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Sheraku July 11th, 2013 3:11 PM

Region of Orre (M) OOC+SU
Based in the future of the Orre Region of Pokemon Colosseum/Gale of Darkness.

Set in the year of 2633, the Region of Orre has slowly became a place of darkness and secreats. Having been taken over by Ghetsis nearly 500 years previous, the deranged man held a PokeVillian confrence for any of the disbanded cyndacates, who still had pationate believers to assemble. This threw the Region into more turmoil than it could have possibly been ready for. There was no single hero to save the day this time.

Ghetsis had put in motion a plan that would span generations, he succeeded. With the number of twisted scientists at the now corrupt Pokemon HQ having been working tirlessly for the past half millenia to perfect the art of creating Shadow Pokemon, by artificially closing the door to a Pokemon's heart. These Shadow Pokemon have secreatly been released into the wild, while also given away to trainers who compeated in the many Colosseum Tounaments. Making the Region unforgivable to visitors, the dangers of vicious human attacking Pokemon was far too much for average trainers to even be granted access into the Orre Region.

Yet even with the knowledge of "True Wild Pokemon," over-running the land, the rough-neck natives of the Region remained strong throughout the years. Many people still lived the harsh lives that the Orre Region had to offer with pride. As well as many of the attractions the Continent had to offer also remained opperational. Mt. Battle, the Battle Tower, and of course the wide spread Colosseum Matches still continued regularily.

This will be pretty much a random RP without chapters, however there is a strong story-line that will be altered accordingly depending on what everyone choses to be.

You, either native to the Orre Region or somebody "lucky" enough to have been given special access to the land. Your reasons for visiting the land can range drastically. From being a high ranked trainer with aspirations to participate in the Regional Championship by defeating the Colosseum Matches, to a Pokemon Scientist curious about the "True Wild Pokemon" of the Region. You may be a Pokemon Villian who wants to make a name for yourself in the highest crime rate Region in the world, or just a native to the land trying to make your way through life. The point is be what you want and we'll see where creativity takes us.

--A small group of potential savoirs/destroyers of the world are dragged through a lengthy plan formilated by a Demon called, Pandora Akakios, his plan involves the utter destruction of the current world while making his way to the G-World, a parallel dimention, in which he wishes to take over. This Demon appears as a cloaked scientist, and periodically reviels himself to the group be it together, or separate. While still having lives of their own the group must learn to work together and assist eachother with their own personal problems/goals. While also creating a plan to save the world from a seemingly immenant end.

Not too harsh just follow the rules of the site and we should be fine. Also if you'd join with the intent to stay, that would be great.

This RP will be rated M, so be ready for adult content; heavy action, blood, moderate gore, romance (just no actual intercourse) profanity (to a limit), possible drug/alcohol referances, ect.

Character Layout
History/Misc. Information: (Include why your character has been given permission to enter the Region if your not a native. And what your aspirations are if your initionally from Orre.)
Pokemon: (May have any, excluding legendaries, Limit 6.)

Accepted RPers
- Sheraku- Seth Zypher (Snagger)
- Crimson0191- Yuki (Exorcist)
- heretostay123- Zephyr "Rider" Blitz (BackStabber/Rider/Double Agent)
- DayMair- Loryn (Street Preformer)
- Miley810- Kana Janeson (Breeder)
- Daisuke Mitsuharu- Maya Aldaine (Pokemon Coordinator, and an avid Pokemon Trainer-Former Top Coordinator)
- Rainbowditto- Utsusemi (Musician/delinquent)
- Iceman3317- Iruko (Archaeologist, Pokemon League Champion (Not E4 Champion) and one hidden occupation.)
-Maxew555- Max (Pokemon Trainer + International Spy)

This RP is based in the far future of the Pokemon world, so your character can have certain items that will benefit them. My bio will give examples of just how extreme your creativity can be.

Name: Seth Zypher
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: Snagger

Personality: Seth is very self-centered, and let's everyone know this, usually by degrading those who he encounters. He's also never hesitates to speak his mind, again primarily just insults towards others. Closed-minded he doesn't care about other people's opinions or problems, reguarding his actions. He can seem rather impulsive and somewhat perverted at times, as well. Proud of his adept trainer abilities, he loves to show off in elaborate ways. Needless to say he's definately difficult to get along with by any sense. However if by chance somebody got to know him, they'd eventually be able to tell that he's not entirely a bad guy, and rather just has a complex secreative way for acting the way he does, while doing the things he does.

History/Misc. Information: Born in Pyrite Town, Seth raised himself on the rough streets. His parents abandoned him at the age of 8 to move to an unknown location, believed to be a seperate continent, in order to get away from the harshness of Orre. Why they didn't take Seth with them is a mystery, and was eventually dropped from Seth's mind. Accompanied by his Charmeleon throughout his childhood Seth became quite the skilled trainer. He was born with the unique ability to see True Wild Pokemon (Shadow Pokemon) for what they are, by detecting their black aura. Because of this "power" he took a special intrest in the vicious Pokemon, and eventually even learned how to communicate with them on a telepathic level.
Getting in good with the mechanic of Pyrite Town, Seth spent most of his early teens with Duncan, and got an array of custom items. One of which his right boot, which has been altered to be able to take the shape of a hover-bike. With his own modifications Seth altered it further, to be among the fastest vehicle in the Region. Proving this many times with his querals reguarding the Police. His over-sized goggles are such as they can display maps and other useful information, however when over his eyes he can't detect Shadow Pokemon due to some type of electronic interferance.
The Snag Machine on his left arm was aquired during the later years of his teenaged life. Seth stole it as an artifact belonging to a nameless hero of forgotten history. It wasn't difficult for Seth to repair the object being his skills as a mechanic were great, and the machine was built to last through the ages. From the point he discovered exactly what the machine was capable of Seth deticated his life to Snagging True Wild Pokemon from trainers, while attempting to further comprehend the misunderstood creatures. He also made a living by selling some of the non-Shadow Pokemon he had stolen.

Seth has stunningly white spiky hair that will reflect any direct light that passes through giving it a multi-colored shimmer. His eyes are very difficult to explain, they're such a dark green that they almost appear black, yet somehow simutaniosly seem to almost glow a flouresent lime. He has orange, broken triangular markings on both his cheeks and almost always seems to sport a devious smile. Lifting his bangs, Seth wears his custom over-sized bright green black lensed goggles at all times. Never wearing a shirt he is covered across the chest primarily by the Snag Machine that spirals down his left arm to his hand. On bottom he is attired by baggy black shorts held up by a number of thin belts, though only one serves a perpous. Off to the side he also sports a small brown pouch that holds his items. His boots are also unsually large, mainly due to the fact that his right one has been altered to become a Hover-Bike.

- Charmeleon - Male
- Scyther - Male (Cleansed)
- Zangoose -Male (Cleansed)
- Mawile -Female (Cleansed)
- Umbreon -Male (Shadow)
- Dragonair -Female (Shadow)
- Gengar -Male (Shadow)
- (Shiny) Nidorino -obvious (Cleansed)
- Sneasel - Female (Shadow)
- Abra - Male (Cleansed)
- Aggron - Male (Shadow)

Nate July 13th, 2013 11:00 AM

Name: Yuki

Age: 19

Gender: male

Occupation: exorcist

Personality: Yuki used to be a very quiet person in his world, but as time went on he began to become a natural leader, and was always the smart one amongst his friends. He would often act cool and ignore a nuisance or be too harsh on those he defined as below him, although he would never get too big for his boots, and would usually try and make people feel embarrassment or shame if they try and talk down to him. he is very cunning and perceptive and always has a plan up his sleeve.

History/Misc. Information: (Include why your character has been given permission to enter the Region if your not a native. And what your aspirations are if your initionally from Orre.) Yuki was born in Jhoto in a paralel world where pokémon were banned from battles, and he fought to maintain a position in Kanto where e thought he would be safe (no more shall be revealed) After a wile he wound up at a research lab that was attempting to create a black hole to destroy the region and with the help of is friends Yuki stopped tem but was unfortunately thrown into the black hole and sent to a different universe. One minutes Jhoto, the next Orre. After a month of living in the wild he finally found a region and found that they had similar technology to that of home and was able to buy a small 1 roomed house and started working at a local church as an exorcist, banishing ghosts and demons from this world, which was his secret skill. Soon he had enough money, because the job payed well, to buy a proper home, and started his own research on black holes. After a while he learned of shadow pokémon and was intrigued of ow similar they were to black holes, and desired to finish his research by stealing all of Ghetsis research. He soon felt like he was part of the region but still desired to go home to Jhoto again, and soon decided the only way to do so was to continue researching. This is where he is today.

Appearance: Yuki is around the average hight, and has green eyes. His hair is ginger, and messed up, and of quite a length, although as it is styled it doesn't look bad, but actually quite good. He wears a black top and over it, a blue bodywarmer. He hates jeans and wears red chino's instead (thin red pants basically) He wears converses on his feet.

Pokemon: Lucario, Ampharos, Leafeon, Gallade, Skarmory

Hope I'm aloud to link this to my other character but I think that will create SOOO much story! Plus you get to know what my eevee evolves into!

Sheraku July 13th, 2013 11:08 AM

Total shocker, but very cool! I like it, kinda gave a little bit of spoilers in there, too. Your character seems to be a perfect counter balance to Seth, haha. Obviously Accepted!

Nate July 13th, 2013 11:12 AM

Haha, can't w2ait to see the reaction on his face when he can't snag my pokémon because they aren't from this world. MWAHAHA, my pokémon are immune to shadoweeness...

Just thought but if word gets out about Yuki's immune pokémon he's gonna be the target of scientists.


<Challenger> July 13th, 2013 11:16 AM

There are too many good roleplays. I shall grace this one with my presence XD

Name: Zephyr "Rider" Blitz
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation: BackStabber/Rider/Double Agent

Personality: Zephyr, in general terms, is on his own team. He always does what benefits him, and is not opposed to working with the bad guys. If it were to come down to it, he would sell out the hero's to the villains. He is very self-centered, and quite arrogant, seeing as he's a tough trainer, and he has a tendency to get very lucky in just about everything he does. Rider is a lucky man, seeing as he just about always wins his battles, he finds very rare items, and he always knows what to say to make someone happy. His silver tongue is one of his greater features. Normally, when he isn't making deals with his employer whoever that may be, he's either battling or hanging out at the random bars, chatting it up with the patrons, trying to get some more information on anything. He's very sarcastic and cynical, and tends to get into arguments easily. He's very intelligent, so he tends to win these arguments.

History/Misc. Information: Zephyr was born and raised in Pyrite Town. He was introduced to pokemon at an early age, considering that his parents commonly entered in the Colosseum. They introduced him to rough pokemon like Mightyena, Machamp, and Golbat, so he had it set in his heart that poison, dark, and fighting types were among the best. His father gave him his very first pokemon at the age of nine: A Grimer. He bonded with the Grimer very quickly, and sooner than later had his first battle, which ended in a success. Determined to be the best trainer there ever was, he wandered into the wilderness to find his next pokemon. His first opponent, as chance would have it, was a Geodude. He attacked the first chance he got, throwing caution into the wind. The battle ended very quickly after he threw a pokeball seconds after the battle started. He was really lucky, so it worked the first time. He and Seep bonded very well with this new team member. The trio became very close friends and Rider was almost sure that they were strong enough to take on the Pyrite Colosseum. He entered at the age of fifteen and managed to win all the way to the final round, facing his father's Mightyena and Golbat. Although he was out-leveled, out-matched, and over-powered, he managed to win making use of type advanteges and using cunning tactics. He wanted another pokemon, so he went out and stumbled a Mankey. The Mankey put up more of a fight than Quake, but he went down all the same, completing Zephyr's current team. The trio worked tirelessly to become stronger, constantly visiting the colosseum and wild pokemon hotspots. After three years of training Zephyr saved enough money to buy a hover bike. At this time his team was fully evolved, so he considered himself extremely powerful. He found his parents for the last time, and told them, "My pokemon were there for me more than you were, but it matters not. You'll get what's coming to you in the end." He didn't really grow up bitterly, but there was just enough resentment from his parents to twist what he thought was right and wrong. He left the day after and started his own journey, offering his services to whoever would pay him, often breaking his contracts with employers just to sign on with their adversary and knock them right down.

Appearance: Zephyr is pretty tall for a guy his age standing at 6'4, and he has an average form, although he is rather muscular. He has long blonde hair that he keeps in a messy style that looks like he spends hours working on it although he just messes with his hair a bit and it's done. His face is rather handsome, if you throw in his deep, piercing blue eyes that lookvery much like the ocean, and the sexy X-shaped scar across his right cheek. They say that if you look into his eyes, you can become lost for the moment. They Normally he wears dark blue jeans, a black flannel shirt, and rider goggles. He keeps his goggles pulled up on top of his head when he isn't on his hover bike. He wears black cowboy boots that go along well with his whole persona. He normally keeps his PDA, food, and other various items in the storage case on his bike.


DayMair July 13th, 2013 12:27 PM

Character Layout
Name: Loryn
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Street Preformer
Personality: Loryn is very upbeat and has a seemingly always cheerful attitude. It takes a while to make her mad enough to finally snap, but when it happens, it's a scary sight. Since she always seems so happy, no one every suspects how Loryn feels on the inside. She usually bottles away her anger and sadness, which is why she gets extremely angry when someone pushes her too far. She is hesitant toward men, as she was used in the past and doesn't want to experience heartbreak again. Guys that she meets are usually instantly put in the friendzone so she doesn't have to deal with them.
History/Misc. Information: (Include why your character has been given permission to enter the Region if your not a native. And what your aspirations are if your initionally from Orre.) Loryn is a native of the Orre Region, and doesn't have a specific home. She wanders aimlessly and gets money by preforming shows with her Pokemon in the city. This pays surprisingly well, and most nights she sleeps in motel rooms in the city she's visiting. She learned her stunts from a travelling circus show that she and her mother lived with. She is surprisingly agile, and uses this to her advantage. Loryn split off on her own at the age of 16 when her mother fell to her death during a trapeze act. She took with her the Pokemon which she befriended at the circus, and an Eevee that had been sent to her, along with a large sum of money, from her grandparents. She hopes to one day have a famous show of her own, but the presence of Shadow Pokemon is stalling that process.
Appearance: Loryn is tall and thin, however she is in excellent athletic condition. She has thick dark brown hair that falls to the top of her abdomen in loose curls. Her eyes are a striking blue, and her lips always hold a smile. She wears short black athletic shorts with white stripes on the sides, and a white v-neck t-shirt. In her Pokemon shows, she dons a tight black dress with a red cape and a black top hat with a red band around its middle. She carries a gray backpack with her at all times.
Pokemon: (May have any, excluding legendaries, Limit 6.)
-Vaporeon - Female
-Arcanine - Male
-Crobat - Male
-Midreavus - Female
-Shieldon - Male
-Breloom - Male

Nate July 13th, 2013 12:33 PM

.. wait if shes skylars cousin? How? Yuki is from a paralel universe!! Why not say that she is the paralel version of skylar otherwise it wouldn't be right. :) I mean yeah have the grandparents but they aren't the same grandparents know what I mean? just if you're going for that I don't think you can say shes skylars cousin.... considering shes in a differerent universe

Also when will the IC thread be up?

DayMair July 13th, 2013 12:46 PM

sheesh didn't think of that. xD well I don't wanna rewrite all of her backstory and stuff sooo...Now she's just strikingly similar to Skylar in ways that cannot be explained cause I'm not original.

<Challenger> July 13th, 2013 1:31 PM

I believe I've finished my SU. Could you take a look at it?

Sheraku July 13th, 2013 9:13 PM

heretostay123: Superb work on the SU, always could use another "bad guy" Thank you for gracing this RP with your presence, and you are accepted.

DayMair: Seems like you did rewrite your backstory, was at work so I didn't get to see what it was like, but you as well are in.

One more open spot to be filled until I'll get the IC going. Might start with just us four depending, and will definately allow for more SU's if they happen to show up.

Nate July 14th, 2013 12:33 AM

Thats good. I'm already writing up my first post haha.

miley810 July 14th, 2013 12:17 PM

Haven't made a character in a while for a roleplay, so I'm a bit rusty. Hope I do alright.

Name: Kana Janeson
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Breeder

Personality: Kana doesn't talk to others very much, she doesn't like people very much. Her explanation for such is that "The pokemon didn't do this to themselves, humans did it to them. They had no choice, and that's not fair. How would your heart to be locked away?" She chose to be a breeder in hopes of keeping plenty of pokemon around that were still pure, though she has issues releasing them into the wild sometimes. Kana has a deep love for pokemon, finding them truly a lot nicer than humans. She isn't found at any social events much, and if she is there then she normally tries to avoid conversation, besides an effort here or there for the sake of her pokemon, who seem to worry about her anti-social problems.

History/Misc. Information: Kana is a native of Orre, and she's not quite sure if she's proud of it or not. She wants badly to leave so she can see other types of pokemon, but she refuses to abandon her home. She wants to try to keep as many pure pokemon as she can, which is why she breeds. Her parents had a tendency to keep her away from others when she was younger, which probably influences her dislike of other people. She was raised around pokemon. Her parents left to go get a certain type of berry to heal a pokemon, but the boat crashed. Thankfully she was already eighteen, and wasn't emotionally attached to them, she'd forced herself away from other people. She had already started planning to just run off and hide from others anyways. Her parents had been breeders, and she liked the job, so she took it over. She is very strong willed, if she's determined to do something she won't stop until it's done or proven impossible, and even then sometimes she doesn't stop. She tries not to be bitter towards others, though she'd like to be. She at least tries to give them a chance, but normally ends up just walking away. She hardly keeps up with any new craze or anything, she stays to herself. She spends all of her time either taking care of pokemon or drawing them, or documenting them, which she likes to do. She also keeps a personal diary, since she wonders if she ever shows any change in the way she thinks. She's curious, though she doesn't show it very often to anyone besides pokemon.

Appearance: Kana has mid-back length dark blue hair, with two lighter blue streaks starting in her bangs and going all the way back, over the crown of her head down to her tips in a straight line. She has navy blue eyes, and she's tanned from her time spent outside with pokemon. She has some light scars on her arms from baby pokemon getting over excited, so she doesn't try to conceal them, since they have no emotional impact on her. She wears a dark blue sleeveless v-neck shirt and black pants going just below her knees, with black hightops. She wears a black belt she keeps her pokemon on, and a black messenger style bag which she keeps and assortment of supplies in. She commonly has black earbuds in her ears, whether she's playing music or not.


Luxray (Shadow)
Houndoom (Shadow)

Nate July 14th, 2013 12:22 PM

WOOT Now have you posted the IC thread??

<Challenger> July 14th, 2013 1:44 PM

Excellent! This will be AMAZING! I've only been in one other Orre RP, and it was awesome, but it was during my period of constant-inactivity. I'm going to try and stay for this one as long as I can!

Technically he's not a villain, but I have a general idea idea of what he'll be up to. Mwahaha...MWAHAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Edit: Is it had that I'm going through everyone's team going "My team will
definitely own them" ? XD

Sheraku July 14th, 2013 3:21 PM

Miley810: Congrats your in! Glad to see somebody ended being a breeder as that's usually what I am when given the choice. Also cool that you've chosen to have a couple Shadow Pokemon as well.

Now then let's get this party started, right!

IC Thread should be up whenever the mods get around to it, so keep an eye open. It starts right into it, my pretty long intro post. Everyone else can either be in the stands, back room waiting for their battle, catch what happened on the instant live news report, or be somewhere completly different and chose to just ignore it.

miley810 July 14th, 2013 4:09 PM

Of course! Breeders are awesome, when I was little I wanted to be a pokemon breeder so badly.

I assume the IC thread isn't up yet, right?

Sheraku July 14th, 2013 5:03 PM

That is correct. The tread is posted, but it'll still be a day or two until it's approved by one of the mods. Anxiety sets in...

miley810 July 14th, 2013 5:06 PM

Right. Well, my first post is written, and I suppose it's good we have to wait, since it'll give me time to actually think about the first post and go back and edit if I need to before I post it.

Daisuke Mitsuharu July 14th, 2013 5:58 PM

Name: Maya Aldaine.
Age: 19- years old.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Pokemon Coordinator, and an avid Pokemon Trainer. (formerly, top Pokemon coordinator.)

Personality: Maya possess quite an extroverted, overly expressive temperament, often articulating her sentiments, and thoughts regardless. Outgoing as she is, she can be, at times, quite reserved, depending on the individual she is associating herself with. Maya is also known for her vibrant athleticism, and an 'eternal' smile. She can also be quite hasty, at times. Maya is quite empathetic, often wary of how she delivers her sentiments to others. Overall, she is kind at heart.

History/Misc. Information: Maya hails from the festive, vibrant borough of Hearthome, in the midst of the vast lands of the Sinnoh region. Of course, she is not native to the republic of the Orre region; although she has heard of its renown, and its shrouded tales, regarding the 'True Wild Pokemon' and what it entails. Maya possessed a natural, but strong, fascination of Pokemon, often assimilating herself with other Pokemon, as a child. Her principle partner, or 'buddy' as she often makes of it, Togekiss is more so a household pet, often acting as such as well. Of course it was only natural that they would become great friends, spurring their eventual rise to the realm of a 'Pokemon Coordinator,' namely a 'top Pokemon' coordinator. Maya, naturally, was an avid enthusiast of 'Pokemon Contests,' even as a young child; she relished catching sight of the dazzling, and mesmerizing 'Pokemon Battles' among phenomenal trainers, in an international scale. Of course, this alone urged her to become a Pokemon Coordinator, as well as a trainer. What was an aspiration, suddenly became a reality, as she vied in her very first 'Pokemon Battle.' Surprisingly, she'd won her first tournament, as well as her first 'Pokemon Contest,' despite of being viewed as a plain novice. Of course, the journey was full of successes, as well as failures also. Thereafter, Maya, whom had mustered up a majority of her courage and experiences alike, became a 'top Pokemon' Coordinator, her expression alight with joy, despite her previous forfeitures; this spurred her voyage to the 'Orre' region.

Appearance: See this.
Pokemon: Togekiss (Female), Milotic (Female), Gardevoir (Female), Volcarona (Female), Jolteon (Male), Dragonite (Male).

Sheraku July 14th, 2013 11:25 PM

Daisuke Mitsuharu: Welcome the 6th member of the crew. Also gotta add that I'm diggin' the avatar. If I'm not mistaken that's obviously Flynn, correct?

heretostay123: Thinkin' about getting an Eeveelution at some point? Haha, noticed your the only one without. But yes your team shall dominate the competition, haha.

<Challenger> July 15th, 2013 5:25 AM

Count on me getting a Flareon in the future. Can't leave any of them untaken ;) Or maybe I could just edit it in. Would that be alright with you, Sheraku?

Nate July 15th, 2013 6:04 AM

next person needs an espion :o

Sheraku July 15th, 2013 7:26 AM

heretostay123: It's up to you, if you want to add a Flareon in now or catch one later. Either way is fine.

miley810 July 15th, 2013 8:27 AM

Alright, posted my first post. Hope it's alright. Sorry if it seems a bit out of place, I write fanfiction/fiction and my posts tend to gravitate more towards writing style sometimes.

Sheraku July 15th, 2013 4:15 PM

Miley810: Not a problem, almost nothing in this RP can be considered out of place, look at Crimson0191 writting in first person, haha. JK. Your first post was a good description of how your character is.

Anyone/Everyone: Not too much of an actual plot-line is going to start for a bit, we're more in a "warm-up phase." Introductions, jobs, random battles, character building, ect

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