is their sole purpose and life, and two, to do by The Law but if The Law hindered them by any means then they were go above it. Their extreme hatred for Downworlders was well renowned and still is to this day, though this is not unusual for Shadowhunters to dislike Downworlders for their demon heritage/relations. The Ashtowers went above and beyond their calling and took to killing more than just demons but anything that had their blood or infection. In 18th century they would put their heads on spikes outside their home, and before The Enclave banned this ritual they had up to over two hundred heads outside their property. Like any old Shadowhunter family there are family members located all around the world, in different Institutes. The Ashtower family in the North American continent is limited, as their family is primarily located in the Eastern European region.

Garlen Ashtower and Nina Ashtower nee Dews were married after Nina was granted Ascension. Garlen was quite charming as a lad but had a quick temper, he angered many of his fellow peers and this has resulted into many high-tension relationships with other Shadowhunter families. While Nina was more soft spoken and reserved as she was a servant in the York Institute and quickly caught the eye of a young Garlen. The head of the York Institute, Bass Midwater, was reluctant to give his recommendation for Ascension, as Nina was one of his prized servants and fighters. Unlike most girls who had fallen for Garlen's charm and would've immediately said yes to his proposal, Nina offered a different answer. If Garlen Ashtower were to beat her in a sword fight then she would marry the man and become his wife. Nina has tried to soothe many of the quarrels, only leading to the likening of Nina. By the Angel they were granted four children, first a rightful heir and son, Kosti, a daughter, Samara, a year later, and nine months later a second son Marti, and their last child, a daughter named Ranora. The glorious tales of the Ashtower family were told to the eldest two as bed time stories, it was made known that they were to be the superior Shadowhunters of their age group and to let nothing hold them back, not even family. Their family was very active in Shadowhunter politics and when it came to the decision to enter an all out war with the Downworlders in North America, specifically New York, Garlen Ashtower was one of the first to cast his vote in favor.

At the tender age of three Kosti and his siblings, the youngest of which had to be pried from their dead mother's body, were tragically left orphaned at the New York Institute. They weren't the first Shadowhunter family this happened to and they wouldn't be the last. They grew up in the New York Institute along with other Shadowhunter children who lost their family in the Scarlet Battle and throughout the war where they were at first shielded about their parent’s fate. A debate was brought forth on whether or not to tell the children how their parents really died. On one side some spoke that these kids weren't mentally ready for such a burden and others argued that it was an appropriate time to tell the children, as it would make them better Shadowhunters in the future. The decision was that as soon as the child had the Shadowhunter ceremony they would also have all the knowledge of their parent's death put upon them as well. Being the eldest sibling Kosti first went through his Shadowhunter ceremonies and found out the truth about their parents fate. He begged for them not to tell the rest of his siblings, as he knew it would devastate them more than him. The pleas he made were in vain; no one wanted to listen to the words of a child who had only recently gotten his first runes. Had it not been for the photos his parents had around the house, which he would inherit once he turned eighteen, Kosti wouldn't have had the slightest clue what they looked like. He tried to remain strong for Samara, Marti, and Ranora, if they couldn't count on him then who could they?

Being anything other than the best Nephilim was not an option Kosti had being the first born and first son it was almost mandatory for him to be since he was officially the head of his family. He takes very little pleasure in being a Shadowhunter and often daydreams about other things that he rather being doing, of course to speak of such treachery isn't wise. Bad attitude aside Kosti has still raised quite high in the ranks of the Shadowhunter and is known for his skill with a rapier. It was his mother's rapier he found it while he toured the house that his parents lived in and one day would belong to him and his siblings as soon as he turned eighteen. From that day on he decided that he would use the same weapon that his mother used to honor her. His most remarkable asset is said to be his ability to locate a demon without the use of a Sensor or other equipment to do the job. Other Shadowhunter claim (read: spread rumors) there is sorcery involve and do not trust it, as magic goes against The Law. Despite not knowing much about his father except what the Shadowhunters in the Institute told him, all stories that weren't the most flattering, he still wanted to make his father proud. When it comes to his mother Kosti is constantly being told that they look alike, how much alike they are in personality, and how their fighting styles are similar.

There was no such thing as a childhood to Kosti he was forced to grow up faster than the rest and take care of his family. As soon as he was able he refused to let any of the servants take care of his siblings for him, the man of the family didn't let others do his job. It was tough on him seeing Samara distanced herself from Kosti and the other two and refusing to have anything to do with them. Working and training while looking after his siblings was a bit more difficult than he imagined it would be, and thus his skills suffered, but Kosti truly doesn't mind not being the best Shadowhunter out there. Family is everything to him; Ranora and Marti deserved the childhood that Samara and him never had the chance to receive. The news was easier for the younger two to develop as they had no memories whatsoever and Kosti was able to encourage them to still be the children that they were. In that aspect he succeeded with his siblings becoming the Shadowhunters he knew that they could be. This didn't mean that Kosti forgot about Samara, though she made it quite clear that she was done with her family he still kept a close eye on her from a distance. Still being the fiercely overprotective brother that he tended to be.

The day Kosti was able to claim the Ashtower family house was also the day him and his siblings found their family rings on the dining room table. It seemed like their mother and father knew that they weren't going to make it back from Idris one day alive and wrote this letter ahead of time. Like most older brothers Kosti was very protective over his siblings and always monitored their life. This factor only increased as they got the house, which meant a lot more freedom than they had at the Institute. Marti and Ranora still remained there for most of the day to finish up their training while Samara roamed the city like it was her playground. All of this left Kosti without a life of his own since he was constantly worrying about the safety and whereabouts of his siblings even when they were all eighteen. One day Ranora, who is the youngest, officially told him to retire from being their father because they all were adults and could look after themselves. At the age twenty-one he was finally able to relax for a day, admittedly it took him a while because he found the aspect of relaxing quite boring. Unlike his sister Kosti hasn't developed quite the hatred for all Downworlders just the ones that hurt his family. That included some of his sister ex-boyfriends, which he found odd that she would even think of dating such scum (that's what he called anyone who got close to any of his siblings in an intimate way) or get close to them. Especially after he caught her sneaking around the Downworld and trying to take on a warlock that was centuries older than them. A few relationships Kosti got his hands dirty he would never admit his involvement in the disappearance of those Downworlders, but he certainly would agree that the world was better off without them in it.

WEAPONRY: Dual Rapiers.

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: How about no.

One Twisted Fey

NAME: Suren Yuri
ALIAS: The Seelie Queen / Her Majesty / Her Grace
AGE: 21 ; looks 26
RACE: Fair Folk
LOCATION: Seelie Court, New York City, New York
By law the queen of all faeries in New York is the most alluring and exquisite of all Fair Folk, though this isn’t technically a real law. A young, graceful look is blessed to this queen; a golden aura can be seen if one is granted the privilege to get that close to Her Majesty. The Seelie Queen is quite youthful and to ask her age is one of the gravest mistakes that a Downworlder or Nephilim will make. It is known that the Seelie Queen is young, but how young not even the Fair Folk can answer that truthfully. Taking on the appearance of being older than she actually was helps stop rebellion, as some voice that they will not follow someone so “young”. Due to her Asian ancestry that is the physical form she takes on when she is among humans and casts a glamour. It is said that her grandfather came from Taiwan, so that is the nationality that Suren has chosen to go with. The sleek, pinkish-red hair is fashioned in the ever-popular bob hairstyle and is a trademark. Most times her short length hair is constantly being tucked behind both of her ears almost as if Suren believes this will make her hear well. A single fully blossomed white rose, stem included, entwines itself in her hair, though only the petals are visible. It is said that the rose never grows old and holds special properties that only the Seelie Queen can utilize, no one knows what they may be.

Eyes so lavender they rival the color of lilacs and surely they would attest to jealousy. Ferocity and frigidity are almost seen at the same time; at least in the aspect that one is not far from the other. This array of emotions is simply not restricted to her eyes but can be seen on her face if she were willing. Stoic in its nature setting, Suren has trained herself to not give away the slightest clue of what she may be thinking on her face. If one is to be queen they cannot directly parade such feelings about especially the queen of the Fair Folk. Suren isn’t very tall, it isn’t uncommon for Fair Folk to be short however this doesn’t take away from the intimidation she possesses. Having this structure also makes her very nimble and agile like her kind are famous for being. A multitude of ruby red gemstones strung on a golden necklace, two on each side of a rather grand one, hang from Suren’s neck in a dazzling display. It is a treasure to the Seelie Queen she is most certainly never seen without it, as her thin fingers are always stroking the middle stone almost as if it brought her luck. Not one for tacky crowns, as if she would need one to parade her regality, if Her Majesty is feeling up to it a ring of thorns is present with the most enthralling flowers strewn in a captivating fashion.

Aspects of nature seemed to come together to become part of the daily outfit that the Seelie Queen wears. It is rumored that her clothes are merely another glamour, and what she wears doesn’t actually exist. Strapless dresses are the personal favorite of the Seelie Queen and that means she is rarely seen deviating from them. All of them are relatively the same in the ways that they appear with only subtle differences that others may overlook. Thorny stems of roses are arranged on the border along the top of the dress. How it does not pierce the skin of the queen is unknown but not questioned. Black rose petals (sometimes red or white, a combination is also likely) make up the top half of the dress, each are spaced the same amount and there isn’t a petal out of place to give it a flawless appearance. Halfway down a material replaces the petals, which is tree bark that has been sanded down to not give it such a rough looking appearance. Bark that has been made flexible and unbreakable by some sort of magical enchantment. In its entirety it looks to have been tailored to specifically fit this individual as it is very much form fitting in certain ways. Purposely it extenuates the body and makes the bosom region appear a lot more bodacious and appeasing to one’s eyes. Fluid movements are capable in it as it is a very wavy dress that flaps when any air is blown on it.

All fey have a glamour they cast and that is no different from the queen of all faeries except hers is known to be the strongest. Revealing her true form is to bestow the greatest honor upon someone other than her presence. Casting a glamour can be tricky if one is not careful, but to the Seelie Queen it’s as easy as talking or walking. It is not often that the Seelie Queen must use her glamour as she is always within the Seelie Court and never leaves from her spot. For this particular fey she has chosen to have a glamour on at all times, though her people do not know this. They just simply believe she is a type of fey that does not exhibit as many indications of being Fair Folk as the rest. Suren does not have no plans on saying any more on the matter, nor does she take well to it being brought up. One might be able to strip a small portion of the Seelie Queen’s glamour away, but it requires someone of immense strength. No one has been powerful enough to reveal all of her true form without her either letting them or discarding it altogether. Glimpses of regal, golden skin is said to lie beneath the glamour and that’s the most that has been ever been saw by any living person. In truth Suren cannot recall what her actual physical form looks like, as she has gone so long without looking at it since being forbidden to revert.

A glimmer of true happiness hasn’t shown in the eyes or personality of the Seelie Queen since she was a small child. The ability to act as if one is happy is enough to fool any one that she may come across, as Suren longs to know what all the fuss is about. Stern and stoic would be the unofficial motto of the Seelie Queen and that’s all she has ever known. All Fair Folk think of her in that regards, Suren doesn’t mind the opinions of her that float around. Very few have been to known to get genuine words out of her. Interaction is a tricky thing for Suren; with plenty of experience one may wonder how that can be possible. The Fair Folk are one thing, but when it comes to those of the outside world it’s a whole new story. Her word is no longer law, and people truly express themselves, an attribute that is new to Suren. It is not often that she hears words that are spoken freely and truly without caution. As she is rarely allowed to leave the sanctuary that is the Seelie Court Suren has to settle for less. An unmistaken view of curiosity and mischief is bound to arise. Lacking a childhood would lead her to act out in ways, but has always caused her to always wonder how it is to act juvenile. It’s beneath her to even try things like that as her kind would lose the respect they have for her.

There is always a lacking of fear present within Suren’s ice-cold eyes. Fear is one thing she has never had to feel, as she is well guarded at all times and there is no one that could possibly harm her. This has caused her to be spoiled in a way, never having to fend on her own. Without having a person to rely on is a tad bit difficult, being alone is something she is not accustomed to and could potentially freak her out. It is true that the Fair Folk cannot lie they must always tell the truth, but this doesn’t mean they haven’t perfected the art of how to tell it and this isn’t any different for Suren. The truth can be told in many ways, and it can be told as what one believes is the truth. If one isn’t careful they could end up more confused than before they asked the question, a specialty of Suren’s. If anyone is foolish enough to trust the Fair Folk can be named a fool indeed, that is, not all of them are mischievous just a majority of them and the queen knows this. Suren tries her damndest to be the ruler that her people need her to be and that is a lot of pressure for a girl who is only twenty-one years of age. Also, she can be seen as a role model for other Fair Folk to mimic their behavior after, she’d much rather not be one. The Seelie Queen has to trust her kind and hope they will do as they are told without stirring up too much trouble.

Weakness is not a trait that she is allowed to carry, nor would she ever want to. In present day weakness has made traitors out of people, which then leads to their death, a fate Suren has plans to avoid. A sort of selfishness has its place in Suren’s heart not wanting to sacrifice her own safety for others, as it is unwise for someone in her position to do so. She knows anything and everything that happens in her city, not a day goes by where she can't keep track of someone that is in her city. This perk that comes with being the queen of all faeries is one that Suren finds hard to be without. Some of the things Suren knows would surprise most people, but when you have a whole city under constant watch it’s hard not to know a few juicy details. Always wanting to know the latest news, especially anything regarding the Nephilim and the Irredeemable War has left her with an insatiable craving for knowledge. This has aided in Suren’s unending curiosity that would leave her always asking more and more questions. Though, like Fair Folk Suren would never outright continually ask questions as she doesn’t want to appear like she knows nothing. There is an endless amount of ways to pry the information one seeks, and Suren has learned such things from the short time she has been Seelie Queen.

The Fair Folk are always doing what they can in order to ensure their survival, which means making sure they have their hands in as many pots as possible. The Seelie Queen before the current one was a tough soul who was centuries old, and was known for longevity and intense malice. Becoming a strict ruler for over two hundred very long years who was very keen on keeping her city her own. Naturally, even as Seelie Queen, she was hesitant to involve her kind in a move so bold that it would rain hell from the heavens. If there was politics to be had in the Downworld then one could bet each of the four races’ leader had some sort of hand in it. Strangely enough they each wanted to participate in this making of the Inferno Artifacts they found it reprehensible that the Nephilim hadn’t been scolded like the children they were. An agenda of their own was what propelled them forward into doing such an action. This is why the former Seelie Queen did so, but mostly because she was pregnant with her first child. She refused to let anyone know and casted a glamour to make sure no one saw her belly in the state that it was in. Having her child subjected to such blatant prejudice and racism was something that wasn’t allowed, at least not while she lived on this earth. When the assassinations started the Seelie Queen was one of the first to perish, but she took a lot of Nephilim with her to the afterlife.

After the former Seelie Queen’s death the throne was left to Suren and it was thought to be a favor to a certain Faerie Knight. Seelie Queen’s never chose infants to be their heir to the throne, it’s usually a fey that’s at least a hundred years in and has experience dealing with the Seelie Court. In truth Suren was the daughter of the former Seelie Queen she took every precaution to make sure the Nephilim would never link the two. No one was ever told the identity of the young girl; she was to assume the identity of a Faerie Knight’s niece without ever knowing the truth. The sole caretaker for Suren is her Faerie Knight Welas who was also entrusted with the letter from the previous Seelie Queen that couldn’t be opened until the time was right. The ruling of a kingdom doesn’t stop when the ruler dies so the Fair Folk elected another who would aid Suren in her decision-making. This is where she learned all about the previous Seelie Queens, about the ones in other countries and states, but most important how to become one. It was a grueling process, but it was an honor to be chosen to be one, as it didn’t happen often. Seelie Queens tend to never die before they reach the age of 300 years old and by that time they were very much powerful. There are several rituals and ceremonies that are to happen to be welcomed and acknowledged into the rank by the other Seelie Queens. By the time she was thirteen Suren was properly leading as a queen without assistance.

Growing up in the midst of war left Suren very sheltered not in terms of information but interactions with other kinds. That’s why she created The Passel, a meeting that consisted of her and the other leaders of the Downworlders. Asgar Reach was chosen as the leader of warlocks, though they have no true leader unlike the other three. In a time of war it was a must that they all relayed any and all information that they had and how it should be dealt with. This became a famous meeting in the Downworlder community; there was no other time when the all the leaders were preoccupied and all in the same place. Revealing the location and time of the meeting was forbidden to any of the four and Asgar Reach used a spell to make certain of it. They were allowed to bring one subordinate who stayed at their side. Meaning only eight people know what is truly happening in the Downworlder community at all times, a number that was easy to contain. The others being much older than Suren at first wouldn’t accept any of her suggestions but only wanted her around for her information. After all the Seelie Queen had the most resources and knew the most about what was going on in New York. Suren didn’t know how to handle the situation, as she had never been treated with such disrespect in her life. Abandonment of the group was bound to happen if Welas hadn’t stepped in and settled the matter in mere seconds. It was astonishing to Suren how he did such a thing, perhaps because he was older than the other two and knew a lot more about one and utilized that as a weapon.

Each of the four never revealed all they knew it was seen as foolish to completely trust any of them. After the war these relationships would crumble and whatever sacred information was shared among them might be used against each other. It was a sad tale that they couldn’t all be civil, but that was the Downworlder way, trust your kind and your kind only. These outings were the highlight of Suren’s leadership it gave her a break from endlessly sitting in the Seelie Court hearing other people yammer on about things she didn’t really care about. Also, she learned great deal more of information that she hadn’t known before especially about the previous Seelie Queen. It was well known that each of the old four leaders of the Downworlder community was assassinated because of their participation in the Inferno Devices. But between the four of them it was more like they gave their lives for the next generation, their children. They talked of how each child of the Artifacts was only given a letter, but the letters were so heavily enchanted with different combination of spells that not even Asgar Reach could open them. Welas had warned Suren when she first received the letter that she was to tell no one that she had received one. There she learned how they were being hunted by the Shadowhunters and the number of children left of the Artifact was low, but also hard to figure out since they scattered to different corners of the earth.

The respective leaders were then to take what they discussed, not all of it, and tell their people. Training those who were old enough to go to war, fighting Nephilim wasn’t easy since they used angelic weapons. It was important that be prepared for anything, the Nephilim were a tricky bunch Suren learned. She had still yet to meet one face to face so she was the least experienced in knowing how to counteract them. That didn’t last long as a Nephilim by the name of Xander Nettip accidentally came across Suren while she was leaving the location of one of the meetings. Her Faerie Knight had insisted in checking around before she stepped foot out, but today she insisted that they stop wasting time and leave already. Only knowing her as a Fair Folk the man stopped them and dramatically announced his name then attacked her claiming that her people murdered his siblings in cold-blood. The most Suren got to do was kick the man in the stomach before Welas stepped in to knock out the man in a series of punches. Noting that there might be more nearby and killing him would only bring unwanted attention and vengeance that they hadn’t time for. A bit disappointed in what she saw, Suren had hoped the Nephilim would be all muscular giants. This one was a boy about her age and was scrawny, she felt sorry for the boy she didn’t wish upon anyone to lose his or her parents.

From that time and on Suren was heavily guarded, Welas had instructed other knights to meet cover them as they went to the other meetings. Suren’s 21st birthday also marked the 21st anniversary of the Irredeemable War. To Suren it was hard to believe that such a war hadn’t been settled yet, but the Nephilim were planning on doing that by retrieving the last Inferno Artifact and forcing the Downworlders to surrender using that route. Being the Seelie Queen she was the first to learn of the newly created group of Shadowhunters that were meant to hunt the Artifact children across the globe and kill them. First they were to extract any information using whatever means necessary. Only on one occasion had Suren heard Welas mention the name of the female Nephilim that was to lead this group. Asgar also mentioned her name once, but it was more worrisome that the Nephilim were eager on finally claiming the last Inferno Artifact. On June 18th at 3:22pm EST the letter unfolded in Suren’s hands, it revealed to her that her mother was the former Seelie Queen and that she was to meet the last remaining Artifacts children. It was their turn to take over the fight at full force, to take back the Inferno Artifacts from the Nephilim no matter the cost, and not to die while doing it.

WEAPONRY: Unknown.

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: You wish, girlfriend!

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Name: Agent

Age: 31

Family Symbol: Link

Location: Current residence in New York Shadowhunter Institute

Appearance: The Agent stands about 6 feet tall. He is dark-skinned, brown haired, which he maintains at a short, clean look, and brown-eyed. He has an athletic build, and maintain his body in top form and health. Black is the color of battle among the Shadowhunters, and thus he is always in such attire, representing the endless battle which he will fight. Wearing a night-black suit, his outfit is complemented by a black tie, with a white, collared business shirt, black slacks, and matching loafers. He also wears a pair of black gloves. He never deviates from this attire, as to maintain the professionalism of those he represents, though he may change the subtle style of the tie he wears to add in his own charm, however, minuscule he chooses to have it shown. Consequently, his slight change of the tie is one of the last bits of his own individuality which he maintains, along with his family ring. He has two permanent marks for runes on the back of his hands, hidden by the gloves. On his left wrist is the rune for Endurance, and on his right is Dexteritas. Also straight in the middle of his chest is the Fortis rune.

Reference Picture. Reference Picture 2.

Personality: The Shadowhunter formally known simple as 'Agent' is an enigma. Rarely, if ever, does he choose to share personal details about his past, and it is unlikely for any to be able to acquire such information out of him. In fact, in general he is a man of few words. He is even more cryptic to those who he would dispassionately refer to as 'irrelevant individuals', those not on a need to know basis to know certain information. These would apply to the vast population of humans, but also to many lower-ranked Shadowhunters or Downworlders. When he does choose to speak more freely, he is perceived as being courteous and soft-spoken in manner, as well as articulate and intelligent, attributed possibly by his British accent.

He is also a man of uncompromising morals, firm beliefs and principles which guide his path and directs his actions. He has a strict belief and code of personal ethics, and in the belief in the necessity for honesty and chivalry in people. In many ways, he perceives the world as a substantial, expansive business, and views himself as an employee in this ultra-national corporation. He thus believes in the need for a sense of required business ethics in the way one conducts their affairs in life. This business-minded manner he apprehends the world also incorporates a similar business efficiency in the way he handles his work and his affairs. He completes his tasks with the highest level of productivity and quality he is capable of, and views this efficiency in a positive and stimulating manner. Conversely, he believes inefficiency and irrelevancy in a negative light. As time went on, Agent had begun to pour in more ideas and notions of what could be viewed as inefficient and irrelevant, until he had come to an evolution in his way of thinking, perceiving much emotion and attachments themselves, such as anger and love, as inefficient in the completion of his tasks. Thus, he does not easily bring his emotions into confrontations, rarely becoming emotional (whether anger, fear, or other emotions). Though this business-minded concept is what he models his actions upon, he also performs his tasks not only with this highest level of efficiency, but also with a hint of grace and elegance.

The Shadowhunter also has a strong sense of justice and duty. He is a firm believer of the law, and views it as a necessity for the stabilization of society. This is somewhat strange, as many of the actions and jobs which he chooses to do can be viewed as despicable, deplorable, and sinful. He is ruthless, impassive, and cold-blooded. It further proves an irony in his expectation of the moral character of others, while he himself breaks many of these own rules, laws and morals. To this, he would say that while morality must be embraced, there are those in society that voluntarily go against such principles. Thus, he must also break his own character so that he could prevent the sins of others. His long term goal in mind is the creation of a perfect world without sin, immorality, or tyranny. Yet in such a world, men like himself cannot exist, and this he realizes to be true. He despises pain, suffering, fighting, and evil, but he himself accepts that he himself must embody these traits in order to try to eradicate them. As a Shadowhunter, Agent views the Downworlders as one of the many problems of the world, a sin that must be purged in order to strive for his long-term goal of paradise.

He is also quite a perceptive individual, able to pick up details when presented to him. He has a fairly exceptional skill of being able to read other people, especially their own virtues and flaws if he has spent enough time with them. Because of his views of honor, these are also extended to the battlefield. He believes that there is a certain amount of honor in battle, even if he views fighting itself with hatred. Yet if he views opponents in a virtuous enough manner, he would be willing to give them a merciful and shameless death upon their defeat.

In general, Agent is accustomed to working alone, and this is the way he prefers. He dislikes the idea of having to rely on others, and conversely on others to rely on him. Yet he would be willing to cooperate with others if he believes they are working to achieve a common enough goal.

History: To those few who have heard of the Shadowhunter referred to as 'the Agent', or simply 'Agent', many different rumors have fluttered around over the years. Some have suggested that he was born in hell, and raised up from the inferno by the Clave to be among the Shadowhunters as an expert demon killer. Some say he was the result of Nephilim experimental runes, placed upon his body at birth and then tested until perfected into the killing machine they desired. Some say that he was never a Shadowhunter to begin with, that he was originally a mundane that had committed horrible atrocities in his own world, and discovered their own world in the process of looking for shelter, and was accepted into society through Ascension. There are a handful of other tales as to the origins of the man, but the truth is a lot more elementary than the rumors.

In truth, he was once a normal child (as far as Shadowhunter children go), much like many others. He grew up in Idris, where he had two parents who were Shadowhunters, and he would likely too be destined to join them. Then the Scarlet War came, and both of his parents would meet their end when he was only a child, leaving him orphaned. He was taken in by the Clave, as many others who shared similar fates at the time, and was trained until he was 18. By then, he would set off for quite a bit of time to the world of the mundane, while also taking missions from local institutes. He observed the life of the mundane, viewing much of their existence as irrelevant, but he did adopt one aspect of their society, primarily revolving around the business enterprise, which he took with him. If there was a single image he would bring back with him, it was that of the faceless corporate drone, one who embodies all of the laws and morals of those he would represent, while having no identity himself. No personal wealth or property. A tool of the collective.

It was with this idea that he returned to Idris, and began to make a name for himself. What began as a simple tradition of omission of his name soon changed to the purposeful abandonment of it. He found himself no longer wishing to have it, as he viewed his lingering humanity as a weakness and inefficient quality to possess. He was soon liberated of it, the name being stripped away from records. He was now simply, their Agent.

With his new title and growing reputation in check, he traveled through the mundane territory, moving through major cities and picking up work from the institutes whenever needed. He found himself in the New York Institute, now having been there for a few weeks, as much work needed to be done in the area. Perhaps hearing about his reputation, he was recently invited to join the group which would track down the Artifact children by the Inquisitor, and Agent accepted without much hesitation. He understood the enormity of the task he was handed, and he would do his best to carry out his orders with swift execution and flawless efficiency.

Roleplay Sample:

Main Weaponry: The Jian sword, known as “The Gentleman of Weapons”

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Name: Thane Everstorm
Age: 28
Family Symbol: A wave that encircles the entire ring.
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Appearance: Thane is tall, suave and definitely appealing to look at. The worst part about it is, he knows it. Thane stands well above 6 feet tall, with an athletic though hardly bulky build. In fact, Thane is arguably quite thin for his height, looking lanky with his long limbs. He has wavy dark brown hair, combed back in an unruly, yet styled mess. He keeps the hair out of his shimmering blue eyes that are said to undress even the most conservative of women. Thin, yet expressive (and kissable) lips hide a wide, bright white smile that seduces all. Thane has few impurities scarring his sculpted face, making the man truly a work of art. Thane keeps himself exceptionally well groomed. For example, he keeps his facial hair trimmed and styled, with only a little shadow to give his face some character and age (fearing his baby face). Additionally, it is said that Thane showers at least twice daily and washes his hair every other day to keep it in flawless condition. Thane's runes are branded on his upper body, on his shoulders and chest where he often plays them off as tattoos. On his right shoulder is Dexteritas, his left Endurance and on his chest is Voyance.

To maintain this image of masculine perfection, Thane dresses himself with high standards. Rarely seen not dressed in the finest European suits, Thane continually dresses as if he has to attend a major meeting, or to create an illusion that he is more important than you (which in his mind, he kind of is). Thane usually keeps the color scheme neutral, favoring grays and blues, but this is not to say he doesn't occasionally mix it up and change up the color scheme entirely. Outside of suits, Thane wears button down casual shirts (matching the color scheme of his suits) with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. As far as accessories go, Thane wears a silver Rolex watch and a few rings, including the family insignia one.

Thane's battle gear is pretty standard issue. Often working solo missions, Thane is prepared for virtually any scenario. He wears black pants, shirt, gloves, belt and combat boots (pretty much like everyone else). However, that is where the similarities end. Thane's shirt has a hood to hide his face and keeps the sleeves drawn back for effective use of his weapon(s). Additionally, Thane's belt has a number of holsters for extra tools that may prove useful in stealth missions. In less than stealthy engagements, Thane usually puts on a Kevlar combat vest for extra protection.

Personality: Thane is not what you would expect out of a Shadowhunter. This is mostly because at first glance, Thane hardly seems the type to argue, fight or even kill. This is because he is such a nice guy. No, it is because Thane is far too preoccupied with flirting with the opposite sex, or same sex if enough alcohol is involved. Generally speaking, Thane lives life in a very relaxed manner, taking it as comes and refusing to swim against the current. He goes with the flow and deals with whatever life throws at him as it comes. This means that Thane never really thinks too far ahead, refusing to make plans (unless it is a date of some kind) or worrying about the future. Additionally, Thane does not bother himself with living life with some strict code of honor to guide his actions. Instead, he allows his whims or desires guide his respective actions. This can be interpreted as living on selfish impulses, or living precariously on the edge of life like some thrill seeker, but Thane believes that he is simply living life truly. Thane is guided by his own individual philosophy that life is about enjoying who you are and what you are doing. In this respect, Thane lives in the present and strives to make life as enjoyable as he can.

Undoubtedly, this conflicts with his profession that consumes much of his time. Just because Thane is concerned with his whole rather modest ambitions does not mean that Thane is a failure as a Shadowhunter. In fact, Thane believes that his easy going nature actually enhances his efficiency as one, allowing him to adjust to the conditions of the job and helping him deal with any moral conflict or ambiguity surrounding the questionable nature of it. Unlike some Shadowhunters, Thane does not see his profession as a noble crusade that needs to be done for the greater good, sometimes engaging in philosophical discussions with himself (or others) about the "war" and "conflicts" between the two groups. However, it is what it is and Thane continues on with his role leaving such thoughts as mere philosophy. Thane is able to improvise as needed because he is not necessarily concerned about how things get done, but rather that they get done in the end. That being said, Thane is somewhat concerned with efficiency and can get serious, especially with missions of great importance. He understands his duty as a Shadowhunter and the responsibilities that come with it. In conjunction with his easy going morality, and you have the recipe for an aloof character that has successfully distanced his work persona from his "true" self. In other words, Thane refuses to allow Shadowhunting to define who he is.

Forging his own destiny and persona is Thane's utmost concern and his engagements with others demonstrate this greatly. He rarely talks about "work" with his co-workers, friends and family (if he can manage to do so), moving the conversation towards more casual means. While difficult, Thane tries to keep things casual, easy going and fun. He is informal, despite appearing to be formal (in his dress and appearance) on a regular basis, but polite to those he is interested in. Thane, however, can be rude to others, being exceptionally bossy to new recruits. Thane finds himself easily bothered by uptight individuals and those not open to his more relaxed approach towards life. In this regard, Thane is judgmental and irritable showing no fear in conveying his own opinions. That being said, he is not close minded and is willingly to hear others out. This is perhaps because of Thane's intellectual curiosity and desire to learn more about others and the outside world in some venture to find his real purpose.

History: The Everstorms are not an old Shadowhunter family, only recently becoming one in the 17th century, but that hasn't stopped them from gaining notoriety amongst their kind. Wealth and prestige might as well be the family motto of the Everstorm family, as that is the main attributes they take pride in. When it comes to wealth Everstorms are known to have gaudy and expensive things, one look at their countryside manor (grander and larger than any other family) could tell you that. Wealth has let them buy more things that just materials, such as silence, loyalty, and power. When it comes to their family symbol, a tidal wave, it is said that it resembles their unchallengeable strength and ability to push passed ordinary limitations. Everstorms have always have a strong dealing in Nephilim politics and are seen in positions of powers such as being the Inquisitor and Consul, even heading several Institutes around the world. Similiar to other Shadowhunter families they had a disliking toward Downworlders, but it never went passed hatred, in fact they were the first known families to openly utilize them. The Everstorms saw them as tools to be used and discarded when they were overused.

Inquisitor Everstorm and Esmarie Everstorm (nee Archmeadow) are a match made in heaven, as they both compliment each other. Known as the Academy Sweethearts because they were together from day one, from best friends to soul mates. Esmarie is known for her small structure, and how much her husbands towers over her, but also for her unending kindness. Esmarie's generation was the first generation of female Shadowhunter allowed in actual combat/missions; she was one of the best fighters (even better than her husband) in her prime. Holding his title for seven years Inquisitor Everstorm is known for his bitterness and ability to hold grudges against other families (finding a way to punish them for things their families did to his family/him in the past.) He vows respect and honor above all else, and has tried to bestow such things on his children. Settling for second best isn't something he wants for them. Everstorms always graduate first of their class and to make sure of that he mentored each of them young before they were allowed into the Academy. Along with Thane they have two younger daughters, Daise and Casilla, both of which are still enrolled in the Academy in Alicante and are spoiled rotten.

Thane's younger days were hardly effected by the tragic events surrounding of the Scarlet Battle, being too young to grasp the concept of death in its entirety. Losing his grandfather and two uncles was not easy on the Everstorm family regardless despite Thane's personal ignorance. Thane's father became overprotective and Esmarie was a bit overbearing in her expectations for Thane and his sisters. As Thane grew older, he understood their rather abrupt changes but it did not make living in House Everstorm any easier. Thane, as the firstborn son, was hardly living his own life. He was expected to rise through the ranks of the Shadowhunters and be a worthy successor to the rising legend that Inquisitor Everstorm was crafting himself. As such, while in the comfort of the Everstorm countryside manor, Thane was forced to train early. His father pushed Thane to his limits, of both mind and body, to create the perfect candidate for the Shadowhunter academy. It was no easy task to keep Thane motivated, but his father was able to do well enough with his son. Soon, Thane motivated himself, though he at times simply used the training as a means of distracting Thane from watching his younger sisters be spoiled rotten, something Thane never quite grew fond of.

When Thane was of age, he was enrolled into the Academy at Alicante in Idris at the wishes of his father. Unable to disagree with such sentiments, Thane accepted his fate and enrolled, knowing full well that he could not "slack off" at any given time lest he wanted to deal with his father. Thane attended all his classes, eventually seeing the whole thing as a blessing in disguise as Thane was away from the suffocating conditions at home. A star student, Thane was among the best of students, eventually graduating at the top of his class. Father's response was simple, "When do you start as a Shadowhunter?"

Needless to say, Thane started right away. He was given the basic missions first. Nothing special or fascinating about them. Thane emerged as a good performer in the field, only struggling in his first couple encounters until he got his legs under him. Taking any job he could, Thane rose to the challenges presented to him and earned a couple of promotions due to his remarkable performances. In due time, Thane got a few special orders upon a request for a less direct job. This was Thane's entrance in a new division: Assassination. A broad and possibly poorly used term, Thane became more involved in stealth based missions, involving reconnaissance, scouting, sabotage and at times an assassination or capture of highly valued individuals. Thane's rank and number of speciality missions of this ilk were directly proportional. As Thane climbed the ranks, he received more jobs. The number further increased when his father ascended to the rank of Inquisitor and Thane became one of his most trusted and elite individuals. Some called bias, but Thane's resume spoke for itself.

Despite all this, Thane never truly enjoyed the work and in some cases yearned for the mundane life. Hopefully Father would never find out about that.

Roleplay Sample:
I will give you a present if I don't have to do this section

Main Weaponry: Hidden Blade (2x)

Kikpanther June 21st, 2013 10:22 PM

Name: Clarice Soraruki
Age: 28

Location:The one in Japan.
Family Symbol: Clarice's family symbol is the picture of a bird flying out from the ring. Its open wings stretch down the lengths of the ring.

Appearance: Clarice is a very short and petite, standing at five foot three. Clarice's hair reaches down a little passed her chest and is naturally black, however she often dyes it different colors (or simply wear a wig), her favorite being purple. When it comes to makeup Clarice is very creative. She doesn't just stick to simple skin tones or clever shading, but often uses a variety of colors for her eyeshadow. That doesn't mean she walks around with a rainbow on eyelids (though she has done it once), but she has no qualms with going all over the color wheel and has a talent for matching her colors with her clothing, her hair, or both. She has even used glitter or those plastic jewelry pieces to further accent her style.

When it comes to her clothes, she can be just as creative as with her cosmetics. Clarice doesn't stick to trends, but creates her own. Other than magically making clothes you wouldn't think of putting together look great, she often makes her own clothes. For one, Clarice is very talented when it comes to sewing and owns a variety of threads and materials to allow her to make her own shirts or dresses or whatever she wants. She also can make her own out of other clothing. Clarice has a fondness for corsets and often uses them to create her own short dresses.

Clarice mostly likes to wear skirts and casual dresses and if she's ever wearing jeans and shorts it's most usually under a short dress or a long shirt. Her fondness has made her an excellent fighter in a skirt and heels, but if she's sure she'll end up in a battle she'll wear more appropriate clothing. When she is wearing jeans, she usually wears skinny jeans and most often wears converse shoes. Clarice is also fond of wearing knit hats. Because of her size, Clarice is often mistaken for being younger than she really is (and not usually in a flattering way). On the inside of her left palm she has the rune of Voyance and on the arm of the same side, the rune of Dexteritas.

Like most if not all Shadowhunters, Clarice's gear is black, lightweight leather. However, by using a very fine knife she's carved her own designs into the leather, making it unique to herself. (SORRY I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE I KNOW I'M BAD. DX)

Personality: Clarice is a very enthusiastic shadowhunter. When speaking to her it seems very likely that this girl doesn't have a bad day. She has an uncanny way of looking at the bright side of things, even if that bright side isn't so ideal. She is an avid believer in embracing one's true selves and is, as such, unapologetic for whatever part of her is seen as unappealing to others. She values beauty and uniqueness of any sort, though liking the way something looks or acts doesn't make her any less likely to get rid of it. If she has a job that needs doing, she'll finish it with all speed no matter how dazzling her target is.

When in the heat of battle, Clarice is very serious. Though she may tease or taunt her opponent, she doesn't take weakness, a lack of effort, or a lack of efficiency as an excuse. Unless debilitating, injuries aren't much of an excuse to her and she'll most certainly look down on you if you try and use them. Unless you can prove otherwise to her later, you'll always be seen as a weak link. Her fighting spirit is indeed very strong and Clarice gets genuine enjoyment from battling or sparring or simply practicing. Her size allows her to be quick and nimble, which she is overjoyed in utilizing. Outside of a battle, Clarice tries to keep the mood light (unless she's currently looking down on you) and not too gloomy and serious. While being diligent is an awesome sign of commitment, she finds it to be very stuffy when it's not absolutely necessary. Clarice is the type to spread her wings and would like room for it.

Speaking of room, Clarice doesn't mind some room for her own little stunts. Along with an adventurous attitude, Clarice can also be reckless. Honestly, she isn't much of a planner and would rather jump into a situation and wing it instead of making a carefully calculated plot. She may be a little more subdued if too many lives were at stake, but as a fan of the unorthodox, swooping in somewhere on some quickly crafted zipline like in the movies sounds all too sweet. Clarice has no qualms against doing something a little wild and exciting. She's a natural born party animal, so all night at a club or walking away from an explosion in slow-mo would more than likely get a yes from her.

Clarice is generally a lot of fun, but when she gets angry she very quickly becomes no fun. Clarice is not one of those people who can be pretty and angry at the same time. Often times when she's furious she cries, even though she isn't angry over anything particularly sad. When she's angry this way she's prone to throw things or maybe even try to attack you, so it's best to watch out. Anger without tears is usually more serious and in these moments she becomes more of a leader. She is much more commanding and much less herself. She'll be much more willing to form a long plan or set forth the strictest rules. If she's this way, it would be more likely after some sort of mission failure. Luckily, Clarice is more prone to being irritated with someone than completely angry and it's easy to tell when she's about to cross that line. She does not easily bounce back from being upset and it usually takes her some good time to herself to get her mood back to normal.

Clarice isn't so fond of a bunch of rules or scheduled lifestyles. She's a very free person and loves to live life having as much fun as possible. However, when it comes to her Shadowhunter duties she's very serious and she lets nothing get in the way of that.

History: Clarice was born in Japan and, until the start of this RP, has been there all her life. Through some wonderful and unmentioned education, Clarice is both fluent in Japanese and English. Clarice's name is actually an English nickname and prefers to be called such by others (besides her parents of course). Clarice's family is known for their fighting ability and spirit and she is no exception. Her family, in fact, have successfully taken over as heads of the institution for decades and Clarice practices heavily and constantly so she may also become the head after her father. However, that's not the only reason she practices. She was not present at the Scarlet Battle and neither was her parents, but the bloodshed that occurred from a simple trick had enraged her since she first heard the story. She trains so she can avenge the fallen innocent, in fact, that wish has fueled her loyalty as a Shadowhunter.
Roleplay Sample:
(Link me to a previous RP post to give me an example of your writing style or if you feel like it you may come up with your own free write starring your character.)

Main Weaponry: Twin Tiger Hook Swords

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First to complete the SU! Hope everything's good. Can't wait to get this started.

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Maaaah I was like the only one not credited, I'm feeling so left out! (ok truthfully I didn't know much about this RP in the making but that was because you didn't tell me much :p ) Won't have time to join right now but good luck Retroooo.

Awh, this means so much, thank you and check again! ;p


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I'll most likely be joining(hoping you except new forum members). I'll try and have my SU by either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Of course newcomers are welcome! I'll be awaiting your SU! ^^;


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First to complete the SU! Hope everything's good. Can't wait to get this started.

I'll check it more thoroughly later, but everything looks good right now so you're my first Accepted Shadowhunter!

@Everyone Else: Thank you so much for taking interest in my RP and I cannot wait to read your SUs. Questions are always welcomed, and if you need any assistance I'm here to help. As things go on I'm receiving some questions so I've been tinkering with the two posts. So, when I do add more stuff I'll most likely create a OOC post or edit one so you guys will know what changed. Some reminders too.

  • I need you to include your parent's first and last name.
  • Also, I've changed the wording of the Your Participation, as you don't need to be the son or daughter for vampires and warlocks, as they cannot have children. You can be the mentee or prodigy of one of them.
  • I've extended the age for vampires that way they could be a bit older when they were turned into a vampire.
  • Werewolves shapeshifted form is like a normal wolf but a bit bigger. Pure breeds are naturally stronger and bigger.

  • Include your parent's names as well.
  • Be sure to include whether or not you grew up in Idris or an Institute.
  • Shadowhunter names usually don't contain the same word. I.e no two would have "Storm" in the name, or "Tree". I'll be keeping a list on the information page.

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It's not finished yet, but I will try my hardest to finish it before Monday. Also, how long do want our RP sample? And do ShadowHunters know anything about the modern world(ie. movies, fashion, etc.) I know you stated that they are unfamiliar, but would there be exceptions?wristband on his right hand.

Good question, it depends. If they solely grew up in Idris, virtually nothing, at all. Even at an Institute they would know very little, because they're always out hunting demons, training, or studying. They wouldn't know much about the Internet or if it even existed because they have no need for it. While traveling through the human world with a glamour they might overhear things, but wouldn't really know about it. They wouldn't know music, besides classical stuff if they played piano or violin. Books would be the old ones as well, but they might've picked up current ones. For fashion they'd be up to date because they do see humans and even if it's not the same vice versa so they would adapt to their style and pick up small details.

  • Erm, I'm not sure if I made this clear, but in your Appearance section you should also describe what your Shadowhunter gear looks like. It's black clothing, most likely leather or a light material and always easy to move in, so not too many layers.

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Dylan O’Connell aka Derek Hoechlin

“These thoughts, they circle in my mind, these demons, I can’t leave behind…”

Age: 26 (April 25, 1987)
Race: Pure Lycanthrope
Location: Dublin, Ireland


Human: Standing at a little under five foot eleven, and weighing in at around one hundred and seventy-five pounds, Colin is perhaps considered to be of typical, Irish build. A few days’ worth of stubble covers his angular jaw line, growing more lengthened around his lips and chin, much akin to a goatee. Chocolate brown eyes hide beneath thick eyebrows as the faint marks of sleep deprivation add to the angry glare that he casts on people. His dark brown, bordering on black dishevelled hair rests on his head as if he hardly cares to run a comb through it. Not so much bed hair, but rather styled to look messy. His musculature remains well defined; a sign that he takes more care of his body, than he does of his facial appearance.

Clothing choice is usually whatever he can find that resembles some sort of cleanliness. Most often he will wear t-shirts, his body running marginally higher than that of normal humans, but also due to the relative ease and fit they provide as well as not restraining his body movement. Pants however, are often some sort of varying colour of jeans that are more often than not, ripped or frayed in places and do not cling to his skin. These jeans are often held up by a simple leather belt with a steel fastener. Shoes are generally optional, as he prefers to keep his feet free, more so due to his wolf like prowess and how much faster he can run and move about barefooted. If shoes are a necessity, he often wears hiking styled boots as they feel more comfortable and last a lot longer than other flatter soled shoes do.

A hybridization of both family crests covers much of this upper right arm while a tungsten carbide ring wraps around his middle finger. On his left arm, a large, leather bracelet wraps around his wrist, fastened together by twin buckles, while another ring rests on his index finger, a tattoo in Gaelic wrapping around the ring finger. Quite often, he is found to have a cigarette resting between his fingers when not drawing in the smoke. A small Celtic cross hanging from a leather necklace rests between his pectorals; a sign of the faith he places in a higher power.

Wolf: His wolf form retains the same golden eye colour as appears in the shadow world, but chocolate brown rings wrap around his eyes, darker where his eyebrows would be. His coat tends to be a mix of brown, grey and white, with much of his top and over coat a darker chocolate brown, gradually colouring into a darker grey on his flanks while his softer underbelly remains a dirty white colour. The brown fur tends to be thicker than the soft, white underbelly fur, yet all retain a soft sheen to it. His tail remains brown in colour, while the tip of it gradually becomes a darker brown-grey. As a Lycanthrope, he is largely bigger than the wild wolves found elsewhere in the world, as well as being bigger and stronger than other Lycanthropes due to his hereditary Lycanthropic genes. A scar hooking around his ear is the most prominent of his scars from battles past, and one of the only ones to vaguely appear in a similar region in his human form.


Suffice to say, Dylan believes his Lycanthropy to be more of a blessing in disguise than the typical disease that much of the Shadow World portrays it to be. In fact, Dylan appreciates his superhuman prowess in strength, speed and physical abilities as a side effect of his Lycanthropic nature. He enjoys the rush of adrenaline that comes with the exertion of his added Lycanthropic ability as well as his enhanced senses; his pure breed-ness only serving as more of a bolster to his enjoyment of his predisposition. He tries to avoid many that view the Lycanthropy as a disease, as he prefers to remain ignorant to their point of view. However, within a pack, he will still associate with them as part of the pack mentality, but will view himself as a higher spot in the idealised “pecking order”. While he is appreciative of his ancestry, he tries to keep it as hidden as possible, for fear or recognition by the Shadowhunters for his parents’ sacrifice.

When he is around people, Dylan is quite loud and boisterous, often willing to show off his strength, speed or other enhanced attributes, whether it is in a brawl, a dare or a general want for an adrenaline rush. If it wasn’t for his caretaker forbidding him, he would have already tried to take over leadership of his wolf pack. He is far from shy, even further from self-consciousness, and is not afraid to lose his shirt at any given time. As long as you’re a party animal and have a similar enthusiasm as Dylan, you will get on well with him. All in all, he is a very extroverted individual. He essentially possess a 'devil may care' attitude, knowing full well that much of what he attempts, be it crazy or insane, is possible due to his more than human abilities. He's out to have fun and enjoy life, while conquering Shadowhunters along the way.

He possesses a deep set hatred for Shadowhunters, not only due to their wanton destruction and annihilation of his Lycanthropic brethren, but also he holds all Shadowhunters accountable for the death of his parents’, and is often held back by his caretaker so that he doesn’t willingly attack lone Shadowhunters. This hatred only further stimulates his thirst for revenge and reverence for his Lycanthropic ancestry. If anything else, Dylan possesses a large degree of recklessness, with Grigori acting essentially as his conscience by directing him away from his reckless activities. His fear of being captured and killed by Shadowhunters comes second to his fear of heights as his abilities, don't quite stop him from falling off of high things.


Born in 1987 to parents Aedan O’Connell and Kyla Murphy, Dylan was the single and only offspring to the successful mating from two of Ireland and the United Kingdoms’ oldest and largest wolf packs. Until 1990, he was raised within his fathers’ wolf pack, but retains little to no memory of the pack or any remaining lineage. His parent’s brought him to New York in 1990 as their three year old son, while the partook in the summoning of the Inferno Artifacts. He remained in New York for another two years while his parents aided the local wolf packs in their fight alongside the Downworlder brethren against the onslaught of the Shadowhunters. After the Downworlders fell and the Shadowhunters brutally murdered his parents, he fled the country, back to Ireland with his caretaker, and Warlock, Grigori Crowley. The Eastern European demon spawn having being rescued by Dylan’s parents as the result of a demon horde overcoming Grigori’s control. In turn, Grigori thanked the wolf couple for their help, and became, not only the caretaker of Dylan, but also a healer and consort for their wolf pack.

When the Shadowhunters came calling for the children on the Inferno Artifact creators, Grigori fled America, taking Dylan back to Ireland, and hiding out with his mothers’ sides’ wolf pack as several Shadowhunters followed in their wake, instead going for Dylan’s fathers’ more well known of wolf pack. Grigori offered his services as a healer and consort to the pack in exchange for the continued protection of Dylan while he slowly grew up into the Lycanthrope he is today.

Dylan’s first full transformation took place a couple of weeks following his fifteenth birthday while the moon was full. The first thing he noticed, was a rapid increase in his senses only hours before the change, with the first, initial signs of the change coming in the painstaking growth of his teeth into fangs. Soon, fingernails extended into sharp claws, eyes became “wolf-like” and his body began to move through the incredible and rather excruciating pain of restructuring until he became a fully-fledged Lycanthrope. Once the transformation had run its course, Dylan lost all recollection of what happened until the morning where he woke up amidst a paddock strewn with the torn carcasses of the deer that previously inhabited it. With body caked in blood, he made his way back through the woods to the preserve that his wolf pack inhabited and began training with the other newly forged Lycanthropes.

With a mixture of public and home schooling, Dylan barely made it through high school, not even contemplating further study at a tertiary level. While in Ireland, he focusses on working out, controlling his Lycanthropic nature and building on his already existent abilities while working at one of the pack run dog meat factories. His final return to New York has only just been spurred with the sudden opening of the letter his parents left behind for him, accompanied only by his caretaker and essentially guide in the Downworlder society of the Big Apple. After only two weeks, he has successfully assimilated into the newly formed remnants of the wolf pack that his parents previously belonged to during their last visit to New York. Many of the childhood friends he made those twenty odd years ago have survived and whom he gets along great with. Grigori also acts as his ward and healer for the pack, but since coming back to New York, has often left on excursions of which he does not build on the reason for.

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@Ichiro: Accepted! I'm glad you've joined this! Pleasantly surprised. Dylan seems like... a cool cat.

  • Along with your parent's name don't forget your caretakers! Even if they're deceased or whatever the situation is with them! ^^;

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Name: Oliver Wells
Alias Lucas Pattinson
Age: 22
Race: Werewolf
Location: San Diego, California

Appearance: Oliver is probably the skinniest and most pansy-ass werewolf you have ever seen, if you have ever seen a werewolf, that is. He stands at 5'9", weighs a pathetic 140lbs with a pair of thick rimmed glasses and messy brown hair to help give his thin, mousey face a little more character. He has no facial hair, on account he has no talent in growing it. Unfortunately, his effects only seem to give him a physical personality that screams "NERD". The rest of his body type contains next to no muscle, though it's really funny watching him being able to punch through doors thanks to his wolfiness; he often surprises himself and forgets how much strength he actually has. The only 'interesting' part to him are his warm, golden brown eyes, the same colour as all of his brothers. To those not part of the Shadow world, his eyes are a light green.

His clothes are either a size too big for him (passed down from an older and larger pack member) or some kind of comic book/gaming tee (or both) and is often wearing a simple hoodie of some sort. His pants seem to alternate between three or four different pair of jeans and only seems to own one pair of shoes, as no one else has seen him with anything but his black converse.

He wears no jewellery (unless you count his glasses) and has no piercings, but one tattoo; a Triskelion on his back, the pack symbol. Of course, it was against his will (rather, his brothers managed to pin him down and tattoo it on him through his yelling and screaming) but apparently it means a lot to him. Sometimes, he uses it as an excuse that he's 'not so nerdy after all'.

Oliver's wolf form seems to be as sad as as his human form is: skinny, underwhelming and rather un-frightening. His fur is a mousey brown, with dark rings around his eyes and a lighter underbelly. He is constantly wearing a wimpy look, sad-puppy-eyeing people to death rather than actually scaring them. He is yet to master how to acceptably fearsome growl or wolf howl.

Personality: Unconfident and useless are some words that Oliver's pack uses to describe him. Awkward, clueless, lost but most of the time, Oliver has a really hard time just fitting in. He's always liked things that others has seen as nerdy, like comic books, super heroes, video games, and the fact he has terrible vision and the body of an eleven year old doesn't make things any better. Still, he doesn't mind being a nerd. And now that he's part of a wolf pack, he doesn't really have to worry about not having any friends anymore.

Oliver is pretty smart when it comes to anything logical. Maths, science, history, english... even the more creative subjects like art and music he has a working knowledge on how to make it work. When it comes to anything supernatural or "downworldian" though, he has no words. There are no books that can ever help explain what he's going through, so it's a good thing he's got a pack. When his younger wolf brothers and sisters need help with their homework, Oliver can help, and when Oliver needs to know why he can't get the smell of wet dog out of his hair, that's where his wolf siblings can help.

Of course, when it comes to any kind of conflict, by himself, Oliverwould be the one to just run away. With his pack though, he's the guy standing at the back, pretending to know what he's doing as everybody else looks all scary for him. He really is one of the worst werewolves ever.

History: Oliver never knew his biological parents, on account they died when he was very young (one or two or something like that, he was never told the exact date). Instead, his first memories are within the walls of a Sacramento orphanage. This orphanage wasn't one of those horrible ones in clichéd movies where children were treated poorly; Oliver's early years of his life were happy and hardly tragic. Though he was never adopted, his food, clothes, school supplies and anything he needed was paid for by an 'anonymous benefactor' who Oliver never met or cared for (he assumed 'anonymous benefactor' meant 'government funding').

Throughout his school years up to about year 10, Oliver had a small group of friends whom he'd hang out with. They weren't a well moulded group; just a bunch of dudes who would talk about comic books and video games at lunch and after school, and despite them being his friends, he was never someone who could just go and make friends or ask a girl out or get invited to parties. Oliver never longed for the heavily social life, he just didn't like that nobody knew who he was.

Around the fall during his sophomore year, Oliver was on a biology camp to some forest up north of California. A night expedition (during the full moon, mind you) had Oliver separated from the group and he somehow found himself alone in a very dark and very cold forest in the middle of the night. Being a total scaredy cat, Oliver attempted to find his way back, but ended up getting even more lost and more afraid, if that was possible. Next thing he knew, there was a whole lot of howling, growling and suddenly, a very large dog or wolf or bear or mountain lion for all he knew was running at him and grabbed him on the arm. Oliver's little heart couldn't take it any longer and he just passed out.

When he came to, Oliver was surrounded by a bunch of very buff looking dudes looking rather concerned. Of course, he passed out again.

A bucket of water woke the poor boy up again and when these buff looking dudes quickly let Oliver know they weren't here to hurt or do anything horrid to him, Oliver managed to keep his consciousness. One of them, who called himself Rhett, explained that he and the rest of them were werewolves, that he was the 'alpha' of their pack and that Oliver had been accidentally bitten by one of their younger members, making himself a werewolf. Rhett also explained that he and his 'pack', named 'De Sang', had actually been keeping watch over Oliver for some time now, as his parents were actually werewolves themselves, though Oliver himself had not inherited the gene (which was a rare thing to happen, but not unheard of). Rhett had actually been assigned as his guardian, as something rather dark was heading his way sometime in the future and handed him a letter. When Oliver expressed his disbelief, Rhett transformed, prompting the poor boy to pass out again.

Oliver was taken back to his camp and returned home, only to have the orphanage explain that somebody had expressed interest in adopting him. An interview quickly told him that Rhett was the one responsible for providing him his entire life, and was now adopting him into his pack to protect him, teach him and to give him a proper home. Oliver accepted, albeit nervous about abandoning the life that he had built up until now.

Him and his new family (a wolf pack consisting of five families and and 27 wolves (spoiler below with names)) moved south to San Diego and changed his name for his 'protection'. A month later, 'Lucas' first transformation went quite horribly. Not only could he not control it, but his actual 'wolf skills' were horrible: he couldn't hunt, follow his instincts, nothing. His second one was just as bad. And the third. And the fourth, etc. It wasn't until he was about two years into his wolfiness, far longer than anyone else in his pack, that he could actually hold himself during the moon, three years that he could partially change and three and a half years that he could shapeshift on command. Though he has been part of the pack for seven years now, he is called "accident" or "mistake" by his wolf brothers and sisters as his wolf is as skinny and useless as he is, but they still love him like a family. They just don't trust him with any kind of hunt.

Today, Oliver attends university, studying Physics, and works at his Rhett's mechanic shop when he's not working on projects. When his letter opened, Oliver was unsure what to do, but with help from Rhett, decided that he and his 'father' would travel together to New York to understand what exactly was going on.

Other: Oliver's 'pack'
The Pattinsons: Rhett (52) and his younger brother Byron (48) and his daughter, Emily (25); A French-Canadian family, The Roulets: Jacques (39), Béatrice (38) and children Davis (21), Hailey (16) and "adopted" Joey (14); The Garniers: Henry (36), Francine (31), daughter Keira (2) and "adopted children" Yasmine (24), Jeffrey (21) and Samantha (19); The Argents: Scott (28), Karyn (25) and "adopted" children Connor (17) and Chloe (15); The Goldsmiths: siblings David (35), Hannah (33), Liam (31) and twins Gerald (29) and Frank (29). David is married to Tara (30) and have an adopted son, Xin (17); and individuals Charles Jackson (24) and Vincent Russo (28).

Lt. Col. Fantastic June 23rd, 2013 10:38 PM

Valentin Cortés
Alias: Fernando Torro

Age: 33 (looks 24)
Race: Vampire
Location: Santiago, Chile
Appearance: Fernando is a fairly large man, being 6'5" and almost 250 pounds. Part of it is due to good genes and part of it is from the heavy work he did in Chile for the Zamboda Cartel. Naturally he was very dark skinned, being almost full blooded Incan. After he was changed, however, he lightened to a point where he was an average Latin American skin tone. Long, dark hair covers his head and a thick beard covers most of his face. Both of these are traits he received from his Argentinian Father, while his large frame and height came from his mother's Mesoamerican heritage. For clothing he typically wears (sometimes sleeveless) T-Shirts and jeans on an every day basis, but for the higher up missions he gets he'll pull out a nice suit. He almost always wears sunglasses, either on his face outside or resting amongst his jet black hair when indoors.

Pic of hair and beard and kinda face. I couldnt really find a good one for him; just use imagination to make his head hair longer and blacker and his skin slightly darker.

Personality: Fernando isn't the type of guy who gives up without a fight. Truly a bull, he uses both pure strength and street smarts to wrestle his way out of any situation. Being nearly indestructible by humans is a plus as well. He has the mindset that allows him to do whatever is best for himself, probably a trait learned from being in hiding for most of his life and dealing with dangerous drug lords for the rest. He isn't particularly loyal to anyone besides himself, only staying true to the Zamboda as long as it benefits him. He can be quite skeptical when it comes to friends and women, not trusting them easily. He might warm up after a while, as he's been seen drinking and laughing with the Zamboda on occasion, but until then he'll keep his distance if possible.

When he gets angry, he gets angry. From mellow to furious in seconds, he could almost beat the Hulk in a piss-off. Given his size and strength, he's bound to cause destuction when he's mad, and breaking things is something he does often. Generally the things that make him mad are lies and ignorance. When something goes wrong due to someone else's blunder or if someone outright lies to him, he's likely to kill that someone, and violently too. NOTE: In short, he doesn't get angry easily, but when he does it's all at once and bloody.

On the other hand, he's pretty chill most of te time. While he doesnt partake in drugs himself, he sometimes drinks alcohol and plays cards with the guys, or Zamboda himself. A little alcohol goes a long way, making him open up and actually have some fun with other people. Brotherhood isn't something he naturally feels, being a loner most of his life (besides Edmund and Carlos), but with a few drinks he just might tell a joke or two.

History: Valentin Miguel Cortés was born on January 1st, 1980 in Taquile, Peru of an half Incan, half Argentinian father and Incan mother. As an infant he was stolen by a fey Father named Carlos Cortés and raised in Mexico City. He grew up an average kid, going to school because he had too and playing soccer because he was good at it. At age ten, he moved again to New York City. As the Artifact incident happened in 1992, his father sent him away to Santiago, Chile with a vampire named Edmund Torro under the name of Fernando Torro. There, he continued playing sports and conditioning. When he turned 18, he moved out of the house to find work. He found it with a local drug cartel, taking up any odd jobs they had. He moved up the ranks quickly, using his sharp wit and pure brute strength to get things done, and done fast. At the age of 24, Edmund and some of his "friends" turned Fernando into a vampire, after he begged to become one. After the initial blood rage, Fernando was back to himself, only faster, stronger, and more durable. Immortality is Fernando's goal and life, whether it be literally living forever or becoming a legend spoken of for eternity. With his enhances physical capabilities, he only accelerated his climb up the ladder. He moved up far enough to meet the Zamboda himself, and even got hired to go after moles and rival cartel leaders.

Years passed like this, Fernando either running "shipments" over borders or taking out important figures of other cartels. He's outlived most of the people in his business, Zamboda being the only survivor of the original "crew" he joined. Since then he has become something of a staple or legend in the cartel world. "Don't piss off Zamboda, or he'll have Fernando on your ass." Most people don't actually know what he looks like, mainly just the big shots. The average Joe DrugRunner wouldn't recognize him like a boss would, but the mere mention of his name makes even the strongest of men nervous. Almost nobody outside the cartel world knows him or his name either, still giving him the anonymity to hide from Shadow Hunters in the first world countries.

Other: For feeding he often drinks the blood of those he hunts for the Zamboda, or in dire situations a random civilian or animal. Once he actually did rob a blood bank, in a moment of comical genius.

Roleplay Sample:

Edit: As far as him coming back to New York, he's basically just coming for his own amusement more than anything, and due to at least a little curiosity of his adoptive father's letter.

Retro Bug June 24th, 2013 10:38 PM

Lt. Col. Fantastic: Accepted. Valentin... is gorgeous, I shall have lots of fun with him!

Skymin June 25th, 2013 2:49 AM

heeeeey i'm done read it already! ;)

Retro Bug June 25th, 2013 3:01 AM

@Skymin: Accepted! Oliver... what a chump, naah just kiddin' (kinda)!

@Jegretis: I realized I never answered your RP Sample question, um, probably no less than three paragraphs or so is more than fine for me!

Sign-Ups are coming along nicely! ^^; Keep chugging along guys!

SV June 25th, 2013 10:58 AM

Valentin Cortés has awesome hair, just have to say it.

ANARCHit3cht June 25th, 2013 10:03 PM

Callum Windsong, also known as the Black Dove


Family Symbol:

A Cross with Wings


Currently Unknown, somewhere in the Mundane World

Although not of a particularly daunting stature, Callum rises to an impressive 6'2", primarily due to long legs, yet also contributed to from his relatively lengthy torso. Despite his frail and lanky appearance, he is actually quite fit, possessing both a substansial amount of strength and an impressive endurance--although this might also be attributed to a few of the many glyphs inscribed upon his body. Starting on his right shoulder, a rune resembling a sword reaches down towards his elbow. A wicked, double-edged sword, it is a Fortis rune that has more than tripled the strength on his right arm. It is surrounded in a tribal-like design(see reference image) that extends down his side to form an Endurance rune that spans across his side in the tribal pattern. A clear fore-arm makes way for the Voyance inscribed upon the back of his right hand to be crisply noticed. Inscribed upon his chest is a lustrous orchid that shines quite brightly, a tribute to the deeper meaning of the mark. Although his long legs alone attribute to his speed, he has twin Dexteritas runes on the black of his calves, taking on a tribal design that wraps their down his calves and somewhat around the front his legs. (REFERENCE IMAGE) As is the bloodline trait of the Windsong family, Callum possess regal blond--almost platinum--locks that fall gracefully into place. At one point, as was customary, his hair was long and wild, and when it would it blow, it would a strong gust or breeze. Although since his exile, he has kept his short and swept up for numerous reasons, one of them being utter defiance to his clan. Also another sign of his family, he has a pale, flawless complexion that is offset by deep, boring golden eyes. With sharp features and a prominent chin, he is quite attractive, living up to the meaning of his name, "Dove."

Although exiled, Callum has not abandoned many of the Shadowhunter customs, probably due to the comfort that the routine provides for a scattered mind such as his. When going into combat, he dresses nearly in all black, with an exception of white clothing in nearly every ensemble to mourn this passing of his dearly beloved, Celine Winterose. Loose or excessive clothing tends to leave one at a disadvantage in fight, so Callum keeps it minimal. To accompany form-hugging leggings--they surprisingly don't inhibit his range and are
made of a special, weather and weapon resistant material--he wears a simple white dress shirt that is gilded in an ornate gold around the collar piece, along the opening, and upon the cuffs. Black combat boots with steel-toes come hand-in hand with an elegant, black, knee-length trench coat with heavy brass buttons. Like the leggins, the overcoat is made of the same protective material. To top of his outfit, he wears a simple black hat that resembles an old detectives hat, but more sleek and elegant, with a round brim that extends just enough to obscure his face in the shadows. To ensure further protection of his identity, he wears a pair of dark, almost burgundy sun glasses. When not in combat, Callum dares to go a bit more showy with his attire. REFERENCE IMAGE

Although the lack of an aggressor calls for less of a need, Callum still tends to stick with his form-conforming clothing. Bar the occasional splash of color, his outfits still tend to be of a black and white color. While boots are still his footwear of preference, he is a fan of elegance and has a variety of different shoe styles that he likes to display. Cuffs, collars, zippers and buttons are all things that attract Callum to certain pieces of clothing. He tends to dress rather expensively, buying clothing that is often custom tailored and made of high-quality fabrics, unlike most of the clothes that are produced today. Due to the frivolous life that he leads, his clothes tend to be thick and heavy, made resistant to the hazards of combat. combat


Callum is a rather eccentric character—a true basket case if there ever was one. He will fight tooth and claw to the very death to accomplish his goals. As youth facing insurmountable odds, he grew an unwieldy determination and innate persistence. Calloused by the rigor of his training and harshness of his childhood, there was not much that could actually get to Callum, who, while unstable, tends to remain calm and relatively civil. Although his thoughts appear to be nonsense at times, if could follow the dots, his sophistication is apparent.

When he was young, as probably all young people are, Callum was obsessed with ideas of “justice” and “doing good.” It was his first real decision in life that he wanted to help people, to make a difference—he aspired to inspire before he expired. When he dedicated himself to something, Callum really put his heart and soul, giving the matter his all. Although he was brazen and headstrong, as again, many youths are, he possessed a definite charismatic factor that set him apart from others. Naive and reckless, he lived for the moment and feared not what his actions implied. This happened to the volatile combination that would allow love to bring to life the mad-man hidden inside of us all, out of Callum.

Celine was like no other to Callum, and in all honesty, they did make quite the perfect pair if not for one fact: she was an exile. This one fact, this forbidden love made him angry, as he quickly grew tired of having to remain in the shadows with his love, which he held so dear. That still, did not scar his psyche like witnessing the murder of his beloved, by his own father no less. As he sat their, restrained, something went off in his brain that will never ever go back on. With his subconscious in pieces, he began to develop sociopathic tendencies such as a huge disregard for life, as is evidenced by his dealings with the Forsaken. Although he no longer has the mental fortitude that he once did, his metal prowess is still notable--and perhaps his lunacy gives him a bit of an edge. With a warped idea of how to cause peace, he will stop at no ends to not only avenge the death of his beloved, but to craft a new world in her honor, one devoid of such strife and misery. Although many of his actions ironically cause the very same feelings he seeks to end, he is ignorant to such and will listen to no man who attempts to reason with him.

A master at controlling his emotions, Callum will give off fronts to get anything or any information that he needs from people. Attached to the melodrama, he will often feign emotions simply to illicit a response from his opposition. While many regard it as useless, it often does knock people down a few pegs. Nothing really matters to Callum, that is, except for avenging his beloved and ensuring a world proper to avoid such strife.

Hailing from a prestigious order of Shadowhunters who preferred to stick among their own kind, Callum spent most of his youth in the trees of Brosline Forest. Not having the luxury that civilization entails, he quickly learned that he had to take what he needed. With the members of the Windsong clan engrossed in such itinerant ways, they learned to survive on the bare minimum, often turning to nature to remedy many of their problems. For this reason, Windsong warriors are bred to be fierce—an honor reserved only for the upper Windsong family, with few exceptions.

Callum has a direct link to the lesser Windsong family, tracing his lineage directly back to Caelestis Windsong, one of the first to drink from the Mortal Cup. His father was a powerful Shadowhunter by the name of Mithrandir Windsong, a highly revered Shadowhunter who answers directly to the Inquisitor. A grim and solemn man, he values his duty above all else, vowing to uphold the creed of the Covenant by any means, even if that means laying his life on the line—something that he is no stranger to. The head of the lower family, he was rather a bitter man who detested the head of the upper family, Igancius Windsong. Despite being destined to be the lesser of his cousin, he had one pride and joy: his son and Callum's older brother, Lucian. The finest warrior ever produced from the clan, he outshone everyone in his class, managing even to surpass all 6 of Ignacius's sons, much to his displeasure.

From the moment that Callum was conceived, he was disliked by his father. Nearly at once, his mother was besieged with health issues during the pregnancy, garnering the ill will of a man who was forced to watch his beloved suffer. Time passed, and despite what all the best doctors said, her condition only worsened, finally coming to a head; she could either kill her child that she can live, or carry out the pregnancy of die for herself. Madly in love with the child that she was bearing, she had no second thoughts about her own life, much to the discontent of Mithrandir who desperately pleaded with her otherwise. Holding her precious little bundle for the first time, she looked in his eyes and spoke her last words ever to him, “You, my little Dove, will soar. You may not be a Falcon like your brother, or a Hawk like your cousins, but you will fly higher than they ever could, my little Dove.” In honor of that, he was given the name Callum. Born from tragedy, he would have to first escape his shackles before he could take flight.

The effigy of hate for his father, Callum was pushed beyond his capabilities, often to ruinous extents. It was his brother, and his brother alone that prevented things from going too far. It was this brother, also, that imparted much of his skill upon Callum, giving him the advantage that he so desperately needed. Although he did not even come close in skill, under the watch of his brother, he grew to be quite a formidable warrior. Yet even that was not enough to wipe the smudge from his record, the enmity between them growing even larger as he managed to prove his father wrong. Life, at this point, still was nothing that Callum couldn't handle. It was not until the Scarlet Battle that things reached an extreme. It was here in this battle, this gruesome scene, that his older brother, Lucian was struck down. Although not apart of the original assassinations, he was one of the first to track the Downworlders down, brazenly taking them on by himself. When he died here, Mithrandir lost it and Callum faced a hatred unlike any other before.

Relatively disowned by his father, and on mutual feelings, Callum made his way to an Institution. Although his father told him it was to “readjust his attitude” anyone from a mile away could see that it was merely a ploy to get him as far away as possible, the next best thing to killing him, something that his father longed to do, although he never could. It was here that he met Celine, the love of his life. A fellow Shadowhunter, she was exiled with her entire family when they were caught helping Downworlders. Spending a few years at this institution, he was finally called upon by his father, who had long since been living on borrowed years. Thinking that the old man had finally gotten over his bitterness, he immediately went to see him—bringing his beloved, and forbidden Celine along, given that they lived outside of the capitol city, Alicante.

As Callum entered his home, he was informed by some other members of his clan that his father had become gravely ill and had something important to tell him before he passed. Figuring that it would be related to inheriting his role as head of the family, he entered the room with full intentions to make amends with the man who helped create him. As he entered, his father motioned him down to the bedside, saying, “I am weak... come closer please so that you may hear me.” And as Callum drew near, the soft look in his father's face disappeared, a contorted, vile look replacing it. “You are pure evil. I have never hated anything in my life as much as I hate you. It was only by your mother's grace that I made the mistake of letting you live so long.” The man paused, allowing his son to fully comprehend the gravity of the situation, “I've heard you've been running around with an exiled Shadowhunter.” The words hit Callum like a freight train. “You've brought much dishonor not only to me, and the lesser Windsong family, but the entire Windsong clan! Associating with the exiled is a clear violation of the Covenant and your actions tarnish us all!” He was sitting up in his bed at this point. “Well... where is that *****?!” he yelled, slamming his fists on the bed beside him.

As if in reply to Mithrandir, two of his subordinates dragged the flailing girl inside and threw her to the ground in front of the two. “My lordship.” The duo bowed before retreating to the nearby shadows.
“She is a pretty one, Callum,” Mithrandir wheezed. “It makes what I'm about to do quite a shame.” Hopping down onto the ground, he reached down in front of him, grabbed the girl by her hair, and yanked her up on her feet. Grabbing a knife, he slowly began to run it along her neck in a taunting gesture. “Just like that... and she'd be gone.” There was a wicked look in his eyes. “But where is the fun in that, my boy?” At this, he threw her to the ground and ran his knife down her torso, cutting her open so that he could begin his torture. “I may not be able to kill you, boy, but I will make you know my pain.” At this Callum, tried to speak, but could find no words. Emboldened by his father's treachery, he lunged with his trench knives in hand, being quickly restrained by his father's two assistants.

“You see,” his father began, “it isn't just about watching the one that you love die.” With his head turned down, he balled his hand into a fist, more angry at himself than anyone else. “I wish that death had come quickly to my beloved...” He looked up now, staring his son directly in the eyes. “But I had to sit there!” he yelled, his anger causing him to draw the knife deeper than even he intended as he readied to pull out her intestines.“Not even able to ease the pain that she felt. And for what? This pathetic excuse of son?” He let out a deep, almost maniacal laughter as he plunged his hands into the still-live girls body cavity. “Well I'll have you know... you are NOT my son. Lucian is my only son—you're the spawn of evil!” As if he had planned it for years, he spoke synchronously with his actions, making it a rather chilling mental assault. When the girl let out her last scream, and gave her last spasm, Callum broke lose from the hold of his captors.

“I swear, I'll kill you!” Callum charged the frail old man, grabbing a mounted stele from the wall before throwing everything he had behind one lunge. Before he could even blink, he was immediately restrained once again, although it didn't really matter. The punch, as it turned out, was too much for the old man, who buckled at the knees and fell backward onto the floor, never to get up again. At this instant, he was immediately cast out by those of his clan, being labeled “kin-slayer” and some other, more profane things. Being a family matter, the Covenant did not get involved at the behest of Ignacius, who hoped to turn the new head of the lower family in his favor to put an immediate end to the power scuffle that would ensure among the clan. Immediately upon his return home, Callum was met with celebration and showered in little, mostly meaningless, gifts. Yet none of this, he soon came to know was a proper substitute for his dearly beloved, and it was at this time that he vowed to avenge her murder as soon as possible. To do so he realized he would have to leave,and so he set out, much to the joy of his fellow clan members who were more than happy to escort him to the edge of their territory. Not wanted at home, and unwilling to go another brainwashing institution, he had no where to go, so he set off for the mundane world.

It was here, when he observed the squalid conditions that a vile plan came across his mind. Tracking down Celine's family, he relayed the news of her cold-blooded death to them,as well as his plan on how to get back at the bastards who are responsible for killing her. The mundane cities were full of people who milled about, with no one but themselves, and no one who would care if they'd disappear—no alarm raised whatsoever. Spending months in wait, they amassed a sizeable army of the Forsaken and set about to go do their separate thing. Callum simply had to return home, declare a festival... and it'd all be rolling from there when Celine's family comes through with the army, staging the attack as if Callum had no involvement. As chaos ensued, the father approached him. “Now that we have done this, what are your next plans?” Callum casually demanded that he gather his wife and son and come with him, to a safe place where they could discuss things. Approaching a rotted out tree, he made his way down a crude stairwell, sparking a torch so as to light the way for his companions.

The room that they found themselves in was small and bleak. The dingy gray that covered the area made it appear far smaller than it actually was. The only notable feature was the solid iron door built into the surrounding earth. “So, my friends, how are you?” Callum greeted them casually with a polite nod and a curt smile. They reached the door and he pulled it open, “After you.” As soon as the three entered the room, he slammed the door shut and sealed it from the outside. As Callum walked away, the trio let out a gaggle of dastardly screams upon realizing their fate—trapped, in a little prison box that is FILLED with Forsaken. Before he could make his exit, there was powerful explosion that blew the solid iron door off its frame, Callum rolling away to narrowly avoid it. Upon a quick scuffle with the son, he slayed him, but not without being left with a nasty welt on his face; which, ironically, actually played to his favor. When he was questioned of such, he merely said that he had no idea of what had occurred, and that he himself risked his life and nearly died to fend off the aggressors. Able to manage his emotions, his made himself appear shaken and distraught, although the matter had not really affected him one way or the other.

It was at this trial, that Callum had his first real encounter the Inquisitor. Certainly a fearsome being, the leader of the Covenant is someone that he wouldn't challenge. Able to feel the immense power wafting off of him, he was, at the same time, drawn to him, to his power. It was certainly unlike anything the young Windsong boy had ever felt, and strangely it made him feel good. It was a mesmerizing effect that he wanted to be able to produce of his own accord, and he knew, that if he was to do such, he would need to remain on good standing with the man, so as to receive his personal training.

Roleplay Sample
: will be coming :s

Main Weaponry: Callum makes use of two ferocious Trench Knives made from bone and edged in Damascus steel. The blades are capable of converting to a form where they can be attached to a chain, allowing him to keep his distance when needed.

Lt. Col. Fantastic June 25th, 2013 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by Supervegeta (Post 7713802)
Valentin Cortés has awesome hair, just have to say it.

Not to mention his majestic beard...

Retro Bug June 27th, 2013 4:13 AM

@ANARCHit3cht: First, I must apologize for replying so late. Your SU is looking great and I look forward to accepting it once you add your Roleplay Sample, but I also have three quick, minor qualms I have.

I notice your character (tries to) attacks the Inquisitor, well, normally that would be fine and dandy. Except the Inquisitor is the one that is going to invited him into the group, which you need that in your history as well. So, as long as Callum didn't try to kill him (again) in that moment we can let that part slid.

Next is that your character has a vendetta/mission against Shadowhunters. If that were ever found out he would be exiled and most likely hunted down and killed. So, let's just keep that in mind. He does have to work with other Shadowhunters in this new special division that they're forming. I'm hoping that won't be an issue.

Third, this Forsaken army that he created would leave him with a kill on sight order. The Shadowhunters would never trust someone who did that again, he would be kicked out of The Clave and never, ever let allowed back in to The Clave or Idris. That's breaking the Covenant. They would strip of him everything, including his runes. So, this part I need you to remove unless you want to add a lot anonymity to it.

@Supervegeta: This whole thing reminds me that while you're still accepted, no worries there, I would like you to add to your History how your character took to being approached by The Inquisitor and by being invited to this new special division group. This has already happened and it's quite important. Not requiring anything long, but I do need something.

Kikpanther July 8th, 2013 6:34 PM

I'm pretty sure I finished.

Retro Bug July 8th, 2013 7:56 PM

Accepted are ANARCHit3cht, Raikiri, and Kiklion.

Took my ages to get the first IC post up, so now posting time begins.

@Shadowhunters: The Inquisitor has sent you a formal letter a little bit over a week ago saying you must be at the New York Institute by 4pm and to tell no one where you are going. Describe what you have been doing in that time frame and your arrival to the meeting room.

@Downworlders: The letter addressed you to meet at the Yellow Benches in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York, New York on June 25th @ 4pm. Your letter will have had the phrase "Each child is a page in a book that must never be read." in it as well. The rest of it is as personalized as you want to make it. Describe your journey to New York if you're not already there, or what you've been doing up until then. Then have your character and caretaker arrive at the location.

For the record the Vampire Coveness/Queen/Leader is named Ingrid the Prudent, but she has been away on business. Zebb is her second in command. Werewolf pack leader is Gareth with his second in command being Rein, his son.

If you have any questions now is the time to ask! :)

Skymin July 9th, 2013 7:02 AM

does the New York clan have a name and would it be acceptable for my characters to organise a meeting or if they turned up in New York, would the werewolves just know?

Retro Bug July 9th, 2013 4:10 PM


Originally Posted by Skymin (Post 7730389)
does the New York clan have a name and would it be acceptable for my characters to organise a meeting or if they turned up in New York, would the werewolves just know?

It doesn't (not the one in New York City at least) and the only person that is allowed to organize a meeting is the pack leader, Gareth. They would take notice of a new werewolf coming into the territory if they stayed more than a couple days and then force him to tell them (most likely a tiny group (3-4) of the pack) why he was there. They would forcibly take him to Rein or if he was actively seeking out Gareth they would take him to Rein. This would get them a meeting with Rein where they can explain themselves. Gareth doesn't participate meetings with lone werewolves looking to join his pack that's Rein's job.

Ichiro has informed me that he is no longer able to participate in Downworlders. He's always welcomed back regardless of the numbers!

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