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Mana July 11th, 2013 12:57 PM

Gilded Halls ★ OOC+SU

Gilded Halls
a sandbox roleplay ★ rated 'teen'

status: as full as an egg
about this roleplay:
Welcome to Gilded Halls. This roleplay will allow you to explore life through the eyes of a teenager who is, just slightly, extraordinary. Whether it's super powers, a specific aptitude or skill they excel in, this roleplay will bring them together.

GH is going to be very open. It is based on a roleplay I ran on another website, many years ago. There are some similarities with X-Men, however this roleplay is not based on the series or mechanics in terms of abilities. Creativity will thrive in this roleplay, to ensure this each period in the day will be represented by a long period irl. Typically a single lesson will last a month, and is fully optional.

Your character has been written to, inviting them in to the school. To the public Gilded Halls is just an esteemed boarding school; you will soon see it is much more. It is a school that nurtures real talent, letting students excel in the hidden arts.

rules to abide by:
→ Of course, PC rules and roleplay corner rules apply.
→ All IC posts must be at least 100 words in length.
→ Do not use abbreviations e.g. "omg".
→ Do not double post.
→ At present, I am GM. I may take on a sub-leader to assist.
→ In order to post in the IC thread your sign up must be approved by the GM.
→ Respect other players and communicate with each other.
→ Get along, have fun!

powers and aptitudes:
It is very important that your character's skills are in keeping with this roleplay, and do not pose a problem in terms of god-modding or bunnying. For example, teleportation is a great ability and power - being able to teleport other people /against their will/ however, is a problem.

You may pick any ability you would like, and as long as you can balance it. I will stop abilities being duplicated/copied too much, so make sure that yours is unique! I won't be accepting two characters with identical powers.

Since the characters are all teenagers, their powers should be underdeveloped and rather limited. Age does have a bearing on this, an eighteen year old should be more developed than an eleven year old. Abilities are definitely allowed to grow and change during your time here, but there should be clear limitations to what your character can do.

Not a super-power kind of writer? Academic successes and sporting legends are welcome as well. Perhaps they have a real skill at reading a person's character, maybe they're just very empathetic. I'm happy for skilled characters to join, and if you would like to develop a power later on that is up to you~

Generic abilities will be introduced via the lessons. These are things that any character can do, however you may wish to handicap them in that respect. For example, in Elements 101 pupils will be attempting to control an element of nature on a tiny level.

the school day:
The school runs a peculiar timetable, that allows pupils to pick and choose which lesson they attend. The majority of lessons are pupil-led, without a teacher in sight and clear instructions left in the classroom. That means that pupils are free to come and go as they please, completing the task anywhere in the extended gap.

Day 1:
● Registration
● Period 1: SPORTS
● Period 2: ELEMENTS 101
● Lunch/Free afternoon

further information:
The IC thread will be your main source of information about the school, including where you can go, the general layout and what the school has to offer. I will be making a full list of facilities, with as much detail as possible, to make sure everyone is consistent and has something to refer back to.

Lesson information will be posted as an event update whenever we progress a period. These updates will also offer new options for things to do (or ban you from doing others).
signing up:

Full name:
Appearance: [1+ paragraphs]
History: [2+ paragraphs]

Ability name:
[1+ Paragraphs]
Limitations: [1+ Paragraph or bullet points]

Room Number: [1-8: If two people reply the same number, they will share a room]

enrolled students:
1. Jamie Lane (Room 7) SwiftSign
2. Alicea Shay Bernard (Room 4) Nideous
3. Eden Ildraza (Room 2) Colony
4. Beege Davis (Room 2) heretostay123
5. Matthias Winston (Room 3) Sir Bastian
6. Definite Lorenzo (Room 6) Khawill
7. Nathan Steele (Room 4) JNathan
8. Ginevra May Morrigan (Room 7) Mac
9. Adrian Draegar (Room 12) Cosmic Fury
10. Dominic Irving (Room 8) ChiliDawgs
11. Evan Kyong Woo Sung (Room 8) BlahISuck
12. Lewis Knighton (Room 6) Cirrus
13. Selena Bravo (Room 1) Meganium90
14. William Valerius Coenen (Room 1) Lord Sephear
15. Angel Lumis (Room 10) Fuyu
16. Grace de Lambrina (Room 12) EliteBeats
17. Kyle Marx (Room 11) amerininja
18. Manchester O'Brien (Room 10) milktankRancher
19. Priscilla Anne Bellerose (Room 11) ShayShaytheShaymin
20. Quinton Song (Room 5) Mr. Mammoth>
Valiant House dormitory:
GF: Room numbers 1-4 full
1F: Room numbers 5-8 full

River Lodge dormitory:
GF: Room numbers 10-12 full

out of from school:
Riley Dauth ‎EGKangaroo
Kevin Blake WooliestSteam1

Nideous July 11th, 2013 1:07 PM

Looks cool! Mind if i reserve?

Full name: Alicea Shay Bernard
Age: [11-18] 14
Appearance: [1+ paragraphs]

Alecia is a very shy and timid person and her appearance reflects that. She has very pale skin, showing most of her time is spent indoors, and light, mouse brown hair. Her hair is straight and neat, and hang to her shoulders. She keeps it out of her face with a pair of butterfly hair pins. Her eyes are a very light blue and generally looking down, and away from others, a sign of her timidness. She is fairly short, and wears a long grey designer dress, which covers most of her body. Her arms are left bare, and are usually held to her chest, as if to protect herself from something. She wears a pair of white pumps, and white tights as well. A very mild appearance, so as not to draw attention to the shy girl.

History: [2+ paragraphs]

Alecia was born in a quiet little town in the country. She lived a quite normal life and grew up away from most people. Although her parents were quite wealthy from striking oil ten years before her birth, she was kept out of school. Her parents stayed away from her, instead hiring many caretakers and tutors, who taught her manners and handled her schooling, raising her. However, she never had many of them for too long. Her life was quiet, and she was shifted around the countryside as her parents continued in the oil business. But then it all changed.

When she was 12 her parents were killed in an oil accident. There was nothing anyone could have done. Luckily, Alicea was away at the time, but the news devastated her. She withdrew even more into herself, even while her very large estate and inheritance was taken away by her parent's company, pulling all sorts of legal trickery to make the 12 year old look mentally unstable, not to mention pointing out that she was only twelve. So instead of her being able to take over her parents company when she grew up, she was left with only a very large trust fund, which she couldn't touch until she was at least 21, and only after a psychiatric examination, which of course would be held by someone on the payroll of her parents old company. In short, she lost everything. And while this legal battle was going on over her head, Alecia spent the next two years in foster homes and group homes. Her future was uncertain.

The increased stress from all that was going on around her awakened her powers, and while they mainly went unnoticed, her last foster moster, a graduate of the academy, discovered her. She wrote to the Gilded Halls on Alecia's behalf, and got her accepted. The now fourteen year old was then shipped to her next destination, the Gilded Halls.

Ability name: Thermal Control

Explanation: [1+ Paragraphs]

Alecia's power is an interesting one. She can control how hot or cold something is. This can range from heating a pot of water to a boil all the way to creating blizzards out of the rain. But she can't do any of that just yet. Her can effect a vast range of things. She can even create flame if there is enough fuel for a spark, such as paper and the like. It can be a very powerful ability, or a very weak one. At the present she can barely radiate a varience of about plus or minus ten degrees from the current temperature. Basically make you shiver a bit if you stand too close. It is not effected by distance, she an just as easily effect something twenty feet away as she can two feet away as well.

Limitations: [1+ Paragraph or bullet points]

1. What she effects has to be within her line of sight. If she can't see it she can't effect it.
2. It works on how focused she is. If she is too scared or too angry she doesn't lose control, she just loses her power until she is calm again.
3. If she is underwater when she does it, her powers have a reduced effect. Same if she is trying to effect something underwater.
4. if she uses her powers too much it begins to effect her, meaning if she heats something too long she will begin to get hot. Maybe one degree for every ten minutes she is using her power. This can prove deadly, as if she gets too hot or too cold her own power will kill her.
5. She has no special protection from high or low temperatures. So if she heats the room up, she will begin to suffer from heat stroke and possibly death. This is distinctly different from the previous point, because this can happen instantly. Not only does she have a time limit, her body limits her on how much she can do at one time, assuming it is close enough to hurt her.

Room Number: [1-8: If two people reply the same number, they will share a room] 4

Mana July 11th, 2013 1:14 PM

You may indeed, reservations last 48 hours :).

Nideous July 11th, 2013 1:16 PM

Cool. I have so many abilties in my mind that i need to narrow down and pick one. X3 I'll post my SU as soon as possible.

Arx July 11th, 2013 1:52 PM

Reserve me a spot. I'll start working on the SU right away.

Mana July 11th, 2013 2:04 PM

You're reserved JNathan :3. Here is my character now~

Name: Jamie Lane
Age: 15

Appearance: [Reference] Standing at just five-foot-one, Jamie is one of the shorter boys his age. His brown hair is shaggy, fairly long and is normally unkept - he doesn't worry about his appearance much, he likes how it looks au natural. The disheveled strands are long enough to cover his dark green eyes, however Jamie normally sweeps them to the side.

Clothing wise, Jamie likes to wear baggy cargo pants and a hoody - a complete contrast to his old, private school uniform. His clothes tend to be along the grey-scale, with bursts of neon colour here and there.

History: Jamie grew up in money, he had many things handed to him when he was a child and that undoubtedly shaped him as a person. He quickly learnt that his parents could afford to fix any mistake he made and that anything he wanted was just a phone-call away. This spoiling led to a very demanding child, especially as he came into his teenage years, and his attitude at home and school changed for the worst.

He was fortunate enough to attend a highly-regarded private school, preparing him for the pressures of university. He had plenty of friends at the school, although his Mum did not approve of any of them. Jamie's small friend circle managed to include most of the troublemakers in school, a week did not go by without a disappointed phonecall home from Jamie's homeroom teacher. The final straw was being caught red-handed, spraying graffiti over the school emblem in the main hall.

Unfortunately, due to his behaviour at school, Jamie was permanently excluded. As he became more and more unruly, moving from school to school, his parents ran out of ideas. Despite his constant refusal, his father wrote off to a number of boarding schools. Curiously, the only one to reply was Gilded Halls.

Ability name: Sound control

Explanation: Jamie can manipulate the frequency of sounds - in most cases he uses his voice as the trigger, however clapping or clicking works to a lesser effect. By raising the frequency he can cause objects to vibrate. Jamie has found that his power is useful for opening locks. Due to his ability, he has developed much more sensitive hearing than most people and can hear frequencies outside of the normal human range.

  • Jamie is unable to weaponise sound at present - at best he can give people a mild headache.
  • He struggles to maintain a single frequency for more than a few seconds.
  • Echolocation-frequencies are still out of his hearing range.

Room Number: 7

Nideous July 11th, 2013 3:15 PM

I edited my SU into my first post. Up ^^^ that way. :D

Mana July 11th, 2013 3:20 PM

Wow Nideous, speedy. I'm liking Alicea, and it's clear you have thought about her capabilities.


<Challenger> July 11th, 2013 3:35 PM

I really shouldn't join another roleplay.

Full name: Beege Davis
Age: 16

Appearance: Beege is what you would call a skater. He tends to wear dark grey skinny jeans, flannel button-ups, and beanies. He has long brown hair that he straightens daily. Normally it's curly, and can be described as stoner hair, but when he straightens it it hangs down to his shoulders in thick brown sheets. He has a very thin stature, and he stands at about 5'8. His face is angular, and pretty good looking, but not gorgeous. His eyes are a stormy grey, and he has a bit of a scruffy beard that he shaves daily. He normally rolls his sleeves up so his arms are bare. He has a leather watch that he always wears, not necessarily for time, but to look cool. He has a tattoo of the Triforce (Completely out of context) on the bottom of his left arm. Normally he can be seen with headphones on, listening to punk rock.

History: Beege was born in a large, if not huge city. His parents raised him lovingly and took their time teaching him what was wrong and right. His father was a paramedic, and his mother was a nurse, so they had plenty of money to throw around and what-not. He grew up with a very normal life and went to a school that had a massive amount of students, ranging yearly from fifteen hundred to twenty-five hundred. Beege was pretty popular, so he was known throughout the entire school for being known as either the "Bro" or the "Ladies' man" seeing as he was smooth as crap, and was a good friend, be it hanging out or having a conversation. He never had to try in school. He's extremely intelligent, and tries just enough to pass his classes with flying colors.

When he was fifteen, his parents began to pay a little less attention to him, and eventually they just flat-out ignored him. After this, Beege grew to be a bit depressed, but he refused to let that affect him negatively. He carried on with his life until he accidentally turned his hand into concrete. It only lasted for a couple seconds, but it was long enough for everyone in his classroom to notice. His teacher, who happened to know of the academy, wrote to them the next day. He was soon sent off to the new school, and he was excited. Beege was always up for adventure, and this would be the ultimate adventure of his entire life.

Ability name: Self Transmutation

Explanation: Beege can turn his body into natural materials, or various metals such as ironm, steel, or aluminum. This ability can be used for various things, such as creating armor, tools, or just killing time to see what you can do. If he manages to manages to master his power, he can turn his body into materials such as diamond for as long as he wants. However, the most he can do at the moment is to turn his arms into granite for a solid five minutes. If he can concentrate long enough he can transmutate inanimate objects as well, but that's very difficult for him because he has a bit of an attention disorder. Again, if he masters that ability, he can turn things into really rare materials. He needs to concentrate around ten seconds for the change to take place, and it only lasts for a couple minutes. The main use of this ability is for turning heavy into a light material so it can be tossed aside.

1: This requires a great amount of concentration, and Beege has a concentration problem
2: If he turns into a light material such as paper, it is quite possible for him to float away.
3: Heavy materials WILL slow him down.
4: He can only transmutate inanimate objects smaller than or equal to the size of a medium-sized chair

Room Number: 5

Ozymandias July 11th, 2013 3:55 PM

Oh my laaawd it looks so good.... i shouldn't do this but, i'll have an SU up by sunday

Nideous July 11th, 2013 4:01 PM

Well, when a girl can create a hailstorm by thinking about it there had better be some serious repricussions if she misuses this power. X3 Thanks for accepting me.

Arx July 11th, 2013 4:12 PM

Here is my SU.
Full name: Nathan Steele
Appearance: Nathan has dirty brown hair stand up on his head, almost defying gravity. He always keeps them at a decent length for the sake of cleanliness. He is a very tall boy with a well built body due to spending hours at the gym he had in his house. His eyes are normal a cat brown color. For the clothing, Nathan love to use dark colors: a white shirt under a black jacket, his black jeans and also black sneakers.
History: Nathan Steele was the kid of two leaders in the business domain. They were always busy and that made them unable to take care of Nathan and see him as he wanted them to. Instead, they engaged a lot of maids who had to take care of him and give him whatever he wanted. But that wasn’t enough to make him happy.
Being a rich kid, Nathan was home-schooled in his early years. But he wasn’t exactly delighted at the thought of being at home 24/7. Unlike all the others children, he couldn’t go out like he wanted. If he needed to leave the house, he always had bodyguards following him wherever he went and that began to anger him. He talked to his parents about this and had an argument with them. They decided to enter him into one of the best private schools of the country. He accepted but after merely a week, he started to have problems there. He was reported of being a bad student; he would beat the students or even insult teachers if he was angry.
He got expelled of the school quickly and his parents decided not to send him in another private school. But Nathan didn’t want this. Secretly, he submitted a lot of applications to the schools and after a little while, the Gilded Halls wrote to his parents and invited him to the school. Nathan’s parents were skeptical at the idea of sending him again but he bugged them day and night and they finally agreed to send him at this school.

Ability name: Iron Control
This ability allow Nathan to control iron at his will. He could transform anything he touched into iron if he was at an advanced stage of control but the current state of his ability only allows him to transform a part of his body into a weaker but still solid version of iron. This could serve him to hit someone or protect himself from harm if needed. However, using this drains his muscles' energy faster than normal.
  • He can only transform a part of his body into iron.
  • He cannot hold the transformation for more than 10 minutes.
  • He cannot transform other people or objects into iron.

Room Number : 4 because it's my favorite number
I feel it's terrible.

Khawill July 11th, 2013 4:41 PM

Full name: Marquis Withrow
Age: 17
Appearance: He is a caramel skinned teen who stands at 5"7 and has broad shoulders. He weighs 127 pounds and lacks noticeable body fat. His hair is shaved, even on all sides, and is black. He has brown eyes, and wears black rectangular glasses. His face is handsome and cleanly shaven, and he has a thin jaw. He has no acne or facial blemishes.

His shoulders are about 2ft wide, though he has long, skinny (toned) arms. His legs are not so skinny, and are well muscled. He has a six pack and a straight back. He usually wears a t-shirt with no design, just a color (with his favorites being red/green/blue/teal/orange) and then jeans. He never wears shorts because he doesn't like showing his legs, no matter how hot it is.

History: Marquis is not his real first name, it is in fact his middle name. He never tells his first name to anybody, and doesn't acknowledge it himself. During registrations, he enters the computer to change the roster, removing his first name, and has even changed his digital birth certificate. The only people who knows his first name is his family and the doctor who helped his mother give birth to him. (Early grade school teachers might know, but due to his low key status as a kid, many wouldn't even remember it.). The reason he goes to great lengths is because he simply doesn't like his first name, and finds it fun to have a little mystery surrounding himself.

He didn't realize his power until he was nine years of age, when he got his first handheld system. After enjoying video games so much, he imagined himself inside the game. This focus was enough to get him inside the very simple console, and he was able to experience the game in a new light. After practicing this new power on every video game he had, he wanted to take it farther. He would jump around to all the appliances in his kitchen, causing chaos. In school, he was able to change his grades to perfect scores (but when people got suspicious, he only changed them to honor roll As and Bs). He kept his abilities secret from his family, and did very well for the most part.

At the age of 14 he accidentally shut down an entire section of a major city, placing himself in stasis for three weeks until they fixed the problem. When he casually went home (thinking he had been asleep for an hour at most) it turned out his parents had presumed him missing and had gone crazy looking for him. He suffered several more incidents like this (where he would get locked in stasis, and his parents assumed he just ran away) and was eventually sent to Gilded Halls by his parents. (His grades were still high because in highschool he started to go back to perfect grades, and showed "skill" at programming and computers.)

Ability name: Technology control
Explanation: Marquis can physically enter anything that uses technology and manipulate it from within. The power can be used to transport quickly via telephone lines and more commonly the internet. He can also transport himself through a text message or phone call. He can act as a virus or a firewall by tampering or fighting files within a computer. He can travel through wires to get around a building quickly, and also enter TV shows. He is able to pull one other person with him, though it is extremely dangerous and the other person must be physically touched, and can get lost (though he can find them very easily). This is really only used when traveling by wire, or to enter a video game with a friend. Traveling by internet with another person is too risky and not responsible.

Although he doesn't have to physically touch the object, he does have to see it. When he starts to focus, his legs disappear first into particles and then it moves up, entering the computer. The particles are not touchable, but it only takes a few seconds. In terms of fighting potential, he leaves his phone on and can dematerialize any section of his body to avoid an attack.

When in a computer or electronic, he is able to do anything his mind can think of. There are no limits inside of a computer (This sounds strong, but there is nobody else with this power, so basically he can be the best cheater in a video game). This extends slightly to people he brings in with him, they can do anything too, but they can't override what he can do.

Another skill he has picked up is controlling a small device that he invented himself that creates a solid clone to take his place and do basic, pre-programmed tasks (such as pretending to type, eat, sleep, or write). It can't say more than a few basic phrases, but can be materialized out of his cell phone (taking up a second person if he goes in with it) in the same way he can materialize. The clone can also act as a surrogate, being directly controlled by marquis is he wishes to (this is mostly in case he wants to transport the clone without putting it in a device, or for protection, or even just to quickly enter another device without being seen) The clone is still limited though, and is not physically equal to Marquis's real body.
-Can't be used in places where the power is off. (Battery powered objects can be entered if turned on.)
-Internet transportation only works if he sends himself through an email or waits on the site until the computer he wants to show up at opens the site.
-Internet transportation is dangerous due to firewalls, anti-virus software, and potential shut downs. He often has to fight his way into other's computers.
-If he is in an isolated electronic (a computer not connected to the internet, a toaster, or even a handheld console) and the electronic gets shut off, he goes into a stasis, never aging and being unable to think. He can also be potentially erased (which is why he never enters isolated electronics)
-He can't actually control electricity, nor can he use wires as a lash (unless he enters a machine that is built for that.)
-If he wants to travel by text, it always has an attachment that says With.Hum, it usually has to be opened. (Phone calls don't apply, though he will always warn the person if he is going to enter through that way.)
-If he uses his phone to avoid attacks, then he is unable to fight himself and can only ever stall a fight until he gets tired. (It takes too much concentration to fight and defend for him.)
-Dying in a game would mean death in real life (or technically since once he enters the game, it is real life, then simply dying is dying) there is no body to bury, or sign that he dies.
-In terms of working from outside a computer (actually programming) he is not very good at all.
-The clone runs on battery, only lasting one hour with a charge. The clone acts as a robot, though feels human (This isn't a biological clone, it is something he stole and modified from a science facility, meaning he can't replace the clone either. It feels human due to the material it uses, on the inside, it is completely mechanical.) The bot can recharge quickly by plugging in, being stored in an electrical wire connected to a significant power source, or can be slowly charged by solar power. (Limitation: When charged by solar power, it can only remain stationary and perform basic tasks like speaking or pretending to read/write though for as long as the sun is showing.)
Room Number: 6 (Cause that's my number)

About the Clone: The clone is not a clone in the same sense of the word that we use. It wasn't created using DNA or biological means. It was a robot that was as human as possible, without an AI. Its function was to be able to change into a mirror image of a person and act as a decoy. Before Marquis's modifications, it would only be able to walk, wave, and say pre-recorded speeches. Afterwards it was able to do everything that Marquis did on a daily basis. Its use is primarily (for Marquis at least) to take his place when he enters an electronic for a long time, or to take classes for him so he can essentially cheat, even with a teacher looking at him during class.

<Challenger> July 11th, 2013 5:22 PM

I believe I've finished, but I kinda rushed through it. If I could fix it in anyway, let me know.

Mana July 11th, 2013 11:32 PM

Heretostay123 - I quite like your ability, however I think it needs to be explained just a bit longer. You say, "if he concentrates long enough" when talking about transmuting an object - perhaps you can make an estimate? Does the change last forever on those or do they revert back?

JNathan - I think with Nathan we need to reign back on the offensive. How about, instead of manipulating fire he is very fire resistant?

Khawill - Love this signup, clearly a lot of thought gone in to your power. However, I don't think the clone/robot is necessary.

WooliestSteam July 12th, 2013 3:20 AM

*Stole you idea of putting the spoiler tags around the ability explanation Swift! Don't kill me! D:*
*Let me know if there's anything wrong and I'll gladly change it.*

Full name: Kevin Blake
Age: 15

Appearance: Kevin stands at a tall five-foot-eleven inches and weighs about 126 pounds. He is a fairly neat looking guy minus his medium length red hair which is usually swept to the side in a hastily, uncombed fashion. His facial features consist of dark green eyes, pale skin and a scar which sits just beside his left eye. He can be seen wearing a pair of glasses when looking at something far away, most commonly in a classroom.

Kevin can most often be seen wearing a pair of jeans, a yellow and black hoodie, a pair of sneakers and a small backpack.

History: Kevin was born into a standard suburban household on the outskirts of the city. Kevin had to reluctantly attend school but paid little attention, he knew school wasn’t for him but there was no telling his parents that. He learned after a while that by causing trouble in school he could get sent home or suspended. The more trouble he caused, the more his parents started to become tiresome of his behaviour.

During his time at what was now high school, Kevin noticed something weird about himself. He could feel some kind of energy building up inside him. He thought nothing of it but when he started picking up electrical items like a TV remote, it would spark and then short circuit. His parents weren’t really sure what to make of this strange behaviour, so they attempted to carry on as normal. However one day a massive argument broke out between him and his parents. Seething with anger Kevin stormed up to his room and placed his hand on his TV. With a massive boom, the glass shattered into a million bits, Kevin was thrown back and was left with what is now a scar beside his left eye.

Fearful of this strange ability, his parent’s grew weary and distant from Kevin. They decided to send him away to a boarding school called Gilded Halls. He soon received the letter from the school asking him to attend, they did seem practically interested in him. Kevin packed his bags and went on his way. As far as Kevin is concerned this is just a regular boarding school but he’s about to see it’s much more than that.

Ability name: Electrokinesis

Explanation: Kevin has the ability to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. With the correct training and mastery of his power, his powers can range from shooting a bolt of lightning from his hand to powering up a generator. This power can even be used to take control of the electrons in objects, allowing motion control. Because of this ability Kevin doesn’t get an electric shock like most people, instead he simply absorbs the shock and stores it away as energy. However at the present moment Kevin can barely create a small enough current to power a object as small as a phone battery and as for a bolt of lightning, a small flash of sparks at best and finally he usually ends up short circuiting any electrical item he touches.

1. At present Kevin cannot create a powerful enough current to power even the smallest of items.
2. Also at present he cannot create a powerful enough current to shoot a bolt of lightning from his hands
3. Attempting to power an item for an extending period of time such as a few minutes, will leave --Kevin drained and sluggish.
4. Cables that lie above ground exposed have the tendency to shoot a bolt of electricity towards Kevin, knocking him to the ground.
5. Kevin cannot enter the water, be it a lake, pool, sea anything like that. All of the electrical current in Kevin’s body will react badly to the water. Entering water like this is fatal and could end with tragic consequences.

Room Number: 3

Mana July 12th, 2013 3:35 AM

WooliestSteam1 - Kevin seems interesting, I hope he has a way of washing without some fatal accident though! XD


Sir Bastian July 12th, 2013 3:36 AM

Nnh... this looks so good. God damnit Swift, why do you make all the cool-kids-RPs? :P Reserve me! And... I think I might go with Telekinesis/Psychokinesis. Just need to find me someone to share a room with... *Slowly eyes over the others*

Mana July 12th, 2013 3:38 AM

Yay Bastian :3 you are reserved!~

48 hours, etc. etc.

WooliestSteam July 12th, 2013 3:40 AM


Originally Posted by SwiftSign (Post 7733948)
WooliestSteam1 - Kevin seems interesting, I hope he has a way of washing without some fatal accident though! XD

Thanks for the acceptance Swift, and yeah I'll try not to have him blow the dorm up while he's in the shower. :P

Khawill July 12th, 2013 3:57 AM

I didn't think it was either, but since he loses his body to enter a computer, there would be no way to use this in secret in somewhere like a classroom or library, not without going missing. The robot makes it look like he never left in the first place

<Challenger> July 12th, 2013 4:04 AM

I believe I've fixed it a sufficient amount. How does it look?

Mana July 12th, 2013 4:17 AM


Originally Posted by Khawill (Post 7733963)
I didn't think it was either, but since he loses his body to enter a computer, there would be no way to use this in secret in somewhere like a classroom or library, not without going missing. The robot makes it look like he never left in the first place

Hmm, in that case how about we tweak the idea? Change the amount of time it lasts drastically - 10 hours is a longgg time - 30 mins should be enough for a cover, perhaps? If you can work on this clone idea then Marquis will be in.


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7733966)
I believe I've fixed it a sufficient amount. How does it look?

Looks good to me, as long as the concentration time is upheld (for a while at least) then I think it'll work :)

Beege is accepted.

[[Looks like Beege and Alicea are roommates, unless either of you have problems with a boy/girl sharing.]]

How in the hell do I pronounce Beege

<Challenger> July 12th, 2013 4:49 AM

Haha. I thought about that. It's pronounce Bee with a soft G at the end.

Edit: I asked for Room 5 btw

Mana July 12th, 2013 5:07 AM

Ah you did. I looked at the bottom of JNathan's instead. I will edit once I'm on my computer.

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