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Treecko June 29th, 2013 6:19 PM

[Previous PotM Winner][July] If you were were a mod...
Say you were promoted to moderator or other staff , what kind of mod would you be? In other words how you handle modding duties? Would you be lenient and shrug things off , mostly give warnings and not infarct people for simple mistakes? Or would you be strict and punish any rule-breaking you can find?

What's one thing you love to do the most? Giving out emblems? Having bigger profile pictures or fancier usertitles? Closing threads?

If you're already on staff/former staff, what kind of moderator are/were you? Answer the same questions as above , but from your perspective of being on staff.

Honest June 29th, 2013 6:37 PM

I mostly give warnings, and not even yellow cards usually. I just send the culprit a PM stating what they did wrong and warning them not to do it again. Basically a three strike rule for me, warning, legit yellow card, then red card. The only time I can really think of where I'm not like that is the 4/25 rule, cause come on. That one should be a little obvious. As for what I love to do most, obviously it's perma-banning people. Haha, seriously though, the most I can think of is probably just posting in the Mod section. I used to think I'd be handing out emblems like candy, but that proved to not happen. D;

Hikamaru June 29th, 2013 6:44 PM

If I were a mod, I'd probably not give infractions for simple things. I'm too kind to do that, the best I'd do to deal with a rulebreaker would be a PM stating what rules they broke and advise them not to do that again so basically it's a head's up, maybe even a warning if it's a serious one, and maybe an infraction if it's a repeat offender. And if the thread I'm dealing with would belong in another section I'd obviously move it there but if it's something that belongs in sections that undergo approval (like Emulation & ROM Hacking) I'd close it up.

Staff members also need to be approachable and not scary, which I certainly seem to fit if you're in the eyes of a new member, since I get loads of them visiting my profile and thanking me for welcoming them. I'd also love giving out emblems to members who deserve them, make my own mod ego emblem (with an Oshawott on it), use fancy usertitles and the bigger profile picture and avatar sizes also look nice on paper. Then of course there's that craziness of the mod lounge. And not to mention how awesome bold blue names look!

droomph June 29th, 2013 7:01 PM

From experience, I know I'm too timid of a person to give out any sort of disciplinary action, so I tend to be like "hey pls stop ^^" and only if they disrespect me three times I'll give them a warning, then three warnings for a yellow card, then three yellow cards for an infraction, every time etc.

However, if I see an adbot I will take out all my anger on them. I will smash my hand on my mouse so hard on the "ban" button so hard that it wakes the neighbors, and I am known to give around 9 billion infraction points (occasionally quintillions, etc.) after I ban them, just to stick it to 'em.

As for the emblems and stuff, I'll give them out when the need arises. Like every day

Anna June 29th, 2013 7:09 PM

There's not much rulebreaking that goes on in my section. The occasional advertising/linking to illegal streams is about it, the rest of the things are pretty subjective. Asking for links? I'll direct them to the one legal streaming place I know of and advise them not to ask again. Going off-topic? I think I would be stricter about meandering off-topic if more people actually posted in PA, but I'll take anything I can get in the way of discussion. Wrong place/didn't check for existing threads/obvs didn't read the guidelines? Move/lock it up with an explanation and directions. I'm pretty chill about it and I haven't had any repeat offences so you know. Works well enough.

The one thing I really get irritated about is derogatory language. Not swearing, I'm cool with that unless you censor bypass because that's against PC rules, not mine personally. Anything suffixed by "fags", any derivation of "retard", or generally sexist/racist/-phobic remarks are absolutely not tolerated. If a member has used language like that in a post, I will message them as soon as I see it explaining why it is not acceptable language and that they should edit the post to avoid further action. I prefer not to edit people's posts for any reason because I believe that members should be able to choose their own comments and wording, and oftentimes they haven't even realized their language was offensive. If a member chose to ignore my written warning, I suppose I would have to actually learn how to use the infraction system. I haven't had to yet.

I haven't really found anything about being a mod particularly different from being a member. I do all the things I had been doing (making episode threads, attempting to promote discussion). I just have the ability to actually take care of and organize my favourite section rather than sit around anxiously waiting for my report to be noticed/Leafy to fix something for me. I don't really use the perks. I've never given out an emblem. I kind of feel bad when I close threads, although sometimes it's just exasperated. Hmm. I like being able to give talking-tos about language without being yelled at. I like that telling people not to do a thing or to post somewhere else is no longer mini-modding for me. I think I'll like playing with the forum splash when I get around to fiddling with it. But I think my favourite thing is always going to be stickying threads. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・

Cosmic Fury June 29th, 2013 7:33 PM

Having been a mod on other forums before, I can speak from experience that I'm sort of a mirror when it comes to the community. I'm laid back when they are. It's easy to moderate a relaxed forum, and as such I rarely have to show my serious nature when it comes down to actually moderating the place.

I've always thought of being a mod as being a member with a couple extra perks to it. A mod has the direct ability to help bring about positive changes to their community, if they saw the need. They have the ability to keep things from degenerating into total chaos, while still being able to relax and chat with everyone else.

That doesn't leave out the leadership aspects of the job, though. Most people in the community (especially the new ones) look to the Moderators for leadership within the forums they are in charge of. It's only natural, and it goes without saying that a Moderator should set a solid example of what they expect within the community. All in all, if they moderate their own actions first before everyone else's, they set a good, strong precedent for others to follow and abide by, and it'll positively affect their community.

As for dealing with those who break the rules, I've always been lenient as a mod, and I would doubtless carry that trend in the future. I'd edit the post, let them know I've done so and why, and let them carry on with their day. Most violations are minor ones, and they're very rarely repeat offenses -- not to mention they're mostly good people who simply slipped up.

I always keep in mind when moderating the place that I'm dealing with people, not merely potential rule-breakers and spammers. If they are repeat offenders, so be it -- it's on their head, not mine, when I'm eventually forced to issue yellow and red cards to them. Those times are really the few instances when I get really serious with a person, outside of giving them solid RL advice (should they ask for it).

For the most part though, I'm very lenient, and work both with and for the community I help moderate. My main job is to keep it clean for them, and my moderation doesn't really extend past that.

Sableye~ June 29th, 2013 7:48 PM

I'd probably end up feeling very awkward, having to warn/infract friends. I don't think I would actually infract/redcard anyone unless it's a more serious offense and/or is repeated. Accidents I would just let go and tell them about it, but if they do it more than once, either they don't know the rules well enough or they're intentionally breaking rules.

Zach June 29th, 2013 7:54 PM

If I caught someone doing something they shouldnt be doing, I would verbally warn them on first offence, warning on second, then infraction 3rd and onwards.. as for the perks, yah I'd take full advantage of them and certainly customize my title immediately.

As for signatures, I'd bust one asap because I am quick with noticing things, and usually I don't make exceptions. Same goes for emblems, I'd try to get an emblem to people who I notice deserve them.

As for threads, I'd try my best to be nice about them and lock them if necessary, but typically if it promotes discussion elsewhere, I'd move the thread.

Sammi June 29th, 2013 8:27 PM

I was the most lenient mod CCP has ever seen ever (maybe)! I didn't like infracting people, I usually only did in Dear Anon where it was required. Hell, I didn't like giving warnings either if I could help it. Most of the time I just deleted posts and left reasons why. I don't know if I ever had to red card anyone outside of Dear Anon. o___O

My favorite parts were the technical bits -- so many checkboxes 8D Also, seeing mod sections were pretty cool too, although I didn't do much in there towards the end. My least favorite parts were warning people and stuff that wasn't a clear cut rule, because then I'd actually have to make a judgment call, god forbid. In some respects I was not a very good mod, haha.

JayD June 29th, 2013 8:49 PM

If you were were a mod...
I'd check if someone is posting the wrong thing on the forum I'm modding, give out warnings, give emblems and help people around if they need anything from a mod.

Brynjolf June 29th, 2013 9:10 PM

I would bathe in my profile-enhancing rights. I think I would feel guilty when I punish someone for something, so I'd probably sugar-coat my warnings and infractions. I would be like santa claus. Except a mod

gimmepie June 29th, 2013 10:46 PM

I like to think I'm tough but fair. I wouldn't give out infractions or bans on a first offence (unless it was absolutely necessary) but I wouldn't have a problem doing those things if I felt it was necessary at all - if you break rules frequently than you should probably be punished, especially if you are irritating or upsetting the community.

That being said I'd have a lot more fun handing out emblems and helping out new users than I would closing people's threads and perma-banning them.

Team Fail June 29th, 2013 10:56 PM

From experience, I'm usually rather lenient when it comes to infracting. I usually first send a PM stating what they did wrong (Or else yellow card), and if it continues, I up it to a red card. If a person posts in the wrong section, I usually move it to the right place, rather than close it, or give them advice and whatnot before doing so.

When it comes to editing user's posts, that is usually done only in more extreme cases, like if something illegal is linked to or if there is highly offensive content in a post (Offensive comments, violent/graphic images or adult-oriented images, and in which such cases occur, I go straight to a red card, no matter what). The one thing I do miss though, is all the extra little options that you have, whether it's editing a thread title or editing a poll, or even the "Close/Stick Thread after reply" checkboxes. vBulletin just seems so stripped down when you go from any level of moderator (I was once put as high as admin until the former admin made a stupid move) back to a regular member. It took a while to get used to regular permissions once again.

Imperishable June 30th, 2013 1:02 AM

It depends, really...sometimes I could just say that someone's misinterpreted the rules, and I'd send them a kind but firm PM regarding the rule/s they broke. Also those profile customisation things...I'd probably spend a whole day playing with images to use.

curiousnathan June 30th, 2013 3:10 AM

I'd say I'm a pretty neutral moderator. I'm not overly strict but I'm not super laid back either. If someone's broken a rule, I'll usually just message them and give them a heads up or give them a warning. If they break the rule again then I'll issue them an infraction.

My favourite aspect of being a moderator would have had to been my first day. I was the fresh meat on the chopping block. I was excited, nervous, a bunch of emotions. I got a flood of congratulatory VMs, PMs everything. For once I actually felt like I was noticed, that I meant something to the community, and that I was valued. As of now, my favourite part of being a moderator would be being able to have a large say in the way the community operates. I also can't forget about the funny discussions in the moderator forums.

My least favourite part of moderating here at PC is having to warn or infract members who are actually really nice. I sometimes feel guilty, but at the same time I ensure I remained unbiased and fair. One of the negatives of being a moderator is how I've changed. Like I said before, I think I've changed in a slightly negative way. I think I need to relax more and just have some fun. At times I've rubbed a few people up the wrong way (don't we all), so I'd like to apologise to those who I have annoyed. At times I'd like to start fresh, but all in all I'm pretty pleased in the way I carry myself. I'd like to think members consider me as any other normal member, who's just got a little extra responsibility.

I strive to make my section of the community as fun and inviting as possible (because we're all here to enjoy ourselves right?), so I think if I were to be really strict then that'd be impossible for me to achieve. I want to be a moderator people look up to, but I also want to be someone people want to come to if they need help or have a question they need answered. I think my biggest flaw as a moderator is that sometimes I can be quite opinionated. As a result, I can often make judgements without hearing the full story and so I can also be a bit snappy at times. I hope to fix that, and continue to grow to become not a 'perfect' member, but a good one at least! :)

Shiny Celebi June 30th, 2013 11:13 AM

I think I would try to be fair to other users, and try not to be heavy with infractions and stuff. I think on first offense, sending a PM about what the person did would be just fine. I'd try to be friendly and approachable to others and help them as much as I can and keep my section tidy and user friendly. I feel I would be pretty lenient. I do have some moderation experience on another forum, so that would probably help me as well. I'd try to be friendly and sociable with staff and users alike and just try and be friendly and as much a role model as possible.

As for perks, I dunno, I dunno that I would use them much, I already have a larger avatar and stuff that goes with supporter benefits, so I think what I would more enjoy is perks exclusive to mods.

Castform June 30th, 2013 11:47 AM

I would do my job, but also try to be fair. I wouldn't infract for an honest mistake, and wouldn't ban a user without talking it out first and seeing if I could help correct what the issue is(unless a spambot or advertiser ofc). I would try to make sure everyone is comfortable and understands the rules.

Probably my favorite part would be helping others and giving out a special Jellibean emblem :3

Broken_Arrow June 30th, 2013 4:43 PM

i won't go for it to began with so i'd say if Arrow chan became a mod ... ... ... she will never seek that!! so easy like that.

No way.

Starry Windy June 30th, 2013 5:17 PM

I would not give infractions for a simple mistake, I would simply tell them nicely when they're breaking rules on the first time so that they won't do it again. I'd do my best to be friendlier to make the section I'm in as friendliest as possible.

I'd like it when I'm helping anyone out, and when I'm giving emblems when I see them fitting to get one, including my personal emblem (with Victini in it).

Cordelia June 30th, 2013 5:43 PM

I tend to give little warnings if people break a stupid rule but I yellow/red card if it happens enough. I haven't given them out in a while but people who continually break rules get infractions, 'nuff said.

Edward Elric June 30th, 2013 6:08 PM

If I were a moderator, my main goal would be to be approachable. I wouldn't want members to find me strict and unapproachable. Being a staff members means that you need to be approachable. If members fear asking you a question or just are plain afraid to talk to you, that means your doing something wrong. I think I would be a lenient mod, giving out warnings. Now this doesn't mean that I would be careless and shrug things off. I'd say about 2 warnings is fair enough, with talk about what they did wrong and how they can avoid it in the future. When a member goes past that, then I would have to do what I would have to do, and infract that member. I think that condemning a member right away without any warnings isn't fair, unless of course the member has done something really wrong. So yeah, I'd be lenient and most importantly approachable, but I would be serious and take action when I need to.

Kanzler June 30th, 2013 6:10 PM

I think I'm protective. I wouldn't tolerate snide remarks and such indecency so my presence would be dedicated to "don't be evil". I don't think I'd hand out many infractions though, I think most people are pretty much integrated into the forum, and those that aren't only have have to ease into it. People make mistakes, get down in the dumps, and I'm cool with that. On the other hand, spambots and advertisers aren't here for the community and along with other things, sit on the other side of a big fat red line, which goes without saying.

Seriously though, most of us here are good people most of the time, and I think that would be my framework if I was ever to do some moderating.

Black Ice June 30th, 2013 6:20 PM

i was a global mod on gtsplus/gpxplus at one point but college took my internet life away. i don't really know what i was like as a person but my duty pretty much just included handling reports and answering questions. i don't think i gave very many actual warnings

Felly July 1st, 2013 6:00 PM

I would warn people first via PM, then I'd give a legit warning using the system from the forums, & then I'd give an infraction if it was a minor offense. If it was one of the more serious offenses, I'd either go straight to a legit warning or an infraction, depending on the severity of the offense. I would also try to make the sections I mod as active as possible on the forums rather than lame & boring.

Ludger July 1st, 2013 9:36 PM

I'm pretty lax and easy going. I also like to get in the topics in my forums and mingle with my regulars and such. I don't like to infract, unless someone did something really severe, or has done it multiple times (like spamming 7 different threads in the span of 10 minutes ugh). And then there's always that chance that they'll reply and ***** you out for doing your job, even if you were nice about it in the message that goes out. And honestly, if people that do mess up and get an infraction, if they read this thread, they'll find pretty much every staff member that's posted in here has said they don't like to give infractions. So we're not power hungry lions that people think we are. We're human beings and we're just doing our job here to keep things organized and straight. Sometimes that means get over it. Real life has worse consequences when those rules are broken.

I also like to keep things really tidy, so if something belongs elsewhere, I usually move it, unless it needs to go somewhere that is under approval, like Emulation. And I lock things if they've already gotten an answer. I'll admit I'm strict about my Q&A threads though. lol

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