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Tokio June 27th, 2013 8:35 AM

Pokémon Reborn: Synchronize [Hard T/Light M] {SU+OOC}
The Legendary Pokémon are missing.

The realization of this sent the scientific community into a panic. Everyone who knew of them understood that they essentially held the world together – the personification of time and space, holding together the fabric of the world; the elements given form to provide power for all; humanity’s own qualities sealed within safety - and their removal or capture could spell disaster. Search teams of highly trained personnel were sent to look for any sign of them, to no avail. Nobody could understand why they were disappearing – was it the beginning of the end? To prevent widespread panic, they kept quiet about the issue and urged those who realized they were gone to stay mum about the subject. There had to be something they could do, or else something horrific may happen.

…But nothing has happened yet.

The fact that the world is still in one piece has given scientific authorities hope that they’re still out there. But there is no way to tell where they are – it’s just as if they vanished. Trained search teams had tried and failed, so what is there to do? During a lengthy discussion of the problem amongst tension and heated arguments, Professor Elm of Newbark Town stood up and proposed something rather preposterous. Apparently, he had a young assistant who displayed an amazing affinity for Pokémon, even those who she just met. He noticed she was able to find hidden Pokémon around his property with no prior clues, he’d just ask her to get a certain Pokémon and she’d make a beeline for it regardless of where it was. A few other Johto scientists stood up and claimed they knew children who displayed very similar traits. It seemed, coincidentally, that none of them had undertaken a journey despite their talent and age – all were fifteen years old. Reluctantly, the other regions decided to give these kids a chance. They were getting desperate. They would issue the children Pokémon and send them out into the Johto region to search for the Legends.

What the Johto scientists didn’t tell them is that the children’s abilities far exceeded exceptional Pokémon-finding skills and overall friendliness. No, what they had discovered were children they called “Synchronizers”, or Syncs. The Syncs displayed two particular powers unheard of for normal people. The first power was an almost telepathic link with Pokémon, where the Syncs could see through Pokémon’s eyes and command them non-verbally. This left their body vulnerable, however. The second was the ability to take on traits of a single Pokémon at a time into their human bodies, such as a small amount of elemental power and physical strength or speed or so on.

A letter was sent out to all the Syncs, claiming simply that they were chosen to undertake an important journey without divulging too many details. They were to start out like normal trainers, travelling the region in pairs, being given a starting Pokémon at random and being permitted to take on the Gym challenge or Contests if they so wished. However, they have to keep their mission in mind and search for any Legends they might sense.

- To take on the attributes of a Pokemon, one must be in physical contact for a short while unless it's there is a strong sense of trust on both sides. It almost has the opposite effect of the first power, the near-telepathy, in that it makes the Pokemon rather lethargic. The first power is more like hopping into the mind of the Pokemon and seeing through its eyes. You can communicate directly into its mind, but since most Pokemon aren't completely intelligent the conversation can be rather limited, and the younger and stupider the Pokemon is the less rational and more emotional their responses can be. For example, mind-hopping into an Alakazam will produce a completely coherent, intelligent conversation, whereas a Magikarp would be more like "How are you, Magikarp?" "*Waves of happy*" You do not need to be very close at all to initiate this and no matter how far you wander, your mind will be able to find its way back to your body - provided something hasn't eaten it yet.
- More to come.

- Ordinary rules, of course. No godmodding, Mary Sues, etc.
- However, slight bunnying is allowed. This is because you will be partnered with someone and it may be necessary to do this to move along. Just give them ample room to move.
- While this may be half a journey RP, the main focus will be in cities. So you may cross a route in a single post.
- Pokémon catching is the same as in most RPs – post your battle, throw the Pokéball, and I’ll decide if you caught it or not.
- Don’t overuse your powers. They’re not a toy. Usage of powers leaves you exhausted and/or vulnerable, save for the Scanning ability (The one which allows you to locate a Pokémon)
- When you’re close to a Legendary, I’ll PM you. Don’t find any without my consent, because it’s a bit plot-important.
- This RP is rated PG-15. Blood and violence are permitted, and romance as well - just keep it above the belt, hm? There are kids here.
- Fifth Gen and below only, just a head's up. We don't know the plot of X and Y and it could potentially mess things up. Since this deals with the Legendary Pokémon, this also means there will be no Newtwo/Buutwo/Whatever pun you prefer. This rule is prone to changing, however! As it stands, though, there's not enough info about X and Y to do anything meaningful with. We'll see what happens when it comes out.

NOTE: In this OOC thread, I will be monitoring your IC posts. I'll regularly update with notes as the RP continues, usually taking this sort of form:

[Inconsistency Alert!]
Someone has done something that contradicts what someone else wrote. This is an alert, so I can't do much unless it's my fault (in which case, I'll edit my post before posting this, just to inform what happened). All you need to do is fix up your error, and post a "Fixed" message in this thread.

[New Character!]
I've introduced an important NPC. I'll give a brief physical and personality description. They're NPCs, so do what you want, but if you want to be a bit more radical with what they do, PM me. This will include legendaries.

[Status Change!]
Someone's caught a Pokemon, or are injured, or so on. Just to alert those who focus on their pair's posts and ignore others, so we all know what's happened.

Now, onto a little more about the world.

The world is game-based. Team Rocket, etc. existed so the Legendaries might have memories of what occurred. However, it's like every version of the game happened - (Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina will all have memories of what occurred. To be specific, Gold and Silver both occurred at the same time, Emerald occurred, and Diamond and Pearl both occurred. No specifics for the Gen 1 games. However, in the case of Zekrom and Reshiram it's based around Pokemon White, and White 2 for Kyurem). Additionally, not every legendary will be in the game because it'd get a bit too cluttered. I'll put up a list of those not included later. There will be a good amount, though. Most of the trios and most of the incidental, non-plot-important Legendaries will be omitted.

To catch Pokemon, as I said earlier, is the normal RP method. The rarer the Pokemon, the better post you need to write. Every Pokemon will be available to you, so there's no "Route 29: Pidgey" etc. Just put the Pokemon in normal routes - you won't find a Larvitar on Route 29, for example. Just map them to their equivalents in other regions. Additionally, the rareness from most common to least common (aside from the usual things like Absol being very rare) goes Kanto+Johto>Sinnoh>Hoenn>Unova. So it'd be quite a bit harder to catch a Lillipup over a Ratatta. PM me if you're not sure a Pokemon should be in that place or not.

Name: Make it believable, of course.
Age: Did you read the plot?
Gender: Hmmm.
Appearance: 4+ lines with picture assistance, or 6+ lines with none. However, I will be picky if you use a picture. There is a certain personal rule I have, but I won’t tell you because I want to see if anyone will break it unwittingly (if you do, I’ll put you on pending and tell you it~)
Personality: 5+ lines. Have fun, but they are ordinary kids.
History: Decently long, no real line requirement. They haven’t really done anything with their lives, keep that in mind (also, just a note, the girl Elm talks about is my character, so don’t use that.)

My SU:
Name: Amber Caulfield
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Appearance: Amber’s a rather small girl, standing at 5’1” and with an average, if still childish build. She looks younger than she is, perhaps about thirteen, which isn’t aided by her attitude towards things and general body language. Her skin has the mild tan of someone who spends enough time outdoors to be healthy, with freckles spattering her nose and arms. Her hair is a deep brown shade and rather short, and while it’s straight it has the tendency to sweep to one side and curl near her left ear. Her bangs flick the other way, resting near her right ear, but a few stray hairs like to just poke out in any direction they want. Her eyes are large and inquisitive and a rather interesting light shade of brown. Conversely, her other facial features are small and delicate.

Amber doesn’t waste her time thinking about fashion, really. She usually wears a black tank top over a long-sleeved white shirt, both rather plain and somewhat formless. She wears a moderately short dark red skirt and black tights (as in, the pants, not the stockings), and on her feet are everyday sneakers. She likes jewelry, though, and has a silver chain around her right wrist and a gold chain around her left. Her ears are pierced and have a pair of oppositely-coloured gem studs (which tend to change every now and then, she has a small collection). Around her neck is another chain, decorated with a few charms she herself made with a lot of patience and a small hammer. They’re there to remind her of her family. She carries around a dark red, almost brown satchel to hold her things in, and she’s started sewing odd bits and pieces like leaves to it as a tangible reminder of her journey.

Personality: In one word, Amber is naïve. She’s childish and used to being babied, but she’s not spoiled. She’s a rather friendly person and loves chatting to people, but she can be rather shy until she trusts them… which is usually rather quick to happen. She doesn’t see the bad in people, only the good, and likes to rationalize others’ behavior when they act out. She’s very gullible and tends to believe anything anyone tells her, providing it’s at least plausible. She’s quite nice to be around, providing her childishness doesn’t get on your nerves, as her positive attitude tends to lift people up. She’s rather smart, despite her failings, as she enjoys reading and learning about new things (which is partially where her gullibility comes in). She enjoys having a chance to prove herself to others and to herself, as she’s rather insecure about her skills. She tends to treat Pokemon as she treats people, as she’s never seen any difference between the two. Those fire-breathing, electric-shocking, water-shooting powers Pokemon have? Well, she has them too, sort of! She was never really aware that her abilities and affinities with Pokemon were unusual, and always considered herself below-average in handling them considering her isolated position. But she enjoys talking to Pokemon the same she does people, and considering most Pokemon don’t lie she’s gained a lot of knowledge from them.

History: Amber was the youngest child in a large, extended family living on the outskirts of Newbark town. Her family was a rather colorful bunch, their occupations and personalities wildly different to the next. Amber had no siblings, but made up for this with a multitude of cousins and their Pokemon. She was doted on as the baby throughout most of her life, and was never exposed to much work. Her cousins, while close, often liked to tease her and play on her gullible nature, and told her many incorrect facts about the world. However, when they tried to provide her with false information about Pokemon she was often in contact with, she'd just stare blankly and say, "No, they told me something different!" Her family just brushed this off as childhood imagination. However, when Elm was visiting (considering Amber's mother was a colleague of his, but more in the theoretical field than interacting with Pokemon), he noticed the girl getting along oddly well with one of his own Pokemon notorious for its aggressive nature.

When Amber was thirteen, having lived an otherwise quiet life, Elm approached her and asked whether she wanted an apprenticeship. She was a smart girl despite everything, and her practical skills with other Pokemon would come in handy. She agreed, and for the past two years has been working for the man. She tended to overshadow his other aides in everything but knowledge and the real application thereof, but she was an attentive student. She loved most of all sending young trainers out on their journeys, but never expressed a desire to go out on her own.

She helped look after the lab with the other aides when Elm was called out for something-or-other (she wasn't paying attention, despite the man's obvious worry). The moment the man came back, she swarmed over him and asked what on earth he was doing so far away. With a weak smile, all he could say is "Well, we were organizing your own Pokemon journey." It didn't sink in until she received the official notification, and for the next week or so she couldn't keep the smile off her face. She still hasn't been told much, beyond the fact there were seven other children setting out and they were pretty similar to her in how they communicated with Pokemon. The only extra information she was privvy to were the starting Pokemon, and who was to receive what.

1 - Amber Caulfield // Tokio
2 - [Reserved] // EGKangaroo
3 - Elizabeth Lhant // YellowGardevoir [Pending]
4 - [Reserved] // jov0006
5 - [Reserved] // JNathan
6 - John Delenar // Lord Sephear
[Six places only. I will not go above this.]

EGKangaroo July 7th, 2013 6:09 PM

I think this story is quite interesting, given how much potential the plot has to go into so many possible different directions that I have been thinking of. I don't quite get why nobody has shown any interest in this yet. I definitely wanna sign up. I'll leave this here for now. It's still far from finished, but just want to show some interest. :3

Name: Harriet Gardner
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Harriet is notably taller than most of her peers. She has a 6' figure with lanky features in an ordinary banana shape. Her legs are slightly longer than normal in proportion to her body, and the musculature in her calves hints at her sportive lifestyle. Her skin is light and aside from that unremarkable. Her visage is slightly pear shaped, with round cheeks and a flared jawline, a short snubby nose sits between her large round prominent grey eyes below her arched eyebrows. She prefers pulling her medium-length light brown hair back, and keeping it in a wavy pony. A few strands that escape her tend to whisp down in front of her ears. To some people, she might appear a little older for her age, if only for her size and her usual level-headed expression.

She doesn't fish for comments with her way of dressing, but she likes to go with something that she can make herself presentable with at least. She usually dons herself with a yellow singlet and dark blue skinny jeans that barely expose her calves. She never wears high heels, since she finds them awkward and she thinks she's tall enough already. Instead, a pair black trainers do for her. She has packed for the journey ahead in a grey and dark blue rucksack. She got herself a typical trainer's belt for the journey that allows her to clip pokéballs to them and a hip bag for storage of quick access items.

Personality: Harriet is spontaneous and unpredictable in her actions, and has a sharp sense of wit in conversations. She has an acute awareness to her present surroundings, and she can observe relevant facts and details, which often leads to her doing something with them. She is quite flexible, both due to her improvisation around her immediate surroundings, though she also rarely makes meticulous plans to productively pursue her objectives, and doing so can sometimes cause her excessive boredom. She also struggles to focus her attention on theories that don't appeal to her, or have no practical approach to them. She likes to test out theories she is presented, and experience what they do, and how they make the world move, when she learns them.

She forms her judgements according to strong internal values. She believes she has a strong internal sense of justice, and sympathises especially with younger people or with pokémon. Her behaviour, though sometimes considered crude, is ultimately intended to protect what she loves most from harm. She also believes, just like with humans, that there are good and bad pokémon, and she would rather not form a telepathic link with those she thinks are jerks to weaker pokémon.

History: Harriet, or Hattie as people affectionately call her was born in Goldenrod city, as the eldest of sororal twins. She was born just a few minutes before midnight on 12 November, while her younger sister Phoebe was born almost half an hour later the following day. Despite this curiosity, the two always celebrated their birthdays together on the 12th from the first time and still do now. She and Phoebe grew to be very good friends. As they got older, her parents began to note their personalities grew differently, though this was not exactly abnormal for twins. Harriet, aside from turning out to be a lot more spontaneous, unpredictable, and active, had a much stronger affinity towards pokémon than her slightly younger sister Phoebe. The two often went to the national park together, where they played with the pokémon that roamed there. Harriet first learnt the unusualness of her ability this way, when she was surprised that Phoebe couldn't interact with pokémon the same way. They promised to keep her ability secret from her parents for the time being.

In school, Harriet found keeping her abilities secret a lot more difficult than she expected, not in the least because she excelled classes of pokémon biology, while her other subjects were well within the normal percentiles. Her knowledge sometimes even stunned the teachers. The staff concluded she had to be gifted in the field of pokémon, a feat her parents were very proud of. At just 12 years of age, the teachers gave her college-level material on the field to keep her occupied during biology classes, and Harriet's fascination for her ability, and the possibilities of communicating on such an intimate level with pokémon, grew and grew. Some scientists who were interested in finding out about her abilities interviewed her. They discovered that her talents were far beyond the ordinary, and that she could connect with pokémon a far deeper level than any normal human could achieve.

However, life went on for Harriet, and she still developed like a normal child had to, and she still had very down-to-earth ambitions. She and Phoebe went to dancing school together, though Harriet was forced to quit after just a short while, because she could not keep up with the more petite girls due to her lanky figure. Instead, when she was in her freshman year, she joined her high school's junior varsity volleyball team. She found a lot more enjoyment in that sport than she could in her dancing school, but she still egged on Phoebe to do her best with dancing.

Harriet received a note soon after from a scientist that interviewed her a while ago, that explained to her that he had met with a few other scientists and discovered she was not alone in her talents. She was delighted to hear she could go out on a journey with a starter pokémon to look for the missing legendaries. She explained the note to her parents, who agreed to let her take the journey.

YellowGardevoir July 7th, 2013 6:22 PM

This looks really cool! I'd like to reserve a spot, if that's alright.

Name: Elizabeth Kornam
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Elizabeth stands at five feet, three inches, and is rather thin, weighing in at around one hundred pounds. Elizabeth has medium-length red-pink hair, which she usually keeps tied up, either in braids or a bun, usually tied with a ribbon. She usually dresses in bright colors, tending to avoid blacks and grays in large amounts. She keeps her weight low, and extremely self-conscious about her appearance. She tends to avoid makeup, but wears it on occasion. Elizabeth also tends to avoid heels, as they make it more difficult for her to walk. She dislikes being dirty, and generally bathes everyday, whether or not it is convenient for her.

Personality: Elizabeth is, externally, very shy. She tends to avoid large groups of people because they make her nervous. She prefers to socialize in small groups of her friends, where she reveals her outgoing side. Among close friends, she is surprisingly outgoing, making jokes constantly. She also makes fun of her friends, and a good sign that you're her friend is if she makes fun of you. She is also extremely self-conscious, though perhaps not to the point that it crosses over into vanity. She has strong opinions of the "proper" way to do things, and tends to get annoyed when people don't do things in a way similar to her. As far as Pokemon go she has little practical experience, but has lots of book knowledge and loves interacting with Pokemon.

History: Elizabeth was raised by her Father, as her Mother died when she was very young. She was sickly as a child, and as a result, has never gone on a Journey, for fear that her condition will suffer. She has been around Pokemon from a young age, mostly her father's Pokemon from his time as a trainer. It was during these experiences that she discovered her abilities. She was playing hide and seek with her father's Kecleon, and found that she could find the Pokemon without trying to look. It was as if she knew where the Pokemon would be at any given time.

Due to her childhood illness, she has lived a rather sheltered life, never going on long travels or vacations. She was confined to her room most of the time, and entertained herself by reading. Her father is a great lover of natural history, and Elizabeth loved looking through his books. As a result, she has a large knowledge of Pokemon, though much of it is book knowledge rather than actual experience. When she got her letter she was overjoyed, happy for a chance to go and explore the world she had been reading about.

jov0006 July 8th, 2013 4:21 PM

I'd like to reserve a spot please, it'll be up either today or tomorrow!

Arx July 8th, 2013 5:59 PM

Try to reserve me a spot please. I'll try to get a SU very soon.

Lord Sephear July 8th, 2013 7:14 PM

Woo! A chance to be in another RP! And this one with pokemon! Hope I got this one in early enough, my computer has been disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet constantly today.

Name: Jon Delenar (Dell-en-arr)

Age: 15

Gender: Male! (I daren't pretend I comprehend the mind of a woman well enough for it to be otherwise XD)

Appearance: Jon is a tall and thin person, 5'11 with a strange ratio of legs to torso. His legs make up for about 70% of his height instead of the usual 60%, his legs make him great at running and climbing, and thanks to how bony he is a jab from his elbow hurts pretty bad too. Jon is fairly pale and doesn't seem to tan no matter how much time he spends outside. His hair is a blond so gold people used to make jokes about his parents gilding his head and he has deep green eyes with different parts of the irises being different shades. Jon tends to wear very undecorated well taken care of jeans with a belt that has a Snorlax buckle (they would fall off constantly otherwise) and a white short-sleeve collard shirt with a cyan pokeball logo on the chest. He also wears a very nice silver and brass analog watch that was a present from his grandfather.

Personality: Jon loved pokemon from the moment he was born, always playing and talking to his parents pokemon, and he was always very gentle, never pulling their hair or petting them too hard even as a baby. Jon spent nearly all his time with pokemon, constantly wandering off when he saw one out of the corner of his eye in public, much to the chagrin of his parents. Despite the fact that he was a very active person and liked technology, there were a lot of regular kid things Jon opted not to be around very much, he would much rather ride a ponyta than a bike. And what fun would sports be when pokemon playing is considered unfair? Jon was perfectly social with people, but the first few times he was bullied or lied to it dampered his optimism a bit, pokemon had never lied to him and treated him badly, why people? Jon always tries to be nice and see the best in people, but sometimes he can get way too hung up on first impressions, thinking badly of someone because of how they dress or act in public, until he got to really meet them.

History: Both of Jon's parents had pokemon as pets since long before he was born so he grew up around them from the beginning. When he was a baby and a toddler it seemed like how well he got along with pokemon was just a result of their nurturing nature. They thought it was suspicious that every time he played with their luxray the next person to touch him got a nasty static shock, but that was all they noticed at first. As soon as he was old enough to roam around his parents were constantly paranoid about losing him because he went out into the nearby forest to climb trees, swim and have fun with the wild pokemon. It was on one such day that his parents realized there really was a special connection between him and pokemon, they caught him dancing with wild pokemon by the lake and even the beedril weren't being hostile!

Little did his parents know that Jon was also quite frequently talking to a person during his outings. Mr. Pokémon, a man obsessed with everything about pokemon, from learning more about them to collecting pokemon articles such as the scales of dragon types had noticed a little boy playing with wild pokemon during one of his first hand research expeditions and talked to him about his life and got to know him. One day Mr. Pokémon approached Jon's parents, explained the situation to them and asked if he could take Jon with him every once in a while to do research, obviously it would be much more informative and fun if somebody like this young man was along!

And so it went for a while, Jon running to find Mr. Pokémon nearly every day after school to help him out, he even was kind enough to bring him to Prof. Elm's lab a few times, but Jon never really got to meet him as Mr. Pokémon made it quite clear that what they were talking about was far beyond a child and would only confuse him. "But what about that girl who's always here? You two never send her away!" He complained every time, jabbing his finger in the direction of the girl who seemed to be at Elm's lab every time they went there. Mr. Pokémon would always gently pat Jon on the shoulder and tell him "Well she spends quite a bit of time around here you see, she is much more accustomed and likely to understand this kind of talk than you."

Eventually, one a day Jon was busy sulking in the house because Mr. Pokémon hadn't been around for two weeks, all of a sudden he was back, and hand delivering a letter with an apology for his absence. "Please forgive me, I was so excited when I found out I felt I had to wait for it to be official and demanded to be the one to tell you." Jon greedily snatched the letter out of his mentor's hands and carelessly tore open the ornate envelope and began to read, before too long his face lit up "There are other kids like me? And I finally get to be a trainer and go on a journey? oh thank you thank you so much Mr. Pokémon!" The man laughed jovially "Oh don't thank me, thank all my colleagues. Oh that reminds me! I think you will recognize one of the other children there."

Tokio July 10th, 2013 4:50 AM

Haha, this boomed up when I wasn't able to really post!

EGKangaroo: Reserved! I see you're here on the thread, so just keep writin'! And yep, I kept the plot basic and vague so all my plot twists are... twisty.

YellowGardevoir: Pending! That special secret rule? Broken! It's "If I recognise your image, then I won't accept it". And that right there is Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces. Don't worry, I don't mind characters being based off characters (Amber's based off a moderately obscure character herself!) but using images is just a bit too far for me. Also, on my monitor, the Personality section is a liiiittle short. Fix that up, mess around with her appearance so she's not quite as Cheria-ish, and you'll be good.

jov0006: Reserved!

JNathan: Reserved!

Lord Sephear: Accepted! Though I'd like to to keep an eye on your grammar, you have a few awkward and run-on-ish sentences, and a few little capitalisation flubs.

YellowGardevoir July 10th, 2013 7:39 AM

@ Tokio- Actually, I'm rather happy someone caught this. Tales is a rather obscure series, and I love the artwork and character design. However, I'll change this straight away!

Edit: I lengthened her personality and tweaked her history so it was a little further away from Cheria's. I also found a new picture that fit, and I don't think this one is from anything.

Lord Sephear July 10th, 2013 11:07 AM

Yeah you're right, my main problem is I want to put a comma for every pause >.< I'm still trying to work on it but it's been a pretty clingy bad habit so far, I'll try to tidy it up a bit.

I also love the tales series, although I didn't know about the early ones for a long time, the first one I ever played was Tales of Symphonia.

jov0006 July 10th, 2013 5:24 PM

@EGK, Harriet's birthday is my mother's birthday, :P

As for the Tales stuff, I really should get down to play ToS, as I haven't really touched it yet, {XD}

Also, this will be the placeholder for my SU as it is still in progress.

Ludwig Masquet

A fifteen year-old male with glasses
Appearance: Ludwig has the slightly below average height of 5'5" and also has average weight. He has pale gray eyes hidden behind glasses, as he has much difficulty seeing without them. He has short dark brown hair, and his body shows that he tries to exercise. Ludwig has light skin colour and a slim build.

Clothes-wise, Ludwig has two different attires regarding winter and summer. Beginning winter, he wears a red scarf around his neck as well as a dull black trench coat. Pants-wise, he wears more black clothes in order to absorb as much heat possible, yet strangely he wears fingerless gloves in both winter and summer.

In summer, Ludwig wears a red bandana around his neck and a shirt, pale blue and white in colour with a bit of black here and there. He wears slim pants designed for running with a few streaks of white running along its light-gray surface.

In both seasons, Ludwig consistently wears his glasses (except when he's sleeping) and his blue and black satchel, in which he carries any items for his journey as well as his fingerless gloves which reduce friction. He also wears his good pair of Running Shoes ("Remember to hold B to run!") given to him by his mother for his adventure.

Personality: Ludwig is the "odd one" of his family, only liking his younger brother, because his younger brother Friedrich looks up to him. Ludwig has a fear of Houndours and Houndooms because of a childhood injury that forced him to wear glasses. However, Ludwig is very passionate when it comes to other Pokemon, regardless of their type.

Ludwig was born on the 21st of December near Mahogany Town, born the second-youngest out of the six children in his family. As his father was a busy man nearly constantly on work trips, one can imagine the competition for Ludwig's mother's attention. But instead of fighting and quarreling like the rest of his siblings, he was more of the quiet-type, knowing at a young age that he would be nutured regardless whether he would cause trouble or do nothing. So in this constant struggle for attnetion, Ludwig gave his own attention to the house-pet, a Sunflora. Playing with the Sunflora made him realise his abilites.

At the age of seven, Ludwig's younger brother, Friedrich, was born and the family moved near Olivine City for more space for them to live. Soon after they moved, every child (except the infant Friedrich) were enrolled at the local school, where Ludwig proved the better of his siblings, being more intelligent and well-mannered than them, as well as recieving exceptional results for the electives Biology and Pokemon Behaviours.

EDIT: Updated it, but not complete yet.

Lord Sephear July 12th, 2013 11:28 AM

Bumparooski, hopefully we can get more love and start soon, besides how awesome Synchronize looks like it's gonna be, only one of the RPs I'm in has started so far so I'm barely getting to post at all XD

@Tokio: Small thing, his name is actually just Jon with no H, I usually make up names for my characters but I decided to just give this one my first name :)

EGKangaroo July 12th, 2013 3:06 PM


Originally Posted by jov0006 (Post 7732148)
@EGK, Harriet's birthday is my mother's birthday, :P

Ah, awesome. Now what are the odds of that? (I mean...I know it's 1 in 365, or 1 in 366 if both persons are born in a leap year. Of course, there's also the odds of having one person born in a leap year and the other isn't, in which case you would have to take into account the probability of leapday birth, take the complementary chance of that, and then multiply it by 1 over 365...and then...wait, why am I still going at it like this?)

Also, my sign-up is complete!

jov0006 July 12th, 2013 4:32 PM


Originally Posted by Lord Sephear
@Tokio: Small thing, his name is actually just Jon with no H, I usually make up names for my characters but I decided to just give this one my first name :)

Haha, my own character was supposed to be called Quintus, because he was the Fifth child in his family but I changed it Ludwig, just because I like the name.

Arx July 12th, 2013 6:57 PM

There goes my incomplete SU. I'll edit it later as I progress.
Name: Aaron Gardner
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Aaron is quite the normal boy. He is not too tall nor too short for his age.

YellowGardevoir July 14th, 2013 4:01 PM

Ok, I know I'm not officially in, but I will be gone until Friday, so I won't be able to post anything until then. Really hope this isn't a problem!

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